1. New Kia EV6 review: the best electric car in the world!
  2. 2022 Kia EV6 | Review & Road Test
  3. 2023 Kia EV6 GT review // 576hp, fastest Kia ever!
  4. 2022 Kia EV6 Wind AWD – POV Review
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New Kia EV6 review: the best electric car in the world!

this is the new kia ev6 and its a bit,like my samsung galaxy fold because its,korean and extremely high tech now in,this video im going to tell you all,about this car im going to actually use,it to cook some food as well which is a,bit odd obviously youre going to take,it for a drive talk you through the,exterior and the interior and im gonna,launch it to see how quick it is from,north to 60. anyway im matt watson and,youre watching car wow buying a new car,then head to car wow and my team will,help you find your next car at a fair,price car wow your one-stop car buying,comparison sites lets start this video,by talking about the design when i saw,this thing in pictures i thought it,looked okay but here in the flesh it is,a really striking car i really like the,full length of light bar looks,especially cool when you turn the lights,on there are kind of elements of the,aston astomating dbx about it thats no,bad thing is it and look at this down,here some of the coolest reversing,lights ive ever seen on any car one,thing im not so sure about those the,sort of fakey venti stuff here but i do,like this jingle jangle jewelry effect,thats nice anyway lets move down the,side so aloe wheels start at 19 start at,19s going up to 21 so these are the,mid-level 20s they look nice i love the,swooping roofline of this car the wide,haunches the side sills it looks awesome,it really does and its got like a cab,forward design but it still looks very,sporty and beefy at the front i think,this is a great looking car especially,in this paint scheme around the front it,looks good here as well there are a few,fake vents but really thats very little,to complain about its a good good,looking car now kias trademark grille,is known as tiger nose but theyve,renamed it for this ev as the digital,tiger face,okay,now this car starts at 41 000 pounds and,its not bad considering the amount of,spec you get with it and if you want to,make sure youre paying a fair price on,your next car click on the pop out,banner up there or follow the link below,the video to go to car wow alternative,after this video you can simply google,help me carway and my team and ill help,you choose the right card for you and,get it for a fair price for one of our,trusted dealers i love the interior,design of this kia ev6 its really,really nice the textured effect on the,dash and the different lines the blue,lighting here the screens they actually,have a coating on them which helps,prevent glare so that you can see them,even in direct sunlight the quality is,pretty good as well its only when you,go further down things get a bit,scratchy but its to be expected really,i love the look of this center console,it does wobble a bit but these shiny,bits on it really nice this armrest is,comfy i like the fact that you got a,gear selector as a rotator rather than a,gear lever like you get in some of their,evs which is just pointless steering,wheels cool its a really nice design,im impressed with what theyve done the,seats are lovely as well this kind of,velour effect apparently the seats are,made out of recycled bottles,its all very good actually tech thats,excellent as well so its got kias,latest infotainment system its,responsive enough the graphics are fine,its got apple carplay android auto now,if you want to use the climate control,they are touch sensitive buttons which,arent quite as easy to use when youre,driving theres actual physical buttons,that move but its not too difficult and,you can do the temperature using a,rotary knob and look at this you can,toggle between shortcuts for the,infotainment system and youve got these,buttons on the steering wheel as well,and you use the ones over this side to,toggle through all the information on,the digital drivers display which is,nice and clear and very well laid out,good comfort in here lots of adjustment,in the steering wheel and in the seats,as well which is good it feels very,roomy as well because theres a load of,space just here where you can like store,things down there youve got various,charging ports usb and usbc theres more,storage under here youve got cup,holders here of different decks so,thats a shallower one thats a slightly,deeper one i should do them the other,way around otherwise youll end up doing,that thing where you lift off the top of,your coffee well that stereo shut up i,know i shouldnt have pressed the,blooming radio button thats going to be,lets refer to the map,again interrupted quite a lot here lets,continue so,big glove box look at the size of that,goes back such a long way and the door,bins are huge too and theyre lined with,felt so things dont wrap around in,there good if youve got a posh glass,bottle like this,oh one last thing i want to show you,this is very very good for vain people,like me these have to be,the biggest vanity mirrors on any car,i dont look as good as i thought i did,the kit ev6 feels nice and spacious here,in the back seats so look how much knee,room ive got its insane now even,though this car is slightly shorter on,the outside than kias big sorrento suv,because the wheels on the ev6 are,further apart the front of the back,wheels youve got more interior space,and because its an electric car the,batteries are underneath the floor which,means you get a completely flat forward,because unlike in a internal combustion,engine car theres not like space the,exhaust or the drive shaft and the,engine to the wheels at the back so look,at all that space weve got the,disadvantage of having batteries,underneath the floor does mean that,theres not that much of a distance,between the floor and the seat so you,can feel a little bit like youre,sitting a bit too low but its not too,bad its just a shame that you cant,really stretch your feet out that much,under the chairs in front because they,are quite low but still theres so much,room it doesnt really matter one minor,issue could be for really tall people,the headroom its all right for me but,people over six foot may find it a,little bit tight in fact theres a bit,more headroom in a ford mackie and if,you click on the pop-out band up there,you can watch my full index video review,of that car theres very little to fault,about this look youve got