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  3. Qatars World Cup workers – 6 Minute English
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THIS IS YALLS FOUNDATIONAL TEXT? | the eye of the world review

okay what is what is up you guys it is,you can clearly tell that,i have maybe you cant clearly tell but,i have,just woken up but i wanted to like,insert this little disclaimer thing,because um it was distracting to me and,so i feel like its going to be,distracting to the audience,but like i really i really kind of,refuse,to sit down and try and talk about this,book again so what happened was,um when i was filming it like when i was,setting up my camera i,it felt like i was,not the best in focus but like i just,wanted,to do i got i was it was its all me,right so i it didnt feel like it was,the best in focus,and then i put the footage in to,premiere and we were clearly,not in focus and what was really in,focus were like the bookshelves behind,me,and so heres the thing i like a hot,mess,but if you just like podcast it right so,we just have,the video playing in the background you,go about your day,wash some dishes i think that we can all,move on from this,we can all learn from this and um,next time i will i will take,the couple extra minutes to make sure,that we are situated correctly,thanks for watching lets talk about,bobby boy,[Music],one filming this at night is probably,not my most brilliant idea because,my neighbors can be loud so if things,start going bump in the night,it is what it is but i am here today,i dont want to say im here to drag,adult,science fiction fantasy booktube,but i need an explanation okay like im,calling 1-800 phone a friend we are we,are sitting here im trying to win the,million dollars,because i feel like i have been,personally attacked,i have been lied to i have been,bamboozled,but i do feel very much like smoke has,been blown up my ass,because i read this book the eye of the,world by robert jordan,and i refuse to believe that anybody who,can read,comprehend the english language,or whatever no im not even going to say,our translations,because sometimes the translated work be,better sometimes the translation,theyd be adding some spice to it theyd,be fixing things,so im gonna give mr jordan the the,benefit of the doubt that maybe he had,some really awesome translators,and maybe the translations are better,because this this book right here,steaming hot garbage,lets get into it shall we so,the eye of the world by robert jordan,purports to be an adult fantasy novel,set,in some country some land mass,i dont know i know location names for,some of the places what this continent,place is called,couldnt tell you but it is essentially,a little questy quest where in our,theres a group of our main characters,we have matt perrin rand,uh moraine a gwen uh,naive they are all situated in the town,of,two rivers uh the start of the novel a,little festival situations about to pop,off,and then the festival is overrun by some,trolloks,which im assuming are like some evil,entities,the bad people creature things,is a foot,essentially thats all you need to know,it took 100 pages to get there,but 100 pages in is a foot,so now we have that cast of characters,that i just rambled off,and theyre gonna go to i think theyre,supposed to go into tar valor tar valley,some place off in the distant land to,like,end the trollops what they were gonna do,there was entirely,it was not really related to me i just,know we were going,i knew the trolls were the bad people,there are some dark friends,the dark one was a looming threat on the,other side of the forest,what have you were trying to defeat the,evil entity its a high fantasy,situation,pretty par for the course right what i,did not expect,was for the book itself is 722 pages,theres like a glossary in the chapter,preview,uh so i think goodreads has a list that,is 750 pages i can assure you,that i reached where it said end of book,one and we slammed it shut,um if i had been at a campsite if i had,had,access to a grill um we would have,burned it i would have,i would have relished and tearing each,individual page out,all 722 of them and feeding them to the,fire,sadly i was not going to do all that,on a sunday um that was a lot of energy,i stayed at home the book stayed intact,but for 722 pages its literally just a,bunch of characters walking around,and i think that a lot of fantasy does,this right like im not even going to,argue that in my young adult space,theres you know,uh quest like fantasy novels where,theres a lot of characters,walking around that theres even uh you,know little mini skirmishes that are,kind of a tease,but i think that even,accepting the fact that its adult,fantasy right so the,the language is supposed to be complex,which it wasnt,the world building supposed to be the,center which again it wasnt,the characters all felt like an,afterthought i dont think there was a,single character in this novel that,really had to be,from this novel matt perry rand were all,essentially the same person,they just had like a different,personality trait that was usually,highlighted,and even then if i didnt see the name,all of the dialogue could have been,coming from a single entity,the entire time like we had a group of,like six or seven characters and,all of them could have dialogue that,belonged to somebody else,none of them were really established as,their own person or even as a person,um there was a lot of descriptive text,in the book all of the descriptive text,was about that literally,not only was not consequential which,again,i could understand in an adult high,fantasy right like,theres going to be things that are,described in great detail that i really,just dont care about,um but even taking that into account it,would still not be the kind of a thing,that would lend itself to world building,it would be like here is a snail and,ill describe,this one snail in detail but like,the actual city that theyre in doesnt,matter,the actual character inter dynamics like,the play between characters,doesnt matter what this quest is really,doing,doesnt matter