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This Video Will Make You Love Malia Obama ★ 2022

Malia Obama, eldest child of President Obama is  one of the most talked about kids in Hollywood.  ,She is always in the news. Like if she isnt  in the news for smoking, then it would be for  ,locking lips with one havard boy. Dont get us  wrong, we love Malia, but theres no denying the  ,fact that she is kinda controversial. Lets take  a look at what Malia Obamas lifestyle looks like.,Guys have you ever wandered what  your lives would be like if your  ,parents became presidents, Have you? Well, Malia does not have to wander  ,like the rest of us. After all, her dad is  a former president of the united states.  ,Barack Obama and his wife Michelle  welcomed their baby girl Malia on July 4th,  ,1998. Her name Malia is a Swahili word which means  queen. Malias full names are Malia Ann Obama.  ,With the Obamas net worth of over $40 million,  we trust that Malia is living her best life.,Just like the rest of us, Malia also  has a younger sister named Sasha.  ,Sasha Obama is the second and last child  of the Obamas. She was born on June 10th,  ,2001 in the United States. Just like her younger  sister, Malia also got her primary education  ,at the Sidwell Friends School. She studied  drama and took dance lessons as a child.  ,She was also interested in sports.  She played volleyball, basketball  ,and tennis. In 2016, Malia was ranked second  best graduating student at Sidwell High School.  ,Following her graduation from high school,  media speculations regarding her choice of  ,college resulted in heavy press coverage. She  ultimately chose to attend Harvard University. She  ,entered Harvard in the fall of 2017 and majors  in Visual and Environmental Studies. Awesome!,Back in November 2017, Malia was seen  locking lips with an unknown young man at  ,a Harvard-Yale football game. Cue a media frenzy,  as the world began asking: just who had caught the  ,young Obama’s attention? His identity was soon  revealed as that of fellow Harvard student, Rory  ,Farquharson. While neither Obama nor Farquarson  has ever publicly, confirmed that they are dating,  ,the pair are frequently photographed out in New  York together, and, most recently, at a holiday  ,resort in California, in the company of an older  couple assumed to be Farquharson’s parents. More  ,than a year and a half down the line, the  relationship appears to be going strong.  ,Rory farquharson is from a rich home; I mean  he lives with his parents in a $1.6m property,  ,he attends harvard; havards tuition  fee is about $70,000 per year;  ,and his parents own an additional property in  London. No, the guy is loaded!. Nice one Malia!.,So we know that Malias boyfriend Rory  lives in a $1.6m property with his parents,  ,but where does malia herself live?,When former presidents and their families  head back to normal life, they are given  ,7 months of transition funding, 10  years of secret service protection,  ,and 30 months of private staff for the salary not  exceeding a hundred and fifty thousand dollars,  ,so they are not exactly tossed out  in the cold, but where do they go?,Former president Barack Obama was  exceptionally vocal about his living  ,plans after his administration. Though  many expected him to return to Chicago,  ,Obama decided to stay in DC to allow his  youngest daughter Sasha finish her schooling. ,With the Obamas net worth of over $40 million,  they could have outrightly purchased a property  ,but instead, they decided to lease a home, an  eight thousand two hundred square feet mansion,  ,in the upscale neighbourhood of kalorama.  The $8million mansion has 9 bedrooms and  ,8 bathrooms. It is the second most  expensive home in Washington DC.,And while the exterior of the home has a  charming vintage vibe, the inside is of a  ,different vibe entirely; a minimalist modern vibe.  Just so you know, we are not home enthusiasts  ,ourselves, so shout out to Mr luxury for a very  well detained explanation of the home design.  ,The kitchen features white gray and black accents  which are also found throughout the home. Surely,  ,the kitchen has standard appliances. There is also  an area in the kitchen reserved for storing books  ,or drinks. Beyond the living the room, there are  several sitting areas. The window boards attach  ,the outside of the house to the inside with their  vintage design while also spoting the the smooth  ,lines and moderate tones found in the inside of  the home. The main living has a subtle and cozy  ,vibe. The dining room also looks really nice. The  bathrooms are big enough, with a busy black and  ,white wallpaper and gray tile floor. I like what  the Obamas did with the bathroom, i think its  ,really cool. Theres an upstairs living room which  for me, is the most beautiful place in the Obamas  ,mansion. There is also a gym room and a master  bedroom with vintage windows and minimalist feels.  ,Outside, theres a large courtyard and  a backyard with enough space to lounge  ,relax and soak up the sun. The Obamas  mansion is really a beauty to behold.,The Obamas daughters are definitely living  the life, like they are living our dream  ,lives. Well talking about being a Fashionista and  slaying, Malia is a pro. She does not necessarily  ,wears designers and all, but she slays  in her essentials any day any time.,* We know that Malia is going to become  an important figure in Hollywood and we  ,cant wait to see what she grows up to be like. So thats it Beautiful people, what do you think?  ,Drop your thoughts in the comment  section below, till next time, peace.

