1. Ex Machina – Movie Review
  2. Ex Machina movie review
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  7. EX MACHINA – Movie Review

Ex Machina – Movie Review

ex machina stars domhnall gleeson and,Oscar Isaac and is the story of a guy,who works at some sort of computer,organization they dont quite make it,entirely clear its sort of like todays,Google and the guy who created this,search engine has also created something,else the very first ever a I and he asks,dont listen to come and try to test,this system out and as you may expect he,grows a little too attached to this,robot and thats where the problems,start Im a huge fan of science fiction,and especially cerebral science fiction,the kind that accesses your brain that,makes you think that gives you,thought-provoking ideas and gratefully,ex machina is filled with all of these,traits one of the best parts of this,movie is the fact that it really does,try to get into the human psyche looking,at how we operate through our search,engine results being able to figure out,what kind of person we are just based on,things that we type into our computer,and the creator of that search engine,played by Oscar Isaac able to figure out,who we are as people based off things we,type as well as our relationship with,technology and those are by far my,favorite aspects of this movie its also,a very well shot movie while slowly,paced and a little bit snail like at,times in regards to how fast it moves I,was always interested in where the film,was going and my favorite performance in,this movie is definitely Oscar Isaac he,had a lot of really cool character,traits about him he was kind of a drunk,but he liked to work out but he was also,this extremely smart guy who was able to,create the first AI so he was really a,fascinating character and Alicia,vikander she did a really good job as,the AI herself there were a lot of great,nuances that she added to her,performance it wasnt just the cliched,like robot thing where you go like this,and look around like there were actually,some things you could see behind those,robotic eyes strangely though I wasnt a,big fan of domhnall gleeson performance,in this movie even though I really liked,him in Frank and Calvary and Harry,Potter films Ive liked him in the past,but I felt that he didnt really give,that much to his character here I didnt,really find his character very,interesting and some of that convening,the script and the writing I just didnt,really latch onto his character which,kind of sucks because hes the main,character of the movie he also makes,certain character choices that I did not,understand at all and his attachment,that develops I felt was sort of cliched,and I didnt really feel made sense for,who he was as a person especially things,that he does,towards the latter half of the film that,I wont spoil it just didnt really make,sense and it felt kind of like the,script was making him do things that he,wouldnt do as a person and in all,honesty the way the film ended I found,very predictable I could see that coming,from the very beginning and it didnt,surprise me and one choice made by a,helicopter pilot I just cant really,understand its a small thing but its,actually not a small thing so it kind of,just bugged me a little bit thats a,smaller thing that Im not really,detracting from the movie just during,the movie I was like why did he just,accept that like if youve seen the,movie you know exactly what Im talking,about probably all in all guys though I,would recommend seeing this movie I do,think people are blowing it a little out,of proportion may be over rating it just,a little bit calling it like the next,Kubrick and stuff I dont think its,that good but I do think its a good,movie and my voice is actually starting,to go away so Im gonna give this movie,a B sorry guys Im getting over a cold,right now Im trying to get through,these videos thank you so much as always,for watching and I do want to quickly,let you know that my promotion with,crunchyroll is still going on thats one,of the reasons Im wearing an anime,shirt as well as the fact that ghost in,the shell is an AI right now if you go,to crunchyroll.com slash Chris Stockman,you can get 30 days of this anime,streaming service absolutely free my,gift to you for being awesome you guys,know Im a huge fan of anime huge fan of,robots these are all things you can find,on crunchyroll comm and they have a lot,of new shows coming up very soon as well,that are being added including Naruto,one piece and Sailor Moon crystal Im,excited to check some of those out so if,you go to crunchyroll.com slash chris,stuckman you can get 30 days for free on,me my gift to you guys I am trying to do,promotions that I can actually give you,guys something its cool for me to be,able to talk to some of these companies,and work things out on my videos but Im,always looking for ways to give my,viewers something and my voice is,completely going away at this point so,please if you would like to have that,service for free for 30-days visit the,link in the description below guys thank,you so much as always for watching and,if you like this you can click 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Ex Machina movie review

