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Self Evaluation | Performance Review Tips to Slay Your Self Assessment At Work

Jennifer Brick: Writing your self evaluation for,your performance review? Great news because in,this video, I am breaking down seven steps to slay,your self assessment. If you are ready to rock,your performance review, tap that like button and,lets just jump straight into it. The first thing,that you need when youre preparing your self,assessment for your performance review is bring,your receipts. What metrics did you hit that,demonstrate what a great job that you did at work?,Ideally, these are going to be numerical.,Quantitative receipts are always preferred. So,things like exceeding your sales quota, having,high customer or project satisfaction scores,exceeding expectations. When youre handling,support cases, whatever it is, that is for your,job. And it should be pretty clear, if youre n,t familiar with what it is definitely ask your b,ss. When youre preparing to write yourself a,praisal is to find your receipts, you want to m,ke sure that you have all of the evidence that y,u need that demonstrates what a great job that y,uve done. So based on however your actual job as,measured, make sure that you have all of those me,rics in front of you. If you have done so,ething like taking on a strategic high impact pr,ject, like how I teach my clients to do in my ca,eer glow up program, then you also want to make su,e that youre getting the benchmarks of the ot,er impacts that youve had in the business. The ne,t thing that you need to do is you need to just ta,e an inventory of your awesomeness. This is so,ething that I highly recommend that you do on a re,ular basis document all of the achievements th,t youve had, and not just you know, the grand me,sureable things like we just did in our re,eipts. But what are the other ways that youve im,acted your team, your business? And how have yo, demonstrated your professional growth this ye,r, this can be things like demonstrating that yo, were crucial to a key initiative that your te,m undertook this year, or it can be gathering te,timonials from your colleagues or your cu,tomers that talk about how awesome you are. Th,s is also a great time for you to be intro re,lective is that a word? reflective? I hope it is,Im going to stick with it anyway is but take so,e time to consider what you are truly best at wh,n it comes to doing your job. What are you do,ng better than your teammates? What are the th,ngs that you feel really confident doing? And wh,t are things that you do really well that are sh,wing up in the end results that you get. And th,t actually brings me directly into the third st,p. And this one is actually part of your gr,ater career strategy. So if you havent pieced wh,t this one together yet, now is definitely the ti,e to do so because this will make your self ap,raisal and your performance review so much sm,other and so much better. And that is knowing yo,r ua q i bet that you are great at a lot of th,ngs. And I bet that you have a lot of co,pliments and a lot of areas of recognition for yo,r work already. But what are you uniquely aw,some at doing what truly sets you apart, this sh,uld be the focus area for your self appraisal an, really everything that you do in your career. An, I actually have a whole workshop that helps yo, figure out what your you aq is and how to ac,ually use it. So Ill drop the link down below be,ause its free. And I would love for you to ch,ck it out. Now the fourth step in doing your se,f appraisal for performance review is where th,ngs start to get a little bit tricky for a lot of,people, and you might be one of them. If your se,f appraisal has an inventory where you have to sc,re yourself on different competencies, its ti,e for you to make sure that you have inventory aw,reness. One of the mistakes that Ive seen way to, many high achievers do is they have downgraded th,mselves on their self appraisal. So where they ar, exceptional things. Theyre like, Oh, like Im av,rage, Im I guess Im okay. And heres the go,cha. I have spoken to hiring managers that when th,yre on the fence, when it comes to appraisal wi,l actually look to the self appraisal if its al,eady visible to them, and actually base their ra,ings based on how someone has rated themselves. Th,ts right, theyre relying on your self aw,reness so that they dont have to be aware of yo,r awesomeness. They just want you to tell them, I ,ont want this to be you. This isnt to say th,t you should completely over inflate and not be re,sonable. I do believe in accountability and ac,uracy and doing this. But if you have an in,entory checklist for different competencies for yo,r role that you need to score yourself against, I ,ant you to think about how everyone else on yo,r team would score and how you feel like you wo,ld actually score against other people. Ob,iously, you dont have full visibility into wh,t everyone is doing and how everyone is. But ba,ed on your assumptions, I want you to think ab,ut how you would score yourself on that scale. Ar, you generally better than other people in your te,m? Is it something that other people are ge,erally better than you? Or do you feel like yo,re kind of at the same place as everyone else an, score yourself appropriately there.,And if you are on the fence about where to put,yourself I would say to err on lifting yourself up,as opposed to scaling yourself down. Thats just,my opinion. I would actually Let us know what your,thought is on that point down below. The fifth,step in your self appraisal is the most important,one. And if you mess this one up, your performance,review might end up being a nightmare, as opposed,to just a praise party for you. When writing your,self appraisal, or doing your self assessment for,your performance review, do not be bashful now is,not the time for you to be humble and exercise and,an excessive amount of humility and just be like,,Oh, yeah, you know, I guess its okay and start to,undermine yourself. No, I want you to be proud AF,over the things that youve accomplished in your,career, the impacts that youve made, the growth,that youve achieved, and all of those kinds of,things. And in any written aspect to your self,assessment, which a lot of self appraisals are,going to have. Make sure that youre integrating,things like power verbs, this is a time for you to,brag about yourself, unapologetically. And you,know, you should, because youre awesome. Again,,Ive spoken to too many people here who have kind,of err towards giving other people credit or,underplaying their achievement. And it doesnt,translate very well in a performance review,setting, performance review and self assessment,are really all about tooting your own horn, I know,that might not be something