Obituary: The life of Queen Elizabeth II

[Applause],all those years of wisdom,and compassion,weve been so so lucky,her work ethic,her strong faith her leadership,there wasnt anything imagined he,couldnt do,there was a courtesy,and a humanity,and a kindness,that ill remember forever,it was a life of public service and duty,[Music],committed her country,[Music],my lords and members of the house of,commons,i pray that the blessing of almighty god,may rest upon your councils,and her commonwealth i feel enormously,proud of what the commonwealth has,achieved,and all of it within my lifetime,devoted wife and mother,a constant figure of national pride,as the world around her witnessed,extraordinary change,[Applause],born in 1926 princess elizabeth wasnt,expected to be queen,home videos show it was a happy,childhood,in those days it was such wonderfully,unorganized fun because i mean we played,a game called catching happy days which,involved rolling around the garden at,great speed catching the leaves as they,fell off the trees,that kept us happy all day,her destiny changed with the death of,her grandfather and the abdication of,her uncle,[Music],her father was now king and elizabeth,his heir her role for life was set and,her approach to it shaped by the second,world war clear even in her first,broadcast when she was evacuated to,windsor,my sister margaret rose and i feel so,much for you,as we know from experience what it means,to be away from those we love most of,all,the keep calm carry on,philosophy,was absolutely embedded in,in her i think the princess became a,member of the ats,she joined the auxiliary territorial,service as others went off to fight,lieutenant mountbatten seems bad to be,back at work again wartime also sparked,the most important relationship of her,life,she kept in touch with prince philip by,writing letters,[Music],and in 1947 they got engaged,[Music],a glamorous young couple their wedding,was celebrated across the country,soon prince charles was born followed by,princess anne theyre taking the places,of the king and queen who would have,gone but for his majestys owners,but judy called her father was ill and,they had to take his place on a tour of,the commonwealth,to the stunned heart of london and to,the whole commonwealth came the tragic,news from sandringham of the passing of,a beloved sovereign king george vi,in a remote lodge in kenya prince philip,told her the news she was now queen,all accounts say that she gulped,gathered herself,a grieving daughter but also now the,queen,in a way that she could never have,imagined and of course in her early 20s,at the time,the following year came her coronation,broadcast for the first time on,television,she was very conscious of the fact that,she needed to be out there to be visible,going right back to televising the,coronation,only 26 queen elizabeth still had to,prove herself to courtiers politicians,and the country,years later she described how it felt,[Music],in a way i didnt have an apprenticeship,my father died,much too young,it was all a very sudden kind of,taking on,and,making the best job you can,from the very start she felt she had to,get out and connect with the public the,queen and duke now took their places,through thousands of engagements and,inventing the walk bout whether you were,the lollipop lady,or you know you were a president or a,prime minister of a nation people become,nervous and it was wonderful to see how,her majesty,would put them at eat,always calm even when blanks were fired,at trooping the color,the queen was constantly on duty,with constitutional responsibilities,and weekly audiences with her prime,ministers,for someone who just whod been a little,boy,in the streets of durham waving your,flag when she drove through in the 1960s,and suddenly they were your prime,minister,virtually alone,of all the people that you knew you knew,anything that you said to us stayed,within the room,always displaying her support for the,military,the principle,of listening to what she thought,churchill might have done in similar,conditions or circumstances to what i,found myself in it was those sort of,conversations that i learned a huge,amount from and well treasure forever,theres really nice comments including,one from president biden,oh thats very kind as every day there,were red boxes full of state papers to,deal with do we think that this is a,good idea do we not know what its about,she was a wonderful boss we used to put,up a red box every evening and we knew,that she would have been through them,and it would be back on our desk,the next morning at eight oclock,it was extraordinary how,she did this day after day throughout,her reign,[Music],[Applause],wasnt just matters at home as head of,the commonwealth and queen of other,realms,[Music],she traveled more than any other head of,state i remember going to,uganda for the commonwealth heads of,government conference,and from the airport to the hotel,i dont think ive ever seen crowds like,it,always conducting her own powerful form,of soft diplomacy i did get a sense how,concerned she was sometimes about,some of the conflicts some of the,challenges,[Music],she can have,a personal,conversation which,you know helps to move on,some really quite difficult and tricky,political moments,[Music],they melt around her and ive seen the,strongest men just literally sort of,become putty in their fingers,they are all an aura fan,argus,the first british monarch to visit the,republic of ireland in a hundred years,she was a figurehead of unity and,stability,she never wavered from duty or service,and in uncertain times people need,anchors,weve lost one of our most important,anchors,im very glad to be able to join you,today there at times of national tragedy,including