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  2. 2022 Farm Science Review: We Bought Our Dream Farm Shop
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Ohio Farm Science Review – #785

good morning we are at the Molly Karen,Agricultural Center I think its called,down in London Ohio four,Ohio Farm science review,lets go see what we can find today,[Music],so this show is uh one of the bigger,ones in Ohio outdoor show here theyve,got some plots and right stuff and stuff,right where you walk in but uh Ohio,State kind of heads it,it on I dont know but theyve got a lot,of stuff here I think John Deeres got a,big Booth here,momentum planner tractor very nice,lets see what we can find first thing,we need to find is a bathroom,all right weve made it to a corner I,usually try and be strategic when we get,to these shows and start on one side and,well work our way back across up and,down every aisle so we we dont miss,anything because we dont want to miss,anything right so,but well see well see whats over here,on the fringes,John your booth is on the other end of,the show we did walk past Golden Harvest,but well get back to them,[Music],ratchet straps I dont want to buy stuff,and carry it around all day though,thats the problem right,its the wallinga booth they have a,conveyor system where you can kind of,see the seed blowing through it,its like wheat,and glue,tender with an air system instead of uh,instead of an auger theyre interesting,quiet its not very loud,theres a lot of livestock manure,equipment that kind of stuff actual,livestock back there in the barns on,this end of the show,um yeah you know its good stuff it just,has a little interest and value to me,so Im not going to buy any of that,stuff so once you get that way a little,bit farther I think its more in the egg,side of stuff or the crop real crop I,should say they do have some grain bins,and augers and,some some useful stuff around here,though,fun to look at look theres a little,mini traveler lets go look at that,theres a nice backhoe conveyor this is,a size bigger than what we have its a,15 inch ours is a,12 I think,different style Hopper on it,we probably should have gotten a size,bigger for what were trying to do with,it loading trucks out of bins and stuff,but what we got works and this style,Hopper is too long and this ones heavy,its harder to move my hands so,good man I guess forklifts do we need a,forklift,I would take a new forklift but no we,dont really need one scissor lift,thatd be nice too,stuff,is that a strip tiller or any hydros bar,lets go see looks like anhydrous to me,I dont think we could pull that if we,wanted to holy cow that thing is huge,two three four five six seven eight nine,ten eleven twelve thirteen thats like a,25 Shank,this could be dangerous going in here to,walk around,well find all of our stuff we need and,make a wish list like that right there,right there thats what we need a one,inch extended anvil impacts,the hausers,theres another one thats at least the,third Milwaukee booth that we have,walked past theres um,all right we have two aisles down,lets do two more and well be up to the,Golden Harvest booth and hopefully they,have some lunch for me there,pretty impressive grain setup here from,from Brock,look at the little baby Traveler,for football fields or something I dont,know,look trucks nice ones,how much they want for this one,thats exactly what were looking for,well we talked about that trunk a little,bit they dont actually have too bad of,a price on it for what it is and as new,as it is but it doesnt have a big,enough motor it was maxed out its got a,M11 in it I think it was only 300 or 425,horse shows maxed out and just not spec,right for what we need getting trucks in,and out of fields but uh theyre few and,far between it was a nice truck other,than that they have a grain bin safety,or Rescue Training simulator here,thats its pretty cool,probably 10 years ago we went to,Louisville and they had a similar setup,down there one of the grain bin,companies and well they gave me a free,t-shirt for getting in there and getting,stuck in the corn,I dont know if it was worth it but it,was fun fun experience,I think Ive ridden in that truck before,the uh service bodies that would be,Brian and his dads trucks nice job Ryan,yes sukups got a pretty decent Booth,here too or a nice big setup shows a lot,of their stuff thats good we stopped in,the Golden Harvest Booth which is well,done very well done apparently somebody,came here looking for my autograph,earlier and Stephanie wants to be on,camera so wave Stephanie,there you go I put her on YouTube,we claimed a bag and a bottle of water,and they gave me a couple of shirts one,for me and for my kids so thats nice,theres another Milwaukee Tools Booth,they must sell a crap ton of stuff at,this show but no lunch there so were,gonna go find a sandwich to eat,something something not relatively,unexpensive,um lets tie this over until we can find,something good on the way home,it appears all the seed companies are,down in this General vicinity heres the,thing about farm shows and seed,companies right nobody is coming here,looking for a new seed company very very,rarely I when I worked for Golden,Harvest I would do these shows and uh,you dont you dont get leads from them,its a good time to suck up to your,existing customers and dealers and