1. Embr Wave 2 Personal Thermostat Review: Does it ACTUALLY Work??
  2. Personal Thermostat: Embr Wave 2 Full Review (Is It Worth It?)
  3. Can the Embr Wave Device Help with Menopause Hot Flashes/ Hot Flushes? A Doctors Review
  4. Personal Thermostats? $300 Embr Wave vs $15 Wrist Wrap
  5. A Personal Thermostat? Embr Wave 2 (Unboxing and First Impressions)
  6. We Try A $300 Wearable Thermostat That Cools and Heats You | Inc. Tested

Embr Wave 2 Personal Thermostat Review: Does it ACTUALLY Work??

were all familiar with wearables and,fitness gadgets that can track your,activity and your health but a new type,of wearable you might come across,doesnt count steps or track sleep at,all no this wrist worn device isnt,about metrics its about temperature,im erin from,techgadgetscanada.com and the ember wave,2,is the newest version of the popular,curiosity known as the ember wave,this device promises to help regulate,your body temperature warming you up in,an over air conditioned office or,cooling you off when your transit ride,gets too hot but its also made to help,women combat things like night sweats,hot flashes and the symptoms of,menopause,the ember wave 2 is whats called a,personal thermostat but can it actually,deliver on adjusting your own personal,temperature environment i had a chance,to try out the ember wave 2 here for a,few weeks at home at work while,traveling and as part of my day-to-day,life ill tell you all about what you,can expect from it in this video an,early heads up if you end up liking this,video and finding it helpful to please,hit that like button and consider,becoming a subscriber both those things,help me keep making more videos that i,hope everyone out there gets to watch,enjoy and learn from so what is the,ember wave 2 i first reviewed the ember,wave back in 2019 and since then the,company has released its second version,of the product and as you can see its,been updated significantly,ember wave is essentially a personal,thermostat that claims it can make you,feel warmer or cooler depending on what,youre looking for you wear the wave too,on the inside of your wrist and youll,simply press a button on the side here,to deliver warmth or cool on demand as,you need it or you can choose from some,preset programs that will run for a set,period of time lets talk about how the,ember wave works ember says it works,with your body and your mind to,naturally change your perceived,temperature in just a matter of minutes,it precisely cools or warms the,temperature sensitive skin on your wrist,triggering a response by the rest of,your body and your mind to help you feel,about 5 degrees fahrenheit cooler or,warmer overall,now why the wrist well theres a higher,density of temperature sensitive nerve,endings on the inside of your wrist than,on your fingertips for example the wave,2 works essentially the same way as,putting an ice cube or a heat pack on,your wrist cooling or warming one,sensitive area and that has ripple,effects i guess you could say throughout,the rest of the body ember says the wave,2 senses your skin temperature and uses,precisely engineered algorithms to,maximize the effectiveness of its,thermal sensations,the original ember wave was big and,bulky and very square looking a lot like,an old school wrist computer the new,version has been made a lot smaller and,a lot more thoughtfully and truthfully a,lot more feminine its softer rounder,and prettier than before even so its,big though not much more so than an,apple watch for example the device does,also come with a lovely milanese loop,style band that makes it look chic,setting up your ember wave 2 device will,be really quick and easy just download,the ember wave 2 app and this is a new,app if you did have the previous one,youll sign up for or sign in to an,account,turn the wave 2 on and pair it to your,phone by following the super easy,instructions inside the app youll be,asked to input some personal data things,like your age sex height and weight so,that ember can better tailor the effects,of this device to your personal needs,and your body using the wave 2 is dead,easy theres just two buttons on the,side of the device push either one,quickly to turn it on one button has a,small bulge on it while the other,doesnt this isnt as intuitive as the,previous design and i kept forgetting,which button was for heat and which one,was for cool by the way the button with,the nib gives you cooling and the button,without the nib gives you the warming,fortunately a small red or blue led,light will confirm whether you are,heating or cooling the device is,supposed to instantly provide a warming,or cooling sensation on your wrist now,in my experience with the original ember,wave this sensation was quick noticeable,and powerful,i am happy to confirm the wave 2 is just,as effective and quick as its,predecessor giving that button a push,right here on the side will give you,instant warmth or cooling sensations on,your wrist and you can dial the level up,or down as you might need to,you can use your smartphone to control,how much heat or cool youre after once,the wave 2 is synced with your phone you,can simply load up the app and tap to,heat or cool and how high or low you,want to go the app will also display,your battery life remaining and it lets,you sync the device to keep track of,your patterns there are a few presets,available in the ember app which you can,use as programmed help fall asleep warm,or cool mode lasts about 30 minutes but,also uses longer gentler waves and lower,light levels on the button to help you,drift off theres also an all-night,warmer cool mode to help you stay asleep,and shake off any temperature,fluctuations you may usually experience,so the one question everyone has been,asking me about this device is does the,ember wave actually work im happy to,confirm that it does and i find it helps,me feel instantly warmer or cooler with,just the touch of the button on the,wrist here the warming and the cooling,sensations are completely legit as my,wrist warms under the device i swear i,feel warmer overall ditto for the,cooling its like having a cold compress,pressed