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Espolòn Reposado Review | WORTH IT OR NOT?

hey whats up this is Michael aka -,tequila scout bringing you another,review of today is gonna be the Escalon,tequila Reposado and todays videos and,actually sponsored by someone who goes,by top fan thank you so much for,sponsoring to actually provide this ball,for todays review so lets kind of dive,right in and take a look at the bottle,here so here you can actually buy,Escalon tequila for about 25 dollars,just under $25 you can find that in,mostly a lot of the liquor stores out,there or in the bars or wherever you,wherever you gonna drink definitely a,very very recognizable bottle – I used,to notice this by obviously Im wearing,the shirt right now they called this,Ramon the rooster but it actually has a,lot of rich history and meaning behind,some of the artwork and the bottle is,really really cool so I noticed that the,s full on this Reposado has a different,artwork in the Blanco and then theres,an NGO theres the double x-ray you know,but this is very distinct because each,of the artwork represents Mexican,culture and also an artist and,printmaker jose guadalupe posada so,Posada was a 19th century artist and,printmaker he was known for his color of,Eros or the skulls and he used two pills,typically made with very powerful,commentary of the social injustice as,of his time,so now lets take a little closer look,at the Reposado part work itself its,titled less remember the marketplace so,on the description of the website said,the marketplace holds a special,importance in Mexican history,its where culture meets Commerce are,mingled with crafts and all walks of,life come together the story of the,marketplace,goes way back to the remnants of ancient,Aztec civilization and the establishment,of Mexico City from the Spanish,conquistadors in it,our gutsy do doors lalu p and Rosarita,guided by the ramona rooster,keep important traditions of their,culture alive so really cool artwork,design super awesome definitely going to,appreciate the art works on these bottle,from now on okay so lets dive into the,review here so this is an aged about six,months h tequila and pour a little bit,near oh yeah alright so lets dive right,in lets take a look,spin the little spin the tequila in the,glass here crown forms and the tears run,very slowly Oh beautiful love it lets,you completely move its spicy in front,oh I got a little vanilla,oh you definite that nice adavi cook the,GAVI flavor in this thing wrap thats,like very easily,alright so lets give it a quick date,[Music],Wow that is smooth especially for,Reposado very smooth kind of spicy its,got lots of ice finished dip they taste,navigates the vanilla on there yeah,thats really good thats really good to,spit very smooth for eight bottle,tequila thats under $25 Ive definitely,had a little harsher tequila is that our,were a little more fancier a little,more expensive than this but I have this,justice for a sipping tequila this is,actually really good just a sip on if,youre the mixing type then the the,actually s blonde suggests for you to,make a Mexican mule so a Mexican mule is,one half parts of this reposado tequila,half part lime juice ginger beer top it,off and then you put all that into a,meal cup top with ice and garnish with,inline so with that said I highly,recommend this bottle of tequila the,Reposado version very very thick very,smooth for a Reposado Im gonna harp on,that a little bit very smooth very very,very good so youre not big tequila,drinker you want direct tequila,upon or gonna try something thats not,too crazy expensive,dive right into the Escalon represented,together I definitely recommend it then,once again shut up and thank you to my,top fan out there for providing this,ball to heal and helping me sponsor this,video today otherwise hey keep it,drinkin and love tequila,peace out,[Music]

Affordable Tequila ???????? Espolón Blanco Tequila Tasting – Compared Against Hornitos

youre gonna be like tequila sunrise and,all night I dont know look thats what,Im doing,welcome to comment cocktails Im your,host Derek show her Ive got with me my,friend here dan brought her in his what,do they say might your shirt,Friday [ __ ] because Im gonna go,later after I get my the killer drink on,so Im wearing a pink shirt,thats it Im just gonna have to undress,so question of the day for all you 88.8%,men its around that demographic chill,Ethan wants me to like write a paper,work on demographics so I bet grasses,yeah answers so I happen to know off top,my head say eighty point eight to nine,whatever so do you guys buy your own,clothes or does your wife girlfriend or,mother do it cuz it goes in this order,mom girlfriend wife yeah Ill buy your,clothes your mom buy your clothes before,you had your own clothes but sometimes,he never buys oh yeah once my wife buys,my clothes now so that was part of the,deal youre