1. I Became a Fast and Furious Fan in One Week – And You Can Too
  2. Fast & Furious 9 – Movie Review
  3. Fast & Furious 9 – Running On Empty
  4. F9: The Fast Saga – Movie Review
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I Became a Fast and Furious Fan in One Week – And You Can Too

fast and furious is amazing some of you,might be saying yeah we already knew,that,and some of you might think that Im,joking Im not joking okay and yes Im,late to the party but I have a lot to,say about these buckwild movies but,first let me paint a picture for you,okay I was a child when the first Fast &,Furious movie came out in 2001 I was a,kid who liked Star Wars and anime and in,my whole life if theres anything I,could give less of a [ __ ] about its,sports and cars so now youre telling me,theres a movie about sports cars no Im,ok thank you thats a movie for the kids,who play fifa all right its for the,kids who like to do this I ignored these,movies on the basis that I thought they,were dumb and that only dumb people,watch them but in the past few years my,friends and peers have told me hey,Marcus you know you might like those,Fast and Furious movies and I ignored,them until the day that I saw this,trailer,[Music],and in that moment something changed in,me I realized that these movies might,actually be kind of fun I like,over-the-top action I like Jason Statham,I like cheesy tongue-in-cheek dialogue,drop it on lets talk about it stop at,hail I want to hear it Bob this homie I,said forget about her,so I made it my mission to watch every,goddamn Fast and Furious movie before,Hobbs and Shaw came out thing about,street fights the street always wins but,whats the appeal of these movies well,its actually quite simple they are very,very stupid these movies have kind of a,weird transformation the first movie is,very much for people who like cars its,a straightforward story about an,undercover cop who learns about respect,and honor in the street-racing world he,befriends criminals and forms a bond,with them and its got a lot of raw,masculine energy and thats not really,for everybody myself included but all,things considered its a pretty normal,movie the climax is just these guys,trying to get one other guy to jump onto,their car the most impressive stunt is,when they drive under a truck ooh and,then the second movie is basically just,the first movie again except with black,people and then the third movie is also,just the first two movies again except,this time its in Tokyo except it,doesnt have Japanese people in it its,got like white people and bow-wows in it,you know what DK stands for now when I,was marathoning these movies and I got,to Tokyo Drift I was thinking to myself,this is the Fast & Furious series I am,NOT impressed but I think the studio,also knew this because fast 4 is a,little different now people say that 5,is where the movies really change and,get good and yes I agree but four,changes things up a bit too you see the,first three movies have a very specific,vibe ok its chill dudes racing and cool,bars these are very laid-back movies but,then Fast and Furious 4 starts with this,scene,and it was at this point where I,realized that I was still alive the,characters are also now apparently,superhuman before the character of,Dominic Toretto was just the chill guy,who was really good at racing but now he,has super powers he can hold up an,entire engine block with one arm he gets,shot and ignores it bullets are just an,inconvenience for him and on top of that,him and the other characters are now so,good at driving that they can do what I,like to call car foo,now while this stuff is laid down in the,fourth movie its still mostly a racing,movie but when Fast Five comes out,things make a drastic change I mean look,at that [ __ ] title its disgusting I,love it this is where the studio decided,okay listen people dont care about cars,all right we actually have to make an,interesting movie now and I gotta say,this movies not bad its actually,pretty good,it has insane action scenes the,characters are corny a lot at the time,but theyre charming and have high,charisma so you dont really mind and,all these characters are people that,youve already seen before this movie,feels like they kind of expected it to,be the last one it has a sense of,finality to it the series could end here,and it would have been perfectly fine,but it didnt and Im glad it didnt,because this movie introduces Dwayne the,rock Johnsons character Hobbs who,single-handedly saves the series you,just earned yourself a dance with the,devil boy this man is so delightfully,outrageous he has some of the weirdest,[ __ ] lines Ive ever heard to be the,damn veggies he just kind of does,whatever the [ __ ] he wants,and his whole character basically exists,just to entertain you for this,keep waiting [ __ ] at this point it,really feels like the people who are,making these movies know exactly what,theyre doing they decided you know what,[ __ ] it were just gonna have fun in,Fast Five the characters spend half of,this movie planning this insanely,intricate heist or they have to use all,their skills and technology to outrun,these security cameras sneaked into a,police station and hack into an,electronic safe so they can steal a,hundred million dollars and you know,what they do by the end of the movie,they decide [ __ ] that plan they crash,into the [ __ ] wall of the police,station,grab this safe and just drag it away,with their Dodge Chargers are they,actually Dodge Chargers I dont know,because I dont care about cars and for,once I dont need to oh and then on top,of that they decide to use car foo and,use the safe as a weapon to kill the,villains,now this is where most people realize,that these movies are not meant to be,taken seriously and honestly looking,back on it this is one of the more,normal movies in the series in the next,movie we have [ __ ] like this and this,and this,[Music],these movies are anime the fast series,is just a stupid Shonen anime where the,main characters are just naturally,stronger than everybody else and the,only reason theyre this strong is,because theyre the main characters,by the time we get to the eighth movie,all