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Far Cry Primal Review

Far Cry primal z prehistoric version of,fire cries one man versus a savage,frontier stick feel surprisingly,authentic itll go down in gaming,history for its brutal and satisfying,close quarters combat and wild beasts,maulings but not for its startlingly,basic campaign,Far Cry primal cast us as a Stone Age,hunter called Takhar who will apparently,drink anything we also know he has a,beard because well you can see it in,this little icon unfortunately thats,literally all we ever learn about the,car and as such he isnt an especially,engaging or interesting protagonist our,one job as two car is to achieve,dominance over two separate enemy tribes,by working alongside several allies to,gain the abilities he needs to defeat,the enemy leaders unfortunately this,elevator pitch is also the entire plot,synopsis Ubisoft has made a move away,from linear storytelling but at a cost,it took me around 20 hours to get,through primals main campaign and just,some of the available side quests and,the story does retain fire cries now,signature supernatural flourishes but it,lacks any real twists intrigue,rollicking set pieces drama or depth it,just hums along sedately until,culminating in a pair of standard-issue,boss fights as such neither of primals,main villains are a patch on far cry 4,sadistic pagan min or far cry 3s,frightening Li unpredictable VAS though,theyre underused I like the secondary,cast from the one-eyed guy who expresses,his brotherly respect wire swift head,butts to the one-armed bloke who I,suspect peed on me just so he could,choose my nickname the detailed,character design on these fellow tribe,Spiegel is uniformly excellent and their,performances are terrific in the context,of primals credible ancient field well,all except for the jarring liad evil,knievel caveman who appears to a stroll,directly off the set of a secret sequel,to Encino man,Far Cry primal strengths instead lie in,its reliable gameplay systems the main,thread of go here and fetch this and,kill that missions lacks variety but I,quickly became hooked on primals,well-worn cycle of devastating enemy,outposts uncovering resources and loot,to improve my gear and tracking down and,taming as many beasts as I could find,taming dangerous animals is an integral,part of primal and adds greatly to both,combat and travel the blood thing,saber-toothed for instance is supremely,strong and will move you around the map,rapidly the leopard will auto take,nearby animals and the Badger can revive,itself from death just dont pet your,badger too much though thats not a,euphemism,two cars omnipresent our companion a,deadly drone like feature that I relied,on often is also exceptionally useful,dont forget about it,crashing enemy camps is a familiar,experience but theyre generally the,best showcase for primals brand of close,combat as usual you can always opt to,stalk the perimeters tagged enemies and,sneak in seeking stealth takedowns well,though now you can do it with a cave,bear the size of a horse wagon as your,obedient backup but when things get loud,primal demands a dynamic approach to,skirmishes youll be swapping weapons,often which gives you a good reason to,invest energy in upgrading or your kit,primal is handsome enough on ps4 but I,found the quality ranges the animals,weapons and character models are,exceptional but the environmental,effects like fire and particularly water,are average at best the audio however is,top-notch from great gory weapon hits,back to the unique bark of a badger,skulking nearby to the hum of mosquitoes,by a rivers edge,Far Cry primal succeeds in transporting,the factory formula back in time and,comes to the table with a quiver full of,neat ideas and a dangerous and,fascinating open world the visceral and,buried combat is fun the Beast based,gameplay is a winner and the lure of,camp climbing gear crafting beast,hunting and resource gathering remains,the irresistible it is undermined,however by a disappointing lack of,investment in its story some often,forgettable quests and its been neil of,villains which unfortunately combined to,make primal feel like a step back from,the memorable moments of Far Cry 3 & 4,for more on all things Far Cry stick,with IGN

Should you Buy Far Cry Primal in 2021? (Review)

far cry primal the pre-sequel to far cry,4 that takes place,well before any of these guys and before,the biggest,evil of them all existed far cry primal,came out back in 2016 and served as a,spin-off to the main entries in between,far cry 4 and far cry 5.,just like how new dawn is between far,cry 5 and far cry 6,but how far cry primal holds up in 2021,is the topic of todays video im going,to break down the game and let you guys,know if its worth buying in 2021,also before we get the video started,only four percent of you who watch my,videos are actually subscribed so if you,enjoy the content consider subscribing,its free and it really helps and,motivates me to start doing youtube,full-time,anyways back to far cry primal so as you,may know as clearly stated on the cover,of this game,its primal yes believe it or not before,this quarantine,life actually existed and thousands of,years ago at that,primal takes place in the year 10000 bc,so forget your guns,unicorn flamethrowers and everything,that makes far cry far cry because this,is caveman baby,clubs sticks bows wild animals and no,english yeah primals entire story is,spoken in ezeela,and the only way to understand it is,with the english subtitles and credit to,the voice actors for doing all these,roles in that language,it makes the game more immersive and,realistic and then you drink some rat,blood and eyeballs go on a sensual mind,trip as a mammoth and then you realize,yep,this is far cry primal probably has the,weakest story of any far cry game ive,played the characters are fun and,entertaining to watch