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TRYING OUT EMEALS FOR A WEEK *not sponsored* || HONEST REVIEW – How Does It Work & Is It Worth It??

[Music],so,hey guys and welcome back to my channel,today we are doing,another meal not meal subscription,service but,kind of sort of if yall have watched my,channel like pretty much any anytime in,the past,you all know i do a ton of like meal,service subscription,review videos i have a ton on my channel,so i will link a bunch of those down,below,i just love trying out all the different,meal services and just all the things,that just make your life way easier and,also,help you have delicious food in your,life all the time so today im gonna be,talking to you all about emails which is,a little different than anything else,that ive tried before,but kind of just as awesome and kind of,a completely different way,this video is not sponsored or anything,like that but emails is really cool and,like i said a lot different from the,other subscription services that ive,like talked about and probably that,youre used to,because it doesnt send you the actual,food in the mail but it is a,subscription,for recipes and like meal plans they,have so much different stuff on here i,actually have a screen record,from when i was like going through and,looking at the recipes and ordering all,the items i need and stuff because its,really really cool they have a ton of,different meal plans from like clean,eating to keto,to quick and healthy which quick and,healthy is definitely what i chose to go,with but theres also like family,options 30 minute options budget,friendly options and theres even like,kid-friendly meals,theres so many different kinds theres,diabetic gluten-free mediterranean vegan,vegetarian like theres so many,different,meal options and then every single week,they upload a new meal plan like a ton,of ton ton,ton of different options with your whole,grocery list all the instructions for,each recipe and all that kind of stuff,and it is so cool they even have like,breakfasts and lunches and desserts they,even have stuff for like if youre,hosting like parties like kind of larger,quantities and things like that it is so,cool and then once you go through and,pick out a couple recipes,it gives you the option to just add all,of the ingredients to a grocery list you,can make a grocery list right in the app,which is amazing but then it gets even,better because you can,automatically order all those groceries,through walmart instacart,wherever you get your groceries either,like ordered and picked up or delivered,you can do it right in the app it,literally like populates all the items,like i said ill show you on the screen,it literally finds all the items on the,website and you can just choose which,one you want add as much or as little of,the item as you need,its the coolest thing so i went through,the whole thing i picked out a bunch of,meals,i added all the groceries to my cart,through walmart and i did like a walmart,like curbside pickup which was really,really super easy and convenient as well,ive actually only done that i think,once before it was a while ago so,it was really cool to try that out again,literally it was so easy i picked out my,meals,all my groceries went into my grocery,list and then went to my cart and then i,picked them up,it was like too easy and there were so,many cool meal options i honestly like,couldnt narrow it down im gonna be,showing yall me just making some of,these recipes,trying it out i mainly really wanted to,show you how cool easy,so simple it is to just like pick out,these recipes and grab your groceries i,feel like it just saves,so much time from having to like plan,meals like think of meals come up with,stuff it literally gives you all the,ideas and then it makes it so easy for,you to just add the groceries and grab,them like it literally saves you,so much time from having to think and,then having to go shop around the,grocery store so,i just love anything that makes my life,easier and more convenient and i can,spend less time like thinking about meal,planning and grocery shopping and do,like other things that i enjoy doing in,my life,i absolutely love that it was so much,easier to use than i even imagined,honestly and it was so quick so,i picked up all the groceries ill show,you a little picture here on the screen,i got a ton,of groceries and it was also affordable,its really really affordable getting,groceries at walmart and im gonna make,a couple different meals that i will,show you guys,so i think i showed yall this but if,not these are some of the meals,that i picked out that i thought sounded,really good theres this asian shrimp,bowl,which only takes 25 minutes looks super,super healthy oh and this,also gives you wine pairings i thought,this cajun chicken pasta sounded so good,again half an hour,ranch chicken enchiladas i mean i feel,like who can see that and not want that,and then these spinach and artichoke,stuffed potatoes,sound incredible as well and also these,are like,meatless patties i got the beyond,burgers i thought this sounded,incredible as well,im kind of torn i cant pick okay so,ive decided i really want to make the,tomato gravy,mozzarella burgers mainly because i,really want to,use these beyond burgers i dont know if,my husband,has ever had a beyond burger i think im,not gonna tell him that were using like,meatless like vegan vegetarian,plant-based patties,and see if you can notice just for fun,it just seems like such a different,recipe like to cook,burgers and marinara sauce but what i,really love about this whole concept,of just kind of picking out the recipes,and ordering the ingredients yourself,rather than you know having the,ingredients sent to you is that you can,totally customize it like for example,this suggests serving it over herbed,spaghetti squash,but i ended up getting these spaghetti,squash spirals these are the butternut,squash ones but if you dont like,veggie spirals or you want to have it,over regular pasta or if you want to,just have it like with some crusty bread,or rice you can totally customize any of,the ingredients,this recipe calls for fresh mozzarella,but i ended up just getting a whole bag,of shredded mozzarella just so i could,use it for this,and a couple other recipes so you can,customize everything and like only order,the ingredients that you like or that,you need,i love that obviously a lot of the meal,services that you cant really customize,it like that and kind of tweak,ingredients and stuff so i think thats,kind of a cool,option and im so excited this meal,looks so cool so here are my ingredients,i have,the beyond burgers and the spirals like,i showed you i have the mozzarella,cheese the mushrooms tomatoes spinach,and marinara sauce and actually the,recipe doesnt even call for spinach but,i