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Fabulous App Review

[Music],hey guys Rob Murphy from holistic,healing choices here today were talking,and having a look at the app fabulous,so what fabulous it is is I have it app,you may have seen plenty of the air to,get around helping and promoting you to,make more healthy and effective habits,to start to increase or improve the,quality of your life but is it worth the,money does it really work what are the,pros cons all that time stuff about it,so not ever having a set routine because,lets face it sometimes life can be a,bit difficult is fabulous gonna change,any of that lets have a look and see,the app in action okay so this is a,screen when we start up fabulous now you,can see theres a little bit of stuff,here so Ive done my morning routine now,you can set a reminder for an afternoon,routine here you pick your habits so,here we can add it breathing so you,notice that its got one habit up there,now drink water to habits now some of,them like clean and tidy up for 10,minutes exercise for eight minutes not,sure what you can accomplish in eight,minutes but hey learn and study for 45,minutes now if we add clean and tied up,tidy up itll have 10 minutes up there,you have to remove that so itll give us,a thing to breathe we can breathe,through as long as we want but it wants,us to clean up and tidy for 10 minutes,so if we add all of these well notice,now our afternoon routine will take one,hour 57 minutes,well so there we get a bit of a overview,of what it is that were doing and why,we would so learn and study why wed,learn and study so pretty basic stuff,but pretty cool really and here a whole,bunch of habits so that one doesnt know,K thats all right now go down to that,one how do we release those beliefs so,its just choosing anything that works,for you,now oh yeah sure,so its up to you what habits you want,to add now you can put an alarm on for,that you can start to do these things so,you can skip it do it or lose it now,drink water,yep done that today done that one today,well done so thats one day that Ive,done my afternoon routine you know it,always wants you to gift and invite and,get people in now I found everyday -,they get you a little story so something,to keep you motivated we kick that off,and then thats complete,now we can find stress and discover,mindfulness with 3d press so teach us,how to do that with a little video from,there ding now your letter now this one,you can either read or have it read to,you succeed wed love to hear why just,click on the feedback button in the top,right corner and remember that you can,do this anytime you have a question,were here to help if you have succeeded,you may have realized something you,sorry to start you know you only get a,seven day free trial you know in seven,days so Ive drunk water four out of the,seven days so far,I put a good breakfast two out of the,seven days so far yeah you get your,braids Im there it has all these things,to help you not so much help but get you,along your way,so heres in the coaching little bits,and pieces that they want you to get,through so heres the days Ive done the,morning routine so far the day Ive,started my afternoon routine so the,success rates been pretty good for these,ones so far as you can see now you can,see 200 227 people have joined their,little exercise challenge so if I join,that so now here lets set up manually,lets just go rub,like I uh,okay,done looks awesome,so then you get to choose your time it,you do it so 7:00 a.m. so lets go that,and so when you want to get that in so,these arent methods to keep you,committed so here youd send it to the,person that you want to buy Facebook,email SMS whatever to hold you,accountable for that now I get it,thats pretty cool and you get a,companion youre mindful ritual take,notes double alarm seems to be locked,for whatever reason and a mindful ritual,lets have a look at that one commit to,my ritual okay so Ive done that Im,happy with that one so time at 7:00 a.m.,Im going to do the seven-minute,exercise challenge Im absolutely ready,okay there we go,so do it seven times to succeed now I,can join the discussion about the,challenge invite people into it and have,a look at all the people who are doing,it or have done it now there are a whole,bunch of other challenges and stuff on,here keeping a note I only do have this,for seven days now I will have a look,and see what its like in the morning,when it wants me to do these normally it,just comes up with a little bar above,the top which I hope to be able to show,you,so until then that is fabulous at the,moment,okay so Ive managed to see this is what,comes up in the morning when you do your,challenges so you can either snooze see,the list of things or you can press play,on it so the list shows you that and,goes straight into the app now if I had,a press play I would have just gone on,to the next challenge for the morning,which is probably drinking water but,here youre going through the list you,can still see its got my morning,routine in there so theres drink water,a great breakfast once again,but so at 7:00 a.m. it comes up with,that little thing and thats it telling,you what to do,now thats one feature I do like it,fabulous okay so getting into the,morning youre taking me we are drinking,wash and were done for a morning,routine so weve done that six days all,right,then you get one of you little,motivational things and then they want,you to jump onto Instagram and follow,them there but here we go so day two the,seventh minute exercise challenge what,we do there so its good you know have,done seven minutes worth of exercise,probably not those exercises but anyway,yeah yep Ill do that tomorrow continue,my journey activate your Becca okay,yeah here lets have a look at how much,it is for a lifetime membership $500,Australian there,action for today I prepared for success,mommy to do that at 10 p.m. tonight Im,here,the first action,or 3-minute raid on all stuff and to,cure your excuses pretty much and that,about wraps it up so theres plenty,plenty on here if youre into it alright,dont see myself using it especially for,how much it is which is you know sixty,three dollars a year probably,yeah well its 50% off too so yeah,probably not going to continue to use,this anyway guys that is fabulous lets,get back to the review so whats the,final verdict honestly I would rate,fabulous about a 6 out of 10 maybe even,a 5 out of 10 it didnt blow me away,its nicely presented dont get me wrong,there are those nice little articles to,read and all that sort of stuff but,really at the end of the day you could,get something much cheaper if you get a,notebook and a pen to write things down,and you get the same sort of thing you,know I dont know maybe thats just me,maybe its just because I dont want to,use my phone for that sort of thing and,I really dont