on your wrist and the effect,does spread helping me feel cooler,overall,now i realize there may be a bit of a,psychological effect since the wave,isnt actually blowing hot or cool air,all over my body,but does that matter,the ember wave 2 has helped me,effectively deal with the ever,fluctuating temperatures of the season,and its definitely helping me relax at,home without needing a blanket or to,open a window or constantly adjusting,the thermostat the battery on the wave 2,seems quite long lasting i charged it,fully and used it intermittently for,about a week and it didnt need,recharging ember says the battery should,last you between 3 and 15 hours,depending on if youre leaning on the,warming or cooling and how much youre,using it and at what power level ive,posted a link to a chart at,techgadgetscanada.com that lays out,battery life expectations a bit more,clearly overall i really really like,this device and i think anyone who has,to cope with radically fluctuating,office temperatures hot flashes or,constantly feeling cold definitely needs,one of these on their wrist,the wave 2 legitimately makes me feel,warmer or cooler with noticeable warmth,or cooling effects on my wrist that do,flow through the rest of my body its,helped me adapt with freezing winter,temperatures and its going to be a,lifesaver during summer air conditioning,season now if i have any cons to share,about this device its that the actual,device itself though ember has honestly,done a lot of work to streamline it it,is still fairly large and can be a bit,awkward to wear,of course you can put on for a few,minutes while doing a treatment and then,take it off rather than wearing it,non-stop all the time,overall though i cant recommend ember,wave enough,its listed at 349 dollars u.s but ive,recently seen it drop to around 299 us,so if you want to read more about this,device or reference any of what ive,talked about here you can head over to,techgadgetscanada.com for a full,write-up there you can ask me any,questions you have about the ember wave,2 you can also post them here in,comments below,thank you so much for watching im erin,until the next time you can find me on,either twitter or instagram im at aaron,lyc you can also always catch me on,facebook at facebook.com tech gadgets,canada

Personal Thermostat: Embr Wave 2 Full Review (Is It Worth It?)

so you guys have been curious about my,experience with the ember wave 2,bracelet did i keep it is it worth the,money because its not a cheap product i,decided to actually do a little bit of a,test run i was testing it out for maybe,a little bit over a week maybe two weeks,specifically also wanted to try it out,in very specific situations first i,tried it working from home on a pretty,warm day in the living room took it to,starbucks to co-work with a friend and,she also got to try it then i wore it to,the gym to see how it works there and to,make it a little bit more fun i also let,my boyfriend try it you will know,whether i decided to keep the ember wave,2 or not the first experiment happened,on a pretty hot day while i was doing,what i normally do working from home on,the couch i tend to get pretty hot when,i work down here and i have to turn on,the ac to troll myself off but i decided,to try out the bracelet instead,unfortunately it worked for about 30,seconds and then it died i plugged the,bracelet in and waited for it to charge,i thought it was weird that it died so,quickly since i only tried it for the,first impressions video but oh well then,i got to work i often get really hot in,my face when i work i think maybe its,stress related or something and i,definitely felt the quilling sensation,on my wrist when i first turned it on,but each wave seemed to be softer even,though it was in the highest setting so,i didnt really feel much help in terms,of my stress warm face and then it was,over it looks like it i dont know if it,got turned off the light is no longer on,and when i click again it does turn on,again so i dont know maybe the 10,minute timer has already gone off i was,right it was the 10 minute timer,unfortunately i didnt feel much relief,during the session or the future,sessions i tried on my own which is sad,because this is actually the main reason,why i wanted to get the bracelet,okay moving on to experiment number two,so i sometimes like to co-work with my,friend lisa at a local starbucks which,tends to be pretty cool with their,hardcore ac which was perfect for me,trying the warming feature of the amber,wave 2. i felt the warming sensation,strongly right away and it was pretty,intense i kept it at a medium setting,and felt the warming work actually,fairly well as i chatted and worked each,wave got softer after the initial first,shock and eventually it was almost,unnoticeable my friend lisa wanted to,try it too and by the way you should,subscribe to our channel too pretty,fabulous design so as i took off the,bracelet i noticed that there was a,noticeable red mark i had after the,warming feature was on it almost looked,like a burn mark or something so thats,something to consider not sure if your,skin is supposed to do that or if its,just that im more sensitive or,something,oh yeah,oh yeah,yeah its like,i know the ambient side was a lot so,ill just in the array uh so lisa,thought it was cool but also that the,warming sensation was really strong in,the beginning and then it just tapered,off a lot she didnt really feel it,helping overall aside from the wrist but,they do say that you need to wear it for,at least a week to see a difference that,makes sense so because of the weird rash,i got after using it which actually,wasnt super visible on camera i was on,the fence about using the warming,feature i feel like it kind of helped in,terms of feeling but i dont know moving,on to experiment number three i didnt,have high hopes for this one actually,but i wanted to see how the ember wave 2,would work while i was at the gym im,gonna now test it out at the gym i,noticed that it actually has dyes im,going to sit in the car for a little bit,for it to charge up after waiting for,about 10 minutes the ember wave 