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Far Cry 4 Video Review

ruin everything its like dinner did no,one ever teach you that its all the,text in the table really guys were not,checking buddies anymore im with rj,gharlane youll love this part,help a text for help it alt text for,help you cry for help,far cry 4 is an enormous game and the,series signature combination of,open-ended exploration and flexible,first-person shooter tactics remains the,stalk its at its best when youre going,off and getting into trouble but for all,of its strengths far cry 4 lacks focus,its characters mission and story or a,shotgun blast of confusion with a few,scattered hit some greatness along the,way,the Himalayan country of kirat is a,terrific open-world its a colossal,dense visually the first place that,feels lived-in torn up and ancient and,its one of the best places I visited in,video news I loved discovering every,piece of it on foot in a wingsuit or,behind the stick of a personal,helicopter navigating charata is an,adventure and uncovering its histories,and myths while learning how to collide,with main character aunty Kalle create a,convincing special sense of place far,cry for his greatest defense is failing,to capitalize on the setting with strong,characters as the American Sun of karate,freedom fighters whos come to scatter,his mothers ashes aw Jay brings us a,smart human premise to the table but his,complete ambivalence to the revolution,he swept up in undermines the entire,thing half of the campaigns missions,are strong revolving around the,rebellion ideas family and their,connection to the charming and,despicable antagonist pagan myth the,dark places you can take your faction,presents some interesting ethically,great choices – siding with one of the,rebellions bickering leaders where the,strongest characters in Far Cry 4 can,lead to some powerful and surprising,moments the weaker story quests relate,to min and his lieutenants I barely,remember what the missions work or what,completing them accomplished peg admit,is a great character thanks to an,excellent and twisted performance from,actor Troy Baker terrorists right now,please stay right here enjoy the crab,rangoon dont move I will be,but hes completely misused min has a,disappointing minimal presence,throughout Far Cry 4 is 15 our campaign,and his poorly explained henchmen dont,have time to become interesting before,vanishing from the story entirely in,sudden and confusing ways,[Applause],fortunately for pride for is so big that,its story characters and mostly,forgettable objectives are dwarfed by,everything else there is to do in karate,there are dramatic hostage rescues,assassinations blood diamond recoveries,and quests to help citizens all of which,beat a phenomenally rewarding economy as,odd a levels up he earns skill points to,become more damage resistant or uses,enemies weapons against each other,hunting animals to craft weapon holsters,and wallets makes for a rewarding,long-term loot Far Cry 3 players know,this well but its still satisfying and,theres even more Skills to discover in,XP to earn in Far Cry 4 the strongest,diversion of all is the supernatural,Side Story set in shangri-la commanding,a tiger and taking down fearsome demons,and a gorgeous and different aesthetic,doesnt really make a lot of sense,but its an interesting exploration of,karate legends unpredictability as far,cry 4 is bred its strong whether its,surreal surprises in shangri-la or the,unexpected outcomes of attacking army,outposts your master plan for liberating,an enemy occupied fortress may differ,from mind in everything from our,approach weapons on hand and whether or,not we use animals our allies to our,advantage this versatility often leaves,unforgettable moments like that time you,blew up a bear with c4 before it could,while your friends,when a time the entire village caught,fire in the middle of a fight when you,were trying to be quiet bunny,to clear co-op amplifies these silly,moments considerable while one of you,blows open the front door the other,consumer behind taking down enemies with,silent night for bokya Far Cry 4s,competitive multiplayer does a marvelous,job of capturing the freedom scale and,surprises of its co-op and campaign the,competitive multiplayer has two,asymmetrical factions fighting in,different ways using the wide open,environments to their particular,advantages the Golden Path plays more,like an aggressive Far Cry player Mike,guns explosives vehicles traps that,contain the raksasa boroughs,supernatural powers seen in shangri-la,relying on invisibility and different,types of arrows for their bow I really,like playing the rock Johnson,teleporting with the blink arrow whether,for navigation escape or an instant kill,is a great tool summoning a tiger or a,bear at the garden area works,beautifully two maps are terribly,notable but that the heart and soul of,far cry 4 found its way into a,competitive mode at all borders on,miraculous its a bummer that matches,start whether or not teams are even and,then not a lot of people are actually,playing it because this is actually,great dont skip multiplayer just,because its not why you play Far Cry,diversity is one of our cry for,strongest assets and it overwhelms the,mostly disappointing story with,countless opportunities for freeform,adventure and fun visual variety tons of,distinct side quests an advanced world,with plenty of options always gave me,something I wanted to do and its,satisfying economy had been obsessing,over every side quest its a little bit,safe almost like far cry 3 ideas,transplanted onto an amazing new place,but the elements are so empowering that,it can be spectacular fun for more on,Far Cry 4 head over to IGN

Should you Buy Far Cry 4 in 2021? (Review)

