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  2. 12 of the BEST car tyres for every day driving, tested and reviewed!
  3. Taking Another Look At The Falken Wildpeak AT3!
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BFGoodrich KO2 vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

when it comes down to picking the right,tire for the right vehicle for the right,application,there is no doubt that there is an,overwhelming amount of high quality,high performing tires out on the market,today especially in the all-terrain,category hey whats up guys,josh from trail build and today were,going to compare the differences,of two of the most popular tires on the,market,in our first head-to-head tire matchup,video series with the goal of helping,you guys,in making the tire buying process a,little less overwhelming,so make sure and smash that subscribe,button so that way you guys,can hold on to the ride with us all,right guys lets go check out our first,two matchups,ready lets go now were going to start,with two,very popular all-terrain tires and our,first tire to tire match up,but in future videos well be comparing,crossover tires also known as rugged,terrain or rough terrain tires,mud terrain tires or any other type of,tire match-up or brand and model,head-to-head matchup that you guys want,to see so make sure and let us know,what you guys want compared in the,comments below,also guys remember that all of the,information that im going to go through,with you today can all be found right on,our website at trailbeltoffroad.com,from there you can search for tires with,the search tires tab,or you can search by the make and model,of your vehicle,plus if you package a set of wheels or,rims,with your set of tires well mount them,and balance them for you,at no additional charge plus if you,package a set of wheels or,rims with your set of tires we will,mount them and balance them for you at,no additional charge,saving you guys on average about two,hundred dollars on tire and wheel,packages,when compared to having the tires,mounted locally and will also ship them,to you at no extra charge if you live in,the lower 48 states and that,is a heck of a deal so getting started,we have in front of us the ever popular,and,iconic bfgoodrich ko2 all terrain,which has been an icon and pinnacle tire,in the altering category,and well be comparing it to the also,very popular,falcon wild peak at3w which is a much,newer redesigned all-terrain compared to,the ko2 thats been out for a few years,now,why did we start with the bfg ko2 and,the falcon,wild peak at3w well its simple because,of all of the requests and questions,that we get from all of you,asking us which tires we prefer or,recommend or,which one is better and the list goes on,and on so we wanted to create these,comparison match up tire videos,to provide the data for you guys to help,save you,hours and hours of research that one can,spend looking at,tires right first when looking at tires,we need to consider our own,individual applications and uses for the,vehicle that were going to be,installing the tires on,is it a work truck that hauls heavy,trailers and occasionally goes off-road,but longevity and durability are the,main factors here,is it a weekend warrior jeep that is,used as a daily driver and traction,performance and a long,lasting tread life is important are we,using our 4×4 as an overland rig and,we need a tire to stand up to the,variety of conditions like,weight carrying capacity off-road and,on-road traction and performance,resistance against trail damage like,cuts and punctures this vehicle could,also be a daily driver that may never,see dirt,unless its someones gravel driveway,but this daily driver may be in an area,that sees,five months of winter for example with,varying snow and icy conditions,there are so many variables out there,and that is why it can be a challenge in,finding,the right tire for the right conditions,hence why we are starting within,the all-terrain category so wrapped,around this anthem avenger that you can,find on our website trailbeltoffroad.com,is the bfg ko2 so lets take a close,look at this bfg ko2 and some of the,characteristics,and benefits starting with their huge,selection of sizes and types,when i say types the ko2 is available in,c d and e load ranges which can be,filtered on our site by load rating in,the filters options,for example if we take a light truck 285,70 r17 the c-load range offers a max,load pressure,at 50 psi of 2775 pounds per tire,with a six-ply sidewall whereas the,e-load is up to,3095 pounds at 80 psi with a 10-ply,sidewall,plus theyre available in the r-speed,rating sq,and t-speed rating as well similar to,the falcon wild peak except the wild,peak also has an additional,sl rating to signify that theyre for,dual,rear wheel applications for sizes the,bfg,has this category captured with 87,different,sizes for six different wheel sizes from,15 inch up to 22 inch wheels compared to,the wild peaks,which have 66 available sizing four,wheels,from 15 inches up to 22 inches in size,the falcons offer a 55 000 limited tread,life,warranty whereas the bfgs offer a 50,000 mile warranty but also for six years,from the date of purchase,but whichever comes first another reason,for,comparing the bfg ko2 with the wild peak,at-3w,is that they both are three-peak,snowflake,rated meaning that these have met,stringent requirements set forth by the,u.s tire manufacturers association,and the rubber association of