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  3. ELVIE BREAST PUMP! Honest Review, Pros & Cons + Tips!
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Elvie Breast Pump Honest Review!

hey rmb fam im bianca renee and today,im going to give you my,honest opinion on the lv,breast pump which is the wireless,hands-free,no cords or plugs or anything type of,breast pump,[Music],first of all pumping i mean its not the,funnest thing in the world i dont know,anyone that really like enjoys,pumping because breastfeeding is one,thing at least you have your baby,on you you could look at the baby you,know youre holding them you have that,connection its like a bonding,experience,where pumping makes you just feel like a,cow,yeah so when its time to start pumping,because you have to go back to work,or maybe you need someone to babysit and,you want to pump out some breast milk,start working on your freezer stash,whatever it may be,youre gonna have to choose which pump,you want and i,already had my eye on the lv breast pump,and,fortunately i reached out to them and,they actually,sent me an lb breast pump for free,that was a huge deal so if you are,watching lv thank you so much for,sending me the product,but todays video is not sponsored they,dont even know im making this video,this is my total,complete honest review with the pros,and the cons so first of all if you are,pregnant and you have insurance breast,pumps are actually,part of your insurance so you should be,able to get a breast pump,for free with my insurance i had the,option of getting the,medical grade one for free the medela,pump or the spectra ii,before i knew that elvi was going to,send me the breast pump i got the,medela one so let me just show you this,as a comparison,it looks like this you have this little,box and you have to,plug it up first of all so you have to,be sitting next to an outlet,then you have this tube that then,connects to this,which then connects to the breast and,just,listen to what this sounds like,yeah wasnt really a fan but the,lv pump will take hands-free,to the next level because they look like,this so if i turn on these pumps,you can barely hear anything and its,amazing,according to the website the lv breast,pump is the worlds,first silent wearable press pump,no wires no tubes no noise so you have,the option of buying,one pump like this one alone is 279,thats already 279 dollars more,than your free one from insurance but if,you have two boobs and i hope you do,then you can get two of them for 4.99 so,once again im,very grateful to have been gifted this,but,now that ive even experienced it i,probably would have been down to,purchase it on my own because its,that much better than my medela one do,you absolutely need,both breast pumps no you could get away,with just one and then,switch it when you need to but if you,are really concerned on,being time efficient then you could do,both at the same time,versus maybe spending 15 minutes on one,side and then 15 minutes on the other,but let me show you how each one is,broken down so it comes in several,different pieces this is like your main,charging hub,this is what you will charge just right,here on the side,every night then you get,this little part right here thats,actually going to be on the breast and,then this is whats going to be the,suction you put that on top you slide,this piece in here like that,then this also has three little pieces,this is where all the milk is going to,be collected,then you have the top which slides on,right here,each one will hold up to five ounces of,milk,then you put this one on here three,pieces and then you attach it,like so then you just simply slide it,into your nursing tank top or nursing,bra,and just like that you really might not,even know that i have it on and because,its silent,theres been many times where ive been,around family members and they didnt,even know,i was pumping but i was you just,suddenly look a little,bustier so already this looks,so much better and its so much more,comfortable,than having to be strapped down to,something like this with all these tubes,and im stuck to the wall and its like,okay wrinkle,but now i can multitask i can clean the,kitchen,i could change a diaper i can do,whatever i need to do i could be editing,working whatever hands free,and its amazing fortunately i do work,from home so,even if i had to use a loud breast pump,like that i could just,walk away and do so but if you work at,like a corporate office and even though,they give you that,a lot of time where you could have some,alone time to pump,you low key could still be at your desk,doing what you need to do,and just pumping at the same time i,guarantee you the work,printer is louder than this breast pump,now to turn it on you just push this,power button right here,and then theres different strings so if,you want to be stronger you hit the plus,button if you want to chill out a little,bit you put the minus,then you push play or you could pause it,and its on right now funny thing is,when this is on,you do kind of look like iron man,because this little light sometimes,shines through your shirt,but otherwise its very very discreet,so being a first time mom that does not,like to be strapped down to anything,i definitely loved this i literally used,my medela pump,one time and once i realized how,hands-free i could be with the lb pump i,never looked back but now lets talk,about the nitty-gritty of,this pump some of the downsides being,one it is,very pricey but for the convenience its,almost worth it when you put on the pump,you have to make sure that you angle it,just right to find that sweet spot so,that you make sure that that suction is,really happening,properly in the beginning of my,pregnancy when i was starting i was able,to get a solid five,ounces on both sides so i dont know if,thats just me and how my,supply was at the time or if this just,did a really good job of getting all the,milk out,so it doesnt have a super super strong,suction,like the medulla pump but it is strong,enough to where i was still able to get,five ounces,not guaranteeing that youre also gonna,get five ounces but just keep in mind,that it is possible,theres been times where its been there,for a while and i felt like nothing was,really happening,so i had to take it out i just took out,the piece put it back in,make sure that like everything is really,snapped into place,properly and then i put it back in and,then it works so if you ever have any,type of like issues,try just dismantling it putting it back,together,maybe readjusting it where it should be,around your nipple,and then you should start to feel that,suction if you dont feel the suction,its not really latching on correctly,and then you just gotta,finagle it now