1. Why Euphoria Season 2 Is So Disappointing
  2. Euphoria Season 2 was a Disappointing Mess
  3. euphoria sabotages every character | a S1 vs S2 deep dive
  4. The Broken Realism Of Euphoria
  5. EUPHORIA Season 2 Ending Explained & Season 3 Theories!
  6. Euphoria Season 2 is Kind Of a Mess…
  7. Oh, Euphoria…

Why Euphoria Season 2 Is So Disappointing

this video is brought to you by,squarespace when it comes to websites,online stores et cetera theres no place,to build a beautiful online presence,like squarespace this first part is,spoiler free so ive run over all the,possible outcomes of this video and none,of them are good when it comes to film,and tv discourse nothing has taken up,space these last few months quite like,euphoria everyone has been watching it,and everyone has their own opinion and,everyone loves to talk about it so im,sort of expecting some people to not,enjoy this video and i dont think there,was any way i could have avoided that,because thats just what happens when,you talk about this show we have to at,least give sam levinson that he made,something that people kept watching and,something people love to talk about and,most importantly something that not,everyone agrees on no i wouldnt say his,art is dangerous the way he described it,himself when he wrote it in the last,episode but this show is at this point a,cultural phenomenon that has managed to,piss people off and also keep them,coming back for more and my thoughts on,where this show is at now basically,boils down to,its more fun to talk about than it is,to watch now i made a video a while back,on the first season and why it deserved,the hype and speaking for myself today i,think i agree even more the first season,of euphoria is just an amazing piece of,television every character in that is so,unique and treated with the same level,of respect as the other each has such a,fascinating backstory the drama in the,first season hit all the right marks,there were a number of times where i was,on the edge of my seat it felt,refreshingly blunt on its depiction of,addiction depression anxiety and a slew,of other things so many young people are,battling and feeling it was the brutally,honest show about high school that this,new generation just didnt have,now its the biggest thing ever it was,good in a way that let you overlook some,of its flaws like some of the cringy,dialogue some of the dated music choices,it made you go oh thats just high,school but now that the dreamy filter i,used to watch this show through has,faded away and weve all gotten to know,the work of sam levinson a little bit,more and weve all gotten to know how,sam levinson runs his sets a little bit,more,ill be honest it has become extremely,difficult to watch this show without,thinking about the myriad of flaws that,come with it like the over sexualization,of high schoolers the choice to favor,some characters more than others the,choice to fully write certain characters,out because of disagreements the,complete lack of a plan every step of,the way season one just felt so,carefully thought out and like every,episode went in with a theme it wanted,to tackle and walked away pretty,successfully and there are some episodes,in season 2 where i could not tell you a,single thing that happened so lets,break this down into some categories and,also if you dont want spoilers get at,it,[Music],my take on the cinematography this,season is pretty mixed euphoria is a,show that really shows off when it comes,to its technical stuff because it does,have an undeniably very cinematic look,to it especially this season they shot,this one entirely on film and as a,result you get this super grainy look,and all of the lights hitting the,characters just a little bit cooler some,standouts are any scene that takes place,at fescos apartment that one episode,where roo is just running through the,street the shot of lexi in the end,theres a lot of shots in here that look,straight out of the 70s and thats one,of my favorite decades for film so im,not complaining too hard because like i,said it objectively looks great sam,levinson but more importantly his,cinematographer marcel rev know exactly,how to make something look great and i,would go as far to say the shots do have,purpose i can tell what theyre trying,to say every time and you know theres,nothing wrong with that some of the,visual metaphor slash references are a,little too on the nose i shouldnt be,rolling my eyes at a twin peaks,reference yet i am but overall it looks,good for some reason it just felt,frustrating watching it though not the,first time ive used this but its like,that one spongebob episode where hes,eating the holographic meatloaf it looks,so good i can read what the shot wants,me to feel and what its saying about,the character but it doesnt feel like,im getting any actual feeling these,shots go right through me the most,memorable shot in the entire season is,unarguably this one of cassie such a,gorgeous composition and its one of the,only shots that really felt like it,moved me and thats probably because,theres just so much happening in it,like when that shows up on the screen,when you arent expecting it obviously,youre gonna be like damn but a lot of,the cinematography while beautiful just,didnt land for me and i dont really,blame it on the cinematography itself i,blame it on the storytelling,[Music],this season was a mess this was a roller,coaster of a season and not in a cool,good way let me just run through my,thoughts on each episode in rapid fire,episode one was crazy fun unique kind of,reminded me of climax and was a great,start to the season episode two was okay,things are slowing down maybe theyll,catch up episode three im starting to,fall asleep this could have been 20,minutes episode four cals dick episode,five was phenomenal one of the best,episodes of the entire show and finally,some new rue episode six episode two and,episode three are all interchangeable in,my eyes episode seven i can acknowledge,this as being a fan favorite in a very,chaotic hour but i thought it was kind,of embarrassing and not as funny as,everyone else episode eight the finale,doesnt entirely feel earned yet do you,see what i mean the show is so quick to,go from an outstanding episode that,feels like yeah euphoria deserves to get,away with all the [ __ ] it pulls and,then the next week youre rolling your,eyes it feels like there was no plan and,let me clarify you dont need a plan for,every film and tv show some of my,favorite films dont have any plans,going into them but for something with,this many moving parts you should at,least have some form of structure and,maybe it just feels like that because,season ones structure was ridiculously,simple literally each episode starting,with a character and kind of going from,there like all they had to do there was,introduce them and they nailed it and,this one didnt really know what it was,supposed to do season one had this,episodic feeling to it that made it work,where the show would just throw the,characters all into one location and let,them do the work and the best episodes,of two do follow this formula a party on,the way to a party a night a play,euphoria is at its best when everyone is,intertwined in everyone elses drama and,thats the appeal of high school drama,everyone is somehow involved in,something they shouldnt be involved in,and thats really fun to watch but for,most of the season characters have never,felt so distant from each other there,are like four main story lines going on,here the rue stuff the cassie and maddie,stuff the nate and cal stuff and the fez,stuff do we ever really see them overlap,with each other,sort of lexi is kind of the only thing,that is sort of linking everybody,together but we never really see it come,together in an interesting way,especially in the end your art isnt,dangerous its boring,[Music],i cant say nobody changed this season,but it didnt feel like a lot changed no,roo had the biggest change of anybody,which is good she is after all the main,character in case you were the show for,god and as usual i really like the way,they deal with rue in the show which is,no surprise considering its the,character levinson has based his own,experience off of her recovery process,is painful and slow and a crazy uphill,battle which is a very hard thing to,make interestin

