1. Farming Simulator 22: The Final Preview
  2. Lets Play Fun JetPack Goat Simulator with Ryans Family Review!
  3. Real Farmer REACTS to Farming Simulator 22 | Experts React
  4. ROBLOX Weight Lifting Simulator 2! Lets Play with Ryans Family Review!
  5. A Review of Farming Simulator 22
  6. Amazing Cultivation Simulator Review | CCP™ Edition™
  7. Construction Simulator: The Final Preview

Farming Simulator 22: The Final Preview

[Music],theres no denying it there is something,strangely satisfying about riding a,massive tractor through a ripe field in,the farming simulator series but with,farming simulator 22 the developers at,giant software arent contenting,themselves with a shiny new coat of,paint instead theyre adding features,that up until now have only ever been,supported by a passionate modding,community chiefly seasonal cycles and,production chains now before i was able,to hop on my rig and get that delightful,crop collecting payoff i had to devise a,plan for how to best utilize my time,space and resources that extended far,beyond the barley field,[Music],its hard to overstate just how big of a,deal seasonal changes were in my time,with farming simulator 22. gone were the,days of the eternal august weather right,for farming now i had to get creative,plan which crops to grow during which,seasons and make sure i harvested,everything before it withered on the,vine the hot summer months for example,were a great opportunity to grow wheat,and stock up on my reserves for colder,months while the snowy winter season,called for building greenhouses to grow,strawberries in the inhospitable weather,seasons forced me to think completely,differently about running my farm and,only by carefully planning ahead was i,able to turn a profit acquire new land,to work and expand my ever-hungry,produce empire and that added a,strategic element to a series that until,now has mostly been about driving big,machines dont get me wrong though,youll still drive plenty of enormous,marvels of engineering around and its,just as awesome as its ever been,theres just a lot more to it now a,perfect example of how the series is,evolving can be found with its other,major addition production cycles which,involve you in the refining distribution,and finally the selling of your goods in,one scenario i harvested wheat brought,it to a factory to be turned into flour,then brought that flower to a bakery to,be cooked into bread and in another much,more elaborate sequence of events i,spent an entire in-game year figuring,out how to grow or harvest strawberries,sugar milk eggs and butter just so i,could manufacture and sell cakes,expanding my business by purchasing,production facilities became an,addictive part of making money to feed,my ever-hungry farming operations in,addition to the ever-hungry animals and,people i was literally feeding why just,sell my crops when i could own the,businesses that make use of those crops,and get some of that sweet sweet,vertical integration going my thirst for,success as a farming tycoon led me to,acquire a good chunk of the midwestern,locale of elm creek altogether and of,course as my operations expanded and my,cash reserves grew i was able to afford,bigger and better farming equipment that,let me seed fertilize and harvest my,crops in classic zen-like fashion,farming simulator has always had these,beautiful machines and spades and this,game is no exception there are some,pretty beautiful models too like the,fent katana 650 and the new holland,browd 9070 l its been a few years since,the last farming simulator and so far it,seems that giant software has not been,sitting on their laurels im excited to,embrace my inner farm tycoon when it,releases later this month and yes also,to drive around really big machines,you know who else enjoys driving big,machines the legendary spartan john 117,master chief as luck would have it were,bringing you exclusive halo infinite,news all month long check it out for,yourself and for everything else on,earth and beyond stick with ign,[Music]

Lets Play Fun JetPack Goat Simulator with Ryans Family Review!

