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  2. Everything Legendary Burger Review
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  4. Are these vegan burgers worth the price? | Everything Legendary Plant Based Burgers Review
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taste test: Everything Legendary Burger | Chris C-Snacks Clarke for hot for food

[Music],whats happening on my snack heads and,hot for food lovers did your boys see,snacks,check it guys this video is sponsored by,everything legendary,everything legendary sent me over their,new burgers yall youve probably seen,them score a sweet deal on shark tank,and on the show kevin mentioned that it,was the best tasting burger he ever had,thats big now this is the plant-based,vegan burger everybody been wanting,its gluten-free soy-free no cholesterol,no gmo,and no preservatives here they are right,here guys,i made two uh burgers i made one with,everything that i like on it,and i made it with just the uh the,brioche bun,and the the patty im gonna try that one,first the brioche bun,is a little smooshed down you know but,i did uh grill it on the skillet on the,on the stove you can see it and boom got,the little little,barbecue grill joint going on you know,and im in the car with it bam,my mouth is watering right now let me go,ahead and try this bad boy like to taste,it,hit go hmm,youre not in the car is it me,or is it this burger is so hot oh,wow man this is a good burger,but little pieces of the burger is on my,teeth you know usually you take and you,flick it off,i have to eat that bad boy this burger,by itself with the brioche bun,with nothing on it is yo,i kid you not i am not bsn straight look,its plain and the patty itself is,banging this vegan cheese inside the,burger they fuse it with and they cook,it with that,yo i can taste it its crazy,with no seasoning nothing just a burger,and a bun and its banging let me show,you what i did this aint no iceberg,lettuce,okay this is the fancy lettuce so i have,i have some cooked onions tomato on that,bad boy,uh some ketchup and boom,underneath i had to do it big guys i got,some um,guacamole on it because i like guacamole,on all my burgers yall,without further ado like to taste it,with everything here we go,im gonna stop this okay,look at that come on baby do not play,with me damn this is one,tasty burger,wow,[Music],yo banging oh my gosh,banging,im not gonna be talking with my mouth,full but yo,you guys yall hit it on the head duck,duck goose this is banging this is,banging,big shout out to everybody over there,man that yall dont put your,ankles in this bad boy man yo this is,banging like nobody,look at im eating the whole thing,normally i do reviews,ill take a couple bites and i put it,down you know what im saying i am,and im not hungry okay im i was full,but this is how damn good,this tasty burger is go ahead,freaking legendary burger yall wow,got me some napkins inside the car,clean it all up oh my gosh,you think i was done with this one nope,gluten-free,huh this is this is like straight vegan,wow,i see why yall caught a deal on shark,tank,okay i see why damn,everything legendary oh you can visit,their website at gold legendary.com or,on facebook go legendary co,and on instagram is go underscore,legendary right now theyre at some,grocery stores you can find the four,pack or the eight pack its your boy c,snacks thank you so much for watching,this video big shout out to all my hot,for food lovers cause im doing it for,yall peace,[Music],foreign,[Music]

Everything Legendary Burger Review

hey whats going on im john b hey and,im darlene v welcome to our channel,welcome to our channel today,we are trying a plant-based burger,we are doing,everything legendary,lets go lets get into it,[Music],all right so what is everything,legendary everything ledger like we said,its a plant-based burger,actually we got it at target,yeah yeah and they were featured on,shark tanks so,we have been wanting to do this burger,for a while wow this burger for a while,so all right i dont know about you,are you ready you ready yeah lets just,yes all right lets just tap this thing,all right we have it you know all,dressed and ready to go so i dont know,lets go oh lets pray first hello,oh father god we actually blessed me for,nourishing your body and jesus and pray,amen now were ready all right lets go,[Music],okay like we were saying this burger,you can get it at target,look around,it was 6.99,for a two pack for two pack four ounce,burgers a little tight but you know if,you like a small burger i mean when you,open it up though it doesnt look like,it didnt look bad,and compared to the other plant-based,burgers out there it was relatively the,same about 50 70 cents off right fit,more more excuse me,they were more they were more its a,little more expensive um,probably because they dont have the,distribution yet and all of that but,um,all right john what