1. Extenze Review 2022: My Results After Taking Extenze!
  2. Extenze Review – Watch This Before You Buy Extenze Pills!
  3. Extenze Supplement Review ( Fully Explained )
  4. Doctor Explains: Do Male enhancement pills WORK?! | Erectile Dysfunction
  5. Extenze Review: Does Extenze Male Enhancement Actually Work? (My Results)
  6. ExtenZe Review – If You Want Performance In The Bedroom, Then This Product Is For You!
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Extenze Review 2022: My Results After Taking Extenze!

now right out of the gate I will tell,you extends is no doubt one of the most,popular male enhancement pills on the,market currently so were going to be,going over everything thats inside of,these pills,um the side effects that I experienced,and the results that Ive gotten since,using them so heres the deal most pills,in the male enhancement pill industry uh,they make really outrageous claims about,how they can make your penis larger what,I like is Extenze does not make those,kind of claims in fact its a its,scientifically formulated and its been,shown in clinical studies actually to,increase libido and improve sexual,performance to give you an idea extends,is even banned for athletes uh,professional football players and,Olympic athletes cannot use extends just,due to the efficacy of the ingredients,inside alright enough of the sales pitch,for extends lets get into how this,stuff really works and if it actually,works okay so just to set the stage for,you I have been taking extends for a few,weeks now uh just over two actually to,be exact and Ive been taking it once a,day every morning with my coffee okay so,Ill admit I first bought extends after,hearing Ron Jeremy on a podcast say that,he uses it to bring his A-game on when,hes on camera so with an endorsement,like that it definitely got my attention,and by the way when I got started with,extends I ended up using a discount link,it saved me about 25 I believe um Ill,be sure to put that link in the,description below so anyone who wants to,try out extends for themselves theyll,be able to take advantage of the same,discount um that I got okay so heres my,experience using extends the first thing,I noticed was a heightened sex drive it,was probably around 48 hours after I,took my first pill that I started,noticing um an increase in that area now,the second thing Ive noticed since Ive,started taking extends is I get aroused,much more easily uh my erections are,noticeably harder and I get there I get,to a full erection more quickly than I,did before now the next thing I noticed,with extends was that my sexual,performance increased substantially and,my girlfriend would attest to this but,unfortunately she will not be in this,video I vow to one day talk her in but,anyways uh yeah it definitely gave me,more orgasm control and helped me hold,back on climax climaxing uh so I could,last longer now in conjunction with the,last thing I just said although I have,been able to put off climaxing longer,when I have climax my orgasms are,definitely more intense in fact Ive,been experiencing some really intense,orgasms since taking extends and that is,probably my favorite side effect of all,okay so now a few other things worth,mentioning uh shipping was fast and,discreet it came in an unmarked box,there was no mention on the box of,extends or of the product of it even,being a supplement which is nice and it,also wasnt very expensive it was less,than forty dollars for a whole month,supply and in my experience extends is,probably one of the cheapest male,enhancement pills on the market that,actually works overall I have to say Im,extremely satisfied with extends Im,definitely really happy that I decided,to try it out and again if you want to,try it out for yourself um you can save,about 25 using the link that Ill be,putting in the description below okay,okay so as far as extends goes that is,all she wrote I dont have anything else,to say about the supplement except that,it is definitely going to remain in my,personal supplement stack fosho and hey,guys if you made it this far drop a like,on the video I personally really,appreciate it and subscribe for more,honest reviews on male enhancement pills,and supplements until the next time,later

Extenze Review – Watch This Before You Buy Extenze Pills!

