1. eminifx review make Whopping 9.1% passive weekly return -My first month No scam here! groundfloor
  3. EMINIFX REVIEW: Is eminifx.com Legit or a SCAM?
  4. EMINIFX / Scam or Legit?
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eminifx review make Whopping 9.1% passive weekly return -My first month No scam here! groundfloor

hello this is cameron with emini fx,going over,the program and the moneys they pay out,weekly,i try and do a weekly update on what,they pay every friday,little updates about the company,how many fx has been around since,september,of last year ive been with them for,about a month now,and im highly satisfied they pay out,very well,the weekly profit is about nine point,nine one percent for past few weeks,past returns are not guaranteed feature,results but theyve been pat doing this,for a while now,um,the ceo says will never go below 5 right,now were enjoying 9.91 return every,week,which is um,crazy returns if you compare to wall,street and other,investment vehicles this is an,outrageous return,um is it sustainable um well apparently,so,um,ive traded forks before and you cant,make that kind of money on a daily basis,if you do it right,um so it is possible um,ill go more into that later but in the,meantime,my volume now is uh my training balance,is 5300 so you get nine point nine one,percent of this balance here and they,paid every week,ive been here for a month now ive,almost made half my money back because,its blowing me away the money were,making here,i made this much this week,i tested out last week i did a video,tested out this year i was drew 800 last,week,just to make sure its working the,platform does what it says,and lo and behold i got my money in four,or five hours no problem no hitch i got,my fun so im happy with that,um google volume is 31 199,things going pretty good um now i was on,a conference call last night they have,zoom calls,every thursday and ill put information,in the description box to find out more,about how to attend the zoom calls but,that was my first one actually,and i was kind of floored at what uh,this guys doing um andre alexander,pretty dynamic guy gave a good speech he,actually does the calls,a lot of platforms you dont even see,the seals you dont see the owners,dont see anybody they are behind the,scenes but hes very transparent,so much so he has an office in new york,you can go visit him he says not a,problem he even mentioned during the,open house do an open house um this,month,in new york can combine with open house,and see the office and meet the people,there,um a few more notes from the meeting,last night as i said hes doing open,house in april,of the branching off into real estate uh,making money there short-term real,estate loans,um,then he said uh they might start an,exchange,crypto exchange thats good money in the,exchange if you dont know this good way,to make a steady source of income you,actually buy bitcoin from him,on his exchange,and thats coming down the road so,uh he also discussed hes hiring more,traders expanding,you can actually go to indeed which is,indeed is a hiring website and see his,uh,his ad there trying to hire more traders,so um again theyre very transparent,ive never seen a cover this transparent,anywhere um and he claims that he could,maintain this five and ten percent,and definitely,because um the way his methods where,they trade,and the way theyre doing it they can,maintain that that spread or that income,and im happy with that again theres no,guarantee but he says he can do it,uh also um,[Music],the main thing now is stocks options,commodities,their futures and indexes thats the,bread and butter,thats how theyre making their money,here,and then branching off to forex and,crypto soon,um,ill also,as i said earlier before you know they,started back in september but really,they were around before september as a,training club,and kind of stepped their game up and,opened up the platform to more people,and thats when the fx was formed in,september,theyve been around for a while,apparently they have uh some robot,training as well as well as traders,um,but again im totally satisfied with the,production,with the uh,response the company gives to its,members,i had a member actually call,over there they answered the phone and,they called back so its good support,um but again get on the next call next,thursday youll be very impressed with,the ceo and what theyre trying to,accomplish with this platform,uh thats about it for today uh if you,want more information call me my name is,cameron,at 202-213-2218,i will put a link so you can sign up for,the uh how many fx,doesnt cost anything they do charge 49,a month but you know thats fair enough,if you make it 9.91 every week,i can i will be happy to pay,49 a month for making this kind of,return on my monies,um,were in a building mode this is kind of,ground floor i mean compared to other,opportunities such as nova tech other,platforms,that are established this is new,um back in september although its new,is still back in september,so it is some track record some history,of paying out money so they have,best of both worlds you have the track,record of them paying on time since,september and a relatively new company,says this kind of ground floor,um,were in a building mode as well were,trying to bring people on and help them,get people,and we do a lot of social media we can,train you how to do social media such as,linkedin,facebook,uh tick tock,uh instagram,we can help you out there to improve,bring more people in but its its kind,of a no brainer,if you dont bring anybody in youre,still making 9.9 a week i mean thats in,and of itself is enough for me to get,join this organization to make this kind,of money passively again its just,passive income,um again ive been here for a month and,this is what ive made so far very happy,any questions again call me hit the like,button subscribe to my channel for the,updates to weekly updates and we can,help you,answer any questions you might have,ill put a zoom call information in the,description box,and thats it have a great day