Euphoria Season 2 was a Disappointing Mess

hi just wanted to say that there will be,spoilers in this video even though weve,already seen the show on legal websites,or tik-tok already,as we all know euphoria season 2 came,out in january and it was huge for moms,all i saw on the internet were memes and,clips from the show viewership increased,by 100,and everyone would not stop talking,about it including me if you know me at,all you will know that i was absolutely,obsessed with the first season of,euphoria and no matter what happens to,the show i will always love it but not,because of the makeup or fashion but,because of the writing so you can,imagine my excitement for season two,like ive waited two whole years for,this and i was ready,and then,what,what happened euphoria chooses to,misguidedly glorify and erroneously,depict high school student drug use,addiction anonymous sex violence and,other destructive behaviors as common,and widespread in todays world okay,okay lets just all calm down take a,deep breath just chill im just gonna,say it now i was disappointed i knew,that the second season wouldnt be as,great as the first but wow i was not,expecting this i dont think any of us,were so lets break down the show,together and try and figure out what the,hell happened these are all the points,im gonna make i hope you enjoy euphoria,is a very character-driven show and,season one was all about introducing,them by revealing their traumatic,moments from their childhood we can,understand the person they became and,sympathize with them so for season two,we can focus on who these people are now,and they are a mess dont get me wrong,they were a mess in season one but the,writing was so organized that it didnt,feel like it like every storyline was,connected they all had a common ground,whether that be an event relationship,background take this long shot in the,carnival episode see how its following,each character theyre all going through,different things but it doesnt feel,messy because theyre all connected now,in season two theyre all in different,locations like maddie is off babysitting,rue and jules are at elliots place,nates in his car a lot cal is off the,[ __ ] rails and cat isnt even in the,show its all so disorganized and keep,in mind they had two years to write this,but thats whats so weird this script,was rewritten so many times and its not,just simple dialogue key elements to a,story were written like the day before,so fez was originally supposed to be,shot right i knew like like two days or,a day before actually because he rewrote,the script the whole thing,of like me in the bathtub the crazy,shootout like pretty much the day before,its pretty crazy season one was so,planned each character had so many,layers and the show had a great formula,overall so what happens like i think,thats the biggest problem with this,seasons writing theres just no,structure and since they didnt have a,structure anymore i feel like they had,to make up for the screen time by just,throwing in random [ __ ] and that random,[ __ ] was made into such a big deal that,just led nowhere for example the,suitcase so much time was spent on rue,trying to get it and so much time was,spent on her dragging it around and,after episode 5 its just not mentioned,again like im so confused how do you go,from a masterpiece of a season to a mess,honestly the only storyline that,reminded me of the first seasons,writing was ruse but well get into that,later sorry for comparing the two,seasons a lot but its impossible not to,the first season was absolutely insane,with their camera work these shots are,[ __ ] incredible and what made it so,incredible was the emotional realism the,camera would move in a way that showed,us exactly how each character was,feeling take the shot of cat its a,plain background but the camera is,angled in a way that makes her look like,a [ __ ] badass that were looking up,to we know exactly how shes feeling,through this one shot for season two,they definitely made the emotional,realism more visual like that long,montage of roux and jewels personally i,wasnt the biggest fan of this dont get,me wrong some were amazing like the one,with cassie and the flowers is so,beautiful but i think that there were so,many shots like this that were back to,back that just left me confused,characters and performances,what,what happened im so confused because i,loved all these characters in season one,like ill admit i cried for them even,the ones that were shitty like i can,find some way to sympathize with them,but this season what happened ill start,off with rue since shes the protagonist,and she was like the only one with an,arc this season but it makes sense that,a drug addiction storyline would have a,satisfying conclusion since it is based,off sam levinson episode 5 was easily,the best episode in this entire [ __ ],season like everything was so good and i,was on the edge of my seat the whole,time zendayas performance was [ __ ],insane i have loved zendaya since i was,a little girl because of shake it up and,her acting yo give her another emmy,right now where the hell did jules go,she had no arc and did nothing except,get yelled at by rue this was extremely,disappointing because [ __ ] anyone whos,not a seablob is my favorite episode of,this entire show and my favorite episode,of television ever the only arc she gets,this season was telling rues mom about,roos addiction but this doesnt work,because there was no buildup to that,what changed in jewels that made her,want to start making good decisions,cause all weve seen is her making bad,ones i actually get why she cheated on,rue elliot represents a part of rue a,bad one but still apart and rue is right,jules loves to be loved as a result of,her traumatic childhood i just wish that,the cheating was,addressed like she [ __ ] cheated on,her were just gonna ignore it elliot,could have been an interesting character,but he had no backstory no motives,nothing does he even have a last name he,was just there as a way to create more,drama the song was beautiful but why the,hell is it so long this could have,worked if they played a montage of all,the characters with the song in the,background like look even rue looks,bored maddie was actually my favorite,character from the first season so thank,god she didnt completely disappoint i,liked how she kind of questioned what,she wanted in life since she stuck with,her love for nate i just wish they,elaborated on that a little more also i,was confused on what her arc was,supposed to be this season like they,hinted at her being overly aggressive,and trying to overcome it and i was like,okay thats fine but then she beats up,cassie in the end so im like okay i,guess were just throwing that out the,window and i really wish that when she,started going back to nate cat would,step up and be the voice of reason this,would make sense based on cats art from,the first season speaking of cat we all,know what happened with barbie and sam,levinson as much as im annoyed that cat,barely got any screen time im also,confused personally i dont think cat,should have had any arc when theres so,many new story lines and characters you,gotta make some cuts im not saying cut,cat completely out of the show im,saying dont add fuel to the flame the,shows already messy and the scenes of,cat that do make it in made it messier,kat was like the only one with a happy,ending in the first season so i wish the,show would have used that to make cat,the voice of reason in season two,especially for maddie i really liked fez,in season one so when the show opened,with his backstory i was really excited,for him but besides the first episode he,didnt get as much screen time as i,hoped i was way more interested in his,romance with lexi than the whole mess,with nate cassie and maddie cause it was,clear from the beginning that the three,of them werent going to end well but,with fez and lexi there was hope,speaking of lexi i have mixed feelings,about her i love the idea of lexi a,quiet shy backgro

