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  5. Fabletics Men Shorts REVIEW
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Fabletics Men Shorts Review

so if youre here its probably because,you want to get a pair of shorts from,fabletics men and im going to try to,save you some time by,showing you the shorts and then sharing,my experience with them,so lets jump right into it first pair,of shorts is the takeover short,uh the good and the bad right i like,this pair of shorts because it does its,snug,so it makes your butt look pretty good,its got good pockets,with zippers,and it has a little drawstring that,works all good i mean theres not a lot,of bad to say about it,one thing that i do note is youll show,butt sweat,so like if im working out in the gym,ill have a sweaty butt,basically so it looks good to start but,then towards the end of my workout i,dont really want to take any pictures,because,i got a sweaty butt thats the takeover,short,they got some cool colors they also have,a little,i guess this is for a towel but i never,use it,but yeah thats it i mean theyre a good,pair of shorts i think they,look the best to start out but then,again theres that butt sweat cool,thats the take over short next were,gonna look at the franchise short,so the franchise short comes with both,an inner lining and without the inner,lining,im not going to show you both of them,because theyre both the same they just,one has a lining and one doesnt,i would say the biggest difference is,the lining is nice because it has a,pocket here for my phone,so if im running or if im jumping or,doing some kind of,movement my phones secure also its,nice because i dont actually have to,wear a pair of underwear because it,comes with the shorts,the reason why i would get the line the,unlined,shorts is because these are way more,comfortable for like just chilling out,the lining is kind of tight so its you,know it squeezes the giblets if you know,what im saying,and the unlined ones are just more,comfortable for like every day,they have they both have some good,pockets in the front nice and deep,pockets,right so this is a good deep pocket,which is freaking awesome,theres also uh like inside mini pockets,so you can put,keys or whatever the hell you want in,there its got nice zippers in the back,and yeah it comes in some badass colors,but that is the franchise short,i would say i use these mostly as either,a bathing suit,during the summer i just wear them,everywhere or i wear them to work out,theyre really a great pair of shorts,and i think that athletics has a really,good deal right now of two pairs of,shorts for 24 bucks,the negatives the only negative i would,say is that the,inner lining like if you wear them for,too long it can get,tight a little bit like it you know it,builds up sweat and it gets,uncomfortable so,if youre planning on chilling all day i,wouldnt wear these i would wear the,unlined ones,but thats the franchise short i dont,think you can really go wrong with these,i highly recommend them,next short were going to look at is the,fundamental short,so the fundamental short also comes,lined and,unlined uh i dont know if i have a,preference really,its the same as the other ones if,youre going to be wearing it all day,you probably,want the unlined ones um,the fundamental short to be completely,honest with you i dont know if im that,crazy about it because,the uh what do you call this waistband,is kind of,small and it does kind of dig in just a,little bit,theyre definitely lighter than the,franchise shorts so theyre like these,are a little bit like thick like theres,a lot to the franchise short,whereas the fundamental short i feel,like i could ball it up and throw it,which is a good thing but i think for me,personally if i were to choose i would,probably choose,either the take over short or the,fundamental short over the franchise,short,still a nice pair of shorts i mean they,look good they feel,good its just the waistband is a little,bit small theres not as many pockets,so like more of a bare bones i guess,fundamental,i dont know the fundamental the basic i,dont know but,its its bare bones i would say which,is not a bad thing but i would choose,personally i would choose the,take over short or the franchise short,over the fundamental short,we have one pair of shorts left the,court side,short so the court side short i dont,think are actually meant to,like for you to exercise in but i,actually do use these as,exercise shorts theyre really,comfortable they are they have nice,pockets,um ill wear these if im doing like an,upper body day in the gym,or every day like just chilling out i do,actually,really like these these i would say are,my favorite,by far the best for just chilling out,they look good they feel good,i dont really have i dont think,theres any negatives about this,i mean theyre thicker so theyre like,theyre more like a sweatshirt material,i would say,so theyre definitely a little bit,thicker but thats kind of a nice thing,i wouldnt wear these to go running but,i would wear these in the gym,i would wear these on the couch i would,wear these pretty much anywhere but,theyre like the fundamental short i,would say the fundamental short,and the courtside short are kind of like,on opposite spectrums,so if youre going for a run fundamental,short is a good choice if youre going,for a run i wouldnt wear these,other than that i think these are the,best pair of shorts for chilling in by,far,if i only if i were only able to choose,two pairs of shorts,i would get the,franchise short with a lining,and i would work out in these and i,would get the court side short,and just chilling them so