but the plot has,no real goal,other than survival and the villains ul,and bakitari are just bad guys with no,deeper development or backstory,dont hold the candle to the likes of,these fine fellows the story also has,this open mission structure which is,great for giving a sense of freedom and,allowing you to take the game at your,own pace but dismantles the strength of,the main plot and causes the whole story,to lack cohesion the main character,takar is just like every other far cry,protagonist and by that i mean,extremely boring and lacks anything,essential in any protagonist like,personality,humor development and a defining,presence i felt so disconnected from,takar and really the whole,cast because there is nothing to relate,to obviously the primal time period has,a big effect on this because they,werent the smartest bunch,still smarter than these guys though but,the narrative still lacked motivation,and heart and i felt absolutely no need,to slaughter all these people,and its never really explained why the,wenja udom and izilla tribes are all at,war,i mean this whole mess could have been,avoided if they all just sat down and,said hey i like,living boom story over i mean even the,sabertooth,tiger from the beginning is a better,villain than these clowns but nah,instead im gonna drink these eyeballs,and ride my war bear into battle to kill,crazy barbaric evil guy,and magical sunlight if youre familiar,with how far cry gameplay works then,just imagine that but no guns,yeah so pretty much far cry but without,the fun weapons to be honest the idea of,using spears clubs and bows with no guns,actually sounded really cool to me i was,excited to see how it would play out and,i was,mostly disappointed the melee and range,combat are ripped straight from the far,cry playbook its all really basic and,repetitive i was hoping since the game,revolves around melee combat that there,would be more effort to add more depth,to it instead of just walking up to a,caveman and spamming attack button and,hope you smash his skull before he,smashes yours,i mean maybe a block or counter or even,a dodge would be cool but literally you,just have the regular attack and for,some clubs a heavy attack,when the enemy swings back you either,have to tank it or try to strafe around,them to,avoid the attack and yes it looks just,as ridiculous as it sounds they could,have at least added some finishers or,executions to make the combat feel more,brutal,and while primal the bow is the exact,same way point and shoot with a reticle,full wait theres two different kinds of,bows and youll never guess what they do,one shoots farther and the other shoots,two arrows,the game also has a big emphasis on,gathering and crafting theres no,shops where you can just restock ammo no,no now,its a boring chore and you gotta work,for it just like the caveman,forget fun that didnt exist back then,so it shouldnt end the game either i,will admit though i did like the,crafting and skill system you can craft,a bunch of cool little tools that make,the game more fun,and a bit easier and gives you a good,sense of progression you feel your,character getting stronger as you,progress,the stealth and primal is once again,just far cry but no guns,its still fun but the detection meter,feels extremely quickly in this game and,it also doesnt help when an enemy spots,you and uses their magic telepathy to,let everyone within a three mile radius,know where you are then reinforcements,get called,and youre swarmed within seconds and,the ai 360 spin bots you with their bows,and you die then you respawn and get,eaten by wolves luckily,they have one weakness stupid wolves,now i have the high ground taming,animals is also a pretty large part of,this game and they can be fun to use but,the ai is just so broken,half the time your team gets spotted,while in stealth or they die to an enemy,in like two hits and leave you to fend,for yourself,when you can learn to tame saber-tooths,and bears and actually ride them then it,actually becomes helpful and actually,work,never mind the gameplay definitely gives,off this whole survival feel to it along,with the survivor mode so if youre into,that and like having to scrounge for,every piece of gear and every weapon and,having to hunt to survive then youll,enjoy this quite a lot the world was my,favorite part of the game and i just,love how they captured the time period,in this game and its just such a unique,experience and i often like to pretend,like i was living in this unique,time i mean just look at that world look,at it isnt it pretty,the world is also very immersive just,the ambient noise of birds chirping in,the distant roar of a lion letting you,know its going to eat your intestines,just so,peaceful and so beautiful oh my god,yeah did i mention there are so many,ways to die in this world and pretty,much,everything is trying to kill you,seriously how did these people survive,oh so they didnt thats nice,now theres a fair amount to do in the,world hunting side quests,outposts you know the usual far cry,stuff and things the side quests in this,game,kind of just suck though its literally,the same three side quests just,copied and pasted like 20 times so those,get pretty boring and tedious very fast,so do yourself a favor and you know just,dont do them now unless you want to,squeeze as much,out of this game as possible because it,is a rather short game,and doesnt feature as much content as,the main far cry titles it only took,like 13 hours to finish and that was,with doing a decent amount of side,quests,now in terms of graphics the game is,stunning i love the whole aesthetic and,the game ran nicely on my pc,at 1440p and ultra settings with my rtx,2070 super,and i5 9600k i was getting an average of,80 to 90 fps,not too many issues with bugs there is,the usual hiccup like with most far cry,games and i think the stealth detection,is really broken but its definitely not,the buggiest game ive played this year,cough cough i believe i bought this game,off a ubisoft sale for around eight,dollars which is a pretty good price and,if you find it on sale for a cheap price,its worth giving a shot its thirty,dollars full price on steam but its,probably just better to wait for sale,and get it cheap because it is a pretty,small game especially compared to some,of the other far cry games that you may,be able to pick up for even cheaper than,primal,primal definitel

