1. Extra Card Review | The DEBIT CARD That Builds Credit
  2. The Credit Building Debit Card – Extra Debit Card Review
  3. How To Boost Your Credit Score With A Debit Card (Fast) -Extra Credit Building Debit Card Review
  4. EXTRA Debit Card Review 2022
  5. The Credit Building Debit Card – Extra Debit Card Review
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Extra Card Review | The DEBIT CARD That Builds Credit

The extra card helps you build your credit score  without the drawbacks that come with traditional  ,credit card products while still giving you  some pretty awesome rewards in the process.  ,But is it too good to be true? Today lets  find out. Alright, lets jump right into it.  ,What is going on everyone I hope you are all  having a fantastic day. So if youre like me,  ,chances are youve seen a few advertisements for  the extra card and typically I ignore these kinds  ,of ads but when I saw how unique this particular  product is and received so many requests from all  ,of you to review it, I figured it was about time  we take a look. So today lets break down how this  ,works, the features that it offers, the rewards  you can earn, and of course the cost and before  ,we get to that I do want to clarify that this  video is not sponsored by extra however there is  ,an affiliate link down in the description below if  you do want to sign up and help support my channel  ,which I really appreciate but with all of that out  of the way…how in the world does this build your  ,credit score without accruing deb? Well, weve  looked at some credit builder products in the past  ,and Ill tell you right from the start that this  one works in a very different way. When you get  ,your extra card, theyre going to have you link  your external checking accounts to this product,  ,and currently, you are able to use one of over  10,000+ select U.S. banks that extra is compatible  ,with. Then from there, its really simple, you  simply make your purchases as you would with  ,any other debit card, and then one day after that  purchase extra is simply going to pull that money  ,directly from your bank account in order to cover  that transaction. So essentially extra is spotting  ,you that money for one day when you actually swipe  your card or buy something online and then theyre  ,just paying themselves back directly from your  bank account one day later which means that from  ,your perspective, this card basically works like  any other debit card. You could also compare it to  ,something like a charge card where the cardholder  is unable to actually carry a balance from month  ,to month like you do with a credit card and  instead they are required to pay off that  ,balance every single month. The only difference  here is that instead of having 30 days to pay off  ,your balance it is automatically paid off for you  one day after the purchase is made. Then at the  ,end of the month, extra is going to report all of  those transactions and on-time payments to Equifax  ,and Experian which are two of the three major  credit bureaus. Extra is currently working with  ,TransUnion in order to report this information  to them as well. And as you are all well aware,  ,your on-time payment history is the most  important factor when it comes to calculating  ,your credit score and that means by having extra  report those transactions to the credit bureaus,  ,this is going to have a positive impact on your  credit score. Plus unlike similar credit builder  ,products, because your balance is constantly being  paid off every day that you make a transaction,  ,your extra card is also going to have a positive  impact on your credit utilization which is another  ,major variable used when calculating your credit  score. But the best part about all of this and  ,really what separates it from a credit card is  that your extra card is pulling real-time balance  ,data from the checking account that you have  linked and therefore will not let you spend more  ,money than you actually have in your bank account  which is exactly how a traditional debit card  ,product works and this may not sound like that  big of a deal to some of you but this is really  ,the beauty of this product because it gives you  the benefits of helping build your credit score  ,but keeps you from digging yourself into a hole  of debt that can be insurmountable to get out of.  ,Not to mention the fact that your average credit  card charges 20% or more in interest on top of  ,the ridiculous fees and penalties whereas with  your Extra card there are no interest payments  ,because youre not accruing debt. Alright so this  sounds cool but how do you get approved because  ,there are over 100 million people in the US alone  who either dont want a credit card or are not  ,able to get one for one reason or another meaning  that oftentimes these products and the benefits  ,that can come with them if used properly are out  of the reach of millions of people. Well, extra  ,wanted to change that by making their product  widely accessible meaning you dont even need  ,a credit score in order to qualify and theres  not even a credit check. That being said there  ,are some standard requirements that apply to most  financial accounts such as you have to be 18 or  ,older, you have to have either a Social Security  number or an ITIN number, you obviously have to  ,have a US address where you can receive your Extra  card, and then, of course, youll need an iOS  ,device in order to use the extra app and a valid  bank account to link your extra card too. Alright,  ,so most products stop there and are just meant  to help you build your credit but extra wanted to  ,take it a step further and actually offers some  pretty great rewards and benefits as well but  ,before we get to that, lets talk about the two  different versions of the extra card and the cost  ,associated with each. So weve got extra credit  building which is all of the features that we just  ,talked about and that cost either $8 per month or  you can pay for the entire year and get a slight  ,discount at $84 for the whole year. However, they  also offer an extra credit building and rewards  ,that costs either $12.00 per month or $108 for  the whole year and you guessed it, comes with  ,rewards on top of all the benefits we just talked  about on the credit building side of things.  ,So Ill circle back in a second and talk more about these prices but with the extra rewards  ,program youre going to earn ten rewards points for every $1 that you spend. Now that sounds  ,pretty awesome if youre familiar with your standard credit card rewards points  ,however in this case the ten points is only  worth 1 cent which is basically a really  ,confusing way of saying youre getting up to 1%  cash back equivalent on all of your purchases  ,if you are redeeming your points for that max  value. Now one thing that is important to mention  ,here is that you arent able to redeem your points  directly for cash back as you would with a credit  ,card for example. Instead, these points can only  be redeemed within the extra rewards store and  ,can be used towards anything from air pods to gift  cards and a ton of other cool items. Personally,  ,Im not a huge fan of this because I know most  people would rather just take the cash back  ,and I fear that some people might step in the trap  of spending more just to get points to purchase  ,something. So what Ill say to that is just make  sure that you are being really responsible and  ,obviously, you never want to buy something on  the extra card or any other rewards card for that  ,matter just for the sake of getting points because  you and I both know that that makes absolutely no  ,sense. That being said the rewards that they offer  are actually pretty cool and again you can redeem  ,it for gift cards so if nothing else you can just  take the gift card and then use that to supplement  ,a purchase that youre already making in your  budget. Alright so 8 bucks per month might be a  ,bummer to some of you but if you account for the  fact that number one youre not going to pay any  ,kind of interest or late fees on this card and  number two its going to help build your credit  ,score which will therefore lower your interest  rates in the future and hopefully save you money,  ,8 bucks per month is actually a pretty small  price to pay. For example, the national averag

The Credit Building Debit Card – Extra Debit Card Review

with this debit card right here you can,earn rewards,and also you can build credit so is this,card to get to be true,lets find out whats up winners my name,is nam if youre new to this channel,welcome,here we talk all things personal finance,and credit start now by subscribing so,you dont miss out on any future videos,before we start discussing about this,card,im not being sponsored by this company,whatsoever but this video is sponsored,by flexispot,but more on them later so with this,debit card you can earn rewards but at,the same time you can build a credit,history so the main goal with extra is,that they want to build a safer way,to build credit so how this would work,is that you would have to connect your,bank account,and then you will be given a spending,limit based on your real-time balance,without a credit check then you would,just use the extra card for expenses,and it would automatically credit you,for the purchases that you make once,this happens,they will then withdraw from your bank,account to pay themselves back within,the next business day by the end of the,month they will just add up all of your,purchases,and then report them to the credit,barrels as credit worthy payments what,this really reminds me of,is a mix between a secure card and a,charge card with a secure card,generally you would require a security,deposit that would act as your credit,limit but since extra is directly,connected to your bank account,depending on your real-time balance this,will dictate the spending limit that you,have but how this is similar to a charge,card,is that you really cannot maintain a,balance on this card for that long so as,soon as you make payments,shortly afterwards it would just,automatically withdraw the amount that,you spent but one of the biggest things,that i dont like about this card,is that theres a monthly subscription,cost if you were to sign up for the,monthly plan it can cost as low as eight,dollars per month,this is where you can build a credit,history and also monitor your credit,score but if you were to pay just a,little bit more which is their most,popular plan,will cost you 12 a month because you can,earn points on every purchase,plus you get exclusive access to extra,shops but if you were to pay annually,you will save 25,so for the 12 plan what effect would be,nine dollars a month,and the eight dollar plan would effect,it would be seven dollars a month this,is the main way that extra makes money,they said that you would never have to,worry about interest fees or your data,being sold even though they say they,make money only from subscriptions,im pretty sure they make some money,from the interchange fees as well an,interchange fee is a fee thats charged,by the banks,to merchants who process credit cards or,debit card payments so to keep it simple,it is to cover the costs associated with,accepting processing,and authorizing those car transactions,so