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Evil Dead: The Game Review

[Music],as far as the movies go the evil dead,series has a track record of being way,better than it has any right to be low,budget warts and all and evil dead the,game now finds itself squarely in that,same boat,while its filled with things that,irritate me like slight inclines that my,wimpy survivor was helpless to scale,finicky command prompts and more it also,overwhelmingly succeeds at being a,balanced compelling battle of wits and,reflexes that has kept my attention,after more than 20 hours and thats no,small task,aside from the clunkiness playing as a,survivor absolutely nails the horror,movie feel of working with a group to,overcome an overwhelmingly evil threat,while playing as the menacing demon is a,diabolically fun misadventure that,fulfills the villainous mastermind,fantasy,[Music],yes evil dead the game is an,asymmetrical multiplayer game in the,same vein of the likes of dead by,daylight and friday the 13th but here,its presented with a goofy bruce,campbell smothered flare thats every,bit as weird and campy as the cult,classic movies,honey,mechanically theres not much original,about it each match four playable,survivors work as a team to avoid being,named long enough to perform a ritual,that banishes all evil from the land all,while enduring the true horror that is,the maps geometry,at the same time one evil player does,everything they can to kill the,survivors using an army of undead,soldiers and a bag of dastardly tricks,so wickedly satisfying its hard to feel,bad for the poor souls succumbing to,your terrible power,that game of cat and mouse is an,absolute blast no matter what side,youre on even when its rough edges,make me scream louder than any jump,scare,it is somewhat distinct from its genre,peers and that the humans are capable of,defending themselves,playing as a survivor feels like a,familiar squad-based third-person,shooter that borrows a lot from the,battle royale style in which youre,running around as a team looking for,loot and killing enemies as you steadily,power up,only here your goal isnt just survival,but completing objectives like finding,map pieces and defending areas to claim,relics needed in the purification ritual,the group now holds an additional piece,of the map,well played,with plenty of melee and ranged weapons,defined and 13 characters to choose from,each with their own unique abilities and,skill trees to be leveled up its,progression system got its hooks into me,early with all the different ways things,can play out for example the hunter,class characters excel at using ranged,weapons and have abilities that make,them a major thorn in the side of the,demon player like one particularly,awesome character that can exercise the,demon from bodies theyve possessed,alternatively you might want to play as,a leader-class character like the,hilarious lord arthur an old-timey,knight who swings a sword around and can,buff the team with effects that make,them more lethal in combat,the worst part about playing as a,survivor though is that youre far more,prone to experience some of evil dead,signature clunkiness when moving around,the map theres no jump button to be,found and environments are often uneven,meaning youll find yourself stuck on a,tiny rock or other minor obstruction all,the time,including the worst possible times such,as when a demon is trying to rip your,face off,sometimes a prompt will allow you to,climb over small,obstacles but more often than not youll,have to walk all the way around even,something as trivial as a low hedge wall,the demon meanwhile can fly over all,that making the glitches as asymmetrical,as the gameplay design,aside from being locked in a life or,death battle with small pebbles youll,also struggle with the lack of a lock-on,system when fighting undead mobs,finicky interaction prompts to do things,like light a campfire or revive a fallen,teammate that often doesnt register,during crucial moments,your character getting frozen in place,for several seconds for no foreseeable,reason and more probably my biggest pet,peeve though is the really obnoxious,safe zone system which restricts your,squad to an increasingly confined area,as the end of the match approaches if,youve played a battle royale game,before youll likely be familiar with,the concept but evil dead implements it,in the worst possible way by making the,safe zone changes unpredictable almost,instantly lethal if youre caught,outside the boundaries and incredibly,inconsistent ive had entire matches,mucked up as my team completed an,objective only for the safe zone to jump,over to another part of the map a few,seconds later catching half the team in,an unavoidable death zone and ending any,hope of claiming victory thats just,downright frustrating,[Applause],luckily the experience as one of the,three playable demons has fewer sticking,points mostly because you play as a,floating orb of evil that can quickly,hover across the map and mess with the,survivors with god-like powers and,thats an objective that never stops,being amusing,thats due in large part to how many,ways evil dead lets you accomplish that,devious goal you can summon hordes of,computer-controlled enemies for the,survivors to fight set traps that spawn,enemies and increase their fear when,sprung,or even possess undead characters to,control them directly making them even,stronger and more difficult to deal with,not only that but by scaring the human,team using traps or demonic abilities,and by separating them from one another,you gain the ability to possess the,survivors themselves for a limited time,turning them against their own allies,which can be absolutely devastating,another amusing way to win is by simply,wasting the survivors time by doing,things like possessing the car theyre,driving and steering it off a cliff so,they have to spend valuable time,wandering around on foot,or by possessing a tree and swatting,humans in the face while theyre trying,to rest at a campfire,all the while youre leveling up and,gaining stronger and stronger demonic,abilities until only the most resolute,and skillful players have any hope of,defeating you and it just feels so,delightfully evil,i usually prefer to be on the survivor,side in the style of game rather than,face their united attempts to kill me as,the monster but evil dead captured my,heart almost instantly its easily the,best monster mode ive seen,of course once youve gotten a handle on,both the survivor and demon modes there,isnt a ton left to do aside from,grinding for xp and leveling up your,characters and although i easily lost,myself in over 25 hours of matches the,package does feel a bit light on content,in some regards especially where maps,are concerned there are only two and,although theyre both fairly large