1. FarFetch Review 2021 – (Is FarFetch Real or Fake?)
  2. I Cant Believe I Bought These Sneakers… Farfetch Sneaker Haul!
  3. Farfetch Shopping Experience | Review | Good and Bad | 电商购物经验分享 [MOSTLY AUDIO]
  4. Best online luxury sites you can trust | My purchses with them
  5. YSL UNBOXING! I bought from Farfetch again – my entire (NOT sponsored) experience with the Mini Lou!

FarFetch Review 2021 – (Is FarFetch Real or Fake?)

hey whats going on folks I wanted to,make a quick video review of what I,thought about far-fetched because Im,sure like me there was a bunch of people,that were skeptical if they decided to,scam or not but before I get into that,and tell you my experience theres a,link below this video if you click that,link itll take you to the actual,far-fetched website you can kind of,click around and look around if you want,to while you listen to me talk or you,can wait until after the video and you,can do your own browser after that but,basically you know I did my reddit,search I did my Google search I,basically tried to look everywhere just,to see what peoples experiences were,and Im not gonna lie saw a lot of,horror stories which made me feel kind,of skeptical about it but then I saw,people who actually you know got what,they were looking for so what I decided,to do was to first call customer service,and just kind of get some assurance on,you know if in the event that I was,scammed or whatever would I be able to,get a refund on my money and they,assured me that everything would be okay,and that yes if that was to happen that,they would refund my money no doubt,about it,so what I as while doing my research I,found out that the site is kind of like,oh what they what they actually told me,was that the site is kind of like a eBay,where they dont own the merchandise the,merchandise isnt coming from them the,merchandise is coming from online,boutiques so they kind of like house all,up a bunch of online boutiques the same,way eBay houses a bunch of merchants or,how Amazon does with FBA Amazon FBA so I,was a little more familiar with that,process which actually made me a little,more nervous to be honest with you,because Ive had bad experiences and,good experiences with eBay too so what I,ended up doing was just going ahead and,taking a chance and and I bought I,bought two items from there and to my,surprise they actually arrived they,arrived actually they arrived a lot,sooner than I thought because they ship,from,overseas and you know everything is,taken twice as long because of the cove,it the cove endemic or whatever but,these arrived in about three or four,days Im not sure how they did that I,dont know I know it came through DHL,and Im not sure if they moved faster,than everyone knows I dont really know,how that stuff works but it arrived in,about three or four days which was very,very impressive very surprising and as,far as like the condition the the,outside box was kind of one of the boxes,was kind of beat-up it could sell it had,gone through some type of damage maybe,in in transition or whatever but the,inside the the inside the product that,was actually in its original packaging,and that was that was still intact,perfectly so you know I appreciated that,and and it was it was real as far as I,can tell it was real it was authentic it,was a very hard to find piece and it,actually ended up being the real thing,and Im I was kind of great happy about,that because the price was about forty,percent off from what the retailer would,have charged so thats thats kind of,why I was so skeptical because usually,when you see discounted designer where,theres a catch to it but this came like,came in its original package and it,wasnt open it was brand-new so it,wasnt something that I had to worry,about and yeah thats thats the yeah,that was my experience so I I cant,guarantee youll have the same,experience I really hope that you do but,just do your due diligence and just give,it a shot I guess if youre on the fence,I hope that Ill push you over the fence,a little bit but I hope that you also,have a good experience with it too,yeah so thats thats really all I could,say about them they I havent had,anything bad had with me yet from the,majority of the reviews that I saw the,way to avoid and this is what I also did,the way to avoid any type of pitfalls,with this is to make sure that youre,very very very diligent with the sizing,you want to make sure that you are,paying attention to the sizing,especially if theres like if that brand,might run big or small you want to know,that in advance or else youll end up,buying something thats too big or,doesnt fit other than that you know,everything is perfect and thats it,so yeah thats thats pretty much all I,could say about them so thank you guys,for watching the video I hope this helps,I hope this helps this is my individual,experience but all right you know I,think the majority of the people who had,something bad to say about the site it,was because of the size so make sure,that you pay attention to the sizing of,the merchandise that youre buying,alright thank you guys for watching have,a good day hope you find everything that,youre looking for you have a great,experience with farfetched alright peace,oh dont forget to click the link below,and that will take you to their website,you can get started with the shopping or,the browsing alright have a good one,peace

I Cant Believe I Bought These Sneakers… Farfetch Sneaker Haul!