of the characters kind of just know,how to fight and theyre really good at,it,in the second movie Ludacris was just a,normal [ __ ] guy literally a normal,person but now hes a super-smart tech,genius who knows karate Michelle,Rodriguez started the first movie by,being the tough girl who likes to drive,and drink a corona with the boys then,she goes undercover to stop a crime lord,she gets blown up gets amnesia and,becomes a villain before rejoining the,team and now for some reason she is an,expert hand-to-hand combatant who can,fight trained soldiers and Ronda Rousey,at the same time and wind hell in these,movies Hobbes is strong enough to flex,off his cast and then in another movie,he holds a helicopter at bay with one,arm this is a movie where the main,characters are immune to car accidents,they can defeat helicopters trains and,submarines with just the power of their,car Fuu the characters are constantly,put into ridiculous situations and its,just exciting to see how the [ __ ],theyre gonna make it out alive this is,a series where Jason Statham wields two,makeshift swords and fights Vin Diesel,who is wielding two wrenches are you,seriously telling me that youre too,good for this [ __ ] these movies have one,singular rule be as fun and entertaining,as possible and logic just happens to be,thrown out the window logic is just a,screenwriting limitation for these,movies this is a series that is,constantly trying to one-up itself and,honestly I respect that I watched these,movies for a whole week and at times I,was very exhausted but by the end when,they do their send off to Paul Walker,actually felt pretty emotional I watched,these characters for a whole week and,then I had to say goodbye to one of them,and even after that I was still enjoying,the movie,you just cant watch these movies like,you watch other movies okay you gotta,watch them like you watch anime,you got a slog through that first arc,where things really havent picked up,yet but you will be rewarded for your,patience now Ive been tweeting about,these movies while I was watching them,and a few of you h

Fast & Furious 9 – Movie Review

hey family it sounded like stallone not,not vin diesel but before we get started,i do want to thank the sponsor of this,video this video is brought to you by,nordvpn nordvpn is a vpn service that,protects you your accounts and your,devices from the ever prying eyes and,the spies of the internet because we are,in the information age,data and information thats the currency,and you want to protect yours theres a,nordvpn app for windows mac os,ios android linux and even android tv,and if youre here i assume were all,movie and tv show people so you can,still view your favorite content even if,youre abroad because you can choose,between over 5 300 servers and 59,regions so click the link below to go to,nordvpn.com,johns or enter promo code johns get,yourself a two-year plan and a bonus,gift,at a huge discount and most importantly,protect your information and thank you,once again to nordvpn for sponsoring,this video,i do appreciate it right now,this is its just,so fast nine is the ninth movie in the,fast and furious franchise funny story i,saw neil degrasse tyson,in seattle i actually his whole thing,was him talking about physics and movies,i didnt know that when i went to see,him i just wanted to see him,talk about physics i wanted a lecture,but it was like oh movies,had no idea but all right now now,theres that connection with,what i do and he made the statement,which is probably very true,i feel like it was more true before this,movie but he said,the movie armageddon breaks more laws of,physics every 15 seconds,than any movie in cinematic history it,is probably still true but after fast,nine,only just ridiculous doesnt cover this,movie and the fast and the furious,movies were movies that,ive always enjoyed well i mean since,fast five i heard they got good before,fast five but i saw the first two and i,was like okay i never saw tokyo drift,because like all right not my thing,never saw the fourth one,and then i worked at the movie theater,and had a youtube channel so i saw fast,five and i was like oh wow this,is actually pretty [ __ ] awesome the,movies since havent been as good as,fast five but ive always been on board,you know i feel like the fast family,versus submarines is about,is apparently as much as i can take,because this movie its like,every movie is like we have to out do,the last one problem is you get to the,point with,youre just numb i have never seen so,much [ __ ] thrown at the screen and so,much [ __ ],thrown at the protagonists and me going,yeah i guess its happening,thats fair things are happening a lot,of things the weird state of,indifference,i was in and i dont know how someone,could be so catatonically bored,when so many things are happening so,much [ __ ] is being thrown on screen but,there i was,actually i do know because theres no,tension you know that its not like,doms gonna get,cut in half by one of the 47 cars,being thrown on screen because of really,huge magnets,as theyre going a hundred miles an hour,down the road hes not gonna go down,like that you know the crews not gonna,go down like that because weve been,with them for too long this isnt game,of thrones or anything right so you know,how its going to play out,and thats what youre doing youre just,watching it play out because you dont,need,speed for tension you dont need a lot,of action for tension the more [ __ ] you,throw on screen,actually it takes away from tension i,mean it doesnt have to you can have a,lot happen,if you establish hey this is a very,dangerous scenario but,you it never feels dangerous because,its not dangerous it would be dangerous,if this was a movie where this didnt,happen but this is the movie so its not,dangerous well you take that scene from,indiana jones in the last crusade,the speed at which these tanks are,driving,is 1 20th the speed of any of the cars,in this movie,the scene where indiana jones is satchel,its caught on one of the guns,and hes about to smash into the cliff,thats pretty intense no,tension in this movie things just happen,and if youre going to go that route,i would hope the