hey whats up everybody thank you for,tuning in and welcome back to should you,buy in this video we are going to be,discussing the one the only Far Cry 4,Far Cry 4 released in 2014 and over the,past week I played and finished the game,and today Im going to break down the,game and let you guys know if its worth,your money in 2020,Far Cry 4 is pretty much the last,traditional Far Cry experience before,these train wrecks the story takes place,in kirat a city located near the,Himalayan Mountains the intro to the,story is great the main character Ajay,Gale comes into kirat to place his,mothers ashes as her final request and,boom AJ is abducted by the Royal Army of,kirat and meets Pagan Min who is the,king of kirat and thats where his,Journey Begins in terms of a protagonist,I found Aja Gali to be very mediocre and,boring Ajay has good motivation in him,wanting to deliver his mothers ashes,but he doesnt display a fun or,interesting personality although just,the fact that his talk is something,commendable on its own cough cough The,Supporting Cast is pretty alright the,most notable are Sabal and amida two,members of the golden path who both have,different Visions for what Kira should,be once Pagan man is dethrough both of,them plead to you and it is actually up,to you of who should be in charge which,I thought was pretty cool these,decisions do cause different endings but,nothing that significant and there is no,real correct Choice which was kind of,nice as AJ descends deeper and deeper,into darkness murdering his way to the,top he starts to learn more about his,people culture and his own family as he,was never really sure what happened to,them its a deep and intricate family,story with a few Bombshells to shake it,up the story holds up nicely and thats,in most part thanks to the games,antagonist Pagan men Pagan is a,charismatic fancy and straight up,psychopath not quite as psychotic as Vos,from Far Cry 3 but not as dull as,Josephs seed from Far Cry 5. Id say,hes a nice mix between the two hes,very well acted by Troy Baker and its,so unfortunate that Pagan is not in the,story much hes really just in the,beginning and the end and spends most of,the time talking awkwardly to Ajay over,the radio its unfortunate because Pagan,is a very good villain and seeing him,more would have made the game immensely,better than it already is piggin also,had a personal connection to Ajay and,its interesting to see the dynamic,between the two because it isnt exactly,your standard good guy versus bad guy,the combat and Gunplay in Far Cry 4 is,just about what youve come to expect,from a far cry game assault rifles,shotguns snipers and lots and lots of,explosions which is all great because,Far Cry has always had good Gunplay the,gun customization is a bit basic but I,am glad it was just included in the game,the stealth in Far Cry 4 is most of the,same as well however there is a lot more,variety with the takedowns that some of,the newer Far Cry games dont even have,like stabbing an enemy taking his Gun,and shooting his friend in the head or,pulling the pin on the grenade the enemy,has on his belt and kicking them into a,large group to get a huge multi-kill,there are lots of opportunities for cool,and creative stealth kills and its a,lot of fun the melee takedowns are,brutal and satisfying so the stealth,never really gets old one complaint I do,have is the detection speed feels very,fast Im not particularly bothered by,that because it does make the game more,realistic but it makes doing stealth,feel a lot more like a chore when you,could just easily go in and shoot adopt,a place in open combat the movement in,Far Cry 4 is responsive and crisp and,has some great looking animations like,skinning an animal or searching a body,making the game feel more realistic and,immersive unlike Far Cry 5 where you,just magically pick up loot without even,touching the dead body they are also,syringes in Far Cry 4 that you can craft,and upgrade that give you special,temporary boosts and abilities like,increased movement speed or double,damage that makes the combat more deep,and varied the hunting in Far Cry 4 is,very simple but I actually found it to,be quite enjoyable and sometimes I would,just spend minutes and minutes on end,hunting and skinning animals I dont,know what it is but for some reason in,this game it was oddly satisfying for me,the animal skins also give you a nice,profit and you can use the Skins to,upgrade your storage capacity for things,like ammo and weapon holsters so it gave,me lots of good incentive to go hunting,and make it a focal point rather than,just an afterthought and there are a lot,of cool unique animals in this game like,elephants rhinos and tigers that just,make it more fun there is also a guns,for hire system and Far Cry 4 and while,its nice to have it is pretty useless,since you cant have any guns for hire,during side missions or main missions,basically its only for free roam and,outpost to sum up though Far Cry 4s,gameplay is just a lot of fun and very,action-packed youll hardly ever get,tired or sick of lurking in the shadows,or blowing up everything in sight,Far Cry 4s open world what it bluntly,is one of the best open worlds in the,entire series I love the idea of the,game taking place in the Himalayan,Mountains it looks absolutely gorgeous,with the White Mountains in the,background in the Lush Green Hills dirt,roads and small little cultural towns,some of the views in this game are truly,breathtaking and this is what I loved,about the earlier Far Cry games I much,prefer to see Far Cry in 4 in exotic,locations that we really dont get to,see in any other games which is why when,you take the Himalayan Mountains and,compared to Hope County Montana well I,dont know you guys tell me which one,sounds more interesting the world,doesnt just look good though its also,full of lots of life and lots of things,to do as you drive around the world,youll run into dangerous and exotic,animals and skirmishes between the Royal,Army and golden path the world has lots,of outposts 24 to be exact which are,always my favorite part about Far Cry,and in Far Cry 4 there are fortresses,which are basically just outposts put on,a much larger scale which I once again,found very enjoyable and a fun challenge,theres also bell towers that are fun,little Park horse segments along with a,huge variety of side missions and small,story threads the side missions are,really repetitive however and it can get,boring sometimes doing a lot of the same,things over and over again like,defending a group of injured survivors,or escorting a supply truck and,protecting it from multiple waves of,enemies the main missions do a much,better job however of giving you a good,Mission variety with lots of fun,missions like a prison escape sieges and,mythical missions that take place in the,magical Shangri La these missions