wanted to,just add it in honestly just like make,it a little healthier and it should only,take,half an hour,[Music],,[Music],so,[Music],uh,[Music],all right it is all plated up we had,some leftover asparagus so i just threw,that on here too this is what we,consider,volumetric eating because this is a ton,of food but its all like obviously,super healthy so you can eat a ton of it,so im,so excited alrighty guys we are back for,another,emails recipe that we were doing tonight,that recipe from it wasnt last night it,was the night before last night,was so good i had it for leftovers for,lunch yesterday and it was amazing today,were doing,something um its actually still,vegetarian technically but i have some,ground turkey that i got out of the,freezer and im gonna use that,and kind of like add a little protein to,it i feel like it will make it a little,more filling and i always just you know,i like to add more protein where i can,so this is what were making theres,spinach and,artichoke stuffed potatoes and then with,it im making,like a spinach and pear salad,with like dried cranberries i got all,these ingredients when i did that big,grocery order but then like i said i had,the turkey and i had the dressing and,stuff im going to use so again thats,whats kind of cool about these recipes,is you can kind

Emeals Review 2021 – How to Use Emeals for Meal Planning

hi its sarah from super savvy sarah and,im here to show you how easy it is to,use emails,so ive been using email since september,of 2020 and its no exaggeration when i,say its revolutionized meal planning at,our house,so before using emails on average i was,spending between one to two hours a week,planning meals finding recipes writing a,grocery list and then shopping them on,the walmart app after switching the,emails the entire process takes me 15,minutes so i just want to show you how,easy this process is,so what you see over on the side of your,screen is basically what is on my phone,so as i am clicking over here youre,gonna see whats going on,over there,so as i open the app the first thing i,see is that it says kid friendly and,thats because im on a kid-friendly,meal plan thats my preferred meal plan,so they just make it easier for me to,access that one since thats the one i,prefer to see first so when i go to plan,my meals i simply click on the kid,friendly meal plan and it shows me the,seven new recipes that are available for,that week so as you see we have a quick,chicken alfredo recipe my kids dont eat,alfredo so thats kind of a bummer for,us but were gonna skip that one,the next one we have a meatball marinara,pizza which sounds like right up our,alley theres a simple greek chicken and,im gonna skip that one,theres a barbecue chicken spaghetti,casserole which looks great but my kids,are not big into condiments so thats,not really good for us,theres a turkey french dip so we can,handle that,theres crispy puffy tacos which look,great and down here we have ranch pork,chops with potatoes and green beans so,im going to add that to the list so,whatever you see on the plate is exactly,the meal youre going to plant so it,comes with this youre going to plant,all the sides like the potatoes and the,green beans here,as part of your uh well shop the,groceries and then use it in your meal,so as you see at the bottom of our app,it says the shopping list has four so,thats the four meals that we have,picked for the week but lets say i,really want to choose five usually i,choose between four to five and quite,honestly it lasts us about a week and a,half with leftovers so my other choices,are since i only picked four of the,seven meals off of this weeks,kid-friendly meal plan is that i can go,to last weeks ken friendly meal plan,and look through any of those recipes to,see if i want to add any of those,i can also,scroll down and as you say see it says,need more dinner ideas choose meals from,any of our meal plans here,so they have a variety of meal plans and,each of those meal plans has seven,different recipes so i can look through,all of these and choose any meal i want,to add to my menu,so for example if i click on the clean,eating youre going to see seven new,clean eating recipes that you can add to,your menu,but lets say you want to play it safe,just want something you know your kids,will eat so i go down to the favorites,where i have put a heart by any recipe,that our family loved and so these are,all the recipes weve tried and fallen,in love with that i know that my kids,are going to eat so for example lets,just add this 15 minute bacon wrapped,hamburger patty to our list,so now we have,five recipes on our meal plan so i dont,know how long it takes you to find,recipes in meal plan but i know it took,me longer than that so were done,planning our recipes so what were gonna,do now is were gonna as you see it says,current list so thats my list i just,made so were going to click on shopping,list and thatll show you all the items,for those five meals that you just chose,so usually i spend about a minute or two,running around my kitchen and seeing,what i have on stock in stock so as it,says we need a one pound package of,rolled out deli pizza dough so i have,one in the freezer so i am going to,delete that from my list,and then you can just go through this,entire thing usually down here at the,bottom are a lot of the things i already,have on hand ketchup honey fresh garlic,etc,so,lets suppose that we got all the way,through that and weve checked all the,ingredients that we already have in our,kitchen and removed them from our list,so now were going to go shopping so,were going to click the shop now button,at the bottom of this app mine is synced,to walmart because thats where i prefer,to shop but theres a variety of,retailers they partner with and you can,read about it in my emails review,so im going to click shop now,ive already logged in before so its,already its using my login information,that ive already used and its logging,me into my walmart grocery account,and here is where i think like the magic,really happens so as it says,at the top of the app in this gray box,it says we need an eight ounce package,of whole milk mozzarella cheese so down,below here you see all of the mozzarella,cheeses that walmart has to offer and,you get to pick the one you want,so,for example you just,down here,you just scroll until you find it so,here we have a grape down here we see,you see we have a great value shredded,whole milk low moisture mozzarella,cheese eight ounces so im going to add,it to my cart,and then im going to go to the next,item,so we need a one ounce envelope of ranch,dressing,so you just scroll here we go we got a,great value salad dressing and recipe,mix ranch one ounce so im going to add,it to my cart,so you just go through like this until,youre done with your groceries