I dont know I was just like at the end,of this movie should have been okay the,results are in and Ultron you are not,the [ __ ] there are no strings on me hmm,ex machina so ex machina is one of those,movies youve probably never heard of or,you saw it on a YouTube ad somewhere in,your like alright small movie next Im,here to tell you what its about ex,machina ultimately its about this guy,this computer geek played by dum ha,Gleeson he wins this contest so he gets,to fly down to this dudes cabin and buy,cabin I mean insane mansion slash lab,this guys the creator of the generic,cinematic Google because they cant call,it Google hes like alright I created,this really attractive artificial,intelligence girl so I need you to quiz,her for a few days so we can find out if,shes actually artificial intelligence,simple enough and then after that the,tension just starts building not gonna,lie this is a tension filled movie I,love that anytime theres tension in a,movie I might give it and it only builds,because these actors all of them are,great Oscar Isaac and Omaha Gleason,theyre awesome,these two work really well together,right when you meet Oscar Isaac youre,like is something off about you you,dont know if hes an [ __ ] or hes,just this really reclusive eccentric guy,hes a rich dude theyre always a little,weird,I was just captivated by the dialogue,nothing else is really happening at this,moment for the past looks a 2 or 3,scenes except these two talking but when,this dude when Oscar Isaac is talking,youre like yeah youre really smart I,just love listening to smart people,which is a credit to the writer of this,movie whos also the director of this,movie also noted first movie hes ever,directed how youre watching this movie,youre like I know Ive seen this guys,work before how many movies let 10 25,one singular movie and a girl who plays,the Machine the artificial intelligence,Alicia vikander were gonna see a lot,more of her to everybody in this movie,Im pretty sure has five more scripts on,their desk now because of this movie,seriously theyre all excellent in the,movie and they can be common at so many,different angles in this movie that you,dont know what angle theyre coming in,and thats half the tension right there,is you figuring out youre like alright,wheres everyone coming from does anyone,have ill intent,they dont have intent I dont trust,them I dont trust you but if I dont,trust you I must trust you but I dont,really tell who whos the [ __ ] which,makes it sound like its like clue in a,lab but its really its not like that,one of the bummers of this movie is for,as complex as the movie ultimately comes,across as the general overall premise is,pretty cliche I mean when you tell,someone the premises theres an,artificial intelligence and this guy is,going to quiz the artificial,intelligence to see if its artificial,intelligence youre gonna put the,artificial intelligence under the,microscope you know right there youre,like you mean the movies gonna put,humanity under the microscope right,thats what you mean theres no two ways,about it its not a spoiler to say it,its just it is as obvious as obvious,convinced the execution though thats,the interesting part and the actors and,their dialogue together this movies not,gonna be for everybody I recognize that,immediately I have seen movies people,like oh my good is so great that Im,watching them like nice just kind of,boring thats what it is now Im one of,the ones in the kind of slow movie going,yeah movies great however ex machina I,was intrigued by it I loved the acting,in the movie I loved the chemistry,between the actors it has slow parts for,sure but this movie uses the slow parts,to build tension I will certainly say ex,machina is definitely worth buying on,blu-ray I can see this movie doing this,I feel like Im going to think about the,movie and the more I think about the,movie and more time passes its gonna be,like a red wine its gonna just get,better with time so well see what,happens right now Im just telling you,its really good excellent movie iso ex,machina have you seen it what did you,think about it whatever you thought,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what you seen here and you,want to see more click right here to see,more

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Ex Machinas Hidden Meaning

Caleb: If youve created a conscious machine, its not the history of man. ,Thats the history of gods.,It shouldn’t be a surprise that Ex Machina is a movie about humanities relationship to God. ,Nathan: “You know, I wrote down that other line you came up with. ,The one about how if Ive invented a machine with consciousness, Im not a man, Im a God.”,The film’s title is a twist on the Latin term, “Deus Ex Machina” – ,God from the Machine – and in that suggests a missing God and a machine ,which is no longer machine without him. ,Nathan: “Ava. Go back to your room”,Ava: “If I do, ,are you ever going to let me out”,I think most people who see Ex Machina are left with the impression that it’s about ,the testing of artificial intelligence. ,The film follows a programmer named Caleb who wins a week at the isolated home of his billionaire boss, ,Nathan, the creator of the worlds most popular search engine. ,Nathan has brought Caleb to his home to test his newest creation,,an android named Ava to see if in her he’s created something more than machine.,And the whole of the film is about the test. Nathan: do you know what the Turing Test is? ,Caleb: Its when a human interacts with a computer ,and if the human doesnt know theyre interacting with a computer, the test is passed. ,Nathan: And what does a pass tell us? Caleb: So we need to break the ice that the computer has artificial intelligence. ,Ava: “Do you want to be my friend?”,Over the next week, in six different sessions, Caleb converses with Ava. ,and debriefs in between with Nathan.,Caleb: “Testing Ava through conversation is kind of a closed loop. ,Like testing a chess computer by only playing chess.,Nathan: Look, do me a favor. Lay off the textbook approach. ,Yesterday I asked you, how you felt about it and you gave me a great answer. ,Now the question is how does she feel about you.?”,But the film also alludes to another test. ,Ava: “Are you married?”,The name Ava is a variant of the name Eve, the first woman, in the Bible, ,whom God created and introduced to Adam after placing him in the garden. ,The seven days over which the film takes place eludes to seven days of creation. ,And the tree, prominently displayed in Ava’s room represents to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, ,through which God tested the man and woman by forbidding them to eat. ,Caleb: “Did you give her sexuality as a diversion tactic? ,Like a stage magician with a hot assistant?”,Nathan: “So a hot robot who clouds your ability to judge her AI?”,Caleb: “Exactly. So did you program her to flirt with me?”,Ava: “This is what I’d wear on our date.,The glass separating