canada to,identify passenger and light,truck tires that provide a higher level,of snow traction and meets,required performance criteria to be,considered a severe snow rated tire,so that way you guys could feel,confident in the snow or on the eyes,with both,of these tires now what we did is we,made sure to,obviously compare the same size tires in,the same,load rating so both of these are going,to be the 285,70 on 17-inch wheels and they both,are c-rated so we can compare exactly,what the differences are,in the ko2 compared to the at3w,starting with the obvious the looks of,the tire you can tell,right away that these have these angled,saw blades sort of looking side biters,that do give the,uh tire a pretty aggressive appearance,you can tell,on that the tread blocks and the tread,design theres a bunch of different,siping on there theyre stone ejectors,they have these multi-varied shoulder,blocks here to help scoop some of that,mud out,they have the different angled c-shaped,tread blocks,and sometimes one of the noticeable,features between different tires when,comparing them,is the inflated tire size itself now the,bfg ko2 comes in at 32.8 inches,at its inflated size and so does the,wild peak at3w,which is pretty cool that theyre,identical that way the weight on these,comes in right at 51.37,pounds which is gonna be a little bit,more than the falcon wild peak,the other thing is the bfg ko2 does have,a six,ply sidewall so with all of that said,lets go ahead,lets go take a look at the falcon wild,peaks so first things first when,looking at the falcon wild peak at3w as,you notice there is a little bit of,difference obviously,in the design of the tire especially,these side biters they still,have this sort of angled side biter that,looks,somewhat like a saw blade its sort of,directional how its angled up like that,but,you do have that a little bit of extra,traction there with these side biters,you have the raised,falcon rubber on the size on the side,here written in there and then,and another thing that i noticed too on,the falcon wild piece which i found kind,of interesting,is that they do have these cooling fins,along this inner bead of the tire here,which always makes me kind of question,why are they there was was this tire,heating up at one point so they had to,add,the fins in there or is it just an extra,precaution,if you are running low air pressure for,example and maybe they put these on here,to help dissipate the heat but you dont,see that,on any other tire out there that i know,of so,either ingenious or a design flaw im,not really sure,another thing too is you can tell right,away that this shoulder blocks are,designed a little bit different,they still have the larger shoulder,blocks on the outer edge of the tire,and then the scattered or staggered,inner tread bl

12 of the BEST car tyres for every day driving, tested and reviewed!

as 205 55 16 is the worlds most bought,tire size i thought it was about time i,gave this category some love and,performed a proper comparison test as,with all my tire tests ill still be,testing the limit of grip in both dry,and wet to work out how safe the tyres,are in emergency situations but as these,tyres are more geared up to the everyday,driving ill be spending extra time,testing the comfort levels you get from,the tyres and the noise you get in the,cabin on test i have 12 of the most,popular tires in this size including six,premium tyres,five of some of the most loved mid-range,tyres on the market and a budget tyre,just to see if you really do get what,you pay for when it comes to tires to,conduct this test properly goodyear have,once again lent me their incredible test,facility in the south of france where,ill be able to do the testing in the,dry and wet comfort and noise in very,controlled environments to make sure the,data is very very accurate because,between some of these top level tyres,the differences are very very small ill,also be looking at the subjective,handling as well in case thats,something that interests you so youll,have a good overview of the tyres,mechanical grip and the dry and wet how,comfortable they are how noisy they are,in the cabin and if you want to push on,down a country road how much fun they,are to drive with 12 sets of tires on,test theres going to be a lot of data,generated ill be going through 130,tires in the next week,if when you get to the end of the video,you feel like ive skimmed over some of,the information youre interested in or,you just want to view it at a slower,pace ill leave a link in the,description to the torah views website,where you can click through and go,through all the geeky data yourself also,i will be factoring in price to this,test and the pricing will come from the,tire reviews price comparison which is,often a way of finding very cheap tires,online so if youre wondering where i,got the pricing from click that link in,the description and head over to the,website and finally before we look at,all 12 tyres on test if you havent,already please feel free to hit that,subscribe button mean a lot to me itll,really help the channel to continue,growing on tests from the premium,manufacturers we have the bridgestone,terenza t005 the continental premium,contact 6 the new goodyear efficient,grip performance 2 the hancock juventus,prime 3 the michelin primacy 4 and the,new pirelli cinterato p72 the mid-range,tyres are the new bf goodridge advantage,the falcon ze 310 eco run the maxis,perimeter hp5 the nokian wet