were a,lot of fun to play through and all had,fun tasks and set pieces exploration and,traversal of the Oakland world is great,and the game has a lot of unique,vehicles like gliders and buzzers that I,havent really seen in any open World,Games before so driving in this game is,fun and very responsive and I just,enjoyed driving to objectives admiring,the beautiful scenery and Wildlife the,world is very immersive and a lot of fun,to explore and it makes Far Cry 4 feel,like a fun adventure,[Music],Far Cry has always been known for its,outstanding graphics and Main Far Cry 4,is a beautiful looking game its hard to,believe this game came out nearly six,years ago the textures and lighting are,absolutely stunning and easily passable,as a game from 2020. performance on PC,is also very commendable at 1440p with,Max settings on an RTX 2070 super and I5,9600k I was averaging frames of about,110 to 140 making for a very smooth,experience theres lots of small details,that make the game look sharp even on,the Himalayan Mountains there is lots of,detail and it looks almost indisputable,from the real-life mountains

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Far Cry Games From Worst To Best

a few months back now i did a video on,the far cry games released,exclusively for the consoles and then i,realized that at this point ive,actually covered every single main game,in the series,still a bit of a ways off until we get,far cry 6 though so in the meantime i,thought id go back and do a video,ranking the series in what i think is,the order from worst best,so lets take it all into account from a,hawaiian shirt wearing jack carver in,2003 to the customizable captain in far,cry new dawn,grab some popcorn a beer and a machete,lets get lost in an open world map and,do this,bye girl a dream im karina,[Music],why are you here im so sorry about this,so right at the bottom of the list is,far cry vengeance and this one was a bit,of a no-brainer its hands down the,worst,game in the entire series and i dont,think anyones going to argue with that,how long have you been with the rebels,im not that kind of rebel pal,im not your pal you bastard guy,released exclusively for the nintendo,wii,far cry vengeance is defined as a remake,of evolutions,even though its really just more like,an alternate version of the same game,to see why this thing sucks so you dont,have to do much more than just,look at it in action for a 2006 wii game,this thing just looks atrocious,the performance is absolutely horrible,too with the kind of frame rate that can,cause epileptic fits,along with engine issues like texture,and environment pop in,its a first person shooter but the,controls have been adapted to work with,the wiis nunchuck and remote,fling the nunchuck up in the air to jump,and swing it down to melee attack it all,sounds fine on paper but when its put,into action,its kind of not it just kind of makes,you look like youve got tourettes,its really just a worse off version of,both instincts and evolution,taken the worst parts of both of those,games like its some kind of bad idea,buffet,on a positive side though it does have,one of the best lines in any video game,ever made,im not your pal you bastard guy but,thats not enough to save this thing,from being easily the worst the series,has ever gotten,so far anyway,after this weve got far cry new dawn,now i dont think new dawn is a bad game,but the reason its so far down on this,list is that it doesnt really do,anything all that new or even adding,enough new content in my opinion to be,even considered a full game,like a lot of people said back when this,thing came out it really should have,been dlc,reusing a smaller version of the map,from far cry 5 new dawn takes place,after the events in that story which,culminated in two equally depressing,endings involving a nuclear apocalypse,as a customizable character youre,trying to rebuild the world helping,friendly groups of survivors by donating,to them copious amounts of resources,along with dealing with a bandit faction,called the highway men led by the,completely unthreatening twin sisters,mickey and lou,but if you make problems well pops,taught us what to do with problem makers,problem makers need to be solved there,were some bare bones rpg elements,introduced with weapons and enemies,having different levels but it didnt,really make the higher level enemies any,smarter,just buff them up with more health,points and armor capturing the outpost,formed a,really big component of the gameplay,loop too and youd need to do this,multiple times to acquire enough fuel,for all of your upgrades,to circumvent this they even added in a,really lazy micro transaction system,where you could buy all of this stuff,without even having to actually go out,and earn it in the game,it wasnt all bad though i mean i think,the engine looked great and some of the,new weapons like the sawblade launcher,were really fun to use,the new companions were also fun to play,with too but overall it couldnt really,help,feeling like a lesser version of far cry,5.,that is the best death scene ever,next up is far cry instincts released in,2004 for the xbox and then later in 2006,for the xbox 360.,instincts is a remake of far cry 1,released barely a year after the,original,and its the same plot with jack carver,taking valerie cortez to a mysterious,island in micronesia for some,seemingly innocent sightseeing soon,enough though she disappears and jack is,then under attack by soldiers and has to,flee onto the island,he soon comes into contact with doyle,and eventually has to rescue and work,alongside valerie to bring down dr,krieger and his band of mercenaries led,by crow,but the whole things kind of like the,edgier evil twin of the original game,in the original jack was just an special,forces soldier that valerie hired,because of his military training,but this time he got dishonorably,discharged became an illegal arms dealer,and is on the run from the mob now in,micronesia to avoid getting whacked,crow is back again too but instead of,just being some cheesy hollywood bad guy,with a cowboy hat,am i understood yes yes sir im heading,out,turns out hes now an ex-apartheid,officer and if you dont know what the,apartheid was,well go and ask your parents im heading,out probably the coolest aspect of the,game though is