to,put on a good time but,theyre not that valuable for seed,companies I dont think maybe its,changed lines kind of suck so were,gonna hold off on food for right now I,think,so is this one,now that is a spray drone holy mackerel,that thing is massive oh its got a,huge tank,see now that I can see being viable and,efficient and working,wow,I do have a building with a bunch of old,old antique stuff thats its cool to,walk through and see,potato sorter,one binder shocker shock maker,Cedars,payloader sled theres a tile trencher,oh thats cool,yeah that is cool horse drawn ditching,machine,am I an old clay tile that was way,better than hand digging wasnt it,some cool old stuff,oh look corn shellers,similar to like the one that I just got,thats cool,its most like these two down here,Hocking Valley,lets put mommy Valley I think,cool,heres the uh the Bale Barons my buddy,that Im here with is the straw guy that,uh well hes got a bill bearing so we,thought wed come check him out,see whats changed whats new whats,updated,well were starting to get into the,bigger crop row crop equipment heres,the uh 100 Firth Booth I hear they have,new Brent grain carts they see one over,there were gonna have to go take a look,through this booth and,see what all theyve got heres the,corner auger carts 11 19.,we found the YouTuber meet up here weve,got Brian hi Brian and Ohio apartment,videos Ohio videos Ohio videos sorry Im,just a fire farmer Logan Im just on,Instagram tick tock tick tock check them,out word,cruising around looking at the under,first Booth here,all right we uh we hung out with the,other AG YouTubers there for a little,bit and just looking at some stuff when,we look at these spreaders not for me,but,chain holy mackerel look at that thing a,148 yeah wow,there we go now were getting into the,major manufacturers a couple case,sprayers I know they got new sprayers,out you Patriots I dont know what the,difference between a patriot and a,trident is,18 inch row planner look at the flex,yeah thats a cool little demo there,at least on the pivot on the wing just,wash the rest of it,well walk around here a little bit and,see what we can find,I suppose a black Magnum would blend in,better on our farm wouldnt stand out so,like much as a red one thats uh its a,nice looking tractor,Big Boss,Chopper over there,quad tracks red one and a blue one,every year I come to the farm shows and,look at the strip till bars and say how,much I want to do it and try it and,never do anything about it this ones on,tracks even,Landover,this looks like a good Road Unit,I dont know I dont know but I would,certainly try it this is a little,different Ill leave a berm thats,probably better,and then theres this one its like a,spring,strip freshener with no actual,um,shank in it which may work good in the,spring but not for what Im t

2022 Farm Science Review: We Bought Our Dream Farm Shop

were at the 2022 Farm science review,this is a local Farm Show in London Ohio,Dad how many Farm science students have,you been to ever since the Stars 76 19,75. so weve been coming here for a long,time okay,not near the size of farm progress show,but its its literally an hour down the,road from the house so well come every,year,[Music],[Music],[Applause],they claim that this is the ultimate,farm truck,I dont know I think ours are better,so Ive seen this thing at Farm progress,show Dad come here and take a look at,this Tony what do you think so our,pickups are both here yeah this first,time well see them in our opinion my,opinion theyre a better farm truck than,this because if you notice theres no,goose in that kitchen this,40 inch tires for some reason that look,like theyre going to hit that as soon,as you Flex into something,how you getting that spare down I dont,know anybodys carrying spare up there,um,but they uh,they certainly put a lot of work into it,the whole outfits probably 100 minutes,out I dont know that I think its an,internet content piece yeah,you think thats an ultimate farm truck,yep Brad youve been around a few,service trucks whatd you think of it,nope,[Applause],um,breathing Styles,you need tools hold on a second Ill be,right back,baffles me though that I need a license,to fly a drone but not that,its deep okay so right inside the Gate,of the farm science review I bump into,uh,where I walk by the rise Aerotech booth,and I see a sign that says an aerial ATV,anyone can fly that kind of caught my,eyes so,um what was your name again my name is,Mick Co its Nick uh you mind tell us a,little bit about this sure this is the,rise Recon this is actually our,prototype number two in the booth here,but we actually are going to be flying,out in the demo field later on today,okay our first prototype and the Recon,is an ultralight so it falls under part,103 of the Federal Aviation,administrations regulation so it means,a single occupant vehicle has to weigh,less than 255 pounds it flies no more,than 63 miles an hour and it really,flies in uncontrolled airspace so any,rural community any farm community it,can fly in and we build it for people,who have a purpose that was the idea,behind it so the notion is that you know,if you want to do crop scouting if you,want to be able to get out the repair,fences or irrigation systems as the crow,flies you can do it so you can get,across rough terrain much easier fly up,over a group of trees you know 100 