2 was,charged to about 10,so i went in i didnt turn it on until i,started to actually feel like i was,working hard and maybe sweating a little,bit and i was doing leg day so that,definitely helped and by the way can i,just say how awkward i felt filming,myself working out it felt so weird,anyway i turned the bracelet on and,hoped it would do its magic,unfortunately after the 10 minute,session i did not feel a thing even,though it was on its highest setting and,like i said i didnt really expect,miracles but the fact that each wave,after the initial one was so soft i,didnt really end up feeling it making,any difference for me at all,and last it is time for my boyfriend,john carlo to try the bracelet so were,gonna have you try this let me confirm,okay it does work because it didnt work,the first time yeah it didnt it just,takes you to charge it it dies all the,time all right so,warming first warming,i dont feel anything,you dont feel anything i dont feel,anything,oh,okay i feel something now,how does it feel it went away,yeah its,im gonna make it at the max,do you feel it no i dont feel the,things,it comes in waves,[Music],its at the max setting i was afraid of,this setting i feel nothing just wait,oh,oh do you feel it now nothing what,[Music],um lets try the pulley okay,max cooling,oh,okay,i feel that,[Music],now i dont,thats why its called the wave,i dont feel anything,i know i wish that these waves would be,like longer feel anything,i think i feel something,[Music],oh oh oh and then its gone,so you saw what the experience looked,like i actually ended up returning my,ember wave 2. its not that i dont,think it works i think that maybe my,needs are just not,severe enough or maybe i dont i dont,really know i think it wasnt impactful,enough for me,to use it and pay 350 i just thought,that,i dont know maybe i just wasnt ready,for that i dont know if my opinion will,change in the future and if you maybe,experience hot flashes i think that,could probably work every body is,different so if youre not sure they do,have a pretty good return guarantee you,could you can try it out and see what,you think if you like this video make,sure that subscribe and click here to,see your next one

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Can the Embr Wave Device Help with Menopause Hot Flashes/ Hot Flushes? A Doctors Review

hi friends welcome to the digitized,health channel im dr monica moyes a,family medicine physician,also known as the gp in the uk,menopausal hot flashes or flushes,are described by some women as feeling,like a hot furnace,waking up drenched in sweat like being,under a sun bed,they can be incredibly debilitating and,up to three quarters of menopausal women,may experience hot flushes of some kind,by the time patients have come and see,me they have been suffering with these,symptoms for some time,theyve tried fans air conditioners,wearing loose fitting clothing,avoiding triggering factors such as,certain foods,but for those individuals none of these,have been particularly effective,i was on the lookout for digital,technology that could help patients,and the ember wave caught my attention,this is a device that changes your,perception of how hot,or cold your environment is lets review,this device,and see if theres any possible way it,can help with these at times really,distressing symptoms,[Music],i personally contacted ember to find out,about their product,and they very kindly sent me this free,device to review there is no sponsorship,or,payment and no expectations from amber,everything youre about to hear are my,independent views on the good and the,bad of this device,lets start with the unboxing so sit,back and relax,and once we watch the unboxing lets,discuss what doctors currently think,causes hot flushes in the menopause or,perimenopause,much is still not known as to the exact,mechanism but what we do know,is that menopause is characterized by,reduction in estrogen levels,due to ovarian function declining its,believed that as these levels fall,the central temperature control center,in the brain becomes affected resulting,in,small rises in core body temperature and,an exaggerated response by the body then,kicks in to remove the perceived heat,through sweating,and blood vessels in the skin enlarging,amongst other things,these result in feeling of at times,intense,internal heat it could be described in,some more complex terms than this but,this is perhaps the easiest way to,explain it the ember wave device im,told is not directly altering your core,body temperature,instead its stimulating temperature,detectors at your,wrist to send signals to the temperature,control center of the brain,to make it feel like you are cooler than,you were feeling before using the device,there is also setting to make you feel,warmer as well this is an interesting,concept akin to say holding a glass full,of ice or holding a hot pack in your,hand,heres a look at my experience of the,ember wave this is how you use the ember,wave device,so you put it on your wrist like a watch,and,as you do that youre trying to put the,bulky square part onto,the inside of your wrist so just like,this and then it has a really nifty,little app,and if we get it going we can set it to,say lets say minus,8 degrees and ive selected a various,pulse waveform of hot flash,which is what perhaps a menopausal,individual might want to use,and already i can start to feel its,getting cold on the wrist,um its a little bit of a shock actually,the first time you use it not that it,sends any electrical shocks at all,but it feels a bit surprising exactly,how cold it can get on your wrist,and i can feel it coming up in waves so,the blue means that its in,a cold mode and then theres also a warm,mode where itll warm you up,so this is going to take about 10,minutes or so,and well just wait and see in 10,minutes how im feeling so,stay tuned and ill get back to you in,10 minutes,all right guys so were coming up to uh,10 minutes now 9 minutes 51 so thats a,10 minute cycle where it,cools and phases it comes in waves where,it cools and gets,back to normal again then cools and gets,back to