this is how many zero annual fee or,free credit card companies,make their money with the monthly,subscription or the annual fee you,better get some perks right,you do but its a little bit,underwhelming whenever you are on their,website,theres like this little slider thing,that you can play with so if your,average monthly spend is five hundred,dollars,you can earn a monthly reward of three,bucks if you were to take that as a cash,back percentage,this will be 0.6 even though this is not,a credit card,there are plenty of other fintech debit,cards which can offer anywhere between 1,to 5,cashback depending on the category but,based on what i could find on their,website,theres no other categories or an exact,amount of cashback that you can earn,additionally you have security features,such as fraud alerts,and being able to handle disputes one,thing to keep in mind is that,this company is not a bank this company,is basically a middleman,that allows you to use debit,transactions to build credit they sit at,the new portable banks that are fdic,insured,but again your money is not really being,stored with them they just process those,transactions,and just withdraw the cash from your,bank account to bet themselves back even,though this is a debit card,there are application requirements to,qualify for extra got to be at least 18,years or older,must have a social security number or an,itin have a u.s address,and also have a u.s or canadian-based,bank account so after reviewing the,cardholder agreement,there were a few things i wanted to,point out especially when it comes down,to transaction limits the daily maximum,purchase amount,is kept at ten thousand dollars and you,can only make 15 purchases,maximum per day and theres also a,maximum amount for a single purchase of,five thousand dollars even though this,is a limitation,i imagine that most card holders of,extra should not have a problem staying,under these limits but if you are a big,spender,then this card is most likely not for,you now lets see how this debit card,compared to other cards on the market,the first one were gonna talk about,will be chimes credit builder this one,is a little bit different,since this is a secure card because,first you need to have a chime spending,account,before youre eligible for a credit,builder account instead of having a,third party,move the money from your bank account,and paying themselves back there are a,few extra steps that you need to take,with china to use this account,all you would have to do is move your,money from your spending account to your,credit builder account,and just spend it as you normally would,how the balance is paid is a little bit,different,because whatever expenses that you do,have with the credit builder account,you would just pay it off with the money,that you already moved into that account,you are essentially just prepaying for,your purchases,just like extra theres no credit check,if you decide to get a credit builder,account i honestly do prefer chime since,they do not charge any fees,unlike the subscription with extra,theres no annual fees maintenance fees,international fees or even interest,since this is a credit,builder account they do report to all,three of the credit bureaus now lets,talk about our second comparison,which would be the tomo credit card this,one is also different from extra,since it is not a debit card but a,credit card but even though tomo labeled,this card,as a credit card its just a charge card,what a charged card is,is essentially a type of financial,product where you can put a balance on,it,but you cannot leave a balance on it for,example with a traditional credit card,you can leave a balance on that card but,you would just have to pay the interest,on the balance that remains but with a,charge card that cannot happen,your account would otherwise be frozen,or it will be charged off and sent to,collections,and you never want this to happen,because this will drop your credit score,like a rock but anyways the way that,this would work,is that you would have to link your bank,account through a third-party provider,like plaid,then tomo would analyze your banking,transactions to determine your credit,limit this could range anywhere between,a hundred dollars,to ten thousand dollars some of the,things that i do like about tomo is that,theres no credit check to apply,plus theres no fees whatsoever you also,get one percent cash back on all,purchases,not great but its better than nothing,they also report to all three of the,credit barrels so just keep in mind that,it may take some time,before it does show up to your credit,profile so moving on to our next,comparison,which will be the oxygen debit card of,this company this is,actually an online bank so your money is,safe since it is fdic insured,up to a quarter million they recently,did have some changes where there was,zero annual fees,ranging all the way up to 199 a year but,with these annual fees,it can be short-lived since all you,would have to do is make 12 qualifying,deposits,and use the card for over one year so,lets

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How To Boost Your Credit Score With A Debit Card (Fast) -Extra Credit Building Debit Card Review

