1. Mitsubishi Evo 8 Review | Top Gear
  2. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Was the End of the Evo
  3. 2023 Tata Tiago EV Review | Driving impression, real world range, interiors and features | evo India
  4. The Best EVO in Indonesia
  5. 550HP Mitsubishi Evo Review! A Fast and Furious Dream
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Mitsubishi Evo 8 Review | Top Gear

over the years subaru and mitsubishi,have been locked in combat trying to out,perform out handling out horsepower each,other with their road-going rally cars,and the other thing is every time they,launch a new model they try and outdo,each other with the quantity of letters,and numbers after the cars names so,these are the two new models this is the,subaru impreza sti wrx,wr1,this is the mitsubishi lancer evolution,8,mr,fq 3,20. now we could have just done an,ordinary road test on these cars but to,be honest thats not the point what,really matters between these two is,which one is the fastest and theres,only one solution to that its called,the stig,right the evo launches clearly off the,line i was a bit worried that the weight,of all that badging might slow it down,but it seems pretty good so far,hard breaking into chicago lots of tire,squeal,but its very tidy i would come down of,course towards the real test shortly,hammerhead,well see what happens with four-wheel,drive and a clever active your control,differential is a bit of understeer,there so can it pick up the pace when we,get to the follow-through lets see oh,thats much better,oh look at that two corners to go,almost off the grass there stink thinks,hes actually in a rally siding into,gambon,and across the line in are you ready yes,go on one minute,26 exactly,which is thats nearly as quick as the,lamborghini guyardo i know that is,thats a very very very quick it is,wheres the old one going down here look,so its about two its nearly three,seconds faster than the old one and,theres the old impreza one,i mean that is a very fast car very fast,which means the pressure really is on,the subaru lets see how it does,so the subaru really is up against it,smoking off the line up to the first,corner and theres understeer there,thats not a good start,chicago now and more understeer,right now the real test through the,hammerhead oh my word that is awful,the imprets are already four horsepower,down on the evo so its gonna out handle,it to beat its time oh good through the,follow-through maybe oh look at that,maybe it can pull something out of the,bag,much better in the penultimate corner,theyre more understeering gambon and,across the line,ive never heard so much tyre squeal,from any car out there i know it was,astonishing wasnt it im not expecting,the first time no well it is one minute,twenty,nine point four nine nine so its only a,bit faster than the old one yes it was,130 being removed and its actually,slower than the old evo 8 fqb,300 yeah so there we are i think the,stig actually got up one of his rare,utterances he said that the subaru was a,good boys car but that the mitsubishi is,a mans car see there we go another,question answered now we know this is,the faster car therefore the mitsubishi,is the better car

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Was the End of the Evo

this,is a 2014,mitsubishi lancer evolution 10. and it,is a really impressive japanese sports,sedan and i mean really impressive the,evo as its called came out almost 30,years ago as a high-performance rally,inspired mitsubishi rival to the subaru,impreza wrx sti and it gained a loyal,group of devoted followers until it was,canceled after the 2015,model year today im going to review,this,evo before i get started be sure to,check out cars and bids which is my new,online enthusiast car auction website,for modern enthusiast cars if youre,looking to sell a cool car from the,1980s and up cars and bids is the place,for cool cars from the modern era and if,youre looking to buy a cool car from,the modern era we have amazing daily,auctions running at all times right now,theres this and this and this and this,all being auctioned live on cars and,bids so check it out carsandbids.com,so lets talk lancer evolution or evo as,pretty much everyone calls it the evo,first came out in the early 1990s it was,the high performance version of the kind,of crappy basic cheap mitsubishi lancer,economy car which was sold here in north,america as the mitsubishi mirage,initially it was called the evolution,because it was the high performance,evolution of the lancer and then as they,tweaked it over the years it became the,evolution ii the evolution iii whatever,mitsubishi finally brought the evo to,the united states for the 2003 model,year and by then it was the evo 8 with,270 horsepower but even that kept,evolving for the 2008 model year,mitsubishi came out with this the evo 10,which turned out to be the final,evolution its powered by a 2-liter,turbo 4-cylinder with 290 horsepower and,300 pound-feet of torque linked to,all-wheel drive now you could choose,between a manual or a dual clutch,automatic transmission in the evo 10 but,to me the manual really better suited,this cars character this evo is a 2014,model so the second to last year of,production and its a gsr model which,was the base version with the manual,transmission the evo mr was more,expensive and it got you the sports,suspension and bbs wheels but it also,meant you were stuck with the dual,clutch automatic transmission this is,the one you want with the manual and,this evo is especially unusual because,it is stuck,unmodified every single evo on the,planet has been modified,except for this one and today im going,to take you on a tour of this clean,unmodified lancer evolution one of the,last evos made before mitsubishi,cancelled this car because it didnt,really fit in with their product,portfolio making a shift toward,crossovers and suvs first im going to,show you all of the interesting quirks,and features of the evo 10 then im,gonna get it out on the road and drive,it and then ill give it a dug score,all right im going to start the quirks,and features of the evo 10 with getting,inside and that means starting with the,key which as you can see looks just like,a regular mitsubishi key nothing,interesting nothing special here for the,evo its just the same key youd get in,other mitsubishi models and in fact,thats