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[Music],thats nick and thats joseph and today,were here to talk about encounter the,second film directed by michael pierce,which premiered at the telluride film,festival before going on to,toronto and bfi uh it is being released,december 10th 2021 courtesy of amazon,studios this director michael pierce,hes british what has michael done his,first film which i actually liked uh,well enough uh was beast in 2017 with,johnny flynn and jesse buckley which had,a nice kind of,lady macbeth the william oldroid film uh,and stranger by the lake vibe to it all,right the basic story rizza med plays a,character named malik,malik is a marine corps veteran,hes suffering from ptsd he thinks,aliens have invaded,earth but its all in his head,however as a result of this delusion,he kidnaps his children because hes,divorced from the mother he kidnaps them,and goes on this road trip attempting to,i guess save them from aliens,ultimately hes caught,at one point he does drop off his,children because he realizes hes wrong,but the older of the two sneaks back in,the car with him so theres a final sort,of showdown with law enforcement that,results in the two of them sort of,giving up and being apprehended the end,there you go all right,this film,feels like a cross between like invasion,of the body snatchers,bug,the william friedkin ashley judd movie,which is i like a lot and jake i could,re-watch it actually and jacobs ladder,the original the original which i also,really like but i dont think is as good,as any of those,not,by a long shot its its a film that,feels like it feels like theres nothing,innately wrong with it it just,to me,uh felt very underwhelming because of,all of the all of these familiarities,yes so there are some there are several,things happening because one is sort of,the character study of malik and his,ptsd and the psychosis were witnessing,but its we really dont,dig into it much and really the only we,understand very little about him except,what the law enforcement agents are,telling us and,his parole officer whos played by,octavius spencer,so i think shes my favorite part of the,story i think she is the best part of,this shes the most interesting because,its a different element yes and i,really wish like the story the narrative,would have focused more on her like,witnessing this,man,thinking that the worlds being invaded,by aliens from her perspective,and we do we we get the most from her,character as far as like how she feels,about it she feels guilty that she,didnt recognize,he had such a problem,um so theres that then theres like i,mean its an alien invasion movie but,that is very flimsy its very flimsy and,if you were to watch it the second time,its its even more evident that this is,not uh whats really going on but the,film does try to play with our uh,perspectives a bit and its about the,half hour 40 minute mark where you,realize like oh this is in his head for,certain,so the opening we see like a comet or a,meteor crashing into earth and then some,microorganism invading something and,then breaking apart so obviously its,going to spread like a its a parasite,its over the opening credits yeah but,its,that just looked like something from,microbiology class like looking under a,slide but i within the first five,minutes thought this cant be right,because,malik doesnt seem well like we see him,in his living space and its it looks,like someone whos,you described it as joes apartment yeah,then jerry oconnell movie yeah it just,doesnt seem like someone whos uh sort,of in a good place mentally would live,at a spot like this but also we get,footage of like violence and rioting in,a city and immediately i was trying to,read what it said like oh aliens invade,denver or something but it just says,like theres a violent protest so to me,immediately its like oh well there this,is all made up,right,and then sure enough as we meet malik,and realize that he is a veteran who,seems like hes probably suffering from,ptsd it just evolves from there so the,whole alien invasion thing,i thought was weak because even after,its made clear that,this is probably not right we still get,glimpses of him thinking he sees aliens,yes and theres theres an imperceptible,imperceptible shift that happens when,he and its at the point where he,realizes he has to drop his kids off and,let them go because he really ostensibly,has no plan for where hes bringing them,to safety that the film doesnt rightly,uh kind of paint for us like how does he,realize that its in the childrens,better interest to actually drop them,off and when he initially calls octavia,spencer uh,like,he says to check on his ex-wife,so he its like he kind of knows that,theyre fine,theyre just things that dont add up,because we dont really get into what,exactly his psychosis is and,in rismets performance is fine uh i,think he does a good job im glad you,know hes been around for a while and,has done great work in nightcrawler you,know this is fresh off his astronaut for,sound of metal which i know you didnt,see but hes really excellent in uh,so,i do think his performance is one note,in the sense that from the moment we,meet him he seems fragile and unstable,and i kind of wish he would have,presented earlier if if if the gag is,supposed to be there is no alien,invasion i wish he would have just,presented a little more sound,i think there would have been more room,for characterization if we hadnt kind,of fooled around with making it,ambiguous about the aliens at first like,just let us know,that he is suffering uh,from delusions,and,we can explore different facets of him,which is why octavia spencer seems,automatically so much more interesting,and even though shes in such a limited,capacity in this and octavia spencer is,also you know shes really good at,channeling sympathy yeah uh and shes,shes excellent at doing a lot with a,little,and in it thats evident here so its an,alien invasion movie its a character,study on this veteran with ptsd this uh,parole officer its also i guess you,call it like a