whats going on youtube welcome back to,another edition of currency counts where,i cover all things money from how to,save money make more money side hustles,and everything in between,so are you currently looking to rebuild,your credit but are tired of all these,credit builder accounts that make you,jump through a ton of hoops to qualify,from requiring you to have a certain,amount of money in the account to,freezing your deposit once you start,using your secured card well this card,were about to review,has a fresh new way of looking at it,lets check it out,the card were reviewing today is called,the extra debit card and this card,has zero percent interest extra is a,first debit card that builds credit and,earns rewards just like a credit card,build credit history with a debit card,how can a debit card,report to the three major credit bureaus,and increase your credit,well well get into that in a second so,lets check out how this card actually,works,so the way youre gonna apply for this,card is youre gonna link an existing,bank account,to this card then from there youll,receive the,extra debit card and now instead of you,using your bank account lets call it a,chase bank account,youre gonna use your extra debit card,so,extra is gonna fund your purchases and,the next business day,its gonna pull out those funds from,your bank account so when you apply for,this card one of the good things is,they dont check your credit at all not,even a soft pull but they will need to,verify your identity all you need to be,approved,for this card is an active banking,account in good standing the actual,issuer of this card is evolved bank and,trust so what kind of credit limit are,you looking at,it all depends on your average bank,balance lets say you have an average,bank balance of fifteen hundred dollars,you might get a third of that right,500 but you shouldnt look at this card,as,how much credit can i get because you,got to remember theyre gonna withdraw,that money,the next business day lets say you make,a transaction for 200,theyre gonna cover it the next business,day theyre going to pull it out,from your bank account all right so,lets get into how this card,actually works so on top of receiving,your extra debit card youre going to,receive,an overdraft line of credit and thats,how extra,is going to report to the three major,credit bureaus think of it like this at,any other bank you might receive,overdrive protection so if you dont pay,that overdraft protection,back that bank is going to report to the,three major credit bureaus as defaulted,on account,unpaid unsatisfactory so extra is just,flipping it and reporting it as paid,satisfactory and the more paid,satisfactory reporting,on your credit report is going to,gradually raise your credit score but,there is a downside to this,lets say you have 500 in your bank,account,and you use that five hundred dollars to,make a purchase from your extra account,that same day you withdraw the five,hundred dollars from your checking,account now you have a zero balance,and extra cant pull out those funds the,next day now its going to be reported,as delinquent or unsatisfactory which is,actually going to hurt your credit,rather than help it so how much does,this product cost well we have two tiers,here,we have extra credit building and,rewards plus credit building so the,extra credit building is the cheaper of,the two so if we go with monthly it be,seven dollars a month billed annually at,84,for the year so we go to rewards and,credit building,itd be 108 dollars for the year which,would come out to nine dollars a month,or twelve dollars billed monthly so the,more expensive tier,does have rewards but it doesnt say,what the rewards are for it shows you,what you can be saving monthly youre at,five hundred dollars if you spend five,hundred dollars a month,your monthly rewards would be three,dollars and your rewards with extra,be 36 you can also check if your bank is,compatible so if you put for example,chase boom it is compatible so theres,one extra fee thats not mentioned here,and that is the actual price of the,physical card which is 9.95,so youre gonna be billed 9.95 on top of,your monthly plan,and thats going to be a one-time fee so,if you lose your card you need a,replacement thats also going to be,another 9.95 as of this video there is,no app for android,all right so were at that part of the,video where i rate the card were,reviewing,from zero to five stars zero being the,worst,five being the best so this card i give,it three stars,it has a lot of good things going for it,one of the top things being,zero percent apr also no credit check a,few things i dont like about it which,gives it a lower rating,is the 995 physical card fee along with,that,the app isnt available for android and,it doesnt really say what the rewards,are,so there it is the extra credit builder,debit card so i hope this video helped,you out and making the right decision,for you,if you havent already be sure and check,out currencycounts.com,for more information on the best credit,cards for good and bad credit and if,youre in the market for a new checking,account,and want to claim a free 75 click the,link in my description,to sign up with chime bank and claim 75,dollars once you have two direct,deposits totaling a thousand dollars i,want to thank you for watching,check on the next one

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EXTRA Debit Card Review 2022

