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  2. Product Review: The Ember Smart Mug
  3. Ember Mug 2 & Travel Mug 2 Review | Are they worth it?
  4. Are these $150 SMART MUGS Worth It?! – Ember Mug Review
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Ember Mug Review: A $130 Coffee Mug?

Welcome back everybody.,Now today Im taking a look at the Ember, which is a $130 mug.,Its a smart mug controlled by an app on your phone, but is it really worth the cost?,Lets find out in todays video.,Alright, no preliminaries.,Lets jump right into it with the unboxing.,Here is the Ember mug.,I actually paid $129.95 for this thing.,Its a temperature-controlled mug. 14 ounce version.,Pour, adjust, and enjoy.,Over here, keep your drink hot, enjoy 80 minutes of battery life, control with your smartphone,,safe to hand wash.,Its a nice presentation, as I would hope it would be.,Its very heavy.,This must be the coaster here.,Thats nice, I guess.,I guess theyre saying dont put liquid in there.,Ok.,Got a charger.,Weve got some instructions here.,Are these instructions?,Theyre instructions.,Ill have to read these over very carefully.,Got some stickers I wont use.,Do not microwave.,Alright I wont.,No liquid in here.,No microwaving for this.,Got it.,Alright so now that Ive opened it, the claims are that its controlled by smartphone app,but it can be used without the app, too.,You can choose the exact temperature you want between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit.,Auto-sleep feature, battery lasts about 80 minutes but it also has a charging coaster.,This also comes in a few different sizes including a travel mug version I believe.,On Amazon, the pros people who like it said it does a great job of keeping coffee and,other beverages warm and the app is easy to use.,Now those who did not like it said…,most of the cons seemed to be about the cost, paint chipping, or the battery life not being,that accurate.,What I have to do now is charge this up, wash it out, read the instructions, and then get,started.,Alright so Ive gone over the instructions.,Ive charged it up but I havent actually used it yet.,So what youre supposed to do first is download the app from the app store.,That was no problem, and pair it with the mug.,That was no problem either.,Pairing it with the mug is just as simple as pressing the button on the bottom.,You can also turn it off by pressing this button as well.,A couple of things theyre pretty adamant about is this does not go in the microwave,because its electronic, and you dont really want to get liquid in here either so youve,got to make sure your coffee cup is dry.,You can use it without the coaster but the coaster basically gives you all-day charging.,This is supposed to last about 80 minutes.,Some of the Amazon comments were complaining that this doesnt last the full 80 minutes,so you really have to leave it on the coaster all the time so well see if that actually,is the case or not.,So as far as Ive gotten is to play around with the app so let me show you how the app,works.,So when you look at the app it just shows empty.,At the bottom here you can slide this over to adjust the temperature which Im not doing,just yet because I dont have anything in there.,If you tap the gear at the top, you have a few settings here.,As you can see the battery level shows 100% and you can see the charge icon next to it.,If I lift it off of the charger, it detects it pretty quickly.,Back on there.,Theres a little light right here, but you can personalize the color of that light.,You can do it yellow, whatever color you want.,Im picking blue for right now.,Right now it knows that the Ember is empty so it has the heater off.,When I add liquid to it, it defaults to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.,But you can go anywhere from 120 – 145.,Thats the range.,You cant go any hotter or colder than that.,No messing around.,Lets get right to the first test here.,This should be easy to check out, right?,So what Im doing to do is take the coaster off.,Youre going solo here buddy.,No more training wheels for you.,Youve got to go on your own.,Ive got some pretty warm water here.,I tried to get it around coffee temperature.,Im going to pour one cup into each one of these and let them sit, and see what happens.,Regular coffee mug, 124.,Ember 125.,So one degree off.,Alright so the Ember app already knows the temperature of the liquid in the cup which,is kind of impressive actually, and the heaters not on.,Its actually gone down by a degree.,Now lets kick the heater on a little bit and put it up to 135.,And this one doesnt get anything.,Its just going to sit here.,So let me see if it can actually warm it up to 135.,I dont know.,Oh it looks like it already went up a degree.,This is going to be interesting.,124, its already going up!,So what Im going to do is Im going to see how long it takes to warm this up to 135 and,see how much this ones gone down in the same amount of time.,It hit the target temperature, in fact it gave me a notification telling me that my,target was hit, which is kind of nice.,That took about 6 minutes.,Lets check the temperature of these by the way.,OK the white mug 111 degrees, 112 Fahrenheit.,The Ember, oh look at this, 96.,Much cooler.,Now lets take the temperature of the actual water inside.,Alright thats gone down by about 4 or 5 degrees.,134.6, close.,Slight difference in measurement but looks like its pretty close to 135.,Alright so what Im going to do now is let this battery run out.,One of the complaints on Amazon has been that the mug doesnt last as long as people think,its supposed to last.,80 minutes?,Lets find out.,And then after 80 minutes, or however long the battery lasts, Ill do a temperature check,of the mug and see how much thats dropped as well.,Ill be back in 80 minutes or less.,So I got a notification at the 80-minute mark that it was time to recharge my Ember, so,really right on schedule.,What was weird is that it stayed at 6% for 25 minutes.,So it warmed all the way to 5% but at 5% it stopped warming.,I guess the 5% is just to give you time to start recharging it.,So lets take a look at the temperatures of the two of them at the 80-minute mark and,see how it stands.,Alright the control mug is at a brisk 84 degrees.,The Ember mug, the app says 128, this is saying 127, so its still warm.,The white mug, the outside is 83 