1. Everything Everywhere All At Once – Movie Review
  2. Everything Everywhere All at Once – Movie Review
  3. I GUARANTEE This Weird Movie Will Make You Cry *Everything Everywhere All At Once*
  4. Why Everything Everywhere All At Once Is A MASTERPIECE | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs And More
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  6. Everything Everywhere All At Once – Review!
  7. Everything Everywhere All At Once Review

Everything Everywhere All At Once – Movie Review

my folks my people thank you once again,for clicking on my face you know one of,the reasons for my videos other than,giving you my thoughts on a movie or,entertainment in general is to prep you,for the movie without spoiling the movie,you know to let you know what you can,expect when watching the movie this,movie though,have you ever tried salvia,[Music],oh i still have warhammer paint on my,finger im not flipping you off im,saying,right so everything everywhere all at,once is directed by the daniels of swiss,army man fame stars michelle yo shes a,mom shes a wife her and her family run,this laundry mat their taxes are also,being audited by an auditor played by,jamie curtis i thought she was great in,the movie as well also you ever see a,joke and then the movie actually takes,the joke its not just a visual that,happens in here because those we all,knew,those are not awards those are not,trophies they dont go on your desk they,go in your trunk but basically the,consciousness of her husband from,another dimension another reality,another universe inhabits her husbands,body thats how it works in here its,not like you go into another reality and,theres physically two of you know your,consciousness goes into the body of,another you in another universe and you,have all their memories ergo their,skills thats very important in this,movie basically alternate husband of,hers is like hey theres a multiverse,and theres this person who has,basically become a multiverse god very,terrifying also coming to kill you but,also youre the only one who can defeat,this multiverse god so good luck im,gonna help you out and now we have,ourselves a very grounded down-to-earth,fun multiverse adventure and i thought,everyone in this movie did a great job,michelle yo was a great lead a,sympathetic character who has been,called upon for this heros quest,adventure man is just like thats,fundamental i mean shes in 99 of the,scenes in this movie for she carries it,ki hai kwan plays her husband stephanie,sue i hope i get the names right im,[ __ ] with names you all know that at,this point if you dont know that,welcome to my channel thank you for,clicking they were great stephanie sue,was a standout in this movie shes one,where,theres a lot required of her just,emotionally speaking and i thought she,really worked and how they deal with the,multiverse in this movie i thought was,remarkably imaginative its not just oh,hey you have a device and now youre,there its there are things they have to,do,at first its this quirky weird thing,that im like why are they doing that,and the movie explains it i dont want,to tell you because the fun is having,the movie,walk you through this path walk you,through the story but when it explains,it i was like,that makes a remarkable amount of sense,to me in a world where anything that can,happen will happen you see some,ridiculous stuff in this movie but for,the most part some crazy ridiculous,stuff you see in this movie is within,context of the movie and it has fun with,these concepts theres one fight,sequence in particular i was like this,fight looks like a fight from a jackass,movie all i can say about it that said,everything thats happening on screen is,within context of the movie and there is,an interesting message in here about,nihilism theyre doing with the villain,i mean it can be argued that we of the,pale blue dot dont matter in the cosmic,scheme of things which i think is a,healthy thing to ponder meditate on it,makes you feel like your problems here,on earth are more manageable because,they dont matter in the cosmic scheme,of thing but at what point can a person,become essentially a god and truly not,give a [ __ ] granted is touched on other,entertainment like watchmen but this one,had an emotional weight to it with the,character that really surprised me i,suppose one of the things i love most,about this movie is its not that the,movie elevated its genre because i dont,think you can box this movie into a,genre it has exciting action sequences,but the movies not an action movie it,has really interesting multiverse,traversal but its not a sci-fi movie to,its core its actually a very,surprisingly touching family drama that,holds this whole thing together that was,an amazing surprise in this film didnt,expect it love to see it as much as,there were quirky things in this movie,that completely worked for the concept,and the execution of the movie not,everything stuck the landing for me its,usually dealing with hot dogs and bagels,i was like thats thats what youre,going with i dont know what it was,about hot dogs i was like thats,that is weird i just want to bite,through a finger and then it grosses me,out because im like ah its like a raw,hot dog,yeah,its just one of those visuals i was,like i dont like it is that a personal,taste thing,yeah in the end everything everywhere,all at once is one of those movies its,one of those theatrical experiences i,walked out of and i was like,i dont think im going to forget that,movie anytime soon its quirky fun and,ridiculous in a lot of ways that work in,which a lot of other filmmakers out,there wouldnt have been able to make it,work do you make the argument if youre,looking for a very unique movie going,experience youd be hard-pressed to find,one this unique and enjoyable because,the movie can be unique but just not,land with you its happened to all of us,so ill be serious about it theres that,movie out there people are praising and,you watch it and youre like,how about that weather right right its,happened to all of us i do not think you,should miss this one and in the spirit,of this film lets make a couple,different timelines of our own heads,its awesome tacular tails buy it on,blu-ray here we go,and it turns out everything everywhere,all at once is,awesome tacular,[Applause],just contemplating what the comments in,the other timeline where i said buy it,on blu-ray i wonder what theyre saying,so everything everywhere all at once,have you seen it what did you think,about it whatever you thought comment,below let me know and as always if you,like what youve seen here and you want,to see more click right here to see more,[Music],you