normal again and,the reason it does that is to adjust for,the fact that sometimes our temperature,receptors get used to the,cold and then we dont feel it as cold,as as we did a few minutes ago for,example,so it didnt really hurt in any way,quite a pleasant cooling effect in,phases and although im not freezing so,im not shivering away,its had a gentle in in cooling effect,where i feel colder overall,but as i say im not shivering im not,freezing and i have a feeling that,different people react differently to,this some might feel the effects more,than others,because we all vary in what we find,comfortable in the,ambient environment um but overall quite,quite impressed,if youve seen our channels videos,before you know im a big fan of,beautiful and well-designed apps that,interface with digital health tech,seamlessly the ember wave app is,beautiful,colorful easy to understand and the,device responds to changes in the app,seamlessly you have the choice of,setting temperature sensation settings,on the app the type of pulses of heat or,cold that you want,and for how long i loved using the app,if youre liking this video we would be,so so so grateful,if you could hug that subscribe button,and tap that like button,lets look at the clinical evidence,behind the device as this is where the,devices achilles heel lies when it,comes to menopausal hot flashes,management,the only published study i could find in,a peer review journal that is a journal,that screen studies submitted for,publication with independent reviewers,involved 49 college-aged individuals,the ember wave was used to apply the,cooling or heating effect on them,in hot and cold environments and then,their opinions were sought as to whether,this enhanced their whole body comfort,which it generally did this to me was a,very small study acting more of a proof,of concept,which hinted at some success but without,enough evidence to prove this beyond,doubt or to suggest it was better than,another similar item that could help you,feel cooler,importantly i found no clinical studies,looking at the devices effects in,menopausal women,this is where the problem lies in,medically advising this device should be,used for menopause,there isnt enough data to suggest to,doctors that it should enter into the,guidelines for treating menopausal hot,flushes at present,it would be like suggesting to a woman,with hot flashes that crunching on a,specific ice lolly,would help it makes logical sense but it,is,unlikely to be grounded in robust,medical evidence,embers seem to have acknowledged this,and i understand are now working with,johnson johnson,to investigate the clinical evidence,behind the devices uses,so well have to wait and see at close,to 300 us dollars it is a pricey device,and as sometimes say i cant,specifically advise it for menopausal,hot flushes,in the capacity of a doctor in part due,to the lack of clinical data,if i was to take off my medical hat and,talk to you only in the capacity of a,friend,for me and the people i tried it on it,was quite effective and making us feel,cool,so if youre number one looking for a,digital device to help create a,sensation of cold or warmth,and number two it isnt being used to,address an underlying medical,issue without first consulting with a,doctor for advice,then it is worth a go the device is,comfortable to wear,with an excellent app interface and it,seems to work for me and,my family members of course different,people may experience,different levels of relief when it comes,to menopausal hot flushes that are,impacting your quality of life the first,port of core,is still your doctor and they can,provide you with a specific,evidence-based plan for you thank you so,much for your time and watching and,listening to this video,if you enjoyed it check out our other,videos where we not only review health,and fitness products but also educate,about the human body along the way,oh and before you go hit that subscribe,button and press the bell for,notifications of our latest videos,and stay cool,you

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Personal Thermostats? $300 Embr Wave vs $15 Wrist Wrap

This is the Embr Wave.,It’s a high-tech personal thermostat that you wear on your wrist and it costs about,300 bucks.,$300 Embr Wave.,$300 gadget.,This is a cheap gel wrap that goes on your wrist and it cost me $15.,Is this expensive high-tech device worth the cost, or will a cheap alternative do?,Let’s find out in today’s comparison.,Let’s crack this thing open.,Oh how pretty, look at this.,Step 1 is done.,It’s almost a fingerprint pattern to it.,Plug this in and download the app.,I like this kinda cool green pulsating glow it emits when it’s charging.,Aesthetically it’s very pleasing just to watch it charge.,I didn’t even put it on yet.,This is by Inerzen.,Some instructions which I will read.,We have a gel wrap here.,It’s very gelly feeling.,This can be used hot or cold.,So obviously it fits in this sleeve right here.,15 bucks.,Maybe this will be a nice cheap alternative to this $300 job right here.,On the other hand, this has an app.,This one, low tech.,And this one says it takes you about a week to get used to.,This one doesn’t.,I’ve got my work cut out for me for at least another week before I come to a conclusion,which one’s better.,Now last night I did notice a few things about the two of these compared side by side.,Number one was on my computer.,The cheap gel wrist wrap I can pretty much rest on my laptop and not worry about.,I can type.,But the Embr Wave on the inside of my wrist, I feel like it’s kind of…,It’s kind of hitting, so I was kind of lifting my hand up in a very awkward position to type,like that.,So I’m not really sure it’s really good for having while you’re on your computer.,I guess you can wear it on the top of your wrist like a watch but they say to wear it,on the inside of your wrist, so this is not really where you’re supposed to be wearing,it, but it would be easier when you’re on your computer.,So I’m gonna leave it on the inside of my wrist and just continue to use it they way,the recommend.,Another thing I did realize last night is