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Far Cry Games From Worst To Best

a few months back now i did a video on,the far cry games released,exclusively for the consoles and then i,realized that at this point ive,actually covered every single main game,in the series,still a bit of a ways off until we get,far cry 6 though so in the meantime i,thought id go back and do a video,ranking the series in what i think is,the order from worst best,so lets take it all into account from a,hawaiian shirt wearing jack carver in,2003 to the customizable captain in far,cry new dawn,grab some popcorn a beer and a machete,lets get lost in an open world map and,do this,bye girl a dream im karina,[Music],why are you here im so sorry about this,so right at the bottom of the list is,far cry vengeance and this one was a bit,of a no-brainer its hands down the,worst,game in the entire series and i dont,think anyones going to argue with that,how long have you been with the rebels,im not that kind of rebel pal,im not your pal you bastard guy,released exclusively for the nintendo,wii,far cry vengeance is defined as a remake,of evolutions,even though its really just more like,an alternate version of the same game,to see why this thing sucks so you dont,have to do much more than just,look at it in action for a 2006 wii game,this thing just looks atrocious,the performance is absolutely horrible,too with the kind of frame rate that can,cause epileptic fits,along with engine issues like texture,and environment pop in,its a first person shooter but the,controls have been adapted to work with,the wiis nunchuck and remote,fling the nunchuck up in the air to jump,and swing it down to melee attack it all,sounds fine on paper but when its put,into action,its kind of not it just kind of makes,you look like youve got tourettes,its really just a worse off version of,both instincts and evolution,taken the worst parts of both of those,games like its some kind of bad idea,buffet,on a positive side though it does have,one of the best lines in any video game,ever made,im not your pal you bastard guy but,thats not enough to save this thing,from being easily the worst the series,has ever gotten,so far anyway,after this weve got far cry new dawn,now i dont think new dawn is a bad game,but the reason its so far down on this,list is that it doesnt really do,anything all that new or even adding,enough new content in my opinion to be,even considered a full game,like a lot of people said back when this,thing came out it really should have,been dlc,reusing a smaller version of the map,from far cry 5 new dawn takes place,after the events in that story which,culminated in two equally depressing,endings involving a nuclear apocalypse,as a customizable character youre,trying to rebuild the world helping,friendly groups of survivors by donating,to them copious amounts of resources,along with dealing with a bandit faction,called the highway men led by the,completely unthreatening twin sisters,mickey and lou,but if you make problems well pops,taught us what to do with problem makers,problem makers need to be solved there,were some bare bones rpg elements,introduced with weapons and enemies,having different levels but it didnt,really make the higher level enemies any,smarter,just buff them up with more health,points and armor capturing the outpost,formed a,really big component of the gameplay,loop too and youd need to do this,multiple times to acquire enough fuel,for all of your upgrades,to circumvent this they even added in a,really lazy micro transaction system,where you could buy all of this stuff,without even having to actually go out,and earn it in the game,it wasnt all bad though i mean i think,the engine looked great and some of the,new weapons like the sawblade launcher,were really fun to use,the new companions were also fun to play,with too but overall it couldnt really,help,feeling like a lesser version of far cry,5.,that is the best death scene ever,next up is far cry instincts released in,2004 for the xbox and then later in 2006,for the xbox 360.,instincts is a remake of far cry 1,released barely a year after the,original,and its the same plot with jack carver,taking valerie cortez to a mysterious,island in micronesia for some,seemingly innocent sightseeing soon,enough though she disappears and jack is,then under attack by soldiers and has to,flee onto the island,he soon comes into contact with doyle,and eventually has to rescue and work,alongside valerie to bring down dr,krieger and his band of mercenaries led,by crow,but the whole things kind of like the,edgier evil twin of the original game,in the original jack was just an special,forces soldier that valerie hired,because of his military training,but this time he got dishonorably,discharged became an illegal arms dealer,and is on the run from the mob now in,micronesia to avoid getting whacked,crow is back again too but instead of,just being some cheesy hollywood bad guy,with a cowboy hat,am i understood yes yes sir im heading,out,turns out hes now an ex-apartheid,officer and if you dont know what the,apartheid was,well go and ask your parents im heading,out probably the coolest aspect of the,game though is the new abilities that,jax got after being injected with,krieger serum,this comes in the form of new abilities,during the game like being able to,attack enemies with your razor