a bit of a theme with this car,the same thing you get with other,mitsubishi models for instance exterior,badging you see this lancer evo badge on,the trunk clearly telling you what,youre driving yeah thats the only,lancer evolution badge anywhere on the,exterior of the car it doesnt say evo,evolution anything,anywhere else not on the fenders not on,the hood the sides,anywhere you just have mitsubishi badges,just like normal they didnt even bother,to put an evo badge in the usual places,youd expect like for example the door,sills,theyre just blank doesnt say anything,to reveal your evo status and its even,crazier when you get inside you can see,the floor mats say lancer evolution on,them and,thats it the only place this car has an,evo badge on the inside is the floor,mats which of course youre not even,gonna see because youre stepping on,them thats all there are only two evo,badges on this entire car a little one,on the trunk lid and the front floor,mats and thats it they really didnt,shove in your face the fact that this is,the evo the special performance model,like so many other performance models do,this car clearly comes from a different,era of thought with that kind of thing,where you dont spend money on badging,and showing off you just put it all,under the hood and then you look around,the rest of the interior and you can see,that philosophy carried through,to everything because in this interior,it really doesnt look like a special,performance car,at all everything looks like what youd,expect from the standard lancer compact,car for instance in the center you have,three switches two of them are blank,even though this is the evo the highest,version of this car the climate controls,are exactly out of a lancer the buttons,above those are exactly out of a lancer,the steering wheel im not sure if this,is the lancer steering wheel but its,not alcantara wrapped or thickly,bolstered or anything like that it just,looks like a fairly standard mitsubishi,steering wheel its not really all that,special and that truth is carried all,throughout this interior look at the,door panel just cheap plastic exactly,like youd expect from the 18 000 base,model lancer economy car here it is on,the evo the special one for enthusiasts,but you still get the cheap plastic they,just didnt bother to upgrade it maybe,my favorite is the center screen the,infotainment system this is a rockford,fosgate system but its not actually an,infotainment system its just the radio,and it really looks like an aftermarket,modification to this car but it is in,fact the factory radio even though it,looks like the kind of thing a tuner kid,might install again it just looks cheap,and not all that nice not fitting what,youd expect from the lancer evolution,and you can keep digging into this,further you go into the glove box you,pull out the owners manual pouch and,you can see that the warranty book is,shared between the evolution and the,lancer rally art which is just an,improved version of the base car nowhere,near as high performance as the evo but,they shared those things because,ultimately at its core this car is a,lancer and it certainly reminds you of,that to me though probably the craziest,carryover from an economy car,is the transmission this car has a,manual transmission like youd expect,from enthusiast vehicle but its a 5,speed manual like youd expect from an,economy car,in the early 2000s this had to have been,the last performance car to not have a,six-speed manual but indeed it doesnt,you only get five gears in the evo,through the 2015,model year pretty insane with that said,there is some performance stuff in this,car like for example the only non-blank,switch in the center says awc,which stands for all wheel control as,described by mitsubishi the all-wheel,control is a four-wheel dynamic control,philosophy for maximally exploiting the,capability of all four tires of a,vehicle in a balanced manner to realize,predictable handling and high marginal,performance,more ridiculous over wordy pr speak i,have never heard in my life basically,what it means is you can press this,button and switch between tarmac gravel,and snow you can see the center screen,actually change to those different,driving types and it will adjust the,all-wheel drive system to optimize your,driving for those different types of,road and another performancy feature,over to the left of the steering wheel,you have a button there that will turn,off the traction control press and it,goes off a lot of cars have that but in,this case it goes further if you hold it,down it will turn off the ayc system you,can see this warning in the dashboard,thats the active yaw control which kind,of keeps you in place when its going,around to turn but you can defeat it if,you feel like you know better than the,computer which is a nice performance car,touch also in the vicinity of that,traction control off bu

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2023 Tata Tiago EV Review | Driving impression, real world range, interiors and features | evo India

foreign,take their expertise in building,electric cars in the other hand put them,both together and this is what you get,this is the Tata Thiago EV and it is,significant because it is Affordable the,Tiago EV prices start at rupees 8.5,lakhs X showroom and it is the first,electric car to break under the rupees,10 lakh barrier in India it is the most,affordable electric car in India and,that opens it up to a whole new audience,welcome to Evo India and Welcome to our,first drive review of this car were,going to be telling you everything you,need to know about it styling Interiors,what its like to drive what the real,world range is so stick around before we,go ahead make sure you like this video,subscribe to the Evo India Channel and,leave a comment down below would you,like the Thiago Evie in your garage,[Music],foreign,[Music],things first lets talk about the,styling of the Thiago EV and how its,different from a standard Thiago first,things first youve got this blue line,which runs across the width of the car,thats a defining feature on tatas,electric cars the Thiago gets it too now,theres no Grill because this doesnt,need as much cooling as an ice car so,youve got this blacked out panel over,here its got a glossy finish with the,EV symbol over here below that youve,got changes to the bumper the