1. Movie Review – The Fall of the Cabal Documentary by Janet Ossebaard – QAnon / Donald Trump
  2. The History of Cabal – arcade documentary
  3. Warhammer 2: Vortex Campaign (CTT Overhaul) – The Cabal (22)
  4. What QAnon followers believe now – BBC News
  5. Warhammer 2: Vortex Campaign (CTT Overhaul) – The Cabal (23)
  6. The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see
  7. Warcry Range Review: Corvus Cabal

Movie Review – The Fall of the Cabal Documentary by Janet Ossebaard – QAnon / Donald Trump

hello everyone thank you for joining me here michael,anfield and today i wanted to talk a little bit about this film,the fall of the cabal full draw documentary by janet,oz ozzy i hope i pronounced that correctly,and i found one link to it right here on facebook,oh sorry on youtube and i just want to,zoom up here this is the link right here for all of you that want to watch it and,um this film goes into the all the information about,the cabal about um the shadow government some people call,illuminati but illuminati is illumination so really,its like an awakened person basically so i dont really use that term anymore,even though in one of my books i or a couple maybe,one or two of my books i talked about illuminati but illuminati,is the awakening awakened person you know awakened being,and so,this documentary its a very long one its ten parts,its three hours in length you can find it somewhere on the internet i found it,its called the fall of the cabal and yeah so far this,one link on youtube i found and it is over 50 000 views so far,and its been uploaded this year um and she said that she was making,another film as a sequel to this but i never,seen it or heard about it if its still in production i have no idea i went to,our website but its not working that great so,in any case i saw this film and i had mixed reviews even though most,of it i feel resonates with me positively,but theres two things that i found disturbing and first of all,um one thing is that about the donald trump for example,and she said donald trump is one of the people that,is spearheading um the truth like trying to share the truth through,through basically through secret messages that,hes sharing to the people and,though i dont believe everything because i question even even,so-called truth i question even that i feel that we need to dismantle society,completely and the only way to do that is to create,an alternative community and people that are so-called,conspiracy theorists which actually conspiracy,theory was uh claimed it was actually created the,term was created by i think it was i cant remember i,think it was cia or someone some organization within the,government it was created by them and,basically to to tackle the opposition back then the 60s and the 70s the,peace movement and so anyways uh this film is three,hours its very long but you can probably watch it in three,parts but there is it is ten parts to it and uh,and the other thing i didnt really like is that or i didnt really i shouldnt,say like but i didnt that they missed i should say is the,fact that they didnt talk anything about animal agriculture,now animal agriculture is the core of the problem of this,society the core problem of this society now i can definitely say that,yeah the banks have a big major role in this for sure the,central banks and these families that own these central banks and all these,people that play a part of it but in all these you know satanic rituals of,cannibalism and child,abduction and sexualization and,everything that goes on behind i mean you can see this film to understand,really what goes on um but they didnt,say anything about animal agriculture now we know that donald trump,owns some animal i dont know animal,company where he produces animal cadavers or animal um,the flesh of animals and maybe other things that we dont know,about and so that was one of the things that i didnt really enjoy,was i dont know if thats true or not about what,this lady was saying janet was saying about,donald trump and another thing was that it wasnt an actual film it was just,images with narration basically so was there was no talking heads in it,no interviews nothing there was basically just,imagery still imagery and a narration by janet aussie bard,and im sorry if i pronounced her name wrong again but overall i really,liked it it really i knew about these things but i just,i just wanted to learn more and so this was,really kind of eye awakening some some things of it,um but again ill forget most of it but what we have to realize,is that okay this is just the outer effect of whats happening in our,society today okay or the i should say the undercover,stuff that people,people um research into and when we think about our society just,when we think about our society our society,whatever it is if its capitalism communism whatever,its based on hurting culture and people dont want to,realize that its based on the hurting culture,this is the core of the problem and the solution is,the heart the love and im not talking about love for just,humans or love for just ourselves but love for all,beings on this earth and possibly even beings outside of the earth and so the,only way to solve any of these problems that were,seeing this film as well as experience in our world,is by being vegan and vegan is just love thats what it means it comes,down to its love love for all beings and so,the what were experiencing now with this coronal virus in the cobin 19,in 2020 again is just the outer thing of what we see,and we dont realize that it goes deeper than this,and this doesnt talk about coronavirus or the kobit 19 because i guess it was,produced before that time even though it was,uploaded to this channel alex fox uh in 17th of april 2020.,so i believe this film was created even before that,i think it was i think it was uh between 2018 and 19 i believe because they did,make some references to 2018 in that film and so,the whole idea about this film basically it gets people to understand whats,really going on in society but ultimately ultimately we,need to realize that this is everything that we saw in this,film is to distract us from the real problem,that were facing which is animal agriculture,which,its actually not even a right term to use because humans are even animals,and so the right term to use is hurterism we live,in a hurterism and i wanna check out world title,i want to check out will tunnels article on heroism,i dont know the actual,uh yeah beyond hurterism i think thats it,uh i think he has a 2014 so six years ago,its uh both on,yeah so 2015 2000 2014 yeah i was actually posted december 20,2014 and so this is uh,this is the herderism that im going to be posting as well,and we live in a hurting culture we live in a hurting culture we live,we are actually in a in a hurlerism thats what we are were hurterism,were hurters basically seeing non-human animals as,things things to be used and so this is,what im going to be posting down in the description but basically we live as,herders in a hurting culture we are herders and so,lets talk and lets get this message out the core,message which is we live in a hurting culture,were being programmed in every facet of our society and,reforming society does not work weve tried for you know hundreds maybe,even thousands of years it just does not work ever since the,herding of animals about 10 000 years ago,we had this issue and since that time we had war we,had inequality we had sexism we had racism we have all,kinds of social justice movements and social,justice problems in the world and what we need to do ultimately,is we need to get to the root cause of any culture we need to get to the root,cause now the culture is a world culture because everyone,virtually everyone in the world today consumes animals and animal products,theyre not vegans and so the whole idea is to get to the core,problem which is animal agriculture which is,really its about hurterism its about hurting,the hurting culture and if you think about it hurting sounds like,hurting i said this in one of my books i believe the lost love or the,interconnectedness of life one of them and ive written so many books,as you can see through my website ive written,you know eight books currently uh the newest one journey to awakening,its uh its about this transitioning to another,way of living and uh then i have these other other books as,well yes and,you can find some of my free books right here,read free books as you c