you guys robbed here again with,supplement corty calm and todays review,were going to be talking about extends,extended release or the plus for now as,I like to call it a bit of a taboo topic,not everybody likes talking about male,enhancement but this is a product that I,recently got a chance to test out and I,want to give you my unbiased and,personal results with it anyway as you,can tell from the packaging there its,extended release so this is basically,something it because it comes in liquid,gel cap form its supposed to be,something that lasts throughout the day,so its a similar comparative to any,kind of like prescription medication,that you would take like viagra or,something like that and essentially its,supposed to help get it up within like,45 to 60 minutes of taking a couple of,caps Im sorry one gel cap the way it,works is obviously just like any other,supplement review has a number of,different ingredients on here tribulus,extract is a big one DHEA velvet bean,extract and one of the biggest ones that,it hasnt is no heavy I kind of have,somewhat of a love-hate relationship,with the OMB its one of those,substances that works really good to get,you really hard but at the same time you,feel like you want to throw up now this,is its not the same for everybody but,in my experience whenever Ive taken a,big quantity of yohimbe Ive always felt,very nauseous so what I like to do is,start off at the lowest possible dosage,which in this case I really can do,because its a gel cap and then what,also did was take it with food and in my,scenario I took it with a whole shitload,of food to make sure that I didnt get,any side effects or at least I lessened,the side effects from it and it I mean,what can I say it does what its,supposed to do essentially just you know,gave me a pretty rock-hard erection that,something that Ive never lets put this,way I dont feel that naturally and I,could definitely feel like I was lasting,you know much longer from it I would say,my average romp would be anywhere,between like 15-20 minutes where it,normally would be any hard between 5 and,10 minutes so never Agard had definitely,helped they call this a long-term,supplement something that you would take,every day,to get the most benefit out of it but in,my honest opinion I think that you can,just take this as needed Ive taken it,at times for about a week and the,effects felt exactly the same from the,very first time thats okay the very,first day and it felt the same seven,days later there was really no,difference it didnt I didnt build up,you know anything to it but I definitely,felt like it built a little bit of a,tolerance to it I felt like like I was,losing some of that effectiveness as I,took it as time went on so I mean I,would basically just take a break from,it not use it for you know a period of,like warrant two weeks its not,addictive so its not something that you,know if you stop taking it youre gonna,start getting jittery or you want,something you know youre gearing for it,youll you know just think it whatever,you want to and it definitely works in,that regard you can find this a lot of,different places the website itself they,sell it at a pretty good rate if you,dont feel like going online and order,it there you could always visit your,local CVS or Walgreens I believe they,sell in there they have a lot of them,live like five acts and just have five,pills and give it a shot yourself and,see what kind of results you get from it,so anyway thats all I pretty much have,about extends plus Ive have any,questions leave them in the comment,section below if not Ill talk to you,guys again soon take care

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Extenze Supplement Review ( Fully Explained )