tri Arrow,design that Tata uses so liberally,across its cars its neatly integrated,into the bumper down below I actually,like how the Thiago EV looks it looks,very similar to the regular Tiago but,still distinct in its own way now when,you come around to the side youve got,14 inch wheels theres a different wheel,design over here and the wheels are,blacked out and I think that looks,really cool youve also got the EV badge,on the flank and the wheelbase it is,2400 mm its exactly the same as the,regular Thiago and when you come around,to the rear just like the front not too,much is different here it looks very,familiar it looks just like the Tiago,but youve got Thiago EV badging on the,back something else that is new is this,paint youve got a couple of exclusive,paint colors for the Thiago EV and I,think this light blue looks really good,[Music],run through the interiors and what the,changes here are as well just like the,outside youve got blue accents on the,Interiors as well around the air vents,they look pretty cool in front of me,Ive got a digital instrument cluster,its fully digital and its not the,easiest to read at first but once you,get used to it you realize where things,are laid out and it becomes a lot easier,I found it a little tricky in the,morning but now Im okay with it on the,left hand side youve got a dial for,your drive and your region on the right,hand side youve got a indicator for,your battery charge and youve got all,sorts of information in here youve got,your range youve got your efficiency,the trip meter your odometer Speedo all,sorts of stuff the steering wheel not,too much has changed there on the center,console youve got this touchscreen,infotainment system it gets wired Apple,carplay and Android auto the touch is,not as sensitive as I would have liked,but otherwise no real complaints there,youve got a rotary gear selector that,is new and with this you can select,reverse new drive or you can change the,drive mode into sport that is done,through this gear selector as well on,the dashboard youve also got your,buttons for your regen settings so this,car has four Regional settings and these,two buttons here on the dash are what,allow you to control them youve got,automatic AC thats across the range and,you also got connected car features as,standard across the range so the Tiago,EV is not just a bone bare basic spec,car this is a small car but Tata Motors,has tried to fill in a fair bit of Kit,so youve got leatherette seats youve,got cruise control youve got Auto,headlamps youve got Auto wipers youve,also got a TPMS system and that makes,this car much easier to live with so if,youre somebody whos using the Thiago,EV as a second car in your garage and,you youre used to bigger cars the,Thiago EV suddenly doesnt feel like a,compromise anymore these small features,they really uplift the Driving,Experience a fair bit,foreign,[Music],theres honestly not too much space here,youve got about an inch of knee room,Im 510 driver seat is in my position,and yeah its about an inch of knee room,not too much Headroom is generous though,theres a fair bit of Headroom fairly,comfortable over here theres no sunroof,though and thats just something youre,gonna have to live with its the nature,of cars in this class what I like is,that this seat is mounted fairly high up,so I cant tuck my feet underneath this,seat that makes me feel like I can,stretch out a little bit more but the,spacing here is cramped even for three,people it will be cramped its best for,two people and best for shorter people,[Music],okay before we get into the driving one,last thing lets talk about the boot,space the Thiago EV gets an electrically,operated boot so you press that button,this opens up youve got 240 liters of,storage something thats interesting to,load underneath the boot flow there is,no spare wheel you do get a small,crevice which you can store additional,things in but there is no spare instead,you get a puncture repair kit now in,terms of the amount of stuff you can fit,in here first youve got this this is,the bag which carries the charger youre,probably gonna carry this everywhere you,go that goes in the corner there and,this is rohits camera bag and lets,just see how much,space the steaks up over here,you know so you can probably fit two of,these so you can fit one large suitcase,and a small duffel bag alongside it its,enough room for just being practical but,its not a very large pool,[Music],okay first things first there are two,possible battery configurations you can,get your Thiago EV with one is 19.2,kilowatt hours second is 24 kilowatt,hours the latter that is the long range,variant and that is what were driving,today now a 24 kilowatt hour battery,pack that is slightly smaller than the,battery pack in the tigor EV so these,are not identical EV and the Thiago EV,and theres a couple of reasons for that,firstly the Thiago EV is a little,smaller it does not have that boot that,sticks out like the Tigger Evie so in,terms of packaging theyve had to,package it a little differently youve,got to keep a little bit of room in the,rear there has to be enough space for a,crush Zone before the battery starts,just to protect the battery in case of,an accident and thats one of the,reasons why theres a smaller battery,pack but more critically I think the,reason theres a smaller battery pack is,the price and part of that aggressive,pricing is thanks to the fact that it,has a slightly smaller battery the motor,that is not identical to the tigor EVS,as well first of all lets talk outputs,youve got 74 BHP and 114 NM of torque,but the way it delivers its stock the,way the reducer works thats one speed,transmission as we call it the way that,works that is a little different,compared to the tigor EV so its not,like the ice cars where youve got one,common drive train between the two cars,and its shared here the Thiago EV has,its own heart the electrical platform,the battery in the motor they are their,own thing when compared to the tigor,Evie they are different and that means,it drives a little differently right now,in terms of the way it drives lets,first talk performance this being an,electric car it does genuinely have,sprightly performance off the line it,does feel quick it does feel responsive,youve got all of that talk right from,the get-go so it does feel reasonably,quick,Tata Motors claims is 0 to 60 time in,5.7 seconds now I honestly dont know if,thats a very good time or a bad time,because we generally dont test cars up,to 60 kilometers now we test them up to,100 kilometers an hour but in terms of,the way it feels it does feel quick so,you step on it,and it does pick up speed,enthusi

