1. Far Cry 6 PC Performance Issues & Ubisoft Embargo BS
  2. Far Cry 6 Review – The BEST Far Cry In Years
  3. Far Cry 6 – Best In Franchise – Review Discussion
  4. Brutally Honest Far Cry 6 Review, Is It Good?
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Far Cry 6 PC Performance Issues & Ubisoft Embargo BS

hey whats up guys joker here hope,youre all doing well today we are going,to be taking a look at far cry 6 but um,mostly im going to be talking,uh about things leading up to the,embargo release for this game and all,that kind of stuff because,ubisoft were playing some some shady,shenanigans,uh with the whole embargo dates and,different embargo dates for different,people and its just its kind of messed,up and really left a bad taste in my,mouth and i i did get early access to,this game but i did not get it from,ubisoft i got it from amd,but ill also be showing you guys the,performance metrics theres been a talk,about single threaded performance issues,are only like using one cpus core or,thread,so well be taking a look at that,performance here with the live metrics,as i run around and just kind of talk,about what ive been seeing with this,game so lets get into it but first,todays video is brought to you by prime,tech mart where you can grab software,products like windows 10 pro licenses,for extremely cheap theyve also got,office products and vizio as well as,many more you can save a lot of money on,these keys with something like windows,10 pro you can grab for just 21.43,its a lifetime activation so you dont,ever need to renew it you dont need to,create an account with them in order to,be able to buy it and you get your key,in just a matter of seconds and if you,hit up the links down in the description,below and you want to save yourself an,additional 20 off of any software over,there just go ahead and use my code jp20,at checkout apply that and itll drop,down 20 so here on windows 10 pro for 21,you drop that down to 17 bucks and,youre fully activated for life for more,information check out those links down,in the description below along with the,coupon code all right so before we do,anything else uh ill show you that i am,playing a 4k ultra right now doing all,of this live here as im recording uh,lets see,options okay,video and here we go 4k,uh playing on ultra preset and just,pretty much ultra all the way down the,board all the options we have ill get,rid of my overlay there for a second,there we go so you guys can see,everything we got in here we got texture,filtering i am also using the hd texture,pack there is an extra,uh hd texture pack i think in total with,the texture pack it was like a 75 80,gigabyte download,um oddly enough the volumetric fog,doesnt seem to really rape in this,ubisoft game like it usually does i,tried like lower i get to see maybe i,get a boost in performance even though,the game is running pretty well anyway,but it didnt really change much and,this is what weve got here i do have,motion blur disabled and i am running,dxr reflections as well as dxr shadows,thats actually running 60 fps with ray,tracing on and im not even using fsr as,you can see ive got the fidelity super,resolution turned off but you can enable,that and it does have,various different modes but uh honestly,i didnt it did it it made the gpu get,used less and i was getting roughly the,same performance so it didnt really,net me any performance gains that i was,able to see,so rather just play the game native to,be honest oh yeah so yeah performance of,the game ive honestly been okay with it,uh its its like i said its running,pretty much like 60 to 70 frames theres,itll come down below 60 a little bit,here or there,and i honestly dont feel like the dxr,shadows are really worth running so in,my normal gameplay i would opt to turn,that off and i gained like another five,to seven fps and then i was pretty much,always above 60. uh apart from some,performance bugs um this game has like,but it was mostly seemed to be in the,opening story mission um but you would,like turn around a corner and like the,game would just drop down to eight,frames per second ill show you a,recording here of it um this is the only,clip that i have of the issue happening,and uh its very very odd it just,absolutely just drags down the frame,rate,and itll stay that way and then itll,recover and oddly enough like at one,point i even,i accidentally fixed it by taking a,screenshot like i was in this hallway,and it was running terrible,and then i took a screenshot for some to,just,so that i could uh show it to someone,and when its the second i took the,screenshot with my hotkey for it it it,fixed it it was very very odd and also,going into the pause menu um would,resolve it as well im trying to get,back to the base camp here because i can,uh start a mission but i have to go to,the guy up here so that way i have at,least a little bit of something to do,while im talking to you,um now as far as the the embargo stuff i,did want to talk about that because,uh like so when i got this code,i was told that uh you know review,embargo was today i believe its 7 a.m,on october 6th its currently like 4,oclock in the morning,i woke up to try to play the battlefield,2042 beta but thats giving me its own,issues so,im here on this right now,um,accepted track yeah,um but then on monday,you know people started posting uh like,benchmarks and stuff like thats when,the the the,it first became people were talking,about the single,cpu core uh performance issues in the,game and all that,and uh,also i was like what the i was told,i cant post till wednesday october 6th,and here theres already,like dozens and dozens of benchmarks out,from people that got early access codes,so im like why do i have a different,you know embargo date and it just it,came down to more or less i was under,the the review embargo date,um,which is kind of messed up that theres,even different dates but there is and,they had a different date for i think it,was on monday,and that was for streaming and video on,demand so essentially fluff pieces,people were able to post gameplay and,get people hyped up about it,but you couldnt give any thoughts or,opinions or anything,so thats just kind of messed up there,that they would even have different,dates it kind of makes you feel like,maybe they had something to hide,although i dont know why the game is,pretty good,uh and ive been generally happy with,the performance although i do see that,one cpu core the cpu 14. uh that one,seems to be working a lot harder than,the others but the other ones it seems,to be spread out pretty evenly so the,game is definitely not just using like,one core or