The History of Cabal – arcade documentary

this video is a special request by,patreon supporter of resident elect,thank you so much for supporting me,sometimes all it takes is a little,innovation for a video game to truly,stand out from the rest of the pack,arcade manufacturer tad corporation,brought a little bit of this and a,little bit of that and applied it to a,Vietnam theme which resulted in one of,1988 unique shooters whats the,backstory on the creation of this,popular shooter so reload your gun and,get ready to fire because this is the,history of cabal the year is 1987 and,Ive started arcade manufacturer tad,corporation is trying to decide what,their debut coin app should be for us to,learn the history of cabal we have to go,back a few years earlier and talk about,a little scene arcade game called,shootout shootout was released in 1985,by data East corporation its a shooting,gallery style games set in the 1930s,with an over-the-shoulder vantage point,the game takes place across seven stages,of varying difficulty the game was not,that big of a hit and it didnt receive,any home conversions however a couple of,years later a group of X data East,employees forged out on their own to,start a new company titled the tad,corporation they decided to dust off the,shootout concept only this time updated,to something a bit more contemporary war,movies were all the rage especially in,the United States thanks to the likes of,Rambo and platoon they were also,inspired by jerky game commando,and Ikari warriors the original control,schemes you use a trackball to move your,player left and right while holding the,fire button down you move the cursor,around to take out the various enemies,and buildings you are equipped with a,fire button and a grenade button later,releases of the game swapped out the,trackball for a joystick but in my,opinion it works much better with a,trackball cabal is a simultaneous,two-player affair and was released in,1988 you control either the red or blue,player as you attempt to make it through,all 20 screens of combat the goal of,each stage is to take out all of the,enemy faces with your machine guns and,grenades all the while avoiding return,fire there is an enemy gauge at the,bottom of the screen which depletes as,more of your foes are taken out once the,bar has been depleted completely all the,buildings collapse and then is on to the,next stage the environments are very,volatile as it wont take much to bring,the enemy bases to its knees the,gameplay is fast and furious with,bullets flying enemies shooting,buildings falling and by of the dropping,with no slowdown in sight,there are various times power-ups along,with extra grenades to be found the game,was innovative and they used the pseudo,3d effect with different sized sprites,perspective trickery and the horizon,trailing off its very convincing even,today this was an extremely fun game to,play where you have to shoot anything,that moves the action is hot and heavy,with you destroying tanks helicopters,submarines and buildings its total,carnage and total destruction the game,was a mild success in the arcades and,with it came a load of conversions ocean,software was in charge of the home,computer ports and some of these turned,out pretty well,now lets get the crap out of the way,first shall we the Amstrad version is,downright terrible the speed of the game,is,season but the animation is just way too,choppy the framerate drops to about four,or five frames per second when the,action gets hot and heavy the,backgrounds looked like they were drawn,on an etch-a-sketch in the sprites my,grandma could draw a better sprite then,shes got the shakes there is also no,two-player co-op mode the playability is,way off thanks to the low framerate and,horrendous speed clearly this was a,rushed spectrum port up next its a,spectrum version the sprites are,monochrome and are not very detailed,they look like little vet turds waddling,around in the battlefield instead of,actual soldiers there is a little bit of,color in the backgrounds but Im not,sure if this helps I actually found it a,bit distracting while trying to play to,repair the sprites are animated nicely,and the gameplay itself is very smooth,and fast even with a lot of action on,the screen it doesnt slow down too much,the sound effects especially the gunfire,are pretty good as well once again we,get no co-op two-player mode the ms-dos,version is up next in its only average,at best taking into account pcs at the,time this was a decent attempt but,unfortunately we only get EGA 16-color,graphics we also only get the horrendous,internal PC speaker for sound,itll proceed at your own risk even the,gameplay is a bit off thanks to the low,framerate and slow speed its not as bad,as the Amstrad version but its not very,good either,the big bad Commodore 64 received not,one but two versions of cabal the game,was released initially in Europe by,ocean software but the fine folks at,Capcom thought they could do a better,job and released a different version for,the North American market did they,succeed absolutely not,the first version were looking at is,the North American port and the sprites,definitely looked better than the,European version the graphics are more,detailed especially the backgrounds well,the speed of the gameplay is too slow,when compared to the European version,once again there is no two-player mode,as far as graphics go,nod goes to the North American version,as far as everything else its got to be,the European release the speed of the,cursor the animation and a silky-smooth,gameplay also all the stages were,included in the European release the,North American version only featured the,first two bosses the NES version is up,next,this was developed by rare software yes,the very same rare software the,developed Battletoads on the NES and,Donkey Kong Country on the Super NES the,colors seem a bit drab but the sprites,are nicely detailed the animation is,smooth and there are lots of sprites on,the screen at once with hardly any,slowdown this version was the only one,to use two buttons which makes it feel,like the arcade game almost immediately,this version was the only one to feature,two-player co-op play so red and blue,can finally team up again this was one,of the better home conversions of cabal,the first of the 16-bit ports is the,Atari ST version and while the graphics,certainly looked the part with large,detailed fairly colorful sprites the,speed of the gameplay is just way too,slow and jerky everything from the,arcade appears to be here from the,destructible environments to the,two-player co-op the sound effects are,good as well its just too bad the game,runs so slow and finally we have the,cream of the crop as far as home,computer ports go which is the 16-bit,Amiga version this is one of the better,arcade conversions on the Amiga with,large details price that are smoothly,animated the speed of the gameplay is,very close to the arcade with lots of,projectiles soldiers and vehicles,roaming the countryside with nary a,slowdown in sight the two-player co-op,mode is included which makes an already,excellent conversion even better now,while there is no official sequel to the,game a spiritual successor was released,in 1990 titled Blood Brothers this is,essentially the same as cabal only this,time the game tape,in the Wild West one major difference,this time around is the use of a,joystick instead of a trackball you take,on the role of two blood brothers a,cowboy and an Indian who have teamed up,to take down the most wanted outlaw and,Dodge City big bad John from the power,of the volatile environments this game,is almost identical to cabal even the,victory dance in between levels is,exactly the same the influence of cabal,was felt for a number of years to come,from Essen Kees Nam 1975 – natsu means,wild guns on the supernintendo it was an,innovative game that took the tried and,trued theme of a loan commando against,an army and tweaked it just enough to,create something truly special if y

