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escape from tarkov is an enigma to me,because ive never resented playing,something while simultaneously being,addicted to it and mind you ive played,world of tanks for nearly 10 years im,so sick of this [ __ ] company but i,even asked you guys how to have fun with,this game and almost everyone either,told me you dont have fun or to resort,to substance abuse i want to share my,recovery story on how i got hooked and,why i dont plan on stopping anytime,soon but escape from tarkov is a,hardcore multiplayer first person,shooter with some rpg elements but you,can play as either two characters in the,city of tarkov but this region once a,city just like any other has experienced,complete societal collapse and is now,inhabited by the local russian populace,that being the scavs and to deal with,the scabs we have the pmc factions takov,is made up of a wide variety of maps,that include a factory shoreline forest,shopping centers even a laboratory but,the maps look beautiful in my opinion it,really gives off a feeling that real,people lived in this region and now,nature is slowly taking over there is a,dynamic time and weather system which,can add a significant level of horror to,the game because its armor levels of,darkness running around in pitch,darkness and you could hear footsteps,getting closer and closer to you is,pretty harrowing but staying on the,topic of factions you have a scav,character which is a randomly generated,character that can be used around every,30 minutes you get random gear and your,main objective is to literally scavenge,for suppliers that can either supply,your main character it also allows you,to stay somewhat competitive when youve,completely ran out of your suppliers for,your main character but obviously you,dont want to get into any gunfights or,avoid them at all costs because you,wont be able to compete with modern day,firearms but as a scav you arent,supposed to shoot other scavs because,even crackheads have standards and if,you do it it will affect your standing,with some traders but unfortunately this,isnt america because the rules of,engagement have made me want to pull my,hair out because im getting shot at,mind you the bullets arent actually,hitting me but i i return fire i drop,them and then i get punished it drives,me absolutely insane because like you,think that theyre a scav and theyre,not gonna shoot you and then they just,shoot you in the back anyways but some,of you might actually like this because,it adds a layer of tension to the game,because obviously if you see another,scav really youre not supposed to shoot,them and theyre not supposed to shoot,you but you dont know that so you have,to be aware of what theyre doing where,they are and just always be constantly,checking your back it can be frustrating,to deal with at times but its also,pretty interesting especially if a scav,sees you get good loot honestly they,might risk their standing with some of,the traders just to get the loot off you,so be careful but you have your pmc,character which is able to take on tasks,from traders that will level them up you,can customize your loadout and have,freedom over what you want to take into,a raid you can level up your character,skills and there is a lot of them i can,think there are plans in the future to,add a degradation mechanic i dont know,if this is already in the game or if,its something they want to actually,implement but basically if you dont,play the game enough then your skills go,down and your character becomes worse,similar to real life when you dont,practice something but you know some,people,have a job have a life have a wife and,kids annoyingly there is a similar,system with the insurance mechanic,because i didnt actually know you had,to go to the trader and claim your,insured items because i found out that a,bunch of my items had expired theyre,like oh yeah you know [ __ ] you im gonna,go sell it on the market and that drove,me insane because it never actually,explained to me what i was supposed to,do i just thought it went back in your,inventory but in this game theres no,tutorial because tarkov is a game of,learning hard lessons that will make you,hate yourself but all the traders have,their own agendas that can please them a,lot of them are gold diggers who like it,when you spend money on them but some,can give basic tasks such as find a,certain amount of items in a raid or,kill x amount of enemies but it can get,pretty ridiculous from what ive seen,where you might have to headshot 5 pmcs,whilst having both your arms broken and,giving childbirth ok thats an,exaggeration but they can really ramp up,in difficulty to the point where you,might think okay is this actually,possible unless i get lucky alongside,improving your standing with traders you,want to basically get as many resources,as possible so you can earn money buy,supplies as well as improve your hideout,which is a place you can walk around and,train with firearms but you also get,buffs to energy hydration and the,ability to craft special items but i,like the idea of having my own hideout,because i can see it gradually get,better as well as it makes the game,easier for me but staying on topic of,ease of play what is the new player,experience like and its not