some posh,airplane style pockets on the seat backs,cool little usb charging ports there,another thing i want to show you is this,look fold down this you have a cubby,area there and if i do that,becomes a cup holder look at that its,like magic,there is some through loading but the,space isnt that great you might fit,some skis through there just another,thing im going to show you is this look,yeah you can recline the back seats you,can also put the rear windows all the,way down i like that thats a good,feature and if you need to carry three,in the back at once because this seat is,flat you need all that space in the,footwells it is doable as for fitting a,baby seat in the back this roof does,slope inward so you do struggle to get a,real bulky rear facing seat in but the,doors open wide which does help so,theres lots of room to maneuver once,youve got it underneath the roof the,only problem is that the isofix anchor,points are a little bit hard to get,actually end up jumping away to get them,located but once in place theres loads,of room because theres so much space,between the front passenger seat and,these seats that even with those bulky,rear facing seats youre absolutely fine,the person in the front passenger seat,isnt wanting for space at all now lets,talk about the boot so as standard you,get an electrically operated tailgate,and you have,520 liters of luggage space however the,scada anyak has 585 litres of space and,if you want to see my fault in dip video,review of that car click on the pop-out,banner up there or follow the link in,the description so look no load lip,really to lift things over and you can,fit the load cover underneath,the false floor its not the easiest,thing to get out look im struggling im,struggling you can do it,you just g

2022 Kia EV6 | Review & Road Test

a while back i reviewed the hyundai,ioniq 5 electric car and i really liked,it,now imagine the same basic car but it,looks like this,voila youve got the kia ev6 this is,kias first vehicle on a dedicated,electric platform and im not afraid to,say im a fan besides the hyundai ioniq,5 with which it shares mechanical,underpinnings the eb6 competes with the,tesla model y ford mustang mach e,volkswagen id4 and depending on when,youre watching this the nissan aria,to ease you into a better understanding,of the ev6 let me bombard you with,information bombarding bombarding,bombarding,there are four trims light wind gt line,and gt if you rolled your eyes just a,little bit when i said light and wind i,understand starting with the base light,trim the ev6 features a 58 kilowatt hour,battery pack a 168 horsepower electric,motor driving the rear wheels 0-60,sprints around 8 seconds according to,kia and an epa estimated range of 232,miles,with the wind and gt line trims battery,capacity expands to 77.4 kilowatt hours,the rear motors output jumps to 225,horsepower and range climbs to 310 miles,the wind and gt line also offer,all-wheel drive as an option doing so,adds a second motor to drive the front,tires giving the ev6 all-weather,traction a healthy bump in power and a,slight reduction in driving range,that is a lot of detail to absorb so,lets take a pause from the information,assault and just gawk at the ev6s sweet,style,i dont know about you guys but i dig,the ev6s dynamic futurism,all right are you ready to dive back,into the info deep breath here we go,i mentioned earlier that there were four,ev6 trims well the fourth one is a doozy,the gt trim not to be confused with the,mellower gt line trim is an absolute,powerhouse its not available as of when,we made this video but if all-wheel,drive,576 horsepower and 0 to 60 runs under,3.5 seconds seems cool the ev6 gt could,be the sporting electric car of your,dreams,rounding out the technical overload i,have to mention that kia utilizes an 800,volt architecture with the ev6s battery,packs allowing for fast recharge times,how fast kia says a 10 to 80 charge,should only take 18 minutes provided,youve got access to a 350 kilowatt dc,fast charger which might not,use a more common 50 kilowatt charger,and that charge time rises to more than,an hour,and with a level two home charger you,can expect a full 77.4 kilowatt hour,battery in about seven hours,[Music],now that ive worn out your ability to,absorb data how about we see how the ev6,drives the gt line trim im driving has,a sporting demeanor that aligns with the,ev6s stylistic statement the steering,has a precise feel with natural levels,of electric assist,at rollicking speeds the ev6 is a joy to,turn providing ample grip for a good,time,for proof look at my face,this is my having fun face,during standard commutes the suspension,delivers a comfortable ride that,acknowledges the road without being,overpowered by it meanwhile visibility,is hindered by thick pillars but not so,egregiously that an owner wouldnt get,used to it,i do have to lodge one quick complaint,though uh right now the sun is coming,from this direction and im getting so,many reflections from the interior,especially the drive selector here,one of my favorite parts of the ev6,driving experience though is the brakes,in many electric cars the brake pedal,has a spongy unpredictable feel that,drives me mad,but not in the ev6 it is so easy to,break smoothly in this thing a point im,making now by braking very smoothly,that could have been smoother actually,im going to blame myself thats not the,cars fault,being an electric vehicle the eb6 also,offers four regenerative braking,intensities including a one pedal drive,mode that comes to a stop just as,smoothly as i can oh that was a hard,sentence to speak,heads up with a fully charged battery,and nowhere to store the reclaimed,electrons the regenerative braking,function is temporarily disabled,and i suppose it wouldnt be a proper,review without some flat out,acceleration from a standstill three two,one,believe me when i say electric cars can,be fun,straight lines aside feeling that,immediate electric push as you exit a,corner is grand another grand feeling is,when you dont crash your car fun,helping make that possible is a range of,standard active driver assist features,like lane keeping assist automatic,emergency braking with pedestrian and,cyclist detection blind spot warning and,full speed dynamic cruise control,as for the interior its sleek and,contemporary without looking needlessly,weird more importantly the ev6s,skateboard like platform and long,wheelbase enables a spacious cabin at,five feet ten inches tall i am the,quintessential