about the taste,lets tell the reviews about that they,say when i took the first bite i got,like a smoky taste to it i bet it like i,i smell the smoky taste and in my mouth,like i know its plant-based burger i,didnt have,to me it didnt really taste like a,normal plant-based burger,you know its not a burger so,you dont really have the seasoning but,you can definitely tell us the,difference,and i have to say when we were doing it,and when darlene b was cooking it up,and be forewarned that there was an,interesting smell to it yes this does,have which they all seem to have right,you know,they all seem to have um,its that p i think its that p protein,which is the main well water is the main,ingredient and then p protein is the,second ingredient in this burger um,so i have to be honest and that kind of,threw me off a little bit,and so,you know i know that ive cooked some of,the other burgers and after i cooked,them the the smell went away,i have to say,it has lingered a little bit so that is,a for me its a little off-putting yeah,so if youre turned off the smell,this may may turn you off a little bit,when you have that smell and you still,have the smell when youre eating it but,as for taste,you know this is this is definitely a,well seasoned burger,yes,but i do taste the pea protein,so you know if you are a fan of you know,the the plant-based burgers vegan,burgers you know and you know the pea,protein doesnt bother you and this is,the burger and this is the burger for,you because the seasoning is on point,yeah a lot of the other plant-based,burgers you can tell us down the,comments section arent as seasoned and,they it seems like they pride themselves,on being a seasoned plant-based burger,right like were saying go back to the,pea protein its,20 well the grams with the little,nutritional facts for 21 grams of,protein right like theres no gmos no,soy theres no soy right,200 calories yeah the sodium is a little,high we think its a little high 470,grams of sodium for each pattern for,each patty but they say well put the,rest of some nutritional facts down,right right so,should we try this without the bun just,to yeah lets get a piece ill just take,a piece lets try like that get a true,flavor and go see that right there,i actually like the consistency of it oh,the look of it in the pan,will show you,it looks like,italian hot sauce uh an italian hot,sausage patty yeah thats a good point,in the pan cooking it up,thats hes sticking it by itself was it,tasting it by itself,i actually like it better much of the,pea,is prominent but like if you like that,its gonna be no problem right and i,think im like a better i kind of do,that,i think i do im like okay,you know what you know what yes you can,have it straight by itself before you,have it just with the bread we have,lettuce tomato mayo ketchup well yeah,its not bad by zoom,and its easy to just um whip up so you,just put it in the pan,in a medium pan,cook it on each side for like three,minutes,and then youre done,right so it does have a lot of,ingredients in it but after going over,the ingredients you know how like some,things that have tons of ingredients,youre like oh my gosh i cant i cant,pronounce them i dont know what they,are,most of the ingredients are seasoning,which is a good things to flavor to make,it flavorful so i think i think they did,a good job with that what would you get,oh would i get it again,actually i would get it again i have to,say when i first saw it you know,the pricing you may think that for two,pack 6.99 is expensive so it may be,something i get maybe not all the time,right once in a while but it was a patty,that i i would get again,yeah i think that you know if we are in,the mood for,plant-based burgers,on the nights that were not eating meat,then i think that this would definitely,be a good substitute for a burger and a,quick meal yeah so,for that yes i would get it again again,yeah thats darlene b what would you,rate,everything legendary plant burger out of,the five i have a five one two three,four five hmm,we got a new point system so you know,i would go with a 3.6 oh,3.6,thats a pretty good rating 3.6 i like,that i have to say i like the 3.6 what,do you mean yeah i like that because,i was thinking about mike,tasting i said when i first thought,about i was like uh 3.5 when i tasted it,the stretch um,with the with the seed when its not,skinny with the toppings on there but,when i had it by itself i was like oh i,think i like it a little better so if i,just had to straighten the bone or not,it wouldnt be bad so that kicked up the,uh,rating for me so i will also,give this a three point,six i will give us a 3.6,all right,you know im giving you a side eye right,thats okay but you know its okay like,its better than three point five,six uh-huh would it make better ill,give it a 3.62 that sounds better,3.62 so were not exactly the same 3.62,all right write it down yes so,yeah and so we told them we got at,target,you know it took a while but we finally,found it were glad that we found it and,anything else you want to talk about,about it,i think that that is it you know we,taste the burger,easy to open package right,and that is going to be our dinner lets,go here at dinner we take our final bite,yeah 363.62,you know on that note we thank you again,for watching we thank you for hanging,with us and if you liked the video like,the information that we gave you got,value of it out of it make sure you,share it make sure you like it and,subscribe to the channel subscribe and,we appreciate that,im john b and im darlene v take it,easy bye,thanks for watching dont forget to,visit us at,bnbrevisa.com care bye