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The Best EVO in Indonesia

Hello all Welcome to Garasi Drift,3 years ago we posted this photo on our Instagram,and now, finally, we have found the best Evo,the Evo 8 Time Attack,first, thank you very much to the owner of this car for allowing us to review the car,and this time we review it a little bit differently, we usually in the garage,now we are in Aesthetic Garage, so theres a fresh and new background,and this is the Lancer Evo 8 MR,which has been modified become a Time Attack car,starting from the body kit, interior, and even the engine,well see one by one from the body kit first,In my opinion, this front bumper is the coolest bumper to install on Evo,This is the Voltex bumper,but not just the bumper, the lips, and the splitter also uses the carbon Voltex,so if we look at this, there are actually several pieces,the bumper itself, the carbon lips, then the carbon splitter,its also integrated with Voltex carbon canard as well,and this is really cool, this makes it like the Grid Life Time Attack and Tsukuba Time Attack cars,it has fins on the splitter so I think the car is really cool,and if we look at the front bumper, theres a difference with the Evo 8 stock bumper,theres a triangle part in the grill for the stock bumper,but this Voltex is like Evo 9,its plain,but I like it, its really cool,and the Mitsubishi logo on the grill mesh,and if we look a bit down there is a hole,its so aggressive,what I really like is the size of the intercooler is fits perfectly with the existing holes in the bumper,so its like the composition is just right and certainly functional,the whole hole is really used for cooling the intercooler,for this part of the headlight, this is the stock EVO 8 MR headlight,Bimo used to have an Evo 8 GSR,the headlight was not as cool as this, thats some kind of chrome part,if this is really mated color so it looks really aggressive and very frightening,Then if we look at the top there is a very cool one,which is the Voltex engine hood,This Voltex engine hood has a lot of holes,This is not without purpose,the purpose is that most time attack cars aerodynamics are very calculated,So usually in the underneath is given a kind of plate that covers the engine,so there is no path for air to come out of the hood,so there are a lot of holes on the Voltexs hood,but also the whole from the front of this Voltex has been tested in a wind tunnel in Japan,so this is definitely maximum for the downforce and the aerodynamics to be used in the race track,then lets continue to the fender section,there is a little different in the fender because actually, this is a wide body,The only thing I like is that the wide body is very natural, its not too excessive,So it looks like its not a wide body at a glance,This fender brand is Do-Luck and this is actually full carbon,and its partially painted, but the carbon is left in a little,its same with the engine hood, full carbon, its painted but left in some carbon parts,continue to the side skirts,this side skirts have the extension with Rex Speed brand,this is carbon part as well,and on the side door here there are sticker parts used in this car,theres Voltex, Do-Luck, Volk, and Cosworth,what part is Cosworth? We will review it later,then continue to the rear fender,This rear fender is the same as the front fender,its a wide body which is very natural,this is also using Do-Luck brand,this is really aggressive,but thats cool, it doesnt look widebody, its like the curve of the Evos body is still maintained,and for the rear wide body is planted, so it does not use bolts anymore, it is putty so that its very neat,its like on my S15, but the difference is it reaches the back door,on S15 there is no back door,continue to the rear, this is the Voltex Type 5 wing,and what I like is that its adjustable, so this is pretty much adjustable from the wing itself,and theres an additional plate for adjusting angle of the wing,so this can be adjusted as needed,and on the roof spoiler, there is a shark fin, this is quite popular among Evo,its really cool, a carbon part also,its like on the front, the taillights are black matte,the inside part is really cool,It is true that MR is really different,This is like the Evo 9,then the rear bumper is stock,but there is an additional diffuser from Rex Speed,this is really cool its from the side to the middle, and there is also to that side,so its like a single unit that makes the bumper become aggressive,this muffler made from Titanium,the color is really cool,and the overall rear view, starting from the bumper and the wide body too,the diffuser and the exhaust make it look so aggressive,and what makes it even more frightening is the license plate,The license plate number is B STI LOL,please dont take personal for the STI owner This car is really cool,now lets continue to see the wheels,The wheels use white Volk Rays CE28 with red trim, which makes it really cool,the width is 9.5 and this is the ring 18 wheels,its wrapped with Advan Neova AD08 tires that make the composition really fits, so its really racing look,furthermore, its so integrated with the body kit,then behind it, there is the Cosworth big brake kit,and if you look, the rotor looks like its reversed,its just like Zikos car,yesterday there are many comments, it seemed that the rotor was reversed in Zikos car,its actually not, this is the right one,so there is a fan like inside,and that should be facing forward, not the slot that facing forward,the slot can face just anywhere,behind it again that we cant see, there is an MCA coilover and a Whiteline adjustable arm behind it,we usually lift the car, but we cant do that in the Aesthetic Garage,lets continue to the rear wheels,the rear wheels are the same as the front wheels,because for AWD cars, the width of the tires and wheels must be the same,what makes it different is the brakes,the front brake is 6 pot, but the rear brake is only 2 pot,because indeed the rear brake is not significant for a car that is destined for a race track,now lets