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  2. Setting up Facebook Review Link for Success!
  3. How to Get More Reviews on Your Facebook Page
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So you want to get more reviews on your Facebook page,so you can attract new customers?,In this video, Im going to show you,lots of different ways to get reviews,,so you can choose the best ones for your business.,Plus, Im going to show you the best link,to share with customers to get that review.,And if you think you might know what that link is,,I promise you this link is better,,and will get you more results.,And in the end, when you take action on these tips,,youll be like, “I got more reviews!”,And stick till the end for a power tip,about getting reviews for all your digital marketing.,It starts right now.,(upbeat music),Hey, Im Brooke Miles,,and Im a social media strategist in Delaware.,And no matter where you live,,if youre a business owner, or entrepreneur, or marketer,,Im here to teach you proven strategies and techniques,so you can create a social media program,that not only gets results, but you can feel proud of.,Now for Facebook reviews.,The most important thing to start with,is to make sure you have your Reviews tab,on your Facebook page so you can get reviews.,So lets look at that quickly.,One of the ways to check is to go to your navigation bar,,and if you dont see Reviews right here,,click on more in the dropdown menu,,and see, I have mine here,,but lets say you dont see Reviews right here,or anywhere on this dropdown menu.,Go ahead and click on Edit Tabs, scroll down a little bit,,and I have my Reviews tab toggled on,,but if in case you have it off, turn it back on right here.,And if you really want to make sure,people see the Reviews tab,,drag this up to the second or third position.,So now youll see it in the navigation bar here,,and its not relegated to the dropdown menu.,Some navigation bars show four tabs instead of just three,before you get to the dropdown menu,,but put it in the top three, just in case.,Also make sure your notifications are on,,so when you do get a review, you can respond immediately.,To do that, scroll down to settings,,and then within settings, click on notifications.,And heres where you can be sure,that you allow for notifications,,as well as how you get your notifications.,And stick till the end,,because Ill give you a link to another video,that teaches you how to respond to reviews on Facebook,,especially negative ones,,so you can have the most positive outcome.,So now how do you prompt people to give you reviews?,There are lots of different ways.,Now, if youre a brick and mortar location,,and lets say the pandemic has finally passed us,,you can encourage your customers,to check into your location when theyre there.,Now, in case youre wondering,what do check-ins have to do with reviews,,when someone checks into your location,,Facebook usually sends an automated message,to them afterwards,asking them if theyd like to write a review.,This way youre not asking for the review.,Facebook is asking for you.,Its kind of passive aggressive.,I love it. If you want to make sure your page is set up,to receive check-ins, go to Manage Page, Edit Page Info,,and scroll down to below the map right here,,and check the box:,”Customers visit my business at my street address.”,And you might want to offer people an incentive to check-in.,It could be an exclusive discount, or it could be a freebie.,I like cookies.,And think about it. If Facebook nudges them,to give you a review after you just gave them,the delicious, chewy chocolate-chip cookie,full of semi-sweet chocolate chunks,that just melt in your mouth,,yeah, I think theyll give you a positive review.,I would give you a positive review.,I dont even know what business youre in.,Ill go just write it for a cookie.,Or maybe you just want to go straight at it,and just ask for the review.,In that case, have a couple signs,in prominent spots in your location,,and you can still offer an incentive.,But lets say you dont have a brick and mortar location.,What can you do?,Well, one idea is if you have an email list,,send out an email blast and ask people to write a review.,Heres an example, and make sure you have a big button,right here that actually links to your Reviews page,,and Ill give you that link very shortly,,and make sure that button is not too far down your email,,because only about 25% of people,make it all the way down an email.,Or lets say when someone buys something from you,,you already have an automated email,that goes to them that thanks them for their purchase.,Why not have the Reviews link in that email?,People are much more likely to write a review,when their experience is fresh in their minds.,And you can say something like this:,”Thank you for your purchase.,If you would, please take a moment,to leave us a Facebook review.,Wed love to know about your experience!”,Here are some more ideas.,If you already happen to have SMS marketing software,or a text message marketing software,,why not send a text message with the link?,You can also post a button on your website,with the link to leave a review,,or write a post on your Facebook page,asking for a review with your Reviews link,,and then boost that post, and when you boost the post,,send it to people who already like your page,,because theyre probably the ones,who know your business the best.,And think beyond Facebook.,You can have a Twitter post,that asks people to review you on Facebook,,or a LinkedIn post,,or on Instagram you could put the link in the bio.,The key