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  2. Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test | Product Review
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Detailed Everlywell Review – Food Sensitivity Test, Womens Health Test and More | RunToTheFinish

have you ever wondered if these at-home,test kits really work,what you should expect in terms of,results how hard is it to get your own,blood,lets talk,ive used everly well for a couple of,tests so i thought i would just talk to,you a little more about it in case it,helps,inside tracker is ill put a link below,but thats what i recommend if youre,doing like a big blood workup and youre,an athlete and really want detailed,information,so,ive used this before when i wanted to,check in on my female hormones,and this time i am doing the food,sensitivity test so,ive been having all the signs that for,me would indicate a food sensitivity,which is kind of some inflammation or,just like when i eat my stomach feels so,full even though i havent had very much,to eat,i had done this maybe 10 years ago,helped me tremendously i identified eggs,at the time or a massive problem taking,them out i felt,so good,so,this is their comprehensive test which,has over 200 foods in it so,heres what you get in a kit it arrives,you have a little registration card so,that way as your test is getting shipped,back you are getting updates you are,getting updated when your results are,ready,the actual way that you are now,getting your little blood sample,this little thing is provided which has,a little needle in it,and so if i push down the needle pops,out,and then you get to squeeze your blood,into these little circles,um,they do give you a ton of instruction on,how it works and then they also provide,inside this very easy to use little kit,they provide the return label and the,bag and everything so it is very easy to,do from home,the results i have always found to be,very easy to understand and to use,um so personally,big fan like i said for some of these,other things if youre looking for other,food sensitivity tests i have worked,with other people in the past when i,worked with the nutritionist and stuff,10 years ago,many of them are more expensive,and i think roughly the same level of,detail,so like i said they have a whole range,of things that you can get done i have,been impressed with them,i will provide you a discount link below,if youve got other questions though let,me know ill kind of show you the,process all right im going to show you,this if you are squeamish,dont watch this,okay,so they give you all the directions on,what to do here,were going to pick a finger,swab it with our alcohol,then,youre going to take this off,and,punch it in,oh im going to bleed good today okay,and im dripping,im just going to tell you that is more,than i normally bleed,you gotta fill out all the dots,cool,once were done,band-aid,then were gonna ship it off,like i said,thats more than i normally bleed so i,must have just really got it in a good,spot but i thought it would point this,out,the needle retracts as soon as you use,it so they do provide you with a couple,there have certainly been times where i,wasnt able to get enough blood out of,the finger for some reason and so i had,to use a second one,once your card is all filled out,then,again it continues to be super easy they,give you a little biohazard bag goes in,there,goes in your box and then they provide,you the bag and the envelope so you can,send everything back and get your test,results,which is up next

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test | Product Review

does your tummy hurt are you always,tired and feeling bloated do you think,food sensitivities might be the culprit,Everly well tests your blood to identify,food sensitivities is that a thing,thats not a little goopy to me let,science it hey welcome to nurse evil Im,dr. Laura,Everly well sells an at-home blood test,that claims to help you identify your,personal food sensitivities they do this,by measuring a specific type of antibody,in your blood called immunoglobulin gene,or IgG their website claims that having,IgG reactive to food proteins indicates,that you may have a sensitivity to that,food they measure IgG to 96 foods,including different kinds of seafood,dairy eggs meat lagoons spices grains,fruits veggies nuts and seeds I was,being bombarded by everly well ads and a,bunch of people were asking me what I,thought of it so I decided to dig into,the research and try it out myself,[Music],okay so Im going to let my blog card,dry for 30 minutes then Im going to,package it up and send it off in the,mail Ill see when I get my results Ill,let you know a few words on antibodies,antibodies are proteins produced by,white blood cells that help alert the,immune system to invaders like bacteria,theyre shaped like a Y with hands that,bind specifically to invading proteins,antibodies come in a bunch of different,flavors immunoglobulin E or IgE is a,type of antibody in food allergies I,have a peanut allergy so I have a GE,with peanut shaped hands the Everly well,test doesnt measure I GE,so it cant diagnose food allergies and,their website clearly states this the,IgG antibodies measured by the Everly,well test are totally normal to have in,your blood everyone does research shows,us that food I Gigis indicate that a,were exposed to that food and B were,tolerant of that food these food,specific IgG czar the immune systems way,of saying hey I see you youre not a,human fear cool you can be here keep,that in mind as we review my results may,see my Everly will results came in so,lets walk through them together your,test showed an IgG reactivity above,normal 230 foods hmm so I had one high,reactivity food so egg white thats,interesting because I eat eggs almost,every day I usually eat about one egg a,day Ive never noticed any issues with,that at all,but this is my one high reactivity food,according to the IgG okay so now lets,look at my moderate reactivity foods,seven food house milk egg yolk gluten,peanut rye wheat and yogurt huh so its,really interesting to have peanut in,here because I know that I have an,anaphylactic allergy to peanuts thats a,no thats an IgE allergy so its a,different kind of antibody