two threads or something,like people were mentioning in the,comments on my benchmark video that i,released yesterday,um and yeah that benchmark video that,was not intended like for viewer,consumption thats why its just the,benchmark and and nothing else its,because i recorded it and i uploaded it,unlisted,um,for like sharing it you know internally,like with uh with the companies and,stuff like that when i was trying to,fix the performance issue i talked about,earlier with where it like dropped down,to eight frames per second,so,so thats why i did that,how do i switch seats there we go,wow that was the loudest car radio ive,ever heard in the game that was,absolutely deafening,so where was i was talking about the um,uh whats it called the embargo dates so,yeah i i just i released the video,yesterday because i was like well,theres already like dozens of,benchmarks out there and this is,obviously the embargo is uh different,for everyone,and i wish i had a full-on video ready,to go but i was planning on doing that,today,here we are now and now im getting shot,at by these dudes whats going on,i didnt realize i just rolled up into a,base oh it was a checkpoint okay,checkpoint charlie oh thats why i,stopped i went over wrote spikes,okay i guess ill have to shoot some,people,whats going on bro,oh my guns overheating thats cool,oh its my silencer,okay so the silencer stopped working,thats pretty pretty cool uh effect,very far cry to e,how do i how do i halt this base what do,i do in here,i dont have the uh checkpoint key,when you guys got the key when you guys,got the key on you,its a grenade why is there a grenade,why is there always a g

Far Cry 6 Review – The BEST Far Cry In Years

hello everyone john hurricane here from,gamersheroes.com and why dont you sit,back relax and let me tell you about far,cry 6.,and before we go any further a review,copy was provided by the publisher far,cry 6 begins much like any other far cry,game the hero of the story danny in this,case is looking to flee to america to,escape the tyrannical rule of the el,presidente anton castillo anton rules,over the country of yara with an iron,fist he enslaves its inhabitants with,his draft to paradise a random lottery,that forces civilians to help,manufacture medicine a new type of,medicine that is humanitys most,promising cure for cancer look if youve,played far cry before you know how it,goes right you got the tyrannical ruler,you got the proud resilient rebellion a,land rife with corruption murder and,smuggling its all very familiar but,this one aspect of far cry franchise,that,doesnt really need to be touched so we,really have a problem with that the,series has long had a reputation for,delivering interesting antagonist and,anton castellio,is no different the far cry villains,have always been more than just you know,simple bad guys created to fuel the,antagonists role,they are deep intriguing and often,disturbing characters that have more,depth than the heroes themselves far cry,6 continues to deliver that quality,narrative with another fantastic episode,of storytelling that will not disappoint,and for those of you that actually make,it to the ending you are in for a treat,if you played any of the recent fire car,games then the game play loops pretty,identical youre given a gorgeous and,massive open world to explore and,vandalize as you follow the story of the,rebellion and their efforts to topple,antons regime this involves rallying,the rebellion forces in each area of the,map taking down various commanders,before youre able to make an assault on,the big bad wolf himself the overarching,theme does feel exhausting nearly,immediately its something weve done in,ubisoft games time and time again but,even as i want to criticize this area of,the game for its lack of innovation i,cant ignore the fact that i had a ton,of fun as is traditional for an ubisoft,game the game world is littered with,activities early on youd struggle to,drive in any direction for more than 30,seconds without bumping into something,anti-aircraft guns litter the hills of,viara restricting the airspace forcing,you to use the dangerous roads and the,hidden routes and paths and then of,course theres roadblocks using spikes,to disable the vehicles as they attempt,to escape the vicious soldiers that roam,the lands theres also powerful fnb,military bases that hold some of the,most valuable and treasured resources on,the island as well as some extra weapons,and hey maybe a tank if you get lucky,again everything here is super familiar,you pull up close to a roadblock sneak,around and you know take everybody out,silently with either your bow or your,silent weapon and then you blow up the,billboard and take control of the area,from there its pretty much the same,every time you go to a base and wing,suit wherever you want to go because,going up in the air is way quicker then,you drop yourself down and do the next,objective and pretty much rinse and,repeat go to the bases go to the,roadblocks go to the ambushes and maybe,do a story mission here and there while,it doesnt sound overly impressive on,paper its all stuff weve done before,many times but its still incredibly,exciting the thrill of taking a large,fnb base without raising an alarm some,of which are designed very well like an,assault on an oil rig or an offshore,tanker i actually ended up getting,disappointed when i ran out of bases to,conquer because they were so fun outside,of the glorious combat far cry,introduces or reintroduces in some cases,some supporting features that are,definitely more than just a quick glance,companions return in the form of amigos,colorful creatures that dany can find by,completing side quests called iran,stories the amigos proved to be just as,fun wacky and impactful as in the,previous games these include a crocodile,wearing a t-shirt,a rooster called chachiron that could,single-handedly take on a crew of a tank,theres a fun question involving that,crazy rooster its,pretty good and a mythical panther whose,stealth kills instantly evaporate the,corpse of an enemy,which i actually havent unlocked yet so,i dont have footage for though i do,have this cool dlc one its,its a little goofy right these animals,are goofy and the story is serious so,theres a bit of a disconnect there but,as far as gameplay concerns it is very,fun,danny can find various gorilla hideouts,and bases scattered throughout yara,using the resources gained from taking,down anton soldiers to construct and,upgrade new buildings offering the,outpost new and exciting features and,resources and the games arsenal is,absolutely huge theres probably over,100,maybe even more