1. Honest EzCosplay Review + Personal Experience || From a Cosplayer who Bought Multiple Cosplays
  2. EZCosplay Yae Miko Unboxing
  3. EzCosplay: The Drama, The Reviews, The Theft
  4. I spent $200 on a cosplay for Halloween | EZCOSPLAY REVIEW| DO NOT BUY!
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Honest EzCosplay Review + Personal Experience || From a Cosplayer who Bought Multiple Cosplays

hey guys its kali im going to be doing,a review of easy cosplay today since i,have ordered them,uh i have ordered from them quite a few,times and i have quite a bit to say,so anyways yeah lets get started all,right so ill begin with some of the,positives,so uh first positive is that,they do have every single cosplay you,could,come up with or at least that i could,come up with so they have,a lot of costumes and if they dont have,the costume you can literally just,like,request it like theyll make props and,also theyll like custom size costumes,and,they they have everything they have the,custom sizing they have the costumes,and yeah theyre theyve got theyve got,it all and that thats the positive,so lets get to the neck so ive ordered,from them,four times i have the costumes around me,right now except for one of them and,ill go through that in a second,so um im gonna go over some negatives,and then ill talk about,my own experience with them and how,terrible it was so starting off first,negative,first negative is uh the cosplays are,usually wrong,um ill explain this later but every,cosplay ive gotten,pretty much from them has been the wrong,color,or just wrong detailing or,wrong length like completely wrong just,inaccurate,and theres so many accuracies that you,can fix but theres a lot of them that,you cant fix because those details,once theyre there theyre there theres,at least with my skills,my skill set um im i can change the,sizing,but like only so much you know what i,mean so theres that problem,so then the next step negative is,pricing they are way overpriced they,have the quality of a 50,costume and theyll sell it for 150 it,is just simply,like the materials and everything feel,cheap they are not nice materials,typically but uh thats why i dont see,pricing as a positive thing about them,pricing is horrible and,and just i wouldnt i wouldnt go for it,theyre very poorly priced,fixing my lighting all right so the next,up,next up i would say that uh shipping,time,it takes a very long time for most of,the cosplays ive ordered for them,have taken three to five months and that,is a long time in my opinion because i,could order something right now thats,two months away and it would probably,come earlier even from,several other cosplay manufacturers,so id say the shipping time is pretty,awful and then id say their customer,service is not where its at necessarily,um,i have worked with their customer,service and they respond to me the,majority of the time and,try to help but are also completely,unhelpful at the same time um,i will go into that and uh thats pretty,much the summary of,the negative things about them anyways,ill explain why i feel this way about,them,and what happened to me and i will try,to include as many photos as possible,but there are a lot of photos ive,deleted because i felt very strongly,about,disliking these costumes and such and i,just,ended up like you know not,uh not keeping them while i should have,further reviews,so my own story with easy cosplay is i,started off ordering,this uh which is a very simple,pink dress uh they didnt have any,cosplays out for this anime in most,costume companies and easy cosplay who,has everything just had a photo of the,character,came within like two months and i was,really excited to wear it and i had it,and it was great,and um everyone really loved it and it,turned out really well because it was,theres very little detail on it so then,uh like a year later i was in the,position once again,where i didnt have um,anywhere that i could think of that,would have these costumes none of these,anime were popular but i,really wanted to cosplay these,characters so i,i went back to easy cosplay and um these,are the costumes,kind of sort of a lot of these pieces,are in the washer,whatever so heres one,and heres the other ill show you guys,photos to kind of show what i mean,but uh they were both,so i ordered them both to my size i have,never used their custom sizing,uh just a heads up so i dont have,anything to say about that,but if any of you do in the reviews and,comments like,go for it i wouldnt mind hearing it um,so basically i ordered a small which was,to my,exact measurements um the small would,have fit me precisely,and every single measurement i kid you,not was at least an inch too big,like the waist had to have been like a,30.,theres no way that was a 27. the hips,had to have been like a 40.,it was just it was just massive all,these cosplays were like massive on me,and it was i couldnt size them down,anymore,i sized them down as much as i,physically could,but i didnt want to ruin the accuracy,of the cosplay um,and then the accessories that came with,these cosplays every time id wear them,they would fall apart and id have to,like,basically remake them um,it was awful uh so,yeah those are those were not good,costumes uh,and then i dont know what led me to do,this after those two very horrible and,overpriced costumes,oh yes not to mention the material not,that great and,uh they each cost like around 115,dollars so not that great either,um and they took about three months so,i dont know what led me to do this but,i ordered my mona cosplay from gentian,impact from them and uh if you guys,are familiar with gungeon impact the,characters from gentian impact have some,of the most detailed character design,and it is absolutely stunning,i love gunchen impacts character design,um,and i was so let down so,it started the saga of the mona cosplay,started,with um three months,i had no cosplay it cost me almost 200,altogether because i ordered this in,september when the game came out,like actually that would have been,october like a week after the game came,out i went to go order this,and they they just had basically the,email