that good,there is no tutorial to help you heck i,would have even settled for a hell let,loose style manual that covers the very,basics of gameplay mechanics but the,game throws you in the deep end to,basically fend for yourself i had my gun,jam on me and i had no idea that was,even a thing and i had to google a,solution to unjam it in the heat of,battle i know youll have people that,say youll just have to learn through,trial and error thats just a part of,the hardcore experience but i have to,disagree i find that kind of bad game,design where i have to read a wiki post,or watch a youtube tutorial but a nice,thing they have is called the sherpa,program which is where an experienced,player will come out with you in the,field and help you get in the game this,is great but i wanted to play with my,american friend and i kept on getting,booted for hyping but this is because,people say they want a game to be as,fair as possible and not have me rubber,banding around with my 200 ping to,affect them which is fair enough but the,game requires you to get into a specific,mindset similar to a game of competitive,in cs go you need to be switched on you,need to be as if youre tweaking out and,checking every possible area you can get,ambushed from as well as listen out to,every possible sound such as footsteps,gunfire and treat it as hostile because,there have been times where ive been,killed and ive just been left,scratching my head every time but every,time you go out into takov you need to,set goals for yourself if youre playing,as a scav it might be to find some ammo,or food or get a weapon as a pmc you,might want to find supplies for your,base or complete challenges but this is,where the high risk high reward comes,into play because every time you go into,a raid theres always the possibility,that you will lose every single item,that you have on you unless of course,you put it in your chest which my friend,says is a key stud chest if i were to,put this here firmly up my ass then i,will never,lose it i will always see it because the,thing is i was so happy when i got a,decent gun decent gear and i ensured,everything and then i went out into a,raid and i got killed from god knows,where and i lost everything and im,gonna be honest i felt like crying and,insurance didnt bother covering it,which made me go insane but you need to,understand that you will have moments,where you just get absolutely shot on by,a more experienced player which is fair,enough thats thats gaming but one,wrong mistake can have you lose,everything that you have the thing is,theres no winning screen unless you,count the survival screen as one theres,no specific way to play this game and,you can progress at your own pace doing,whatever the

Why Tarkovs PVP Experience is so UNIQUE – Escape From Tarkov 2022 Review

okay lets say youre playing,battlefield you get a few kills and a,tank and then someone blows you up in 15,seconds youre back in full ammo full,health the death only matters as much as,one ticket in a game that started your,team with a thousand tickets a large,majority of players have been drawn to,the genre of battle royales in the past,few years and thats because of a few,key elements to gameplay that make the,games inherently more immersive more,stressful more painful even but most,importantly more rewarding targov isnt,what id consider your average battle,royale its quite a newer style of game,in the genre its pretty hard to find,those two words what i can tell you what,i can show to you is that triple a game,studios are and have been trying to copy,the formula of games like tarkov and,hunt showdown in an attempt to create a,similarly deep immersive experience that,they cant reach with their own game,modes but they usually fall short due to,limitations in creativity lack of,understanding of why players play these,extraction based brs and fear to create,something risky in the game dev industry,that is both challenging and punishing,for the player therefore deemed as not,appealing for those casual audiences,players players in that truck players,the metric,in games like escape from tarkov you,level up the game by playing it killing,ai and other players looting items in,raid and extracting alive but the,primary way to gain xp in tarkov is,tasks i personally think its a bit,overpowered just how much these tasks,weigh in in terms of importance to your,daily experience in the game limiting,you to odd play styles to rank up your,pmc faster than anybody else,okay all right chill hold on but they,also add an important level of stress,onto every single player more risk more,intensity tarkov lets say you accept a,fetch quest you enter a map travel far,and wide to find that item and extract,not too difficult sounding right well,theres other idiots on the map who are,also doing quests and if you run into,them after you picked up your quest item,there it goes kaput so does your gear,and gun by the way the fear of dying in,this game is arguably the highest of any,game ive ever played you can kit up to,mega beef mode enter a raid travel for,40 minutes completing tasks only to get,another player to ambush you and hit you,with a shot between the eyes its,intense you could die right now to a,camping sniper and lose 40 minutes of,progress and potentially hours