1. Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail On Subaru Forester One Year Review
  2. Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail Review – Are they worth it?
  3. Nitto Nomad Grappler Review
  4. Best Do-It-All Off-Road Tires
  5. Falken Wildpeak AT Trail Review – is it the right all-terrain for you?
  6. Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail REVIEW: It isnt as good as you think.
  7. Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail 2 Year Long Term Review

Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail On Subaru Forester One Year Review

whats up guys david here from overland,nomad and on this episode,were going to be reviewing the falcon,wild peak 18 trails,ive had them for about a year so stay,tuned,all right guys so this is my 2016 subaru,forester,its got a two uh no its got a one and,a half inch lift from rough country,and uh ive had it like this for about a,year ive done some trips on it you can,watch the videos on my channel,we go to big bend it did really great,but,this video is more intended on the tires,so i kind of just wanted to give you,guys,tell you guys the the make and model,and uh lets talk about these tires so,these are the falcon uh wild peak at,trails,the size is 225,by uh 65 on a 17 inch rim,and theyve been really good let me back,up a little bit here,theyve been really good,again ive had them for over a year,and im not sure how many miles ive put,on them,i would have to say maybe like 20 000,miles,maybe a little less probably but i have,done some trips on it ive you know ive,gone to big ben if you watch that video,ive taken it off-roading taking it to,the beach ive made multiple trips uh to,different cities that are you know,cities like five hour drives on the,highway so these tires have seen a lot,and theyve been really good,so these tires were made specifically,from what i know um for suvs,small suvs sorry or vehicles like,subarus theyre supposed to be a lighter,tire a lot of guys on the subarus will,put some bf goodrich all terrains and,those tires are meant more for trucks,theyre a lot heavier theyre of course,a lot more beefier than these tires but,these tires are supposed to be more,lighter more light duty for a subaru,thats not really going to be wheeling,that hard,and its just better gas,better mpgs,so,thats why i got these tires just for,the fact there its made more for the,subaru its,i didnt want to put something heavy on,there so if youre looking into putting,these on your subaru,again i have a lift about an inch and a,half but ive seen other videos where,people put these tires without no lift,and they fit they feel a little snug but,um i have no rubbing at all these tires,on this size again its a 225 by 65 by,17 inch,tire and i have no rubbing turning or,anything i didnt modify anything on the,subaru they just fit on there and,actually on the rough country lift they,said that was the appropriate size to,put,but im actually getting rid of these,tires very soon and im going to go up,to the next size which is the 235 6517,which i believe,if im correct thats just a wider tire,its the same height,but i might be wrong the terrain that,ive used this on is,just gravelly road that youre seeing,right now,again if you watched the video from big,bend that was more of uh i would not say,obviously rock crawling but there was,some little instances where i had to go,over,some big rocks and and the subaru did,pretty well i wouldnt recommend really,wheeling this thing,especially with the cvt transmission,which is the automatic its a really,really finicky transmission you dont,want to be putting too much,wear on that transmission and but again,i use this vehicle just for light stuff,basically the beach and thats another,uh place that i go to a lot is i live,close to the beach so this,this subaru has seen some time at the,beach and i dont have any video of it,but it does really well,really well on the beach but again i,will be truthful and compare my dad has,a brand new forester the sport model and,he took out his forester with no,modifications and street tires and he,did pretty well so,when it comes to beach you want to air,down and all that but again i have no,complaints with this tire regarding the,terrain that i do,and obviously the last terrain that i do,see which is gonna be everyone is the,streets and on the street,they are great,they have,absolutely no noise i dont hear any,noise,at all on the street they perform really,well,on,rainy days theyve done well ive driven,on snow on the highway,theyve done really well,again this is a subaru its got,all-wheel drive so the car itself is,gonna perform really great on road,but the tires havent given me any,issues regarding that and thats my,honest truth and i didnt say about i i,didnt talk about the tires,where i got them i got them a discount,tire these are not sponsored at all i,paid full price on these im not,i have nothing to do with falcon so this,is really my two cents,again not sponsored so,conclusion,do i like these tires i really do like,these tires,they were theyve been great this whole,time i am replacing them but it has,nothing to do with the tires being bad,im just putting something else and ill,talk about that later on in another,video,which ill be giving you guys an update,on,but i do what i recommend these tires i,definitely would they gave me no issues,i think theyre pretty sporty looking,tires very off-roady tires,i think theyre perfect for an suv a,small suv like this maybe for a rav4,something like that,but i really do think that theyre,pretty great,price wise i dont know how much theyre,going for now ill put the price below,but uh ive had other falcons on before,and theyve been good,so,no issues whatsoever,so if youre looking for,some tires like this,check online,and uh yeah,yeah thats about it guys just want to,give you guys a little update before i,actually take these off,so,uh and also check out the big big bend,videos ill link them down below you can,watch,the subaru using the wild peak,on actual off-road course so,anyways well see you guys

Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail Review – Are they worth it?

all right what is up everybody welcome,back to another video in this video,today we are reviewing the new Falcon,wild Peak uh at trail tires theyre,specifically made for crossovers uh such,as Subaru crosstreks Outbacks Foresters,I think uh Toyota RAV4 Hyundais that,sort of thing,um any sort of compact SUV yeah were,just going to do a couple quick tests on,the tires put them through his Paces uh,see how they perform and yeah lets just,get straight into it,all right so these are the wild,Peak at trail tires they come in a bunch,of different sizes its an all-terrain,tire made for crossovers so you do have,a lot more aggressive tread uh,aggressive sidewalls a little bit,thicker of a tire sort of as far as like,the wall goes and uh like puncture,resistance,they do look really good on the tire,um,gives it more of an aggressive stance,and aggressive look sorry not stance but,it does give it a more of aggressive,look uh I just got the stock size I,didnt go up in size at all,but they do look pretty good okay so,yeah behind me is kind of,I would say the max or the most youd,want to do that I would recommend to,kind of do as far as off-roading goes,youre not going to be rock crawling,youre not going to be sort of mudding,and that sort of thing but you might see,something like this as far as like,terrain goes getting to like a trail or,a campsite Im in an area where I have a,mix of everything and were going to,test them all and kind of see how well,it performs through these different,scenarios and variations in terrain so,we got some rock uh we got some like,kind of rock slabs,we have a little bit of like a Rocky,Trail a mud Trail through the brush just,behind me uh just over there and then,well bring it over to the beach after,see how it does in sand and then of,course youre going to have your gravel,roads and your road test as well so,lets just get straight into it and I,hope you enjoy the video,foreign,no problem at all,I didnt air down or anything theres no,point to like the trail is really not,that hard but just to kind of get a feel,on how they perform Im gonna turn,around and actually go back the same way,oh,whatever so far handling it great no,need to air down like I said easy Trail,but uh yeah fun to test on anyway,Im like right off the road Im not,hiding anything Im not like deep in the,bush or anything like that but uh as you,can see,its a fun little Trail this is my first,like week with the tires,um so so far I havent really noticed,any sort of like increase in noise or,anything like that but uh they have been,performing and Im very happy with them,Im going to do some other tests as well,so were going to get straight to the,beach test we are losing a little bit of,light so hopefully we can get there in,time but Ill definitely do a road noise,test on the drive there just to kind of,see any sort of comparison and stuff but,yeah,all right so I dont know how well its,gonna pick up the cabin noise uh but it,is pretty quiet I mean Im talking just,obviously a little bit louder for the,camera but if Im just like kind of,talking normally as if someones beside,me this is kind of about the pitch I,would use so if you can hear this pretty,well and theres not really any drone in,the background I do notice theyre a,little bit louder than my old tires as,far as miles per gallon I honestly,havent really noticed a drop or a,change in my,my fuel economy,that being said Ive put on maybe a,thousand kilometers uh so far since Ive,gotten the tires which is usually about,a tank of gas for me the Crosstrek gets,seven to eight hundred its cutting it,from on highway or in the city well,obviously do more long term and Ill,make a video in the future regarding,that sort of thing but for now,everythings looking good as far as like,performance versus fuel economy versus,noise and road noise and all that stuff,its an amazing balance for what youre,paying and for what youre getting and,of course this is on the freeway doing,70 miles an hour or like 110 kilometers,an hour uh just as far as hearing like,road noise and stuff I do have a big,semi truck beside me,and now traveling in Haiti,as far as road goes noise as far,as wow,as far as Road knows road noise goes,its not bad,cant believe that its so hard to get,out anyway yeah,on to the next test all right so for,real to just to be honest uh I just came,to the beach because I wanted to come to,the beach but yeah I mean I figure Id,throw an entire test with that as well,uh just to see how they perform but uh,yeah they perform pretty well,um,you can see it just behind me there,so as you can see this is what were,driving on,I didnt have to air down again just,kind of kept him as normal,and uh yeah theyre holding up great,it looked good,and anything deeper obviously youre,going to want to air down a bit see I,hope you enjoyed that video uh thats,kind of it for this review,um hope it was a bit helpful for the,average person Im assuming thats sort,of the terrain youre going to be,driving on campsites that sort of thing,getting through,a little bit of a brush and rock and,whatnot but needless to say if you like,this video please hit that subscribe,button uh leave a comment below and,well see you guys in the next one,thanks