like you wear this ring and,now you buy my clothes yeah why do I,have to buy my own clothes she knows why,see if you let people dress themselves,you look like me or you can look like me,you choose this is s blonde tequila,Ive at Blancas I want to review this I,bought this myself with my own money,oh my god I hope its good with Davis,money David come on thats thats how,you do a high five nobody has to get,hurt,this is you like totally pull back on,that no David probably paid for this cuz,David is by far the top patreon,contributor patreon.com slash CMC this,is what everybody tells me I needed of I,know every time I do its Keeler review,everything and Im like listen I did,this in a blind tasting in like five six,years ago I didnt know what half the,brands were because I didnt own them,Curtis brought over a bunch of tequila,mhmmm and all might take you look about,you at 22 bucks and this didnt even,make the top ten really so I figured,shop like in it is a little bit I think,its kind of tasty a little birdie this,is probably 40 Im very very rarely do,you see anything above 40 Im like gin,you typically in bourbon you get the,same thing 40 48 to be uh its kind of,juicy and this is like 20 bucks $25,dont that expensive its a little bit,more than Hornitos tastes a little bit,like when he does I have a hard time,knowing its not like its nothing,distinctive yes but the thing is has a,nose and it does have some flavor uh-huh,which is nice to have both some tequila,you get like one of the other it doesnt,have a lot of saltiness to it not fruity,as much there is a little sweetness its,got flavor to it and a slight a little,bit of Burnt its not that bad I,wouldnt say I mean you like it you all,right I own this I use this embrace for,margaritas you know for you guys its,already happened this is I mean its,its good tequila for the price which is,important because you can spend upwards,of fifty sixty dollars for like some,Reposado or some really high glass yeah,whatever but theres plenty of other,options if youre gonna put it in a,margarita and this is taste like you,could taste it and what can you do you,say set its not overwhelming its a,good intro product it tastes like,tequila its a little light like light,weight its not watery but it is a,little bit watery not too aggressive for,a white it seems like its almost every,night whites are usually just fruit,mainly for drinks yeah but they tend to,be a little bit brighter and like not,you this isnt that aggressive for what,it is I dont know how you I dont know,the process of making things not taste,like this doesnt have the blog burn but,it is I think its fine my good its,tasty,Im just so surprised,who care like people care about this,brand for some reason the was at the,black hole or was it there its the best,thing ever,okay its cuz its made by the compar,compare America I mean by meaning,imported by so I mean its its Im,gonna guess it probably has some pretty,good marketing power behind its a lips,with larger brands not just like a small,brand thats putting on a product but I,dont think Ive ever seen at a,restaurant but Im what I picked it up,just because it was different it was a,good price range so you werent gonna,pay for something like you know like a,patrolman or something and then have it,soccer I know this has been a trunk,sucks but uh the only thing thats,missing and its for me its like a sip,after sip its just theres nothing at,the end like theres no bra no its kind,of yeah my bucks not today its just,there if takes it blind or just taste it,at all,like a blind tasting in a blind tasting,youll be able to tell the difference,between this and any mixed Oh harsh its,a bracelet it has a effin oli smell like,more than a tequila smell its gonna be,probably a little bit sweeter but not a,good way like nah whoo thank you theres,usually anything thats 107 agave is,decent you can make it in a drink but my,Jose Cuervo has a smelt like a trip now,Jose Cuervo gold yeah the the gold,product has a fuel-like smell to it that,doesnt doesnt transpose very well to,the tequila flavor everybody who takes,if thats what you drink buy this,product because its going to blow your,mind youre gonna do our best has ever,happened to you and tequila youre gonna,be like tequila sunrise it all night I,dont know,I would buy this if its cheaper than,hose than Hornitos I have to you know,what Id have to taste this against her,knee toes now to see you can take some,more saltiness in that one pretty light,but yeah,the finish is more exciting yes yes,it kind of just what which one this one,yeah 27.5 yeah so theyre not based on,fact that I did we did this I think the,S one smells better yes I really wish I,could get both of those like I like the,start of this one better but I could,finish this on there yeah if this one,had a little more saltiness in it yeah,this is its like a little bit more oh,yeah this is nothing like