whats going on everybody its your boy,gerald from bank of jail here with,another video update,today is thursday may the 12th 2022,and in this video we are here to break,some news we are here to talk about,something that has just,come across,our desk not too long ago earlier today,but it was definitely for immediate,release today may the 12 2022,we have received news,and the headline of this news is ceo of,cryptocurrency and forex trading,platform,charged with fraudulent scheme involving,over 59 million,dollars,and im sure you guys can already tell,by the,the title of the video were talking,about amini fx yes this is,not so good news at all apparently the,ceo was arrested this morning,um so,i dont know that theres going to be a,zoom call tonight,um before i get started really kind of,digging into what i see and im not,going to take too long because i want to,leave the the um,the article that i read in the,description of the video below so you,guys can read it on your own,but im gonna summarize all right before,i get started im not a financial,advisor this is not financial advice and,i am not your financial advisor just a,dude on youtube showing you guys how im,cranking out that crypto in many,different platforms nothing more and,nothing less if you like this content go,ahead and hit that subscribe button if,you havent already if you want to be,updated and notified about everything,going on here at blj make sure you hit,the notification bell as well,now guys let me go ahead and share my,screen and im gonna show you this uh,article that we have here,and it says,whoops,it says,ceo of cryptocurrency and forex trading,platform charged with fraudulent scheme,involving over 59 million um this came,from a complaint that was filed,um in the state of new york,from the southern district of new york,and it says,eddie alexandre who we all know is the,ceo of amini fx,the unsealing of a complaint in,manhattan federal court charging eddie,alexandre the leader of a,purported cryptocurrency and forex,trading platform called a mediafx with,commodities fraud and wire fraud,offenses,as alleged alexandria solicited more,than 59 million dollars in investments,from hundreds of individuals investors,after making false representations to,connect into the media effects trading,platform,alexandre was arrested this morning and,will be presented later today before,magistrate judge catherine h parker in,the u.s district court for the southern,district of new york,now um im not going to get into all the,details of this article i want to read i,want to just leave it for you guys to do,your own due diligence and ill leave it,for you guys to do so but it does say,that so from in or about september 2001,up to and including in or about may 2022,alexandria operated a mini fx,a purported investment platform that,alexandre funded,and for which he solicited more than 59,million dollars in investments from,hundreds and hundreds of individual,investors alexandre,marketed a mini fx as an investment,platform,through which investors would earn,passive income through automated,investments in cryptocurrency and,foreign exchange trading,weve all talked about how high risk,these platforms are in the space and,this was kind of a shocker to me um to,see this happen now we have been,experiencing some issues a lot of you,have mentioned that you didnt get,withdrawals last week some of you have,come out and said youve gotten the run,around from support different things,like that they were blocking some,accounts and we were working through all,those issues but this one is big this,ones tough because this one is coming,straight from the united states,attorneys office in the southern,district of new york,justice.gov like you cant you cant,really fake that kind of stuff,and,heres my personal opinion,of course if were following the rules,of the space we never invest anything in,any of these platforms that we are not,willing to lose completely youve heard,me say before i will say it again,however,me personal my own personal stance,and the website did come up so the,website is still working right my,personal stance,is that,i gotta wait and see whats gonna happen,if the website is still working,um my back office is still working i,already know,that uh,this platform has been running slow and,its probably going to be,extra slow today and tomorrow as we see,what were hoping to be is earnings from,this 9.97,week that were supposed to have and,some of you know that i up my annie,another 35k which brought what should,bring my trading balance to over a,hundred thousand dollars,so if a mediafx is,indeed going away,then thats a lot of capital that um,either we hope we dont lose completely,but it is what it is because i was,prepared to lose it completely um,now the website because its taking too,long im not going to wait a whole lot,of time for it to load right now,but i wanted to get this information out,there of course and im gonna be leaving,the link for you all to check it out,ive gotten this link from several,people