so i might have gone crazy at farfetch,whats up everybody im seth fowler and,today ive got a pretty large unboxing,from farfetch i mean it doesnt even fit,the entire frame,thats ridiculous whats up everybody,im box seth box fowler thanks so much,for tuning in today please make sure to,hit that subscribe button and that,notification bell down below if you,havent yet and also make sure to give,me a follow on instagram and on twitter,at real seth ballard and as you probably,could have guessed todays video is,sponsored by farfetch and i want to give,them a huge thank you for sponsoring,todays video because,theyve been a long time supporter of,the channel and really means a lot and i,really love what they do if you havent,checked out farfetch yet what are you,doing its an awesome place to go to,pick up high-end and designer goods in,fact,i think it actually has the best,selection that ive ever seen and the,reason for that is because when you shop,far-fetched youre actually shopping for,boutiques all over the world so unlike,other places that only have a warehouse,in one place farfetch actually,aggregates all the inventory from a ton,of different stores across the world so,you can make sure that youre finding,the best price on the best thing and,personally what i love about farfetch,and their business practices is that,theyre actually helping smaller,boutiques who in this time of,uncertainty arent able to have people,in their store by giving them an online,storefront and giving them a lot of,visibility so these stores can still,sell their products,now obviously im a sneaker channel so,you know that a couple of these boxes,are going to be sneakers,but i am actually trying to revamp my,wardrobe a little bit because i dont,usually buy a lot of clothes most of my,money goes towards shoes,im sad to say so uh there are some,pieces in here that im really excited,about because,i can finally wear some different,clothes but one of the things that i,love the most about farfetch,is that they have an excellent return,policy so if i open up one of these,boxes,and the piece of clothing that i ordered,just doesnt fit i have like 14 days to,return it,and they actually have a courier come,and pick it up from me rather than me,having to drop it off at a ups store or,something like that,and not only that that return policy,also extends to sneakers so if you get,one of these sneakers in the mail,you try it on you realize it doesnt fit,you can return it and as you probably,could have guessed the sneakers that i,bought in todays video i bought from,stadium goods which was recently,acquired by far fetch so theyre all,really the same company even though,these sneakers are consigned i can still,return them because i bought them,through farfetch they have an excellent,selection of,crazy sneakers and all their sneakers,that they sell are guaranteed to be,authentic,because they have real people checking,over the sneakers themselves so whether,youre looking for the craziest new,sneaker grails or youre trying to grab,a dope new designer outfit like maybe,something from balenciaga,you can grab them at farfetch so if,youd like to check out farfetch for,yourself make sure to click the link in,the description below,and use my code 10ff seth for 10 off,your first purchase which honestly is a,pretty crazy deal so i definitely,recommend checking it out so once again,huge thank you to farfetch for,sponsoring todays video,without further ado lets bust into some,boxes so this first package,is pretty small im assuming its one of,the uh the clothing items that i ordered,and let me grab my grandmas scissors,every time you go to like a,grandmothers house or like any person,over the age of 60,they usually have a pair of these exact,scissors like the little like i dont,know why its done like this but that,kind of curve,and then this sort of like pinkish,purplish handle so lets,pop the uh the tape off of this,i dont even know if im opening this,right oh im stupid,i didnt even need the scissors its got,one of those uh pull tab things,here we go there we go perfect,i didnt need the scissors nice okay so,inside this box we have got,there we go my receipt youve got this,very nice far-fetched recycled packaging,that you can reseal if youd like im,assuming if youre returning the,thing inside and then inside the package,we have got,the thing itself now i actually got this,thing on sale,which was great i dont know what the,price was but it was like significantly,marked down,um so i was really soaked on this,look at this so this is a,paul shark by greg lauren flannel but,its kind of a cool flannel because,its oversized and its like two,different shirts sewn together now i,dont think its actually two shirts,sewn together,but its two different types of flannel,sewn together which is pretty sick,and then the bottom is actually kind of,like raw youve got a raw bottom right,there i dont know if thats what its,called but thats why i think its not,hemmed its not seamed,i dont know much about the thing im,gonna be real with you guys so let me,unbutton it see how it fits because its,oversized i went down to size i went,down to a medium because i didnt want,something that was too oversized like,this flannel that im wearing is about,as oversized as i want and online it,seemed like this was like a pretty,pretty oversized thing so let me let me,switch out,look at that very nice okay its,definitely,definitely oversized which you know what,means that im definitely glad i went,down a size because if i had grabbed a,large instead of a medium,would have been way too big so let me,give you guys a quick turnaround,on what this looks like very nice,nice little oversized flannel now im,assuming if i wanted to i could fold up,this guy right here so that it wouldnt,be like hanging over my hands,but thats obviously part of the style,so i dont know dude im not like a,like a fashion wizard thats not what,you call them im not like jacob starr,and uh im not great with um like sort,of,more uh fashion forward stuff,so this is new for me so im just gonna,go with it its definitely a cool like,pretty light piece so its something i,can rock like in the spring,maybe even the summer if i wanted to but,no i really like it a lot and i love the,fact that its two different kinds of,flannel i think thats really sick,and actually if you want to grab this,for yourself there will be a link in the,description below if you want to check,it out,its a really awesome piece and im,stoked to have it and ill probably be,rocking it in