what is up baby today we have a special,video,yes a video that you guys have been,asking me to do,a special review we have right here this,special bad boy,extends extended release mail,enhancement,uh yes check it out dont know if my,cameras focusing in or not,so before we get into this juicy i mean,juicy review,because this stuff let me tell you it,works,and it works really well um,a little disclaimer you know i took this,stuff mainly for bodybuilding purposes i,dont want you to think that i have a,soft garden hose,but i do want to get into the review and,explain to you guys all the ingredients,what they specifically do for you,and how this can help you both as a,bodybuilder fitness athlete,and you know for male enhancement,purposes which you guys,probably want to know but before we get,into all that juicy juicy stuff,go down crush that subscribe button if,youre a returning subscriber thanks for,being faithful to the jersey flex,fitness channel,if not go down do that right now and,leave a comment leave a like if youre,feeling generous and lets get right,into that review,baby,[Music],all right so anyways into the review,this stuff were not going to waste any,time were going to talk straight about,extends fast fast acting release,extended release,um maximum strength,so uh basically since this is youtube,theres certain things that i can,and cannot say uh being that this is a,male enhancement pill,were gonna refer to instead of saying,were gonna say um my,third arm my third leg,yeah youre gonna notice uh i mean like,a what the,hell increase in size,in terms of your leg,so basically what this does in terms of,bedroom wise is you could fill in the,blanks,uh so that being said yeah this is a,phenomenal pill if youre struggling for,that kind of purpose,uh it definitely does work one thing,that i will say,and i will advise to you guys from,personal experience,is its not like you take it one time,and kaboom,you have the results like im ready for,performance its not like that this is,something that has to kind of build up,inside of your system,and then it takes about a week for some,people two weeks,so there comes 15 soft gel capsules,inside one container so you can kind of,do the math,it is a little bit on the pricey side,youre talking like 30 to 40 dollars per,packet,so it takes about a week or two to,really build up in your system,and start working so keep that in mind,dont think youre just gonna take it,and then,boom you turn into freaking superman and,youre ready to just,destroy everything that would be amazing,but uh its not that fast acting,it takes about a week so keep that in,mind be patient,you know take it throughout the week and,youll slowly notice day by day,like wow im getting more energy im,getting more that,an increase in testosterone and,increasing all that good stuff that,youre,looking for if you did purchase this so,thats a heads up a little,info for you guys and i should start,with this a little disclaimer,im not dr oz im not like some licensed,practitioner and clinical doctor im,nobody and i am,nobody in a position to tell you to take,this stuff,i am by any means i am not telling you,go out,buy it do it and im not prescribing it,to you,if youre going to take it contact your,doctor if you have underlying health,issues yadda yadda yadda yadda you know,all that stuff that i have to say,um you know take it solely on your,choice and at your own risk,but recommendation i do recommend it,i do recommend it if youre looking for,that,stuff so um,basically yeah it takes about a week to,kick into your system theres a whole,lot of in here,like i mean like a whole lot of stuff,but,these things taken in large amounts can,be kind of rough on your liver,and you know because it filters through,that but,well go through some of the stuff,thats in here you have niacin follicle,sorry niacin folic acid acid,tribulus extract velvet bean dhea,yohembi,extract l-arginine maca extract,um then you got some black pepper and,then a few other things