proof and,the first ever test of the universal,rainsport 5 with the budget category,represented by the goodride rp28,holy smoke to say its close at the top,of dry handling is an understatement i,think i found out why other tyre testers,have a spread of tires from good to bad,performance instead of like me just,picking the best tyres they possibly,could find on the market the three best,on tests were the goodyear continental,and maxis,all three tires were within 0.05 of a,second of each other so super close on,actual raw grip but they delivered it,slightly differently the continental and,maxis were two of the best tyres,subjectively on test very pointy,very dirty on the front nose and you,actually got feedback which for a 16,inch tire is a welcome thing the,goodyear a little bit less feedback and,a little bit less dynamic behavior but,what the goodyear did that the,goodyears always good at is it didnt,overheat and i know youre probably not,going to track their 1.4 golf on a,16-inch wheel but thats just an,important quality that shows that the,tyre has potential for good longevity,falcon and bridgestone were next,the falcon felt like it had a lot of,grip but it had a bit of understeer and,it just felt a little bit hard to place,whereas the bridgestone felt,really nice,but it just wasnt quite as fast as the,other tyres on test the bridgestone nice,balance a little bit of understeer but,otherwise good like not great good the,next three were the hancock nokian and,freddy trio,now of the three the pirelli was the,best dynamically in fact the pretty was,up there with the best dynamically it,was a really nice tire to drive on you,just couldnt quite match the grip at,the very best,nokian was also a surprise ive tested,the wet proof before and felt it was,kind of a soft tire that wasnt really,up to a handling job but around here,felt really positive a little bit of,understeer but otherwise a nice balance,the hankook,it felt like it had good grip but it was,a really understeer behavior and it just,wasnt super nice to be,throwing around the track but,thats what you get from a 16 inch tire,at the time the final group of times was,michelin bf goodrich and uniroll now the,michelin like the bridgestone felt,absolutely fine it was confusing it,wasnt any quicker than it was because,every time id finished a lab i was like,ive got a really good lap that was a,nice lap then id look at the time and,id be like,oh okay its an okay time,confusing tire but like really nice to,drive on but just wasnt the quickest,sadly couldnt say the same really for,the bf goodrich and uni rule both of,those tyres were the worst subjectively,they offered the less feedback the,slowest steering and a lot of understeer,in both tires so hopefully that gets,paid back in comfort,the budget well the budget was very,budget-like it was the slowest on test,but it wasnt the worst budget ive ever,used and dynamically it was okay so,its a budget,drive braking was again very close and,had the continental leading the way with,the budget tyre significantly behind,next up we look at the wet performance,of the 12 tires wet handling usually,spreads the field a little bit more and,it allows you to start seeing,differences between the tyres but,this might be a running theme it was,really really close the top six tyres,was split by 0.6 seconds which is just,one percent overall,once again the maxis was leading the way,posting the fastest lap time and being,really good subjectively it was another,tire that was a joy to drive and had no,issues aquaplaning around this circuit,nokia and goodyear bridgestone and,falcon were all within two tenths or,naught point two of a percent not two,percent naught point two of a percent,the knocking was a joy in the wet very,easy to drive fast a little bit of,understeer but told you what was going,on and had no issues with aquaplaning,the goodyear in the bridgestone,both felt great to drive but they,started having issues at various parts,of the circuit where there was just,slightly more water and then once the,cars aquaplaning you just have to wait,and wait on the grip which meant the,overall time was reduced the falcon like,the nokian had no real issues with,aquaplaning and it was a very easy time,to drive fast so well done to falcon and,nokian for those unirole was next and,while it absolutely had no issues at,complaining being the rain tyre it did,have that understeer again which was,slightly frustrating good mechanical,grip no aqua planing but it just it was,a bit dynamically numb the next two,results were the michelin and prelly,both these tyres felt like they had good,mechanical grip but they started to,struggle a little bit more clear into,standing water,this is something you see from the,premium tires theyre starting to reduce,the tread pattern grooves in order to,put more rubber down so when theres not,water or even in shallow water theres,more grip but when you hit patches of,deeper water you do aquaplane and in a,curve that means youre waiting on,waiting on the car the surprise of the,test or maybe not the surprise of the,test given what we just said about,aquaplaning was the conti this tyre felt,like it had excellent mechanical grip,which was confirmed by the wet braking,results coming up in a minute but it was,aquaplaning the most out of all the,tyres which meant it couldnt post the,lap time that its raw grip ha

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Taking Another Look At The Falken Wildpeak AT3!