see how it can cost so,much for something so simple now I know,it probably takes a whole team of people,to get running and get it looking and,getting up working the way it does,you know pen and paper is gonna set you,back a really good run $15 maybe Oh what,are the alternate apps here that will do,the same thing a much cheaper price,because really all it is is a reminder,you can set 15 different alarms in your,phone for free to go off to remind you,to drink water to eat a healthy,breakfast – theres certain the other,when its time to exercise when its,time to get up,Fitbit do it automatically some of them,vibrate to tell you to get up and have a,bit of a walk around so do you get what,youre paying for with this money,especially 500 friggin dollars goddamn I,mean that is lifetime but realistically,is it something youre gonna use for,life once you set those routines once,they become part of your everyday life,do you really need the a bigger but,anyway those are my thoughts on it what,do you think about fabulous do you use,it,do you use another alternative do you,use something else or I need just the,motivated can you even keep a morning,routine any my guys mad sick too

The fabulous app review

all right so i have this app on my phone,called the fabulous which is pretty,great and this video is going to be a,review,of the app its an app that i use every,day,and if you actually go to the app store,you can download it for free,but if you want the better version you,have to pay for it,so it looks like this when you download,it to your phone its like this,girl whos looking up at the sun with,the three dots in the background,you actually also can go to their,youtube channel,where they have a number of different,videos and sometimes the app will,actually link you,to these videos because theyre super,helpful,so if you actually go to the fabulous,website you can see,a bunch of information about how its,based on science,and it makes a number of claims,about how it can help you reset your,habits and transform your life,and usually things like this are,overblown,but i can tell you from actually using,the app myself,that its not total bs like it actually,does work fairly well,all right so now you can take a look at,what the app actually looks like when i,open it up on my phone,and you can see that i have a series of,routines,that i get to customize myself and the,app will actually,help you out developing these routines,so if i hit the morning ritual itll,open up,and i have a number of different things,that i do in the morning like drink,water take vitamins,make my bed and as i go through them,i check them off and some of them are,timed and some of them are not,timed its kind of up to you to decide,how youre going to do it,all right so now we can take a look at,lets go to my,evening ritual also drink water learn,and study for 45 minutes and then go on,a walk,and then a couple of other things which,again i just check off,as i go now it is actually,quite easy to add or eliminate,habits if you want to and you just,tap that button in the top right corner,and it gives you all of these different,options,so youve got meditate and be grateful,and i can just click on whichever one i,want to,and add it and then theres another,button where you can just click on the,button in the,top right corner and then delete them,also you can just move things around,like if i wanted to add floss i can move,it to wherever i want like you can do,the,rituals in the order that you want to do,them,alright so now if you go to the thing at,the bottom you have,rituals or not rituals you have what are,called,journeys and the journeys aid you with a,number of different things,which is kind of cool,all right so now were looking at my,different rituals as they are being,tracked,within the app itself and it tells you,what your streak is what your longest,streak is and,right now were looking at my lunch,ritual which i didnt do anything,over the weekend which was dumb but,about halfway through my lunch ritual,so you know i have a streak of one,my success rate for my evening ritual is,total garbage all right so now,lets take a look at something else,the these are the journeys that i was,mentioning earlier,and it lays them out for you like the,foundation so ive done,the unexpected journey the sleep journey,and it tells you how,far along you are in them and it gives,you like a series of prompts,and adds habits for you and all sorts of,different things,which makes it really easy to develop,habits,and they actually do work assuming you,use the app on a regular basis,so i havent gotten to the pillars of,self-esteem and i never finished the,exercise habit,but i still have an exercise habit so it,like it actually worked,and if you if you decide that you dont,like,a journey you can change it at any time,and itll save your progress,also if you finish a journey,and you know later you,fall off the wagon or whatever you can,do that journey over again,all right so you see the one that says,mental fitness as 46,finished ill click on that one and we,can see,what it looks like it tells you how much,youve done and when you click on one of,the little things,it shows you like the things that you,did,and if you click on one of them like,sometimes there are these readings and,you can go through and you can read its,therefore like information,or motivation and your goal is to walk,five times it adds it to one of your,routines i did this one at night,and the point is to walk without your,phone or anything so you just,reflect on your life and then once you,finish the first one,you know one through four knocked off i,can go to the second one,it says to avoid making the same mistake,multiple times,so this one you know journaling five,times and they,the habits stack on top of each other,and you can go through and you can see,all the different ones that ive,done and this one right here study my,mental models is the one that im on,right now and it gives you educational,material about what those mental models,are,etcetera etcetera,and if i wanted to change it i could,and i get to see how much more i have to,do,until im finished with that journey all,right so journey is over lets take a,look at something else,all right so you have challenges thats,another,feature of this app and you actually,compete against other people who,also have the app and get to communicate,with them if you want i have not been a,big fan of challenges,i like the journeys much better but some,people,might prefer all the all these different,options that you have,there is this one button where you can,click and it says make me fabulous,and theres a series of different,miscellaneous,options that you have and within each,one of them,it has multiple options again which is,really interesting,like you can click on lots of different,things so like,they have workouts even that you can do,and then there are meditations,and theres deep work that has timers,that will go off,and this is these are meditations,all right and you see all the ones that,have the the triangle,those are for the premium people if you,actually,pay money to them but everything else on,the app is free so if you wanted to,upgrade,youll have more options,so in conclusion the app has a lot of,things on it,and its worth downloading even if you,dont pay for the premium version,its at least worth giving it a go it,really has helped me,changed my life in a lot of different,ways and it keeps me on track,and i can adjust it whenever i need to,so whenever im trying to form a new,habit,or change something about my life i go,to the app first,and think about what it is im trying to,do and,since im in the habit of using the app,all the time anyway,its kind of like a meta habit which,means that it helps me,make new habits