the coronavirus pandemic,adapting the way she worked,to reach out set an example,and rally the nation with messages of,resilience,we should take comfort that while we may,have more still to endure,better days will return,we will be with our friends again,we will be with our families again,we will meet again,majesty is the warrior queen she has,done it shes been there,and her majesty dressed the nation its,the empathy were all in this together,but its going to be okay,my grandfather broadcast the first of,these christmas messages,her christmas broadcast every year was,her chance to send a personal message,its no surprise,that families so often treasure their,christmas routines,because behind the formality was an,utterly devoted wife and mother,prince andrew five last february,probably feels quite senior now that he,has a baby brother,family is very close together and,and we do enjoy spending time and shes,always made time all the way through her,life and and yes there have been those,particular moments of the year when,that very much comes first,when we were very young obviously um it,was uh,it was harder for her to have so much,time and we were obviously living,elsewhere as well so we were never,really all together in the same place,but whenever we had the family moments,and we met up,shed be very keen on watching what the,children were up to and,i think there were moments when she,loved the noise running around the house,it kind of brought the house to life and,it kind of made the real family,atmosphere i think they had to be strong,enough,[Music],you see this is strong enough to,get off you know,while she was head of state phillip was,head of the family and a huge support,come around this side nasty feelings,they were a couple,with a different relationship than many,people have but he learnt to live with,that,and difficult to be a,monarch with,the degree of responsibility you have,without a very good partnership to back,you up,when there were tough moments,if he was around it was hugely important,you could see them working a crowd or,working a walkabout if you watch it,theyll stop you,it wasnt planned it was instinct,they both had the same metabolic clock i,think,in,2021 she said goodbye to her beloved,husband and dedicated cons

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Listening Post – Feature: The art of obituary writing

they call it working in the morgue,working at the one desk in the newsroom,that editors check in with whenever,somebody famous checks out were talking,about the newspapers obituary desk those,extended obituaries dont get written,immediately after somebody dies theyre,already on file the obit desk is,supposed to have them ready at a,moments notice and its not as though,the only obituaries ready to go are,about elderly newsmakers it doesnt,matter how old you are a good obit,editor is supposed to be prepared for,anything,the listening-posts Nick Morehead now on,the art of the obituary the dos and,donts of the craft,its journalisms open morbid secret the,news organizations around the world have,thousands of pre-written obituaries on,file just waiting for when the time,comes,preparation is key in a bit and so we do,have many many victories at least in,some stage of prewriting we do try to,write as many as we can in advance we,have right now about 1,500 on file you,keep trying to stay ahead of father time,and you cant if people are going to die,at most unexpected times what happens,often though is people themselves or,their friends you know and loved ones,will contact us and say my father or you,know this colleague is not well you,might want to prepare something so its,usually a basis of negotiation but it,would be very rare for us to ring out,you know one half of a couple and say I,hear your husbands not very well can we,have a quick chat the people who go into,our morgue as we call it never seem,today weve had Nelson Mandela in there,for ages weve had Castro in there I,find that if you do innovate in advance,its a guarantee of eternal life the,advantage of having pre-written a,butcheries on file is that news,organizations can publish them quickly,and accurately or so their hope that,wasnt the case for the New York Times,when American news anchor Walter,Cronkite died in 2009 the newspapers,report needed seven Corrections of the,publication and a battery related record,for the hundred and sixty one-year-old,paper still previous anniversaries are,common practice for Western news,organizations but in certain parts of,the Arab world being prepared could land,in a bit rewriter in trouble the last,5060 years there were dictatorships and,dictatorships actually death is not on,the card theres no process of,succession when the dictator dies,therefore they dont think about it and,because most of the newspapers they have,very strong censorship the intelligence,services or the security service would,be having expired so you know one,suggests that the leader might die lets,actually keep it on file is it a book,after the 9/11 attacks president george,w bush met the fate of a sama bin Laden,pretty clear had wanted dead or alive so,when President Obama announced that the,leader of al-qaeda had been killed its,unlikely there was an uppity editor in,the world who hadnt given some thought,to what they would say about the man we,started writing it right after 9/11 and,by some strange intuition I cant tell,you but the two or three weeks before he,actually was filled it got into my mind,that I should maybe look at this one,with no no advanced information its,what I do I have to think about people,like this we were fortunate to have,something substantially ready like that,we had about 5,000 words a little bit,all ready to go of course he was