Everything Everywhere All at Once – Movie Review

[Music],whats going on everybody its nice to,see you again and i mean that very,literally uh this is so strange for me,because,for the first time in almost 13 years,i can,clearly see the lens,for 13 years straight ive taken off my,glasses put them right here and,everything is kind of soft now that ive,had laser eye surgery i can see,everything and its very its kind of,mind-blowing someone i know who also had,lasik said it was the closest thing they,ever experienced to a real-life power-up,but before we go any further i do want,to thank sony electronics for sponsoring,todays video they sent me their hta,5000 sound bar the hta 5000 has,5.1.2 channels and x balanced speaker,units to minimize distortion while the,up firing speakers and beam tweeters,fill the room to give an ultra immersive,listening experience built-in subwoofers,provide an additional boost to low end,frequencies it also uses s-force pro,front surround to create a wide,immersive cinema style surround sound,without needing rear speakers regardless,of ceiling height and construction or,room environment it uses vertical,surround engine to create immersive,overhead and height effects while dolby,atmos and dts x lend a more realistic,multi-dimensional sound to your content,and a new feature is 360 spatial sound,mapping available with hta 5000 sound,bars and optional speakers this feature,requires the sa rs3s or sar s5 rear,speakers it has revolutionary audio,technology that analyzes your rooms,space to recreate multiple phantom,speakers all around you placing you,inside a sphere of sound it uses,built-in microphones to measure speaker,position and ceiling height you can,control that via on-screen gui,for the most immersive sound experience,so click the link below to check out,sonys ht a5000 soundbar and the rest of,their sound accessories for yourself,lets talk about everything everywhere,all at once the film is directed by the,two-man team known as daniels and is,about an aging chinese immigrant that,swept up in an insane adventure where,she alone can save the world by,exploring other universes connected with,the lives she could have led i loved,swiss army man i thought it was one of,the most unique and original films id,ever seen where paul dano rides daniel,radcliffe while he farts,like a boat in the ocean and it was,amazing and i loved every second and one,of the daniels solo directed the death,of dick long i heard so much about this,film going in it was like the highest,rated film on letterboxed and,everybody was talking about it and for,whatever reason it was just not showing,in ohio but once i finally got a chance,to see it a few weeks back i did not,review it and i waited because i just,kind of wanted to actually be on camera,for this one because,this is like one of the most exciting,movies ive ever seen lets just get the,obvious out of the way if the matrix,didnt happen im not seeing this movie,happen either theres a lot of moments,that feel directly inspired by the,matrix but at the same time the film is,completely its own thing and has so many,insane sequences that could only come,from a team like daniels they have a,very,obscure sense of humor that for whatever,reason kind of just so happens to be,very similar to,mine and my best friends there were,certain moments that i was just like,wait other people find like this,funny how is that possible michelle yo,is an icon at this point i havent seen,all of her work but this might be her,best performance she is absolutely,incredible in the movie not just in the,action sequences as she has proven to be,extremely adept at for many years but in,crafting a character that you care,considerably about and feel like you,know by the end of the movie i mean you,feel like you know her by the first 20,minutes of the film and when it comes to,k hoi kwon he left acting after playing,two iconic roles in the goonies and,indiana jones and the temple of doom and,he did some behind the scenes work he,did some fight choreography on some,films what a comeback he is so,damn good in this movie but its really,remarkable when you look at that career,trajectory and you see him in these two,iconic films and hes just gonna be gone,for a while and decides im just gonna,start acting again and be in another,film is destined to be a classic one day,because thats just what i do with most,movies i see i can usually tell how it,was made and theres things that make,sense to me and i understand basically,what went on behind the scenes to,achieve what im looking at and what im,hearing theres moments in this movie,where i was like i dont know how the, theyre making this right now,i its amazing but even pushing aside,the how did you achieve that shot thing,im not even necessarily talking about,that its more so about workload when,you think about how many camera setups a,day they must have done to achieve this,movie and just how much went into,stitching these scenes together i have,no idea how they pulled this movie off,you know even,a film that people dont like that gets,made is still a miracle,this movie is like,a celestial event i dont know,something above a miracle just its,crazy the film has incredible fight,sequences a very interesting and,original story great characters but it,is hilarious i dont have a,single thing to say negative about the,movie its amazing everyone should see,it,uh stop talking about hollywood being,out of original ideas because its,,um just go support movies like this,and then well get more movies like this,thats how it works,were not just like fed movies we want,we have to make effort we have to like,get out of our houses and get into our,car and go to a movie theater and pay,for a ticket,theres plenty of original stuff out,there guys theres the northmen this,weekend theres everything everywhere,all at once its out there you just,gotta go see it uh definitely see this,movie its really great and i loved,everything about it thank you guys as,always for watching look forward to more,videos very soon and if you like this,you can click right here and get stuck,manized,[Music],you

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I GUARANTEE This Weird Movie Will Make You Cry *Everything Everywhere All At Once*