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euphoria sabotages every character | a S1 vs S2 deep dive


there is one major reason why euphoria,season two is not as good as season one,and to me that is character,inconsistency now i know a lot of people,have talked about the fact that there is,loose plot lines and unnecessary,characters and characters with unequal,screen time which i completely agree,with but to me the main reason why it,doesnt work as well is because the,characters feel so different in season,two it seems that a lot of the,characters lose their complexity they,had in season one or have completely,different personalities and this is a,huge flaw because euphoria is a,character-driven show if you cant fall,back on your plots which lets be honest,deuphoria doesnt really have one then,your characters have to be written well,when i say character consistency i do,not mean that these characters should,stay the same what i do mean is the,characters should grow in a way that is,consistent to who they are as a person,does the setup pay off and this can,progress in a lot of different ways you,can have characters go from bad to good,good to bad bad to worse but it just has,to make sense and in season two a lot of,it just doesnt make sense im,passionate about this because i have a,series on instagram and tick tock where,i break down the character color,palettes and how they reflect their,personalities and their growth because,euphoria is really known for doing that,and looking at my pages you might think,that id feel really positively about,season two but i do think that this,season is definitely lacking with a lot,of the character stories that we got and,i just wanted to get all of my thoughts,in one place i do want to say that i do,think the costuming and the color,palettes are still really well done this,season its just the overall stories,that were less well done so to,understand this in this video im going,to dissect each character im going to,summarize what happened in season one,where we left off with the characters in,season one and then compare what happens,in season two for consistency before we,get into the video i do have a few very,quick disclaimers number one while i do,think euphoria season one is better than,season two i do not think its a perfect,show the dialogue can definitely be,cringy sometimes some story lines are,uncomfortable its melodramatic even in,season one theres a lot of unnecessary,nudity but i do think that its a unique,show with a very visual aesthetic that i,love and i think that it deals with the,characters in an interesting way on the,flip side this video is going to be very,critical of season two and like i,mentioned there are some elements of,season two that i think are done really,well like the costumes i think the,performances are great its visually,stunning but i just think that when it,comes to the actual story it just isnt,on the same level as season one i also,want to address that i know a lot of,these issues are because of behind the,scenes drama im not going to talk too,much about that but if anything this,video is really just an example of what,can happen when you have a good starting,place but if you dont have a plan or if,you have to change your plans suddenly,it can result in something that just,isnt as good as how it started lastly,euphoria does cover some dark topics and,im not going to go over whether those,topics are handled well im just looking,at this from the context of storytelling,so i wont be covering whether these,characters are problematic or not or if,theyre written in a problematic way im,just looking at the story that were,given and the characters that were,given is the writing cohesive im also,assuming youve seen euphoria so there,will be spoilers,[Music],lets start with rue because she is the,shows narrator the main protagonist and,also one of the ones i think is handled,the best but were gonna start all the,way back in season one in the beginning,roo has just finished rehab but doesnt,intend to stay clean until she meets,jules who is the new girl in town and,rue falls so hard for her that when,jules says she doesnt want rue to hurt,herself she gets clean rue is very,loving and sweet to jewels and shes,also very protective and this is also a,common theme with rues sister gia brew,protects those she loves the problem is,that rue views jewels like a drug she,even compares her to one at one point,shes basically drunk on infatuation and,its clearly not healthy its obsessive,and this ties back to why she uses in,the first place she has several mental,health issues and feels hopeless about,the world plus shes dealing with the,trauma of her dads passing just a few,years prior roux uses because she craves,a sense of peace this is the exact,feeling that she also gets from jewels,she often confuses happiness with a,state of euphoria its something she,says when shes on drugs or when shes,with jewels but it isnt internal,happiness its more just a state of,momentary bliss and thats one reason,its so problematic because if roo cant,have drugs or jewels she cant be happy,or at least thats what she thinks rue,also has to balance the euphoria of,juless presence with the feelings of,being a burden roo cant live a normal,high school life she cant party the way,that jules can she isnt as sexually,forward as juless past hook-up partners,feeling like a burden is actually one of,the reasons she relapses she wants to be,spontaneous for jewels but her anxiety,gets the better of her we also see the,impact her addiction has on her friends,and family and how it brings out the,worst in her she uses people she lies,just as she can be loving her drug,addiction is what makes her,self-destructive she also often blames,her shortcomings for her addiction on,other people such as blaming fez that he,caused her addiction to blaming jules,for causing her relapse when of course,neither of them are to blame her whole,story is about whether she can heal from,her substance abuse as well as her dads,death to lead a fulfilling life and in,the season one this is done really well,because the answer is no we see the,progression of her not intending to get,clean to getting clean and then,eventually failing as she relapses its,devastating she doesnt win and you feel,for her because youve grown to love her,youve seen the positive steps shes,taken and we see how much pain she bears,and how she never chose to be this way i,just think the character roux is so,heartbreaking but its really great at,showing the story of how difficult it,can be to deal with something so serious,like this so before we get to season two,its important to know where we leave,off with rues story in season one,whats most important to her number one,is her relationship with jules rue,learns that jules has hooked up with,someone else which hurts her because she,thought they were in a relationship once,they kiss then nate tells her that jules,is too good for her and this is what,motivates her to become more spontaneous,and suggest to leave town because she,wants to be the person that jules wants,and number two is dealing with her,relapse her anxiety gets the better of,her and she doesnt leave town and jules,leaves without her she feels like a,burden again all while shes spiraling,while thinking about her dad so to carry,her story forward consistently here are,the questions i had for her for season,two how will rue and jules relationship,move forward and if so will it be,healthy how is she going to deal with,the aftermath of her relapse and how it,affect those around her and when we get,to season two i think one of these,questions is handled pretty well the,other one not so well and then adds a,completely useless plotline i think we,can all agree the one that is done well,is dealing with her relapse i do think,in this case it is consistent with,season one roo is already pretty far,gone at the start of season two she,regresses over the episodes until she,hits rock bottom in episode five we see,her become very ruthless and desperate,and incredibly brutal to everyone c