degrees.,The Ember at the 80-minute mark is 99 degrees.,So its actually a little bit warmer I think.,Wasnt it 96 originally?,So its actually gotten warmer over the last 80 minutes and this one has obviously gotten,cooler.,Well that was pretty fun but lets try it in a real world test tomorrow morning with,an actual cup of coffee, first thing in the morning and see how it does.,Good morning.,Its a little after 6am here.,Morning routine for me: toss the ball to Bailey.,I made a big thing of coffee.,I put it in the two cups.,They were 145 degrees when I first got up.,Ive got some ball-tossing to do first.,Bailey time first, then coffee time.,Alright Baileys going to chase some birds and lizards for a minute while I have a few,sips of coffee here.,Hmm, still warm.,Normally itd be getting cool by now.,So far, so good.,Alright so here we go.,Dog time is over.,I fed the dogs, I got situated here, and now Im about to finish my coffee.,Ive only drank about a quarter of it.,Ive been busy!,Thats how mornings get, right?,And when that usually happens, you end up having this kind of lukewarm coffee and you,put it in the microwave or something to warm it back up, which, thats not ideal.,Lets do a taste-slash-warmth test and see how it goes.,Ember first.,Thats the same temperature I poured it at.,Very nice.,My favorite coffee mug.,Not going to go well.,I do not like lukewarm coffee.,Let me take the temperature of these and see where theyre at.,Thats not good.,Much better.,There are warming coasters out there, and if this one has to stay on the coaster for,some people, then I dont think this would have an advantage over something cheap like,that.,Its currently 82 degrees here in Las Vegas at 6:45 in the morning, and this is barely,warmer than 82 degrees.,This one, last check was almost 140.,I think I have it set for 138.,This is nice.,This is not so nice.,I poured the coffee in here at about 6 oclock.,Its 6:45 right now and the battery shows

Product Review: The Ember Smart Mug

today were going to be reviewing the,ember smart mug and I warn you now this,review might induce a little bit of,outrage so why would this product or,this review make you a little bit angry,well lets start with a few things this,is a smart mug it connects to your phone,via bluetooth it costs pretty much 80,pounds one of the first things that I,did after getting this was connected to,my phone and update the firmware on my,coffee cup now all of those things do,make this seem completely ridiculous Im,going to top it all I really like it,lets explain a little bit more about,what this does and why it does it and,why on earth I think that this is,actually quite a good product so the way,this mug works it is a smart mug it has,a battery in the base as well as an,element and a thermometer and you tell,it what temperature you want your coffee,to be you put your coffee in the cup and,it will cool to your desired temperature,itll notify you that its your desired,temperature and it will hold it at that,temperature,that seems a little bit ridiculous and I,can already hear you telling me how nice,it is when coffee cools down and you can,enjoy all the flavors all the more and,letting coffee cool is a good thing and,why would you want to heat it,dont thermos has already existed what,is wrong with me why would I spend 80,pounds of my own money on a coffee cup,like this those are all valid questions,and frankly I was a little skeptical of,this at the start I put out on Twitter,to see if anyone had one what their,experiences were and was somewhat,surprised when there was a universal,positive response to it,and at that point I had to pull the,trigger I had to buy one and Ill be,honest only one of these will mean that,your colleagues friends and loved ones,will mock you mercilessly for owning an,incredibly expensive smart mug that,holds coffee at a particular temperature,of your choosing so Ill give you the,moment where this went from being an,amusing knob,an excess of the internet-of-things to,being something that I was quite,grateful to have on my desk now this I,think this has a specific audience which,are people who often work at desks and,are easily distracted by stuff and,thats me Ill be honest I often work at,a desk not always but I am very easily,distracted by lots of different things,let me set the scene I said on my desk,someone came in and poured me a mug full,of filter coffee and it was a preview,roaster kind of a test development Roast,of a new coffee that was pretty excited,to taste and they wanted some feedback,on it and it was too hot to drink,I was working away and then I got called,out of where I was working to go and do,some other stuff and it took way longer,than I expected 10-15 minutes and I came,back and I sat down and I was a little,sad because Id missed really that kind,of peak moment for for capturing,flavonoids where its not hot but its,certainly not cold and yet I reached,across grab my cup and there it was this,perfect temperature cup of coffee just,said waiting for me it had not,particularly degraded in the 10 or 15,minutes that Ive been gone even though,it had been actively heated but it had,been very gently very lightly heated it,tasted great I really enjoyed it and I,had this moment of like wow Im grateful,to own this now this is I know this is a,little absurd its all a little absurd I,kind of get why people who buy these,come to really like them now if youre,someone who has the time and space and,energy and workflow in your life to to,brew a delicious cup of coffee to sit,down to focus on it capture it at its,perfect moment in time and temperature,and enjoy it I envy you I am NOT that,person I live a life full of,distractions so its all too easy for me,to miss my favorite moment and thats,kind of sad now this has sort of saved,that more than enough times in a week,for me to feel like this was a good idea,now this really is only gonna live on a,desk its battery-powered right so the,way it works is it charges on this,little saucer type thing that has,plugged into a wall socket so I suspect,this doesnt live in peoples houses,really I suspect this lives where people,work last I think a couple,hours depending on how hot you want your,coffee to stay theres a little chart,that they give you when you buy one of,these so uh you know Im generally,trying to keep my coffee around the very,early 50s in terms of degrees