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Encanto – Movie Review

[Music],encanto is the latest from walt disney,animation it comes from the directors of,tangled as well as zootopia theyre,teaming up to make this movie together,encanto tells the tale of an,extraordinary family the madrigals who,live hidden in the mountains of colombia,in a magical house in a vibrant town in,a wondrous charmed place called an,encanto and one of the younger members,of her family has to face the,frustration of being the only one who,doesnt have magical powers and well,get to the review in just a second but,first i want to give a big thank you to,the sponsor of this video diss plate,disc plate offers a countless array of,high quality prints on metal theyre,mounted on the wall with the help of a,magnet its very easy to hang and change,designs when you feel like putting up a,new one there are millions of cool,designs available on the website for,everything from gaming to movies comics,sports and officially licensed designs,from bethesda star wars marvel and a lot,more with this plate you can build,collections of things that you are,passionate about right on your wall and,with the holiday season coming up i get,excited about it i get cozy i look,forward to it which is why i picked up,this home alone print which is beautiful,it has a wonderful metallic sheen to it,the print looks gorgeous and of course,it reminds me of one of my favorite,movies of all time so head over to the,link in my description to see some of my,favorite disc plates and to get a,special discount that will automatically,be applied to your cart if you get one,to two disc plates its 34 percent off,three to four disc plates 38 percent off,and if you buy five or more disc plates,you get 42 percent off through the month,of november its an amazing deal its,only available for a limited time so,please do check out that link in the,description below thanks again so much,to display for sponsoring this video,lets keep talking about encanto so,obviously with a pedigree of filmmaking,talent like the people behind tangled,and zootopia which are both really great,disney movies that i love this movie had,a lot to prove but it also has songs,written by lin manuel miranda so,again lots of anticipation here because,this is an insane amount of talent all,coming together to make a movie and,strangely you know i dont usually,notice these types of things but i,couldnt help but notice that im pretty,sure this is actually the first disney,princess to wear glasses which you know,look honestly i [ __ ] wear glasses i,do,and i i always take them off in the,video because see how the lights like,see that thats so ugh look at that but,i guess what im saying is it was cool,to see a disney princess with glasses it,means a lot to me let me have what makes,me feel good,it goes without saying at this point and,it almost feels a little redundant when,i review animations especially from,disney or pixar to say that the,animation truly is just it continues to,reach this summit i i honestly dont,know where they could go from here,there is so much depth to the image they,use shadows really well theres a,sequence early on where the grandmother,is explaining to her young granddaughter,why everyone in the family has powers,and you see this sort of montage,explaining how this all happened and,some tragic events take place as many,disney films for kids uh portray but it,just looked so beautiful and whats,strange is that the film takes place,pretty much in one house but its a very,magical house that can open up into all,different types of locations forests and,jungles or an extremely long staircase,made of rock and sand that seems to go,on forever so it takes place in one,location but it doesnt really its a,great sheet and i love all the different,places they can go to really make the,world feel bigger than just one house,its also an extremely colorful movie,theres one character in the film that,can basically generate and control,plants and the amount of color on,display is dazzling at times my favorite,character in the movie by far,is louisa her power is that shes,obscenely strong and she probably has my,favorite song in the film too but along,with that strength comes a heart of gold,and she doesnt always feel entirely,comfortable about that strength and that,character i dont know i just found her,very adorable and i love the,relationship between her and our lead,character i saw in the heights earlier,this year which was by lin-manuel,miranda as well and i actually like the,songs in this movie better i think that,theyre really catchy the themes were,like instantly recognizable even after,hearing the song once i was kind of,humming the songs to myself and they,kind of got stuck in my head for a while,so if thats the kind of thing that,annoys you that might get under your,skin but i thought they were great i,think by far the thing about this movie,that is going to be really i dont want,to say healthy but just good for kids,today to experience,is that the lead character does not have,powers and everyone around her does so,for most of the movie she feels like she,isnt special,and she feels like everyone else was,given a purpose,and because shes just a normal person,amongst a sea of essentially superheroes,she doesnt feel like she belongs and i,think in todays comic book obsessed day,and age which you know i love comic book,movies too,but i always kind of wonder what do,young kids think about when they see,these movies do they,think that they arent special because,they cant swing around on webs or,because they cant,shoot,beams out of their eyes or turn into a,green monster like the fact that a,disney film now exists where kids can,have a character that is surrounded by,superheroes but not have any powers of,her own will probably resonate with a,lot of young kids who are watching,superheroes constantly even though,theyre just regular people and a lot of,kids nowadays are probably wondering,what exactly is special about them when,we have all of these larger-than-life,gigantic fictional superheroes to look,up to its honestly the perfect time for,a story like this and i think its,really smart and like some of disneys,better films i did find my eyes welling,up towards the end and so i knew i was,wrapped up in the story when that,happened the film also has a very clever,way of subverting expectations when it,comes to a couple characters in the,movie presenting them as one thing and,then saying well,for them and and their life,thats really not how it went and thats,smart as well and i think thats also,something good for kids to understand is,that perception and how we view other,people,and,not really being in their shoes,you never are really going to know what,someones experiencing in their lives,and so its good not to,judge them or or make up things about,them because you dont really know i,think for families this is like the,perfect sunday afternoon movie go to the,theater at 3 p.m get some popcorn you,know get a matinee ticket and just relax,and have a really good time to me that,is like the perfect place for this movie,to exist so i hope you guys do check out,the film thank you so much as always for,watching i look forward to more videos,very soon if you like this you can click,right here and get stuck manized,[Music]