i know some of you are so excited and so,happy to see that we are doing a video,on this movie today and some of you are,just like me who are like,[Music],what what is this i dont know and girl,same im just as much in the dark as you,are why do you think theres a giant,question mark on the computer today i,dont know what im getting into all i,know is that film twitter adores this,movie and the majority of the people who,have seen it have cried,so thats not looking good for me well i,dont know im not like a big crier in,films but ive been really emotional,lately so i dont know were gonna test,that today,i think ive cried like maybe three,times on this channel last time being uh,stranger things hyperventilating people,dming me if im okay hopefully we dont,have a repeat of that today,anyway everything everywhere all at once,thats the intro because i really have,nothing else to say except im excited,to know and finally understand what,everyones talking about but i am scared,just know that,i honestly really hope i like this movie,i mean i have seen so many people praise,it and so many people talk about it like,its gotta be good right,okay,happy little family we love what a shot,oh the music why why,why,oh,okay,oh i love,oh oh,dont do it dont go through the hole,okay from an artistic stand of view the,standard view point of view thats the,same this is gonna be lovely its gonna,be great,all right im like let me try to figure,out,our characters the dynamic and,everything hello sir god that was a jump,scare,i wonder if mirrors are gonna be a big,point of this movie,okay so im assuming mother and husband,mom is going 90 miles a minute,dont tell me were doing another like,another trauma thing i cant do it you,guys i really cant i dont have it in,me anymore,go set the table he must be hungry would,you come,we talk later yeah what does he have,cause she was gonna look at it and he,took it away,oh,moms life is about to turn to [ __ ],thats what ive gathered what an intro,im assuming this is our daughter right,oh,our sabbath,if gay is bad why do the gays win,in case my mom says something dumb like,youre,fat or whatever i thought you said when,she says [ __ ] like that that means she,cares oh my god i have to pause because,thats actually so true i mean i have a,lot of family who are polynesian so,whenever i go over there and they make,like little comments like aunties or,whatever im just always like,they mean it,you are not a beach whale youre doing,fine,dont let their questions bother you it,just sucks because now im getting to,the age where they can start asking me,like when are you gonna settle down to,have babies and im like girl im still,a baby like i had fruit loops last night,for dinner,what do you mean,hi mr wong,hi becky hi becky oh i like the dad hes,fine he doesnt have to stay here whos,he,becky beckys as she,you know me,thats,oh always,the second hand embarrassment mom we,gotta get that together,customers eat fast,i am panicked im not a part of this,family this situation and im going,through it the music im stressed i feel,it any other time i beg you to come and,eat so they do okay okay,i didnt register that this is where,they work and live okay you are very,lucky,eating,okay so i wonder because that opening,shot with the mirror right and with her,and how they are establishing her,character is this gonna be like a,self-reflection thing like are we gonna,find the love and happiness within our,family because im not seeing that right,now like we are not keeping up with the,joneses we are not the birdie bunch,were [ __ ] depressed,you know two years of meeting she puts,lean on our lives ew i did not like the,screen change yeah why is it doing that,i dont like that,hello,i fight i fight for all of us,when did jackie chan come in here,what the hell mom i cant i cant care,about you right at the moment,what,hello,okay so i got my eye on you dad im a,little concerned im not gonna lie what,is happening,like i havent even seen a trailer for,this movie i know absolutely nothing,to me,okay okay,im feeling it for mom mom needs a,vacation mom needs a girls trip mom,needs to get [ __ ] down in a mimosa,becky becky beckys,loyola,mom,i need a pause,im like it has been 10 minutes of a,two-hour movie and i am overwhelmed,wow there is so much happening,everything everywhere all at once yeah,everything is happening all at once and,i am concerned and i hope thats a,normal viewing experience for this movie,or im just very dumb,or both,babe oh,for someone with the name joy we are not,having a lot of that right now and all,this are these bills,we need to figure something out,part one,oh my god i mean i know a movie is,moving three acts but dont spell it out,for me because its gonna stress me out,i love older couples like that that,actually like each other its so,refreshing to see,its gotta be about her,hello,hello hello hello,hello theres no time to explain hold,this,what you can either turn left towards,your schedule audit appointment or you,can turn right and go into the janitors,closet,[Music],girl am i having it,im sorry its a girl,i feel like im like having an acid trip,right now,we will abandon you exactly,oh shes been through some [ __ ],shut up,oh,follow these instructions,no one can know dont even talk to me,about this because i wont remember but,why,who is this man,id be so scared,i am scared what is happening,[Music],i dont know who this man is,mrs wang are you with us,um that is not jamie lee curtis,[Music],why do we have a headset thats what i,want to know like who are we going to,talk to,put the thought and press the green,button dont forget to breathe,but see with the mirror mirrors are,going to be a big thing in this movie,its got to be like a self-reflection,thing,oh my god yall didnt tell me this was,a horror movie,ew,you tell me,like i said to you before people,mingling,its you messing with my head,relax your body in the other universe,please in the other universe,then deduct it if its an off,good,good,im under the version of them from,another life path another universe i,cant do this,last week we did multiverse madness i,cant do this again lets take a look in,my world and i speak on spreading its,chaos like the many verses,do you see this,that looks like a butt plug you dont,get one of these,unless youve seen a lot of [ __ ],the joke,it writes itself it really does every,rejection,every disappointment has led you here,dont let anything distract you from it,[Music],our time here is up theyre going to,kill us what,oh my god,i will be in contact soon okay,oh,god its jamie you know what i knew she,was doing those halloween movies for way,too long she got way too inspired,honestly in that building if i heard,someone scream like that i would not,even question it be like,they got [ __ ] the irs is gonna [ __ ],them,damn imagine be able to check that,without having to worry about being on,the toilet for two hours later you will,have until you leave the office tonight,to bring everything in i have to say,theyll [ __ ] this dad because he was,can we go can this elevator hurry up can,we take the stairs just push him down,i was gonna say [ __ ] him because he was,like youre not part of this family oh,by the way im dying i need help,[Music],oh god here goes the white woman calling,security,i totally stay low and out of sight can,we not do this okay folks,we are not getting arrested today,its that one right there the chinese,lady girl get off the phone,sir please comply,[Music],okay so were all seeing this right now,right,okay,[Music],i like his little kid,were gonna start were gonna start,swinging it huh,oh [ __ ] i was actually kidding,um,oh okay action,why does this loki have better action,scenes than some of the last marvel,releases,now listen i have no control over this,she obviously has no control of whats,going on with her life but,you have the power to control yours,with todays sponsor fabulous yes a huge,thank you to fabulous for sponsoring,this video and of cours