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Trying EVERYTHING LEGENDARY Burger for the first time| As seen on SHARK TANK| Friday Lunch Break

so thats what it looks like,inside can you all see that,it looks,like a burger hey everybody welcome back,to,mukbang and things with your girl d and,today baby i am reviewing the everything,legendary plant-based burger,black owned company from maryland so my,side of the woods you gotta come with me,and stick with me in this video its,gonna be quick but ima break it down to,you you wanna see how it goes down honey,then you just keep on watching,[Music],hey guys its lunchtime so for lunch i,am having a legendary burger im trying,it for the first time so i figured let,me go ahead and shoot a quick,um,video and tell you guys about it too so,this is how the legendary burger is all,dressed up it looks quite nice,on the companys website,these are the creators of everything,legendary,it is a black owned,completely black owned plant-based,company,a brother and sister and a chef curated,this um,situation,okay,they actually went on shark tank um,earlier this year and they won big,um i usually keep my,ear to the grind,of things and the plant-based world but,this one slipped under my radar i didnt,know about this and i picked it up at my,local grocery store at giant i saw it,and i was like what is it everything,legendary burger and why dont i know,about it and let me go ahead on and try,it,um so i went to the website and,um im just going to tell you what it,says on the website okay really briefly,it says,plant-based food with legendary flavor,its going down right now a change in,how we eat a demand for food with,nutrition and mind bending flavor flavor,thats changing the game flavor thats,creating a legend flavor created by a,seasoned chef not a lab technician okay,i like that,so two patties came in the pack just,showing you what it looked like,it was frozen,they do recommend that you cook it,frozen,um it just looks like a typical patty as,you see here and im just throwing it in,the pot,i always add seasonings to,plant-based things when i get them so,im going to do that today as well just,a couple seasons some onion powder,garlic powder and some tonic saturates,and you see how,it looks after the first layer,of,season,i also saw a new vegan cheese called,veven,matza melts its supposed to be,like an artisan cheese so well try that,and see,okay,so its melting but i dont like the way,its looking,i dont know how this is gonna go,okay,i dont like the way that vegan cheese,looks the way it melted,um i you know my staples are violife or,vo life however you want to pronounce it,ive shown it talked about it many times,on this channel,um,there are some others that i will use,but this one right here for me is a no,and i right now i want to find out a way,to get it off this burger,hey yall and welcome back so yall saw,everything,im just going to go ahead,and,give it a taste,okay,um,i dont want to put like lettuce,tomatoes onions all that stuff one day i,would love to but since its my first,time trying it i want to just,have it raw you understand what im,saying,so thats what it looks like,inside can you all see that,it looks,like a burger,um,smells,like a plant-based burger,so lets give it a taste,hmm,wait a minute,i just have mustard and ketchup on it,hold on,okay,its good,to be perfectly honest with you,it is very good,but it is not the best plant-based,burger,that ive ever had lord knows i wanted,it to be,but,would i buy it again,texture wise is really good,what,a lot of plant-based burgers,in my opinion fail on,is texture,mayo on fries with ketchup,is bomb,telling yall get into it,but um,anyway,texture wise is good,the ingredients are really good,like when you read the ingredients,its the things that you understand its,not a whole bunch of,hibi the jubilee,you know,so its its flavors that you know or,ingredients that i recognize,you know,like um,peppers and raisins,and vegetable broth,nutritional yeast,thats probably where my hesitation,comes from father god i can always,always pick it out,so yeah,i like the ingredient part,compared to some of the others,flavor is not bad,like i said,i would