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The Broken Realism Of Euphoria

screams,death,all around,[Music],look,oh boy what am i getting into all right,yeah i think its about time i talked,about euphoria because im pretty sure,we can all agree that theres a lot to,say about this show,for better or for worse i was gonna wait,to make this video because i find the,current online discourse around this,show to be insufferably annoying but,since i finished watching season two my,thoughts have been kind of eating my,brain and i just gotta talk about it so,i can move on with my life see i have a,bit of a love-hate relationship with,euphoria and for the longest time i,couldnt exactly figure out why but i,feel like season two opened my eyes a,little bit and i find it interesting to,look at especially for a show that is so,controversial and polarizing which is,kind of an understatement for this show,specifically euphoria is easily the,worst type of polarizing show by that i,mean its really annoying to try and,keep up with the online conversation,surrounding it because its mainly,discussed by two types of people on one,side you have the euphoria super stands,who think this show is absolute,perfection an untouchable masterpiece,the greatest tv show of all time and,they categorically refused to even,entertain the idea of it having flaws,trust me i have tried to have,conversations with people like that some,of them even being my friends and it is,the most pointless exchange you can,attempt to have its literally like,talking to a wall however on the other,side you have the people i like to call,the,anti-euphoria initiative the people who,absolutely despise the show for,everything it is and categorically,refuse to admit it does some things,right and i mean whatever im not here,to talk about the audience of euphoria,even though theyre one of the biggest,problems with this show and its current,status and pop culture but the point,here is that there is a serious lack of,nuance when it comes to the discourse,around euphoria its very black and,white anyways were gonna talk about,that in more detail but before we do,this video is probably going to get,demonetized so i just want to take a,quick moment to thank todays sponsor,great shadow legends damn im looking,im like a real youtuber now great,shadow legends is an rpg mobile game,like weve never really seen before but,you dont need me to tell you that you,know that already everybody knows rage,shadow legend this game is taking over,its the first game to bring a legit,console level experience to your phone i,just started playing it because i saw,this guy in a youtube video hes one of,the over 600 champions in the game his,name is brakkus and just look at him,this guy will mess you up and hes not,the only one there are a bunch of others,like sisya battle sage or robar theyre,all dope as hell and you can choose them,to go and raid some bosses take them on,dungeon runs or campaign battles its a,blast and honestly this is kind of the,best time to get started on rey if you,click the link on my description right,now youll get a free starter pack worth,almost 30 dollars including one epic,champion my guy verges over here god,bless his soul verges is very courageous,but also youll get 200 silver and a,bunch of other amazing perks to go on,legendary adventures and all this,treasure will be waiting for you right,here and be quick because these rewards,will only be available for the next 30,days and only for new players so no,cheating okay thank you so much to raid,shadow legends for sponsoring this video,you guys are the best and lets get back,to the show alright so before we,completely dive into the show i just,want to establish a couple rules just a,couple little things i want you to keep,in mind moving forward number one and,this is gonna sound obvious to some of,you but i am here to share my opinion i,am not here to validate yours i know it,sounds stupid that i even have to say,that but im saying it because the,second i announced this video was on the,way i immediately started getting,threats in my dms people saying things,like i hope for your sake that you do,not dare say a single bad thing about,this show or your video better be in,line with my thoughts or i will have to,unsubscribe,i mean okay im sorry but im not a,spokesperson for your thoughts im just,a guy and im my own person with my own,opinions and visions of things and also,my mom says i can do anything and number,two is very simple i know its not,really allowed with this show but,believe it or not my thoughts about,euphoria are,nuanced i got good things to say about,it and i got bad things to say about it,so im gonna need everybody to calm down,and take a good old nuance spill before,we jump into it okay gray areas middle,grounds this is the theme of todays,video and if you get angry because my,opinion doesnt line up with yours just,remember im just a random guy on the,internet and my opinion doesnt matter,anyway all right i dont want no beef,you want no beef,you dont want no beef you dont want no,beef okay im done with the disclaimers,we can start now so euphoria is the,story of rue bennett a young teenage,girl with a severe drug addiction who,lives her life with little to no care,right after coming out of rehab rue has,absolutely no intention to actually stay,sober she thinks life is completely,meaningless and being high is the only,way she has not to deal with her,emotions and her anxiety its really,dark there isnt a lot of hope in her,world but things take a drastic turn,when she meets jules a new student in,her school who completely flips her,world upside down and there are a lot of,other characters that are more or less,related to rue and jewels and we follow,their swell shenanigans as well now as,you probably guessed there is a lot to,unpack here but to do that we first need,to take a look at the history of,television,im kidding were not doing that the,thing with euphoria is that its a show,thats not necessarily interested in,having a plot that goes from point a to,point b if that makes sense there is a,progression in the story i mean mostly,in season one but the shows biggest,priority is deconstructing the character,psyche and in season one its pretty,good at it for the most part season one,of euphoria is a solid mixture of,stories with a lot of weight from the,get-go it throws a lot at you and its,not easy to watch all the time its very,dense its sinister its very,unapologetic its the whole thing but,personally i kinda liked it i didnt,quite love it this show has its issues,but you know it did something different,kind of now there are a few criticisms i,can get out of the way right now yes,euphoria is a show that at times feels,more like a collection of music videos,rather than you know a story yes this,show tries a little too hard to be edgy,at times to a degree that can feel a,little cringy but that will most likely,appeal to the younger audience this show,is desperately trying to avoid yes the,dialogue of euphoria is incredibly corny,and sometimes its hard not to laugh at,it and yes the shows commitment to make,everything so miserable all the time can,get kind of old very quickly there is a,lot to criticize about season 1 but,overall i felt like the show really,managed to capture some interesting,characters and while it was already a,little messy in some parts there was,enough focus in the story to keep things,engaging the roster of characters is,very solid they feel complex for the,most part they all have their layers and,they all have specific arcs that carry,the season just fine i really like the,character of roo she was super,compelling and unpredictable and even,though shes not the easiest person to,like you kind of feel for somebody so,young suffering from such a severe,addiction issue i also got really,attached to jules whos a very different,type of character we dont always get to,see her arc is interesting as [ __ ] in,season 1 and while its not always,executed the best especially towards the,end i do feel like jules ha