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The habit app thats changed my life – The DONE App

so when i watch videos about the habits,of highly successful people,and they talk about how they get up at,5am they then drink a kale smoothie,before having a freezing cold shower,and then fasting for days i think,well that sounds like an absolutely,terrible idea and nothing i would ever,want to do,and i then proceed to get up at 7am have,my bowl of fruit,and live my normal life eating,a good friend who was training for a,marathon and he would always say the,first step out the door is the hardest,and i think thats what makes you know,going for a cold shower first thing on,the morning so,difficult as the iconically british,saying goes its all right once youre,in,but i just dont want to get in full,stop,building good habits requires what i,like to call activation,energy it takes this willpower to even,get,going and i think with everything thats,been going on with covid with starting a,new job where im working really really,hard,and with all my youtube stuff i just,dont feel like i have the time or,energy to build,any more new habits and like yeah there,may be some little habit that would add,10 seconds to my life,but who cares and whats the point,frankly if,im miserable all the time but i think,at least most normal,non-high-performance athletes no im the,ceo of some massive company with a,bajillion things to do all day type,people,having you know a kale smoothie on a,morning or an ice bath sauna ritual,isnt gonna make that big a difference,to our lives what is actually gonna make,a difference,is building in these small habits and,there are tons of them i can think of,that im not currently doing,which actually require almost no effort,and will have a pretty big,impact on how we feel often these good,habits you know stuff like going on a,date with your girlfriend every two,weeks,are things that we want to do but we,just forget to do them in the busyness,of life,between work and having my phone in my,hand all the time to check my emails,and looking for places to rent in london,with my girlfriend because im 25 and,still living at home which does,categorically make me an absolutely,ginormous loser,and watching netflix and yeah posing for,a cute little instagram story,between all of this stuff i forget to do,small things,that arent just you know good for me,but that actually,make me happier so in this video im,going to talk about my,attitude towards habits and really how,ive changed from,focusing on you know fad popular habits,that im supposed to be building,that i see other people on instagram,doing towards,you know focusing on habits that really,matter to me ill then take you through,some ideas of the kinds of small,effortless habits you might like to try,and ill walk you through the done app,which i,use to track my own habits and ill,finish,off with a vital reminder for anyone who,likes watching these kinds of habit or,routine videos and from someone who has,just made a morning routine video,that will make you feel a whole lot,better about yourself,typically people tend to think of habits,as either good habits or bad habits,good habit running bad habit smoking,or eating my body weight in sweets,um but i think this is overly simplistic,because i think if you kind of think of,it like this,the ideal becomes to you know only ever,have good habits,and not have any bad habits and then,your life would be,quite simply one neat tidy kale,kale-filled misery,instead of being so binary i like to,think of habits just as things we do,regularly without thinking about it i,found if i force myself,into doing what other people call good,habits,then i actually end up just putting more,pressure on myself and making myself,feel worse,but when building habits i think its,really important that we reflect on what,we actually want to change about,ourselves,rather than just internalizing what,other people are trying to change,you know for me for example i think that,i often take criticism way too,personally,and you know ive been focusing on,building a habit of every time i feel,myself doing that snapping myself out of,it,im not doing something that someone,else has told me to do im focusing on a,problem i have and fixing it,apply the 80 20 rule and this is the,idea that you get 80,of the benefit from 20 of the effort,were looking for,low hanging fruit those little things,that you can do,or the small kind of bad habits that you,can easily overcome,that will make you feel significantly,happier,i thought itd be helpful to just run,through a few examples of how ive been,applying these ideas to my own life so,you can get a sense of what kinds of,small effortless habits you might build,into your own,there are really four main types first,up is to build habits in,areas you really care about and in,stephen coveys book seven habits of,highly effective,people his second habit is basically to,think of the difference between what,youre actually doing and what you want,to be able to say youre doing,and comes up with this idea of imagining,youre going to a funeral,which is in fact your own funeral and,imagining,what you would want people to be saying,about you so,id like to think for example that beth,my girlfriend would say that i was a,really great boyfriend,and so as ive begun working and im,working quite long hours at the moment,ive thought about maybe building a,habit for example of going on a day,every two weeks at least with her,and making sure we kind of designate,that time as special time just the two,of us,or for example ive now created a habit,where once every two or three months,i will write out a long email about kind,of just a general life update basically,to send out to my grandparents,you know its something that makes me,feel good when they receive it and send,me a message back saying oh it was so,lovely to hear from you,and its nice for them to hear from me,and know that i care a couple of