average american male how,do i fit,like this in the front seat,so seed comfort is really quite good,if i had one little nitpick it would be,that i kind of wish the steering wheel,came down a little bit further but it,does telescope a reasonable distance and,yeah this is a very comfortable spot for,me to be lets go to the back seat and,see how averageness sits behind,averageness,okay,by the way the reason why im doing this,is not because im ever going to really,sit behind myself im just a very,average person so this gives you a sense,of what the average person would,experience in the back seat so look how,much leg room i have a ton of leg room,the seat could maybe fit up a little bit,further so i have a little bit more foot,room but overall just a lot of space,here and then you have this flat,floor so the middle position theres no,hump because this is an electric car and,it kind of rides on a skateboard,platform,good head room and then i want to point,out that my good friend mike danger was,sitting in the front seat here and even,behind my dangerous seating position,still plenty of knee room headroom,totally clears and look,you have some uh recline flexibility,thats an okay recline yeah this is a,very comfortable cabin nicely done key,yeah,at 24.4 cubic feet the ev6s trunk,offers workable space though the hyundai,ioniq 5 bw id4 and mustang machi all,offer more cargo room,up front there is a frunk but its cozy,now im sure youre wondering about,price excluding any wacky dealer of,charges the base ev6 light trim has an,msrp just shy of 41 grand that doesnt,include 1215 in destination charges nor,the 7 500 federal tax incentive the ev6,is eligible for or any potential state,incentives in base form the ev6 comes,with heated front seats wireless phone,charging smart key access and dual 12.3,inch screens handling gauge cluster and,infotainment duties,i wish the system offered wireless apple,carplay and android auto but i cannot,knock its layout its very intuitive,very snappy reactions too uh wait no i,somehow screwed it up uh oh boy uh its,gone off the rails oh here we go look,how snappy that is just moves right back,and forth its almost idiot proof,i mean you know,one area of potential controversy worth,mentioning is the dual function audio,climate interface personally i didnt,have any issue switching functions but,you may feel differently try before you,buy,the wind trim adds leatherette seating,premium audio ventilated front seats a,smart lift gate that opens after three,seconds when youve got the fob in your,pocket and vehicle to load abilities,meaning you can use the ev6 to power,items using a 120 volt accessory outlet,further up the trim lineup the gt line,indulges with auto pop out door handles,a sunroof a blind spot camera displayed,in the gauge cluster an incredibly cool,360 degree camera to ease your parking,lows and highway driving assist too,which automatically maintains the ev6s,speed and traffic keeps it in the middle,of its lane and performs lane changes on,the drivers behalf,at long last the electric vehicle,marketplace is filling with interesting,choices evs are no longer just,compliance vehicles to me the ev6 proves,weve turned a corner,[Music],not only is the ev6 a real car but it,has the performance range style and,speed

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2023 Kia EV6 GT review // 576hp, fastest Kia ever!

were just outside of Vegas and were,here with Kia to drive the new ev6 GT,high performance electric car and were,heading to the track Andreas first time,ever,oh yeah easy easy,Andrea you gotta save some battery for,later dont worry I will so were,heading to this autocross and,acceleration thing so well get that out,of our system off public roads yeah uh,so were in the ev6 GT theres lots to,talk about with this thing whats under,the floor of this thing it has a 77.4,kilowatt hour battery and gets 332,kilometers 206 miles of EV range,576 horsepower and 545 pound-feet of,torque standard all-wheel drive this,thing is quick zero to 100 kilometers an,hour in just 3.5 seconds thats 0 to 60,miles an hour and 3.4 it is a top speed,of 260 kilometers or 160 miles an hour,so this is based on the same platform as,the regular ev6 but it obviously offers,more power it has the same size battery,as the ev6 but less range so what do,they do to make it different well they,take the larger electric motor thats in,the back of the regular ev6 thats 160,kilowatt electric motor and they take it,from the back thats now the front motor,in this GT model and then they go well,we need a bigger rear motor so the rear,motor is considerably bigger 270,kilowatts thats a lot of power yeah and,this has got a dedicated sport,suspension it has electronic limited,slip differential and then it has larger,front and rear brakes and unique front,suspension performance components,theres a lot going on in this EV but,were not done were going to get into,what do you get with this what are the,key standard features there is only one,trim and it comes loaded check out these,features a heat pump a 12.3 inch dual,panoramic display with navigation and,Kia connect wired Apple carplay and,Android auto a head-up display wireless,charger Meridian Audio sound system,manual GT Sport front pocket seats,heated front and rear seats a heated,steering wheel a sunroof a power lift,gate a surround view Monitor and Remote,Smart park assist they have the GT,button on the steering wheel Andrea but,what else can you put it in Im going to,put it in ask for subscribe and if you,can hit that notification Bell youll be,notified when all of our reviews drop,and then you can watch them and we do,this the couple car review twice a week,the first one drops on Wednesday we put,another one out on Saturday so make sure,you like And subscribe but also follow,along on Instagram its motor mouth,underscore Andrea to see whats going on,behind the scenes for me its motor,mouth underscore Auto and the links are,below the like button so a lot of people,might be wondering since this is a high,performance EV would it be a good daily,driver oh yeah wow were on the highway,right now and it is smooth cabin is,quiet it handles incredibly well,steering is not too light a little bit,heavier than I expected which is what I,like and the suspension is a bit firmer,but what feels good yeah the roads here,take it from us yeah in Nevada are very,smooth they dont get the cold like wed,get north of the Border but even with,the big wheels and the updated,suspension its very