guns that players can,find and upgrade including an arsenal of,resolver weapons fantastically,overpowered and fun to use theres also,this thing called the supremo this is a,backpack that basically acts as an,ultimate theres a couple of different,things theres a missile launcher a fire,ring emp,a poison launcher thatll turn enemies,against each other things like that so,what im getting at is that far cry 6,has plenty of tools for you to cause,chaos with however if there was one,single aspect of the game that really,did need improving its the ai the enemy,soldiers are still as intelligent as a,damp sponge theyll leave a,well-fortified bunker with an lmg,emplacement to climb down a ladder to,get to try to get behind you,and shoot at you but then theyll just,sit behind a box and youll get them or,in this instance theyll give up the,high ground and use a zip line,the medic i understood because theres,guys down here he could revive,but uh the sniper i dont really know,why he came down,i guess because he was the last guy i,dont know but he probably should have,stayed up there just dont go into this,expecting a huge challenge from the ai,still even with the ai problems far cry,6 is the most fun ive had in a fire car,game in years but its not going to be,for everyone if youve grown tired of,the gameplay loops of the far cry games,previously far cry 6 doesnt make much,of an effort to change that up however,if the thrill of carnage and combat,still appeals its crazy chaotic and an,absolute blast,all right thatll do it for me if you,liked what song got what you needed like,comment subscribe see you guys in the,next video,later gators

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Far Cry 6 – Best In Franchise – Review Discussion

[Music],hell and welcome back to another player,two review discussion and once again,as always im joined by player two,legend editor-in-chief matt houston how,are we right yeah im just gonna wear it,now yeah its okay im the legend ill,just run with it there we go,ive broken it like you it was just like,my bag,youre not gonna youre never gonna,stand for it well,youve already folded,its just its just easier to nod and,smile and go with it really yeah fair,enough ill pay that,so for anyone whos listening on podcast,feeds because anyone whos watching the,video should be crystal clear now by,what youre seeing on screen but for,anyone listening on podcast feeds we are,talking about far cry 6. you and i have,both had access to a code,you just put uh youve penned a review,for the play 2 website that is available,to go check out now,ive been playing it for player 2 plays,and this discussion here,so weve both spent a bit of time with,it matt youve put the most time into it,uh anyone else whos kind of skulking,the player two website at the moment,knows that ive been sharing my time,between far cry and another title that i,had to review as well,um,so what do you think of far cry 6,theres a lot of baggage i guess with,the franchise theres you know so many,areas because of i think mostly still,because of far cry 3 i think every game,is still,in the shadow of vast compared to,far cry 3. um,there is a lot to say about far cry 6,there really is and,it is what absolutely,a lot of a lot of really good stuff lots,of really good stuff ive got to say and,its resulted in the longest review ive,written,probably ever um,close to two thousand words on far cry,at six because thats that bloated a bit,since we last discussed it yeah,so you were just crossing a thousand and,going strong i didnt think wed get as,far as 2000 though very nice,we almost got there um i think just shy,off but,the thing with far cross 6 is it,surpassed,both my expectations for a far cry game,and of what a game that ubisoft could,produce to be honest,um,it has problems dont get me wrong,its not without its issues but,what it has delivered is,is like of,a kind of refinement of the far cry,formula but at the same time,it has put everything into a context,that makes everything better so,every action you make in that world even,though this,that far cry dna where youre you know,hunting down output outposts and and,that sort of thing,that all has much more context in far,cry 6 and therefore makes it more,meaningful all your engagements have,purpose you know no longer are you just,taking over outposts because theyre,outposts with baddies theyre military,installations that are providing,armor to anton castillo its all part of,the beating heart that is um yara and,everythings going on,and i i mean for those who dont know,yara is essentially cuba its its just,cuba with a different name um anton,castillo is played by giancarlo esposito,and he is reasonable,as an exceptional villain in lots lots,of big television series i guess more,recently the likes of mandalorian but of,course a lot of people think of him from,uh breaking bad,yeah yeah so,um and hes just,amazing in this game like he is a reason,to buy this game yeah um i mean youve,played a lot deeper than i have youve,youve finished the game um yeah i,havent again for the reasons we,outlined before but i like every time,john color or anton is on the screen i,am,glued to everything hes doing and,hooked on every word that comes out of,his mouth because its its dripping,with that same intimidatory tone that we,hear and every other role he takes on,yeah um he just does such a fantastic,job,and what what he does too is hes hes,so,passionate and so convicted that hes in,the right,that he becomes almost,a sympathetic bad guy not,you cant discard what hes doing to,this this world this this yard,hes brutal,and the game doesnt hide from that but,the way he speaks with such conviction,um it really,it really cements him as like not just a,quality bad guy in a video game a,quality bad guy full stop like yeah the,type of bad guy you compare to,hannibal lecter or someone like that,hes just,hes just so good,yeah like honestly its,its that type of a performance from him,and it its really a reason to buy this,game alone so as a villain best in,franchise,yes yeah i i everyone says vas,bus has just been beaten um,and um,i mean again like i was feeling it but,without having seen the full arc yet,you know some reservations i suppose im,not going to tell you what happens but i,know a lot of people didnt like the,ending of far cry 5.,um,i think people will,not like this ending but thats because,youre not supposed to like it it is,quite a shocking,and,its unsettling,unsettling ending uh its thematically,appropriate um,and,possibly one that some may see coming,but i certainly didnt uh so,it it was kind of that ending you know,you sit there at the end of a