continue to see the interiors,this is the interior of the Evo 8, this reminds me of the very first Bimos Evo 8, which I often borrow that car,for the interior, there have been a lot of things that have been replaced,This steering wheel uses Momo made from a suede material, its really comfortable to hold it,and especially in the electronics section,there are a lot of electronic parts that have been replaced like a turbo timer,then theres the HKS EVC boost controller,in my opinion, theres one part thats really cool, which is this gauge from Greddy Sirius,and there is a hologram on this,lets try to turn it on,this is really cool,because the boost meter is behind it,then we can adjust this front section, whether its water temp or something else according to our wishes,but its a hologram, so we can still see both gauges,for you who want this gauge, which is really cool, this hologram gauge or other parts from Greddy or HKS,you can find it on @hks.greddy.id Instagram account,There you can find all the parts you need,and this seat uses Bride Euro which the shape is really cool,and this is really good support too,but this is a reclining seat,its not a full bucket seat so it can still be adjusted,There is a roll bar for the rear made by XS automotive,and the rear is also stripped off, the seat has been removed,even we can see up to the trunk there is a strut bar and others behind,and finally the most special in the interior,there is a sequential gearbox,Lets test it, but the car has to start,this is neutral,zero,if we want to shift up the gear …,this is 1st gear ,2nd gear,3rd gear,4th gear,to shift to the neutral again, you have to press it,the sequential is like that,the sound is also really good,well see what the engine looks like,This is a 4G63 engine that already has been stroked up using a Cosworth stroker kit,Then the head also uses Cosworth part,for the head, it also uses cam from Tomei 280 degrees,the cam gear is also adjustable made by Tomei,for the turbo, this use

550HP Mitsubishi Evo Review! A Fast and Furious Dream

the car looks beautiful its wrapped,its crazy but its a little bit of a,bucket yeah,[Music],[Music],yes what are we in today crazy livery on,it,makes over 500 horsepower fp green turbo,yes thats kind of the nutshell,explanation but,youre probably wondering why am i,filming another,evo after all these years you guys seem,to love evos but this one,has one of the craziest stories i have,ever heard and thats why im bringing,hunter along and who do you work for,hundreds so everybody wears,s3 magazine so it stands for speed style,sound is a prince,and digital now automotive magazine one,of the last prints yeah,the last prince because we do youtube,and stuff as well,but yeah we are primarily a print,automotive magazine,turning radius on an evo is so terrible,its like,half a crescent moon 4g63,was supposed to be fully built supposed,to be yeah thats why you see like manly,and super tech on it,and stuff the audience is probably,wondering what what does he mean,supposed to be so in the end this was,a sponsored car in a nutshell,for a video series yes and can you tell,us the backstory of why this car has,this,very bananas-looking livery on it and,also,just everything else that comes with it,all the brands on it etc,okay so im gonna try to make this as,simple as possible,but okay basically so were asking,magazine like i said,this was not s3 magazines car sure you,may have heard of a,a small magazine called super street no,big deal,probably the most popular import tuner,magazine of all time um this was,actually,their car how did we get it,basically theres a company called,motovisity distribution,uh theyre an automotive aftermarket,distribution company based out of,detroit,or they were they reached out to us with,this idea,and the idea was for us to build,a car um and drive it across the country,and race it at events that they hosted,to just show the importance of putting,your race car,on the street and just driving it and,having a fun time in here right so,basically,a pretty standard video series idea,pretty standard video series idea we got,contracted to build a new civic type bar,um so we built the type r and then last,minute before we left to drive from,atlanta to california,we got a phone call thats like hey,youre not the only one doing this,series,we are also bringing super street on,board and they are building an evo eight,right um so thats where this car kit,comes into play,fast forward we do the whole series at,the end of it,we have to sell the car both of us super,street and s3 magazine have to sell the,car,back to motovisity for a dollar one,dollar just to get the title,and all that good stuff one dollar where,from that point forward they sat,in moto vicitys showroom turn 14,acquires all of motovicitys assets,okay however both the type r and the evo,were not in motovcitys name,they were in the name of the owners of,motivicity,oh so like actual individuals right,rather than the corporations so they,acquired the facility,not the cars so it was this whole we,were in limbo because we were supposed,to do a season two of the series both,of us had to do 30 episode series,whatever you can see super streets on,the motor trend,on s3 because motor trend now owns super,shoes yeah motor trend old super street,um so were in limbo were like whats,going to happen to the cars you want the,cars because we,we drove that type r across the country,like harnesses and,all five times right five times,and so it ended up like whats gonna,happen to the cars,nobody knew we have to we have to get,our baby back of course we want yeah of,course,but like that would be the cherry on top,if we got the rivals car so fast,forward one day the ceo or the previous,ceo of what was motovicity,um calls the owner woolly of the,magazine,and says hey just found out about the,cars,and well sell them to you for a package,deal,and uh i dont know if im allowed to,say what we got the cars for but,basically she bought the type r,and got this evo 8 for free,sure it was super streets car thats,really neat right,thats a cool fun fact sure but then you,get it,and youre like show business is show,business,because the ecu is on the floorboard,why is it not tucked away yeah we have,this beautiful am dashboard,do you do you believe that it just was,one of those things where we just got to,get it done yeah,so