you,dont have to do any of the typing to,search for the items youre just going,to add them all in,so,this is where i think its super,convenient so as im shopping for this,lets say i close out of my app real,quick,and i log into my walmart app,sometimes this takes a second,so it pulls up the items that i was just,shopping for in emails,now the beauty of that is is if i need,other items then i can just continue,shopping on my walmart app for milk and,breakfast sandwiches and anything else i,might need so i just think its so,beautifully convenient that i just,planned five meals for the week it,wouldnt take me much longer to remove,the items and shop for them on the,walmart app and then i can finish,shopping for toothpaste and anything,else i need,by,just flipping over to the walmart app,now lets say youre ready to cook one,of those meals youre just going to log,back into your emails app,youre going to go down to the shopping,list button and youre going to click on,the meal recipes so heres where all,your meal recipes are i usually keep all,the ingredients in my fridge and so for,the week so theyre ready that nothing,needs thought out and i decide what our,family wants to eat for dinner so we can,kind of cater to whatever anybodys,feeling like that night so lets say,that we want to have meatball marinara,pizza so our recipe is right here no,having to go dig up a recipe or try to,find it where we found it on the,internet and forgot to save the site,and it even tells you at the bottom what,your side dishes are,its literally so easy to plan meals,so,i think thats all i wanted to show you,and so i just want to stress the big,takeaway for me here is that i am im,always looking for ways to increase my,productivity and and find ways that i,can spend more time relaxing or doing,things i choose to do for happiness,and if it takes you one to two weeks to,plan your meals and you can cut it down,to 15 minutes youre buying yourself an,hour and a half of time back into your,life every week,not to mention increasing the variety of,foods your kids are eating where youre,eating and just making it overall making,meal planning overall so much more easy,so i hope youve enjoyed this video if,you would like two weeks if youd like,to try emails free completely risk-free,for two weeks um ill have a link down,below here um its a risk-free trial you,literally have nothing to lose,you have so much to gain stay safe,[Music],you

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Emeals Honest Review

hi dreamers welcome back to my channel,its your girl pebbles here at disney,runner,if youre new here click that subscribe,button and give me a like,and if youre already a dreamer stay,tuned while ill discuss,this new meal planning service from,emails,okay so what is email email,is a meal planning subscription service,its not a meal subscription service,because its a little different because,what this does,is that they send you each week they,send you a list of,meals and you choose your meal,and the ingredients is formed into a,shopping list,for you so from that shopping list if,you,shop at walmart or if you use instacart,for me,for your groceries are shipped it will,send the shopping list to those services,you can log,in to your um like walmart account i use,walmart,and so i will log into my walmart,account the shopping list will be,uploaded to my walmart cart um,it will give go through each ingredient,so,for this for example this week i have 28,ingredients,and so it says okay you need tortilla,chips and so,i had to choose my tortilla chips that i,wanted to eat from the list and then it,added it to the cart and then,it did that for each ingredient so i had,to pick,each type of butter that i wanted each,type of milk that i wanted,but um the ingredients were already just,automatically put into the list and then,i basically had to,shop from the list of which type of,product,that i wanted to purchase and then once,that is done,it sends the list over to walmart,grocery pickup,and then i just go pick up my groceries,then once im home,when i decide which meal i want to cook,i just get out those ingredients,and then i follow the recipe and prepare,my meal,this i am finding is very convenient,um it is very different from hello fresh,because like i said its a meal planning,service not a meal subscription service,um everything is not getting shipped to,me it does still,involve uh grocery shopping um,it cost forty dollars a year,so this subscription service is only,forty dollars,for the entire year um,the difference is in the hellofresh is,the,hello first well send you portion sizes,um it sends you the seasoning its it,it sends you the products and produce,and everything how they,want to send it um whereas the meal,planning services is not,you know portioned out when you,sometimes youre,uh buying i noticed the produce is,more than what i need for my family of,four so i have leftovers,um that theyre probably gonna go bad,but,the price im spending on my groceries,is so this week it was 75,75 for four meals for a family of four,is what i spent,using um the email planning services,now this was only for dinner again so,they did not include any lunch or,breakfast,items that i had to purchase but just,for the dinner items,to be able to make the recipes was 75,i know some people want to know do you,have leftovers yes,i have leftover because im able to make,as much,or as little of the recipe that i want,because i have so much,product or food in order to start with,to create the meal,so and the meals are made for i chose,the family plan thats another thing,they do have family plans,they have um vegetarian plans they do,have different plans in,within the emails that you can choose,from,um i do find that a con,is theres not as many choices in the,meals that hellofresh had,so hello fresh i think it was like every,week i had at least,between 10 and 15 meals to choose from,this emails i think each week is only,like four,i want to say four or five is is not a,lot maybe five at the most,but they do provide you to pick from,the current week and the previous week,so i chose,like from i chose two meals from this,week and two meals from the previous,week to make up my four meals,so that wasnt an issue they also have,where you can if you dont see anything,you like from your options from the week,you can kind of browse and some other,categories,so um that thatll give you a few more,choices there,another con is it does still require,grocery shopping,whereas hello fresh everything just came,to you already pre-packaged,already proportioned out so it does,cause a little bit more work on that end,but,the meals when they say 30 minutes,it takes 30 minutes the the prep theres,no,whole lot of prep work involved like,there is with hello freshmen cutting up,vegetables and all this stuff,i havent