i think those,would be my two choices,is it choices if i could only have two,but,i do really like the takeover short as,well makes your butt look nice you get,some butt sweat but,it does make your butt look nice the,fundamental short is cool its good for,running im sure ill use it once i,start running again,but i probably wear these the least so,i tried to make this video as quick as,possible to save you some time,if you like this video make sure you,like the damn video,i did get sponsored by fabletics so i,got these clothes for free,um so this is my honest opinion you can,tell i said some good things and some,not good things,its my honest opinion they told me to,be honest so thats what im doing until,they yell at me,um but if you want a discount so if you,want a fabletics discount,click the link in my bio and you can get,a discount when you become a vip,member i think thats pretty much it i,was trying to do this nice and fast im,not sure how long this video is yet,looks like eight minutes goddamn in case,thats a long video,but that is my video if you have any,questions,um put them in the comments below ill,answer all questions about the product,thats pretty much it you can follow me,on instagram if you want you can check,out my website,if youre looking for training you can,subscribe if you want to see more,fabletics content,if you want to see more fitness content,and thats pretty much damn it,i hope you have a great day and uh get,some shorts

Fabletics for Men TRY ON HAUL! 2 for $24 Deal Review

all right whats going on youtube we are,back with another video and todays,gonna be a good one,so i dont know if you guys have ever,seen those ads pop up when you guys are,on instagram but,those kevin hart shorts i think its,like a collaboration or something with,this company fabletics,and uh i always kept seeing these uh,these shorts pop up and i was like man,two for 24 thats actually a pretty dang,good deal so i was like man let me go,ahead and check these out,so i ended up picking up that deal and i,got a couple pair of shorts i will show,you guys,picked up these cool,pretty dope i got these ones with like,the lining and stuff on the inside,so im going to show you guys and also,the black ones,just all black cuticle im going to be,putting those on showing you guys a,quick little try on haul,im getting ready to actually go for a,run and a workout so thats why im,about to get changed,but i said why not just go ahead and,turn this opportunity and make it into a,video because i was like i know theres,other people out there that are,wondering about these shorts,wondering how they fit if theyre good,or not how they feel so im gonna be,letting you guys know all that real,quick,give me two seconds im about to put,them all all right yall so as you guys,can see,this is what one of the pairs looks like,i got,um my size i picked was a medium,and im kind of looking at it now and,im not really used to,wearing shorts this short but its,definitely not bad,um the quality of the shorts are really,good theyre super like stretchy and,like,elastic like i feel like im in like,some crazy,you know athletic so you definitely,feel great,um as far as like the inside goes and,like the lining,having to check that out too much can i,fit an,iphone 8 plus lets see,yes it can fit an iphone 8 plus,no problems no issue were good,theyre able to keep running keep your,hands free and that was one of the main,things too that i was thinking about,when i,wanted to get these was that i always,run and i have my phone in my hand,but i dont want in my pockets when its,like shaking around doing way too much,so actually having this lining and stuff,actually is really cool,so you guys see it,good quality again like i told you i got,the medium i think it was like,medium and then it said like uh,something like 7 inches or something,like that,and im 510 at brown like,175 so just kind of keep that in mind,for your own body size when youre gonna,go ahead and try to order something but,ah definitely look good,definitely feel great too let me try the,other ones so now im in the,uh black shorts as you guys can see this,is the exact same,uh kind but you know just in a medium,they still got the lining on the inside,too,and uh overall i can say for these ones,for for uh two for 24 dollars this is,steal,i definitely recommend you guys go ahead,and check them out now this isnt,sponsored or affiliated by any means,i just wanted to check them out and i,thought maybe other people will like it,so i wanted to make a video on it,to see if it was helpful so if you guys,like these and want to check out some,ill put a link in the description where,you can,check some out for yourself um yeah,im about to go ahead and get my workout,in but as you guys can see,super great shorts they feel great,i would definitely recommend these to,athletes of any sort,these are great shorts honestly so,thats gonna be it yall for the video i,just want to do a quick little short one,i dont want to be doing too much,i got a lot of stuff i got planned im,getting ready to go out and do so,thanks again for everybody watching make,sure you guys leave a like on this,im gonna keep trying to get more videos,out even if theyre gonna be short for,something,id rather put some content out than no,content so thats what were doing,and yeah catch you guys later peace,you