EUPHORIA Season 2 Ending Explained & Season 3 Theories!

well another season of euphoria has come,and gone but dont worry we only have to,wait until 2024 for new episodes,yes if youre looking for an ending with,more filler than FaZe lips have I got,one for you Im kidding this season was,amazing and Im pretty sure Im gonna,need some sort of euphorias anonymous,to help me break this addiction if,youve never seen one of my videos,before we go really in depth into the,season lots of analysis not just recap,and of course a healthy dose of memes oh,a cool ambulance call an ambulance but,not for me so come and Trauma bond with,me as we dissect this season what it,could mean for season 3 and make sure to,give me a hit of Serotonin by clicking,that like And subscribe button ah fesco,the drug dealer with a heart of gold,over the course of the Season weve seen,him develop a relationship with Rues,former best friend Lexi Howard I wonder,what his grandmother would say,one instinct,cant trust but thats exactly whats,happened to Fez forming an unlikely,relationship with Lexi who he has,developed genuine feelings for and you,know as soon as he starts talking about,his dreams of starting a family and,owning a farm like in Little House on,the Prairie something bad is about to,happen his friend Custer has been,working undercover for the police trying,to get Fez to confess for the murder of,notorious drug dealer Mouse a murder,which was actually committed by fezs,younger brother ashtray his nickname,came about when he would eat cigarette,butts while in the kitchen sink tub its,kind of ironic then that ashtrays final,moments are also in a tub ashtrays,impulsiveness to protect his family was,set up back in season one weve seen,just how far hell go to protect those,he loves and this is exactly what,happens when he stabs Custer in the,throat not knowing that the police were,listening in on the other end this is,one of many examples on the show of how,love trumps reason and almost every,character in the show gives into it even,though as fizzs grandmother said its,the one Instinct you cant trust,sure afraid people are going to look,down on you,[Music],at least Ive left love makes us do,crazy things like stay with an abusive,partner betray your best friend into the,extreme even commit murder you may have,also noticed that ashtray has no,dialogue this episode he is a secondary,character given little to no autonomy,and thats the point one of the main,themes this season is how trauma is like,a wave it ripples outward affecting,other people in ways we may never see or,notice in season one Fez Cal and Lexi,were more secondary characters but that,doesnt mean trauma doesnt affect them,as much as any of the others in this,season we get to see that manifest the,whole point of Lexis play is that she,gets to reclaim her voice making her the,main character and the others merely,supporting just look at how roux is,billed as supporting actress here yet on,the show shes the main character,ashtrays decision to lock himself in,the bathroom and take on the police I,would argue is a decision made out of,love he is putting his brother above,himself knowing that if they did the,rational thing and turn themselves in it,would ascend essentially mean fezs life,is over and ashtray would lose the only,family hes ever had ashtray does not,want to be abandoned just like he was,abandoned as a baby thats his worst,fear and one hell do anything to,protect himself from I also love this,juxtaposition between ashtray in the tub,and Cassie both hiding from the,consequences of their actions actions,spurred by love the difference here was,Cassies was one of selfish love while,ashtrays was one of selfless Faye,Custers girlfriend knows about the,sting operation against Fez but shes,developed a friendship with Fez and,knows that hes a good person she,purposely drops a glass to tell Fez not,to talk and even sets up Lori as Mouses,killer this is one of those unresolved,plot points of the Season Rue owes,Laurie thousands of