already today,and yes it is not the greatest news in,the world,um but it gives us something to watch,here about a mini fx,if they can find their way to prove,themselves innocent from this,i dont,i dont know what else they could uh,throw at them,because this is the whole kitten,caboodle this is going after the ceo,in new york,arrested,i said e-rested is arrested but they,arrested this man,so,this is this is the space were in and,in new york theyre not playing,theyre not playing,so im gonna leave this link for,everyone to check out,if you have questions,you can leave them in the,comment section maybe somebody can,answer them for you i dont know too,much about whats going on other than,right now he has been arrested and that,this is the current status of what is,happening,um were still supposed to be seeing,some returns,but the website is extremely slow,there isnt really much information,other than this,but it definitely sucks to see his name,thats eddie alexandre,at least its his real name one thing i,didnt know is that he was 50 years old,i did not know he was 50. he dont look,no 50.,anyway,if hes if he is convicted it carries a,maximum sentence the uh the commodity,fraud carries a maximum sentence of 10,years in prison,um one count of wire fraud which carries,a maximum,sentence of 20 years in prison,um says the maximum potential sentences,are prescribed by congress and are,provided here for informational purpose,only as any sentences of defendant will,be determined by a judge mr williams,praised the investigative work of the,fbi and also thanked the commodities,futures trading commission for his,assistance this case is being handled by,the office of securities and commodities,fraud task force,assistant united states attorneys,nicholas foley and jared leno are in,charge of the investigation,right,as the introductory phrase signifies the,entirety of the text of the complaint,and the description of the complaint set,forth herein constitute only allegations,and every fact described should be,treated as an allegation,all right so i just want to make sure,that that is read as well,but we will be keeping eyes on this we,will keep tabs on this and um,as soon as we find out some more,information well let you guys know,and i dont know if theres going to be,a zoom call tonight if eddies in jail,so,if there is still a zoom call tonight,then well find out,if nobody signs on to the zoom then,well also find that out,um just before we go as im logging off,and saying put all your 2fas on all the,platforms and wallace that will allow,you,because crypto is the wild wild west and,if you aint strapped,youre bound to get hacked ask me how i,know its not very fun,if you like this content hit the,notification bell as well if you want to,be updated and notified about everything,going on here blj hit the notification,bell,this is the zoom call information for,tonight if theyre still having it this,is where it will be,so,tune in we

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EMINIFX REVIEW: Is eminifx.com Legit or a SCAM?

hello guys um its another edition,of victor isbo reviews,here on this youtube channel,i do unbiased,analysis,risk analysis,of make money online and offline,opportunities,risk analysis being the key word,because you dont get to see,the compensation plans the intricacies,of the compensation plans of platforms,on this channel,except of course,daring exists the risk,so what i do is not just reviews it is,risk analysis,pointing you in the direction of where,there exists potential risk,so that you can um,be mindful,and careful,and not,allow such things to happen to you,okay so um,if thats something that interests you,youre welcome to the channel i invite,you to subscribe turn on the bell,notification icon so that you will know,when i do another review,enter my returning subscribers and,viewers so lut its a pleasure having,you back on this youtube channel,disclaimer,i am not an investment advisor,i just have a knack for analyzing make,money online and offline opportunities,like this,so i will not be responsible for any,profits you make,neither would i be responsible for any,losses you incur,so dont take my word for it because i,am not a professional investment advisor,im,bound to make mistakes im just giving,my opinion,okay,um do your own due diligence and invest,only what you can afford to lose even if,i recommend the platform to you,and even if i dont recommend it to you,it doesnt mean you cant invest if,youre convinced that youre doing the,right thing,and now that weve gotten that,disclaimer out of the way today we are,reviewing e-mini fx,mfx.com,and we are right here on their website,it says stay efficient and profitable as,you build your wealth with investments,in the crypto and forex trading business,investment,being the key word,okay investment,uh when im doing my reviews i like to,stress some things,so that when im making references later,uh,it will be justified and you know ive,stressed it investments,investment means that you know you put,in an amount and you expect an amount in,return,as return on investment okay every,investment has some form of return on,investment okay,but with that being said we move ahead,now you have,the option to either log in or you sign,up and uh there is a video guide on the,website,on the picture of a beautiful lady and,they say what we offer,stay efficient and profitable as you,build your wealth with investments in,the crypto and forex trading business by,signing on with e-mini fx,our robo advisor assisted account allows,for automated