more videos in the very,near future,just like the uh the bbc flannel that i,also bought on farfetch that i wear in,pretty much every video so this next,thing is,also a piece of clothing uh i lost my,scissors i dont know where they went,actually no for real where did they go,this always happens,okay here we go i found it lets cut the,top,oh its its another pull tab i see,okay definitely easier to use than a,non-pull tab but im just terrible with,pull tabs,oh man im getting good at that im,getting real good at that okay here we,go some more,recycled far-fetched packaging and then,inside this box we have got,something from el raldo i think its the,name of the boutique that i bought it,from,there we go,oh man im stoked on this okay so this,is a really sick hoodie,and uh ive never had this brand before,but im really stoked to rock it so,here we go let me give you guys that,first look,so this is a pleasures embroidered,hoodie and they actually embroidered the,logo underneath the uh the pocket which,i think is a really sick touch,should i throw this on too i feel like i,should should i throw this on top of the,flannel so you get that nice layering,effect at the bottom im gonna do that,too,im gonna do that too trying to be,fashiony,thats not a word hows that fit working,for you,nice right yeah this is actually really,sick look at that that is a nice,fit i dig that im wearing sweatpants so,its not like the greatest look in the,world but if y

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Farfetch Shopping Experience | Review | Good and Bad | 电商购物经验分享 [MOSTLY AUDIO]

hi guys hope you are all well and having,a good week so far,there has been a lot going on in my life,which inspired me to create more,informative videos for you guys todays,topic is about my personal shopping,experience on farfetch,to save you and myself some time lets,do a quick google search,on what is far-fetched,long story short far fetch is an online,retail platform where sells luxury,fashion products,in collection with its partners aka,worldwide boutiques,the product listed on the website is all,imported duties and taxes included,the great thing about purchasing items,from them is first,the shipment is fast but it depends on,how far away you are from the shipping,point ive shopped from them three times,and usually took them up to three,business days to arrive,second good thing is that the return is,hassle free,either you can print it yourself or you,can schedule pick up,as long as the item is in good condition,with tax attached and its waiting 14,days,after the delivery day or you can drop,off your return package,if theres one close to your place,third is sometimes you can get a better,deal from buying products from them,than purchasing the item from local,boutiques or official online website,for example im living canada so i,usually go to canada border services,agency website to check the estimated,duties and taxes,i would be charged for a self-clearing,item,and search for the price listed by the,official website to see which way is,cheaper,yes you need a bit of a investigation,but its worth that when you know you,get a steal,good sides apart i would like to warn,you on a few points before i jump to the,conclusion that im trying to promote,farfetch,first though it never occurs to me but,ive seen people complaining on reddit,and other review websites about,farfetchd refusing to compensate for,the missing items,shipped by dhl on behalf of farfetch,these comments and reviews alert me to,stay clear from purchase anything that,is over,1000 canadian dollars if you couldnt,afford to lose a penny,then dont shop there secondly for,international shipping they start to,charge for a flat fee of 20,for standard shipment to canada rates,may vary,depending on which country youre living,to some people,it may look a bit pricey but it is,indifferent,to me since other international website,other than u.s website,will charge me at the similar rate third,certain items being paid on sale may,only have one in stock,indicating that they may be the,displaying items in the batik,with no visible wear and tear but when,you receive it,it wont come with wrapping papers on,the hardware,and the product itself i will show a few,pictures of a new bag that i purchased,recently from them,for your reference,it looks fine just that it arrives,without,being wrapped and the dust bag was,folded,inside the bag and i do notice some,minor imperfections on the hardware and,back,but no one would notice them if they,dont see it closely,if you really mind these possible,imperfections,save yourself from all the possible,hassles you may experience,thats it for my review on my entire,far-fetched shopping experience,hope you guys all make a clear decision,after you watch this video,stay safe and healthy while shopping,happily online,i shall see you next time bye

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Best online luxury sites you can trust | My purchses with them

hey guys welcome back to my channel so,today Im gonna be talking about the,best online luxury sites that I trust,that I shop from and that I think you,can trust as well so these are,third-party websites that do stock and,sell luxury items from a variety of,designer brands that we all love online,shopping has become so big in the recent,years and we shop for clothes and things,online all the time with no second,thought but when it comes to purchasing,designer items with a higher price tag,online from these third-party retailers,we often do get a little bit concerned,whether theyre reliable are they even,authentic items that they stop because,sometimes prices are a little bit better,than buying in boutique and we also,worry about the shipping whether the,item will come in good condition and if,there are any problems whether the,customer service will be up to scratch,to ensure that we are comfortable enough,to you know hand over so much money to,buy from these websites so I thought it,might be helpful for some of you if I,shared the top 5 websites that I trust,that I shot from that I would not,hesitate to buy from and for a little,bit of an eye candy and also to give you,proof that I shot from these online,retailers I will actually share with you,and show you what I have purchased from,each of these online sites that I trust,to buy from so this video is actually,inspired by one of my subscribers Diana,dang hi babe she did ask me whether my,Theresa comm is reliable and whether it,is safe to buy from them and she asked,me if I could do