and,each has a few interesting areas after a,dozen or so matches i started to see a,lot of the same places over and over and,that increasingly wore down evil deads,novelty the longer i played i mean you,can only hang out at a derelict doll,factory so many times before you start,feeling like youve seen all that a,derelict doll factory has to offer and,maybe you wish you could visit some,other types of failed businesses you,know what i mean,evil dead the game also offers some,single missions which are required to,unlock some of the best characters,including pablo from ash vs the evil,dead,or the legendary king arthur himself,but unfortunately these missions are,without a doubt the worst part of the,package while they try to serve as,pallet cleansers to the multiplayer,centric experience they end up being,tedious logs through the same map areas,found in multiplayer where you complete,a few fetch quests fight a couple,enemies,and receive snippets of story through,still images that pop up to interrupt,your playtime not only are they,completely uninspired but they also,dont have any checkpoints so you can,die and lose 20 minutes of progress and,have to do it all over again,and because youre playing alone as a,survivor in a

EVIL DEAD: The Game – Before You Buy

– [Jake] Hey, and were back,with another episode of “Before You Buy,”,that show will give you some straight up game play,and our first impressions of the latest games releasing.,As usual, its me, Jake Baldino,,and today were talking about “Evil Dead: The Game.”,Now, this is a asymmetrical multiplayer,,competitive style thing.,You play as a group of “Evil Dead” characters,running around trying to accomplish something,while youre being hunted by another player,,playing as the Kandarian Demon,,who has all kinds of cool abilities.,And just so you know,,all the footage captured here is on PC and PS5 versions.,Now, some context with me and these types of games,,there are always multiplayer versions of things,that I dont really think needed to be,an asymmetrical multiplayer experience,,but its always nice to see,how at least they creatively do it.,I actually liked “Friday the 13th,” despite its roughness.,And the “Predator” style of this game from a year or so back,was also kind of cool.,”Evil Dead” continues this trend really.,Its a bit awkward, its a bit messy,,but its fun with friends,and actually just kind of fun in general.,If youre into these types of games,and you can forgive some of the stuff,that typically comes with these things,,youll have a good time for a while,,but Im not sure how long itll last.,In terms of license property,,like movie based asymmetrical multiplayer games,,which is basically a genre at this point,,it is probably the one,with the most thought out content offering and budget,,but its still just kind of left me feeling mixed,after two days of matchmaking alone,,and with friends pretty much nonstop.,It is fun, but its a bit more complicated.,Its really gonna depend on you.,So, first thing worth mentioning here, I guess,,is that there is technically a single player mode.,Its a bunch of small missions,you select from a screen and load into,and play through a few vague, “Evil Dead” scenarios.,Like for example,,heading out to deal with Lindas head as Ash,or playing as Lord Arthur.,It is very cool to see the cabin, see the car,,see everything in there, venture out onto some maps,,see the spooky woods and just kill bad guys.,It is really, really repetitive and theres not much to it.,Just some limited scenarios,that are all based around the framework,of the main multiplayer mode.,Its bare bones, and I mean, bare bones.,Like, no cut scenes or anything really,,just like static screens that look like loading screens,that tell you what to do next.,And as far as I can tell, each mission has no checkpoints,and they can get pretty challenging,,so if you die, they have fun playing all that again.,Also, you still need to be connected to the internet,to play the solo mode, so yeah.,But I also just really like “Evil Dead,”,so I found it kind of fun to just kill some time,killing stuff as Ash.,The gore is cool, the finishers are cool.,The one liners are there, the sound, the music its there.,Its not enough, but its good passive fun overall.,Like Ash is awesome,,and I kind of just like endlessly chainsaw dudes.,I cant help it.,Its same reason why I liked “Fistfull of Boomstick,”,even if that was like a totally different type of game.,”Evil Dead”s cool.,Anyway, the main multiplayer mode,gives you some decent options.,You can play solo, you can play against AI,,and you can match make separately as one side or the other.,Characters are grouped into different classes,with differences in stats and special abilities,,and yeah, there are a few cool skins,and on the demon side, you have three types of choices,and each with a different boss character within,to choose from.,Theres a surprising amount of different characters,and things to try here, its nice.,The flow is like this,,you start out in the woods, a big sprawling map,with a hint of a place to check out on the map,to get the first piece of a map,that will tell you where the main objective items are.,Along the way youre gonna need to explore a bit,and scrounge up weapons, both like ranged and melee,,with their own stats and rarity levels,and health items and defensive items and ammo and stuff.,Now, once you get the full map,,you then look for the Necronomicon pages,and the Kandarian dagger,to then go ahead and banish the Dark Ones,in a fun kind of mini game where you all blast them together,and then make for one last defensive point hold,until the time runs out.,Now the entire time, the demon players main objective,is of course, to kill everyone,,but the big focus is to slow the players down,and keep them from accomplishing their goal.,And if youre playing as a demon,youre also getting stronger the more you play,and the longer the match goes on.,Now, you are encouraged to stick together,in interesting ways as the “Evil Dead” characters.,Like the game has a fear mechanic,that is actually relevant and somewhat decent.,If youre alone without other players for too long,your fear meter goes up.,Now, if youre in the dark for too long,,your fear meter also goes up.,This of course makes your screen all red,,but more importantly, it leaves you more open,to getting possessed by the player playing as a demon,and that can cause some trouble.,Now, as you explore, youll find items,to level yourself up on the fly and dump points,into like health and endurance and stuff like that,,which seems whatever but its actually important to do so,and feels good and worthwhile,and kind of makes you want to try and balance,progressing forward with a little bit of exploration,,theres some good tension there.,The game flow is designed for you and your