said,dont quote me on this but ill see if i,can find a screenshot of the email to,share,but it literally just said uh,basically we dont have your order like,we forgot your we forgot about your,cosplay,like its just not here we never made it,um,and i was sitting there like oh no,so uh they remade it and they sent me,photos,like a few weeks later of the cosplay,and it is light blue uh,monas costume is not light blue like,sky blue,really really light blue um and the,details are a bit off too,um the details are like light purple and,this cosplay is just not correct and,mind you,im not a snob with cosplays like im,not somebody whos very picky about,details or who will go to great extents,to make certain details,i think its very cool when a costume is,a little unique in its own way,but this was far from that this was just,horrible,um and i tell them that is inaccurate i,do not,i do not want that the photo is a,completely different color that was on,your guyss,like reference for this cosplay um,it looks entirely different um yeah i,dont want it basically,and just three weeks later i got a,notification that it shipped out,so they just kind of like ghosted me,after that after theyd responded to,like literally every other message,within a day,um they stopped getting back to me,so then i uh,i got the cosplay and the cosplay after,after five months of all this,the cosplay was terrible like like i,said it wasnt the photos,um it just it wasnt any good,it was it was the wrong size entirely,too it it,could have fit a child like after,everything had been so oversized for me,i bought,one that would or match my measurements,too and it was literally like fit for a,child,it was way too small um,mind you too im not that large and,um i was that was pretty horrific,so i basically took a bunch of photos oh,also every detail was hot glued on,i have photos so it was hot glued on,all these little tiny gold details and,uh the materials were not good,they felt really really like,i dont know just not quality compared,to some of the other costumes ive worn,it was it was a weird experience overall,so i had a really horrible experience,with easy cosplay,um after having a previously not so good,experience,and the first time i ordered fro

EZCosplay Yae Miko Unboxing

fedex just dropped off uh this very well,wrapped,box at my door and i think this is my u,um,mona and rosaria made outfits put them,here um so were gonna open this up and,see what we think and then were gonna,try them on this looks like,a shoe,today what what cosplay did i order,shoes with,oh,my god okay this this isnt my maid,cosplays this is my uh easy cosplay,yeah miko,oh,oh this is a delightful surprise,okay so i i know the the maid cosplays,are on the way um and kokami is actually,on the way too so were were about to,have like a bunch of videos weve got,the,shoes,heres the wig these must be,i dont know what this is yet,and then this is the outfit this is the,outfit this must be some of the,accessories,[Music],these are really nice um the stitching,on these is super clean,it looks like theyve uh,covered oh man,these do have a really strong plastic,smell which i guess isnt surprising,like theyre made of plastic and they,came from a place thats working with a,lot of plastics so,the strong smell is uh,kind of par for the course i think but,um it looks like,so they they cut this piece out maybe,with the laser cutter this nice little,like fl uh floral piece um and they,maybe didnt,mask it as well as they should have,because we have some of those like laser,burns on the edges,um but thats thats i mean from here,you can barely tell its super subtle if,theyve gone and wrapped,um,the bottom of the shoe in like a brown,um,vinyl and,like glued it together youre gonna see,that it comes out a bit on the bottom of,the shoe,just about to where the grips are,um,so that might peel back if you do a lot,of walking and running around in these,shoes so just be aware of that,the stitching on the top here looks,great though weve got,some really nice clean detail,unless it seems to,hold its own pretty well um,oh you know what i bet part of the smell,so um it looks like,part part of the shoe construction and,this isnt uncommon for shoes um is to,use contact cement to adhere this,material,and it looks like weve got some extra,of that on the bottom and i think that,might be part of the chemically smell,that im picking up um so just just a,little bit of extra there thatll go,away eventually but i might just put,these in like my garage or something to,air out for a bit um because that that,is a very strong and distinct smell um,you probably dont want to uh,breathe in but yeah,these are delightful um i think these,were,forty five fifty dollars,um,not not too dang bad not too dang bad,theres good attention to detail there,thats for sure,um,lets see lets see whats in this box,im curious about what this is,its wrapped very well whatever it is,um super,light,oh oh hey nice,so these are um these are her earrings,oh these are beautiful hold on,um,yeah no wonder they wrap these well,these look okay,uh these look like theyre a,resin cast of a 3d print i can see the,layer lines,um from the 3d print itself,these these are gorgeous,[Music],hold these up so you can see them and,ill ill show you the,the layer line shifts there yeah these,um,maybe theyre not her earrings theyre,definitely i think,they might go on her sleeves,ill double check that but,um it looks like theyve 3d printed this,out um made a master and then cast these,in resin which makes sense like thats a,really quick way to mass produce these,um but it also looks like theyve taken,the time to glue a bead in the center,there,um and that honestly looks great let me,see,if i can help you guys spot that layer,line this is something that im always,looking for,if i know something has maybe been 3d,printed so if you see,right on the front there those little,lines those are the layer shifts from,the 3d printer um,going by the back,they did a great job of of sanding,this this little object here so having a,little little bit of a layer shift there,isnt a big deal its nice on the back,too which is,what makes