a video on my,experience with them and then I thought,to myself why dont I actually make a,video and talk about all of the online,third-party retailers that I shop luxury,goods from and itll be hopefully good,information for some of you out there so,thank you so much for inspiring this,video Diana so the 5 online luxury sites,that I trust and that I buy from are my,charissa Pavich boys of Euro Emma,Airport a and spacious fashion and the,reason why I trust these websites is,because they are all authorized,retailers for brands that we love such,as Saint Laurent Fendi balm and,Balenciaga you name it whatever brands,they stock online they are authorized to,sell these websites get so much,publicity and a lot of people shop from,these websites so if they do claim to be,all,rice retailers and theyre not actually,stocking the proper authentic items,Im sure designers will not let that,happen really so thats the first reason,I trust them second of all they are,trusted by reliable bodies such as you,know the Glamour magazine vogue Elle,Grazia all of them have been featured in,reliable media sources as well not to,mention these websites are actually,trusted by the ladies on the purse forum,Im sure all of you are familiar with,the purse forum but its pretty much a,forum where ladies that love luxury,goods and handbags come together and,share their experiences and knowledge,with each other so theyve got a lot of,different threads on different topics,and different brands so if some of these,ladies are very very knowledgeable when,it comes to designer shopping so the,fact that these websites are actually,trusted by the ladies on the post forum,is a plus and also these sites actually,have physical stores that theyve,started from because online shopping is,a relatively new thing a lot of these,sites have started as physical stores,and theyve actually branched out to,become online retailers so knowing that,they have been buying these brands to,sell to customers for years and years in,years and their buyers have formed long,term relationships with these designers,its just something that makes me really,trust these websites before I show you,the items that are purchased from each,and every one of these sites and share,with you my experiences with them I just,want to quickly share with you all the,pros and cons of shopping from these,sites first of all you can shop so many,different brands all on the same website,because this website stocks so many,different brands second of all they,usually have very fast delivery within,two three days wherever you live in the,world so you can receive the items,quickly take your time trying them out,in your closet making sure that these,items work with your lifestyle and with,your wardrobe without having the,pressure of a salesperson watching over,you and asking you what you think and,all of that and they usually have really,good returns policy as well they give,you a good time frame to make up your,mind and return as well so it,convenience I say is the biggest,advantage of shopping online at these,sites and another big Pro is sometimes,you can get some really great discounts,so they very frequently do a promo codes,such as temp,then of everything on the website and,sometimes they have actual sales and put,a lot of great items on a discount so,for example I recently purchased these,wire cell camera back and I realized,that there is actually a 10% coupon code,on my trees are and the coupon code,actually works on this particular bag so,Id be share that coupon code with all,of you in my unboxing video showing you,this particular bag and some of you,actually asked me why are the prices,better at my trees are compared to on,saint-laurent website and Im not a,hundred percent sure but from the,research that Ive done it seems like it,is because these websites have buyers,that buy these pieces from different,designers at wholesale prices probably,this is what Im guessing and they are,selling these items as retail to their,customers so they probably have a little,bit of wiggle room when it comes to,pricing these items but Im not a,hundred percent sure but that is the,gist that Im getting if any of you have,a little bit more insight into this,question please feel free to share with,everyone because the more information,that we share the more it benefits,everyone and of course there will be a,couple of cons when it comes to shopping,at these sites one of them being that,you cant get all the designers on these,websites such as a man Chanel Louie,Vuitton and do all these premium brands,only sell their products through their,boutiques and through their earn online,stores so you cant get items from all,the designers on these sites and the,second con Id say would be you know not,having that boutique experience really,and sometimes a boutique experience is a,bit overrated,so if thats really important to you,then of course going to the store you,know it have your sparkling wine or,whatever and enjoy your boutique,experience part if convenience and,saving a little bit of money possibly,when they have coupon codes is more,important to you which is probably more,important to me as well then I suppose,this is not a huge con so now lets get,started with each of these sites and let,me share with you what I previously,bought and my customer service,experience with them so the first thing,Im gonna talk about is my trees accom,so my Theresa is based in Germany in,Munich and he started as a physical,store over 30 years ago stocking items,from a lot of,and designers they have their own buyers,that have great relationships with these,designers so they will buy these items,bring it into the store and sell them to,their customers then in 2006 they opened,the e-commerce store so it was a small,extension to the existing physical,boutique and of course with online,shopping getting bigger and bigger and,bigger,my Teresa comm has become massive over,the years and apparently now it is owned,and operated by the Neiman Marcus group,which confirms my Teresas reliability,so the very first item I ever bought,from my tracer comm is this bomb on tank,t I did a reveal video and I bought it,on my channel and I was really impressed,by the packaging how fast their delivery,was and yeah everything was just perfect,and I already knew that they stopped,authentic items but it was just good to,confirm and receive a really beautiful,item so I was really happy with

YSL UNBOXING! I bought from Farfetch again – my entire (NOT sponsored) experience with the Mini Lou!