Celsius I,cant do the other you know temperature,Im just not into it Im just not Ill,say it now III cant do Fahrenheit I,just cant do it so this its 50 52 54,if Im feeling like I need a little bit,more warmth in my coffee and and I get,it I get i get that you if you saw me,with this would want to tease me and you,should and thats okay you should,absolutely tease anyone who spent that,much money on one of these but theyre,also having a kind of a good time with,it,its hot its you know its Im just,deeply Im troubled by this Im troubled,by it lets not say that this is a,flawless product lets talk through a,few issues that I have with this thing,and the most obvious one I think to just,about anyone aside from the price,because it is expensive is the way that,it charges now its pretty simple there,is two rings here that meet two,contactors so it doesnt matter which,way around you have the mug youd have,to have it in a certain position as long,as its just on the base now this nature,of charging means that this is not,dishwasher safe now Im sort of stunned,that they didnt go for cheap charging,or something like it and went for these,contactors because not making this,dishwasher safe seems like a massive,error people have put these through,dishwashers and they have survived it,will certainly be fine with a hand wash,it just seems like a weird design,decision second thing you actually lose,a reasonable amount of capacity in the,mug to the battery and the heating unit,so it looks like a decent sized mug but,its actually quite a bit smaller on the,inside than you think it is capacity is,not a huge issue for me its that moment,where I pick it up and I think I have,more coffee than I do and then I find I,dont and Im sad I dont like to feel,sad over things as stupid is not having,enough coffee in my coffee cup so it,will trick you now and again into,thinking its fuller than it is this,ones black so we look in the top that,doesnt really help,you either now finally this hasnt,happened to me I havent had this long,enough but I have read that some people,possibly with earlier models had issues,with the inside coating flaking off as I,said that hasnt happened to me but it,is something I will be paying attention,to and worrying about inevitably theres,an app and the app is a little over,engineered Im not gonna lie I do quite,like having a little notification up,here to tell me that my coffee is the,perfect temperature to drink and the,control wheel inside to choose my,temperature is very simple to use it,does offer you some more presets you can,do coffee consumption tracking I dont,care about any of that stuff and so here,we are,the ember mug its ridiculous its,ridiculous youre looking at this and,youre thinking thats ridiculous and,youre right but that doesnt mean I,cant like it or that you wouldnt like,it too is this the single best way you,can invest 80 pounds or in the u.s. $80,on your coffee experience no no its,probably not does it meet the needs of,every person not even slightly but if,you like me often are distracted really,really love coffee and I kind of wanna,experience that kind of sweet spot for,as long as possible this is a solution,and Im not sure theres a better,solution out there I have come to accept,the usefulness of thermoses is pretty,limited they keep things incredibly hot,to the point that that drives me kind of,insane when Ive driven all the way to,the airport and I still cant drink my,coffee so maybe theres a middle ground,now they do a travel version of this,which is an intense amount of money its,like a hundred and fifty pounds

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Ember Mug 2 & Travel Mug 2 Review | Are they worth it?

after years of not giving the ember,brand a whole lot of attention i finally,gave in to my curiosity and bought an,ember mug 2 and an ember travel mug too,because i was really curious to see if,this very expensive high-tech drinkware,could live up to the hype,is it worth the money were gonna find,out,now before we get going i quickly want,to say that i bought both of these with,my own money and this is not a sponsored,video in any way if you want to check,out either of these products i will have,them both linked down in the description,below,now im going to talk about these two,products completely separately because i,have very different opinions on them,individually despite them being from the,same brand,starting off with the mug the first,thing i was really curious to see is,whether it would feel like a premium,product or if it was just a cheap cup,with some tech inside and once unboxed i,was left pretty satisfied the mug has a,really solid weight to it it has a,rubber base and the main part of the cup,is stainless steel with a ceramic,coating no part of it felt plasticky or,cheap and having the weight from the,battery and heater in the base was,actually really nice because having a,bottom heavy mug makes it tougher to,accidentally tip over when placed on,soft surfaces like a couch moving on to,the main selling point of ember products,lets talk about the tech the mug will,automatically detect when liquid is,added and then maintain a standard,temperature of 57 degrees celsius if you,want to adjust this which you probably,will you have to download an app which,is always a downside in my books i would,have much preferred if there was some,kind of physical way to do this on the,mug like there is on the travel version,however once i did download the app,things were very easy you can choose a,color for the light which will briefly,glow when you pick it up so that you can,identify whose cup is whose and you can,also adjust the temperature in 0.5,degree increments which was a process,that i actually found really interesting,i realized that my ideal temperature was,actually a pretty narrow window,somewhere in between 58 and 60 degrees,celsius and im really curious to see,where some other people land on the,desired temperature range so if you,already have one of these products leave,your set temperature down in the,comments below the app has some built-in,suggested temperatures for different,kinds of drinks which i didnt really,pay much attention to but it also has,some tea steeping recipes which i,thought was a pretty good idea and also,got me thinking could you fully warm up,water in one of these devices say if,youre on a college campus that