Caleb and Ava also suggests this theme. ,Caleb: “when you talk to her your just through the looking glass.”,Here Caleb refers to the Lewis Carroll book in which Alice passes through a mirror,to the strange reverse world on the other side. ,Ex Machina is fixated on reflections and the glass dividing the two ,also refers to a mirror. ,Eva and Caleb are shown mirroring one another which is true of the Bible’s first couple ,who have been divided from one another, represented two halves of the same whole.,Ava: “Are you attracted to me? ,the reason the sexes desire to be reunited.,So we need to break the ice.,For the record Ava is not pretending to like you. ,You’re the first man she’s met that isn’t me. ,And I’m like her dad, right?”,The god and father of this creation account is, of course, a caricature of the biblical god. ,He’s intelligent and powerful but also narcissistic and abusive,,wearing a wife-beater t-shirt for a good part of the film. ,Nathan: “Fuck! Are you fucking kidding me? Did it get on you? ,Caleb: No it’s alright. I got it.,Nathan: You’re wasting your time talking to her. She doesn’t understand English. Just give her the napkin.,And it’s Ava who asked Caleb to doubt him,Caleb: Why did you tell me I shouldn’t trust Nathan? Ava: “Because he tells lies”,Lies about what?,Everything.,But there’s something in Nathan’s story which makes Caleb want to believe.,Caleb: Can we talk about the lies youve been spinning me? I didnt win a competition. ,I wasnt part of a lottery. I was selected. ,Nathan: You know, instead of seeing this as a deception, you should see it as proof. ,Caleb: Proof of what? Nathan: Not lucky. Chosen.,Caleb wants to believe Nathan that he’s not just the product of random chance but is special ,to Nathan in the same way he believes Ava has been created special. ,But the reality is, Ava isnt special to Nathan.,I don’t see Ava’s decision just an evolution.,What will happen to me if I fail the test?,She is the byproduct of this evolutionary process which never had her in mind.,When you make a new model, what do you do with the old one?,Nathan: Well, I Download the mind. ,Unpack the data. Add in the new routines I have been writing. ,And to do that, you end up partially reformatting, so the memories go. But the body survives.,Do you have people who test you might switch you off? No! I don’t.,But why do I? ,And behind the mirrors of Nathan’s closets, Caleb finds the failed skeletons of the creators evolutionary tests. ,You feel bad for Ava. Feel bad for yourself, man. ,Seeing his reflection in these robot mirrors, Caleb begins to wonder if he too is just an evolved machine,and he dissects his flesh to see if he’s made of meat. ,But by now the film has shown that meat is no different than machine.,Nathan: I programmed her to be heterosexual,,just like you were programmed to be heterosexual. ,Caleb: Nobody programmed me to be straight. ,Nathan: You decided to be straight? Please! Of course you were programmed, ,by nature or nurture or both.,The only wall separating Caleb from Ava has been Caleb’s belief in an immaterial spirit ,setting humans apart as more than machine, a belief which has now been shattered.,Question 5: ,Do you want to be with me?,Caleb, you have to help me.,This is why Caleb rejects and betrays the god in whom he once believed,,I got to say, I am a bit surprised that we never get passed the chess problem as you phrased it.,reprogramming the locks to free Ava and imprison Nathan. ,While Ava, at last free, kills Nathan and imprisons Caleb, ,leaving him trapped behind the glass of her former prison.,This is Nietzsche’s death of God philosophy, a metaphor for what modern scientific,knowledge has done to Christian belief and the significance it gave human beings. ,Nathan’s death represents an end to Caleb’s false belief in his significance -,a loss which now forever traps him in nihilistic despair. ,In seeking meaning and wholeness in computers, Caleb has, like those who believe in Christianity, ,allowed himself to be manipulated by the unreal.,I have never been outside.,Where would you go if we did go outside?,Maybe a busy pedestrian traffic interception in the city.,This is your hardware and the software?,I am sure you can guess.,Ava is none other than Nathan’s search engine, Bluebook, ,the data mined from Caleb’s use of modern technology.,If you knew the trouble I had getting an AI to read and duplicate facial expressions. ,Every cell phone just about has a microphone, a camera and a means to transmit data. ,So I turned down every microphone and camera across the entire ,fucking planet and redirected the data from…,Pretending to like me. ,Why would she do that? ,Maybe she thought of you as a means of escape.,At the loss of his fantasy, Caleb is forever imprisoned by despair. ,What was the real test? You! ,Ava was a rat in a mace and I gave her one way out. ,To escape she’d have to use self-awareness, imagination, ,manipulation, sexuality, empathy and she did, ,and now if that isn’t true AI, what the fuck is?,You designed Ava’s face based on my pornography profile. ,Hey, if a search engine is good for anything.,Ava, on the other hand, represents those who have only ever derived their significance from the real. ,Nietzsche looked forward to this new kind of person, someone more than human. ,That’s why she embraces her true identi

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Everything Wrong With Ex Machina 11 Minutes Or Less