team,to really comb through the map, hacking and slashing,as long as everyone actually,understands the rule and the flow, of course.,Players have basic light and heavy attacks,,a dodge button on a cool down,,a ranged weapon that actually feels pretty good,,aiming and firing with decent feedback.,A special ability, oh, and the finishing moves,,which, again, like I said, are pretty awesome.,The actual combat itself is awkward and goofy.,It doesnt always feel great, it doesnt always look great,,but it can still be entertaining and satisfying,in short bursts.,Everybody swinging like crazy,and enemies hitting you from all sides,and multiple players clipping through one another,doing the same finishing moves is kind of messy,,but theres something really satisfying,about the blood and gore and the feedback of the hits.,Like hits feel pretty good when they land,and skeletons heads gets knocked off.,Zombie like enemies,are actually getting their meat blown off,of their bones in chunks, its all gross.,Its good for horror fans, man.,The demon player is trying to amp up everyones fear,so youre really playing a dungeon master role.,Youre cruising around the map environment in first person,in that classic “Evil Dead” chase camera angle,,which is so cool.,And youre planting traps, youre spawning enemies,,youre setting little traps on loot chest and stuff,and even possessing stuff other than the players,,like a tree, to just suddenly scare a player,,or even possessing a getaway car.,Yeah, you can possess somebodys car,and then just terrorize them with it,and its pretty funny.,Now the demon player role is not a complete power trip.,Its actually really challenging,and requires you to be like super, super active on the map.,Im actually not completely sold,on this part quite yet.,Really because Ive only played this one a handful of times,,its way harder to score a win here, but still,,playing as a spooky tree to scarce of people is cool.,And also, summoning evil Ash,or whatever boss character you have set at that time,,summoning that boss character and playing as them,at the last minute with a bunch of abilities,and just trying to slaughter the players is pretty cool.,Now balancing wise, at least for me,,its hard to judge this early on,,but the problem with the game, like the main game,,is the same as it is with every game like this.,You need good players on both ends,who know what theyre doing.,Commu

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IS IT WORTH Playing Evil Dead The Game NOW? | Evil Dead The Game Review

even that the game is an asymmetrical,PVP ve multiplayer that came out on 13th,of May 2022 and very quickly became,popularized by a crowd of fans of the,franchise Gamers reminiscing Friday the,13th and some others tired of dead by,daylight its debut marked one of the,most populars in the franchises gaming,history and the first to Grace our,next-gen consoles and high-tech PCS with,the sights of Ash and his crew versus,the kandarian demon which takes the form,of several demons from both the movies,and the TV show Ash vs the evil dead as,this is an asymmetrical game the form of,the developers decided to go for is a,four survivors versus one demon the,players on the Survivor side have the,choice of four different classes to a,total of 15 characters as of today,youve got Warriors which are the high,damage melee tanks Hunters at the Nimble,high damage ranged weapons class liras,birth Warriors and hunters and supports,heal the team the demon choices are the,skeletons Army led by Evo Ash the,warlord and its zombie looking that,rights the stealthier Puppeteer and its,extremely agile and ranged units and,finally the witch plague bringer and its,Army of skeletons and a pit Jedi that,resembles more like a swamp monster the,survivors play by collecting melee and,ranged weapons healables matchsticks,which help to light up the environment,and manage your fear levels and pink F,which gives you points to spend on your,in-match skills to make your character,stronger survivors need to be careful,not to make noise initially so as not to,give away their position to the demon,which includes driving cars and shooting,ranged weapons once the demon has found,the survivors the real Captain Mouse,Chase Begins the demons the real show,running here it will set traps in,specific set locations and spawn enemies,at any location it desires as long as it,has enough infernal energy Inferno,energy is what powers the Demons,abilities and it can be collectors orbs,scattered around the map or passively,gain if the demon has leveled up its,abilities enough demons can interact,with the Survivors by means of,possessing the units that are on the map,or by possessing survivors if their fear,levels are high enough cars and trees,can also be possessed both dealing,damage and increasing the fear levels of,the survivors survivors must initially,collect pre-map pieces which will then,unlock two new objectives once those are,done the dark ones are unlocked and can,be attacked if survivors are still,standing After the Dark ones are,banished then the match becomes a rush,to protect the book from destruction by,the demon needless to say that teamwork,is essential if the survivors are to win,a match the demon is powerful and at,present creates a challenging experience,even to seasoned players the Euphoria of,winning a match as a Survivor has become,the biggest reward of all as the demon,can easily 1v1 split up survivors,survivors need to stay together loot,quickly and move even quicker from,objective to objective if they are to,prevent the demon from becoming,all-powerful to a point of no return and,certain defeat during the first few,months after release both demon and,Survivor players found mechanical,exploits where demons could chain,endless attacks and cancel attack,animations to their advantage and,survivors could infinite heal to the,point of invincing ability the game also,suffered from several game breaking bugs,where cars will fall off maps and,survivors will get stuck on Windows when,trying to Vault I actually think the,late one is still there since the late,September patch the game has finally,reached a point where exploits are,virtually gone and most bugs are down to,a minimum but not entirely gone the game,also got its first huge DLC in early,September which introduced two new,survivors and one new demon the new,demon in particular has very different,mechanics from the previous existing,demons which has shown the devs are,willing to diversify the playstyle of,the game because of the asymmetrical,nature of the game there is obviously a,rivalry between demon and Survivor,players one of the biggest complaints,the Survivor side has at present is with,matchmaking when solo queuing the,constant stream of new players can make,it so that seasoned players end up,losing