suspense thriller in the,sense that law enforcement is attempting,to catch this,man whos committed a crime and even,that feels flimsy because,he,malik is very blatant like flagrant with,his actions like hes just out here,stealing cars hes,brutally attacked a cop who attempted to,pull him over and then assaulted another,man whose home he broke into to steal,his car and we dont ever get a sense of,where he thinks hes going or what hes,going to do,so its like obviously this is not going,to end well there is no chance that this,person is going to achieve anything,right so i found that component of the,story disappointing its a thats a,little frustrating but,where i was most invested emotionally is,probably feeling for octavias character,whose name is hattie uh,shout out well i wont say,when shes confronted by these,the fbi that or whoevers searching for,him a shep played by rory cochran in the,way theyre kind of patronizing and,demeaning towards her and all thats,also supposed to give us exposition and,then you get a glimpse of her at a,bowling alley with presumably her,husband which really is more emotional,than anything else in the film,yeah um okay just going to my notes so,there isnt a lot of tension as it,relates to,like malik evading cops except the,initial interaction with the law,enforcement agent and then theres a,scene where after malik assaults the,officer,what his the older of his two sons is,sort of like daydreaming and has like a,nightmare i guess about that cop because,he witnessed his dad beating up the cop,and the cop uh at one point we see him,like pull out a tooth and throw it out,the window,i did like that scene um but speaking of,the boys,jay and bobby the older boy i really,like the younger boy hes cute i thought,he was adorable i thought he uh like his,acting and his sort of handling of the,lines worked really really well the,older boy i think is okay i dont think,its his fault i think the lines hes,given and i wrote

Encounter reviewed by Mark Kermode

this was originated by joe barton who,wrote the original script on spec that,was then worked on with uh joe barton,and uh michael pierce who as you said,before in the interview made beast which,i absolutely loved,and uh i think the real triumph of it is,that it is as you said its a genre,hopping affair i mean in the in the,opening sequence it kind of it starts,out like the man who fell to earth and,then it goes to blue velvet with all,these bugs crawling over each other and,then it goes to apocalypse now with riz,ahmed waking up in this room so it in,the even in the opening sequence it does,three or four different genres but what,it does is it keeps a very careful,balance between the inner and outer,worlds that what we know about resames,character malik is that he was a,decorated marine he now tells his sons,that he is buried deep in this uh secret,operation against as he said theyre,non-terrestrial microorganisms,and,dealing with this has made him,phenomenally paranoid he hears bugs in,the wall he covers himself with fly,spray,we see stuff on the television about,outbreaks of violence there is an,encounter with a cop who he sees,something in the cops eyes which tells,him that this isnt in fact the whole,point is,you look the same you act the same its,invasion of the body status but in fact,youre being invaded by hosts,and what the film does is it starts out,like a kind of m night shyamalan,world event you know movie like the,happening or signs,but what its more interested in is the,interior psychological story about what,this is doing to this central character,and there is also as he said is a family,road trip involved in it in which him,and his two sons are on the road he says,that the first its a road trip and then,he says its not a road trip this is a,rescue mission then theres a parallel,story going on,so alongside it about a parole officer,whose entire world is being turned,upside down when government agents come,calling and suddenly she finds herself,in this world of family annihilators and,everything is turned upside down and,what i like about the film is that,it keeps you all the time,on this balance between his perspective,and a slightly more standoffish,perspective the score as was mentioned,about jesus is fantastic because it goes,weirdly contrapuntally,from natural sounds to more unnatural,sounds as the narrative goes on,there is an awful lot of william,friedkins bug in the back of this,william freaking film bug which was a,tracy lets stage play and the film came,out in 2006 and its a real masterpiece,and it has a lot of the same,underlying themes of,paranoia under duress,and particularly the kind of the insect,motif which is so central i mean one of,the scariest things in this film is,there is a scene very early on,of the night light outside the boys,house when the number of bugs who are,flying around who you know this is how,the microbial organism gets in just the,tempo of the bugs on the bug zapper,speeds up and everything is kind of,cranked up and anxious and that really,reminded me of a bug which has got a,similar kind of pressure cooker air to,it,and i think that it does a terrific the,kids are great the kids seem completely,natural it was interesting when he said,you know one was,there was not a line of the script that,was in there he was just making they did,seem to be doing that thing of,existing rather than acting but they,felt like his sons they did they all,felt they did and that is because he is,a brilliant actor because this is a very,well written script again i will credit,joe barton with the original script um,and it is very well directed by michael,pearce who as he demonstrated in beast,knows how to do that thing about keeping,a film making you think whats actually,happening whats whats actually,happening in this film without playing,his hand and without making it feel like,youre being tricked or conned youre,not what youre what youre doing is,being made to ask whats going on

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Encounter – Movie Review | Its Not What You Think!

