1. Dietitian Reviews Every FairLife Protein Shake || Core Power taste test || Are Protein Shakes Health
  2. The BEST Protein Shakes On The Market – Dairy & Plant Based
  3. Fairlife Milk Review: The End of Protein Shakes?
  4. Fairlife Chocolate PROTEIN MILK COSTCO Item #1485984 REVIEW
  7. Core Power Elite (with Fairlife) High Protein Milk Shake Review

Dietitian Reviews Every FairLife Protein Shake || Core Power taste test || Are Protein Shakes Health

hey party people and get super soaked,im a dietician and i am trying all of,the fair life protein shakes can i,really let you in on which ones actually,taste good which ones you should buy a,little nutrition about them and really,how to use them in your day-to-day life,so lets buckle up in fingers crosses i,dont get a stomachache,[Music],hey yall and welcome back i am so,excited youre here if youre new here,my name is nicole im a registered,dietitian with a masters in sports,nutrition board certified in nutrition,ive been in nutrition fitness world,well over 10 years really just trying to,make nutrition a little bit more,approachable realistic and fun so that,you can live a healthier lifestyle today,and the one thing on tick tock that i,recently asked was how people add,protein to their day to day lives so,many people commented that they add fair,life to either like their oatmeal their,coffee their shakes just for a snack,just to increase some protein so i,thought what better than to make a video,about trying every single one of the,flavors except for a banana i,legitimately could not find banana and,ive been looking for them for like two,months,[Applause],if you dont know about fair life fair,life is a dairy company that started in,2012 based upon the belief that milk has,a lot of nutritional benefits and they,wanted to amplify those nutritional,benefits so youre going to see a lot of,their things like milks ice creams the,shakes we have today a lot of them will,say theyre ultra filtrated and what,that means for them is they were able to,filtrate a lot of the lactose in it so,that gets the sugar to be a little bit,low because of course lactose is sugar,and when they take out lactose it,actually makes it easier for people to,digest and so people who are lactose,intolerant can actually tolerate their,fair life products and when its,filtered it actually has more protein,than other milks so that people can get,their protein needs even quicker and i,cant try all of these shakes without,also saying the elephant in the room i,know a few years back but your life got,in a little bit of hot water for how,they treated their animals on their farm,the president came out apologized and,they said that they were treating their,animals and the farm with much more,respect the rules and regulations were,tightened up so i really hope thats the,case i dont know much about the dairy,industry as a whole and so i cant,really speak upon that but what i can,speak on is the nutrition of these if,they taste good if you should spend your,money on them and if these can actually,help you and your loved ones so lets,try the first one,the first group of shakes were going to,try is the core power the core power on,the website says that it is a high,quality protein shake to help build lean,muscle and support workout recovery if,you look on the nutritional facts,basically all three of the flavors are,the same so were just going to go over,it once 170 calories per bottle and in,the bottle theres 4.5 grams of fat 3,grams of fat is from saturated fat and,that makes sense right because this is,made out of milk and milk comes from an,animal source and animals are where we,find saturated fat carbohydrates only,seven grams one gram of fiber and zero,added sugar youre going to notice that,there is six grams of total sugar and,remember,when its using milk milk does have,carbs in it so that makes sense but its,low so six grams of carbohydrates and,protein wise 26 grams of protein now,when it says refuel after a workout i,would actually recommend having fruit or,some kind of carbohydrate maybe graham,crackers bread toast whatever on the,side of this so that you are helping,refuel your glycogen levels,strawberry banana,it tastes a lot more like nesquik,strawberry with a little hint of banana,on the backside so if you like nesquik,strawberry youre going to like this one,i feel like theres monk fruit in here,is there yes theres a little bit of,monk fruit and a little bit of stevia,leaf extract thats probably whats,keeping it sweet without adding added,sugar,pretty good im giving it a 6 out of 10,though not my absolute favorite protein,shake but not a bad one next one is,vanilla,they dont smell bad they smell like,nothing,yall have you ever had ice cream after,its been melted,this is your thing im giving this an,8.5 out of 10 because i do wish that the,vanilla was a little bit more of a punch,in your face its not really punching,your face this would also be good with,ice and blend it call it a frosty except,frosties are chocolate nicole and not,vanilla but this would be good with a,little banana,dreams goals do that chocolate honestly,yall chocolate shakes are my favorite,shakes oh this one smells like cocoa,oh,my gosh its so good i havent had this,in such a long time,oh my good gosh ive used this in 9 out,of 10. it is,so stinking good it tastes just like,chocolate milk i dont have any of that,metallic taste you get from a lot of,protein shakes you know the metallic,sandy taste im talking about none of,that in here its straight up chocolate,milk 26 grams of protein what a freaking,dream,[Applause],its actually way more effective and,efficient if you spread out your protein,throughout the day our body has a,difficult time of storing protein and,using it for later its a lot better if,you have 20 to 40 grams of protein a,couple times throughout the day so that,our body when we ingest it or when we,eat it it actually uses the protein for,the things she wanted to do like,building muscle,but now its the 42 grams of protein,core power so a ton more protein and,lets compare the nutrition facts so,ill put the 26 grams right here then 42,grams right here so you can do it itll,compare and contrasting the first thing,youre going to notice is that there is,more calories in the 42 grams of protein,shake than