me suspicious that this was,cast instead of printed because,that might get a little messier,depending on how they did it but,um,if you look real real close you can kind,of see those layer shifts on the back,too,super subtle but,for for a small piece that youre,probably going to be viewing at more of,a this distance this is phenomenal,okay i need to start from the top down,this is looking really nice,um it looks like how is this all folded,together here,um oh,oh,okay so,this this is her waistband um,this this part here has like a foam,interfacing to it so its a bit its a,bit thicker and its a bit squishy,thats really nice,um,the stitching on it looks super clean,uh the print looks good it looks like so,we have one real bow here and then,theyve just printed the rest this is,just,flat um the back okay so this is velcro,so,volker asmr,um the surging on the inside of this,looks good we dont have any,seams that are gonna go,for a walk i guess so to speak,um,this should be really easy to put on,velcro is great for that i mean you,could maybe even put this on backwards,and then spin it around to the front,um,the bow on the back so we have kind of a,layered vinyl and printed piece here,um,oh this is cute oh my gosh okay so,on on the top weve got this like,multi-layered kind of glittery vinyl,piece and theyve taken the time is this,okay this actually looks like its two,pieces and theyve taken the time to,just stitch it really neatly around the,edge so its sparkly on both sides,thats something that they didnt have,to do at all because that would maybe,never show but,its a great touch i mean even the piece,thats sewn down right here is,double-sided,um,we have,a nice bow,under that and theyve taken the time to,line that with red as well um weve got,a little loose string thats thats not,a big deal,um it seems like its closed up really,well that was maybe just something else,super clean um the print on this looks,great theyve lined it up,super well like this could obviously it,would be easy for this to accidentally,get off to one side or the other that,looks fantastic,um weve got a little vinyl top,stitching on the bottom of this bow part,on both sides and look at this im so,charmed by this um,so weve got like a little torii gate,symbol excuse me if thats not quite,correct um on the bottom here and,theyve theyve top stitched that down,too with this little,fan on the bottom that like,moves around thats so cute,um i love that,um oh yeah okay so here actually heres,an example of what i was talking about,um how that print could be easy to move,whats going on here,this,okay so this is a single piece they have,not lined this piece going up the middle,so you can see thats the back of the,print,and its cut a little bit uneven in like,the most,non-mattering way ever um,but thats that just slides through,there and it grabs a little bit on the,sparkly bit of this that theyve taken,the time to put front to back,um but it is just a little bit,crooked the way its attached to this,purple piece up front so you have a bit,more on this side than you do on that,side but,on the whole,this looks fantastic theyve taken the,time to line this really nice big bow,and this is interfaced too this is this,is stiffer,than if it was just the fabric um,oh interesting okay so,im feeling im feeling this out right,now um they interfaced the top of this,bow but not the bottom,um i guess that gives it the structure,to stay up while,um cutting down on resource,costs thats really interesting,it might affect the way that this sits,too im gonna be really interested to,see if thatll like,puff out a little bit more just because,this is not interfaced,huh,okay,um is there anything i think,thats all of the parts of this piece it,feels like theyve interfaced this side,of the bow two and not this side,so we have structure kind of on the top,of our bow belt but not on the bottom um,[Music],boy thats interesting if if that,keeps the form of the bow,but doesnt interfere with like anything,else i might borrow that as a technique,the next time im making a big bow,thats really interesting,um,yeah

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EzCosplay: The Drama, The Reviews, The Theft

so over the past few weeks theres been,a lot,of gossip going around about easy,cosplay and their dodgy practices,and i kind of want to talk about it so,lets do it,before i go any further i want to make a,couple of quick disclaimers because i,know this video is going to ruffle a,couple of feathers,this video is simply documenting what is,available to view publicly online and,im also going to be crediting,everything down in the comments below,also my commentary style is quite blunt,and crude sometimes but thats just it,its just style,okay now also my personal opinions are,just that,theyre my personal opinions so dont,take this stuff too seriously,unless you want to either way just dont,come for me,okay okay easy cosplay,are one of several mass-market cosplay,producers and theyve been around for,quite some time,their primary focus is to make,affordable and accessible cosplays to,the mass market,from standard costume sets wigs props,and accessories you could buy an entire,cosplay from the one shop,and not go elsewhere the cost of their,cosplays can vary,but theyre deemed affordable for the,everyday person they also run an,instagram with over 214 000 followers,where they post a mix of their own stock,and other cosplayers images,for a while there they didnt credit,cosplayers properly,myself included but that seems to be a,bit better now,i do find it strange that they are,mixing,posts of their own alongside other,cosplayers content,it looks like they have no focus and,theyre trying to get the wrong message,about,what costumes these cosplayers are,wearing whether its theirs,whether its the cosplayers creations,because its never,really properly commented on but,look if thats how they want to run,their page fine they state on their,website that they have over a hundred,tailors,making costumes but some sites state,that they only had 12 employees which,im guessing is their marketing customer,care side,ive tried to scoop around to see if