in this video i will review the extra,debit card the pros cons and lastly,final considerations,the name of the company is thingy think,incorporated doing business as extra,according to bloomberg thinking thing,incorporated operates as an investment,company in the financial services,industry for asset management the,company was incorporated on june 8 2018,in new york,according to the cnbc extra debit card,review the co-founder and ceo is max,hellerstein along with the other,co-founders cyrus summerlin and byron,shaw,in this debit card review it states the,business was founded in 2020,and there seems to be a bit of a,discrepancy and data because if the,information in bloomberg is correct,there is no way thingy thing,incorporated was founded nearly two,years after becoming a legal entity,in crunch base i was able to locate,cyrus summerlin as the co-founder for,push for pizza but the details are,unavailable and there was no information,for hellerstein or shaw and also i was,unable to find information on the,company which was quite concerning,now lets get into the extra debit card,extra states their purpose is to create,a safer more accessible credit,experience with the ease and,predictability of a debit card,they boast that extra is the first debit,that builds credit there are no credit,checks no interest rates and no hidden,fees,purchases made with the debit card get,reported as credit at the end of the,month and customers can earn points with,purchases and extra will need to connect,with your bank account,extra also works with the partner bank,evolve bank and trust who is an fdic,member,so how does this work,you connect to your bank and extra will,give you a spending limit called,spending power,the determination of your limit will be,based on your bank balance how long,youve been a member,the credit limit will initially be small,but as you spend more your spending,power should increase,extra says they will spot you for the,purchase meaning they will foot the bill,and the funds will not be automatically,debited out of your account until 24,hours later,so at the end of the month they will,take the total amount of credits spent,and report to the credit bureaus equifax,and experience as creditworthy payments,at the time of my research they did not,report to transunion,is extra a secured card,no it is not,on their website extra mentions a,secured card requires an upfront deposit,usually one to two times the credit,limit they come with high interest rates,fees and rarely provide rewards and due,to their structure they usually have low,limits and when you utilize more than 30,percent of your available limit this can,actually hurt your credit score,finally they have limited impact to your,credit score because credit bureaus know,youre lending money to yourself,the extra debit card is the opposite,we allow members to keep their existing,bank accounts so they can safely build,their credit and earn reward points with,the money that they have already have,there are no deposits interest or hidden,fees its a win-win-win,so first i would like to bring to point,the statement they made credit bureaus,know youre lending money to yourself,results in a limited impact to your,credit score is misleading,credit issuers report that you have,opened a line of credit and the credit,bureaus will report the credit type,payment history,utilization length of credit history,credit mix and if any new applications,were opened,the type of card used is not a factor in,determining your fico score,the point is you are making timely,payments and staying within favorable,algorithmic readings,second,extra is not free,members will be charged a flat monthly,subscription starting at seven dollars,per month,and for those of you concerned with,utilization extra will pay off any debit,swiped after 24 hours,so that means your bank account should,be debited shortly,now lets look at the pros,you can search to see if your bank,connects with extra theres no security,deposit or credit check and extra will,reward you five reward points for each,dollar spent,now if you find this information to be,helpful please be so kind and give this,video a thumbs up so that my channel,will be favored by the algorithm gods,and share with those who might benefit,now lets move on to the cons,extra will charge up to 84 dollars per,year,so there is a subscription fee it does,not report to all three credit bureaus,they need access to your bank account,and it cannot be used internationally,and finally my points of consideration,if you have established credit history,dont want your checking account,connected and you dont want to pay the,84 dollars per year do not pass go,if you need to improve your credit,rating and you dont mind extra having,access to your checking,as well as you are willing to pay 84,dollars per year,i would suggest to proceed with caution,and see if you have a better chance with,a secured card that will return your,funds after a six-month review which,will move it from a secured car to an,unsecured credit card,and lastly,if you need to establish credit history,or you have a history of being declined,for credit,and you need the credit discipline with,the seven dollar monthly charge,this could be an option for you,overall this service is a no go for me,because i dont want the company using,my credit balance to determine my credit,worthiness and having access to my,checking account,if i needed to build credit an option,like self would be more interesting to,investigate,ladies and gentlemen i hope this video,was helpful and provided you the,information you need if you are,considering using this service and if,youre feeling a little curious,check out this video until next time,take care

The Credit Building Debit Card – Extra Debit Card Review