family element because,you know thats what dom toretto is all,about right like doms all about family,until this might be spoilerish,im gonna all right spoilerish just so,you know im gonna keep this up for as,long as i talk about this and then itll,go away right so when they were kids,something happened their dad died then,dom was like,there was a problem with dads engine my,brother was the last one to look at the,engine,obviously he murdered our dad that was,where he went,mr family was like im not going to talk,to my brother im not going to be like,hey,did you notice a thing in dads car no,he was like obviously,you murdered him leaps this is another,thing this movie does a lot of leaps,everyone goes,theres so many leaps people go from a,to z,and they just make these connections,that might be an exaggeration,definitely aided are pointless theres a,scene in here where tyrese gibson,and ludacris are like hey did you see,that guys ears he has cauliflower ears,he fights for a living,obviously hes one of the bad guys but,the guys just hes working his job and,but they turn out to be right thats a,lucky pull but,theres so many lucky pulls and if,theres no tension in the action scenes,at least theres no tension when people,are trying to figure out whats going on,because they dont actually have to try,to figure out whats going on they just,kind of,get there and even then i dont know why,doms brothers doing what hes doing i,dont know why hes the antagonist,whats his thing he went from got,brother issues to yeah were gonna,go ahead and enact goldeneye times a,million,because guess the moneys good sure why,not as good a reason as any,thats what i have to go on its just,the logical leap thats the leap i have,to make and i might be wrong because,this is reality,i actually love tyrus gibson and,ludacris in this movie i thought they,had great chemistry together,theyre funny they have good banter it,was smart pairing them up,and keeping them paired up in this,franchise in terms of whats enjoyable,in this movie theyre,out of this world zing armageddon,just its just barely guys in the end i,feel like fast and furious has run its,course i imagine,there should be another movie because 10,is just this nice,number to end on why go to 10 when we,can stop it at nine thats just numeric,blue balls if jason,x happen there has to be a fast x right,where the fast family goes to,alpha centauri what else can they do but,its run its course because it ceased to,be interesting you know were not even,dealing with reality at this point its,a movie that goes at 500 miles an hour,but has all the thrills of,standing still this might be the worst,of them because im not gonna remember,this movie in t minus one day,yup already forgot anyhow so fast nine,have you seen it what did you think,about it whatever you thought comment,below let me know and as always if you,like what youve seen here and you want,to see more,click right here to see more,[Music],you

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Fast & Furious 9 – Running On Empty

never has the phrase you know what,youre getting be more applicable than,the Fast and the Furious or seemingly,Unstoppable action Juggernaut thats,become the very definition of the summer,popcorn flick its kind of easy to,forget now but the series started out 20,years ago as a fairly restrained and,grounded action thriller about an FBI,agent infiltrating the world of illegal,street racing its surprise success,spawned a string of sequels none of,which managed to recapture the magic of,the first movie and by the time Tokyo,Drift came out it was pretty obvious the,films had outgrown their premise not to,mention the original cast Furious 5,switched things up a gear and,successfully revitalized the franchise,utilizing the star power of the Rock and,establishing the winning formula that,would go on to become the standard,template from now on convoluted Heist,plots International Espionage exotic,locations implausible action sequences,big Ensemble casts cartoonish fight,scenes Big sweaty bald men competing to,be the biggest and sweatiest bald man,and of course family family family,family family family family family,family family family family,family family family family family,family family family,it was like Mission Impossible crossed,with the Dukes of Hazard and a heavy,dose of daytime soap opera it wasnt,exactly deep and thought provoking but,[ __ ] it it was fun to watch these movies,knew exactly what they were and what you,wanted from them kind of like a female,twitch streamer and they were happy to,dish it out by the truckloads they were,fun action-packed and deliberately over,the top each one somehow finding a way,to surpass its predecessor the series,peaked with furious 7 which provided a,surprisingly poignant and tasteful,goodbye to Paul Walker while the sequel,proved that the franchise still had,enough momentum to move forward without,his protagonist unfortunately problems,were Brewing clashing Egos and,personalities meant the departure of,Jason Statham and The Rock two of the,franchises biggest assets and after,recycling the same basic story for,almost a decade the winning formula was,starting to wear a little thin after,going basically everywhere and blowing,up pretty much everything there was to,blow up where the hell could the,franchise possibly go next outer space,Oh,oh which brings me at last to F9 the,latest installment of the long run in,franchise a movie that reliably includes,all the things you expect from The Fast,and the Furious the implausible action,scenes the globetrot and storyline the,manly bravado the family dramas and a,few unexpected guest appearances it does,all the things that are expected of it,and yeah its the first Fast and the,Furious movie in almost a decade that,left me feeling kind of,underwhelmed the movie picks up with dom,and Letty living in happy retirement,with their young kids I guess well,Overlook the fact that this is actually,the son of another woman who got,conveniently killed off in the previous,movie anyway before you can see get the,plot moving the rest of the gangs show,up with news that Charlize Theron has,been captured by Kurt Russell but oh