that is comfortable,for you, but step out of your comfort zone for at,least this period of time. Because this is going,to actually allow you to showcase whats gone,really well, to re emphasize that to your manager,,and anyone else who is going to review your self,assessment and your performance review, which you,know, can come up at promotion time and stuff like,that. And ultimately, its going to be a nudge,towards you embracing your own awesomeness and,getting comfortable with it. Because you know,,being exceptional isnt always easy. And I know,that you might be struggling with that, but we,want to get you moving towards embracing it. And,on that note, I actually want to talk about this,sixth step in your self assessment for your,performance review. And that is to grow from,greatness. One of the things that is so,commonplace in corporate America that drives me,absolutely batty is to focus on your weakness as,an area of growth. Guess what, if you have zero,talent, its something naturally, youre never,going to be the best at it. Your focus on the,things that you arent so good at should be that,youre just good enough that they dont hold you,back. For example, I cant tell you how many self,assessments Ive had that it told me I talk way,too fast, I can talk slightly slower, but you,know, its never gonn

How To Prepare A Self-Evaluation – Business English Tips

hi there and welcome back to english for,professionals im derek and im here,with another short lesson for you busy,people,in this lesson im going to show you how,to prepare a self-evaluation also called,a self-appraisal,so this lesson should be interesting and,helpful for anybody whos preparing for,a performance review a job interview or,any other situation where you need to,talk about your strengths weaknesses,achievements and goals,are you ready,lets get started,[Music],so were going to do three things in,this lesson,first of all we look at what a,self-evaluation is and whats included,then ill give you some general tips and,in the main part of the lesson ill,share lots of useful vocabulary phrases,and examples to help you when preparing,your self-evaluation,the tips ideas and language presented in,this lesson are things i have learned,from researching this topic and from my,experience as a professional english,coach,every company is different and will have,their own approach when it comes to,evaluations and performance reviews,check with your manager or human,resources department to find out exactly,what is expected so you know what to,include if you are asked to prepare a,self-evaluation,basically its a document where you,describe your professional progress for,a specific period,a lot of companies ask their employees,to hand in a self-evaluation as part of,a performance review,some companies do one performance review,per year whereas others do them more,regularly up to four times a year,in your evaluation you should describe,your general performance and,accomplishments during the period your,accomplishments are the things you have,achieved successfully,you should also mention areas youve,improved on as well as situations where,you failed to reach a specific standard,these are called shortcomings,your thoughts on your professional,development and which direction you see,your career going in should also be in,there,its also a good idea to mention your,personal values and how they align with,the company values,self-evaluations help you to reflect on,your performance and to think critically,about which parts of your job you can,improve on and how you can develop a,well-prepared and honest self-evaluation,can lead to a productive performance,review and it could also lead to,interesting career opportunities,keep a record of your accomplishments,throughout the period,this will give you a head start in your,preparation and having hard facts and,figures to back up your successes is a,big help,show off your best work,focus on the highlights you are most,proud of,be honest and critical,recognizing your weaknesses and,shortcomings shows that youre willing,to grow and learn,use positive language when describing,challenges or struggles youve had,keep the focus on you,if youve had any problems with,colleagues you can talk about that in a,separate meeting the focus should be on,you your role and what the company,expects from you in that role,and finally,always be professional,and now its time to focus on the,vocabulary and phrases to use when,preparing your self-evaluation and well,start off with general performance,i take the initiative on every project i,am involved in and i often go out of my,way to support less experienced team,members,to take the initiative means to be the,first one to do something especially to,solve a problem or control a situation,to go out of your way to do something,means to try especially hard to do,something good or helpful,i often go above and beyond my job,description to ensure that my team,exceeds targets and expectations,to go above and beyond something means,to do more or better than would usually,be expected,if you exceed targets and expectations,it means you achieve a better or higher,result,another phrase which is very similar to,go above and beyond is to go the extra,mile for example i often go the extra,mile to ensure our customers are,completely satisfied,and here are some other words to talk,about performance and strengths,in british english this word is,pronounced thorough and in american,english its pronounced thorough,if you describe yourself as thorough it,means you do things very carefully and,with great attention to detail,decisive,this means that you can make decisions,quickly and with confidence,reliable,you do what you say you will do you can,be trusted to do your job well,cope well under pressure,this means you can handle pressure well,and heres an important tip when,describing your performance and,strengths always give examples to,support what youre saying,excellent and now lets take a look at,some useful vocabulary and phrases for,talking about your accomplishments,a very simple way to describe your,accomplishments is,over the last and then include the time,period,i have and then describe the,accomplishments and give examples,over the last three months i have,demonstrated an excellent work ethic and,found more efficient ways of doing our,work for example during our busy period,i came in early and stayed late to make,sure all of our orders were fulfilled,and sent out to our customers on time,i also developed a new system which now,helps us to keep track of incoming,orders much more efficiently,all of this resulted in my team,exceeding targets and increasing our,customer satisfaction rating,i am extremely proud of what my team and,i have achieved over there mentioned the,time period compared to the