than what,were looking,but lets look at cows milk first so I,had a 67 third cows milk Im not quite,sure what the units are here okay I,dont believe I have any sensitivity to,cows milk i I do consume dairy pretty,frequently egg yolk huh this is,interesting that I had high reactivity,to egg whites and then moderate,reactivity to ap oak gluten moderate,reactivity 74 fighters Im glad that,they say that because I think that it,could be really confusing if you have,celiac disease undiagnosed and then you,do this test it is it can lead you down,the wrong path so I apparently Im,sensitive to gluten according to this,okay rye so I had moderate reactivity to,rye um rides also actually something I,consumed pretty regularly I really like,rye bread I think it has a nice flavor,to it never noticed any sensitivity to,rye,okay wheat I had a 93 to read moderate,reactivity so according to this test I,have food sensitivity to both wheat and,to the specific protein gluten that is,contained in meat I eat wheat whole,whole-grain wheat barley I mean all,those things pretty much everyday,usually have some kind of delicious,whole-grain all over my salad I,frequently eat whole grain toast so,thats kind of interesting that Im,getting are this high food sensitivity,results to wheat Ive never noticed that,me any issues tolerating wheat at all,85 moderate reactivities results a,yogurt,I do also consume yogurt almost daily,whether yogurt or kefir those are two,fermented dairy products that I do,consume almost daily okay so now lets,go down to mild reactivity foods as we,see åland asparagus barley grain bell,pepper black walnut bran brewers yeast,carrots cash,- chicken plant eggplant I love it,plantain garlic,I eat garlic all the time sometimes more,than my husband wishes I did ginger lamb,mozzarella mustard seed oats orange,soybean white mushroom white potato its,the only thing on that list that I dont,eat regularly a soybean and thats,because I have an allergy to soybeans,fun lets see what it says about soy,bean so this is interesting because so,with my soy protein allergy I avoid,things that have soy protein in them but,I have always tolerated story less it in,fine and so a lesson is actually a type,of lipid its a phospholipid and its,used a lot as an emulsifier so within,all sorts of processed food Ive also,always been fine with soy oil which is,the the lipid the fat portion so its,interesting to me that a food,sensitivity test would tell you to avoid,the other forms of soy that dont have,the protein in them,okay my test results were normal for the,rest of the foods in the tests here so,what Im curious about actually is how,they how they determined the threshold,for our normal range like when they look,at normal is that do they mean like they,tested people who had these levels of,IgG in their blood and saw that they,have no food sensitivity issues to these,foods or like wait where does normal,comfort is really what Im curious about,here skeptical the gears are turning in,my head so within these normal level,foods theres a lot of them I eat a lot,of them I eat all the time,of it the normal foods also contain,things that I do not ever eat because,Im allergic to them like the green pea,and the lima bean and the green beans,thats interesting okay so now lets see,what Everly well thinks I should do next,consider planning an elimination diet so,if I were to do this I dont think Im,going to because I dont notice any,sensitivity to any of the foods that we,categorize this this way but high modern,mild Id have to eliminate so many,things one plus seven plus twenty-two,thats thirty food so my goodness Id,have to yeah thatd be huge so that was,interesting I am getting you know I did,get high reactivity and moderate,reactivity to a bunch of foods that I,eat all the time and I color it really,well so Im that thats kind of where I,am so Im gonna return to the research,look at the there are a few randomized,double-blind controlled trials that Im,going to look at to see see whether,using an IgG directed elimination diet,is effective for controlling any,symptoms I read all of the studies about,IgG and food sensitivity that I could,get my hands on,check out my references in my video,description there were a bunch of,studies that measured IgG and healthy,controls compared to people with some,kind of condition like migraine,headaches allergic symptoms and,inflammatory bowel disease all of these,studies showed that everyone had food,specific IgG in their blood though,people with conditions like migraines,and IBD had higher levels and they had,IgG specific two more types of food,thats interesting but it doesnt,actually tie IgG to food sensitivity or,to symptoms of these conditions so far,theres no justification to measure IgG,to determine food sensitivity there was,a tiny number of super small,double-blind randomized controlled,studies the gold standard in research,these studies had a group of subjects,with say migraine headaches they tested,their blood for food specific IgG then,designed an elimination diet that,eliminated those foods they also,designed a fake elimination diet that,eliminated the same number of foods but,not the ones that were identified by the,IgG test the subjects that didnt know,if they were given the real or fake,elimination diet they would eat their,diets for a few weeks two months while,keep