definitely buy it again,um i would eat it again,its i dont think its gonna be my,go-to but,this is,i believe the first one they came out,with,they have since expanded,they have grounds now,and,some chatterburgers and some other stuff,i saw on their website,a little pricey,so,well see,if it shows up and my local grocer,like this did,this is a maryland-based company,our market our our grocery stores here,have this,safeway giant,so if you dont live in an area where,they have,this burger and youd like to try it,put the link in the description for,their website,you can put your address and see if,anything comes up if you get any hits if,not if you really want to try you can,check their website,i mean its good its worth a try,but you know i got to keep it a buck,i had to take that cheese off that tree,was disgusting,it came right off thats a new cheese i,saw,never saw before,i should have stuck with my back,and left it there okay,im just drinking some by,bubbles,sparkling,antioxidant infusion,bogata blueberry blackberry lime thats,good,okay but anyway,thats it,i just wanted to come in for a quick,taste test chat review,with you all,on my lunch break,i gotta go i gotta get back to work,check out everything legendary yall,you might be surprised,if you never had plant-based burgers to,compare it to when you just have regular,burgers,i think youll like it,but because i already have a favorite,but dont get me wrong its good im you,see im eating it,im eating on my own life,but that cheese dont have slapped on,there,but not nice,all right yall,until next time take care of yourselves,and each other baby remember to stay,blessed dont sweat anything small,because its just not worth it peace and,love from your girl d in this fabulous,everything legendary burger,black owned plant-based company honey,get into it,and uh,and im out,peace,ill see you in the next video,im gonna finish this,[Music],you

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Are these vegan burgers worth the price? | Everything Legendary Plant Based Burgers Review

hey guys welcome to make it dairy free i,am laurisha,i am andrew and today were going to be,taste testing the,everything legendary plant-based burger,so we recently discovered the,everything legendary brand on veg news,we also found out they were on shark,tank yes,right so um looks like on shark tank,they got a deal with mark cuban,who seems to be all over the plant-based,stuff yeah sounds like he went,vegetarian,like last year or the year before and,hes,pretty much just investing in all of the,vegan and plant-based,businesses you go mark just to give a,little bit of background about them it,sounds like it started with um,siblings and their mom went plant-based,for her health,and they wanted to create a better,product for her,because they didnt like some of the,ingredients on the things that were on,the market,okay uh so they created their own uh,plant-based burgers,nice um they are owned um they partnered,with a chef,to create the product the chef is also,black so the whole business is black,owned,like everything um and then uh,as far as the ingredients in the product,it is hemp,and pea protein based um i have the,ingredients here so we could look at it,yeah lets see if theres any uh,stuff different different from most of,the plant-based burgers,on the market uh as far as allergens go,there is coconut oil inside of,it but no other top eight allergens okay,um,but first ingredient is water everything,else,pretty much looks normal stuff like,garlic powder nutritional yeast,lots of spices and stuff sugar tomato,paste,raisins i wonder if it say what raisins,like actual raisins it says raisins,mango concentrate,they they pride their self on being,having a better,flavor than anything else,youre still stuck on the raisins yeah,i am okay yeah lets see yeah,um orange peels when i see ingredient,lists like this on the back,um although i know like a lot of,websites like a lot of burgers,tend to have like a lot of plant-based,burgers tend to have like a good amount,of ingredients in them,right um which isnt my favorite number,one but,number two when i do see that i also,wonder if it already has like a distinct,um like seasoning taste to it instead of,like the,general just tastes like meat right um i,would definitely say that this is,flavored with all of the,different things that are all the spices,and stuff that are labeled yeah um the,only thing that i notice in here thats,not like a natural,thing that you can pronounce is it does,have,methyl cellulose in it which is,basically like a its a binder,some people say its a meat glue um,and then it does say natural flavors but,they are vegan so its vegan natural,flavors but everything else is easy to,pronounce you know exactly what it is,but for the most part,uh it looks a lot better than a lot of,the other ones that are on the market,already,okay and what makes you say that i guess,from