feet,up but really its kind of like a land,speeder you know youre flying across,the ground is really what you want to be,35 feet 40 feet above the ground zooming,along and serving your power so you can,get out and get back you have about 25,miles range for 25 minutes depending,upon what youre doing and its a great,way to get out okay so with this machine,then do you need a uh like a same kind,of license you would need for a drone or,do you need any kind of license yeah so,drones were really the part 107 was done,about five years ago and that is a lot,different than 103 103 is an amateur,class but it was developed in 1984 and,so theres no operator license you just,need basic training you need to,understand air space and understand how,to use the vehicle and thats it theres,no no requirement no certification okay,okay what uh what is the lifting,capacity like how much can the operator,weigh or is there any kind a payload,capacity to it or I mean you know,generally we want to be below 250 pounds,payload uh but I mean you know so 250,pound person can fly it more can,actually fly it just you reduce your,range at some point okay so you know,really the sweet spots around 200 215 uh,pounds of payload but you can add more,weight to it so okay does it have a,gunship option,hey were just the manufacturer what you,do with it is up to you yeah theres a,lot of deer in our area I could see I,could see some possibilities so each,prop then is that a battery on each uh,or each uh uh I guess each engine so,these are six independent propulsion,pods okay and the idea is Independent,Motor independent uh component for,controlling it as well as independent,batteries so what youre really doing is,youre getting a system that has six,layers of redundancy in it okay so if,one motor goes out the other five can,keep you afloat youre never going to,lose all of them and fall out of the sky,you know when you lose too much then it,says were getting into the ground Im,gonna get to the ground safely so thats,kind of the idea behind the batteries,are removable rechargeable it comes with,a kiosk system that can have an optional,solar panel on it and you can have extra,set of batteries if you want you can put,it out in the field strategically or you,can keep it in your barn okay so,whatever you want to do to be able to,manage your power consumption you can,come up with a configuration that fits,your needs okay all right pretty neat I,uh I wasnt expecting to see this today,thats pretty awesome so yeah thanks for,watching see us fly yeah yeah for sure,thanks,so that little helicopter was 150 000,150 000.50 I was pretty sold on it but,man thats thats a lot of drones I buy,a lot of drones,youve got a they were telling me that,theres been something guys that like,tapped it never seen Midland radios at,the farm size for you,well what do you think,[Music],this is the first time Ive seen this,truck in person first time Ive seen dad,struck in person really love how theyre,looking I was kind of nervous taking,this beautiful,to Natalie pickup Im putting a tool bed,on it but I couldnt be happier with how,it turned out but while were here,Ive got Todd Hughes the guy that made,these beds that they got designed them,the guidance huge equipment and well do,some talking hes got three of his,bodies here,uh mines well just let him talk well,this is Todd Hughes this is uh the owner,of fuse equipment so Todd,how did you start making these bodies I,guess like so my truck has a utility,hauler correct whats the name of it so,thats the bed that Ive been running uh,this is my second one got my first one,16 I think how long have like how did,you come to design this bed I guess well,we started this in 2011 and we come from,a utility body background I work for,utility body company for about 10 years,and utility bodies have a lot of space,in them but theyre big and square and,ugly and you cant hook a gooseneck on,them so so our background in history is,around folks that are farmers and,ranchers and construction contractors,and all those guys need to pull trailer,and haul tools so we designed these,bodies so that you could do both so the,utility hauler you have maximizes the,tool storage space but still lets you,haul any kind of gooseneck trailer you,want to pull when you look at the other,bodies we make some bodies that are a,little lower inside height that give you,even more room for loading and and,visibility around for the trailer yeah,one thing pretty cool about todays show,Dad has a different body and then your,personal truck is the other correct,correct other bodies,of gooseneck capable bodies that we have,here our utility hauler your dads truck,is our Pro hauler similar to yours a,little bit shorter in height and then,the pro flatbed on my white truck over,there just two boxes in the front,flatbed behind that yeah so these are,all aluminum uh construction correct,correct all aluminum steel hitches in,them are completely separate from the,bodies bolt down first the bodies go,down over them everything in the body is,either aluminum or stainless steel okay,if someone wanted something customized,or something one-off is that something,thats available or you do it every day,well like mine for example I mean Ive,got a couple extra steps on there and,some extra side steps on yours but we do,we do different shapes were building a,utility hauler right now for a former,that has a flat front on it and has a,crane mounted on the curbside oh wow,store down along the side when he want