sharp,claws,being able to track enemies by their,scent and eventually you can also run,super fast and jump higher than normal,but its all linked to a slow-ass,adrenaline system that just takes,forever to recharge,the other thing is that this is also a,lot more linear than the original game,youre basically just,moving down whats essentially one large,corridor for each level,i mean you are on a jungle island but,going too far off the beaten path youre,just going to run into impassable hills,and trees,that kind of cordons you back towards,where the game wants you to go,the controls in this thing though are,the real challenge man theyre just,absolute,dog [ __ ] if the input delay isnt enough,when driving vehicles,accelerating braking and turning left or,right is all done with the left thumb,stick,and you want to know why this is a bad,thing because half the time you keep,veering to the left or the right when,youre just trying to accelerate because,of how loose the thumb stick is,combine it all with aiming acceleration,sporadic checkpoints,brain dead ai and long and often boring,levels and the whole things just,one big pile of [ __ ] im heading out,still i commend them for being able to,get it running on a console in the first,place and credit where its due,that is pretty impressive,next up on the list is far cry 4,released in 2014,and again like new dawn its kinda low,on the list because it just feels like a,lesser version of another far cry game,this time far cry 3.,in far cry 4 youre playing as rj garli,heading home to the fictional country of,kurat to spread his deceased mothers,ashes,of course as is always the case in every,far cry prologue things go to hell then,rj ends up having to work with a militia,group to crumble the armies of a,dictator named pagan min and reclaim the,country,pagan min though might just be one of,the most likable characters in the,entire goddamn franchise,voiced by troy baker this dude just,steals every scene hes in and even,though hes supposed to be the bad guy,hes far more charismatic and likeable,than any of the other characters in the,entire game,stay here enjoy the crab rangoon,dont move ill be right back,throughout the campaign youre forced to,choose a rebel commander to side with,either the more traditional thinking,sebile or the more progressive,forward thinking a meter we dont have,time for tourists,both sides having their own faults,though like zabal has no issues with,antiquated customs like,child brides get to the ot factory and,burn it down,a meter on the other hand has no issues,with turning the entire country into a,drug state if it helps her people,prosper,its morally bankrupt better than being,literally

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Far Cry Primal – Before You Buy

game ranks presents another episode of,before you buy the show where we give,you some first impressions and some,straight-up gameplay of the latest games,releasing this time around were talking,about Far Cry primal this is obviously,the newest Far Cry game but contrary to,popular belief I thought this was gonna,be more of like a Blood Dragon type of,expansion where its a much smaller,cheaper game turns out Far Cry primal is,a full-fledged game and it definitely,shows this is yet another massive Far,Cry game in the same formula as Far Cry,3 and Far Cry 4 and that might upset,some of you now I went into this,thinking that the big setting change was,going to be super refreshing and so,awesome I mean youre playing as a,prehistoric cavemen,whats more different than that how much,more far removed from a Far Cry game can,you get surprisingly though its kind of,an in-between like it does do enough you,can make it different if you look for,Far Cry 4,primal does do enough to make it,different but at the same time it still,does feel very very much like a Far Cry,game youre not really taking over,Towers this time around youre taking,over campfires and caves,youre still doing the same stuff youre,fast traveling around youre gathering,plants youre hunting but I guess maybe,just in the context of the caveman style,it all just makes more sense and feels,more organic and just flows really well,I think they did a really great job,capturing the feeling of a caveman in,some ways really with the art style the,game looks incredible the environments,look amazing and this is just on ps4 and,Xbox one I havent seen the PC version,yet Im sorry about that but this game,looks damn good its full of detailed,more detailed than the other Far Cry,games and just the style the look of the,people the look of the animals,everything is brutal and ugly and bloody,and gross and dirty and I think thats,kind of really cool and makes it stand,out from the other Far Cry games a lot,surprisingly though even though it is a,caveman game the HUD isnt as simplistic,as I would want and theres a lot of,menus and a lot of upgrade trees that,being said the progression is good here,you upgrade very similar to how you did,in Far Cry 4 where you unlock new,abilities you can also gather a bunch of,materials that are very specific to,different locations in the world and,gather them and craft them into weapons,and ammo and stuff to use in the,environment and it all works very well,even though theres not as,many weapons they all do still find,their uses in certain ways although I,did find myself using mostly relying on,the bow and arrow the spear and the club,more than all the other weapons I found,them a little less incentivized to use,at times the Beastmaster perk changes,everything when you get that its,awesome because you get to obviously,control animals like saber toothed,tigers and Panthers and [ __ ] and its,ridiculous and awesome,that being said sometimes the AI isnt,so hot sometimes they dont exactly,respond to your commands right youre,gonna have to do it once or twice for,them to get the picture but ultimately I,think my