there is in the 26 grams of,protein shake and that makes sense right,because if you didnt know protein has,calories in it for every gram of protein,there are four calories in each single,gram so the difference is 16 grams of,protein and wouldnt you know thats,about 60 calories difference of protein,which makes perfect sense because,theres about 60 calories different from,the 42 grams and the 26 grams isnt math,useful your 6th grade teacher did say,you were going to use math growing up,all right other than that we still have,the 3.5 grams of total fat right,saturated fat we know from the milk,carbohydrates nine grams and there are,two grams of fiber what a treat you know,i love fiber in my shakes 42 grams of,protein and seven grams of sugar zero,added sugar wed love a zero added sugar,were going to start with chocolate,oh okay the core power of 42 is a little,bit waterier which is kind of surprising,and there is a little bit more of a,metallic taste that 26 grams was thicker,it tasted a little bit like melted ice,cream chocolate milk one hundo percento,this one tastes a little bit less like,chocolate milk a little bit more like a,protein shake which makes sense right,there is 42 grams of protein im sure,its gonna taste a little bit more like,protein so im gonna give this a seven,out of ten,i drank it especially after a workout if,i knew i wasnt gonna eat for a while,id probably have this an apple or maybe,grapes in a graham cracker just so i can,have some carbs and protein,vanilla,okay okay actually im still giving this,an eight its a little bit still a,little bit waterier than the 26 grams,vanilla one it doesnt taste just like a,melted ice cream has that watery taste,but unlike the chocolate one zero,metallic,taste at all in this,it doesnt taste like a protein shake at,all it just tastes like you put skim,milk vanilla powder together and you got,this,dont hate it eight out of ten last core,power its a 42 just strawberry so no,banana black twist,whoa this smells just like nesquik,just like that pure beautiful artificial,strawberry flavor,yum,wait its like half artificial,strawberry flavor half real strawberr

The BEST Protein Shakes On The Market – Dairy & Plant Based

safe city family what is up it is art,and Bobby back in the kitchen for a big,time requested video about prepared,protein drinks Im not exaggerating,probably in the last two weeks Ive,gotten at least a dozen emails asking me,for the best Bobby approved protein,drink and its funny because we did a,protein powder review last year that was,very popular so I guess this makes sense,because all the work is done for you you,can grab and go and drink it after our,workout which is actually ideal you want,to have protein 30 to 45 minutes at the,most after a workout so its really,absorbed into your body the bad news is,a lot of these drinks whether theyre,dairy based or plant-based were gonna,go over both have really shoddy,ingredients in there so Im gonna teach,you what to look for in terms of the,quality of the dairy the other,ingredients and the quality of the,protein and the quality of the,plant-based protein – there are some,that really stand above the others and,some very popular ones which I would,stay away before we get rockin rollin on,the protein drink review you know the,drill,like subscribe share all of those things,are gravy but to make sure you dont,miss a video or the three live streams,where we make a recipe from start to,finish every single week push the bell,icon right below this video and enable,all notifications make sure,notifications on your device are enabled,from YouTube that way you get a push as,soon as we go live so lets start with,the dairy based protein drinks and,probably the one I see the most,commercials for on TV which would be,premier protein so I will give them,props because with premier protein it,does have 30 grams of protein but the,Devils in the details my friend now I do,not repeat do not like to see all these,ingredients here but lets see whats,going on so we have the milk protein now,strike number one is anytime were,dealing with a dairy based protein drink,I really want it to be organic or,grass-fed this is not Ill go into that,in a minute theyre using an oil kind of,like as an emulsifier here theyre using,high oleic sunflower oil,it doesnt say expeller pressed so,thats not ideal but I could forgive,them but I cant forgive them for this,theres natural and artificial flavors,here artificial flavors are brewed,you guys and we keep scrolling down here,we see the really bad ingredient of,carrageenan Ill talk about that in a,second like I said probably the only,plus here is 30 grams of protein but,this is something I would not drink why,because were going dairy based Organic,is good but grass-fed even better Ill,get to this in a minute why because,dairy whether its in the form of milk,yogurt any of that comes from cows if,the cows are not organic or grass-fed,pasture raised they eat a strict GMO,feed so youre getting GMO milk in here,and whey protein concentrate you dont,want that but you guys when theyre,putting artificial flavors in there and,carrageenan kerrigan is an emulsifier,derived from seaweed its known in,studies to induce inflammation and its,really be ravishing to your gut and your,intestines I also believe there was,sucralose in here theyre putting fake,sugar the bad fake sugar youll see good,fake sugar like a monk fruit erythritol,and some of these sucralose is another,word for Splenda really bad for your gut,so even though it has 30 grams of,protein not something I want you to buy,but a lot of people like to gain weight,and they asked me if ensure is okay and,you know what even though my mom used to,take this when she was meddling ms she,died five years ago its not something,Id want you to put in your body and I,didnt know about this stuff back then,but we look here once again same kind of,stuff natural and artificial flavors and,carrageenan and sucralose this is so bad,for your gut you guys and the reason,theyre doing it so they have zero grams,of added sugar but Id rather that be in,the form of monk fruit or erythritol,which leads us to in my opinion the best,quality dairy based protein drink on the,market is from garden of life I did talk,about garden life in the vitamin review,video from