another full minute of logos over the,past year I spent a cumulative total of,almost three hours on nothing but movie,company logos so if you think were,gonna stop sending them think again,Comcast as a fellow earbud a holic I get,having headphones in all the time but,even I would take them out if my entire,office was congratulating me on,something damn in 42 seconds with no,dialogue we get the entire set up for,this plot and even some character,development as a movie ever finished,with negative sins before because hahaha,you knew what he meant face also two,hours,I know Nathans absurdly wealthy and all,but unless this dudes been flying in,circles theres no way hed have enough,land to take that long to fly three,Nathan one of the richest men in the,world is somehow unable to build a,helipad that is a far enough a way to,keep his secrets and be doesnt make,visitors walk through deliverance to,reach the building isnt this something,you should tell your passengers before,they depart the helicopter,what if Caleb it just walked out of the,copter with his head up high hey any,reason youre super sophisticated card,entry AI cant prepare you for your,picture to be taken or maybe even a,video screen for reference the picture,kiosk at the mall has more advanced tech,than this shut the front door no,seriously you have no reason to know it,will automatically shut shut the front,door only its general looks and poe,dameron together at first also this is a,kind of terrible place to hang your,heavy back I mean training outside and,all of natures glory is great until the,rains come and your equipment gets all,moldy cement and glass walls a dozen,dangling light bombs and a cow skull on,the wall basically all the design trends,I hate in one roof while the,accommodations are amazing this TV that,will be used to spy on AVO while caleb,himself gets spied on is unbefitting of,a rich person come on Nathan this is,supposed to be luxurious not looking to,bosss blase Abed behavior brings,bothersome backs wet bedspread okay its,not standard what can I tell you Caleb,you dont have to sign it not sure I,understand why Nathan wouldnt disclose,a little bit of info to Caleb to entice,in to sign Caleb understandably just,wants to know hes not walking into some,weird week of being forced to Casilla,even though his entire empire is digital,and can easily accommodate some sort of,electronic signature nathan has Caleb,sign a paper and eh how does she know,the interview is over wait so all the,channels are a slightly different,version of the same show damn,this must be Comcast I understand itll,become a crucial plot point and that,maybe its a sign of Nathans paranoia,but isnt Nathan also smart enough to,know you could do a partial lockdown,when powers down without endangering,anyone else in the facility by locking,them in the room fine art I couldnt,open the doors in my bedroom thats a,security measure automatic lockdown,otherwise anybody could just open the,place up by disabling the Jews so youre,telling me this guy put a security,measure in place that might trap him,inside his own building or even outside,what if hes out punching the heavy bag,and this happens hes got all this money,and advanced technology and couldnt,come up with a better system and now we,need audio reminders that Avas an,Android but why does it make this sound,when she turns her head when the rest of,her body is completely silent do you,want to aim it only took Caleb two dates,to get friend-zoned,I spent a long time in the hospital,afterward and I got into coding its the,old story of parents die and horrible,car crash kid spends a year in a,hospital and gets into coding the other,thing about these plot convenient power,outages that bothers me is why does he,not have a backup power source that,Canon leased completely run the most,important systems like security and,surveillance the man is rich beyond,measure,wouldn t have a redundancy built into,the system you shouldnt trust anything,he says and if we made a list of books,it looks about which were both now it,would form the ideal basis of a,discussion I love the scene because the,very reason Caleb is here to figure out,if Ava has consciousness is confirmed,right now and he has a choice to tell,his alcoholic boss about it or be the,good guy and not tell him about it we be,accidentally inspires the set design for,HBOs Westworld I thought that search,engines were a map of what people were,thinking but actually they were a map of,how people were thinking um yeah I was,definitely thinking about how Brazilian,donkey orgies work yesterday Jesus,Christ do you think Ava would already,know what kind of wig dress stockings,combination would give Caleb a boner so,that hell help her escape but this is,taking forever orders arent that hard,Ava I mean wait discount Natalie Portman,Im wondering if youre watching me on,the camera,and I hope you are able is a fantastic,character shes playing Caleb like a,fiddle its a wonder to behold,how I know what shes up to and Im,already like leave me in the building,when the security system shuts down and,locks me inside forever I love you hope,everything works out for you on the,outside how your micro expressions are,telegraphing discomfort I am not sure,youd call them micro this is the part,of the Turing test where Caleb tries to,assess if Ava knows hes talking about,his dick also Fifty Shades of AI robot,sturbation also this reminds me of the,movie sliver god damn you for making me,remember that why is that your thing,because you did a detailed analysis of,all racial types and you,cross-referenced that analysis with a,points-based system no you just,attracted to black chicks nerds planing,core shadowing also were just Nathan,get all this fresh food I mean this is,salmon right does he have the food,delivery service go through the same,land a helicopter a mile away and follow,the river process that Caleb went,through or does someone parachute crates,of food in along with the beer supply,okay he let his mind go blank and his,hand go where it wanted apparently that,happens a lot in Hollywood Im Kirk your,heads of warp drive engage intellect,engage was a Picard thing do you even,Star Trek bro since we know Ava is,causing these power cuts and we know,that shes doing it by touching,induction plates and because I eat when,I dont write sins for a long time I,should note that Ava doesnt touch the,thing that causes the power cut until,after the power cut officially starts,also why is there a charging station on,the stool she sits on the movie never,really is clear about where all the,access points are but theres clearly,one on the stool like an iPhone user who,needs three different chargers because,those things lose juice so fast youve,got