previous,period we have and then describe,accomplishments and compare results,i am extremely proud of what my team and,i have achieved over the last six months,compared to the previous period we have,increased turnover by eight percent we,also managed to reduce costs by five,percent,its also common to use not only,sentences to highlight accomplishments,not only did i meet my monthly goals but,i exceeded them by an average of seven,percent,not only did i complete several projects,ahead of schedule i was also within,budget on the majority,so most of the projects did not cost,more than was planned,and one more example,not only did i successfully implement a,new sales strategy i also recruited two,experienced sales managers from our,biggest competitor,great now lets move on to talking about,how youve improved,i have invested a significant amount of,time working on and then mentioned the,area that needed improvement,and i am very happy to say that i have,made very good progress,i still find it challenging too,and then mention the specific area which,is still difficult,but i continue to work on that and feel,that i have definitely turned a corner,i have invested a significant amount of,time working on delegating tasks and im,very happy to say that i have made very,good progress,i still find it challenging to pass on,certain tasks but i continue to work on,that and feel that i have definitely,turned a corner to turn a corner means,to start to improve after a difficult,period,and now its time to look at some,vocabulary and phrases for talking about,your shortcomings those situations where,you failed to reach a specific standard,when talking about your shortcomings,remember to keep the language positive,although or despite,then mention a positive aspect of your,performance,and then mention one of your,shortcomings,although i have shown exceptional,progress in providing a very high level,of service to our clients since my last,evaluation there were some situations,where my performance did not reach the,required standard,despite meeting my most important,performance objectives during the past,three months i did experience some,challenges,when using a verb after despite it,should be in the gerund or in form,when you mention your shortcomings you,should also talk about what you plan to,do to avoid these situations in the,future,i have given a lot of consideration to,the areas where i can improve and have,come up with several ideas or several,strategies,for example im going to start,delegating more tasks to my team so i,have more

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Performance Review Tips

Hey Ambitious Professionals! Its Linda Raynier of lindaraynier.com guiding you to a,career and life youll truly enjoy. And in todays video Im going to teach you my,five steps on how to prepare for a one-on-one meeting with your manager or,boss especially if its a performance review meeting and youre wanting to,request either a salary increase a promotion or a special project to work,on,now as a career strategist Ive had the honour of being able to help numerous,professionals land their dream job offers and if this is something that,youre interested in working with me one on one I can give you details about that,at the end of this video now when it comes to a performance meeting with your,boss or manager there are several things that you need to be aware of before the,meeting during the meeting and after the meeting so here are the things tip,number one before the meeting prepare your value and accomplishments stories,ahead of time in order to convince your boss or manager that you are a strong,performer at your work and that you deserve whatever it is that you plan to,request of them you need to have clear quantifiable achievements to be able to,articulate to your manager in the meeting and so to help you with this,process some questions that you can ask yourself involve what have I done in the,last year or six months that have been beyond my typical daily duties and tasks,then ask yourself what was the situation surrounding those events what was the,problem or issue that people were having to deal with how were people in the,company feeling about this situation including yourself then ask yourself,what action steps did I take and dont be overly detailed talk about it from a,high-level perspective what were the key phases or the key steps that you,implemented and then finally ask yourself what were the results be clear,hopefully theyre quantifiable results that actually show a vast difference,from the situation before to what you ended up helping to achieve tip number,two before the meeting is to make sure that you are clear on what you plan to,request now this is pretty obvious but if you plan to ask for a raise or you,think you deserve a promotion or you want to ask for a vacation or you want,to ask to work on an important project just be clear about whatever that thing,is that you want to request obviously before you go into the meeting now lets,get into the steps that youll do during the meeting step number one listen to,what your boss or manager has to say generally theyll start off the meeting,with an agenda or purpose of what they want to discuss with you so dont be the,first to speak let he or she say theyve planned to say and you can just,sit back and listen now step number two is to assess whether its the right time,to move forward with your request or stop to ask for constructive criticism,where some professionals go wrong in these performance reviews is that they,have a complete opposite perception of their own performance compared to what,their manager has of them depending on their personality for some of you,professionals either you think that youre doing way better than what your,manager is perceiving you to be or you feel that youre doing way worse than,what your manager perceives you to be doing now depending on whether the,feedback is positive or negative you want to adjust your game plan,accordingly if your boss or manager had nothing but good things to say about you,and gave you a great review then you can proceed to step number three which is to,articulate your value and accomplishments now if you just got a,negative performance review then you want to pause for a second and you want,to ask your boss to explain and give specific examples or circumstances that,prove what theyre saying and that justify your performance review and this,isnt a time to argue its a time to listen intently and even take notes if,you can so heres the thing if you are in a performance review meeting and,youre getting negative feedback from your manager then instead of making your,request which you had planned to initially you want to put that on hold,and instead be able to walk away from the meeting