i am what you would call,a quarantine mom meaning i had my baby,in,february then we got locked down because,of the pandemic,in march i had no place to go,therefore i just always was able to,breastfeed,so i kinda stopped pumping but the weird,thing was,since i stopped pumping when i realized,i needed to start up again more recently,i noticed that both of my little hubs,were not,turning on and i thought i just maybe,forgot to charge it but it was not,holding a charge,then i went online and i saw some other,reviews where people were saying that,their batteries just,pooped out out of nowhere so thats not,good,both of my breast pumps just died on me,i really really started to think about,it i probably stopped pumping a little,bit after march maybe april so,for five hundred dollars these pumps,should definitely last,longer than two months i dont know if,its because i didnt use them for a,while,or maybe i left them on the charger too,long i dont know but it seems to be,some type of technical issue,that is a reoccurring problem right now,but i reached out to lv i told them my,issue and they sent me replacement ones,with no problems now,didnt send me a brand new box of two of,them but they did send me,new of these hubs so these two are my,new ones that ive been using now,recently,the charging is working nicely but i am,noticing,a new different issue so one of the,greatest things about,these is once this filled up to

A VERY Honest Elvie Breast Pump Review | @More Serein

hey guys welcome back to my channel if,youre new im serene and this,is my motherhood and lifestyle channel,called more serene,todays video is going to be a detailed,review of the,lv breast pump i did a review on my main,breast pump that i got through my,insurance,the spectra s1 which i will link in the,cards as well as in the description box,if youre curious about that,but i did also purchase the very,luxurious very expensive,lv pump and these are my thoughts on the,pump i should probably film a whole,breastfeeding journey video for you guys,but i had a very intense,labor and delivery story which is,available on my channel i will link it,in the cards as well as in the,description box if youre curious,but when i came home and i was basically,like,they just let you come home leave from,the hospital with a newborn baby that,youre in charge of,did have two different lactation,consultants at the hospital,i also did a ton of research about,breastfeeding before i,delivered and then i continued to do,research i did not have the easiest time,emotionally with breastfeeding i,actually had a lot of trauma,i was dealing with immediately after,delivery which i think affected my,ability,to mentally deal with breastfeeding,i also delivered in the age of covid so,i didnt have,friends around to help me who had gone,through this they were only able to help,me through,texting and facetime i was so,miserable with uh the first few days of,breastfeeding that,i thought purchasing the lv pumps would,help my situation,based on the reviews based on the,advertising and all the stuff so i did,purchase the full set of the lv which,comes with,two pumps so that you can pump at the,same time you can also purchase the,single pump so that you pump one boob at,a time,but i thought that that was silly and,part of the reason i hated pumping so,much was because of how,constricted and confined i felt while,pumping i wanted a pump,that gave me more freedom and i did have,the spectra,s1 which is a battery operated one,so you can take it away from the outlet,however it still has the traditional,flanges which means its like sticking,out,you still need to wear a pump bra so,that you dont have to hold them to your,boobs,the idea of the lv one is that you could,be completely,hands-free and cordless and this ran,about 600 and after tax it was almost,700 for us here in california the idea,of this is that you charge them,and they go in your bra,and they are completely hands-free and,that they would pump,so a lot of my issues with this is that,immediately um just know and i knew this,off the bat the battery life on this is,maybe two full pumps,i would pump 20 to 25 minutes per,session,so i would maybe get two full pumps,before having to charge but i knew this,when i bought it and i wasnt planning,on leaving the house,too much anyways so i was okay with that,i would just,charge it after two pumps that can be an,issue for you if youre buying this in,order to travel,or go back to work you will need to have,a,outlet to charge them in between pups,the other thing about this,is that this is not conducive to,a lot of bras i have a lot of like,thinner sports bras that are great for,breastfeeding and actually sold for,breastfeeding that just kind of pull,down but they arent structured enough,to hold these in place thats a big key,is that you need,a bra that holds the pump in place and,the pump itself while,lightweight is a lot heavier in a bra,the bras that i ended up having the best,success with,the lv pumps are um from amazon theyre,quite affordable i think it was like 20,bucks or 30 bucks for,three bras a pack of three and i will,link that in the description box for you,guys if youre curious which bra,i went with and it was recommended by my,friend,eleanor from spread fashion on instagram,she recommended those bras to me,because she exclusively pumped using the,lv pumps the biggest thing is if you are,waiting for your milk to come in or if,you are,trying to build up your milk supply do,not use,the lv the lv is for convenience and,not going to be enough to build up your,supply i used,my spectra to build up my supply,and whenever i wanted a really good,solid pump session,now i was able to get relatively the,same amount of milk output,as my spectra once my milk was in,and once i built up a supply however,i did notice there were times when i did,use the lv,exclusively that i was slowly,noticing that my milk supply was,lowering,i wasnt getting quite as much of a pump,as i know i should have been getting,when i was using exclusively the lv so,if you have a supply issue,waiting for your milk to come in or,hoping to build up a supply,i dont recommend this pump this is,something as a secondary pump,for convenience the other thing is that,when these are in your bra,you dont have a lot of mobility youre,not going to want to bend over,youre not going to want to do a lot of,movement and even when i knew that going,into this because i read the reviews i,read hundreds of reviews before buying,this because its really expensive,i knew that like you youll want to,squat down to pick anything,up youll want to be careful with your,movements but this was nice because i,could go upstairs and downstairs,with the pump and it was easier for me,to be at the computer