compliant its not,shaking your kidneys and then you get,into these beautifully bolstered seats,the first time theyve ever done seats,like this and uh it all comes together,to make this would be a fantastic daily,driver oh Im really excited about this,I like the regular ev6 I think it,already has enough power but if you want,something unique and you want to be,super excited when you get in your,vehicle for your daily Drive guess what,this is it well its the same thing as,if like you had a 3 Series BMW or youve,drove every day to work in an M3 like,its the same kind of thing they have,the high performance version but its,still a comfortable car now lets get,into the Lux Im a big fan of the ev6,anyway its probably one of my favorite,EVS out there this one just UPS the,sport wordiness youve got the GT,badging youve got black exterior,accents the side mirrors are in gloss,black and then how about those neon,green brake calipers I like the look of,it Im I Im Im not as sold as Andrea I,think that the back of the car some,misses something for me I cant put my,finger exactly what it is but one of the,things about this and you have to check,it out in comparison they promote this,as a crossover for me this feels like a,sportback kind of sedan feel even though,it has a pretty good ground clearance,but its not the the height of vehicle,Youre Expecting from a traditional,crossover like a Sportage yes were,riding on 21-inch GT alloy wheels there,is a tire repair kit and this gets 6.1,inches of ground clearance which is,pretty good for this EV crossover,something like the Maki offers 5.7,inches so a little bit lower Andrea when,was the last time we got a car yeah,exactly the same North and South of the,Border I know this car that were,driving in is a U.S spec car its,exactly the same car well get in Canada,that never happens its a limited supply,high performance car specked one way in,one way only yeah I think they settle,into more colors than red though they do,you know what my other favorite color is,the blue thats another song yeah yeah,Im happy with the red I take the blue,Ill take either Ill take the blue so,moving to the interior you know the,sportiness continues as well with the,interior GT design element youve got,these front sport bucket seats that Zach,mentioned but theyre fully manual they,are on both sides theres no power,operated thats okay I guess well I,think if youre the only one driving the,vehicle Ive got it in the right,position that I like it so I dont,really care but if youre sharing the,vehicle it might be a little bit,annoying after a while and its,leatherette with some suede inserts it,doesnt come with ventilated Frontier,dates but I have to say with this suede,it doesnt get really cold and it,doesnt get really hot I kind of like,that its similar to cloth really and,theres also green accents to mimic the,green brake calipers in the exterior,okay so this is the same layout really,as the regular ev6 the one thing I wish,they had tried to do to make this a GT,is instead of going with a two spoke,steering wheel yeah they went with a,sportier three spoke steering wheel now,that takes more engineering to do that,but the car has a sporty Vibe it is very,sporty its very fast that doesnt,scream sporty enough to me I do like it,that its a flat bottom steering wheel,another thing I like about this is that,the moon roof opens and there is an,electronic shade as well,yeah theres a lot of EVS that dont,have an opening sunroof thats pretty,nice,and I like that its tinted uh,as well yeah you can close it yeah but,the rest of the Interior the seats uh,the color the steering wheel and maybe,some texture here on the dash other than,that its really the same as the ev6,yeah and thats good because this is the,new Kia dashboard and it works really,well there is a mix of hard plastic and,soft materials in here and of course,piano black yeah they went to the shiny,hard plastic store but its not,overwhelming but its there and its a,trend that we dont love but everybodys,doing it and then you have the wireless,charger here in the center console and,also the rotary dial and all of the,plugins and EVS from Kia have that and,one of the real standouts in here,honestly is the 12.3 inch dual display,screen so youve got the 12.3 inch,touchscreen and the digital driver,display its a very modern and,sophisticated look in here Andrea does,it come with Wireless Apple carplay and,wireless Android auto it does not Zack,it does not this is the flagship car,this is top of the line yep not,available you know that is a feature,Wireless Apple carplay and Android auto,that I really like and I miss when a,vehicle doesnt have it so heres me,getting in the back seat this isnt,going to be a replacement for a compact,SUV for Headroom however it is a roomy,vehicle youre right this has got great,space Not only does it have t

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2022 Kia EV6 Wind AWD – POV Review

[Music],hey guys today were driving the 2022,kia ev6 this is the wind all-wheel drive,which basically just means its the,middle trim,itll go 274 miles on a full charge it,makes 320 horsepower 446 pound-feet of,torque 0-60 in under 5 seconds lets,walk you around this new kia ev6 this is,my first time driving one of these cars,weve got a pretty funky looking,interior and exterior with still some,pretty familiar physical controls all,around which i appreciate hes usually,pretty good about that,ive been uh driving this all week so,ill give you guys some driving,impressions and thoughts on what its,been like to live with lets start on,the outside,starting price on this trim is about 52,000,as tested were at 54 grand with a,technology package,pretty wild looking exterior design,love the rear end tail lights actually,this rear end has grown on me quite a,bit when it first came out i thought it,was a little bit too weird too funky,but i know this is very similar to the,hyundai ioniq 5.,shares a lot of components,slightly different dimensions the kia,ev6 is more aerodynamic and as a result,gets slightly better range but i think,between the two vehicles its going to,come down to availability and aesthetic,preference for buyers,but the cv6 definitely has kind of a,sleek lowered crossover slash taller,wagon look to it its got a lot of,interior volume,we have these flush door handles,pretty spacious back seat with a flat,floor,check out these seat backs too,very thin seats,make for a little bit better rear leg,room,this ev6 also has the meridian