in here,so basically its a pretty loaded up gel,capsule,you know and youre saying yourself wow,thats a whole lot of stuff to put in,your body,but luckily because its just one gel,capsule its really micro dosing like,youre dosing this stuff in a small,amount every single day,and you know most of these things to,really get a huge effect from,you have to take it on its own you know,taking it in a micro dose,is gonna have minimal effect on on your,body and stuff like that,but these things in conjunction work,together to give you that,end result that youre looking for,kaboom so,uh it is better to take this as opposed,to taking everything on the back,individually,which i have done only a few things of,these on the back,at a time uh for bodybuilding purposes,and the reason i really did buy this is,because of bodybuilding i said wow this,has a lot of great stuff maybe it can,help me have more powerful lifting,sessions,and it did but i also noticed the,adverse,effect which is not really a side effect,but i was a lot more,glorious if you will um,down there with my extra leg you know,this is youtube,so this is uh definitely something i,recommend for that and because,everything is so,micro dosed youre not really getting,too bad of an effect,one thing i will say yohembi extract,which is in here um yohembi extract,is probably along with dhea is probably,the most toxic thing for your liver,thats found inside of this,and you do have to be careful with,yohembia extract if youre sensitive to,it,um you might notice when you take this,if you have like blood pressure issues,or cholesterol issues,you might get a little bit lightheaded,so just be mindful of that,you know take note of that and if that,does happen you know stop taking it,maybe,duh you know stop taking it but um,yohembi extract one thing that you will,notice because its very,sensitive on your gi tract,you might notice like a slight stomach,ache which i actually,ended up getting from this um on a scale,of one to ten that stomach ache was,probably like a five or six,and it gave me pretty bad diarrhea to be,quite honest,not to you know be so straightforward,with you guys but honesty honestys the,best policy yeah i,i was kind of going to the toilet a,little bit because of this,and that lasted about like the first you,know,six days and then i guess my body kind,of acclimated to it and then that kind,of,subsided and went away so but besides,that,um everything in here is pretty pretty,effective,im not gonna lie and in terms of,fitness because i,this is a fitness channel so you guys,probably do want to know,what it did for me in the gym i noticed,an increase in vascularity,huge increase in vascularity i mean i,was getting some,crazy pumps in the gym and,thats something you do have to notice,most of these male enhancement things,they increase your blood flow because,the blood flows for you know uh,leg stiffness if you guys can read,between the lines you know this is,youtube,your leg getting stiff or your hammer,standing upright thats all about blood,flow,so most of these male enhancement things,theyre going to increase your blood,flow and nitric,oxide so that being said that goes in,conjunction with having pumps and your,muscles getting pumped in the gym,you know duh it makes sense so yeah you,know,in return it did make me have better,pumps in the gym,thats definitely something that,happened uh i noticed my veins were a,lot more,you know engorged my muscles were more,pumped up and everything so,in terms of blood flow this does work,very well,um so yeah you know im gonna have to,give this,rating probably an 8 out of 10.,eight because it works really damn well,and,the two points that take it away from,being a 10 is probably because of that,sensitivity in my stomach that i had,where i kind of had to go to the crapper,and then from time to time i felt a,little bit lightheaded here and there,but nothing too crazy,i just kind of tried to stay away from,coffee so i wouldnt overdo it,and get dizzy an