trading,freeing up your time for other,activities,featuring ultra low commissions on each,financial transaction you complete,this platform lets you retain more of,your profits and the low pip spreads,ensure that you stay abreast of price,movements,now robo advice or assisted automated,trading means it is hands off you dont,have to have,so much knowledge of crypto and forex,trading for you to participate okay,you can build teams to expand your,network and earn profits when you,introduce others to this platform,this positions you to collect a portion,of the fees paid by every one of your,referrals this also tells you that,hearing lies an mlm structure pyramid,kind of thing where you earn commissions,when you refer people to this platform,to have a referral structure okay,um,we keep going and,but basically we have an understanding,okay of what uh,e-mini fx is all about you know say join,us an affiliate okay,now let us look at uh what their,affiliates um offers,real quick,uh typically in all my videos like you,know uh at the beginning we analyze the,websites,and at the end of the day i give you my,counter punch which is my verdict what i,think about the platform so make sure,you stick around till the end because,thats where youll find what you came,here for you didnt come here for me to,take you,uh through the website you could do that,yourself yeah okay so stick around and,you ill tell you my thoughts at the end,of the day,okay um,they said that when you promote,you can also build teams to expand your,network and earn profits when you,introduce others to this mini e-mini fx,platform,as you grow your business you will,collect a portion of f speed by everyone,down to nine levels deep,nine levels deep okay they have a,compensation plan which they said is all,that,um,make sure to get back to whoever told,you about,e-mini fx to tell you,about the compensation plan which is,nine levels deep like they said,okay,so first of all,um,i want to quickly do um,who is check of this website like um,it is shown here,so september the 20th,2021 they registered,uh this,website the registrant contact is in new,york,the united states of america,in new york,the united states of america,alexa site analysis of e-mini fx here,tells me,that,the highest,amount of traffic,coming into the website e-mini fx is,from the united states of america,second is uh from colombia,and the third is from vietnam,okay so the highest number of people who,visit this website are from the united,states of america,and of course,the registrant,of their website like we saw earlier on,the huiz website is also,based in the united states of america,okay,now lets go back to the website uh,while i give um a very brief counter,punch,the models of burandi of e-mini fx where,you have hands off trading,you earn passive income passive income,offering that is embedded in the,compensation plan,of emini fx,it qualifies,as securities offering,now very quickly let us talk about the,how we test,now the four-pronged how we test,tells us,what qualifies as,securities offering,or as investment,okay this is what the sec uses to,analyze,um companies and businesses and what,they offer to determine whether they,should come under the jurisdiction of,the securities and exchange commission,it says here and i read,it says accordingly,it says accordingly,how we,four prong tests to be used in,determining whether an investment,contract exists is one,an investment of money,two,in a common enterprise,three,with the expectation of profit,and four to be derived from the effort,of others in the case of e-mini fx money,is required,the common enterprise is the,robo-advisor or,uh the professional crypto forex trading,robot,three with the expectation of profit,everybody who invests,expects profit,to be derived from the effort of others,who are the others,the orders are the robo advisors the,professional crypto currency and forex,traders,okay,so by,the how we test analysis,you all agree with me that e-mini fx,offers investment contracts,so the problem is,they are not regulated by the securities,and exchange commission,theyre not,regulated by the securities and exchange,commission in the united states,so by virtue of the whole we test you,will uh agree with me that e-mini fx,offers,investment contracts,okay the implication of that is that,they should come under the regulations,of the securities and exchange,commissions in the united states,where their website was registered and,where they get the bulk of their traffic,but they are not,regulated by the securities and exchange,commissions,neither as an investment company or as,brokers,the sec does not recognize them the,second america does not recognize them,so the operations,of,e-mini effects,in the united states,is tantamount to securities fraud,and because of this,you would want to tread with caution,because every now and then you hear,about platforms being shut down by the,authorities,uh the securities and exchange,commissions,so you want to invest in a place where,you have peace of mind that all the,activities of the company,as regards,taking charge of your money is in,compliance,with the laws of the land,and the laws of the place where they are,domiciled,and that is the major gray area with,e-mini effects,if you have other great areas and you,have all the,very,um educated,arguments about this review of e-mini fx,leave it respectfully in the comment,section below,um otherwise that is the end of my,review im a risk analyst and t

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EMINIFX / Scam or Legit?