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okay welcome back to pridefit today we,are talking about fabletics so this is a,fabletics clothing haul i got a bunch of,quotes from fabletics and i also did a,bunch of research on the company because,i think that us understanding where we,are getting these clothes from and the,quality,is just as important as the style and,the functionality of these clothes so,lets hop right into it i dont want to,waste your time lets just go through,our pros and cons list really quickly,and then ill try on some clothes and,then well kind of recap everything with,if fabletics is a company that you,should be buying from or not starting,with the pros fabletics is a really,inexpensive clothing option for,fitness clothes,and as we know i know that you know,fitness clothes are super expensive if,we look at lululemon or we look at noble,what im wearing right now you know,theyre very expensive options and its,just one more hurdle to getting people,in the gym you know if people cant,afford the best clothing or they dont,feel confident in their clothing,thats just another reason for you to,say like well im not going to the gym,today right so thats a big problem and,fabletics i will say you know,comparatively to gymshark which i,reviewed in this video feels like a much,better product across the board the,other thing ill say is that the shorts,at fabletics are really good across the,board i cant make any other really,generalized suggestions like oh the,tanks are really good too because there,were like some good pieces here and,there but the shorts across the board,really good another pro is that the,clothes actually came not to talk about,gymshark too much but you know i never,ended up getting a lot of the clothes,for gymshark and i had a whole,hullabaloo with their customer service,team okay,were gonna have to try this again,later so it took you know two weeks for,me to get all of my fabletics clothes,they came in two shipments uh but they,did all come,and they were all correct so,thats great and the other thing that we,will get into a little bit later is that,fabletics does a really good job with,inclusive sizing and they have a really,diverse team they follow through on,their diverse initiatives so thats,really great again well hop into that,more toward the end of this video going,into the cons you know i said that the,quality is better than gymshark across,the board and i believe that but it,still does feel like the h m of fitness,clothing where the clothes just could,use a little more care in the,manufacturing in the materials some of,them felt like they were really solid,but then other times you know id be,testing the zipper and it would get,stuck my first time using it and it,would get stuck right sometimes im,questionable about the materials but,that being said i do think that this is,a better option than a gym shark the one,thing that really turned me off when i,was ordering these clothes is that,fabletics is on a subscription model and,im still really trying to figure it out,basically on the sixth of each month you,get charged 49.95,to be part of their subscription and i,guess in there you get a free top and a,free bottom and if you dont want those,then you can like log into the website,between the first of the month and the,fifth of the month very small window and,you can say that you can skip that month,and then they wont charge you super,weird fabletics has like a bunch of like,fake sales going on they always have,sales going on right and the only way to,take advantage of those sales is to be a,member right is to be part of the,subscription service so i was like okay,ill do what i do for any other,subscription service where you use it,for this order right and then i will,cancel it right away so i dont forget,and when i tried to go and cancel it so,i got someone on the phone right away,which is great and i said hey i would,love to cancel my subscription because,im not going to be making another,purchase through,fabletics and they said oh you cant,cancel until your order has arrived,because otherwise we will cancel your,order which i think is again just like,super annoying for a company to do like,they already know that the subscription,model for clothing thats been proven to,like just not be good it doesnt work we,dont want it right we want to order,clothes when we want to order clothes so,and then secondly not allowing me to,cancel it until my order arrived so id,forget and then get charged and then,have to like go through it all over,again its just i hate it when,companies do this kind of thing and so,that was definitely a con for fabletics,and then i dont want to get too in the,weeds with this but,their,ethical and environmental scores are,just fine you know there are companies,that are worse there are companies that,are better but thats something that i,would like for fabletics to focus on a,little bit more if theyre going to be,doing this fast fashion stuff this kind,of clothing that isnt super sustainable,or recyclable i would want them to be,focusing a little bit more on the,environment a little bit more on their,ethics okay thats enough of that lets,jump into the actual clothing review,okay so the first thing that i tried on,my order was the one short without the,liner i got these in extra small i also,got them in,um this blue color and honestly i really,like these i think that theyre a good,fit i think that they i did the five,inch inseam and like i said i did the,extra small because i wanted to try the,extra smalls and the small and kind of,see,if their sizing was super accurate and i,would say that the extra smalls were the,winner here im glad that i did that for,these because generally i would have,picked a small and the smalls that i,tried on were just a little too big for,me i think that the material is good,its a little bit of a thicker material,which i kind of like for working out in,the only thing that was