the new abilities that,jax got after being injected with,krieger serum,this comes in the form of new abilities,during the game like being able to,attack enemies with your razor sharp,claws,being able to track enemies by their,scent and eventually you can also run,super fast and jump higher than normal,but its all linked to a slow-ass,adrenaline system that just takes,forever to recharge,the other thing is that this is also a,lot more linear than the original game,youre basically just,moving down whats essentially one large,corridor for each level,i mean you are on a jungle island but,going too far off the beaten path youre,just going to run into impassable hills,and trees,that kind of cordons you back towards,where the game wants you to go,the controls in this thing though are,the real challenge man theyre just,absolute,dog [ __ ] if the input delay isnt enough,when driving vehicles,accelerating braking and turning left or,right is all done with the left thumb,stick,and you want to know why this is a bad,thing because half the time you keep,veering to the left or the right when,youre just trying to accelerate because,of how loose the thumb stick is,combine it all with aiming acceleration,sporadic checkpoints,brain dead ai and long and often boring,levels and the whole things just,one big pile of [ __ ] im heading out,still i commend them for being able to,get it running on a console in the first,place and credit where its due,that is pretty impressive,next up on the list is far cry 4,released in 2014,and again like new dawn its kinda low,on the list because it just feels like a,lesser version of another far cry game,this time far cry 3.,in far cry 4 youre playing as rj garli,heading home to the fictional country of,kurat to spread his deceased mothers,ashes,of course as is always the case in every,far cry prologue things go to hell then,rj ends up having to work with a militia,group to crumble the armies of a,dictator named pagan min and reclaim the,country,pagan min though might just be one of,the most likable characters in the,entire goddamn franchise,voiced by troy baker this dude just,steals every scene hes in and even,though hes supposed to be the bad guy,hes far more charismatic and likeable,than any of the other characters in the,entire game,stay here enjoy the crab rangoon,dont move ill be right back,throughout the campaign youre forced to,choose a rebel commander to side with,either the more traditional thinking,sebile or the more progressive,forward thinking a meter we dont have,time for tourists,both sides having their own faults,though like zabal has no issues with,antiquated customs like,child brides get to the ot factory and,burn it down,a meter on the other hand has no issues,with turning the entire country into a,drug state if it helps her people,prosper,its morally bankrupt better than being,literally

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Far Cry 4 – Review

theres not a lot you could say about,far cry 4 that you couldnt say about,far cry 3 where the previous two sequels,signaled significant changes in approach,far cry 4 takes its predecessor and,cranks everything up by several orders,of magnitude to make your own fun,sandbox is even more outrageous the,amount of pure stuff to do is endless,and the off-putting story and dialogue,are even greater blights big turn offs,in a game that doesnt know when enough,is enough,in other words far cry 4 takes every,element of every major Ubisoft series,and shoves them into one game and as you,can imagine its big and crazy and,entertaining and problematic all at once,one Ubisoft big-budget calling card is,blatant faux edginess of which Far Cry 4,has plenty the over-the-top tension,actually starts off in a promising,manner introducing you right away to,pagan min the dictator of the Himalayan,nation of ki raat youre there to,scatter your mothers ashes hes there,to make your life a living hell,the brutal scenes that introduced men,are horrifying hes vain vindictive and,wholly lacking in empathy he then,disappears for most of the games leaving,you instead with a series of stereotypes,each one more embarrassing than the last,every so often the game seems to be,poised to make a point about you being a,gun-toting American shooting up soldiers,in the name of peace and freedom but,when you spend so much time instead,listening to a radio personality that,fantasizes about becoming a serial,killer that smears feces on his victims,its difficult not to cringe theres not,much treasure to be found in this trash,its when far cry 4 lets you off the,leash that you find the thrills you seek,you grab a few guns maybe a bow and,arrow maybe some molotovs and rush into,the wilds seeking to disrupt the land in,the name of the Golden Path Freedom,Fighters infiltrating outposts remains a,highlight and while the stealthy method,of doing so is still available to you,Far Cry 4s newest tools emphasized chaos,and destruction,you can throw a bit of meat and a bear,or a tiger will roar into the fray,lunging into your victims so you dont,have to get your shoes bloody you can,mount an elephant and charge forward,launching soldiers into the air with a,swipe of it strongly you can summon a,friendly to your side and set the place,ablaze with flamethrowers or assassinate,an artillery gunner and take over for,him dropping ordnance on the most,heavily armored baddies or instead of,summoning an AI comrade you can invite a,friend and get cooperatively,rambunctious if the helicopter is,proving pesky try getting in one of the,new gyrocopters and having your buddy,hang from beneath you maneuver into a,place and he shotguns the pilot in the,face why use a simple rocket launcher,when you can find more dramatic ways to,create explosions venture beyond,outposts you find even more ways to,express your violent tendencies the new,auto driving feature which allows you to,automate your trip towards your Waypoint,isnt very reliable but it does make it,easy to lob grenades on pursuing enemies,when youre behind the wheel you,liberate entire forts graphical edges,and climb upwards coasts quickly from,cliffs to valleys by activating your,wingsuit and unlock new areas by,climbing radio towers and hacking them,the map is dotted with boundless,activities to pursue in that Ubisoft way,and if those possibilities