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Nitto Nomad Grappler Review

hi im matt mcmurray from campus,automotive in blacksburg virginia and,today we have the new nitto nomad,grappler crossover terrain tire the,nitto nomad grappler is the newest tire,in nittos suv tire lineup its,positioned between the nt 521-q and the,tara grappler g2 and doing this nitto,has all spectrums of light truck tires,covered they seem to have a tire for,everything now i guess thats why,theyve become so popular here recently,so the first thing you notice about the,nomad grappler is how similar it looks,to the recon grappler it has a very,attractive design i would say its more,aggressive than most crossover specific,tires the biggest difference between,this tire and the recon grappler a t is,going to be its smooth quiet nature on,the highway the center rib of trail,blocks are arranged in a way that have a,wide narrow grooves that effectively,cancel out noise and keep the tires,super stable at higher speeds so the,nomad grappler has large outer tread,blocks that are connected with a small,amount of variable depth siping for good,handle and stable performance in wet and,dry conditions these outer tread blocks,have reinforced foundations to increase,the tread blocks rigidity and reduce,flex for high speed handling and the,connected sidewall lugs and side biters,as well as a center tread rib design,will work great when aired down,especially in mud and sand the outer,sidewall lugs will provide traction and,reduce the chance of sidewall pinch or,puncture note that there are two,different sidewall designs so you have,to choose what you think looks better,and the installer will have to be,careful when they mount them to make,sure theyre mounted in the correct,position the best applications for the,nitto nomad grappler crossovers and suvs,like the new ford bronco sport and,maverick subaru outback and forester and,the jeep compass and cherokee nitto,nomad grappler is a three peak snowflake,rated tire so its well suited for,crossovers and suvs that live above the,snow belt the nitto nomad grappler,competes directly with the falcon wild,peak at trail and the bf goodwrench,trail terrain so the first thing were,going to look at is these inner tread,blocks now you can see that these tread,blocks are interlinked in a fashion,where theres not a lot of void in,between,certain areas of the inner tread blocks,and they did this so these tread blocks,wont squirm when you go around corners,so itll be super stable and on the,highway itll itll ride great but an,interesting fact is the way that theyre,shaped and the way the grooves are,positioned,you have these grooves here that are,positioned in a way to create a lot of,biting edges,off-road and in sand and then you have,these alternating z-shaped grooves that,are going to evacuate water from this,inner tread rib so that way when its,slick when its wet outside when youre,going through slush and snow itll,evacuate that from underneath the tread,blocks next thing that youll notice is,theyre siping in each one of these,blocks thats whats going to give us,our good,winter weather traction thats why one,of the features on this tire that makes,it three peak snowflake rated so since,this tire is designed primarily for,crossovers and suvs theyve optimized,the shape of these blocks to give you,all kinds of biting edges but they made,the block almost one big piece they have,to design this tire to do well on the,highway and do well on the road,so these big grooves in between these,blocks right here,those voids are just to evacuate water,from underneath the tread that gives you,your hydroplaning resistance,these blocks are designed,to work together to give you traction,off-road and in snow with these sipes,however itll give you a smooth,comfortable ride on the highway which,most crossovers spend majority of their,time on the road on the highway anyways,so you see on these outer tread blocks,each of these blocks have sipes,as you can see theyve also got,connectors here at the bottom of each,block to hold them steady so that,theyll itll handle good when you turn,in corner,at high speeds so as you can see on,these outer tread blocks this section is,staggered so that way when you air down,youll get some more traction out of,this tire especially in the sand deep,snow and in the mud so remember that,theres two different distinct sidewall,designs this ones kind of more,aggressive than the other side shaped,like a y but when you air down in your,off-road,this will deflect anything that might,puncture your sidewall and just give it,a little protection and if youre aired,down itll give you more traction in the,sand so as you can see,theres two very distinct looks on each,side you have to make sure that your,installer puts the right side,out on all four tires because id hate,for you to pick this,and then have one tire flip the wrong,way and then you have one odd looking,tire so its real important that they do,a good job and do it right so moving,down,we see that we have a rim protector,all the way around,we also see that we have our three peak,snowflake rated designation right here,printed on the tire and we see that this,tire is actually made in the usa which,is pretty cool this is probably one of,the more aggressive tires that youll,ever see on a subaru outback or a,forester i see a lot of people theres,two people on youtube that have a,channel that reviewed these tires nitto,actually sent them the tires and gave,them a set to review of course nitto,doesnt pay me to review anything i just,buy the tires and review them,but both of those channels are for over,landing basically,so those guys really like the tires done,well for them both guys have subarus so,if you see this tire on a subaru or a,ford bronco sport or a ford maverick i,think would be a good candidate for this,tire,i think that uh you know most people,will get pretty good service out of this,but it is pretty aggressive for a,crossover tire so you might lose a,little bit of fuel mileage going from a,regular all-season tire to this tire but,i think the increase in traction,in winter and also light off-road,conditions will more than make up for,that nitto gave the nomad grappler 60,thousand mile warranty on all sizes,which is super surprising but it shows,that theyre confident in the,performance of this tire over the long,haul the nitto nomad grappler is,available in 25 sizes from 17 inches to,20 inches and right now sizes are,limited while they ramp up distribution,the size of this tire is 265 60 r18 and,they retail for 238 dollars each you can,pick these tires up at tirebuyer.com,tyrac.com or the amazon affiliate link,in the description below on scale of try,it watch it or trash it i give it a,strong try if youre in the market for a,great aggressive crossover terrain tire,the bottom line is i think this is a,pretty awesome tire so if you have any,questions or youd like to see me review,a particular tire drop them in the,comment section below,dont forget to like and subscribe to,see more nitto tie reviews and,comparisons like this one check out,these videos thanks for watching and,have a great day,you