just,okay to me was the zippers they have,pretty deep pockets and they have two,zipper pockets but like i said these,zippers didnt feel like they were super,well made when i was unzipping them and,zipping it back up it was getting stuck,and thats just not what you want to see,right that you dont want that to be,your first impression with the shorts,because ive had a pair of shorts where,like ive gotten stuff lost in them,before and you have to like rip it out,and i,i dont i would honestly prefer further,not to be a zipper than to have a shitty,zipper so alrighty here we have the,front row sleeveless tee and for this,one i actually did a small instead of an,extra small and that was the right call,i was a little surprised,uh when i tried this on it was a thicker,material than i usually do for a tank,top but,i was okay with it,i cant really imagine myself going on a,run for doing a workout in that kind of,tank top which i guess is like the point,right im not gonna just like wear this,out to dinner right so i guess that was,a little weird because its definitely a,thicker material and i know that,generally im looking for that like for,that quality or that thicker material,but it seemed a little counter-intuitive,in this instance a tank top really,should be lightweight,and it says like moisture wicking and,everything like that but i would say,this was a no for me its nice that its,29.95 you know like thats not super,expensive for a tank so thats good but,i would still,look for something just a little bit of,a lighter material these are the,fundamental shorts with a liner so i was,actually really pleasantly surprised,with the liner i really liked it i liked,the look of it i liked the feel of it i,can usually take her leave liners uh but,i got this color because it was one of,the only colors that they had a five,inch inseam with you know im a big fan,of a five inch inseam the seven inch,dont get me started i dont understand,why they make them,but,i tested the small for these and youll,see that along the waist it is just,about like an inch or two,too big

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fabletics review – athletic clothes / activewear for men and women

[Music],all right so in this video im going to,be doing a review on fabletics all right,its the clothing membership website,they sell a lot of workout clothes i,guess you could call it activewear,so they specialize in shorts um but they,do have tops,uh hoodies,um,pants even uh you know a variety of,different things in men and women all,right and ive been using the service,for about two years now so i wanted to,just do a review on it let you all know,the pros the cons whether or not i think,its worth it,and uh just some sizing information that,you want to keep in mind as well it is a,membership model meaning that you pay i,think its so i they charge me 54.95 per,month,now you dont have to pay the price,every single month you can skip a month,if you want to if you dont really need,any more clothes,at the time,and then they wont charge you so that,you can retain the membership perks and,so forth but,yeah the way that it works is that you,get one credit per month that you can,use towards an outfit or really any one,single item on the site,so if youre gonna use a credit i like,to get things that are worth more than,what you,paid,or spent on the credit if that makes,sense so a lot of the hoodies that,probably retailed for 80 bucks,or a pair of pants or something joggers,something like that that would be really,good to use a credit on so i really do,like the shorts,but one thing you want to keep in mind,is that you want to make sure that,whatever pair it is that you order that,it fits,its the right size,and youre,sold on,the pair of shorts because if you take,the tag off and you wear it a few times,you cant return it,um,because they only accept returns with,the,original tag on it so for instance a few,pairs of shorts that i got from them,i wore them straight out of the box and,i think they were mediums yeah theyre,mediums,and for whatever reason the waistband is,just super big and i wish i would have,gotten a small but since i wore them i,was kind of out of luck so ive just,been growing with them ill be i mean,overall you can tell that all the,quality of the materials and everything,is really high quality and built to last,what i like about the shorts is that,they all have,at least the ones that ive gotten they,have zippered pockets theyre super,light and they get the job done so they,have member exclusive sales,uh periodically throughout the year,so,if you hop on a sale whether its black,friday or,right now were coming up on memorial,day,if youre a member at the time the sale,occurs the deals are really just,ridiculous,and you can stock up on a lot of really,great clothing for,way cheaper than you would get at,competing brands,so yeah watch out for those sales yeah i,definitely recommend their five inch,shorts,ive been stocking up on those as of,late,and,yeah they just,stay on really well theyre lightweight,comfortable and,got zippered pockets and ticks all the,boxes so yeah definitely recommend them,if youre looking for a solid company,that you can just kind of go to and not,have to,always be shopping for deals on,different websites,and its going to provide you with the,activewear that you need,make sure you check them out,if you want an initial discount off your,first order make sure you check out the,link down below,but yeah thanks for watching the video,if you have tried fabletics,let us know down in the comments,just what you like about it maybe what,your favorite product is,that you get from them down below so,yeah thanks for watching again,dont forget to drop me a like down,below and well see on the next one,already peace,[Music],[Music],you