with a clear plan of action,ask your manager to provide you with his or her expectations for what they want,of you over the next six months for example and make sure that you,understand exactly what those objectives are what you need to do to achieve those,objectives or exceed those expectations so that you can get your performance,back to a level that is positive so that then at that point in time you can make,your request now for those of you whove gotten positive performance reviews then,step number three is to articulate your value and accomplishments so youll,start out by saying something along the lines of as you know over the last year,or X number of months Ive been able to demonstrate my value and accomplished,several achievements that have been above and beyond my role and from there,go into your exam so start describing the specific,instances where you have gone above and beyond the situation the action and the,results from those make sure that your brief and concise and really only bring,about the accomplishments that are the most important so dont go overboard and,start talking about more than four or five accomplishments in a row and,finally step number four make your request youll then say as a result of,the value that Ive been able to demonstrate to the team and the company,Id like to request link and state your request there then the next thing you,want to do is be silent just look them in the face with a pleasant expression,on your face and see how your boss or manager responds and then after that,step number five is to ask for next steps and their expectations of you so,your boss will likely have said okay well let me get back to you on that and,then your response will be okay so can we talk about next steps and,expectations for the future you want to leave the meeting with clear,expectations of what your boss or manager has for you for the near future,so do you dont want to leave the meeting without having an understanding,of what those are that way in order to maintain your level of performance,youll be able to create goals and targets for yourself that match to the,expectations of what your boss requires of you also you want it ask them for the,time frame for when theyre gonna get back to you on your request just so that,you have that in mind and that you can hold them accountable to to make sure,that they get back to you after the meeting you want to do a few things one,thing is to send a follow-up email detailing the items that were discussed,in the meeting and thanking your manager for their time you can start it off by,saying thanks for meeting with me today and for providing my performance review,I plan to implement the steps and achieve the targets we discussed and I,look forward to hearing confirmation for my request so there you have it those,are my tips and steps on how to prepare for a performance review meeting with,your boss or manager now if youre someone whos been on this path of,searching for a new position you want to make a career change youve been looking,for awhile but you just havent had much luck and youre ready to get one-on-one,professional help then feel free to reach out to me head on over to my,website lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired,read through the page fill out the application form and if we feel that,we are a match then one of my team members will reach out to you directly,if you liked this video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe share it with,your friends thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time

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PERFORMANCE REVIEW TIPS FOR EMPLOYEES | How to Prepare for a Performance Review

You have a performance review coming up,,and you need to know how to prepare for a performance review at work.,So that you can slay that performance appraisal. But how do you do that?,With these performance review tips for employees, of course.,Hello and welcome back to my channel,,where I help you slay your career and cultivate the successful life that you,want. If this is your first time here,,I highly recommend clicking that subscription button, and the notification bell,,so that you get the best career success advice on the weekly.,Youre probably here today though because you want to ace your performance,review.,Which is perfect because Im sharing performance review tips for employees.,Make sure that you watch all the way through the end,,because today Im sharing with you advice that,no other career coach is going to tell you.,And number four is where the biggest mistakes are made.,If youre ready,,go ahead and click that like button and lets jump right into it!.,The first phase is to gather data. Or is it day-ta? What do you say?,Let me know in the comments down below.,If youre in the Strive Squad or you follow me on LinkedIn,,youve heard of me talk about the Chronicle of Awesomeness.,And if you have that in place, this phase is going to be super simple.,For this phase, youre going to need at least a couple of things. First of all,,youre going to need your job description,as well as any success metrics such as KPIs, MBO,,quotas. Whatever it is you call them. You need to start here,,because if you have a formal review process at your company,,chances are theyre going to make it as quantified as possible.,And ideally, at least if its a well executed performance review,,your success metrics are going to provide the baseline of the conversation.,Because you dont want to have any surprises when you walk into that room.,What you want to do is,,you want to figure out where you are across those different benchmarks.,If you have a quota, did you meet your quota? Did you achieve it?,Did you have a KPI? How did you perform on that? Beyond that,,what you want to do whenever possible,is also measure the impact as a direct result of the work that you have done.,This is especially true if youve done a high impact project,,and if you havent heard me mention a high impact project before,,I do have a video on it.,Which you can check out after you finish watching this one.,Those things are going to account for your quantitative elements.,But what we want to do as well,,is we want to bring in some qualitative elements.,Do you have any compliments from a coworker?,Or did you receive a glowing testimonial from a customer?,Did your counterpart on another team vouch that nothing,would have happened if it hadnt been for your contributions on a project?,If you have any notes or accolades along those lines,,you absolutely want to gather them in this phase. Sure, you cant count them,,other than of course the number of glowing reviews that youve received,,but they are an important part of the process.,Because the qualitative data is what is going to give context.,Once you