none of this book,mattered and i think thats,what really just kind of says set me off,but its like even if i were to believe,like,reading this this was going to be the,start of jordans,planned 12 books,book number 12 is supposed to be the end,of this apparently in my research my,little googling,um so even if i were to just come in and,go okay this is one of 12 like,obviously you cant walk into a first,book in a 12 book series and expect to,have,all of the answers get everything,wrapped up um adult high fantasy,or like middle grade like obviously even,when things are going good,you have to kind of expect that,is still going,to be afoot but here not only,did nothing happen it just kind of,plateaued so you got like the scene at,the beginning wheres like a slight,blip where the trollops this like evil,creature things like ransacked the,festival that sort of,started them on this journey but even on,the journey,all of these sort of like skirmishes,that you might expect in a quest like,journey where youre traveling vast,distances,were all fade to black so even there you,have all of this descriptive text,but none of it is used to actually,engage the reader,uh i think that a lot like i dont,understand like somebody in 1990 like,maybe 1990s fantasy just wasnt hitting,like i dont know what that landscape,was like,i kind of have to assume though that it,was better than what jordan was offering,um i just kind of refused to believe it,like its not like fantasy is like this,new genre its been around for a while,like i think you could just like reread,some like super old stuff in the 90s and,probably would have had a better time,but in 2021 there really is no excuse to,read the eye of the world and for it to,be this boring and then to tell people,oh you have to read,hundreds of thousands of words,thousands and thousands and thousands of,pages numerous books to connect to the,characters because,nothing was established here not world,not character dynamics not the,characters themselves,the big three even the magic system,which exists in this world so its not,even like a low magic,sy

Sqribble – Full Software Demo & Review || Sqribble 2022 || Worlds #1 eBook Creator

hello and welcome to this review and,demo video of this amazing software,called scribble im going to give you an,in-depth review as well as to show you,how to use a software so some behind the,scenes as well but this is absolutely,incredible its fantastic youre,actually going to love this software now,what scribble allows you to do is create,ebooks on demand youll instantly be,able to create stunning ebooks in,minutes without writing a single word,okay now it doesnt just create the,front covers the e-covers it actually,creates,the entire e-book were actually talking,about ebooks with content in minutes now,ebooks is the broad term,and theyre also known as all these,other things like reports,guides your cheat sheets blueprints,white papers,lead magnets pdfs and so on and so on,okay so its quite a broad term so you,know all of this you can actually create,with a scribble,now theres,amazing templates inside you know ive,got something on the screen there for,you but theres all different types of,themes,feels styles for any type of project in,fact theres there are designs in there,for all types of niches so whatever your,industry that youre in theres going to,be templates inside with lots of,different designs for you,now this is a massive feature of,scribble scribble will allow you to,populate your entire ebook with,automatic instant,content,thats this is the big one theyve got,an incredible content engine with just a,few clicks its going to fill out your,entire ebook okay so just keep watching,to find out more about this now the,creator behind it is a deal chowdhury um,hes a highly sought out online,entrepreneur with over 10 years of,experience in the digital industry,having generated over eight figure,revenues,now a deal has been launching products,in 2007 on sites like clickbank jvzoo,and many many others during this time,and hes a number one bestseller hes,actually created behind multiple,worldwide blockbusters such as pixel,studio effects social studio effects and,many many more,its actually been featured in various,media outlets outlets such as,the new york best times,seller,okay its the best time new york best,time seller the laptop millionaire and,he also holds regular events around the,globe with tens of thousands of clients,now ebooks,are essential okay everybody needs,ebooks if youre in the if youre into,internet marketing youre in the digital,industry you if you look flat out if,youre just online if you are marketing,online ebooks are a core,staple component,of your marketing you just have to,use ebooks in your business because,theyre going to come in useful in your,sales funnels,you know for your opt-in pages as lead,magnets and reports to give away to,allow other people to download so that,you can actually build a relationship,with them and sell them something,so if youre looking to build a nist,youre going to have to implement ebooks,in your business ebooks can be used as,part of informational products,right creating digital courses to sell,lots of people are selling ebooks in,their business,instructional manuals you know whatever,the topic again youre going to need,ebooks,training educational guides,student client coaching material youre,going to need pdfs ebooks,corporate pdfs and white papers you know,if youve got a business youre going to,need white papers and again this is the,you know these are really just ebooks,kindle book publishing becoming an,author so the bottom line is if you want,to make sales and profits in your,business youre going to have to use and,create ebooks,for sales profits leads and all the rest,of it you know theres a screenshot on,the right-hand side by unbound unbounce,and,to bring people and customers into their,business into the funnel,theyve got an ebook out there to,capture email addresses let me give you,you may have seen something like this,before okay its a really basic funnel,formula just to give you an,understanding