that you can wash your hands when you’re,wearing the Embr Wave, not as much with this one unless you don’t mind having this wet,part on your wrist the rest of the night.,Another thing is that this one only lasted about an hour before the gel pack was starting,to warm up.,This one, I’m still on the original charge.,I’m using it quite a bit and it’s giving me a lot more time than the gel wrap is as,far as frozen goes.,Let’s see how cold these things really get with this laser.,It says it’s cooling right now. Lets see.,It shows it 80 degrees.,80?,OK it feels cold right now.,Let me take it off real quick.,Hmm.,I don’t have the band on so I can quickly check the back of it.,I feel it.,It’s cold right now.,That’s weird.,Well I can’t figure that one out.,Let’s see this.,Does that say 13 degrees?,12 degrees!,Wow.,Let’s put it in the sleeve and see how it measures there.,With the sleeve on, it’s a brisk 24 degrees.,34.,It’s all over the place.,But cold.,That’s why when I put this on my wrist, it feels like my hand’s gonna fall off because,it’s that cold.,I’m gonna put this on my wrist and measure my wrist temperature.,It feels cold.,It’s not really… how strange.,What sorcery are they using that it doesn’t register on the thermometer?,Maybe someone in the comments can tell me what’s up with that.,Now I’m gonna check this wrist.,It’s been on for a little bit, and see what my wrist reading is on this.,72.,Much colder.,The nearby skin is 90, and you go down to the low 70s.,This is interesting.,I’m gonna have to read up and see if I can figure out why it’s actually not showing,up on the thermometer.,Let’s not forget that both of these can work as a heating element as well.,Now with the Embr Wave, it’s very simple.,You just push this button until you get all the heating you want, or you can fire up the,app and just do it that way.,It feels pretty warm already.,Ah, I’m getting a reading on this one.,Oh yeah.,I don’t know why I couldn’t get it on the cold.,You can see the warming wave has just ended.,Not nearly as convenient, this goes in the microwave for about 30 seconds.,You’ve gotta watch it because you don’t want it to explode.,They even say you’ve gotta watch to make sure it doesn’t start expanding, which is,kinda scary actually.,I feel like something’s going to explode in there.,It feels pretty warm.,I’m gonna call that good.,That was 20 seconds in the microwave here.,Well I do feel the heat.,Oh yeah it’s nice and warm.,That’s the direct gel wrap.,Let’s try when it’s inside the sleeve.,It’s all over the place.,The readings are all over the place.,Now as I’m wearing both of these, I feel a lot more warmth over here.,It’s more concentrated here but it’s a much general area.,This feels more therapeutic.,You’ve got a bum wrist or something like that.,This one is a lot lighter, but as far as the convenience goes in switching from cold to,hot, no comparison.,You either use your app or just push the button.,You can go from cold to hot immediately.,This one you can probably go from cold to hot in about oh a couple hours.,You’ve gotta stick it in the freezer.,On the other hand, this delivers a much wider, deeper sense of constant cold and hot but,only lasts and hour.,This one on one charge can last you a week, depending on how much you use it.,Completely different products.,I thought maybe I was going to be able to get a good comparison in, but they’re really,completely different.,It feels colder than 85 degrees.,I don’t know.,I don’t know how it works.,It feels cold but it’s not showing up as cold on here.,Sorcery I tell you.,Ahh.,Just strolling out here in a nearby park and I’ve got my Embr Wave and my wrist wrap on.,I would say right now the wrist wrap is significantly colder than the Embr Wave but again this one,only lasts me about an hour and this one will last me for about a week.,I don’t think that either one of these really gives the kind of relief from heat or cold,that the advertising for them indicate.,My wrists are cold.,That’s about it.,It’s a mild 96 degrees out here right now, and that actually is mild for this time of,year in southern Nevada, but it’s still warm and I don’t feel like my cold wrists are,really making me feel any colder.,So I bought this cheap wrist wrap thinking that I could get the same results as I could,from the Embr Wave, delivering heat and cold to my wrist.,Although they’re not really marketed that way, I just thought “Oh maybe I’ll give,it a shot.”,The wrist wrap does deliver intense heat and cold, so cold that it actually numbs my hand,sometimes.,Of course you can put it in the fridge instead of the freezer so it’s not as cold, but,then it won’t last as long either.,For heat, it’s not a problem because you can just stick it in the microwave and warm,it up quickly.,For cold, you’ve gotta put it back in the fridge or the freezer and get it cold again.,So depending on what you’re looking for, is which one you would choose.,I think most people are not gonna spend 300 bucks on this.,Sorry, I don’t think they will.,I’d almost rather take my chances, maybe even get two of these and get a second insert,and swap ‘em out because 15 bucks, 300.,It’s really hard to justify that kind of expense for something like this.,But on the other hand, it totally works.,It’s a well-made product.,The app is good.,I have nothing to complain about, really except for the price.,Today is actually Day 15.,What I want to do right now is show you how the app works.,I don’t have this on yet, but I’m gonna turn it on with the app.,There’s a plus and a minus, that’s for warm or cool.,I’m gonna tap the cool button and get it started.,And my wrist is already getting cool.,As you can see, the temperature is dropping and it’s cooling off right now.,And this comes in waves, the Embr Wave.,That’s why it’s called the Embr Wave I think, because it comes in waves.,See how it got cool, now it’s not as cold and it says the next wave is coming up.,There’s a slider right here where you can actually adjust the temper

A Personal Thermostat? Embr Wave 2 (Unboxing and First Impressions)