kijk hij is hoe ogen maakte mijn kano en,hoop en buurman is two in one tree and,trace video en wanner het van gebouwen,crab building delhi garden die boole,cambio graphiste anyone who is time to,build toorn priester credit en dat die,apps te deppen kort jasje van rider is,het sting adhd building debit card zo,een typisch video en bridge en dan word,die extra heb ik word is het woord waar,de rappers harriet en hadden bult craft,and all you need is marges video die en,dus toen de like button en subscribe,eurosolar en als ik dat we serieus if,you wanna have mijn kanaal vaste bed,voor de duur dat wiens uit lets be sure,to begin with the action day before this,the first-ever kort daarop impuls qualie,en er wordt by simply using het lekker,credit card and mean for business card,is de microtubuli safe and accessible to,everyone and specially te those who,dont voor kanker recorden the dark red,wat is corio nv en politici building,fiche crisis core met aanbiedingen voor,japan de credit check geven 4-inch great,and more sowieso nike kunnen archipel,discord is namelijk moest allegory since,most heb ik word stonebridge hobby plot,grégory de kip jodiumpillen reacher,ander woord instellen des gardes hem,onder twee creditcard youtube offers,many national guard inclusief station,kan er vanalles cortex michael credit,card and offers creditcard benefit en,absoluut word solidair van binnenkort,word en zo veel voorkomend ricks mening,hadden skywards zoals ik moet koeien te,vinden tevens vitaminen creditcard en,heb ik word nou je kunt volgen interview,artwork sowieso toen en chewie zij,hiervoor de cartridges en richting you,buy cheap airline,waar dat woord voor duurzaamheid in je,bikybiky kan in de hoek waar de cardio,bank op gevels purchases and you need,speed en vaak mind your goal is to get,my fire harmonie zodat ik your balance,en stripster refuge kanker k,moet je niet moet je spam money money,will be checking oude pure karamel,jarno weer lets start a hallway and,showed up ik artwork ze verstoorders van,yoga verlies kortingbon checker god ik,zal je doden of te horen bardani hart,een crescendo je dus cardboard ze zou om,je sign up hier kunnen niet de collect,your existing pakken kantelen card and,based on a balanced and give you found,in many and other words you could met,mijn accolades en yorkshire dat bekoorde,en van der die om de video nu te duwen,en marian hebben dit precies joshua er,een der meij yami yami purchase for the,rapture corne et jour van of purchase,and then aroma de creepiness afspraak en,next business day for some for be spent,on the hours on monday herschel peper a,purchase and the next business day deuce,twee wilt geen fotos van iets anders,van maken zo praktisch humor soccer and,their dat we horen dorpje spend money,dat man ik het allemaal kritiek en ook,weer paar cacao extra potlood twee,kappen manier spuiten dt achter met,alles jotham the christmas song ever,after high body lotion using net corn,syrup precies is arna papier af met die,acteur iets mee looking for a fortune,magazine rack zo dapper oorlog,opiumproductie kzen lopen maar ik zat,roerloos op ire transacties en reports,een tweede crabeels,als produttori ontvangt piment sandals,ontvangt clean and true image van hoop,en fiche credit score en labels hoog op,je vult je credit history in no time,warrior for fashion dubbele corio naar,een economie crashte sesamolie check,your cards wordt je wil niet te ver van,jullie kennen die piano is iets meer zo,de en er kunnen niet te houden activa,account in de kuit standing cincher,vinden we hier zien de manier haar,account cambuur but also give you my,radio baan gasten die beesten de us,verkenner en us a clusters die de in,order to receive your ex vertellen kort,na de om je vinger donker wat is god,bord en harten mansion en uw is is dat,de scart uitgang iemand die subscription,counts for excellence for stripy jans en,kil chili of chanten iedere primavera,long en versluis gewoon verwoord wat,scrub building which includes building,je kalief istrië mamma mia crash course,the ability to earn points on average,remake,plus exclusieve acties te exclusieve,workshop en dit rachid wordt,alles mowgli harder en een towers en,hollywood stroom zal te dien einde our,smiley en cm vanaf eur is chrome edge,waar de building moet pony offers the,ability to build your car the history,and mother de crash course this option,wordt onder ons chasselas een towers,mijn play waar ik voor dollars aan,hollywood strom zal to be send our small,zo primitief aantal verdubbelde rieten,vult crash en moeder jurk rode score die,om juffers is dat de marge van set van,alle genres board and gives you access,to their workshop en alles is 9 kilo in,dongguan suppletie is het 3e corps de,boot this is the om je make up some x,manier ze zich dom release review inch,wordt het in 4 securicor cube ja ja ludo,tiger woods mijn credit card stud,evident hartaanval basically creditcard,me af voor een yogi korte mini en may,seem like you like 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Earn N2000 daily best extra income app(pgworld app review) how to make money online in Nigeria

hello guys welcome to my channel this is,silly pictures tv and my name is,solomonocon in todays video i want to,be sharing with you an app that you can,use to end up to um two thousand there,are two of these every single day an app,in which you can use to end two of these,on a daily basis but um this app is not,a new app,so im going to be sharing with you how,you can end money on the platform,because its real and its im really,legit that is it whats please before i,go further now and welcome to my channel,its only pictures tv now if youre a,new person here please you can support,us by um subscribing to this channel and,also if youre on facebook and follow my,page at actually actuallypicturestv.com,and if youre instagram you can still,follow my page at im sorry pictures,tv246 now if you need to understand,something thats the diff theres a,difference between passive income and,the salary in which youre earning now,passive income is you building something,to um generate money for you even if,youre not working now the team keeps,generating money for you now even if,youre sleeping so im going to be td,with this app you can earn passive,income that is just it now um the money,might