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Farm Science Review (Daytime Columbus)

our ohio fares may be winding down but,our premier agriculture show is just now,ramping up,were going to take you on a tour of the,farm show farm science review on,extension today,extension today is sponsored by the ohio,state university college of food,agricultural and environmental sciences,this year is the 60th anniversary of,farm science review and it is a big deal,jenny and i wanted to share a little,more of what its about so we asked our,good buddy nick zachary farm manager to,show us around hey nick,thank you for having us out here at the,review yeah thanks for coming nice to,see you jenny thanks for coming to my,career and agricultural center you want,to see whats going to happen at farm,science review this year we could take a,little wagon ride cant wait lets hop,on,so farm science review the 60th year,that is a big deal for us tim the very,first year we had a little over 100,exhibitors and now we have over 600,exhibits throughout the site 90 acres,versus the very first year was about 20,acres going through the site we have,some things that are just unique to farm,science review like our antique museum,so some of those things that have been,donated over the years by our donors,are really critical pieces of what we,are as an agricultural community and,just a society so some of the things,youll find in the antique building are,really specific to agriculture but some,may be just really specific to how we,lived maybe a hundred years ago or 150,years ago all the education from osu is,along friday avenue for the most part so,there are some things sprinkled around,the site for education and and outreach,that we do ask the experts stage that,tim is familiar with is going to be,right there along friday avenue along,with some displays from our turf grass,program our alumni will have a display,to kind of greet people and our small,farm center has some information about,all the kind of niche markets that we,have so as a homeowner a lot of people,may be surprised to come out to farm,science review and find things that are,really applicable to what theyre doing,at their homes so the space that im,most familiar with at farm science,review is the universal design display,and thats a space that a lot of people,arent familiar with and the basic,concept is making space products,equipment accessible to people,regardless of their age or their ability,so the display includes a lot of simple,modifications,that people can make that arent,extensive dont cost a lot of money,but it can help you live comfortably in,your space,regardless of your age or ability,nick stop the shuttle theres a sign im,happy to see,[Music],yeah tim i know youre familiar with the,buckeye dairy club thats where were at,now and when the shows starting this,building will be packed with people so,theres actually displays inside this,building that informed people about the,dairy industry in ohio and just the,dairy industry in general and so people,are excited to come in early and before,the milkshakes even get started getting,served theres a line of people waiting,to get their milkshake so i think were,the first ones this year we have 16,awesome food vendors and half of them,are student groups at ohio state so in,our college mostly our students that are,doing a fundraiser for their activities,for the whole rest of the year and then,you know some of the groups that we have,outside of the college are non-profits,as well so all of them have to be tied,to a nonprofit while people might be,coming from far and wide the farm sites,are viewed from all over the country and,even the world,were really supporting those local,groups those non-profits that need those,funds one other cool one that i want to,talk about though is saddle and sirloin,club so they have a really nice pork,chop sandwich and that meat actually,comes from our meat lab in our college,right there on campus and comes out here,and you know they serve those pork chop,sandwiches that group does an amazing,job and so we have some awesome food,vendors here at farm science review well,theres a lot more to see and talk about,so lets hop on the shuttle and well,take our milkshakes with us,[Music],so one of my other favorite areas tim is,as you come in the gates theres a big,area of the agronomic crops team so some,of those displays that they have there,are living growing crops so some of the,things are having to do with cover crops,some forages and some just general,according soybean items so one of the,things im really excited about is cover,crops interceded into corn so different,cover crops have been trialled at,different places across the state and,seeing which ones can survive in that,shady environment so that we can help,reduce either you know some of the,erosion concerns we have in conjunction,with no-till planting and this also just,has those cover crops there to scavenge,for nutrients and all those different,you know different reasons we have cover,crops and fields nick thank you so much,for taking us on a tour and for the,milkshakes oh youre welcome if you want,to learn more about pharma science,review visit,go.osu.edu,extension today extension today is,sponsored by the ohio state university,college of food agricultural and,environmental sciences,[Music],[Music],[Music],you