dollars for agreeing,to sell some of her product but if Lori,somehow gets pinned for the murder of,mouse it may solve Rues dead at the end,of episode 207 Nate stormed off after,the character hes based off in Lexis,play performed the greatest [ __ ],themed High School Musical number put to,Stage Nates sexuality has been,something thats been questioned by not,only himself but those at school since,it was discovered he had a treasure,Trove of dick pics on his phone hes,been made a mockery of and takes out his,frustration on Cassie Howard Lexis,sister for not informing him of her,sisters blatant attack on his character,its so bad that Nate tells Cass to pick,up her things and move out Cassie has,had a huge shift this season going from,one of the most empathized characters in,season 1 to villain well that makes me a,villain,then so [ __ ] beer,the end of season one saw Cassie go,through with an abortion an abortion,largely pushed upon her by her,ex-boyfriend McKay McKay never made her,feel loved nor did her drug addicted,father so she seeks it out even if it,means in the most toxic of places like,Nate Jacobs the ex of her best friend,Maddie the beginning of season two sees,her in one of the most vulnerable states,which leads to Nate picking her up in,the two engaging in dirty party bathroom,sex The Secret of hooking up with her,best friends ex is something that eats,away at her the entire season not to,mention Nates womanizing attitude which,sees him play both women going from cast,to Maddie like a fuckboy yo-yo all these,emotions culminate in a total breakdown,for Cassie when she storms the stage of,her sisters play a play that recreates,embarrassing scenes from her life like,when she orgasmed on the merry-go-round,in front of everyone what becomes a play,about their lives turns into their lives,actually played out on stage as many of,our characters air out their grievances,is wait is this [ __ ] play about us,Maddie even chases down Cassie to beat,the [ __ ] out of her I watch you fake oh,no guys who let Elliot in well after,about three minutes of John Mayer over,here this scene is really about Rue for,giving Elliot for ratting her out and,thanking him for saving her life I think,you might have accidentally saved my,life if season one was all about Rue,dealing with sobriety after a near fatal,overdose season 2 is all about the,relapse we see how her addiction leads,to the destruction of almost all of her,friendships she pushes away those that,love her most to protect herself from,the feeling of loss the loss that she,experienced when her father died of,cancer whats a bigger feeling Than Love,Im lost getting high allows Rue to live,without the fear of the good moments,coming to an end and this feeling is the,true root of her addiction the beautiful,thing about getting high is time ceases,to exist,I mean you can just stay in the good,moments without the fear that theyll,come to an end in Rues final scene with,Lexi Roo realizes that her and Lexi,arent that different both of them have,experienced similar traumas both have,lost their fathers although in two,different ways but Lexi has channeled,her trauma through ART,I dont know how to get to where you are,if Lexi can get to a place of relative,peace that means theres hope for Rue as,well I hope,is what Roo has to find Rue doesnt want,to hold on to this pain forever she,needs to find some sort of release so my,guess for season three is that Rue will,be looking for that reason well I do,think shell be tempted by drugs in,upcoming Seasons there are far more,captivating stories to be told about her,other than rehashing another relapse so,expect her character to go through some,massive changes whether or not Rue and,Elliot will remain friends is unclear he,said multiple times throughout the,season that hes not good for her it,also depends on how far of a time Jump,well have in season 3 but well get,into that in a bit Lexi thinks her show,is a disaster,the only thing Ive ever done and its a,disaster but Rue being th