i,could find some kind of hub or listing,for any of their seamstresses but came,across nothing,so my guess is theyre contracting a,production line out of a factory,while this isnt a problem for the most,part it becomes more complicated when,customer orders are requested,cosplay production especially custom,tailored cosplay production,is very different in comparison to,standard tailoring,theres a lot of aesthetical a lot of,practical points that,really need to be considered and need to,be discussed with the person requesting,the commission,customers should be able to have contact,with their seamstresses or their prop,makers,to have regular updates on how their,costume is progressing,but unfortunately a lot of communication,is left to easy cosplays customer care,team,and look thats a whole mixed bag in,itself and were going to cover that in,a minute but for now,i just want to cover some of the reviews,that have been popping up,regarding the quality and outcome,of their services and,look lets just get into it,if you jump online to any review site,and check out easy cospos reputation,its just not good,now i tried to be fair and i tried to,hunt down positive reviews and,granted there are some positive reviews,about some of their cosplays,but then i came across these really,weird positive reviews like,like this,the [ __ ] like why are those five star,reviews,why they dont tell me anything even on,their website they proudly show off a,badge from review sites shopper approved,that claims nearly 66 of their reviews,are perfect scores,some positive reviews look genuine and,im glad they got a product they were,happy with,but its pretty hard to verify the,legitimacy of these kind of reviews,as theres often no accompanying,profiles pictures,or other essential information on what,they purchased,is a five-star reviewer buying a simple,zentai suit or a bustle ball gown with,lace and embellishments,like i dont know and i kind of need to,know,that stuff matters in reviewing also the,fact that theres loads of rumors about,easy cosplay creating fake accounts,to generate positive reviews is um,sauce that is some good tea,its really good its often seen that,easy cosplay will blackmail their,disputes,and tell customers to remove any,negative experiences from online posts,in order to try and keep their,reputation,clean now first off pathetic,secondly its too late your reputation,is beyond being dragged through the mud,it is mud and the negative reviews dont,stop at costume,quality uh-uh they often go on,about how difficult it is to get your,money back,if you dont follow willow wisps on,tick-tock i highly recommend it,she recently did a roasting of easy,cosplays quality and service,and its delicious go watch it its,linked below,she goes over the difficulties of trying,to get her cash back and how easy,cosplay kept dodging the bullet its,just,oh my goodness in another recent scandal,thermo cosplay was attempting to get a,refund from,easy after they delivered a costume that,looked like,well see for yourself,this is what she ordered this is what,came,in,what is that,the fabrics arent even the same and why,is it a two-piece i,cant pause the video if you want to,read the saga that was,thermos battle for basic courtesy but,her stuff is linked below,also if you want to check it out its,inevitable that no matter what kind,of business you run youre not going to,satisfy everyone,thats business whats also business,though is looking after your customers,taking care of your own reputation and,making sure that any problems that may,arise within your business are snuffed,out,quickly now if you screw up,you should own it an easy cosplay dont,own,heres some snippets from their returned,policy on their website,your satisfaction is the most important,thing we continuously pursue,if regrettably you find your costume is,have the following issues that could not,meet your requirements,you have the right to return the costume,is,to get a refund you make that really,difficult though,and you inadvertently admit this,yourself as we go on,customers should contact us within a,week of delivery of items,and email us photos to support the,claims if you find the packaged missing,items,and costume in the wrong size we can,arrange a new shipment of the missing,items for free,so wait youll make the costume again,youll use up more resources more of the,seamstresses time more of the prop,makers time,more processing more admin more,logistics more shipping,what in any other business it would be,wiser to refund the costs,instead of going through and repeating,the process that might not even resolve,the first,problem a business would only do this if,theyre making a,massive profit margin and can write off,the extra materials,i forgot i had biscuit tea ive been,having way too many of the danish,biscuits so ive had to move on to,digestives you know something,slightly healthier with my tea,i mean my thighs dont know any,different but whatever oh god,especially for wrong size costumes once,confirmed they ever occurred on our side,we will make a new one free the one two,inches difference will be acceptable and,the one two inches difference,is normal again theyre not offering a,refund but now theyre saying,one to two inches is an acceptable,margin of error,what hang on i needed i need to get a,a ruler hang on okay look i just want to,make sure,that easy cosplay have done both basic,math and theyve also done,basic sewing classes right i need to,make sure of this,okay,thats one inch right there thats,pretty big already,right then thats two inches,right there when you grade pattern,blocks,and youre jumping up one size for,example from a standard size,then youre not jumping up one or two,inches,from those patterns youre only jumping,several mil at most how is that an,acceptable margin of error for a costume,if youve got a pair of tights that are,two inches,too freaking loose or too tight on you,what the hell thats not acceptable,honestly dude my brain ive only got so,much function,okay this is ridiculous

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I spent $200 on a cosplay for Halloween | EZCOSPLAY REVIEW| DO NOT BUY!