surround,sound system well test that out at the,end of the video,plenty of legroom knee room space in the,back,we also get a couple usbc ports for the,rear seat passengers no rear climate,control,but we do get a couple of vents back,here,and,an arm rest,im five foot ten this is me seated,behind my own driving position i have,about a about an inch and a half of,headroom above my head,seated all the way to the back,lets open up the tailgate here,plenty of cargo space in the back of,this ev6 we have a slightly higher load,floor and then underneath this cover,youve got room for your tire mobility,kit charge cable stuff like that,the rear seats can be folded down with,these two levers,back here which is nice i believe thats,something that the ionic 5 cannot do,from the rear hatch,my only complaint though kia does this,in a couple of their models when the,rear seats fold down they lock into,place i dont know why they need to lock,into place gravity usually does a pretty,good job with that,so you have to go to both sides pull,this handle up,and then bring the rear seats up a,little bit tedious if youre folding,your rear seats up and down quite often,looking at the front end,i like that we actually have some meat,on these side walls these are 19 inch,wheels,wrapped in,235 55 r19 tires kumo krugen uh,eco-oriented tires not a lot of grip but,they are pretty comfortable pretty quiet,the front end on this ev6 is pretty wild,its very short very low makes for,excellent visibility out the front,window,almost has kind of a weird supercar look,to it,its a very interesting design very,unique i like that kia is,doing their own thing these days theyre,kind of forging their own path instead,of copying designs from others i dont,see any influence from any other vehicle,that ive ever seen in this ev6,back here on the rear passenger side,youve got your charge port just tap the,door to open it,this has 800 volt charging architecture,so it can fast charge on a 350 kilowatt,charger to about,10 to 80 percent in about 18 minutes,maybe a little bit less its super fast,you get about 180 miles in about 18,minutes its super super quick charging,if you can find a charger that works if,its charging at 350 kilowatts you know,all those things depend the charging,architecture is here and this can also,function as a mobile power generator,where you can power,your home appliances like refrigerators,or laptops or devices,you can basically hook this up to your,house and power things if youre in a,power outage which is pretty neat youve,got a battery indicator right here and,all you have to do to close the door is,just press this,really interesting rear tail light,design,get a little bit of a roof spoiler right,here,no rear wiper,we do get a very small frunk,ill show you that here briefly,its basically only big enough to fit,a user manual in,yeah theres not a lot of space there,mostly this front compartment is filled,with wiper fluid coolant the 12 volt,battery,fuse boxes all that stuff,all right guys well theres a quick walk,around of the ev6,overall a pretty functional usable,interesting looking electric vehicle,one thing that is a little bit strange,with these door handles so this is the,flush design you got to kind of get used,to opening it like this but when youre,locking and unlocking the car you have,to press in on this little divot it,wont just sense your hand you have to,press it to unlock it or press it to,lock it,something ive had to get used to this,week if youre not,fond of using your key fob or taken out,of your pocket,speaking of the key fob heres what that,looks like you can use it to park in or,park out the vehicle which is kind of,useful in some scenarios and it has the,detonator style that came from the kia,stinger back in the day,all right lets look at this interior,very interesting looking two spoke,steering wheel with kias new logo looks,like k backwards end to me i cant get,that on my head but i guess it just does,say kia youve got a drive mode selector,right here you can choose between eco,normal and sport and you can see that,also changes the gauge cluster design a,pretty simple gauge layout with a lot of,simple menus you can see your trip your,average miles per kilowatt hour,a compass general information like power,distribution or tire pressure ive just,been leaving it on this kind of driving,assistance page that shows your blind,spot monitoring and lane keep assist,stuff like that,over here to the left youve got,controls for your gauge cluster,illumination a button to pop the,charging door and a button to open up,the trunk youve also got a traction,control off button and the parking brake,switches over here too you can fully,disable traction and stability control,in this ev6 and rip some mad all-wheel,drive donuts,its fun were probably not going to be,doing that in this video today though,over here you have your climate control,menu which will also switch to,your,quick access controls and volume and,tune knobs so youve kind of got a dual,screen layout here this is very,interesting,i guess its a clever use of space i,like that theyve kept physical knobs,and dials here,youve got a option for driver only,climate control you can set it to auto,very straightforward very simple its,been easy to use this week and then,right below youve got controls for your,heated steering wheel heated and,ventilated seats,down here youve got a quick access,button for your parking camera which i,found to be very useful this week,and then youve got this rotary shifter,here,thats pretty straightforward pretty,easy to use,down here is wireless charging a little,bit more storage in this cubby cup,holders all that good stuff and then,under this big slab,youve got a little hook here to hang a,bag or something,youve got quite a bit of storage here,its all aligned with this rubber grippy,base that you can take out and wash so,thats neat its a little bit hard to,access between the seats but if youve,got a bag and you just want to kind of,throw it down there it will keep it,contained and its not going to be,rolling around the cabin too much which,i suppose is good,no sunroof and this ev6,everything else is pretty,straightforward standard controls seat,memory settings auto up down windows for,the front windows we get apple carplay,android auto not wireless i do have a,wired connection today,this screen seems to be very,responsive pretty quick 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NEW Kia EV6 review – the best electric car ever? | What Car?