doesnt,allow kettles in the dorm rooms,i tested it and the answer is yes but,its going to take around 40 minutes on,the mug and 25 minutes on the travel mug,not to mention that youll want to leave,them both in the charging cradle to not,completely discharge the battery in the,process,speaking of battery i was getting right,around the advertised lifespan of about,one and a half hours on the mug despite,the fact that my target temperature was,slightly above average but this is at,room temperature and i was really,curious to see how it would perform,outside say on a crisp zero degree,canadian morning like today and with,this i was really surprised it still,lasted almost an hour which is far more,than i expected for a completely open,mug,for those who like graphs heres the,temperature of a normal mug over time,heres the ember mug with the heater,turned off,and heres the ember mug with the heater,on,this is what youre paying for is it,worth it well i cant really believe im,saying this,but yes however i think this will vary,depending on how and why you typically,drink warm drinks for me personally i,dont drink tea and coffee for the,caffeine content i got into this hobby,for the routine of sitting down to,listen to some music and relax with a,warm drink its probably the favorite,part of my day and for this purpose i,was really surprised at how much more,enjoyable the ember mug made it,im going to try to not romanticize this,too much but like i said earlier the,ideal temperature window is actually,pretty narrow and typically once my,drink gets past that point i just start,drinking faster to avoid it going,completely cold with the ember every,single sip was perfect and what this,means is that i ended up taking much,longer to enjoy my coffee like an hour,longer i didnt feel the pressure to,keep going back to it i just took a sip,when i felt like it and then stopped,when i got to the bottom,which is another good thing,no cold coffee has gone down the drain,to be wasted since i got this so do i,recommend the ember mug,yes is it extremely expensive,also yes but this just means it makes a,really good gift for someone who you,know would never buy it on their own or,for yourself if this is a part of your,day that you really really enjoy,all right thats enough about the mug,what about this thing,this product i have a slightly different,opinion of starting off again with the,build quality this just feels like any,ordinary travel mug or in the case of,the lid maybe even slightly cheaper,which isnt a good thing when you,realize that these cost 50 percent more,than even the regular ember mug,but maybe this could have been forgiven,if the performance itself was,mind-blowingly life-changingly amazing,but it wasnt,the problem is that this feels like an,average travel mug but without the help,of the heater it actually performs much,worse than an average travel mug this is,my favorite thermos i have two of them,they are awesome and they were actually,one of the first videos i ever posted on,this channel,oh and they cost about a fifth of what,the ember travel mug costs heres how,good it is at holding heat,heres a regular cup again for reference,and heres the ember travel mug,after only an hour and a half the ember,is at a lukewarm 41 degrees only 10,degrees better than just a cup sitting,out in the open,the cheap travel mug still over 60,degrees,now i can see you screaming at your,screens right now but matt the ember has,a built-in heating element,and if youre planning on drinking your,drink within the three hour battery life,then you can ignore everything i just,said,however this just seems like an,extremely inefficient way to bring a hot,drink with you have a really poorly,insulated thermos and then rely on a,battery and heater to keep it up to,temperature,and what if you want another coffee in,the afternoon once the battery is dead,this is a travel mug are they really,expecting you to sit by an outlet for,two hours just to have a second hot,drink in the afternoon,and what if you want to keep something,cold this doesnt have a built-in,cooling device i guess the moral of the,story is if you want to use this like an,actual travel mug then it really just,isnt the best option anything over,three hours or anything more than two or,three drinks and youd be better served,just buying an ordinary thermos if,youre just going to use it on the,charger at a desk or maybe your office,has a rule about open mugs then maybe i,can see a use case for this but it just,doesnt seem worth it,which is a shame can you imagine how,long the battery in this would last if,it was a properly insulated thermos it,could go for days not hours it would be,a complete powerhouse but in its current,form even with the fancy lights i just,cant possibly recommend you spend your,money on this,so after years of trying to ignore ember,products i can say that that has kind of,backfired on me because ive been,missing out on enjoying how the mug,improved and extends my daily coffee,routine i really like this product,the travel mug,sort of missed the mark big time however,if in the future they find a better way,to insulate this i can maybe see myself,shelling out money for a newer version,again ill have both of these products,linked down in the description below if,youve enjoyed this vid

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Are these $150 SMART MUGS Worth It?! – Ember Mug Review

[Music],if youve spent any amount of time on,the internet searching for the perfect,coffee mug then youve surely come,across an ember mug you may even have,seen these in apple stores at a whopping,100 for the six ounce version and up to,200 for the travel version are these,smart mugs worth the coin or is it yet,another needlessly smartified product,before we get started here are some,quick disclaimers now you might be,wondering didnt you just do some,sponsored content with them recently on,instagram to which ill say yes i did,but obviously this review video is not,going to be within the scope of that,content as always with my review videos,all thoughts and opinions are entirely,my own so while i have done some work,with them in the past and some of these,products were sent to me for free this,video is going to be my complete honest,and unbiased opinion actually these mugs,here were purchased by myself long,before ive worked with ember about two,years ago so