so the other day i was scrolling through,instagram i saw an ad for something that,was basically like a smart watch sort of,that was promising the ability to cool,you off immediately or warm you up if,you needed to its called wave 2 from,ember labs and as you can see i bought,one i wanted to tell you a little bit,about what it looks like and do an,unboxing as well as first impressions i,tend to get overheated pretty easily and,ive actually purchased a lot of,products to help me with like staying,cool so ive tried a lot of different,things they havent really been working,i did even try this like thing that you,put on your back its kind of similar to,this watch its supposed to like do,something to your back but all it did is,just make me really cold in that one,area and didnt really cool me off so,anyway when i saw this it is not cheap,its not a cheap product but i was like,what the heck let me try it out see how,it is and let you know about it as well,so the package arrives in just this,regular yellow envelope so,um you can see the white box looks,pretty nice i actually struggled getting,it open though but,finally did it finally made it work you,can see it looks pretty nice for a watch,you know although it technically isnt a,watch so i dont know what i should,really be calling it but inside the box,you can see that we have,the cables for charging,um,we also have a little instruction manual,ill show you that in just a bit and,that pink round thing that is,meant for charging ill show you that in,just a moment as well but taking off,the watch,thing whatever device uh looks nice,magnetic strip very magnetic as you can,see,and,i kind of like it it has this little,foil,obviously im gonna give that to loki,because how can i not he loves that,stuff,and i dont know i think it looks pretty,nice and i definitely love the rose gold,color in the back you can see that white,square is what actually cools you and,warms you up so originally i thought im,gonna okay im gonna wear it like a,regular watch you know like on the top,of my wrist um yeah thats not actually,how youre supposed to do it which is,something i learned in this little,instruction guide so read that youre,supposed to charge it up first which is,what you can see here and,it connects pretty easily with the,watch thing,right there,um but anyway youre actually supposed,to put it inside of your wrist on the,inside of your wrist with the buttons,facing towards your elbow,its less obnoxious because if i had,this massive thing in the front thats,not even a watch it just kind of feels i,dont know it looks weird but this way,its a little bit easier to hide i guess,its a little bit more discreet i,havent tried this,yet so im gonna try it out and im a,little bit nervous i have no idea what,to expect so people say its good for,like hot flashes obviously i dont have,hot flashes,not that old uh yet,press the dotted button twice okay its,getting its getting cold yeah,it like got cold and now its,not as cold,i felt it immediately and i i dont know,i dont know if i feel it okay the color,is the light is on its blue light okay,im feeling it again so it says that you,can,control how cold it is and you can do it,on here as well but it says that if i,press,the the dotted button once it will,increase the cooling if i press the,blank button it will make it a little,bit warmer so i dont feel it that much,so i pressed it once it went up to 3.5,i feel it for sure right now its pretty,cold,im gonna press it again,its at number four,definitely feeling it,but again i still feel pretty i feel,pretty warm right now its like fairly,warm in my house right now,im gonna press it one more time,and then,one more time and its at max cooling at,number five,it is feeling pretty cold,i dont know if my body feels colder,its just my wrist,but it could be that i just have to get,used to it i dont know,[Music],i dont know i mean i my wrist is cold,my face feels,well this hand feels im like touching,myself this hand feels cold this hand,feels normal so this hand is a lot,colder but my i can feel that my like,typically i get really warm in my face,um,i dont really see it,i dont know if its working ill have,to do a full review later on anyway now,were gonna do the the warm one so im,gonna hold and press this button to have,it stop,okay it stops now were gonna try the,warming okay so,pl press the blank button twice,and im gonna do the,the warming sensation i feel that,oh that feels weird,it feels weird,oh my god thats like really warm,and its not even that warm its on,setting number two and i i definitely,feel it,it feels weird,its like,very warm its like im always almost,getting burnt by something but not quite,its weird i dont really want to feel,warm,im not honestly im not even going to,try the max setting i just i dont want,to do it,oh that feels so weird it just feels,its like its just like emanating the,warmth i dont know its feel its,feeling weird,my hand this hand is still colder than,this one though,i dont know im just gonna move on have,it stop im gonna press and hold to stop,it so anyway,thats how it is,so i dont know i might do a full review,im gonna try it im gonna wear it for,like two weeks and let you guys know is,it worth it is it not i dont know,thats just the first impression so far,the cooling i was not necessarily like,impressed the warming i definitely felt,i dont know if my whole body felt it,but maybe it has to be there for a lot,longer so if you want to see that review,make sure that you subscribe and click,here to see the next video

We Try A $300 Wearable Thermostat That Cools and Heats You | Inc. Tested