hey guys matt mcmurray with campus,automotive here in blacksburg virginia,and today were taking another look at,the falcon wild peak at3w,if youre new to campus automotive we do,tire comparisons tire reviews and lots,of tire talk,so subscribe and hit the bell to keep up,so a lot of you guys are commenting,about,why and how i havent included the,falcon wild peak at3w,in my top list of tires and at times,ive been,critical of falcon tires and said on,multiple occasions that i didnt like,falcon,so i thought about it a lot and i,decided to take another look at one of,these tires,im thinking now that since so many,people feel so strongly about this tire,ive decided to give it to another look,even jeep decided to fit this tire on,their gladiator rubricon,so a couple things that we didnt talk,about last time when we talked about,this tire is just the value proposition,of this tire,so ive noticed in the middle of the,road,quality built tires this is on the lower,end of the price scale,of that middle row tire set not only,that but it has a deeper tread depth,than any other tire in its class so that,lower price point and that deeper tread,depth,thats going to give you more value so i,think thats why,so many people are so much more,interested in this tire and really go to,bat for it when it whenever i say,something bad about it,so i just brought it in to take another,look at it and i,compared tread depths with the other,tires in his class,in the lt segment is 20 30 seconds of an,inch tread depth which is,very deep now the problem with that,sometimes that causes a little bit of,squirm on the highway,but its going to make it last a really,long time so if it lasts a really long,time,and its priced really good and it has a,lot of you know great features for that,off-road driving i can sort of see why,its so,popular so jeep if they decided to use,it that means it meets,all the qualifications for them,including road noise,wear winter performance wet performance,and look and feel so this tire is a,little bit different like we talked,about before,its got the three peak mountain,snowflake rated so its designed for,severe snow,just a lot of great features on this,tire ive softened up a little bit on it,and i think itd be a great tire for,somebody,if they really want it i dont know if,id really buy one but i can see why so,many people have,bought them one other thing that we,talked about last time that i wanted to,hit on again is where this tire is,manufactured,so theres three plants one of which is,in buffalo new york,that manufactures this tire but falcon,is owned by sumitomo which is a japanese,tire company so a lot of those tires are,built right in japan,either japan or the us so theres,quality,both of those countries anything that,they build,is high quality so like we said before,weve seen this tire before but we can,see,that this tire has a great tread pattern,weve got large voids,in between the tread blocks tons of,biting edges,tons of siping especially on the,exterior rib thats going to give you,good ride handling but also good,light snow and wet traction got a heavy,silica,tread compound thats going to help you,especially in the rain,with wet weather handling and breaking,we talked about the sidewall last time,an aggressive sidewall you can air this,thing down its going to keep the,sidewall from getting pinched,and cut its also going to let you have,some extra traction like if,you air it down to 20 pounds 20 psi in,the sand,youll get extra traction from these,side blocks three-peak mountain,snowflake like we talked about before,its got a rim protector and remember,last time we talked about,this cooling rib here to keep this rib,cool when youre going down the road on,the highway,thats why so many people with three,quarter ton and one ton trucks like this,tire because,it rides cooler on the highway,especially under load,which in turn will make it last a little,bit longer and make it safer,so what theyre telling us is this is,going to keep it a lot cooler,so i just wanted to show you guys that,like this tire a little bit of love,because i know youve been watching my,channel and commenting on how i feel,about this tire ive certainly softened,up on it and i think its a high quality,tire,that a lot of people will like if you,like what you saw if you have any,questions about what you saw,or comments drop them in the comments,below hit that like and subscribe button,and have a good day

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– How should I put my feet?,Its kind of like a; you cant do cross leg,cause nobody,Because guys dont like guys that do that.,Hi guys whats going on.,Its Alex from Fitment Industries.,And today were gonna be talking to you,about Falken Tires.,That didnt seem very exciting.,So were gonna try it again.,Mario recut this one.,Hey guys whats going on?,Its Alex from Fitment Industries,and today were gonna be talking to you,about Falken Tires in this episode of Tire History.,So I hope youre ready to put up with my beardless face,for a couple minutes so I can teach you some things.,Falken Tires was a tire brand that was founded in 1983.,It didnt come to the United States until 1985.,Falken Tires is a subsidiary or a partner company,of a big boy company called Sumitomo Rubber Industries.,Sumitomo is a rubber industry manufacturing company,that is based out of Japan,and is probably the largest rubber manufacturer industry,in the world.,And they have always been involved in just the rubber,manufacturing industry.,In fact they wanted to just kind of do everything.,I mean why wouldnt you.,They made golf balls,,tennis balls,,and they just decided that they wanted to make tires too.,Consumers were just like sure.,Thats it.,Thats really the entire conversation.,Sumitomo has just been at the forefront of,everything and anything rubber