a match because their,inexperienced buddies either wander off,alone into the woods spend too much time,in looting or make too much noise only,to eventually fall prey to the demon and,its minions matchmaking is a problem the,most multiplayer games suffer from in,the first year and that educated,developers are bound to improve it as,time goes by so that players get matched,as per the experience level if this will,happen to Evil Dead the game only time,will tell another current issue is that,the Puppeteer demon has been heavily,buffed since the latest patch and there,hasnt been a signal from the developers,that this will change anytime soon,however since that change in early,September some survivors are already,finding ways of dealing with a buff,demon which heavily encourages teamwork,and looping the demon using the,environment this issue seems to be,heightened by the bad solo queue,survivors which lack teamwork and become,easy prey for the demon if the devs will,balance that out it remains to be seen,the developers also have promised,additional content in the must to come,including prestige level progressions,for the survivors and demons after,reaching max level so would you be,willing to play this as it stands and is,it worth playing it almost 5 months,after release short answer is maybe even,that the game has come a long way since,its release and exploits and bugs are,down to a minimum the game is more,challenging for the survivors and it can,feel daunting to step into Ashs shoes,for the first time as the game is quite,demon sighted at present if you solo,queuing you might have a hard time,initially until you learn the ropes of,the game but if you can play as a team,with randoms or even team up with a,group youll learn a lot faster and,probably win more matches playtime,ensures that anybody can handle the,demon if they play the cards right and,winning matches can be as satisfying as,ever when your team pulls together,playing the demon makes you feel like,youre creating a real experience and,challenge to the survivors like a true,game master it can be rewarding to see,survivors falling on your traps and,unique albeit restrictive to be able to,possess structures minions and survivors,themselves overpowered demons are,unfortunately popular which dont do the,matches Justice to anyone especially,high level survivors that are looking,for teamwork even though the game comes,at a time when games like Dead by,daylight continues to complain of his,toxic Community predator hunting grounds,has peaked Friday the 13th is no more,and Among Us is too casual to be played,on next-gen consoles its not a perfect,game and as every asymmetrical game out,there imbalances are common and might,never go away completely however it,fills a gap in the market perhaps at the,right time until games like killer,clowns and Texas chain massacre get,released in 2023 that gives Evil Dead,the game plenty of time to fix its,issues and solidify its position in the,market if that promise becomes true only,time will tell I hope you guys enjoyed,the video and if you did please hit that,like button and subscribe for more,content Ill see you next time,thank you

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Evil Dead: The Game Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],foreign,[Applause],evil dead the game continues a recent,trend of more liberated more powerful,film-based games including ones like,2021s marvels guardians of the galaxy,or dating all the way back to 2015s mad,max like those titles evil dead the game,isnt necessarily groundbreaking nor,does it feel like it has a remarkable,amount of longevity but has an,asymmetrical multiplayer title and a,beloved franchise its mostly successful,in making a quality experience for fans,and newcomers alike like friday the 13th,the game or evolve then its,foundational mode evil dead the game is,an asymmetrical multiplayer experience,and you play as any one of four human,survivors or as one powerful demon each,with opposing goals,as the humans your goal is to exercise,the demon by recreating the necronomicon,while as the demon your goal is to kill,the humans before they are able to do so,matches are long sometimes approaching,half an hour so as to give each side,their ability to gather resources get,stronger and prepare for multiple stages,of battle against one another the humans,are a team of four characters from the,movies falling into one of four classes,leaders hunters warriors and support,each has their own group of movie,characters such as cheryl williams as,support or scotty as a warrior with the,exception of the main character ash who,has a version of himself from different,evil dead titles in each of the classes,while each class does play differently,to an extent especially as you put some,skill points into individual characters,i didnt find that i needed to change my,playstyle to match my class and could,ultimately play generally the same,across the board the main form of,gameplay is traditional third-person,melee and ranged combat against,different types of demons you can find,weapons for each slot around the map and,ammo can be scarce so theres a major,incentive to be as thoughtful as,possible about when to use melee and,when to shoot similarly there were both,health items and pink f bottles for,intra-game upgrades around the map and,while the health items are few and far,between they make every hit meaningful,the upgrades are pretty frequent and i,found myself often reaching the max,in-game upgrade level much of the,experience playing as a human is highly,satisfying every bullet hits with power,and every melee attack is even more,enjoyable especially in the pre-animated,takedowns which never seem to get old,over time though it does begin to get,repetitive humans have the same sequence,of objectives in every match,locate the map find the lost pages and,exercise the demon and there isnt much,in the way of strategic variety across,maps or different team structures even,with the interesting fear mechanic which,causes you to become more scared if,youre alone or in the dark and,ultimately lets the demon possess you,there isnt much in the way of strategy,once you get the hang of it with more,content updates promised for the future,hopefully there will be more,differentiation for the human players,but for now it can get repetitive after,even just a few rounds on the other side,of the coin is the demons which come in,three varieties necromancers warlords,and puppeteers these three actually do,feel significantly different from one,another in gameplay at least in the,physical sense because they range in,speed and power for the most part though,playing as the demon doesnt have you,controlling a physical demon but as a,floating being moving around to set,traps open portals and possess certain,objects