movie,thats kind of left you with a big shock,and youre kind of,right and youre kind of taking it,and i guess just kind of observing the,pattern that were seeing in far cry,games recently,um where theyre looking to put some,sort of,uh you know point five game in there you,know from far cry 4 we saw like is this,is this something,that were going to see this is a very,hard hard cut hard edge well,its not going to say that on it tell,more stories in yara but,its a very definitive ending of this,story yeah its fantastic um,yeah and and,the other actors in the game like,and this is what takes so long in my,review i guess is that with a,performance like giancarlos in the game,it would be very easy for other actors,to be overshadowed,but theyre not theyre strong every,theyre strong theyre very strong every,character in this game,has been performed wonderfully um,theyve got some really high quality,voice,and performance actors here,in this game danny the league character,i dont know if you played male or,female i played male but i know you,played female yeah i played female and,and honestly shes just wonderful like,theyre both incredibly incredibly,lovable,yet,vicious and brutal at the same time she,doesnt,shy away from her actions um which is,actually something that got a bit better,i guess you know its only been recent,assassins creed titles for example,where weve started to see like you,youre given the choice um i mean i even,think about syndicate where you played,both jacob and evie fry it was when we,when we got to assassins creed odyssey,where weve,and thats,applies to then other franchises as well,the watchdogs and all those sort of,things where we actually start to get,some sequence of choice,um,and,in that case in the case of just hazard,street odyssey cassandra was clearly the,best choice in terms of the the way she,was acted the way like the way she was,written everything about that character,but i was thrilled like hearing your,feedback before we even had this,conversation and then my experiences,with the the male version of danny,i felt,like okay good theyre starting to like,its theyre not putting all their,attention into one theyre really,getting hard to both and theyre,exploring the,the the slightly varying facets of of,each dependent on you know the i mean,its a very po,they didnt want to be political its a,very politically charged environment all,the time um and you know theres gender,things that kind of uh,similar to the surface at points as well,and and just even the way characters,speak to one another like there are,those little,subtleties there and sometimes not so,subtle but,its its great to see that theyve,really committed the resource to both,variants of the main character there and,theyre both feeling,the part,yeah absolutely and,i think,the dialogue in this game is the best,in far cry franchise like just the,general conversations that you have the,writing is snappy its quite often funny,um yeah there were some funny moments,yeah theres a theres a you know really,good drunk scene im all for a good,drunk scene in in vi

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Brutally Honest Far Cry 6 Review, Is It Good?

hows it going everyone welcome back to,the channel and welcome back to another,video so for todays video im going to,be giving you guys my review for far cry,6. now i was lucky enough for ubisoft to,send me a review copy so ive been,playing the crap out of far cry so i,could get a review out for you guys but,just as a disclaimer ive played this,game for about 45 ish hours so far and,ive still not beaten the main story,this game is just so big and theres so,much stuff to do in it and ive taken my,time and ive gone around exploring and,done a lot of the side stuff so i,havent really focused too much on the,main story i dont think that the main,story is going to affect my overall,score too much but ill go a little bit,more into detail with that as i give my,final score at the end but as always,when it comes to reviewing video games i,always like to talk about the good,things and the bad things but to start,us off im going to talk about the good,things first and the first thing i want,to talk about is the graphics now,leading up to this games launch the,past year hasnt looked very good for,the advertising for far cry 6. if you go,back you look at some of the previous,trailers and stuff and gameplay snippets,a lot of people have been complaining,about the graphics they said that it,doesnt look that good i didnt think it,looked that good back when i saw the,trailers i thought the facial animations,looked weird in cut scenes and it looked,like they were doing a downgrade in the,graphics department but now that ive,actually sat down and played the game,myself i play it on an xbox series x and,i can confirm that the graphics dont,look as bad as what it originally looked,like in the trailers i think the,graphics actually look pretty good at,least compared to most games that i play,i think these graphics are fine its,nothing like revolutionary but there are,a lot of fine details and it does look,really pretty in certain aspects for,example going on the beach you can see,all the lighting and the details and the,water and the details in the sand and,all the little pebbles and in some parts,of this game it looks really really good,so i dont really have any complaints in,the graphics department i was actually,kind of impressed im sure theres a lot,of pc players that are probably going to,pick this game apart like they always do,when it comes to graphics but just me,playing on the xbox series x i think it,looks fine i dont know how its going,to look or perform on the xbox one or,the ps4 i would imagine its not going,to look as good but when it comes to,graphics and performance i havent had,any issues with my series x i havent,noticed any problems with performance i,havent really gotten any frame rate,loss i had a couple problems getting,stuck in the loading screen and i had to,restart my game but even that wasnt a,problem because of how fast the xbox,series x restarts games i mean i got,back into the action in no time but,overall with the graphics and,performance i think they did a good job,which i want to briefly talk about,another point that i feel like i need to,bring up and its the fact that i didnt,experience very many bugs or glitches in,the past couple years you know 2020 2021,most of the latest video games launched,in a state that theyre just broken,especially nowadays with all the live,service games they sort of launch broken,and then they just get patched later on,and it just feels like every game ive,played in the