here typically it goes,like this and youve probably seen this,in the past,normally at the beginning of the funnel,you know especially if youre a marketer,you have to give away a free report an,ebook or a guide or a white paper cheat,sheet something like that to capture a,customers email address and then from,there you send them to a sales page,where you make an offer and then from,there you can send the customer to,download your ebook and your your offer,and thats the basis of actually making,good revenue good sales online when it,comes to digital products especially,okay,now ill give you a few real world,examples here of how to implement this,you may have seen something like this in,the past weve come across a web page,where,youre presented with a free report of,some kind theres something there on the,left hand side the number one secret to,melting your mummy tummy and this the,actual creator here the vendor is,looking to capture the name and the,email address in return,for them sending you a free report okay,and in that industry there was thats a,health and fitness example there okay on,the right hand side theres another,example again without,um you know the fields visible when you,press the download button then its,going to ask you for your email address,and this is a traditional well-known,model and if you spend any time online,im sure youve entered in your email,address on one of these types of pages,before okay and what is it again its a,free ebook okay theres no secret there,so it doesnt matter what youre doing,online you have to implement ebooks,into your business,here are some recent facebook ad,examples that i found as i was scrolling,my facebook feed and these are pretty,big companies here you know i wanted to,show you something from real legit,companies that are using um ebooks as,their lead magnet to,entice the customer to actually download,it and submit their email so that they,can build a relationship with with you,or with with the person so that they can,sell them something later on weve got,insight squared on the left-hand side,you know uh it says what does it say it,says in this new ebook hubspot mark,roberts reveals this top sales mag,management secrets youll have to,download it to read more okay so you,click on the button you go to the page,and you enter an email just to get their,free ebook linkedin okay huge company,right owned by a microsoft i believe,again theyre giving away an ebook just,so they can get you to their platform,linkedin uh marketo marquito not sure,how you pronounce that again um cheat,sheets which is gonna be a pdf at the,end of the day right so really really,huge billion dollar companies here,uh a few more by in some individuals now,uh franklin on the left how we built you,know get my free ebook and how built 175,000 per month consulting business in 90,days whats it giving away an ebook okay,michael hyatt,uh boatload of books um hes talking,about a proven 10 proven strategies to,sell a boatload of books again,free ebook all right weve got john,loomer digital on the right-hand side a,prominent figure in the facebook,advertising space and hes giving away a,free ebook okay all about facebook ads,and the rest of that right so,by now you should know,that you need to have an ebook at the,beginning of the funnel right this is a,really proven and successful formula but,theres a massive problem okay this is,you know creating ebooks is a huge,massive problem theyre actually hard to,create,right you may have heard that theyre,easy but theyre not theyre really time,consuming and i know from my own,experience they can take weeks and,months to get around to actually,creating a decent even the free report,forget about creating a whole content,packed ebook with 20 30 40 50 pages 100,pages long just creating a free report,is a pain in the butt because you have,to do a lot of research planning theres,writing theres editing designing,formatting you know gone are the days,where you can just create a basic,looking ebook because it would just look,like its made in 1999 yo

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Qatars World Cup workers – 6 Minute English

Hello. This is 6 Minute English from,BBC Learning English. I’m Neil.,And I’m Beth.,Every four years the best players in the,world gather for one month in the summer,to take part in the biggest event in football –,the World Cup.,But this year, for the first time ever, the,competition is taking place in winter.,Why? Because the 2022 World Cup is,happening in Qatar.,Over a million fans from all over the world,are expected to visit Qatar for the World Cup,which starts on the 20th of November.,Because temperatures in Qatar exceed 45,degrees in the summer, the competition,was moved to the winter.,But the decision to hold the World Cup,in the tiny, oil-rich Gulf,state has been controversial.,One of the richest countries in the world,,Qatar has no tradition of playing football and,some have criticised the focus on money,instead of sport.,And there are other criticisms too – about,human rights and the treatment of the migrant,construction workers who built the football,stadiums, roads, transport systems and hotels,without which the World Cup could not happen.,In this programme we’ll be asking:,is it right for,Qatar to host the World Cup?,And of course,,we’ll be learning some new and useful,vocabulary as well.,But before that I have a question for you Beth.,Which country has won the World Cup,the most times?,Is it: a) Italy b) Brazil or, c) Germany?,I think it must be Brazil.,OK, I’ll reveal the answer at the end of,the programme.,Advertising for the Qatar World Cup shows,football fans staying in new hotels and,watching matches in air-conditioned stadiums.,But hidden behind this, the lives of the migrant,workers from Nepal, India and other South Asian,countries reveal a very different story.,The population of Qatar is tiny and 95% of,the total workforce are foreigners,working in extreme heat,,housed in poor quality accommodation,,and often underpaid.,Rothna Begum, a researcher for Human,Rights Watch, explained their situation,to