related.,And when they decided to start getting into it more heavily,they partnered with any company that they could.,Now Sumitomo originally got involved with tire manufacturing,in 1909 with a company called Dunlop.,You may have heard of em before.,They came from Britain,and they wanted to partner in a company in Japan.,Just because the resources and the workforce,was available there at a much cheaper price.,And Sumitomo came on board and said yes.,We can do that.,And they just decided to create a partnership.,And it worked very well for them for a very long time.,As the years progressed,,the two companies essentially became friends with benefits.,They just continued to grow and intermingle,either in Japan or just throughout the world.,And things tended to get a little bit messy.,Because Dunlop started to find themselves,getting more and more liquidated,and everything got really confusing,and Sumitomo was like hey well buy you,and Dunlop was like well how.,I thought we were like good friends.,And Sumitomos like yeah well we just kind of want,to have everything.,Dunlop and Sumitomo essentially reconfigured,and split partnership ways,and Sumitomo turned into SRI.,Which is Sumitomo Rubber Industries.,And Dunlop still considers to be a brand,that they use and develop and produce for,but Sumitomo took a really big bite out of their industry,just because they wanted to continue to grow.,Now everything kind of looked up for Sumitomo,until they essentially had another partnership,with a company that you may not have heard of.,That company is Goodyear.,Which I actually hope that youve heard of Goodyear before.,But I dont know if that was sarcastic enough.,I dont really even know if it was funny.,But were just gonna continue talking about it.,As if the joke was just never said.,Because its just Mario and I here,in a dark room with one light on.,So its kind of weird anyway.,Moving forward.,Sumitomo and Goodyear,had a pretty long lasting relationship.,It lasted about 18 years.,Until they essentially dissolved the partnership,in around 2015.,But all you really need to know is Falken,is part of SRI.,And SRI is a huge conglomerate of a rubber manufacturing,industry company that makes tires,for probably about six to eight different tire brands.,If youre looking to argue on if a Falken,is better than Ohtsu,or Ohtsus better than this,or something is better than that,,they kind of all just trickle back to the same place.,Falken really didnt enter the market,like a lot of other companies usually do.,You see when a tire manufacturing company,comes into a market,they usually come out with like a bunch of marketing money,,a bunch of plans to integrate into the consumer world,,and then just blast the hell out of anything and everything,they can so people just started running their wheels.,On top of that,,theyre really just looking for a company,that would maybe host OEM application,or something like that for you know your Ford or your Chevy,or something in America,that Americans enjoy.,Falken just didnt do that.,Instead what they wanted to do,,is they wanted to find a way that people would just,essentially trust the name Falken,before they would buy them.,And they did that with the best way you could possibly,get involved in terms of using tires.,Motor sports.,Falken began getting involved in any sort of motor sport,they possibly could.,Now because they really had a huge company behind them,,they really didnt have a lot of money,to just go out and start mass promoting,all over every single auto cross or rally,or race style event that they could.,Instead they started off with the small stuff,and with the stuff that was local to their business.,In Japan they started out in 1985,promoting just different events,that ran Falken Tires.,And it began to work.,Falken didnt really get involved in making a tire,for a consumer and then get involved in racing,and then kind of reverse engineered it,like most companies do.,Falken instead just went,and they made tires for a race car driver.,Or just enthusiasts that was out you know in the back,doing world rally championship style stuff,with their old,(bleep),car.,They would then take that feedback from the people,that actually ran these vehicles,,turned them into a tire that could be used.,Then they sold them to consumers.,And thats why Falken is just known as an,ultra high performance you know tire company,that just specializes in what they know.,Instead of going to try and make a ton of money right away,,they just wanted to focus on what made a tire good,and then went to the consumers,and was like yo you should buy this.,And the consumer was like, sure.,But youre not really that old.,And then Falken was like yeah,,but you know, 18s 18.,Anyway you get the point.,Falken just kind of got involved in anything,that they could.,They began distribution in Glendale, California in 1985.,But it wasnt until 1990,,that they actually developed a headquarters,in Ranchero Cucumberino.,Ranchero Cucumber o, cucumberino.,Cumbero.,Ranchero cumbero.,I wish I was joking.,Rancho Cucamonga.,And Falken just continued to grow.,They grow naturally with a lot of the Sumitomo background,behind them.,They had a lot of history on how to make affordable tires,that just wouldnt break the bank.,And Falken continued to have a pretty cool point of view,especially in the United States,and in Japan of being willing to just kind of do,whatever they wanted.,Falken wasnt necessarily under the microscope,on what sort of tires they needed to make,so Falken just got to be the cool younger brother,that just tried to see what would work,and what didnt.,Taking place in Irwindale in 2003,,Falken decided to partner with a bunch of race teams,that specialized in drifting.,Now in the USA theres always been a little bit,of kind of like a give, give, give,,take, take, take,,sort of mentality.,Especially coming from like the Japan automotive enthusiasts,which is where the grass roots drifting truly started.,But in 2013 in Irwindale,,it became apparent that this was a sport,that Americans would love.,And Falken was all over it when it came to marketing,and promotion.,They were all over cars.,They were all over the news.,They were all over marketing and blah, blah, blah, blah.,Cause Falken wanted to figure out a way,to introduce their brand to the market,of the United States of America.,And it worked.,That was the reason that Falken,probably still exists in the United States market,as a pretty prominent tire brand in the United States,and after that essentially launch,,Falken began to grow in the domestic market.,They continued to make different types of tires,for pretty much