Fabletics Men Shorts REVIEW

they have you know sports bras you know,the low medium high impact Im not too,sure about all this because Im not a,girl but they should have added purple,right here if they put purple,[Music],yo yo yo you too whats good its your,boy hmb Odessa coming out yall with,another video always remember hey my,beloved show love today and watch your,hair to say tomorrow so what I got for,yall today,is I got a review on fabletics which is,a company that I recently,you know ran across on Instagram I just,randomly you know going through them,stories ads pop up and you know,sometimes theyre good things sometimes,theyre bad things but fabletics men,shorts was actually one of the ones that,came up for me as yall could see did,you like these shorts I dont know if,yall remember but I have shorts that my,favorite pair of shorts and the get,ready with me,I wore those well I put those in my bag,but Im wearing them right now and these,are what influenced me to get these,shorts so when I saw the fabletics when,I saw the little discount two for 24 you,know I had to go and grab it so thats,what I did I went and grabbed it theyre,exactly kind of like these shorts that,Im wearing now that were my favorite,shorts and they kind of you know theyre,a little wrinkled because they were you,know in the in my drawer but Im still,gonna,try them on and do a little you know Im,gonna do a little review on the shorts,let yall know how they are theyre,pretty much like workout shorts thats,what theyre best used for are you guys,so now what Im gonna get into is just,pretty much fabletics man the website I,dont know if yall could tell from what,Ive shown yall but these shorts,theyre like workout shorts so pretty,much something youll go to the gym with,go to go hike go walk go run thats kind,of like pretty pretty much there,Their audience their their target,audience is pretty much people who work,out so and thats really why I you know,I came across them I was like look look,at their Instagram going through my,stories their ad popped out for um two,for 24 shorts theyre actually right,there as I could see two for 24.,I went with them and I did the thing but,one thing to realize with the two for 24,shorts is when you do that you set up,for their VIP offer and you become a,member so basically basically what Im,telling you is a disclaimer is be,careful doing this you might want to,sign out as a uh you might want to get,their stuff as a guest and you know,forget about the deal because the,membership this is what it includes,basically every month if you dont skip,the the,credit,between the first and the fifth of the,month theyll charge you fifty four,dollars each month and I just want yall,to be aware of that because I wasnt,aware of that so I want yall to see,that and know that but from here on out,uh I kind of Im just signing out and,paying for my things as a guest,but basically as you can see you know,shorts they got pants they got briefs,they are golf shirts and polos they got,teas they got tanks and they got,accessories hats socks all that but this,is yeah they its just real comfortable,clothes all around you know they got you,know little jackets they got you know,the stores that I like Im pretty sure,you could from when I Im pretty sure,you know,they got more than youll see they got,long sleeves they got a whole bunch of,different things and its not just mens,like I said its also,womens they got oh I havent even said,that yet but they also have womens,stuff they have you know,leggings plants joggers shorts skirts,they have you know sports bras you know,the low medium high impact Im not too,sure about all this because Im not a,girl but they got the jackets the vest,the loungewear like pajamas dress suits,dresses jumps I mean jumpsuits dresses,uh bags hats hey um it says hair I dont,know why this is here but it says here,it says socks you know yoga mats and,gear Im trying to show yall like some,more pictures of it okay there you go so,like this is like you know their,leggings and their you know their sports,bras and stuff they got the shorts the,onesies and then all of that but you,know it overall Id say for athletics,men in fabletics women I feel like,theyre real I dont I cant say too,much about the comfortability for the,womens but for definitely for the men,real comfortable for the shorts you know,real good product you should definitely,invest if youre if youre someone who,you know not even if you just work out,but theyre real comfortable shorts,regardless if you work out or not,so Im just giving that review passing,it on but right now what Im going to,actually do is Im going to try on these,shorts for yall Im gonna you know try,them on rate the color ways and all,right you guys so as yall can see,Im in my my still Im still in the same,ones the ones that originally you know,I got these and thats what influenced,me to get these when I saw them on my,ads as I could see they got the little,you know compression,under the shorts they look good they,feel comfortable yes right now what Im,gonna do is Im going to keep switching,off and Im gonna keep showing you on,each pair all right you guys so the,first pair we got the black I got my,black tank top so its all black its,good as you can see you know they look,good all black real comfortable,you know they got the all black under,but yeah Id say overall,low fabletics on the side,its kind of um what is that like,reflective like when light hits it well,you know real comfortable real nice,Id say