Encanto – Is It Good or Nah? (Disney Review)

funding for shapereles is provided by,surfsharkvpn,tune until the end to find out about,their amazing service hey guys its me,the guy who hasnt liked a disney,animated movie in five years after the,awfulness of ralph breaks the internet,and the whatever frozen two and ryan the,last dragon i just kinda stopped,anticipating these movies i only watched,them as a job now and encanto was no,different i dont even think i watched,the trailers for it i just said okay,whatever and walked into the theater,hoping for the slim chance that it would,at least be on par with pixars best,recent offerings like coco and seoul and,it wasnt as a matter of fact this movie,is even better than both of them it,stands toe-to-toe with moana and lilo,and stitch as one of the best disney,movies to come out of the 21st century,how did this happen theyre dumber than,this apparently not i cant express,enough how shocked i am that i loved,this movie as much as i did most modern,disney and pixar movies even the great,ones have some concessions you have to,make and some dumb you have to,excuse moana has a couple of cliche plot,points coco and soul have tedious,shenanigans in their first halves that,you just have to sit through in order to,get to the great stuff frozen big hero 6,and zootopia have that was mistakes do i,need to say it and stuff like frozen 2,and raya are just so obsessed with,having a huge scale and epic journey,that they dont dedicate nearly enough,time to fleshing out the story and,making the characters matter theres,always some significant flaw with these,movies and while many of them are great,moana is the only one where its flaws,dont matter that much to me and said,flaws get completely drowned out by its,strengths and its the same thing with,encanto i think the first act did drag,on a bit and could have been a little,more concise and there are some cliche,characters here and there there could,have been a little more humor and from a,music standpoint the songs are all good,but arent the best by disney standards,so maybe theyll grow on me over time,okay yep thats all my criticisms none,of which are all that major i really, love this movie its a nice,charming simple family dramedy that,doesnt try to bite off more than it can,chew with the story it keeps things,small scale and focused on the,characters and as a result im way more,invested in this movies main conflict,than i ever was with frozen 2 aria its,just a believable familial rift thats,been allowed to fester for generations,on end and its heartbreaking to watch,unfold i cant remember the last time i,watched the childrens movie and thought,to myself damn i dont actually know if,this conflict can be solved its great,and the journey to get to this point,isnt littered with a typical disney and,or pixar wacky shenanigans that are only,there to pad out the plot instead it,allows us to get to know this ensemble,cast theyre obviously not all going to,get a ton of screen time but it still,feels like they all get just the right,amount i feel like im going to remember,these peeps a lot more than the side,family members from coco,do you remember a single thing any of,them did in this movie here the girl,with super hearing gets a ton of moments,to shine the shape-shifting kid has a,lot of fun moments the super buff girl,and the perfect girl get their own songs,about how they struggle under the weight,of expectations and im okay with them,getting more focused because their,conflict is more compelling and it ties,into the movies themes incredibly well,ill get to that in a little bit first i,want to mention just how vibrant and,alive these musical numbers are its, nuts man i previously praised,the visuals of moanas musical numbers,and how they hearkened back to classic,disney songs but encanto takes it to the,next level musically its songs arent as,good as moanas i assume lin is just,stretched a little thinner these days,and doesnt have as much time to crank,out as many supreme bangers but it,doesnt matter because the visuals of,these songs are phenomenal the