multivitamins last week if,you havent seen that watch that when,its done a lot of people said hey but,garden of life got bought by Nestle last,year or a couple years ago isnt that,bad its bad if a big company like a,Nestle or a crap buys out those smaller,guys and then changes everything to cut,corners this is not the case they just,want to under,umbrella of their company they havent,changed anything so this is really,important because its one of the only,ones on the market that use grass-fed,dairy thats best-in-class they never,eat grain the cows do its a hundred,percent pasture raised but look at how,small the ingredient list is here this,is what you want to see friends,grass-fed milk protein how did they get,sweetened in there organic non-gmo,erythritol the only ingredient I dont,like is natural flavor but every single,protein drink on the market has it so,were gonna have to live with it but,look at these macros here 26 grams of,grass-fed protein how about the carbs,eight total minus the sugar alcohol one,net carb this is what you want to get,John Amazon Ill put the link down below,including all the Bobby approved ones,they also have it a target like targets,the only store out there that has this,so this is fantastic I love to see this,they also make one of the best in class,plant-based ones to another brand on the,market is iconic and right here it says,grass-fed which is great,but when we look at the ingredients,which are very small so we got a punch,in there its not quite as clean as,garden of life now instead of using,erythritol theyre using blue agave now,while that is a paleo sweetener thats,way better than sugar,agave has the same amount of fructose as,cane sugar which is why I havent been,using it now for over a year they have,the natural flavors like everyone else,unlike garden of life they are adding,the high oleic sunflower oil high oleic,is good its a healthier fatty acid,profile but unless it says expeller,pressed it could be highly processed and,I dont really want to have too many,oils emulsifiers when I dont have to,put them in my body and this one is,sweetened look with monk fruit and,stevia which is way better than the,sucralose and the macros are good but,for my money Im going with the Garden,of Life okay this is really what you,want to get no say you want something is,like a casual drink in the morning in,between breakfast and lunch and you want,some protein bulletproof is really,really cool because they make a zero,sugar collagen protein,so if you look at the macros here,theres 15 grams of protein coming from,grass-fed collagen grass-fed collagen,while its not a complete branched chain,amino acid it still does have some good,amino acids in there with a grass-fed,butter MCT oil and cold brew coffee this,is a great way even though it has,natural flavors they all do like I said,to get a coffee fix with protein that,actually sustains your hunger so if you,drink this with like a healthy breakfast,you wont get hungry because the,caffeine has a slower release and it,really Stacia its your hunger so I,would go like I said with Garden of Life,thats the way to go if you want,something its not really a post-workout,do the bulletproof before we go to,plant-based there is one other really,good grass-fed one its organ organic,grass-fed once again its not as clean,as the garden of life but if you can,find this its way better than any of,the other ones we talked about better,than iconic because its grass-fed much,much cleaner now now that we know what,to look forward arey lets go to,plant-based plant-based once again you,want to make sure its a good organic,source of protein no added cane sugar,and look at the other ingredients so we,look at something actually I here we go,here it is this is one of the best ones,Ive found at Whole Foods its organic,or gained plant-based protein shake and,we look at the ingredient

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Fairlife Milk Review: The End of Protein Shakes?

welcome back to the architect Fitness,YouTube channel my name is Tony and,welcome to another edition of food,Friday its not Friday its not Sunday,[Music],Im sorry that this video is coming to,you a little bit late I had an issue on,Friday which landed me in urgent care,but no worries I am good to go so the,product I was planning on reviewing I,had alluded to last week when we talked,about Kodiak cakes and that is fair life,milk so if you havent heard a fair life,they are a newer company I believe and,their products have a few differences,from traditional milk so it is cows,milk its not a plant-based milk and,what they do is they actually have,lactose free options which doesnt,necessarily differentiate them from some,other brands there are other lactose,free milk on the market but they also,have high protein macros which is great,for anybody thats trying to build,muscle burn fat have a more athletic,physique or perform better and the,macros on these are so good I actually,find myself going to fair life milk more,than I would a regular protein shake,because the macros are very similar to,what youd get from most protein shakes,but the flavor is just so much better,especially the chocolate milk which is,my absolute favorite fair life has a few,different options as far as the types of,milk that they have they have a whole,milk a 2% and a fat-free as well as a,chocolate and Ive also seen on the,market fair life kids which has a little,bit more omega-3 fatty acids in it I,havent tried that I believe it has a,little bit more fat than the regular,chocolate milk does so lets get into,the macros right away and well also,talk about the ingredients as we now do,on every episode so this is for one cup,which is 8 ounces I typically drink two,servings at a time so 16 ounces and,thats just because most peoples,glasses and dish,were gonna be more of closer to 16,ounces than a single cup so these are,the macros for one one cup which is a,serving size and it has 140 calories 40,of which come from fats so the total fat,content is four and a half grams with,three of those grams being from,saturated fat 20 milligrams of,cholesterol 280 milligrams of sodium 550,milligrams of potassium 13 grams of,carbohydrates one gram of dietary fiber,and twelve out of the thirteen carbs are,coming from sugar which is