as a side note this is a continued,unsponsored experience with farfetch,hello welcome or welcome back to,classics with the quirk where i talk,about contemporary and luxury designer,items and brands with a touch of,silliness this is the kind of content,you find interesting please do like this,video and subscribe for more of it thank,you okay farfetch unboxing take two,ive got a little bit of an explanation,as to why i have decided to purchase,again from farfetch some of you might,have followed my debacle of 2021 where i,bought a mini lou camera bag from,farfetch it arrived and i was sort of,concerned with the condition it came in,and some missing components and then i,returned it and then had a very long,ordeal with getting my money back in a,refund from farfetch i did end up,getting,the full refund from farfetch in regards,to the whole thing but it took like two,months the thing though about returning,the mini lou is that originally i wasnt,planning on returning it i had hoped to,exchange i hope to repurchase the same,item the same bag i bought it in this,beautiful candy green color i really,loved the candy green color and i wanted,the candy green color so i contacted,farfetch about trying to exchange it and,the reason i did this was because,in between me purchasing the bag for,11.90 the bag had a price increase up to,13.90 so a 200 increase which i you know,didnt particularly want to pay the,difference since i bought the bag and,would have kept the bag if not for the,it was a whole thing and you know some,people disagreed with me about my,reasoning and thats you know totally,valid i had my reasoning,at the time and i dont know if in,hindsight it would have changed my mind,about what i did but it is done now and,so i cant do anything about it ill,link the videos if youre youre,interested in watching them if you,havent already but that whole being,said,what ended up happening in the beginning,was farfetch agreed to,credit me for the the price difference,so farfetch agreed to give me the the,discount code for the 10 off that i used,to buy the bag in the first place and,then agreed to give me a price match,credit so i could repurchase the bag and,so i was going to do this but,the return process to get my money back,from the first buy,took so long that the green color went,out of stock,and by that point i was so frustrated,with farfetch because of how long the,return process took that i didnt want,to deal with them again anyway that,being said,i still really wanted a melo camera bag,some of you might have watched my a 2022,wish list where i talked about wanting a,mini loot camera bag i really like the,style and the shape and,the design and unboxing one just,clinched the fact that i didnt want one,and i in my wishlist i talked about the,different colors that i were looking at,like the beige a pink if possible,obviously the green but that was a stock,issue so what i ended up deciding was i,was going to give farfetch one more,chance in part because i wanted to use,my credit to buy the mini loot camera,bag i had the credit i wanted to,purchase the bag i might as well,actually utilize it to do so and then if,the,experience is terrible well then,definitely never deal with farfetch,again if the experience is better like,okay there was actually a little bit of,a thing that happened when i tried to,purchase this bag the second bag which i,will go into in a minute but i do want,to unbox the bag first ive already,talked for a little bit timestamps will,be down below of course as usual so you,can skip back and forth go straight to,the unboxing or to the chat or whatever,but timestamps will be down below but i,do want to unbox the bag first see what,you know what arrived and then give you,a little bit more information about what,happened when trying to purchase this,with farfetch and then also a little bit,about price because that did play into,me making the decision to buy the bag,from farfetchd specifically okay so,ive already talked plenty before,actually doing the unboxing so i will do,the unboxing and then talk more it did,come with two labels one on the back,that i removed and this one the sticker,on top and then actually like a small,label of note by the way the previous,bag was sent to me from a boutique and i,believe la and this current this bag was,sent to me from a place in new jersey,according to the the label so thats,interesting you know different places,and thats part of what farfetch does,they source things from all over the,world not sponsored by the way this is,in no way sponsored by farfetch,they probably would never want to,sponsor me again considering my last,video maybe considering what i might say,about this experience that theyre not,going to want to touch me with a 10-foot,pole and they didnt reach out to me in,any way in regards to having made a,video about them which makes sense i,doubt that they know who i am so just,you know as a side note this is a,continued unsponsored experience with,farfetchd and in regards to how ive,been dealing with them and how theyve,been dealing with me but yeah okay so,unboxing lets actually get to the,unboxing so it is this like perforated,box and it is was a little bit open but,that you know is fine and lets just do,the perforation oh its one of those,boxes that you can reuse thats kind of,nice i like keeping those because i do,tend to reuse boxes