main,character mirabelle has an i1 song with,gorgeous lights punctuating her vocals,and a familiar yet effective effect,where the world around her slows down,theres a sort of cruella de vil like,song where all the family members sing,about how villainous some guy named,bruno is and they do a lot of creative,stuff with scene changes and whatnot,between this and luca its clear that,disney really hates people named,bruno im so sorry bruno is out there,and the buff girl gets his banger about,crumbling under the weight of,expectations that zips through different,scenes so quickly and has such stellar,movement that it reminded me a friend,like me yeah thats a huge compliment,the musical numbers here are an absolute,treat and its thanks in no small part,to the fact that the directors and,animation team did an amazing job,realizing them so good i would also talk,about the best character in the movie,but thats kind of a spoiler so i wont,but they are very funny and youll,probably know who im talking about if,you see the movie the last thing i want,to talk about right now is the movies,message and im only going to briefly,touch on it now because i think i want,to dedicate an entire video to it after,a couple of re-watches basically the,movie starts out with a strong emotional,hook since mirabelles the only member,of her family who doesnt get a magic,superpower from a magic candle she feels,worthless and unspecial and ostracized,from the rest of the family meaning,people who exist in the shadows of their,siblings and people with imposter,syndrome can immediately relate to her i,was already on board with both of these,topics and i especially felt the latter,but the thing is thats not where the,emotional core stopped we alongside,mirabelle then find out that the buff,girl and the perfect girl are struggling,to live up to the weight of expectations,placed upon them because of their gifts,they have to do so much and continually,meet impossibly high standards and just,silently take it all because theyre,gifted i dont think the terminology the,movie uses here is a mere coincidence,this whole story feels like an allegory,for how damaging it can be to label a,child as gifted both for that child,since they have to live up to raised,expectations they never really asked for,and for other children who arent,designated as gifted and feel like,theyre worth less as a result and i,think this revelation kinda broke me,because i was crying a little bit during,the credits and on the drive home i,never really thought about how burned,out i was as a child trying to fit the,gifted mold and accomplishing things far,beyond my emotional capacity and i,really wish i had a movie like this as a,kid because i really needed it its got,such a strong and compelling message for,kids teachers and parents hell the short,that played before this also had a super,valuable message for parents its always,so nice when a movie comes out of,nowhere and gives me a message i didnt,know i needed just like whisper of the,heart is this as good as that no not,quite but i still think its excellent,finally another home run from disney,that i really hope goes down as one of,their most beloved and acclaimed films,or at the very least a cult classic this,is far from the last time im gonna be,talking about it and for once i can say,that enthusiastically nine out of ten,please dont miss this one and dont,miss out on surfsharkvpn the sponsor of,todays video im too much of an,emotional wreck this is the transition,youre getting today im sorry oh wait i,forgot to mention during the buff girls,song she mentions hercules and they show,him on screen but he doesnt look like,hercules from the 90s movie i i just,this is the same studio that made,hercules why did they not go for such an,obvious reference its almost like this,fake hercules is a malicious virus that,you could avoid if youre using,surfshark vpn haha yes back to my old,absurd trans

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Encanto | 69 Chi Tiết Bạn Có Thể Bỏ Qua

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Encanto Review (2021)