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Farm Science Review 2020 Opening video

[Music],hi im nick zakrich manager at farm,science review,each september i have the honor of,leading a dedicated staff to host,hundreds of exhibitors and over a,hundred thousand people,at the premier outdoor agricultural,education and industry exposition,farm science review being hosted by the,ohio state university,college of food agricultural,environmental sciences i also have the,pleasure of assisting an army of,educators and researchers that have,information to share with you,farm science review is the largest show,of its kind with a 100 acre show,facility,and over 600 acres of field,demonstrations that is the most field,demonstration acres by any farm show,[Music],many people are wondering what is farm,science review online,what is a virtual farm show you dont,have to have virtual reality glasses and,you will not even need a webcam,the platform is designed to provide,flexibility in connecting the,agricultural public with products,services and resources that will improve,operations and the quality of life,exhibitors and educators will each have,a page with ways to contact them,and display information that they want,available to you,there is a variety of formats this info,is presented in,including video both live and recorded,pdf documents,interactive activities and links to,additional resources,attendees can only access content online,as a physical site will be closed to the,public in addition to showcasing new,products,and the latest innovations in,agriculture fsr online provides both,resources and exhibitors related to,finance insurance careers,markets livestock meat weather energy,and much more,[Music],when you traditionally think about the,farm science review,ever since its inception its always,been three days and thats one of the,interesting things about this year,is that not only can you attend these,different types of,sessions and events during september,22nd,23rd and 24th but you have the,opportunity to look at it,or if you want to say preview it ahead,of time so,if you want to go online right now you,can go to fsr.osu.edu,you can go on and look at all the,different opportunities,you can hit the exhibitor tab and you,can look at all the different aspects,to what the exhibitors can offer it can,be everything from,possibly you used to pick up a pair of,gloves at farm science review and maybe,you want to get some more,or you want to visit one of the large,machinery companies and see what theyre,doing,in field demos or on their lot or maybe,even grab one of those presentations,that they have,so that is going to be the cool thing,about farm science review this year,is you can go online now and then you,can,use your email and set up a password and,what that will,allow you to do is be able to go in and,set your schedule because we have a lot,of different activities that are going,on and what we want you to do is,experience this to the fullest so,go ahead get signed up figure out what,you want to do,and then visit us not only during those,three days,but start getting it figured out now and,then after those three days when we have,all the content and everything that,youve seen,you can visit us throughout the year so,make sure,that you dont miss the three days,because were gonna have a lot of live,events september 22nd,23rd and 24th

2019 Farm Science Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],the running joke is every time we come,up this way,thats an old roadway trailer George,Rock worked for rude way for 20 years,so we always say its his trailer back,that way my into the show were out here,in the in the golf cart parking lot glad,this golf cart works its about a mile,up to the chauffeur sitting in the golf,cart line waiting to get in,George pipes arent big enough,George says ready to get into Dutchman,saying it all work ten feet into the,show,giorgia see and all sorts of trucks he,likes done stacks arent big enough now,stop talking to Capello guys our corn,heads are both capella units the one,head is actually labeled as a cappella,but all alexion heads use cappella parts,had a few questions with it guys,now we got one road down we got like,what 15 left,no snacks yep hes still dreaming,we got the answers for all your thumbs,Roger yeah,I need a dad,I wont fit under the Christmas tree,wont fit stop over here at the Oxbow,booth got some exciting news if youre,in the Ohio area,Stacey Garmin and started working for ox,Phil youre gonna have some sprayers in,Ohio youre based out of Ohio yes I am,Im gonna base either Columbus Ohio area,and stuff and Ill be cover in the whole,state of Ohio and I would be having,equipment right here in the state for,people to demo and look at okay can they,find your contact information about,smooth soil roots,yeah you can go to octopus website and,stuff find my contact info or else you,can call me at six one four two one six,nine six six zeroes myself Ill be more,than happy to meet and come to your farm,so there you go if youre in the Ohio,area that was one big concern was there,kind of there wasnt really anything,close to us well there is now and I,think thats gonna be pretty exciting,moving forward,oh