Euphoria Season 2 is Kind Of a Mess…

welcome back to my channel everyone im,serena for those of you that are new,here before we get started if you want,to know what im wearing on my face the,link will be in the description this new,lipstick im wearing this video isnt,sponsored by the way but i just really,love it its so moisturizing and also,lasts for hours and im obsessed with it,like it could be my new favorite,lipstick seriously i dont think ive,owned a better one but ill link that in,the description too so you can see and,without further ado,lets talk about euphoria and oh my god,i reviewed season one ages ago and i,thought wow its a long wait till season,two and suddenly its here its crazy,let me tell you ladies and gents how,much time it took for me to really think,and process my feelings on this show and,try and figure out where i stood it was,so hard because i just didnt know how i,felt i was like is this so good is this,show bad is it just that i personally,dont like it but its actually really,well written i didnt know and then at,other points i was really enjoying it,and i was like wow this is actually cool,and it was just so much for me to think,about and process and also its so,popular season two completely blew up,compared to season one and its all,anyones talking about so clearly the,writers did something right because they,know how to draw in an audience and make,a big hit i like the show but i dont,love it its not like my favorite show,of all time or anything and i dont,particularly get the urge to go back and,re-watch it like with other shows i,would watch it and then id be like oh,my god i need to go back and experience,that whole thing but with euphoria i,dont have any inclination to re-watch,the show im like,im good thanks ive had enough of that,its not even that i think its bad its,just that for me personally and the kind,of stuff i like to watch in my spare,time euphoria wouldnt be the first,thing that comes to mind for me if im,honest because it doesnt have a lot of,high highs and then low lows like a,roller coaster ride its just a lot of,very intense negativity i guess and its,a lot to process and youre like oh my,god and youre being hit with bad thing,after bad thing and every teenager in,the show was an absolute mess theyre,all going through some terrible life,experience and its like,so hard to stomach i think if youre not,that kind of person because its very,dark and gritty and dramatic and theres,a whole bunch of messes everywhere now,if you love that sort of thing i would,highly recommend you watch this show,because i think you would just love it,and youd lap it up and youd be like,yes give me more especially with,everything going on in the world at the,moment i just,want something,to watch that makes me feel inspired and,motivated and euphoria isnt,particularly one of those shows but that,doesnt make it a bad show and this is,something ive really thought about the,older ive gotten and grown to,understand is that just because you,dont like something that doesnt make,it bad i feel that way about euphoria,the cassie maddie nate drama im gonna,be 100 honest with you guys,i didnt care i just didnt give a [ __ ],and again thats not me saying its a,bad show if you guys thoroughly enjoyed,it im so glad you did it was a wild,ride but for me in my experience i was,like i dont give a [ __ ] i dont care,about who slept with who i dont care,and the whole best friends hating each,other thing is so old weve seen it with,gossip girl and every teen drama ever,and i just want to see some healthy,communicative,respectful female friendships and media,where it is actually i was about to say,bros before hoes thats not what i mean,where the girls put each other first,before the guy and they talk about stuff,if somethings bothering them if they,have a crush on the same guy they try,not to get jealous about it and they,work through it and they are more mature,i really struggle to think of shows that,do that because normally they go in the,opposite direction and they make it,super intense super catty oh this [ __ ],needs to be put down,maddie no,no no no,and,can we just not do this because weve,seen the same thing a hundred times over,[Music],thats one of the reasons why i did find,this season a bit underwhelming because,so much screen time is dedicated to nate,cassie maddie triangle and since i was,completely unattached to that that did,affect my viewing experience watching,the show im always 100 honest with you,in my reviews i dont pretend to like,something just because its popular,because that wouldnt be authentic and,thats not me i felt like it was quite,slow,and i was a bit bored at points not with,certain storylines,but then with other storylines i was,bored for instance if there was any,scene involving rue and jules,negotiating their relationship or just,talking together in general i always,found that relationship quite,flat and dull because room keeps saying,things like oh i thought jules was my,forever she was my first love she meant,so much to me and so were being told,that they had this unique connection and,i kind of felt that way from the,beginning when they started getting to,know each other and flirting and,starting a relationship very quickly i,was just so,unbothered with it and i didnt really,care whether they were together or,separated because to be honest i didnt,feel like the relationship was developed,in the most,interesting or engaging way that made,them stand out to me that made me root,for them and im not just picking apart,roon jules here in general with a lot of,relationships on the show with the,friendships and with the characters,themselves somehow i feel very apathetic,about it and i dont care about them if,they live if they die or what happens to,them and im not really rooting for them,im weirdly unattached to them and i,dont know if thats just me or what,because ive watched other shows even,when there were so many plot holes it,was genuinely poorly written at points,and sloppy and careless and yet i still,cared so much about the characters and,what happened to them i think pretty,little liars is the perfect example,because a lot of you guys,found,my channel through those videos and,thats what initially helped my channel,take off was talking about pretty little,liars but one thing that i always find,really funny about that show is i never,really cared about who a was like who,the bad anonymous stalker was because it,was always so poorly explained i was,like theyre gonna mess that up i dont,care and that was the main part of the,plot and the mystery elements of it it,just wasnt very good sometimes in,certain seasons to be honest and then,occasionally thered be something really,amazing,and then it would be mediocre again but,i wasnt watching the show for that i,didnt watch seven seasons,thats a long time of a show for that i,watched it,for the characters because i was,attached to them and i cared about them,and i have so much nostalgia attached to,characters like caleb and hannah and i,just wanted to see them do well and i,wanted to see where theyd end up i had,this curiosity and when i compare it to,a show like euphoria technically i,shouldnt feel that different because,theyre both shows with kids set in high,school right sue me but i didnt care,about what happened to these characters,in euphoria id say the only characters,who i actually like care about would be,like lexi i,care about her actually i like fez i,think hes complex but i thought maybe i,should talk about each character,individually separately because i have,different feelings towards each of them,and how they compared to the first,season so well start off with maddie,because she apparently seems to be the,icon of the show who everyone watches it,for i do like maddie sass and she,definitely grew me a lot more this,season in the first season it was like,everyone was idolizing her for doing,quite literally nothing shed just say,something in a confident way and,everyone would just completely o