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i dont know if anyone else gets,personally victimized by ads but these,two for at home food sensitivity tests,have been following me around,so naturally i had to dive a little,deeper and look into this everly well,at home food sensitivity test it says,specifically that this test is not a,food allergy test nor can it determine,lactose intolerance or celiac disease,instead it measures igg antibody,reactivity and since its been a hot,minute since im taking a biology class,i,had to look it up while the information,online was helpful i figured i would get,a little bit more detail,from some experts one of my favorite,youtube channels,dr mike and his guest dr stukas food,sensitivity tests,oh man food sensitivity test these are,the tests or treatments to avoid,number one on the list from the american,academy of allergy asthma immunology is,dont perform igg testing because,igg which is what these food sensitivity,tests measure,is not a test of sensitivity or allergy,or intolerance,its a memory antibody we talked about,that exposure right,[Music],i have absolutely no idea if this is a,scam or not i did just see,tons and tons of ads for it all over my,facebook and my instagram,and it was just driving me crazy and i,was like you know what,maybe i will maybe i will check my food,sensitivity at home i want to know,i want to go ahead and get this out of,the way this video is in no way,sponsored this was not sent to me i am,not working with ever really well i was,just very intrigued by it i purchased,this with my own money,and im doing this little experiment for,you guys one for me,but also for you guys so i ended up,paying 130,for this test kit yes 130.,they were running some kind of special,and they had like a discount code so i,was like oh perfect why not,i have a second camera going over here,because apparently im that youtuber now,ive got the,dual angle thing going on it says that,it tests,96 foods for immunoglobulin antibody,reactivity so im gonna go ahead and get,started it says like wash your hands,all that stuff i already did that and,then it wants you to just like shake out,your hand to kind of,loosen the blood i dont know so this is,a little collection card that it comes,with,and then youre going to put the spots,of blood right there all right here goes,nothing,im kind of nervous i cant lie take my,little alcohol pad,im going to use that to clean off,my finger oh my gosh im so nervous im,fine when like i get my blood taken,otherwise but like doing it yourself is,kind of nerve-wracking,oh my god im so nervous okay,one two three oh that wasnt bad,so now the goal is to let the blood drip,onto the paper,[Music],i feel like im not getting enough blood,it literally wants me to like fill,up the entire circle with my blood and,im like struggling to get i might have,to prick my finger again well see,this is a good one,okay now its starting to drip this is,so weird,okay i think thats good and now its,time to clean off my bloody finger,all of this just to see if i have food,sensitivities if someone wanted to clone,me,they could,thats all i have for now ill see you,guys again when i get my food,sensitivity results back its been about,two weeks and my food sensitivity test,results,are back i was very eager to check the,results and now that theyre here i can,share them with you guys and i can also,look at them,myself for the first time so lets get,started all right,so it says that my can click view my,results im so nervous why am i nervous,okay its gonna be like everything i,love is gonna be like youre sensitive,to it,stop eating it hi kayla your food,sensitivity test is complete,oh okay your test showed an igg,reactivity above normal to six foods,foods in the high moderate or mild,reactivity ranges are good candidates,for an elimination diet,to help identify your food sensitivities,i have nothing in my high reactivity,to foods which i guess is good again,if this is legitimate i guess thats a,good thing there there is not a specific,food that i am like highly sensitive or,highly reactive to so i guess thats,good it says all clear here just stick,to foods within your other reactivity,levels if you decide,to do an elimination diet so moderate,reactivity just,one food what the heck,one okay so it says i am moderately,sensitive or moderate reactivity to,egg whites i mean i eat eggs pretty,frequently,but thats interesting that its like,egg white sensitive,thats where all the proteins at bro all,the protein bro,okay so that was my only moderate thats,kind of like,anticlimactic but whatever so moving,down the list we next have,mild reactivity foods so mild reactivity,foods,are class 1 foods and your lab results,create a smaller immune reaction but,they can be sneaky,symptom causers so i have five,egg yolk is number one yolk do i say,yolk weird egg yolk,egg yolk egg yolk is it y-o-k-e,or y-o-l-k how do you pronounce egg yolk,comment down below,or dont i dont care i mean am i really,sensitive to eggs ive been eating them,for like ever,i feel like out of all the foods i,consume i have,the least like symptoms after i eat eggs,i dont know,moving right along okay wait i have,so after egg yolk comes lobster,i dont eat lobster i hate lobster,maybe one time a year maybe i dont know,i dont know if i believe this so far,the next one is pineapple eat it all,that often,i mean i i know that this test is not,like showing me,foods i eat often and i am sensitive to,it is literally just telling me,my reactivity level to certain foods so,just because these arent foods i eat,often thats not what this test is,is telling me just as fyi okay rise,number four,im a little bit more sensitive to rye,than um,pineapple i guess i mean that makes,sense its a type of grain and i already,know that im,relatively like grain sensitive and it,says it can be,its commonly referred to as a type of,gluten but it contains less gluten and,wheat,thats interesting all right and my last,mild reactivity food is wheat,um that one makes the most sense,again if this is legitimate ive said,that like 25 times,and now im saying 26. so its im,almost in the moderate reactivity range,for wheat,i would agree with that honestly that,one to me again makes the most sense,because i know,that i am sensitive to those foods like,i notice i,bloat really easily if i eat like tons,of wheat products like,i feel like my skin gets a little bit,worse when i eat a lot of wheat products,so that one ill agree with the others,i dont really not that i disagree but i,just im like okay like i dont really,eat,lobster pineapple or rye so like i,really dont know if im sensitive to,those things,but i can confirm like things that have,wheat in them i can confirm,that what your results were normal for,the rest of the foods in the test,this is so anti-climactic i was ready,for it to,roast me and tell me all of my favorite,foods im sensitive to them,no need to do anything differently but,if youre curious you can see them all,here i am curious,so it has all the foods here on the left,side,all right lets just lets just go,through them really quick almonds,okay oh im like the least sensitive to,an apple,interesting avocados i eat those all the,time,bakers yeast very low on yeast,yeast such a weird word bananas,five banana okay,hidden sources banana bread i dont,think thats really hidden,its in the name but okay beef low,bell pepper bell pepper kind of high in,the normal range interesting,i eat peppers all the time this is so,interesting are there any more oh there,we go ill take it there anymore,black pepper oh very low which is good,i put pepper on everything see i was,expecting like all these foods that i,keep saying i eat them all the time,to be like high reactivity and then i,would cry because i would have a,sensitivity to them but,things are looking up for me honestly i,was really expecting to be disappointed,but things are looking up you guys,broccoli i love broccoli broccoli is,like my favorite vegetable and i will,not take broccoli slander,just because