[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],what can the car rent over here Oh,bah-bah up please not now sir Im busy,good thing nobody is inside a house I,excuse you dont touch my table theres,one person there get up get out its my,house now not yours,take it over like hes just dancing,there whats going on with his body who,were you were hearing at the 2017 go,riding championships and your winner is,Chester beat Jackson rad and Rupert the,goat head he feel after your win I know,we could do it thank you,ah whats going on with his body,Oh given in the next door there look,Nicks wrist,hes high,here oh yeah you close it which one,should I try this one looks like its,gonna jump how hes doing it just,doesnt make sense,you had died he does that Oh what very,you see that I said woman you said,container,hes dancing dancing dancing dancing,all right I gave,[Music],[Applause],oh-oh-oh why are these hoppers in there,just chillin oh no way,jump from fan to fan thats crazy what,are you brought to your gas station,no yeah gas is explosive Oh,what oh you mean by the gas station I,forgot it,the storys all messed up too this one,says oh and this one oh theres a,jetpack you want that back be cool get,back I can fly,oh this amusement park if you saw the,water will you lose your fire my way,[Music],special go okay they go,those people lining up Im skipped up,line bye-bye,excuse me pardon me jet pack coming,through who I dont do lines okay sorry,my body stuck okay get on,[Music],[Music],my hotel dont bother making a,reservation seriously stop dancing stop,it,Oh if you jump on the band does this oh,yeah,I keep playing goats have a family,destiny dont forget to subscribe for,more Ryans every videos,[Music]

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Real Farmer REACTS to Farming Simulator 22 | Experts React

when i was about seven years old i took,out a fence in our compound i was making,a turn with one of our implements i took,out a whole fence my dad was a little,pissed about that,be nice to have an air conditioner and,radio in there ive never had that,machine makes it look really easy it,makes a real nice rectangle square nice,and bunched up looks like it even,strings it too im not sure if they do,that in real life but im sure its a,lot slower process than this,hey welcome to experts react my name is,farmer kenny tanaka from tanaka farms,and irvine today were going to check,out farming simulator 22. all right,lets go,i look like a motorcycle rider in,that i like the drawn deer i like that,vest,me i wear basically what im wearing now,i wear polo shirts with tanaka farms,logo and,regular pants jeans depending on the,weather shorts a lot of the times,especially in southern california where,its nice and sunny all the time we have,a lot of john deere tractors,i havent driven that since i was 18,years old when i had a class a license,right now we use the f250 to transfer,some of our tractors and implements,its kind of like how remember it a,little nicer than ours ours was old and,beat up,it seems easier than when i used to try,to back up the trailers even the,trailers we have now its,that seems a lot easier,thats kind of like our tractors old,older style,yeah those are a little bigger than what,we we use,those are for big big farms work kind of,on a smaller farm but those are yeah big,implements for the bigger farms we have,similar implants just probably half the,size,we have about three forklifts on the,farm but ours are old and beat up pretty,heavy duty forklift off-road tires long,forks,and you got to make sure everythings,tied down well so you dont lose the,tractor on the on the road,and driving the big semis on the on the,road like that is uh me used to make me,nervous all the time my hands would get,sweaty uh its so wide and long,i was afraid i was gonna hit something,we use chains instead of those straps to,chain down the,tractors driving the implement off the,back of that is always scary youre,going to feel like youre going to fall,off or the implements going to hit the,ground before you you make it onto the,flat ground,those old tractors youre always worried,about if theyre going to start up or,not hopefully they start and run thats,how 90 of our tractors are,itd be nice to have the money to buy,those big tractors and use on our farm,so we dont harvest any weed on our farm,but this looks like a real big implement,use this to cut the wheat first,and make sure youre going in