past couple years just has,tons of bugs and glitches and i didnt,experience very many bugs and glitches,at all in my playthrough like i said the,only problem i really experienced was a,couple times i got stuck in a loading,screen it would just load endlessly,forever but i didnt see very many like,graphical issues or any kind of game,breaking bugs like i would normally,experience in most games overall i think,its a really well polished game this,game feels like it was in the oven for a,decent amount of time it doesnt feel,rushed and im actually you know,impressed with ubisofts ability to you,know make a game and its not buggy and,glitchy like most video games nowadays,so so i had to give credit where credit,is due in that regard so next up i want,to talk about all the different weapons,that are in far cry 6 and there is a lot,of different weapons theres a bunch of,different types when you have sub,machine guns and shotguns and assault,rifles sniper rifles bows and then,theres like a special kind of goofy,tier weapons that a lot of people were,complaining about in the trailers,theres a weapon thats like a cd player,it will shoot cds out of people when it,plays music that theres that weapon,theres a firework launcher you know,just some like goofy weapons which are,actually pretty fun to use when i first,saw a trailer i wasnt into the idea of,having like the supremo backpack that,could shoot missiles or having these,like goofy looking weapons i just didnt,like the idea of that but since ive,actually got my hands on this game i,think some of the like goofier weapons,are actually some of the most fun to use,now if you dont like the idea of having,like a cd launcher as a weapon you just,dont have to use it because there is,just a huge variety of weapons if you,want to feel more realistic and you want,to use actual weapons then i mean youre,not going to be disappointed i actually,think that theres probably too many,weapons in this game because a lot of,the weapons kind of feel similar you,could only hold three weapons at a time,and what happened to me is like id find,one or two good weapons and then i would,just want to stick with those weapons,the entire time there was a couple times,where i switched it up i was just using,different weapons just to play around,with the different weapon types and some,weapon types just feel way better than,other weapon types for example theres a,bunch of automated pistols and theyre,just not very good the recoil and the,light machine guns is just absolutely,horrible so i just didnt like using the,light machine guns and im normally a,light machine gun person when it comes,to video games but overall the weapons i,mean they feel pretty good i dont,really have too many complaints with the,weapons there is a lot of customization,options for the weapons like you can put,different attachments on them different,mods and stuff which is something that,wasnt in previous far cry games so i,like the fact that you can really go,into detail with how you want to,customize your weapons i personally just,put silencers on pretty much every,weapon i had because i like to be,stealthy in this game but overall i like,a lot of the different weapons if you,guys are a fan of far cry or just first,person shooters i mean theres a huge,variety of weapons to choose from in,this game i dont think youll be,disappointed so next up i want to talk,about all the different customization,options that are in this game and,theres actually a lot of customization,options you can change the color and the,interior of a lot of vehicles which,impressed me you can change the,appearance of pretty much all the,weapons you can put up in charms on your,guns you can change your clothing items,now this game doesnt have a skill tree,or perks like previous far cry games,this game actually ties a lot of your,stats and your abilities to your,clothing items which i dont think im a,fan of that i think i would rather,personally have like a perk tree because,in this game youre kind of forced to,like mix and match clothing items if you,want to have a certain ability like,being able to swim faster then you have,to put on a certain pair of pants or if,you want to take less damage youll have,to wear a different helmet so you have,to like go through and find basically,what the best armor is and that,determines your perks so im not too big,of a fan of that but this game does have,a transmog system for the clothes so if,you go through and you find all the,different clothing items that

Far Cry 6 Review | Fun But Confused Tone

13 years old,and diego has such compassion,for his people,these fish,we will,catch,i release,far cry 6 is a massive game and its,packed with fun but its also one with,multiple personality disorder its ready,to suck you into its chaotic world of,tank battles and stealth machete kills,and [ __ ] fighting,and then shotgun blast you in the guts,with its attempts to tackle serious,issues within its story i said,are you the only survivor,see,lucky,they dont know their risks thats all,you have to say youre here thats what,matters far cry 6 might have changed its,tone in a few of its mechanics but the,series delight in total chaos is still,front and center,the first four or so hours of the game,are kind of bewildering no matter what i,did every mission descended into an,all-out brawl,stealth attempts were scuppered by a,mongoose attack enemy patrols popped up,with alarming regularity and i saw more,npc horses and dogs hit by cars than i,care to remember everything i did i felt,like there had to be a better way i just,hadnt quite unlocked the right,equipment yet the wingsuit a rocket,launcher a sniper rifle and that classic,far cry power fantasy feeling was just,out of reach,once i had made it through that early,stage though and onto the yarn mainland,it all clicked back into place this time,around the story of far cry 6 isnt,about vacationing dude bros or a trip to,dump your moms ashes or a weird cult,its trying to tackle a much more,realistic storyline with yara a country,ruled by a brutal dictator and,everything that includes from slavery to,human trafficking and even american,imperialism,you play as dany roja as they go from,would-be regime escapee to guerrilla,revolutionary the sword and the hero,nice to see you two alive,to put it simply your job is to f up as,much of villain castillos bag as,possible by taking out anti-aircraft,guns sabotaging his factories and,murdering his powerful supporters,as the story progresses youre directed,to other pockets of the resistance,winning them over with more death and,destruction to help their personal,causes and freeing