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Elimination Diet Review: 1 Year Later | Food Sensitivities, Immune System, & Lessons Learned

hey guys its Laura its been a little,over a year since I started my,elimination diet journey and in this,video I wanted to share more about my,experience so in this video I want to,talk about some of the foods that Ive,completely removed from my diet I also,want to talk about some general lessons,learned and I want to talk about some,changes that Ive seen in my immune,system if he didnt see any of my videos,as I was going through this experience I,do recommend you check out the playlist,down below but Ill give you a quick,recap as to why I chose to do this in,the first place starting in late 2017,and throughout 2018 I felt like I was,constantly getting sick any time I,caught a cold Id start to get better,and then a few days later I would pick,up yet another one back to back to back,to back I also struggled with major,fatigue a crazy sinus infection that,ended up being the cause of five months,of really intense vertigo and overall I,just felt like I was always on the mend,my body was sending some very very clear,signals that something was not right,during this time I learned more and more,about the importance of gut health I,remember when I first put together that,one your immune system is impacted by,your gut health and two food,sensitivities impact your gut health now,dont get me wrong there are lots of,things that impact your immune system,and your gut health but I was already,very interested in exploring food,sensitivities anyway so an elimination,diet just seems like a good opportunity,to try and kill two birds with one stone,I do want to mention that I am NOT a,doctor I am NOT making any medical,claims I am just sharing my experience,long story short I ended up trying out,an at-home food sensitivity test through,a company called Everly well and my,results showed that I reacted to 33 of,the 96 foods that were tested well I,know theres some debate around the,accuracy and the effectiveness of these,food sensitivity tests I did want to use,this as a starting point so I removed,all 33 of these foods from my diet for,30 days I already knew that removing,these foods from my diet was going to be,challenging,but I had an extra challenge because I,was traveling for work every Monday,through Thursday again if you want to,hear more about the details check out,the playlist down below lets move into,where Im at over a year later,well Ive ended up keeping a lot of,those reactive foods in my diet I try,not to eat them all the time or in large,quantities and there are some that I,didnt seem to have any real issue with,for instance garlic was on my list of,reactive foods and too much garlic,I discovered doesnt really agree with,my digestive system however garlic is in,all sorts of foods and if I have a,little bit of it I dont seem to have an,issue but I do know that internally,theres still maybe something going on,when I do eat something with garlic in,it today,or any of the reactive foods for that,matter I do try to be mindful of the,other foods that Im consuming that day,so I dont overload my gut now heres,the big question,were there any foods that I chose to,completely eliminate yes,to my surprise I have eliminated all,foods that contain gluten when I first,started this journey I felt like I was,desperately holding on to gluten I love,breads and pastas and just all baked,goods and foods with gluten were what I,craved most during my first week of the,elimination diet I actually felt like I,was going through withdrawals as time,went on I finally got used to life,without gluten which is something I,never thought I could do but when I,tried reintroducing gluten it was a,different story,I was surprised to find that I had,horrible brain fog and extreme fatigue,and just overall inflammation and,feeling kind of like garbage and brain,fog is basically where you feel like you,dont have a sharp memory you cant,focus everything just feels kind of hazy,in there so because gluten made me feel,so awful I decided to remove it from my,diet completely and the crazy thing is I,dont crave it at all anymore and I,think the biggest reason is because I,know how it makes me feel what are some,of the things that Ive learned through,this experience there are two key points,that I want to bring up the first is,that it may be difficult,youre reacting to certain foods right,away I remember going through my,reintroduction phase and getting really,frustrated how did I know I was feeling,sluggish because of the kombucha that I,had two days ago or maybe I was feeling,sluggish because I didnt sleep well the,night before but maybe I didnt sleep,well because of the kombucha that I had,two days ago see my point I often had to,reintroduce the food a few times to,figure out whether or not I was even,having a reaction and this made the,process go on so much longer but Im so,glad that I know this information now,because I feel like I have a much better,understanding of how different foods,make me feel and I can make more,informed food choices because of that,and this leads me to my second key point,Ive learned to become more mindful of,how foods make me feel so lets use,dairy as an example so through this,experience I found that dairy leaves me,feeling sluggish bloated not as