[Music],encounter directed by michael pierce and,stars res ahmed and octavia spencer so,encounter follows two brothers who,embark on a journey with their father,who is trying to protect them from an,alien threat so theres actually another,encounter that was released back in 2018,but as far as i know this isnt a remake,and the premise of both movies are very,different but if im wrong about that,im sure one of you will correct me in,the comments down below so once again we,have another amazing performance by riz,ahmed in this film i wouldnt say its,his best performance but definitely a,good one and certainly uh probably one,of his best maybe you know im really,starting to notice a very similar,pattern with a lot of rizzs,performances so far,and thats the fact that he is uh,hes really good at being confused for,the majority of roles that ive seen him,in so far hes always confused as,its just a funny thing to think about,honestly but the guy is a great actor,maybe a little type casted sometimes but,still great nonetheless ive loved rizz,since his somewhat breakout role in,nightcrawler and the reason why i say,kind of somewhat break out because i,would definitely argue that after we saw,him co-star with jake gyllenhaal he was,starting to pop up a little bit more and,more recognizable titles anyway though,back to this movie encounter its good,maybe even a lot better than good to,some viewers but for me yet tugs on the,heartstrings at times and has a very,serious message behind it that i think,all audiences should witness but one of,my issues with this movie is that i felt,like there were probably way too many,pump fake moments in this movie and uh,what i mean by pump fake moments is that,just a lot of moments where you think,something may have happened to a,character and that thing didnt happen,or uh just something is happening like,maybe a false twist in the film or just,a twist in general that you think is,going in a particular direction and it,doesnt go that way and i feel like the,film does a lot of that sometimes i feel,like it actually does it a little too,much to the point where it actually,started to annoy me,honestly and the biggest most intriguing,twist of the whole movie its actually,what the whole movie is even about i,felt like that twist was revealed way,too early i felt like they should have,held on to it a lot longer than they did,and if that twist would have had a,larger reveal i think it would have been,a much more enjoyable movie for me,personally but i dont think everyones,gonna feel that way but i felt that way,personally i felt like they just it was,the biggest twist of the whole movie and,it was revealed so quickly and then the,movie just turns regular so fast but,with that said i still enjoyed the film,but the gist of this film is that we,follow malik played by riz ahmed who is,on a mission to rescue his two sons,during what is basically an alien,invasion and throughout this mission we,find out that things really arent as,they seem at all very intriguing story,yes but it just didnt seem to have the,impact and payoff that i wanted from the,film in the end so im giving an,encounter a 7.5 out of 10.,so yeah i just want to say once again,great performance by rizz ahmed and if,you are a fan of his youre not going to,be disappointed by this performance or,this film at all i i would think so so,yeah encounter was actually another one,that i got to see at tiff this year that,i really wanted to talk about with you,guys so i would certainly say keep a,lookout for it because its worth,watching yeah and this one will be,available on amazon prime video on,december 10th but there you have it and,if you enjoyed the content you know what,to do thank you for watching,[Music],you

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Encounter (2021) Amazon Original Movie Review

wait is this actually recording,yes,and welcome to the ruby tuesday my,names reuben and im kay and today we,are reviewing an amazon original film,called encounter a decorated marine goes,on a rescue mission to save his two,young sons from mysterious threat as,their journey takes them in increasingly,dangerous directions the boys will need,to leave their childhoods behind i was,very excited to watch this film because,its called encounter and i didnt see a,trailer i think i saw a few stills i,read a little bit of the synopsis and,thought yeah thats up my thats my cup,of tea wow,i dont know what my brain did there,in your whale house,yes whatever,lets lets do you want to do the,talking for a bit yeah okay,so we were quite excited to see this,because it seemed like it had a really,science fictiony edge,uh named encounter which suggests some,sort of alien threat perhaps um and the,the start of the film the,was it the credits even yeah yeah so the,credits and the way the film started was,very much along those lines it,definitely the first half an hour of the,film even suggests it leads you by the,hand down a path and i have watched the,trailer since and it also suggests that,so it is a misdirection title so as you,were saying its a misdirection and,basically what it does is that it um it,leans very heavily into the science,fiction kind of alien threat side of,things and then gradually steers away,from