no,his plane got shot down on route to the,US and now theyre both missing and who,should be responsible for this dastardly,plot than Jacob Doms long-lost brother,and I mean really [ __ ] long lost like,the guys never mentioned him even once,in the past 20 years its almost like he,was reckoned into Doms backstory for,the sake of this film but whatever a,series of flashbacks revealed that Jacob,was part of a bots plan to sabotage,their fathers car so that he could,throw a race ultimately causing his,death and sending Dom on a violent,Revenge trip that got him thrown into,jail this realization drove a wedge,between the two young men and they,havent seen or spoken to each other,until now anyway Jacobs after a device,known as Aries a computer program that,conceived control of any weapon system,on the face of the Earth it was designed,decades ago but I guess they decided it,was too dangerous or something so the,device got split into two parts and,hidden away because you know why destroy,it when you can maintain it as a,persistent threat that has to be,protected until the end of time not a,great plan so basically the gang have to,come together one more time to stop a,bad guy with a personal grudge against,Dom from getting his hands on a magical,[ __ ] device that could destroy the,world and if this all sounds a bit,familiar its because its the same,basic premise thats been used in every,movie since part five the difference now,is that its all starting to feel a,little bit tired and played out like,theyve given up on even trying new,ideas and just stuck with the formula,thats worked so well until now also a,lot of the creative decisions in this,film are still Bonkers and pointless,that I can best explain them away as,[ __ ] it why not strapping a giant rocket,pack onto a car and launching it into,outer space so it can crash into a,satellite [ __ ] it why not bringing Han,Back to Life by retcon in his death for,a second time only for him to do,practically nothing for the rest of the,movie [ __ ] it why not seriously its,almost a meme how obsessed this series,is with a character who died in Tokyo,Drift more than a decade ago the two,halves of the Aries device are,biometrically coded so they can only be,activated by the girl whos the key to,everything [ __ ] it why not driving,around in cars fitted with giant magnets,that allow them to throw other vehicles,around like toys without dislodging the,vehicle theyre mounted on [ __ ] it why,not party DB is a SWAT team leader,[ __ ] it why not honestly The Writers,room for this movie must have been,absolutely Wild Man Of course none of,this really matters in the great scheme,of things because lets be honest nobody,goes into a Fast and the Furious movie,expecting tight well-constructed,storylines these movies stand or fall,based on the energy Panache and Creative,Flair of their execution and I think,this is where the real problem with F9,lies none of it feels particularly,exciting or interesting anymore theres,a creep in sense that weve seen it all,before because well we have and when you,see the same thing too many times no,matter how fun it started out it,eventually starts to lose its appeal and,Ive got a sneaking suspicion that the,actors are starting to feel the same way,the thing that elevated the previous,movies was the sense of fun and,camaraderie you really felt like the,actors were enjoying this stuff and it,seeped through into every aspect of the,movie but I dont know man it kind of,feels like that Sparks missing here,like everyones just going through the,most oceans repeating the same gags and,character beats theyve been doing for,years because thats whats expected of,them Michelle Rodriguez looks bored and,uncomfortable Charlies Theron facts,hes in the kind of vaguely menacing,performance she could do in her sleep,and even the mighty Vin Diesel looks,kind of subdued and low energy now I,dont know what went on behind the,scenes with this one but everyones got,the uncomfortable look of a bickering,couple trying to put on a brave face in,front of their friends the loss of Jason,Statham and especially The Rock was,another big blow to the enjoyment factor,I dont think its a coincidence that,his introduction marked a turning point,in the franchises fortunes injecting,some much-needed likability and Charisma,where Vin Diesel was sorely lacking John,Cena might be trying to make the same,transition from wrestling into acting,but hes got nowhere near the star power,or the screen presence needed to hold up,a movie like this now it very much feels,like were playing with the B team that,they managed to scrape together for this,film and it seems like they know it too,now all of this stuff probably makes me,sound like a miserable [ __ ] all who,needs to just enjoy the movie for what,it is the problem is that what it is,isnt as good as w

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F9: The Fast Saga – Movie Review

f9 is directed by,justin lin who made three four five and,six,this is like the veteran of the fast and,furious franchise,hes made my favorite one in five and,six is also,pretty close like hes made my two,favorites five and six so in the latest,installment,cipher enlists the help of jacob doms,younger brother,to take revenge on dom and his team,which as usual leads them on a merry,chase around,the globe in really fast cars doing,insane things off of bridges,and cliffs city streets and some other,places too that many people have,suggested they might go,one day im a fan of this franchise look,i have the tire collection,i get excited for these movies i enjoy,watching them theyre the right kind of,movie you need every once in a while,throughout the year a really,really stupid mindless film that allows,you to just have fun and kind of release,yourself,from the worlds concerns certain,installments are better than others and,some are very forgettable when it comes,to f9,all of these movies have ever so,slightly,pushed towards absurdity fast five i,think is still the best one but even,that film had them with their cars and,the [ __ ] bank vaults behind them just,tumbling down the road and it was so,hilarious and funny fast six,had a dude kind of