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Warhammer 2: Vortex Campaign (CTT Overhaul) – The Cabal (22)

[Music],[Music],hello everyone Windell here and welcome,back to the cabal lets play now has,been a few days since Ive lasted any,recording thanks to going away to see,Lindsey Stirling performing concerts I,have to say the performance was,fantastic if you are a fan of hers I,highly recommend seen her life when you,get the opportunity to do so because the,concert the show was probably one of the,best have seen and been in my life and,thats quite high esteem in my opinion,but were now back to real life and,continuing the YouTube in with todays,episode of the Cabal now we did leave,things off last time if I remember,correctly with as a CEO pretty much mean,the focus of the episode as not only did,he have to deal with an ambush but set,by Belle shanaar of the White Tower of,HO F but also a defensive battle by the,hunt marshals expedition but were able,to overcome both challenges and,continuing on his way down towards its,earth but well go and see whats,happening over there in a moment,as for the rest of the horde it does,look like were coming pretty close to,the end game I mean I got England one of,one of us here if we check out the black,tower its what two turns away have you,taken to a gun this tiny little gap here,so hes got two turns so fact lets move,you down here by on do you have you here,lets have a look King selec but mainly,infantry and a few monstrous units,including you shabti with great bows and,screaming skull catapults you know what,we might as well find him,were gonna have to go out of the black,tower anyway were gonna have to build,some defenses you know siege equipment,to go after it,so yeah lets go into kill these guys,off this before wed worry about doing,anything if the game would let me that,is game I do you want to go and shrunk,your they eat the army it doesnt want,to let me do it though how art lets,move out there we go better,lets declare war who got what they must,become a light with both the Knights of,the flame and feegans Emin tree,now its phone off a bit because they,usually up here and you can see that can,we have taken both all the land here,whos over up come on lets fegan seven,tree wheres the Knights of the flame,though I have no idea I suppose well,find out eventually but for now lets,declare war on cetera and see how we do,against the forces of the team Kings,here now that looks like a fairly easy,fight to me actually thats just Ottos,old that youre kidding me thats a lot,of Units Ive lost nearly a quarter of,the army in a very decisive moment to,resolve according to the balance bar,okay alright lets kill the captives get,a bit of leadership going now could we,now have two points away I feel a little,tender there to be a bit sneaky I mean,what does this army have oh god it has a,lot of chariots you know what Ill tell,you what I do lets just push forward a,little bit more Im gonna go into you,sting can burn bird that way known if,they come towards us we should get a,little bonus to our Meli defense and I,just need to think of a way though to,get rid of all these chariots I mean the,you shotty the separable stalkers even,the bowmen in ads arent gonna be a,bigger deal other whats that legionary,barrage okay,archers the magnet service staff hang on,did,caleda join up with them then Im gonna,double-check cuz I thought she was the,only one who can actually earn that,skill I must to check that out unless,maybe you give it uh who knows who knows,anyway if they come an attack war try,and hold them off what we could do we,could have used let me just check,yeah if we use the Nets of Ammon talk so,Ill use the point here what will happen,if they do come to attack me we can use,that net and Frank start upgrading it so,we can get the cooldown go through much,quick more quickly we be able to really,just pin down their chariots and allow,my infantry just to charge in and take,them out yeah thats gonna work and then,we can go after the black tail of our,can devour any interruptions so well,leave it and