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Doctor Explains: Do Male enhancement pills WORK?! | Erectile Dysfunction

hey guys veena malik urologist and pelvic surgeon here did you know that,52% of men between the ages of 40 to 70 experienced erectile dysfunction and,what that means is that they are unable to have penetrated intercourse every,time they want to so no wonder there are a number of sexual enhancement pills,available on the market or sex pills for men to try do these actually work whats,in them and should you try were gonna delve deep into that and if you like,what you see dont forget to hit that subscribe button and give me a big,thumbs up as a disclaimer I do not recommend any of these supplements but I,do know that there are people out there who are using them and I want you to,know what youre putting in your body also I think its extremely important to,see a physician to get a diagnosis and be evaluated for your erectile,dysfunction it can be a sign of other really serious problems like heart,disease or problems with your blood vessels it can also help us find other,problems like low testosterone so its important to do that and also we can,prescribe you medication that is FDA regulated for erectile function and,there is no such thing as a medication or supplement without side effects so I,know people think that these supplements are all-natural and they are but we,dont know what goes into them and they all also have side effects so thats not,a reason to forego seeing a physician so I see a lot of guys who come into my,office whove tried some sort of gas station pill some Rhino pill something,over-the-counter for their rectal dysfunction before they finally come see,me so before you try anything over the counter get on the FDA website they have,an entire list of medications that are on the naughty list are on the warning,list because they have undeclared ingredients or they have ingredients,that arent supposed to be taken under the supervision of a physician like the,medications that we prescribed for erectile dysfunction so please avoid,those medications they are not safe the biggest issue with all of these,supplements is they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration so,there is no body of govern looking at what ingredients theyre,putting on the label and comparing it to whats actually in the tablet that,youre taking so while the ingredients themselves that Im gonna go over today,may be safe for you it may not be actually whats in the tablet itself so,you have to be very very careful also some of these are quite costly I know,back in the day that the cost of medications like sildenafil or Cabella,fell which are commonly known as viagra or the blue pill were more expensive and,so it was cost prohibitive to get those medications but now they are available,in generic form so if you see a physician you can get a generic,prescription for these medications and very often there are coupon programs or,compounding pharmacies that can give you even better discounts so it shouldnt be,cost prohibitive to get medications to help with your erections the first,medication were going to discuss is called libido max and right on the cover,of this medication it says it as dr. developed male enhancement pills but I,went on the website and I couldnt find any information about a physician that,actually claims to have developed this medication so Im not sure if that claim,is actually true also on the website Im gonna read it directly from the website,it says this product contains a chemical known in the state of California to,cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm so I would,immediately say please dont take this medication because there is a chance,that there are some medication thats been linked to cancer somewhere the,first active ingredient in this medication is l-arginine youre gonna,see this in a lot of the medications review and this is actually a precursor,for whats called nitric oxide and nitric oxide is a key component of the,ability for someone to obtain an erection so what happens is when you,have nitric oxide it allows the blood vessels to open up so that blood can,actually flow into the penis and cause tumescence or erection and so without,nitric oxide you cant have an erection so in theory this sounds like yes,l-arginine is an important part and could potentially improve erections they,have done Studies on this specific component they found that the data is,mixed probably a dose of five milligrams of l-arginine a day may be helpful but,its most likely helpful in people who,already have some vessel disease so that it helps open up those vessels so,patients who have cardiovascular disease or other blood vessel diseases this may,be good for them theres also a number of side effects that actually none of,these pills seem to describe any side effects but when you look at the,individual ingredients they are listed as having some side effects including,cramping nausea abdominal pain or bloating and so you might get some,abdominal discomfort or belly discomfort when you take this medication you also,want to be careful taking this in if you have a history of asthma so asthma or a,reactive airway disease can actually be worsened by taking anything with,l-arginine in it also if you have low blood pressure liver disease or any,genetic conditions this can be concerning and so you want to avoid,these medications if you have any of those problems,the next active ingredient in this medication is horny goat weed you may,sometimes seem to see this ingredient labeled horny goat weed or you may,sometimes see it labeled with the first word being at the medium what this is is,an herb that has an active ingredient called urine and this active ingredient,helps to increase nitric oxide synthesis so that you have more nitric oxide,available to then obtain an erection there have been no randomized controlled,trials meaning that they havent tested this particular herb extract with other,sugar pills or placebo pills to see if theres really truly a benefit so we,dont really know if this is effective but in theory thats how it works so,horny goat weed has low bioavailability poor absorption and a short half-life,and what does that mean well that means that when you take this medication or,this particular ingredient it doesnt stick around very long in the,bloodstream it doesnt really get absorbed into the bloodstream so that,its useful and in that case its probably not very effective theres also,some concern that over long periods of time you could get some dizziness with,taking it some vomiting dry mouth and in really severe circumstance if youre,taking a large quantity of it it can cause muscle spasms or difficulty,breathing so you do have to be careful with all these medications I keep saying,medications but what I really mean is supplements because these are not,medications they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration again,you want to be careful taking anything with horny goat weed in it if you have,low blood pressure if youre taking blood thinning medications or if you,have any clotting disorder the next active ingredient in this particular,supplement is yohimbe and yohimbe is extracted from the bark of an african,tree and it actually works in two ways it has a central effect meaning it works,on the brain and it blocks the receptors that decrease sexual arousal it also,works to increase nitric oxide this has been studied but it only enrolled a,small number of patients so it wasnt powered or it wasnt large enough to,detect a true difference between taking yohimbe versus taking just a regular,sugar pill so we dont know if its completely effective if youre taking,any supplement with yohimbe in it you need to be careful if you have any sort,of psychologic to sword err if you have I already have anxiety if you are having,any prostate problems if you have diabetes or heart problems these sorts,of things can make it dangerous for you to take this sort of ingredient in a,supplement the next supplement that were going to review is called the m