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Why Everything Everywhere All At Once Is A MASTERPIECE | Ending Explained, Easter Eggs And More

Everything Everywhere All At Once 是一部连续上映一次的电影。巧妙,地编写、编辑和组合它已经是我有史以来最喜欢的电影之一。,我从几个人那里听说过它有多好,但不幸的是,由于,它的交错发布时间表,它直到 5 月中旬才在英国发布,。我经常发现当电影像这样被大肆宣传时,他们未能交付,,但这不仅没有达到我的期望,而且完全超过了他们。,-,第二次重看后,我想了解一下我为什么喜欢这部电影,其中一些,你可能错过的隐藏内容,并谈谈我从结局中得到的东西。,如果您喜欢该视频,我们将非常感谢您点击该按钮,,并且不要忘记几乎每天都订阅这样的故障。,现在,在整个过程中,我们跟随伊夫林,她不仅在经济上挣扎,而且,与她的家人在一起。她的丈夫韦蒙德已经提出离婚,她的父亲认为她,很失望,伊芙琳努力接受女儿的性取向和女朋友。,在被美国国税局召集后,她丈夫的身体被一个自称,来自阿尔法宇宙的人附身,希望她帮助他阻止一个被称为 Jobu,Chewbacc 的巨大威胁……Jojo Jubicki……对不起 Jobu Tupaki是阿尔法喜悦。在阿尔法宇宙中,,伊芙琳发现了如何从一个宇宙跳到另一个宇宙,她还推动她的女儿,这样做。不幸的是,它打破了她的思想,Alpha Joy 现在同时生活在每个宇宙,中。目睹一切,阿尔法乔伊意识到一切都无关紧要,,她把所有东西都放在一个百吉饼上,这个百吉饼创造了一个黑洞来摧毁整个多元宇宙。,哎呀。,我喜欢这个想法,霍华德布鲁姆实际上认为宇宙本身,的形状就像一个百吉饼,这是一个不错的小…不错的小细节。,百吉饼形状随处可见,甚至在电影的开场镜头中,,我们也看到一家人在圆形镜子里唱着卡拉OK,镜子的中心是玻璃。,在这个开关之后,我们得到一个中间有一个圆圈的圆形风扇,一个,带有内环的圆形灯和另一个圆形镜子。您,可能还会注意到枕头上的 Googlie 眼睛,这在以后变得很重要。,韦蒙德的脸随后映在他旁边的镜子中,展示了他们是如何,分开的,并预示着阿尔法韦蒙德存在于另一个宇宙中。后来,,当伊芙琳和乔伊在这个房间里时,监控摄像头切换了一秒钟,,在韦蒙德被自己的 Alpha 版本接管之前,我们看到了宇宙的圆圈,。然后是自助洗衣店本身,上面到处都是这些圆孔,这些圆孔,构成了机器的门。我们甚至被介绍给乔伊(Joy)主演,其中一个的黑色深渊,因为衣服围绕中心旋转,预示着她的弧线。,在国税局,韦蒙德使用了一把上面有甜甜圈的雨伞,我们发现伊芙琳,有几个爱好,她试图将这些爱好作为商业开支。 她多才多艺 的,想法当然反映在她所过的另类生活中。,Diedres 桌子旁边有一面圆形镜子,还有她项链周围的戒指。,在路上我们经过一个旋转披萨标志的人,后来得知如果,事情发生轻微变化,伊芙琳几乎会成为这个人。 美国国税局的 Diedre,也用黑色环圈出配方,是的……这一切都是有联系的。,伊芙琳的对话也格外尖锐,她说她想知道韦蒙德,没有她怎么能活下来,但我们了解到,如果,他们从未一起搬到美国 ,他会成为,一名成功的商人。 她在开场对乔伊的告别也和最后一样拍摄。,还有关于她不断被拉开而她实际上被拉开的台词,,我可能会花一个小时来谈论这部电影所拥有的所有结缔组织。,-,现在,虽然我们在开场时只讨论了,贯穿始终的细节和图像,但这部电影还擅长的是它的整体信息和角色发展。这,是一个关于通过多元宇宙探索的家庭的故事。伊芙琳一直,忙于自己的事业,努力成为一个好但严格的父母,以及她觉得,自己辜负了父亲。她无法将注意力集中在任何事情上,从主题上讲,这,通过她不断的现实跳跃在电影中得到了体现。伊芙琳的思绪总是在别处,即使,国税局的谈话很早就开始了,她也被与阿尔法韦蒙德的谈话分心了。,结局在这一刻又回到了原点,我们再次看到她在办公室被,多元宇宙的想法分心。然而,她脚踏实地,并确保,她在当下,享受生活提供的所有高潮和低谷。,你们中的许多人都知道我刚生了一个双胞胎,尽管我喜欢和他们在一起,但,我不得不承认,我经常会因为手机和频道工作而分心。,这在很大程度上是我的另类生活,让我远离当下,,但像这样的电影提醒我们要专注于真正重要的事情。,现在,这不仅是 Evelyn 的旅程,也是她女儿 Joy 的旅程。,虽然我们被告知她正在穿越宇宙的每个版本以,杀死她遇到的所有伊芙琳,但在电影的中点我们发现了真相。,阿尔法乔伊实际上想找到一个她母亲的版本,可以穿越到,她可以穿越的多元宇宙。最终,她将与她有一些共同点,并,获得她在所有被,驱逐出生活的宇宙中无法拥有的母亲。她只想要一个能理解她内心空虚的人,,也能强调她无法找到真正联系的生活是什么感觉。,Alpha Joy 告诉我们,她把所有东西都放在了百吉饼上,但是,当她列出其中的内容时,她会说出类似的内容。