BBC World Service programme,,Business Daily:,We’re still recording and documenting,migrant workers facing abuse,and exploitation in Qatar.,They include workers reporting having,paid exorbitant and illegal recruitment fees,to secure work abroad on two-year contracts,,and then finding out they’re,coming on three-month visas,,which means that theyre not able,to make up or recoup,the price that theyve paid to actually get,this job, and may well be,sent home in debt on top,of everything else.,Migrant workers face exploitation.,Exploitation means treating someone,unfairly to get some advantage for yourself.,Many of the World Cup workers were,exploited by being paid less,than agreed, being,paid late, or not being paid at all.,The construction jobs seemed,a good opportunity for migrant workers,to save money to send home,to their families.,Many paid exorbitant fees –,fees which were much bigger,than they should be, just,to get a job in Qatar.,But despite being given two-year,job contracts, some workers were,only allowed to stay three months.,Because they couldn’t make,enough money, many returned,home in debt – owing money to,someone that they will,have to pay back.,What’s worse, many have,died building the football stadiums,,in accidents, or due to,overwork and heat stress.,So, with all this criticism,,added to the billions of dollars,Qatar spent preparing for the,competition, was it worth it?,James Dawsey is an expert on the,politics of football in the,Middle East.,Here he explains to BBC World,Service’s, Business Daily,,that for Qatar, hosting the World Cup,is more about improving its,international reputation than economics:,But this is not about economics for Qatar.,Qatar is a small state.,It is sandwiched between,two regional behemoths:,Saudi Arabia and Iran.,And so its whole policy,is geared towards soft power,,whether thats sports, whether,thats the airport and the airline…,Qatar may be rich,thanks to its oil,,but it’s not a large country,unlike neighbouring Saudi Arabia,and Iran, countries which,James Dawsey called behemoths –,something which is extremely large,and powerful.,Qatar is sandwiched,between these larger counties.,If you’re sandwiched between two,things you’re in a narrow,,tight space between them.,Because Qatar isn’t as powerful,as it’s bigger neighbours,,it uses soft power – the way a,country uses its economic and,cultural influence to persuade,other countries, instead of,using military power.,Hosting an important international,event like the World Cup is a part of,Qatar’s soft power strategy,to be considered an important,country on the world stage.,Whatever the rights,and wrongs of the debate,,this will be the first Arab nation,to host the World Cup,,although it’s unlikely that the Qatari,team will actually win -,unlike a more famous footballing nation,,Italy, who won the first World,Cup they hosted in 1934.,And speaking of World Cup winners,,what was the answer to your question, Neil?,Which country has won the most World Cups?,I guessed it was Brazil…,Which was…. the correct answer of course!,With five title wins, Brazil,is the most successful World Cup,team followed closely by Italy and,Germany with four titles each.,OK, let’s recap the vocabulary we’ve learned,starting with exploitation -,treating someone unfairly in,order to benefit yourself.,If the price of something is exorbitant,,it’s much higher than it should be.,A debt is an amount of money,that you owe to someone else.,A behemoth refers to something,which is extremely large and powerful.,And if you’re sandwiched between,two things, you’re in a in a tight,,narrow space between them.,And finally, soft power describes,strategies used by a country to increase,its power through economic,and cultural influences,,instead of fighting wars.,Once again, our six minutes are up.,Goodbye for now!,Bye!

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Why are prices going up? – 6 Minute English

Hello. This is 6 Minute English from BBC,Learning English. I’m Rob.,And I’m Beth.,In this programme, we’re talking about money -,and Beth, as the old saying goes,,money makes the world go round!,You mean it’s very important and lots of,things couldn’t happen without it.,Well, we all need money – but have you noticed,how our money doesn’t seem to buy,so much these days?,Yes, I have Beth. It seems like consumers,like us are being hit in the pocket,at the moment – and by that, I mean,we have less money to spend.,Now, I’m no economist, but I know this has,a lot to do with inflation – the increase,in prices of things over time.,It’s a big problem globally, and Beth my,question for you is about inflation.,According to one report, what was,the annual inflation rate in Venezuela,between November 2017 and 2018?,Was it: a) 130% b) 1,300%,or c) 1,300,000%?,I’ll say b) 1,300%.,OK. We’ll find out if you’re right later on.,But let’s talk more about,money and inflation now.,Around the world, prices of things are,rising more than normal,,and more worrying is that,prices keep going up.,Two things in particular are increasing,in price – energy, like gas  and electricity, and food.,These are things we need and depend on.,So, what’s causing the rises?,There seem to be two main reasons – the,Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine,,which has reduced the supply in things we need.,And when things are in short supply – available,in limited quantities – prices go up.,The BBC World Service programme,The Real Story discussed this,in much more detail.,One expert, economist, writer and,broadcaster, Linda Yueh, explained how,price rises could be around for a while…,Even if you take out some of these volatile,items like food and energy, the sustained,price increases weve had, it is actually,getting passed through into how companies,price their goods and services.,and thats where it gets extremely worrying,because that suggests that even if energy,prices, food prices, come down,,we could have inflation now in,the system and I think that,for advanced economies is worrying,,for developing countries, thats,hugely worrying.,Linda Yueh used some interesting,language