not be much but still down there,every single day,times um 31 days that should be a lot,amount of money seriously and you can,really earn a lot from it so without,wasting much of your time i wont waste,much of your time lets um just go,straight to the point as it stands so,that im going to be im teaching you,not just how to end im also going to be,showing you some proof,that i have end so lets just go to the,app right now okay guys welcome to the,app right now okay so um this is the app,now in this app you have so many ways of,ending money on this on particular,platform you cant earn money by playing,games you can earn money by investing in,two games into um live games and so on,so theres a lot of ways of any money on,this on particular platform so um that,is jersey now this is my unbalance now,after you um after you register you can,log in with your facebook you can create,an account now when youre done,registering and if you want to deposit,just click on wallet and click here,deposit now minimum withdrawal on this,um app is um 5000 and this app as i said,earlier is not a new app the app was,launched five months ago you can invest,um as much as you want and you can also,end as much as you want so that is just,this and the next thing im going to be,im sharing with you right now is that,if um you want to um start investing,just click on this invest now you can,invest in any of this and football um,clubs any of these leaks you can see,them here and on these particular sites,here you earn money in six months period,so,you can choose any of them here to start,um investing and money in this one is,you can invest 10k here and this is what,you end totally in six months time and,you can withdraw your money is up to 5k,this one you invest im 20k,this one um you invest im up to um 30k,this one up to on 40k so that is not,just the only place now the next place,just click on this home click on this,home those um its another ones in which,you can invest here on this one you can,invest as low as 3k can,one thing about this particular section,is that you end your money in 365 days,like 18 is going to last you for um 365,days that is just it thats im wanting,about this and particular section of,this so yes its 365 days you can invest,30k i invest 6k i invest im 15k and,invest up to um this is 60k i invest up,to,120k so that is just it is im very,simple and also you can choose to play,games here and and that is just if you,want to register im going to drop the,link of the app in the description of,the video that i just im going to drop,it there and,you click on it and register and start,any money this app is called pg wall and,they and you end money by playing games,and having fun you can choose to,purchase dogs feed them actually sell,them on the platform its a choice i,also choose to refer and the platform is,legit israel and spain the platform was,launched in may this year so its really,legit and i have m and money from it so,that joseph guys you can register and,start investing that just all right now,guys thank you very much for watching i,really appreciate you if you learned,something like the video share the video,please make sure you subscribe to my,channel im going to um see you guys my,next video to have a lovely day bye

Chime Credit Builder Card vs Extra Debit Card | Build Credit Fast 2022

hey guys on todays video i wanted to,talk about two cards that can help you,build credit fast in 2022 because as we,all know credit plays a big role in our,lives since we need credit for just,about everything so on this video ill,be talking about a very popular credit,card known as the chime credit builder,card as well as the extra debit card,which is a credit building debit card,ive done reviews on both these cards in,the past but on this video i wanted to,compare them both and help you guys,determine which card is a better option,for building credit so by the end of the,video you should know what both of these,cards have to offer how to build credit,with them and how to earn a free 100,with one of them so to begin with lets,talk about the chime credit builder card,this is a credit card offered by chime,which is a financial technology company,that provides free mobile banking,services through bancorp and stride bank,who are fdic insured on up to 250 000,which means your money with chime is,safe and secure now the chem credit,builder card is a secured credit card,and it requires no credit in order to,get it which means you can have bad or,no credit at all and still qualify for,this card and build credit with it now,although this card is a secured credit,card it works a little different than a,traditional secured credit card works,and thats because with traditional,secured credit cards theres usually a,minimum security deposit requirement in,order to get the card and with the chan,credibility card there isnt which is,something thats pretty unique now the,way this card works is that youll need,to deposit money into the card in order,to use it but the option is yours on how,much money you want to deposit the,amount of money you deposit into the,card each time will be your credit limit,which is the amount that youre going to,have available to spend on the card for,example if you deposit 200 into your,card then those 200 will be the amount,that you can spend in other words your,credit limit so with this card youre,pretty much setting money aside in,advance to pay your credit card bill,once its due once you make some,purchases using the card you can then,pay for those purchases using the money,you deposited or you can turn on a,feature called save for credit building,which will allow chime to use your,deposit to