,-,这些物品的开场从她的生活中抽离出来,它非常代表了她所拥有的希望和梦想,,但由于伊芙琳推动了她想要的道路而被迫放弃。,这个黑洞非常代表她内心的痛苦,因此它,变成了一个吞噬一切的虚空,将摧毁多元宇宙中的所有意义。,这部电影的高潮是乔伊希望进入这个世界,隐喻她永远迷失,在她内心的虚无主义中。然而,伊芙琳意识到她也有,能力让每个人都开心,所有在整部电影中折磨她的,人都变成了她通过使用他们内心最渴望的愿望来改变他们的人。,这是她自己在某些方面经历过的事情。,在获得了Jobu 2pac的能力后……她也几乎迷失了方向,,陷入了她发现的毫无意义的感觉。,然而,韦蒙德把她拉了回来,她意识到她在每个宇宙中都爱他。,是的,那是《疯狂多元宇宙》中奇异博士的参考,而且,那部电影中的两个主要角色也都盯着他们的额头,这不是很奇怪。,但我离题了。,韦蒙德不断谈论无条件的善意,,在整部电影中,他多次展示了这一点。 他在自助洗衣店与 抱怨的,顾客共舞,而 Evelyn 心烦意乱,当然还有他,关于善良的演讲。虽然伊芙琳看不起他,认为他很天真,,但她现在看到他是一个会在这一切中度过难关的人。纵然有一个,宇宙,他靠着自己去成功,他还是回到了她身边。还有,一个她爱上 Diedre 的宇宙表明,,如果她改变自己的观点,即使是她的敌人也可能是她发生过的最好的事情。,韦蒙德在每个宇宙中都展示了她无条件的爱,这向伊芙琳展示了同理心,是找到联系的方式。这就是为什么他在最后一战中改变了战斗风格,,而她却用爱和善良来帮助她能帮助的人。,这与她对乔伊和停车场使用的策略相同,,伊芙琳终于从乔伊的角度看待事情,她明白如果她愿意,她,至少必须给她机会离开。,现在这可以通过她的旅行、,她的岩石从悬崖上掉下来以及她进入百吉饼来证明。最后她让,女儿用自己的两只脚站立,但她也向乔伊提出了同样的要求。,在每一种可能性中,他们都设法成为,自己的每一个版本,但他们无法设身处地为他人着想。,终于在这一刻,尽管他们做到了,并且都意识到他们可以在任何地方成为任何东西,,但他们宁愿在那一刻彼此在一起。他们真正拥有,的只是彼此,尽管他们可以逃跑并逃脱这一点,,但这是真正的一切都在一起并且彼此在一起的地方。,即使是只知道成功和钦佩的电影明星伊芙琳也宁愿在,自助洗衣店工作,如果这意味着她必须让他成为丈夫,乔伊成为女儿。,我没有……我没有哭……我爱你,浣熊。,- Evenlyn 差点让 Joy 离开,但两人都透露,在所有无限的可能性,中,他们宁愿在一起。终于,一家人合而为一了,而在,开幕式上,我们让伊芙琳独自一人围着桌子,而在这里,家人就在她身边。,我注意到的另一件事是现在有 4 组 googlie 眼睛。,我们在左边的衣架上方有一个,,两个只是安全饲料,还有一个在乔伊的肩膀上。,这显然也代表了家庭,虽然一开始有一个,,但现在他们都在一起了。,生活对他们来说是完整的,而不是所有人都生活在失望的情绪中,他们已经,开始了新的一年,彼此接受他们本来的样子并充分利用它。,Evelyn 和 Waymond 时隔许久第一次接吻,,终于让整部电影有一种满足感,展现了她的旅程,。在每个宇宙中,伊芙琳都经历过其他的事情,但在这一刻,,她知道自己真正属于自己。这部电影传达了充分利用,现在的信息,这就是我喜欢这部电影的原因,因为除了所有很酷的效果和参考之外,,它还有一颗在大多数其他电影中都无法匹配的心。,除了它的故事,虽然这部电影在剪辑、配乐,和动作等其他方面也很出色。他们在这部电影中做了很多新的和创造性的事情,而且,经常充斥着很多在电影中没有被真正使用的方面。,甚至像长宽比这样不断切换的方面也给人一种超凡脱俗的感觉,,我喜欢你经常忘记大部分都发生在 IRS 大楼内的感觉。,这部电影发生了很多事情,即使在讨论了所有这些之后,,我觉得我仍然只是在摸索表面。这里有如此多的复杂性,,但它的核心也很简单,这是一部关于家庭的电影。,它既快速又激烈,但也有着令人惊叹的表演,这是,杨紫琼和 Ke Huy Quan 的职业生涯定义表演。他在好莱坞被大量忽视,,在他出现在末日神殿和 The Goonies 之后,他几乎被抛到一边。,然而,他以令人难以置信的表演回归,这为这部电影奠定了基础,,并带来了令人难以置信的视觉效果,为其增添了人性化的感觉。,这部电影在它试图做的每一件事上都表现出色,如果它不能横扫下一届,奥斯卡,我会感到震惊。对我来说,它有最好的剪辑、最好的电影制作、最好的导演、最好的原创,剧本等等。这是一部令人难以置信的电影,很容易将其评为完美…,10/10,我当然很想听听您的想法,所以请确保您在下面发表评论并让我知道您是朋克。,我们现在正在举办一场比赛,并在 6 月 15 日送出 3 份《蝙蝠侠》。,要获得获胜机会,您所要做的就是像视频一样,,确保您订阅通知并在下面发表评论,表达您对,这一集的看法。我们在月底随机挑选评论,,最后一个的获奖者现在在屏幕上,如果是你,请给我发消息@heavySpoilers。,如果您想观看其他内容,请务必查看,我们对《蜘蛛侠归来》中完美场景的细分。,我们分解了整个事情,因此如果您想了解更多信息,绝对值得一试。,顺便说一句,感谢您观看视频,,我一直是保罗,下次再见。保重,平安