Grimm here the loot haggle,off hes pretty much happened you know,head on his merry way hes making his,way towards the galleons graveyard as,you can see its gonna take a few turns,but lets just let him continue luckily,for us we no longer take any sort of,attrition thanks to one of the books of,arcane knowledge we picked up so walking,for the desert for Engram no big deal,going through the deep seas with the,with the sky no big deal,although whats this King bajo tab oh,wow,theyve got kids the camry is even a,clerk turned out all the way over here,interesting although how long was it,going gonna be until we get do behind my,back five years free turns white,hopefully Ill spawn near Agora flavin,and us have to try and cheat chase him,down from one side of the map to the,other but efficacy so youve done that,vorpal what were gonna do with you,lets say we got two turns its until we,get there but do we want to stop by,parks Marsh now the thing is I dont,know what did these guys burn it down,or is it owned by Steven because it,seems a bit weird thats you know I mean,obviously we did this but it seems weird,that no one has cleaned parks Marsh,can we find out who you are I lied to,war with dread cursed student Berg,norske no oh hang on were about to you,guys youre over here as well okay,I dont want lets take the opportunity,to stop by Parks Marsh I mean its a,fitting place to go if youre a follower,of Nergal by the name ah I figured it,might have been Skaven,okay lets declare war and see who were,facing queek however very trusted,friends of his he really loves the fact,that weve gone after Laughlin in the,past,well Im sorry mates huh,you were just Giggy and the vampire,because well were gonna have to go,after them in that case a shame though,considering weve helped out sketchy and,now theyre at war with us but no matter,its burning down nice and easy,well just Luton raise it the,exterminator gave another disease a,cancer on this world you are a plague,and we are the cure so we get plus,release you now and fighting against,Gavin with war poor graphics and while I,do like to trade I think I would as a,follow-up nerve will disagree with that,if anyone in this world is going to be a,disease a cancer on the world its going,to be a follower of Nergal none of these,sort of upstarts and rat men yeah all,right well at least we got a bonus on,earth then if we have you making your,way down here to turns thats fine by me,as a seal lights what are we going to do,with you Mirek gone I quickly derp up,here weve dealt with a hunt marginals,expedition we do with the potential I,guess to go after them and slay them but,the thing is I dont really want to deal,with clida and that other army that was,nearby we cant see the other army which,worries me a little bit already,and we go after the city we could,actually and get hacked unless unless,lets bring him down here first of all,and then ask him to go up there and,attack right well deal with these guys,like so kill them off and Im just gonna,raise it get the population globe,destroy the hunt Marshalls expedition,finally bye-bye-bye-bye,picked up an enchanted Shield okay now,we are just slightly out of range but,they may bring in reinforcements okay,well keep an eye out okay well keep an,eye out in the next turn but for now,lets work on our points so Im thinking,for you lets give you I would like to,give you that spells level 18 lets give,another point in tomb and darkness then,unless I wants purple Sun now lets go,to you in the darkness make a nice and,cheats get that leadership debuff for,vorpal no sorry for hoovers as a CEO,what am I gonna give you the feeble,impho doesnt really work as well as I,would have liked but about other magic,pizza shades is fairly expensive,Ockhams mind laser theres actually a,little bit cheaper and it does increase,weapon armor peers and damage and weapon,damage yeah lets go for that,okay nexts Evora himself Ive really,done all your magic and no final,transmutation then or plague of wors

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What QAnon followers believe now – BBC News