this is the kia ev6 its a brilliant,electric car and its actually we think,the best new car thats been launched in,the last 12 months in this review were,going to explain exactly why were going,to tell you what makes it so good and,were going to compare it to all of its,rivals but before all that make sure,youre subscribed to our channel so you,can see all of our new car reviews as,soon as they go live and click on the,link to go to whatcar.com where you can,get a great deal on your next car,now if youve seen our other videos of,the ev6 youll know that this car is,very similar to the hyundai ioniq 5 but,that isnt its only rival,if youre thinking of buying an ev6 and,youre probably looking at other,electric cars like the ford mustang,mackie the polestar 2 the tesla model 3,the skoda enyak and the vwid4 just to,name a few,but one of the main reasons that the ev6,is so impressive compared to all of its,rivals is the interior and in particular,the rear leg room thats available,because you can see its basically like,a limo back here isnt it theres,absolutely loads of room now headroom,isnt quite as generous but it,definitely isnt cramped and youd have,to be well over six foot tall to have,any real complaints being sat back here,another thing thats good in the back of,the ev6 is that its a wide interior,youve got a flat floor and also this,middle seat base is actually pretty wide,as well so if you want to sit three,people side by side in the back here you,can do so in pretty reasonable comfort,theres also a three pin plug down here,which is handy and youve got a hatch,through to the boot,in this middle seat as well plus with,these rear seats you can recline them,for a bit of extra luxury,but they dont go back to quite the same,extent as the front seats if you go for,gt line or gt line s then you get pretty,much fully reclining front seats as,standard so,you can lie back and relax while you,wait for a charge,the bottom line is its bigger inside,than a model 3 and for the money youll,struggle to find another ev thats as,spacious in the back,[Music],now you might be looking at the ev6 and,wondering is it a hatchback or is it an,suv and the truth is that this is a car,that kind of blurs the lines between,those two classes and ultimately its,going to be unlikely to really matter to,you which particular class of car we,class the ev6 in but the thing to know,is that in terms of its driving position,this car definitely feels higher than,something like a tesla model 3 which,obviously isnt an suv now what you get,as standard in the ev6 are these really,comfortable supportive and heated front,seats with adjustable lumbar support too,but if you want to adjust the seats,electrically you need to go for gt line,which also gets your front passenger,some adjustable lumbar support as well,but these seats are really good theyre,very comfy something else good in this,interior is the fact that youve got,these dials for the temperature rather,than just hiding all the controls for,the climate control and everything else,in a complicated fiddly sub menu on the,touchscreen infotainment system so its,great that youve got these and also yes,this is a touch panel physical buttons,are easier to use on the move but this,does work reasonably well and whats,cool is you can change what this touch,panel controls as well so youve either,got the buttons for the climate or you,can add some extra shortcut buttons for,the infotainment system as well so that,is good and in terms of the tekken here,these two 12.3 inch screens come as,standard on every ev6 and you can see,theyre joined together in a kind of,curve on top of the dashboard here,whats good about the screens,is that particularly for the,infotainment system its mounted quite,high so you dont need to take your eyes,far from the road to be able to see it,now the system itself is okay its not,amazing but whats been good is that on,some of the early ev6s that we drove the,system would crash and be a bit slow to,respond but kias been working on the,software for it and this latest version,does seem to be better than those early,ones that we drove so its got a,reasonably simple layout it looks quite,nice the screen does respond fairly,promptly to touch inputs and you also,get apple carplay and android auto as,standard you dont get netflix or,youtube and it doesnt make fart noises,in the same way that a tesla,infotainment system does all those,gimmicky things but it does the simple,things as well as youd hope if you want,to add a bit more tech in your ev6 then,if you go for gt line you get some,wireless phone charging down here and if,youre really into your music if you go,for gt line s in the ev6 then the,standard six speaker setup is swapped,for a 14 speaker setup and while were,on the subject of what equipment comes,with what trims in entry level air spec,you get rear parking sensors and a,reversing camera if you go up to gt line,then that adds front parking sensors and,if you go for gt line s then you get a,360 degree birds eye view camera on top,of all that as well now you might like,the look of the ev6 interior but youre,unlikely to be completely blown away by,the quality now its important to look,at this car in context obviously and,this isnt a properly eye-wateringly,expensive electric car like an audi,e-tron or a bmw ix3 which are very very,expensive but have suitably luxurious,interiors,but the ev6 isnt cheap so it starts,from around 40 000 pounds which is a lot,of money even in the fairly expensive,electric car world,and while it is dressed up reasonably,nice youve got some gloss black youve,got soft touch materials and it does,have that attractive layout to,everything,its reasonably well screwed together as,well but its not just going to,completely blow you away so really its,a little bit better than ionic 5 but,its only really roughly on a pile with,a skoda enyak so its good but its not,absolutely amazing particularly when you,factor in how much this car costs but,its really spacious and open up front,and its great just how much room youve,got down here as well under the center,console youve got this massive bit of,storage and all things considered this,is a very good electric car interior,the boot by the way isnt that,remarkable considering how big the ev6,is so in total we managed to get seven,of these carry-on size suitcases into,the boot which is a saying that we could,squeeze into a jaguar eye pace and a,pole star 2. its a shame that only gt,line s gets an automatic tailgate but,otherwise access to the load bay is very,good you can see its really high really,wide although you do have quite a,heavily raked rear windscreen which eats,into some of the overall capacity in the,boot but its a really simple square,shape inside you get some underfloor,storage as well but ultimately youll,get more luggage in an enyak or a model,3.,you get some extra space up front and if,you go for a rear-wheel drive ev6 then,the extra space you get is big enough,for an overnight bag or a couple of bags,of shopping but if you go for an,all-wheel drive model like the one that,weve got here then the extra space is,not much at all,we would recommend sticking with a,rear-wheel drive version of the ev6 and,not just because you get some extra,storage under the nose either but,because if you go for that version of,the car then its the cheapest in the,lineup but it has the longest range so,officially the wltp claimed range is 328,miles in that version of the ev6 but,just like every electric car on sale,youre never really going to be able to,achieve that distance in the car in,genuine real-world driving conditions so,its going to be more like 260 to 280,miles which is still pretty good and in,fact in this price range youre going to,struggle to find another ev that will go,much further than this car,there are a few things you can do to eke,out the extra miles as well like keeping,the car in eco mode rather than putting,it in normal or sport those modes really,