found the meals to require any,of that um,its less expensive like i said forty,dollars for the year and then you just,purchase your groceries,um and then the ghost groceries are,lasting you,theyre going a long way versus when you,make a meal,with hello fresh thats all youre going,to eat and theres no leftovers,we do have leftovers with these meals,yesterday i made,a enchilada casserole and that was,huge it was a lot um and so with that,thats going to be leftovers for today,um then i have a shrimp salad,on um hawaiian subrose coming up and,that i bought like two bags of shrimp,and the ingredients are,like mayo celery and green onions i can,make a big bowl of that and let they,last a couple of days,so thats another plus with this service,um so i think this is a great,alternative,to the hellofresh and i can see myself,sticking with this for a while and,and i want to see how often the recipes,are going to be coming around,if theyre going to change but i think,this,is a great alternative to those who,cant afford hello fresh or dont like,all the cooking thats involved with,hello fresh,this is this is great and im really,enjoying it so far,and um ill do a follow-up video um,perhaps if you all,you all would like for me to uh tune,back in after ive been doing it for a,month to see if i,still enjoy emails so if youre,interested in emails you can download,the app they do have a,um apple and android app available um,its just emails app and then or you can,head over to emails.com,they do have a trial service where you,can try for 14 days and then after that,they bill you for the monthly,subscription,but like i said i did it for a year and,it was 40 dollars,so um which i dont think is a bad idea,at all but you can definitely try it out,and see if its for you so,thank you for watching and dont forget,to be stars,smile take a break and relax

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eMeals Review

تعال ، أهلا بك في بيتي. تدور هذه المراجعة حول eMeals ، وهذا ليس مقطع فيديو مدعومًا بأي,شكل من الأشكال أو الشكل الذي سيحدث لأنني كنت أستخدم eMeals لحوالي ستة,أشهر وربما سبعة ، وأحب ذلك حقًا ، فأنا أستمتع به وسأقوم بذلك اشرح فلسفاتي,حول هذا الموضوع من أين أتيت مع هذا وكل شيء ولكن لنبدأ في البداية لماذا,أتيت حول اثنين من eMeals جيدًا كانا بسيطين كنا نستخدم HelloFresh ولدي بعض المشكلات,، نعم لدي بعض المشكلات مع HelloFresh لأن HelloFresh لقد كان جيدًا حقًا في تقديم الطعام لي,، أه فقط الكمية المناسبة من الطعام عندما أتت الوجبات الإلكترونية هي واحدة من هذه الأشياء الرائعة التي أعتقد أنه,يجب علي توضيح ما هو eMeals هو تطبيق تخطيط الوجبات حيث يمكنك الذهاب لاختيار,الوجبات التي تريدها لإنشاء قائمة بقالة من ذلك ، انتقل إلى البقالة التي لديك,أو العناصر التي لديك في منزلك ولا تشتريها إذا كان لديك بالفعل ثم يمكنك,إرسالها إلى تطبيق مخصص لمتجرك أو يمكنك خذ قائمة البقالة إليك متجرك معك,حتى تتمكن من استلامه بنفسك أو يمكنك طلبه عبر الإنترنت من خلال متاجر مختلفة مثل kroger,أو walmart أو أي متجر يتماشى معه ، فأنا شخصيًا أذهب إلى متجر Walmart,لأنه أحد متاجرنا الوحيدة هنا ولكن دعنا نتحدث مزيد من المعلومات حول سبب توصلنا,إلى هذا عندما سئمت نوعًا ما من e مع uh مرحبًا طازجًا ببساطة لأن HelloFresh بالنسبة لي,كان يميل إلى التأخر في أن هذه مشكلة كان لديهم أيضًا ميل لإعطائي خضروات,لم أبدو رائعًا لم أكن سعيدًا بذلك ، لذلك علمت أنني كنت أقضي وقتًا عصيبًا,في محاولة معرفة ما سنكون عليه لأن أمي لم تكن مهتمة حقًا وأنا كما,تعلم أن هذا ليس حقًا مفيد لذلك كنت بحاجة إلى طريقة ما لمعرفة ما كنت سأحصل,عليه وقد صادفت eMeals لأنه كان بسعر معقول إلى حد ما الآن الشيء الوحيد الذي يجب,تذكره هو أن سعر eMeals لا يشمل طعامك ، إنه مخصص للتطبيق الذي يحتوي على الوصفات فقط,ثم قائمة البقالة يتم توصيله بأي طريقة تريد القيام بها كما قلت إنك إما تذهب,إلى المتجر باستخدام التطبيق على هاتفك أو أنك تستخدم نوعًا من الرصيف,أه التقط هذا النوع من الأشياء حتى تتمكن من التقاط البقالة,وانطلق من هناك ، ولكن هذه أيضًا مشكلته الخاصة ، حسنًا ، لذا دعنا ننتقل إلى الأساسيات مع هذا,، لذا فإن أول شيء تريد القيام به بمجرد الاشتراك في التطبيق,وتحديد نوع خطة الوجبة التي تريدها هل يمكننا التسجيل لأعتقد أنه في إطار,وجبات الأطفال الأربعة آه ، لماذا فعلت ذلك لأنني في ذلك الوقت اعتقدت أنها ستكون,فكرة جيدة ، لا يهم حقًا لأن لديك أيًا من الوصفات المتاحة لك,من أي من خطط الوجبات المختلفة لهذا الأسبوع ، لديهم جميع أنواع خطط الوجبات المختلفة,المتاحة لك ، وهي مدرجة أدناه في الوصف حتى تتمكن من رؤية ما هو متاح,وهذا رائع حقًا يمكنك الاختيار من بين الكثير والكثير من الوصفات التي أقوم بها أعتقد أن كل,خطة وجبات تأتي مع سبعة أنواع مختلفة وصفات كل أسبوع لذلك هناك الكثير للاختيار من بينها,وقد يكون ذلك مهمته الشاقة في محاولة تحديد ما تريد أن تأكله ولكن يمكن أن يكون هذا أيضًا أمرًا,رائعًا حقًا لم أفكر حتى في تناول ذلك وماذا أفعل أنت تقوم بعمل جيد,تجد وصفة تضيفها إلى قائمتك وفويلا ، بمجرد أن يكون لديك العديد من الوصفات التي,تريدها في قائمتك ، فأنت على استعداد للتسوق ولكن هذا هو الشيء المهم في هذا الأمر لتتذكر,أنك تقرر عدد الوصفات التي تريدها لهذا الأسبوع إذا كنت تريد ثلاث وصفات فقط لهذا الأسبوع ،,فأنت تفعل ثلاث وصفات فقط للأسبوع إذا كنت تريد سبع وصفات للأسبوع ، فأنت تفعل سبع وصفات,الآن نحن على خطة العشاء ، ولديهم خطة إفطار ولديهم خطة الغداء,هذه تكاليف منفصلة وتكلفتها تقريبًا نفس مبلغ خطة العشاء ولن,أذهب مع سعر هذا لأنني متأكد من أن الأسعار ستتغير طوال الوقت الذي نقوم فيه,بالإصدار السنوي أه من هذا وبالنسبة لي هو مجرد اشتراك في مجلة لأن ال الشيء الذي يجب,تذكره حول eMeals هو أن كل ما يفعلونه هو توفير الوصفات لك وتزويدك بهذا التطبيق,الذي يساعدك بعد ذلك على التسوق لشراء الطعام والتسوق لشراء الطعام هو الشيء المهم حقًا,لأنه بمجرد دخولك إلى التطبيق وأنت على استعداد للتواصل مع متجرك للتسوق من أجل,الطعام لأن لديك جميع الوصفات التي اخترتها ، فأنت جاهز للذهاب ، فأنت جاهز حقًا,لمعرفة أين تتفوق eMeals التي أعتقد أنها تتفوق ، لذلك أنا هنا في التطبيق أبحث بالنسبة للعناصر التي أريدها ،,وهذا أمر رائع حقًا ، يمكنني أن أقرر مدى جودة ما أريد أن تكون عليه هذه الأشياء,إذا كنت أريد أن أذهب مع قطع اللحم الأفضل أو الأفضل أياً كان هذا المكان الذي أكون فيه منذ أن بدأت أنا أستخدم,جزء Walmart uh من التطبيق ، ويمكننا بعد ذلك الانتقال وتحديد ما أشتريه ،,يمكنني الحصول على عضوي يمكنني الحصول على أي متجر متوفر لي أو كما قلت ، يمكنك نقل هذا,التطبيق إلى تخزينها معك ثم شرائها فقط ثم إزالتها من قائمتك الآن مما يجعلها,رائعة حقًا لأنني لا بعد التمسك بما يعتقدون أنه يجب أن أحصل عليه أو إذا كنت طباخًا مثلي,وأنت تعرف ما تحب عائلتك أن تتحسن ، دعنا نقول لهذا الأسبوع أنهم يحصلون على أه,لا أعرف دعنا نقول أه براعم بروكسل وأنت اعلم أن عائلتك لا تحب براعم بروكسل,جيدًا ، يمكنك استبدال شيء ما ببراعم بروكسل ، فكيف يكون ذلك جيدًا مع,الخدمات الأخرى التي لا يمكنك استبدالها بجانبك إذا كنت ستستبدل جانبك ، ثم,لديك هذا الجانب الذي تم شحنه إليك أنه ليس لديك أي فكرة عما يجب أن تفعله,بهذا ، يمكنك المضي قدمًا والقيام بذلك من البداية وأعتقد أن هذا يجعل هذا,أفضل بكثير ، فأنا أعلم أنهم يقولون في التطبيق أن هذا مخصص لـ بداية الطهي,، سأقول نعم ولا ، يمكنك اتباع الوصفات بشكل كامل وكامل كما أجد شخصيًا,أن الوصفات تحتاج إلى أن تكون أكثر توابلًا قليلاً لأنني أميل إلى إضافة المزيد من التوابل,لدي ميل