arent,appealing enough you can always check,out the competitive multiplayer which,pits two asymmetrical teams against each,other one team can go invisible Colin,attack bears and ride elephants the,other accesses a full arsenal of weapons,and vehicles attempting to dominate by,pure show of force competitive play is,one more entertaining way of spending,your time in Far Cry 4 a game already,full of opportunities to make your own,one of farcry 4s biggest problems,however is that it doesnt trust you to,find that fun the games constant,reminders to go do something other than,the thing youre doing right now are,beyond here its aiding you liberate an,outpost drive away and in ten seconds,youre alerted that the outpost is under,attack again and so you drive back and,fend off attackers leave and get the,same message again again the game will,even move your Waypoint on your behalf,and thus change your auto drive,destination when it decides what it,wants is more important than what you,want Far Cry 4 is needy it constantly,hounds you not just by an interface but,through entire gameplay systems the,gameplay suffers from other problems to,show up at a story mission and discover,you dont have the best weapons for the,job well going back to re-equip yourself,will force you to talk to the mission,giver again watch the same cutscenes,again and start everything from scratch,and theres no escaping far cry 3,when Far Cry 4s missions are sometimes,so blatantly similar,windows dont do drugs really when the,game is brilliant its noticeably,brilliant the way its economy encourages,you to go hunt the wildlife and craft,new wallets and loot bags for carrying,more money and items the way it dangles,even more weapons in front of you making,you wonder how you might get even more,naughty the way it tempts you into every,nook and cranny Far Cry 4 like the,terrain it depicts goes very high and,very low the lows are downright scornful,yet the highs are sometimes breathtaking,its awesome and messy and dumb and fun,and problematic and gross and beautiful,take any given adjective in your,vocabulary and chances are something in,Far Cry 4 can be described that way,you

Should You Buy Far Cry 4 In 2022? (Review)

should you buy far cry 4 in 2022,sorry if i like list for anything i got,i got an ulcer on the bottom my tongue,so theres not much i could do about it,it kills to make this video but im,gonna do it anyway its been like five,days hope you enjoy the video lets get,into this far cry 4 is very similar to,far cry 3 in many different ways its,built on the same foundation it just has,a different map some different weapons,in a different story along with various,other side activities the biggest,changes tends to be the storyline,because obviously its a different story,its got nothing to do with far cry 3,whatsoever i mean theres one character,agent willis that appears in the game,for a very short amount of time and he,appears in far cry 5 as well so its,kind of like their nick fury but the,biggest interesting part of far cry 4 is,definitely its story because its very,different from what they did with far,cry 3. you play as a character called aj,garli or aj garlic multiple characters,seem to pronounce it differently i dont,know if that was a direction failure at,ubisoft or they just wanted characters,to pronounce his name differently,it doesnt really matter but you play as,this character who happens to be uh,without spoiling too much the son of a,character that is quite important to the,game and your main goal is to spread,your moms ashes in the himalayas which,is where this game is set so yeah its,basically god of war in first person,without all the greek mythology and,stuff like that well is it even greek,mythology its norse mythology now in it,yeah its got a war in first person,which is pretty damn cool but the,interesting parts comes in with the,various side characters that you meet so,basically what happens is you meet two,characters called sabal and amita as,well as pagan min who is the main,villain of the game well talk more,about him in a minute but these two,characters are basically what it is is,its two people fighting over,the future of their home basically and,it ones more traditional and one is,more progressive its very good its,interesting i mean its not its not,pulled off particularly amazingly but um,it works for a far cry game they tried,something different and its actually,somewhat nuanced compared to far cry 5,where you just fight a religious cult,another reason why that game is not very,good in my opinion you also have pagan,min who is basically the leader of the,the two characters homeland and they see,him as a dictator which he is hes a,dictator and youre tasked with taking,him out basically depending on how you,play the game at the start,without saying too much at the start of,the game you can get a very specific,ending its funny its its its quite,cool and i wish ubisoft did more stuff,like that so yeah its basically far cry,free without the tropical islands and,youre set in the mountains basically,and youve got different characters and,you you got to learn about them and then,you shoot people thats it thats the,story now its more layered than far cry,3 in a lot of ways because obviously,youve got different ideologies youve,got progressive uh,youve got traditional elements to it,youve got youve got what are what are,the flaws with traditional lifestyles,whats the flaws of progressive,lifestyles you have to kind of figure,out which one you decide with more,the problem is with this story is,one of the sides becomes pretty,unbearable when it,when it comes to supporting them because,well,the character basically defends touching,kids in a weird sense,so,its not its not particularly nuanced,after that point that happens about,halfway through the game im mentioning,it its not really a spoiler because you,know once it happens youll be like what,the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] but um other than,that the story itself is pretty mediocre,obviously you spend a lot of your time,in the open world you go to mission to,mission you learn a bit more about the,characters but eventually just go okay,come on lets get on with this im not,really interested that much the,interesting part after you figure out,who youre gonna side