from looking at that list i i know,every single ingredient for the most,part like oh,as nutritional yeast is i know what,coconut oil as in like its a,recognizable thing,in in the everyday life right its not,like calcium this carbonate that,sulfate yeah yeah i get what youre,saying all right that makes sense,right how do you get this burger right,um we purchased it online,uh can everybody purchase it online yeah,they ship nationwide now all right cool,so for the most part everybody could,purchase it online i wonder if its like,particular countries they dont ship to,like most places right,i think right now its just in the u.s,got it,all right well thats helpful to know,right yeah um so just in the u.s,but they do have some grocery stores,listed on a card that came inside of the,box that we have and some places that,you can get it that may be near you,um they have acme um safeway and giant,grocery store theres also like a very,fine print here that says it may not be,available in all the locations yet um i,think this is part of like their shark,tank thing of getting them into stores,yeah um so it just might not be,everywhere yet,nice okay um and then i guess,uh i i did want to mention since we did,get it,shipped to us um something that i,thought was really cool um we have the,box here,um but everything inside of here,is recyclable like even this packaging,it says like you can,compost it dissolve it in water or like,its actually you can burn it,so basic like everything inside of it is,is recyclable which is super nice you,dont actually get that its usually,like styrofoam,something or other so thats amazing and,we like that too,everythings green i kind of want to try,this dissolve it in water thing,you just want to play with it and see,what happens you see if it actually like,does it you know,so i dont know ill let ill let you,know,um and then just i guess as far as like,why we want to try this one they say,that their flavor is superior to any,other plant-based burger,on the market thats a thats a big uh,thats a big thing to say,right now because theres theres a lot,of theres a lot theres a lot of,competition like,like for real i mean like even on this,little card like came in the thing and,even on here,it says thanks for joining the flavor,movement okay,and then on the back of it it says its,going down right now we stepped up to,create a plant-based burger where flavor,comes first,period like they say period like,meat like it literally says period yeah,they even capitalize period,yeah nice so uh it says crafted by a,seasoned chef,not a lab technician we went beyond the,impossible,which is beyond the impossible are you,taking shots,look at that oh to deliver me,flavor worthy of a legend wow,so possible burger and beyond meat,in the same sentence taking shots at in,the same,exact line wow that is uh thats big,thats big thats something you would,say like that,yeah i know its kind of i kind of like,it right i like it i dont know im im,really excited right now,these uh these folks got me hyped dont,let me down dont let me down,all right well lets stop talking and,lets show you what it looks like when,its being cooked right,[Music],all right so we cooked it up and we have,it on a,burger bun now with just ketchup we both,just have ketchup nothing else so we can,pretty much just taste the actual flavor,of it yep all right you ready,im so ready it um it is bigger than,the burger bun which is nice you usually,theyre smaller,than the burger bun or the same size so,yeah theyre a little bigger they remind,me of like the,the things you would throw on the the,barbecue in the back,right like you made burgers bigger yeah,you just toss it right in there,yeah all right all right lets see if,they,went beyond the impossible all right,lets see what happens,all right go,are you gonna make me talk first,[Music],um i like it i think the color is,throwing me off a little bit,to be completely honest with you okay um,but i like the texture and,i like the taste of it okay um i still,think i would put,we didnt do anything to it like we,didnt put any extra seasoning,like nothing we literally tested it,straight out like we do everything,um i would put salt and pepper on it,well i think thats fair for every,burger,even even before being vegan salt and,pepper was a minimum before you,you know went to go cook it up my,thought on texture its pretty spot-on,its really soft beyond meat or,impossible burger i do feel like hit the,textures a little bit better,um because of when you when you bite,this it kind of breaks up,into different pieces um rather than it,it feels homogenous like with just one,burger,you know what i mean like this feels,like it was kind of pushed together,and formed into a patty yeah so i feel,like there theres when you have like,like guardians frozen ones impossible,beyond,um like you said they kind of hold,together and thats like the,plant-based burgers right and then you,have like veggie burgers,that typically like fall apart and,theyre like super soft when youre,biting into it,this is in the middle leaning a little,bit more towards the,burgers um but