in,hiding he really wasnt doing a lot for,the last years of his life which from,bitchery editor helps you to relax you,didnt have to change his a bit tree for,years you just then had to add the,circumstances and the nature of his,death a couple of paragraphs at the end,of the piece read it through and pretty,much you hoped you were there I got into,quite a bit of trouble because I,insisted on finding out about their life,of the man I talked about his love of,eating yogurt and honey and how he would,take his children to the beach and I,would go hunting on Fridays on a horse,and the Americans among our readers were,furious about this and said you should,just have condemned him why are you,trying to tell us these things about him,this man is just a monster,prewriting the obituary of someone who,spent 12 years on the FBIs most wanted,list is one thing but its something,else entirely,when your subject is a pop star and its,just 26 years old,in 2008 it emerged that The Associated,Press had prepared in the bitchery for,the then troubled American singer,Britney Spears the news caused quite a,stir I think its rather bad form to,make that public I daresay driver there,are many many people alive who got there,a bit some file and quite a lot of young,ones too theres nothing wrong with,doing that but I think its bad form and,bad taste to announce it with someone,like Amy Winehouse who has its criminal,situation about young pop star who had,troubles with addictions that it would,have been very unlikely that my,colleagues in other papers didnt have,an a bit really prepared is that callous,or is that just being reasonable and,prepared for our jobs,I wouldnt announce it but it would be,no surprise to me if many other young,trouble stars have prepared over its,dealing with an untimely death as a,sensitive issue but so hes,characterizing and unscrupulously lived,life which is why [ __ ] cheer actors,tend to write in code and readers need,to read between the lines euphemisms in,in a bit Ruiz is a traditional part of,the way we write has been for a long,time and so classically people would say,oh he was a bon vivant when he was a,terrible drunk or didnt take fools,gladly when he was an absolute beast so,the point of a bit Ruiz is that theyre,not anodyne tributes constantly writing,about the good side of people you have,to give readers an idea of whether,someones nice or nasty and give them an,Ellis sense of the rough with the smooth,and euphemisms have been about that when,Lucien Freud the artist died this is not,quite a euphemism but it made me love,the a [ __ ] he ended up he left many,children now usually an obit tree ends,up by saying he leaves you know we doand,two daughters or three sons but of,course,Freud was a well-known philanderer and,multiple mistresses so this was a way of,making the same point again in the last,line of the Abbott REE is a very neat,little remark euphemisms may have to,convey character flaws to the reader but,they dont change the fact that the,writer has to deal with death on a daily,basis but its not as macabre as it may,appear,what a lot of eateries are colorfully,written and you have quite sort of,sometimes the amusing part of it,nowadays with newspaper actually,competing with the Floyds,you have to have ejected bit of humor,even in an obituary,we really dont dwell on their deaths,the deaths is the news page you might,say and it really comprises one,paragraph perhaps maybe more in a story,we were mainly interested in talking,about their lives we are dealing with,the achievements of those people have,made during the course of their lives,and that is very uplifting it may be the,last word in a life but its the start,of a legacy and the next time you flip,to the obituaries page of your newspaper,thats where to remember

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The Untold Truth Of Elvis Last Show

Elvis Presleys final concert wasnt meant to be his last. The singer was only 42 years,old and was scheduled to go on tour again shortly after his untimely passing. But a,lifetime of fried peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwiches, accompanied by a decades-long,indulgence in narcotics, brought the Kings career, and life, to an unexpected end.,The last live show that Presley ever performed occurred in 1977. The day was June 26, a date,that kept popping up in Elvis history. It was his manager, Colonel Tom Parkers, birthday.,Plus, according to Rolling Stone, Elvis was first called to the Sun Records office on,June 26, 1954. Three years to the day after that, he spent his first night at Graceland.,On June 26, 1979, Elvis father died of heart failure. What could it all mean?,”Its all connected. A web of conspiracy that goes all the way to the top.”,Well, probably not. Regardless, on the night in question, Elvis was on the tail end of,an arduous nine-day tour. His last concert would be performed for a packed crowd at the,Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. Per the Indiana Historical Bureau, nearly 18,000 people,attended, none of whom realized that they were witnessing history.,For seven years, warm-up comedian Jackie Kahane held the unenviable responsibility of getting,up on stage before the man known as “The King” took over. It was no easy job and he was even,booed off the stage of New York Citys Madison Square Garden. Kahanes job as Elvis opening,act even dominated the first half of his obituary in The Los Angeles Times when the comedian,died in 2001. In it, the Times describes how Kahanes set, formerly a tight 18 minutes,,had stretched to nearly 45 as the years wore on and it took longer for Elvis to get into,performance shape each night.,That night in Indianapolis, Kahane announced to the crowd,”Elvis looks great