straight,lines,make sure youre getting the most out of,all the wheat you have,so i must have collected it,after i cut it and putting it straight,into the trailer the trailer probably,take it to the,uh warehouse,probably dump it straight into the,strainer,all right now were going to cultivate,the fields,kind of loosen up the soil for the next,planting,these you want to make sure you go in,straight lines,dad always hated it when i was going,crooked down down the rows,waste more time backing up and turning,around brings up the good soil from the,from below kind of breaks up clods dirt,clods,be nice to have air conditioner and,radio in there ive never had that,theyre probably going faster than i,used to go i could only go probably half,that speed not even,hooking up the seeding machine had to,fill seeds into the back by hand they,probably have machined to do that,machine probably goes right underneath,the soil drops seed,inside that basket theres a,belt turning to drop the seeds little,pipes that go down put the seed into the,ground,gotta always be checking the back its,hard to see in the back with that flap,up,you have to see whats going on when,youre inside the tractor make sure,nothings broken make sure the seeds are,getting plowed down how you want it,takes a long time to change implements,same thing with us moving implements,from our different couple different,farms that we have,it takes more time driving around,changing the implements hooking up to,the new implements its always scary,driving down the road when we take the,open open tractor it feels like youre,going 40 50 miles an hour when youre,only going 15 20 miles an hour,the big tires making a lot of noise,people looking at you funny,rocks get kicked up in your face and,its a little scary,and driving down the road with the,implement is especially scary its,usually wider than the tractor,when i was about seven years old i took,out a fence in our compound i was making,a turn with one of our implements i took,out a whole fence,my dad was a little pissed about that,machine makes it look really easy it,makes it real nice rectangle square nice,and bunched up looks like it even,strings it too,[Music],im not sure if they do that in real,life but,im sure its a lot slower process than,this,we use those bales for deck mostly,decoration people to sit on take,pictures,so once everything harvested you have to,plow the field get ready for the next,planting,so to mix up the soil the plow will,break up the soil turn it over and then,the disc on the right will,kind of break up the clod smooth it out,[Music],looks like its rotating thats,its more high-tech than we we use,so you want to make sure youre going in,your straight lines,this is usually a pretty,pretty quick process,so you have a lot of rocks in the field,debris gets out there so were gonna go,pick up those rocks,this works well when the grounds nice,and sandy and it will pick up those,rocks,the ground eye farm is very has a lot of,clay in it so the rock picker wouldnt,work too well itd pick up clods of dirt,and that thing would be,just full of full of dirt at that time,[Music],its going in there it filters through,the,picks up the dirt filters the rocks out,thats one of the coolest tractors ive,seen,we usually have a guy out there going,through and picking all the rocks up by,hand,yeah this will make it a lot easier to,pick up rocks if we could use this,another rock picker implement,different treads on this tractor a,little easier to go through when its,not the grounds really soft,picking up a lot of dirt filtering it,out filtering out the rocks,these kind of tires will make,wont come pack the ground as much the,other single tires theyll compact the,ground make it kind of hard underneath,the soil these treads hopefully wont do,that as much,now its nice and quiet in the cabin,enclosed cab when you have the open cab,get all dusty and,faces full of dirt at the end of the day,so that was really cool seeing all those,tractors do what they could do out on,the big farm we have a little farm so,its nice to see those big tractors out,in the field if you want to come see a,real working farm and take a tour visit,tanakafarms.com or find us on facebook,or instagram for more experts react,check out gameology on facebook and,youtube thanks and see you next time,welcome to farmers react my name is,farmer kenny tanaka from tanaka farms in,irvine,[Laughter],hey welcome to farming,[Laughter],thinking about,[Music]