with these in,my bra versus the spectra with the,flanges coming out however youre still,not going to be fully mobile with these,the more you move around the more likely,these pumps are going to go out of place,youre going to have a lot of spillage,leakage,or theyre going to stop working because,theyre no longer suctioned,to your nipples correctly so the,placement of these,are really important and then keeping,them in place is really important which,is why having a secure bra,is so important youre gonna want a,nursing bra so that you can pull it down,stick them in and pull it back in pull,it back up,and the ones that i found that were the,most beneficial are the ones that are,a little bit more structure and that was,able to tighten,up the straps these also do come with,strap adjustments but,you want a bra thats going to really be,able to tighten it and keep it secure,even with that situation youre going to,want to stay pretty still,so if youre at your desk this is great,if youre watching tv,and sitting on the couch this is great i,even put these in and did a really,really gentle walk around the,neighborhood,and that was great good because a lot of,times like our schedule when were,building up the schedule i was trying to,keep my pump schedule on schedule,but suddenly it was time for lillian to,we need to go walk her outside because,the weathers good and shes getting,fussy,and this will help so this was great to,be able to just stick them in there and,go for a light walk,no hills no like power walking nothing,like that but just,putting them in and being able to get,outside i would say my biggest struggle,and i think for anybody is going to be,the placement of the flanges,so this is what the pump looks like and,youre gonna pull it out and its gonna,look like this,youre going to need to make sure youre,placing,your nipples perfectly in between the,two black lines,on the bottom and centered,to this black line here so in order to,do that youre typically lifting the,boob,and putting this on your view is,obstructed by this,thing here in order to get the hang of,it you almost have to like,be completely bare breasted and look in,the mirror,to make sure from the side that youre,getting this in the right place,and then you have to hold it in place,and then pop this thing,on and then pull on your bra,or hold it there which i did the first,few times to get the sensation and the,placement correct,so thats just kind of like a huge,design flaw i feel like is that they,dont make it super easy,and if youre in a hurry or youre,rushing its very easy,to misalign your nipple and therefore,not get a correct pump session,which can be very frustrating i didnt,have a huge issue with lining it up

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ELVIE BREAST PUMP! Honest Review, Pros & Cons + Tips!

hey guys welcome back to my channel and,welcome to todays video,if youre new here my name is roshia and,i am a beauty focused content creator,and a new mommy i know everyone says,time with a newborn just like flies by,but like i really get it,i just feel like i blinked and she was,like two and a half months old its,crazy,but anyway today im gonna be sharing a,full in-depth review,my thoughts my opinion my experience,using the lv wireless,breast pumps now i did end up purchasing,these myself from amazon,i know lv does a lot of like gifting to,vloggers but i did buy these myself and,i just have,so much to say i literally took notes,because i did not want to forget,anything,this is a very pricey item so i want to,give you guys like my,honest thoughts what i like about it,what i dont like about it so,were going to talk all about that so,im just going to say it now,get comfortable grab a snack or a drink,how fitting that im actually drinking,the earth mama,milk tea i forget what its called but,its like milk something tea ill put a,picture right here,im not really sure if its working to,like help increase my milk supply,but i will talk about all the products,that im using and eating,um in another like breastfeeding journey,video stay tuned for that but anyway,lets go ahead and talk about these,babies,right here but i guess we should start,off at the top,with the retail price so this set which,by the way you can buy as a set,or you can buy separately like you can,just buy one,retails for 4.99 which is,super super expensive but of course this,is a wireless pump,literally no wires whatsoever um it is a,very innovative,very like new technology so i do,understand,like the high price point and in terms,of like how convenient it is to use i,totally understand the price point,but i really wish that it was priced a,little bit lower can also just buy,its single and that retails for 279 for,a piece,and i have used one on both sides so,like youll use,one and then when youre done pumping,use it on the other side so ill just,say,right off the bat that i dont think,that you need both of these,you can just buy the single if you want,it doesnt make it easier when you have,both,yes for sure because its like half the,time but you can definitely just use one,like i said pump on one side,and then switch over to the other side i,do want to tell you guys like why i,ended up purchasing it,and youre kind of like watching why so,i am a full-time content creator,and i film a lot of videos and a lot of,like makeup looks because,all of my channels are very beauty,focused and,i found with my other breast pump which,by the way is the modella,flex pump picture right here it is an,amazing pump i love it,its really small very portable very,easy to take on the go,but its not a wireless pump and it is,pretty loud so i just wanted something,that was super discreet that i can just,put in my clothes and i can still do my,job,whether its like a talking video like,this or just like a video where im just,doing my makeup,i can still do that and i dont have,like wires everywhere and its not,super loud so that was my main reason,the second thing for me is im just the,type of person where i cant sit still,like its really hard for me to sit,still im always like doing something,especially now with the baby i feel like,i have like a very small window,to get anything done when she naps you,know so im always like okay i gotta do,stuff i gotta do stuff,and im pumping quite a bit and i just,did not want to sit in one place,so i love the fact that with this you,know pump,that i was able to like move around and,pump and do like,small things you cant really like bend,down or do something like that but like,you can do the dishes,you can fold the laundry you can play,with your baby,you know you can work on the computer,like you can do things like that where,youre not just sitting in one spot,ill even say like ive gone on walks,and