of,looting a certain item theres games,that do this similarly dayz could be,days worth of grinding loot for an,in-game loadout but when you die its,not like youre losing your long-term,progression on a trader or losing unique,ultra rare loot for upgrading your home,base in the long run you can start,another character and be back at the,in-game gear or find that same piece of,loot usually by the end of the day,tarkovs in-game in comparison takes,months for the regular player to reach,as i grinded to level 25 in this new,wipe i questioned why i was doing it why,play a game that is so risky so,challenging so grindy even to the extent,of being annoying the game makes you do,hilariously specific tasks even in the,first 50 hours into the gameplay hey,newbie to tarkov can you shoot a dude in,the right leg in particular but make,sure its past 50 meters ill give you,xp4 oh and make sure its with a mosin,nagant go find this item on one map,avoid all players and survive that raid,then go into this other highly dangerous,map and place the item there if you die,in either of those raids restart your 90,minute to 120 minute progress and try,again better luck next time stalker,eat i keep coming back to,this game because whenever i suddenly,get the drop on a player take the shot,and it lands i know i might have ruined,that dudes 40 minutes he was probably,on some quest he probably had vital loot,he needed for his hideout or an upgrade,or a trade and ive utilized some map,knowledge a solid weapon of choice and,maybe some luck of the recoil system and,taken that progress for my own gain but,thats what makes it fun getting a kill,in battlefield or cod can be satisfying,sure but when i died in a tank yesterday,on battlefield 1 and when i respond in,such a quick manner with no,repercussions when i killed a player,once and then killed the same player,again in the same minute i felt a,certain feeling the enemy player who,killed me only set my team back 1 1000th,for the 30 minute match when i killed,the other player i set their team 1 1000,back for the 30 minute match as well,its like nothing you just defeated,another human being in a combat scenario,and he gets to come back in 10 seconds,with only a scratch of punishment to his,overall team score and he can probably,spawn back in the same area and come and,target you again it is satisfying a bit,from a team play perspective to know,that you defended a point from capture,and killed players while doing it taking,away points from the enemy team but its,just simply not as satisfying in,comparison you dont really kill the,enemy player you just removed him,temporarily from your location and,placed him back in wherever his team has,a control point,squad does a better job at this both in,lengthening respond times to be more,punishing but also limiting your spawn,points to both fobs and rally points,killing a player usually sets them back,about,five minutes from potentially seeing you,again which is better but im still not,truly killing that player as before im,just removing him from my location,forcing him to spawn elsewhere in in,squad 50 seconds in the battle royale,apex legends if you down and kill a,player but fail to wipe their team their,team can travel to a certain respawn,node to return their friend back into,the round but their friend is now empty,of loot and will have to restart their,collection of gear likely leaving them,underpowered by the rounds end it does,heavily punish a team if you kill a,player but its until you wipe the,entire squad that youre again,not killing the player in tarkov you,kill people,i got him oh my gosh i got him holy,good shot you wont see him again hes,gone he cant get revived he cant,respond he cannot reconnect to the match,all of his weapons loot and gear are,yours now so if he had better stuff than,you eat up its the sort of satisfaction,that got my crew and many others stuck,on pubg for those two years when it,first launched you were ending that,persons ability to do anything against,you you were actually for the first time,of the fps genre killing a person,permanently you are likely never going,to match with him ever again if you,tried his body lies on the ground a,hushed casket of what it used to be,guns gear and a prepared mind most,battle royales until you running around,finding random loot hoping that you can,find a shotgun before the other nearby,enemy player can whoever gets loot lucky,gets a one-up on any firefight with,better armor a stronger weapon and more,medications and ammo in tarkov its up,to you to decide how much you want to,bring in your better armor weapons meds,and ammo because no matter how kitted up,your ak is to reduce recoil you can,still take a shot to the neck at any,moment anywhere on the map its a little,game of chess especially when working,with a good team of how your team,composition is going to function same,kit lets go does the point man have a,solid assault rifle for mag dumping,surprise enemies does your team have the,optics for reaching out to players,beyond 200 meters are you bringing,supplemental food water or medication,for when something goes wrong even more,challenging of a question on maps with,mixtures of terrain types and urban,environments when youre solo what do,you bring do you bring a sniper in hopes,that you can catch a player at a range,that he cant fight back from or will,you get ambushed at close range and be,forced to utilize that sniper at a,10-foot distance your choices could and,will mean the di