Trying the Everything Legendary Burger | Sept 29, 2021

all righty so this would be my first,time ever trying,the,everything legendary plant-based burger,it says no gmos no artificial,preservatives,first time trying this,you know,here are the people who created it here,heres the,ingredients list if you wish to look at,them,so,here they are,there they are lets get them all in,get them all in,so,i saw this at the grocery store,comparable price to beyond meats,products,but slightly different ingredients like,this one does have,it does have like pea protein but it,also has hemp protein as well,so lets say actually its a actually,hemp protein is actually the first one,yeah p actually p protein right here and,then it also has hemp protein,so it is slightly different its not as,like pink,as beyond meats is when you cook it and,it like bleeds a lot and everything,beyond meats burger when you cook it,its like pink slime,like,it just has such a bad smell,its just nasty it really is so im,curious to see how this ones going to,stack up so,have it on a roll did not have any,lettuce unfortunately but i have the bun,i have ketchup mustard i have the burger,i have some cheese i have a tomato i,have pickles i have some caramelized,onions and then i have some other,stuff on the side including corn on the,cob with,oh my gosh old bay on it oh my gosh its,incredible some tabbouleh salad and some,kimchi,so this accompany real quick i wanted to,mention also,they were on shark tank,after i found this out after afterwards,they were on shark tank and one of the,guys picked them up the oh gosh i think,his name is mark cuban he hes like all,right ill,ill give you have a much money and,whatever,you know hes just,hes just not good hes just not good he,i recently heard that he lost like a ton,of money,like in a crypto in the and then he,demands for regulations like dude,you put all your money in like stupid,crap,anyway let us give the everything,legendary burger a try,[Music],okay,thats good thats good so here it is,why dont we give this sucker a try i,think its going to be pretty good its,going to be different from a beyond,beyond meat burger obviously but i want,to get a bite with,the actual burger itself so,uh,hard to bite into it its so big,wow,wow,that is very very good,lets just take a little bite by itself,of the,i i i got up a little bit of the bread,but,mostly just got the burger,that is some really good flavor it,really is,different from beyond me it does not,taste like a beyond meat burger,its a little drier than a beyond meat,burger,but the flavor i dont know whats,giving it that amazing flavor i guess,its like the seasonings that they have,and whatever,really really good has a really really,nice flavor it really does,really tasty,now these are approximately like the,same price as beyond me,you get two in this package it was like,maybe like eight dollars or something i,forget but i bought it at the store,and then when i went to look back for,more of them they didnt have it i was,like darn,but you can buy them online you can also,buy they they have a ground one,they basically say,we didnt set out to clone beef we set,out to create the most incredible,delicious plant-based burger made with,natural ingredients using a recipe not a,formula,everything legendary burger were born in,a kitchen not a laboratory at the hands,of a chef,not a lab technician,so,thats kind of like how like,beyond beyond meat is a little bit well,actually not that one probably a little,bit and also the impossible impossible,definitely because that one is,genetically modified,that one i would definitely not you know,purchase it all i see that in the store,i would not go and go near that one at,all,but this one is incredible i may need to,order it online this may,this may top beyond meat so why dont,you give this a try if you have not,already see if you can find it in your,store if you cant,try it on online although you have to,purchase more online obviously but,its definitely worth a try its,its different from a beyond meat burger,it really is and its more,you know of a,type of burger as opposed to like you,know like a veggie burger you know what,i mean its not like a kale burger which,is what ive ive recently had as well,you know its different from that like,like a kale burger its not gonna taste,like anything thats,a meaty type of substance this one is a,bit more you know meaty so it has more,protein you know 21 grams of protein for,one burger so,anyway,that is all so im going to eat this,its going to be good heres a little,bit of my tabbouleh salad,which is also good,a little bit of,corn on the cob,shall we,hmm,i love corn on the cob i really really,do,lets go and do it,you take care,have a great one,and i will see you,i need that that needs to focus a little,better,when you punk focus,focus is just focusing on me darn,get them