Falken Tires – Tire Talk

haier talk brought to you by tire craft,Auto centers tire craft real people,servicing real life today are motoring,TV were taking you to the track the,mountains and the classroom we are here,in Southern California with our friends,at Falcon tire to see how they educate,their retailers on the technology and,the performance of their leading,products was that that eighty dollar,tire the best tire for me it may not be,in my application maybe the eighty,dollar tires a passenger car tire and I,have a rav4 and youre gonna learn,tomorrow that a passenger car tire a,rav4 doesnt work out a year at the head,office of Sumitomo Reverend North,America were the marketer of Falken,brand replacement for wheel tires so,light truck passenger commercial we,recognize that tires are sold through,dealers and dealers control the,transaction the bottom line is the,dealers know what to sell to customers,they know what to put on their vehicle,and we thought the best thing to do is,get them here to our home office and,its a great way for us to connect with,them the excitement level of people that,come into the Academy when they see that,us as a manufacturer of Falcon or flying,people into our headquarters showing,them what were doing showing the,Academy the classroom the location they,know that were committed and the goals,were looking to achieve and ultimately,how they can sell our product against,the competition out there Ill look at,tires like mattresses when things are,going great you dont think about your,mattress but when its not going great,youre not getting a good nights sleep,its a problem right a Falken brand is,one of those brands that honestly,delivers Tier one performance at a tier,two price point so its value sometimes,we dont know whats a value and what,provides the technology so we put these,dealers in the seats of vehicles and run,our products against Michelin against,Bridgestone against Pirelli they walk,away convinced because the evidence is,compelling,we have a CV tire which is our ZX ety 60,and our off-road tire which is our wild,peak 83w so those are the two stars for,the day,the ZX ety 60 is our crossover specific,product its targeted at kind of the the,main crossovers in the market but it,fits a wide variety of applications as,well I mean thats one of the things,were focusing on especially with our,crossover product is safety wet traction,is key,so we really focused on wet braking its,been designed basically to have really,short wet stopping distances that way,protect you and your family a few feet,makes a huge difference when were were,talking about stopping and not versus,not hitting that car in front of you so,this is the Falcon wild peak 83w,this tire is designed specifically for,light truck and SUVs they have a wide,variety of applications for this tire,the 3w itself stands for wear winter and,wet the key focus really for this tire,was you know being an all-weather tires,something you can use all year round the,Academy was awesome learned a lot learnt,where they started and where theyre,going and what theyre doing in the,future,lets me be able to go back to my store,and Im take what Ive learned from here,and use it to help sell the tires at my,store to my customers,well where we were we did the off-road,session and the tire were awesome like,the way they bite and they hold vehicle,climbing heels and going down hills it,was pretty impressive,the Faulk entire is a different company,than it was 24 months ago theyre gonna,see our presence in oae theyre gonna,see it on new jeep rubicon theyre,seeing it on Ram theyre seeing it on,Mercedes youre gonna seat a lot of,places we need to sell tires over and,over day in and day out and the best way,to do that is just just give them the,real information good afternoon I think,that you know someone behind the counter,has seen things different than we are,you know as a company we see things from,a broader level and the strokes are a,lot broader but seeing what the,challenges someone goes through in their,market at their location its its a lot,different so it really takes that tours,to listen one not to speak because of,great events like the Falcon Academy,retailers are armed with the knowledge,to help you make the best choice with,confidence as weve said before on,motoring TV if you have questions about,the best tires for you you should ask an,expert tire craft real people service in,real life

All Terrains Explained with 7 of the best! BFG – Falken – Maxxis – Yokohama – Michelin – Toyo – MT