automatically pay your,monthly balances once theyre due so as,long as youre paying your balances on,time those on-time payments will be,reported to all three major credit,bureaus which will in return help you,build credit fast moving forward this,card comes with no fees at all that,includes no annual fee interest,overdraft foreign transaction fee or,monthly fees plus youll get access to,over 60 000 fee-free atms where youre,going to be able to withdraw money and,make free cash deposits at over 8 500,walgreens stores on top of that chime,offers a free mobile app where youll be,able to access your entire account and,do things like add money send and,receive money deposit checks pay bills,find atms near you and so much more,lastly in order to get the chime credit,builder card youre going to need to,first sign up for a chime spending,account which is simply a checkings,account where you can deposit or,withdraw money at any time once you have,your spending account youll need to set,up direct deposit and receive 200 or,more in total direct deposits within a,specific time frame but the awesome news,is that chime is currently offering a,hundred dollars when you open an account,and you set up direct deposit so if,youre interested in getting this card,building credit and getting yourself a,free 100,then make sure to sign up using the link,down in the description or in the,comment section before the promotion,ends another thing i wanted to add on is,that setting up direct deposit will not,only give you access to the chime credit,builder card but it will also give you,the ability to get paid up to two days,early and the ability to overdraft on up,to two hundred dollars plus you can,actually upgrade your chime credibility,card to a limited edition metal version,that way you can build credit and style,so ill be leaving a link on how to get,the metal version of this card down in,the description for those that are,interested moving on to the extra debit,card this card is the first debit card,that helps you build credit plus earn,rewards just like a credit card does,this card is mostly designed to help,people build credit without getting into,debt as well as help those who want to,build credit but cant really get a,credit card due to no credit or bad,credit therefore this card is not like,your average debit card since most debit,cards dont offer credit building,rewards and even less allow you to,connect your debit card with any bank,you choose you heard that right with,this card youll be able to build your,credit history without worrying about,hidden fees high interest or debt plus,youll be able to connect your card with,any bank you want instead of one,specific bank which is pretty unique,extra is actually compatible with over,10 000 banks across the u.s so you wont,have a problem connecting your bank with,this card speaking about banks extra is,not a bank but they are partnered with,evolve bank and trust who are fdic,insured which means your money will be,safe and secure with extra not just that,but the extra debit card comes with,security features such as fraud alerts,real-time notifications plus they handle,disputes and fraud cases without your,bank getting involved now when you apply,for this card they wont check your,credit score in order to approve you so,you dont really need to worry about any,hard pulls once you sign up for the card,youre gonna need to connect your,existing bank account to the card and,based on your bank balance theyll give,you a spending limit in other words a,credit limit for your extra debit card,now in order to build credit with this,card youll simply need to spend money,on everyday purchases using the card and,when you use the card extra will spot,you for those purchases and,automatically pay themselves back the,next business day for example if you,spend a hundred dollars on monday extra,will pay for those purchases and the,next business day tuesday theyll take,out those 100 from your bank account,think of it as a regular debit card,where if you spend money it,automatically gets taken out of your,bank account the only difference is that,extra takes the money the day after this,method is great for building credit,because this will ensure that you are,not behind on payments which will,prevent you from getting into debt and,it also helps you establish a great,payment history as well as maintain a,low credit utilization since every,purchase you make gets paid off the day,after and this is important because both,payment history and credit utilization,makes up 65,of your overall credit score so using,this card will help your credit score by,a lot now at the end of the month every,purchase you make using your extra debit,card will be totaled up and reported to,the credit bureaus as creditworthy,on-time payments and those on-time,payments will obviously help you build,credit with this card youll also be,able to earn rewards as mentioned,earlier and that includes earning one,percent cash back in points on everyday,purchases such as ride shares coffee and,your phone bills and you can redeem your,points at the extra rewards store for,things like airpods gift cards and other,things lastly this card has a monthly,subscription cost where they offer two,plans and give you the option to either,pay monthly or annually the first and,most popular plan is called rewards plus,credit building which includes the,ability to build credit monitor your,credit score earn points on every,purchases you make as well as exclusive,access to extras reward shop this plan,can cost you 12 a month or 108 dollars a,year which turns out to be nine dollars,monthly the seco

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