is on social media, you can always drive traffic,back to that Facebook Reviews link.,Heres another suggestion,,and its old fashioned, but it works wonders.,Write down a list of your top 10 favorite customers,,the ones you wish all of your customers were like,,and pick up the phone,and ask if they can do a favor and provide a review.,And of course theyll say “yes,” because they love you.,And then follow up with them,with an email that provides the link.,And now, youve had two touchpoints.,Youve had the phone call and the email,,and theyre very likely to follow through,in a pretty timely matter.,Okay, now for the link.,Are you excited?,I am.,Now, what might seem like the obvious link,to some of you watching is not the one I want you to use,,but we need to go there and grab that link,to craft the one that will serve you better.,The obvious link would be to go to your page;,click on Reviews.,Here we are on your Reviews page.,And then you see this URL at the very top?,You really only need this right up here,thats highlighted in blue.,So technically you can use that link,,but its not the best one, and heres why.,About a third of the people who get your link,,when they click on it,,theyre not going to be logged into Facebook.,Theyre going to have to log into it,to get to your Reviews page.,The problem is, with that link, it actually wont take them,to the Reviews page anymore once they log in.,It wont even take them to your business page.,It will take them to their newsfeed.,So then they have to search for your company,,get to your company, then click on the Reviews tab,if they can find it,,and then theyll be like, (groaning).,Long story short,,youre going to lose a lot of people in this process.,Theyre going to give up and find something else to do.,So now let me show you how to craft the link,so once they do log in,,theyre directed straight to your Reviews page,and can leave that review.,So heres what I want you to do.,I want you to copy and paste that obvious link,into a Microsoft document,,or somewhere else where you can edit more easily.,Now, once I give you the finished product of the final link,,I really encourage you to pause this video,and take a screenshot,,or pause it and just write everything down,cause its a long link.,Im going to show you this in a prettier format,so I can highlight things a little better.,Heres what I want you to tack,to the very front of this URL.,https://www.facebook.com/login/?next=,It gets more complicated, but bear with me. Its worth it.,So now you see where theres the ://?,Change that to %3A%2F%2F.,Theres just one more

hi guys mike here uh and i just want to,show you how you can set up your reviews,link with direct a direct link to your,facebook page,um a lot of people think they can just,use the reviews url paid um link,when it comes to reviews and it ive,tried it before and it doesnt really,work because people have to then read,log when if you send it to someone you,have to actually log if theyre logged,into facebook first and then theyve got,to find your page,and then theyve got to find your,reviews page and then theyre got to,find your or should i say your reviews,tab and it becomes a massive issue and,it just becomes complicated and get,frustrating eventually they dont even,leave your review because it gets,irritated so this what im going to show,you is im going to show you a ive got,a bit of a,some code that you can put together and,create a url with it,and that and people will then log into,their page but theyll go straight to,your reviews page,where they can leave a review and,recommendation for your business so,whether youve got the real estate,business um as an agent or realtor or,whether youve got a brick and mortar,business,um you know reviews has become massive,these days they want to know that you,youve done work for people before they,want to know how what you know what,peoples experience has been like,working with you and so reviews when it,comes to facebook,or any kind of social media,marketing is massive it it gives a lot,of sort of,comfort and confidence to use you as a,company or as a service service provider,so im going to show you this to you now,so if i go to my um if i just go to one,of my pages im just going to do one for,one of my other pages okay he has,he has a,steam cleaning business team boys and um,most of the time people click here to do,on reviews,and they basically will start leaving,reviews here okay,so,what the thing is people would take this,url here,and theyll copy and paste that,um into an email or into a link into,whatsapp whatever,and try and hopefully get people to to,to review but the problem is as i said,is that you have to log in and then it,becomes an issue to find the actual,reviews tab here theyve got to find the,bright page,and it just doesnt really work,and so,um what ive done is ive created a,little spreadsheet here or a little word,document here so thats the usual um,you know url code there,so,the other code which i suggest you use,this one here,um so what i suggest you do is maybe,pause this video and actually then type,up everything and put your facebook page,name in that um specific section in the,yellow section here,and then you um make sure you get all,the slashes right make sure theres no,spacing and all that sort of stuff to,make sure that it goes through correctly,and so this is the this is the this is,the full,um,detail here,okay ill ill see if i can paste this,into um,into the into the um,into the comments below,um but basically you put your facebook,page name in there,um,so whatever it is okay,so for example for