encanto is a movie about magic and so in,some sense it feels cliched to say that,everything about it from the music to,the animation to the story dazzles in a,way that one might consider well magical,but this magic is also what sets encanto,apart as the film marks the first time,disney has dabbled in the trope of,magical realism and thats what makes,disneys 60th animated feature one of,its recent best,the story of encanto revolves around 15,year old mirabelle madrigal and her,family who live hidden in the mountains,of colombia in an enchanted vibrant,house everyone in the madrigal family,receives a special and unique gift that,unlocks when theyre 5 years old these,powers are generally based on their,personality surrounded by her,fantastical family mirabelle is the only,one who doesnt get special powers,despite her quirky and empathetic,personality during a ceremony to reveal,her young cousins gift she notices her,house seems to be in danger of falling,apart mirabelles constant warnings fall,on deaf ears as everyone around her,assumes shes acting out due to being,frustrated about not having a special,gift determined to save her familys,home shes forced to follow clues left,by her estranged uncle bruno who,disappeared after his power of seeing,the future made him well not the most,popular member of the family so much,about encanto comes together to make the,movie an eclectic and celebratory tale,particularly the stellar voice cast as,mirabelle stephanie beatrice who,previously showed off her singing chops,earlier this year in in the heights,brings just the right amount of charm,and sincerity to the non-magical,teenager similarly as bruno john,laguzamo manages to balance both the,humor and the poignant resentment of,someone who harbors years of deep hurt,and shame as mirabelles sisters jessica,darrow and diane guerrero both get,particular moments to shine during solo,songs that not only light up the screen,but definitely show the hidden,complexities these characters carry with,them visually encanto is a delight,filled with stunning colors beautiful,animation vibrant music and a joyfulness,that pops off the screen the story never,feels slow or uninspiring and the film,effortlessly blends heart and humor in a,way that feels seamless lin-manuel,miranda wrote eight original songs for,encanto and if youre a fan of previous,works like moana youll certainly see a,pattern in his tracks here and their,deeper meanings of belonging and,identity unlike a lot of other films the,magic in encanto isnt derived from a,mystical being or otherworldly source,and its not something thats rooted in,pure fantasy its born out of things,that are very human and very relatable,needs wants drives dreams and familial,relationships,this foundation helps ground the film in,a realistic world making every,characters choice fight win or setback,even more triumphant or heart-wrenching,melding family love acceptance and even,the breaking of generational trauma,encanto is a film about finding your,true self and learning that you dont,have to necessarily fit the mold that,the world or the people you love want,much like mirabelle herself it embraces,its human heart and shines brighter than,anything created by supernatural forces,[Music],encanto dazzles both visually and,narratively with vibrant songs and,stellar animation stephanie beatrice,leads a superb voice cast who helped,bring a film to life that is grounded,but also feels like a magical delight,[Music],for more family-friendly movies check,out what we thought about clifford the,big red dog and ghostbusters afterlife,and for everything else stick right here,with ign