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Best Do-It-All Off-Road Tires

what makes a tire an suv or cuv tire,compared to any other tire out there and,the answer is its in the load rating or,the load index see typically with,off-road tires or light truck tires,well see load ratings from a c,classification all the way up to an f,rating which means the tire can carry,more weight and hold more air pressure,an f load rating is going to be built to,handle more weight therefore its going,to be built stronger and will be able to,hold more air in in order to hold all of,that additional weight compared to a c,load rating which wont hold as much,weight or air pressure,this is where suv or cuv tires differ,from truck tires a suv or cuv tire will,be passenger rated and have a load,rating of either sl which means standard,load or xl which means extra load,standard load tires have a maximum load,pressure of about 35 pounds of air,pressure and have no reinforcement in,their internal structure extra low tires,on the other hand are manufactured with,a reinforced internal structure and can,be inflated up to a maximum load,pressure of 41 pounds of air pressure,the reinforced internal structure is the,result of adding additional materials,during the manufacturing process usually,to the tires shoulder or sidewall for,extra strain the reinforcements also,minimize possible tire deflection and,lowers the possibility of tire damage,caused by road impact sl and xl load,rating tires will offer a smoother and,usually quieter overall ride compared to,truck tires and often the extra weight,carrying capacities of suv and cuv tires,arent needed therefore the reason and,the answer to knowing what tires are,designed for suvs and cuvs compared to,tires that are designed for more severe,duty applications also its important to,note that if you dont see the sl rating,or a load rating at all that number one,it means that the load rating defaults,to a single load rating or sl but may,not be listed and number two that the,tires load index will tell you how much,weight the tire can carry the load index,on suv cuv tires can vary between about,90 and 115 or so depending on size in,the manufacturer sometimes even the same,size tire between different brands will,have different load indexes and a higher,load index is indicative of a stronger,more robust tire that will help prevent,cuts and punctures better than the same,size tire with a lower load index you,might even give up a little bit of,on-road comfort for the higher load,index rating but worth it in my opinion,if you plan on taking your vehicle off,the pavement plus obviously youll be,able to carry additional weight as well,well be going through our top five,recommended tires in order from least,expensive to the most expensive out of,these five anyways theres even more,expensive tires out there that arent,included in todays list but we wanted,to stick with the tires that provide the,best bang for the buck for practicality,reasons well first we have the falcon,wild peak at trail which is built for,rugged off-road capabilities without,compromising the on-road feel and,comfort of the tire the at trail strikes,the perfect balance between aggressive,off-road traction and dependable,all-weather performance it has a durable,two-ply polyester construction and a,rugged upper side wall that protects the,at trail from off-road debris and,terrains while an optimized tread design,helps to maintain that efficiency and,versatility of a modern suv and cuv tire,featuring the united states tires,manufacturers associations three-peak,mountain snowflake certified rating for,severe winter driving conditions the,wild peak at trail ensures true all,weather capabilities additionally a 65,000 mile tread ware warranty and having,the best prices out of the other four,tires were about to go through with you,today gives the falcon wild pig at trail,the award for being the best bang for,the buck in todays video however not by,much as our next tire is almost right,there with