steamboys,um the facebook page name esteemboys.com,thats the actual facebook name,and then so ill take,theres no brackets so basically from,that 2f,over there ill put steamboys.a,and then itll start with percentage 2f,on that side,right there,and thatll give you your full,direct url okay,so,this url now if you copy and paste it,into,if you send it off,um when people would click on this link,with obviously your direct link to your,facebook whichever page it is,and then they can actually click,directly into your your reviews the,recommendations page,but what i like to do is add a little um,t url i call it,and to find that,just to shorten this because its quite,long,so what i like to do is go to tinyurl so,if im going quite fast you might have,to pause it and just redo it and just,watch it slowly if you go,www.teenieurl.com,if you just click on that,then you can actually customize so you,put the long code in here so say this,one here,ive already actually created it so it,probably wont show up,but um if i click on,this long um,here,okay im going to just change it,slightly,copy,and put this in here just to show you so,i paste that in there,um,okay,then you put on this side you put what,you want to call it so td url,um steamboys,uh dash facebook,dash,view,i click make teeny url,okay i really dont have too many urls,with that but basically what you do is,you create your own customized um url,name on this side,and so i created here for this one,steamboys dash reviews,and then basically this news the new,your new link so you can use this link,um wherever you like you can send it to,people on email,or you can create a little um,you can create a little url link,in your email and shorten it even more,but this really works really really well,even on whatsapp you can send people and,then they can click on it and they can,send you a review directly to your,facebook page,so,uh also what i like to do is i like to,create these little headings,you see over the top here ive got its,ive got all these um little tabs,and i just i just like to have one,called links so any links that you,create for your business whether its a,landing page link whether its a,facebook page link or its a website any,links direct links that you kind of,cant remember that you want to send,people quickly i created it under here,so if i click on this links,see ive got all my links here,so if i go to seoul transporters link,its a google doc i created a google doc,um,so heres the google doc and i put all,my links in there so i can send all my,links to people,if ive got a on my on my real estate,side,on my remax side ive got links here,and it works really really well so ive,got my facebook links page review links,ive got my property links um,different platforms ive got google maps,links to see this to find where the,property is and it really works well so,it also its all states my google docs,if you dont if you dont know how to,set up a google doc,um its pretty simple,you or your g suits account,youll see how these dots you click on,the dots you then go down into docs,click on docs,and there you can create all your,documents which is awesome its just,like a word documents but the online,docs you never lose them you can share,them with your team,it really is cool okay,so um,a lot of different stuff you can create,there heres my google my source,transporters links,um which i created and here all my links,are here,so yeah so i hope this helps you and i,hope you if you if you need any other,information when you just you need some,assistance give me a shout and yeah hope,it helps and get those referrals and get,those reviews and recommendations going,for your businesses anyway keep well,cheers for now

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How to Get More Reviews on Your Facebook Page

hey there im meg and in this tutorial,im going to show you how to get more,reviews on,your facebook page now if youre,wondering why you would want to have,reviews in the first place,head on down to my caption down below,okay lets get started,we are going to navigate to the back end,of your facebook page im just going to,scoop myself over here to the right,and here we are so the very first thing,youre going to want to do is make sure,that reviews appear and are enabled on,your page,and how you can tell is by heading to,this section here,and as you can see theres my reviews,tab,and it brings you over to my reviews if,you dont see reviews here it could be,that theyre under the more section so,either way im going to show you how to,make your reviews show up and also how,to reorder them so they show up here,and what youre going to want to do is,head to this left sidebar here,scroll all the way down to the bottom,and click on settings,and then youre going to click templates,and tabs and,you likely have the review tab it may be,lower down,the list here and youre going to want,to make sure that its toggled to the,right so you can see the blue,that means that review your reviews are,turned on,now lets say that they are way buried,underneath that more tab,what you can do is you can just drag and,drop them,wherever you want them to go and the,first four here this is what shows up on,your page,everything under here shows up under the,more tab,all right so thats how to make reviews,show up on your facebook page,now im going to show you a little,shortcut for how to get more reviews,were going to head back to the main,page wait patiently as it loads,[Music],double click if you get too impatient,here we are we are going to head back to,this reviews section and,heres what you do you take