The 2022 Kia EV6 Is a Sporty, Futuristic Electric Crossover

this is the 2022 kia ev6 and its a,fully electric crossover the electric,crossover world is heating up and this,is kias entrance the ev6 with,horsepower ranging from about 170 to,just under 600 and today im going to,review it,before i get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era now with free listings,you can list your car for free and,auction it on cars and bids and you,should because weve had some fantastic,sales recently on cars and bids,including this nissan pal modified very,cool sold for just over fourteen,thousand dollars this bmw z8 one owner,sold for over a hundred and fifty,thousand dollars and this fantastic,nissan gtr brought over eighty one,thousand dollars if youre looking to,buy or sell a cool enthusiast car from,the modern era cars and bids is the,place to do it daily auctions great,selection check it out at cars and,bids.com,so lets talk ev6 like i said kias,electric crossover and theyre offering,it in a few different flavors rear wheel,drive models will have up to 225,horsepower and up to 310 miles of range,all wheel drive models like this one,have about 320 horsepower and up to 275,miles of range and a high performance gt,model is coming in the future with,almost 600 horsepower the ev6 is based,on the hyundai ioniq 5 which has gotten,rave reviews for its retro futuristic,design the ev6 is more traditional but,still very modern now pricing hasnt yet,been announced for the ev6 but based on,the ionic 5s pricing i figure this will,probably start in the mid 40 000 range,and today im going to show you what,its all about first ill take you on a,tour of the ev6 and show you all of its,quirks and features then ill get it out,on the road and see how it drives and,then ill give it a dug score,all right im going to start the quirks,and features of the ev6 the interior,which is an interesting one it has some,great benefits and cool features and,some pretty clear disappointments and,ill show you all of that but i want to,start with just how futuristic it is in,here if youre looking for an interior,that totally stands out from a normal,car,thats this and its obvious the moment,you climb inside and go to start the ev6,where you have the starter button,mounted in the center console facing the,driver below this like aluminum trim,piece in the middle,very interesting very different from,what you get in most cars and that,continues when you go to put it in gear,the gear selector is a dial you can see,here you twist it over to the right for,drive and then d lights up at the top or,you twist it to the left for reverse,same deal and neutral is in the middle,and you can see park is a button in the,center of this dial in order to put it,in park very futuristic controls here in,the center and that even includes the,heated seats these buttons up here are,actually capacitive touch controls for,heated seats cooled seats and the heated,steering wheel placed up here at the top,of the center console and not,traditional buttons but instead,little capacitive touch pads to turn on,these items also futuristic in this,interior is the trim and some of the,general style of this interior for,instance the center console lid you can,see has these kind of strange lines on,it unusual coloring unusual angled lines,strange design and thats carried over,to the dashboard you can see here the,same sort of angled lines and unusual,coloring on the dashboard trying to look,different and interesting because this,being an electric car,is different and interesting but in the,world of dashboard trim probably the,most interesting item is this you can,see this blue line over on the passenger,side then becomes like many different,blue angled lines when it gets below the,center of climate vents oddly that isnt,just a trim piece its actually an led,you can see it kind of flickering on the,camera and when you turn the car off,that turns off completely now,disappointingly it doesnt seem like you,can change the color of this led youre,stuck with blue but its a light and not,just trim,and im not exactly sure why it goes,from a line to many blue lines but,thats what it does because this,interior is kind of weird but nothing in,this interior is as futuristic,and frankly as kind of disappointing to,use as the climate control volume,control situation all right so im,driving this thing along and im trying,to change the stereo volume and i cant,find where it is except for the control,on the steering wheel like most cars,have and im looking around and im,looking i cant find it,well the climate controls are on this,little panel here in the center they are,electronic not traditional buttons you,can see its like an electronic panel in,order to adjust the climate controls,which is fine not really my favorite,because it means that the touch point,for some of the controls is smaller than,it would be with regular buttons but,its the same basic idea in the same,basic place so its fine futuristic car,gets electronic climate controls i get,it but then we go back to the volume,control if you press this little arrow,on the climate controls the entire,electronic panel switches and now its,your stereo and infotainment controls,and suddenly the climate control dials,have become your volume dial over on the,left side and your radio tuner over on,the right side and yes that means you,have to choose whether you want your,climate controls displayed in the center,or your radio and infotainment controls,you can only pick one at a time now this,is quite annoying in practice because,youre choosing between having your next,track previous track buttons and your,volume button or having your climate,control temperature and fan speed all,are very commonly used features but you,cant see them or use them at once you,have to pick which one you want,displayed at any given time this also,means that your infotainment system,shortcuts are hidden while you have the,climate control menu on you can see here,tap these buttons to go directly to,various parts of the infotainment screen,but,theyre on the climate control pad so if,your climate controls are up you cant,do those shortcuts,definitely not the best design in terms,of usability and since im complaining,about the tech in this car a couple of,other complaints i have for one lets,talk gauge cluster it is baffling to me,that kia gauge clusters still cannot,show the song and music youre listening,to like every other vehicle on the,planet can you dont have that choice in,the gauge cluster you can see im,cycling through all the items here and,none show the music and thats,especially annoying in this car because,its a chore to figure out just what,youre currently listening to its not,displayed on your gauge cluster and you,dont have a radio shortcut on the,infotainment system because thats,hidden by the climate control so its,like two button presses just to figure,out what song is currently playing which,is just not really all that good however,with all that said complaints over about,the technology the rest of this tech is,actually pretty good and i want to start,back with that gauge cluster screen i,find it to be,fantastically cool and futuristic the,center panel does show you information,not as much as i would want but its,there but the other two panels are,particularly cool the one on the left is,the speedometer and it shows your speed,with these like red lines that increase,as you accelerate over on the right this,panel shows your power or your charging,depending on whether youre accelerating,or breaking using regenerative braking,and you can see its shown in red and,blue and that is also a pretty cool,feature its a pretty cool way to,display this stuff in these screens and,of course the gauge cluster screen has,one of my very favorite features in any,modern car and that would be the blind,spot camera system where you put on your,turn signal and it shows you what is in,your blind spot to whichever side youv

Hyundai IONIQ 5 v Kia EV6 review – which is best?!