so it unfolds like,that and,all,right,very graceful and it lifts up like this,okay,oh there we go,oh farfetch yeah all right that makes,sense its from farfetch okay sorry,about that my nan called so i did stop,to answer the phone so uh where were we,i think we were here yeah uh unveiling,unveiling revealing,revealing unveiling yeah this is what,arrived the far-fetched box and actually,this came in a box which is different,from the previous,package where it was just a dust bag,thrown into the box with some tissue,paper so okay a box this time thats,interesting and different cool,so here is,whats you know just some tissue paper,left in here set this down,and this,is,very nicely wrapped in tissue paper,actually cool,thats different and thats really,interesting because you know i do know,that far-fetched sources stuff from all,sorts of boutiques all over and so,different boutiques will package things,differently so,thats you know its nice that i got a,wrapped box this time,oh yeah this is the full thing the full,package hey look at that saint ron st,rock box,cool all right and,that this is already more than i got,from the last boutique neat,if i can open it,here we go okay,there we are,there nice box,nice dust bag saint laurent and of,course a silica packet,take this out of here,oh and,what am i seeing in the box,im seeing the,little wrapped card which im going to,actually check oh it was upside down,here we go there we go and im im i,know we we have the bag but the time,stamps are still below so youll see the,unveiling,i just want to check this because this,did not come in the last,package the last thing i purchased from,farfetch,yep here we have,the care cards the instructions,and an authenticity number,which,i feel gratified i feel gratified that,this was included like some people,called me silly and you know youre,entitled to your opinion but i would,like the full the full effect of getting,something and,all right yeah im just this makes me,happy and feel a little bit vindicated,so okay lets put this aside lets put,this aside its just you know a little,card stock with all the information the,control id this should be able to be,matched up with the,number inside the bag,okay this is already a better experience,lets put this back down,and here we have,the saint laurent dust bag,its just you know the black dust bag,with the white lining and you already,know that i bought a mini liu camera bag,but,i can already see the color alright im,excited,and you might be surprised by the color,but maybe not if you watched my wishlist,okay lets im stalling and i dont want,to anym


[Music],whats up yall welcome back to my,channel,bringing you another video i hope,everyone had a great weekend,i know im a day late with this video um,i was just running around all weekend,and,um i didnt have time to film,unfortunately but we made it we made it,so lets jump right into the video if,youve already read the title you know,that i recently bought a new bag,im excited to show yall kind of like i,bought,um as well as give my thoughts on the,website that i got it from because i,didnt buy it directly,from the uh okay my kitty cat,is smelling the bag okay so what i was,saying was,i didnt exactly buy it from,the online store or like go and store,and purchase it i bought it from a,website,called farfetch and if any of you were,curious about farfetch,and if theyre selling real designer,items um heres your time to verify that,so i will say that this isnt the first,item that i purchased from far-fetched i,bought a,hoodie from them a palm angels hoodie um,a crop hoodie that i wore,on my birthday last year and it was 100,authentic,someone actually recommended this site,to me what i like about farfetch is,not that they necessarily sell,discounted designer items but they sell,the items that like were not necessarily,in season anymore,um that you might not be able to find at,like affinity stores so if you saw some,50 slides that were,like from two seasons ago you could,probably find them on farfetch because,if you go into a fendi store theyre,only gonna keep the the items that are,in season,in the store this is my guilty purchase,every year,um i think i just like to splurge and,buy like one,really expensive bag or really expensive,shoe i think you should treat yourself,okay ladies treat yourself you work hard,you know treat yourself to something,nice every once in a while thats my,my motto thats what i go by i got,a jackass bag um and it comes in a dust,bag like this,im pretty sure like if you oh the,lighting is terrible,if you buy this from you know their,store they probably like a,really fancy get up apparently,this bag is like one of the smallest,expensive bags or whatever because its,really really tiny im gonna take out,the dust bag and show you but i also,wanted to show you,some of the um like jacobs looks i,first saw this bag on beyonce,and im going to insert a pic here but,shes obviously,like rocking the hell out of the bag she,looks really great,and its just like this tiny signature,bag but it stands out right first,thought on her,and then i saw it on jada cheese or,chives i dont know how to pronounce her,last name,saw her kind of style it across the,waist rather than like because its a,crossbody bag,and so she wore it kind of as a,fanny pack i think beyonce wears a penny,pack as well i thought on both of them,they both look