up different,provinces along the way,the far cry 6 guerrilla starter kit,includes an amigo crocodile companion,called guapo a supremo backpack which is,essentially a wearable ultimate ability,and a mix of standard and improvised,weapons from shotguns to guns that shoot,cds follow the story in sidequests and,youll unlock more of all of the above,and your inventory will soon look like,the attic of a very unstable hoarder,far cry 6 definitely feels like the,turning point for a series in transition,everything you know and love about it is,still there crazy weapons clearing,checkpoints climbing to obscure,locations for hidden treasures but the,small changes that have been made,actually have a big impact on the,overall experience,most notable at first is establishing,your character as more than just some,eyeballs you stare through,when you reach a gorilla camp or hit a,cutscene the game swaps from first,person to third person letting you see,your dany and whatever terrible outfit,youve chosen for them and watch them,react to friends foes in the events of,the storyline in a much more realistic,way,on the more mechanical side someone,chopped down the skill trees and made a,wardrobe with the wood now instead of,using skill points to purchase perks or,abilities any changes to your dannys,base stats come from the kit she equips,in the form of headwear shirts trousers,shoes and hand accessories a particular,watch might up your defense stats,against blast rounds a safari hat tags,animals around you automatically for,easy tracking and the fuego gloves mean,that when youre on fire you put,yourself out automatically rather than,needing to smash a button its a nice,idea suiting up before a hunt with,animal protection buffing clothes style,friendly outfits for assassinations but,in big battles it often means pausing,the action to quickly change danys,trousers which is quite the mental image,part of me just missed the simplicity of,knowing ive purchased a perk that meant,i could run faster and it would last,forever but the ability to swap and,change will appeal to anyone that feels,at home in the destiny 2 vault menu,i started out hating it by the end of,the game me and far cry 6 had come to a,respectful if uneasy truce one more i,tried to face a tank dressed in fishing,gear at least twice before spotting my,mistake in a cutscene,in a nice touch for fashionistas you can,transmog each item of kit so that even,if you need some ugly sneakers that help,with tripwires you can make them look,like anything else in your collection,the new supremo backpacks work in a,similar way rather than getting one,super backpack youll acquire ones with,different strengths upgrade them and,swap between them depending on your,mission style youll supremo also just,takes which gadgets grenades healing,syringes emps appear in your weapon,wheel for the lazy ass tank like me i,played most of the game with the same,explosive supremo you get at the,beginning finding it just too much of a,lifesaver to take out tanks and,helicopters with a single hit to ever,really let it go,so for the first few hours even if,youre one of the far cry faithful you,should expect to feel a little bit lost,as these tweaks to the system settle in,its like coming back to the office to,find someone whos moved all your stuff,around only rather than a stapler and,your favorite mug youre not sure why,your molotovs arent appearing in your,weapon wheel,heres a controversial question has far,cry 6 made its amigo animal companions,too damn adorable this time around,between a tiny dog with a wheelchair and,customisable outfits i was way too,emotionally invested in their welfare,whole missions were absolutely banjaxed,by my crocodile or dog or panther,getting themselves into trouble and me,dropping absolutely every objective and,concern for my own health to go and help,them it wasnt even a gameplay,consideration they can be revived i just,couldnt bear seeing anyone shoot at,chorizo its not a real complaint more a,warning for anyone who doesnt like to,see a puppy getting kicked,there was a lot more [ __ ] than i was,expecting in my far cry 6.,roosters are a recurring theme to the,point where im wondering if someone on,the ubisoft team had a particularly,traumatic experience with chickens at an,early age you can collect roosters play,as a rooster in a [ __ ] fighting side,game that peter is absolutely going to,lose its mind over get a punk rooster,amigo and there are even some stories of,yaras side quests that revolve around,eggs and birds and rooster spurs thats,one for someones psychoanalyst to,ponder for sure,as for the story it has to be mentioned,that far cry 6 should come with massive,trigger warning for a lot of reasons,its not just the violence though the,close-up machete kills that see you ram,the blade right into the skull of your,victim are pretty brutal its the way,the story really wants you to know that,anton is a proper bad guy by showing not,telling the game opens with mass murder,and cracks on at the same pace from,there so expect to see corpses medical,experimentation on live subjects some,very clumsy handling of a trans right,storyline human trafficking torture and,more,its not that games shouldnt tackle,this stuff its just hard to make the,tonal switch from the absolute,degradation of humanity to look we made,a minigame that looks like street,fighter but with chickens its like the,writing team sat in one room researching,political history and watching prestige,hbo dramas like chernobyl and the,gameplay team sat way over the other,side of the studio adding unicorns and,firework guns and crocodile helmets for,most of the development and then the two,teams came together at the end to try,and duct tape the two ideas together,after days just burning through the main,quests and important looking side quests,to see as much of the gameplay review as,possible the ending f

Far Cry 6 Gameplay Features and Story Details Discussed