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ESCAPE FROM TARKOV | The Non-Confusing Guide to Starting

你好,这是 Alex,让我们说实话,逃离塔科夫似乎是,全新玩家开始时最令人生畏的射击游戏之一,尤其是现在它已经推出,了一段时间……但我会帮助它减少令人生畏的。,那里有许多异常长的初学者指南,其中载有大量信息的自卸卡车直接堆,在您身上,但是我没有做类似的事情,而是,通过此视频来实现一个主要目标……编译您绝对需要的最有用的信息了解,塔科夫的第 0 天,并以最简单明了的方式,,在最短的时间内将其直接输入你的脑洞。,所以,首先,逃离塔科夫到底是什么。,好吧,它是一款带有 RPG 元素的在线射击游戏,您可以在其中偷偷地清理,散布在每张地图周围的装备,并杀死其他真实玩家或 cpu 控制的 NPCS 来窃取他们的装备。,你的希望是尽可能安全地提取尽可能多的战利品,而不会,因为死亡而失去你所拥有的一切,然后完成任务,升级你的帐户,并取得进展。,按照设计,更强壮、最敬业的玩家会变得更强壮,所以要准备好,一场上山的战斗,你玩得越聪明,越有战术性,就可以平局。,在一场名为“塔科夫突袭”的比赛结束时没有一个赢家,这不是传统的大逃杀,,最终将其更多地视为具有 pvp 的生存射击 MMO。,知道了?,有点?,够好了,让我们来看看它的实际播放方式。,首先,非常非常重要的是了解提取的工作原理,否则您可能会,在地图上漫无目的地跑来跑去,直到您在耳垂中随机中弹。,要知道您可以从当前地图上的何处提取,请双击 O 以显示,当前活动提取点的列表以及您还剩多少时间才能到达,一个。,如果提取在列表中的名称旁边有问号,则意味着,它可能实际上没有打开,因此请记住这一点。,要知道一个提取点是否处于活动状态,请注意细微的视觉线索,例如灯亮着,、汽车行驶或其他任何看起来像是在邀请您前往,它的东西……而不是看起来像一个无聊的孤独的旧门或门。,您还可以检查颜色指示器的提取名称,如果它是绿色,文本,则表示有人已使用它并且它处于活动状态,红色文本表示它,不再处于活动状态。,传统的游戏叠加地图并不容易使用,所以你真的需要集中精力,实际学习一次只学习一两张地图的地形。,有 3rd 方概览地图可以帮助您确定要去哪里,或者您可以,通过单击下一步而不是准备好进入离线模式的地图,然后单击离线,模式复选框。,您还可以让机器人填写地图,以练习枪支射击的感觉,而不必,担心丢失任何东西。,我建议在选择地图时选择白天时间,因为,如果您进入一张完全黑暗的地图,没有手电筒或夜视仪可供,您使用,那么您将在早期度过一段糟糕的时光。,或者,您可以尝试利用夜晚的掩护进行隐身,然后,在有人发现您之前立即离开那里。,取决于您和您的游戏风格。,与看到塔科夫一样重要,实际上是听到,所以要,为那里最需要耳机的射手之一做好准备。,如果你发出像投掷手榴弹或射击这样的大声音,你会提醒大约一半,的地图来寻找你的位置,所以我建议,你在杀戮和抢劫某人后迅速逃离现场。,另外,要小心熟练的玩家故意使用响亮的声音来诱使其他人进入,该区域。,现在,在真正开始您的第一次突袭之前,请确保,在交易选项卡菜单中接受经销商的任务,这将作为您,将寻求完成的主要任务。,接下来,您需要知道您的主要角色和临时,scav 角色之间的区别。,Scav 角色会被随机放入已经活跃的突袭中,以帮助填写,玩家数量,并随机装载装备。,Scavs 也是 cpu 控制的派系,因此玩家控制器 Scavs 有助于为,突袭增加持续的不确定感。,玩 scav 时,计算机控制的 scav 派系不会与你交战,除非你,先杀了他们,所以用肉眼观察他们身上的装备,看看是否值得杀死,他们。,您的 Scav 可以像您的主角一样提取战利品,但请记住, 与您将 与主角,一起使用的提取点相比,Scav 使用一些不同且更有限的提取点,。,这些在线地图将指示哪个是 SCavs、PMCs 或两者兼而有之。,这些 scav 角色是您的小宝库男孩,可以无风险地,收集尽可能多的战利品,因此请确保在他们结束,冷却时间时使用他们。,如果您直接使用您的 scav 角色并且他们已经装备了,超酷的东西,那么没有什么可以阻止您直接奔向提取点,这,将允许您将他们开始使用的装备添加到您的库存中以供以后使用或 只是为了利润 而,被超越出售。,如果您想在游戏中知道您是刚刚杀死了 PMC 玩家还是 scav,在抢劫他们时,,scav 不会在其库存的最底部有一个袋槽,而 PMC 会有。,起初这很容易错过,但是在抢劫人体时,请确保实际,向下滚动他们的库存,因为他们可能有其他 你可能没有注意到,的东西要搜索,。 现在,进入游戏的更多方面,,除了重新加载、改变射击模式、蹲下、俯卧、倾斜以及,你可能已经理解的那些东西之外,你最重要的按钮之一,你需要知道弹药量是多少 在,你发射了一些子弹后 留在你的,枪里…… 你可能没有把它们算在内。,如果您按 T + L-Alt,这将在右下角显示,您在弹匣中还剩下多少弹药。,这是一个重要且经常使用的输入,因此我强烈建议将其重新映射为,更自然的单个简单按钮按下。,现在,如果您想重新装弹并随身携带完整的弹匣,但对为什么按,r 不起作用感到困惑,请确保将弹匣或子弹放在,口袋里,或者理想情况下放在战术装备中,例如弹药背心。,如果你想从你的背包重新装弹,你需要停下来打开你的物品栏,,弹出弹匣,然后将下一个弹夹拖放进去。,当你正常重装时,单击 r 将进行正常速度重装,放,将空弹匣放回背包中以备日后使用,但如果双击 R,您将快速,重新装弹,弹匣掉在地上,可以捡起……,区别是细微的,但如果您需要额外的,请考虑一下毫秒。,你的枪实际使用的弹药和弹匣是一个保证兔子洞,你,可以用所有不同的类型击落,但一开始,你只想知道,所有这些弹匣中的哪一个真正适合你现在的枪,子弹是什么在那些杂志上。,如果你想要一个超级简单的基本方法来解决这个问题,只需从,你的武器上卸下弹匣,然后单击并按住任何其他弹匣。,如果弹匣兼容,它将突出显示您的枪绿色,如果不兼容,则不会,突出显示绿色。,还可以将其弹出,以便在寻找从经销商处购买更多商品时更容易在视觉上发现。,然后,如果你想知道弹匣装的是哪种弹药,你可以卸下弹药,,它会弹出来,让你更容易去寻找更多同类型的弹药。,装回正确的弹药就像右键单击并加载弹药一样简单。,如果您开始用完所有子弹类型的存储空间,请留意,弹药箱,它可以让您在其中存储大量弹药,同时只占用,4 个方格。,这个概念也适用于背包,允许您将库存存储在,库存中,因此如果您在藏匿处持有背包,您不妨将它们填满,。,您还可以通过在藏身处基地中升级来扩展您的藏匿物品库存空间,,因此请留意升级所需的物品。,由于已经进入了所有这些菜单内容,因此很难避免,因为菜单是塔科夫,游戏玩法的 50%,是一些快速的生活质量。,拿着物品时按 R 可以旋转它,让这些俄罗斯方块技能,发挥作用。,如果您想对杂乱无章的库存进行自动分类,请点击,底部的这个小按钮,它将对所有东西进行分类整理。,如果你想在你的角色、你的物品栏、游戏中的容器,或敌人的身体之间快速移动东西,ctrl 点击会立即移动它,,如果可能的话,alt 点击会立即装备它。,为了在抢劫或藏匿时进一步减少空间,一些枪支将配备可折叠的枪托,,这将减少总体占地面积。,此外,一些带有大弹匣的枪,如果弹出按钮,会减少,枪支占用的空间,让弹匣放在另一个地方,这,在突袭时真的很方便。,对于尚未识别的项目,您只需将鼠标悬停在,它们上按中键即可快速检查它们,每次这样做也会产生少量经验,。,您可能需要考虑在经销商商店中花费额外的时间,只需识别,所有内容,以便更好地了解物品系统的工作原理。,现在,进入更多游戏方面,你最重要的按钮,之一,改变射击模式,俯卧,倾斜,以及你可能,已经理解的东西,你需要知道剩下多少弹药在你,发射了一些子弹之后你的枪……,你可能没有把它们算在内。,在突袭中,实际上比视觉更重要的是听觉,所以要,为那里最需要耳机的射手之一做好准备。,如果你发出像投掷手榴弹或射击这样的大声音,你会提醒大约一半,的地图来寻找你的位置,所以我建议,你在杀戮和抢劫某人后迅速逃离现场。,另外,要小心熟练的玩家故意使用响亮的声音来诱使其他人进入,该区域。,如果你想玩得更隐蔽,你可以滚动鼠标滚轮,动态改变,你的行走速度有多快,这也会影响你发出的噪音。,您也可以通过按住 C 并滚动鼠标来调整蹲伏高度。,您可以通过按下鼠标滚轮从一侧旋转到另一侧,以,向一个方向移动但注意另一个方向。,当你瞄准你时,可以通过按下左 alt 来屏住呼吸,即使,你不使用远程瞄准镜也可以。,如果您的头盔有面罩,您发现它会过多地遮挡视线,您可以,按 N 上下切换它。现在让我们深入了解治疗,或者至少了解治疗的基础知识。,像 Ai-2 medkit 之类的物品可以治疗原始生命值,这些生命值分布在你,身体的 7 个部分之间。,您只需单击这些,它就会治愈最低的部分,您可以,单击并将其拖动到您想要恢复活力的身体部位。,如果你让身体部位完全失去它的健康部分,它,在突袭 中将无法修复,。 你的部分也可能在流血,可以使用诸如,用于轻微出血的带子之类的物品来治愈,或者使用诸如 ternicite 之类的物品来治愈大量出血。,夹板也可以用同样的方法来固定骨折的骨头。,然后是止痛药,它并不能真正治愈你,而是可以暂时,将你的角色动作恢复正常,无论,你几乎是一个血腥的尸体。,这最常用于交火期间,或者在受伤时试图快速逃跑时。,在早期的游戏中,你只需要真正了解你的角色的水合作用,和能量计。,如果您的水合计变得足够低,您将随着时间的推移开始失去健康,这,可以通过简单地使用任何游戏中的美味饮料来解决。,然后是你的能量计,它会导致疲劳,减缓你的行动,可以,通过吃食物来解决……,我觉得我只是解释了人类……,对于我随身携带的治疗物品,我通常会保留那些在我的安全,容器中,这是你的小魔法盒,它可以存放任何物品,即使你,在突袭中死亡。,如果这些物品 不在您的背心口袋中,则无法,将这些物品分配到数字键上的快速使用栏 ,但我通常会承担这个缺点,,以确保我不会在两次死亡之间浪费这些物品。,如果您想要轻松访问或项目安心,请致电。,安全容器并不是保护您的装备不丢失的唯一方法,因为,您可以为您真正关心的物品投保。,如果您丢失了保险物品,它将在经过一定时间后在消息选项卡中邮寄给您,,但前提是其他玩家,从您身上偷走了,该装备,但没有成功提取该装备 。 装备越好,您投保的成本就越高。,您还可以使用已经在其中的杂志为您的战术装备投保,以保存它们,。,塔科夫的一个重要部分经常是死去,一遍又一遍地失去你所有的东西,,所以当你学习游戏时,我不会太依恋任何东西,或者真的让这个概念让,你失望……,再一次,你随机子弹打到耳垂。,为了弥补损失,您将需要卢布,这是游戏中的主要货币,并且您需要将,不需要的物品卖给正确的供应商,至少在您,在角色 10 级解锁跳蚤市场 之前。,不同的供应商将为您提供的商品提供不同的价格,有时甚至,大相径庭,因此请确保通过花额外的时间将您的利润最大化卖给,出价最高的人。,一旦你达到 10 级,购买和销售,并获得更多有价值的装备,实际上 会变得相当容易,所以在,愤怒卸载 之前保持这种动力至少达到那个里程碑,。,坚持下去。,现在,我在这篇文章中介绍的主要是游戏的基本元素,但是在,你进行了几次突袭或几十次突袭之后,你应该去寻找更多,关于关键系统如何工作的信息,高级子弹类型,以及后来的游戏藏身处开发。,我希望至少你们中的一些人发现我不那么漫不经心的指南风格会有所帮助,如果你们,确实让我知道。,我发现尝试在我的频道上尽可能短的时间内挤入尽可能多的信息非常令人愉快,,有点像准备小知识三明治,,如果你欣赏这一点,或者就像三明治一样考虑留在频道上。,与往常一样,这是来自 Boomstick Gaming 的 Alex,感谢您一直关注,到最后,我将在下一次见到您。

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Is Escape from Tarkov worth it in 2022?