biggest criticism here with,this is that maybe it doesnt feel,different enough in terms of the,gameplay its very very far cry here so,for some people wanting something,completely different like myself,personally I got sick by about far cry 4,because I had played so much Far Cry 3,that by the end of Far Cry 4 I didnt,want anything to do with this gameplay I,think it does just barely enough to,skate by to feel different enough to,warrant playing through the entire game,its big its massive its lengthy its an,open-world and I do think the price is,justified this is a full-fledged Far Cry,game and in terms of the story its very,simple but I actually think its pretty,cool they went out of their way to make,it feel like real caveman stuff and,cavemans communicating the language is,very crude but the voice acting is still,kind of impressive,alaya Steph exes the guy who did the,voice of Adam Jensen in Deus Ex,is the voice of Takhar the main,character here and hes really badass,theres a lot of really badass,first-person action moments in this game,even just in the opener its really,incredible stuff and theres enough in,this game like tools and gadgets and,just strengthening yourself up to take,on things later on that you might see,early in the game that you might want to,go back and try later on youre gonna,run across a rocky cave that you cant,open or a branch that you cant pull,down or a bear or woolly mammoth you,cant take down on your own but,thankfully through finally leveling up,and adding more villagers to your little,cave village can actually give you the,abilities to accomplish these things,later on and that gives it that kind of,Metroidvania style gameplay and thats,what kept me playing but it does do a,few things here and there in terms of,survival gameplay that I did not expect,to see such as managing your supplies to,be able to create fire because you need,the fire to scare away some certain,predators at night and just playing at,night is kind of like dying light and,how it increases the difficulty because,more pred,come out and its scary and when you go,into the colder snowy regions of the,game you have to actually manage staying,warm and building a fire and not,freezing to death I didnt expect that,but it was pretty cool little features,it also takes to self very seriously I,enjoyed seeing the tale from beginning,to end but the characters are simple and,its all very serious and its kind of,threadbare and it has no real sarcasm or,fun levity to it that the other Far Cry,games have but Far Cry primal really,isnt too bad Im really glad Im,playing it but my one warning is like I,said though Im a little split on it if,youre kind of tired in the Far Cry,formula this is more of the same it does,try different things but ultimately if,you really break it down it might feel,the same to you and you might be bored,so I wouldnt say its like a get up and,run out and play it right now but I,would say a dont discount Far Cry,primal so you guys know the drill with,these videos I present you with the,basic facts and also just kind of how I,feel about it so now I want to know what,you guys think about this game down in,the comments lets talk about Far Cry,primal do you like the simplistic nature,of the gameplay design and story or is,it not really your cup of tea would you,rather an ATV and a submachine gun have,you completed it did the simple story,satisfy you lets talk about all that,stuff down in the comments and on,Twitter if you want to follow me on,Twitter or Facebook at Jake babbling you,know lets talk about video games you,know the drill guys if you like these,before you buy videos clicking the like,button helps us out and lets us do even,more of these and if this is your first,time here subscribing is a good idea,because we put on videos every single,day but as always thanks for watching,and Ill see you guys next time,what Hamas

Far Cry Primal Review

Far Cry primal is a case study in how a,game setting can drive its every layer,from the tone of its story to the,dangers of its world to the brutality of,its combat that setting is the Stone Age,its 10,000 BC and our protagonist,Takhar is searching for the lost members,of his window tribe theyre scattered,across the Oros valley in central europe,a dense wilderness of forests swamps and,frozen caves complete with mammoths and,saber-toothed Tigers as to car youll,build up a new window village with a,multi Farias cast primitive characters,the identity of each of the games three,tribes and the political dynamic between,them,sets up conflicts in the natural way but,so too does primals world in fact most,of the games conflicts arise from,nature,primal still uses the basic open world,framework of a modern Far Cry with a,cascading series of outposts to capture,weapons to unlock and upgrades to craft,but the Stone Age setting is far more,foreboding than those of our Christ past,here vicious animals travel in packs,striking as a collective whole while you,slink through the undergrowth toward,enemy camps a day and night cycle also,adds more tension to the world predators,are more abundant and aggressive in the,darkness even now after dozens of hours,in this valley,I still feel anxiety as the Sun Goes,Down hoping I have enough animal fat to,ignite my club and ward off hulking,carnivores this focus on survival,permeates Far Cry primal in the northern,wastes the cold becomes a factor making,each bonfire a glowing vegan of safety,as you fight to stay warm in primals,lush swampland avoiding danger means,avoiding the water where hidden,predators abound and is a solitary,hunter with simple tools youre also,less equipped to defend yourself than,the protagonists of Far Cry 3 and 4 gone,our handguns and grenade launchers here,you have Spears clubs and slingshot,they not only bring a slow measured pace,to the combat but also add to primals,overall identity and tone and