إلى أضف أحيانًا ذوقي الخاص إلى الوصفات ولكنه أمر رائع قاعدة الطعام هي,بداية جيدة ، فهي تعطيني وصفات ربما لم أفكر بها على الإطلاق ، ومن السهل جدًا القيام,بها وهذا ما أحبه حقًا في هذا الأمر لأنه مجرد وصفة بينما مع أشياء,أخرى مثل خدمات الطعام الأخرى مثل هذه الأنواع من أشياء التخطيط للوجبات حيث يقومون بتوصيل الوجبة إليك,، فإنهم يقدمون الوجبة إليك ، فلديك كل ما تحتاجه ، وفي بعض الأحيان تكون المشكلة هي أنهم,يستخدمون مزيج توابل ليس لديك ، وإذا كنت تريده أكثر حارة قليلاً ليس لديك ذلك,، يمكنك الاتصال بالإنترنت وأنا أعلم أنه يمكنك الاتصال بالإنترنت ومعرفة كيفية إنشاء,خلطات التوابل هذه ، ولكن هذه خطوة إضافية لن تكون ضرورية بالضرورة والشيء الآخر في,هذا الأمر هو أن eMeals لها اتجاه لاستخدام بعض العناصر المصنوعة بالفعل بدلاً من الاضطرار إلى عمل,صلصة البيتزا الخاصة بك ، يمكنك حينئذٍ كما يقولون استخدام صلصة البيتزا بحيث تجعلها رائعة حقًا,، إنها سريعة أيضًا ، لقد اكتشفت أنه بشكل عام مع eMeals يستغرق الأمر حوالي ساعة,كل شيء على ما يرام حتى ح عندما لا أركز كثيرًا على هذا الأمر لإعداد وجبة,، والشيء المتعلق بهذا الأمر هو أنه لا يتطلب الأمر 50000 وعاء مع أشياء أخرى لخدمة الطعام,يمكن استخدامها مثل تسعة وعشرة أواني لتناول وجبة واحدة فقط في حين أن eMeals تميل,إلى أن تكون قادرة على مزجها جميعًا في وعاء أو هذا النوع من الأشياء ، ضعها في الفرن,واخبزها ، ضعها في النطاق وطهيها بهذه الطريقة ، لكنها أسهل بكثير وأسرع بكثير,تنظيف ثم حقيقة أنه يمكنني بعد ذلك اختيار جانبي إذا شعرت أن أمي,اشتكت من خدمتنا الأخيرة أن لديهم الكثير من الجزر المحمص ، لقد سئمت من,تلك الفاصوليا الخضراء المحمصة التي سئمت منها لذلك يمكنني أن أرى أن لديهم الكثير من هذا,، لا أريد ذلك لهذا الأسبوع ، لذا أعرف إذا كنت أتناول جزرًا محمصًا يمكنني صنع البروكلي المحمص,يمكنني صنع المعكرونة والجبن بدلاً من ذلك لدي تلك القدرة التي أمتلكها هذه القدرة على التقديم,لدي القدرة على الذهاب إلى جزار أه المحلي والحصول على أي نوع من اللحوم أريد,أن يعجبني حقًا في هذا الأمر الآن ، أحد الأشياء التي لا أحبها في هذا الأمر,هو إهدار الطعام ، وهذا ليس خطأ eMeal ، هذا خطأي لأن ما يحدث هو إذا نظرت,إلى وصفة وأحد الوصفات التي يمكنني القيام بها تذكر أن الجزء العلوي من رأسي كان يجعلني,أصنع صلصة الشواء الخاصة بي لشيء يطلق عليه عصير التفاح ولكنه احتاج فقط إلى ربع,كوب من عصير التفاح وما يمكنني تقديمه في عالم عصير التفاح في تلك اللحظة كان مجرد نصف,جالون من عصير التفاح جيدًا ، يحدث هذا كثيرًا خاصةً عندما يكون لديك أشياء تشبه,ما تحتاجه ربع بصلة ، وليس لدينا أي شيء آخر ستفعله,بربع البصلة الآخر إذا لم تكن تخطط جيدًا مقدمًا أو لا تفكر في الأمر ، يمكنك,إهدار الكثير من الطعام ، ولكن على الجانب الآخر من هذا ، يمكنك تناول بقايا الطعام بينما,لم يكن لدى HelloFresh أساسًا بقايا طعام مع eMeals ، وعادة ما يكون لديك بقايا طعام في بعض الأحيان سيكون لديك,بالضبط المبلغ المناسب في بعض الأحيان سيكون لديك الكثير من الأشياء المتبقية يعتمد فقط على ما وجدت,ما تقوم به من هذا النوع من الأشياء ويمكنك أن تقرر أنه يمكنك أن تقرر ما,ستفعله مع بقايا طعامك ، وهذا أحد الأشياء التي أحبها حقًا حقًا في تلك الأشياء,. بمجرد أن قلت إنني أقوم بشاحنة صغيرة على الرصيف ، لذا سأذهب إلى,Walmart ، سيضعون البقالة في السيارة وسأحضرهم إلى المنزل وبعد ذلك أكون جاهزًا للطهي,والطبخ بسيط جدًا مثلك لقد رأيت أنه لا يوجد شيء مثل التعقيد المفرط,الآن ، هناك شيء واحد سأخبرك به هو أن وجباتك قد

Emeals One Week Grocery Haul | Family of Four Meal Planning | Walmart Pickup | Review

[Music],so my husband just went to the store to,go pick up our grocery pickup,and um i started using a while back i,started using the emails with the,walmart pickup combination thing so he,went to go pick,up our grocery pickup using e-meals in,combination with walmart,um so yeah im excited to show you all,of the groceries that we get,um and whats required for this weeks,meals we spent,probably a little bit more than i wanted,to but i think its just going to be a,learning curve at first,but um i mean i initially got it because,i am not the worlds best meal planner,and,all that i could cook all right um,and i can follow a recipe but when it,comes to planning the meals,and actually cooking im terrible so,what i was trying to do,is solve the problem of not,wanting to go to the grocery shopping,and plan planned meals and everything,um so i did eat the emails walmart thing,and so im hoping,that that will give me a little bit more,i guess,like assist me a little bit more and,getting our familys meals,taken care of every week um this week i,spent,about two i think it was about two,hundred dollars,and then i added a few things that were,not part of the the emails plan and i,think that,that came to be about 27. if im not,mistaken i can look at it again,and i think i spent roughly 200 on the,actual,meals um and if thats different ill,ill put it on here later somehow,um but so hes going to get those,groceries now,and i as soon as they get here i will do,a video,showing you what all i was able to get,for the 200,and that doesnt just include dinners,that is breakfasts lunches and dinners,so i think if you did the e-meals plan,that was only dinners,and then you just bought you know,cheaper non-meal type i mean not,non-meal but like,these are a little bit more like you,have to cook the meals like their,quiches and things like that but if you,got like more like,like cereals oatmeals you know just a,carton of eggs,and stuff like that to go for your,breakfast instead of having like,individual fancy things i think it would,be a lot cheaper so i think that might,be what i do what i might do in the,future is not have the meal plan,for all three of the days meals so,anyway that foods coming soon the,groceries are coming soon ill show you,that im also going to do,im going to do a video for each video,over each meal,and uh hopefully that will kind of give,you an idea of what you can get,or what emails kind of offers when um,when you do the uh like breakfast lunch,and dinner,plan im just doing it because i went,online to find this information,before i signed up for emails and i,couldnt really find what i,what i wanted to see so im creating,this video in hopes that it might help,other people decide,if they want to do an emails type thing,too and so,i hope that it can be helpful when the,groceries get here,i will be back on here to talk about,them a little bit okay,okay so the groceries officially got,here and i feel like,theyre i dont know if ive never laid,my groceries out to look at them before,but,i feel like theres a lot of groceries,here,so yeah let me flip around and show you,so this is what emails i mean theres a,few extra things but this is what,email emails has us get for one week,of breakfast lunch and dinner,um i have a feeling that were gonna be,making some meals that were gonna,freeze here,um but anyway here we go so,im gonna go ahead and tell you which,things are for recipes and which things,are,um stuff that i bought that was extra,um so all of the mac and cheese back,here the,five pack of craft as well as the three,pack of the annies shells,those are what i bought extra um all of,the diced tomatoes are for