with because its,pretty easy to choose uh is pagan min,fortunately he doesnt appear in the,game very often just like far cry 3 with,vass why they did the same thing again i,will never understand because its troy,baker troy baker is playing pagan men,now i know a lot of people are tired of,troy bakerys pretty much everything i,get it but hes still in the game hes,still in the game you need to use him,youve paid for him use him and they,barely used him the most time you get,with him is over the bloody radio which,is ridiculous you get like three or four,scenes with him and the scenes hes in,is really good its really good and you,know i could actually see myself,supporting the bloke if he wasnt a,complete psychopath but um,its much more interesting than far cry,3 when it comes to villains apart from,vass obviously vassas cooler and you,get to go into his mind and stuff like,that but pagan is more its less about,his mind and its more about people,around him the way hes built this this,this this this place to support him and,only him,and the nuances behind who he protects,and who he cares about and who hes,willing to kill et cetera et cetera et,cetera without spoiling too much the,story itself is pretty good it could be,a lot better it could be a lot better,but um,its just not its just that so lets,talk about the gameplay real quick so,the gameplay is basically far cry 3 but,theres some changes to it pretty,significant changes in a lot of ways,first big change is the health system,the health system uh is basically the,same as far cry 3 except you definitely,need syringes here the max you can uh,heal without syringes is two uh health,bars and you have like six so its quite,important to use the syringes which piss,me off but it is what it is so you,definitely need that theres also new,skills so you can get um a new takedown,where you jump into another guys,vehicle stab his mate grab the car wheel,kick him out drive away thats pretty,damn cool theres new weapons as well,different signature weapons new ways to,earn those weapons theres an arena,style game mode theres a various,various little additions theres also,no side activities like robbing vehicles,stopping careers like assassins creed,style theres also shangri-la missions,you can basically go into your crazy,mind you you know youre hallucinating,youre killing people to get um,specific rewards you know your classic,far cry stuff basically theres also,missions in the mountains you can go all,the way to the top of the mountains you,cant go there in the open world you,cant do that these are very set,specific missions in the mountains but,you can go up there you can do a couple,missions its pretty cool definitely,different from far cry and that was,pretty interesting but other than that,the actual gameplay loop itself is very,very very very similar you know thats,the critique of every single far cry,game now is it just far cry 3 and yeah,it is its definitely just far cry 3,theres not much else to it you gotta,you got a couple new weapons but the ai,is exactly the same theyre still really,stupid you can easily take them out,except that the one the one caveat ill,give her that is that the ai seems to,have like laser vision in this one,backlight where you could see it,occasionally but far cry 4 may if you,walk within 100 meters of someone and,youre stealthing and youre in a bush,theyll still see you youll theyll,still see you youll see the little,indicator and youll be like what the,[ __ ] how could he see me and you realize,hes [ __ ] superhuman until you shoot,him in the head so its its its very,similar to far cry 3 and im not really,going to talk about it too much this,review will be a lot shorter because,its go watch the far cry 3 review if,you want me to talk more in depth about,the gameplay because its far cry free,it is far cry 3 guys it im not going to,piss you about it is its its literally,f

Far Cry 4 Review

hi everyone this is carrick from angry,center gaming and you may know me from,my recent best-selling novel trust me at,60 frames per second as ceos guide to,selling video games in todays internet,market today ive returned from the cold,and wind swept himalayas to bring you,another sequel in this months arsenal,of repeat offenders we call video game,releases far cry 4 for the xbox 360 ps4,xbox one pc and ps3 this review is based,on the xbox 360 and next-gen console,versions,far cry 4 is the story of a young man,who just wants to carry the burn cinders,of his mother to some mountain and,fertilize the grass with her dead cells,but instead ends up making pseudo,friends with a king played by the,little-known troy baker he joins a,terrorist organization with a heart of,gold and finds out that riding elephants,isnt half as fun as sickening them onto,an enemy camp and watching the bodies,fly into the air like reverse meteorites,seeking orbit but is far cry 4 a true,sequel does it have the goods where it,matters and can it deliver that far cry,4 gameplay without losing the magic of,the fairly excellent far cry 3 or does,it fall flat on its face and then light,itself on fire just because it wants to,mimic the constant give and take of fun,and failure that far cry 2 delivered i,got an idea lets fight malaria for the,entire game that sounds like [ __ ] fun,but lets see what we can see graphics,are up first so lets dive in,surprisingly apt the older systems far,cry 4 performs fairly well with hitches,in the cutscenes that drop the frame,rate but all in all offering a fairly,smooth ride throughout the game whether,youre riding an elephant choppering,above enemy heads in the gyrocopter or,trying to control the grease on wheels,action of the four-wheel vehicles that,inhabit the game world like theyre,breeding with some ulterior motive to,rule the world there does seem to be a,bit of screen tear here and there but,surprisingly the game holds together,even in tough fire fights though the,graphics engine is definitely afraid of,fire and when youre in a gunfight and,molotov cocktails or other flaming,weapons are used you can bet the frame,rate does stutter a bit now textures are,about what one would expect from systems,older than some of the people who will,be playing the game itself and,characters look excellent throughout,its not a big jump from far cry 3 but,that game looked really