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ROBLOX Weight Lifting Simulator 2! Lets Play with Ryans Family Review!

[Music],welcome to ryans,[Music],hi family today were playing white,simulator,yeah i mean two yeah we were playing,weight simulator weight lifting,simulated two three two one,i got a gotta punch people in the face,im only one strong but i dont even,care so ryan started out super super,skinny person look how clean ryan is,so youre supposed to exercise and get,muscles and get buffed up before you,start fighting other people youre gonna,go exercise ryan how do you exercise ah,no dont touch me,so ryans right now exercising lifting,it up,[Music],are you sure your weight looks super,nice oh,what happened,[Music],[Music],no way,oh boy this sure is heavy i wonder if i,can keep this up,so,when you exercise ryan because you keep,dying other people keep attacking you is,there any safe place,the lions hiding,and awake big weight hey,you hiding behind my weight,can you see me guys no i cant see you,so ryans hiding there so every time you,die you have to start over or whatever,you feel the muscle is,it just stays there okay if you die,okay,so how do i,is that a real person maybe i am maybe,im not whats it to you bro bro do you,even lift,do you guys think im big,are you serious,are you serious i was exercising,punch him in the face,no dont fight him hes big ryan,you just if youre small you just have,to be in the corner make sure nobodys,bullying you,[Music],yeah i i just dont see it right i dont,see any difference,oh can you do this does it work i think,it makes you bigger i dont know i dont,know but then this is just a cardio,cardio you just lose weight right you,dont build muscle that much,hey bruh what are you doing,stay away from me,hes chasing me,what are you doing i,i just wanted to be friends,stay with them,dont push us to the bus,im just hiding in here,why do i have to hide to exercise,and i see a little naked guy behind me,pull your pants off,how many minutes do you have to do,what,if you want to be the biggest um well,you and you cannot go higher you have to,go 30 minutes,30 minutes,just exercising yeah just clicking this,the whole time no,no way,whos the writer whos a writer,[Music],he doesnt know,the person from paw patrol oh the paw,patrol oh okay,now i know,i know who the writer is,all right lets say lets see,oh what happened what am i what am i,thinking what thats the giant person,that squashed you in the floor you see,his butt,what whoa whoa whoa whats going on why,am i in the water,what,guys whats going on anybody go on the,floor no theres no ocean ryan you wont,fall no ill just,its so glitchy,but its okay this is a safe place to,exercise here you can exercise but just,dont fall,use this opportunity just to do the,muscle and do not jump,up,[Music],i cannot even move on the water,with that now bake my stick and then eat,it it looks at your eating arm,bone appetit,your meal has arrived sir,whoa look at that lady dang,look at that exercise would you please,yeah,hey there boys,i like to work out alone,please leave,or else,can we be a team dont kill me oh wait,you need a if you want to be oh no i can,i can tell ryans bigger youre a little,bigger ryan i can tell,i see this muscle good job good job,oh,my team,lady i bought my team what the i didnt,even say that,stay away from us,okay behind it,look at anybody ah dont look at it,dont look at it,oh god that person looks like a hulk,stay away from those people who i am,what if they are,like sometimes youre from here,you might not be a knight,this game is dangerous,hes attacking me and im stronger than,him he wasnt doing anything yes he did,he attacked me in the first place are,you sure,did you see it yeah,what is going on guys,use this opportunity to exercise,its like theres a sandstorm punch and,dance and punch pick it up,you think,do you think its just a giant person,and thats why you couldnt see anything,what is that,thats good,thats the big giant something ryan,oh,can you tell right look like my my,weight looks bigger,oh yeah,one day one day im gonna have six packs,if i can he doesnt even have a six,bucks look at how many one two three,four five wow he has ten packs,no he has one in the middle,yeah,okay,all right all right all right we got it,we got it,oh again whats going on im full down,im still exercising stop stance,sandstorm oh lady dont you dare okay,but you didnt talk to me thats the,same lady,earlier no,all right i guess i wont beat you up,time to say bye though thanks for,watching everyone,have a fantastic day,dont forget to subscribe for more,ryans family videos,[Music]