sharp,and it gives me skin issues but I still,like dairy and I still like to have it,once in a while but I can determine when,would be a good time or maybe a not so,good time to have it so if Im preparing,for something like an important meeting,I can make sure that I limit or just,completely remove dairy from my diet and,the days leading up to that and the day,of but there are also times where I,decided to have dairy I just celebrated,my birthday and indulged in some treats,that my friends and my husband made and,they have dairy my skin is suffering and,my digestion is suffering a little bit,but I also know its temporary and it,was totally worth it as I mentioned in,the beginning of this video one of the,main reasons why I started this whole,elimination diet journey in the first,place was to see if it had any effect on,my immune system again not a medical,professional just sharing my experience,but I am happy to share that I feel like,my immune system is so much stronger,than it was before I barely got sick in,2019 and when I did I was actually,and the two times that I got sick last,year where after the reintroduction,phase and when I was a little more,relaxed with my food choices and my,guess is that maybe this caused some,more inflammation in my body and my gut,which ended up leaving me more,susceptible to getting sick in the first,place but heres where it got pretty,interesting once I started to feel like,I was getting sick I decided Im gonna,clean up my diet and remove as many of,those reactive foods as they could and,this was on top of my usual protocol of,vitamin C and elderberry zinc all that,good stuff my goal was to reduce the,inflammation in my gut and in my body,and that way my body could focus on,attacking the germs that were trying to,infiltrate my system and I think were,moving those foods may have had a major,impact if inflammation import gut,health negatively affect your immune,system then to me I thought maybe it,would make sense to reduce the amount of,inflammation I had in my body and in my,gut right again this is just my,experience and I know theres way more,of the nitty-gritty that goes into,improving your overall immune system,with that said Id love to hear in the,comments down below if youve ever,considered or have done an elimination,diet and if so what was your experience,like did you have any takeaways did you,find any foods that you decided to,completely remove from your diet and if,you enjoyed this video and found it,helpful or informative please give it a,thumbs up and consider subscribing to my,channel thank you so much for watching,bye guys

I Was Not Expecting This! | Everlywell Review | At Home Lab Test

hey guys welcome back to my channel and,welcome to those of you who are new my,name is torie and this is Alan Torrie,todays video Im gonna be talking to,you guys about everly well if you,havent heard of Everly well before,their company that provides at-home lab,testing first I just want to say that,this video is not sponsored although I,wouldnt mind if it was but it is not,sponsored and I just wanted to give you,guys my true opinions on a test that I,took and Im gonna share my results with,you and just kind of talk to you guys,about how long it took from start to,finish really if you guys think that,this is something that you might be,interested in learning more about or,even purchasing a test I will leave a,link down in the description box below,so that you can save 15% on any test,that you purchase okay so just to give,you guys a little bit of a background I,have always had sensitivity issues with,food I remember having issues from as,far back as I can really remember I,remember going to the doctor a lot,whenever I was probably in like third,grade because I had this is kind of,weird but I had like stomach issues and,my parents couldnt figure out what was,going on sometimes I would be fine then,other times I would eat food and I would,just get like really terrible cramping,in my stomach and bloating and it just,it never made any sense because the,doctors could not tell me what was going,on now granted this was quite a while,ago I dont even know if they had food,sensitivity tests back in the day but I,was never tested for that I was kind of,just rolled as and I dont know whats,going on with her case and that was it,Ive had times in my life where I feel,like Ive been fine and it didnt matter,what I ate and I was not having any,kinds of issues and then Ive had other,times where I feel like it didnt matter,what I ate that my son just hurt,constantly so Ive always been really,curious to see what foods could be,causing me issues so I decided to go,with the food sensitivity test from,Everly well now I could just go to my,doctor and go have test run however Im,not really big into going into doctors,offices right now if I dont,- and I know some of you may be feeling,the same you dont really want to go,into a medical place right now if you,dont have to so thats why I turn to,Everly well I wanted to see what they,could provide me with and see if it gave,me any answers as far as how I was,feeling they also have a more complete,version of the food sensitivity test,that it was more expensive but it does,test for more foods and one thing thats,really cool to point out about every,well is that they do accept HSA or FSA,payment so if you have an HSA card then,you can use that on checkout and that,will go towards your HSA instead of,having to pay for it out of your pocket,they do not accept insurance so that is,one downfall thats one advantage for,having a doctor write out an actual,order for you to go get testing done is,that a lot of the times your insurance,will cover it thats not the case here,you do have to pay for out-of-pocket but,I will say that their tests are fairly,reasonable and if you use the link that,I give you you can save 15% also so I,placed my order on Wednesday June 10th,and I received that order on Friday June,12th I was really shocked I had no idea,that it would come that quickly,I hardly ever am able to order things,and they come that quick without having,to pay a whole bunch for our extra,shipping and this didnt cost anything,extra the shipping was completely free,so I received the package on June 12th,and I will