pretty normal,for milk and thirteen grams of protein,so if you were having a whole glass a 16,ounce glass you would double those,numbers and that would put you at 26,grams of protein 26 grams of carbs and 9,grams of fat so a little bit more carbs,and fat than from what you would get,from most protein shakes but the protein,content is very similar for example at,night sometimes I have a Dymatize casein,shake and that only has I believe 24 or,25 grams of protein keep in mind the,Dymatize shake has maybe one and a half,grams of fat and I dont think any carbs,so if youre really trying to spare,those other macros that can be a great,option so lets talk about the,ingredients reduced fat ultra-filtered,milk sugar alkalis cocoa lactase enzyme,and thats how they make it lactose free,d potassium phosphate salt acyl,full-name potassium prod not saying that,correctly carrageenan natural and,artificial flavors sucralose vitamin A,palmitate vitamin d3 and disclaimer it,does contain milk so with that in mind,one of the biggest ingredients that,sticks out to me here is sucralose which,is kind of an artificial sweetener some,people dont like it some people it kind,of makes them bloated but most people is,probably fine for them to drink so just,keep that in mind that it does have that,now lets look at how the fat-free milk,stacks up compared to the chocolate milk,and these are the two,a fair life that I usually drink and use,I dont use the 1% or the whole fat milk,too much this is mostly just for,drinking and this I will use to make my,kodiak pancakes and any other baking I,do is usually with the fat-free milk,although if I am trying to spare some,other macros occasionally I will drink,one cup of this and one cup of this,mixed together and thats just a way to,add some texture and flavor because,drinking fat-free skim milk is kind of,gross on its own its a little watery so,the macros on the fat-free milk again a,serving size is 1 cup 60 excuse me 80,calories total zero from fat obviously,its fat-free 5 milligrams of,cholesterol 120 milligrams of sodium 400,milligrams of potassium only six,carbohydrates in the fat-free milk no,fiber six all six of those carbs come,from sugar and again 13 grams of protein,so not only is this milk lower in,calorie because its fat-free but,theres also less carbohydrates than in,the chocolate milk version and the,ingredients list on the fat free is much,shorter non nonfat ultra filter milk,again lactase enzyme vitamin A palmitate,vitamin d3 and again contains milk now I,find the chocolate milk to be really,filling I have one to two glasses of,this a day again because the macros are,so well-rounded its got a lot of,protein in it and of course its super,fast its even faster than a regular,protein shake because you dont have to,mix anything you can just pour it right,into your glass and be good to go the,fat-free milk as I mentioned before is,great for baking we use it with the,Kodiak pancakes but not only the Kodiak,pancakes but Kodiak has brownie and,cornbread mix which makes it a great,option now as weve talked about a few,times before and were gonna continue to,bring up on each one of these episodes,when it comes to the ingredients list,theres always concerns with from people,from clients from people that arent,clients people message us and say well,what about artificial sweeteners and,colors and GMO non-gmo what about all,that and the thing I always come back to,is nutritional science is extremely,difficult to study especially over a,long period of time so when youre,studying people for,years and years or maybe even decades,which is what it takes to narrow down,whether these ingredients are having a,long-lasting effect on your health its,difficult to pinpoint and say yes it was,this thing when we are exposed to so,many different environmental and,nutritional factors through our lives we,are failing right now to live healthy,lives in the regards of having adequate,amounts of muscle having a moderate,amount of body fat being active enough,so these are things that we can change,right now and have an immediate impact,on our health so with that in mind we,have to be picking foods that help us,achieve those goals and have more,immediate outcomes in our health any,food that has a lot of protein a,moderate amount of the other macros and,a super quick and easy is gonna be a big,tool to help you succeed in,accomplishing your goals,one thing Ive learned all these years,in coaching is that if youre setting,yourself up using strategies that are,difficult to implement youre probably,not gonna stick with them theres really,nothing simpler than just pouring a,glass of milk,of course even though mostly youre,gonna be probably just drinking this a,straight up milk as we mentioned before,it mixes great with other things for,baking but its also a way you could add,an extra protein punch to your protein,shakes so many people do make their,shakes with water but some do you make,them with milk and you could add either,of these or one of the 2% or whole fat,options to add even more protein to your,protein shakes at first I had a hard,time finding these and a lot of grocery,stores but now I find them at Shaws,Market Basket Hannaford Target so you,can get it almost everywhere you go the,price is a little on the steeper side of,course theres only seven servings per,bottle and as you can see this isnt a,full gallon and I believe theyre 399,typically but for me its worth it the,macros are so good its so convenient,that its definitely worth the price as,far as taste and texture I think the,chocolate milk tastes amazing and the,texture is actually a little bit,creamier than most chocolate mil

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Fairlife Chocolate PROTEIN MILK COSTCO Item #1485984 REVIEW