hey whats up everybody um,kind of have a special video planned for,you guys today,so,i think,my only other,fashion video i have on this channel is,that uh sheen,unboxing,so,were gonna do another unboxing today,this,giant,thick,mystery package,well mystery to you i know whats inside,so its october,and halloween is coming up,so,its my halloween costume this year i,decided to go all out,my college has,a halloween costume contest with,pretty large prizes,because you know were all art majors of,course were kind of insane with our,crafts so,im gonna do my best hopefully everyone,else decides to do really bad,unfortunately i only have the cosplay,part of my,costume im still waiting on my hoop,skirt to come in,so you guys dont get to see what it,looks like today with an actual,um petticoat so its not gonna be as,floofy,but,hopefully just for this itll be fine um,it better be here before halloween,because,i have big plans you guys i also got,this knowing it was probably gonna be,iffy,so i was planning to embroider it make,it a little,extra fancy but thats not what this,video is about that sounds like more of,a main channel video,but yeah alright so,this costume was more than i usually,spend for cosplays um the ones ive done,in the past ive only spent like,a hundred dollars at max,this one was a little bit more expensive,i think the base price was like 150.,hi mimi the base price was,and i got it in a custom size because um,my proportions are weird,im kind of,okay i know im fat but im kind of like,hourglass shape,so i have a larger bust,a smaller natural waist,and my regular waist is a little bit,bigger or hips whatever you want to call,it,um im sure you guys unless youve,already read the title and seen the,thumbnail i think you can kind of guess,what im doing today,is the major weave so,um heres some pictures of what its,supposed to look like,and i think ive done enough,procrastinating its time to get into,this,all right lets go,i have this at a weird angle so its,going to be hard to cut into and then i,also,dont want to cut into the costume,so ups already ripped up usps i already,worked a hole in this so well just,start from there,if anythings missing ill be pissed,good boy,i have no idea what these are,oh my gosh okay,oh okay so,interest this is,a very wrinkly cape,i dont need this part of the cosplay,i just got it,all right,thats a bunch of tool all right,[Music],bags empty now ive lost my scissors,and the fabrics,i dont know what this is,oh okay,this doesnt look anything like the,picture,now im a bit concerned,okay,all right,can you tell,what this is yet,what this is heavy,[Music],oh now i know what those are these are,straps,for,this it is,gigantic,itll make more sense when i put it on,so uh lets go do that,all right so,um,its actually been a few days,ill,show you the main problem right now,uh,so its actually been a few days since,the unboxing in case you cant tell with,a different hairstyle and makeup,i was very upset and cranky in my,original review,so i decided to refilm it,after trying to problem solve,um,im still not super happy i guess okay,lets just list off things overall the,dress itself is really pretty,it just doesnt fit,its,super unfortunate that it doesnt fit,because this was a custom sized dress,um,at first i thought it was a zipper,like the zipper is a problem its not a,good quality zipper which i kind of,expected,from,online cosplay usually if its not from,etsy,or if you dont make it yourself,its going to be pretty low quality i,was expecting that i was expecting a bad,zipper,but i fixed the zipper,it just doesnt fit,i gave them a custom i gave them my,measurements plus a few inches,for my back so that it would fit because,i have broad shoulders,still doesnt fit,so yeah they have my custom size,and it doesnt fit so thats pretty much,just the only problem ive had with this,otherwise this dress looks pretty much,exactly like the photos,um,it just doesnt fit,it just doesnt fit,um,my biggest problem besides the actual,costume that i paid for not fitting,are the accessories give me one second,i was planning to use the cape,i just bought it for the dress,the cake was an accessory from a,specific scene,glad i didnt need to use it because it,has nothing to,tie with or to clip onto this so i guess,there we go,walk around like this all day but i,might just use it for scraps of fabric,for something else,but this was something i was planning on,using,the bow,i was hoping it would maybe snap on,but um this is what they gave me,uh over in the picture it looks like,they had wire in it or something to keep,the bow standing up,this one it just,theres a giant safety pin,that youre supposed to use to clip on,i would clip it on,except for i cant close the back so,this is also pointless,and the most pointless of all this is,what they gave me for the sleeves,and theres another one of these,pieces of elastic with velcro,i couldnt find it for this but,these are foam,heres a picture of what theyre,supposed to look like,this is what i received,i dont know if this was supposed to,just be one,like one sleeve,or two,but they got me up if they think,i was gonna wear them like what stick it,on with the velcro and then just,walk around like that,like i know i have fat arms but that,doesnt even cover like,most,thats just not gonna work so,unfortunately,everything was a mess the best piece,the dress,but again the dress doesnt fit i would,have been more understanding if it had,just been a regular size that i grabbed,and paid less for,i paid about two hundred dollars after,shipping for this entire costume,and the main piece,doesnt fit,ive contacted their customer service,and because they didnt send,one of the sleep things theyre giving,me 10,refund,thats it,im getting 10,of 200 back so 20 bucks,i dont know im just super disappointed,i understand that buying cosplays online,usually is going to end up with it,not being great,i was expecting that for this,i was just hoping,the main part of it was going to,fit because i paid extra,so that it would,its funny because ive actually lost 20,pounds since ordering this because i,ordered it three months early so it,would come in time,which it just barely did this is,actually not the fault of this cosplay,company it was actually uh united states,postal service that up because,they held my package in um a facility,for two weeks,i understand that were having issues,right now but,i emailed them and asked them,if they had any idea how long the weight,would be and they said one to two days,it was two weeks it had already been a,week when i emailed them and they said,oh well get it out within the next one,to two business days,a whole week later,i dont know ive just had so many,problems with this that,im just im just so tired,um,i know my neighbors are moving its,great,had to do with me and my neighbors,ive been trying to film this for the,last week just not turning out great it,just ends up as a rant every time,i guess ill give you guys some full,body shots lets go,but other than that i dont know i guess,im just really disappointed i guess,ill look up some other youtubers who,have ordered from them,see what their reviews are,i guess ill leave that down below or,something but,i guess lets just wrap this video up,because,im so disappointed,i mean the dress is super long,hey everyone i look tiny right now um,ignore the makeup and the outfit it was,for a different video all right i was,trying to be nice in this video,towards easy cause its a business i,really shouldnt have you should have,the products that your customers are,expecting to get i didnt do any,research before i,uh before i bought from i really should,have they have,terrible reviews online terrible people,actively recommend that you do not order,from this website um and now that ive,been,scammed out of two hundred dollars i,would like to say scammed but,i received a product,i feel like i can now join the hate,party hooray,i watched a few videos by other,youtubers and they talk about