had this pump,with me like on which is amazing now,lets go ahead and talk about the actual,pup itself let me kind of like break it,apart,tell you what comes in the box when you,do purchase like the double pump,so the first thing you get are of course,the two machines which when i say,machines i mean like this part right,here,this is like where the you know the,technology of the whole pump is the,machine is,you also get and im gonna start to take,this apart,you get four of these right here um,and i dont know what this is called but,ill put it on the screen with the two,different like nipple sizes depending on,like your nipple size you do get four of,these,you also get four of these like silicone,thingies right here like the suction,things,and then you also get and ill show you,guys it just comes apart like this,you get four of these little tiny,bottles and i say tiny because they are,really small but each bottle can,actually,hold five ounces of milk which is,amazing,and then you get like the actual lid for,it and then this part right here this,plastic thing goes right on top,and thats that so you get quite a bit,of stuff in the actual,like box you also get like two carrying,cases for the actual,pump and then like bra extenders,and what else do you get oh you also get,like actual lids to close this,and take it on the go so you get quite a,bit of stuff in the actual box,now let me quickly show you guys how to,put,everything back on the actual machine,the actual pump itself,take like the rubber suction thing and,youre gonna,stick it on this part right here now i,watched so many reviews,and everyone said dont get this,whole part these two parts right here,wet because then youre not gonna,suction properly and the pump is not,gonna work,and they are so right everyone was right,about that in the beginning i was like,why is nothing happening because,like i just couldnt feel the suction,and you feel the suction once it gets,going let me just tell you that,but i just wasnt feeling the suction,im like what am i doing wrong and of,course everybody was right,dont get any of this wet when you wash,the pump make sure you dry it really,good like i just saw one little bit of,water here because i just washed,everything and you want to make sure,that theres,nothing there like completely let it dry,and you also want to make sure you just,like press it down,and like it has to be perfect for like,the suction thing,to work its a bit sensitive but youll,get the hang of it very quickly,so then you take this part right here,and you put it on the actual,like machine the pump then youre gonna,take your bottle,youre gonna take the little plastic lid,and this part you can have it a little,bit wet,no big deal um you take this part right,here and then,you put this like lid thing on it,and then you put it together,just like this you want to make sure you,hear that click and once you hear that,click,youre good to go and then of course to,unclick you just press the little button,and you can like you know pour your milk,out,and there you go thats your pump ready,to go then you just put in your bra,and you can just pump away now i also,just want to quickly turn this on for,you guys,so you can hear how silent it is,its not completely silent but it is,so quiet i can film with this i have,taken,zoom calls nobody will ever know that,you are using a breast pump because it,really is that quiet let me just play it,for you,you can see its so quiet okay so i just,quickly went ahead and put it in my bra,i am wearing a nursing bra i do,recommend using this with a nursing bra,because it just works the best like im,always just in nursing bras these days,and yeah youll never know that i even,have it on because its so quiet its,very discreet,of course like your chest suddenly,becomes like three,cup sizes bigger but that doesnt bother,me whatsoever because,you cant really tell on camera and even,in person like it doesnt bother me,like it allows me to just have my hands,free and im able to talk,and do all the things and still pump,which i

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OB/GYN Compares Wearable Breast Pumps

hi my name is dr sarah bjorkman i am  an ob gyn and a first-time mom and i  ,have gotten a lot of requests  to review the two most popular  ,wearable breast pumps on the market the willow  and the Elvie so im gonna do that today,so after many struggles in the beginning  i really came to love breastfeeding um but  ,one of the things moms have to figure out um  is kind of how to pump on the go if youre  ,out and about if youre going back to work um  and you may have seen my videos about how im  ,kind of obsessed with my spectra and ive talked  lots about you know tips and tricks for that um  ,but this week i wanted to talk about the two most  popular wearable options so we have the willow  ,and the elfie um so like all things i did a ton  of research i talked to my ob gyn mom friends i  ,looked in these facebook support groups i watched  a ton of youtube videos um because these suckers  ,are not cheap so i wanted to make sure i picked  right um so today im kind of going to just  ,compare the willow and the Elvie specifically um i  am going to do two other videos that will show you  ,how to assemble and use the willow pump and then  how to assemble and use the elvie pump because if  ,i did that all of this in one video it would be  like 40 minutes long so um disclaimer this is not  ,a sponsored video um i bought both of these pumps  with my own money um and i do realize what a huge  ,privilege it is to be able to do that um and so i  just wanted to share with all of you kind of what  ,i learned the pros and cons of each and what i  ended up picking i also know that my breastfeeding  ,and breast pumping journey was successful because  i did have a lot of these resources so this is  ,something i can do to help you be successful with  your pumping journey um that is awesome so after  ,all of my initial investigating and research  i actually picked the willow and after some  ,kind of weak attempts and troubleshooting um  it wasnt going well for me and i didnt love  ,it it wasnt working great and i said screw it  i love my spectra if people see my nips when  ,im putting these pumps on i dont care um but  after seven months um i got really sick of like  ,being in time out for 20 minutes uh when i was at  work um and so i said you know what lets throw  ,some money at this problem let us try the lv so i  have tried these both um have a lot of real world  ,experience with these both and so now im going to  tell you about the pros and cons of each of these,im going to start with kind of the pros and  cons of both of these pumps so pros they are both  ,wearable they are cordless