that so if you go into this film,expecting to see a science fiction,you know encounter yeah um because the,trailers suggest that he is going to,rescue his kids and then hes got to,save them from a threat yeah and hes he,has some training as uh given submarine,yeah hes as given in the synopsis and,the trailer depending on imdb because,idb has wonderful synopsises sometimes,yeah exercises yeah but were not going,to give away any spoilers because we,dont want to ruin it for you but there,is always that question and it will it,will soon raise its head in your mind uh,when youre watching the film and youre,going hmm,is he i thought the acting was,outstanding,ahmed he has amazing atmosphere but his,performance is subtle i think yeah you,often see,emotions on his face like hes trying to,burst out of his face like theres this,stuff thats going on there but its,behind but its its in his eyes its in,his mannerisms its in his little subtle,movements uh obviously sometimes theres,an emotional moment where he will break,out and block it,or or any circumstance will happen,without doing spoilers that will make,him,emotionally,extravagant,all the,all the circumnavigating words yeah,yes so the performances with the two,kids as well were incredible i was,talking about it today actually we were,having a little dog walk and,its like they were filmed almost,documentary style because they feel so,natural and so real like they were,kids like his kids just being kids yeah,so how a kid would react in real life to,that circumstance that is how it feels,like they are reacting yeah which it,almost feels like they were had a bunch,of cameras around them and theyre just,kind of allowed to be kids,uh which especially the young ones,especially young,he is so kid-like and its not often,that you are seeing a film or a tv,series where kids are allowed or written,to be like kids they are often,uh have like scripting and wording of,stuff how i dont know how many times,ive said this in a review where the,kids just they would never say that they,wouldnt act like that theyre written,like teenagers or way older than they,are or way younger than they are its,often adults that are writing for kids,that have forgotten how kids react you,have to get a you have to get someone in,the know that has kids at that age to,write it correctly and that this feels,very authentic and we have two teens so,weve gone through that and it feels,right yeah it does yeah so you have that,dynamic uh where the father and the sons,are on the run and you feel the tension,yeah at the way its filmed again its,very open spaces beautifully filmed so,beautiful the the surrounding area it,would be a wonderful road trip if it,wasnt harrowing and i mean it doesnt,let up you were always worried for them,because of one of the two reasons that,the film is balancing yeah uh youre,worried for the kids you work for him,you work for the people at home uh you,have the questions in the back of your,mind is it or isnt it yeah and then we,also have a very underused actress yeah,octavia spencer,i mean she is a formidable woman,and i feel like,uh stay puft marshmallow man yes thats,exactly what i feel like because i,realized its not what i think its what,you said while we were walking all right,so maybe you should say that okay fine i,feel like she was massively,underutilized because she has that,presence on screen and every time there,is this conversation between octavia,spencer and riz ahmed im not saying in,what context im not even giving you,their character names im just saying,sometimes they interact and when they do,theyre great and i wish we had more of,them interacting together on screen,because i thought it was the the,stronger moments in the film when the,adults are interacting together it just,felt like she didnt have enough screen,time i think they could have given more,to her character which would have given,the riz ahmed character much more depth,not that he doesnt have death but we,dont know much about him even by the,end of the film we know a thing that has,happened,um yeah and that is basically the,consequence for the whole film which is,an interesting way to go because then,that means your audience has to figure,out stuff thats going on and you do,piece it together thats always fun but,there is this character that like i like,her i want to know more about her but,thats a little nitpick its a its a,yeah its a well put together film,i was,upset about the film,oh yeah so you liked it so i was upset,about the film because i did it didnt,go the way that i wanted it to go uh but,you felt differently about the whole,film didnt you yeah i also feel,differently about octavia spencers,character oh there you go yeah so but,tell the audience,ill tell you i feel like she was,written as a powerful woman who is,hamstrung by the circumstances and,and thats exactly how she played it and,i thought that was actually really,accurate for us it made it even more,believable maybe thats what i was,picking up on yeah yeah the frustration,that,shes there theyre not utilizing her i,know yeah but thats because,you know stuff because we live in the,real world exactly this is a very real,film and i dont often watch very real,films i like my escapism so i was going,into