other,ideas are you know smiling to everyone,you say hi to you on the way into the,office building,or asking your flatmate how their week,is going and actually listening to their,answer,or you know cooking dinner for your,boyfriend once every month,second we have what i like to think of,as effortless productivity habits,and here im really talking about you,know what youre doing on the run you go,on or,on your way to work are you listening to,music or scrolling through instagram,or are you you know building some real,value into your life by reading an,article about something you really care,about for me,startups for example or listening to a,podcast or an,audiobook,[Music],it doesnt require any effort its just,upgrading what is essentially dead time,to productive time,and you dont have to do it every single,day but you know just occasionally maybe,a couple of times a week,swap your dance playlist for an,educational podcast,or youre insta scrolling for some code,learning,third we have self-care habits and these,are the kinds of things that you really,would like to do but youve never,fully committed to so for example for me,its going for my morning walk which,ive now built in as part of my morning,routine and watch my morning routine,video if you havent already,or you know building stretching in as a,regular habit that i now do and the done,app has really helped me to do that,you might like to have a monthly,manicure or a weekly bath or a daily,meditation session,but whatever it is make sure its,something that you really love doing,rather than something youre doing just,because its the latest fad kicking off,on the ground,fourth and finally and this is a big one,target your own,bad mental habits its really a question,of becoming conscious,of these bad mental habits that you have,and then doing something to stop them,so for example for me i had a really bad,habit of getting very very wound up by,tiny little things that just dont,really matter you know,get stuck in traffic and get really,crazy and mad about that,for no real reason and i managed to,build a habit of becoming much more,conscious of

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3 Habit Apps Everyone Should Use (2022)

when you search for new years,resolutions online there are more than,1.3 billion results and thats probably,the problem,there are so many different websites,promising different resolutions you,should do an ad blocker never mind,the point is there are so many,resolutions and apps available out there,for you to help set up your life and,thats probably the problem,james clear the writer of atomic habits,said in his book,you do not rise to the level of your,goals you fall to the level of your,systems,rather than looking at an end goal we,should be focusing on how to build a,system day to day,and so on that note here are three apps,that i think are great when it comes to,setting up habits,so the first step im going to go over,is called confetti its been around for,about two years or so,and what youll notice is straight after,opening it up youll see the design and,how focused it is around design,i really appreciate that and one of the,best features about the app as well,is you can really visualize data behind,your goals as you complete them,which is just really useful as well,through this you can tell kind of which,habits youre lacking in which ones to,focus on,and theres tons of ways you can improve,too and one of my favorite features are,these animations,every time you complete your goal so,its on brand with confetti,youll also notice a number next to your,streaks which basically corresponds to,the number of consecutive days you have,completed that streak,and then of course when you complete it,again you get the celebratory confetti,now when youre going to set up new,habits theres tons of different,templates that you can work off as well,and theres always some inspiration,behind them as well,so if were going to explore habits you,can see kind of theres all these,different templates available,theres to dos and theres also not to,dos so habit breakers that we should be,doing as well i mean i definitely need,to stick off the drugs,im just kidding just kidding theres,also other neat features there as well,so you can choose a frequency of how,many days you want to complete an,activity whether its on set days or,or every day the only problem i found,with this section is sometimes i dont,want to commit to,a specific date i just want to do,something lets say three times a week,the app doesnt let me save that and,instead it,ends up causing a bit of a problem you,can also set reminders so that it gives,you a notification on your home screen,to remind you to,start completing the habit for the day,because sometimes we can always forget,so theres also this tab which helps you,visualize the data behind your habits as,well you can select which ones youve,completed which ones you havent,you can also separate your habits based,on week month year,and all-time performance as well which,is just really helpful,and it helps me understand how i can,improve one of the things to keep in,mind is its not just on ios,it is also on android on the play store,and actually its got more than 1 000,downloads on there its reasonably,reviewed as well,and ive tried it out once or twice on,android but to be honest i just prefer,it on ios,theres also a desktop version which,actually works really similar to the app,version as well so you can add on a new,habit,set up the habit type whether its a to,do or not to do and even set up a weekly,frequency for it too,so once you add it in again you can,check it off directly from the desktop,version and again you get the,celebratory,confetti animation as well theres also,a chrome extension which is quite cool,and it just shows how multi-platform,this is,now when it comes to price this app is,25,which is 24.49 pounds or 2.49 a month,not too bad next up we have an app,called done,i think done has become one of my most,favorite dedicated habit tracking apps,for starters its one of the only ones,out there with dark mode which is,completely free,sometimes it glitches like this and you,have to restart it but its fine not a,big deal,whats also cool are the sound effects,you get every time you complete a habit,[Music],i dont know its just a nice feature,and theres tons of customizability when,it comes to all the individual habits,that you want to set up as well you get,up to three in the free version,and the other thing to keep in mind as,well is the way you can visualize your,performance as well,its kind of a monthly view and theres,also charts available,so you can see how your overall progress,is too these are just some screen grabs,i took off the internet i didnt start,in 2018,but yeah overall the ui is really nice,and done and i just like its simplicity,its got this real,minimalistic look