so you are mobile  youre not carrying around a pump with you youre  ,not plugged into a wall so thats a pro for both  of them they both also are bluetooth and sync to  ,an app on your phone um so thats a similar thing  between both of them um and i would say theres  ,definitely a little bit of a learning curve with  both of them in terms of how to assemble them how  ,to figure out your nipple alignment and how to  get good output with both of both of these pumps  ,which makes me want to make  sure i say that for many women,these wearable pumps do not empty your  breasts as well as a traditional pump does  ,and so um you know if you are continually not  emptying your breasts all the way your body  ,thinks you dont need to make as much milk so  it absolutely can affect your supply um so my  ,recommendation is you make sure youre also using  your base pump um in the maybe in the morning or  ,in the evening or you know check to make sure  that these are emptying you there are women who  ,these can be their primary pump they empty them  just as well and im just so envious um that  ,because i think that would be amazing um the  other thing about both of them is they are both  ,very expensive they run about 500 a piece um and  so this is a big investment um and something if  ,you want to put on your registry or your christmas  list or whatever um because its a lot of money,so im going to start with the  pros and cons of the willow pump  ,first so i have the willow generation 3.0 um  and one of the pros that people talked about  ,about the willow is that it had this  really strong suction um and you know  ,for the willow it has when it first latches it has  three different levels of kind of this stimulation  ,mode um you have to get a half an ounce of milk  before it switches to that super strong suction  ,it has seven levels of super strong of suction so  you can decide what level works best for you um  ,the other really cool thing which i thought  was gonna be great about this was that they  ,dont leak if youre using the bags no matter  what position youre in you can be upright you  ,can be laying down you can be on your side um  and if you pump you know how annoying it is you  ,know youre exhausted or pumping in the middle of  the night youre just kind of laying there like  ,upright while youre pumping so i was really  excited about that i had some ob gyn friends  ,who were like i did a c-section with my pumps on  i ran to a shoulder dystocia and did a shoulder to  ,social with my willows on and like didnt leak and  it was awesome so i thought this is gonna be great  ,um other things i thought i was really excited  about was that they have bags um that you can  ,pump into so its kind of like a closed system i  was excited that i could pump directly into this  ,bag take the bag out and not have to transfer any  milk at the hospital which is just you know kind  ,of dirty i didnt know where id be and wasnt  worrying about spilling milk or putting it into  ,another container or anything like that um the  willow also is maybe it has less parts than the lv  ,definitely there is um the pump motor we have the  flange we have a flex tube here and ill do you  ,can check out my other video about how to use the  willow and how to assemble it well go over all  ,the stuff as well as the bag so there are pretty  much four parts to have the willow working and  ,that is nice and simple easy to clean um so cons  of the willow um you know its uh it is certainly  ,um a little bit higher profile bigger  than the lv i dont know if you can see um,uh this is uh this is me with the willows in um i  dont know if you can tell on the video but heres  ,like the profile its not like super obvious i  dont i didnt feel like it was super noticeable  ,in my scrubs um but you certainly have dolly  parton boobs pause and ill uh switch to the lvs,uh this is the elvis inn if i  didnt tell you you might not know  ,again a little bit lower profile less  dolly parton boobs for sure the other kind  ,thing i thought was kind of a con about the  willows is they theyre louder than the lvs  ,theyre not loud by any means um but there is a  noticeable sound i dont know if you can hear this,so like theres a motor running um for sure um  and that is noticeable oh its mad at me there  ,okay um and ill turn the lv on real quick,too a lot quieter,so much quieter um so if that is something  that is important to you like quiet um the  ,willows kind of loud so another con of the  willow i mentioned that strong suction um,it is a along with being really strong its a  different kind of suction its constant suction  ,whereas a traditional pump kind  of mimics a baby sucking like,something like that kind of motion the willow is  just constant constant sucking the whole time and  ,that unique suction um takes your body a minute to  get used to and to be able to have a letdown for  ,that um and so that constant suction can be very  very tricky to get used to the other thing about  ,the willow is when you order your willow pump you  order your flange size and they only have three  ,flange sizes 21 24 and i think 28. um and their  flange sizes are like a little bit off in terms of,measuring matching up with like a  traditional flange that you would have  ,so i would say many women need different  inserts to get these willows to work for them so,the sizing

Is the Elvie Breast Pump worth it? 3 MONTH REVIEW

this is the early breast pump which ive,been using for about three months now so,i can give you a really honest review,there are some definite pros but also,there are some definite cons so if you,just buy the one which is what i did you,get one of these units but you get kind,of two of everything else so you can,only use one at a time of these ones but,you can start to sterilize some of the,other stuff so the basic function is,actually really really easy it does have,an app which im kind of 50 50 about but,for basic function without the app were,going to turn it on here so just one,button you press you turn it on and then,it lights up so its going to tell you,theres a little indicator light here,and this tells me that im on the left,side i can switch it to the right side,and then theres a little play button at,the top if you dont have the app,working it doesnt really matter left to,right because you can control everything,from here anyway so when youre ready,you can just press obviously put it in,but you then press the play button and,then hopefully youll hear the sounds,theres also a carnival next door so you,might hear the carnival,so this is it working here you can then,use the up and down buttons here at the,top to kind of change how much youre,feeling i guess,and you might even be able to see it,working