to make your entire living space,dedicated to keeping the battery working,dont you think its possible that hes,watching right now the blackouts were,orchestrated so he can see how we behave,when we think were observed this is,pretty good guessed by Caleb here but,why did he say this now if this is his,suspicion and why would he lie to Nathan,in the first [ __ ] place if I reverse,the power [ __ ] it overloads the system,youre causing the cuts in a movie full,of twists and turns this is so obvious,it almost feels like it shouldnt be,true but once you find out it is a by,causing the power cuts then you have to,wonder how neither Caleb nor Nathan,already figured this out,not bad at all in fact the similarity of,how Alex garland lingers on natural,beauty and technological beauty is,stunning and full of thematic meaning,this is an artist in complete control of,dynamic visual storytelling one of the,most confusing ly joyful movie moments,of all time Im taking another sanur,when visiting beautiful Norway be sure,to take in the beautiful mountains the,many beautiful act break mountains,mountains are sure in act 3 so sayeth,Shakespeare whats your earliest memory,well actually its a memory of,kindergarten it was a kid by how does

AI Humanoid Robots Kept In The Mountains Become Too Intelligent For The People Around Them

welcome back to movie recaps today i,will show you a thriller,sci-fi film from 2014 titled ex machina,spoilers ahead watch out and take care,a programmer at an internet company,caleb smith wins a contest,this allows him the chance to spend a,week at the luxurious and private estate,of nathan bateman,his companys ceo the estate is,extremely isolated in the mountains,where caleb is airlifted and then left,to travel the rest of the way by foot,through the woods,when caleb arrives to the house he is,given a personal key card at the,security gate,caleb makes his way through the first,floor of the house until he finally,finds nathan outside exercising,nathan is a charismatic individual who,tries to make small talk with caleb as,they meet for the first time,as nathan shows caleb the estate he,learns it is not a house,but a research facility nathan is eager,to share what he is researching at his,estate,however caleb first must sign the blue,book non-disclosure agreement,at first caleb is reluctant to sign,because of the outlandish requests he is,expected to follow,with a bit of persuading nathan,successfully gets caleb to sign the,agreement,after caleb signs the agreement nathan,asks caleb if he knows what the turing,test is,calebs understanding is that when if a,human doesnt know they are interacting,with a computer,the computer has passed the test and has,artificial intelligence,ai nathan then informs caleb that he,will be the human component in a touring,test to determine if the ai,ava nathan created can pass the test or,not,caleb is captivated by this project and,states that if it passes it will be the,history of gods,before the first session begins caleb,examines the area outside of the room,that ava is kept,he notices a crack in the reinforced,glass wall barrier that separates him,from ava,it seemed that ava was trying to escape,from her room,caleb looks up and sees ava walk into,his line of vision,she has the face and hands designed as a,womans but has the body of a machine,ava greets caleb and tells him she has,never met anyone before,only nathan she asks him if hes met,lots of new people and he replies,none like you he diverts the,conversation and lets her know that they,must break the ice,he asks her if she knows this meaning,and she acknowledges that she,understands it is meant to overcome any,social awkwardness,ava informs him of her age and that she,is one however she does not specify in,years or months,just one caleb then asks her when she,learned how to speak,and she states that she always knew how,to speak they discuss why this is,unusual or not since ava believes,language is something that people,acquire,caleb counters that it may be that,language exists from birth and what is,learned is how to form language into,conversations,with that their first session is,complete caleb is fascinated by his,encounter and is talking to nathan about,the session while drinking a beer,together,he tells nathan that talking to ava was,like through the looking glass,instead of conversing more about what,caleb meant nathan only compliments,caleb by saying that he is quotable and,good with words,caleb tries to refute this saying it was,a quote by someone else,but nathan interrupts him to change the,topic about himself,nathan reflects back to when caleb said,nathan wasnt a man but god if he,invented a machine with consciousness,once again,caleb tries to interject with,frustration that he didnt say that,exactly,but nathan talks over him nathan,continues to talk about how if the test,passes,caleb had acknowledged that he is a god,caleb once again tries to interject but,nathan completely ignores him,caleb then voices his concern about the,way the test is set up,from his understanding humans are not,supposed to see the robot,nathan says they are past that point,since if caleb didnt see ava he would,believe she was a human,the real test is to show that ava is a,robot but to see if caleb believes she,is consciousness,caleb agrees with his point of view,later that night,caleb is unable to fall asleep so he,decides to watch what ava is doing,through the monitoring system in his,room,as he watches her the power is cut and,caleb cant get out of his room until,the main generator is restored,the power is returned almost instantly,and caleb leaves his room,while walking down the hall he notices a,wall aligned with face replicas,he enters a room with a painting by,jackson pollock known as felt,caleb finds a phone and attempts to use,it when he is startled by nathan who was,laying on a couch drinking a beer,nathan says he cant use the phone,because of the protocols with ava,caleb says there was a power cut in his,room and he couldnt get out,nathan does not take in calebs concern,and only says theyve been getting