should see my nipples right there Im,Chris and Im Kevin and today we are,testing the ember wave wrist warmer and,cooler oh thats enough so what what is,this thing Kevin so there are some,people around the office that are what,this company calls thermally underserved,I think I qualify,I am always hot I am always cold yeah if,guy you have a faith heater under his,desk I will have still have it under my,desk yeah and Im the one whos always,sneakily lowering the thermostat after,were you that was me what this bracelet,does is you put it on you wear it like a,watch and then you set the temperature,and it will either cool or heat you it,isnt actually lower your body,temperature no your core body,temperature is staying the same uh-huh,its kind of a mental trick is there any,reason why they have it on the wrist,theres a little bit of science behind,this yeah kangaroos for example the way,they stay cool in that hot Australia,heat okay a lick there were three yeah,and then the wind cool fine food so we,should probably wear this thing around,the office I mean we could do that or we,could put this thing to the extreme in,test and find yourselves a walk-in,freezer were here with our friends in,Pilot works,its a co-working kitchen space in,Brooklyn thats right they support,independent food makers,give him all the resources they need to,make food and they have a walk-in fridge,its 38 degrees in there I am gonna,start with it Im starting without it,and were gonna stay in there for how,long five minutes five minutes okay so,Im gonna activate this thing lets go,in lets do this this is pretty warm oh,yeah yeah Im not very one okay were,pacing were just trying to keep keep,the blood flow here feel like Im,rocking yeah lockers gonna stand still,people cool literally just wanted to,show you look at these goosebumps oh,yeah oh yeah whos bumping so how are,you doing Im a little chilly I mean Im,a little chilly – but Im surviving,were at 22nd dont look old in here oh,I cant really thanks right here feel,like Im slowing down a little I like,the hair done by the one I like your,hair takes a very much ten seconds ten,seconds three two one man I like this,thing Im gonna say I like this a good,start yeah its like a literally a,little bit of a burning yeah like if you,touched like a pan that was still really,hot yeah its your turn brother okay,here we go,there goes all right go okay here we go,going it oh yeah so your your less cold,than you were yeah yeah I mean I could,be warmer but before I felt like I had,to run laps to stay warm and,I do the whole rocky montage my nipples,are pretty hard right yeah five minutes,get outta here man,I survived that you survived that yeah I,was not thinking about how cold I was,the time that I was wearing it when I,was wearing it I felt more comfortable,right wearing it I would say that helped,success yeah 100% success yeah I was not,expecting this to do anything short yeah,but it helped it did yeah so you know we,have to do now whats that,and thats detective this thing can keep,us cool yeah here comes the Sun so Kevin,how you feeling Im pretty hot right now,whats the temperature right now like 80,something 120 oh god okay I feel like,what flying up my armpits when I do this,I mean you got the every wave yeah very,unpleasant Im gonna smell real bad,today Id make you well thats it ready,to go and twenty one two three 19 20,all right started out okay okay I will,say its a little tricky to put on it is,you kind of need a friend or really,dexterous fingers Ill take that as a,compliment how you feel it definitely,makes me feel cooler and three two one,and were done,okay we can dis disrobe yeah thats,right yeah so were back back so with,the cooling when we were in 80 degree,heat yeah did you notice a difference,with it and then without it not really,what about you I think it definitely,didnt cool down my core body,temperature that was clear but the mind,trick worked well I will say so I used,it around the office yesterday you did I,did and I felt like that worked,thats what its made for well I like,the extreme oh yeah youre mr. extreme,on mr. crack,combined three out of four thumbs up,thats it pretty good so how much is,this thing again thats the issue yeah,300 buckaroos would you buy this for a,$300 if the company ember wave was,having a half off sale so thats a no,Im fight for 150 okay so the answer is,no you would not buy it for 300 would,you buy this for 300 no absolutely if I,wouldnt you know you get it yeah yeah,if youre someone who is temperature,sensitive you know maybe youre too hot,or too cold all the time and you have,disposable income right you have $300,there then maybe this is the product for,you regardless I think we can now say,that this product has been inked tested,dude it really works,yeah,you


hello my friends Amy Esther here and I,have several chronic illnesses and I,have very severe heat intolerance,because of those illnesses and I have,been on the hunt everywhere to find,products and things that I can use to,help me cool down my body and Im,excited to share with you my review of,this thing on my wrist called the ember,wave that is supposed to help cool your,body just being on your wrist like that,so Im going to share with you the good,and the bad if I like it if its working,for me whenever wave reached out to me I,was a little skeptical but also super,hopeful that it would work for me,because I have such severe heat,intolerance and I know a lot of you guys,do too,so first of all if you guys arent in,here Im Amy Esther I have several,chronic illnesses including pots SIBO,endometriosis PCOS fibromyalgia chronic,fatigue syndrome Hashimotos disease,whoo lots of things going on Im also,pregnant I am 23 weeks pregnant and when,Im filming this is the beginning of May,which means the hot summer months are,coming my friends and I have the words,he intolerance plus Im pregnant right,now so this summer I have been dreading,because my baby is due in August which,means the biggest pregnancy months Im,having are going to be in the hottest,months and I already have such a severe,heat intolerance Ive talked about it a,lot if you havent followed me on,instagram head over there and follow me,there because I talked all about you,know the day to day and Ive talked a,lot about my heat intolerance and how,sick I get like I cannot go outside in,the summer for more than a few minutes,without getting severe symptoms I have a,hard time going to anything in the,summer I kind of become a little hermit,I have been on the hunt for anything and,everything that will help me stay cool,so this can help with both cold,intolerance and heat intolerance so it,can help you when you get too hot it can,also