i do believe,wholeheartedly why why do you think he,must have not ive been on this bright,tight rope between sanity,its been a year since the mobilizing,power of a conspiracy theory nearly,brought the u.s,to its knees,i would love a physical battle but i,know were going to be fighting elites,or whatever yes please in 2020 i,reported on the dramatic rise of,interest in kuwait,during the pandemic,sacrifices children being babies being,sacrificed a year on from the attack on,capitol hill that the movement played,such an important part in,i wanted to find out if people are still,held firmly,in its grip,the sentencing,of the shaman,is moments away,and like any good show stay seated the,people who attacked capitol hill,werent all q anon followers,but the movement was a rallying force,for that day,and its a q a non-believer jacob,chansley or the q anon shaman whos,become the face of january 6th,[Applause],jacob was arrested and pled guilty to,obstruction of congress,i was in washington dc to meet with,albert watkins his lawyer from the first,moment that i spoke with him,it became really clear that this was a,kid who was being,he was an underdog of monumental,proportions,when jacob was in the military at 19 he,was diagnosed with a mental health,disorder that the military kept from him,albert says that left jacob searching,for something,there are a lot of people who have,mental health problems but they dont,storm the capital building,youre right,there are not many who have mental,health vulnerabilities that were,diagnosed in 2006 but didnt have a toll,to them,its about jake,its not about the shaman,but what is it that jacob got wrapped up,kunan followers believe that a cabal of,satan worshiping pedophiles run the,government and media and that they,traffic children for satanic rituals,they claim that a group of military,officials together with donald trump are,fighting back,a survey by the polling organization,ipsos seen exclusively by the bbc,found that seven percent of americans,still believe that this is true,thats down from 17 last year,but its still 22 million people,[Music],while i was in the us i wanted to catch,up with nick natoli,because back in 2020 i met nick on the,internet the pandemic wasnt real and,the race war isnt real why are you here,if theres no left in my country,and he had some pretty controversial,views,i first started speaking to nick about,18 months ago at the very beginning of,the pandemic but speaking to him over,the past few weeks,it seems like his opinion has changed,when everything unfolded on january 6th,what were you thinking,im so embarrassed to be a part of this,group right now get us off national,television what are we doing,is that the capital,is that is that is that a shaman,things have changed with you i think a,bit i dont want to believe in some of,these nefarious terrible things the,information that ive researched has led,me there so when the information that,ive researched has not led me to there,and,president trump is not the president and,joe bidens our president then yeah like,im going to be a realist and say,this isnt what i thought was going to,happen you know a lot of people were,supposed to get arrested that didnt,happen,recently nick hasnt been consuming as,much qnon content because its been,banned from a lot of mainstream social,media but its migrated to less popular,platforms,ive been in touch with a lot of,different q anon followers mostly,through the messaging app,telegram,many of them were hostile and i was,blocked from the app after some,complaints,but some were really friendly and,obliging,keen to help me understand the gravity,of what it is they think is going on in,the world,the alliance has gotten rid of the,dark entities that were,with our government sacrifices children,being babies being sacrificed do your,family know about it no,no i cant let them know i received,hundreds of messages links and videos,evidence they said of the conspiracy,fellow truth seekers it looks to me like,a portal opened more than once someone,agreed to meet in person and at the last,minute they backed out he seemed so,willing and open to talk to us and to,share,all this stuff that they think is so,important,and,then am i just afraid that were going,to twist their words,all except kim,[Music],kim is a dog groomer living in l.a,[Music],she got into q anon just over a year ago,as many other people were starting to,have doubts,ive always been one for the underdog,even when i was a kid,i was like really i was really an odd,child,im a deep thinker,what is it that you think is going on,in the world right now what is going on,its not think,its out in our faces what is going on,the elites,weve been suppressed weve been lied to,all of our lives and now our eyes are,open were taking our country back were,going back to the republic facts only,facts,suez canal remember that,it was deliberately,knocked into that and lodged in there,because what was on it,thousands and thousands of children and,women,with sex trafficking and adrenal chrome,and also those vaccines,this might be hard to follow but its q,on 101,everything that happens every story in,the news gets linked to the cabal,[Music],nothing is as it seems because they,believe everyone is lying to you,were probably gonna have to save,ourselves and theyre gonna push us too,far,uh the calm before the storm its like,again you dont think people will take,up arms oh what do you want and im,looking forward to that,that is our constitutional right,i would love a physical battle,but i know were going to be fighting,elites or whatever or the u.n the,supposed u.n yes please mainstream media,all complacent they admitted it its,always its never changed thats us so,yeah again i dont honey you just work,for him i call you an innocent and,youre a baby too i will be there to,defend,you i heard this from other q anon,believers,because this is a movement working to,convince people,that were at war,now,as we spend time together nick and i sat,down to watch some videos from a q anon,conference in las vegas oh my god jim,cavieza was there from the slavery that,sin makes out of all of us,the actor has been open about his belief,in the conspiracy thats what this is,about,ill be honest with you right now in,this [ __ ] moment stephanie i do,believe,wholeheartedly why why do you think he,must have not why not,hes been places i havent been hes met,people i dont know hes probably in,contact with a lot of military people,who know about this military operation,why would you think that why would he be,here,for the same reason that you would be,there if you were a famous actor and it,would be useful for them to get you in,as a speaker he is no longer going to be,cast in any hollywood movies people,think hes absolutely insane,but this energized nick and here was a,glimpse into just how easily he could,slip back into all of this he could get,pulled back in,to all of us hold up hold on im gonna,stop you um,in the words of spock its only logical,[Music],an update on that breaking news we told,you about just moments ago jacob,chansley the self-proclaimed q anon,shaman is going to now spend more than,three years in prison good afternoon,thanks for talking to us today im fun,but not that much fun thank you all,jacob chansley was just sentenced to 41,months minus the 10 months hes already,been in jail,um it seemed like the judge was really,receptive to his plea he spoke to him,for a long time about,how remorseful he was,and which hed been punished already,seems like the judge took it on board,jacob spoke at length about his abusive,childhood and his mental health problems,he painted a picture of someone who was,vulnerable but full of remorse for what,hed done,he said he just wanted to get better,he didnt speak about q anon,[Music],i caught up with albert again later that,day to find out what role he thought q,anon would play in jacobs life now,do you think,hes left her behind completely well,the excitement that he has,knowi

Warhammer 2: Vortex Campaign (CTT Overhaul) – The Cabal (23)