Extenze Review: Does Extenze Male Enhancement Actually Work? (My Results)

hey guys Dan here with another male,enhancement pill review and in this,video were going to be taking a look at,extends specifically their max strength,extended release version so were gonna,be going over everything thats inside,of these pills the side effects that,experienced and their results that Ive,gotten since using them so heres the,deal most pills in the male enhancement,pill industry they make really,outrageous claims about how they can,make your penis larger what I like is,extends does not make those kind of,claims in fact its its scientifically,formulated and its been shown in,clinical studies actually to improve to,increase libido and improve sexual,performance now right out of the gate I,will tell you extends is no doubt one of,the most popular male enhancement pills,on the market currently with over 1,billion pills sold no small number to,give you an idea extends is even banned,for athletes professional football,players and Olympic athletes cannot use,extends just due to the efficacy of the,ingredients inside alright enough of the,sales pitch for extend lets get into,how this stuff really works and if it,actually works ok so just to set the,stage for you I have been taking extends,for a few weeks now just over 2 actually,to be exact and Ive been taking it once,a day every morning with my coffee,ok so Ill admit I first bought extends,after hearing ron jeremy on a podcast,say that he uses it to bring his AGame,on when hes on camera so with an,endorsement like that it doesnt got my,attention,and by the way when I got started with,extends I ended up using a discount link,it saved me about $25 I believe Ill be,sure to put that link in the description,below so anyone who wants to try out,expense for themselves theyll be able,to take advantage of the same discount,that I got okay so heres my experience,using extends the first thing I noticed,was a heightened sex drive it was,probably around 48 hours after took my,first pill that I started noticing an,increase in that area now the second,thing Ive noticed since Ive started,taking extends is I get aroused much,more easily my erections are noticeably,harder and I get that I get to a full,erection more quickly than I did before,now the next thing I noticed with,extends was that my sexual performance,increased substantially and my,girlfriend would attest to this,unfortunately she will not be in this,video I vowed to one day talk her into,it,but anyways yeah it definitely gave me,more orgasm control and help me hold,back on climb mask climaxing so I could,last longer now in conjunction with the,last thing I just said although I have,been able to put off climaxing longer,when I have climax my orgasms are,definitely more intense in fact Ive,been experiencing some really intense,orgasms since taking extends and that is,probably my favorite side-effect of all,okay so now a few other things worth,mentioning shipping was fast and,discreet it came in an unmarked box,there was no mention on the box of,extends or of the product of it even,being a supplement which is nice and it,also wasnt very expensive it was less,than 40 dollars for a whole month supply,and in my experience extends its,probably one of the cheapest male,enhancement pills on the market that,actually works overall I have to say Im,extremely satisfied with extends Im,definitely really happy that I decided,to try it out and again if you want to,try it out for yourself you can save,about twenty-five dollars using the link,that Ill be putting in the description,below okay so as far as extends goes,that is all she wrote I will have,anything else to say about the,supplement except that it is definitely,going to remain in my personal,supplements deck fo-sho and hey guys if,you made it this far,drop a like on the video I personally,really appreciate it and if you have any,questions about extends drop it in the,comment section below and I will answer,it as best I can,according to my own experience and,subscribe for a more honest reviews on,male enhancement pills and supplements,until the next time later

ExtenZe Review – If You Want Performance In The Bedroom, Then This Product Is For You!