when when the contracts it was in,talk for a long time,to have both of us build these cars but,when it came down to it,when like the money came through the,contract came through the sponsors came,through,we had two weeks to be at our first,event so it was in california yeah and,were in georgia neither yeah,neither one of us neither super street,nor s3,had bought our cars yet we had sponsored,parts showing up at our,door oh my god and you,so yeah so both of us are i think super,street ended up getting this car,later than we even got hours um so yeah,they were freaking out i mean upgraded,turbo injectors,fuel system wheels tires suspension the,whole shebang yeah like,everything basically two weeks so yeah,so here i can practically,hunt the ec you can literally grab it,with your hand right now yeah i could,i could honestly show you guys i,probably wouldnt get up here but he can,grab,it getting him off the trailer,evo,ah,dude its so good its mkws man,yeah kw suspension with two-way,adjustable yeah,id also like to add that the evo eights,freaking chrome taillights are a sin to,humanity,for the time theyre really cool i dont,hate them,i dont love them i dont yeah i just i,prefer the nines,yeah for sure thats fair thats fair,i had to get off the wall and,yeah so like you said its just show,business the car looks beautiful its,wrapped its crazy but,its a little bit of a bucket yeah you,know whats funny though i,i love this sparco wheel though i love,the sparkle seats the harnesses like,and the wrap is definitely not for,everyone but i will say though,do you know what clutch is in this it is,an exedy stage two because this,is the most lovely higher horsepower evo,clutch ive ever driven,usually its like a quarter master and,im doing this the whole time,the car shines on a ship in a showroom,in detroit,um they put them on a trailer,transported them to us here in,georgia with like no clue,what we were getting two last night we,just got them two last night,we had no idea what was done to the car,so i had to go through watch super,streets videos and,like write down the mods that,so i just have notes you did your,homework i had to do my homework for,this video to figure out what was even,done to the car,weve tried to just put some fuel,through them but other than that i mean,it still got from when we signed them,over,the passes to the event for npri yeah,from pri as well its funny because like,some aspects of the car are like,really buttoned up like the the bay is,like okay looks pretty oem but,the motor was never built i mean it was,supposed to be no so thats why you,have you have manly rods on the side of,the car and stuff like that but they,still made 500 horsepower so,yeah so when they when when a deal like,that goes down,for like a a company like they sold,sponsors to be on the car,right so like these companies paid to,put these parts on this specific car,um one of them being like manly and,super tech however like there was,supposed to be a season two,to the series but because motovisity,sold it never happened so you have manly,and super tech,on the car but no built right yeah no,now we have super streets car its,really funny the super street guys are,awesome we love them like its,definitely a friendly rival but,we kind of rubbed it in yeah we did a,reveal on our channel that was like,guess whats coming with us we just saw,a police officer and its,its funny like even if youre not doing,anything at a light you feel guilty,yeah like just youre just like dont,look at me please dont the car,just looks so crazy and i weve had like,we got pulled over the day we got them,of course you did we pulled them off the,trailer an

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition Review – The Best Evo?

if youre a rally fan of a certain age,itll always come down to a decision,between,two brands subaru or mitsubishi,a rivalry that was as fierce on the,roads as it was,on the rally tracks of the world now,ive driven a number of subarus and some,later evos but never something you might,call a classic,and they dont come any more special,than this the fabled,evo six tommy mackin in addition,[Music],so the tommy mackin in addition then,its one of,those cars isnt it like if youve got,to capri,people will say is it to brooklyns or,if youve got an impreza theyll say,this is the 22b,this is the one in evoland,this is the perfect car ive driven,two evos before both evo tens,and as much of a subaru fan as i am and,i am a big subaru fan,the evo is just the better driving car,the subarus definitely have the more,exciting and interesting engine,but its also far more fragile,everything else though about the evo,especially if youre a driver is far far,better ive just jumped out of a delta,integrale evo 2,a legendary rally car and the second in,my trio of road going rally specials,that im featuring this week,it has to be said that you dont really,need to spend very long behind the wheel,of the evo 6 to realize that it is a,far superior tool there might only be,a scant five years between this and the,integrale,but you have to remember that is spawn,of a platform that started life,at the end of the 1970s,so in many ways the evo is not so much,five years younger,more like 15 or 20,and it feels it,[Music],if youd like to know your numbers on,the tommy mackinnon,check those out now i didnt have,problems though,with researching the tommy mackinam you,see i know that you could get it in red,with all the decals on it and thats the,one that people always think of,you can obviously also get it in blue,but there were apparently also different,versions,the gsr or the mr or the rs,or the cvt or whatever i dont know,and a lot of people mention things you,get with the tommy mcadam for example,titanium wheels in the turbine lighter,inky wheels which this one,definitely does have nicer seats,but nobody could really tell me for sure,if every version,got everything and evos are one of those,cars where i think you really need to,know them intimately to be able to be,expert on them,so im not going to pretend that i know,them because i dont,what i can very happily tell you,is that this thing even off boost,even pottering along trying to get a a,bit of a gap ahead,at 40 miles an hour this thing is just,sensational the steering is,light but so direct absolutely amazing,theres some feedback through it too,this five-speed