this link,and you copy it and you share it,so before i get into where to share it,im just gonna go through what this link,is,so the link is facebook.com forward,slash,your username and you can find your,username down here,and then forward slash reviews you dont,need any of this stuff this is,stuff that shows up when youre on the,back end of your facebook page so when,you copy this link and when you share it,this is where it brings people now if,you want to see how it looks on the,front end,heres a little trick head on up to this,section of your page,click that down arrow and youre going,to change to interacting as,your personal profile,and now you can see this is how it looks,on the front end so this is how,everybody else,sees your facebook page and im going to,show you this is,my friends business,you can see she has a new business so,she doesnt have any reviews yet,uh so you can see down here if you,recommend it and if you click,yes then you can write your review same,as if you were to click,no but because i am the,admin of my facebook page that doesnt,show up because you cant write a review,for your own facebook page,okay so how do you get more reviews on,your facebook page,what youre gonna do is youre gonna,take that link here and youre going to,share it anywhere you can share a link,you can share it in a tweet you can,share it on a blog post,you can share it in a youtube tutorial,like this one and you can have the link,show up down below in your caption,the best way that i recommend is to,share it directly with people,especially if you are a service provider,so,what you do lets say that you send an,email after somebody receives a service,from you,at the bottom of the email or even at,the top whatever you feel is best,you can write something like enjoyed,your experience please click here to,write us,a review and then what you can do with,those facebook reviews is copy them,and put them on your website and if you,have your google my business profile and,its connected to facebook,your reviews are likely to push onto,google as well,so that is a little trick for how to get,more facebook reviews i hope it helps,if youre looking for even more facebook,tips tricks and tutorials let me know,what you need in the comments down below,and to learn even more about facebook,be sure to check out my facebook,facelift online mini course,it will help you boost engagement on,your facebook page so your posts are,actually seen in the first place,and will help you to devise a strategy,for,what to post on your page ive linked to,that down below,i hope that helped and i will see you in,the next video

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How to add reviews to facebook Business page 2022 | All setting

hello whats up guys welcome to 5 minute  solution in todays video im going to show  ,you how to add facebook review button but before  we getting started if you are new in this channel  ,make sure to leave a like in this video and  subscribe to this channel and turn on the  ,notification by pressing the bell icon so without  any further delay lets jump into the tutorial  ,first of all open up your browser and then you  have to find up your page just like you can see  ,here in your shortcuts so here im selecting my  page so after going to your desire page then here  ,you can select your options from settings you have  to go to settings of page and then there are so  ,many options so what you basically need to do is  you need to find templates and tabs all right so  ,click on that and and in this page you can see  there are so many options such as home videos  ,photos about community and and lots of so in  templates and tabs you can see it will help page  ,visitors to quickly find what they are looking for  on your page all right guys so our goal is to add  ,review button right so here you can see there is  options like offers shop jobs and lives and and  ,here you can see review option so you have to turn  that on and here you can see rupture sporting club  ,now includes a review review tab all right so your  review button is actually right now turned on so  ,this is how you need to turn the  review option in your page alright guys,so if you are looking for any  other options like live and if you  ,want to do you simply can turn on and if you  want to turn on offers so you also can do that  ,this is uh these are the actually options of  templates and data so now if i go to my page,uh just to check out that if our everything  is going fine or if our review button  ,just added or not all right guys so see more you  have to click on your page and then here you can  ,see there is more options and you simply can check  out that after community options there there is a  ,review button right so yep um but as we just uh  turned this on uh just just few minutes ago so  ,so there is no options uh that someone can uh give  a review alright guys so this is how you turn your  ,review button on and then if you go to templates  and tabs option if you go to edit and then here  ,you can see there are templates different kind  of templates like business uh for your venues  ,and shopping page or something like that so as it  said to standard option and if you click on that  ,if you click on that here you can  see the buttons on toolbar all right,so and and here you can see if you want to if  you want to change the position of your tab  ,button if you have to you have to long  press on that and you you can simply  ,uh take that to whatever you want all right guys  so im just here you can see after home videos  ,photos reviews reviews options are added and  this is how you actually can do it all right guys,so if i go to settings and templates and tabs  and here from here you can simply choose your  ,templates and you also can manage your tabs option  all right guys so guys that was all for today hope  ,you like this video and find this video helpful  and if you guys did and if you guys have any kind  ,of question regarding this video feel free  to ask anything in the comment section below  ,i will see you in the next video until then  stay tuned and stay with 5 minutes solution