good on the,older systems anyway so expecting a,massive increase probably wasnt really,something that you should have done the,next-gen versions on the other hand look,really spectacular with improved draw,distance graphics shadows and resolution,all in all the graphics are at least,equal to far cry 3 and at times seem a,bit better though the game does suffer a,bit from pop in here and there on the,older systems with that closer draw,distance well i would say across all the,systems old gen and next gen the,graphics just look really good sound,music and voice,the sound of the guns ambient creatures,vehicles and explosions all really do,sound excellent though not the best,sounding game in video games today the,weapons in far cry 4 are no slouch since,there are so many of them its also nice,to know that none really sound like any,other and its hard not to find one that,becomes your favorite fast including a,couple lesser known guns that were nice,to see here all in all excellent with,explosions having a good satisfying boom,even if it was a bit short-lived i,noticed music,the music is very good and carries a,distinct tone and melody markers from,native music of the area as well as more,modern instruments and themes its,excellent all the way throughout many,times while standing on a hill looking,at the sunset or battling through the,night with a set of warrior like ninjas,the music always fits the mood wondering,what fighting warrior like ninja sounds,like its actually a lot of screaming,well mostly just screams and some drums,voice terribly sorry for what happened,before this,is more what i had in mind,so fresh start introductions rj garlic,our guest of honor paul our very,gracious host the little monkey,his name i still dont know and i have,caught some pagan men,you really dont remember me do you i,have to say that i havent been a big,fan of the past bad guys in the far cry,games at all they always felt too,serious too pent up and needing of a,good humping and about 75 prozac chase,with some street meth here though i,admit troy baker knocks it out of the,park youre quickly introduced to a,splendid display of crazy pants the,likes of which we havent seen since,charles sheen tried to prove to everyone,that he wasnt on drugs by being on them,every time he talked to anyone character,is both terrifying and yet funny and is,a splendid bad guy the worst thing about,his performance is the utter short,livedness of it its insane imagine,darth vader showing up to the star wars,movies for like 10 minutes just to walk,down a hallway or two it would be cool,because hey its him but in the end it,would be a criminal misuse of a,character welcome to far cry 4. npcs,within your group consist of some,excellently voice acted characters that,really do resonate with a real life,lived in feel both in terms of their,writing and their characters delivery,though there are a couple missteps,noticeably absent or almost absent is,your own voice and aside from some short,sentences here and there he is,effectively fairly quiet just sort of,sitting back watching terrorists,fighting kings and wondering why he,didnt get a better job out of college,it was just solid through and through,and every character adds a bit of sport,and spark to the game and having the,main character not speak as much allows,you to live within him just a little bit,easier overall i would say very good,gameplay,far cry 4 really doesnt try to change,up the entire game world but instead,tries to be a true sequel to far cry 3,meaning were taking what worked from,that title and trying to make it better,and taking what didnt work and either,throwing it out replacing it or fixing,it with varying degrees of success and,then adding its own stamp with some new,spots one addition is the far deeper,animal systems within the game and,without ruining a neat surprise which,isnt just the elephants the games use,of ambient wildlife beyond the strangely,satisfying game of shoot everything and,tear its skin off is really well done,and adds some great depth to the overall,gameplay i have to say that the mission,system itself and how the campaign flows,is highly entertaining and pace,perfectly and anyone whos played far,cry 2 or 3 would just get it but this is,all together a better overall campaign,system some cool things have occurred,however with many missions on loose,timers when they were story based this,allows you to sort of feel like theres,a tenseness to completing those missions,additionally there are technically two,leaders of the militia group you work,for and the main missions many times,have two different goals with totally,different mission styles depending on,which of the two leaders you choose to,side with this offers a second type of,replay ability that the open world of,the far cry games already had with its,various hunting and collection quests,but really adds a unique and interesting,depth to a shooter you dont see very,often these missions are great fun to,play out just to see the results within,the group in the game upgrading skills,and character weapons and equipment is,almost identical to far cry 3 with a,couple changes with you crafting items,out of the forest creatures to their,utter extinction and once again youre,always on the lookout for medicinal,herbs skills are based on the tiger and,the elephant and a unique if not,necessary connection to the location,itself and theme of the game elephant,skills usually heal or buff you from,various damages while tiger skills cause,you to learn new takedowns do insane,damage and augment weapons and the,

Far Cry 4 Review