show you right now,what youre going to do once you receive,your package so when you first receive,your kit youre going to open it and see,that theres a unique kit ID number,right there on the Welcome card and then,youre going to go to Everly Welkom /,register to register your kit so youre,going to create an account and of course,here youre going to enter the,information that you need to and then,youre just going to click create my,account and then its going to have you,enter your unique kit ID number and once,you do that youre going to click that,youll be using the account and then,youll click Next and then you enter,your personal information and then it,tells you that your kit is registered,after this you can watch a short little,video about how to collect the blood,sample so the next thing youre going to,see is just the food sensitivity,instructions and this just gives you,very detailed instructions on what you,- do you also need to make sure that you,provide enough blood which it shows on,here exactly how much youre going to,need then youre gonna pull out the,gauze the band-aid the alcohol strip and,the tool and sets the next thing youre,gonna see is the Everly well sample card,and this is where youre going to be,placing the drops of blood and then,lastly youre gonna see the hazardous,items bag that you will be placing your,sample card back into and then if you,lift up the little green area of the box,youll find the shipping label as well,as the bag to ship the test back in so,thankfully I have my husband as my,lovely assistant whos going to show you,how to do this you want to make sure to,wash your hands with warm water and lots,of soap really well and then youre,going to shake your hands out to get,some of the blood flow then youre gonna,take the alcohol and rub the area very,well to clean it then youre gonna take,the Lancet and twist off the cap and,youre just going to push it on to your,finger until it pricks you which took,forever for my husband and then youre,gonna wipe off the first drop of blood,then youre gonna take your little,sample card and squeeze your finger,until you get all of the blood spots,filled up then once you get that done,youre gonna make sure your card is dry,and then youre going to put it into,this little bag that they provide for,you and youre gonna leave the little,silica gel pack it in there and then,youre going to put the box back,together put it in the bag,then youre gonna seal the bag and then,youre just going to slap the label on,it and it is ready to be mailed so since,I received it on a Friday I did not get,a chance to take it to the post office,before Monday I was told that it takes,about ten days to get your results it,was actually faster than that for me I,shipped the box back to them on Monday,and I received my results by Saturday so,my results show that I had 24 foods that,came out with a higher than normal,reactivity and this does not have,anything to do with allergies just in,case youre wondering this is not a food,allergy test this is a food sensitivity,test that tests the IgG level so it,doesnt tell you if youre allergic to,foods but it will tell you if you have,like intestinal or gastric symptoms that,that these foods may possibly be the,cause of so it ranks the foods from high,moderate mild and no reactivity and I,only had one that was in the high,reactivity and that for me was yogurt,Im not a big fan of yogurt Ive never,really liked the texture so I kind of,stay away from it anyway and then for my,moderate reactivity I had two different,foods that showed up and one was cows,milk which coincides with the yogurt and,then ginger which I thought was really,strange because the only time I really,eat ginger is when Im having sushi and,I eat the pickled ginger so I dont know,if pickling it has anything to do with,it but I dont really eat a lot of,ginger and then for mild reactivity I,actually had 21 Foods in the mild,reactivity category and these are some,that I eat quite often it says that it,can create a smaller immune reaction but,they can be sneaky symptom causers so,one way to move forward from here is to,do an elimination diet and what that,means is that you take all of these,foods that resulted in a higher than,normal reactivity and you eliminate them,from your diet,you can do a full elimination diet where,you take out all of the foods for a,month and then you slowly one by one,will

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Review *Not Sponsored*

hey guys welcome back to the pink,envelope,i have jonathan back with me youre,excited to be here i can tell,i am super excited so this is i guess it,is,technically a membership were not doing,anything involved with the membership we,each have an everly,well testing kit every well does not,know were filming this we paid for,these in full,we both have different food,sensitivities that we are constantly,guessing and playing with and we thought,this would be a great way,to confirm some of our suspicions and,then um,if we confirm some of the suspicions,then seek probably,really medical help i already have a,gastro doctor,who has diagnosed me as fructose,intolerant,i dont know two years ago but ive been,super suspicious that im,gluten intolerant i also think hes,gluten intolerant,i really hope not because we also think,youre dairy intolerant,and we know that i have malabsorption so,it just says food as a whole my body,doesnt like to absorb it,super fun right so this test was 159,i do have a link below when you click on,that link its going to pop up the,latest coupon offer if you guys want to,order one,but they have so many tests but they,also do,have a membership they have two,membership options a controlled,proactive health option theres 14,different tests,they arrive monthly and you pay 24.99 a,month for the one test,if you want to add an additional test,theyre 20 off,and the tests that you get that are,normally 24.99,their normal price is like 49.99 so,there really is i,looked into that there really is a,savings to do the everly world,membership,thats cool yeah and heres the cool,thing,with the controlled proactive health,which has 14 options you get free,telehealth,visits and educational webizar,webizar webinar webinar,thats what im going to say