recipes that,were part of e-meals,the jambalaya mix same thing recipes,um beef broth recipes,blueberry muffin mix is part of a recipe,so weve got,black beans traditional refried beans,all of these are for recipes red,enchilada sauce beef broth,um these are two this would this is what,it does sometimes so like if theres a,recipe that calls for,like even if they were bold this is not,both beef broth but even if they were,both beef broth sometimes itll do like,the big one,plus the small one depending on how much,you need it seems to know that which is,cool,this one is two different ones vegetable,broth and beef broth those are,actually different um recipes so,then the chips are actually for,a recipe um,i actually ordered these ones,the mission tortilla rounds and then,they said they didnt have them so i,ordered the santitas,and then um they ended up giving me both,so thats how that worked out,then weve got frosted flakes frost,flakes was extra those are things i,ordered,um that was something i ordered lets,see weve got,the caesar dressing which is for a,recipe uh taco seasoning,mix was just for a recipe um two packs,of flour tortillas because theres two,different recipes that call for those,bell peppers this is actually this is,one i can remember its bell pepper,stuffed bell pepper soup that ones,gonna be really good im excited to try,that one,um so theres that and then theres,package of mushrooms,all of the produce aside from the frozen,stuff i bought is for,recipes so weve got bell peppers,mushrooms,asparagus green onions um,parsley broccoli uh,garlic roma tomatoes,um angel hair i bought extra because i,wanted uh,to have the stuff on hand for spaghetti,because we tend to just throw that,together sometimes if were just not,feeling,a lot of energy or throw some spaghetti,together um so ive got that thats,extra was not part of emails,mayo and dijon were both part of uh for,a recipe,waffles were part of emails for a recipe,they recommended different waffles i,actually its just for waffles breakfast,waffles,um and then they put like blueberries,and stuff on top of them,but i really like um,these these uh power the kodiak cakes,i like all the kodiaks cake stuff the,waffles theyve got um,oatmeal all kinds of stuff and i like,their pancake mix,this is a really good brand especially,for kids because it comes with,extra protein,so so theres that um,let me move this chair oh for produce,theres also a huge bag of onions i did,not mean to order this many onions,theres one two three four five six,onions in here its a good thing my,husband likes to cook with onions,because theres a,ton of them in there completely,unintentional,um so like i said weve also got frozen,vegetables i got these,two are not part of e-meals the peas and,carrots because,my one-year-old loves these particular,vegetables with basically every meal,this i bought separate also just to have,them,like to have frozen vegetables on hand,just in case we need some,throw vegetable with a dish real quick,um the romaine goes with a meal,blueberries it called for one of these,small clam shells,but i got the big one because my,one-year-old eats blueberries like,nobodys business,same thing with the raspberries my,seven-year-old loves raspberries and,well just sit,and eat an entire clamshell in one,sitting so i got two of those so,this was a little extra and this one was,extra because i bought more of these,okay and the strawberries i bought for,let me think,i think those are i just bought for us,for fruit um those are part of emails um,these two salads are part of two,different meals,and then um the cream cheese is part of,ae meals um these i bought extra,for us this i brought extra for us,because,the kiddos like those,these are um cheese or,oh it looks like they gave me the,chicken mozzarella ones but it doesnt,matter there it was its a cheese,tortellini dish but,were gonna have chicken in ours it,looks like so thats fine these are,frozen,um emails part of emails,um got bananas bananas are for us i did,not that was not part of emails,pineapple was us was not part of e-mails,butter was part of e-meals i mean i,needed butter anyway but,almonds was part of e-meals plant-based,ground beef is part of e-meals i thought,that was a cool recipe because it,doesnt have,meat in it um and then we we always buy,organic milk,beca

EMeals Review! | How this Meal Planning App Makes Meal Planning SO EASY! | Long Story Short

hi guys im megan hi wendy and were,here to talk about an app that is gonna,change your life this is not sponsored,not at all,[Music],first things first if you are here,because you like us you know where else,you should be you should be in our,shortys facebook group thats right,www.facebook.com forward slash groups,forward slash long story shorties its,right here so you dont have to remember,that its also linked down below wed,love to see you there come chat with us,a while back a friend of mine,on facebook let me know about a meal,planning app they were using and i,should tell you that ive used a lot of,meal planning services and none of them,have ever really been the magic bullet,for me okay,so i was a little skeptical but she was,singing the praises of emails,and they have a two-week free trial so i,jumped right in,and i,was sold,sold,um okay why is this why is this have the,magic,whatever for you for me there are two,things that set it totally apart from,other meal planning services the first,they are not trying to reinvent the,wheel for what they do for me is they,eliminate decision fatigue i know our,family is going to eat chicken once a,week i know,were going to eat pasta once im,laughing because decision fatigue is a,real thing right 100,this is why i pick out my clothes for,the week on sunday because then i like,batch all of that work in one thing so,im not spending every single morning,looking at my clothes thinking what to,wear okay i see the benefit of that,change all right,but,none of these recipes are like,mind-blowing revolutionary ideas and,were talking like,stuff that needs like 20 ingredients yes,the ingredients lists are not super long,they include a lot of staples i already,have in my pantry and they include tried,and true flavors that i know my family,is going to eat but its just kind of,like a different take on our,same rotations of food oh thats what,youre saying were gonna have chicken,every week were gonna have a pasta,every week but then like it gives it,like a little variation of yes there are,many different meal plan options to,choose from i mean if you are low carb,if you want a 30 minute meal if you want,a low calorie meal if you want a five,ingredient meal slow cooker meals there,are so many different options which i,love and you can just jump around for a,meal plan the meal plan so easily so,thats what because you know megan says,do this