although,there are more ways to die in this Far,Cry than any of its predecessors primal,never feels too difficult theres a fine,balance between tension and fun that,elevates the whole experience the,setting can also be a detriment though,the simple toolset serves the game,themes well but with enough time it,becomes clear just how limited your,tools really are in stealth scenarios I,rely on my silent bow in open combat I,swing my club wildly when hunting elk,and grizzly bears,I use my Spears there are several more,creative tools but by and large I find,myself relying on the same simplistic,options time after time primal reliance,on Stone Age combat to track from the,emergent scenarios that occur elsewhere,but then theres the Beastmaster skill,tree and its the most impactful change,the Far Cry formula it allows you to,tame creatures recruiting them to hunt,fight and travel with you,Panthers kill enemies without alerting,larger groups wolves can pounce on,distant archers while you close the gap,your owl on the other hand is far more,subtle as it scouts the land ahead,alerting you of possible threats the,Beastmaster abilities are the embodiment,of primal strengths when it uses the,Stone Age setting to elevate the combat,and reinforce the brutal tone of its,world it thrives it fosters a,give-and-take relationship with the,wilderness granting you the means to,survive but also threats to overcome,that focus on primitive times can become,a hindrance at certain points with,limited tools and repetitive combat but,in the end Far Cry primal flushes out,almost every layer of its brutal world

Far Cry Primal review – is it still worth it

[Music],hello and welcome back to the isovo,gaming channel thank you for joining me,as we investigate another older game in,the what is it and is it worth it game,review and showcase series during the,review ill try my best to stay,objective and as spoiler free as,possible as we go over the various,aspects of the game such as mechanics,graphics and sound as well as giving a,general idea of the world the game takes,place in,i wont be giving a number rating to the,game as i find number rating systems to,be very arbitrary considering the,subjective nature of video games instead,ill try my best to give enough,information that you can decide for,yourself if the game is worth it for you,if you are interested in a more,subjective look stay to the end of the,video for my personal recommendation of,if i would recommend the game and if i,actually enjoyed it with a simple yes no,or sometimes a maybe and a short,explanation of why or why not,ever wanted to lead your own prehistoric,tribe in an untamed land,your wish is granted in far cry primal a,game developed by ubisoft montreal and,published by ubisoft,the game came out in 2016 so it has some,years on it now,today were going to take a look at the,various aspects of the game,going over the mechanics graphics sound,as well as other features and see how it,is held up while attempting to answer,the most important question asked in,this game review series,is this game worth it for you,lets find out together,so what even is this game,well the short answer is its a far cry,game,and obvious far cry elements will be,present as you play through,the main thing separating this from,other far cry releases is the time,period it takes place in,in far cry primal you take control of,takar as he leads his wenja tribe in a,10 000 bc setting,the open world map it takes place in is,the fictional valley called oros which,is loosely based on a location somewhere,in central europe,being that the time period is in around,10 000 bc,expect plants and animals of the period,such as the now extinct woolly mammoth,and sabertooth cat among many others,playing as takar you will need to lead,your tribe as they compete with other,rival tribes who aggressively try to,wipe out takaras wenja people,this will see players essentially,fighting a campaign against the rival,tribes through a series of typical far,cry esque missions and gameplay,[Music],so what are the mechanics like can a,game set in 10000 bc,well surprisingly similar to other far,cry games taking place in the modern,world,obviously with the lack of firearms and,vehicles,weapons will be primitive so mostly,clubs spears and bows,however as the bow is featured,prominently in other far cry titles this,might not seem too dissimilar,aside from that you have an open world,to explore and unlock areas of claiming,zones in the form of bonfires crafting,weapons and upgrades and unlocking,various skills,again a lot of the core features will,feel very similar if youve previously,played a far cry game however there is,enough of a unique spin on it that it,will feel distinct in its own way,gameplay will take place in first person,and everything works pretty smoothly as,is typical of other far cry games,graphics still hold up pretty well and,are solid all around,the unique setting means that youll be,treated with environments that havent,really been explored in other games and,the map contains a few different biomes,which adds some much appreciated,diversity during exploration,npcs look good and enemies have distinct,features from your own tribes people,the enemies belonging to specific tribes,do pretty much all look the same though,so there is some repetition in that,respect there are a decent number of,animals which will give some variety and,offer unique challenges when,encountering them,[Applause],there is limited base building featured,in the game but its not too complex or,fleshed out,basically just upgrading specific tents,in the village,instead of binoculars you do have access,to an owl for scouting enemy locations,another interesting feature in the game,are the characters which will join your,tribe as you progress,this will happen automatically as you,get to specific story sequences in the,main campaign but will also offer