with that being said take,that for what you will and lets move on,with the review okay so ember claims to,be the worlds first temperature,controlled mug and there are three main,types of products that emera produces at,the time of this video the first being,the mugs the second being the travel mug,and the third being this recently,introduced cappuccino-sized cup which is,basically the regular mug with a,handleless design and a smaller six,ounce capacity as with any review lets,first start with the build quality of,each of these products all of these,products are made from the same mostly,premium feeling metal build quality the,metallic versions the mug do feel the,same as the non-metallic versions but,does have like a more gloss-like finish,to it and obviously it has that metallic,look and feel as well the mugs do have a,noticeable heft to them due to the,electronic components being housed in,the bottom of the mug which is also,where the heating element is the power,buttons are also located on the bottom,with metal rings and the metal rings,that surround the button act as contact,points for the charging coasters also,the mugs do seem to be interchangeable,between the different coasters here i,have the older v1 coaster i have the,newer v2 coaster here and i have the,coaster that comes with the travel mug,which is a different design altogether,now again weirdly enough all the,products do seem to work with all the,chargers which makes me wonder why this,was done since from a manufacturing,perspective i assume its going to be a,little bit easier to stick to one design,that fits all maybe dont switch that in,the future the coasters are also color,matched to the mug that comes with it,which means for the travel mug you only,have black but you also have these,unique metallic and white options for,the regular mug the travel mug does also,have an extra unique feature that does,differentiate it from the other products,and that is the led matrix display and,touch functionality and it works really,really well with a single touch to the,ember logo turning it on and off to see,the temperatures a second touch allowing,you to then adjust the temperature and a,third touch lets you see the name of the,mug which can then be modified in the,app and a fourth touch that lets you see,the battery life the touches do have a,little audible click that almost gives,the sensation of something akin to,apples haptic feedback on their track,pads weirdly enough now one thing i,dont like about the travel mug is the,lid for a 200 mug this lid feels oddly,cheap being a simple piece of plastic,with a little push functionality because,of the materials and design choices used,all around these mugs the black products,here are a little bit fingerprinty the,white and metallic ones not so much,however after nearly two years of use,there is noticeable discoloration inside,the white mug i managed to mostly get,clean with a soak and some kafiza tabs,but is still there,in terms of usability these mugs are on,the easier side of smart mugs and,devices to use,pairing is made simple with pressing the,button underneath the mug until it glows,blue putting it into pairing mode once,connected on the phone the app,automatically shows you what product is,connected down to the correct color,which is nice which does make it easy to,switch between different products if you,have multiple at home on the app it does,also immediately allow you to use the,temperature control feature the app,itself is very clean has a modern ui and,lets you control the temperature easily,in either fahrenheit or celsius and also,indicates whether or not theres any,liquid in each of the cups since owning,one of these mugs for two years now i,have had no issues with the software or,glitches to date and occasionally you do,have to run some kind of firmware update,which is interesting given ive never,really thought id need to update my mug,the mug works perfect for what it is a,mug and one thing to note is that the,advertised capacity does mean filling it,up until its nearly at the very most,top of the mug so realistically if you,have a talent mug like i do youd be,filling it more to like eight to nine,ounces just to get a little bit of,headroom and so you dont have any,spillage now moving on to the cup the,cappuccino size capacity is great and,ergonomically feels really nice to hold,and pour latte art into however there is,one thing to note with regards to,milk-based drinks in these mugs and its,that the additional heating does cause,you to lose your texture faster take a,look at this comparison between the flat,white support as close to the same time,as possible and set on the table in a,few minutes you can see the one over in,the ember mug losing its texture and,basically turning into a much more,water-like feel almost like a latte but,it does retain its temperature the other,cup maintains detect texture far better,but of course loses temperature faster,so it is going to be a little bit of a,give and take with regards to milk-based,drinks given that the mugs are designed,to maintain the perfect drinking,temperature it is interesting that with,a milk-based drink you would potentially,have to consume it a lot faster than you,would normally it does seem a little bit,counterintuitive given the point of,retaining heat would be to allow,consuming the drink for a longer period,of time or in this case at the very,least a more preferred temperature,now moving on to the travel mug as,mentioned earlier the touch,functionality here does work,surprisingly well compared to say,something like those sony or bose,headphones with touch functionality on,the ear cups ive just never found those,to work particularly well in my opinion,one thing i have noticed is that if you,are grabbing this mug out of a bag or a,darker environment you could be prone to,accidentally miss clicking the logo,although ive just grown accustomed to,grabbing the mug by the lower half to,avoid that accidentally hitting logo and,accidentally changing your temperatures,another thing to note about this one is,that it is designed for traveling i,brought a fully charged mug with me to a,flight from boston to florida and the,battery lasted about the duration of the,flight plus maybe half hour to an hour,or so prior within the airport in total,about three to maybe three and a half,hours i would assume that with the added,insulation the mug offers that it has a,prolonged battery life compared to the,alternative options and also because,its not losing heat through the exposed,top like the mugs here would another,thing to consider with this is that its,designed for travel which means you do,have to bring the charger and the,coaster with you if youre intending to,use it beyond your initial means of,transport or i guess longer than three,hours a day this can be a little bit,annoying and it would have been nice to,see maybe the option of a usb-c charging,port protected by a little rubber flap,or something either in the bottom or,undernea