help me when you get too cold the,way it works is you just press this,little button here,and then you choose cold which I always,choose calm because I have a little bit,of cold intolerance in the like the dead,of winter so I might use it then on the,heat setting but for me Im just always,using cold so then you go to cold and,you can actually link it to your phone,and get on their app and have it sync to,their app and go through and get custom,settings but when you get it it will,just work as soon as you get it it just,is on the default settings for me I,didnt love the default settings just so,you know so I would recommend getting on,the app but let me just tell you exactly,how it works so um the thermal waves,stimulate temperature sensitive nerve,endings found just beneath the surface,of your skin the thermal signal is,carried through the nervous system to,your brain,this influence is how you perceive the,temperature of your environment you can,fill the thermal waves as come and go,the nerve endings beneath your skin tell,your brain the temperature is changing,and your body and mind then have a,physiological response so you can feel,relief in minutes so basically it just,gets really cold right here on my wrist,and it signals to my brain that my body,is cooling down and my body actually has,a physical response and cools down,supposedly is how it works of course you,can go into the app you can set custom,settings the waves can go faster or,harder they can go longer you can set it,for a long period of time I think the,default setting was only like five,minutes which for me was not long enough,so when I went into that app I made it,30 minutes long I made the waves go,longer because I felt like the waves are,really short for me Im not quite long,enough to help me cool down and so I,definitely made them longer so lets go,through the good and the bad with this,product so lets start with the bad so,for me the default settings didnt work,well enough for me so when I first got,it I just used the default settings for,the first couple of days I didnt I,couldnt get the app to work for me and,well talk about that in a minute but I,couldnt get the app to work so I just,used the default settings for a minute,and it wasnt long enough like I said it,just it was only five minutes I needed,it to be longer the wave seems super,short but it worked when it worked if,that makes sense so when it was on and,it was really cold I really did feel,like I was cooling down but it wasnt,long enough for me so then as I got the,app and I had some stroeves getting the,app to work actually but its because my,phone is a little older and my husbands,phone works great so my phone I think,the Android that I have is just kind of,like outdated and old her and so it,wouldnt sink well it would sink but it,wouldnt update it like kept doing this,update thing for me and so I couldnt,get that to work I did talk to their,customer support and they were so,helpful so even though I had some,struggles with it I kind of feel like,its my fault because I have a really,old phone my husband keeps telling me I,need a new phone but it seems to work,fine for me except for these little,things when then you know the technology,gets a little outdated but if you have a,phone thats a little more updated than,mine then you shouldnt have any,problems and then one more negative,thing that I experienced with this um I,dont want to call it a watch but its,not a watch with this wrist Decor,cooling decor I dont know what to call,it but the one other negative thing is,that I had it get really hot sometimes,which obviously then the opposite effect,so it would be cold and Id be feeling,good and then also need to get really,hot and then Id fill up the opposite,and so I talked to their customer,support again their text tech support,people and they told me a few things so,first they said that if it gets if it,touches anything like if you have a,long-sleeve shirt on or like I would,just like put it on the couch or,something then it just gets hot its,like it like its like your phone how it,gets hot right if its like or your,laptop right if its not on a flat good,surface so keeping it away from like my,clothes on my side and and the couch,like touching things then it didnt get,so hot and then also the length of time,youre using it so I would just like,keep turning it on turning,turning on to cool myself down but you,kind of need to take breaks from it so,that is one negative things it does,start to overheat a little bit if you,use it for too long just like your phone,overheats if you use it too long well I,dont know my dads maybe I just Im,really old phone it doesnt look old it,looks fancy and nice but I guess I got,it when I graduated college which was,like four or five years ago so maybe,its all I dont know anyway it does,overheat when you use it for too much,time but Id feel like thats just kind,of part of being technology like all,technology kind of does that so it,doesnt bother me now that I know what,it is and why its doing that because,now I know okay I need to take it off,for it and take a little break from it,and then Ill put it back on if Im,still having pretty severe heat,intolerance yes so thats all the bad,that I experienced with it the good ice,at it really does work like I really do,feel like it cools me down and I have,done right now and like I can feel,myself feeling cooler now do I think,its a miracle-worker thats gonna let,me like go out in the Sun all day no but,for example we went to some family this,weekend and I keep my house very cool,because I get such bad heat intolerance,a lot of other people doing especially,these spring months they dont turn on,their air conditioning because they,think they can open the windows and it,cools the house down enough which is,fine for them but for me its a little,too more and we had had like some stoves,on and stuff and so it just got really,warm in there but it wearing this did,help me to cool down a little bit I,wouldnt say it like again its not like,a miracle-worker like it didnt like,make me

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