yeah Im looking forward to it and if,anything we can do Id love to talk to,you about Oxbow equipment thanks Lucy,thank you,do you wonder what since this show,different than any of the other shows,weve been to hey this is our local show,I mean this is just a powered down the,road from the house companies that are,regionalized this area here weve come,to this every year for probably Watsons,it started Im guessing if this kind of,tradition 70 turn 3 apart from the high,state and all of our local dealers are,usually here people we know so thats,why they come to this show and its a,good show I mean its not a whole lot,different from Farm Progress Farm,Progress is where youre going to see,the latest and greatest but its,probably going to be at this show too,a damn us tanks get letter once 30 bank,job,and we stopped over here at the other of,her booth brent was just tell us,thats the cart there if thats the cart,yep so well go over and check out in a,minute,do you guys remember back in the crop,tour there was a dude from a care that,bumped his head that was his brother,thats my brother its Hugh has a good,looking car this is a little bit,different where I thought we were,getting I thought we were getting a,fairly plain one but this has got the,equaliser track 1,300 Bushnell thats,thats the big chart,here at flexes for ways I think wesson,does double check with its got the auto,grease systems get their scale systems,this is a really nice car pretty excited,to try this out sounds like itll be,here either maybe Friday possibly Monday,its a lot better no Massey Ferguson at,the farm,if I always ask about Gleaners I dont,know a whole lot about him there they,are,zoom out the last six recognize that guy,over there thats Brent hes the one who,had that vent down at our place last,year talk to him here once he gets,unoccupied,I think dads got the fever of one of,them things lets get out of here before,they start offering us kool-aid or,something,I just think itd be cool to see one of,those in the channel never ran a case,gone mine itd be pretty neat you get,you could maybe take that as a hint or,not I dont know,you know one things for sure I think,this is the prettiest combine those are,the only yellow and black combines now,there it is theres a new Klaus come on,still getting used to the color but man,I want to run it,that were going to ride over to the,field demonstrations they have great,demos here at the Ohio farm science for,you its very realistic drought,conditions hoping we can maybe catch,that new cloths in the field of it it,might have already ran theyre starting,theyre starting right now were on the,way there,they could be highly efficient with this,many combines George you can do it,couldn t keep up with a new green chart,logarithm,for Bugs Bunny doesnt know what to do,we got it oh very good the way the demos,work they have it roped off and you,cant go out there till after theyre,done harvesting but now theyre done,with this corn plot you can walk out,check out the machine walk behind the,where it ran see what kind of loss they,have,I dont get out that dont get out,libido theyre harvesting beans are very,towards you gonna be okay you guys,having a good time with the show no you,want to sell them your names your,favorite piece of equipment weve seen,so far okay,theyre going on I know that guy over,there likes to hear that yeah the Geico,shirt boys hope you guys get to feel,better so you go back to school tomorrow,[Music],number here they havent tillage device,going on never been to the farm sideshow,they have great demos here I dont know,how many acres they own here the Ohio,States who puts this on this is a high,state land several other fields that way,theyve a big drain complex and theyll,be doing demos all three days of the,show,fight,magic have we done old buddy were gone,not only did we bump into Andy but,Rachael from agra mobility she had,messaged me on instagram about maybe,stopping by the booth be honest with you,Ive never heard of them what they do I,mean its a sounds like a great service,basically they help farmers keep farming,after an injury or something like that,with farming I mean as you know the,average age of farmers is getting older,and older so I think thats a valuable,service so its something you maybe need,definitely look into them you can find,them at Ohio AgrAbility dot OSU OSU e DS,every game jack surfy just google hiker,ability you build a fire good sounds,like a great service so go ahead and,check it out now lets put it on the,spot but Andys daughter Kylies gonna,drive this thing shell be interested,get a lot of questions about my sons,bed heres the company themselves the,progress show weve seen a customer,theres out of bed at the pettiest booth,this is actually a company that made it,theres the owner Todd whos down there,on the end,hes got designed the beds theres one,like my bed theres one they called her,Pro hauler series its a fairly similar,to mine only its just back is open,right here yeah I think this box is,smaller and then theres a flat bed,style bed that they just came out with,pretty recently its basically just a,flat bed with boxes on each side if,youre in the service truck marker or,looking for a service body highly,suggest Hughes equipment theres their,website right there where you just,Google fuse equipment and Im sure,youll come up with