just the other day a friend of mines,claimed to have flipped 27 000 into just,over 140 000 in less than a year by,using this platform called e-mini fx,this platform claims to pay out 10 every,single week or 9.97 as they say on their,website every single week completely,passive and with this money all you have,to do is deposit at least a hundred,dollars and theyre gonna pay you out,every single week and you could withdraw,this money in bitcoin now im not gonna,lie after hearing this i was extremely,skeptical because i dont understand how,on earth a company could return 10 every,single week consistently while still,making a profit and on top of that they,claim to be able to compound your money,so in this video ill be depositing 500,of my own money to put this to the test,because while looking for information on,this topic on youtube for myself i could,not find anybody doing this so i just,figured id put it to the test myself,im going to deposit 500 and in the,process ill leave that money for one,week to see exactly how much i will make,at the end of the week because they,claim that every payday is on a friday,now keep in mind that this could be a,scam because a few reasons that i think,it personally might be a scam is because,theyre not regulated with the sec the,address that they have on file on their,website is literally just a random,designer store plaza and number three,all of the creators and the ceo himself,claim to be anonymous so we dont know,who they are and whether or not they,have good or bad intentions so really,im taking a fat risk by putting 500,into this platform so you guys should,definitely subscribe to the channel and,smash that like button because at least,i wont lose everything if i do lose the,500 bucks so im gonna go ahead and put,500 onto the platform right now and then,ill show it to you guys once its on,there okay so im actually on the,platform right now and as you can see i,actually did in fact deposit 500 but,they do have a fee of 1.5 percent when,you deposit money so they took some of,that off but heres what i was talking,about theyre actually claiming to give,you 9.97,every single week with the money that,you have in your trading balance now,mine says pending trading balance,because it actually didnt transfer over,yet but supposedly im supposed to get i,guess for,48.50,because thats pretty much 10 percent,and thats supposed to be paid out every,single week and over time you could,actually compound this money and this is,pretty much how the whole website domain,looks its pretty basic nothing special,and heres the logo for the company,right over here okay so as you guys can,see i did in fact deposit the 500 and,they took their little fee of like what,15 bucks or something so its whatever,but at the end of the week i actually,want to see if i do make any money and i,didnt mention this in the video that i,recorded just a second ago but there was,actually an extra 10 earned supposedly,for me depositing money onto their,platform that i cannot withdraw yet,probably because im still a new user,and its been less than an hour you guys,fun fact that i just found out this,platform literally openly claimed to be,an mlm i looked at their user agreement,and they literally have proof that they,are an mlm and they said it openly that,this is in fact a ponzi scheme but the,funny thing is theyre claiming to still,be able to give you your money back in,high returns even by doing this because,they said this is just an extra bonus,for commissions to their website im,pretty sure weve all heard this,somewhere from a company called you know,iml but im not too sure this is the,exact same concept even though it seems,to be the exact same concept but at the,end of the day my moneys already on the,platform so im just going to go ahead,and see this through and see if i can,make any money and in the case that i do,see im making money i guess i might,just let the 500 ride out because it,would be nice to break even on my,investment withdraw the full 500 and,then let the 500 that i earned,completely run for the near future so i,could see if that money could really,flip into maybe ten thousand dollars so,in one more week im gonna come back,here and im gonna show you guys the,results of me holding on to this money,and leaving it on their platform and,ill see if i get scammed or not because,who knows maybe ill lose my money maybe,i wont it has officially been one week,since ive joined e-mini fx and im,about to show you guys the money that,ive actually made surprisingly because,i did not expect this platform to,actually work,as you guys can see right over here my,trading balance did in fact transfer,over to 485 dollars and surprisingly i,actually got paid out or earned a total,of 58.35 cents but keep in mind that is,including the 10 that i said i made,previously so in reality i made 48.35,off of this platform and the weekly,trading profit did not change they still,kept it at 9.97 percent so im not gonna,lie i might deposit more money on this,platform now keep in mind guys this is,not financial advice so whatever i do in,this video is at my own risk so if you,do choose to deposit money on this,platform you are in fact taking a risk,and have a chance of losing all your,money and right over here is where you,could actually withdraw your money as,you can see it says my balance is 58.35,and ill just put in the amount that i,want to withdraw and enter my master pin,which is normally a four digit pin but i,just put this here to throw you guys off,and they also have a withdrawal fee of,0.75,so overall im not gonna lie it seems,like it might be legit and supposedly,while looking at comments under other,videos theyre claiming that emini fx,will have an open house in new york city,on april 24th so i guess im kind of,looking forward to that since this might,be a passive way to make money im still,not sure exactly how this platform is,making money but all i know is that if,they pay me out ill take the money and,be happy with it but at the same time,like i said before this is a risk that i,am taking with my own money so any,chance that i take i do not suggest that,you take it unless you are ready to lose,all your money given the fact that this,is a high risk investment so if you guys,do enjoy this video please make sure you,subscribe to the channel and smash that,like button and also if you choose to,download emini fx yes you can go find a,referral code from somebody somewhere,but im not going to put mines under,this video because im not sure if its,a scam or not and i dont want to be the,one who recommends you guys to it so,please do this at your own risk either,than that i hope you guys have a great,rest of your day and ill see you in the,next one see you chump,[Music]