flying across the,[ __ ] bridge,which didnt really make sense so fast,nine,i think i think they actually lost me on,this one,like i love absurdity but this movie is,is laughable it is 100 a cartoon,its the closest to hilariosity that,this franchise has ever gotten,its all skillfully done justin lin is a,great director and hes very very good,with action set pieces,but the dialogue and the,characterization,and the things that take place in this,movie might as well be science fiction,its gotten to a point where i couldnt,really believe,anything that was happening human beings,in this film are bounced around as if,they were a pool ball in a pool game,they just get,knocked all over the place cars,often catch human beings from,falls which,in the beginning of the movie you meet,dom and lettys son brian,and they have this peaceful life,together but then theyre brought back,into action when tyreese and ludacris,show up,and they never really explained what,they did with brian the whole time,like theyre far off in the middle of,nowhere purposely away from everybody,like whos,babysitting brian,where was he that poor kid was locked in,a wooden box this whole movie i know it,the things that happen in this movie are,absolutely ridiculous,and ive come to expect that with these,films but the fast movies always sort of,rode this line they were just about,threatening to sort of teeter,into parody but they always were very,careful to stay,in a somewhat sense of realism where you,could watch the film and at least get,invested in it without bursting out into,laughter,every time a human being is thrown,20 stories down into a [ __ ],pool of water with concrete debris,flying all over him and then he has a,vision,and were supposed to take that,seriously which happens in this movie,the films were very good at teetering on,that line,writer chris morgan wrote every single,one from two to eight,including hobbs and shaw this is the,first,film that is not including chris morgan,since,the original fast and the furious and,honestly,i never realized how much the writer or,the fast and furious franchise,sort of got it because this doesnt,really feel like one it feels kind of,like theyre,imitating one but theyre going so far,and kind of placating,a lot of the internets wishes and jokes,and memes,about what fast nefarious could,eventually become that i think they took,that a little bit too seriously and,actually did a lot of it,and watching it just kind of took me out,of the experience i mean vin diesel is,picked up by john cena in this movie,and then john cena runs through an open,doorway and the back of vin diesels,head crushes the door frame,and he doesnt even move hes just hes,like a steel wall,that smashes through this door frame and,hes just like huh what was that,he doesnt even react i was like wow and,then the same thing happens to this,other big dude except hes on top of a,[ __ ],truck and behind him comes,a large green metal street sign,like on a highway and it just plows,through his head and hes just like,[Laughter],so basically if you go into this movie,knowing that its,its kind of a comedy actually youre,gonna have a great time if you,want it to be more like the other fast,movies i think you might be disappointed,by the fact that its just not,and you can tell the filmmakers this,time around are very aware of that,because,they have tyrese theorize throughout the,movie,whether or not theyre invincible,ludicrous is like no were just lucky,tyrese is like i think we might be,superheroes,and he starts naming all the things,theyve survived,and then as you know from the trailers,han is magically back as well even,though he died,and so theres all this like speculation,throughout the movie about,are they actually just superheroes are,they invincible its,i dont know i thought it was kind of,dumb honestly i i get that theyre being,self-aware,but i dont know it just kind of took me,out of the movie the middle portion of,this movie really sags,theres a great action sequence early on,that was really exciting,but having to explain why han is back,with this elaborate flashback and,all of this talk about some kind of,device theyre trying to get and then,more flashbacks with,john cena and vin diesel and what they,were doing when they were kids,the middle portion of the movie feels,like so much setup,for the inevitable next film which has,to be called fx,if they dont call it effects i dont,know what the [ __ ] theyre doing in a,way f9 feels like a setup movie for,another movie,and thats very disappointing these,movies dont really have to,do anything except have cool fight,scenes and car chases and thats it,speaking of fight scenes the inevitable,clash between john cena and vin diesel,was really weak,nothing like the rock versus diesel in,an f5,this was like it was like a minute long,or something it was kind of [ __ ],actually i was surprised,a lot of people know about something,that happens in this movie but,some of you might not so im just going,to give a very minor spoiler warning,if you dont want to know about the,truly crazy thing that happens in the,film,im going to talk about it briefly but i,dont really think its really a spoiler,a lot of people are talking about it,people are aware of it still,just in case you dont want to know,anything spoiler warning theres been a,meme for the fast and furious movies for,like seven years that they should just,go to space,well they did uh and its not just like,a funny little,winking reference to being sort of,in the atmosphere like theyre straight,up in orbit in a car with a rocket,i i dont know this one kind of lost me,guys i feel like uh,i feel like they truly jumped the shark,here or or jumped the [ __ ],orbit whatever the new term will be,after this movie comes out,im going to give f9 a c minus this,movie,will entertain a lot of people,especially,if you just go into it thinking its a,comedy then,i think youll really have a good time,so keep that,in your head if you go to see the movie,but dont expect it to be like all,emotionally like powerful or something,its just,they they call it a keystroke the movie,is a keystroke guys thank you so much,as always for watching look forward to,more reviews very soon and if you like,this you can click right here,and get stuck manized,[Music],you