ways,to improve your skills or unlock new,abilities,aside from this the game will follow a,very similar approach to other far cry,games allowing exploration in an open,world environment,side quests and a main campaign all told,by accepting missions from other,characters present in the game,sound is done pretty well in the game as,with most far cry games sound is usually,of pretty high quality,one of the unique aspects of this game,is the dialogue will be delivered in the,languages of the tribes meaning you will,need to read subtitles to get the full,story of whats going on,apparently some people really didnt,like this feature in the game however,personally i thought it was one thing,that set this apart from others and gave,it a unique flavor adding a unique level,of immersiveness not found in other,games,um,[Music],for games to compare this one to,well obviously we have other far cry,games this one is a spin-off from the,main series and sits between far cry 3,and far cry 4.,it does have some features such as,climbing more similar to far cry 4 and,later,maybe surprisingly i found that the far,cry that gave me the most similar vibes,was far cry new dawn and actually these,two feel probably the most unique in,their presentation from other far cry,games,aside from other games in the franchise,you can draw some comparison with games,like dying light for the first person,action open world and story campaign,delivered by interacting with characters,however the settings will obviously be,very different from each other,so now that weve looked at some of the,features of the game we reached the,point of my review where i give a more,subjective look at my personal,experience with it,please keep in mind that the following,is just my opinion of the game and if,the features and genres seem interesting,to you you should definitely check it,out for yourself as not all games are,for all gamers,the game that you hate might be the next,gamers all-time favorite which is one,of the things that i love about gaming,theres always something for someone out,there,[Music],so did i enjoy far cry primal and do i,recommend it,yep yep,yes very much this far cry was a real,pleasure to play through and was,released prior to ubisoft releasing what,feels essentially like reskins of their,games it has a unique setting and style,and feels like they werent afraid to,try some things that were a little bit,different in this one,clearly there is a common far cry feel,and the overall story is essentially,just the far cry format of leading one,side in a struggle for control of the,map taking on a seemingly evil character,that the game will try to humanize and,push you to empathize with as you,progress,that said the general presentation is,far enough away from the standard cookie,cutter style that it feels unique and,genuinely fun to explore the land,there are friendly wenja who have been,taken prisoner that youll come across,as you play through and i found that i,would go out of my way in an attempt to,free them whereas in many of the more,modern far cry games i tend not to,connect or feel much for the friendly,npcs,in this go around i actually felt driven,to try to improve my village and help,out my fellow wenger whenever possible,so i hope you enjoyed this look at far,cry primal have you already played,through this one what were your own,thoughts on the game did you agree or,disagree with my own assessment of it,if you disagreed let me know why maybe,theres something i didnt think of and,you can convince me,id love to hear about your own,experiences down in the comments or if,my review showcase was helpful id like,to know if you decided to go ahead with,it or not,either way if you found this video,interesting or

Review – Far Cry Primal

hello and welcome to another video,review this is far cry primal for pc,xbox one and playstation 4. what youre,seeing here is the pc version this is a,first person shooter and a spin-off game,in the far cry series more specifically,its a spin-off of far cry 4 and it was,developed by ubisoft montreal and,released in 2016 first for ps4 and xbox,one and then a bit later on for pc upon,its original release it was generally,decently received but wasnt especially,well liked compared to other entries in,the far cry series although some of its,mechanics were later adapted into other,ubisoft games as well as later entries,in the far cry series such as the animal,taming mechanic in particular which,eventually developed into the animal,companions in far cry 5 and 6. but how,is far cry primal itself especially,considering its a first person shooter,set in the neolithic era and thats,something you really dont see well,lets just go ahead and start delving,right into it and find out and like,always well go ahead and start with the,presentation which runs on the dunya,engine and does reuse the map from far,cry 4 although they have put a lot of,effort into making sure that everything,looks and feels appropriate to the,neolithic era as compared to all the,previous far cry games which were either,futuristic in the case of blood dragon,or were all modern day in the case of,all of the other ones,as such even though the map itself is,technically the same map from far cry 4,it really doesnt feel like it you never,really feel like you are just retreading,the same ground that you did in far cry,4 if you had played that game at all and,frankly theres just so much detail,packed into the environments the,environmental effects and of course the,character models animations textures etc,that you really dont find yourself,caring all that much that they did reuse,the map itself,that said the map reuse will certainly,factor into something ill bring up,later on in the video so just keep that,in mind for now but suffice to say the,visuals in this game are very impressive,now i should note that due to youtube,video compression youre probably