okay first things first do you like pain,misery and lubelus sodomy you do well,escape from tarkov might just be for you,whats up guys its average all making,average content for the average viewer,and today i want to answer the question,is escape from tarkov worth it in 2022.,now look ill be honest with you the too,long didnt read of this is honestly,escape from tarkov is one of the best,bangs for your buck you can get in,gaming this game is so rich with content,that has kept me entertained for longer,than when i first discovered the hub,that being said there are quite a few,caveats that i will mention in this,video if you do enjoy this content and,like rating is very much appreciated and,if you want to see more takoff videos,and videos on everything fps then make,sure you subscribe so lets get this out,the way what is escape from tarkov well,the development team behind the game,battlestate games describe it as a,hardcore story driven mmo featuring,elements of fps and rpg unlike the,casual shooters and if that sounds very,complicated to you well to be honest,thats because the game is escape from,tarkov is so god damn complicated and,intricate and deep on so many levels,that it does take a long time to learn,for those of you who arent aware ill,just explain basically how the gameplay,loop works the game essentially revolves,around high value loots you have to go,into raids and find this loot and,extract with it and you can either sell,it or use it for tasks or if you find,armor or guns etc you can take them into,the next raid with you however whatever,guns whatever helmets whatever rigs,whatever backpacks whatever armor you,bring into any given raid with you if,you die you will lose that gear what,this means is that every single,engagement you have really does feel,like like well [ __ ] life or death,literally every time you see a person,your fight or flight will kick in and at,first you will be very scared and you,will want to run away and thats okay,but as you get better at the game youll,be able to engage with these players and,then when you kill them not only will,you have that sudden rush of dopamine,and excitement that you cant get from,any other game but also youll be able,to approach that dead body and pick,their corpse clean of all of the gear,that they have worked very hard to,either find in the raid or brought in,with them this is how escape from tarkov,works now look because this game has,such brutal mechanics and because there,are such high stakes what this means is,if youre not prepared for this sort of,game you might not find it to your taste,for me personally i bought this game,about 18 months ago and i think overall,ive played it for about 130 hours and,ive only just began to feel like im,just getting into it and getting into my,stride now as you can probably tell by,whatever gameplay ive got playing in,the background im still absolutely [ __ ],at this game i am absolutely god awful,however the thing is when you put in,that time and you do get to a point,where you can kill other people honestly,there is no other game that i have found,as gratifying as escape from tarkov now,as well as the looting in the shooting,there are some other mechanics within,this game that can almost be associated,with like a survival game you have to,eat you have to drink you dont just,have one health bar youve got seven,youve got a health bar for your left,arm your right arm your left leg your,right leg your thorax your stomach your,head and all of these things have to be,maintained within the raid so you have,to take meds in with you if you get shot,too much in your arm it might get,blacked out therefore you wont be able,to aim properly so youll have to do,surgery to repair it and if you get shot,too much in your leg and that gets,blacked out then youll be limping,everywhere unless you take painkillers,to relieve that pain or you repair that,leg all of these things have to be,thought about and maintained in,extremely high stress situations that,honestly arent going to be for everyone,look im not going to sit here and tell,you that every single person should play,escape from tarkov because the reality,of that is not every single person is,going to enjoy this game if youre used,to playing sort of battle royales and,you like that sort of high intensity but,youre looking for something deeper then,yes escape from tarkov is 100 going to,be for you just dont expect to be able,to jump into the game and start getting,like five six seven kill raids that,youre used to in war zone or fortnight,because this style of game is so much,different and so much harder the recoil,on the guns is absolutely immense and it,will take you ages to be able to learn,it and control it properly your,character moves with such weights and,when you have more loot in your bag then,youre going to be making more noise,which makes you easily identified by,other players and on top of this if,youve got a massive gun and then loads,of [ __ ] in your bag then youre going to,be moving really slow and youre going,to peak corners slower and youre not,going to be able to run as far so,sometimes if youre expecting a gunfight,you have to drop your bag and come back,for it later in order to be able to move,fast enough so youre actually going to,win the gunfight all of these things,need to be thought about at all times,and it will take you ages before you are,actually proficient at this game like i,said i myself and nowhere near that i,rely on playing with friends who are,really good at the game and thats,another thing if youre playing this,game on your own im not going to be,around the bush is [ __ ] terrifying,ive played outlast 2 ive played,resident evil ive played loads of,horror games and nothing sends shivers,up my spine than hearing a little bush,rustle in the background whilst im,hopelessly looting and trying to find a,key that i need for a quest escape from,tarkov is full of these tense moments,and in the first few hours maybe even,the first 30 to 40 hours you will spend,the majority of that time,just [ __ ] yourself basically sat in,a bush [ __ ] [ __ ] yourself asking,yourself why the hell did i even buy,this game now i know that it sounds like,im trying to put you off and that is,because honestly this game is a big,commitment if you want to spend the,money on this game then youre going to,have to put in quite a lot of time and,quite a lot of effort into learning this,game for example each of the maps within,escape from tarkov well there isnt a,map in game so youll have to either,find a map online or go into an offline,raid and work out where your extractions,are work out where your tasks are work,out where all the best loot is all of,this takes time and if you dont have,time youre just the sort of gamer who,wants to come home and sit down for an,hour after work every day then i have to,say to you that maybe escape from tarkov,isnt for you however what i will say is,no game that i have ever played even,comes close to the gratification of,actually having a successful raid in,escape from tarkov and the thing is even,if youre not good at pvp even if youre,not proficient with the weapons in this,game just finding some awesome loot or,thing that you need for a quest and,sneaking your way through the map,avoiding all contact at all costs is so,rewarding when you finally get out that,raid and your hearts pump in its,honestly unrivaled in the gaming space,in terms of that intensity and that risk,first reward gameplay now i do just want,to quickly talk about the price point,escape from tarkov comes in a number of,tiers starting from about 30 pounds and,ending at about 120 pounds the only,difference with these versions is as you,go up the ranks and as you pay more,money youll have increased stash space,meaning youll be able to keep more,weapons and more stuff off raid and also,when you buy the edge of darkness,edition which is the highest tier,available youll get a larger secure,container for those of you

Should You Buy Escape from Tarkov?