smoother,shuffle two dollars you can cycling,Jason different thanks yeah yeah theyre,theyre not exactly alike they are,mentally if you just go I or hide both,of these and theyre aware but thats,their friend gila yeah I I still I still,think I like the taste of this better,only because it has a little bit more,draw to the finish,mm-hmm if this like if I ok justice oh,that would be interesting so this is,Hornitos after this is Dan on the floor,that sort you know after three days of,Aging and oak but I think we have a,little bit more aggressiveness because,thats gonna round out some of the,flavor and so that would be the extra,extra narrow so thats a 72 hours oh,its that right okay but theyre gonna,dull the flavor down a little bit,exactly so Im thinking that if I use,this its gonna be even less exciting,because youre its tailoring off its,bringing the oak in but its taking,there like some of that aggressiveness,of the end if this doesnt have any,aggressiveness to begin with it has,nothing to take away what happens yeah,but its funny this turned this into,like a sipping tequila mmm,therell be more out that Ill explain,that later theres this would look like,boom,thats another bottle yeah and I,actually have promo code its a 25% so,see I like this stuff which one I wish,it was a little bit like saltier theres,a little bit bang youre right if you,had a little bit of bang on the,background but if youre brand new I,think this is better as an intro because,it doesnt have so much aggressiveness,once you taste this you can easily,bridge into this or anything else thats,a great thats a good gateway tequila to,get yourself into the into the action,without you know especially coming from,either nothing or mixed it like people,masks a lot about Margaritaville like,what was your video my opinion is this,like I throw up on my own mom thats,what you do but ya know its the same,thing as Jose Cuervo I suppose ya know,mixed oh its its crap,sugar bad product caramel color bull,then you get whatever the hell it shows,you have to to pick from two different,flavors that are hundred times better,yeah question of the days been done,because I

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this is how most people drink tequila,jose baby,[Music],but this is how you should be drinking,it,delightful and if you havent already,guessed,one of those ways is how its drank,inside of mexico,and one way how its drank outside of,mexico,but how did we get these two drastically,different drinking styles,and how do we drink tequila,authentically,that all starts with a clear and crucial,understanding of what tequila,actually is so lets do a brief rundown,on what tequila,actually is and then talk about how to,authentically drink it,virtually all the worlds tequila is,produced in the mexican state of jalisco,and is derived from specifically the,blue agave plant,now this is really important true,high quality tequila is made with a,hundred,percent blue agave if your bottle is,labeled as tequila,but does not have that 100 mark that is,a,big big no no that is actually a mixtow,and instead of being 100 is usually,around 50,and filled with a bunch of other junk,and that is the primary reason why there,is such a difference between,authentic and non-authentic tequila,drinking because,most people grab their jose cuervos and,what other cheap tequilas they have on,site,and shoot it with lime and salt because,the mix those are brutal,theyre not good and theyre not quality,and because these tequilas are so,popular and so available,most people just assume that all tequila,is like this,100 agave tequilas have much more,complex flavors and are,much smoother and that gives you the,ability to actually sip on a tequila,if you want to drink tequila,authentically you have to drink the,authentic stuff,look for bottles that say 100 blue agave,that is the key,another huge misunderstanding of tequila,theres only one tequila the,clear tequila also known as silver or,blanco,however there are actually four,different types of tequila,blanco which is unaged and considered to,have the most pure agave flavor,then theres reposado which is aged in a,barrel,for two months then there is energy and,then there is,ener tequila which is aged for,one to three years in a barrel and then,a very recent addition to the tequila,family is,extra anejo which is aged for over three,years in a barrel,each one of these tequilas has a,different color and a very different,flavor from the rest,but were gonna save these aged tequilas,for a different video and just focus on,the blanco for now,so if you dont want to miss the video,on these ones you should probably,subscribe that was stupid,and lastly all tequilas are mezcals,but not all mezcals are tequilas,what let me explain a mezcal is any,spirit that is derived from the agave,plant,and since tequila is made from the blue,agave plant it falls into the mezcal,category,so if you see