there.,She talked about food and energy being,volatile items – something that is,volatile is unpredictable,and can change suddenly.,And that’s what we’ve experienced,with food and energy prices.,Yes, and she said these price increases,have been sustained – so, continuing,at the same level for a long period of time.,But Linda Yueh says that even if energy,and food prices eventually,come down, companies will pass on the,extra costs they have already faced by,charging more for their goods and services.,And this could cause inflation –,there’s that word again.,Continuing price rises aren’t good,for anyone but especially for people,in developing economies – countries,which have industry that’s less developed,and have lower living standards.,Another possible consequence of inflation,is recession – this economic,term describes a situation where a,country’s production starts going down,,people’s incomes go down,and unemployment goes up.,This all sounds like a very,bleak economic outlook.,So, what can be done?,Well, that’s the million-dollar question,,and economists are trying to work it out.,Speaking on The Real Story programme,,economist Vicky Pryce gave an overview,of how to control inflation.,One of them, something that is actually,most effective, is by slowing down demand.,And if you increase interest rates, what you,do is you discourage people from borrowing,,whether they are individuals or whether they are businesses – and of course the economy,starts slowing down.,So, she says what is most effective –,meaning what works well and gets the,best results – is slowing down demand.,Increasing interest rates can do this because,people will borrow less money.,Interest rates are fees banks and financial,institutions charge you for borrowing money.,And if we borrow less money, we buy fewer,things, which can reduce inflation.,I think it makes sense now!,And if you were in Venezuela in 2018, you,would really want inflation,to go down, wouldn’t you?,Yes. Now, earlier I asked you what one report,said the inflation rate was there between,November 2017 and 2018.,And I said a very high 1,300%.,Well, it was even higher, Beth.,According to a study by the opposition-controlled,National Assembly, the annual inflation rate,reached 1,300,000% in the 12 months,to November 2018.,This extreme financial situation was,known as hyperinflation.,That’s not good at all.,In this programme, we have been talking about,inflation – that’s the  increase in prices over time.,Other vocabulary we used included the,expression hit in the pocket – which,means you have less money to spend.,Volatile describes something that is,unpredictable and can change suddenly.,Something that is sustained continues at the same level for a long period of time.,And something that is effective works,well and gets the best results.,And interest rates are fees banks and financial,institutions charge you for borrowing money.,Well, we hope you’ve found our brief lesson,about the economy useful.,Thanks for listening. Goodbye for now!,Bye bye!

Worlds First Ebook Reader? Sony Data Diskman Electronic Reader DD-8 Review:

hey ah here OS and PDF curious ah calm,youll watch my retro review of the Sony,data discman this is electronic book,player dd8,if you can believe it this is actually,one of the first eBook readers to have,been ever released and launched in the,world but dd8 yeah ebook reader or if,you can even call it an e-book reader,was produced by Sony and it was,originally released only in Asia and in,Japan and it costs around four hundred,to five hundred dollars which is very,expensive and as you can see it isnt,like any ebook reader that you would,traditionally find in todays standards,instead of read these discs that,contained a book you would put it in,here and it was more like a floppy disk,reader than really a ebook reader but,anyways this isnt a real floppy either,Sony really loves its proprietary,connections so instead of using just a,standard a floppy disk to read its books,sony used a very special magnetic discs,that its customized and its sold on,stores for a quite hefty price as you,can imagine for each disc for example,the one I have here is a new electronic,encyclopedia that is though actually,retail for around $50 when it was first,put out taking a look at the design of,the actual reader we can see that on the,top we have a matte finish screen which,makes it a little bit easier to read,under direct sunlight and it has a nice,LCD contrast to it its not ink or,anything like that of course on the,bottom here we have access to f1 f2 f3,f4 and f5 Keys which correspond to,hotkeys and they will take you to,different functions when Im in,different books we have an 8 mark or a,bookmark button below here is a full,QWERTY keyboard for adding annotations,and notes into our books and its also,refining different page numbers as you,can see down below here is a four-way,navigation toggle for turning our pages,left and right up and down and and,navigating through the operating system,we also have a yes note key and a,play/pause which dubs as the play pause,for playing back audio books and mp3s,when I also have an input mode for,inputting different again bookmarks the,bottom is actually where the actual,electronic book is inserted you,basically flood,over the the disk and you slide it into,here it opens up the door and you would,keep on pressing and how the thing is in,there to release the book again you,would use a release button on the right,hand side and the book will actually,shoot out like so additionally we have a,reset hole on the right hand side and,also we have access to a power on and,off switch a contrast selector for the,screen and a video out function which,Im not really sure why it exists on the,top of the device we have access to a,selection for the different modes that,you can use to play back the books we,also have a charger in case you want to,use rechargeable lithium ion batteries,on the left hand side we have a volume,control for again that audio selection,for audio books and narration modes a,3.5 millimeter headphone jack for,listening to music which is