hi guys this is pastel and welcome to,another escape from tackle video today i,am talking about if you should buy,escape from tarkov im going to cover,the overview of the development all the,ins and outs of the game the versions,controversies cheaters and all sorts of,things in and out of that so without,further ado lets crack straight into it,the escape from tarkov is a hardcore and,realistic online first person action rpg,simulator with mmo features and a story,driven walkthrough that is directly from,the escape from tarkov website and i,have played this game around about,probably a little bit over ten thousand,hours so i know the development cycle,over the past five years and im pretty,all over everything escape from target,related now the game is based out of a,fictional area of russia where there has,been an area under conflict and there is,the bear faction based out of that are,russian-based and then theres the usac,which are paid military contractors that,have come in to uh pretty much control,the area so theres the two different,factions and you go into this area or,this game its an instance based game,where you are going in killing stuff,grabbing loot and getting out with as,much items as you can there are missions,there are quests to get done but overall,its really kind of like a choose your,own adventure kind of thing because you,can do the task to progress through the,actual game itself and eventually when,the game is finished you will be able to,escape from taco but in the meantime,until the game is fully released uh you,are pretty much just going in there to,kill people and grab loot and get out,and become as strong as possible farkov,is a very in-depth game there is skills,for your character and that is the mmo,features of escape from tarkov as you,level up and as you play the game each,action you do will change how you level,up your skills or your level up skills,kind of like in games like morrowind and,and elder scrolls and that whereas if,you do specific actions youll level up,and youll uh be better at this,particular thing like youll be able to,jump higher run faster run further shoot,more accurately that kind of stuff this,does give a pretty big advantage to the,person who can play the game more to be,able to be better at the game naturally,with the game skills itself however,knowledge is power in this game and the,more you know about this game when,youre playing it will get you a,tactical and a better advantage in,progressing in this game faster now the,development team is battlestate games,theyre based out of russia the company,is owned by a uk company and they have,been developing this game internally in,saint petersburg in russia their whole,development crew is russian based in,saint petersburg and they dont really,employ people outside of there so it is,a bit of a slower progress i have been,around now for four and a half years,playing this game maybe a little bit,longer and its actually gotten close to,five years now and um,you know it is a bit of a process major,patches coming out every six months ish,they used to be a little bit faster,every time they do seem to get on top of,things something seems to happen and,then uh it slows down stuff like covert,et cetera they do plan to release the,release date this year so by the end of,this year they want to say when the,exact release date is which my guess,will be sometime late next year if you,are going to purchase this game from,tarkov there are multiple versions of,the game for 40 you can get the standard,edition and then it goes up uh,incrementally from left behind to,prepare for escape to the limited,edition edge of darkness edition now,between each of these things there is,pay to win elements that will make you,have an advantage but it mostly will,just save you time early on when the,game does wipe and that you start the,game again during each of these major,patches however in recent times the edge,of darkness edition has got a perk that,is going to save you money in the long,term so for example it has free access,to all dlcs in brackets season pass and,this is for stuff like the arena which,has just announced recently which is the,arena youll be able to purchase as a,standalone game or if you have edge of,darkness youll get it for free so if,you want to save money in the long term,you can actually get the edge of,darkness edition to get access to all,the upcoming stuff that will happen,after the release of the game and the,arena some other things ive actually,started to include as well is a offline,co-op mode which were based off escape,from target servers that only edge of,darkness will have access to initially,my advice is if you are going to buy,escape from tarkov is you buy the,standard account and then you can,upgrade and it will deduct the value of,the version you have from the upgraded,version that you want to purchase so if,you buy the standard account for 40 and,the,edge of darkness is 140 youll only have,to pay a hundred dollars to in the,difference it does go on sale quite,often about four or five times a year,barcode will go on sale and itll be,about 20 off which means if you do buy,it at the right time you can also get it,uh cheaper so buy standard account and,then if you enjoy the game later on when,its on sale you could upgrade to edge,of darkness if you think youll get your,moneys worth speaking of moneys worth,generally my advice when buying a video,game is you want to get one hours of,entertainment or each dollar spent so,for you know edge of darkness youd want,to get 140 hours of entertainment or,enjoyment now i cant promise you that,escape from target is going to be an,enjoyable game its going to make you,feel its going to make you frustrated,and angry but,you should be able to get your moneys,worth if it is the kind of game for you,speaking of if it is the kind of game,for you now generally people that play,this game for less than four hours a,week,will not enjoy this game its just a,common thing if you i dont have time to,invest into learning the game learning,how all the weapons work all the,ammunitions work all the ins and outs of,this game it is going to just kick you,in the ass and you are not going to get,much enjoyment out of it if you find,people that you can play with either via,discords and that and you can learn this,game quicker you will pick up this game,and enjoy it a lot faster however it,does take time to learn coming from a,content creation side of things i found,that a large amount of my viewership,dont have time to play the game,properly and therefore its just easier,to watch someone else play the game and,get their enjoyment vicariously through,someone so if you dont have many hours,in your week your father youre,busy or you know working a lot whatever,it is it is uh one of those things that,you probably wont get your moneys,worth,for the four hours a week up to four,hours a week post that i feel like you,could honestly get some good enjoyment,out of it um its not to say that less,than four hours you wont enjoy it its,just its going to be a lot harder for,you however with the announcement of the,arena there is a very good opportunity,that you will be able to enjoy a large,portion of the escape from tarkov game,in the arena the arena is going to be,based primarily off all the,the law and physics of escape from,tarkov but it will be an arena where you,can just go and shoot stuff and enjoy,that aspect of the game and you wont,need to learn all the ins and outs to be,able to enjoy that this is actually the,primary reason why im making this video,is now with the arena it actually does,make more sense for you to either buy,the edge of darkness or buy the arena,standalone as it is because i do,honestly believe that it will become a,lot more available for casual players,who dont have the time to invest,however if youre a hardcore gamer and,you enjoy first-person shooters gay,friend tarkov is probably the best,first-person shooter game wev

Escape from Tarkov – Game Review – The New Player Experience