[Music],[Music],champion returns farcry is about freedom,the battle for a countrys freedom,against a maniacal King and the gameplay,freedom to do what you want when you,want the series is known for inviting,you to create big stunts and explosions,and in Far Cry 4 theyre available in,great abundance your mother knew exactly,what would happen once you showed up,here in ki raat,returning to the war-torn land of his,birth as ronny was a smart woman,on this track you assume the role of a,Jay Galle a grieving son returning to,his mothers homeland kirat bringing her,ashes to a final resting place before,his final stop AJ is kidnapped by the,king a sadistic wisecracker named pagan,min after escaping into the hands of a,group of freedom fighters named the,Golden Path AJ takes up their cause,raiding outposts liberating radio towers,and finding other ways to make his dead,parents proud at certain points the,story splits between the two leaders of,the Golden Path Anita and soval choosing,one of their missions cancels out the,other and effects certain missions down,the road the right choice was obvious,from the story has an interesting set up,but you never see the main characters,outside of cutscenes so no matter how,close they get to you or how,passionately they plead their cause its,hard to get attached to the natives,pagon has a lot of wit and his actions,are shocking but he sits on the,sidelines through most of the narrative,and isnt someone to necessarily fear,[Applause],you dont mind me calling you fantastic,they are an excellent listener,[Music],what gives the game weight is the,intimidating size of the world and the,number of varied activities you can,engage in far cry 4 is huge not only are,there a ton of trials to track down,distractions frequently pop up like,animals attacking outposts getting,sieged enemy convoys passing by and,karma events which gradually unlock,skills and weapons scrambling up bell,towers clears areas on the map and,outposts let you fast travel and stock,up on gear the snow-capped peaks can,only be reached later in the story but a,few of these let you stretch your,wingsuit and navigate the trenches of,the Himalayas grappling points are,provided so you can scale to certain,heights and some darker areas can only,be accessed by dropping in from above if,you enjoy other Ubisoft map revealing,open world campaigns the proceedings are,just as addicting here outposts are,varied enough to require cautious,planning if youre going solo and you,get a flyby of new locations whenever,you turn on a radio tower teasing you to,check them out theres always more,combat options available than necessary,whether you want to toss in some bait,and scatter your targets with an animal,attack go big with explosives to,eliminate bigger targets or level up,takedown skills so no one will ever know,you were even there the local DJ that,broadcasts rants against pagan men will,get more excited about your exploits as,you take over the region and the Royal,announcements grow amusingly hostile you,know vehicles are plentiful incorrect,and flying options like gyrocopters and,hang gliders are placed in convenient,locations the default driving controls,are set to the left analog stick for,both steering and accelerating but you,can change it in the options its,designed to let you shoot from your,vehicle as you dodged trees in traffic,and its mostly successful once you,learn the layout and capture enough fast,travel points you can get anywhere on,the map quickly if youre looking to,finish a few races compete in the arena,or just open some chests you can also,click on auto drive and take the slow,but steady route as long as you stay out,of danger,apologize for these spots in,accommodations but you have been a,naughty little [ __ ] happen to you,gallivanting about with a golden pass,the ultimate prize is pagan men and,three of his generals each hiding out in,a fort that can be weakened by,completing campaign missions these are,much bigger than outposts and much,easier if you assault them with a second,player unlike the lackluster four player,side campaign of the previous game far,cry 4 lets you team up with a single,partner in the main story the second in,command is Herc who can join AJ at any,point on the map,whoever hosts as AJ moves forward in the,campaign while Herc can grab XP guns and,loot while contributing to the havoc on,screen co-op cuts completion time in,half a well-coordinated pair can breeze,through the map requirements a lot,faster charging into outposts with,elephants or copters blowing up the,countryside and reviving each other when,theyre overwhelmed if it makes the game,too easy you can dial up the difficulty,setting on PlayStation systems you can,also send out a limited number of keys,to correct that friends without the game,can use to join you and co-op for two,hours in case someone you know needs,convincing,if you prefer competitive multiplayer,there are three modes that pit the,militant members of the Golden Path,against the stealthier raksasa warriors,outpost has one side defending in arena,while other attacks it demon mask,challenges players to retrieve items and,return them to their base and propaganda,involves destroying 3 broadcasting,points before the enemy can stop you the,map editor is back letting you customize,your own battleground or peruse others,created by the community the rakshasas,stealth abilities can be a little,frustrating when on the receiving end,and vs. is not as big of a cell as Co,off given the game structure but some of,the user created maps are worth checking,out every Far Cry weaves in Supernatural,demons or drug-induced nightmares in Far,Cry 4 has both collecting scrolls your,father kept in your old home transports,AJ to the realm of shangri-la to live,the life of a fabled hero the spiritual,journeys give you a bow that can slow,time and a tiger that can cloak and,attack anyone you target these chapters,are good distractions if you space them,out and the temples you sneak through,have some gorgeous views if youd like,to explore other ways to expand your,consciousness quest givers Reggie and,yogi will inject you with all sorts of,weird chemicals and then watch the,explosive results these trips are not,nearly as elaborate as the,hallucinations from Far Cry 3 but,theyre just one of the quests you can,sign up for,into all the world and proclaim the,gospel to the whole of creation far cry,4 will enchant you with its lush forests,scenic vistas and hostile wildlife but,its the mission and combat variety,thatll keep you exploring youre bound,to have a few gameplay oddities manifest,themselves as kirat is a complex open,world with many moving parts but load,times are rather Pleasant and the,textures and lighting are really,impressive it doesnt take a lot of,risks with the Far Cry formula but once,we enlisted we couldnt rest until the,people of kirat were free of tyranny and,all the icons on the map were checked,off during the dream come on punch it in

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