Encanto – Let Me Explain

listen encanto is disneys 60th animated,film where they finally took the trip,down to colombia to remind you that its,written with two os as a wildly manuel,miranda continues to appear with eight,brain spanking new songs that are so,integral to the story no lie they legit,gave this man a writing credit for the,movie and i think its really cool that,theyll be showing screenings that are,completely done in spanish in order to,get that reach because besides coco the,last latin disney cartoon i can remember,would be cheech,check it out,you shredded leather,what you talking about man thats a,primo wallet man personally i would give,it a solid junior price as it comes from,the directors who did some of my,favorites zootopia and moana which i,think are high combo prices and one of,them even worked on the masterpiece that,is tangled so just like that one this is,the first animation to be filmed in this,taller ratio so its definitely worth,catching in theaters its got a good,story its got catchy tunes and it gave,me the representation that ive been,longing for,as a caffeine addict,just tell us what everyone can do and,thats why coffees for grown-ups so go,catch it because from here on out were,going to be talking full spoilers so,what is an encounter let me explain so,encanto has several meanings from charm,to enchantment and to the madrigal,family it represents the special pee wee,herman house that comes to life and,keeps them all together and theyre,pretty much the head honchos of this,village that control everything because,of their special gifts to supreme,antonio thats that sensitive kid who,gets along more with animals than he,does the humans around him and can even,communicate with them the rats told me,everything dont eat those,theres cousin dolores who can listen to,everything around town with her dress,even having sound waves sewn into it no,one has to know,i know cousin camillo has a chameleon,design on his since hes a shape shifter,and that one family member who just,never stops doing impressions stop,pretending youre told so you can have,seconds,worth of shot,their mom is peppa whos that one thea,who changes moods faster than the,weather in chicago,great and its because of her climate,control that you can see her sporting,these sunny earrings and lightning bolts,on her dress julieta would be her sister,and is known as a nurturer of the family,literally healing people with food which,i dont really think is disney magic,its just something moms know how to do,with their cooking but of course she,would have a mortar and pestle right on,her apron you just healed my hand with,an alle pacon queso and then with an,hourglass in his outfit is bruno we,dont talk about bruno dont talk about,bruno we dont talk about bruno,seriously i even wrote a whole song,about it leave it to laguzamo to voice,another character who gets outcasted by,his family even kind of worse than sid,did but thats mainly because when you,have the gift to see the future no ones,going to remember any of the positive,stuff theyre only going to remember the,bad news which causes the entire village,to just go silence your bruises,every family has a bruno and if you,dont know who that is its probably you,isabella would be julietas eldest who,has the power of making things pretty,and has flowers blossoming down her,dressing throughout the entire town but,shes also dealing with the burden of,having to be perfect because to her,family shes the next to be betrothed,and theyre more focused on her plants,and nazi than whatever dreams she wishes,to harvest luisa has dumbbells on her,dress and shes carrying the literal,weight of the entire town on her back,due to her super strength but damn these,villagers will never be satisfied sure,she can beat maui in an arm wrestling,match but what she cant beat is the,pressure of responsibility because shes,pretty much that athletic sibling whos,always expected to show up and lift the,family up as opposed to mirabel the,youngest whos always pushed to the side,i call it the not special special since,uh,you have no gift thanks now granted none,of the in-laws who married in have,powers either even though peppas,husband does have some pretty good dance,moves but its agustin the city boy in,his three-piece suit who feels like hes,to blame for his daughter getting his,non-incredible genes because every time,my madrigal comes of age the town makes,this big deal out of the gift ceremony,where they hype up these magical doors,more than mike wazowski because the,house not only represents the family,its dare i say a character in and of,itself like this place has more rooms,and eateth finches since a new doorway,is added each time madrigal gets their,gift and it really plays into the,magical realism side of the culture,which is why they brought in an extra,writer to help blend in the supernatural,elements even having the character,artist pinpointing teresas curls as the,inspiration for mirabelles hair so to,make her a co-director after a couple of,months of being on it just continues the,recent disney pattern,which of you would like to speak to that,to really focusing not only on the,specificity of colombia but also the,diversity of the latin community,sharon you guys dont jump in sure so as,always disney team gets to take a little,vacation to a destination you know for,work and of course lean would bring his,dad but like with coco i i think it,definitely helps with getting the,environment right the colors realizing,that theres always going to be that kid,whos snapping his fingers like this at,a party and of course the food yeah its,so cool sometimes how food can really,make you feel connected to,family thats long long past trails of,your dna that have gone gone gone and,yet you still feel like this feels just,right and i believe arepas the mexicans,would be gorditas but i know the,venezuelans and the colombians theyre,always duking it out to see who really,owns this maize though but im just,hoping that they get a rise in orders,just like squid game did for its though,and that disney continues to make more,multilingual songs because it was cool,to see how the lyrics go hand in hand,with the story and im really curious to,see how the songs will be with replay,value considering that you know you kind,of need the scenes in order for it to,really build up because you can have a,song like build a snowman or youre,welcome that can be everyday jingles you,know theres even a point in the movie,where one of the songs call out let it,go which i just left because they even,had to credit it just for saying those,three words and trust me ive mentioned,how disney doesnt play when i simply,just said aaron burr,it was really inspired by a style of,music in colombia called bambuco thats,in 3 4 time theres not a lot of disney,tunes in 3 4 time and,and finding that was really exciting,interestingly enough for in the heights,he did the reverse of that of having the,entire thing being 4-4 but its the,character of nina whose songs were,switched to 3-4 in order to show how out,of sync she was with everybody because,she was away for so long and he kind of,does a similar thing here for miraben,songs each song also represents the,character through its style so you have,luisas song start with this really,rough beat only to reveal her softer,side its loaded with a bunch of early,spanish rock influences theres,definitely a lot of focus on the dancing,they go hamon with the accordion and,even john gave it his all nah so i told,lin what can i do like karaoke just get,drunk and just go nuts and you fix it in,post that said easily the best song is,those which plays in the most pivotal,flashback scene that shows the grandma,fleeing their home even losing the,grandpa along the way and i was kind of,surprised that it wasnt subtitled for,general audiences considering how well,the lyrics played at the scene because,its talking about a caterpillar and how,it needs to destroy itself in order to,become a butter