oh i love you look at that beautiful,face,okay im gonna drew the bone in the,chair,thats what shes gonna do this is gonna,be a video review,of the fair life,protein drink youre selling at a costco,i dont even know what the item number,is over here,what do we have on the label 150,calories,cholesterol 10 milligrams so thats,pretty much uh vegan quality,sodium 230 and thats not too bad four,grams of sugar,one gram of fiber not a lot of fiber,made out of filtered low fat grade,a milk so its definitely not vegan,contains less,than one percent of the,okay so we got some junk in here that we,really dont need lactose enzymes,monk fruit juice concentrate theres a,lot of junk in here that was probably,not the,healthiest for you um i didnt know this,was milk,because i am pretty much vegan i try to,stay away from dairy,um i thought this was gonna be a real,protein drink but two grams of sugar 150,grams,150 calories a naturally occurring,vitamin,so mostly i drink really healthy,protein drink made out of its vegan,protein powder,but you know its all chalky and its,gross and i need to get myself a lot,more protein in my system at least for,the next few weeks,so i buy this uh fair life stuff while i,used to i used to buy fair life,chocolate milk at the store the problem,is that my body doesnt handle chocolate,milk well especially oh look at that,look at that i love you yes i do youre,so beautiful,oh i just brushed you youre such a,pretty lady,so fair life makes chocolate milk,lactose free and la and not lactose free,and the,not lactose free bloats me out,unbelievably and just my stomach bloats,out,from the lactose look whos coming over,to the bed shes going from her massage,chair to the bed she says i smell some,of that food that you just did a review,of,while you were sitting on the bed eating,yeah look at you,so i saw this at the costco and i said,im gonna buy this thing,really i didnt know it was milk so im,probably gonna have a little bit of,problems here with uh,the artificial growth hormones but im,probably gonna,have some problems here but im the,review is,so that i can put 9000 ads on my video,and uh hopefully youll click on the,links,in the video description for the amazon,stuff and youll donate to my paypal,and maybe ill make some money if people,watch this thing but now,be careful dont hit the dont hit the,tripod,be good be good you dont get any you,dont get any chocolate milk youll walk,around here with gas all week,so im gonna test this out im gonna,open this up im hoping shes gonna jump,that come on get off the bed get off the,bed come on,down good girl its a little too,dangerous for her over there,im gonna open this thing up im gonna,taste it for the first time,sorry a little bit of uh okay usually,when you open these containers theres a,little bit of foil thing over there they,dont have the foil thing,looks kind of nice um,let me have a sip of it now and well do,an eight minute video of this while i,drink it so i can put on ads,and well see uh,initial reaction its not as bad as the,other protein,drinks that have that,uh whats the right look like what am i,thinking whats that word the chocolate,the chalk feel,its like chalky and gunky and then you,drink it and your,stomach feels weird because its just,got this weird stuff in it,and its loaded with so much gunk,oh she cant get underdog that its,loaded with so much junk,that you almost plug up from all the,garbage they put in there the fiber and,the vegan stuff,and i didnt know this was milk and when,i bought it i just thought let me buy,three cases of this so i got,no no go away from there go no sorry,this dog owns the house,and does what she wants to do behave no,more of that little lady,[Music],youll be good be good be good so i,bought three cases of this i guess im,gonna have to drink maybe ill return it,i dont know,im not really sure yet let me take,another sip of it,um and i bought it because i,have had their chocolate milk last time,i bought their chocolate milk i just,said no more thats it,my system just does not handle chocolate,milk well even though i love it,so um im really thinking of what im,going to do here,i could probably ill probably return,the other two cases,i just i dont want to have a milk,product i dont want to have,that many containers of milk because im,trying to avoid milk,and dairy,it is not creamy like real chocolate,milk but its not bad its really not,terrible,it is kind of like chocolate milk,i dont want to say chalky because its,not chalky like most protein drinks and,thats because its milk,and to me that is a big problem,um and im pondering i dont know i,might just return,all six i probably would i think ill,return them all tomorrow,all three cases and,um yeah ill return them tomorrow i,really thought that this was almost a,vegan product but i know thats my fault,that i didnt look at the label,but when youve got drinks around there,with protein you usually think protein,its going to be healthy its not going,to be,dairy its going to be maybe whey,protein or something and i didnt look,but it is definitely,its milk and i dont want milk,dog just got her bone filtered low fat,grade a milk now i dont want that,im going to return it so if you were a,vegan you definitely do not want to buy,this if youre staying away from dairy,you dont want to buy it maybe i should,learn how to read or,carry my reading glasses so i can read,the label before i buy something,but uh no cant do,fair life a nutritional plan,so if you have no problem with dairy,then youre going to get your 30 grams,of protein which is more,which is a good thing for you if uh if,dairy is not an issue for you,by i would definitely say buy this if,you are thinking youre going to get,chocolate milk no youre not,we just drink about a third of it its,not so bad it really isnt that bad,but if jerrys an issue for you okay the,cameras not focusing well hold on could,cause you lactose problems,um if you have lactose,[Music],[Laughter],if you have a lactose problem,but if milk is okay for your body youre,not allergic,not so bad then but im just going to,take it back,not not im not happy that i didnt see,it had milk in it um so its going back,to the store,three cases are going back to the store,theyre probably not going to be happy i,just did some returns today,but ill go buy the other stuff that i,dont really like the other protein,stuff well i think thats got milk in it,too,i dont know what im going to do what i,am going to do the dog just went in the,doghouse with her,bone because shes really upset that im,making this video,and i think im going to say,peace out to all my friends out there,and,i cant really put an affiliate link for,this stuff there is no affiliate link,but if you like milk and you like,chocolate milk this is probably a really,good deal for you,youll probably be happy i