you know if youre working out,youre working out legs thats my,favorite part is to look at my legs when,youre working out oh,things be popping but yeah so that,thats the black you know they look good,all right you guys so now we have the,yellow and now listen yellow I am not a,fan of yellow but when I saw this yellow,I was like hey,I gotta do it because it it looks good,they got the purple strings,and they got the reflective,um you know on the strings as well they,got the little reflective,but its on that one too,but you know the yellow looks real good,you know it pops so when youre at the,gym people you know youre working out,youre working out your legs you working,out with the yellow lit pops people,people right right,colors people notice,so as yall can see people are gonna,notice they got the yellow under they,should have added purple right here if,they put purple,but I get that that probably limits,colorways and limits you know what you,can match with it but you know the,yellow looks pretty good pretty wavy put,your phone and then you can also put,your phone in here I forgot to I forgot,all about that so when youre working,out,grab your phone,put your phone right here,you can run,you can walk if you want a treadmill you,could bike and then all you got to do be,like yo,get a phone call hello you,Im out to dinner right now cant pick,up you know what it is man just work out,more important than you so bye-bye,and boom but not for real Frodo,overall I for the yellow you know,real good color pops out bright I give,this I give the black,I get a black you know eight out of ten,you know nine out of eight nine out of,ten eight and a half lets do that and,then the yellow,this thing pop and I and Im not a big,fan of yellow but I am going to give,this a 9 out of ten because this like I,said it pops and it looks bright and it,looks good all right you guys so next we,got another colorway that I enjoy that I,like you know its real nice,this is another you know its not just a,regular gray its like a nice gray you,know real good they got blue strings,and they got gray right here,so yeah,um in terms of this fabletics this pair,the gray pair I give it a cool eight and,a half you know nine its pretty normal,colorway you know black and gray you,know,but I like it it looks good and last but,not least,we have my favorite pair my favorite,color and my favorite you know overall,how it looks yeah just my favorite I,cant even say too much this is my,favorite pair got the baby blue strings,

BEST GYM SHORTS FOR MEN! Fabletics Shorts Review (Fabletics The One Short)

today Im going to be doing a review on,some gym shorts that I got from,fabletics so I got a place,youre gonna make you break down so it,has this deal going on for two for 24.,shorts so too short for 24. so I went,ahead and got two colors I got,um,so,uh I think last time I got some shorts,theyre from this brand that I I cant,remember what it was called but I also,saw on Instagram,I got it last year I didnt do a review,on those shorts though for some reason,anywho uh I guess one of the pros from,going from fabletics is that they have a,membership its like 50 its like a,point space system so the more things,you buy the more deals you get,or if you dont want to continue the,membership you can literally cancel it,as long as you cancel it before the next,building cycle youre not going to get,charged at 50 so thats what I did but I,might honestly go back and start the,subscription again because they had a,lot of nice stuff and I wanted to wait,to see how the party looking person and,honestly these look really good,so on the inside of the shorts they have,a compression,compression sleeve so on one side one of,the sleeves you can go ahead and put,your phone in the pocket which is one of,the other features that I liked from Dad,so right here this is,this is the little pocket you see as you,push your phone and its stretchy and,the compression sleeve and the shorts,has a lot of ventilation so it has all,these perforations for free in the pools,I dont know if theyll show but yeah,very low ventilated shorts and this is a,size large Im currently five foot eight,178 pounds,um in the balking season right now so,Im trying to get back to my original,weight 185 because during the deployment,I lost a lot of weight so,definitely trying to get back up there,so,cards,and this is the classic Navy it almost,looks more charcoal gray I wish I,actually got like this a lot,yeah this is a classic neighborhood this,charcoal gray actually like it a lot,better in person,so its not too too dark blue its cool,so yeah same thing with the other one,with the right sleeve has a little,filling packet pads,before the sleeve so you can put your,phone in there while youre working out,its not like popping out of your pocket,which is really cool and then another,thing I forgot to mention is a little,loop on the back to hang a towel through,really cool and its a little zipper,pocket right here so I dont know what,exactly you put in the zipper effect,this is pretty small Im guessing this,to put like a little knickknacks in,there like if you wanted to put cash or,something,its a zipper it goes all the way,for one scene,it goes all the way up here so Im,guessing its supposed to be like to be,able to put your ID or some cash or,something small like some earphones or,something I like to know I was wrong I,didnt open up the zipper thats my,phone so yeah you could you could put,your ID or wallet in here,I would find anything else gonna break,the,the pins because the zipper literally,look it disappears so like I didnt even,think it would open up all the way but,it does if you can