Seluruh Alur Cerita Film The Fast And The Furious | 1 – 8 !!

halo halo semuanya di kesempatan kali,ini kita akan membahas alur cerita dari,sebuah film yang berjudul The Fast and,the Furious kalian para pecinta film,action pasti udah gak asing lagi sama,seri film yang menempati posisi ke-10 di,tangga franchise dan seri film terlaris,hingga saat ini apalagi kalau bukan the,face and the Furious nah berhubung seri,lanjutan dari Doh Fast and the Furious,akan keluar pada bulan Mei tahun ini MPM,akan membahas 8 film utamanya yang,tergabung dalam the face Saga Oh ya,seperti biasa kalau ada yang salah salah,di pembahasannya langsung aja disikat,kolom komentarnya filmnya dimulai dengan,Shin pembajakan barang-barang elektronik,di sebuah Dermaga membacakannya ternyata,dilakukan oleh sebuah geng yang selalu,memakai mobil-mobil modifikasi dan juga,helm motocross para FB kemudian mengirim,seorang polisi bernama Brian,terbuat menyamar dan menggali informasi,tentang para pembajak ini Brian bekerja,sebagai seorang Kasir di sebuah toko,suku cadang mobil supaya dia bisa lebih,tahu tentang dunia permobilan dan,sekaligus juga buat nyari informasi,tentang mobil-mobil yang dipakai buat,aksi pembajakan nya Brayen juga sering,datang ke warung milik petinju dunia,berbalapan liar di film ini yaitu,Dominic Toretto kita juga diperkenalkan,dengan adik dong sekaligus gebetan,Brayen yaitu Mia Toretto dan juga pacar,Dom yaitu letty Ortiz sehabis nongkrong,di warung Dome Brian diajak berantem,sama sahabat Dome yaitu fans yang nggak,suka kalau Mia dideketin sama Bryan,Domani hentikan pertarungannya dan juga,mengusir Brian by Brian kemudian,mengikuti sebuah balapan liar buat,mencari koneksi baru dan juga buat nyari,muka didepan dorm yang ternyata juga,ikut dalam balapannya Brian kalah dalam,balapannya tapi Brayan akhirnya berhasil,buat mendapatkan respek Dome karena,telah,menyelamatkan Dome dari kejaran polisi,waaspers no bacot long story short Brian,brushwood masuk lingkaran pertemanan Dom,dan juga lingkaran percintaan niat Oh ya,by the window juga ngeliatin mobil Dodge,Charger keluaran tahun 70 punya bapaknya,level dempx Giant awalnya mengira kalau,pelakunya adalah sebuah geng motor dari,China tetapi akhirnya dia menyadari,kalau pelakunya adalah Dom dan juga,krunya Brain mengungkap identitas,aslinya kepada Mia dan menyuruhnya buat,bantuin dia menghentikan Dome di tempat,yang berbeda dong dan krunya melakukan,pembajakan terpagi tetapi sayangnya,pemajakannya enggak berjalan mulus lebih,kecelakaan tetapi untungnya dianggap apa,fans terluka tetapi untungnya Brayan,datang di saat yang tepat dan,menyelamatkan fans Brayen akhirnya,mengungkapkan identitas aslinya kepada,semuanya untuk menyelamatkan nyawa finch,di endingnya Dom dan Brian melakukan,balapan lagi tetapi sayangnya mobil Dom,terpental setelah,berat sebuah truk do mengira Brian akan,menangkapnya tetapi hati Brayen ternyata,udah luluh dan dia akhirnya melepaskan,Dome setelah melepaskan dong dari,hukuman Brian kini menjadi seorang,buronan Dan Dia memutuskan buat pergi ke,Miami di sana Brayan berteman dengan,teks partner yang membantu Brian buat,meniti karirnya sebagai seorang pembalap,liar suatu malam Brian berhasil buatmu,mendekat sebuah balapan tetapi sayangnya,brand tertangkap setelah mobilnya,terkena panah elektrik yang membuat,Mobilnya mogok Brian kembali bertemu,dengan teman FB nya dan rayon kemudian,ditawari sebuah misi dengan imbalan,kalau catatan kriminal Brian akan,dihapus Brian ditugaskan Untuk,menghentikan seorang bos narkoba yaitu,Carter verone yang ternyata sedang,mencari seorang supir jadi para fbh yg,menyuruh rayon buat menyamar sebagai,supirnya Brian setuju dengan syarat,Kalau teman masa kecil Brayen yaitu,Roman Pearce juga ikut dalam misinya,mereka juga diperkenalkan dengan seorang,agen yang juga menyamar sebagai asisten,Carter ya,Komunika fuentes Brandan Roman berhasil,menjadi supir pribadi Carter dan mereka,ditugaskan buat mengantar ruang Karter,ke kapal pesiar miliknya dengan bantuan,tes dan juga temannya yaitu Suzuki Brian,bersama Roman akhirnya berhasil untuk,mengantar uangnya Carter ternyata telah,mengetahui tentang pencemaran Monica dan,Carter berusaha kabur dengan kapalnya,untungnya Brandon Roman berinisiatif,buat nerbangin mobilnya ke kapalnya,untuk menyelamatkan Monica dan juga,menangkap Carter di endingnya Brandan,romancing sudah bersih dari catatan,kriminal dan mereka juga berhasil buat,mencuri uangnya Carter selanjutnya,adalah film Fast and Furious yang keluar,pada tahun 2009 Oke sebelum kalian,comment kalau urutan film ketiganya itu,sebenarnya adalah Tokyo drift Tokyo,drift memang sengaja di skip dulu karena,Thailand Tokyo Drift itu sebenarnya,terjadi setelah beberapa film lagi lima,tahun setelah film pertamanya kita,diperlihatkan Gom bersama Leti yang,bersembunyi di dominican Republic Dome,kembali melakukan aksi pemajakannya,lu barunya yaitu Tigor Eko Handan juga,karena kepada aksi pembajakan menarik,perhatian para polisi Jadi DO memutuskan,untuk membubarkan krunya terakhir podium,perbedaan spesies dong juga meninggalkan,Leti supaya Leti terhindar dari bahaya,tiga bulan setelah meninggalkan LED Ido,mendapat kabar dari Nia kalau lihat di,telah mati dalam sebuah kecelakaan mobil,di,t-shirt Marc jam kembali ke Los Angeles,untuk melihat pemakaman Leti dan dia,juga menginvestigasi kecelakaan Leti,menggunakan indra keenamnya di tempat,yang berbeda kita diperlihatkan Brian,yang kembali menjadi agen SPI dan kini,dia ditugaskan untuk menangani seorang,kriminal misterius bernama Arturo,beragam sebelum kematiannya Leti,ternyata juga menjadi seorang agen fb.yg,bersama Brayan dengan imbalan kalau,catatan kriminal Dome Akan dibersihkan,investigasi Brayen Dando membuahkan,hasil dan mereka mendapatkan informasi,kalau Braga sedang mencari supir untuk,aksi kriminalnya setelah balapan yang,Epic dominan Brian merasa menjadi anak,buah Braga Braga kita juga diperkenalkan,anak buah Braga lainnya yaitu,Wonderwoman yang disini bernama Gisel,yasar Gom kembali melanjutkan,investigasinya dan dia menyadari kalau,pembunuh Netty adalah salah satu anak,buah berharga yaitu