on the green bit at the top,obviously that would be hidden at the,time when youre using it so this starts,with like a stimulation mode so that i,think runs for about two minutes or,until,it senses the milk is coming through and,then it changes to the other mode im,not sure what thats called and then the,milk hopefully starts coming through im,just going to pause this to save battery,when you are done with pause,and then you can either switch sides or,change bottles if its full and then you,can just press off when youre done,other than turning it on and off you can,do everything else from the app as well,but ill talk about the up in a second,so thats kind of the basic basic basic,function of this one so if you just buy,one you get quite a lot of pieces with,it so you get,one main unit here you get two of these,bottles that have two of their sort of,plastic bits on the top and then two of,the green kind of suctioning bits on the,top as well,you then get two lids so when you change,the top you can undo it put a lid on,instead,so like this so its a proper container,for it so i have used that lid quite a,few times which is actually really handy,you also get two bra strap adapters as,you can tell i havent used them i,havent sort of needed to use because,everything i wear is real stretchy right,now um but you get those little adapters,to make it longer and then you get a bag,that it comes with you get two breast,shields and the little kind of suction,pads that it comes with so everything,that needs to be sterilized you can,sterilize and kind of have one that,youre using and one thats clean so you,can use it next time apart from these,now this is one of my biggest like,points with the breast pump,because you get two shields but they are,completely different sizes so one is,smaller one is bigger there is a third,even smaller one but if you want that,one you have to pay somewhere between 20,and 30 pounds for when youve just paid,so i paid 228 for this but i think its,usually 260 but i just got it through,boots on a deal and then got boots,points so i actually got it quite cheap,compared to what it usually costs when,you pay that much you dont want to then,spend 20 30 pounds buying one to make it,actually fit and if all like thats,really frustrating and i thought i was,going to have to buy a smaller one,because this didnt really fit at first,but then i tried to kind of change the,angle and adjusted it and it did fit so,if you do struggle when you get it give,it some time try different angles on,your nipple like poke it up hook it down,wiggle it around and then hopefully,youll be able to find that it does work,for you without needing a different size,but you might need a different size so,that is one frustration that might,happen i dont know if your babys ever,kind of missed your nipple in the night,time and just sucked randomly somewhere,on your boobs,it really hurts and it kind of feels,like that if you get it wrong and it,like leaves an awkward red circle if you,get it wrong so if that doesnt does,happen that isnt normal so you can just,change it,and then hopefully ill feel more,comfortable so it shouldnt be painful,it might feel a bit like oh this is,weird but it shouldnt be painful,but yeah anyway here thats my kind of,first,gripe with it that theres only one of,these so you cant always have one ready,and clean to go especially if youre out,about the house,that is a bit frustrating so when we put,it together you want to get your little,breath shield and then we grab one of,the green bits and we stick it over the,edge,then youre going to pop this into the,hole at the back,and click it in,then you get a bottle so you get your,bottle on your lid you put your lid in,the bottle click it into place and then,the green bit which slots on top as well,and then you click the green bit in at,the base here,and that is your breast pump ready to go,the one thing i would say that if you,set it up like this and this is me,speaking from annoying experience,the suction i think just goes after a,couple of days so if you do set it up,and then pop it in your bag and youre,good to go if you get it out a couple of,days later to use if you havent been,using it every day i do find that the,suction goes and then it doesnt do,anything and if youre wearing a top and,you cant see the milk which lets face,it you are most of the time,then you dont know that theres isnt,any milk coming until youre actually,taking it off so sometimes i do have to,stop rearranging go again so i find it a,bit frustrating that it feels like its,working but somethings not quite like,the suctions not quite right so that is,a slight downside so i find the app a,little bit frustrating so if you are,using the app all you have to do is turn,it on put it in position and then the,app can do everything else so if you are,out about its really handy to be able,to do it from your phone however if,there is no signal which has happened to,me,it boots you off and you cant use it,and its really frustrating its not,foolproof in terms of like wi-fi so on,the app you can choose left and right,sides and you can set your settings so,you can sort of say this is how i prefer,my left nipple this is how what i prefer,for my right nipple it tells you also,how much milk its producing through,here now there is a little measurement,on the back so there is a little i dont,know if you can see that but there are,measuring bits down here,i find it not very accurate so i find,that on the app it will tell me say oh,youve made 100 mils and then ill look,on here and itll just say like 85 mils,and then ill wait on the scale and it,will save 60 ml so i find it varies,massively so if you were very,specifically wanting to stop when you,got like 100 mils,its not accurate but for me i pumped a,time rather than pumping for a specific,volume so i dont know if thats you,know thats an issue or not other than,the basic functions of kind of play,pause left right i dont really tend to,use the app its theres something about,it thats just a bit awkward to use and,i havent figured out whats awkward,about it but its a bit awkward to use,so i dont tend to use it so i wanted to,show you how to discrete or how discreet,this isnt so let me just change my top,for you,so hopefully this gives you a better,indication of what its going to look,like so im going to try and do this,without flashing you so if im going,from the side here theres not much to,see so if im here im gonna pump pump,it through can i do this without,flashing you completely so you can see,that,one side is very much bigger than the,other side so its discreet to a point,you know under a jumper unde

Elvie Stride vs Elvie Pump Review || Suction Strength, Demostration, and all you need to know!