[Music],yara is in turmoil,its people are revolting against their,el presidente anton castillo,a dictator intent on realizing his,vision of paradise,no matter the cost as the capitals,streets burn,between castiles supporters and,protesters,the leader delivers a twisted lesson to,his anxious 13 year old son,because our country is like this grenade,except it has two basic parts,our people,and you and you must clutch,them nice and tight or,we all go boom,[Music],before we go any further please be sure,to hit the like button as it truly helps,out the video,and if youre new to the channel please,be sure to subscribe and also hit the,bell notification icon as well,so as soon as the new video goes live,you will certainly be notified,alright thank you so much lets jump,right in like its predecessor,far cry 6 isnt shy about wearing its,inspiration on its sleeve,the cuban revolution left a profound,lasting impact on the country,and its effects are influencing,ubisofts next first-person shooter,on the surface we have this nation stuck,in the past,a living museum of vintage american cars,and historical architecture,yet the developers also sought the,methods and motivations of former,guerrilla fighters,speaking with them to learn how a,revolution lives and breathes,while the former helped their artists to,build a complex,caribbean island the largest playable,map in the series to date,as these things always go the latter,informed their narrative design,unlike recent injuries far cry 6 will,have a fully voiced,protagonist danny rojas a local yarn,swept up in the libertad freedom,movement,its a sensible change a revolution,needs a voice,and a silent gorilla will not unite a,fracturing resistance,what isnt changing is ubisofts,fondness for memorable antagonists,in the footsteps of vas pagan and joseph,comes anton,a man convinced hes doing whats best,for his people,as the second castile in power anton has,seen his father executed by,revolutionaries,and lived through the stagnant economy,that followed in his eyes,only the castiles can make yara prosper,once again,what others deride as brutal methods he,only sees as strong leadership,the wild car in all of this is diego his,13 year old son,like any teenager hes at the crossroads,coming to grips with his future,and the pressure of fulfilling his,parents wishes whats clear in the,premier trailer,and confirmed by narrative director,navid kavari himself,is that we arent sure which path diego,eventually chooses,of course will he continue the bloody,legacy or help demolish it,thats where dany comes in and we expect,that antons,grooming will only grow urgent as he,senses his demise,just like that of his father 50 years,ago bringing the father-son duo to life,are giancarlo esposito,of breaking bad and the mandalorian fame,and anthony gonzalez from pixars cocoa,according to kavari esposito embraced,the role and came into their first,meeting,with notes and questions on the,character pushing for greater empathy,that highly collaborative process will,hopefully give us far crys best villain,yet,however the challenge as always is,marrying that story,with gameplay especially when players,have a large sandbox full of shiny,distractions,whats immediately noticeable about far,cry 6 is the map,yes its very big but other than,bringing back tropical jungles beaches,and small settlements its also,introducing a city esperanza,yaras capital and the so-called lions,den,is the first dense urban environment in,the series ubisoft toronto is taking the,lead this time,and the team likely scored a few tips,from their colleagues on the watchdog,legions floor,fights this time will stretch down,streets and back alleys where tougher,enemies roam,and with a verticality that they claim,is game changing,dictators love the power and symbolism,of tanks so lobbying grenades into them,from a rooftop or balcony might be a,thing,everything else as far as we know should,be familiar to fans,in a fun nod to far cry new dawn players,can wield unconventional weapons like a,disc launcher,flamethrower as well as a chemical,sprayer they rebranded the fangs for,higher system as,amigos fire with a white panther and a,wheelchair-bound dashand,who literally kills with kindness among,its numbers,and progression comes by uniting the,guerrillas scattered across the country,in what are likely zoned areas contested,by antons forces,well hear more about combat and,gameplay as we near far cry 6s launch,but so far its shaping up to be a,distinctly ubisoft title,the biggest question currently lies with,dany our yarn gorilla,players can customize their appearance,and choose a gender but we dont know,how much,autonomy the character gets we doubt,theyll take away key decisions that,shape the ending,so well likely have more cut scenes as,well as more storied focused sections,to portray danys journey then theres,the politics,the series isnt afraid of using real,world themes in locales,though it stops short of making any,scathing commentary or fumbling when,they try,yet it seems hard to stay apolitical in,the game about systemic oppression and,revolt,perhaps that might change under kavari,whos now leading the narrative after,writing for,three far cry games its hard to tell,with no meaningful gameplay footage,or hands-on time at the moment the,actual risk lies in creeping franchise,fatigue,outside of esperanza the game appears to,follow a formula drafted and iterated,upon,since far cry 6. after 8 years were,pretty much past the point of,predictability,assassins creed origin shows ubisofts,can handle a systems overhaul,and with next-gen platforms now on the,table it seems right for a meaningful,change,we wont get that with far cry 6,unfortunately it seems so were eager to,see,what else they have up their sleeves,theres no official release date for now,but a recent microsoft store listing,pins it as may 26,2021 and of course coming across all,platforms,and there you have it,you

Far Cry 6 Review

i think we can all agree that pizza is,great the crust the cheese its all good,well far cry is like pizza,you know what youre going to get and,far cry 6 has all the right ingredients,that offers a new flavor while improving,upon elements that make it a worthy,installment in this beloved franchise,[Music],welcome to yara a gorgeous and rich,tropical island filled with dense,vegetation native wildlife and engaging,characters all under the oppressive rule,of one tyrannic and merciless dictator,anton castillo i do have to kick things,off by mentioning i havent rolled,credits on a game just yet according to,the save data im sitting at 84 story,completion but im really just trying to,take my time and savor each moment with,all the side content before wrapping,things up but that wont stop me from,sharing my thoughts so far on the latest,adventure by ubisoft toronto and ubisoft,montreal its been said ad nauseam by,many people over the past few,installments that each far cry game is,just a reiteration of the ones that came,before it but in a new location and for,the most part far cry 6 is exactly what,you might have been trained to expect,from this franchise it takes heavy,inspiration from far cry 3 and doubles,down on what fans love about it we get a,combination of dark thematics with the,jovial and comedic side missions that,the series is known for and when i say,dark there is