and i think it,complements ios really well,and to complement it theres tons of,other features as well including apple,watch support you can,enable the passcode so its completely,protected so no one else can see your,goals as well,one of the things that puts done above,confetti for me is that you can set up a,weekly goal,and put a number against it so you dont,have to necessarily select individual,days,you can just put a number there and i,think that customizability is actually,really useful,theres also these streaks you see on,the right hand side and one of the,things i would love to change is a gift,to yourself which is basically,there unless you pay next up you have,these journals so you can actually make,notes against,different habits and just kind of track,how the performance has been,and if you want to make any remarks,about it for pricing the app is 11.99,which is one pound a month which is,actually half the price of confetti so i,think its really affordable in,comparison,but again you dont get the,multi-platform support so that is one,thing to keep in mind,but done if you are after a dedicated,app i think is going to be my most,recommended one,but there is one other way as well and,this is what im using as a completely,free option,and that is using notion and the way,that im going around this is i have,downloaded a template that i found on,reddit now this is a really simple habit,tracker theres nothing complex with the,one that im using you basically take,off the relevant days,and you can set up the number of times a,week you want to achieve it and the,weekly status,updates whats also awesome is that its,multi-platform so its on,ios on android and its even on tablets,and desktop so this is what it looks,like on desktop,i can select the individual days that i,want to take off,and my goal is five days a week and you,can see the weekly status completely,changed to,goal reached if i untick something it,then changes back,again now you can see my second one,which is eat three moles a day,seven days a week i reach the goal and,it takes off and the same thing with one,video,for the week and i reached that goal,what i can also do,is launch a brand new week again in,notion this isnt automated but,i find that useful because it gets me,kind of in the right mindset,every sunday to kind of start thinking,about those goals and i can drag the,previous week,down into the archive and i can refer to,it later on if i need to,but i tend to kind of delete this area i,just like to focus on on a weekly level,and it gets the job done for me,and like i mentioned because its,multi-platform you can access on,different devices so this is what it,looks like,on android and this is also what it,looks like on ios,so its a very similar kind of interface,and you know it might not be everyones,cup of tea i kind of like it,but what you notice as well is as soon,as i untick its quite dynamic,so it updates the relevant columns and i,use notion all the time anyway,anyway guys thats it for this video,that is three different apps that you,could use youve got confetti,done and you have notion i personally am,using the notion one,let me know what you guys are using as,well i would love to discover some new,apps i can potentially use too so drop,them in the comments section,make sure to give the video a lik

Fabulous – App Review 2 – 2022 (Electric Boogaloo)

hey guys rob murphy from holistic,healing choices here now here is a video,i didnt think i would ever actually,want to make but ive got so much,criticism and some of it is very,warranted on my old review of fabulous,so in this video were going to retake a,look at the app fabulous,[Music],okay so before we start truth be told,last review wasnt very good and i,totally admit that what happened was it,was telling me to drink water,have breakfast and i just thought,whatever and i let it go right up until,it was telling me that my free trial was,going to,come to an end so i thought oh,i better make this video quickly and i,was exploring new things that were,happening,while i was recording the video as is,pretty evident so i didnt really give,it that big a shot i just wrote it off,in the first couple of days so,as a bit of redemption to myself and the,app im going to do it justice or i have,done it justice and ive been using it,and exploring it for the past five days,now so lets have a look at the app,itself so we come in and this is our,little home screen so do you enjoy,fabulous yeah give it a review or,whatever weve got there now my action,for today because i made it a little bit,further so ive done my drinking water,ive done my eating breakfast is to,prepare for exercise so,remind me to do this so i can remind me,at,10 oclock tonight or tomorrow morning,or whatever so,lets have that go,and ive done,a positive action now exercise yep,challenge in progress,what im like this is done,i can invite a friend,and,take it down because ive done a bit of,exercise today,so,i took that one off and i did it,and theres me doing five days worth of,stuff and so here we go heres my little,progress through the app at the moment,so tap anywhere to continue and then i,can send an image to people as well so,thats all pretty good well and done,now it does wake me up at 5 30 or tell,me or give me the little notification at,5 30 to drink some water and do all that,other stuff and get my day rolling,now,ive completed more than 30 habits oh,cool and i can,then apparently,go on and help them develop the app so,one thing i dont know whether it was in,the last review or not i actually,havent watched it so im a little bit,embarrassed by it so and that can play,and that plays outside of the app as,well so if i hit play and then hit the,home screen and want to do some other,work on my phone it will play in the,background which is awesome now,something here that i dont know whether,it was in the last review or not,is that youve got letters,so you can read through that and get,some more hints and tips on your,wellbeing and down the bottom here,youve got your routines so my bedtime,routine it will tell me when im doing,that now my work day routine i can set a,reminder for it or i can just do it when,i feel like it so here drink water,drink a smoothie,perfect score,wonderful now one thing that,does annoy me with the app is that it,takes a long time,for all of this stuff to go through i,mean it is nice and happy and gives you,it inspires you a little bit but does,take a little bit of time and you can,see there it was just telling me,to put an alarm on now you can have a,look at your journey you can have a look,at your progress after you complete five,habits which i wont be able to do in,that seven days and your circle so here,is like its own internal social media so,you can create your own circle or you,can discover all different types of,little communities there are on there,and