actually a,very good feature on the back we dont,have anything its made in Japan it just,says and really the devices takes four,double A batteries now this thing is an,absolute battery monster so its gonna,eat up these batteries extremely fast so,you can imagine why its really,important to probably invest in four,double-a rechargeable batteries instead,of using one-time use batteries like Im,doing right now and you can just really,get a few of how thick this thing is Im,just gonna take for example this is a,this is a cassette box you can see that,it holds like a traditional VHS little,compartment you can see its even,thicker than like a DVD case or a VHS,case which means this thing is,absolutely huge Im just I just want to,compare to something else really quick,so Im just going to take a film for,example Motorola I won the Android based,handsets you can see that and then turns,over to the phone and you just get a,feel of how huge and ginormous this,thing really is,it doesnt weigh too much because its,mostly made out of plastic and it feels,pretty good in the hand but again it,weighs it Emme and again the footprint,is absolutely huge so lets turn this,thing on by sliding the on/off key and,its gonna show us data discman lets,change the contrast to be a little bit a,little bit darker this ebook reader,doesnt have a backlight to it so its,more similar to a lot of ink readers in,the market,so its not gonna be great for reading,under darker environments but it is good,for reading under sunlight so its gone,dramatically gonna load our book and it,shows that this ebook contains one the,encyclopedia and two more information,about this disc I can also change the,language right now f3 is dubbing as the,battery information key a control key is,followed by f4 and a select he is,followed by f5 so if we wanted to learn,more about this ebook disk I can move,down to 2 and then press yes to learn,more about it its going to read it you,can actually hear the thing hum and,think its like its actually reading,this thing like its reading a DVD disc,so it has a lot of moving and optical,parts in here which Im not a fan of,because it means that this thing is a,lot more fragile and,easy to break then it appears to be if,you if youre reading a book and you,accidentally drop this thing,and you can bet – this thing was,probably going to break and youre not,going to be able to use it again which,is unfortunate so again in the menu have,disc a description copyright notices,publisher information version number and,how to use this disc lets just go to,how to use this disc and learn more,about that you can see the loading times,are actually adequate and surprisingly,snappy for something thats based on an,optical disc like player so its not,something thats gonna be as,instantaneous as say a pre downloaded,file but it still is fairly fast like,you see it tells you more about how to,search thing how to go to the menu you,can see the contrast is pretty good if,you dont like it can also adjust it,accordingly and text looks pretty clear,on the screen as well so lets go back,go back go back and enter the actual,book by pressing 1 and lets press,select its gonna load for a while and,were finally there I can do a menu,search a keyword search or a word search,and a sense that Im using an,encyclopedia book this device basically,becomes a electronic encyclopedia if I,wanted to find something I would just,type it using the keyboard and find it,so lets do a menu search or a keyword,search actually lets press select its,gonna think its gonna hum like,drive and Im going to enter some words,so thats you,for example computer Im not sure what,this thing is gonna find because its so,old but lets find something about,computers and its thinking now so it,found some stuff like accounting adding,machine aerodynamics aircraft military,not sure what that really has to do with,computers but its forgivable,considering that an encyclopedia version,in here is probably more than a decade,out-of-date so we can expect it not to,know too much about that,type in accounting and see what it finds,and its gonna describe what accounting,is completion of financial information,for use in making economic decisions,bookkeeping and you can just read more,about that and pretty much its just,what the book reading experience is like,of course it does this thing isnt all,about you know electronic encyclopedias,and dictionaries and translators you can,also get full-blown books and books are,a little bit more harder to find these,days because theyre so out of date and,not sure I didnt find too much except,for classics like Sherlock Holmes and,stuff like that but you can imagine that,the ebook reading experience would be,very similar you would just be flipping,back and forth the pages like so going,left and right or up and down will do,the same thing and then reading books,like this so overall the e-book reading,experience isnt too bad its actually,kind of responsive and the

Are you following your dreams? – 6 Minute English

Hello.,This is 6 Minute English from,BBC Learning English.,I’m Neil.,And I’m Beth.,When I was a boy, I wanted to be,a fireman when I grew up.,How about you, Beth?,Did you have,any childhood dreams?,I wanted to be an astronaut,and fly to the Moon…,When we’re young most of us have,big dreams and plans for the future.,Unfortunately, as we grow up these,childhood dreams often get lost in the,adult world of jobs, money,,families and careers.,But not for everyone…,Daisy, from New Zealand, and, Herman,,from Argentina are two,people who decided,to follow their childhood dreams.,They,wanted the world to become a utopia – a,perfect, ideal society where everyone is,happy and gets along with each other.,In this programme, we’ll be hearing how,Daisy and Herman made their dreams,come true – not by changing the world,,but by changing themselves.,And, as usual,,we’ll be learning some new vocabulary too.,But before that I have a question,for you, Beth.,Following your dreams can,be tough, but not following them can leave,you regretting all the things you wanted,to do but didn’t.,In 