A Review of Farming Simulator 22

hello my name is redcoat viking and in,this video im going to be talking about,a game called,farmingsim22 because it recently won a,vote on the channel you guys wanted me,to review it so here we are now in all,honesty a lot of my friends scoff at the,thought of me playing farming sim and i,can understand why because i probably,would have too before i started playing,the series back in 2013,but honestly its one of the best,sandbox experiences that money can buy,and fs22 at least in my opinion is no,exception but the main question is if,youve played one of the other games,before youre probably wondering if its,worth buying or if you should just stick,to fs19 or even if youre new to the,series you might be wondering if its,worth paying the extra cash to get the,latest version of the game or if its,just almost the same as one of the,previous and much cheaper games such as,fs19 and thats what im going to be,trying to cover in this video now fs22,and fs19 are really similar games,graphically almost identical with some,improved field textures to fs22 but what,id say fs22 does so much more is it,adds loads of really small but really,noticeable quality of life improvements,that make the game feel so much more,complete and,realistic and authentic and thats,something i think the games been,lacking for quite a while and fs22 kind,of manages to bring up the realism,aspect and it although it doesnt bring,a whole lot more new content it does,still manage to cram some decent stuff,in there as well so for me one of the,biggest and most noticeable changes in,fs22 is the audio especially when,driving inside the cabin of a vehicle,and you can hear the creaking and the,bouncing of the wheels as you drive,along the road and you hear it change as,you go over uneven surfaces and it,really feels like youre in the vehicle,and i really appreciate that,there are still some improvements to the,overall audio so youll hear the,difference in third person too but,youll notice them the most when youre,in first person in the cab and then,theyve also added tree felling sound,effects which kind of sounds a bit,ridiculous now that i say it you should,always really have heard a tree falling,over but because of the sandbox nature,of the game and the physics nature of it,all i imagine that actually took quite,some work so being able to hear the tree,falling over after youve cut it down,really just adds an extra layer of of,quality at least to me now like i said,graphically the game is very very,similar if not identical to fs19 and it,does look a little bit shinier but its,not going to blow you away and the game,does look good though but fs19 look good,too but they have added some much better,field textures for when you uh use the,new rollers over grass for example you,see the grass mush down you also get a,fertilizer bonus for that which is,fairly realistic and the biggest,improvement to me is the ploughing,texture the ploughing now when you plow,a field it looks like youve actually,created grooves in the land now there is,still no terrain deformation so youre,not actually making holes in the ground,but as far as i know no farming sim has,ever managed to pull that off so it must,be incredibly hard to do but the,textures theyve added look really,really good so its kind of easy to,forget that youre not actually,deforming the terrain it just it looks,good enough to believe that you are well,overall i think i think the graphics,have had a slight bit of polish and a,very small improvement over fs19 but,like i said the overall graphics quality,of the game is pretty much the same,on the vehicle maintenance side of,things they have done a few changes,though which is very much appreciated so,first of all um your vehicles can get a,little bit rusty and as they age the,performance also goes down theyve also,added manual gearboxes which you can,toggle on and off but all vehicles now,have manual gears even if you choose,automatic so theyll still go up through,one two three four and high and low and,all that even if its on automatic and,thats both good and bad um thats,always been a mod for previous farming,sim games ive never really wanted it i,dont see the point i get a bit tired of,shifting gears even if its just two,keys on the keyboard or with a h shifter,its not really my thing its cool for,people that do want it but what to me,the biggest impact that has is even if,you choose automatic gears if youre in,an underpowered tractor going up a hill,pulling a plow that maybe you just have,slightly too few hp to pull um its,gonna start jumping through the gears,constantly back and forth trying to find,that right gear and it leads to a really,jerky experience i didnt like that all,that much i wish you could just remove,the manual gears completely not just,have automatic but just remove the,gearbox completely and drive it like it,was in previous farming some games,however if youre not an idiot like me,and you actually get a tractor that is,strong enough to pull the machinery over,hill well you probably wont notice any,of the problems and all of everything,ive said here will be in vain,something you might like though is that,theyve added seasons the old seasons,mod from previous games so now you can,toggle that on and off as well and,thats pretty much the same for,everything im going to be mentioning,mentioning in this video you can toggle,it all on and off but theyve added,seasons so crops now by default will,grow at certain times of the year they,can only be planted at certain times of,the year and in the winter youre going,to have snow which can be shoveled,just like in previous games the same way,that hay and all other grass and,everything you can pile up can be,shoveled using a wheel loader and bucket,and dumped wherever you like it and,itll melt automatically when it starts,getting warm again,maps included in the game are pretty,nice definitely much more detail in the,vanilla maps for the first time in many,many years theres one us map,one,european map and then theres ellen,grant which was a dlc i think its,somewhere in the swiss or austrian,mountains uh in fs19 which was one of my,favorite maps so im glad its there now,too so you get three maps included in,the base game and plus if thats not,enough theres just endless mods with,endless maps that you can just try out,for free,just like previous games its got,multiplayer for up to 16 players at,least on pc six on console another big,thing for me is that you can now set a,destination for an ai driver kind of,like course play if youve ever used one,of the previous mods in the previous,games and i dont want to keep on just,referencing previous games but were so,far into this series now im kind of,thinking you might have already played,it if youre watching this but it,hopefully still makes sense if you dont,know anything about farming sim,either way now you can tell an ai where,you want them to go and you can set that,destination anywhere on the map,its really easy to do you pay them,wages just as if theyre working in the,field and it seems to work really well,and it saves you having to go back and,forward to the shop if you dont feel,like it so you can just send your ai,over there hook him up to whatever,machinery you want him to bring back and,then just send him back its a much a,much nicer experience if you dont feel,like doing all the driving back and,forth and of course theyve added some,new content like the ability to have a,little vineyard you can now grow grapes,and olives and you get the same 400 plus,vehicles with over 100 brands including,fent class john deere and landini the,vehicles are actually really well done,but ive never really had a problem with,the vanilla vehicles in farming sims so,that is to be expected at this point one,thing they seem to have spent a lot of,time on a little bit surprisingly is the,character customizer and id say its,worthy almost of an mmo um,you have a lot of clothes to choose from,and you can customize your char