then discover so here we go back up,the top youve got little coaching,tidbits so here in very clear terms,little audio bits and pieces on,how to direct your attention alchemy of,grief present moment and you can have a,look at all of them so there is a hell,of a wealth of content thats been on,this app,you can go through guided bits,so an ab workout,so,these uh and up the top here too youve,got,how long its going to take you so if,youve only got 5-10 minutes,you can choose a routine thats going to,work for you now one thing too is they,take a long time to download and when we,get into it i dont know why,so its downloaded lets play because,here we are this is it,this is getting my abs ready so this is,me doing a little bit of stretching and,stuff before it starts so youve got 10,seconds now i know that im going to be,going and doing it,these for 32 seconds but theres no,video theres no nothing,free zoom through rest,bit of a rest for 11 seconds,now put your hands down by your sides,move your arms up and down vigorously,keep your legs at a 45 degree angle and,thats it so if i was doing this for the,very first time i wouldnt really know,what i was doing apart from that little,verbal cue rest,now rolling like a ball up,and down,and so on and so forth,[Music],so in terms of the exercise portion of,it,not up to the standard that some other,apps like even finch had a better,exercise thing with little videos,guiding you through,thats the only one that i can think of,right at the moment because thats the,most recent one that ive done,but then youve got journeys now here,too,so im on a current basic beginners,journey that everybody would go through,with that so i would have to pause my,journey or switch my journey in order to,be able to undertake a new one and have,new goals and new things to set myself,upon i do get why they would do that but,on a seven day free trial im not going,to be able to experience enough on this,to,get it going get it happening so i dont,want to switch i unself discipline now,all the journeys that theyve got so,this is the first mountain there little,ones that its taking me on so you will,end up doing most of these journeys if,you go through all of the content on,here if you start paying for it,obviously then youve got challenges and,an faq,now i love how much content there is on,the app it could be a little bit well,developed,better developed but,thats,it and two if you just need to get from,the home screen to that make me fabulous,and youve got more exercises,youve got more coaching secrets youve,got things to inspire you and,so forth and so on,so there is a lot of content in the app,once again like you you wont get bored,if youre using it correctly now i get,why they do these little small steps,because repetition is the key so it is,starting very very small getting you to,do something simply as drinking water,the first thing you wake up and then,adding having a healthy nutritious,breakfast,so that it gets you starting to look,after yourself now as you finish these,journeys there is a little video that,plays explaining a little bit like in a,very very loose metaphor,why are you doing it,it tells you about like doing these,things will help you strengthen your,will strengthen looking after yourself,your value in yourself,and you will have that little bit that,says no you need to stop you need to,rest or whatever but pushing on is going,to have so much greater rewards,and you know ive got to the top of the,first little mountain,and,its like celebrate it cool i will and,then it says okay now were going down,and were going up to the next mountain,that may look treacherous or whatever,but imagine the view from up there so i,get what theyre aiming at with the,whole purpose of going through these,journeys so that makes sense and i gave,it a little bit more of a hard time on,that,than probably was warranted last review,but,it actually makes sense now that ive,actually taken the time to go through it,still i reckon that you could probably,achieve a little bit more with pen and,paper,and sticking to that routine but the,inner learnings that youll get from,doing this and the coaching and stuff is,very very valuable as well and then,youve got your challenges if you want,to start a challenge straight away,and you can see how many people have,joined and theres one day left of the,challenge on that one but all up it is,actually a decent app now up here you,can gift a pass for someone for 30 days,i would have lov

Fabulous @ Google IO : Using Behavioral Economics to change habits

hi everyone so Im the co-founder and,CEO of fabulous fabulous is an app that,helps you build healthy routines into,your life,we are incubated at Duke University at,the Center for Advanced at insight which,is a lab led by Dan Ariely a professor,of behavior economics and the author of,the book predictably irrational so Id,like to frame this presentation around,this framework that we have developed at,the lab that could help you make better,decision in your app so first of all,think about the behavior whats the,exact behavior that you want your user,to achieve then think about the barriers,what are the elements that could prevent,your user from achieving this behavior,and finally think about the benefits,what do I gain once I achieve that,behavior so lets quickly jump into one,example this is the first screen that,you use it to get when you open fabulous,and as you can see looks pretty good,lets get fabulous whats your most,important health go right now then you,can choose to feel more energized to,sleep better looks pretty well but there,is one big problem with this screen Ill,leave you just a few seconds to think it,out so the problem was the screen was,the question that we were asking whats,your most important health go right now,so when user read this they started,asking themselves all sorts of question,can I make the wrong choice can I change,my opinion later what if I want to,change my goal so one simple change that,we did is just asking them which goal,would you like to start with and now we,are giving them the permission to change,their mind later on and this has,uplifted the unburden completion rate by,fifteen percent so we wanted to go even,further than this and we started,limiting the options as well like,providing them with the default option,and this again has increased their,attention on day one so hesitate you,user is using your app and hes asking,himself all sorts of question all the,time can I put my credit card,information is it secure enough so try,to answer all these questions for the,user try always to provide the answer so,the user doesnt feel frustrated because,otherwise if he saw some skin herself,too many questions,he will just close the app so to tell,you a little bit about fabulous in,service we have aim to help you build,the morning routine and in our opinion,this