The Drinker Recommends… Everything Everywhere All At Once

one of the little quirks of Hollywood is,their tendency to release a pair of,similarly themed movies around the same,time for every Armageddon theres a deep,impact for every White House Down,theres an Olympus Has Fallen and for,every Multiverse of Madness theres,everything everywhere all at once both,movies feature a conflict raging across,parallel universes inventive and,Visually stunning set pieces that defy,reality a main character getting to see,different variations of their own life,and a central story about the Redemptive,power of love and self-sacrifice the big,difference is that one is a tri-modled,inconsistent overblown mess that fails,to make use of its interesting premise,and the other is everything everywhere,all at once honestly its been a long,[ __ ] time since Ive seen a movie so,creative inventive and unashamedly,Bonkers with its implementation but,still able to pull it all together into,a smart engaging emotionally satisfying,Central story everything everywhere all,at once does for alternate reality,stories what the north man did for,historical epics injecting a much needed,dose of energy and Imagination its a,testament to what can still be produced,when a good script is paired up with a,great director and a talented cast of,actors and it left me with a lot to,think about once it was over the movie,centers around Evelyn a middle-aged,laundromat owner who emigrated to the US,from China as a young woman the Frantic,opening sequence makes it pretty clear,that shes not exactly living her best,life shes trapped in a failing business,with her well-meaning but incompetent,husband Waymond and disapproving father,shes overworked and stressed out and,growing increasingly distant from her,unhappy teenage daughter Joy and to make,matters worse the business has been,audited by the [ __ ] IRS it all sounds,like the basic recipe for your standard,family drama intergenerational conflict,or failing business a marriage on the,rocks and a main character who,desperately wishes theyd taken a,different path in life but then it all,starts to go a bit Bonkers when women,suddenly transforms into an ass kicking,Kung Fu Fighting secret agent was,somehow able to pull Evelyn into,different realities as he quickly,explains theres billions of possible,universities out there all created at,different times by different choices,made throughout history at some point an,Evelyn from a different Universe,discovered a way to access and jump into,these alternate realities allowing,people to access the skills and memories,and even take control of different,versions of themselves hmm what does,this remind me of unfortunately a,Sinister entity known as Jobo topakim is,making her way across the Multiverse,hunting and killing other versions of,Evelyn and destroying everything in our,path her ultimate goal was to unleash a,super weapon known as the everything,bagel which is kind of like a black hole,of reality that can destroy the entire,Multiverse as what is apparently the,least successful out of all the evelyns,in the entire Multiverse women believe,that our version has the greatest,potential and therefore the best chance,of defeating jobu topaki and stopping,the everything bagel as tupakis minions,close in on her Evelyns able to reality,jump and ask access special skills like,Kung Fu increased lung capacity the,ability to fight blinds or have giant,hot dogs for fingers the more she sees,of other realities the more she realizes,the opportunities that shes missed in,her own life the things that she could,have seen and done if shed taken,different paths and the more she begins,to question the value of her marriage,and even herself but will she pull,through in time to stop jobu tapaki and,shut down the everything bagel will she,reconcile with her husband or realize,that they were better off without each,other will she even want to do any of,this stuff when she finds out who her,enemy is and how she was created no this,all Probably sounds like completely,absurd nonsense because well thats kind,of the point this isnt a movie thats,meant to be taken literally or viewed as,some kind of serious science fiction,Thriller the wacky multiversal conflict,alternate lives and insane fight,sequences are really there to act as,metaphors for what amounts to a pretty,standard family conflict all of the,characters in this story are blown up,into epic larger than wife caricatures,of their real selves the overbearing,father who uses protectiveness to mask,his own narrow-mindedness and selfish,need for control the lost and confused,teenager facing a world of infinite,possibilities with no real sense of,purpose or identity The Angst of a,married couple questioning whether,theyre only still together out of habit,and convenience and at the center of it,all the Aging woman reflecting unhappily,on an unfulfilled life facing the,realization that our best days are,behind her and sadly daydreaming of what,might have been theres a tendency in,Hollywood to skew stories in favor of,younger characters and I think in the,hands of more conventional writers this,movie would almost certainly have been,some kind of coming-of-age story,centered around Joy instead of Evelyn,just another generic plot about a young,womans quest to find herself and,realize her potential in a bland and,uncaring worlds and well thank [ __ ] the,writers went a different route with this,one Evelyn is a fantastic character,theres so much more layered and,interesting than any Bland directionless,gen Zed could ever hope to be and shes,played to Perfection by Michelle you who,invested with so much heart compassion,and quirky humor that you cant help but,empathize with her one minute shes,laying down Kung Fu moves like this is,20 years ago and shes starring in an,Ang Lee movie the next shes doing some,weird exotic dance with Jamie Lee Curtis,while they both have hot dogs for,fingers and the next shes having a raw,heartfelt emotional exchange with a,loved one she takes all of this in her,stride she commands the screen like the,leading lady she never quite got to be,and it all just reminds me of what a,[ __ ] good actor she is when she has,good material to work with I mean lets,be honest when most actresses get to a,certain age interest in high profile,roles start to dry up pretty rapidly but,this movie proves just how flawed that,thinking really is kehee Kwan is a name,that most of us havent heard in a,generation in fact he basically vanished,from the big screen back in the 80s but,[ __ ] me his friend is calling here just,like you he has to transition rapidly,into multiple versions of himself and he,plays them all with real heart and,energy invest in women with a,quirky-like ability thats just,infectious his years of stunt,choreography mean that he can handle,himself pretty well in the fight scenes,and theres nothing quite like watching,a pair of middle-aged actors kicking ass,like theyre still in their 20s and as,for James Hong what do I even need to,say about this guy the mans an absolute,Legend and hes got a natural Flair for,comedy and playing Sinister villains and,he uses both the full effect here,theres a lot going on in this movie in,terms of ideas and character Dynamics,the conflict between different,Generations growing up in very different,worlds the tension between parents and,their children as one grows old and the,other grows up the doubts and,resentments that creep into a marriage,when too much is left on surds the,regrets of missed opportunities and the,yearning for the road not taken and at,the center of it all the minion and,fulfillment that can still be found in,the people we love most and that the,lives we live for all their faults and,mistakes and shortcomings are something,to be treasured and appreciated while,they last because lets be honest they,dont always last that long everything,everywhere all that once is a fantastic,movie that exemplifies the very best of,what the medium is capable of its crazy,and wild and creative