Amazing Cultivation Simulator Review | CCP™ Edition™

Hey hey people,,Sseth here.,Are you…,easily entertained by seeing numbers get higher?,Would you like to play the equivalent of that, except,all the buttons have been replaced with chinese symbols?,Do you have a burning interest in…,chinese martial arts.,Daoism.,or the pursuit of immortality?,Then I invite you, to see where my life has spiralled out of control,for the past two months.,Amazing Cultivation Simulator.,Keep in mind, I only paid money for this,after 50 hours.,Ive been playing this so long,that all my ads are in chinese.,Amazing Cultivation Simulator™,is a love letter to Chinese Wuxia novels.,essentially – chinese sword fantasy.,The word is like a sound,because its meant to sound like a sword swipe.,In the novels, Cultivation is the cultivation of ones internal qi,,through practice,,martial arts,,meditation,,whatever.,And Qi is the vital breath or essence of our living world.,according to the same people who stick needles in your back.,The end goal of cultivation is of course,immortality.,And that – is what this whole game is about.,Essentially, youre going to take a small group,of chinese rice farmers,,and turn them into demigods.,To begin, I need to dispel any notion at all,,that this is Chinese Rimworld.,I do this, by comparing them directly.,For example,: We need a refrigerator,,Im going to build one.,We need a refrigerator,Im going to drop the frozen soul of a demon,,and reduce the temperature,to absolute zero.,The room – is too cold,,We need air conditioning.,The room is too cold.,rebuild it.,out of wood.,and make the bed out of fire,Now – our disciple wont die of frostbite!,hell die of heatstroke.,My colonist is…,crippled,,disabled,,and completely geriatric.,So the cheapest option,is to put him down.,My disciple is an,old,,disabled nugget.,We have regrown each of his limbs,also, hes now a 14 year old boy.,Were under attack by bandits,,we should get inside to safety.,: A man just decapitated my best friend,from over 10km away,with a flying fedora.,Once you get past the obvious comparisons,,youll never mistake this game,for anything else.,To begin, youll need to go through the tutorial.,Its very quick,and gives you a bit of background to the story.,Unfortunately, the english voice acting is…,Questionable.,Luckily, this is a fantasy game.,so the sound of women,is optional.,In contrast, the music is lovely.,And the visuals – are gorgeous.,Completing the tutorial unlocks,the actual game.,Which is clearly and unambigously labeled;,”Classic.”,which upon clicking,will show a huge list of sliders and settings,to scare away the casual gwailo.,Dont touch anything. (except map size – I prefer large),Just hit confirm.,Next,,youre gonna get trolled by the Chinese.,Because, the developers think its really funny,that theres an almost certain guarantee,that you just rolled a yaogai,,as one of your starting characters.,Let me explain,,whiteboy.,In this world, you can cultivate as either a human,or a yaogai. (妖怪),which translates to monster,,but really, were referring to demons.,Yaogai, henceforth referred to as,yoghurts.,are animals that have gained sentience and become humanoid.,However, their existence is unnatural,,and eventually they have to face tribulation from the heavens.,Its sort of like gods punishment,for being a furry.,I wish I knew that before…,I lost my first waifu to a stormcloud.,But, because the random character selection randomizes race,and 11 out of 12 of those races – are,different flavors of yoghurt,,youre very likely to land that.,Until you know what youre doing,,I dont recommend starting with dairy products.,But, if you want to speedrun the game,I recommend playing as the fastest animal on land…,A turtle.,Youll starve to death,,before you even reach the dinner table.,Beyond this point, theres not much advice I can give.,Youre gonna suffer.,and youre gonna learn from the experience.,So, pick your starting perks,and get into the game.,Everybody recommends True Sun Refining