not,really going to be able to tell as much,but i am actually running this with the,hd texture pack installed this was an,optional thing for the pc version,specifically and they kept it as an,optional thing so that if you have a,video card with enough vram then you can,install the hd texture pack and you get,some extra 4k resolution textures i do,have that installed but i am still only,playing the game at 1080p so the visuals,arent going to be as noticeable as they,would be at a higher resolution but that,said the texture work is still extremely,good in this game for the most part so,theyve done a very good job whether,youve got the hd texture pack installed,or not and theyve certainly done an,excellent job with the facial animations,as well so much so in fact that they,stack up very favorably with even the,most modern of releases all that said,however this does come at the cost of,performance i have seen some people say,that far cry primal runs really well and,i have to wonder what theyre smoking,because far cry primal has extremely,inconsistent performance to give you,some points of comparison here the,recommended specifications are an i7,2600k or an fx8350 or equivalent as well,as eight gigs of ram and a gtx 780 or an,r9 280 x like i said this game came out,in 2016 so that sounds about right the,thing is im running an i7 47 90k 16,gigs of ram and a gtx 1080. it should be,more than capable of maxing this thing,out at 1080p and for the most part it,actually is capable of doing that the,problem is that theres a ton of frame,rate fluctuation for no discernible,reason there will be some areas that,should be very graphically intensive but,they run at a smooth 60 plus frames per,second at all times there may be some,areas that run at even 90 plus frames,per second at all times but then youll,be running around and youll find that,the frame rate will just constantly be,going all over the place one moment,itll be 90 plus another moment will be,60 plus another time itll be down into,the low 40s or high 30s and theres not,really any rhyme or reason as to what is,going on there theres just something a,bit off with the engine optimizations,and by the time you get to far cry 5 it,does seem like they sorted most of that,out and the performance drops were a lot,less common in that game but it was,still an issue as of primal and they,never did sorted out with patches over,time either now i will be fair to the,game it is very stable i didnt run into,any crashes the entire time i was,playing and the very few glitches i was,running into were things like the,occasional physics glitch which you more,or less expect out of just about,anything and at no point was the games,performance ever so bad that it became,basically unplayable but it is really,annoying going all over the place in,frame rate for no discernible reason but,of course the presentation is not only,about visuals and performance its also,about the audio and thats where things,start to differ pretty wildly from other,far cry games not necessarily in quality,because the quality is quite consistent,it has very well done voice acting it,has very well done sound effects and,quite good music the thing is that it,all is styled to fit the neolithic era,so instead of gun and explosion sounds,you have the twang of bows you have the,whoosh of rocks and spears and such,being thrown and the sounds of clubs,impacting bodies and things like that,and while that certainly doesnt have,quite the same impact that guns and,explosions do it all works pretty well,then you move over into soundtrack and,theres a lot of very primal influences,for lack of a better way of describing,them this means you end up with a lot of,percussion instruments as well as,whistles and flutes and even some rams,horn and also vocals and that all works,extremely well for the game and actually,sounds pretty good on its own to boot,but then of course theres the thing,that for language nerds like myself as,the real star of the presentation which,is the voice acting and i will go ahead,and mention that in general the voice,acting quality is all very good youve,got some pretty good actors going into,this including elias to fexus voicing,the main protagonist tucker and if,youre not familiar with elias defexus,his main claim to fame in the video game,space is playing adam jensen the main,protagonist of deus ex human revolution,as well as deus ex mankind divided both,of which he did a fantastic job in as,well but even aside from his performance,all the other performances are very well,done thing is youre not really going to,understand what theyre saying because,theyre all speaking a fictional,language based on proto-indo-european,and they even went the extra mile and,made a separate dialect for each,individual tribe so that when you start,conversing with these other tribes you,notice the difference immediately not,just in aesthetics but also in how they,speak that probably all sounded like,technobabble to those of you who arent,linguists so let me go ahead and give,you a bit more of a simple explanation,proto-indo-european is the common,ancestor of all indo-european languages,the term indo-european language refers,to a language family that encompasses a,huge variety of languages whose range,extends from the entire continent of,europe on through the indian,subcontinent and basically encompasses,not only the entirety of europe but also,most of the ancient persian empire in,other words if youre watching this,video there is an extremely high chance,that your native language is considered,an indo-european language,proto-indo-european would be the common,ancestor to all of those languages,combined the one thing where if you look,back on it no matter which of the,indo-european languages you speak you,can find some common elements to give,you something with a bit of m

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