have all of that data gathered or data gathered,,its time to move into the next step, which is going to be communication.,One the things that almost every single hiring manager that I know is so,appreciative of, but basically I have never heard anyone talk about,,is actually sending this information along to your boss.,If you know that they are in the stage of the,performance review process where they need to be writing performance reviews,,theyre going to have a lot on their plate and them.,Going through for each person on their team to know where they did well,,where their growth areas are,,and remembering all of the great things that happened,is actually a very overwhelming task.,And this is why it can be incredibly helpful for you to send,a note along to your manager that outlines all of the major accomplishments,and achievements that youve had over the course of the year.,The reason I think that everyone should do this is,,not only is it going to save time and frustration for your manager,,and really help them out,,it is actually going to be something that shows that you are proactive,,youre attentive to the needs of your manager,,your team as well as your company.,And that you are really focused and aligned with the things,that are actually being measured against in terms of performance.,Depending on your relationship with your manager,,you may want to have just a quick conversation, or shoot them a note,,to ask them if this would be something that is helpful and relevant.,This is particularly important I think,,if you dont really know the management side of the performance review,and what their timelines are.,Because if your manager has already done this step,,its not going to have the same impact.,However, it is still beneficial because once again,,when you actually have the performance review meaning,it is going to be very helpful for them to know exactly what,you are going to walk in wanting to talk about.,One more thing that I do want to highlight at this point,is that you are just passing along the information.,Youre not giving any judgements towards it.,Youre not patting yourself on the head to your manager.,You are simply just conveying factual information that is,going to support them in their side of the process. In most companies though,,this is going to bring you into phase three,,which is typically a formal process.and that is self evaluation.,If your company does have a formal self evaluation process,along with the performance review process, you are going to hear word,,probably from your people operations or your human resources team,,about what you need to do and when you actually need to do it.,I cant tell you exactly what thats going to be,,because this really ranges widely depending on your company,and their particular processes.,But usually it is going to be an exercise as self-reflection,,where you share things like your goals,,and the things that you would like to work on.,Take your time and invest into the self evaluation form here.,You want to make sure that you are crystal clear on the goals,that you have for yourself for the next year so that,you can frame the conversation with your manager. Along with that,,if there are any skills that you are trying to build and expand on,,also make sure that that is integrated into your,self evaluation because that is again going.,to help you make the progress and make sure that your manager,has visibility and is able to give you the support and,direction that you need in order to make that progress.,One thing I do really want to highlight here though,,and this one is a very important one because this is a big mistake,that I see people make, and that is this is not the time to beat yourself up,about stuff that doesnt really matter.,We all make mistakes and we are all less than perfect beings. Even myself,,I know you dont believe me, but its totally true.,We all have things that we can improve on, things that could have gone better.,And while we want to be accountable for those things,,what we dont want to be is disproportionally accountable at this phase.,It is not your job to take accountability for someone elses deficiency.,If someone else made an error, if something went totally sideways,,own anything that you did wrong there but do not own the situation.,The self evaluation, you should actually be doing the exact opposite.,You should be somewhat uncomfortably boastful in this process.,It feels really weird and it feels very foreign for you to be boasting,about the things that you did and taking accountability,for all of the awesome things, even when they were a team effort. But trust me,,at most organizations, this is actually part of the game.,This doesnt mean that youre taking credit for other peoples actual work,,but what you do want to make sure youre doing is that,youre effectively taking ownership over the successes,that you ha

How to Write Your Employee Evaluation

[Music],oh hey,welcome back im courtney and this is,the accounting struggle,where we speak about our struggles with,accounting openly and honestly we do not,run from them and todays video im,going to be talking a little bit about,what you should be putting in your,annual or mid-year review so before we,get started if you are new here welcome,thank you so much for joining,if you enjoyed todays video be sure to,give it a thumbs up and youre more than,welcome to subscribe and join our family,new videos come out on wednesdays,so i wanted to talk about what you,should be putting in your mid-year or,annual review,so these annual reviews and these,mid-year reviews obviously the,is just the midpoint and then at the end,of the year youll do an annual review,but,the purpose of these reviews is to,detail and highlight some of your,accomplishments throughout the year,things that are going well and then some,key areas and opportunities and things,like that so the reason why this is,important is because it factors into,your overall performance,so when youre being evaluated when,roundtable discussions are happening,when,people are considering you for promotion,they will be leveraging this information,to determine if,you are someone who should be moved up,should you get a bump in pay,so it helps with compensation and so,forth it is a very important,um part of your overall assessment so,you want to make sure that you have a,very thorough,review so for your evaluation usually,theres a portion where your manager or,partner,whoever is above you whoever youre,reporting to,they will do a portion of their own,assessment but,usually theres some action on your part,where you have to go in,and review yourself evaluate yourself,your own performance so,thats what im kind of going to be,focused on today because i cant help,what other people are going to say about,you,so youll