[Music],[Music],hello everyone Windell here and welcome,back to the cabal lets play now the,plan for todays episode is to actually,finish the campaign today as we got a,number of battles we need to do if you,want to complete our objective have gone,after the settlements with the books of,arcane knowledge now you can see in,front of us weve already got warp or,graphics white outside The Awakening,that last episode got taken over by the,cult of sword tech so were gonna have,to go after these two armies one of them,is led by the legendary Gor walk and the,other one by heta hewan the prophets of,Sutekh so warp was gonna have a bit of a,battle here but thanks to lightning,strike well be able to go after least,go walk by himself between fern and lay,siege to the awakening so a beer to go,after a little bit more easily over here,then with God as a co trying to have one,basically he for hordes I think of this,moment weve got two armies of leave of,the court allah beerus around here weve,got two armies of clan wars trying to,chase after us with treat why behind us,here but i feel comfortable that even if,they tried to attack us we can fight off,this horde fairly easy but its just a,case hes had so many fights to do and,as azile has more than proven himself in,my eyes the others in comparison just to,show off Engram is over here at the,black tower hes got one more turn i,believe in so hes built up his siege,equipment after to go to go after the,objective itself and then haggle off,its just casually making his way across,the seas right now heading towards the,galleons graveyard so lets start,todays episode off or the end the last,turn i should say by declaring war on,the koto so tech for today were,bringing in a whole bunch of people,thats fine it was gonna happen anyway,right oh wow,[Music],I was actually expecting this to be a,little harder Ill be honest,okay mentally theyve got a quite a few,skanks but theyre gonna lizard man,theyve warriors mean sources theyve,got agent salamanders they got these,sacred [ __ ] I havent had a,chance to check out yet but the balance,bar so much my favor bye-bye,and their Falls go walk theres a get a,whole bunch of favor what its worth a,bit of actual leadership speak any,bonuses for defeating him moveable,mountain not all mountains ara movable,locate his weakness is fault line and,turn the quack into a yawning chasm so,as result for defeating Gore walk we now,got +4 leadership which was no big deal,and it seems Ive Wolpaw has now gained,expert charge defense handy I guess got,a scarecrow banner as well for what its,worth you do have a couple of units low,of Terra Don riders so having someone at,that might come in handy but oh and oh,Im not that concern to be honest your,army does not look like strong to hit,one another feeling we should be able to,take them on quite easily right whats,with you about unlace each to the,awakening ok bounced foul is against me,but thats fine but its gonna build,some siege equipment up while rates in,hope things out a little bit and my men,can replenish at the same time everyone,else has already moved basically or just,waiting around so lets just go and do,it assigned skills warp or what am I,going to give you but we still got to,finish off yeah might as well go to the,final transmutation final point here,Dobbin and we can actually cast as an,area effect though I believe Ill be,good and hit enter so we still got a few,turns loved with a vorpal before we can,actually lay the assault at least I,would say to turn so it can least get,some pretty sick towers built not too,sure yet whether I want to go for the,4th four towers because then we can get,a lot of troops up in the wall and even,though well be facing a few lizard and,men source for years,I still feel confident on my troops,should be able to take them on,although limit here might make things a,little bit more difficult for me,and heres T huh they come out to attack,me wow they are and it looks like weve,got free armies oh this is gonna be fun,when we got here monstrous infantry you,want a [ __ ] so go on my friend blood pit,mature cold-blooded Im guessing with,the weapon strength I think you are,siege attacker yeah,causes fear and terror so weve gone one,of them weve got of course to have on,himself and a good wake was the skink,leader ok skink chief lets see what Im,actually gonna do Im gonna treats Im,gonna play it conservatively right weve,ready realized that theyve pushed to,cry fire head thanks to force March so,in a position now that we could just go,after them one by one and eliminate,their men using lightning strike if,needed and then we can go and finish off,the settlement afterwards you guys still,fighting up here are you looks like it,its nice to see in a way thats the,cult of pleasure started to make some,advance theyve taken a hex on so,although as you can see they still need,them to burn Burnetts build it back up,from nothing after we decided to burn it,down but theyve got this big gap in the,middle since this province here as you,can see hes been taken by the exiles of,neck the heck you know I cant bloody,remember their names,yeah its o Hmong beastmen ok decide on,them at this point were basically a,wolf nearly everyone on the map we might,as well just go complete total war in,this case what do you guys think,right lets see what we can do about,these guys were already back up now to,pretty much fighting strength lets push,down now to go after this army huh that,could work out for us actually if we,defeat these two armies that means then,we always have to deal with tacit Lees,the garrison of I want on earth for you,you exactiy hang on a humic rocks accord,Lord maybe so,oh my god I had no idea we can get those,okay,well lets give it a go okay how are we,going to do this well weve got the main,army set up in front of us here this is,the army that weve come to attack if,you remember thats should have been,pretty tired but apparently youre not,okay whos their leader yeah toxic Oh,ancients I forgot they were actually a,new character introduced with the latest,DLC its been a while havent actually,had a chance to play it properly myself,yet but I forgot about that,my thats gambeson magic start the,deployments and see what we can work,with so weve got this army in front of,us here Ive got the reinforcements,coming on down here now how which army,were gonna call ego after first its,probably this one right in front of us,and dont want them try and Z we unite,or what ravage is charge forward destroy,them and in switch around and attack the,a reinforcements come in from the city,so lets try and set up with that in,mind chosen of Nergal we want on the,flanks for definites,chosen you can come in here alongside,the putrid white kings we got a daemon,spew nearby as well lets switch over,the warrior units of on the side,we got my fast fun acting units the,chariots and the giant hounds were,gonna put those on my white flag,so just charge in and outflank them as,quickly as we can while the heavy,hitters number the pieces of Nergal the,giant beast and our chaos trolls,charging into the center so if we set up,our front line right here to go across,and so just March straight towards them,well per will the fast-acting units like,these guys on the flank over here now,should be morning of just a1 through the,trees and get them glad to be careful,the chariots though because they will,take damage going into the trees I just,remembered,okay piece of Nergal were gonna have,you as on this flank over here well,have the chaos trolls in the center just,I provide a big punch and were gonna,have you here as well who bus is gonna,be here ready to cast spells as needed,his first thing will be to use arcane,conduits just mind me aspect the dread,Knights okay if we could lower down,their leadership um 75 maybe not its,gonna be a little harder than I thought,but if we can use spear elites perhaps,to kill off their commander straightaway,well be out of washi and kill