fit your wallet phone,earphones ID whatever you want to put in,there so yeah,and theres always on both sides too,which I think I like way better than the,other parents I had other shorts I got,from Instagram because they only had,zipper I said around the back pocket,which is cool but like working out it,can get kind of inconvenient so this,ones got two different pockets one on,both legs so thats really cool I like,that feature a lot,Im definitely a bigger fan of the fat,legs around so far right now so Ive got,the fabletics logo right here which is,like a its like a meme or a feather,thats what it looks like,so yeah same thing for the,if we attack the green,you see right here tablets logo and the,fabletics logo is also on the little,towel holder Loop,and the drawstrings are unique they got,like this reflective material,and its got like a little polka dot on,the hospital so we have two for twenty,four dollars really good so with the,with the tax and the shipping and,handling it became thirty dollars its,still a good deal so I basically paid 15,for each pair of shorts so I would,definitely recommend this the waistband,is really stretchy its not as crunched,up and its got a good drawstring its,not that Loop drawstring that I hate you,can actually tie this with no difficulty,which I like a lot so I definitely,recommend these shorts solid 10 out of,10 for sure I like the colors Ill,definitely go ahead and get some more,and Ill try the pants next time so this,video gets like 150 likes Ill go ahead,and try out the phyletic pants and the,workout shirts so you guys go ahead and,tell me what you think about them in the,next part of the video Im going to show,you how they look like on me,so yeah Ive been hitting leg day a lot,more but Im not exactly where I want to,be so dont call me too crazy,yeah,thats part of the video Ill show you,guys what it looks like on on me and uh,five eight 178 pounds so yeah on to the,next part of the video peace,[Music],thank you,thats more like it girl look at your,body baby thats a worker,see theyve been hanging from the start,15 bands on me so I gotta play smart,cause theyve been hitting from the,start Im a real one so I gotta play my,cards,baby girl cause Im a cause Im a star,girl,[Music],got a foreign,[Music],[Music],yeah yeah,yeah also sneaky moves baby girl cause,Im a star,girl they know just who we are I know,you just thought I wasnt funny,to say a few years,[Music],so I gotta play smart,cause they been hanging from the start,Im a real one so I gotta play my cards,also sneaky moves baby girl cause Im a,star,girl they know just who we are he said,that he gonna pull a pop out of his car,I bet he wont make it far I know that,she clout chasing Im a star,[Music],[Music],[Music],so I gotta play my cards yeah yeah move,devil get up off me he keeps saying you,aint gonna make it Angels keep on,saying stop her crashing it and pull up,in that drop little feeling now I gotta,make it she gonna drop her top I cant,say but Ive been comma chasing she just,wanna find a thing she know that Im in,my bag and she just want designer things,I know she gonna give me play but I,wont even buy a ring she just want some,money but aint trying to say who I am,when,[Music],[Music],lonely,[Music]

Fabletics Men Pants Review

okay so today im going to be reviewing,pants from fabletics men i have on the,post game jogger,i have the courtside jogger i have the,only pant and i have the takeover pant,im going to be giving you my honest,opinion on these pants if you would like,a discount down below in the description,there is a link if you click on the link,and become a vip member you get a,discount on your purchase so check that,out all right lets get started i want,to save you,time,first pant is the post game jogger so,this pair of pants is really soft so the,inner lining im not sure if you can see,that but its like,soft its uh its really warm its like,sweatshirt material i would say,like a warm sweatshirt so these pants,keep me really warm,right now its winter in new york so im,going to,wear these pants pretty much all the,time i wear these pants almost every day,and i have a couple i have them in a,couple different colors but,they fit nice theyre nice and tight,around the ankles which is a big one for,me,i dont want to see loose,ankles that just kind of pisses me off,so theyre snug theyre tight they make,your butt look pretty good,the post game jogger do i have any,complaints about these,i mean its good and bad the the hugging,the ankles so im six foot two,and theyre probably an inch too short,on me maybe an inch too short so,uh what i have to do for example we just,had like the biggest snowstorm in new,york in the past couple of years and so,if i wear these pants which i do i,actually wear either big socks or jeans,over them until i get to the gym and,then i take the jeans off or i keep the,socks on so,thats really the only bad thing this is,a great pair of pants theyre super warm,so,if youre looking for a warm pair of,pants this is it i dont think ill be,wearing these a lot in the summer,because theyre very hot however,the next pair of pants,is going to be worn by me in the summer,i wear these in the summer so i think,that is the post game jogger theres not,a whole lot to it i dont have anything,bad to say about it maybe its an inch,too short,but i kind of like it and especially if,i wear like cool shoes it looks good so,lets go to the second pant the,courtside jogger,so the courtside jogger is much lighter,the material is much thinner,um but its kind of in a good way i,would say so these are,uh,a court side i dont know post game side,i dont know why i dont get i dont