want to go to your hr guides,first to see,if theres some particular information,on how you should,go about doing your evaluation usually,when its that time of year theyll send,out an email,a lot of companies will do this where,theyre saying hey its evaluation time,be sure to update this by this date and,include this,sometimes theres a particular format,that you want you to stick to,so youll want to start with that just,to make sure that youre including,everything that you need to be including,in your evaluation,and if you dont have that as a guide if,its not very,um specific and its kind of vague and,it just says,you know just talk about yourself and,evaluate what went well,if its a little bit vague like that,then youll want to look at,some of the next steps that ill talk,about but first start with whatever your,hr team is saying you should be,including,make sure you hit on all of those points,and you address everything thats in,that,and if they give you a format or a,layout or something that you should,stick to,make sure you stick to that some people,want to see just a few bullet points and,be very succinct they dont want a lot,of,long written evaluations and then,other employers may want you to have,something thats,way more detailed and just a lot more,information so just make sure youre,looking at whatever,is the guidance so in order to do a good,evaluation on yourself you want to,really be soliciting feedback so whoever,youre working with all of your,people that youre reporting to and,other peers that youve worked with so,if you are in public accounting and,youre working in an engagement,other people in the engagement teams,that youve worked on um or,outside of that if youre just you know,you have a senior,or you have a manager or honestly even,people who have just worked alongside,you who are at the same level other,associates,if theyve worked with you on projects,or if theyve reviewed your work in any,way,youll want to just solicit feedback and,this is really something you should be,doing throughout the entire year you,dont want to wait until its time to,sit down,to do your evaluation to determine what,people think of you of your performance,how youre doing and you dont want to,try,and do all of this at the same time,because then its easier for you to,leave stuff,off and it might be harder for you to,remember some of the key accomplishments,that you had throughout the year so best,practice,obviously is to be updating throughout,the year but,obviously this is accounting and in the,real world we get very busy in,accounting so,thats not always as easy as it sounds,so if you are going to be sitting down,for the first time,in several months to do your evaluation,of yourself,be sure to reach out to some of the,people on your team the people that,youve worked with,um closely and solicit some feedback,from them and you want it to be as,honest as possible so once youve gotten,down the format you know kind of what to,include in your evaluation and youve,gathered all of your feedback,you want to go ahead and start writing,your evaluation,some of the things you want to focus on,are starting out with prior period goals,so if this is your first year or your,first term,i guess with this company or in this,role and you dont have,prior goals to reference then obviously,this wont apply but if you,are this is your second year or now if,its,an annual review and you did a mid-year,review just look back to whatever the,past period was,what were the goals that you set out and,how did you accomplish those did you,accomplish those number one so youll,want to include that in your evaluation,so if you set a goal last month,i know when i was not yet a cpa one of,my big goals was,to accomplish getting my license and,passing all of the exams,so once that goal was accomplished i,made sure to include it in my,evaluation on the next period so you,just want to look back at your previous,evaluation and your previous assessment,just look at that and look at all of the,goals that you set out and see,how well you stacked up against those,goals if you if there were some goals,that you listed in a prior period,that you did not quite hit on or you,didnt quite,accomplish youll want to be sure and,address why that,didnt happen you want to address why,you didnt accomplish them,and then next you want to detail how,youre planning to accomplish it moving,forward,so once youve touched on all your prior,period goals you want to also,include in your evaluation some of your,new goals so what are your goals for,this period,or for the next couple of i guess if,this halfway what are the next two,quarters,goals so for the rest of the year how,are you going to,get how are you going to accomplish,whatever it is you set out at the,beginning of the year that isnt yet,accomplished and how are you what else,are you looking to accomplish now that,youre halfway through the year,things have changed weve made some,adjustments,what are your new goals so youll want,to be including that,in the assessment as well so when youre,doing your new goals in your evaluation,you want to be kind of separating them,out between,categories so i like to have two,categories where im focusing on,one being like professional skill sets,things that are very particular to my,role and then the other being like,soft skills emotional intelligence that,kind of thing so an example would be,if you are looking to move up say youre,in a in an associate role,in your current role and you want to,move up into a senior position and you,want to demonstrate your worthiness of,that,you could say um and this is stuff that,you,need to actually be planning to do but,maybe there is a certain software that,you know,you need to or a certain certification,that you know you need to,get or learn before youre able to,really excel in that next role that,youre trying to go to so,you want to first be looking at that,role looking at what that role entails,so if that next role if the senior level,position requires maybe like a,black belt and lean awareness or you,need to get some type of certification,and,tableau th

TOP TIPS FOR WRITING EXCELLENT SELF-EVALUATION. How to do self-eval for employee performance review