Fenix Calderon Dom,dan Brian kemudian ditugaskan oleh Braga,untuk mengantar heroin ke Meksiko Dom,dan Brian kabur dengan heroinenya,untuk memancing Braga keluar dari,persembunyiannya mereka bertemu dengan,beragam tetapi terungkap kalau dia,adalah Braga yang palsu dan Braga yang,asli adalah orang yang selama ini,menyamar sebagai asisten Braga yaitu,kompos Braga berhasil kabur setelah,hampir menabrak Gisel tapi untungnya,Gisel diselamatkan oleh Dome dengan,bantuan Gisel yang kini baik Dom dan,Brian menemukan beragam tetapi Braga,berhasil kabur bersama anak buahnya Dom,dan Brian mengejar Braga dan singkat,cerita Brian tidak berdaya melawan Fenix,untungnya Dome akhirnya datang dan,menabrak finex Braga berhasil ditangkap,dandom juga tertangkap karena dia enggak,mau meninggalkan rayen yang lagi sekarat,Dome dijatuhi hukuman tetapi untungnya,Brayen yang kini telah resign dari FB,bersama miate God adrico akhirnya,berusaha untuk menyelamatkan Dome,Hai mereka berhasil membebaskan Dom dan,kini mereka bertiga resmi menjadi,buronan mereka kabur ke berhasil Dimana,mereka bertemu dengan kawan lama mereka,yaitu Benz fans memberi mereka pekerjaan,untuk mencuri mobil dari sebuah kereta,kapolahang colors setelah sinetik,pencurian mobil dan peledakan keretanya,mereka berhasil membawa pulang sebuah,mobil Ford GT didalam mobilnya ternyata,terdapat sebuah chip yang berisi,informasi rahasia terkait bisnis narkoba,milik seorang kriminal bernama hernan,Reyes Reyes kemudian mengirim anak,buahnya untuk mengambil chipnya kembali,ditempat yang berbeda kita dikenalkan,dengan seorang agen khusus yaitu dan rok,yang di film ini bernama look hop-hop,dikirim untuk menangkap Brian dandom,karena dituduh membunuh para agen,pemerintahan saat pencurian mobilnya,yang padahal dibunuh oleh anak buah,Reyes yang saat itu juga sedang berusaha,untuk mencuri mobilnya hop juga dibantu,seorang polisi lokal bernama Elena new,fashion sekaligus juga menjadi,penerjemahnya Oke S

The Fast and the Furious (2001) REVIEW – FAST & FURIOUS-A-THON

in honor of the eighth films release,every day until its premiere I will be,reviewing the entire Fast & Furious,franchise from every high and low point,this is not something that I grew up,with in fact I always had a bad,impression of the series thinking it was,literally only about cars hot girls and,rap music and I was kind of right but it,was way more than I expected after,watching these films for the first time,a couple years ago I became an instant,fan and I can recite fast and furious,Lord just as well as Star Wars or back,to the future so here it is my thoughts,on every single film culminating in my,review of the fate of the period every,story has a beginning actually to be,honest the first film The Fast and the,Furious didnt seem like it intended to,start a franchise it really feels like a,standalone film imagine if this movie,bombed and none of the sequels ever,happened it probably just be a nostalgic,gem that people look back at as a time,capsule of the early 2000s the hair,dudes the colors the language the,soundtrack the effects its outdated but,I love it seriously I think this is,probably my favorite film the entire,franchise and I think its for a couple,of reasons what is the characters vin,diesel and paul walker essentially,playing themselves but they have good,charisma and charm and you cant help,but love them in films like this,something would usually come off as,unintentionally douchey or despicable,but they succeed in making two very,different but likable guys another,positive is the story something that the,latest seek will seem to ignore this,movie really did have a solid plot line,with great pacing and really exciting,car chases I know some fans seem to mr.,racing aspect of the franchise but the,original movie at least didnt focus on,only racing it was about the culture and,but I also had some other moving parts,to it its not like the two upcoming,sequel that were literally only about,racing but well get to those of course,the movie has aged in certain scenes for,example Dominic Toretto is stealing VHS,TVs wow that,pretty amazing I guess the movie was a,little scared to do anything serious,like drug dealing or anything so they,were like yeah just have him steal a,couple VHS TVs thats now be fine I,would make the joke that over time he,would go from stealing DVD players to,eventually feeling one hundred million,dollars but the sixth film literally,makes that joke stop stealing DVD plays,and east l.a ends up heisting a hundred,million dollars in real theres also,burgers being sold for 299 a floppy disk,and just everything else that i,mentioned earlier that makes us from a,time capsule but it works in the same,way that Ferris Bueller are home alone,works its outdated in some areas but,that adds to its essence like it kind of,takes you back to that time you either,remember or if youre too young it takes,you back to a time that you can,experience its kind of cool I also love,that certain mainstays of the series,were established right from the get-go,like the first person to grab booth at,the table has to say grace or the love,for Corona and the use of nos one song,just give me a cigarette gutom super so,Im getting a cigarette but youre quick,a key clicks can you sing this hymn sing,good no this scene goes nowhere but i,dont know i think it adds to its,environment I dont think this movie,ever intended to have a sequel because,on its own its a pretty good movie its,fun its enjoyable its cool and no I,just loved every second of it I cant,help but I just really like this movie,and its kind of shocking to see where,the series would go after this well,well see you tomorrow for 2 fast 2,variants we could have any brew you want,as long as its cool,[Laughter],[Music],[Music],you

Fast & Furious Crossroads Review