something at the store,labeled as a mezcal,know that its not actually tequila but,its made from the same plant,but were going to save mezcal for,another video too now i think at this,point we have a really good,understanding of what tequila is,and why theres such a big difference,between drinking it in mexico,versus abroad so now that we have all of,that out of the way,lets talk about how to drink tequila,the right way so,first things first as weve already,established tequila is actually drinking,meat,and is sipped on not shot back and if,youre having some,sort of you know jose cuervo flashback,i promise you if you got the 100 agave,stuff today,youre gonna be fine if you want to ease,your way into this i recommend chilling,your tequila however i do,want to note that it is traditional to,serve your tequila at room temperature,but with that in mind you can always,kind of work your way into that,now when it comes to glassware there is,something i wanted to point out,hey guys quick editors note here for,some reason i thought it would be a good,idea to talk about glassware,riveting i know but to keep it short if,youre drinking expensive tequila,get particular tequila glasses if youre,drinking just everyday tequila drink out,of whatever you want to drink out of but,its traditionally,served out of taller shot glasses,alright moving on,now before we drink this you may have,noticed a real,lack of salt and lime talk so do they,use salt and lime in mexico,yeah they do but it is much more subtle,and a little,less common instead of just absolutely,ripping salt off your hand and,chomping into a fat lime wedge the more,authentic way to do it is to take your,lime wedge,dip it in the salt and suck on it in,between every two sips of your tequila,or so,but there is also an alternative to lime,and salt in mexico,thats found throughout certain regions,its called a sangrita,not a sangria a sangrita,you may have caught it in the intro its,a tangy and slightly spicy drink,that serves a similar purpose as lime,and salt so,lets make it real quick i just wanted,to point out that theres a bunch of,different variations of the sangrita and,this is just one version of them,theres also a lot of them that have,tomato juice,the one im using is more from hasilico,and is a bit more traditional than most,for this sangrita you will need eight,ounces of grapefruit juice,four ounces of lime juice two ounces,of orange juice and then to kick it up a,notch my boy tapatio,okay once you have all that ready to go,the rest is pretty straightforward go,ahead and combine,all three juices into a container im,using a mason jar here go ahead and use,what works best for you,on a side note here i definitely,recommend using fresh squeezed juices,its a pain in the butt but its worth,it,now that we have all our juices grab,your tapatio or hot sauce of choice,and heat that cap off and add about five,to ten dashes,of hot sauce to it now its time to grab,your lanky spoon,and give this a good ol mix and make,sure everything gets stirred together,and everythings well combined,once you got everything combined go,ahead and give it a taste and make,adjustments i like my little spicier so,i added a couple more dashes of hot,sauce,and with that you have your sangrita now,all thats left to do is to grab your,tequila of choice,pour a couple glasses and drink lets,try these out,all right and now we finally get to,drink the authentic way,oh all right cameras able to die so,were gonna speed this up tequila 100,agave tequila and the sangrita lets go,see literally so smooth its not going,to put you on your butt like jose cuervo,was,its smooth its refreshing lets pair,it up with this retail this next tip,oh wow like i said tangy refreshing in,that little spiciness i dont want to,say,almost kind of continues kind of that,that tequila feel in your mouth but it,almost does kind of continue that,feel of tequila in your mouth its not,so much to take away from the tequila,but to kind of add on to that kind of,that funk and that spice and that bite,but in a way that almost calms it down,and makes it way more palatable,like i said i only rush this because my,cameras about to die um,so lets see if we get the outro on this,camera battery,its the next day same shirt different,day but that friends is how you drink,tequila the authentic way,i really hope you guys learned something,from this video and hopefully youre not,as terrified of tequila as you were when,you first clicked on the video,if you guys enjoyed todays video i,would really appreciate if you guys,would either share or subscribe or both,like i said i have a lot more to share,when it comes to tequila and it would,really suck if you guys missed out so,hit that sub button baby with that in,mind,thanks for watching guys and hopefully,ill see you in the next video,peace,you

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Espolòn Tequila Blanco Review!