a few weeks ago,i talked about trying escape from tarkov,so i decided to pivot briefly and check,out this game,particularly because they just put out a,new update for it,this is going to be a very honest review,of what a new players,typical experience is going to be like,so im going to warn you in advance to,brace yourselves,because im not that great at,first-person shooters,so its not going to be very pretty,i selected talk off from the whole genre,of shooters because it does have some,very interesting game mechanics,and it seems a little different from a,lot of those other games out there,this is basically tarkov in a nutshell,you get dropped into a map,with your goal being to pick up as much,loot as possible and,escape the map without dying youre,confronted by both,ai enemies known as scavs and other,players,both of which are pretty competent at,killing you this isnt a battle royale,so many individuals can win so its,simply a matter of,escaping alive which is something i,found challenging,among some other challenges even before,starting to play,the first challenge i ran into was,actually downloading the game,now a simple query for escape tarkov,will bring up the website and they make,it very obvious where to click to,purchase the game,its a pre-order now because its in,beta the actual purchase went through a,fairly straightforward series of steps,but after buying it i was left,scratching my head with,how or where on the website to actually,download the game,after clicking all the little tabs and,menu options,i finally did your basic google search,which,is where i discovered you have to go up,to the little profile word at the top,click on that which will lead you to a,game installation,the installation is a two-part process,and similar to other games,so not overly complicated you first,download a game launcher,and once thats successful you execute,the launcher and download the game,both the launcher and the game allow you,to customize the drive location of where,you want the game to be,which given the ever increasing size of,games these days,is practically mandatory jumping into,the game itself,was reasonably self-explanatory for me,but that could be because ive watched a,number of streamers play the game,so i had an idea of how the flow of,things went,but i will say that people who play this,game and become good at it,do click through a lot of screens very,quickly so you,probably should take a little time to,familiarize yourself,with everything thats available because,theres quite a bit,theres your character and its loadout,of gear,a separate screen for your characters,health theres,traders which you can buy and sell,things from a hideout which you can,upgrade to give you extra benefits in,the game and a,whole host of other things i didnt,really even get into,but might talk about them later at some,point what i was really wanting to get a,feel for,was the game itself now when you watch,other people playing this game they make,it look easy,but im gonna tell you that its not i,spent a lot of time doing this,and this,and this,but i didnt get overly discouraged,because i,knew that this game does have a bit of a,learning curve to it,and ive watched people who started,playing this game a couple years ago,struggle exactly like i did then slowly,over time,get a little better and a little better,strangely enough,the first time i got dropped into a map,i didnt die,but i did run into a huge number of,problems,one problem that i had is that i had no,idea what the key vines were,to be able to do anything and the other,really big one,was that i had no idea where to exit the,map,i didnt even know what the map looked,like i was supposed to be,randomly stumbling around until i found,some sort of exit,there is no in-game map for the player,to follow,at least not when you start out its a,matter of learning the maps,and memorizing them to the extent that,you know where youre going,and what kind of things youre going to,find when you get there including,the exit points i did what im sure a,lot of other players have done,and relied on old google normally i,dont use the internet to look up,answers i hate doing that but in this,case,the chances of me finding the exact,location where id be able to exit,from this rather large map was in,reality,almost an impossibility im sure if a,player did log,in a dozen times or so and slowly,scoured the map,they could put two and two together and,say hey this area,looks like a tunnel and i bet yeah this,is the tunnel exit im supposed to take,but again realistically that would,probably take days,so three bits of advice to a newbie,would be,to pull up a map that at least has the,exit points marked on it,and study it in advance do some,additional study,of the common key binds and do not do,your first raid,when night is falling like i did what,happened to me,is that i went into the map i eluded a,couple dead bodies that i found lying,around,basically picking the leftover bones as,someone else had left behind,then decided for my first rod i would,just try to,learn how to get around and find one of,these exit points,but it got dark and i wound up falling,off the edge of a cliff,and breaking both my legs this left my,character,hopelessly and slowly hobbling around,unable to run and jump effectively and,left,me questioning whether i was going to be,able to get out of this map,even if i did know where i was going,the game did give me some medical,supplies by default,a splint to help me heal up my legs a,little,some stuff that looked like american,cheese that gave me some health back,and some painkillers for a short period,of time,allowed me to move without limping but,those did wear off,relatively quickly when it got dark,it got really dark and i could barely,see where i was going,it wasnt until the moon started to come,up and cast a little light in the area,that i was able to find the stairs down,to the boat dock to one of the exit,points,some players might just crank up the,gamma on their monitor,but thats a cheat so it wasnt going to,happen,oddly enough that first run was one of,my most successful raids,after that it was straight downhill,i died over and over sometimes,never even seeing my killer to know,where the bullets came from,without me successfully leaving the map,with the gear i had brought in,and anything i had found my stockpile of,weapons in my stash,and other things like that was dwindling,fairly quickly,now fortunately the game does have a,little mercy on you,and you can play as two different kinds,of people,you can play as your normal character,known as the pmc,or you can enter the map as a player,scav,the fundamental differences are this as,a players scav,youre given a set of gear when you,enter the map,its not great gear but at least you,have a gun and a little bit of storage,for things on your body,with some other basics if you exit the,map with the gear they gave you and,anything else you looted you get to keep,it the same as if you were playing your,main pmc character,the second difference though is that any,actions you do in the game,dont count towards your characters,experience which is another interesting,facet of the game,the more you play and do different kinds,of actions,use different kinds of weapons and a,whole variety of different types of,functions like that,you essentially level up in some sort of,ability,related to doing that thing now,im not talking drastic differences,between a person whos level one,and a person whos level 20. its not,like world of warcraft leveling,but the improvements are there and over,time,higher level players will have an edge,in the way the game,calculates your accuracy or movement and,things like that,but to be clear the majority of the,leveling,is really just about you as a person,playing the game,getting better but back to my experience,it was humbling to say the least i even,resorted a few times,to running into the game with the free,knife your character has,because i was tired of

Escape From Tarkov: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