Everything Everywhere All At Once – Review!

the multiverse adventure everything,everywhere all at once is expanding into,wider release this weekend unless youre,in a universe where it isnt expanding,or you know like a smaller city because,its not there either,hello everybody im dan merrell here,with my review for one of my most,anticipated films for 2022. i had to,drive a little ways to see it but it was,ultimately worth it im talking about,everything everywhere all at once which,has been the buzz of the movie world for,the last few weeks after its premiere on,the festival circuit its been in very,limited release for the last couple,weeks its now expanding into wider,release this weekend and reportedly even,wider release next weekend so if its,not near you this week keep your fingers,crossed it may just be close to you by,this time next week everything,everywhere all at once is from the,directing team of daniels also known as,dan quan and daniel scheinert who are,also behind one of my favorite movies of,2016 swiss army man which is another a24,film that was incredibly imaginative but,firmly out of the mainstream which by,the way i dont think is a bad thing,daniels also co-produced the film along,with another filmmaking duo that you may,have heard of joe and anthony russo who,apparently wanted to get in on some of,this multiverse action as well michelle,yo stars as evelyn wong a laundromat,owner whos dealing with a crumbling,business an aging father a dissatisfied,husband and a daughter who is slowly,slipping away from her during an audit,meeting with a krusty irs agent evelyn,is confronted by another version of her,husband weymond and told that the,multiverse is in danger and that she may,be the key to saving all of existence,what follows is a mind-bending journey,through reality as evelyn gathers,knowledge from countless versions of,herself to battle the multiversal threat,jobu to while struggling to,maintain her own sense of self as,realities begin to blur and i know that,that sounds like a lot but that doesnt,even really scratch the surface of what,this movie has to offer because infinite,realities also offer infinite creative,possibilities and we get so many,different versions of evelyn in this,movie theres the version of evelyn that,we meet at the beginning of the film,theres a version thats a movie star,theres a version of evelyn that lives,in a world where people have hot dogs,for fingers every time you think this,movie has reached peak insanity it just,decides to one-up itself and surprises,you around every corner including one of,the most unexpected and yet satisfying,pixar references that i never could have,imagined i would see walking into the,theater and one sign of a great movie is,that walking out of the theater i had so,many different things that im gonna,talk about and im gonna address a lot,of them here in this review but this is,one of those movies that youre going to,want to maybe see again that youre,going to want to talk about that youre,going to want to go back and look at the,little details that are spread,throughout the movie this is one of my,favorite types of movies because its,not just a passive movie it actively,engages you as a viewer so theres a lot,of stuff that im going to cover and im,probably going to be talking for a while,but keep in mind this isnt even really,close to all the stuff that i could talk,about with this movie because it is so,packed full of great things at the,center of the movie is michelle yo as,evelyn and it seems like hollywood,recognized michelle yeo as a great,actress sometime in the early 2000s and,then like forgot about her for over a,decade this is a hallmark performance,for michelle yo i think this is going to,be remembered as one of her best,performances maybe her best performance,although i think its very possible that,her best could still be ahead of her yo,doesnt just have to play multiple,versions of evelyn she also has to play,all of them colliding in the,consciousness of one person an evelyn,whos targeted because shes the least,prepared for this task the sheer breadth,of different notes that yo has to hit in,this movie is staggering and yet shes,also able to keep it centered on the,core values and principles of her,character which is mainly her family and,struggling to keep it all together,across these different realities i cant,really call kihikwan a discovery because,most of us already know him from the,goonies and indiana jones in the temple,of doom but after nearly three decades,largely outside the spotlight what a,reintroduction kiki kwans weiman,carries a lot of the movies emotional,weight which is tough enough but kwon,also has to transition seamlessly to the,different versions of waymon that,transit evelyns reality switching from,genteel people pleaser to efficient,fighter in a matter of seconds hes also,saddled with most of the movies,exposition which in a movie this,complicated is no easy task and in,interviews before this movie and during,the press tour quan has been very very,upfront about the fact that he retired,from acting two plus decades ago not,because he didnt like it but because he,grew frustrated with the lack of,opportunity for asian actors in,hollywood i really hope that this movie,means that that will never again be a,problem for him that there will be roles,for him as long as he wants them because,he really is a revelation in this film,it is a fantastic performance but i also,hope it continues to overscore in the,eyes of all studios and filmmakers that,we should be telling stories from people,of all nationalities and i think that,theres been some progress made in the,past several years crazy rich asians for,example is what kihikuan has said,inspired him to come back to the world,of acting because he realized that those,opportunities were there here we have a,sci-fi action drama story centered,exclusively around a chinese family yet,telling a very relatable tale and weve,seen this with pixar with turning red we,saw it last year with disney and in,kanto its not been done in animation,its been done in live action but i hope,the success of these films keeps driving,the point home that you can tell stories,about people from different cultures and,different nationalities but they are,also human stories that are relatable to,everyone and this conventional wisdom,this outdated wisdom from lets say a,bunch of idiots in hollywood about the,fact that uh stories about other,cultures can be quote unquote alienating,to the mainstream moviegoer again,whoever that is lets just get rid of,that all together because were seeing,so many great stories featuring people,from all around the world everything,everywhere all at once is cast is,stellar from top to bottom i wasnt very,familiar with stephanie sue going into,the film although she is an accomplished,actor largely on streaming shows like,the marvelous mrs maisel but her,performance really caught my attention,in one reality she plays joy evelyns,disaffected daughter striving for her,familys approval and unable to connect,with her troubled mother but in every,other reality shes the villainous joe,butupaki whose goal is to escape the,multiverse even if it means destroying,the fabric of reality sue comes from a,place of insecurity early in the film to,the ultimate confidence in playing this,villain through the rest of the movie,and it is a transformation that is,really staggering to watch its a really,really strong performance as irs agent,deirdre jamie curtis is just having a,great time deirdre is largely a vessel,representing whatever her current,reality is meaning that curtis gets to,do a lot of different things jamie lee,curtis flits in and out of the movie,sometimes hilarious sometimes horrifying,but always interesting and its great to,see jamie curtis and michelle yo two,actresses that some dum-dums in,hollywood again using that outdated,conventional wisdom may say are past,their prime come in and absolutely,dominate this movie yo and curtiss,scenes together are a j