pricing and warranty with a,60 000 mile warranty and an excellent,reputation the bf goodrich trail terrain,is a major contender and might even be a,little bit stronger than the falcons as,the trail terrains average a bit higher,load index rating across the board for,comparable sizes again this means a tire,thats going to be a bit more robust out,in the trails for that added peace of,mind that this tire will get you to your,destination not to mention it also has,the three peak mountain snowflake rating,for severe winter driving conditions and,guys that rating also helps the tire,perform better in things like downpours,and wet road handling plus at the time,of us filming this video certain sizes,of the bfg trail terrains are on sale,right now saving you even more money,speaking of sizes the trail terrain is,offered in 26 different popular sizes,for cuvs and suvs making it one of the,most widely available models in its,class and i can also personally attest,to the overall quality and performance,of the trail terrain as i run them and,have been running them on my all-wheel,drive toyota highlander over the last,six months during the heart of a,wisconsin winter theyre quiet on all,different types of road surfaces they,grip really well on the ice and would,keep my highlander sure-footed through,all different types of snowstorms that,we experienced this winter even while,off-roading they did a lot better than i,had originally anticipated to me this is,a great tire for anyone who does a,majority of their driving on the road,with the occasional off-road trip on the,weekends and guys i really dont mean,that to sound biased so dont take that,the wrong way but i am truly a firm,believer in how awesome these tires,perform and i am super confident in,saying that you wouldnt be disappointed,with these,and number three on our list and running,almost side by side with pricing to the,bfg trail terrains but available in 37,different sizes are the cooper discover,at3 4s the discoverer at34s is coopers,on an off-road all-terrain tire thats,designed for the drivers of crossovers,and suvs looking for a tire that blends,that off-road grip that they need with,on-road comfort that they demand,engineered to deliver traction on any,surface it may encounter the discover,at-34s combines on-road manners with,off-road capability and provides,confident snow traction that meets the,tire industrys severe snow service,rating requirements and earns the,three-peak mountain snowflake symbol and,with a 65 000 mile warranty this puts,the cooper discover alongside the falcon,wild peak at trail for having the best,tread wear warranties in todays entire,video our number four tire is another,yet highly recommended rockstar of suv,cuv tires and that is the yokohama,geolander all-terrain,g015 when the road ends the fun begins,the geolandar atg015 is the ideal,all-terrain tire for all weather,conditions delivering a perfect blend of,on and off road performance capability,and comfort for drivers of todays cuvs,and suvs with a 60 000 mile treadwear,warranty and an excellent reputation,across the board these geolandar ats are,going to give you the peace of mind of,getting you to where you need to go with,confidence that youre gonna arrive at,your destination without fail even if,its in crappy weather conditions,because it also carries the three peak,mountain snowflake rating and our number,five heavy hitter for todays top five,best tires for cuv and suvs is one that,has been crushing the off-road tire,industry for years and has just recently,announced their new sizes for the cuv,suv market and that is the mickey,thompson baja boss all terrains with its,tried tested and proven successful,asymmetrical tread pattern designed to,last you 60 thousand miles the deepest,tread depth in its class of 16 30,seconds of depth the three peak mountain,snowflake rating and the proven,experience of the off-road tire leaders,there is no doubt that if your vehicle,sees a lot of off-road use that the baja,boss all-terrain is hands down the