[Music],foreign,and welcome to techy brew reviews im,special k and im domingo,and tonight we have espalone blanco,tequila,um its 80 proof im pretty sure yeah i,remember right yeah yeah yeah,and if i have to say it has one of the,best labels of any tequila ive ever,seen,its got some skeletons uh in a battle,and ones riding a rooster its pretty,cool and i like the,color orange uh so price is,pretty all over the place on this one,ive seen as much as 30,and as cheap as 20. and i paid 19.49,for uh this i think i paid like 23,25 something like that on my birthday so,i paid 1949 for,this fifth which is pretty good uh got,wood pork or wood,is it cork its synthetic but yeah its,probably not real cork but,um so we had a few people request this i,figured we tried it was reasonably,enough price,and uh we needed some more uh silver,tequilas because were gonna do a,silver tequila off,we have we have thats gonna be really,interesting i have three do you still,have cabo right i still have cabo i,still have patron,right and i still have i have four,bottles over 60 so,yeah um you got that and i have that,kirkland you know,all right one million subs special we,gotta get louie 13.,im just playing yeah you buying thats,not four grand im not,maybe i can get some ebay bottles now,uh its kind of tame and the agave,uh hint of pepper yeah its definitely,got like a,more of a woody smell that i would,like characterized as more being aged,tequila which is weird,but it has a slight uh and theres a,little bit of alcohol,it has a slight plastickiness on the,back end that im detecting like it,smells like plastic,something you wouldnt get in see ive,only ive been only like the past five,tequilas ive had have all been like 60,70,tequilas yeah i mean its like i think,its just a combination,of like all the synths together,makes that face it,i mean its pretty smooth you get a,little bit of burnt splashier than i,expected,yeah but,now well say i have a friend,that used to have a restaurant in town,and this was like,their go-to uh well tequila,and i think thats exactly,where it deserves to be like um,i would not take shots of this i have,taken shots of this but i would not,recommend taking shots of this,but it is a really good mixer if you,want to make uh you know,margaritas or if you just want to do any,type of mixed stream,uh it starts out okay um you get a,little bit of pepperiness you get that,agave up front but then it finishes its,very um,ashy yeah on the back end um and its a,little off-putting and i get like a hint,of a plasticness,up front or up on the back yeah its,like you get that,the ass from the barrel and theres so,much of it and its almost,bitter i dont believe this is aged at,all thats what im confused about,like its probably i know they i think,they charge sometimes they charge,the staves or whatever so,um straight,im gonna go with a five uh i dont its,its a good,price ive had worse tequilas out there,um but i mean,its not awful its just that ashiness,is off putting a little bit of,plasticness to it right,it starts out good up front its not,that harsh its just uh this might be,better as a mixer what should i assuming,this would be for yeah i think um,you know for the price,um you know what are those some of the,competitors like,what at this price range like cuervo,yeah im trying to fake 18 tornadoes,its like 20 or something yeah and,hornidos is better than this,but tornadoes is also harder to find,than this,not really it depends i guess if youre,in your area,but um lemon lemonade,lime 1 8 interesting and its made with,one percent,real juice so were drinking with sprite,made with lemonade so sprite and juice,together i figured this would go good,with tequila because you know we only do,one simple ingredient with our mixers,yeah so it turned out its slightly,cloudy which im assuming its from the,laminate i mean the tequila is clear on,the nose,yeah it smells much better on the nose,you just get the hint of tequila it,smells almost like a margarita,yeah ah lets go and take taste,um yeah so about the only flavor thats,left is the weird ashy flavor that we,do not understand how that exists but,also it could be this particular mixer,but it is so syrupy yes kind of syrupy,like it is weird but i will say,for mixer better than straight i agree i,will say that,um i will give it,a six and a half mix uh,im gonna go with the six as a mixer uh,five straight six mixer,uh i would go with tornadoes over this,honestly its an especially the same,price range,i mean especially if this this is like,27 28 bucks in your area like i got it,for 19 bucks but like i said ive seen,it as high as 20 seconds,so much um maybe their aged is better,that ashiness might go better with their,aged version but it doesnt,it doesnt sit well with me with like a,uh you know a blanco tequila,yeah all right well thats been our,episode theres something youd like to,see on the channel leave a comment down,below dont forget to hit that like,button im special okay and im the,mingo thanks for watching

Espolon Reposado Tequila Review: Old vs. New