2012, Australian nurse,,Bronnie Ware, wrote her bestselling book,,The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, after,interviewing terminally ill patients about,their life regrets.,So, what do you think,their top regret was?,Was it:,a) I wish I hadn’t worked so hard?,b) I wish I had followed my dreams?,or,c) I wish I’d made more money?,Well, I’ll guess it’s b) they wish they,had followed their dreams.,OK, Beth.,I’ll reveal the correct answer,at the end of the programme.,The first dreamer we’re going to meet lives,in Riverside, a peace-loving community in,New Zealand where everyone shares,everything.,Riverside members work for,the community’s businesses, including,a farm, a hotel and a café.,All the money they,earn is collected and shared,between everyone equally.,Daisy, who was born in East Germany,,joined Riverside in 2004.,Here she explains,her belief in sharing to BBC,World Service programme, The Documentary.,What I think I always believed in is that,the sharing of resources can provide,a group of people with quite a great,advantage, but it doesn’t matter how,many hours you work or what work,you do, everyone is getting the,same amount.,And that is something,that many people outside of,Riverside struggle with, and where,we’re often getting this ‘communism’,label attached to us, because it’s so…,it seems so outlandish for people.,Riverside isn’t a communist community.,In fact, people with many different political,views live there.,But Daisy says that local,people struggle with the idea that,everything is shared.,If you struggle with,an idea, you find it difficult to,accept or think about it.,Daisy also says some local people,call Riverside outlandish –,strange and unusual.,Our second group of dreamers are,a family – the Zapps.,In 2000, childhood,sweethearts, Herman and Candelaria Zapp,,bought a vintage car and set off,from Argentina to travel around,the world with less than 3.500 dollars,in their pockets.,Twenty-two years and,three children later they have visited,over a hundred countries, meeting,with countless people and,experiences on the way.,Here, Herman Zapp explains to BBC,World Service’s, The Documentary, how,following his dream has,changed him for the better.,I am so happy with the Herman there is now,,that I know now – not the one who,wanted to conquer the world, but the one,who was conquered by the world.,I learn,so much from people, and it’s,amazing how the more you meet people,,the more you know stories, how,much more humble you become because,you notice that you are a beautiful, tiny,piece of sand, but a very important piece,of sand like everyone is, right?,After many years travelling, meeting,new people and hearing their stories,,Herman is more humble – not proud or,arrogant.,He no longer wants to,conquer the world – to control it by force;,rather, he has been conquered,by his experiences.,Herman compares himself to a beautiful,but tiny piece of sand and uses the phrase,a grain of sand to describe things which,are insignificant in themselves, but,at the same time are an important,part of the whole.,Daisy and Herman are rare examples,of dreamers who followed their dream,and found a happy life, lived without,regret – which reminds me,of your question, Neil.,Yes, I asked about Bronnie Ware’s book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.,What do you think the number one regret was, Beth?,I guessed it was b) not following your dreams.,Which was the right answer!,Not having,the courage to follow your dreams was,listed as the top life regret.,At least we,have people like Daisy and Herman,to remind us dreams can come true!,OK, let’s recap the vocabulary from,this programme, starting with,utopia – a perfect world where,everyone is happy.,If you struggle with an idea,,you find it difficult to accept.,The adjective, outlandish, means,strange and unusual.,To conquer something means,to control it by force.,Someone who is humble is,not proud or arrogant.,And finally, the phrase a grain of sand,describes something which is both,insignificant yet somehow important.,Once again, our six minutes are up.,Bye for now!,Goodbye!

Lovo Review by Hoz – best text to speech software in the world?

this is my level review lovo is a text,to speech software that claims to be,the most human-sounding authentic,synthetic,speech platform in the world thats what,the founder wrote on the appszoomer,website,im just not sure how authentic and,synthetic go together,but that aside that is a big claim so,in this video im going to put the,software to the test well take a look,at the website to see exactly what the,offer is,and if it can be trusted then well dive,into the tool ill give you a quick demo,so you can see exactly how this software,works youll find links and timestamps,in the description below this video in,case you need a reminder,okay lets do this,lets try gary here im not sure what to,say,okay so here we are at the lovo website,now the website is nice and clean its,modern,it looks good and it certainly looks,trustworthy they have a live chat which,is always,something that i look for now this is a,good sign,30 000 plus creators in 41 countries,millions of voice overs created thats,something,thats always good to see it means that,the software has some mileage,it hasnt just launched and hopefully,its not still in beta,now here we see the sales pitch really,super realistic,human voices powered by advanced,text-to-speech,technology okay and i can see things,like truly human emotions,in every voice created mind-blowing,voice cloning technology,theyre really amping the software up,with terms like,mind-blowing and truly human emotions in,every voice,breathing life into your content now im,not dissing this i really hope this,lives up to its claims because,i have various books i write fiction and,non-fiction and i would love my books to,be,audio books so i have actually been,looking at text-to-speech,voice technology for quite some time now,ive just never mentioned it because,there was never anything worth,mentioning,but i came across this recently and as,you can see this looks promising but,yeah so,overall