[Music],um,how do you do cat crew this is your boy,keith and jacob,yeah yeah yeah,and we started a segment well we tried,different vegan foods to see if we,actually like them or not so today we,are trying everything legendary,everything legendary,and this product is based in maryland,logo,come on here shout out to logo,come on,yeah and um this is believed dwayne,michael is the founder yeah we figured,wed get us a try ive been saying it,for quite some time,um i know at the safeway in our area it,was pretty slim on them and they had,some that they seemed to have had for a,while and the expiration dates were,pretty soon so i didnt want to try,those but it looks like,they have been more in stock more,recently so,wanted to give them a try and figured we,would give the plant-based cheeseburger,a try today,this isnt super high in sodium it is,480 milligrams per patty but a lot of,the patties that we do see are a lot,higher in sodium so true so thats,pretty good i mean and even that little,sausage patty that we had last week was,700 and something,[Music],but that was for the whole combined,sandwich a little thing,yeah so well were going to see how,this is yeah were about to heat it up,um anything you want to say im just,still stuck on the heat from maryland i,didnt know that yeah and um i see up,here um something my sister from the,congregation used to say it says live to,eat and um she would say you cant get,life eating death so this is good to,have a vegan product of this calibration,its delicious as it is i mean its no,soy no green no soy no gluten 19,proteins 100,vegan cheese and its 19 grams oh 19.,sorry yeah 19 grams of protein i was all,confident and stuff for sure you got it,and 220 calories,yeah and thats per patty so zero,cholesterol and well leave the link to,their website into their instagram in,the description below please check them,out,very dope guy he goes and checks on his,stores he makes shows everything stocked,up black owned company for show have to,mention that so yeah lets get this,alright so were back it look good i see,the cheese in there poking out little,holes im ready to taste it i dont know,i dont really have,didnt want to want to show them what it,looked like,smells really good would it be looking,like,i said,we cooked it with a little bit of crisp,on it we didnt put it in the airfryer,we tried to do something a little,different for our fellow maryland out,here you know what im saying i dont,think we get considered as parts of,maryland even though we live here why,not,baltimore gets considered this is his,own thing,its maryland,but yeah so,so,end up good,looks good it looks real juicy,juice,juice,all right so lets give it a taste,i would say this is really good,i think it would be even better on the,grill,maybe,but the flavors are there it probably,would be best on the grill,i like to taste it without the cheese on,the inside okay that was a different,burger,yeah they do have that though im not,mad at the cheese though,it definitely keeps it like,juicy um,let me hold the cutter,and im sure most cases is uh,you know decked all out yeah,yeah,but fire flavor,i think its pretty good,yeah,so what are you,um,yeah ill put it up there ill rate it,up there,i like the texture,its juicy you get the,bite of like a real burger,um,the fact that we cooked it in the pan,gave it like crispy edges which i like,um,it cooks quick because like,i think we cooked it on three three,minutes on each side for about six,minutes thats pretty quick,um,so yeah i mean i like,especially like thinking about,all of the nutrition facts,on the back,um,with it not being as much sodium as its,competition,um,i think its really good,yeah i think um,as far as the you know the top two,companies that most people go to,being beyond and impossible,it has the texture,of beyond yes it does,its not overly like um,seasoned no like beyond has a thing,where it doesnt even taste like a,burger it tastes,over the top its like a whole different,place hence the name,yeah this,tastes more like a burger,but,with the cheese included,it gives it more of a,juicy um flavor to it i mean texture to,it,but um,yeah im not mad at it at all i mean,its it has its own spot,with those top two,i think it could stick up there pretty,well so it could,yeah,and you dont um,you only get to sit in a few stores i,think ive seen it i see it in safeway,pretty uh shop right seen in the shop,right i think,[Music],i think thats it,it might be in some other stores um,let us know if youve ever seen this,company before where you are im pretty,sure its in target as well target cool,so,yeah im not mad at it no its pretty,good if i would rate it,i would rate it about a nine,but i mean to its competitors i rate,them about a nine as well so,and im not im not comparing it to