okay i,dont i wont say its going to gross me,out,do you know that thats yours and this,is mine does it matter uh you should,have a thing inside,is mine okay um so on top im going to,cover up this code because i think it,has its like a personal thing,it has this little barcode that you go,and you register,your box once your test kit arrives you,register at everlywell.com using the,unique id in your box,second collect your sample in the,comfort of your home,then mail it to the lab in the prepaid,shipping thing,then it says receive your results in,days receive,physician reviewed digital results,so kits include alcohol prep pad,collection card lancet,times two a bio bag gauze bandage,return envelope so were gonna have to,prick our fingers,yay it says like how to provide enough,blood and,how its not enough blood yeah thats a,good thing youre here because i would,be,like i would be one of the half filled,options,more blood so number one watch the video,online to learn how to do this,to prep your space okay space is prepped,three fill out card so im gonna put my,own little disclaimer we are about to,prick our fingers,with the baby needle and theres gonna,be blood okay,four warm your hands,i think our hands are pretty fun choose,a finger find a spot on your right or,left side of your,ring finger clean with alcohol,prep pad so right or left side of your,ring finger im going for the bad finger,what are you going for this one i guess,which one,right or left of your ring finger oh,theres a marine finger no right or left,your ring here,oh i can pay attention i promise,[Music],use lancet twist off top to open it,then press the lancet down on your,finger to puncture skin,use the extra lancet if you need it so,there are two these are called the,lancet things,show them yours and yours is open drip,blood on each circle,fully filling each circle,i cant tell im about to freak out or,not can we go first,no i think thats worse right im,supposed to go first if youre the one,freaking out,twist off top press still lets it down,your finger to punch your skin,so like that yeah just yeah can you do,it first,oh it didnt work oh my gosh,oh there it goes so you push a little,pressure on it,it like made a noise keep your blood,going it says itll stop,its spring loaded okay so do all of,them,yes and you just drop it down right yes,and fill the whole circle,[Music],so gross it really doesnt hurt no i,agree it doesnt hurt it cant hurt,it just it literally,it literally says drip blood onto each,circle fully filling each one before,moving to the next,do not touch or tap on the collection,card let your blood drip,milk your finger for more blood,milking my finger yeah look at my finger,hardest part is getting like in the,center thats what it said that i dont,know if your third ones gonna work,dont worry anymore blood,once you have confirmed your circles are,filled,you can put on your band-aid all right,whoa,okay okay people,thats blood good idea i think you did,good yeah,honey you can put your band-aid on like,this is my gauze sponge i get to clean,it,sure so look,youre all okay so were gonna do mine,okay this is good,this kind of stuff its such a,psychological game i know im fine,100 but i panicked like crazy would you,like me to do it for you,no i feel like i need to be an adult,about this,push down right now wait a minute hold,on,am i turning colors im sweating is it,really,so bad we got cause you got to keep your,hands warm,oh what i feel like,just do it right yeah you do it,okay no no no no i think thats worse i,think thats earth okay wait,wait wait did you drop your car yeah go,get my car all right get your car,theres a lot of panicking,while im freaking out comment below are,you a john or a sam,youre just gonna just do it yeah were,gonna have to have some fanfare,just gotta get it our voice see im,already done if you wouldve done first,youd already be done with that,yeah me on that artist oh its clean,come on,ill do it for you ill be ill be,gentle,okay okay okay we gotta make this go,go go go go,oh my gosh these things are huge oh its,not coming out,gotta milk it,make sure youre in the middle make sure,youre on the circle,how thick is my blood there you go i,mean you missed the center,i missed the circle its cool,stop,[Music],oh hey thats hey you almost got in the,center on that one oh my gosh,okay it does get easier it starts going,more after the first ones super hard,okay all right oh yeah i did the same,thing i didnt have my cloth ready oh,you have your clothes ready,thats your alcohol pads okay ill get,your band-aid for you,oh geez whats funny is,is um you just got your nails done i did,just get my nails done,arent you pretty okay show oh here,laura packed his card away,oh you did yeah,is yours better okay yeah,yeah okay so heres heres my,feedback johns exactly right the first,one after the prick is kind of hard like,its like,the blood doesnt get flowing and then,after a couple of drips the blood just,starts flowing and its no big deal but,the first one was a little bit of a,delay thing the prick really isnt that,bad,psychologically its really bad,logically let somebody else do it for,you,irl its not really bad okay so then we,just put this in here,seal it okay,bam so what well do,is were going to send this off well,wait for,our results and then come back and film,again so we can chat with yall to see,what we think i am suspicious of gluten,i,already know that im fructose,intolerant,and that i have just in general,malabsorption as a whole,you are probably definitely,uh dairy lactose intolerant but im,suspecting maybe gluten,so they do say like this is not a an,official food allergy test it cannot,determine lactose intolerance or celiac,disease which is kind of like the two,things we just told you,but it tells you what foods the specific,foods you might be,more uh which it has 96 different,foods it checks yeah all right so,well be back once we have our results,okay,were back we have our results on our,phones,i have above,average reactivity on 17 foods,i dont have any high reactivity to any,foods none,none i dont have any high i have some,mild ones,so my one highly reactive,is cows milk which is weird because im,lactose intolerant,for sur

How accurate are food sensitivity tests?