is a good morning routine you wake,up you drink water,you exist us a little bit and then for,some people use each great breakfast in,order to get you to do this this is how,we use it to do it this is the origin,boarding so you would get to the screen,where you have all these habits and then,everything else is hidden out and you,need to tap on drink water so we were,forcing the users to do this and I have,to tell you they were really frustrated,about this they thought that we were,forcing them they even sent us this kind,of email you betrayed my trust when I,had great expectation for you well how,can we solve this lets go back to these,ideas of behavioral economics lets,first start with the behavior whats the,behavior that youre trying to achieve,feeling more energized well thats not,the behavior actually thats the outcome,if you want to think about the behavior,think about the exact steps that you,user need to take in our case its,waking up in the morning reaching out to,my bottle of water and then drinking,water and taking some time to feel great,the behavior is not the outcome and then,lets get to the second step the,barriers I want to drink water or I,dont want what are the barriers so we,conducted the user survey and these were,the three main obstacles Im not,convinced that I need to drink water I,want to drink water but I dont have,water at reach or Im just not very,committed lets try to solve this this,is the new embodying if the new,embodying instead of asking you to drink,water we start by asking you a few,questions,do you want to build the habit of,exercising in the morning some people,might say yes some people might say no,then do you want to build the habit of,eating great breakfast in the morning,saying some people might say yes some,people might say no and then,ask you the most important question for,us do you want to drink water in the,morning so this seems very easy related,to the tea all the girls,its just drinking water so even if I,said no to the two other questions Im,going to say yes almost 99% of the,people are going to say yes I want to,drink water in the morning and in this,case it was your choice actually it was,something that you choose to do its not,as forcing this on you now lets think,about the second barrier Im not very,committed I dont feel very committed to,this well what you can do in this case,is using what we call in behavior,connects implementation intention which,is simply asking the user do you commit,to drink water tomorrow and you can even,enhance this effect by using what we,call active choice active choice means,that youre going to frame the yes,question as something very positive for,your user like I want to drink water and,feel great about myself and then you,frame the negative answer or something,not that good I dont want to drink,water I dont care about my house,so heres another way in which you can,do this as you know were all trying to,get our users to invite their friends,and generally we would ask them please,invite your friends to our app its,something really great will make us,happy but jolly users will just turn,away so another way of doing this is,first of all by stating the benefit if,you invite your friends to fabulous you,are much more likely to complete your,habits and then second of all lets use,the active choice so here we providing,them with three choices two of them a,positive one is negative one of them is,Id like to invite my friend to join me,on this journey I want to invite my,friend to monitor me on this journey and,then the third choice is Ill do it on,my own its a little bit negative,actually so always answer this question,for the user,what is it and for me what do I gain out,of doing this action always provide the,benefits go through the copy of your app,and state everything as benefits not as,goals not as objective but as benefits,for the final user now has a bonus one,you can get your users to commit even,more by using what we call a commitment,contract which is simply asking the user,to commit to a place and time in which,theyre more likely to accomplish the,behavior and then you would ask them to,sign up this with their name this is,called the commitment contract now lets,think about the next barrier well I want,to drink water but I just dont have,water at reach if you think about your,users they are much more likely to come,into your app when they first open the,app or when they just have completed one,milestone so this is the best time for,you to ask for even more engagement in,our case after they commit were going,to ask them would you like to as to send,us a reminder tonight so that you put,your water bottle by bear your bedside,this is beneficial for the users so they,are really likely to say yes if you are,a finance app this could be the right,moment to ask them to set up automatic,saving if you are Google for – this is,the right time to ask for auto backup of,your pictures so think about one action,in your app that could really lead to,much more engagement think about ways to,make it automated and then ask the user,to commit to this on high points either,on the onboarding or just after they,successfully complete the milestone,within your app so now lets get to the,third part the benefit part what do I,gain out of doing all of this well this,is an interesting one because of course,its changing for one up to the next if,you our weight loss app its very easy,to know its very easy for the user to,know that they have gained at something,they will just wait themselves one week,in and they would see if this has been,beneficial or now so in the case of,terrible sense we didnt have that we,thou

Coffee with Cody | Habit tracker Fabulous app

i think i need,plants everyone else has,plants in their films,good morning happy friday,the week is flying by for me,i just went so fast im having a bit of,a slow morning,to be honest that video that i did,yesterday,on hormone replacement therapy,took a lot of energy because it required,some research im kind of dragging my,feet today,yeah but yesterday was 70 degrees and it,was beautiful and we went for a walk and,we got ice cream,oh it was so nice today its gonna be,cold but,last day before the weekend,so id like to talk about habits again,um its what my life is revolving around,lately i might be a little,too addicted to my habits and my,routines right now while im,really trying to establish them,david made us go to bed a half an hour,late the other day and i had a mental,breakdown,because we went to bed at 8 30 so i have,to take a breath,probably reframe my mind around it all,but,i think it brings great value to your,life,some of you may know that ive been,using,the fabulous app as my habit tracker,um and im just loving it,so much ive been through so many,different habit trackers,apps um the james clear atomic habit,habit tracker notebook um and