and i do it and then ive tried,it i actually really like it ive only,used it a couple of times but thats,what i liked about it was like i thought,i had to subscribe to like only one meal,plan which is like a keto or a low carb,or this but actually you can like pick,from recipes from all those they just,have it like,group like that so you can find what,youre looking for right wouldnt you,say that yeah and i usually do pick from,a few different i have kind of a few,favorites the family friendly ones the,budget friendly ones the five ingredient,meals i just kind of jump around based,on what im looking for to put together,a meal plan for the week right so and i,made a lot of meal plans its all good,oh we made this chicken one time im,like my daughter every i dont want to,eat chicken she like cant stand chicken,this chicken was the bomb and all the,chick which was super different for us,was like this lemon pepper salt which i,would have never purchased on my own it,was so good it was so good we had the,same experience with one recipe called,for a blackened seasoning that we used,on chicken and like blew my husbands,mind we use it on chicken all the time,now and whats funny is like he would,order blackened chicken in a restaurant,and we never made it at home and,literally it was one jar of pre-mixed,seasoning this is spicy,its my kids dont like it so if i make,chicken its a little spicy its not um,i can handle it and im not i cant,handle like crazy flies oh im gonna,have to try,black and chicken is not something i,typically go for but its something my,husband likes so i dont know it just,has so much flavor you know chicken,chicken it just has so much flavor and,we use it in everything the big thing,that makes this so amazing,is the integration with grocery pickup,and delivery services its like,you choose,the items the meals that you want to eat,it generates a shopping list for you can,then go through that list and swipe away,anything that you already know that you,have in your house so easy what youre,left with is your actual shopping list,and sure you could take that to the,store and shop from it thats how i shop,well and when youve been known to like,make her meal plan in the store and then,it has her shopping list and its,organized by department really easy to,find and it you know if you need a lemon,from three different recipes itll tell,you the total number of lemons that you,need for all of your recipes,but,you can then,click through to one of their partner,grocery ordering or delivery services,and it depends on your area code so,where i live we have options like,shipped amazon fresh walmart ralphs um,and,you just click through and itll take,you item by item so if i do walmart,itll open up in the walmart grocery app,and itll if the first option is chicken,breast itll give me all of their,chicken breast options and i pick the,one i want oh and itll give me if they,call for,a can of something itll open up all of,their cans of black beans and i choose,the brand i want typically how long does,it take say if you if say you are,ordering,five meals right and then opens in the,walmart app how long does it take you to,go through that and like choose the,brand that you want minutes really i,mean because i know what i want like im,just,swiping through for the brand that i,want and i click,and i order and its the same process,its then added to your grocery list you,can then go add whatever other groceries,that you need,it is so,nice so its the meal planning and its,the grocery shopping all in one which i,love its genius because i really dont,like to go to the grocery store either,because i usually go without a plan and,then im just like looking around like,what am i gonna make for dinner and i,have zero ideas when youre standing,there in the grocery store right yeah,and you know if youre trying to get,your budget under control meal planning,and grocery ordering really is a tool to,help you do that because it eliminates,the impulse dropping youre not walking,through and youre like calling someone,oh ill buy this no youre shopping with,a plan in mind okay so we can find,emails in the app store and what does it,cost for a subscription so you get 14,days free so if youre the kind of,person who wants to try the free trial,and then cut it off make sure to mark,your calendar but you have two options,if you do the 12 month subscription at,60 which breaks down to five dollars a,month if you do a three month,subscription it is ten dollars a month,hot tip,my one complaint about emails is that,you cannot cancel your subscription,online or via the app you have to call,them now dont do that actively just,like any subscription service that makes,you do that because obviously theyre,making it harder for you to cancel,however,field research tells me that if you call,them and try and cancel theyre going to,offer you,an incentive okay,so,if you like the service youre not,entirely sure you want to pay what,theyre asking you to pay i think its,worth giving them a call before you,cancel to see i mean tell them that,youre canceling but see what theyre,willing to offer you and i find thats,the case with a lot of these,subscription services my father-in-law,does that oh well like hell go hell,call like the cable company everyone,smile and be like,am i getting the best deal im gonna,cancel and then he gets a better deal i,do that all the time do you,i just yes because my cable bill goes up,twenty dollars a month i just dont have,it in me to do that oh i get enraged,when my cable bill comes like this isnt,an outrageous amo

Is it worth it? | My Emeals Review

[Music],hey everyone its Jasmine again with fit,fab Florida homeschool mom today Im,going to be talking about the blog post,that I just put up and the link is going,to be down in the description box and,basically I just kind of want to talk,about meal planning for our family if,you havent watched any of my videos we,are a family of five its myself my,husband and we have a six year old a,three year old and a ten month old try,to keep meals as healthy as I possibly,can just because not only am i trying to,lose weight but I just want our family,in general to be healthy but meal,planning for me tends to be a chore and,I have changed our meal planning a,million times to try to find what works,for us and what I was doing previously,is we were having like nightly themes,and that actually really helps us,because me planning breakfast lunch and,snack is always really easy its when we,get to dinner that I feel like just,takes me a long time to plan our dinners,we try to keep our meal budget to about,120 dollars a week and that does not,include any extra necessities that are,non-food items like soap and things like,that so what I was doing is I was having,nightly scenes where Mondays we would,have left over