get,the names completely but,nice pockets so im sorry the post game,jogger there are no zippers but for the,court side jogger there are zippers,which are kind of nice i do like the,zipper,um it also has a nice back pocket,the postgame jogger has no back pockets,so,courtside jogger has better pockets its,a thinner material so its nicer for the,summer,again it has nice tight ankles which is,a big winner for me,thats pretty much it um do i have,anything else i could say about it the,waistband is nice both of the waistbands,are nice so the way that i would lay out,these two pants is theyre very similar,but the post game jogger is more to keep,you warm,and the quartzite jogger is more just,like a a pant to wear i could wear this,in the fall and the spring and the,summer,i dont think it really matters so,thats the really the only difference i,dont have any negatives about this pant,um,i dont really have any negatives,its a pretty good pair of pants and i,like them so thats the cord side jogger,the next pair of pants,is going to be oops,the only pants,so the only pant is the first pair of,pants that i got from fabletics men um,[Music],its nice because they are very flexible,so theyre probably,theyre probably the most flexible pants,i think theyre meant to be like a yoga,pant i think theyre you know,lululemon-esque,i would say,they have a button a zipper and they,also have an inner string that you can,tie,these do not fit me perfectly they are,large all of these pants are large,i would say that these are just,slightly too big,but i also have a pair of these in,medium and theyre slightly too small,so i might just have a weird body its,very possible but the fit is not perfect,i would say um,but these are very comfortable i wore,these like all summer long 2020.,i wore them everywhere pretty much,especially at nighttime they have a nice,the pocket okay so my favorite part of,these pants is definitely the pocket so,they have two regular pockets but then,on this right side they also have like a,deeper zipper pocket,and so ill put my keys my phone like,anything that i want to make sure is,safe in this pocket this pocket is,actually its a really nice pocket im,not going to lie,i have whats a one back pocket,theres also loops for a belt im not,sure why you would wear a belt with,these pants but you could,very very thin material definitely the,thinnest material super light super yoga,pant-esque anything bad the only bad,thing,i mean to be completely honest with you,now that im wearing them they actually,fit pretty well so im not sure if,during the summer i was just wearing,them too much but they were they were,looser in the summer,im also bulking,so that might be why but,now that im wearing them i dont really,have a complaint so they are looser,around the ankles but thats kind of the,style the yoga pants style,um,maybe add another one of these zippers,on the other side because i really like,the pocket with the zipper other than,that this is a really great pair of,pants,and now i think since i gained probably,an inch of fat or something its they,fit better but,i usually like to point out bad things,about fabletics men because i want to,give my absolute honest review,but im looking for bad things and i,cant really find them with this pair of,pants,its called the only pant for a reason,its kind of the only pant that you need,i wouldnt wear these in the winter,because they are super thin but as a,summer pet this is the perfect summer,pant or yoga pant,cool so that is the only pant we only,have one left,the takeover pant lets check it out,okay so the takeover pant is the single,pair of pants that i wear the most by,far its not even close i wear these so,im a fitness coach im a personal,trainer i wear these in the gym almost,every like all the time i have two pairs,of pants i wish i had more,a really great fit,super comfortable super flexible i mean,it feels like im not really wearing a,pant theyre really comfortable pants,the uh,they have nice zippers so one thing,thats not good that i realize with,these pants is,i have two pairs of pants and both of,them have ripped,right below this pocket theres like a,little hole lets see if i can even show,theres just a minor,im not sure if you can even see that,but this is a minor hole and both of the,pants in the exact same spot so i dont,know if its something with the pants i,dont know if its something with myself,i do a lot of splits training so it,could be im just stretching too much,but,by far my favorite pair of pants,uh the takeover pant is by far my,favorite pair of pants but they both did,tear right there,so thats not really a good sign um,not a lot of pockets but,nice zipper pockets nice and deep,they also have these little inner,pockets which are nice,super snug around the ankles ill wear,these with my sneakers in the gym they,look cool i like them,i think thats pretty much it,every pair of pants is a large i have,about a 33 inch waist now its winter i,might have a 34 inch waist,those are the pants i have that is my,review if you like this video make sure,you like the damn video let me know in,the comments below what youd like to,see next because i made this video in,direct response to a comment of someone,asking for a review of the pants so,thats why i made this video if you have,something that youd like me to review,about fabletics men or really any,fitness product,leave it in the comments below and let,me know i want to help i want to give,you my honest reviews,this is a sponsored video so i did get,these clothes for free so you should,take everything that i say,with a grain o

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