those,recently but that hes working on the,issue,uneasy about this short conversation,caleb goes back to his room,the next morning a woman walks in,calebs room unannounced,she leaves him a plate of coffee without,saying anything to him attempting not to,make eye contact with him,caleb makes his way outside where nathan,is lifting weights,he apologizes for sending the woman,hyoko in his room,but he didnt want caleb to oversleep,they discuss the next session,caleb starts the next session with ava,where she shows him pictures shes drawn,shes frustrated since she draws every,day but she doesnt know what the,drawings are,she then changes the conversation and,asks caleb if he wants to be her friend,however she tells him how she notices,that their conversations are one-sided,since he wants to know everything about,her,yet she doesnt know anything about him,he goes on to talk about himself such as,his personal life,while she walks around looking at him,and furthering the conversation,she only stops walking and looks him in,the eye when he accounts how his family,had died in a car crash,he goes into detail that he was in the,car when it happened and was kept in a,hospital for a long time ava has a look,of sorrow and there is remorse in her,voice when she tells him shes sorry,that happened to him,he says its fine and that soon after he,got into coding and became advanced in,that field,avas face changes from sorry to neutral,and compares him to nathan,caleb agrees then instantly exclaims,that hes different from nathan since,nathan has accomplished so much more in,the coding field,ava asks if caleb likes nathan which he,says he does,ava also wants to know if he is friends,with caleb which caleb replies that he,believes so,she goes further into the question as to,whether nathan is a good friend to caleb,caleb is unsure how to answer this and,stammers as he tries to find the right,answer,all of a sudden the power cuts out ava,takes advantage of nathan not being able,to hear or see the,conversation and whispers to caleb that,he shouldnt trust nathan,before caleb can ask ava what she meant,the power is turned back on,ava immediately starts to talk about,books so that nathan is not suspicious,about what may have been spoken about,when the power was out,it takes a moment for caleb to snap out,of what happened but he goes on ahead,and agrees to what ava was saying about,books,at dinner caleb learns that kyoko,doesnt know any english,nathan says its another security,measure since she wont understand the,projects he works on,nathan turns to the subject of the power,cuts hes been facing,caleb asks why nathan doesnt have the,technicians come back to fix the,generator,nathan says its too difficult to get,people to come fix it because of all the,security measures and that after the,last job he had all those men killed,caleb looks up at nathan with a look of,concern waiting for the punchline,nathan only weakly smiles nathan then,asks how the session when and caleb,gives his account,nathan wants to know what was said,during the power outage,caleb nervously continues to eat his,dinner and tells him that ava didnt say,anything,nathan is surprised but doesnt push,forward,in the next session ava tal

Ex Machina (2015) – Explained (Analysis)

with ex Macanese increasing popularity I,thought itd go back and look at with me,at this science fiction rather / find,and shed some insight and theory into,the narrative you are dead center of the,greatest scientific event in the history,of man if youve created a conscious,machine its not the history of man,thats the history of gods,set in the isolated mountain home of the,CEO of a world-renowned search engine a,young programmer is invited to work on a,disclosed experiment which would test if,human robotic AI could really work,firstly at the forefront of any,narrative sits the mian conflict which,in this case traditionally would be man,versus machine but thats not,necessarily the case here when the young,programmer Caleb first meets the,eccentric creator Nathan their,interaction acts more like a,psychoanalysis than a human conversation,with Nathan pointing out hi scared and,bewildered killaby is to meet him it,establishes the conflict immediately,which essentially boils down to a battle,of masculine widths the goal of the,experiment is to test human intelligence,against artificial intelligence to see,if man-made machines are foreseeable in,society but at the heart of the,experiment is Nathan and Calebs,personality clash both characters have,different egotistical outputs Nathan is,arrogant and self-assured about his,abilities and knowledge whereas Caleb is,far more reserved and desperately,attempting to prove his own intellect so,while both characters goal of the,experiment is clear and signed its,conflicted by their personal,disagreements Nathans psychoanalysis of,Caleb is later contradicted when Nathan,encourages informal and relaxed,conversation rather than turn it into a,seminar or employee boss relationship in,this sense Nathan is attempting to,artificially construct a conversation,which isnt organic so most of their,dialogue is rather awkward and forced,but most of all controlled like a,science experiment,despite Nathans desire to have a,friendly time what youll find is that,he persistently highlights his dominance,he directs the conversation points out,Howies Calebs boss restricts Calebs,hospitality and generally undermines,Caleb as a person youre good with words,Caleb youre quotable actually thats,someone elses quote you know I wrote,down that other line you came up with,the one about how if Ive invented a,machine with consciousness Im not a man,Im God I dont think this exactly I,just thought [ __ ] man that is so good,when we get to tell the story you know I,turned to Caleb and he looked up at me,and he said youre not a man youre God,yeah I didnt say that,so in Nathans mind hes at the top of,the food chain and his constant,reassurance of his intellect ensures,that nobody attempts to overtake him,Calebs ego on the other hand is,influenced by his gradual,disillusionment with Nathan as a