as your starting law,because its got very simple progression.,and if you make a mistake, worst case scenario…,youll just die in horrific agony.,If you followed the plot,the entirety of the Taiyi sect has been annihilated,You, and a handful of others,are the only survivors.,Why was it destroyed?,And by who?,Whomst did this?,Are questions youll have to answer if you want to uncover,the mystery of the Taiyi sect.,But uh right now your primary concern,is survival.,To help, a mysterious cultivator, who was tight with your former sect leader,,drops by for the next two weeks.,As long as hes alive,youre not gonna die.,That is, unless you go to the bottom left of the map.,In which case,,you will both die.,Lets get definitions going.,Youre running a sect.,A school of cultivation.,A sect has outer disciples, that will happily do all of your,mundane,,tedious labor.,for a competitive salary of about zero dollars.,Theyre not – slaves – as per se.,We dont use that word here.,Its more like an internship,which never ends.,But – through a high intensity jujitsu program,known as foundation – they can become – inner disciples.,An inner disciple must choose one of the many supreme laws to follow.,through which they cultivate a higher state of being.,Their progress,,abilities,,and potential.,is largely determined by their character stats and background.,Like rimworld, everyone in this game generates with a random background.,such as:,Congenital defect.,Seashell collector.,and effeminate male.,The combination of stats will determine their compatibility with the chosen law.,You start with just one, but youll unlock the rest as the game goes on.,Also – they dont have to eat.,But they still do.,Its not uncommon to see a cultivator feasting on ramen,,even if theres currently a famine.,Especially if theyre currently having a famine.,Also pro tip you start with a single forming pill.,This can instantly finish your foundation,,and give you an inner disciple – right at the start.,After promotion,,you can go to the sect tab and hit establish a sect.,and most importantly – give it a cool name.,Once that happens, You have officially – incorporated.,The rest of the game…,opens up.,Inner disciples dont work.,they cultivate and get stronger.,After all, this is Daoist Dragonball Z.,But after incorporation you can send them out to explore the world., theres two options:,camp.,and adventure.,Adventure sends them out on adventures.,They leave – and they come back.,Camp sends them out to stay.,And, if youre so inclined – you can physically enter the map,and plunder a village.,At the start, your maps gonna look like this.,immediately, youre gonna notice something…,One – theres barely any locations,because you havent discovered them,,and Two – if you try to explore the red zones…,youre gonna come home.,in a bodybag.,Because – thats not your territory.,So whos is it?,A great way to find out,,is to visit them directly – and prank them,by sneaking inside their school.,Once they catch you – theyll give you a proper introduction,,break your knees.,snap your spine.,and gouge your eyes out.,The other sects…,arent very sociable.,But – diplomacy is important,, because, if they felt so inclined,they could obliterate us.,To even get an audience with them, you have to make an offering.,Your offering doesnt matter.,each time theyre gonna call you a broke-ass bitch anyway.,Thats why – we wait for a cow to defecate,,mark it as the trade area,and send our gift!,Now – you can trade.,In a world of immortality, money is an abstract concept.,So were working on a purely barter based economy.,However, we still have a form of currency,and yes!,its completely edible.,Spiritstones – are the chocolate coins of this world.,you can trade them during break time for pokemon cards,,or consume them directly,to restore a small amount of diabetes.,In this case, they restore a small amount of qi,so they function as both a store of wealth and a means of exchange.,Each sect offers you something different for ridiculo