The video the Illuminati doesn’t want you to see

The Illuminati’s that shadowy cabal that controls the entire world and ensures free,will is an illusion. They’ve got a big Facebook page,,Celebrities like Jay-Z are accused of being members,,and there are weird YouTubers like this guy.,”They had weirdos standing up everywhere, and then Beyonce–show a document of this if you can. She does the Illuminati symbol.”,But what about the real history of the Illuminati and how it became what it is today?,This is Bavaria, and in 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a law professor,,founded the Illuminati. It’s real. He wanted to spread enlightenment ideals around,the world. The goal was to infiltrate the monarchy and,make them more enlightened by entering their ranks.,Even though they were so high-minded, they had weird rituals.,See these owls? The Illuminati really loved them.,And they had invented hierarchies like Novice, Minerval, and Illuminated.,Even though they were weird, they did have some success around the world.,Anywhere from 650 to 2800 members infiltrated Freemason chapters,,may have had influential members like the writer Goethe,,and even might have influenced the Jacobins, the political club that spurred the French,revolution to its most radical heights.,But they were destroyed in 1785. This is Karl Theodor — the Duke of Bavaria,— and that year he banned secret societies. That included the Illuminati.,Most historians think that it worked and the Illuminati disappeared.,But if that’s true, then why do we still think that Drake’s Illuminati today just,because he wears owl sweaters?,Since the beginning, conspiracy theories have been part of the Illuminati.,This guy, Xavier von Zwack, actually did have plans to take over the world that were found,after the Illuminati was banned. American historians and preachers thought,the Illuminati planted some seeds for the French Revolution and,George Washington even wrote a letter that claimed the Illuminati had once been,a threat. But the Illuminati lost the limelight thanks,to the Freemasons. This is George Washington as a Freemason,,and a lot of founding fathers really were Freemasons. That inspired the anti-Masonic,party. It was a legitimate movement with big names,like John Quincy Adams, and the Illuminati paranoia faded around the world.,So how did the myth stay alive?,There were always random books, like this one from 1918, or book reviews,that mentioned the Illuminati. But most people think the Illuminatus book,trilogy of the 1970s deserves credit for bringing the Illuminati,back. It might also be why weird secret symbols like these pyramids and triangles are associated,with the Illuminati. It was a funny series and gave new life to,the conspiracy for an ironic, connected age. They were an evil organization bent on ruling,the world, sure, but they were also kind of funny.,The Illuminati was vague enough to be refit to any purpose, from,the new world order to religious paranoia,,to pop culture curio like Angels & Demons. It became a joke.,But you might believe thats what the Illuminati wants you to think,if you noticed the 14 evil yellow triangles of power hidden inside this video.,The Illuminati only really endures because it’s disappeared and can look like anything.,There’s nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.,Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati.,So this is my humble little crazy wall and one of the disadvantages of a crazy wall is,that things aren’t as legible as you’d like them to be. That includes this letter,by George Washington. However, the Library of Congress does tell us what it says, and,it says, “It was not my intention to doubt that the doctrines of the Illuminati and principles,of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States.” So he thought the Illuminati didn’t,make it in the United States, so you can rest assured, but, they were a threat.