great,personally like im a tomboy im not,really super super girly so when i buy,pieces,i like to buy statement pieces and i,found out that if youre ordering or if,youre purchasing a,small designer bag you should always,want it to be a statement piece if,youre going to be spending a lot of,money on it so that it just looks better,for the overall look somebody in gucci,actually told me that when i bought my,first gucci bag,and i ended up buying a red gucci bag,long story short i sewed the bag when,gucci was,acting up okay with the black face stuff,i sold it real quick,and got my little coin back for it but,thats another story let me take it out,the bag,also this is like my second only like my,second time taking out the bag uh since,i,since it came in the mail because,weve been quarantined and i have,nowhere to wear it because i havent,been out,unfortunately im complaining because,im staying safe but,this is like the strap and this is what,it looks like,its so cute i think,and it has like some gold detailing here,and um if you can like throw it over the,shoulder,this is what it looks like cross body,wise,i think its pretty cute,now let me open it up for you all so you,can see,the actual space inside this bag is,ridiculous,its ridiculous and when i say,ridiculous,its a really cute bag but it is not,practical okay its not practical when i,first started,buying luxury designer handbags,i was first for like practicality so how,many times can i wear this bag,can i wear it with anything what can i,put in the bag how does you know how,does it look on me for an everyday look,and this bag yall,look at the inside oh let me get that,out,that came with it look at the,inside of the bag,okay i cant fit my phone in there i can,probably,fit lip gloss so this is my lip gloss,lets see if it fits,wow so i can fit my lip gloss in there,barely i can probably fit some,cash and like some loose change um,this bag is in is no way practical,unfortunately,but its very very cute um and of course,i got it in black because black is my,favorite color,and i can wear black with everything,like black bags are just my,just me but they have this bag in like,like snake print and um other really,like cute,colors okay i dont know what it retails,for but i know that i,paid i cant remember but im gonna put,the price right here is around,500 um,very overpriced if you ask me,um and if youre looking for,practicality youre not looking for,these bags,honestly if youre into like the whole,small bag look because it is kind of,trendy now,i would suggest buying the knockoff,get the dupe okay thats the word for,like the knockoff or like,inspired version get the dupe of this,bag theres this girl in philly thats,selling,the dupes um and shes been selling them,during quarantine as well,ill definitely give you her instagram,if you reach out to me so if you dm me,on instagram,i can definitely send you where you can,buy the dupes for,way cheaper than what i paid for it i,personally dont think,it was worth that much i think that,people are buying into the jackamas,brand,um as me you know but i thought the gold,hardware was,like a staple so i i bought it for the,hardware and im like,you know im gonna make a statement with,this one little bag you know and,probably like an,all black kind of outfit thats why i,kind of bought into it,would i buy another one,[Music],i just dont think theyre practical i,think its a its a really cute,you know bag to buy and i just wanted to,like treat myself and splurge on myself,in that at that moment,so thats why i bought the bag it seemed,like a lot of people,um are selling the dupes or liking some,of the inspired looking bags and i say,by all means get that version of the bag,because you can get multiple,colors and things of that sort without,spending that much money on one,definitely not um one of the best,purchases,i have done with regards to like,luxury and designer brands the best,purchase that ive done and i feel like,ive got my moneys worth,is my mcm bag i bought a black um,i thought the name of like the style of,the bag but i like its like a,traditional,black mcn bag and it comes with a wallet,um,my cats back here again come here kitty,she will not come to the camera she,wont let me pick her up,here,i want to see you bandit this is my,kitty cat,her name is bandit shes been smelling,my bag for,the entire video say i like,new scents okay okay she wants to go,youre right the bag that i purchased,that i feel like i got the most use out,of,was my mcm bag because i travel,i travel with that bag its just very,adorable ive gotten so much wear out of,it so im very satisfied with that and i,feel like,i spent maybe about 600 when i first,bought that bag,versus 500,and im probably gonna wear this bag a,handful of times,because i cant fit anything in it yeah,im not too proud about that purchase,but again i think that,oh no this cat just did not scratch my,bag,youre out of control kitty let me just,put this back in its dust bag before i,have to,whoop kitties okay yeah or i have to,beat the kitty,out the kitty okay stop,it so im interested to see how many,different,outfits im going to wear with the,jackmans,bag okay now shes in my video,do you mind im trying to