EminiFX Review (RAMM Account Explained)

[Music],hello and thank you for joining us today,here at think income where we talk about,all things money before we get started,id like to remind you all to subscribe,to our youtube channel at think income,and remember to hit the notification,bell to be notified of future uploads,today were going to be talking about,e-mini fx and their ram account,uh now before we get started i would,like to mention that i know that you,have seen other videos that i did on,another investing account and on youtube,you will see people comparing both,accounts,uh me personally im not gonna compare,these accounts at least not today,uh i would like to make mention that i,do invest in both of them because i do,believe in diversification,so i believe that it is wise to put your,eggs in multiple baskets that way if,something happens to one investment you,still have the other investment going,and making money so before we get,started i just want to go ahead and play,a video here off of the website of,e-mini fx,and allow them to explain this,opportunity in their words,stay efficient and profitable as you,build your wealth with investments in,the crypto and forex trading business by,signing on with e-mini fx,our robo advisor assisted account allows,for automated trading freeing up your,time for other activities featuring,ultra low commissions on each financial,transaction you complete,this platform lets you retain more of,your profits and the low pip spreads,ensure you stay abreast of price,movements,you can build teams to expand your,network and earn profits when you,introduce others to this platform,this positions you to collect a portion,of the fees paid by every one of your,referrals,visit and sign up on www.emini,to fuel your profits by making,meaningful use of breakthrough,technology offered on this platform,[Music],so lets go ahead and talk about the,e-mini fx ram account which provides,weekly profit,so youre probably wondering what is a,ram account,it is a robo advisor assisted account,which allows for automated training,freeing up your time for other,activities featuring ultra low,commissions on each financial,transaction you complete this platform,lets you retain more of your profits,and the low pip spreads ensure you stay,abreast of price movements,so some of the benefits of these,accounts or some of the things that it,provides,is essentially experts trade for you uh,using the cryptocurrency futures and,options trading next is weekly returns,uh provided every friday and,historically the return on investment,tends to be anywhere between five to ten,percent,now i say historically speaking because,the company does not quote a range but,since ive started tracking my results,i see them fall um typically between,five to ten percent,and i have seen a few uh weeks where it,was actually above 10 percent,but that doesnt seem to be the average,i will be dropping a video shortly,thats showing my particular results,since ive gotten the account so keep a,lookout for that make sure you click,that notification icon so that you are,notified as soon as that video drops,next is there are no expiration dates,so the money will continue to be traded,and it will continue to produce a profit,as long as a profit is provided um as,long as we have the money is there so,theres no expiration on it next you see,that you have access to your capital,uh,and this is in reference to your trading,account there is a 15 penalty for the,first 150 days,after that 150 days there is no penalty,i do just want you to understand that,you can access any of your capital in,that account at any time just be aware,that depending on when you access it you,may be subject to that 15 penalty,i also just want to make sure that,youre clear the profits that are,provided every friday which go into your,e-wallet,is penalty free so you can take money,out of your e-wallet account every,friday that is not subject to the,penalty the penalty only applies to your,trading balance just to make sure aware,of that you are able to deposit and,withdraw in bitcoin,now lets talk about some of the reasons,why i like investing in e-mini effects,aside from the profits of course,you are able to use those profits for a,number of things you can choose to,reinvest to grow your trading balance,and increase weekly profits you can use,it to supplement your income which is,your regular paycheck,you can use those additional funds every,week to pay your bills pay off debt fund,other investments build an emergency,fund which is very important or whatever,your heart desires essentially,so now were going to get into some,examples just so you can see how it,looks uh if you were to withdraw every,week,so lets say in this example you have,10k invested which is ten thousand,dollars,and on week one theres a return of five,percent,uh well the profit of uh five percent on,10k would be 500,that is the amount that goes into your,e-wallet,now you can choose to withdraw uh the,funds out of your e-wallet every week,which is what this example will look,like,so you go ahead and withdraw those funds,from your e-wallet that goes to your,crypto wallet and you sell it for us,dollars,which essentially make,you know produce a taxable event but,thats thats another situation,uh week two,you have another 10k because you didnt,invest it you did not reinvest those,funds so the trading balance stays the,same which is ten thousand,uh keep in mind that in this example um,we will not be this example does not,include,the,monthly service fee of the 49.95,but this is just a basic example so that,you can see how it looks with,members in place,so week two ten thousand you have a,return of six point one five percent,that gives you a profit of six hundred,and fifty dollars,week three we have the same 10k now keep,in mind in a realistic world the monthly,service you would have come out in one,of these weeks which would have been,49.95,which you can easily replace with the,profits that you get every friday but,well talk about that in another video,so week three 10k,return of 8.85 which produces a profit,of eight hundred eighty five dollars,week four same 10k except this return