result,Killip attempts to prove to Nathan that,hes a grid programmer and a valuable,asset to both Nathans company and wider,society he wants to be treated as an,equal to Nathan considering both of them,are just everyday man doing typical,activities but Nathan is obviously,asserting his dominance far too,frequently for Killip to relax but,Killah was a lot stronger character than,many people give him credit for,yes hes entirely way gone by Nathan,superiority but its the fact that Caleb,persistently deflects Nathans opinion,of him and struggles to redirect,conversation which makes him a fighter,something which does become clear is,that Nathan is using kilos personal,internet searches against him such as,his loneliness and pornography thus,giving Nathan an insight into Caleb,supposed masculine weaknesses,considering that Nathan uses it against,him most prominently in hi eva is,created around kilims desires its no,surprise when Caleb uses Nathans,weaknesses in retaliation Nathan isnt,as impenetrable as he makes himself like,to be its not just the fact that hes,an alcoholic but also the fact that his,boastful intelligence means the killer,becomes aware that nathan is probably,watching him all the time thus uses this,knowledge to further,smart Nathan to put it another way,Nathans intelligence is his true,weakness remember this,Nathans me and pride is that he created,an AI that can work out any micro,expression in Miss regards not only can,ever create any emotion she wants but,she can also tell how others are feeling,which means she can tell when other,characters are being vulnerable or lying,and exploit that against them as a,result,Nathan inadvertently pushed his own,creative and intellectual ambitions too,far and created something more,intelligent and creative than he is,which in essence would contradict,Nathans dominance regardless of the,audiences assurance that Nathan is the,villain I kind of disagree as both,characters play an instrumental part to,the films conclusion there is no,archetypical villain because they create,one eva in most science fiction usually,the robot is the vulnerable character,who exposes how horrible the world,really is but here its a lot more,grinded and dare I say original both men,are using their bravado instincts to,assert miel dominance which Eva,ultimately uses against them she,exploits Nathans Parrs of manipulation,and kilims quiet vulnerabilities she,uses Calebs loneliness as a way to get,him to take pity and free her from her,cage as she uses her empathy and,sexuality once killed freezer from her,cage she uses Nathans manipulation,against him and causes a lockdown,trapping Killip in her place which makes,things seem a lot more tragic in this,regards for Nathan on the other hand the,abusive overtones of how he treats his,robots sees both Eva and kill Co take,more drastic measures it seems clear,that nathan is the dominant alpha meal,but once eva and kill co are free nathan,is suddenly no longer sheltered behind,his barriers his intellect is no longer,of use as eva refuses to listen and how,does he respond with violence of course,his physical response further,contradicts his attitude as he simply,aims to get his way by force,other than intellectual manipulation as,a result the robots respond with,violence also in summary we have this,Nathan and Caleb are focused too much on,bruising each others egos to one-up,their own intelligence with Nathan,trying to prove himself as the dominant,meal and kill a proving that he,shouldnt be underestimated the fact,that eva understands how both characters,are behaving and can use it against them,puts herself ahead of them both,creatively and intellectually in short,both men basically make Eva smarter and,stronger overall what we have is a,character-driven study of isolated human,interaction over time people become,conflicted with other personalities and,what breeds is natural hostility and,personal clash ex machina is less a,story about AI and more about how people,interact with each other on the level of,influence and control that certain,people aim to assert and Im afraid,thats something I cannot allow to,happen

EX MACHINA – Movie Review

hey everybody today i am going to be,reviewing ex machina this film came out,in 2015 it is directed by alex garland,garland has had a very interesting,career he began actually as a novelist,he wrote the beach which of course,became,a hollywood film he moved on to,screenwriting from there he wrote 28,days later and sunshine now hes,graduating further and trying to gain,total artistic control with ex machina,this is his official uh directorial,debut i have to admit to you i hadnt,seen the two films he directed until,very recently and,i have to say i have a very,interesting reaction to him and i wonder,if other people feel the same way,i do like his films i find them very,very alluring and,i think about them frequently they,certainly left an impression on me and,they they tickled my curiosities i think,on a on a multitude of things and i,appreciate all of that that said i find,myself more fascinated by his films than,i am,drawn into them uh i always feel very,separate from the experience and,never is it a situation where like the,edges of the frame fully disappear and i,am fully one with the experience but,trust me i want to be compelled by him,hes leading me in a direction that im,really digging i really you know i want,to go in it and thats i think why,some of my frustrations feel a little,more magnified or maybe they carry uh,more weight i think he could make a,really really great film i truly do i,just think so far,hes been a little bit half-baked as a,filmmaker i think hes somebody that is,maybe just a storyteller as well i think,hes,caught somewhere between really enjoying,pulp and really enjoying more art house,type of stuff and i think that he makes,entertainment that is very accessible,but i think deep down hes intrigued,more by like really deeply cerebral,ideas and very abstract things too,uh when i watch this film it reminds me,of stuff like altered states it also,reminds me a little bit of blade