Lets talk about store-bought cosplay [Ft. CosplaySky, ACos, EZcosplay]

howdy everyone its meson me and today i,am wearing my comfy clothes because im,gonna be trying on lots of different,costumes today I have some store-bought,costumes that Ive kind of accumulated,over time and I am finally going to try,them all on,I havent tried on half of them actually,so Im really excited to get into them,today I have a few different popular,brands here that kind of make a lot of,the store-bought costumes so Im going,to talk about kind of the pros in the,cons of each company that Ive kind of,found over the past few months so,hopefully when youre out there shopping,for a costume you kind of have a few of,these things in mind so hopefully,thatll help you out first,Im gonna talk a little bit about,store-bought costumes I know that there,are some people out there not a lot but,some people in the cosplay community who,kind of look down on those who decide to,buy store-bought costumes or wear,store-bought costumes in my personal,opinion I think its great that these,companies offer costumes that you can,buy and pretty much wear right out of,the back and these people who maybe have,never made a costume before or are kind,of curious about cosplay in general they,can put on a costume they can go to a,con and have that similar experience and,they dont have to spend all the extra,money on all the tools the sewing,machines the materials all the stuff,that you would need to make a costume,from scratch that and having one of,these nicer store-bought costumes to,have and look at it really helps you,learn a lot about how a costume came,together and you can definitely learn,how to make something like that yourself,and as long as you dont take credit for,making a store-bought costume then I,dont see a problem with it rock it to,your little hearts content and just have,fun because thats what this hobby is,all about so with that being said were,all here to have fun and I am going to,go ahead and jump into my first,store-bought costume duh okay so this,first one I got in Japan when I was in,Akihabara it was a store called a cause,and this was advertised as a Sailor,Venus school uniform and when I was,talking to some of the employees that,were helping me out at the store they,said that their costumes were so,expensive,because they all are officially licensed,by the companies that make the,franchises so this is like a sealer moon,official school uniform that I have to,say off the bat that it is too small for,me my shoulders are a bit broad and you,can see the seams are just you know a,little bit too small so I dont have a,lot of room without it being just way,too tight this is a size medium this,also didnt come with any other,accessories besides the shirt and the,skirt and it retailed for about $90 USD,so it was on the expensive side but,personally I just wanted something from,like an actual cosplay store as like a,souvenir and I do think that this is,still really cool it is wearable but,again it is just tight around the,shoulders right here with that being,said the material is so nice and soft,all the clasps the zippers theyre all,invisible and theyre all a really nice,quality I didnt have any issues,unbuttoning anything or zipping anything,up and this little part right here on,the collar does velcro on and off so you,can take it on and off easier quality is,really nice all the stitching is super,straight again this is so soft I cant,stop touching it its a really nice,material but it is pretty simple and if,you wanted to make something like this,yourself you could for like a fraction,of the price but if you want like an,officially-licensed Sailor Moon costume,then this is what youre looking at here,do I think this was worth $90 no I,really dont but if youre like a,hardcore Sailor Moon fan this is,something thats really cool to have so,with that Im going to transform into,the next costume in a magical girl,fashion this is a kylo Ren costume by,sky cosplay before I start talking about,this costume I will let you know this,was sent to me for free by Sky cosplay,they were really nice they pretty much,just sent me this costume and wanted me,to let them know whether or not I liked,it now I watched a few other Skye,cosplay reviews before I picked out this,costume and kind of across the board all,the gloves are just really bad and this,is no exception like guys these are just,so fast so Im just gonna take these off,and put them over there so this costume,actually includes a lot it includes this,blind cloak it includes the vest the,undershirts and of course the pants the,most important part and of course it,doesnt come with like the wig or the,boots or the lightsaber but pretty much,everything else including the belt I,picked out a size medium in the womens,fit and this fits really well its,actually really comfortable but I do,wish that they had some other way to,fasten it other than this little bow I,wish there was like some snaps or,something on it now if whether or not,these pants fit like they do in the meme,is like a selling point for you I have,to say I dont think these cut it they,are not high-waisted enough to be meme,worthy so if that was worth your hard,earned coin then I am sorry to break,this news to you overall I actually,think this costume is a lot of fun to,wear and its really comfortable too the,materials are kind of the middle of the,road this costume is for sale on Sky,cosplay for about a hundred and forty,dollars would I have bought this costume,for myself honestly no I wouldnt but I,think its really cool that Sky cosplay,decided to send this to me cuz I can,definitely see myself wearing it in the,future this is my infinity war Black,Widow cosplay I bought this costume from,easy cosplay and I was really weary,about this website because they have a,bunch of like generic looking photos and,photos Ive seen before and like photos,of action figures of the costumes are,trying to sell so I was actually,worried purchasing this costume but when,I got it I was so pleasantly