hey its Grover from tasty ka kaam and I,am with Clayton check from experienced,tequila calm and were going to talk all,about s pallone stay with us,hey well Escalona this is a this is the,brand thats got a rich history history,that you know more than me well I dont,actually know a whole lot about the,history other than that this Mexican,expression of s Ballon was a favorite of,mine for a long time and it was and,still is made at distillery ascent equal,last minute on Gus and a few years ago,the brand was bought by Campari sky the,global company and some changes have,been made most notably in the,presentation and a lot of people now,thats launched in the u.s. relaunch in,the US with this presentation a lot more,people are seeing it theres been a,decrease in the price and we thought it,would be fun and interesting thing to,taste these three presentations,side-by-side and I didnt know about,this one so maybe you could tell us well,is this one is like I mean talk about an,affordable tequila this thing is like,goes like $17 and its in Mexico only,Mexico only and it can tell us about,this red label its red band here looks,slightly that the bottle shape is,similar but it looks slightly different,in terms of labeling this is urged aged,in bourbon barrels which is different,than in the United States which is white,oak and these are all Reposado s this,is the haul yeah same all rep oh this,one is about $17 US but you can only get,into Mexico this is about 25 dollars in,the US and this is I you know I got this,at its lucky parking at El pool and,found it on the shelf and it was like oh,my god treasure bottle and I grabbed it,and its really if you make it down you,know to anywhere in Mexico theres a lot,of them out there you still find them,theyre no longer making this easy this,juice or this presentation but if you,look theyre definitely still out there,that wont be the case for much laundry,I imagine now before we turn these,cameras on I put plate into the test and,made him blind taste these three so we,would get an absolutely objective,opinion,I already went into it you know I,already tasted these things eyes wide,open so I already had my my opinions but,you didnt yeah I like I said I knew,that I really liked the old stuff and I,was a little nervous about you know,having my blind tasting be on the record,but the results were interesting and not,exactly maybe what I would have expected,just gonna remember the order we,actually tried them in but going from,your left to right here the the New,Mexican tequila in the bourbon barrels I,actually would say to me has the most,complex aroma of the three as it,definitely smells the best to me I mean,theres a you had a different read on,the on the nose than I did,I I get um definitely a fair amount of,barrel but also a lot of nice fruit I,get a lot of pineapple actually in some,nice bright tropical fruits which seem,to balance out really well with the with,the wood I had vanilla and I felt that,it was overall pretty smooth and but you,know for $17 yeah I mean when people,come here to Mexico we send them home we,put these one of these things in their,bag its like a nice little gmorning,yeah and its a great way to tell them,its worth 50 bucks sure and its a,great presentation that you cant give,in the u.s. it retains the old Fighting,[ __ ] on the label from the original,which which is nice I do have to say,though in the mouth it was a little bit,disappointing to me after the I didnt,feel like it really um saw the promise,of the aroma through the finish to me,really kind of faded fairly fast and,there wasnt a lot going on there for me,so you were expecting you smelled it,youre like oh my god this is I thought,this was going to be the one yeah and,then in the mouth I just wasnt whereas,this one which ended up being the old,original product Im calling it the the,Mexico product but it was available in,the United States more subtle on the,nose to me you know a little light some,minerality a little bit of vanilla a,little bit of cooked agave but then in,the mouth I think its really really,Pleasant I didnt get much of an aroma,on this at all I mean,I was really looking for something and I,really didnt find it but as soon as I,tasted it,Wow really creamy really yeah moving all,the way through good feel a lot of,vanilla moderate cooked agave really,Pleasant from start to finish but kind,of stays very consistent finishes with a,good moderate finish to me of the three,this is the one that really um round,taste almost like a tequila that that I,want to drink and speaking of you know,smoothness and mouthfeel we should also,mention this is a thirty eight percent,its the only one of the three thats,thirty-eight percent alcohol right so,this is 40 40 now this one this is the,one that you commonly get in the stores,in the United States a little to me you,know beginning with the aroma is a,little bit harsh you know theres,theres definitely a fair amount of,alcohol presence there a little bit,spicy not entirely unpleasant but in the,nose starting off definitely trailing in,third place for me I have to agree you,picked them in the order that I picked,them in as well this one for me is the,one thats available in the states was,fairly fairly rough all the way through,I mean I its not a terrible tequila if,I saw this on most bars yeah Id,probably go for it I would say its its,kind of approaching the borderline of a,sipper but maybe isnt quite there yeah,I still worth the money yes yeah its,its just definitely a good buy you know,unfortunately I think we both agreed a,lot on is the ones that are currently,only available in Mexico or are better,but if you needed another reason to come,to Mexico youve got a couple more now,all right look for it its got a red,label on it and aged in bourbon barrels,17 bucks Ill stick with the one in the,middle

Espolon Tequila