hey whats up guys and welcome back to,the my profit booths review here you,will get detailed information this,facebook autoresponder app and i can,confidently say that you wont get,through such a rich functionality at,such a cheap price for anywhere in the,market i would like to recommend this,amazing tool to all professional persons,such as bloggers adobe affiliate,marketers online products and service,providers web designers app developers,agency owners freelancers and many many,others without any further lets get,started this review,[Music],so the profits bots is a perfect cloud,based app that provides your own,personal facebook autoresponder and defy,traffic machine for your own and,professional users facebook automation,is the thing in the 2022 that will help,people get quality leads with,professional statistics and reporting,inside the prof uh the profit boats,admin panel also guys this is a 100,noble friendly easy to use software and,perfect for bloggers affiliates e-com,sellers products and service providers,business persons agency owners and more,for everyone who is desperately looking,for the fast and the high quality,hosting solutions for their websites,apps or landing pages so guys this is,the product page brand new email killer,facebook autoresponder lets you blast,any link to millions of people in,seconds say goodbye to email marketing,having to build a list or pay for,autoresponders and this is some features,of the profit both unlimited cloud visit,facebook autoresponder messaging machine,send any message which any link or offer,to two plus three billion people in 130,countries get 80 98 operate from people,cloud to their phones instantly on,import unlimited contacts and start,messaging in seconds no contact this,software gets redhot facebook leads for,you and autopilot say goodbye to boring,email autoresponders which we present,operates which in facebook servers and,ipis for unlimited free facebook,messaging bullish and drag and drop,editor ensure you create color messages,dedicated search booth lets you auto,reply instantly to any customer,questions commercial lessons built in,manage facebook conversions and sell,leads to business bulk send into,unlimited contacts on,no contacts facebook leads we generate,for you message now or schedule for,later a limited thread entry and ssn,encryption protects you your privacy and,personal data include them for you,athlete offers to promote send any link,to any offer to millions with one click,one hundred percent,newbie friendly no monthly fees pay once,use forever double your money back,guarantee and of course 24 hours seven,days a week support from marketing gurus,and you can guys scroll all the sales,page and see more features and,informations about the professionals and,there is three steps to use this,wonderful product step number one is log,in to our stunning cloud basic software,step number two upload your contact list,relate the app fundraiser hot facebook,leads right away and finally step number,three relax as a profit boats blast any,link offered to millions of people for,unlimited free traffic plus one thousand,dollars automated commissions and as i,said guys you can screen all the sales,page and see more testimonials and more,features about this product now lets,see the profit boards from inside so,when you log into your account you will,get a as a easy to use dashboard like,you see and this is the page you will,make a small test about it so the ipi,channels you can here can,integrate every uh facebook twitter,linkedin or email autoresponders like,you see there is a lot of options you,can use,also guys the facebook comments grow,tools you can comment templates reply,templates campaigns and reports,now this is the page,like you see guys the product is easy to,use,so this is the test provide both like,you see,lets make lets make a campaign,you can drag and drop easily,so this is the text,and this is the action button,and if you already use an autoresponder,like git response or achieve campaigns,before you will find these products,familiar and like the same,so you can choose any option from here,this is the general settings the action,button settings you can customize,anything on the product guys,also you will have the sms sender,here guys the multimedia posting you can,create a new campaign,and like you see this is how,the the text will show up,lets welcome your profit boost like you,see this is how you can see your post on,facebook,you can post it now or schedule it for,another time,and click add ok,so this is our facebook page like you,see its paused,instantly,without doing anything just drag and,drop and pause anytime and anywhere so,this is the website comparison,you can here,post your website link on the,competitors website,and like you see guys though the the,profit bots gives you give you a lot of,analytics you need on your business,also you can add unlimited pages to your,profit boards to customize it and using,it,and for the price guys so you will get,cloud visit facebook messaging software,with 