working on a video and i think the ld,stride is officially here box looks,small hes coming its happening the,elvis tribe review is coming your way,[Music],it finally happened the lv stride has,been released the lv pump company has,been debating on releasing this but i,know that they have been working really,hard to perfecting the lb stride for you,guys because it was supposed to be,released earlier in the year but it just,happened basically the lv stride is only,available in the us and its,specifically made to be an insurance,covered pump you might be aware that the,lv or the willow pump for example the,500 pumps are really hard to get covered,by your insurance companies i have done,a lot of research on getting your,insurance companies to cover these,expensive pumps and i will include a,video on your rights and what the,insurance company is legally supposed to,cover for you in this video make sure to,check it out in the description box,below finally the lv stride pump is 249,if you were to pay completely out of,pocket ive seen some people get it,completely covered even some people get,it for just seven dollars out of pocket,so the next question you might be asking,yourself does it truly live up to the lv,pump or is it compromising in other ways,so make sure to stay tuned as we unravel,this together let me start by saying i,have a coupon code on all lb products,through their website mommyshark15.,i also have links to their products in,the description box below i will let you,know that you cannot unfortunately buy,the lv stride directly through their,website you do have to go through a dme,and they do have those listed on their,website who carries the lv stride do,your research on which dme you end up,going with because one dme can possibly,give you the lv stride at a lower price,than other dme and so you have to pretty,much shop around and get a quote from a,bunch of different dms you might ask,yourself which pump do i buy lets go,through the parts first the lv pump,comes with the hub two bottles one 24,millimeter blanch and one 28 millimeter,flange two valves two spouts and two,seals and two storage lids a bra,adjuster and finally a usb charging,cable the lv stride comes with a hub and,then im going to show you the washable,parts which is the two cups two seals,two 24 millimeter breast shields if you,want a different size 21 and 28,millimeter flanges are available two,valves now the non-washable parts are,two caps and two cap seals and the seals,are attached to the caps one tube,splitter and a tube stopper right here,so you can actually pump one-sided if,you need to a long tube and the short,tubes they were already attached for me,a usb charger cover and clip so that you,can put your hub in and attach it to,your side or wherever you want to attach,it to when it comes to putting the lv,stride together first you take the valve,and you put that right at the bottom,here then you take the diaphragm and you,put it right on top and as you guys are,probably already aware or if youre not,the lv parts especially the diaphragms,have to always be extremely dry as the,water can create basically friction and,disrupt the suctioning so make sure your,parts are completely dry and then you go,ahead and you put the cup,and as you can see a really good grip,here now when it comes to the hub i was,able to put this on its a little,difficult to put on but i was able to,put it on successfully and then when it,comes to the clip you want to hold it up,and clip it in just like that so that,when you put it on your clothing it,hangs with face out you take the tubes,and this is the long tube and you go,ahead and place it in here tightly and,then you take this,and just put it in and you can twist as,needed depending or where you want this,wire to be sticking out this stopper,basically allows you to empty your mill,when you are done before you take the,pump apart if you want to pump one-sided,you basically take the tube that is not,being used off,take this little stopper and put it on,just like that and now you can pump,one-sided so when it comes to putting on,the lv pump its as simple as putting it,into your bra just like that making sure,youre aligned pushing the play button,and this is what it looks like from the,side when it comes to using the lv,stride i went ahead and clipped this on,the side right here facing outwards,where i can easily push the buttons as,needed and then what you do im just,gonna go from the top here so i can make,sure everythings aligned theres one,theres two and then this can easily,then drop in between this area right,here go ahead and drop it pull it out,and this is what it looks like with it,on if you have a longer shirt you can,cover this part i personally dont mind,rocking it but hey everybody has a,preference and in case youre wondering,which one makes you look bustier the,portable lv pump,is a little bit higher you might look,bustier with the lv pump than you would,with the lv stride yay to the lv stride,if youre curious about pumping,positions and leaking both pumps you,need to pump upright if you want to pump,in different positions definitely check,out my willow versus lb video and the,willow pump is definitely the one to be,able to pump in many different positions,lets talk about application on your,phone yes there is an application for,the lv stride its actually the same app,that you use or the main lv pump just,make sure that when youre getting on,your phone that you update your app to,make sure that it includes the lv stride,update just in case you have the lv app,on your phone before the lv stride was,released i have previously used the lv,pump and i have a lot of helpful videos,on this but if you end up with the elvis,tried i do plan on having regular videos,answering your most burning questions,that i will be gauging on my instagram,or through my willow and lv pump group,so lets go ahead and connect the pump,by first turning the palm on,and the lights come on at the very top,they start to flicker press power to,turn on so its on okay ive got it,press and hold the play pause until the,side lights start to flash say okay ive,got it and now it is connecting and its,asking if it can pair so yes please go,ahead and pair comp is connected finish,all right so lets go ahead and go to,controls when you start it its gonna be,in two minutes in stimulation and then,it will kick into extraction you can,most definitely skip the stimulation if,you need to by clicking that simulation,button at the top im gonna push play,you can increase the intensity to a,level 10. so the lv stride has 10 levels,you can decrease all the way down to a,level one you can also press the,stimulation button to go into extraction,or going back into stimulation and that,also affects the level and then you can,set a timer which is a great attribute,then you finish session yes session is,done and it will give you the readings,of how much milk youve collected,obviously i didnt pump so theres no,readings here the most awaited part of,the video is about output and suction,pattern and suction strength i can tell,you great news,after a little break we are trying for,baby number three i give up oh my god,oh my god make sure to check out my,series on that right after this video,ill put it on the end cards okay so,back to the string lv stride has,stronger suction than the lv pump this,is just me even at the strongest,intensity on the lv pump it didnt even,compare to the first few levels on the,lv stride in regards to suction patterns,they are the same if youre interested,in knowing exactly what i mean make sure,to check out my suctioning video showing,you exactly how it goes in and out when,it comes to output and this is a very,common question output does not depend,on how strong your suction is output,depends on how your body responds to,suctioning click over here check out my,series im trying to have baby number,three you are awesome and remember to be,a shark