hey everybody welcome back to the black,suit gigi here um if youre new to the,channel,i started this channel to help women,lawyers like myself,and other women professionals by,providing,tips and guidance based on my,experiences and,information ive gathered over the years,to help women like myself,so todays video were going to talk,about something that is very important,this time of the year and that is,performance reviews specifically im,going to tell you,how to do self evaluations because,that is becoming more popular in the,industry,and a lot more workers and employees are,asked to do it and,there are definitely tricks and ways to,do,a good self eval and ive struggled with,this myself so i thought that,i would share with you my experience,what ive come to terms with what i do,now,on the selfie map so if youre,interested stay tuned,[Music],so self evaluations i think,these are really important for,advancement in your career especially,now,that coronavirus and the pandemic have,really caused,women to regress a little bit in the,workplace um if youre more,if youre interested in on more about,that check out the link i have above,here,or this side and be sure to,look at that and youll know what im,talking about so,anyway now that women are kind of losing,on the workplace,its more important than ever to do a,good performance,self-eval and you got to think of the,performance selfie vow,as a way for you to tell your boss,what you have contributed in a year,because your boss is busy,he or she is not going to remember all,the great things you did for the firm or,the organization,so you got to be there to tell him every,single thing,that youve contributed and added to the,firm to enhance its operations its,clients,so very important and the way i like to,think of,a self eval is it is,a resume essentially right but but not,for your whole career just for the year,its like a year in review you got to,treat it like the way you would treat a,resume,because its really a time for you to,tell,your boss why youre awesome,why your hot stuff and what you have,done,to be worthy of getting a raise or a,bonus or any type of other compensation,or why are worthy of being kept in the,firm,because right now as firms are cutting,costs theyre thinking about,who can we let go of right and you dont,want to be the first one,on that list so the performance self,eval,is very important for you to show,why you deserve more money or why you,deserve to keep the current job you have,or maybe even advance in that job,so lets jump into how ive tackled,selfie valves and what i would recommend,i think the biggest thing to remember,is you gotta use your accomplishments,and put,everything about your accomplishments on,that self email,because again its like a resume you,wanna,load it up with all the great things you,have done,and so the big accomplishments of course,are obvious like if you win a big case,or if you brought in a new case from an,existing client or you brought in a new,client,those are great things to write about,now a trick,i try to keep in mind is when youre,writing about those big things which are,obvious,and those are the traditional things are,worthy of praise,you also want to be talking about the,specifics of each of those things right,you want to talk about for example if,you want a big case you want to talk,about,what exactly about that case was,difficult,and how did you overcome those,difficulties for example if you had a,opposing counsel who was particularly,aggressive,how did you deal with them right how did,you tackle that situation,successfully you want to write about,that now if you had a judge who was,difficult,you might also want to talk about how,you dealt with a difficult judge,or how you dealt with a difficult client,even because clients can sometimes,be very hard to handle even more so than,opposing counsel,so those little details matter a lot you,want to talk about them,and you want to show how youre capable,and how,you succeeded in the day-to-day even,not just that you won the case but what,you did on a day-to-day basis that kept,the case on track,and that help you ultimately win or get,the,great outcome that you also might do it,doesnt necessarily need to be a win,maybe its a great settlement that,was really favorable for your client,talk about those things,and of course in any selfie vow,you want to talk about how much money,you brought in,by doing the great things youve done,right if you want a case,did you did the client save money and,in saving money they were able to pay,their bills on time and all of that,stuff,that ultimately enhance your firm not,just your client,so be sure to be thinking about that too,so the big accomplishments,obviously matter a lot right because,those are the things that,your boss will traditionally look for as,markers of a good employee,but small accomplishments are also,important when it,time to write a self eval and i think,that for me i may sometimes overlook the,small things,so thats why im pointing this out to,you guys so you guys dont make that,mistake that,of leaving out the small things because,for example if,you helped plan an internal marketing,effort lets say you started a new blog,or you started a new,newsletter to distribute internally,within your organization,that is something to be proud of you,took initiative and even though that,might not have been billable,you should still get credit for in,recognition so be sure to put that on,yourself email,because that is again worthy of noting,another example is um if you planned,a social event this is something ive,done in my previous,um time as a young associate,you want to put that on your self-eval,too because,those social events are important and,they do,contribute value to the firm even if,they dont contribute,any money per se but thats still,recognition that your firm is getting,from planning social events,for your colleagues internally and for,friends and clients and contacts outside,the firm its really important its,marketing marketing is always important,and anytime you do,any sort of non-billable marketing work,that should be,information that you include in the self,eval,so dont think that oh well the event,was only attended by like 20 people,and it didnt generate any money for the,firm so i shouldnt leave it in dont,think that way,you should definitely leave it in,yourself eval because,your boss might think that wow this,person is a go-getter like,beyond winning cases she is also really,good,at building relationships and at the end,of the day,more than perhaps our hard technical,skills,are the soft skills that really help us,win out in the long term because as we,all know,to get clients you need to be a,relationship builder,so definitely dont overlook the small,things,and one more point i want to mention,here is that you might feel like,what you do day to day is so monotonous,how do you talk about it,in a way that makes it look like youre,contributing to the firm,well you really need to think creatively,for example,once upon a time all i did was document,review,right maybe some of you have been there,and you just feel like well,how is this giving value to,anything think about it in a bigger,picture,if youre doing document review day by,day,all the time in a month even several,months,youre still adding value because all,that work is going into,a final product right whether its a,motion or a memo,or to build up a slide deck for a client,presentation,so think about that ultimate product,deliverable that you created,using the document review that you did,and talk about,how great that final product was and how,it would not have been as great as it,was,had you not spent all of the time going,through documents,and you want to emphasize that for,example you,handle the document review with ultimate,thoroughness and a well-structured work,plan,so that you would be able to meet,deadlines efficiently,and give the best information you can,for the final product whether its a,