is,five point two five percent which gives,you a profit of five hundred and twenty,five dollars,which means that going into week five,youll still have the same ten thousand,dollars invested,but the total profit for the month those,four weeks would have been two thousand,five hundred twenty five dollars which,means that your 10k,made twenty five hundred doing,absolutely nothing just being traded and,remember this requires no work from you,all youre doing is youre coming in on,friday and youre either choosing to,reinvest those funds or withdraw the,funds which is why i love this so much,now with these extra funds this 2500,plus,as we talked about earlier you can use,that for bills emergency fund invest it,however you see fit which could be,stocks crypto commodities whatever your,heart desires,uh but the good thing is that your ten,thousand dollars is now making money,compared to it sitting in a savings,account uh a cd money market account or,any of these other accounts um that,barely pay you you know,zero zero point one percent and youre,actually getting a much higher rate of,return,on a weekly basis,but just keep in mind this pays every,week and also remember there are 52,weeks in a year,so just imagine how much this 10k is,gonna make by the end of the year,now lets look at the example,of reinvesting,and lets see how fast this grows so uh,with the same example we start off with,10k and the same five percent return,which is 500,instead of withdrawing it we reinvested,so now our trading balance is 10 500,uh because we reinvested it,the return of 6.15,so our profit is 645.75,keep in mind,the profit on the same return is higher,because the trading balance is now,increased,so we reinvest that into week three,were going into week three with eleven,thousand one hundred forty five dollars,and seventy five cents,with a return

EminiFX Review – Shady Online Forex and CFD Broker

this video will be important for you if,one youre a beginner Trader and are,looking for a safe broker,two you have been scanned by your broker,and you are looking how to get your,money back,in this case you can get free,consultation,we left a link in the description of the,video to a company that deals with,getting money back from online scammers,you can book a call now and see if they,can help you,m i FX review,m i FX is one of the most obvious,scammers in a while and we dont really,have a clue how it was able to go on for,such a long time,this is one of the worst Brokers for,this year thus far and the following,review reveals why,there was no registering without,providing a sponsor ID which is only,acquired after setting up a,correspondence Channel between the user,and the broker any Communications with m,i FX will lead to investment requests,thats the scammers ultimate goal,from the site we gathered that the,broker offers mainly automated trading,and the user area told they can build a,network of friends this sounds a lot,like a Ponzi scheme to us,there are no mentions of leverages,spreads or assets,it turns out that without opening an,account we are very limited in terms of,details,due to the inherent nature of the broker,we cannot be sure that m i FX actually,offers any trading opportunities,have you been scammed in a Forex,brokers trading scheme,you can request a free consultation,the link in the description below the,video,s regulation and safety of funds,the address of the broker is in New York,and according to the legal docs The Firm,abides by the laws of the state of New,York,there are a few differences in state,laws when it comes down to FX,regulations but the general legal,consensus states that all U.S Brokers,must be regulated by the NFA and the,cftc,all U.S Brokers are on top of their game,and are the biggest of all market,trading institutions,to even suggest that mnifx has a legal,presence in the U.S is insulting to the,legacy of both regulators,another clear sign that there is no,us-based regulation in place is the fact,that the broker offers a ton of bonuses,in the U.S these are unspeakable and no,local broker offers these as their,inclusion would be against the local,regulations I.E illegal,scanned by a m i FX broker,if you have lost money with an m i FX,broker dont panic,you are not the first and you likely,wont be the last,mistakes can happen even with the most,cautious of investors and should be used,as a learning opportunity,the good news is that there is help,available,the team a Specialist Group dedicated to,helping consumers recover funds Lost,online is available 24 7 and has helped,consumers all over the world recoup,millions of dollars,after filling out the form above and,validating your eligibility for their,programs company will help you build a,solid case to regain your funds as soon,as possible,book a free consultation and get,step-by-step instructions

Eminifx review latest ponzi schemes|| final eminifx review SCAM OR LEGIT

hello guys uh welcome back to my youtube,channel where we show you how to make,money online and offline opportunities,and also we might do review for you on,our investment platform where you want,to invest or you wish to invest and you,want to know more about that a platform,you wish to do more due diligence you,can come right over here and get more,info on your platform all right if you,like content like this and you want to,keep making money online you can hit,that red subscribe button,and also turn on the notification bell,icon so you get notified when videos,have been made okay all right and also,it will be helpful if you uh click on,the like button uh it helps you to,algorithm a lot all right today were,gonna be reviewing a platform called,eminifx.com,and uh right here we are on the the page,the login and signup page of minifx.com,all right so uh first of all were gonna,go through the website,and then along the line were gonna give,out our red flags in this website okay,now there are red flags right in this,website and im gonna point that out for,you and thats my job and i,will be your decision to i know if,youre gonna invest or not okay im not,a financial advisor but,i will do my due diligence for you okay,so after watching this,if you decide to invest you could go,ahead and uh,do your investment okay but always make,sure you invest what you can afford to,lose,all right now moving back to this,platform as we can see right here we are,on a,minifx.com right here it says,stay efficient and are profitable as you,build uh your wealth with