almost out of nowhere a game called,escape from tarkov is being talked about,on the internet like crazy,so today game ranks would like to tell,you everything that you need to know,about escape from tarkov so obviously,the first thing to tell you about with,escape from tarkov is that is an MMO,first-person shooter the game takes,place in a fictional city called tarkov,the city itself apparently exists,somewhere in Russia but is not a Russian,city quote-unquote but rather some type,of a settlement where a conflict is,going on between the Russian military,and the United Nations as with a lot of,survival games youll be battling,everything from a military force to,apparently hostile environments,illnesses are part of the mechanics and,radiation poisoning counts as an illness,so while they havent explicitly said,anything it sounds kind of like there,might be a post nuclear situation going,on here whether its full-on nuclear war,on a fallout I dont know but something,has certainly poisoned the landscape for,radiation poisoning to be a mechanic,there are people that are saying it has,a lot in common with the division and it,may be superficial or it could be more,as well its a little early for that but,there are some very obvious similarities,certainly in concept they both sound,like very similar games except for the,obvious difference of it being a,first-person shooter versus a,third-person shooter which is what the,division is and just to preface all the,information I may at times reference the,division but this video is not a direct,comparison between the division and,escape from tarkov now Im gonna go,ahead and say it the very first thing I,noticed is that this looks like a,triple-a game its actually being,developed by a fairly small studio in,st. Petersburg Russia by the name of,battle State Games one of the devs,worked on stalker which as you remember,was an awesome game and the studio,itself was previously responsible for a,game called contract Wars which this,game apparently shares a world with not,that the two will ever intersect if this,game was coming out of EA it probably,wouldnt be the most impressive thing,youve ever seen but for a game that,isnt triple-a to look this Triple A,with this kind of attention to detail,its pretty extraordinary actually the,environment the guns the animation its,all very impressive and Ill go into the,animation in just a second but first,since I brought up EA and that always,makes me sad in some way I figure Ill,counteract that by saying before we even,go forward with any other features there,are no microtransactions in this game,you buy,you buy the DLC those are the things,that you pay for you know content wanted,to say that fairly early in this video,on a cup theres a very large amount of,stuff to talk about and frankly the sad,state of how business is done in video,games is not something I really want to,dwell on now to bring up the division,again the division is labeled as more of,a casual experience that anyone can pick,up and enjoy and thats not a problem,thats actually a good thing its cool,that people are being introduced to the,open world and survival genres in that,way but escape from tarkov is not that,tarkov is labeled a hardcore game and,that doesnt just mean its easier to,die in the game employs permit uh some,people argue that makes this much more,of a survival game than the division and,that without having permit a few kind of,encouraging an expendable viewpoint and,escape from tarkov you wont just lob,characters at a problem because when,they die well you lose all your [ __ ] and,speaking of that it looks as though,inventory is based on having various,containers with you whether it be your,pockets a pouch your backpack or other,things in theory this would mean you can,expand what you can carry by finding,more containers but again you only live,once so if you find more containers and,fill them up with a whole bunch of stuff,you just hand it over a real nice,inventory over to an enemy so youre,gonna probably want to be strategic with,that kind of thing Im making the,assumption you can probably leave,containers in various locations if you,want to because again this is a very,hardcore game that the developers talk,about realism quite a bit and it seems,like that kind of an element of strategy,is something that you definitely want to,engage in my fingers are crossed because,it seems like the possibilities in this,game are actually pretty expansive the,combat itself is quite fluid with some,very realistic gun mechanics in fact in,order to talk about exactly how fluid we,need to talk about the animation system,their animation is a combination of,procedural animation with actual,keyframed animation this allows them to,do a lot of complicated movement in,characters environments and the guns,themselves that also actually,contributes to the mechanics of the game,particularly the gun mechanics now,something that seems impressive to,people who want to play this game is,that a lot of the actions that are done,to the guns have more,animations for instance reloading there,is not one single reload animation,depending on how much experience your,character has they may simply throw the,magazine they may switch it out they may,save the magazine and thats just the,magazine if that looks very cheating has,to look buried and jamming the gun has,to look varied and switching the gun has,to look varied frankly theres a lot of,animations game and it all kind of,seamlessly integrates itself into the,game the character and clothing systems,are also very impressive and the studio,posts videos to their YouTube channel,that go into pretty intense detail for a,smaller studio without access to,hundreds of millions of dollars this,stuff is really really impressive I have,to say its not just stuff you see up,close its varied its also all of the,background and once again because the,studio is not a triple-a Studio graphics,like this are really impressive theres,going to be a clan system pretty deep,weapons customization and a crafting,element however not in the traditional,sense that you could find some wood and,metal and make a gun you actually have,to find components for a gun so its not,full-blown Minecraft so to speak which,is good you shouldnt really be able to,make an advanced rifle out of anything,other than advanced rifle parts and that,makes sense so what exactly sets the,game apart why are you gonna play escape,from tarkov,over the division and why are you gonna,play it over Daisy or h1z1 or whatever,theres about 500,000 of these games,that are out and frankly some people,considered and overplayed genre but if,you really think about it something,hasnt really come out thats this big,of a jump in this genre as fun as all,those games are theyre all pretty last,gen and while the division is an,impressive game its not really the same,type of thing its kind of being hailed,as the same type of thing but its its,not a survival game in the sense that,many people on the PC play survival,games its got elements and it looks,like a great game but if you ask me this,game kind of looks like what theyre,trying to do is be the quote/unquote,next gen open world survival game and,really all of the survival games are,kind of developed not by Triple A,because Triple A often wants to appeal,to the biggest audience possible,therefore they often dont really,consider modes like permadeath because,it can often be alienating to a more,cash,audience if a game is fully a survival,game it is by definition not for casual,players and escape from tarkov really,doesnt look like its going to be a,casual favorite so to speak,pretty much everything about the game,bleeds hardcore and well I cant say,whether the game play is good or not,it looks pretty solid all of the things,that the developers talk about in their,developer Diaries about how fluid the,gameplay is if youre going off of the,footage thats being shown seems to be,pretty true now there is a beta comin

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