surprised,you guys I love this costume so much the,material is so nice all the straps of,the buckles all the needlework all like,the little accessories you can tell that,the person who made this really really,cared I love this material its so soft,and comfortable and stretchy theres so,many little details in here that I just,love and this is just so awesome that in,like the pants they fit like PJs,theyre so comfortable,of course this costume doesnt come with,the batons but it does come with the,baton holsters it also comes with the,little holsters but it doesnt come with,any of the accessories and it doesnt,come with the boots however I will say,if you need a costume that fits you like,a glove right out of the bag this isnt,the costume for you it was really baggy,when I first got it and I had to take it,in so if youre brand new to cosplay,youre not comfortable using a sewing,machine yet maybe this isnt the costume,youre looking for Im about five seven,medium build and I got a medium size,costume and it was really big on me I,ordered this costume for a charity event,they wanted me to be Black Widow so I,ordered this costume as soon as I found,out which is about three weeks before,the event and it got to me with plenty,of time to alter it so I was really,impressed with the easy cosplay service,I have to say this costume does retail,for 229 so I thought I would be way more,critical of it than I was even if I did,have to alter it a little bit the care,in time that you could tell was put into,this costume was well worth the money,for me the kylo Ren costume that you,just saw it took them three months to,get that to me and Im really just not,as impressed with that costume as I am,with this one and Im like the last,costume you just saw these gloves fit,well like gloves should this last one is,an even galley in school uniform its,another one of those officially licensed,one,and I got this in NK books this ones a,size large and I thought this shirt was,really baggy at first but looking at how,

Is EZ Cosplay Worth Buying? (Kaisa Star Guardian Costume Review)

[Music],hi guys whats up its Yuji and today,Im going to share with you guys about,my personal opinions or review about,costume from Easy cosplay,if you guys follow me long time ago then,you already know that Im a big fan of,League of Legends and when the new Star,Guardian skin light is released oh my,God Im so in love with Kaiser costume,lucky me easy cosplay contacted me and,they offered to send me the whole full,costume of kaisa for me for free,just for me to provide honest feedback,so lets not wait any longer lets get,started so first lets start with the,top parts of the costume I really like,the fabric choice I think they choose,the holographic,fabric which is kind of like spandex,its a bit stretchy so I provide them my,size and they send this one and when I,try its pretty fit for me except for,the waist part I just need to do some,small adjustment to make it more fit in,general I think its pretty well made,just there theres room for improvement,for example maybe this part that can do,it like with 3D printing parts or foam,or gems so its not so flat it looks,more 3D if you know what I mean like,this part they made this one 3D printers,I wish they also do the same for this,one but I think its not such a big deal,the things I really like they add horse,hair braids on both layers of the skirts,this is the neck part,so as I say they use a very thin foam,layers inside to make the shape and base,so its not really like moving around,that much,holding nicely on my neck,and the arm part they also have like,small elastic bands inside so its,coating and hugging perfectly on your,arm foreign,you see like even my thumbs again I love,the fabric choice,its like color changing through,different light shades and movements a,bit both arms on so you guys can see,[Music],the light part is also pretty well made,the only thing I didnt like about it is,that they use this one its help holding,a bit but not really fully effective,because I wore this one to a convention,before and it holds really nice when you,first wear it but as soon as you start,moving around and it will start going,down and down and I keep have to like,pull it off and then I also have the,weapon from them so according to the,design its sticking on your arms and,hands like that not like you holding on,something not like this,pretty smart from them that they use the,transparent plastic stick to hold the,shape and then they put on like a tiny,string so you can slave your arm through,this,next part is the missile I really really,love this part the most in the whole,costume the thing to improve about this,one I think it would be better if they,just change this stripe to a transparent,one so its not really like showing it,on your shoulders,but the rest I really like the idea the,executions,paint job is good the shape is good you,can see here a bit sadly a bit cracking,can you see lets try and put this on,well I guess I can still just wear it by,myself,but as I say it will be easier if you,have someone to help you,yeah,I have to be careful back with your,weight because your weight is going to,be pretty long and yeah,next part is the shoes also really wirly,mates the heels are still pretty high,for me for wearing it the whole day I,think theyre really suffer a bit but,for the look I think its,bearable,and the last part was the Wii so they,actually sent me uh basic wig so like,its not already styled as character wig,but its just a simple long curly pink,color wig like this so I have to style,it from the beginning they also didnt,have these parts I have to cut out the,width from the wick it cells and then,just stick them on to like a lot of,aluminum foil inside so its not really,heavy and stick on a headband so it can,stay on like this let me try,so I would say that the wig I think,maybe because they havent produced it,yet and they want to send it to me so I,can do the review video so they just,send a wig like this but I checked on,the website and they have an already,styled as character awake so maybe if,you order it from them the full set then,they will send you that way but not this,one but I really like the wig material,its pretty easy to style its pretty,thick and long so yeah,from the time they tell me that theyre,gonna start shipping it to me it takes,around one month,so I dont know how its gonna be if you,actually order from them but it takes,around one month uh from the moment they,tell me that theyre gonna send it to me,for it to arrive in my hands they pack,it really well with lots of bubble wraps,so its not damaging at all and every,time if I have any question or any,problem I can just contact them directly,on Instagram and theyre pretty,responsive so honestly speaking I have,been hearing Lots about easy cosplay,Style Both negative things and also,positive things but for me personally I,could highly recommend this kaisa star,Guardian costume I brought this costume,to conventions one time I really enjoyed,myself in it its really show my body,shapes nothing much I need to fix or add,or edges about the costume I really feel,confident wearing the whole full set so,if youre looking for a good Kaiser star,Guardian full set costume look no,further away I think easy costume can,really help you,thank you so much for watching my video,I hope to see you guys soon and to the,next video bye,[Music],[Applause],[Music],thank you,[Music],[Music]