the,lower level stuff like,some of the other companies i would,compare to like lower level,stuff but this is competing with the top,two brands,flavor wise i mean,once they get their name out there its,a wrap yeah flavor wise texture wise,look like,yeah you throw this on the grill its,red,this has all the flavor you add some,pickles some,oh yeah,yeah i mean,sometimes i just like to see what the,actual flavor of the burger is and i,cant really tell because i mean,weve tried a few of them so like,and not just that but,i mean,my taste buds are pretty crazy,so we want to clap it up,shout out to legendary man this was good,for mr michael i hope youre saying your,name right,thank you so much for working so hard at,providing,another option,that is less sodium less calories thats,really dope,yeah so shout out from keys and tea in,baltimore,to you know largo merlin,thank you to the cat crew for watching,theres another segment with keith and,your girl tink please like share,subscribe leave a comment down below,well leave a link to go legendarys,website and their instagram in the,description so,peace guys,[Music],you

Everything Legendarys Legendary Burger Review – Corey Critiques – Episode 4

everything legendarys legendary burgers,are extremely tasty but also pricey,i ordered the eight burger variety pack,which came with four different types of,burgers each lace with their own unique,flavor of cheese,as well as their signature legend sauce,oh my goodness what could be inside,wow the pack of burgers came in,at 64.95 plus shipping and arrived in,this neat styrofoam cooler,uh inside the burgers were in takeout,containers tightly wound in,plastic wrap and so when i sloppy,tore the wrap off um to my dismay it,turned out that the containers,had been cracked and shards of plastic,lay at the bottom of the containers,the timing of the packaging and shipping,coincided with the tropical storm that,came up the east coast,which may have been the cause for the,damage,additionally upon further inspection all,the burgers were the same flavor,and worse they were all cheddar cheddar,is,boring and i would have much preferred,if they had sent the cayenne ones,that way i could push my heat tolerance,better yet,i could watch my sister writhe in pain,as she failed to withstand the heat,it took a week for the burgers to come,and luckily we had no power,so they were left on the counter and,slowly defrosted,and i had to cook them when they were,not frozen uh,thats important because the company,advises you to cook the burgers when,theyre practically frozen,probably to avoid them from falling,apart i had no problem with them falling,apart however,they held together very well and more,importantly they didnt stick to the,grill,that was always a problem for us when,weve cooked vegan burgers in the past,but not in this case the,grill was at around 400 degrees,and i flipped the burgers after they had,sat there for about,four or so minutes um the burgers didnt,sweat out fat,and caused the flames to kick up and,lick their asses,and they smelled pretty neutral um,unfortunately i couldnt get a nice,charred crust on them,probably due to my impatience the,cooking process was extremely,straightforward,lets talk about taste and mouth feel,the everything legendary burgers texture,was extremely similar to that of a,beyond burger,before they changed the recipe to make,their burgers these depressing grayish,lumps of mystery meat the burgers,werent,extremely greasy but were rather,perfectly juicy and,tender they were chewy and not overly,salty,the cheese melted down well and made the,burgers even fattier,but the cheese had little to no flavor,often times vegan cheese can be,extremely abrasive to the tongue,and rather displeasing if you just,convert to plant-based eating so i can,understand,their decision to not make the cheese so,powerful,while i tried to minimize the other,flavors at play,while i ate the burger i did make sure,to douse the burgers in the special,sauce,the sauce tasted good no question about,that but,to me its outrageous that they sell for,ten dollars a bottle on its own,or two i dont really know based on the,advertising,its made of simple household,ingredients just,mayo honey mustard barbecue sauce and,relish,anyone has that stuff in their fridge,and to buy it on its own is a rip-off,just push it aside and get it with the,8-pack,overall good burgers um they have a few,things to work on with,shipping but i guess thats a given due,to the virus with less people to,working and less people to quality,control,uh thats all for this review if you,liked the conciseness,and the format of this one i tried to,make it a lot shorter,and not as long and grueling,for those people who dont really like,watching my videos but want to get,some information out of it if you liked,it,then i guess hit the like button uh yeah,cool have a good day

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