dont know,why thats not focusing well there it is,um if you dont want milk this is,definitely not something to buy,and stay healthy eat well keep that 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[Music],yo yo yo youtube whats good is the one,and only hmbo dustin coming at yall,with another video,in todays video what we got going on is,we got a review were gonna review this,protein shake,and as yall know,i am,someone who works out,monday through friday i work out five,days a week,and,basically i have a go-to protein shake,this is my go-to protein shake the fair,life,protein shake,as i can see,and this is what i do i drink one of,these too two,it varies it depends on what they have,in stores but these are the two protein,shakes that i do theres also a salted,caramel and a coffee type but these are,the ones i do i do chocolate and vanilla,just because im basic but you could go,and get the,camera one or,the coffee one,but these are the two i go with the,chocolate or the vanilla,i vary i go back and forth its honestly,its basically,whatever is in stores because they do,have a shortage out there in stores and,they dont really sell them too too much,and it seems like there was a little,consent misconception or a little thing,about why they stopped selling for your,life,and to start lets get into the,nutrition effects,um,im not sure if yall can see but this,is their nutrition facts im gonna have,a picture,of them as well post it up for you guys,but lets start off with the chocolate,theres 150 calories total fat two and a,half grams saturated fat at one and a,half grams,no trans fat theres 10 milligrams of,cholesterol,theres 230 milligrams of sodium,um,four car four grams of carbohydrate,theres theres not too much fiber,theres 30 grams of protein for both of,them,and theres a bunch of other stuff you,know,but it isnt i know for sure that it,isnt a vegan protein shake so for yall,vegans out there this is not a vegan,protein shake,one more time imma let yall know,for yall vegans out there this is not,a vegan protein shake,um,so next with the,i mean theres a couple changes with the,vanilla you i didnt think there was,going to be much changes i thought it,was kind of like the same but,theres,i mean its the same kind of,grams and milligrams uh not too too much,its a little different as you can see,there on the screen with the two,pictures youre gonna be able to see,um but the vanilla,its uh,its yeah its you know its basically,the same honestly if you really think,about it its not too too too different,but,this is the fair life,protein shake uh basically monday,through friday i go back and forth right,now because i actually have both in the,house,but when there was a shortage it was,hard to get them and i probably only had,either chocolate for one one or two for,a month and then i only had vanilla for,the next month it just really varies,because that out there in the the costco,the,the,the bjs all those stores they kind of,they had a shortage of them so it was,hard to find everyone was buying them,when they did get them and the shipments,werent frequent,but overall im gonna get into,the taste and,everything about this,right after my workout basically right,now what im gonna do is im gonna go,work out im gonna,go do my thing and then im gonna drink,my protein,but today im going with vanilla,um its honestly they both taste good,they both are really good but im going,with vanilla today,all right you guys so as you guys can,see behind me i am now at the gym so im,gonna get my workout on,and ill see you guys as soon as i,finish my workout,all right you guys so now,its time,for the moment you all been waiting for,time for me to drink the protein shake,as i i dont know if yall can tell but,i just did arms today,i got my arm workout in,arms triceps looking right looking right,but now after my workout,right after i drink my protein shake the,vanilla one is the one im drinking,today so that before,and you know i just take my time,drinking it,but im just gonna rate this right now,i say the vanilla,is a good,out of ten the vanillas are good,9 out of 10.,i think overall both of them are like a,9 out of 10 theyre really good,its up to really your preference and,how you and what you like what your,taste buds like and dont like,but i like both vanilla and chocolate so,i like both,but if youre if you like vanilla its a,good its a good,its a real good vanilla shake if you,like chocolate,you know its also a real good shake but,the reason why i drink these ones,is really just because,all the other protein shakes ive ever,had that wasnt this,it has either a nasty taste,a bad aftertaste,or it just it just doesnt taste good,like thats mainly what it comes down to,but both the vanilla and chocolate,the vanilla has a weird aftertaste for,me,but it still tastes good and it tastes a,lot better than any other protein shake,ive had,and the chocolate one it tastes real,good as well,the vanilla ones honestly they remind me,of the mcdonalds,milkshakes that they have,and um the chocolate milkshakes i do not,know they dont really remind me of,anything but i just know that you know,they taste good it tastes real good,both of them like i said,but as you can see,this is the fair life nutrition plan,protein shake with 30 grams of protein,and thats another thing with your,workouts as you want dont want to put,too much protein in you want to get a,good amount,and you want to balance in throughout,your day you just dont want to have oh,a good 50 grams of protein right after,you work out you want to have a good,balance so basically throughout your day,you want to start,you want to acclimate that whatever,weight you want to get to,you want to accumulate,the protein,at a balanced rate you dont want to,take too much in all at once or all,right after your workout,so what i do is i just you know in the,morning eat my eggs,for right before lunch or an hour or two,after lunch hour two before lunch i have,my protein bar,and then an hour two after lunch i have,another protein bar or protein shake,whatever,then i go eat,after work i go eat eat dinner whatever,i work out,go,after the workout i drink a protein,shake again,and then i go home,i wait a little bit,i eat,and then a little bit before like an,hour or two before i go to bed i eat a,protein shake,and thats my day so you just want to,really balance not a protein i no no i,dont eat a protein shake i eat a,protein bar,and thats what im talking about its,just a balance of everything you want to,balance your protein out throughout the,day,but as you can see this is my rate of,the nutrition plan,fair life protein shake,and thats what it is so,if you get a chance try it if you find,it try it because i know its hard to,find,but thank you guys for watching this,video this is not a promotion,like comment subscribe and ill see you,on the next video peace,you