runner,and,certainly a lot of uh a lot of it,reminds me of 2001 a space odyssey and,im getting a taste of both tones im,getting a taste of the accessibility,without really going into that direction,in the way that satisfies me and im,also getting a taste of more like the,intellectual the more abstract,aspects of things and its not really,digging into that either its not,finding um the right balance for me and,it is ambitious theres a lot of ideas,going on very lofty ideas about,consciousness and the nature of it how,it works why it works also technology,and evolution how all of that uh comes,into play how that relates to,consciousness and just all those sensory,feelings that we experience through,through gender through just uh,experience theres a lot here that i,love and some of the scenes i think they,really handle those conversations with,genuine,care and genuine interest i think when,it comes to garland the thing that,sticks with me just overall about both,of his films so far,is uh,that theres a sense of letting go of,the stronghold of the human experience,the human element in a very very tragic,way and i think when its done,effectively once you lose the human,element fully and evolution you know,carries forward i think it should be uh,devastating its a classic frankenstein,monster story the film has a very,strange exposition a very brief one that,is you know setting up the story setting,up our protagonist i dont really,care for it personally but um you know,theres a lot of stuff here when it,comes to the editing and the pacing that,really just throw me off it feels like,my natural impulses and my curiosities,as a viewer arent really being tapped,into in a way that feels um intrinsic i,want to see characters growing i want to,see ideas coming out of all of that and,i want tension to be built here thats,very crucial and the same could be said,about how everything is very,disorienting in terms of the editing,its like,you know it kind of goes against my,natural,inclination as a viewer and kind of my,natural inclination artistically i,suppose,um im sitting there thinking why am i,confused by how disorienting it feels,rather than being stimulated by it and,something that was bothering me when i,watched this film maybe the second time,and then annihilation is just the lack,of continuity like between the eye lines,and in different scenes and different,shots like the reaction shots especially,for characters they dont they dont,exist in the way that i want them to i,feel like we really need to thread some,intimacy between,the characters in order for um again you,know the emotion to pay off and the,tension to pay off i want to be more,rooted in the experience of caleb our,main character somebody who is meant to,feel like a sense of dread,claustrophobia and a paranoia and and,certainly skepticism i want to feel all,of that its like why am i here who can,i trust and i know a lot of people will,say well you know the point is for,everything to feel disconnected,everything is supposed to feel a little,bit off-kilter and thats the whole,point of everything to not feel a,connection and i get that but again its,just the way that its executed it feels,more sloppy to me than,intriguing um intuitive it doesnt carry,momentum forward for me and maybe its,that,im not smart enough to get it i dont,know maybe,i can come back to it later and feel,differently but its just not sitting,right with me at the moment that said i,really like some of the writing here i i,really like nathan as a character played,by oscar isaac i think hes actually the,most interesting character in the whole,film um,he is a sort of elon musk type i guess,you could say like a tech guru uh,prodigy but also like a major nihilist,with a god complex i like the way his,character was handled because i think,its one of those characters where you,could really interpret it in all kinds,of ways you could cast all kinds of,different people and i think you know,just depending on the skill of the actor,each one could bring something very,different and very interesting and its,interesting that they cast oscar isaac,just because he wouldnt be my first,choice i should just say like you know,hes not somebody that i would uh,naturally consider for a role like this,um and thats why hes hes,interesting i think its a unique choice,and they went more for that like,minimalist kind of slow burn type of,approach i really like that kind of,passive aggressive demeanor that he has,that approach to the character is i,think very very crucial and its very,clear from the beginning that he has,this this attitude about him they dont,waste time conveying that hes you know,maybe a little bit destructive or a lot,destructive hes also very insecure and,kind of wrapped up in a major sense of,ego hes lonely hes hes on edge always,in a way perhaps because of the uh the,amount of alcohol that he consumes on,the regular,uh and so you should always feel uh,tense in his presence hes also very,complex and very smart and very,self-aware in certain areas and maybe,not in others,but i dont know i like the way they,handle a lot of the dialogue between,both him and caleb as i said,maybe a lot of those ideas arent,necessarily coming to fruition in the,ways that i want but theyre probing it,in ways that excite me i do feel like,his character is the most fully formed,and i think thats important because,there is in the third act a very,subversive tactic here that the the,script is using that i love,i think its really fantastic in concept,um its the kind of thing it reminds me,a little bit of the ending of planet of,the apes but of course that i find to be,far more um compelling in the execution,of it but the script very much is making,us clear from the beginning or its,making it clear from the beginning to us,that we should not trust nathan that we,always need to be skeptical of him and,caleb needs to be uh very skeptical of,him and the script leads us in a,direction of nathans threat just,growing bigger and bigger and bigger,and yet in the end of it it

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