i just,always end up,not doing it or opening the apps and,then deleting them like,theyre just not engaging and,for whatever reason i dont keep up with,them but,i was scrolling on pinterest as i do,a few weeks ago and came across the,fabulous app,and decided to try it you have to pay,for it but there was a free,week and um,i think i have a link for 30 days free,that ill add to the description,but i decided ill try it for a week you,know why not,and it was just so,engaging they say that they use,science to keep you engaged like kind of,like a video game would,yada yada it must be working because,you open it its beautiful they ask you,questions and you kind of pick your,journey,um the goals that youre trying to,achieve are you trying to lose weight,are you trying to gain focus um,and they create sets of routines for you,so you have your morning routine you,have your nighttime routine,they might have a pre-work routine that,you build in later,um but the really good thing about it is,you dont just like,hit the ground running and add a bunch,of things and then,fall off you add it,really slowly incremental changes,the journey i was on started with water,which i love,drinking it every morning and,you have to do it for a long time in,order to reach,you know complete the journey and i,think thats great because,the science is really conflicted on how,long it takes to,build in a habit and make it automatic,so,i just love that they do those long,drawn out incremental changes to really,change your life and to make it,long-lasting,they also have these daily coaching,things its a little story you can read,it or theyll read it to you,and ive just found it to be really,relevant every day,it kind of wakes me up and then grounds,me after my meditation in the morning,and at night time it like brings me back,down,for sleep and i i think it might change,depending on if youve missed a day or,if youve,gotten a streak going because it just,always seems really relevant to my,journey and the path that im on,so i just love it i think its really,cool,i think its worth the money i paid for,like the year or whatever its cheaper,if you pay for the entire year,um and im not a person who pays for,apps but i was like this is bringing a,lot of value to my life so,i went with it and its working great,so i guess,id also like to talk about why the heck,you would even have a habit tracker,in the first place um and theres,another james clear quote that i love,and its we dont rise to the level of,our goals we fall to the level of our,systems,and its one of those things where you,just cant count on motivation all the,time,youre not always going to be motivated,and ive talked about it before,you need to gain the tools and the,systems,to almost make it like hard,not to do the things that youre trying,to accomplish or the things,and the habits in your life that you,want to do,just because when you develop so many,systems,then it becomes automatic,the thing about using a habit tracker,especially that,fabulous app or an app in general is it,checks,two of the james clear,principal boxes for developing a habit,right hes got four principles ive,talked about them before,i think in my the importance of,hydration video,um but the first principle that it,covers is,make it obvious um,you dont want to have to remember,what you want to do you want it to be,obvious you want it to be right in front,of your face,so all you have to remember to do is,open the app,and thats a lot easier than remembering,the 12 things i have on in my routine,list,or whatever i was talking about this,with david yesterday,he said hes really struggling with,getting all the things he wants to get,done,he like mouth tapes at night and turns,off his wi-fi and just like,or airplane mode and does certain,biohacking,things that hes not doing every day,its kind of hit or miss because,he only does it when he remembers and,our brain is not something that we can,count on,so we really have to make it obvious and,an app,does that it makes it obvious the thing,is,throughout the day i like to talk about,this a lot,we only have a certain amount of,bandwidth,and we can increase the amount of,bandwidth that we have,maybe by meditating and by exercising,and maybe that gives you more bandwidth,to work with,but its still something that should be,protected,you you want to make,your brain and your actions as efficient,as possible,so if you have to remember each,individual thing,decision fatigue is going to set in and,its going to take up,more bandwidth to remember those things,which is why sometimes,youre just not going to remember so,when you use a habit tracker,youre replacing the bandwidth it would,take to remember 12 things with only,remembering one thing,so thats another thing other than it,being obvious theyre kind of,tied into one it really preserves your,bandwidth,and these things become automatic and,thats when they become a habit,and it just becomes the way that you,live your life,instead of something that you have to,remember to do the second,principle that this app or any habit,tracker really really,checks is make it satisfying um,anything you want to become a habit you,want to make it satisfying and,the main way he describes in his book,atomic habits,to make something satisfying is the,habit tracker,like uh something that you physically,write and you can check off the habits,on your to-do list and its kind of like,feels good every time you do it its the,same with the app every time i get to,click the little check mark get the,click done it feels,fabulous um so a couple other things,that i really like about the app,is that in the workouts or the,exercises and the meditation they,actually they have their own,workouts and meditations that you can do,its all included in the app which i,really like,and for working out or exercising if,thats something,that you want to incorporate and you,dont have,a trainer or a coach um,their workouts go down to as little as,one minute,which i think that that is phenomenal as,far as,make it easy a third principle,in habit change is that when youre,starting something out you know you,dont want to go too big,so doing a one minute workout every day,sounds stupid but its actually,really great to establishing a workout,routine,and they have they have one minute,workouts but they have eight minute,workouts they have longer,workouts they have yoga so its really,cool that its all,incorporated into the app and then when,you,start um one of your,routines like a morning routine if we,want to take for an example,theres a fabulous moment that you can,open so youre not,you dont actually just have to do the,check marks you can start your moment,and this big screen opens up,and it takes you one at a time through,each individual thing,plays a little bit of music the reason,why i like th

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