[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],good day folks,today id like to have a little chat,quite often,here at tire of uhq we get emails and,questions on youtube and various other,places saying which all-terrain should i,buy and generally people are weighing up,like you know,one versus the other or you know this,versus this one thats really aggressive,versus this one thats less aggressive,but theres quite a lot of other things,to consider when youre actually,purchasing these tyres and so um quite,often it sort of comes down back down to,those basics which then inform the tyre,choice so its not necessarily whichever,one is sexy at the time its which one,is going to be most appropriate for how,you use the tyre,so,probably,you know key things to consider are,comfort,the aggressiveness of the tyre,how noisy its going to be,what its like in the wet and also,sort of part of comfort is the thickness,of the sidewall so if you you know which,we can get into later on,um and then the other thing to think,about is is it a daily car are you,driving this to and from work every day,and so are you going to get really,annoyed if its a noisy tyre or is it a,dedicated,car that youre only going to take out,on the weekend then also how much time,do you spend off road really like really,really like do you feel like youre,hardcore and youve got all the bits,hanging off your car but you actually go,every six months so perhaps a,tire that has an aggressive sidewall so,you look aggressive but actually has a,really good comfortable,tread face might be the way for you or,the other thing to think about is whats,your budget,like,we strongly recommend name brand tyres,here um but even within those name brand,tyres there is quite a variance in terms,of budget we wont go too deep into,budget today because thats not what,were about were all about the tyre not,the you know the budget but thats,something to consider as well so,in terms of comfort,the thing to think about is youre,driving this car you might have uh,say a really nice prado that actually,has excellent coil suspension all around,which means that you might be able to,give up a little bit of comfort in terms,of being able to run,more aggressive tyres that actually have,a stronger sidewall,whereas you might be in a,dodgy trader unit that has leaf springs,in the rear,and so,going for a more comfortable all-terrain,tyre thats still,going to be good for the occasional,off-road trip might mean youre actually,more likely to,like the tyre,for a longer period of time because if,you buy something thats really,uncomfortable then youre not going to,like the tyre and its just you know,youre going to be off the island pretty,quickly and then aggressiveness as well,so this sort of ties back into the the,comfort of noise its almost like the,you know its almost like a a diagram,where you can sort of choose one or two,of these things but not all of them and,so a really aggressive tyre is going to,have a thicker sidewall which means that,its going to be less comfortable but,its less likely to get holes in it less,likely to get staked if youre going,seriously aggressive off-roading,and,part of all of this,is how it performs in the wet as well so,a less aggressive tread pattern with a,stickier compound is actually going to,be better in the wet um particularly in,those you know again the trader ute that,has nothing in the back then it might be,more likely to pendulum around a,roundabout and,scare the,living daylights out of your passengers,that sort of things and perhaps yourself,as well and then finally the other,question we get quite regularly is what,size should i choose should i go up a,size whats the difference between width,and that sort of thing well probably,address that more in a different video,so well go more into,the different types of at tires that you,can actually choose and what they look,like and that sort of thing so,what i might do first is grab,the,michelin,ltx force,this is probably the,lightest duty,all-terrain tyre that we have here in,the shop and so you can see that this,tyre is really meant for suv use theres,no reason why you couldnt put it on,your ranger or whatever but its,something thats going to be good for,going on gravel roads and you know,going up on grass curbs and that sort of,thing but you can see that its,a really conformable and comfortable,tyre that has quite a dense tread,pattern on top it has these um four,really good channels here for evacuating,water and quite a a sticky sort of,compound not that that really actually,tells you much its just,i dont mind doing that because it,annoys the team,so yeah this is uh probably,if youre getting into the all-terrain,world this is not a bad place to start,but there is probably lots of other,considerations when it comes to choosing,tyres so,thats your lightest,well stick that there,and then,another one like stepping it up another,notch,youve got,the yokohama g015,so you can see here weve got,more aggressive tread blocks,um slightly more aggressive sidewall and,slightly less flexy,but you still have those four serious,grooves so i like to sort of refer to,this one as a more road oriented all,terrain so,while still may be sold as a 70 row 30,off road its,its not as aggressive as some as the,other ones so,thats sort of stepping it up a notch,theres a few others that sort of fit,into the same,group,as the yokohama so maybe well choose,the falcon,wild peak,next,so this one is the darling of the,industry at the moment,so,this one i feel like they hit it right,on the nose in terms of,aggressiveness,the look because thats probably,actually a fairly serious consideration,and the traction versus the cost,and so these are a really affordable,tyre that,fits a lot fits probably 80 of the bill,for a lot of people,and so while theyre still aggressive,theyve still got a really,solid tread face theres you know,definitely some grooves here that i can,fit my finger into,but,theyre also,durable enough that theyre going to put,up with a bunch of good hard off-roading,um i this was one of the first tyres,that i officially tested for tire review,and um,they certainly set the bar for a long,time,so this one you sort of notice that,were starting to get away from the,the consistent channels going around the,tyre and were going to have