it thinking i was watching nick,escapers film,uh an escape post yeah no a film thats,full of adventure and sci-fi and then i,ended up with a different film thats,also very good its very good its not a,negativity towards the film its just my,perception of that film i thought all,the performances were great octavia,spencers great score was naturalistic,the cinematography was cinematography in,places was just outstanding,i think people are going to enjoy this,but might want to watch the simpsons,afterwards maybe,its that sort of thing yeah although,this type of film you sometimes just let,stew in your mind it will make you think,it does it might also make you angry,yeah yeah how much nicholas cages would,you give it you know what i actually,thought it was really good and im gonna,give it four out of five nicholas gauges,okay yeah im gonna give it three and a,half all right let us know your thoughts,below were you excited about this had,you even heard of it i hadnt until,recently um but it it has some really,strong performances could be one of my,top 10 performances of the year yeah um,not necessarily film although the films,good like i go around in circles i know,this was a great film but i wanted one i,didnt,thats not the film i wanted yeah,exactly make the film i want to dab it,yeah,anyway let

Encounter 2021 Prime Video Ending Explained

what is up youtube and welcome to this,encounter movie review and ending,explained now riz ahmed continues to win,and puts in one hell of a performance in,this thriller full of twists and turns,now we follow manic as he is seemingly,uh first on a mission involving bugs,that take over your body in some sort of,invasion of the body snatches story and,appears to be having special orders as,he sprays himself and keeps seeing more,and more bugs that appear to be,following him around its a pretty,clever move and the shots show the,anxiety and mental fragility we would,learn that malik has very very well now,we cut to his kids who are with his,ex-wife and its bobby who hes writing,to and his mother has a new partner,which is of course something that does,not sit well with malik and bobby is old,enough to remember his dad where as his,younger brother is far too young and,actually has a good relationship with,daryl its why manic had an easy time,convincing these kids that there are,alien bugs out there and to make matters,worse his ex-wife is pregnant its not,long before manic arrives and takes the,kids,on a trip convinced that their mother,and stepfather are in quotes infected,and takes them away its quite obvious,that hes not telling the truth as he,seems erratic and plays the part of his,dad gone rogue far too well which is a,testament to rhiz ahmeds skills and,sadly the movie does lose steam once you,realize that this is not true and this,base whatever it is theyre going to is,not what it is its not scientists,working on a cure and everything starts,to break down when manic is pulled over,and attacks a police officer which does,really affect bobby and they get to a,grocery store and the youngest child,runs off scared and a homeless woman who,they think is mind controlled and malik,berates bobby for causing a scene and,not being,the man that he wants him to be and hes,relegated the back seat bobby slowly,starts to realize that something is up,as theres not been anything on the news,about this and we slowly realized that,the mother and stepfather arent,infected they were simply locked up the,night they left further confirming that,these alien bugs are not actually real,is when he calls his parole officer when,its evident that he is simply a dad who,snapped he asks her to check on his,ex-wife as bobby mentions that his wife,or his mother sorry has some weird,symptoms like weird cravings which,proves that shes pregnant and not,the symptoms of her being mind,controlled by weird bugs and the kidnap,is then reported and hattie made a,mistake by giving him a chance to turn,himself in and not reporting it for like,24 hours we learned that he did 10 tours,of i presume afghanistan and iraq but,beat up his commanding officer,near the end of his tours however trying,to make up for her mistake and save the,kids from possibly being killed as the,police think that he is a girl or a guy,whos going to snap and kill his kids in,the ultimate revenge,well she speaks to his former armored,colleague and manic just snapped he had,seen or just come off of a mission two,of his friends were killed and that was,that thats why he beat up his superior,officer there and a year ago started,sending him weird stuff about this make,believe invasion now thought to have,been left stewing in prison and i think,that he made all of this up in his mind,to make up for what happened,and a kind of a rationale for why hes,hurt people and why people are affecting,his life and why his life is not how he,wants it to be he simply wants to be,with his kids,however this make-believe thing that,hes come up with is not going very well,weirdly weve got all the documents,which we see but i dont really trust,what we see or have,that he has because it could be made up,it could be him in his head typing it up,and then printing it off but things go,from bad to worse when they arrive at an,old guys