for 150 dollars the Everly well food,sensitivity test promises to tell you,how your immune system reacts to 96,different foods we found this one on,Amazon where roughly 175 users give it 3,out of 5 stars Ive always had food,allergies and sensitivities our three,volunteers are hoping to test will give,them some direction with their diets and,what they should eliminate or reduce to,in general feel better,certain foods tend to either give me a,stomachache or you know make you feel,bloated I would say the driving factor,for me and wanting to do this is to,boost my immune system to help me get my,energy back and if I can get it back and,I can start eliminating that the foods,that are could be causing my problems,then definitely just get a jumpstart on,the whole thing dan Lam beer was,diagnosed with a type of rheumatoid,arthritis and he wonders if certain,foods are making his symptoms worse,Bailey Cove a of certain foods are,taxing her immune system and adding to,her fatigue and Teresa Meyer is hoping,to learn if long time issues with,certain foods like dairy remain okay now,for the fun part just like that the test,requires a finger prick and that you,squeeze out a few drops of blood onto a,card that you then place into the,provided envelope and Mail off to the,lab where its analyzed and were ready,to go and well ship this off a week,later Dan Bailey and Teresa had their,results how you feeling right now,excited nervous anxious a little anxious,and nervous actually Im curious to see,what what its gonna show all right,there we go your test showed an i G,reactivity above normal to 12 foods,Teresas results showed she had mild,reactivity to nine foods including,chicken egg yolks garlic and wheat and,she had moderate reactivity to mushrooms,yeast and egg whites hey legs dang it,dang it have eggs almost every day here,we go interesting Baileys results only,showed mild reactivity to six foods,including almonds chicken egg whites,garlic mushroom,and tuna are you surprised by any of,this yes almond I eat almonds I drink,almond milk because right Ive,eliminated dairy out of my diet so I had,I dont feel anything when I eat almond,no no no excited its kind of excited,what if it says you cannot have any more,beer or chocolate thats gonna kill me,or garlic Im really worried about,garlic Dans results showed he had,moderate reactivity to coffee cows milk,and yogurt and mild reactivity to 17,foods including banana chicken wheat and,heres the big one this is garlic,oh so youre almost moderate in girl Im,almost moderate in garlic which that,cant be good,are you surprised by any of the results,at all I am actually but I am but Ive,got a Im gonna have to do a little more,research because I dont know what mild,reactivity means right for that answer,we went to multi care Rockwood,registered dietitian and nutritionist,Jen Rock theyre not necessarily that,accurate for starters she points out,food sensitivity is not an official,medical diagnosis and she says tests,like this one can be anywhere from fifty,to eighty percent,inaccurate she worries theyll lead,people to unnecessarily eliminate,healthy foods from their diet and a lot,of these tests and really most of them,are not even regulated by any kind of,medical professional or part of our,medical system so just like a lot of the,supplements that are out there it can be,really just kind of pie in the sky if,you could say not really a real test as,for our volunteers Bailey who just had,mild reactivity to a half a dozen foods,wasnt sure if she changed her diet,based on the results garlic I dont know,I love garlic I cant I dont know if I,could give that up its almost a weird,thing like would I want to feel bad and,have garlic Theresa told us she planned,to cut out food she had moderate,reactivity to to see if she noticed an,improvement so Ill see how I feel you,know with a total elimination and,Ill see if I can maybe slowly work them,back in and Dan said hes debating,whether to stop drinking milk and eating,yogurt for a short period of time to see,if his arthritis symptoms improve I,might cut out some of the dairy to see,you know just because it is it is a big,part of my diet in the morning so we,reached out to Everly well the company,behind this particular test that we gave,to our volunteers and they tell us each,test is reviewed by an independent board,certified physician the company says,think of it more as a tool rather than a,solution they say it could help you,narrow down the top foods that are,causing you or could cause you symptoms,you would still follow up that test with,an elimination diet documenting how,those top foods might be impacting you,we will also by the way stay in touch,with our volunteers to see if they,notice any improvements after adjusting,their diet based on that test,interesting yeah the test is really,appealing to a lot of people because,its about 150 bucks and you get the,results it took a little bit less than a,week about five days they had the,results in so well see what happens,with them and you know with their diets,I know I we know all three of them so I,kind of follow along alright well keep,you posted

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