[Music],oh my god why am i about to cry wow i,havent said this in so long its been,like six months since ive recorded a,video,crazy but whats up snatching squad it,is your girl celeste renee and i am back,with another youtube video and i am also,29 years old the last time yall saw me,i was 28,and now im 29,and now im back to recording videos,because,yall,my 29th year of life is just about to be,its just about to be it thats just it,i just feel it like i just feel it in my,bones,i just woke up too,well i woke up like an hour ago by the,way in a bit,but i came on this video because,if you can watch me i think ive been,doing videos for three years,maybe four three or four years and ever,since like i think like i have a video,where im like best protein shakes,ive always said that like i do not care,for protein shakes like you know like,protein powders and stuff like that,well,ive recently came across so,you probably dont know but like im,obsessed with tick tock and like i,literally find like everything on tick,tock and so i was on tick tock theyre,like theres these protein shakes that,are so good you have to try them out and,im like,um,every time i get protein shakes theyre,just not good especially like if its,vanilla,i dont like that and then if its,chocolate it tastes like chocolate milk,and i dont drink milk like growing up i,was not like a milk girl like i i didnt,drink milk,its nasty chocolate milk strawberry,whatever type of meal,nasty and im not drinking almond milk,but like not just drinking it like im,not a cow like,if it needs milk ill put milk in it but,im not just like drinking milk for fun,like give me a glass of but thats,disgusting to me like i thought of that,just disgusting but whatever thats not,what this is about anyways somebody was,like theres these protein shakes that,are so good yadda yadda sounds like let,me try them so i want to show them to,you guys because i dont know if youre,like me and you struggle with finding a,good protein shake but baby,these bad boys are so good,the nutritional count is really good,and um,wait pause,so,not me already,the nutritional kind of so good but the,reason why i really wanted a protein,shake is because yall i dont know why,like my body is going through this thing,where like i dont want to eat like hot,foods like,like like if you try to put the,microwave on the soda cook i dont want,to do it like i just want like fruits,salads like a smoothie,get it but those foods dont have like a,lot of like protein in them or like you,have to put protein like powder ive got,a protein powder putting into a smoothie,thats fine i think ive showed yall,that before,probably not,no yeah i did on my last video and ill,show you the little protein those,protein smoothies that i make thats,fine because i dont have a taste,but um ive been looking for like a,protein shake because im like dang,sometimes i just want to like after the,gym just drink something and be done,like you know i dont want to like go,and eat like some hot food,so ive been on a crust and tic toc,brought me to this thing over and over,and im going to tell you what it is so,this is the fair yall have to see this,my cameras not about to play us today,is she going to play us today shes,going to play us today,not the alarm going on,morning gym session uh this is the fair,life nutritional plan um,high quality protein,protein shake why did i say it like that,so weird,but anyways this is its 30 grams high,protein this is the salted caramel so,let me put you on gabriel best so,i,got a costco membership like three days,ago because theres like pickles that i,really really like and so i got the,costco membership because i normally buy,the pickles from target but its like,199 a packet of it but you can get like,a whole box at costco for ten dollars so,i went to costco to buy this membership,to get the pickles but yall why did i,get to costco theyre like oh thats,online only so like i have to order it,online because they dont sell it in,store anyway it just pissed me off but,anyways,while i was there my friend was like,they sell the far left like in a pack,and im like okay the first time i had,went they had um only the chocolate one,so,the pack comes with 24.,no the pack comes with 18 for 24,but you can also buy like the four pack,from walmart and i think the four pack,is like,five six seven eight somewhere from like,six to eight dollars i cant remember my,head at walmart but i only have been,able to find them consistently at,walmart i can never find them,consistently at walmart like ill go to,one walmart theyll have a pack of four,and ill get it and i like wont see it,again for like weeks at a time and so,they and they also only sell it in,chocolate like the chocolate is cool,its not bad if you like chocolate milk,or chocolate products you would like it,i dont like chocolate stuff like i,would eat chocolate candy but i dont,like like chocolate cake chocolate like,baked bakery products like that i just,dont so for me ill drink it if its,like really really cold but other than,that no but anyways thats a little,conundrum right i go to walmart to try,to find like another flavor because they,have chocolate sauce caramel and,strawberry but they only have chocolate,and so ive been drinking the chocolate,im like its okay but,um i go into,miss costco i actually went to costco,the first day i had went and i had i,went to one classical they only had it,like the big box of chocolate and i was,like baby im not about to do that,because,18 of these just chocolate i dont,really care if im talking like that,ill just wait till like they have it,like in the set of four at walmart right,so i had to go back to costco two days,later because my air fryer,decided she wanted to blow up