house and the shootout ensues,as malik is injured by now the police,have a full-scale manhunt for him and as,bobby goes to get some medicine for his,father hes the police are tipped off by,the pharmacy worker there and the kids,of the man chase them as we get a,shootout these two like militia one,percent guys are just absolutely,destroyed by the by manic whose military,training is far far too good for them,and its quite an interesting and tense,scene there that hes put his children,in such big danger he kind of realizes,this as hes like,he says that theyre going to go back to,the mother because theyre cured or,their mothers cured i think hes,starting to snap out of this,but it leads them to a dramatic showdown,where bobby runs out to try and save his,father thinking hes gonna be shot,now its a very interesting scene and we,saw,kind of like aliens and this is the,whole kind of plot of the movie that,there is supposedly this thing which,isnt real but we see him hug his father,and then we have like the lights and and,things like that,now we get somewhat of a happy ending as,manik is not killed bobby is not killed,and they look up,at the light and its a very curious one,there its a very,really good way of uh showing the the,whole subtext,of this movie as malik is finally at,peace with his son,now,was the ending what i wanted it to be,i,think that the movie was an interesting,way of showing that,the mental fragility of someone who has,lost their kids like this and,has to deal with obviously everything,that has happened in their ptsd and,things like that,but admit it did lose a lot of scene,once you realize what is going on and is,kind of like a normal sort of thriller,but the performances were next to none,but that is it for this video please,drop a like down below do subscribe with,notifications on and ill see you soon,and goodbye

Encounter review – London Film Festival

before i kick this review off uh i just,want to say that ive done my best to,avoid spoilers for this but theres a,little bit of a question about like how,the film is supposed to be presented to,the audience that im not really clear,on so if you really want to go into this,absolutely blank dont watch this review,just yet thats right im saying i dont,want the views i want you guys to go,into the movie,like completely,blank slate make up your own mind and,then come back okay,so with that said lets watch the,trailer,how high can you go,300. okay i want you to count to 600.,ill be back,one,two,malik knows the secret truth microscopic,parasites descending to earth in,meteorites are infesting life across the,planet manipulating their hosts to,nefarious ends armed with this knowledge,he enacts a rescue mission to retrieve,his estranged kids at any cost,playing off countless sci-fi conceits,about the righteous lone man fighting,back against an alien conspiracy,encounter poses a more,disturbing interpretation,what if these beliefs were delusional,how would a father react in that,situation what would he do to his family,this tense thriller from beast director,michael pierce offers no easy answers to,that question malik is a very layered,character and ahmeds performance peels,back those layers one by one so we can,really see whats going on in his,psychology,hes charismatic and loving enough to be,the hero of his own story,but hes also got a quick anger that,makes his kids wonder if maybe hes the,villain despite its hooky premise the,film actually largely follows the,structure of a character drama in much,the same way that beast did you know,where it was basically uh set up like a,thriller but was really about the,relationship between two people,and here instead of lovers we have this,very strong family relationship where,malik and his kids are basically just in,a car on a road trip for long periods of,time and its those empty stretches of,road where the lush cinematography and,really full sound design help flesh the,world out the films look is tenebrous,which is a really fancy way of saying,that its often pulled in shadow we see,characters faces half in the dark most,of the time and there are these really,striking and clever kind of compositions,where on a big empty road for instance,youll see headlights driving away and,then slowly dwindling into the distance,until they become pinpricks in an,otherwise almost black screen much like,the stars that malik is obsessed with,that hes having visions of and the way,those visions are treated is really,interesting because the film actually,starts with them as if they were real we,see a meteor coming into earths,atmosphere we see dust,in the shafts of light in a forest we,see bugs covered in this dust biting,each other and then we see a man,sleeping and a mosquito piercing into,his bloodstream and this little parasite,getting in so we go from this really,cosmic view to this skin crawling bug,stuff and then right down into the inner,space before malik wakes up and i think,thats a powerful approach in terms of,taking the concept seriously because,youre inviting the audience into that,headspace now as i said the movies,strongest idea is playing off audience,expectations with this apparent like,lead protagonist type this ex-marine,whos charismatic and fun half of the,time uh kind