[Music],so,this is another video,um that i wanted to go ahead and do,this is probably one of my first like,review videos so,if i dont get all the facts in there,you know just comment questions that you,want me to answer and ill definitely be,sure to answer them,below,so,today,i am going to be reviewing,the,rick owens,dark shadow,um,zip up high top boots,and i got these off of,fair fetch,uh or farfetch i dont know why its not,a fair fish,um,farfetch,and its this website ill tag them,below and basically you can get on there,and just purchase different like items,that they probably wouldnt normally,have in the store,majority of the items will be like,luxury,um,or designer,pieces or whatever or sometimes theyll,have like certain types of shoes like,new balances or,um,i dont know like yeezys or something,like just something that you,cant go right into the store and buy,um so if youre want to check them out,definitely definitely definitely well,leave them below,and,i mean honestly overall my experience,it was really good it was really good,like i,i dont know first of all im the type,of person like,if i like something and if it costs you,know over a certain amount that i,normally would spend for something,im gonna sit on it like im not gonna,just go right and just buy something,like,its an investment,so for me,i was like um i like them but i dont,know i have to think about it and then i,just kept thinking of like different,outfits and different ways that i could,dress these up so i was like you know,what,im gonna go ahead and get them,and thats what i did so yes,i ordered them on a wednesday they got,to me on a friday and when they got to,me um it has the official,i guess this is official i dont know i,cant really understand what it says,but its just a paperwork for,my purchase,and then it also came with the,dark shadow,um,totes its like a little tilt that came,in,and it says dark shadow,in the,bottom there,and then,um,it obviously came like the paper,out,so this is what,this shoe,looks like now obviously this is not the,first time that i um unboxed them just,because,when i originally bought them i bought,them to go to a concert so i literally,opened them today after i bought them,um,but yes theyre still brand new so im,just showing you guys that,this is what the shoe,looks like,um when you zip it,when you unzip it itll have,a,right there,and it zips all the way up so if you,want to,tie your laces which im pretty sure,like this,and this is like their signature little,way,just goes around,the back but when i wear these like when,i say these shoes are about to go with,so much stuff and dont laugh at my my,feet i know theyd be,yeah these shoes are gonna go with so,many outfits,um so im really really excited about,that the fall is coming in for me what i,really liked about it was the fact,someone was going to say hi,summer,oh oh oh,calm down calm down,as you can see summer,okay we put you down she dont want to,say hi about it,so,[Music],um,yeah so this is basically what this shoe,looks like,its big my feet are big i know,i wear a size 11.,um first of all im 510 so i mean not,that that matters but,my feet are big so at first i was kind,of skeptical because im like i dont,know if i want to get this shoe and its,going to be all like huge but honestly,its still huge,but i dont care because its such a,dope shoe like and it looks really nice,when i originally wore it i wore it with,like a bodysuit which im going to do,like another little section to this,and itll literally just be like looks,that you can do with this shoe i do like,five,but,you can dress it up you can dress it,down,you can do whatever you really want to,its super super cute shipping like i,said it was two days,to get to me,i am in englewood california so i dont,know how close and how far that was from,the place that it should be,[Music],but it didnt take any time,oh and they also go with i dont know if,you guys are familiar with the the tote,bags but i actually got this bag like,before i got the shoes and then i,realized that this one i know most,people will probably do like the black,and white um the tote bag,but this one,will really go,with the shoes and it would be so like,literal you see what im saying like,itll go,but it wont be too super matchy-matchy,so,i thought that was like super dope when,i was,looking at it the other day,but yeah,if youre thinking about getting your,shoes,um,i definitely suggest it,[Music],just because i dont know like,[Music],it just goes with everything,it goes with everything and in the fall,sometimes like you dont want to really,wear heels but you still want to be cute,you dont need fly,um so,i dont know i feel like its just a,nice boot to just put on,i got some chill on some cute you,know whatever you want to do however you,wanna dress up,its still gonna be nice,so yeah that is the video i hope you,guys liked it i hope it was an answer,majority if not all of your questions if,you need,um any,information,just comment it down below,and let me know,because,i mean i dont know what else you need,to know but,i know what i know,you know,my nails i really love my nose let gonna,just show them,theyre growing out so um but yeah,theres like stiletto nails like,the black tip,and then that ones supposed to be,different but im really feeling,um but yeah,all right i will see you in the next,video i hope you liked it,let me know what else i want to know,what else i want a review of um,and all right ill see yall later,[Music],oh,[Music]

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