Everything Everywhere All At Once Review

across the multiverse,ive seen thousands of evidence,you can access all the memories their,emotions,even the skills,the multiverse has officially invaded,our pop culture landscape but everything,everywhere all at once finds fresh soil,to plant a complex seed in this concept,an invigorating take that is truly,bizarre gross heartfelt and honest this,is a work of art about staring into the,abyss taking stock of the darkness,around us and choosing kindness over,despair,that looks really good the opening scene,introduces the wings through a mirror,showing a happy chinese-american family,it then jumps inside that mirror and,instead reveals a deeply dissatisfied,and broken family on the other side,michelle yeoh plays the matriarch evelyn,who spent a lifetime being dealt bad,hands the last straw being that her,laundromat is being audited by the irs,but the audit gets interrupted by an,emergency plea for evelyn to save the,entire multiverse from annihilation by,tapping into the skills of her more,accomplished alternate selves we need,your help,very busy today and whole time to help,you yo gives what could very well be the,best performance of her career thus far,as a character going through a deep,midlife crisis she not only does a,terrific job portraying the emptiness of,maine evelyns life but she makes every,one of her alternate selves feel unique,yet recognizable in the different,choices they made everything everywhere,all at once firmly acknowledges that,once you start thinking about those,roads not taken once you take in,everything in your life theres no,choice but to realize how pointless it,all is not since lars von triers,melancholia has a film so crushingly and,accurately depicted clinical depression,and yet this movie is anything but,hopeless on the contrary it comes out on,the other side with a renewed sense of,hope as it chooses kindness and decency,over despair now of course this is a,film by the daniels a directing duo who,made their feature debut with a movie,about a farting corpse whose penis,served as a compass,manny i think your wang is guiding us,home,its magic there was simply no way this,would be a complete downer instead,everything everywhere all at once is,also absolutely exhilarating and gross,and full of kick-ass action,now make no mistake this is indeed an,action movie one of the best ones in,years at that despite running out over,two hours it never stops moving with the,camera acting as an extension of,evelyns undiagnosed adhd always,frenetic and kinetic,it also serves as a celebration of asian,cinema at large with stunning homages to,everyone from wong kar wai to stephen,chao and jackie chan and even a little,satoshi khan thrown in for good measure,the result is monumental its similar to,when the matrix took all the fears and,ideas of its time and turned them into a,stylish action film with grand thoughts,that everything everywhere all at once,is produced by previous marvel mainstays,the russo brothers is ironic because,with a fraction of its budget this film,makes for an infinitely better,multiverse production than any superhero,movie has ever gotten close to while the,idea of a multiverse is exciting for,sure tv and film has so far mostly,focused on its wild big scale,possibilities but the daniels managed to,both explore the larger galaxy brain,implications of this concept while also,telling a rather intimate story of,feeling like your life is leading,nowhere and the world is going to hell,this is a film that can only be made now,a movie that encompasses everything but,can be appreciated and understood,everywhere all at once,everything everywhere all at once is a,complex film that encompasses a variety,of subjects but it does justice to each,of them with a carefully written script,a marvelous cast and a healthy dose of,bizarre humor to counter its bleak story,michelle yeo gives a powerhouse,performance in a story that puts a fresh,welcome spin on the idea of the,multiverse,for more movie reviews check out what we,thought of the atom project and turning,red and for everything else stick with,ign

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