gearbox which in,evo land is the stronger one and brett,says its the six speeders the better,box eos its the five speed,this is really nice to use its short,its accurate,everything the integrales gearbox isnt,that front end just does what you want,to do this steering is,and its a cliche i know but ill put,the pound in the cliche box,this is telepathic steering oh,yes this car as you,wouldnt be surprised to hear from a,japanese car is,not standard it is actually a japanese,import as well,and its running im told around 305,horsepower so its not,that modified you can hear it give the,odd pop and,bang and itll go boom do all those,sorts of things,its got a mushroom filter up front some,hks bits,and its got an exhaust that im quite,confident is also,not standard however power delivery,is smooth is a linear really nice,the second evo 10 that i drove was,heavily modified running something like,600 horsepower and to be entirely honest,it was ruined it just wasnt,any fun whatsoever its not an enjoyable,car,this really is,and if youd like a chance to win your,very own tommy mackin in addition,evo 6 my good friends at botb have one,available to win,in fact it costs just one pound 70,for a chance to win one of these,beautiful rally cars,no not this exact one because this one,is bens and i suspect,hes gonna keep it and keep it he should,because it is rather good,and if you dont fancy any evo theyve,got over 180 cars to choose from,including other great modern classics,like a skyline gtr,impreza p1 and integrale evo 2 with the,guaranteed winner each,and every week tickets start from as low,as 85p,your first years insurance is already,paid for and you could win an extra,20 000 pounds cash in the boot entrance,must be 17 or over,good luck if you want to know more check,out botb.com,anyway back to the video,like the integrale this is another car,part of the collection owned by a lovely,chap called,ben and all hes asked for in return for,featuring his,many many cars is a shout out for his,instagram page,which you can see here and the link in,the description down below,thats it cheers ben youre legend,[Music],[Applause],the car pulls really very hard from,about three and a half thousand rpm,this isnt slow at all,and it pulls hard all the way to the,7000 rpm redline,torque seems to be quite flat it doesnt,drop off,it doesnt really rush to the red line,like an old naturally aspirated unit,might,but its effective there are quite a few,pops and bangs they have been,mapped in and although it wasnt mapped,in by the current owner,he hasnt tried to map them out either,he does enjoy them,turning circle is poor should you want,to use this car for daily duties,but happily theres quite a bit of room,in the back seat if youre not put a car,cover in there,and theres also quite a bit of room in,the boot too lets go through some more,twisties shall we and get a feel for how,the diffs and everything in here work,the evos have some magic in them some,crazy stuff theyve got ayc,all sorts of various systems but in all,fairness,the great thing about those is that you,dont really,certainly not at regular road speeds,feel their presence this is absolutely,not a car that you would call sort of,overly digital or helped or driven by a,computer not at all this is still,very raw very connected to the road very,much a drivers car,just as well because the suspension is,on the firm side i dont know whether,thats an evo six thing,tommy mackinnon thing or a jdm evo thing,i,i simply could not say its not,awful but it is maybe a little bit,harsher than i would like it to be,but then if the trade-off is this,beautiful turn-in,id live with it i really would,[Music],when you look down its not actually as,quick as you think,its really not a problem at all its,plenty,quick enough and ive got to say,i wasnt sure whether this car would be,as good as it is,in fact no i was certain this car wasnt,going to be,this good,after the disappointment of the,integrale,this is just magic and look heres the,thing this is the conclusion,to my rally car road special week i,couldnt blame,anybody for wanting an integrale,i still want one even though ive driven,it and i know that it really is,as disappointing as all of its owners,make out,but please please nobody try and tell me,that its,a great brilliant road car because,honestly truthfully this evo 6,knocks it into a cocked hat,it really does this is properly,electrifying,tommy mackin in addition its good,its really good thanks for watching,please like comment below subscribe if,you havent already,ill see you for the next one bye,[Music],so,[Music],you

Should You Buy a MITSUBISHI EVO VI? (Test Drive & Review Lancer Evolution 6)

[Music],all right guys hows it going welcome,back,i get messages all the time from people,usually on instagram saying things like,hi matt im thinking of buying such and,such would you mind doing a video with,one occasionally its something like a,renault scenic which makes my reply very,easy because i can say look let me save,me six hours work and ill save you 10,minutes watch time theyre rubbish,mainly though its an interesting car,that id very much like to get behind,the wheel off so i keep that in the back,of my mind until one crosses my path one,car in particular im asked to do a,video with all the time is the,mitsubishi lancer revolution well today,youre in luck because im in this year,2000 mitsubishi evo 6 which i borrowed,from my friends over at raffleshack,theyre currently raffling this car off,so one lucky winner will be able to win,this very rare evo 6. ill leave the,link below in the video description,or you can visit the website on,www.raffleshackuk.com,ive seen a list of the cars theyve got,coming in and its quite impressive ill,have to try and borrow some of the more,interesting ones and do videos with them,if youre a petrol head which you,obviously are if youre watching this,kind of video its definitely worth,keeping an eye on their site anyway,theres a reason ive never filmed with,an eva before in fact its the same,reason ive never even driven one before,and that reason is ive never really,liked them in fact thats not strictly,true ive never liked the people that,these cars attract you see when i was a,kid the mitsubishi evo and the subaru,impreza for that matter were very,popular cars but only with certain,characters their owners usually went,everywhere