and Elvis sounds great!”,So he may have been a good comedian, but he definitely wasnt a prophet. Nevertheless,,as Kahane left the stage that night, few could have predicted things would come to an end,for the King quite so abruptly.,If youre wondering how much it cost to see Elvis Presley on the night of his death, it,was only $15 a ticket, or just over $65 in modern dollars, adjusted for inflation. Even,more surprisingly, tickets were still available for purchase the evening before the concert,,per the Indiana History Blog. Quite the bargain for an up-close look at one of the eras defining,stars.,Aside from Kahane, that evenings opening acts included a brass band and some soul singers.,In fact, those openers performed for almost an hour and a half before fans would catch,sight of the man theyd all been waiting for. The Indianapolis Star noted that for the Monday,evening performance, Elvis had donned the now-iconic white and gold jumpsuit, maybe,to better facilitate the dance moves that still drove the audience wild. Of particular,note to the reviewer, Elvis had limited his karate moves that evening but nevertheless,bounded on stage to kick off the show with a rendition of “C.C. Rider” and still threw,in a few of his signature leg jerks from his early days.,For fans, it was a remarkable performance — especially given how difficult 1977 had,been thus far for the King. According to “Far Out” Magazine, Elvis had broken up with a,long-term girlfriend, immediately became involved with a new woman, and was so out of it during,some earlier performances that journalist Tony Scherman recounted how hed been nearly,”impossible to understand” at an earlier show in Louisiana. Despite that, the King rallied,and got things together for that one evening in June — if only briefly.,Critical reception for Elvis final show was decidedly mixed. On the negative side, there,was Zack Duncans review, which called the concert “tacky and outdated,” with the lighting,merely “adequate,” and the extensive use of warm-up acts coming off as “fluff.” He claimed,that announcements were made over the PA system three times throughout the concert, reminding,folks to check out the merch stand, with a voice even taking the extra step of reading,the price tags of the available souvenirs.,There were also more positive reviews, like the one in The Indianapolis Star, which spent,a significant amount of time pointing out that Elvis wasnt as fat as he could have,been.,Over the course of a three-hour concert, Elvis spent just an hour and twenty minutes on stage,,performing old standards as well as new numbers, including a cover of Simon and Garfunkels,”Bridge Over Troubled Water.”,At the end of the show, Presley brought his father on stage to wave to the crowd, then,sang his hit song “Cant Help Falling In Love With You.” Afterward, he told the audience,,”Well meet you again, God bless, adios.” And then the show was over, and Elvis left,the building for the very last time.,Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite,musicians are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell so you dont miss a single one.

Funeral Home Web Sites | Online Obituaries | Google Rankings

hi this is Robin Heppell from funeral,futures calm and today were gonna be,looking at how being found in Google,helps your client families and their,friends and were gonna do this with,online obituaries and were gonna be,beating the newspapers at the same time,you see for the longest time weve,always had to rely on other modes of,media to get the message out about the,service information whether it be the,newspaper or the radio station or what,have you but what I want to do is I just,want to show just a basic time chart of,how the information disseminates from,the time of death to the time of the,services and this is just a sample,because I know that every situation is,different in different towns and,different regions have different,schedules but this is a generalization,so the death occurs is the first event,and obviously that happens on day one,during the first day that the death has,occurred the next-of-kin of informs the,immediate family and probably theyre,gonna phone the funeral home and make,the first call as the day ghost goes,towards the end of the day the word,starts to spread that the deaths has,occurred to the various friends and,probably by the second day the funeral,arrangements have been made and probably,by the end of that day the obituary,notice will be confirmed if it hadnt,been confirmed at the arrangements and,then since it has to wait to get into,the newspaper usually the soonest that,it can get in would be for the morning,of the fourth day you can see that word,spread about the death towards the end,of day one and now its day four and,people can finally find the information,about the service and then if youve,been practicing the the best practices,for online obituaries in those newspaper,notices it says condolences for the,family may be offered at your funeral,chapel comm and youll start receiving,condolences through your online,obituaries on your website this is also,the time to that family and friends,since now they know the service time,they can start ordering flowers and,lets just say then the following day is,visitation maybe in the afternoon or the,evening or or maybe theres a prayer,service in the in the evening and then,on day six would be the day of the,service and followed by the internment,or cremation and reception and once its,all over the funeral home has received,all these condolences and theyll pass,them over to the family what I want to,illustrate is that it took almost two,full days from by the time the word,spread of the death to the friends,towards the end of the first day -,beginning of the fourth day that they,were able to find the information about,the service and nowadays people have,Google at their fingertips we go to,Google and search for things immediately,we need now we need to have our,information immediately and people have,actually told me Rob its frustrating I,want to know the service information I,dont know what funeral homes holding,the service and I searched on Google and,I cant find anything and that got me,thinking well maybe were not doing a,good job getting those obituary notices,that are on our web site up soon enough,and for some reason Googles not finding,them the way they should you see because,if were doing our job right we can,actually shortcut the time that the,information gets out there and it will,actually give us an advantage over the,newspaper so if were able to say to the,family at the time of the arrangements,in day two and get that obituary,confirmed even at the arrangements we,can then upload that obituary notice to,our website and if it can get indexed in,Google in a short period of time then we,have a day and a half head start on that,pesky newspaper now before I ever put,any this stuff on you I just as you know,I dont just bring,things out of the air I test them first,and I want to make sure that my theories,are right before I share them so what I,did I wanted to do a little case study,so on December 9th at 10:07 a.m. I,searched for this gentlemans obituary,notice now I knew it wouldnt show up,because the funeral home had uploaded,the obituary notice yet then what we did,was we uploaded the bitumen notice and I,checked and I checked a few times but,firmly after 27 minutes the obituary,notice appeared in Google and not only,did it appear it appeared number 1 in,Google so anyone looking for that,obituary notice would have been able to,find it if they use Google because 80%,of the population of North America has,internet access and 60% of those people,use Google so can you see where this is,getting important because I dont want,to have you or your client families or,their friends have to rely on the,newspaper to provide the information to,the masses you have that ability at your,fingertips,so what I want you to do is I want you,to run a couple tests yourself so go to,before youre to upload your next,obituary notice go to Google and search,for the deceased name and if its a,common name then put the word obituary,beside it so instead of just searching,for Robin Heppell search for Robin,Heppell obituary and then create a,Google Alert and you can go to,google.com slash alerts and its going,to actually allow you to insert your,email address and as if searching the,entire Internet whenever it comes up,with that search term that you inserted,it will send you an email and its free,then upload that obituary notice and,after that maybe go back and make sure,you be checking your Google Alerts and,the email that comes in also perform,periodic Google,searches as well now Im not gonna leave,you hanging there either,Im gonna give you some tips on to make,sure how you can get your pages indexed,in Google quicker as well an indexed,means basically when you go to the,library and theres that big card,catalog you can actually go and and use,that card catalog and theyre usually,index cards and they tell you where the,book is well Google is no different its,just a big card catalog of the library,of information on the internet and that,they dont know the information they,dont have it on their own virtual index,card until they found it so what you,need to do are these four things you,want to have a sitemap an XML sitemap,registered with the search engines and,you dont submit your URL to the search,engines like we used to all three main,search engines Google Yahoo and MSN want,you to use sitemaps and the sitemap,would be sitemap dot XML and well take,a look at an example here shortly,theres these two websites make sure you,write them down sitemaps org and that,gives you all the information about how,sitemaps work and you can even go to XML,sitemaps comm and you can enter in your,website address and it will create a,sitemap for you and then you can upload,it to the internet I would recommend,that the name of the obituary is listed,on your home page because the search,engines are going to come to the home,page of your website first and hopefully,you dont have a landing page or a,splash page but that you actually have,real meaty content on your home page,with a listing of the most recent,obituaries you want to use proper title,tags and proper URL names all four of,those will help you get indexed and,google faster so lets take a look at,some examples,so here we are at the Bell Burnaby site,and heres the gentlemans name that we,did the little case study for and so you,can see that the names are here on the,home page and theyre just in reverse,chronological order,so as a new one comes on it comes to top,and again these get pushed down now but,you can see all the obituaries if you,click here so thats one key component,the next key component that I talked,about is how is the title of the page so,here in the tab you can actually see,this is the title of the page so if its,saying something like just your funeral,homes name and it doesnt have anything,else thats just a poor job of how the,website was made so every page should,actually be titled differently so here,we can see obituary for and the,gentlemans n

Beatles supremo Kenneth Womack on the mysteries of Lennons last year