he barely with another alcohol review,and I did a video yesterday saying what,do you want and I got a few comments and,in the comment section I thank you for,your comments and I know one gentleman,wanted me through ten shots in ten,minutes of 99,I really wasnt a move for anything,sweet today so I went with another,comment that was a tequila s balloon so,I figured I try that havent had tequila,in a while and so I figured Id give,that one a try now Ill take a look at,the bottle bottle recognition because if,I put it down and Id really to camera,you may not be able to see it so thats,below and Im gonna give this a go its,gonna be neat its not going to be any,line Ill probably do well I may be on,the rocks later but uh well have to see,I also got another comment about some,Irish whiskey Ill try to get to all,those at a later date and but you know,at me is the crown its sometimes,difficult so lets give it a go,sorry that my camera shaking and that,popped right out very heroic and it says,its a pure agave and its 80 proof aka,40 percentage of alcohol by volume and,its a product in Mexico handcrafted in,Los Altos the Highlands region of Mexico,anyway its a tribute to Mexican artists,who inspired the world with their true,portrayals of rich storied culture of,Mexico there you have it and where is it,uh its distilled by Campari Mexico,there you go its important not that you,care about any that stuff but I figured,I tell you and theres like skulls and,stuff on there looks like a yeah I dont,know a rooster or something and skeleton,like youre killing each other,well anyway here we go give it a try,Ill give you three impressions and this,will be my first,oh my gosh first impression smooth very,very smooth very very smooth goes down,very very very very easy this could be,dangerous give another one,well smooth again I taste that flavor it,has a really really really nice light,flavor but flavor it does it doesnt say,how its distilled or anything like that,but this is a good tequila probably one,the best Ive maybe I just havent,reviewed in a while but this is a good,tequila I will absolutely definitely buy,this again,excuse me another one Wow,light smooth crisp nice very very nice,probably one of my favorite ever now I,know I said yesterday I was gonna go lie,but I couldnt go live if I wanted to be,outside and I wanted to be outside in my,yard,what Im doing is scraping my my deck,and thats why Im going on the deck so,Im in my yard now I cant do a lot,because theres no Wi-Fi out here so I,didnt do a live and for those who took,the time enough to comment to give me,suggestions from yesterday,I truly do appreciate that and for those,who have not subscribed please click,that subscribe button and push that bell,so youre notified every single time I,do a review if you want to see and as,you can see or maybe not see Im wearing,my new shirt I got from Jekyll and Hyde,and its called heavy as the crown and I,appreciate it a lot so again Ill get to,the other ones maybe Ill try 99 says I,think I looked at today I dont want to,have 10 flavors but I can get as many as,they have as they have and Ill do that,next and then Ill try that Irish stuff,the Irish whiskey that was commented to,thank you for your time d manly

We Review Espolon Tequila Blanco | Spirits Collective

how do you feel having been so like you,youve been really bothering me about,this one lets do this one lets do this,one look its right there its thirty,dollars thats blind I feel like a fool,I feel like how many times have I won,like a dumb idiot like well get to it,but you know just know yeah but you had,never tried it yeah and I didnt have to,because I I um you know seeing The,Distillery,look at the expert I dont even have to,try Tequilas anymore you just knows what,they tastes like,[Music],laughs,welcome back to Spirits Collective Im,Aiden and Im Alex and this is a show,where we all learn to drink together and,today we try espalan esplan Blanco this,is a pretty popular one we shall find,out why this is produced at known 1440,also known as Campari Mexico sound,familiar the proof is 80 or 40 ABV,they use a Roller Mill to crush the,agave and this is cooked not in stone,brick ovens but autoclaves you may have,noticed something this bottle is half,empty because we attempted to make a,cocktail video using the bottle and Ill,flash review reviews and review and we,lost it,just like weve lost other stuff already,so thats why its half empty so we have,tried it,um for transparency yeah and uh were,gonna go ahead and just let you know,what we think about it today,yes so honestly I already forgot about,it which is not a good sign oh but,bottle design,uh look at the bottle I mean its all,right its nothing this is a half bottle,but this is one of those half bottles,that looks exactly like the full size,nothing special just uh freaking one of,those it looks like one of those uh,containers I could see why young people,are drawn to it it looks hipster-ish,this is just a freaking it looks like it,looks like they cut this label from a,freaking receipt machine yeah I dont,know just a basic basic basic everything,it really I dont mind it too much,um so Aiden is moving shut,so I will be moving away which means a,few things were going to be getting a,new host no more Alex I know so,I will be moving away uh but dont worry,collectors dont you worry were gonna,try and uh Bank a few episodes uh every,time we film,and were gonna try and upload weekly,which honestly theres been long periods,of time where we kind of upload weekly,anyway so were just gonna try and,switch to weekly format to be more,consistent for you guys,um and yeah so also Ill be in a much,bigger city and a lot of the craziest,stuff we have in our Collection comes,from,the big city of Houston and