Ember Smart Mug Review – 6 Months Later

when the weather turns cold outside, the leaves, they they start to fall. You feel,this crisp breeze brush across your flannel sweater. You know what time it is…,Its time for that warm hot cup of whatever it is you like to drink and you,know whats really disappointing? When that warm hot cup of whatever it is you,like to drink goes cold. Now surely somebody has figured out a way to keep a,hot drink hot, and no Im not talking about an insulated thermos, or an,insulated mug, Im talking about a freakin smart mug. Actually Im talking,about the Ember smart mug which is the thing that this review is about. Now the,Ember smart mug is a mug so smart that you can set a precise temperature,through the phone app and the mug will to keep your hot drink at that precise,temperature. Now in this review Im going to take you through all the main,features of the ember smart mug, how its held up over the past six months, and,whether or not I recommend that you should buy it. Lets dive in. Ive had my,Ember smart mug for over six months now and in that time I have to say its,become quite an enjoyable mug to use. The main features with this device all,happened within the smartphone app though if you dont have a smart phone,around and still want to use the mug you can it defaults to warming the beverage,to 135 degrees Fahrenheit or 57.2 degrees Celsius. When a phone isnt in,use, Ember has several temperature and liquid detection sensors embedded within,the mug so it knows when to turn itself on when it senses liquid has been poured,into the mug and to turn itself off when it knows theres nothing in the mug. Now,the battery will last you about an hour so but that depends if youre pouring,something into the ember smart mug that is warm or if youre pouring something,into it that is cold. If its cold thats going to shorten the battery life,because the heaters within the mug have to work harder to get that drink up to,the desired temperature that you set. Now if youre planning to sip on your warm,drink all afternoon, what Ember recommends,for those situations is just place the smart mug back in its saucer that will,charge the smart mug as well as allow it to continue to keep your drink at that,consistent temperature all day long. I found the mug to have a very simple,,modern aesthetic. The LED indicator is pretty useful as well itll show red,when it has a flat battery, itll flash orange when its charging, green when,its fully charged, itll blink blue when its in bluetooth pairing mode, itll,blink white when its warming / cooling your drink to the desired temperature,,and then itll turn solid white when your ideal temperature has been reached.,The app is pretty slick you can download it from both the iOS and Android app,stores and the app allows you to select preset temperatures that Ember,recommends for specific drinks and it also includes a tea timer as well as,recipes to try. Setting up the device is pretty simple after opening the app you,select which mug you have and then hold down the bottom button of the Ember mug,to start the pairing process. Once paired youll be asked to pick a color for the,LED located towards the bottom of the mug as a personalization touch and in,case you have multiple mugs around in your house youll be able to tell them,apart. Youll then be asked to log in to an existing account or create a new one,after that itll usually download the latest firmware to your ember smart mug,and then youre all set. So far the only issue Ive run into with my Ember smart,mug is that it will occasionally lose connection to my phone I wish the,Bluetooth range on this smart mug was just a little bit better so I didnt,always have to have my phone right around the smart mug,now the smart mug is smart enough to know that if it loses connection with my,phone it will keep warming whatever drink I have in it to the last set,temperature that I had in the smartphone app. So what are some downsides to owning,this mug? There are two then Ive run into with owning my amber smart mug the,first being the mug itself its a 10 ounce mug and for me thats just not,large enough for most of the lattes I make. Now thankfully,Ember sells a 14-ounce version, though its a little bit pricey. The second,downside is you have to be careful when hand-washing the mug not to get the,bottom wet, you dont want water near the baseplate. The other potential downside,is the battery life of the Ember smart mug. Its only rated for about 500 charge,cycles so depending on how much you use it, you may be looking at having to,replace it only after a couple of years and I havent found any information,about whether or not the battery in the Ember smart mug is replaceable. Alright,,now on to recommendations. So far Ive really enjoyed using my amber smart mug,over the past six months. As someone who enjoys sipping on lattes and hot,chocolate and having their drinks be consistently warm its perfect,but that perfection comes at a cost. Ember mugs start at around 80 dollars and,$130 for the larger size. They also carry a mug perfect for,keeping hot drinks for up to three hours so if youre going to a game out in the,cold thatll be the device that keeps your drink warm the longest. While pricey,,if youre willing to pay to keep your drinks warm, I dont think youre going,to be disappointed. You can get the Ember smart mug at various retailers including,Amazon and Ill leave links below in the video description in case youre,interested in purchasing one. If you liked this video, make sure to hit that,thumbs up button below, we really appreciate it,,and subscribe to the channel if youd like to see more product review videos,like this one. For 6 Months Later, Im Josh Teder, thanks for watching.