were delighted to be joined from the,united states by somebody whos,previously been like our guest,in the islington live um uh,thats kenneth womack good good evening,good afternoon,kenneth nice to see you good to see you,and i i do wish i were in your pub right,now with you,and uh with all your good friends and,your great show,well thank you very much so where do we,where do we find you,where are we linking up with you i am uh,on the jersey shore,uh just south of new york city,right right so you youre a youre a,professor of a popular music at,monmouth university in new jersey is,that right,that is absolutely correct yes is that,the place where bruce springsteen has,stowed his archive,is that right it is exactly the place,yeah we have about,35 000 of bruces materials,uh on campus right very good well look,the reason youre here today,uh today is to talk to us about your,your new book,john lennon 1980 the last days in the,life,its barely uh credible but its 40,years,this december since john lennon died,uh and we usually do the calculation if,you took another 40 years back from that,well if you took it another 40 years,back from that john lennon would,only just been born wouldnt they in,october,19 1940 its not its,not uh difficult when youre talking to,british people,to get people to tell you about where,they were when they heard the news of,john lennon dying uh because they were,all in bed,theyre all woken up that morning by the,news,it was pretty much the first thing that,they heard on the radio,where were you kenneth can you remember,i,i remember exactly where i was uh i was,in bed too,uh even though i was uh in the central,time zone so it would have been,i dont know 9 45 10 oclock there i had,gone to bed early,and i was 14 at the time and i vividly,remember it because,uh when youre 14 you know where your,parents are,right so if youre in a if youre in a,store and you hear your mothers cough,because you know that cough you know,where she is and i knew the sound of my,father walking upstairs and coming to my,room so i pretended to be to,be asleep because i didnt want to be,bothered right,and the truth was he had just heard the,awful news uh on television and he was,coming to tell me so i,i had another one more good nights,sleep i suppose,right right so youve written you,written extensively about the beatles,and,um and associated personnel over the,years,when you were our guest at world of urea,you were talking about your fantastic,two-part book about george martin so,you know how did you approach this,particularly but how did,how did you decide you were to get just,going to do,1980 that that was what youre going to,focus on,sure so um you know writing about the,beatles and writing about popular music,like yourself,uh folks would often want to talk about,john lennon,and talk about the competing biographies,of which there are many many many,and uh my my takeaway when i would,answer those questions and attempt to,provide some knowledge was always that,the the historical record for john,lennon particularly in the last year,tended to be one of two things either be,very salacious like goldmans,notorious biography or it would tend to,be a true crime book,and the problem with both of those,genres,is that they dont get to what makes the,beatles special,and that is the magnificent music and in,john lennons case,the great story of john lennon in 1980,is the comeback and,willing himself to go back into the,studio to create new material,uh and to garner the courage to share it,with the world,uh and that was an amazing thing and i,wanted to tell that story,not the true crime story not the,salacious story but the one,uh that we all wish we had for ourselves,that last great comeback,right right so now the way people in the,britain tend to look at,uh you know the story of john lennon in,new york is in,in 1971 he kind of he leaves the uk,he never comes back again and and from,then on,hes living in the dakota with yoko,owner for a sort of,for nine years it wasnt as simple as,that was it and your book does start,with a little bit of backtracking over,the,over his life before 1980,you have to um in order to cover the,composition of all of those great songs,um and to understand why john had,secluded himself,in the fashion he did you have to,backtrack and understand the lost,weekend,with maypeng and what brought him to,that place,what brought him to the juncture in,which,he did not want to release new music and,at the same time,one of the misnomers about that last,year is that he wrote all of those songs,during that last year,john lennon for the most part never,stopped writing new music he was always,composing,um i think what was lacking was a,certain confidence in that material,uh and his his ability to be ready to,take it out and and be,judged right now a lot of obviously a,lot of this book takes place in the,dakota,which is a place where the with the,extraordinary fascination for people,whove obviously never been in it and,cant imagine anything like it,but its a its a place with a,particular historical background in new,york isnt it its very significant,building to to new yorkers tell us about,that,uh and thank you for bringing up new,york because it really is a new york,story and another thing i wanted to get,at,with this book was how different new,york was 40 years ago,um just how substantially different it,was in terms of crime in terms of the,upkeep of the city,in terms of the neighborhoods that,existed and john lived in a very,specific upper west side neighborhood,that was,his stomping ground so i want to make,sure it had,that flavor to it and the dakota does,figure very strongly at this,uh history it is sort of the first,outpost,of the city um hence its name it might,as well be in,one of the dakotas right the territory,and the idea,was that it was heralding in this new uh,quadrant of the city where people would,begin to live,which seemed unimaginable uh uh in,in the 1880s so when it was built it was,this harbinger,of the