Construction Simulator: The Final Preview

before i wrote about video games from,the comfort of a computer screen i,worked for my father at his real-life,construction company so playing the,upcoming construction simulator 2022 was,something of a surreal experience just,when i thought id left the yellow hard,hat and demanding physical labor in the,tractors rear view it all came flooding,back to me in this beautifully detailed,and incredibly fun simulation game that,had me giddy with nostalgia before i was,done with the tutorial its not too,often that one gets the opportunity to,walk the path not taken but strapping,that tool belt back on as i drove,painstakingly detailed roller machines,and excavators completed repair jobs and,pushed around dirt felt like peering,through a window into what could have,been and thats just about the highest,compliment i could give a game that,prides itself on a realistic depiction,of the trade,given my personal connection to the,construction industry i decided to put,construction simulator 2022 through its,paces by seeing how accurately i could,recreate my fathers actual company,after creating an avatar that looked,shockingly close to my actual dad naming,my company after the family business and,choosing one of construction simulators,two open world locales i was ready to,begin resharpening my skills as a,builder i started out with simple jobs,at first like replacing a broken pipe,and compacting some gravel in a parking,lot you might not expect these,straightforward chores to be,particularly fun but youd be mistaken,like many good simulation games its,oddly satisfying to see the fruits of,your virtual labor but when i was,introduced to more complicated jobs,involving incredibly heavy and complex,pieces of machinery things went from,zen-like and satisfying to downright,gleeful in one job i removed letters,from an old hotel building using a,massive crane that felt like operating a,giant arcade claw machine and slapped,them on a nearby motel using a flatbed,truck as i completed jobs the digital,doppelganger of my dads business earned,money that could be used to acquire new,equipment raw materials and a fast,travel from place to place in cases,where i felt like skipping the travel,time to get to the good stuff which was,a really nice touch the biggest thing,that stood out to me as i completed job,after job was how quickly i was able to,get into the action versus other,simulation games ive spent time with,usually theres a lot of prep work,involved and a bit of monotony in,managing business or getting your ducks,in a row before you get to the good,stuff but construction simulator 2022,does away with a lot of that fat found,in other sims and consistently kept the,action moving in a way that made me feel,like i was never working my way through,humdrum tasks i really appreciated that,interestingly construction simulator,2022s two campaigns appear to have,stories attached to them after a few,quick intro jobs i learned that the town,i found myself in had fallen on tough,times and it was up to me to rebuild it,and breathe new life into the area in,addition to completing jobs to restore,the towns infrastructure i was also,sometimes asked to accomplish this by,doing some unconventional tasks like,staging a fake crash site of an alien,spaceship to draw the attention of,would-be tourists im unclear on how,much theyll actually commit to this,narrative but found myself giggling at,the prospect of diving in further to see,where it goes,if nothing else its something i,absolutely had not expected the,developers to include,construction simulator 2022 also,features online multiplayer which lets,you and a friend work together to,complete jobs rake in the moola and,advance your towns progress more,quickly so far working in tandem with,another player has been fantastic and,sometimes chaotic and its been hard to,go back to playing solo now that ive,tried it its just more fun to tackle,projects together or to divide and,conquer to complete multiple jobs at,once and earn even more money and,resources just make sure you trust your,fellow laborers because they might,accidentally drive your tractor into a,building or fling a valuable piece of,equipment into a ditch on accident,its been a while since ive thought,about construction but construction,simulator 2022 brought a smile to my,face and gave a chance for my dad to,finally relate with something ive done,for work and who knows maybe ill be,able to convince him to pick up a game,controller and try his hands at digital,construction as well for more check out,our preview of fifa 23 and for,everything else keep simulating your,second life with ign

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