Warcry Range Review: Corvus Cabal

hello my name is Carrie Othin today we,are gonna take a look at the wall cry,Corvus cabal war band and this is of,course another range review and similar,to what we did with the Necromonger one,for the all-out gang were not just,gonna talk about the models but also,possible other applications for them,because of course these ranges arent as,big released they sort of are but,theres lots of very very different,things within them which could get messy,and weird so instead were going to,focus on one at a time theyre gonna be,a bit shorter but were also gonna look,at other applications and for these,models as well and I have to admit this,one is gonna be a bit more tricky,largely because I for the life of me Im,not entirely sure what else you could do,with this guy thats so the like that,the leader of this war band is super,super distinctive very distinctive in,fact I really really love this model I,think its I think its so so good,its creepy its weird its a little bit,nonsensical but you know all the best,ones are its its its an odd one but,that can be served for a lot of the,war-cry stuff in fairness they really,push the boat out in weird freaky stuff,with with war cry which 100 percent in,favor of I do like this a lot but Ive,always since seen it for the first time,struggled with kind of what what else,what else could you do with this thing,and I really really dont know I,genuinely dont I suppose you could do,something funky in terms of maybe a,maybe a saucer of some kinda as xenian,sorcerer maybe that could be an option,although of course 40k wise that would,be a bit tricky to pull off although hmm,yeah its a difficult one I do think for,a little while but actually a funny one,might be some sort of a tech priest some,sort of odd mech Archmage arse or,something,possibly a dark mechanicus heretic,something like that the feathers are,very distinctive the head is super,distinctive,if you took the body away and put some,put some kind of mechanical tacky bits,in there youd have to lose the legs,which would rob the model of the pose,somewhat then theres a difficulty with,the hands being on the wings hes one of,those few ones wed have to do some,serious work to repurpose it but then,again its a really really good base,model its its well sculpted the,details are really nice it looks cool,the way theyve done the the hood and,the beak protruding from underneath it I,think is super well done you can see,that theres a person in there like in,terms of you tell theres a human head,under there somewhere but the way its,been the way its been kind of,integrated under the hood works super,well and the wings are really really,nice the hands are creepy is anything,what would the claws on them yeah its,its a good model its just Im not sure,how I do anything with that which for me,is I I like looking at stuff and going,how could I turn that into something,else and its Im just like I dont know,what Id do I dont know what Id do,with it does look good though a lot of,those parts I guess would be kind of fun,to do some sort of raven guard thing,with but of course that would require,quite a bit of work and quite a quite a,lot of messing about it might be a,little bit too too dark and culty for,for an actual space reach out to perhaps,this is easily I think my favorite model,out of all of them in this set it looks,super good I mean obviously this stuff,it goes without saying that you can do,Kaos stuff with this it goes without,saying you can most definitely do care,stuff with this because pretty like most,of the war bands currently are centered,around some form of chaos so thats kind,of a given but this one has such a good,such a good attitude to it its all the,right kinds of creepy and odd and the,holding of the head in one hand with the,actual like crow landing on it its yeah,its nice and that weapon is horrendous,in the best way I would honestly,quite like to be able to use that weapon,for for other stuff and that goes,actually for a lot of the weapons in,this in this war band they are super,like jagged and brutal they look they,look like amateurishly made like it was,built by someone who doesnt really know,how to make a weapon but just knows that,one end one side needs to be sharp and,you may as well stick some spikes on it,because why not its a really really,good model and again the the use of the,the skull and beak just under the hood,is is super well done yeah I have to,like that a lot again its its just,something about the weapons on these,guys they look cruel I think is what it,is I think these would be really fun,weapons for hydric re or or what kind of,what are they called,ah Ive forgotten the name of them the,identity can you could have like a sort,of a more like a more kind of crueler,version of those using some of these,weapons not as big a fan of the head on,this one as the others but actually you,know what would be fun turning that into,some sort of Kaos assassin would be fun,it could do a head swap you could take,one of the weapons out of their hand and,give them a gun or some description,leave the other one if you wanted to,switch out the feet with something,thats got boots on that would be easy,enough to do I dont even have to repose,it all that much but itll be doable,we totally doable thatll be a fun use,of that oh yeah theyre all theyre all,solid theyre all solid models and the,the thing I like is all about the,feathers is there are there are a lot of,them but theyre done in such a way that,they dont take away from the main guy,ID the main guys the only one hes got,like the full the full winged effect,going on which kind of separates him out,and kind of its still,hiren and it still all works together,but yeah its a they all have that motif,without it being a case of attention,being drawn from from the leader this,that yeah I dont know what it is about,the weapons at least they just look,really harsh they just look like cruel,and like properly evil even the smaller,ones I think its like the jagged almost,unfinished edge to some of them and,mainly they go the throwing darts this,one I think I I think its not at least,favorites just because of the throwing,dart that hes got on his hand but then,again it does have that nice detail of,the of the claw like going into the skin,to be honest if you wanted to do some,sort of like awful zine chiyan cultists,you could totally convert some of these,guys for that take one of the weapons,out of one hand and give him like a give,them like a last pistol rather or a like,herb a stub pistol whatever you could,totally get away with that you could,probably give one of them like a,slightly heavier weapon as well,depending on how theyre holding the one,they came with thatll be quite hard and,I thought be quite a fun use for these,actually the face it would work super,well if you could do a bit of freehand a,bit of like freehand rune painting on,the skin that would work super well Ill,leave that to someone whos better at,free handing though theres no way I,could manage that the detail on this one,of having like the the metal in the eye,I really like its only a small thing,its only a small detail but it it does,a lot to add something extra to to that,model and the feather theres that nice,bit of detail in the metal itself as,well theres a lot of good dynamic poses,of all amongst these there they look in,action you know in a in a convincing way,that spear I desperately want to use on,a on some sort of slash Kaos marine I,really want to use that spear for,something,it is a properly evil spear good plumes,as well good plumes on these guys like,the hair is very flowing its its nice,and uh yeah its its well sculpted,because its not too thick its not too,thick and theres enough movement there,that it fits well with the posing,sometimes hair can be a bit like,especially when its long and flowing it,can be a bit chunky it can be a bit too,like thick and heavy but I dont get,that from these guys again awful spear I,dont know how effective

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