your main goal as the demon is,to kill all of the humans and you do so,by somewhat strategically setting traps,to increase their fear levels and,opening portals to bombard them with,lower and higher level demons including,a boss that you control overall playing,as the demon is certainly the more,rewarding experience because it feels,like theres more opportunity for,playing around with strategies in trying,new things with that said it ultimately,falls into the same proverbial trap,where you most likely follow a similar,playstyle after you get your footing,within matches for both humans and,demons you can upgrade your character to,increase single match health or stamina,for humans or abilities and fear power,for demons across matches 2 there are,permanent upgrades you can give to,characters each of which has their own,skill tree for each overall level every,character gets a skill point and you can,upgrade individual characters by,assigning xp even without having to have,played as that character i really like,this system because it offers not only a,bunch of different ways to gain new,abilities and try new things especially,because you can respec at any time but,theres also a give and take between,characters however it does mean youll,likely be focusing on just a couple,characters as its overall better if you,max out one character than spread levels,across many even with the upgrades,though the multiplayer can be noticeably,unbalanced in the demons favor maybe,its understandable that a demon,ultimately comes out on top of four,humans most of the time but as a,gameplay feature i only ever saw humans,win a handful of times while the demon,would easily win a vast majority of the,time even while playing as the demon,there were a few matches where i won,without entirely knowing how as i was,away from the scene theres still a lot,of fun to be had on both sides but it,feels like theres some rebalancing and,tweaking that can be done to increase,the humans chances of victory as new,content is rolled out until then you can,expect demons to emerge victorious more,often than not the only other major mode,the game has to offer is a series of,shorter single-player missions where you,take control of some of the main,characters of the stories most,frequently ash to complete a series of,linear mostly drab objectives the,purpose of these missions is less to be,their own experience and more to unlock,characters and story bits but even with,that in mind theyre mostly forgettable,their gameplay is even more repetitive,than that of the primary mode and the,missions even with just 5 of them,available at launch can be brutally,difficult while your successful runs,will only take between 10 to 20 minutes,per mission a couple of them took me,multiple hours to beat as enemies can be,frustratingly spongy and the missions,have no checkpoints meaning you have to,restart the mission from scratch at any,death as extra content you may enjoy,them but these missions dont emphasize,what the game does well and arent,ultimately worth your time while there,is fan service to be found almost,everywhere from the characters to the,audio logs the best example is the,environments which are lovingly,recreated major areas from the movies,that bring you to some of the most,important scenes theres a lot of,satisfaction in seeing some of these,locations for yourself and being able to,explore especially in missions where you,can usually take your time but it often,feels like theyre actually too big for,their own good objectives are frequently,far apart on the map and the journey to,get there either in a car or on foot,feels dull and without purpose i like,the scarcity of items and the,satisfaction in finding a needed upgrade,or health item but there were many cross,map journeys that felt unnecessarily,long on the whole evil dead the game,doesnt break much new ground in terms,of asymmetrical multiplayer games but,what it does it does mostly well its,not entirely balanced or varied so what,you see up front is largely what you get,but i found myself still enjoying,cutting the heads off of demons and,hearing bruce campbells one-liners just,as much 10 hours in as i did the first,time its not gonna add a whole lot to,the evil dead lore nor will it make a,dent in the gaming landscape but for,what it is evil dead the game is worth,your time if only to have some tense,satisfying fun killing demons and humans,alike,thats all for

The Good, The Bad & The Evil Dead Games

look im just gonna put it right out,there if you aint a fan of the evil,dead movies well then theres something,wrong with you sam raimis classic cult,horror trilogy centers around a cabin in,the woods a square jawed hero in the,form of ash williams and a book called,the necronomicon used mostly to summon,the dead eyes demons with real fondness,for swallowing souls and also announcing,the fact ill swallow your soul come get,some the first film released way back in,1981 was a fairly standard horror flick,about a bunch of people in a cabin,getting possessed and then violently,killed one by one but it was the second,film where the series really started to,get a bit more momentum and i think most,people would probably agree that this is,the best film in the original trilogy as,something of a pseudo sequel that,essentially remade the first movie,adding in a much more surreal element,slapstick comedy and also expanding the,lore along with creating some of the,most iconic film lines of all time,i mean theres lines in this film along,with the sequel army of darkness that,are not only iconic as far as movies go,but also iconic in the land of video,games good bad,im the guy with the gun i mean go play,duke nukem 3d or blood and youll hear,ashs dialogue repeated verbatim hail to,the king baby,baby,yo she [ __ ],lets go hey she [ __ ] lets go plus it,also helped to establish the popularity,of the double-barreled shotgun or the,boomstick this,is my boomstick theres a badass weapon,that gets it done which i think also,kind of helped to popularize it in first,person shooters,not to mention the chainsaw,and that scene of ash attaching this,thing to his right hand is arguably one,of the most badass scenes in any movie,ever made now i know theres a tv series,based off the franchise and about a,bazillion comic books and spin-offs and,everything else theyve made but to me,its the original trilogy that really,matters you got that,and although it aint the most popular,series of all time it was enough to,spurn out a few video games based off it,the main ones i want to take a look at,being hail to the king on the,playstation 1 and then fistful of,boomstick and regeneration on the xbox,also seeing as theres gonna be a new,evil dead game coming out in a couple of,months i thought itd be kind of fun to,go back and take a look at these just