EzCosplay Debacle

deep breath,hello i am sam from thermal cosplay and,i have a package here,and the reason i have a package here is,because,um earlier this month,i worked with a company called easy,cosplay,i purchased three costumes for them they,had a holiday sell i spent nearly 400,on these three costumes including a wig,um and so while i didnt expect it to be,like amazing commission quality which,ive already commissioned another artist,for some other costumes i plan on doing,but uh i did expect the hundred and,fifteen dollars,including shipping that i spent on a,kdari dress,which was supposed to look like this,ill show you what it was supposed to,look like,it was supposed to look like this this,is the costume i was supposed to receive,and uh this is the costume,i did receive lets see here,i have a comparison on this too this is,the costume i did receive,and the,as you can see the right is what was,supposed to be the left is what i got,um after much deliberation with the,company,multiple emails a lot of what the heck,is going on,um sorry im getting messages a lot of,what the heck is going on,i um discovered that they had sent me a,mock-up for their kda more,slash all out re and uh,k easy cosplay,on their site says that they have hired,artisans and seamstresses and that they,do not use,factory work now that seems to have,changed,um because when i communicated with them,they said that they were factory,shopping and that they had sent me a,mock-up,and that that was not the costume that i,was supposed to receive im so nervous,to open this package right now guys like,i am so nervous okay all right,all right so um from the start,everythings shinier and already looks,better im just looking at the plastic,but i dont know until i actually open,this if this is,once again the two-piece nightmare they,sent me before,or if this is actually a dress,that i can wear so for starters lets,see,what theyve given me here um i wanted,to do this live,because you can see theyve got,everything kind of packaged up,um apparently they sent me ears which,cool i wasnt expecting that that wasnt,on the listing,so uh cool already,the glove is like 22 times better than,the first glove they sent me,and it looks like the thread i mean its,its got craftsmanship issues but i,dont know what i was expecting,um im definitely going to need to steal,these edges off they didnt even seal,off the edges of the spandex,so at least its a wearable glove the,other glove wasnt even human-sized and,i have very tiny hands i wear childrens,size gloves,um so you can imagine how small this,glove is thankfully its made out of,spandex so for people with larger hands,youll be okay,they dont exactly match they kind of,look like rabbit ears,but im not worried about that because i,bought a custom wig from them,and oddly enough they have really nice,custom wigs but thats because they have,artisans making their wigs,and theyre not factories but it seems,that they switched to a factory,for their costumes so i dont know if,ill necessarily be shopping with them,anymore but i appreciate them,actually okay you know i dont,necessarily appreciate it i like that,they sent me a new costume,but i dont like that i had to fight for,three weeks to get them to admit that,they had sent me,a mock-up that wasnt okay,all right so it looks like this time,around they actually did send the,accessories they were supposed to,in the listing originally they said that,they would have a separate,hip chain which indeed they do have a,separate hip chain um,they would have a necklace which the,first one came up the necklace but it,was so,poorly made and so uncomfortable it was,just plastic and it was it was,it smelled funny and plastic smells,funny in general,um but this is this is correct this is,actually,good okay so weve got and this time,they actually sent the hair accessories,because,the last costume was supposed to come,with the dress hair accessories in a,glove,and it didnt it came up it was a glove,and a two-piece,i dont know what it was all right,moment of truth,im not sure this is a dress i think it,might be a bodysuit,they sent shorts that are separate so,thats nice,oh and the shorts actually have the leg,piece sewn onto it,and these are actually good quality,pleather shorts okay,im happy with this,cool um i,actually this might be a dress i might,actually receive the dress,oh my gosh and it might actually be what,they promised,so for three and a half weeks worth of,fighting and arguments and discussions,i finally got the costume that i was,supposed to be sent,the first time its a little smushed it,just came out of the bag,it is gonna need some breathing time um,it is,quilted but its not quilted very well,so i am going to have to maybe stuff the,boobs a little bit just to give it more,volume but this is i dont also dont,know,how im supposed to straighten out these,spikes because they didnt put anything,in the spikes to reinforce them so,theyre all curled and messed up right,now,so i i bet im gonna actually have to,good okay well i can pop open the back,side of these and stuff them,so that they have volume again,because they are completely damaged so,the spikes are damaged theyre folded,the wrong way theyre not working right,but i can fix this and they actually,sent address,oh my gosh it only took like i said,three weeks of arguments and discussions,and fighting,and that is so unfair for them to,finally send,what they originally promised,after i had to report them they kept,asking me to cancel my paypal request,um im just going to tell you do not,cancel your paypal request until you,actually receive an either a new costume,from them,or a refund on their site it says that,they will indeed work with you if the,measurements are incorrect or if what,was delivered does not,meet your expectations aka it doesnt,match the image they have on their site,so it only took three weeks but i,finally got the costume i was promised,and yes does it have issues absolutely,am i going to have to spend another,four or five hours fixing those spikes,sure but at least,they sent me the dress that was,originally promised now i cant imagine,how much more this,costs their their their if theyre using,the same stress how much more time it,costs them,um if theyre using tailors how much,more time it cost them it would have,been,easier and better for them if theyve,just refunded me,and then i could have gone somewhere,else or i could have just given up and,made it myself,the point is easy cosplay,you can do better,thermal cosplay out

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