were almost at the base i hope our,fugitive hasnt failed,if ever there was a film franchise,perfectly positioned for a modern video,game adaptation,its fast and furious for a medium so,often adept at putting us in high speed,pursuits and shoving us through sweeping,action sequences,its almost baffling that in nearly two,decades this series has never spawned a,truly top-notch standalone tie-in,and it still hasnt fast and furious,crossroads is,short shallow and surprisingly simple,and its nothing less than a crashing,disappointment in virtually every,department,lets open up the nitrous take them out,the fast and furious film sagas rise,from low-fi,point break rehash to 6 billion box,office brute,is the bane of film snobs but i love it,a high octane hodgepodge of spy movie,madness,and telenovela tropes enjoy the rest of,your evening,these films may be dumber than a box of,hair but they have,oodles of heart and i am unironically,and unequivocally invested in them,i got all the blu-rays i got way more of,the hot wheels than my wife knows about,i assure you i am all in im telling you,this because i need you to know that im,not punching down here,in fact i was nearly punching the air,when crossroads was finally confirmed,after years of rumors,a fast and furious game from the,talented team behind need for speed,shift and project cars,and vin diesel is involved anything for,a legend like you,on paper thats a supremely promising,combo but somehow all that promise,resulted in this bland and bafflingly,basic game that barely lasts,four hours and thats including the,cutscenes not that i especially wanted,to keep playing longer than that,rude for decades the u.s thought it,couldnt be touched,crossroads pits the fast family against,an ancient group of highway robbers,whove since transitioned to,international terrorism the tata cool,kill them all that sounds entirely on,brand for a modern fast and furious tale,and for the most part it works well,enough the vehicle selection is strong,with many plucked directly from the,films although the ones with harpoon,guns and,gaming routers bolted to their roofs can,look a little goofy,things dont get off to a particularly,promising start though and with the,opening mission dropping you directly,into the action without,any introduction the overly manufactured,vo here between franchise stalwarts dom,and letty,feels like a jury reach solution for,kurt russells mr nobody being off the,table for a proper intro,its like walking into a movie ten,minutes late yep,just like mr nobody said eyes and ears,everywhere,crossroads then pivots to a trio of,fresh faces,two ex-miami street racers and an,off-brand spanish liam hemsworth,but despite their best efforts siniqua,martin green and ajk dylans vienna and,cam arent,very compelling characters it was a,welcome respite when tyreese gibsons,roman finally showed up to inject some,mild comic relief into proceedings,tonight im running some huge up thats,inside a bad guy speak for operation,alas the game itself is no deeper than,the new characters,impressive weve got company,these cops are paid off by the category,so theyre dirty then,the handling is clearly tuned for,maximum arcade accessibility and there,definitely isnt a shred of simulator,about it,cornering is sticky and pinballing off,walls and obstacles carries little,punishment,ultimately i found it pretty twitchy and,unsatisfying and its certainly not,assisted by the fact that the only view,available is a far too closely corrupt,chase camera that unhealthfully lurches,in and out,crossroads may look like a need for,speed style experience blacked with a,hefty dose of official fast and furious,features but its really nothing of the,sort,there are no open worlds to explore and,almost no actual racing to speak of,the single player campaign is rather a,scripted series of completely linear,segments of,action driving so to speak as such,crossroads has more in common with,say spy hunter than any need for speed,or at least those obligatory car,missions in old james bond shooters,that wouldnt have necessarily been a,bad thing but most of the missions lack,spark or,challenge the car on car combat,initially seems to have a pleasant,burnout taste to it but it quickly,becomes one note,theres a whiff of bond to the vehicle,gadgets but i never felt like i was,aiming for anything just clicking,through button prompts and quick time,events avoiding an avalanche or fleeing,and collapsing mine may sound thrilling,but here you just,mash the throttle and bounce your way to,a straightforward escape,dragging whats basically a high-tech,wrecking ball across the deck of an,aircraft carrier looks like a hoot but,the path is so forgiving and the task is,so simple i didnt really feel like id,achieved anything,oh you gotta be kidding me there are a,pair of chapters towards the end that,are more fleshed out the quarry,mission pumps up the amount of,environmental hazards and the last,mission pleasingly dials up the scale of,the task at hand two proportions even,the film franchise might balk at,thats right but then its over theres,really no reason to go back the missions,play the same way,every time floating icons for smashables,and jumps throughout each mission seem,to hint at some kind of stuntman,inspired scoring system for encouraging,cinematic driving that,never materializes hit the crates or,dont crossroads doesnt seem to care,outside of the brief campaign theres,online multiplayer dubbed,online ops these appear to be a nine,player contest between three teams of,three,heroes villains and cops however i cant,say how it works because i cant start a,match,anytime i try i appear to be the only,person in the world,playing it its a problem that so many,unlockables are tied to ranking up in,online ops when i,cant actually play them looks like,weve got companies,take them out with the petrolhead,pedigree of slightly mad studios i,expected far,far better at fast and furious,crossroads there are certainly glimpses,of a game that respects the film,franchise as much as fans do,with a well-curated vehicle roster some,familiar sequences that riff on some of,the most memorable moments from the,movies,and the occasional cheeky wink at the,audience whatd you think,you were ripping off a truckload of vcrs,but overall fast and furious crossroads,is a,short and superficial relic of a,previous generation,for more on the fast saga check out the,first 18 minutes of crossroads,and the trailer for next years fast,nine for,everything else stick with ign

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