something or if you,want a pre-built truck ready to go this,truck is for sale I dont know what they,want for call them if youre interested,I believe its one of their customers,truck just trying to sell here Keyshia,make a great product I mean I really,like how they make the Dooleys look and,theyre really like Billys all it well,but it doesnt even look like the boxes,are bigger sure I like that,whenever I went to pick up my truck,George went with me Julie took us to get,some lunch until she fed him once now,she cant get rid of it,well theres our leg its not hard,particularly this is the company its,making up no ones at the booth I hope,theyre all at our house building our,leg birdy its like we cant ever get,away from that guy were just wrapping,up our day at the farm size for you Ive,bumped into Billy bushels Billy you,g

A flying ATV? Ryse Recon turns heads at Farm Science Review

you probably use an ATV on your farm and,it probably stays on the ground well,most of the time but what if it could,actually fly Farm science review always,a great time to review the latest,Innovations in technology Mick kowitz is,founder and CEO of Rise Aero,Technologies theyre here at the review,and theyre displaying some technology,well thats Turning Heads,well this is the rise Recon and what,basically it is is an ultralight,vertical takeoff and Landing electric,vehicle and so the idea is its battery,powered the batteries last about 25,minutes you can fly up to 63 miles an,hour and the vehicle can go in any,uncontrolled air space the same as an,ultralight aircraft cam koit says the,potential uses for the Recon and,agriculture make it a good fit for the,farm and as we know Farmers always on,the Leading Edge of innovation the,reason why were here is because farming,is our first target market because we,built this for people with a purpose,that was the idea not just for fun and,it can be used for fun but the real idea,is how can people get benefit out of,something as great as this from a,technological perspective and who better,to start with than Farmers the first,people to use GPS the first people to,use autonomous equipment the first,people to really use satellite imagery,were farmers and so using a piece of,technology like this we know know,theyll respect it theyll be able to,care for it maintain it themselves and,theyll be able to use it to go do crop,scouting reduce soil compaction crop,compaction be able to scout out broken,fencing and be able to go there instead,of just seeing it you can actually land,and fix it and keep going and fix more,same thing for finding lost cattle,livestock to be able to use it to repair,irrigation systems and just really to be,able to do crop management and crop,scouting not just from above but be able,to get there and get out and and check,on things and fix things remotely of,course safety a big question for,onlookers so this is a very safe system,it has six independent propulsion,modules which means it has six,independent propellers Motors batteries,and controllers so the idea is if any,one system goes out everybody else is,fine in fact if the battery stops,working the other batteries and the,other propulsion modules will actually,pick up the battery load for that,missing battery the idea is when,something does go wrong you can still,get to the ground safely so its really,the most reliable and safest ultralight,vehicle on the market for those wanting,to buy the Recon should be available for,purchase down the road but for a notable,price tag of course its starting to,take reservations and early q1 and were,going to be delivering Lake Q2 and,really to the general public probably Q4,its 150 000 per unit the rise Aero,teams is one of the most common,questions theyve gotten here at the red,of you is can it be used for spraying,while he says not right now who knows,what the potential use is for can be,down the road but theres several,regulatory hurdles theyre working,through at the moment so would you fly,it well I talked to two Champaign County,Farmers for their take after they saw it,going around at the demonstration I,think its a great toy if youve uh got,the means to own one and for anyone that,would like to fly I think it would be,awesome to have one you can go up 15,minutes one way 15 minutes back but its,got to be in your price range and be,able to justify it but it looks like a,lot of fun the farmer needs all the,advantages he can possibly get in in,this day and age so I think its awesome,the technology talking to them the price,will come down over time in the next two,or three years once they get a little,more,uh technology in it that theyre putting,into it theyre going to make it lighter,even yet and I was talking to the guy,from the company so its a pretty cool,gig you know I see it being you know,people that are involved and like to fly,its a cool deal whats really cool its,on its amphibious,and you know you want to land on your,pond or whatever have at it and your ATV,doesnt do that,whether it be manned or unmanned the,future of Agriculture is sure to have,many flying things for Ohio Agata and,Ohios country Journal Im Joel pen,orwood reporting from the farm science,review

Big Purchase at the 2021 Farm Science Review