Encanto Movie Reviews ????

its time for Encanto movie reviews,monster house but nice and pretty,quirky autistic bi teen gets no,attention so she joins the demolition,crew and tears home down,girl same,I too like to explore generational,trauma through song,Dolores reporting live from family,madrigals business,area grandma with savior complex,struggles to accept queer son and,granddaughter,proof that old people are annoying I,would have beat the crap out of a boiler,but I know thats not what were trying,to teach the kids,the moral of the story is that sometimes,its okay to dislike the elderly,the hashtag realtarget audience for this,movie is kidults in their 20s that have,family issues,me,I dont understand the candle magic,rules did Mirabelle just not get powers,because her abuela is a jerk unclear,bro she says she has no powers meanwhile,she stops time in that one song,maybe your gift is being in denial,emotional damage,her real Powers were therapizing no,wonder why her family was distancing,themselves from her,not this poor kid having to be the,entire familys unpaid therapist she,better have gotten the best room,if anyone shames you for crying over a,doorknob just know youre valid and I am,with you I too cried over a doorknob,dont let them bring you down crying,over inanimate objects and moments about,them is normal,the individual room tours are needed,ASAP,Mirabelle will start a YouTube channel I,want to see a house tour,it isnt right that there are so few,films with Capybaras with their quiet,Beauty and Grace expressive eyes and,hypnotic personalities theres no reason,for their appearances in media and,merchandise to be so sparse I will not,stand by quietly anymore the capybara,Revolution must begin,I wish I was a capybara,I didnt think it was possible to love,every single character in a movie,your favorite Encanto character says,more about you than your zodiac sign,love how in Luisas song Miss girl was,having a full existential crisis while,doing Tick-Tock dances with donkeys,the donkeys dancing was the best part of,the whole film and you cant deny that I,know you enjoyed it too,Louisa is literally one of Disneys best,characters I need to see her and Kronk,fist bump,I want to grate cheese on Louisas abs,and give her a kiss,bro okay so like say what you want about,if you think theyve reused previous,character models in this but you cant,look at that love interest guy and say,it isnt Flynn Rider because it is they,even have him get his nose hurt twice,this cant be a coincidence,Justice for Camilo and Dolores they,deserve their own song,Camilo Madrigal is that cousin that,isnt your cousin but you say its your,cousin,I aspire to have the commitment of that,one lady with the dead fish she really,kept that fishs corpse all these years,knowing one day she could use it in a,musical number,every character in this movie after,saying they shouldnt talk about Bruno,well all right,wow guys way to throw Bruno under the,bus just so you could have an excuse to,sing a catchy song,I have listened to we dont talk about,Bruno 70 times please Disney how do I,make it stop,Dolores tells the heartbreaking story of,Bruno and how his family fears him,Camilo,[Music],Bruno living in that familys mind rent,free,and their walls,living with rats really is better than,living with a judgmental family,why am I always drawn to the never seen,daylight sad gay uncles,shout out to everyone who took one look,at Bruno and said I can fix him,havent stopped thinking about Bruno,since my first watch he has occupied my,every thought my tiny little Sandy rat,man I cant breathe I seriously love him,so bad,Im really gonna need them to stop,making these animated characters so fine,Bruno hat maribels dad hot Dolores hat,Julieta hat Peppa hot I relate to paper,because if I had a gift I imagine it,would also be moderately inconvenient at,best,I think it was pretty hilarious that all,it took was a hug for the girl that,loves flowers to instantly turn into any,edgy millennial,if Isabella grew weed this family would,have had no problems,relating to all three of the Madrigal,sisters is a hard job but someones,gotta do it and that someone is me,made me hungry,can Julieta zarepas heal my crippling,anxiety,if every movie had a chaotic dinner,scene then movies would be in a pretty,good state,cant believe that they made Colombia,because of this movie,ugh please just make a series two so I,can spend more time with the madrigals,like every movie ever made I went from,this movies number one hater to joining,its fan cult,welcome to the family magical,I will shoot myself in the foot if I,hear the word Madrigal one more time,do the rats get to live in the main part,of the Casita now or do they keep,chilling in the walls,thank you to whoever suggested I do in,Kanto movie reviews and of course thank,you to you all for watching it have a,wonderful day,be kind to yourself and I will see you,in the next video

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