Falken Wildpeak AT Trail Review – is it the right all-terrain for you?

[Music],hi im matt mcmurray from campus,automotive here in blacksburg virginia,and today we have the falcon wild peak,at,trail tire if youre new to campus,automotive we do tire comparisons tire,reviews and lots of tire talk,so subscribe and hit the bell to keep up,so the at trail is designed specifically,for crossovers unlike most all-terrain,tires the wild peak at trail was,developed on the crossovers,unibody platform and tested using modern,crossover vehicles like the toyota rav4,the at trail is a perfect tire for,crossover,owners who spend their free time on,rugged trails and snow covered roads but,still need a tire that will last,on the open highway if you have a pickup,truck the wild peak at-3,is a much better option so the falcon,wild peak at trail crossover specific,design,matches the cuvs unibody construction,and higher center of gravity providing,enhanced,handling year round all weather traction,3d canyon sipe technology,and increased tread depth provide more,winter traction than the traditional,all-season tire,on-road dependability and optimized,trail design features falcons silica,enriched trek compound to deliver,superior wear life over a wide range of,operating temperatures,off-road durability it has durable,two-ply construction and rugged upper,sidewall features to protect the tire,from sharp rocks and off-road to terrain,and the wild peak at trail features a 65,000 mile limited trail life warranty,so some examples of vehicles that this,tire would be good for the chevrolet,equinox,ford escape honda crv jeep cherokee jeep,renegade trailhawk,mazda cx-5 a nissan rogue subaru,crosstreks toyota rav4s,and most crossovers like that so the,interesting part about this tire is it,was developed specifically for those,crossovers,and not for light trucks or,body-on-frame suvs,so thats what one of the unique things,about this tire because i havent seen,another at tire,designed specifically for crossovers,most of the time,its either at tires designed for light,trucks and body-on-frame suvs,or highway and all-season tires so this,is the first of its kind,kind of like a hybrid just for,crossovers,so its going to be interesting to see,how how many people decide that they,want this because a lot of people,especially subaru owners they actually,do use their car off-road,more times than not and thats unique,because most of the time crossovers stay,on the road,so if you have a crossover but you want,to go,a little bit further out in the wild,this might be a good tire for you,so the first thing youll notice about,this tire is this tire is pretty,aggressive for a crossover tire its got,features to make it look like a real at,tire like what you would see for a light,truck or a body-on-frame suv,its got big tread pattern voids ive,got,center rib for traction got the outer,rib,with some siping in it on both sides for,that winter traction in fact,this tires three peak mountain,snowflake rated,its got a rim protector its aggressive,looking sidewall,you could probably air this tire down a,little bit to go in the sand,or in some more aggressive off-road,situations both sides look the same on,this tire,theres plenty of grip on this tire it,looks like its going to last a long,time,but well see if crossover owners really,adopt,this technology and adopt this kind of,thinking,when theyre deciding which tire to buy,youll notice that,each one of these tread blocks has tons,of biting edges,so thats going to help you you know,off-road in the sand and in the snow,its just going to have a lot of grip,way more grip than what your crossover,came with from the factory,one downside to this more aggressive,tread pattern is you probably will get,more noise,and you might lose a mile a gallon or,two on your fuel economy,just because you have more rolling,resistance from having all this tread,again three peak mountain snowflake,rated got a rim protector,so this is a pretty this is a pretty,rugged tire for a crossover,suv so if you have any questions about,the falcon at trail tire,just drop them in the comments below,please remember give us a thumbs up,like and subscribe have a good day,you

Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail REVIEW: It isnt as good as you think.