investing in,the crypto and forex trading business,side by signing up,by signing on with uh mini fx okay then,you have the sign up,and the login button guys if you already,have an account you want to log in you,simply go ahead and log in or you sign,up all right so uh right next we have a,picture right here,uh i do know stated who is in the,picture,but uh right there you can read what the,platform is to see what we offer you can,read about that i dont want this video,to be any tedious and uh,because ive already gone through this,so im just gonna break it through to,you so you can go ahead and now read,write all about this okay so uh these,people also uh offer affiliates of as,well as usual to every platform the,offer affiliate,also you can see,you can also build a team right there,you can see a promotional file which,ill say that you cannot build up your,theme,and you can earn while you do that okay,right here we have a bunch of emails,and uh,also,i think those emails are where you can,contact them,all right so uh back to what those,people actually claim they offer they,say they offer you uh,auto trading uh which enable you save,more time for other activities uh take,for instance now they help you trade,okay its a trading platform where they,help you train and passive income all,right i hope that is noted,all right now im gonna throw out my red,flags on this platform and then at the,end of it im gonna tell you exactly,what i think about this platform my,personal opinion okay now if you after,uh,hearing all this and you still want to,invest in this platform its fine,actually im not advising you not to do,so but im just pointing out for you,what you should expect in the nearest,future okay,now uh you see number one is that uh,talking about the running or the owners,of this business those information are,not out just like every other ponzi,scheme okay they are always hidden now,the problem there is what happens when,things go the other side,how can you recover back how can you,trace it back,you have no information there is nothing,about,uh the name of anyone registered,uh or running this company actually,theres no information regarding that,okay,so you should take note of that and,thats very vital guys i will open up,this another uh platform check for,example the who be to see the,registration info but this platform was,actually privately registered as of 2021,september the 20th okay 28th of,september 2021 which was around the,ending of uh last year ago and its,update as i always said its update was,done at october okay which was i think,initially when it was uploaded,remember i told you you should take note,of the update date as well its more,important because it actually says,exactly when this platform was up,running and just like i said theres no,information about uh the running or who,the owner is on this platform theres,nothing at all we only have this uh,image right here of this lady actually,uh,so that should be number one aside that,please guys know that there is no,certificate of incorporation which is a,very vital uh uh,a very vital document there is none,right here not at all even maybe a just,registered name or whatever there is,none provided you can do that if you,find a new one please let me know in the,comments area im not all that perfect,but i know what actually im saying,so there is no uh document actually,provided by these people which should be,very important this is very important,guys these are important red flags you,should take note of there is no document,to how certified these people are,no document at all,if there was a document we will do more,inquiries on that document to know how,legit or how authenticated that document,is,all right so uh that should be number,two taking note of okay now back to,those guys a product now those guys say,they offer trading,uh and giving you passive income,all right yet uh,we dont really know exactly they are,not specific at all uh they,are trading,uh the the returns you will be getting,from uh the trading maybe in a monthly,basis daily basis weekly basis they are,not actually specific on the percentage,okay thats what i mean okay when you,talk about the percentage its going to,show if the percentage is high or low,because the percentage determines a lot,okay thats something a very vital so,they are not specific in that a,percentage aspect if they were uh i,would,uh compare it to other ponzi scheme and,know how,uh its gonna pay back because you see,one thing about ponzi scheme is that,they always are promised high returns,thats exactly what ponzi scheme does,because when they promise you higher,returns youre gonna,want to register with them all right so,uh,that also now lets talk about the ways,you can earn from this platform okay now,there are two ways you can earn from,this platform one is by investing and,getting passive returns ill explain how,that works the second one is uh by you,recruiting adult by recruitment now one,thing you should take note of is that in,every ponzi scheme recruitment is very,vital all right its very vital and,thats how you know upon the scheme okay,now if you take note of this platform,you see that this platform actually,favor uh referral or recruitment this,platform actually uh favor marketers,when they recruit theres a very high,commissioned way to acquire recruitment,all right guys so this is what im,talking about right here i have taken,note of that,now you can see that the offer author,are trading,auto trading revenue the offer that as,well also uh auto trading monthly fee,commission from your referral is also,offered back to you,i hope you get that now,on investment packages on investment,package specific investment packages,which have been picked they offer,a referral bonus back to you now get,this i was talking about those uh,bonuses this commission you get uh in,building up a team and i told you they,refer they offer a very high commission,back and that should be something to be,wary of okay only a ponzi scheme will,always uh,give an upgrade to referring a lot give,a high chance to referring than even,what you are earning,passively when you talk of a platform,offering passive income,okay so now you should take note of this,and those guys offer a lot of bonuses uh,recruitment,okay you can see auto trading,recruitment burnouts uh,auto trading ranking achievement bonus,okay now this is uh,a bonus that you get uh,per the ra

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