98 operating guarantee instant,import and message unlimited contacts,with lead generation for facebook,pre-configured and dedicated ip youre a,dedicated chatbot for facebook plus,schedule or drop and drop message which,one click define products and message,you can copy and past and sell,commercial lessons included which and,training to get your 1 000,a day 24 hours 7 days a week wage global,support full ssl encryption keeps dj,safe and privacy protected and finally,mobile friendly and newbie friendly,value of all these guys as almost seven,thousand four hundred dollars you will,get today for just sixteen dollars,one-time pay and no monthly fees besides,you will get 30 days money back,guarantee if you face a problem or you,dont like the product so thank you guys,for watching this review about the,professionals here i try to pull out,information on this social media,automation system everyone use facebook,these days and with profile boots uh,sorry which profit boards they can,convert their facebook to get quality,leads with autoresponder technology i,strongly recommend getting these profit,boots and uses social media before they,increase their price thank you so much,for watching this video the profit puts,link in the description below and i will,much appreciate it if you use it because,i will get a small a small commission,for that also guys you will get,available bonuses take care guys and see,you later,[Music]

hi there this is a quick tutorial to,show you how to make it easier for your,clients to leave a five-star review,online with a short link so stop by,searching for your business without,going to your website Ill give you an,example here so Im going to put in,online spider web without the dot-com,delay you and youll see somewhere in,this drop-down list you therell be a,Google search tag next to your business,name so click on that and youll need a,Google my business page for this if you,dont already have one now what you want,to do is come down to where it says,reviews click on write a review and what,happens when you click on this on on,that button you get this pop-up and also,in the address bar youll notice theres,this huge link so we actually want to,grab that link and copy it so highlight,it then ctrl C and now were going to,use another tool to shorten this link so,that when you ask for reviews in your,emails and text messages for example you,dont have this long messy link that can,frighten people from clicking it so what,well do now is open another tab and you,can Google URL shortener and I quite,often use Google up a URL shortener but,for some reason thats not working so,well go with my second favorite which,is bitly and in this box here you just,paste that link that we copied from the,address bar previously and click shorten,and now you have this link here and this,is the the link has gone from something,about that long to this small one so,well copy that and then make sure that,it works so go in and open perhaps an,incognito browser so you can incognito I,wont do that here though just because,it will not record if I open an,incognito window Ill just open another,tab and test it so paste that here,so your clients wont see this box on,the left hand side thats just for the,Google my business page owner but they,will get this pop up theyll go straight,to this popup box which is exactly what,you need to make it easy for them to,leave a five-star room and now Ill,quickly show you how to get your,facebook review link if you open your,business page down the left hand side,this is on a desktop you can click on,the reviews tab and again here is that,link that you need for people to be,directed straight to that review page so,if I copy that this is not such a long,review link like the Google my business,one so you could use that or you could,also go ahead and shorten this one as,well so get a new one Ill just refresh,this page paste that shortened and you,can see now bittleys Korea and Google,URL shortener does the same thing but,its starting to populate the various,links that Im creating so you can come,back to them later so thats how you,find and create easy links to share with,clients to get more reviews but if you,want to go one step further a better way,of sharing your your review links so,that people can both breed and the,reviews for multiple platforms from one,page is to have an all in one web page,below this video youll see a couple of,images and buttons that link to my,Google and Facebook page reviews this,page is really easy for me to remember,whenever I take the opportunity to ask,for reviews because its simply in my,domain / feedback and you can put even,more information on this page about how,to use your product or service after,purchase next steps and recommendations,and so on so that the page is useful for,your potential reviewer and not just a,favor so let me just show you what,happens when they come down here and,click on these they click on read our,reviews theyll go straight over to a,pop-up where they can leave their,lets read the reviews that Ive already,got they can click on this write a,review button or perhaps they want to go,straight to leaving a five-star review,and in that case the leave a review,window will pop straight up as well and,then we have the same thing with our,Facebook review page itll just go,straight to that review page they dont,need to think about it or look for it,and its just taking those objections,out of why people dont leave reviews,without asking so if you need help,building your reputation online be sure,to reach out right now or youll lose,motivation my email link is under the,video and I hope you enjoyed watching of,course feel free to leave a five star,review on my Google or Facebook page,thanks guys