night news days was since,we have Taekwondo on Tuesdays and we get,out really late not really late but,around 7 oclock and I dont want to be,cooking dinner super late,we had crock-pot night and Wednesdays my,husband is home so we would grill,Thursdays we would have soup in salad or,soup and sandwich which I also made in,the crock-pot because we had Taekwondo,on Thursdays,Friday was flexible Friday where I could,choose kind of you know whatever meal I,to do that night and Saturday was always,Italian night and Sunday was Taco Sunday,so we were kind of following that plan,and it was really working for us but I,came across this thing on Facebook and,it was added and it was called email and,it was by Dave Ramsey who I had heard of,we were kind of following his plan for,financials and so some people might have,heard of him as well,so I clicked on the ad and I was reading,through it and it seemed really cool it,was basically like a meal planning,subscription service somewhat similar to,like blue apron meals except for that,the food wasnt delivered to you,we have tried blue apron before but it,was just way too expensive for our,family I mean we spend $120 a week on,food like I said and blue apron was,about a hundred and forty dollars a week,just for dinner and we only got four,dinners so as much as I really did love,it it just for our family was not going,to work long term so I found this new,service called emails and it is way,cheaper than whoo apron is $60 for a,year so it comes down to $5 a month,basically with this service it plans,your meal for you and you can put all,the ingredients easily into your,shopping cart without doing much effort,at all and then you can go to the store,and pick up the ingredients or you can,have it scheduled have a nursing babe,right here by the way or you can have it,scheduled for delivery which will be an,extra cost so I just kind of wanted to,go through some of the things that I,liked about emails and some of the,things that I didnt really like okay so,number one thing that I liked about,email was the price it was 59.99 for 12,months you could choose to do a three,month subscription instead of the 12,month subscription and that was $29.99,so I feel like for about five dollars a,month it was way more competitive,price-wise than similar services another,thing I really liked about it was the,fact that it really was time-saving it,took me maybe Id say ten minutes to,select the meals that I wanted to make,add it to my shopping cart since I use,Walmart online grocery for the new,pickup delivery that Walmart has I just,went ahead and used that shopping list,that was in the emails app and I added,all of those items over to my Walmart,grocery list I would say it probably cut,my time,it definitely cut my time in half and,probably more so than that as well so it,definitely saved me time and for the,price I thought it was really awesome,another thing that I really liked about,it was the plans that they offer so how,it works is basically you have these,plans that you can choose each week and,you can choose an unlimited number of,plans so for instance if you are,low-carb you can choose meals from the,low-carb section if you choose to do a,paleo diet you can choose from the paleo,section and they have things for,diabetics gluten-free vegetarian they,have Mediterranean diets they have,kid-friendly budget-friendly so they,have a ton of meal plans to choose from,which is awesome,they have quick and healthy meals under,30 Minute Meals and we chose to go with,low carb meal for the next two weeks oh,and I didnt tell you right now they are,doing a like a promotion where you get,14-day free trial you do have to input,your card information but you have 14,days to cancel at any time so thats,what we are doing now I have not paid,anything for it yet,but I love the fact that they have so,many meal plans to choose from I mean I,feel like they really have something for,everybody on there another thing that I,really liked about email is that it,makes it really,easy for delivery so what you can do is,say you choose all your meals you,quickly add all the ingredients to your,shopping cart with a couple clicks and,then if you want your meals delivered,itll transfer all of those items over,to instacart and then instacart will set,up delivery for you i just is the cart,before and I believe the groceries came,from Publix and it was about a $10,charge I really dont like using that,because I mean I just dont want to,spend the extra ten dollars or so and,Im not sure if its ten dollars every,time or if it goes by a percentage of,what you order but for us I dont have,any issues just adding it to my Walmart,grocery pickup cart and then just,driving a couple miles and then Walmart,will actually now put it in your car for,you I dont even have to go into the,store I dont even have to wear real,pants so I feel like its a win for,everybody I have been using Walmart,grocery pickup now for I say nine months,or so at least,and I love it I have not walked through,Walmart to go grocery shopping and so,long so it is a total GameChanger try it,if you have not tried it and another,thing that I really like about emails is,the fact that it allows us to try new,things that we normally wouldnt even,think of trying I was actually really,surprised at how knowing my family was,to try some of the meals my husband not,really the biggest chicken fan and there,were quite a few meals on the low-carb,plan that had chicken but he ate them,and he actually said he liked the meals,and another thing is is that you can,easily add mules that your family likes,to your favorites theres a little heart,icon in the emails app and you can add,them to your favorites if you want to,make them again and another time so yeah,I would say that those are probably my,top favorite things about email now,there were things that honestly I didnt,really like about email and one was the,fact that I didnt really care for the,fact that it was they didnt give you,the,Chintu pay monthly Im not really sure,if I want to continue with it and I feel,like having the option to pays $4.99 a,month versus the $60 all at once would,be a good option for some people as well,I have like I said I havent decided if,Im going to go ahead and spend the $60,on it right now only because I just,spent about $1,000 actually a little bit,over $1,000 for some dental work that I,had done and so I really dont want to,spend a lot of extra money right now so,I dont know if I am going to continue,with it or not well see,I know $60 really isnt a lot for the,year when you think about it in the,grand scheme of things but I feel like,if I have the option to pay $4.99 a,month where I can cancel at any time I,feel like I would be more inclined to,actually go throu

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