of maybe posing a danger to,his kids but interestingly we also get,an almost equal focus on the kids,particularly the eldest of the two who,is called jay,and jay is really very much in love with,his dad he thinks that hes the greatest,guy on earth and he trusts him and so he,accepts this new world view,quickly kind of without questioning,and a lot of the films narrative is,about the beginnings of questioning that,of thinking maybe dads not right and is,he okay but what really surprised me was,how tender that story ended up being,instead of being a straightforward plot,about two kids who were abducted and,their their crazy dad like a criminal,minds episode or something its a much,more,thoughtful and moving relationship,between those two characters thats not,to say that its perfect in fact theres,one character who really gets short,shrift which is octavia spencers bounty,hunter who kind of failed to identify,malik as a flight risk and now feels,responsible for whatevers going to,happen at the end of this road if you,ask me thats an interesting storyline,and she does kind of get her own,investigation plot but it doesnt really,go anywhere and it doesnt seem to tie,much into the main movie it feels,curiously curtailed is the way that i,would describe it like it was supposed,to be longer in the original script or,even in the actual original edit and was,cut for time or because it distracted,from that admittedly very beautiful,central relationship and its portrayal,but thats pretty much my only note so,go and see encounter its a richly,layered edge of your seat nail biting,thriller as well as a really closely,observed character drama about a family,living on the whims of delusion so,thats it from me but lets have a chat,in the comments below i think theres a,lot of room to interpret this movie in,different ways and talk about the way,that it plays with tropes that often,feel quite tired i was slightly,disappointed by the marketing for the,movie because i think it largely,portrays it as a straightforward like,sci-fi action thing and in reality its,a much more complex story so i think,itll probably bore some people who,wanted to go in for that kind of popcorn,action,but im hoping that there is an audience,that finds the film and maybe word of,mouth will help with that i dont know,but lets chat about that in the,comments below what fruitful area for,discussion have a good one and ill see,you next time bye for now

Encounter (2021) Movie Review

whats up everybody ogp back with you,for another movie review yes if you,enjoy this video please give it a good,ol thumbs up let me know down below if,you have seen,encounter,the 2021,amazon original movie directed by,michael pierce starring rizz ahmed and,octavia spencer as well as the guy that,played bunchy,ray donovans brother in ray donovan,uh dash,me hook me muk however you say his last,name,but the funny thing is on imdb they,dont list,dash and the cast,but unless im losing my mind dash,played the highway patrolman that winds,up stopping,the dad and the two sons,early in the movie,unless im losing my mind that was dash,aka bunchy from ray donovan so im not,sure why hes not on the imdb but,anyways,thats not the end of the world were,here to actually talk about the movie,not the imdb page and,i,was recommended this movie,by balzer 77 a while back and i just had,a lot going on its taken me a while to,get to it,and if,my voice is raspy today i apologize,this is um,like day four that ive been back from,texas and uh the night that i got back,started getting under the weather,i feel like im getting over it now but,its uh affected my voice and so,please accept my apologies bear with me,but uh lets have some fun talking about,a really good movie,that i am actually very grateful for,balzer 77 for recommending this because,of a few different reasons one,a great story,with,a wicked twist in the middle,um,great cast you know the actors were all,wonder wonderfully cast i felt like they,all did a great job for their roles,it was gorgeous uh the the,cinematography was amazing,the edit was amazing i didnt have any,problem with production value at all you,know of course its amazon theyre,dumping all the money in the world into,it,uh but it was just,all in all from the production to the,acting to the story it was just really,well put together at some point i will,mention to you that im going to get,into spoilers,the spoilers for this are huge and will,ruin it for you,if you have not seen it so at that point,or right now,go ahead and stop this video and check,out encounter its available amazon,prime if you remember it is free i,highly recommend it im going to give,you my score here in just a couple,minutes after talk about a couple other,things about this movie i had posted in,the community tab uh i believe it was,public but,i posted a couple pictures from,uh like one from the movie one from uh,like google maps like street view,because they were filming in a town,called lone pine california,instantly i recognized that town i was,like no way thats so cool,so i pulled up google and went and sure,enough yeah it was right there in lone,pine california lone pine is like the,gateway like the portal,to the,sierra nevada mountain range from the,east side um