hello in this video Im going to show,you how to get more Google reviews for,your business our Google reviews kind of,give a customer trust in you you know,imagine if,um maybe I want to do zip lining in,Pretoria okay Im just a random person,trying to do the printing and when I,search I come up across these websites,this one has 424 to 84,7.7 and maybe,all right theres one which has two,Google reviews,seriously will you go with a company,which has two reviews or one review when,the others who are having 100 500 400,reviews the other is no I wont choose,you because like the other guys are,having already proven,our reviews for giving such fast career,work you know so its important to get,reviews for your business now tell me,that but they help you also in ranking,okay they hope you in ranking and,getting respect from their clients and,Trust so were going to see how you can,generate a Google review,for your business most people have,businesses but they dont know how to,actually request for Google reviews some,people just say like search my company,then when you go there then you click,somewhere then you leave me a review but,you know its kind of technical how do,you kind of get fast reviews for your,Google business,for your Google Business okay so the,answer is generating a review link,because with the review link you just,send it to your friend and Lincoln is on,his WhatsApp or Facebook or email Danny,just,you know put scenario and thats it you,know how to use that youre gonna see,now first of all you have to have a,business you just said okay you have to,have a business Im assuming you have a,business on,on,um on um on Google like mine can be like,beta make sure you can manage it okay so,it means you have to sign in with an,email,you have to sign in this anime where you,manage this uh profile so,my company is kind of is managed by this,email so thats why you say like you,manage this this business profile you,can generate this link when youre not,managing your business listing on Google,okay so make sure you manage it if you,dont manage it try to say manage,um this uh,this business then Google will take you,for the process okay so uh the first,thing is to search your business now,Ive searched it with the beta okay I,manage this now when you search you,realize when youre logged in into Gmail,Google will bring you this section for,you this section is only for you because,youre the owner of this company,just make sure you just search your,company name okay this section will come,of course the other listing which I come,here down about your brother about your,company but youre interested in this,section it has edit profile read reviews,messages you know you can add a photo,here so if you want to add photos here I,can add it from here,if you want to see the reviews I can see,them from here read reviews if I want to,change anything from me or maybe a,telephone or something I can change it,from the edit profile I can edit,Services I can edit products I can,manage booking through a,I can do an update and I can ask for,review so you go to ask for reviews when,you click on ask for reviews they will,give you a link you can use all right,they give you a link you can use so let,me click on ask for reviews,when I click on ask for reviews,um,I get this link okay this review link,https you know something like that so I,just click and I copy so remember Im,doing this on a computer okay Im doing,this on a computer so on your phone it,may be different but it will be the same,procedure almost you get as long as you,search the property that you manage okay,here they tell me I can share this link,on email on WhatsApp on Facebook but now,Im just going to copy it okay,so Im going to show you how it looks so,to see how it looks uh you open another,browser okay let me just open a new uh,browser and you I can use an,um you can use another computer because,if you test it when youre logged in you,dont see the magic of it okay so you,have to kind of log out then you,uh,then you open that link so when you open,this link it will bring you to a section,where you can where someone can just,enter the review give you the stuff,and then submit all right then that is,it all right but if youre logged in it,will bring you uh something like this,again but if youre not locked out maybe,you have sent it to a friend your,friends actually wont start from here,they will start from theyll be having a,section where they can just enter a,review okay let me wait for it just a,minute,so in this way you can help your friends,to give you reviews without struggling,how to find where to click you know,um most of the friends I usually do it,Services I usually I struggle they,usually tell their clients you know you,search my company when it comes click on,it after clicking on it you scroll up to,where you see uh ad reviews but people,are not really a bit lazy when it comes,to online so get them a link its much,easier so this link brings something,like this,okay,um,so it brings the Stars so you can give,your so the the person you have seen a,link can give you like five stars,and then you can leave a comment all,right,because good sucks all right then you,can even add photos maybe it was an,event or something and add photos and,then it posts thats it then you have,got a review okay thank you for watching,and I will appreciate if you give me a,subscription bye bye

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