so were,probably going to get much more great,stuff for the channel so might be a,blessing in disguise so dont you worry,collectors Spirits Collective will go on,and guys its almost that time of year,its November right now,its about to be December so were gonna,have our December Christmas month coming,up starting on Friday December 2nd,which basically just means well dress,up the set to be Christmassy maybe do a,little bit of Christmas themed stuff but,it will be a little bit less video so,well try and pack in the best stuff we,can back to Escalon this is the cork pop,God damn very disappointing it could be,because its already open no I remember,being shitty either way but,hey,[Music],so this is cooked in an autoclave and,for those who dont know theres very,few distilleries who know how to use the,autoclave it pours nicely though I dont,yes Sexton take some notes Sexton you,are the new meme of the channel compari,Mexico its a big Corporation and,theyve Acquired esplan and its now a,part of their portfolio which usually,means the quality has gone down,um with that being said lets get into,the visuals this is a Blanco uh very,fast falling very very fast and the the,the viscosity looks like very thin you,know what I mean almost like paper pen,yeah,its I mean not much to to visualize,lets just smell it yeah,all right everyone this is on the news,[Music],God damn thats horrible,one thing I will mention although it,doesnt smell the best its got that gym,sock smell Im not getting a cake batter,or,sugar cookies its just a good sign its,just bad its just badly made it is made,in an autoclave,God damn thats not a good smell yeah,its rough its rough its like its not,as bad as uh you know,what Tapatio no Don Julio,its got that same sort of rough just,generic tequila smell but like nowhere,near as intense oh my God thats thats,bad but intense nonetheless yeah,it smells like gym socks and tires yeah,uh oh loud this is really popular Im,not sure why the people that usually get,this are like the I dont I dont get,Patron I dont get Don Julio you know,why because I know about this little,Hidden Gem called esplan thats uh,thats kind of like the the following,esplan has people that think theyve,found this Hidden Gem uh the hipsters,theyre probably mixing it which,honestly I wouldnt put this in my,margarita Id rather put something that,tastes like tequila in my margarita this,is pretty bad and um,for shooting if youve got the salt and,the lime its gonna be smooth pretty,hard to have a rough shot when you have,salt and lime thats a lie bro Ive had,them uh,and uh yeah mixing and shooting so like,thats what people are using this for,and I mean itll I guess itll be fine,but I wouldnt I wouldnt you know as of,right now I wouldnt pick it up,laughs,espalon Blanco Puro Agave escort siento,foreign,we didnt throw up last time Im sure,were okay,take it away,oh what go because Im gonna take it and,I know youre not what Ive never not,taken a drink,all right,smells rough doesnt smug it come on man,[Music],oh,kind of sweet more sweet than I remember,but,pretty nasty,very nasty aftertaste not smooth,its smooth for me but having,pretty rough aftertaste,uh very sweet and I dont think in the,natural way it does it tastes like,sweetener man but,on the noses Im not getting that you,know that typical,cake batter or a,sugar cookie it was nasty I cant lie it,was nasty Ill agree with you uh I dont,know if I would taste it again honestly,yeah Im ready for On the Rocks,and were back we are back with espelon,on the Rocks Blanco,beside that gym sock smell holy crap,dude uh lets get it it smells like a,locker room yeah right it does smell,like a locker room without the that ax,body spray,it smells like a locker room where,nobody uses spray,bad,oh [ __ ] youre trying it,[Music],its fine it tastes like crappy tequila,you know what I mean crappy 100,uh the agave tequila which,um there is a difference theres a huge,difference,um I would still rather drink this than,the mink stove but uh,I mean its uh not for me I swear it,tastes around the same price I think Id,rather have sorts a,uh what about you Aiden whatd you get,on the rocks,[Music],theres no reason youd want to sip this,though because its just so generic and,bad this is a shot Tequila man,um alrighty verdict time,verdict time,uh Aiden being somebody who was very,excited for this one how do you finally,feel having tried espelon and would you,recommend it to beginners,I feel like a fool like like an idiot,like a person who as you as you should,yeah Im just kidding anyways what I,recommend this to a beginner I think,its pretty self-explanatory judging by,the what just happened a few minutes ago,yeah something in this price range,thats you know youre getting something,more traditional there are,things in this price range so that you,know well do it just well do tequila,Justice honestly if youre looking for a,tequila to take to a party you dont,have to pay so much and people youre,gonna show up and people are gonna be,like whoa whats that thats cool,and then pretend like they like it after,they shoot it this will be a good one,yeah its fine yeah like you could shoot,anything you know what I mean,um so theres some Tequilas you just,cant even shoot bro I mean its,um yeah you could definitely take this,if none of you guys know anything about,tequila right and you know you guys are,just gonna exclusively be shooting this,this will be more than fine more than,fine or just get Jose cuerto special no,I dont kind of tastes li

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