on me and,i got this air fryer my parents bought,this for me as a gift like two years ago,for christmas and its like the best,vibe band right so i was like when this,happened this has nothing to do with,like,what im like the protein shakes yall,its just like a little side story but,anyways whatever so,i um im like theres no way this like,ever i should be after the food like,this like what is going on so im not,trying to find the best buy customer,service around like maybe its under,warranty because best buys products,really have a good warranty so i was,like let me see as im googling the,airfryer this article pops up and its,like this air fryer best buy air fryer,on recall since april 2022 because its,been exploding in peoples homes,so im like ciao what in the world so as,im on the phone waiting for customer,service im like hey so i was calling to,see if you guys had a warranty on this,air fryer because its been like,sizzling in my apartment and like,smoking up like crazy i was like but it,seems that yall actually have a recall,on it so i just want to know like what,the process is mind you im thinking,that like literally like i could just,like go into best buy the same day and,just like get a replacement one,she was like we have to give you the,number to the air fryer investigation,people and then theyll tell you the,next steps im like girl this seems,really intense for something that yall,know is a hazard but you know thats,just me going into a turning mode like,baby wait so anyways i get on the phone,with the air fire people and theyre,like oh yeah youre youre um air fryer,is covered were gonna send you like a,box and some stamps and stuff you have,to send us the air fryer,and then um well process everything im,like wait i said so i cant go into best,buy and get like new airport today she,was like no we have to like get the air,fryer back and do our inspection and,then well send you a gift card to this,before you buy a new one im like okay i,said well how long is this gonna take,she said three to six weeks i said maam,you dont understand baby i i cook,everything in my hair friday like whos,about to go 36 weeks into that airplane,i think hes not going to eat because,whos about to be over here sleeping on,t

Core Power Elite (with Fairlife) High Protein Milk Shake Review

vanilla knew I need it back beef is back,oh so whats up guys set whats up so,today I wanted to do a quick review I,thought well first of all I just got,home from the gym and I was actually,filming Mondays new series thats coming,out so I will be wearing this same shirt,I dont wear it on top just wanted to,let that be enough,anyways a new product came out and yall,know how Im obsessed with my fair life,so fair life combined with core power,and made these new core power elite,protein shakes so I wanted to give them,a try I wanted to let yall know my,honest review on them so I got the,chocolate 42 grams of protein the,vanilla same thing 42 grams of protein,the calories is 240 calories 3.5 grams,of fat total carbs is 11 seven of those,sugar and like I said 42 grams of,protein the vanilla is the same thing,except for has 8 grams of sugar now Ive,read some of the reviews Michael and,Instagram and stuff and people are,saying that it has too much sugar in it,but I mean not really it grams in its a,protein so youre gonna be drinking it,post-workout so youre gonna use a sugar,I mean thats the one time you cant,have a little bit of sugar so I mean I,think that is fine the macros and the,calories seemed pretty okay with me I,think my protein powder has a hundred,and twenty calories per serving so I,mean its right on it and it has fair,life in it so fair life is delicious why,not give it a shot I gotta at least try,it on see,you know what its all about anyways,lets get to it so Im going to try the,chocolate will first give a little shake,oh man mmm,mmm that is delicious,it tastes like fair life it does have a,little you can tell us a protein shake,but its not a super strong protein,flavor you you still get that good,chocolate fair life taste to it and then,this is kind of thick too its not like,watery like the powder that you mix it,it is kind of thick kind of remind you,something of like a casein protein,powder but its really good the,chocolate flavor is spot-on it is,delicious Im gonna drink a little bit,morning well try out the vanilla thats,good lets try out the vanilla now I,usually dont like vanilla flavored,proteins I dont know its like the,vanilla flavor is never that good they,dont really hit it too good but well,try see what fair life can do,wow that is good too dang that is good -,this vanilla one it tastes kind of like,has like a vanilla bean taste to it its,not your average vanilla flavor that is,in regular protein powder just actually,pretty good this was not as thick as a,chocolate one so if you dont like the,thick the thicker proteins they probably,would like the vanilla one better they,do have another one and regular core,power thats fueled by fair life it is,not the elite version I think it only,has 26 grams of protein my guess is that,that one would be a little thinner than,these elite ones that are a little bit,thicker but the vanilla one is delicious,- thats really good the price point I,went to quick trip to get these they,were I think theyre 2 for ya do two for,$7 there theres another gas station,that had them and I think they had them,two for six so they are kind of on the,pricey side but if you ran out of,protein powder and you needed something,really quick out to the gym then,definitely a good buy and then I met a,guy if you ever watch this which you,probably wont thank you youre an angel,he gave me some coupons those coupons,that I had for $1 off per bottle so I,got two for $5 250 its not too too bad,but still is on the pricey side but they,are delicious for some protein that you,need on the go fair life core power keep,it up yall are doing a good job but,could you come out with some powder cuz,then we can make our own might be a,little bit cheaper but yeah other than,that guys yall are doing a great job,fair life I love you as always but,anyways guys thank you so much for,watching Im gonna end it right here as,always be strong be confident,bill thank God,[Music]

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