some dark [ __ ] in there,there were literally moments where my,jaw was on the ground even from early on,the writers were not scared of going to,those places and also throwing in some,unexpected curveballs throughout the,story and this is what is so exciting,about far cry 6 youre playing a first,person shooter where the gunplay has,been improved dramatically on console,the best the firecry has ever felt the,60 frames per second you get on the ps5,makes for a smooth and responsive,experience that runs well on the,hardware yet its those bloody cut,scenes that feature jean-carlos and his,machiavellian leadership style that you,crave that push you on through the game,they are plentiful and occur in a,cadence that most people will find,pleasing yara did not elect me to do,whats easy but to do,whats right the cutscenes are like a,fine treat that you were rewarded with,after doing some groundwork and building,up a resistance in each of the three,large key areas surrounding the capital,you are free to tackle the areas in any,order of your choosing and these areas,also contain character stories which are,compelling in their own right most of,the people you made are strong and,emotionally charged with one or two,incessant support characters that dont,quite hit the mark come drink with me,but by and large the performances of the,cast range from average to very well,done my choice of protagonist was female,dany who is very well acted there are,moments where dany goes through hell in,the much appreciated third person,cutscenes which is the direct response,to the criticism of far cry 5 where we,played as a vapid and silent protagonist,exclusively in first person perspective,to my surprise the cutscenes did suffer,from frame rate stuttering which will,hopefully be ironed out soon but,fortunately i didnt experience any,issues during the actual gameplay you,also get a third person perspective,during the worlds several hub areas as,there is a lot of customization you can,tell this feature is clearly intended to,allow the player to appreciate their own,style and promote collecting gear but,the choice of angle honestly felt,awkward while it was happening because,you still interface with objects in the,same way as you normally would but in a,less effective way if youre not,mainlining the story youll spend most,of your time building up your various,hideouts running repetitive text-based,missions for resources meeting other,interesting yarns and learning about,their place in the world taking out a,guns,solving small puzzles or treasure hunts,and hanging out with your amigos,good dog,good dog,sadly your companions are limited to,only the animal variety and i miss the,company of human guns for hire he could,have offered a richer experience through,evolving dialogue throughout the game i,was also a little disappointed when it,came to the depth of what is possible,while taking on the president the,bribery that was promised is basically,just finding a random sympathetic,soldier on a corner and paying him 20,pesos to point out a point of interest,someone on the map and interception is,simply a time trial to get from a to b,and fend off some bad guys before,collecting some loot this is perhaps a,missed opportunity to create a deeper,system that could expand the purview of,future far cry games in terms of combat,im having a lot of fun here,each area has a different rank number,that determines the difficulty of the,occupying soldiers but a skillful player,will be able to survive even the,toughest of areas enemies also have,different weaknesses that youll want to,exploit by switching up your weapons on,the fly you can see the different,classes depicted here on a workbench,armor-piercing bullets are effective,against heavy types while soft target,rounds will rip through enemies that,dont wear sufficient protection keep in,mind though that a headshot is a,headshot if you want to avoid wasting,entire mags on well-prepared soldiers,youll also be kept on your toes when,engineers start placing turrets on the,battlefield or when air support shows up,as your heat meter rises through general,hostility and non-compliance this is,when those emp grenades and the unique,supremo backpacks become extremely,helpful and progression in far cry 6 is,all done through gear upgrades as you,rank up through completing missions,better gear will be made available to,you there isnt a traditional skill tree,rather you will need to complete various,activities to earn the rare materials,and return to your workbench to make the,improvements ubisoft has put great,emphasis on tons of gear and,customization in this game and,everything can be cosmetically altered,to your specific taste without changing,the inherent stats of your loadout i,find this change of pace works well but,i kind of do miss the xp you would,normally gain from killing enemies it,leaves me feeling a little ripped off,after wiping out hundreds of soldiers,only to be rewarded with a few pesos and,ammo pickups overall the presentation of,the game is stunning in 4k a lot of work,was put into the environment weapons,cosmetics and visual effects though the,city density left much to be desired,when very few people could actually be,seen wandering the streets during the,day,big shout out to the team for including,an extensive accessibility menu and also,a neat feature in photo mode called live,mode this is where you can get creative,and capture live motion with a movable,camera massive respect to the sound,design team and foley artists too the,sounds are incredible with a good set of,headphones the jungle sounds alive and,the cracking headshot sounds and blood,spraying takedowns are immensely,satisfying,[Music],and the score is masterfully done the,way the music creates tension throughout,a stealth mission and adds layers and,builds tempo through high action,gameplay gave me chills on multiple,occasions it wont have the lasting,effect the melodic banjo from far cry 5,had but it does match the serious tone,this dark story demands,im not sure what kind of healthcare,antons government offers their workers,but they must all suffer from,short-sightedness as enemy sight lines,are very forgiving while your so-called,allies will sometimes annoyingly refuse,to move out of the way or lead the way,during critical moments theres tons of,content packed into far cry 6 with even,more stuff in the pipeline to be clear,this is not a story about dany this is a,story about yara its history and the,history of the castilla family sure,there are some political statements,regarding the systemic racism that,exi

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