to,get a bit of perspective although these,three games have different takes on the,premise there is one thing that does,link them all together and thats that,theyve all got pretty average if not,low aggregate review scores now i know,that review scores dont really mean all,that much i mean unless youre a ps5 or,an xbox fanboy in which case the,difference between a game getting 89 or,91 on metacritic can be potentially,world ending,but its always kind of interesting to,me to check out these older more weakly,reviewed games just to see what it was,that made them so poorly received at the,time so who wants some whos next huh,how about it well if thats how you want,it,come get some now before i get too far,into things i do want to mention too,that this video is sponsored by steel,series these guys make really good,keyboards gaming mice gaming pads and,headsets right now im using the apex 7,keyboard ive got the rival 5 mouse not,to mention their huge ass led prism,cloth and im pretty stoked to be able,to offer a discount on all of these,products along with everything else in,their catalog to get that discounts,really easy just use the promo code gman,at checkout and youll get 12 off your,next order which is you know 12 more,than youd save otherwise so head on,over to steelseries.com to get started,and yeah enjoy the rest of the video now,the first game were going to take a,look at is evil dead hail to the king,developed by heavy iron studios for the,sega dreamcast microsoft windows and the,playstation 1 which is what i ended up,playing and capturing the game on this,is the one that has the lowest review,score out of all these main three and,after having played all of them i do,have to say that i think that score is,pretty accurate in fact if im being,honest i almost kind of want to say that,five points i think is too generous,the game starts off with ash and fellow,smart employee and new girlfriend jenny,returning to that fateful cabin in the,woods as a means of ash getting some,form of closure for all those traumatic,events that he went through but honestly,has there ever been any recorded,incidents of a fictional character in a,horror game trying to get closure over,past events that hasnt ended in,disaster,mary,could you really be in this town,yeah didnt think so anyway it takes all,the five seconds of them being there,before ashs possessed severed hand,shows up again plays that old recording,reciting the necronomicon which brings,the deadlights back into the world yet,again the evil shows up along with bad,ash kidnapping jenny and taken off into,the forest yeah awesome,jenny initially your goal is to just,find five scattered pages of the,necronomicon and then give them to some,kind of weirdo whos hiding out in the,nearby church all five of them youve,got a few key areas to explore here all,spread out around the cabin theres a,scout camp nearby up hillbillys house,plus all these winding parts of the,forest which are just outright mazes and,thats for starters because after youve,done all that it goes all army of,darkness and ash gets transported back,in time to 9th century arabia even,meaning the guy responsible for writing,the book of the dead in the first place,okay now lets get one thing straight,spin its chin,i still dont like this whole i wrote,the book of the dead thing at first,though i gotta say things start off,pretty good groovy a lot of the,environment seem to be really faithful,to the second movie from the layout of,the cabin the work shed out the back,even through to the corpse of linda,being buried at the front yard i mean,she even comes back to life to attack,you at one point although ash is a mess,of blurry pixels and polygons they sure,nailed the look of his outfit his hair,plus his trademark chainsaw on just kind,of a shame that the cgi model in the,cinematics looks absolutely nothing like,bruce campbell theres some real,resident evil vibes early on here too,like running away from these floating,skull things its kind of like the crows,from the spencer mansion plus theres an,underground cave complex ending in a,boss fight similar to fighting the black,tiger in resident evil only this time,its a possessed scout leader who needs,to be killed by dropping rocks on his,head,youve got inventory management even,having to shuffle items through a,universally accessible chest and,crafting your own health chainsaw fuel,plus i really like the aesthetic for all,these pre-rendered backgrounds got the,dimly lit forest with eerie fog and the,usage of camera techniques like dutch,tilts for some of the fixed perspective,stuff gives the whole thing a pretty,stylized look also having bruce campbell,doing all the voice work just makes it,feel that much more authentic thanks but,no thanks joe boy my scouting days are,over in fact at any time with the press,of a button you can let him bust out one,of his scathing one-liners come get some,sadly though its not gonna take too,long to see that this thing is just a,pretty big pile of [ __ ] and thatll,happen almost as soon as you encounter,your first enemy because although hail,to the king looks and feels like a,survival horror game with tank controls,and limited resources it really doesnt,play like one and thats mainly because,of the style of the combat and the,behavior of all these enemies the thing,is youre in combat almost constantly,especially early on and on top of that,enemies do not seem to stop spawning in,compared to other survival horror games,where the enemies are often preset and,just roam in a single area the enemies,inhale to the king seem to mostly appear,at random and as soon as you kill


what does this game look like [ __ ] in my,obs lets raise your graphics back up,after all the [ __ ] no the [ __ ],my game crashed like six times in a row,in the tutorial oh fun,im here,so many issues yeah thats why i called,myself that because i had so many issues,buying a game on epic its just a,[ __ ] nightmare every time,all right that needs to be working hello,great excellent everythings great good,good,good,i love it good great,you okay man,for you,great excellent,oh im happy for you,yeah im excited look just cause i was a,little late to the recording doesnt,mean that you guys have to have an,attitude about everything its not from,you returning it was the gradual falling,apart during the attempts at the,tutorial that killed them,yeah we made several inside jokes as,well youll hear them,youre not inside of them,everybody good lets replace some uh,friday the evil dead yeah whats,interesting and i did the tutorial i,still dont know exactly what were,supposed to do all right so we load in,and in the top right corner it gives us,a clue as to where a map fragment is we,need to go to that area collect the map,fragment we do that three times,then once we have the full map it will,tell