A Performance Review Example for Software Engineers (from an engineering manager)

hey this is gargay with the pragmatic,engineer well walk through in creating,a self review for your performance,review,its sections and share a template in the,end that you can use,heres how itll look like you probably,dont need to print your own version,so before we start why do you need to,write a self performance review,especially if its not required at your,company well im an engineering manager,and i really try to do fair performance,use for engineers on my team,so for every person on team i go through,code documents,my notes a bunch of stuff and i still,missed a lot of things,either because people forgot to tell me,what they did or,i just forgot now anyone who sent me,their self review i always read it while,i was doing their performance review a,self review can only help you,now you might be asking i have a manager,whos not so great,why should i bother doing a self review,heres the thing,even if theyre not going to read that,self review youre going to get,ammunition,for your performance review conversation,when you go into that conversation,youre gonna have all these facts in,your head,in fact if you feel youre not getting a,fair review and i and you cant convince,your manager on the spot,you can have a meeting with them and,bring this review with you,to show the facts so heres a structure,of the review i recommend,with four sections for the first section,start with expectations and goals for,the period,now you might think why not just start,with my achievements,by starting with your understanding of,the expectations youre setting a,baseline,if your company has expectations for,this level or youve had expectations,with your manager,mention this if you dont have these,expectations or you didnt agree on,goals with your manager,write down what you thought the goals,were now some advice,if you didnt set any goals and theres,no clear expectations of your role,this section is even more important and,if this is the case after the,performance review,you probably should sit down with your,manager and get goals and expectations,for the next period its only going to,help you,in this example review this person,listed the baseline expectations,shipping a large project keeping the,quality high and goals they agreed,together with their manager,next list your accomplishments list out,your main results and your larger work,efforts,try to do this in priority order use,numbers where you can to make things,more specific,and to add more context now numbers,could be a bunch of different things,they could be related to the code they,could be related to people,or related to business impact the point,of these numbers is to quantify your,work,not just by its effort but also by the,results which is something your manager,will care about,now if you have a work log document you,can link it to the bottom,theres a link to an example work log at,the bottom of this video,if you started to build this work log,beforehand your performance review will,just be so much easier to write,you can see how this example self-review,mentions specifics numbers on the,business impact of the project,links to complex pull requests and rfcs,they even collected stats on their code,contribution,now dont get me wrong im not saying,you need to keep track of the number of,pull requests,or how many code reviews you did and you,need to add it on your self review,but the more specifics you have on your,impact the better,in this example review its not just,about the number of pull requests but,the business impact as well,if you specify the business impact you,can use it not just on your performance,review,but also in your resume later now at,this point most people will be happy,with dell soft review they have,expectations set,accomplishment lists and they would just,call it a day now i suggest adding one,more section where you can list the,qualities of impact of your work,these are things that might have not had,huge business impact but they show the,small,but important pieces of work things like,teamwork collaboration and helping,others,list examples of you helping people and,this is also a great place to list,thanks that youve gotten from others in,emails or chat messages you can even,quote those,now this section is important because,your manager probably doesnt know half,of the positive interaction that youve,had with other people,show it to them in this example review,you can see this person listed specific,examples of code reviews,examples where they helped alex and how,they onboarded sam,they talk about being the point of,contact for stakeholders and another,example of help,for the final part i recommend,reflecting on levels and competencies,assuming your company has them your,manager will have to end with some kind,of rating against expectations or,competencies,get ahead of this and make their job,easier while also giving,indication of what you think your rating,should be now,if you have good trust with your manager,you could also add,self ratings of what you think if youre,meeting or are above expectations,if you have less of this you could just,list areas where youve really focused,on,either way be sure to list specifics,that reflect on these expectations,for this review we assume that there are,six competencies at the company,now even if you dont have competencies,specified you can still do an overall,assessment and write down how you feel,about your progress at your level,towards the next level this is a good,indication for your manager this person,then reflects on each of the,competencies,note how they mention specific work they,did now they dont do a self-assessment,rating but they are clear on what areas,theyve really focused on this period,it was designed in architecture and the,results and impact areas,you can find links to example documents,and templates under the video,be sure to check out my longer article,on how to write good performance reviews,which is also linked under the video,if you like this video subscribe to my,channel for more content on software,engineering and engineering management,thanks

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