like if you were if you,were going in,um the back side of yosemite youre,going in from the east side a little bit,further north but um,the eastern,sierra nevada you know mountain range,and entry is is typically through lone,pine and uh ive driven through there on,just on the way passing through going,north uh ive also gone there twice to,go up into the sierras and climb mount,whitney which is the tallest mountain in,the continental united states or the,lower 48.,so that was pretty cool to see that i,was like oh no way i love seeing,locations that i recognize but it gets,better,shortly after that i see them driving,down a highway and theres a sign and,you clearly see it it says 190. in,almost that exact spot where they shot a,wide of the jeep traveling through the,desert on that little highway,we use that same stretch of road to film,scenes one of the opening scenes for,clown motel massacre that was really,cool i was like no way i filmed a movie,right there too,so two cool filming locations,then they were at a,that you saw a little sign and it said,something something something mine or,quarry or something like that well that,is a place just outside of vegas that,this town was built,for the mining like the like the people,for the mining well mine shut down or,whatever and the town was just flat out,abandoned just flat out abandoned left,sitting there perfectly intact and it,sits there today,like in the condition you saw and this,was toward the end of the movie um where,they were in that town that was kind of,abandoned,like i know a guy who knows a guy,who can get us in there because its all,like,uh privately,own still i think maybe by the people,that own the mine or whatever,but we are planning on going over there,before too long and doing a video of,that like sketchy old just abandoned,community,thats going to be a lot of fun im,looking forward to that im not sure,when so i dont have anything to,announce as far as dates on that yet but,that was cool too so three cool,locations,but wait theres more,shortly after that we see them driving,through the desert,and theyre driving up a hill,and by this point theyre already in the,ford truck or i think it was a ford,truck but theyre in that newark pickup,truck,theyre driving up a hill and im like,oh crap i recognize that hill,every time i go to vegas and come home,i drive that same stretch road up that,hill when im going to vegas i drive,down that hill,and i was like no way that i know that,hill for sure,but then i was absolutely convinced that,i was 100 correct about that hill when,the next shot was taking place at,roys,which is in the town of amboy its at a,gas station that doesnt pump gas,anymore but uh theres like a gift shop,um its not even a real cafe anymore,they just sell like candy bars and,drinks and stuff like that,and then they have like i think some you,know like merchandise from the gas,station or whatever,but its in this town called amboy in,the middle of nowhere and then also you,see in the movie,its called the amboy crater which is,theres like this a little kind of black,volcanic,um,like um,whatever you call a crater thing coming,up out of the ground i know theres a,more accurate word for that,but uh basically this volcano thats,right by the amboy roys gas station,there so i was like no way ive been to,both of those ive been to the gas,station roys there,probably 50 times,but uh thats so cool because that roys,where they were sitting,in the booth,and now i believe,that see thomas howell and rucker howard,were in the next booth over they werent,in the corner booth,but theres a picture on the wall,that you can see clearly in this movie,that has i think it like it looks like a,cup of coffee and a pancake or something,like that,they put that picture over the picture,of see thomas howell record howard,thats always there like if you walk in,there today you would see see thomas,howe and rucker howard,showing where they sat in the filming of,the movie the hitcher,so that was really cool so seeing those,locations i was like all right no way no,way this is cool this is cool,then,the final scenes after that,theres some,driving going on and and i dont think,any of these are spoilers yet this is,just me talking about cool family,filming locations but theres driving,going on,and you see,um,you know like the dad the sun,driving,one way,and theyre actually,supposed to be driving away from roys,but the stretch of road theyre on,is the hill they went up early in the,movie now theyre on that hill going,down theyre actually on the same,stretch road but going the other way so,the cameras pointed the other direction,so you dont realize it unless you know,it so theyre actually going back down,toward roy so i was like thats funny,theyre going the wrong way,but then you see,the uh theres like a line of cars,that is going somewhere in particular no,spoilers yet so that line of cars,um,if if you know what im talking about,there that line of cars,they are all going,also toward roys when theyre supposed,to be going,toward,the dad and the sun,and so i was like no way that they they,you know the average person would never,pick up on that but i know the stretch,of the road so the way they we

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