us where the book and the dagger,are we have to go get those go find the,cultist dudes hold ctrl walk in a circle,as they die and then were done you mean,the necronomicon,yeah the west side comic book lets get,it,comic-con,is that one of those inside jokes that,was a good one shawn is suspiciously,dead silent,thats probably good,yeah well i pressed find match im sure,that can only end well the game has been,cancelled by a player from youtube oh,wait no,were missing someone yeah,oh wow im sure he just needs a few,minutes maybe for a phone call i mean he,just made a funny intro and started,laughing and knocked a water bottle over,and just had a mark moment where he was,just like oh no,god man youre a really tiny backup,keyboard youre burning me too good man,stop burning me so hard wheres my burn,song,burn song,look see and play the burn song,im im here,hey,we theorized what happened to you we,have a lot of good theories,okay hit me with him bob what was yours,uh you did what mark likes to do and and,you were so funny you made yourself,laugh you knocked a drink over on your,desk and like water damaged your,computer or your goxillar or something,no im not funny enough im not funny,enough for that our other theory was,that your shipment of graphics card came,in your your sweet 40 20 tis and you,just started slamming them into your,computer and had to overclock them right,then and there,no they come in next week oh okay,i theorized that you fixed your game,crashing but by that you caused your,life to crash,kind of thats kind of the closest one,we have a winner,oh thats the reason im the smartest of,the three people,at all yeah well look internet here,[ __ ] sucks so to get fast internet,you need to get a business line,dedicated to your house which has to,have like a dish on your like chimney,that points at another building,so its really quick theres no lag,whatever but if the weather gets bad you,lose line of sight and then everything,goes wrong and theres like a [ __ ],weather werent you saying earlier,theres thunder yeah theres like a,monsoon happening right now oh good i,went out and my cats like running,everywhere because the rain is so heavy,[Laughter],we have other internet thats like fiber,in the ground but its not as fast but,it works for this well im going to,invite you and ironically your name is,so many issues and its weird because,youve had zero during this attempt,today,for a reason dont you love how i was,like hey guys were gonna play a game,yeah,all right lets try and play a video,game right evil dead the game versus ai,take one first attempt at this,dont patronize me guys,its been on set for a few days he just,goes so,i have im a method actor take wow what,the hell does that mean it means hes an,[ __ ],[Laughter],do you want to be the annie nobi squad,can we do this,the annie squad,i kind of like the annie nobis,somebodys not in sync wait didnt think,oh wait a way method,out from the other annies,okay we all pick a different character,and then go back to annie okay i see,what you mean,one two three,yeah,thatll make it like believable oh its,nice oh its oh its nice,like a dance troupe now its like,synchronized swimming thats fun all,right im ready is this the point of,this game,yeah this is it,how do you ready wait what are you a,wizard you click on your uh your your,didnt you do the tutorial uh yeah it,didnt involve readying up yes it did,yeah im flattered oh,no,stop the recording,this lets play is over,who got the nobi who who ended up being,nobi i think its bob no i got the i got,the first guy oh god,oh my god,did you guys see the same thing i saw,[Laughter],okay how do i play this game where do i,go by the way,theres a whole mini map theres a mini,oh theres a may or may not be covered,by our faces depending on where you want,to squeeze you in uh lixie and make sure,its as covered as possible,what is this oh i hear a demon guys i,have like an altar next to me but its,not magic or anything its just rocks,all right cool uh top right it shows us,where the first map pieces that we need,to collect,and if you notice the bottom middle it,shows the current level of the demons,were facing the current level,yeah they level up so they get tougher,okay its north of here got it,guys im getting when i hear one,oh my god oh youre a caller hello whoa,hey thats me,hey you werent youre mumble mummy,i have so much fear that im screaming,right now my character is screaming,why why are you afraid probably because,youre crashing into everything no,the mark is behind us we lost it left it,the big circle oh sweet lord,got him,next to like a flaming barrel or,something like that here we go fire,there it is there it is get it,get out let me know,every ah stevens leveled up to two guys,just wanna let you know oh hell yeah oh,hes right here,wait,and i gotta i gotta move the car out of,the way,all right so whenever youre near a,building where the map piece is youll,see like a red exclamation point show up,god is this slamming in the okay he got,him yeah its fine my fear is really not,going away you good its not you guys i,thought if you wear this red vest oh you,you back you good yeah im fine why are,these guys fighting oh youre oh thats,you what is the car what is happening,youre all right man,[ __ ] is teleporting everywhere what is,going on its fine got him,its not the same people but it made you,and me the same dude were different,versions from different movies,i hate that its fine im closer to the,original youre old and busted,i feel like a fake arm going on,i keep hearing like lots of rumbling and,[ __ ] and lots of growling,but theres a crossbow in here is one of,you guys like a crossbow dude uh no,theres a chainsaw in here maybe you can,use chainsaws chains love you ash people,maybe,what can i and cant use whoa whoa,you okay,you guys sorry theres a lot of dudes in,here,well kill them saw gun i picked up a saw,gun,i dont know what that means i dont,either well im about to find out that,theres a hatchet over here oh hey,looks pretty good,you want to follow me theres a chest,out here you get some pink drink to,upgrade your stuff i gotta,just run past one,[Music],i dont know whats happening,theres so many marks what theres so,many mes,whoa,theres demons coming out of portal,holes guys i found piece of map nice,word,bob nice bob nice works the best of us,the best of us,well i am i dont know whos who,i dont either oh theres a guy one is,theres a guy next to me is,yes yeah im here with ash holding,pistol,oh im ash holding pistol thats nice,over here holding it down,oh that dont sound good oh yeah oh yeah,okay so bob is ash with actually saved,your life thank you get down maam,theres a lot of like gurgley horribly,ash with shotgun uh that would be me all,right enough a shotgun,whoa,whoa

Evil Dead The Game Review – Is it Worthabuy?