hey guys a little bit about this video,before we get started this video is on,the farm science view the farm science,view is a smaller farm show its more of,a regional show went to it every year,since i was a kid its right down the,road from our house so unfortunately,this year they were kind of plagued with,bad weather tuesday it missed it all day,i was there all day tuesday to amber,booth and then wednesday uh it was a,complete cancellation rain lightning a,lot of good stuff so all the field demos,were cancelled uh farmer science review,usually has great demos because it is so,close to harvest its not kind of uh you,know 80 day corn in illinois for example,so unfortunately no field demos but all,in all pretty good show,but if you are looking for a longer farm,video i did have two videos at the farm,progress show that was just a few weeks,ago so this video is pretty quick pretty,short a lot a lot more abbreviated than,the farm progress views not quite as,much detail but do me a favor guys if,you are enjoying these videos or any of,the farm vlogs do me a favor and give us,the video a thumbs up try to build some,momentum going into harvest so thanks,for watching enjoy,[Music],[Music],[Applause],all right folks were at the 2021 farm,science review its pretty cold pretty,wet this is the third day of it,yesterday got canceled because they got,about three inches of rain here,everybodys in,long sleeves and coats,yeah jelly and cold chilly its 90,degrees monday yeah now about 45 50.,so theres our spray trailer,we just bought it,no not really but something like this,would be more ideal what were using,this would be awesome,kim vine would fit right there,a couple coats and it looks like 10 000,gallons of water for no 6 000 gallons of,water,i guess that ones probably more like,ours,this unit here they have their other one,on display so this is exactly like the,strip till units weve been running it,might try this style especially this,packer wheel here,like with our rocks that would work,better bj yes sir theres your unit,theres your spout yeah,so ive been getting asked if were,gonna be riding another unfortunate cart,that is the actual grain cart so it is,just like the previous two weve been,running coming from the show to the farm,now normally wed already be harvesting,this year not so much everythings a,little later at least at our place which,is good because were a little later too,were not ready,[Music],does it pass the scratch and sniff yeah,okay,give me a picture give you a picture,gotcha,yeah you think we can get that and then,we could bail our straw yeah i think,itd be very economical i dont think so,take a lot of straw pay for that,so we strip till we run under for the,raptor but while were here were gonna,check out the competition,its about the glutes and,gladiator its a little bit different,design on the hopper but its got a,pretty good amount of capacity,montag box heard all always heard good,things about montags,so the shank design or the unit design,looks pretty similar,it was different but same,shank burner shanks,had to stop in and see dr watson at the,farm size review so that is uh,precision aggregate service thats who,does all of our gps work,its a bit windy,a bit windy,the grain cart here you see in front of,you was built by ohio state university,students for a capstone project,talking to the guys from american,equipment thats where we got our,telehandler theres actually one just,like ours with the,flag up there,so one of the things that were looking,at here,is a pressure washer were looking for a,steam pressure washer i think its what,its maybe called i dont know,basically heats the water before you,wash it so dads down here looking at,one now see if hes making the deal,thats what we should be looking at so,we can store all of our 28.,so we havent made the deal just yet,but,true to form dad found something else to,look at,we found the spray drum,here we bumped into andy the harmless,farmer just filmed a quick clip of him,and dad talking about crops check his,channel out link in the description,latched,put the seat up,what do you want to go around the other,side help me with that,just flip this bar up here,and then just slide this whole assembly,forward,lock that in there were gonna bring,this back to here,and there you go,now if you want to dump it,see where the headache rack is itll hit,the roof uh-huh thats why you raise,that,up pretty,hey its either that or a power washer,power washers a lot cheaper,wed have just got the shop built id be,buying one of those right now,guys make some good looking boxes,i like this shop,[Music],and we got one well i guess were,starting a pressure washing business now,make it handy clean,theres our morton building,oh wait thats right,we dont know how much a morton building,costs,so i get asked pretty often who makes my,truck bed or where i got it thats the,guy that designed it and thats the guy,thatll make it for you so look him up,at hughesequipment.com,there is so much envy going on right now,like i want this so much i aint talking,about anything in this booth in that,semi,its beautiful,now theres a few things here i would,take like i would take a combine,[Music],double take,just like that shows over,back to work big trucks,smart,but then they kind cars forget about all,the rest of the jobs,whats going on blackmail theyre at the,uh blackmail they were missing something,yeah deer guys came and stole them all,[Music]

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