the koreans are leading the charge in,the electric car mark here with these,two vehicles the kia ev6 and the hyundai,ioniq 5. but which of these two is best,you see underneath the skin they are,quite similar but externally and to,drive they are very different anyway,were going to find out because im,going to talk you through their,exteriors theyre interiors show you how,practical they are try out their,technology and of course take them for a,drive this is the car version of squid,games anyway im at watson and youre,watching car wow buying a new car then,head to car wow and my team will help,you find your next car at a fair price,car wow your one-stop car buying,comparison site lets start this video,by comparing these cars design so im,going to start off with the kia do you,know what theres something a little bit,of the aston martin dbx about this,integrated spoiler its cool i like the,full length light bar this sort of,reminds me how i imagined cars would,look in the year 2021 when i was a kid,the blocky graphics and stuff like like,something out of the 1980s is very very,cool i love it in fact i like traveling,behind both of these cars in the dark,because they have such unique light,signatures from the side the cars yet,again look very very different thing,about the ioniq 5 is that when you first,see in pictures you think its the same,size as a volkswagen polo but now you,can see next to the ev6 its huge its a,huge hatchback there is something of the,lancia delta integrale about it though,isnt it can you see that yeah now there,is specifically something about a lancia,stratos about the ev6 the designers even,admit to copying the whole roof design,you see it like a stratos but overall,from the side i think it also looks like,a jaguar eye pace though slightly better,looking do you want to make these cars,as good looking as possible you need the,top of the range 20 inch alloy wheels or,on the standard 19s though that will,affect your efficiency a little bit here,from the front yet again the ionic is,very unique looking though the design,im sure has been inspired by that of,boba fetts helmet i really like the,lights here the way the daytime run,lights are actually in this part of the,body work really stands out at night,especially in your rear view mirror,really good looking car this its less,unique looking i think in fact the,design is sort of reminiscent of the,volkswagen sirocco can you see that in,fact overall this car is like a greatest,hit of some cool looking cars isnt it i,do like the look of this at first i,preferred the look of the hyundai but,im starting to get used to it and i,think that it wont aid as well as the,kia but which do you think is the best,looking overall i put a pin comment you,vote which is the best stock in the,hyundai or the kia its up to you here,on the inside the hindi is just as,quirky as it is on the outside really,like the design it has a very spacious,airy feel obviously this is a built from,the ground a pv so you got your,batteries underneath the floor theres,no transmission tunnel or anything like,that so theres loads of space here that,means lots of good storage here and here,and you can even get a special storage,system which you can slide forwards and,backwards the glove box as well is huge,looking like a drawer got a glove drawer,not a box decent-sized door bins as well,its practical and i like the look of it,i love these huge screens here and,theyre fairly bright responsive and,easy to use though the sat nav can be a,bit of a faff though i just use google,maps through android auto or apple,carplay digital driver display has all,the information you need in terms of,range reverse trip info its all good i,think whats interesting the fact that,youve got this two spoke steering wheel,here and theres no hinder logo on it,just four dots whats less good though,is the gear selector its a bit phallic,it sort of looks like a travel size sex,toy anyway moving on i like the fact,that hynder hasnt been tempted to,operate the,climate controls through the main,infotainment screen youve got a,separate system down here though it is,touch sensitive so it can be a little,bit more tricky than if youve got,physical buttons to actually make sure,youre hitting the right bit right turn,it down its getting a little bit too,hot a little bit too quickly one of the,things im not so keen on those this,some of the plastics are a bit scratchy,hmm its a bit of a shame and why have,we only got old-fashioned usb,ports why not usb-c huh its 20 21. this,is a futuristic-looking car i want usb-c,all right here on the inside of the kia,its very similar to the hyundai but,actually quite different so youve got,the same amount of space youve got the,same screens but you dont have that,extra weird little bit here as well you,dont have the sex toy to put the car in,gear instead youve got this twiddly,dial which i think is much better to use,whats not so good to use though are the,heating controls because you have to,toggle between maps and stereo so thats,your volume then if i want to use the,climate i have to press that,and then that becomes my heater not the,volume anymore and then this is all the,other heater controls so its just one,press more than in the high end eye also,on the care the buttons are switched on,the sides of the steering wheel compared,to the high dive so you now have the,ones for the cruise control on the left,rather than on the right another way,that this car is slightly better than,the hyundai is the material quality is,just a bit better like the fabric on the,seats are just nicer than in the high,end though i must point out that this is,the top spec version of the ev6 whereas,thats the mid-spec version of the,hyundai and these seats arent entirely,perfect either if you look at these,headrests they push your head quite a,bit far forward so im not sure thats,ideal for your posture i need to have my,head just back a little bit,overall though i think i prefer the,inside of this gear ever so slightly,just like some of the design touches,here on the dash also look,weve got a normal glove box which is,less impressive however while we do have,one normal usb the rest of them are more,modern usb cs which is good i like that,also,i like the design of this center console,here with a shiny bit of trim on it the,way it separates you from the drive it,just feels more sporty and i think,overall i do just prefer the inside of,this kia ev6 here in the back of the kia,ev6 theres enough room now knee room is,really good absolutely loads of the,stuff headroom im fine people over six,foot should just about be fine though,this roof does just curve in somewhat,theres loads of foot space as well,because youve got a completely flat,floor whats not so good though is the,fact that the front seats are quite low,so you cant actually fit your feet,underneath the seats in front so you,cant really stretch out also the seats,seem quite low to the floor so your,knees are quite high up which isnt,quite as comfortable on longer journeys,now you can recline the seat backs if,you want to sit more uprightly once you,do that now youre going to want to sit,like that and look if you fold down this,you have some cup holders there now you,might think oh look i can cover those so,i dont need to put my wrist in them,when im just resting on the armrest but,actually when you slide this its just,open like ah why,anyway you do have some through loading,which is useful if you want to carry,some long thin objects maybe some skis,one i think i want to show you is this,the usbc puts there bill to the front,seats thats clever this key is pretty,blowing decent in the back here in the,back of the ionic 5 its not quite as,clever as the kia for instance its just,got normal usbs yet again and they,havent been thoughtful about where,theyve located them theyre just in the,usual position also,theres no through loading what,however other than that this car is,better in the back seats and ill

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