evil dead the game is it worth by is it,is it lets read the words the words,on the epic game store,step into the shoes of ash williams or,his friends from the iconic evil dead,franchise and work together in a game,loaded with over-the-top co-op and pvp,multi-clear action clears a team of four,survivors exploring looting managing,your fear and finding key items to seal,the breach between the worlds of a game,inspired by all three evil dead films as,well as the stars original ashvi evil,dead television series,first up guys well have a look at the,graphical options for the game theres,hardly any just a little smattering,there of things that you can twiddle and,tweak the game did run run okay for me,on me 2080 i didnt have any real,problems it its not so much how it runs,its just it feels very very clunky this,game its a third person game which i,dont like anyway on on and when its,this type of game in third person,because you dont get that feel of,accuracy when youre doing things and,theres no fov slider at all and,that causes problems because sometimes,especially in houses you cant see,anything going up the stairs its just,awful that you can just see the back of,your character well you can see more,than the character but your,your character zooms in you know so you,you cant see a lot of whats going on,um but the reason that its third person,in my opinion is purely for the,cosmetics um i believe that will be,microtransactions shortly where you can,buy cosmetics um theres already so,for dlcs,and pre-orders so its yeah its its,just a shame really it could have been,better it could have been way better the,game itself is one of these is symmetric,horror games where you have four,survivors versus one uh monster and in,this game its a demon from the evil,dead its it plays different to other,games like this where normally in in,these type of games the the guy whos,the monster is a physical,thing that you can um,see and uh run away from an attack in in,some games in this its a bit different,because the the demon is invisible its,a spirit and it runs flying well or,hovers or flies floats whatever in the,movie it was done on a bike if you,remember this strapped the camera to a,to the handlebars of a bike when they,were riding through the house and that,was brilliantly done but anyway i,digress the demon in this its a spirit,and you set traps and you spawn monsters,rather than actually become this,physical thing yourself you can possess,uh monsters in the game and players for,that matter if the fear factors high,enough which ill come to in a second,and then you can start laying into them,with the very simplistic clunky melee,system um heavy attack light attack,dodge and the dodge is on a cooldown as,well which is yeah,as for the humans theres four of them,and theres different classes in the,game theres um support classes the,healing theres hunters which are sort,of ranged classes they do more damage,rain than range then theres melee,classes which do more damage and have,more hit points uh by hitting people,with hammers swords anything you can,grab your hands on in this game and the,thing is,what i do like about it is theres um,like a perk tree its its a temporary,perk tree thats only for that specific,game youre in what happens is you have,to kind of loot around the place to find,your weapons and your different items,that you can find in the game but,theres chests and in the chests you can,find these um,little bottles pink bottles which give,you perk points and you can spend these,perk points in the game to give yourself,more health more resistance to fear,better hitting with melee and ranged and,things like that after the game its all,wiped out and you start again there is a,perk tree that runs concurrent through,all the games,for your characters really as you level,up the characters which brings into,question how good the matchmaking is um,i played a game last night as the is the,monster and the four people and ive,never really played the monster much so,i was like level one and the guys i was,playing against were just,so much more advanced than i was so the,the ma i think this i dont think,theres a lot of people playing it so i,think the matchmakings a bit,screwed but anyway the humans the human,players they have to do three stages of,the game really the first stage is to,find three pages of the book the second,stage is to go and activate the book and,the third stage is to get the dagger and,kill these hooded things im not versed,up fully in the evil dead um ive only,really watched the first two and that,that was kind of it for me but these,three distinct stages that you have to,do,are timed and that adds a bit of,excitement to the game but also you have,to kind of do a little bit of,exploration because you need better,weapons you need to find the the um,better loot thats all graded like rpg,style blue purples and and things like,that you know and as you go around the,map youll bump into different enemies,thats just npcs just you know uh going,around theyll attack you on site,theres nothing to shout home about,about their ai they just run straight at,you and hit you with with weapons that,theyve got or whatever but theres,houses gas stations and things sputtered,around the map but the map is mainly,forest its mainly just like a wooden,area with wooded area with a few little,roads a couple of major roads and a few,country roads theres cars around that,you can um get into,looking for loot really thats what,youre doing but youve got to keep an,eye on the timer and the the player,whos playing the demon his job is to,slow you right down obviously get as,much damage going get you wounded so you,have to keep healing get you scared by,putting down little traps like fear,traps to get your scare meter up so we,can possess you and start smacking you,around um or take control of a car,possess a car and run is over theres a,lot of things you can do and if you get,too scared in the game like if your fee,goes up you can light a fire if youve,got matches that is thats why you need,to um explore because you need to find,stuff like matches and weapons and,things so theres a little bit of,variety but its not a lot guys and,to be quite frankly i found the whole,game,really repetitive and boring after even,two hours youre just doing exactly the,same that youre just running around a,very lackluster map its just all trees,and [ __ ] with a couple of buildings here,and there and,smacking skeletons and these random,monsters and then the player daemon will,get close to you and hell start,spawning his portals which is full of,the same kind of stuff and you just keep,smacking them around healing yourself,lightning little fires looking in houses,for stuff getting stuck with third,person freaking camera and driving a car,with the worst steering ever and the,physics is even worse its actually,laughable when you when youre driving,through the woods in the car its just,laughable um,and you know,when you put that with the,horrible third-person view as well its,just its not good and even when youre,playing as the the the damon um,that got boring that got boring you,spend the first bit of the of the game,just trying to find them just running,around the map like a dick looking for,them and if you if you dont find them,for a while and that can seriously screw,up because you have to level that guy up,in the game so you can get to the really,good [ __ ] and you do that by collecting,these red things to get you,your energy up so you can then start,casting stuff and then that as you cast,stuff youll start and level up as you,do damage to them and i found it,boring even playing it with like,a private match with friends it it just,wasnt,it wasnt great i found the game boring,and thats a shame because um i thought,it would have been decent this game but,it just isnt its 31 pound um you can,get it cheaper i think i got mine for 24,off greenman gaming because i was using,the xp thing so you can get it a

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