hi guys jeff jones here today were,going to talk about your sex life,and a remarkable natural product that,brings,bigger erections better sex drive and,amazing climaxes,more than almost any other virility,supplement out there,the product is called extends and,believe me,its going to put some very fun nights,in your bedroom,if you just give it a chance so why do i,like extends,it starts with the formula and expertly,crafted,and dosed blend of vitamins minerals,amino acids and sexual nutrients,that help stoke your sex drive and,increase,sexual stamina now you may have bigger,and harder erections with extends too,because it helps encourage better blood,flow to the penis which is super,important,now some male enhancement pills are,dosed in such a weak,quantity that they dont work i can tell,you in no,uncertain terms thats not a problem,with extends you see my experience with,extends,is that it does exactly what it promises,and,thats all because of the formula,extends works better,than most other male enhancement,supplements that ive tried in all,honesty,i also like the fact that extends is one,of the,pioneers in male enhancement,extends first hit the market over 20,years ago and has,been a higher level than any other,achiever in the male virility supplement,for over two decades,now there are many male enhancement,pills out there,they say theyre natural sex pills if,you will and its,hard to create a new one but its,hard to make one that works because,there is so much competition,a male enhancement product that lasts 20,years plus,has some pretty special mojo behind it,extends has sold over a billion pills,and that tells you a lot,also heres another reason extends,shines it comes with a 67-day,money-back guarantee during which you,can try the product and get your money,back,if you dont like it thats two whole,months,which is plenty of time to take extends,for a so-called,test drive if you will you should see,noticeable results with extends,in that time for sure now lets talk,about those results for just a moment,youre probably wondering what can you,expect,and why is it so popular well you can,expect more sex,better stamina harder erections and a,lot more fun,when your clothes come off and you,likely,wouldnt have to wait long either from,my experience,youll start to have more sexual,thoughts and a stronger desire to use,them in the first,week youll feel that a lot more after,about,three weeks or so and thats when youll,likely see a,boost in your stamina your erection size,may start to increase,as well generally speaking i had my best,results with extends,between three and six months now if i,were a betting man i would say,this is when youll really hit your zone,with extends,your sex life will thank you for your,patience with this supplement,trust me on that one oh one more note,about extends a pretty well good reason,that most guys buy it,im gonna get a little crude for a,second but,i might as well put it out there you may,have heard that extends is a bigger dick,pill,well yes and no the no part is i hate to,say it but no pill is going to make your,penis permanently,larger you want a penis extender for,that,like pro extender deluxe although thats,a topic,for another video now the good news,about extends,and penis size is some of the rumors,that youve heard about it extends,are true it does help boost blood flow,to the penis which helps you get an,erection and the more blood flow you can,expect to temporarily,increase in hardness as well as size yes,extends can make your penis bigger,temporarily,and youll have a lot more fun with it,too so,if youve been wondering if extends is,worth your money,the answer is yes buy extends for more,sex,stamina satisfaction and at least a,temporary,bigger penis as well still with me on,this,well theres a coupon code for a 15,discount on extends in the description,below this video,thats my way of helping you have a,little more fun in life,thanks so much for watching guys and,until next time,good luck

Extenze Review ⚠WARNING⚠ Does Extenze Pills Work? #EXTENZE Reviews!


hey guys im dan,and welcome to my extends review,first sorry im not showing my face in,my voice i dont feel comfortable doing,it on the internet,i used extends for 30 days and ive,created this video to talk about my,results,extends is a famous brand thats been,featured on tv in the usa,its manufactured by a company called,biotab nutraceuticals incorporated,extends plus is a new and improved,version of the original extends formula,some of the claims made by the company,include bigger harder and more frequent,erections,increased stamina intense orgasms and,fast acting results,extends contains over 20 different,ingredients,some of the main ingredients include,l-arginine yohimbine and zinc,extends works by increasing sexual,desire and blood flow to your penis,and ive added the official website of,extends in the description below of this,video,i highly recommend that you check it out,before you place an order so you know,exactly what youre buying,i used the extends for 30 days and im,now going to talk about my results,it was probably around 48 hours after,took my first pill that i started,noticing an increase in that area,ive noticed since ive started taking,extends that i get aroused much more,easily my erections are noticeably,harder and i get that i get to a full,erection more quickly than i did before,my results were fast but i think this,was because of yohimbi which is very,effective,extends did increase my sexual,performance and it gave me fast acting,erections,extends is best for guys who want fast,results,also having so many ingredients is not,always a good thing many of the,ingredients are in small dosages and,will be canceled out by the stronger,ingredients but extends is very,effective,does extends work,yes,if youre thinking about buying extends,i highly recommend that you check out,the official website of extends link,will be in the description below there,you can see all informations that you,need to know about extends,on the official extends website you can,buy extends with a 60-day money-back,guarantee youll also find information,about the order process payment options,and shipping details,if you have any questions leave here in,the comments below that i will be really,happy to help you,thank you for watching and have a nice,day,[Music],you

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