hello my name is brucie and this is the,falcon wild peak,and this is the falcon wild peak,lets talk about that,so i think im going to come right out,of the gate swinging here and just say,that i dont think theyre very good in,the snow um,the three peak mountain snowflake ive,tested those tires before with the,falcon wild peak at-3s,and i wasnt impressed then ill link,the video here,but im still not impressed with this,tire in the snow and im definitely i,think its downright dangerous in the,ice im gonna let this next clip play,just so you can hear what its like to,drive in the snow with these,[Music],[Music],as you can see what happened there is it,just dug down past the fresh snow and,went down to the mud,and in this clip from some old snow it,cant even move out of the tracks that,its in,[Music],moving on to where the car spends most,of the time thats going to be cruising,down the highway,this car thats my 2017,subaru outback 3.6 ive got a lot of,modifications on it ill probably get,around to making video about it,eventually but it is my road trip car,and we do drive it a lot of places uh,florida,michigan,ohio,tennessee,georgia north carolina just,all kinds of places and this is where,the vehicle spends a lot of its time and,i do have to give the tire credit here,it does very well both in the dry in the,cold not below freezing obviously,and the heat,and in the wet so id give it,credit for where credit is due,i say that it deserves credit because,the vehicle that im reviewing this on,is got a total of three inches of lift,and im not running either sway bar,and,you can see here,its raining pretty bad,and i still managed to dodge a tire that,comes out of nowhere and the car happily,handles it they didnt even skid no,traction control came on or anything,but you didnt get a all-terrain tire to,drive on the highway did you and you,didnt get an all-terrain tire to drive,in the snow right well hopefully not,anyway hows it doing off-road hows it,doing the rocks hows it doing the mud,ah lets see,unfortunately i dont have any good,clips showing it going through mud but,as far as my thoughts,and experiences of going through mud,with this tire id say its a good,effort uh we could do a lot better but c,plus c c plus somewhere through there,in full transparency i dont hate this,tire i actually ended up putting the,same tires on our baja here and,honestly at the end of the day,its not that bad and its not that good,its more like an aggressive all season,then i feel a true all-terrain tire im,going to get into some of the details,but thatd be my short review i wanted,to give it a short version before i got,into the some of the more technical,aspects because i still have a lot to,say about this tire,so this set of footage youre seeing now,is the old 2.5 outback that i had uh i,had an identical one before i had 3.6,the only modification on this vehicle at,the time other than the skid plates is a,set of snow tires and those snow tires,were extremely aggressive and i thought,they did well,for snowy off-road trails and i think,experiencing tires like this,and coming to the falcon wild peak at,trail or even the at3,i almost wonder if its not a bad idea,to just run snow tires as on,all terrain at times,and i also experienced on that same car,i had at some point bfg ko2 tires,the,bf goodwrench ko2 tire is not the right,choice for a subaru i say that with some,confidence because i had them,i think the ko2 is a great truck tire,and i think it deserves the credit that,it gets but for a subaru thats light,and underpowered typically and doesnt,have great gearing it cant make up for,that on the street its just too much,tire,i also had the falcon wild peak at3 in,the same size as the bfg ko2 and i think,that is the tire to go with at least for,this car,uh based on my experiences i i cant see,hardly any advantage to go with the at,trill,pulling up the falcon wild peak at trail,and the falcon wild peak at3 and,comparing them side by side,the,wild peak trail is a few dollars cheaper,so i will give it that advantage,but beyond that i saw no difference in,street driving i saw no difference in,noise i saw no difference in miles per,gallon,and,the big kicker for me is the weight,weight is a big factor for these tires,like i said the ko2s weighed 44 pounds,each,the both the wild peak ats weigh 37,pounds each so youre getting something,that has nearly the same traction rating,and something that is rated to carry,more weight but the tire itself weighs,the same and thats before we get to the,fact that the at3 is a much more,aggressive tread,[Music],some extra thoughts here,i know also,that some people worry about sidewall,and thats a good,you know good thing to worry about,honestly sidewalls sidewall damage,really is bad but at least for,my purposes for suru its never been a,problem i know both the attrio and the,at3 have a two-ply sidewall while the,bfgs i think depending on the load can,be as high as eight or ten ply,but,on a light vehicle i dont i dont think,its that big of an issue so ive like,said ive been really happy with,the at-3s and ive been kind of mediocre,on the at trails and i think if i didnt,come from the,at-3s i would love them but coming from,the ko2s and the at-3s it just didnt,seem like it was,it just didnt seem like it was enough,tire,so hopefully my thoughts here have,helped you today uh,no matter what you drive no matter what,tires you get,enjoy your day and uh thanks for,watching see you next time

Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail 2 Year Long Term Review

[Music],whats going on everyone its tim here,with real riggs rattle turns out that,im at two years and just shy of 20 000,miles on my falcon wild peak at trails,so i thought id go over you know the,condition of them after two years give,you a slightly more extended review,you guys really seem to like the last,one that i did try to get some more uh,detailed pictures of maybe the sidewall,which has been getting,a lot of action,so,as you can see the uh the tread blocks,are holding up real well,um no real issues you know theres a few,little minor chunks coming out of it,the uh,you know the aggressive upper sidewall,biters theyre holding on real well,um letterings all holding on well,and,i havent really had,any complaints about them recently yeah,theres these have been holding up real,nicely,and i will say the only major complaint,that i have on them um one of the last,times that i went out and trailed um was,after our monsoon season here in arizona,and we actually had a decent amount of,rain this year which is nice i mean,were in the west everyone can use it,last time i went on the trail i did have,a chance to you know hit some mud,um,it wasnt very thick mud it was kind of,forest mud,uh kind of more you know wet soil,and,i almost got stuck now my final,impressions on this tire um,i may make another one of these reviews,but given that this is arizona and were,going into the third year on these tires,um they dont last very long out here,you know they get dry rotted,um,we have punctures i do take these,off-road quite a bit,so,not sure if theyre gonna you know live,to see their third birthday which is,pretty bleak but,thats the reality of tires in arizona,would i buy these again,[Music],no,now thats not to say theyre bad tires,but,i bought these whenever the choice was,either,e-rated ko2s,in this size,or this tire there wasnt a whole lot,else on the market,yokohama geolanders did exist at that,point but those were an even lighter,tread pattern than this,so,i went with these they were the newest,on the market i think i was you know the,second or third person,in you know the arizona subaru community,to buy them,and theyve been great tires i do still,have poor fuel economy from them um,however that was my own doing just since,its such a heavy tire,these are accelerated so they are a bit,heavier,than most standard tires that are in the,side and thats really more designed if,youre going to be towing or hauling a,lot of excess weight in your vehicle,im already limited as it is uh driving,a unibody crossover,im not going to be taking this rock,crawling i dont feel like i need,anything thats you know lt rated,um,but that isnt to say that i couldnt,use a better tread pattern a more,aggressive tread pattern,to help get over additional you know,loose gravel trails um mud like i,mentioned earlier,i dont do a lot of snow but i would,still buy one with three pink mountain,snowflake raining which these are rated,for that,um,thats my review i i really,really like the tires but for my use i,would not buy them again who would i,recommend these tires to,i would recommend them to people that,see themselves going off-road or,you know forest service trails,maybe 10 usage 90 highway in town,and 10 off-road forest road,um,theyre still very durable i havent had,any issues in that department,um,like my use case has changed and that is,the only reason i would not go with,these tires again they do come in a,large range of oem ready sizes,and i will praise falcon for doing that,um i will also praise falcon on how,quiet these tires are,um,i also placed falcon on,the price of the tires do believe they,offer their more aggressive,83w in the current size that im running,which is a 235 65 17.,another alternative tire that i am,looking at is the maxis razer at,um,the only thing that im kind of,resistant about buying those,is no one carries them locally there are,companies like simple tire,that do carry them um,but discount tire unfortunately doesnt,carry them yet i would like to see them,do that hopefully maybe soon,and it does look like um,milestar has expanded their patagonia,lineup and their sizes,but given the covet climate that we live,in,everything takes longer theres still,manufacturing delays theres still,shipping delays,and a lot of companies,are you know theyre ready to announce,stuff,but theyre still saying that its its,going to be a wait and see it may be,summer and maybe next fall,which would be a perfect timeline for me,thats probably about the time that ill,need to wind up replacing these tires,alright thank you very much for watching,and i hope to see you on the trails

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