growth of the city and sort of,the future but of course now the citys,grown way past that,yeah yeah but it was a it was these new,york apartment buildings they were very,kind of picky,about who theyd let live there is that,the case,sure and uh in the earlier years of the,dakotas life and,of apartments in say the early part of,the 20th century,the buildings had certain kinds of,character some would be more artistic,than others,um but of course uh in this with the,story of the dakota it does become very,exclusive,uh and certainly by 1980 uh its one of,the most exclusive addresses in the,world,and they dont particularly want noisy,rock and roll stars in there do they,sure there was a lot of concern about,john and yoko being there,of course by the same token there were a,number of uh dwellers in the apartment,building who were thrilled that they,were there because they wanted the,cachet of their celebrity so,it really depended uh upon whom you were,talking to but,lauren bacall uh famous actress of,course uh was notorious for,not liking all of the fans congregating,outside in front,she found it annoying she liked the what,she felt was the anonymity that existed,pre-john and yoko in the building,can i just uh sorry i left the the the,zoom for a moment because i had a,technical problem kenneth hello its,mark,um good to see you mark yeah,paints an extraordinary picture of life,imprisoned by that level of celebrity,you know there are fans constantly,trying to get into the dakota theres,people ringing up all the time to see if,theyre there people disguise themselves,like one guy describe themselves as the,tv repair man to try and get in and when,when they go,out you know theyre going across the,park or theyre going to restaurants,wherever theres always that tension,that theyre going to be,identified and a kind of inescapable,crowds going to gather,i mean did you feel a lot of sympathy,for them because it seems an absolutely,impossible existence really,absolu

Tri-Fold Funeral Program Tutorial on Microsoft Word 2016 on a PC

hey this is pretty dizzy designs this is,a tutorial on how to edit a 11 by 17,trifold template actually you can edit,this in any size of my tri-folds so what,you can do first is open a word and,either go to file and open and go to,where you downloaded your D file which,mine is going to be under downloads so,this one is a 11 by 17 files I have,alright so this opens up and Ill have,got the click and able edit okay Im,gonna make it a little bit smaller here,so you can see the full screen here so,this is a trifle template and there are,two Cs boxes when you click on it it,can edit it so either click and drag and,hit delete and start typing or copy and,paste from whatever data youre getting,from same thing here of course you can,always change the font and size by and,going to your font down the up here and,choose whatever you want and of course,the size as well,so basically just click-and-drag delete,then same thing here you want to change,the title same thing start typing over,it and for the photo just select the,shape whether its an oval or a box and,go to format shape fill and picture and,then font and go click from file and,just browse to your location wherever,you save the picture usually probably,under downloads unless you have a folder,you keep your pictures in and just,select it and go in example Im just,gonna choose one here and you can drag,it to Bree sighs make a taller or,shorter a wider okay so if you just put,a picture in without inserting into a,shape so for example you wanted another,picture in here and you didnt want to,use the oval you couldnt go to insert,pictures and say you wanted another one,alright so see how it kind of messes,its not moving its because you have to,right click on it go to wrap text and go,click in front of text now its in front,of all the docq the objects in the,background now you can move it reshape,it and move it to wherever you choose to,put this picture,okay so and then scroll down so this,template has another picture do the same,thing go to format shape fill another,picture go to from a file and same thing,here you can just change these boxes by,clicking on it if you want it kind of,wider you can do that but I wouldnt,change it too much because most of my,templates is set up so when you print it,out it will fold into your trifold so,what you do when youre finished editing,is print the first page and then on a,piece of paper whatever picture or Im,sorry,whatever template size you have so for,example this was 11 by 17 so you would,use 11 by 17 paper and you print on that,first page and then you flip it around,and print page 2 and then you just fold,it as a trifold and thats really it you,just need one piece of paper but it has,two on here because its front and back,ok so if you dont have a printer that,prints borderless youre going to have a,white space for example like this when,you print it if you do have a printer,that is able to print borderless then it,will look like whats on your screen or,if you take it to a print place I would,save this matter of fact you I would,recommend saving this as a PDF any ways,to print because sometimes Morden can be,a little bit not he doesnt communicate,with the printer so I would go to file,and save as PF,and then theres thinking Ill save as a,PF and you can save it wherever name it,rename it theres a PDF file and it save,now you can take this to print shop if,you dont have a lump by 17 paper or in,a half by 14 or whatever size you,purchased okay so it made a PDF for me,and the print quality is actually better,if you save it as a PDF versus printing,straight from word and thats it hope,that was helpful,have a great evening

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