Oh, Euphoria…

euphoria may very well be the most,perplexing show ive ever seen i,generally find myself struggling to buy,into it but every now and then an,episode will convince me that its,actually good and not just good in the,sense that it was able to produce a good,episode but said episode will convince,me that the whole show was actually good,all along and then the next week itll,revert to its old self,and ill have no idea what i was huffing,the week before the thing is its just a,show im unable to meet on its own terms,i can appreciate it as a collection of,technically accomplished music videos,essentially but whatever relationships,and character arcs it wants me to invest,myself in are impossible and i think,this is a consequence of what euphoria,demonstrates about a tourism gone sour,sam levinson is drunk with power to a,degree i dont think weve seen before,on tv aside from maybe ryan murphy its,not unprecedented at this point for a,show to give a single person the keys to,the kingdom to write and direct every,episode on their own after a successful,first season but the examples im,thinking of have all demonstrated at,least a competent adherence to,convention which cant exactly be said,of euphorias first season and thats,not necessarily a bad thing im not,going to knock a show on principle for,defying convention and id even go so,far as to say that euphorias greatest,moments of cinematic triumph are the,direct result of this rebellion but the,aspects that ultimately sink the show,are a reminder of why those conventions,have etched themselves into common,practice in the first place and make a,good case for why levinson needs a,writers room to reel him in i think,what levenson demonstrated with malcolm,and marie which is sort of informed the,direction euphoria has gone in is that,he often relies on very dense dialogue,to convey his ideas but when i say dense,i dont mean theres a lot to unpack,within what the characters are saying i,mean dense like a loaf of bread he,didnt let rise he is just hacking his,way through concepts in these drawn out,conversations to the point where it,almost feels self-congratulatory that,hes maintained a dialogue scene for as,long as he has this is of course most,prevalent in the inner seas and specials,of euphoria but a lot of conflict in the,main show is resolved by just explicitly,pounding away at these topics be it ali,lecturing rue or any of the characters,proclaiming in surreal monologue how,theyre feeling at a given point and as,i use words like dialogue or,conversation it occurs to me that so,much of his dialogue is about conjuring,up,dialogues or conversations as in the,conversation around blank hot topics,that are alluded to as though these,characters are deconstructing them or,exploring the nuances of them when in,reality theyre just clunkily dancing,circles around them and suggesting,discourse you get the sense that rather,than putting in the legwork to achieve,catharsis he is attempting to reach it,through brute force this approach to,dialogue is sort of emblematic of,levinsons entire framework with the,show its all attained through brute,force the subject matter is certainly,abrasive but that doesnt mean it,shouldnt be written with more finesse,addiction which is the main through line,here is didactically discussed all the,time but its symptoms only come through,in the story in rues character when,its convenient she shows little to no,symptoms aside from acting a little,goofy when shes high and then in one,episode shes suddenly sick with,withdrawals and pushed to the brink of,breaking into houses and running into,traffic going off the deep end and,giving levinson the ability to say hes,depicted the horrors of addiction,because hes devoted an entire episode,to it im no authority on addiction and,i certainly dont want to discredit,levinsons lived experience but just,structurally this reads as brute,force and the conversations about,addiction dont do much for the show at,this point either talking about,something doesnt mean youre,necessarily developing the idea of it,anymore and remaining so explicit and,abstract about these topics causes,levinsons development to plateau pretty,quickly euphorias signature music,video-esque sequences attempt to capture,the headspace of addiction or love or,whatever else its conveying at the time,which seems in a sense to reject the,notion of cerebral or intellectual,development in favor of capturing those,ineffable amorphous emotions which i can,get down with but he tries to have it,both ways and that verbosity really,weighs things down i think the biggest,offense of brute force is the shows,approach to characterization those,10-minute sequences at the start of each,episode that serve to dictate each,characters backstory which ive taken,issue with from the start the concept,here comes from a place of empathy,pushing the idea that everyone has stuff,going on behind the scenes that we dont,know about and its not necessarily a,problem that those things arent engaged,with in the text of the present day,story but they dont even inform subtext,they are presented and they disappear,from the show and levinson seems to,think his work here is done fleshing out,these characters when character comes,from action and behavior rather than,sheer factual biographical information,actually,thats not entirely fair its not like,the characters in euphoria are lacking,in actions and behaviors thats one of,the strongest things the show has going,for it but these sequences suggest a,lack of confidence on levinsons part in,those things so he just front loads the,characters with dense info dumps and the,actions and behaviors that actually are,present almost never have any real,relationship to the information conveyed,in the backstories i think cal is like,the only character it actually plays a,part in aside from i guess the obvious,of rue and its yet another thing that,in theory interests me theres,kuleshavian potential and character,context informing later scenes that,dont explicitly reference that context,but its not tapped into in any sort of,compelling way here ive sort of been,under the impression that i was in the,minority about these things but i think,the season two finales missteps have,begun to show people the light a little,bit look at how the last two episodes a,quarter of the season are pretty much,entirely devoted to fez lexi and cassie,so when roo the main character of the,show obligatory has to resolve her,threads to make it seem like a chapter,is actually closed here levinson again,chickens out of any real character,legwork and opts to revisit the same,heavy speech weve seen multiple times,already present didactic monologues,about how rue was feeling at face value,and digress into an actual music video,for a couple minutes i think he was,going for something acoustic here,literally an acoustic song but also,something visually acoustic compared to,the amped up visuals the rest of the,show relies on to convey rues sobriety,but without the shows signature visual,and editorial flair it becomes,alarmingly clear how vapid moments like,this actually are when there hasnt been,sufficient character work in their,conflict to make the resolution feel,earned and as a result dominic fike gets,meme to death im so torn on season 2 in,general though theres a sentiment out,there that it betrays the grounded,character work and focused narrative of,season 1 but i would argue that the,first season is neither grounded nor,focused i think this show has always,been a messy spectacle of heightened,reality and i think doubling down on,that is exactly what needed to be done,if it actually tried to serve as a,manual for grounded ailments it would,find itself in the same predicament 13,reasons why found itself in giving into,sensationalism that ultimately,undermines its psa approach euphoria is,at least smart enough to be pure,unadulterated sensationalism it of,course alludes to those quote-unquote,important dialogues and con

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