Review: Ember Mug 2 – temperature controlled mug (14oz)

cold coffee is the worst I generally top,up my coffee constantly to give it a,warm up but it turns out technology can,make life easier the Ember mug 2 is a,rechargeable coffee mug that promises to,keep your beverage at what it calls the,perfect drinking temperature for hours,Im Erin from techgadgetscanada.com and,since its cold out there right now at,least here in Canada where I am I,decided its high time to review this,gadget and see if it delivers on what it,promises Ill show you how the mug Works,what it does and what it does not do and,then Ill let you know if I can,recommend it for you,an early heads up if you end up liking,this video and finding it helpful to,please hit that like button and consider,becoming a subscriber both those things,help me keep making more videos that I,hope everyone out there can watch enjoy,and learn from,in the Box you get your Ember mug 2 and,a coaster with an AC plug the mug has a,built-in power bank to hold temperature,or you can also use it with that coaster,to prolong your heating time the mug,feels both like metal end like plastic,its lightweight but it has that nice,ceramic mug feel thanks in part to a,ceramic coating I couldnt really tell,what its actually made of but my guess,is its aluminum I actually really like,that it looks and feels like a regular,at-home mug saved for that tiny LED,light under the subtle logo lets get to,using this baby first off dont think of,Ember as a heating mug instead its,actually built for cooling and holding,temperature before I did my research on,this product I initially thought it was,going to keep my coffee stove top hot,not so though the Ember mug is designed,to let your beverage cool to a drinkable,temperature that you choose then hold it,there potentially for hours the Ember,mug 2 uses 7 10 temperature sensors a,rapid cooling system a microprocessor,controlled heating system and,temperature presets though youre not,going to see any of that thats all on,the inside itll easily dial in your,perfect temperature for your drink now,what is that temperature well its up to,you you can have it cool your coffee or,tea to anywhere from 120 Fahrenheit to,145 Fahrenheit and thats 50 Celsius up,to about 62 and a half degrees Celsius,the mug also is available in two sizes,either 10 or 14 ounces setting the mug,up for the first time is really easy,just make sure its fully charged then,download the Ember app and follow the,instructions the app should see your mug,and prompt you to pair it all on its own,as mine did then you can choose a color,for the LED light on the front of your,mug to personalize it and to potentially,help you tell it apart from your,partners Ember mug all right lets do,this pour your hot beverage into the mug,and mine seem to recognize that there,was Liquid in it right away in fact,Ember intelligently wakes up when hot,liquid is poured in and itll enter,sleep mode if its not in use which is,fantastic for battery saving I found,this worked seamlessly for me in my,testing the app will show you the,temperature of whats inside then you,can choose how much to let the Ember mug,lower the temperature or if the coffees,gone cold in the pot Ember can also,raise it to your preferred warmth too I,like my coffee pretty hot so I chose the,warmest temperature it would allow me to,have which is 145 Fahrenheit or 62 and a,half degrees Celsius the mug lets your,drink cool or warm to that temperature,and then itll hold it there either as,long as the rechargeable battery in the,mug itself has power or while its,connected to its AC powered coaster,alright so how long will the Ember mug 2,here keep your drinks hot the built-in,battery inside the mug will keep your,drink at temperature for about 90,minutes and I found that was accurate,through my testing,during my review I used the mug without,the coaster during my morning routine,where Id sit on the sofa drink my,coffee and peruse the news it was nice,not to need the coaster for this and the,Mugs battery lasted long enough until I,had to get up and get working anyway,after my morning coffee break I would,fill up another mug and take it into my,office where Id put the Ember mug on,its companion coaster if the mug is set,on the coaster while its plugged in,itll hold that temperature as long as,you want normally I never finish my,coffee when Im working because by the,time I get down to the bottom third of,the mug its already way too cooled but,with the coffee inside the Ember mug too,and it on the coaster it kept my drink,at the perfect temperature all morning,long,though I did use the highest setting,available to hold my coffee warm all day,which was 145 Fahrenheit or 62 and a,half degrees Celsius I found that was,just fine with me and I actually wasnt,wishing for my drink to be any hotter,since it is hard to say what everyones,personal preference might be for a hot,but drinkable temperature a good idea,for you to figure this out at home is to,let your favorite beverage cool off to,what you consider the appropriate,temperature then use a kitchen,thermometer to see what its at this way,youll know if the Embers stated,temperature range is going to work for,you naturally anytime youre using a,connected device thats also meant for,eating or drinking theres questions,about how to clean it the Ember mug 2 is,not safe for dishwasher or microwave and,it needs to be hand washed even so the,mug 2 is ipx7 rated and it is fully,submersible up to one meter if you want,to take it swimming,so who is the Ember mug 2 here for if,you like scalding hot coffee this mug is,not going to be for you as I noted the,idea behind this mug is that it lets,your drink cool and then holds it at,that drinkable temperature and the top,end or the top heat level is 145,Fahrenheit or 62.5 degrees Celsius now,that is not what I would call piping hot,its drinkable if youre the kind of,person who is forever burning their,tongue on scalding liquids though this,mug is going to be perfect for you since,you can control the heat no more,tentative sips or scalded lips,overall I loved using this mug and I,found it easy to set up and run and that,it operates precisely as it describes I,like the design and it feels like a real,at home ceramic mug not like a weighty,piece of tech plus it remembers my,preferred settings and it turns on and,off automatically so I dont need to,fuss with the app before Im fully awake,on the downside it does have to be hand,washed not a huge deal but it is,something to be aware of and the 90,minute battery life is a wee bit,disappointing for me Id love a little,more juice out of this mug Juice coffee,get it but at the same time 90 minutes,is all Ember promises for it for me 90,minutes was actually long enough to,chill out on the sofa and not need to go,running for the coaster and when I did,hit the home office I found that coaster,was great at keeping my coffee hot until,I was done with it in short this mug is,a great device it works exactly as it,promises and its made my morning coffee,routine more enjoyable,the Ember mug 2 sells for about 199,Canadian or 149 us and that is for the,14 ounce size the 10 ounce size sells,for 129 us or 169 Canadian and you can,get either option from Amazon,theres a travel version of this mug too,by the way which I tried out you can see,how that one differs right now