more of,these broken channels so still good in,the wet although we did notice after,about ten thousand ks with these ones,that they did start to just pendulum a,little bit but thats sort of got to be,expected when youre moving away from,the,tread patterns that are more,comfort and traction oriented,on road wet traction oriented but there,are some later on that are actually,really good for that sort of thing so,now,ill show you the boss,so,this is,the one by which all others are measured,this is the bfgoodrich all-terrain,and this is sort of the one that uh,everybody looks to as a reference point,and youll see here that,the tread blocks are a lot more,widely spaced than what were seeing on,the falcon,and again theres no none of these,grooves running around the tread,but there is a lot of space there,which means again,it should be fine for,evacuating water and that sort of thing,but,again youre stepping up in that,aggressiveness so its not going to be,quite as good in terms of wet weather,traction,but off-road the more aggressive,shoulders and that sort of thing will,actually give you more benefit,so,lets step up another notch,and so you can sort of see here ive got,the all-terrain tyres and then ive got,the aggressive all-terrain tyres,and so,probably the next up in terms of,aggressiveness will be the ridge,grappler or the razer at so,maybe ill grab the razor a.t,as a comparison,so you can see here its a heavier tyre,im starting to sweat a little bit its,a heavier tyre with beefier sidewalls,bigger grooves although,you know theyre still relatively,similar to what the bfg has,and the tread pattern is starting to get,into this

Falken Tyre Review

as a petrol head tires are pretty,important to me because it doesnt,matter how good your engine is how good,your suspension is how good you car,set-up is there are four things holding,it to the tarmac and if theyre not very,good your car wont be very good because,tires are also important for saving your,life the producers here at only motors,quite like them too so Ive got my,driving shoes on and Im going to give,you a review of falcons brand new FK for,five threes which Im told are pretty,good thats the passenger side,the producers wanted me to tell you,about focus well thanks to some pretty,high-profile motorsport sponsorship and,pictures of Porsche racing cars,emblazoned on lorries that drive around,on the motorway youve probably already,aware of the brand but very briefly,there are Japanese tire manufacturer,with a European based in Frankfurt and,their mission statement reads roughly,like we are taking over the world you,might be familiar with the term,track-day which basically consists of,petrol heads driving their cars around,at a weekend on UK race circuits a,market opened up for products to improve,the performance of road cars while not,compromising on practicality safety or,insurance one such market tires certain,leading manufacturers came up with a a,bunch of tires which were tracked,focused,they were also Road legal and they were,also pretty expensive and wore out,pretty fast what happened next was more,interesting to the majority of people,who go to track days,innovation happened a certain number of,tire companies decided theyd produce an,alternative to these track focus tires,which basically were performance tires,that could be used on a track with,performance gains but also very much,characteristics of tires that you or I,would use to go shopping with the fk4,5:3 is a performance tire which can be,used on a race track,but its most at home on the road making,performance cars feel awesome,but what do they like well firstly,listen to this,pretty quiet one problem with,track-focused tires and anyone whos,driven on racing tires will tell you,theyre very noisy but fall kind of,really worked on these tires and,engineered them so that theyre very,quiet which i think is important because,you dont always want to be reminded,that youre driving on performance tires,tires just need to be there and do their,job well and these discs secondly this,car has a 2-liter turbo which is juicing,just over 200 brake horsepower and lots,of torque through the front wheels on,although Im testing the car in road,conditions its not top speed it gives a,true test of tires its torquey,cornering accelerating around country,roads fault can develop these tires and,the formidable Nurburgring in German but,its the sort of driving that youll,probably be able to relate to if you own,a performance car so this is where it,really matters, FK 4 5 3 vs. German brute force,the falkland fk4 5-3 has already made a,very successful motorsport debut with,volcans UK drift team retaining the,championship on these very tires so we,know its good on track but its how,good the time performs on the road is,key to the success of performance road,tire no matter how much we may want to,drive on racetracks most of the time,this is where we,all can have improved the performance of,these tires in dry weather by tiny Lees,crucially their improve performance in,wet conditions by over 30 percent very,good,if I tell you that we replaced the tires,on this Audi a5 with the Vulcan FK for,five threes and the tires that were run,before were big brand and big cost and,these are better I think thats a big,win for Falcon now I would love to be,able to tell you what these tires were,like around the Nurburgring but,unfortunately for me our producers,realize that somebody at Falcon had,already tested that so I got the leafy,lanes of Berkshire but heres the thing,if you drive a performance car if you,quite like your B roads you quite like,saving money and you might just visit a,track day or two in the near future,then get off a set of Falcon FK for five,threes and I bet you revisit this review,and hit like

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