the website getting okay,its trustworthy its a little bit hypey,it has to be said if i was making these,claims i would have a video,at the very top of the page showing the,software,show rather than tell but anyway lets,dive in and test the tool,so here i am inside lovo studio now i,have to say i havent actually,tested this yet so i have no idea what,this is going to sound like,but judging by the website is going to,sound just like a human,so lets start by adding some text hello,my name is hoss and now lets press play,hello my name is,wow i was not expecting that,yeah we need to change the voice actor,okay so looking around,i see some symbols here on the right,hand side,voice skin okay so its pretty intuitive,i like the fact that the,interface is nice and clean and it,didnt take,long to work out what to do so okay,lets,scroll down this page so we should have,180 plus,voices if i remember correctly so lets,go to sort by,okay i can sort by favorite lets go to,filter,this is good you get scenarios here so,presumably theres going to be a,different intonation,for each scenario so im going to go,with audiobooks age,im going to go to middle aged i quite,like this and i havent seen this before,you can choose a child voice a young,adult a senior,a middle aged so for example if youve,written a childrens book,when your characters speak you could,choose a child voice,that would be a nice touch gender lets,go with male,accent british and wow the voice skins,have disappeared they have no male,british,voice actors im not sure what to say,okay well lets take off british then,and ill choose american,because my books are written in english,okay so lets,go to levels you have premium and,regular well im going to go to premium,text edit im not sure what that is and,character oh,angry classy dramatic excited this is,really good this is a really nice touch,so you can actually choose,the emotion behind the voice this is,brilliant well im gonna go,for gentle oh my god theyve all,disappeared again,okay well maybe thats coming in future,who knows lets untick that,lets go to friendly okay so there are,no friendly american middle-aged voices,in the software so far,i would imagine that thats going to be,a pretty common choice for someone,wanting a voiceover for a video a sales,video for example,okay so lets go to hard,sell no lets go to honest no,oh my god informative wow,ominous no sad,no warm my god we have one person with a,warm voice,what happens if we select trustworthy,and powerful,okay so we got two choices here and both,of these voice actors,have audio books in their tags which is,what were looking for,so on the filter side we are a bit,limited i hope that they,keep adding talent because so far its,quite limiting i mean come on,okay so lets select kodi and lets go,to,workspace and press play hello my name,is,wow i have to say that voice doesnt,match that face,lets go back to the voice skins and,this time im going to select,chad okay lets press play hello my name,is,that sounds robotic lets do it again,hello my name is,let me put a comma there and try again,hello my name is,lets put a exclamation mark there hello,my name is,well the exclamation mark made no,difference whatsoever but the comma did,now im not happy with these voice skins,so im going to go back here and im,going to take off,the character filters which is a shame,because i really,wanted to be able to choose by character,so lets try,richard they say the universe is,expanding forever eternal at a speed,that is unimaginable or unfathomable to,the human kind to the human kind,well that voice didnt sound too bad but,the words did,the human kind who wrote that okay so,lets see,chad and cody and richard thats all we,have,on the american male middle aged,only three okay i think the problem is,that ive got audiobook,selected because i really want an audio,book,and thats obviously filtering out a lot,of the voice talent and its limiting my,choices,however their website does say audio,books,the perfect voiceovers for audiobooks so,if youre going to push that at the very,top of your website,then have audiobook voice talent so,lets go back here and untick audio,books,this is going to give us a lot more,choice but im disappointed,now lets try ian and click on play,hello my name is wow talk about gravely,lets go back to skins,lets try austin and play hello,my name is they all sound really,gravelly and i selected middle-aged,lets go back to voice skin and the last,option is tim,lets go for tim play hello my name is,haas,well tim sounds more normal than,everybody else but he sounds uber happy,and thats just not going to cut it from,my horror stories,however lets put tim to the test shall,we i want to grab a snippet from my book,and actually let him read it,okay so ive typed a paragraph from my,book im going to,press on play and lets see how tim,reads this,the things i learned from that almighty,fall are not things i ever read in a,book,every so often i read or hear one of,those harder nuggets of wisdom,but theyre often delivered as an,afterthought or a parting comment,too easy to miss yeah that needs some,serious,work im gonna give this one last chance,im gonna remove middle aged,and see what comes up lets try gary,here i think i learned from that,almighty fall,not what things i ever read in the book,every so often i read or hear,one of those hard-earned nuggets of,wisdom,but theyre often delivered as an,afterthought or a partying comment,you easy to miss im sorry if,a voice over talent came over to your,studio and started reading like that,what would you do i have to do this,oh sexy how are you today hes not even,saying hello hes saying,ho come on lets try hi i sexy,how are you today well,thats the most realistic voice so far,unfortunately it only fits the profile,of a creep,i have a few more voices here and just,to give this,a fur go so no one can say that i didnt,actually try,let me click one or two more hi sexy how,are you today,im sorry i need to remove that text the,things i learned from that almighty fall,are not things

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