Ember Smart Mug 2 Review: Bougie Brilliance

[Music],so,[Music],this is the ember mug its a,self-heating smart mug that,chances are youre probably already,familiar with to some degree,ive seen these mugs advertised,everywhere from like starbucks to the,apple store to target and costco,they are everywhere although ive never,actually used one until recently and,thats thanks to my email i sent them an,email,asking to test one out for a video and,they sent me one,and this is it now the model i have is,uh part of their metallic collection,which was launched i believe last,october,and it features three different colors,you got copper gold and,stainless steel the copper edition it,stood out to me because im trying to go,for a copper look in my house and my,kitchen,so it matches things fairly well but you,do have a few options,the mug itself it consists of mostly a,unibody metal construction it looks like,the handle was added separately,and theres a change of materials,towards the bottom where the led light,and the charging coil,are located two of the most notable,things about this mug,are one it looks pretty it definitely,doesnt look bad in my opinion,and two it feels hefty like definitely,more than your average,mug since we have a battery and all of,the tech required to make,the liquid hot inside so the setup has,actually been really,easy in my experience you just open up,the app and you pair the mug,to control the temperature you may have,to press the power button once on the,bottom of the mug if it doesnt,connect and find your mug automatically,but after the initial setup the app has,worked well for me and for my usage,but the app is really where the magic,happens because without it,theres really no way to control the,temperature and fine-tune your settings,whats cool is when you do pour the,coffee though it does,detect the liquid and it will start,heating automatically,thats super nice but the app is where,you control the temperature which you,can set between 100 and 145 degrees,fahrenheit,you can also use celsius if that applies,to you you live outside the us,and just just throwing it out there no,sadly you cannot keep drinks cool with,this mug it only,acts as a little heater now i can say,that it really does work pretty darn,well,when i make myself a latte i tend to,drink it pretty fast enough where,i dont really need a self-heating smart,mug to keep it warm it just,stays warm naturally but thats not the,case for when i drink just straight up,coffee with a little bit of creamer,i tend to drink a quarter of a cup,quickly when im you know starting my,work day,signing on to my laptop but then i slow,way down,and it really does start to get cold so,this mug,has effectively eliminated my need to,microwave my cup of coffee,to reheat it and thats a really nice,thing to not have to do even if,a smart mug like this is an incredibly,bougie solution,to eliminating having to microwave your,coffee,you know what i mean with that said you,should know that the battery life,is not that great its only a little bit,more than an hour until it runs out and,your beverage will start to lose some,steam,quite literally an hour and a half is a,pretty long time for a piping hot cup of,coffee to get consumed so,you know from that standpoint battery,life is pretty good but,just know that its not like its going,to last all day or anything ridiculous,like that,what you could do though is if youre,like a really really slow coffee drinker,you could keep it on the charging cradle,or the charging coaster i believe they,call it,uh which charges the mug without you,having to insert any sort of cable,it just works with the two pins that,connect,on the bottom of the coaster and the mug,its pretty fantastic in all honesty so,if youre a slow drinker you might want,to keep the charging coaster on your,desk but,generally speaking i think the best,location will probably be in your,kitchen so you can just set it on the,charger,as soon as youre done cleaning it and,then itll be ready for you,fully charged the next day when you make,your cup of coffee in the morning,now cleaning it is actually pretty easy,i usually just rinse it out really well,and give it a sponge bath from time to,time you can completely submerge it,but it is not dishwasher safe so dont,even think about sticking it in there,and the corners or creases inside the,mug are pretty smooth,so its really not very difficult to get,in there and clean it with a sponge,pretty easily,but overall as a morning person the,amber mug definitely a win,its not perfect even more battery life,would be great and,a large 12 ounce or 14 ounce reservoir,for the liquids,would be nice too because the 10 ounce,size we have here is,a little bit on the small side they do,have a larger travel size mug and a,larger,standard ember mug that has like i think,its a 14 ounce reservoir,so there is an option for a bigger mug,but you dont have that option with this,metallic collection as far as i know,and then just generally speaking this,smart mug is also like,10 times as expensive as a non-smart,coffee mug coming in,at around 130 dollars and so yeah its a,definitely a bougie treat yourself type,of,solution for not having to microwave,your coffee,but it also is 20 21 i think it is a,year to treat yourself,after last year so if you are interested,you drink a lot of coffee and you dont,drink it fast enough,ill place a link in the description to,maybe pick up this,ember smart mug over on amazon add it to,your wish list,maybe just uh make an irresponsible,purchase buy,i dont know with that said if you have,any questions that i didnt address in,this review,let me know down below as always im,beau hd from slash dot tv hope you,enjoyed this video,thank you for watching and well see you,right back here in the next one,ah still piping hot peace

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