Elvie Pump Review | After Three Months | Tips, Pros & Cons

hey guys welcome back to my channel so,its been three months since ive been,using the double electric,silent lv pumps i love them but i also,have a love hate relationship with,pumping id rather breastfeed but that,is not about this video and im just,going to kind of let you guys know that,if this wasnt,if it wasnt for using this pump i,probably would not still be,breastfeeding but its very convenient,im a dental assistant so i am able to,put them on,work they shut off automatically um,theyre really convenient and then also,im gonna kind of put some tips in this,video for,new users of this pump in the beginning,i struggled with it always telling me,that the container was full,when in reality it only had like two or,three ounces and its really how you,position it in your shirt,um,and then also,some tips and tricks if youre not,getting the right suction it really has,a lot to do with this um,seal and,specifically when you have moisture,underneath of it,it will actually mess up your pumping,but im gonna put these in and talk to,you guys for a little bit im gonna show,you on my phone im gonna mirror it so,you can see um,really how the app works and how you can,control it all,um and then also,ill show you kind of how i thought it,was really cool how it actually keeps,track of how much ive pumped,since ive been using the pump so,stay tuned,also i just want to point out that you,have,lights on these,when you hold them up to yourself when i,used to look at them head like head on i,would always think that this,was,this side and that was the other side,and that wasnt the case,so this can look a little ridiculous um,especially if you have even larger,breasts than i do um because im a,dental assistant and i wear scrubs and i,wear jackets you really cant see this,under my shirt but if im wearing a tank,top you can really see it really gives,you a,cup or two size bigger than what you,already are,you really want to make sure that you,have this really nice seal make sure,that your bra is not like this part of,your nursing bra is not underneath of,where it is touching your skin to make,sure that you have a really nice snug,fit but,i am going to show you now what the,screen looks like,when i turn the pumps on at the bottom,it says go to controls youll hit that,and then youll push start and your,pumps will start and it will depend on,the section and how you do the settings,which ill show you later,on another screen,so now that you guys saw how it turns on,and stuff ill go back to it and ill,take these out so you can see how,accurate the measurements are but what i,told you about in the beginning when you,dont have it positioned properly in,your shirt it will say that the,containers are full when they actually,arent and the main thing is is that you,want to make sure that your pump is,sitting up straight dont have it push,down like this in your shirt because,thats when youre not going to have an,actual accurate measurement,so i am going to show you guys that when,it comes out and again just make sure,that you um,have that positioned properly and if you,dont feel a suction that means the seal,has moisture under it it either is not,positioned properly sitting completely,flat or the container is not sitting,correctly on it with that little green,piece sitting properly because it cant,create that seal that youre looking for,and then i also want to say one of my,favorite things to clean,the um flanges with so i have the blue,nourish bottle brush cleaners,i like this for the flange,i find that this is really nice for all,the little seals,and then this i just use all over with,all the stuff theres a little bit of,water in there because we just washed,bottles,but,that has been amazing with washing all,the parts there only are a few little,parts which i can show you so you have i,have two sets of each since i,pump at night sometimes and then i have,to have stuff to take um to work with me,but this is actually how you tell the,different sizes of their flanges if,youre trying to figure out what is the,different size,um so you have your flanges which you,clean,and this is where you want to make sure,theres no moisture while youre pumping,and youll feel it if theres moisture,it will kind of feel like its like,you can feel the liquid behind the,little um green flange,so you have your container and youre,just going to,twist this on it it clicks into place,and then you take your nice,little seal i believe its called and,you just push it down make sure its,fitted really nice,and pretty much that is how you set that,portion up,and then you have,your i think these are actually the,seals those are a little wet because i,just washed them,but,when i say if theres a liquid under the,steel youll feel it but a lot of the,times,this will kind of be propped up like,this,and that will cause it so that you dont,get a proper suction and there will be,no suction you want to make sure when,youre pushing it into your pump that,youre keeping everything really flat,and nice,and sometimes when youre pushing it in,and ill show you when i take the pumps,off you dont want to fight to push this,in if youre fighting to push it in,youre messing with this,and then its going to cause,the suction to get messed up as well,um,but im going to take the pumps off,and,ill show you again on the screen how,long ive been pumping to see if it is,as accurate as it says it is i know a,lot of people again struggle with this,so we will see,how that turns out,so were going to quickly come back to,me because i dont want you guys to,think that i am not telling a truth,about the measurements um you saw the,measurements i really like that you can,actually fix it and adjust actually how,much is in it,so im gonna sit this one down,and its really important to kind of,tilt it forward when youre taking it,off so that there is a little bit of,milk in um,this portion,of it and you can kind of push it in,with your finger so it goes down into,this,but,um,a lot of the times,you can spill it if you dont do that,but i will show you guys what we got and,then well see if the measurements are,right,it looks like i have one the left side,2.75,and then two and a quarter on the,right side,so all im doing now is im going to go,in on the app,fix the amounts that are actually in the,containers which they were off by about,an ounce,also another thing that i really like,about the app is it tells you how much,youve pumped in total,plus the lights on the front of the pump,so you can control how bright they are,because they can shine through your,shirt,but seriously guys if youre looking for,something that you can commit to,and not be attached to a wall the alvey,is something you should really look into,and i dont regret it ill show you guys,my stash if it wasnt for this pump,i would never have this much milk,for my baby even when i am,ready to stop so,also if you guys have any questions at,all please leave me a comment down below,i will,make sure i respond to you and if you,havent already please hit that,subscribe button it would mean a lot to,me,and ill see you guys next week for,another video,in my deep freezer i probably have,enough to last him about three months,each bag has about four ounces in it and,i have a little over 2 000 ounces in the,freezer,you

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