with the staffordshire bull,terrier they wore lots of gold and they,only wore jeans made by voi or bench,you know the kinds of people im talking,about dont you in other words these,cars were just a bellend magnet so,naturally ive always distanced myself,from them but thankfully times change,and things move on and all those people,that used to buy these have now moved on,to,volkswagen golf rs and audi s3s,which is good news for you and i because,it finally means that we can drive these,cars and not be too pre-judged,i picked this car up yesterday and now i,feel a bit guilty because i owe this car,an apology ive had a grin ear-to-ear,from the moment i got behind the wheel,for all these years ive been missing,out because of my own stubborn,judgmental attitude its great from this,card its brimming with character all,right its 22 years old so it isnt the,quickest thing ive ever driven but,thanks to its four-wheel drive system,you can use every last one of the horses,as always lets have a quick history,lesson the mitsubishi lancer revolution,has been around since 1992 and ran until,2016. and during that period there were,ten iterations but crucially all of them,kept the same simple recipe,up front there was a two liter,four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine,and that sent power to all four wheels,theyre basically road legal rally cars,still getting used to the fact that the,indicators on the right hand side not,the left,its plenty quick enough theres to have,some funny but you never feel like,youre going to lose control,the evo 6 was only around from 1999,until 2001 and its in-line,four-cylinder engine produced around 280,horsepower,which might not sound like an awful lot,in 2022 but back in y2k thats quite a,lot itll do not to 60 in around four,and a half seconds and itll top out at,150 miles an hour,which even by todays standards those,figures are impressive,it just always feels like it wants to,get up and go,a bit like a limo on a hindu this thing,is full of fizz as you might expect from,a turbocharged car from this era there,is quite a bit of turbo lag but it just,adds to the fun nature of it,it just feels like a proper character,this car,it isnt perfect by any means but it is,a good laugh,when you drive something like a jaguar,xkr or an amg mercedes you have to drive,them quite gingerly because you know,that if youre quite heavy with your,right foot youll end up in a hedge but,with this you never get that impression,the gearbox is only a five-speed manual,which i guess shows its age but its a,really nice box to use,i really do like driving a 90s car,theyre just so simple so pure thanks to,its simplicity this only weighs 1300,kilos and you can tell it feels light it,feels nimble,its as agile as a swordfish,perhaps the biggest surprise ive had,though is the steering is so sharp,i cant remember the last time i drove,something with such direct steering,it feels as though you change direction,the minute you think about changing,direction,its so immediate,what a blast this car is,as you might expect with four wheel,driving such great steering it handles,tremendously,it does not feel like a 22 year old car,this okay the ride quality is a bit,choppy,you probably pick that up from the,camera,but when you walk towards a 22 year old,mitsubishi rally car never for a second,you expect it to ride like a rolls-royce,ghost i could live with a rough ride to,be honest it isnt unbearable by any,means,you just feel totally connected to it,and to the road beneath you,its a weird feeling that you dont get,with many modern cars,it feels raw it feels pure,i love this era of cars late 90s to,early to mid 2000s that was the real,high point for me,you got enough safety equipment so it,wasnt a complete death trap i mean for,example ive got twin airbags but they,werent bogged down with unnecessary,weight to satisfy silly rules and ranks,you got just enough and that was it,styling wise its a bit ridiculous isnt,it,its as though it were designed by a,ten-year-old whos eaten too many,skittles,having said that all the scoops and the,spoilers are doing a job they do serve a,purpose theyre not there just for looks,but it is a bit over the top isnt it,nothing subtle about this car its an,eiffel it looks like something youd,expect to see in a playstation game,and to be honest i think if you want one,of these cars youve just got to look,past that i cant believe im saying,this but actually i think it looks quite,cool,i think it makes it look like youre,into cars like you know what youre,talking about its been like when you,see somebody driving a caterer or a,morgan you know they havent just bought,that to get from a to b theyre a proper,enthusiast,i like that,also something else thats good about,the evo 6 is the rarity factor i cant,remember the last time i saw one of,these on the road,theyre rare,that steering is so good,moving inside the evo six i could spend,an hour now complaining about the,quality of the plastics and the,shininess of the dash but that would be,totally missing the point,thatd be like spending the evening with,miss world and then the next morning,complaining about a lack of knowledge of,the crimean war it has just about,everything that you need and nothing,more youve got air conditioning four,electric windows two airbags a twin cup,holder,and an armrest,thats it,what i can tell you though is that these,recaro seats are incredibly supportive,and quite comfortable,i also love the size of these 90s cars,modern cars are just too big and bloated,and they have to be to cram all the,silly accessories in but this feels very,maneuverable and you still got plenty of,space plenty of elbow room plenty of,headroom plenty of leg room,theres plenty of room in the back as,well so you can throw your kids in,the boots also not a bad size theres,plenty room for a couple of suitcases in,terms of running costs because of its,age here in the uk the road tax isnt in,the highest tax bracket but you will be,looking at getting about 16 miles per,gallon,but who cares really for this kind of,car does it matter i dont think it does,this isnt the kind of car youre going,to do 20k a year in is it youre just,going to put 50 pounds of v-power in it,every sunday morning,and keep driving until the light comes,back up,used prices here in

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