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Klavan Reviews Father Stu

so I want to talk about a film that I,didnt watch at first when it first came,out and I think a lot of people didnt,watch it but its another one of these,films that got like 42 from the Critics,on Rotten Tomatoes but 95 from the,people and it has a film that really,took me off guard its a film called,father stew starring Mark Wahlberg and,Mel Gibson uh written and directed by,Rosalind Ross now when I saw this the,reason I didnt watch this is because I,thought it was going to be another one,of these Christian happy talk films it,shows a picture of Mark Wahlberg you,know looking tough and mean and getting,arrested and then it has a picture of,him looking up to heaven as a priest and,you think oh man I dont want to watch,that I know theres going to be some,girl with tattoos whos having a lot of,sex and whos cynical and hes gonna you,know bring her around and all that its,nothing like that its in some ways its,a difficult film to watch but first of,all congratulations to Rosalind Ross for,really writing a good script,it fee I dont want to give anything,away because the film went totally,sideways on me when and you know it was,going along and I thought yeah this is,the film I kind of expected to be and,then suddenly it all changed I didnt,know the true story that it was based on,so I didnt know what was coming and,when it did come I was like what thats,really uh startling and it really,becomes a much different film than you,think its its going to be first of all,Wahlberg is great in it he is just does,a really really good job with a film,that requires a full range of emotions,and hes terrific but the star of the,picture in terms of acting is Mel Gibson,Mel Gibson gives one of the performances,of his career in this you know there are,three levels of actors theres Bad,actors where you look at the guys face,or the girls face and you look get to,his eyes and you see that hes not in,the part hes just kind of thinking,through things and then theres a good,actor who you look in his eyes and you,see its it they fit with the character,and then theres a performance like,Gibson Gibbs in this movie He plays the,father of Father Stu the real father or,father still uh theres a performance,like Gibson gives him this picture where,you see his face and hes acting but you,look in his eyes and you see the,characters Soul you dont see Mel,Gibsons Soul you see the character soul,and thats the uh performance Gibson,gives in this it is a terrific,performance if there were any justice in,the world which we know theres not he,would be given an Oscar uh for the uh,for a supporting role uh Im sure that,Gibson will never be honored by,Hollywood ever again but he deserves it,for his performance in this it is,absolutely spectacular more than that,though is the relationship between,Wahlberg uh and his father his father is,an alcoholic and has been giving him a,hard time all his life because uh his,brother died and his fathers the grief,destroyed his father uh and the as their,relationship changes uh in the course of,the movie,so well written that they dont theres,no sentimentality theres zero,sentimentality you can barely tell that,their relationship is changing except,slowly slowly it does and their dialogue,remains insulting and full of curse,words and all of the stuff that it has,always been and yet the tone of it,changes it is a wonderful piece of,screenwriting by Rosalind Ross I dont,know how much of it was ad-libbed,because I know Mark both Wahlberg and,Mel Gibson are funny uh you know Smart,alecky Guys and maybe they ad-lib some,of it but whenever I hear the actors,ad-libbed apart uh I usually am doubtful,of it most of those parts are actually,written Ive seen actors ad-lib theyre,never as funny as the writer is uh Never,As Good As the writer is its not an,easy film to watch its not a a pleasant,film in a lot of ways because its very,realistic about certain things that,certain unpleasant things that happen,and it shows you what those things are,and then puts them in a Christian,context and a Catholic context uh you,know its got some really good lines in,it some really good writing about,Catholicism about Christian belief and I,just I just thought it was a very very,surprising film its not very often that,a film surprises me and its not very,often that it surprises me for the good,where its actually better than I think,its its going to be I know a lot of,people missed this film it didnt do,well at the box office I dont know what,its doing uh now that its streaming I,saw it on Netflix I think its on other,places Im pretty sure its on Amazon,Prime as well but it is worth watching,Mark Wahlberg really good actor rarely,gets apart hes an action star so he,rarely gets a part that takes him to,this level of his talent and again Mel,Gibson is just terrific and the,relationship to between them when,theyre both on screen is excellent and,really really well written and just uh,cheers to Rosalind Ross for whatever,shes also the director but cheers to,her for the script she wrote Because I,just think its really well done again,this look Im not telling you this is,one of the greatest films ever made I,dont want to say that but if if you,want to see what a really good Christian,movie can look like I very much,recommend father Stewart its not for,children a lot of language theres a lot,of language in it a lot of reality in it,but I think that if you are interested,in in Christian filmmaking and how can,tell a real story about life and still,be a noble and decent and uplifting,story this is a good picture to watch,wow that was so great if you want more,like that like And subscribe and dont,forget to subscribe to the Andrew klavan,podcast,[Music],foreign,[Music]

Father Stu (2022) Movie Review

so a boxer an actor and a priest all,walk into a bar,now i wish i could claim credit for the,beginning of this joke but its actually,part of the marketing material for,father stew the new biopic starring mark,wahlberg is it worth the trip to the,theater though to see,this follows the life of father stuart,long a boxer turned priest who inspired,countless people during his journey from,self-destruction to redemption mark,wahlberg becomes almost unrecognizable,in this movie we see him go from very,fit boxer to slightly pudgy to then way,more fluffy and the makeup and the,prosthetics that they use absolutely,transform the actor but this movie,really isnt about an external,transformation we first meet stu as a,kid singing and dancing along to elvis,with the disapproving and overbearing,comments from his father played by mel,gibson this quickly transitions to stu,in the boxing ring as he gains victory,after victory hes a bit cocky and,overconfident but hes got this,seemingly never-ending supply of go to,his dreams and his ambitions now theres,been tragedy in his life which creates a,huge space in him thats filled with,sadness and then even anger after some,unfortunate incidences stu decides that,hes going to move to hollywood to,become an actor because thats his true,calling and even despite the massive,struggle to get any part we still see,this hopeful confidence thats,overflowing from stu he cant be told no,and even if somebody does say no he just,sees that as the challenge to keep,talking and looking for a different,angle he meets a girl one day and then,follows her to church now that sounds,like hes stalking her but it comes,across way sweeter than that in the,story theres a lot of humor to be had,by watching this gruff and this,outspoken guy interact in church thats,pretty much filled with reserved and,conservative minded people after a lot,of times stu begins to connect with the,girl he saw but the story then takes his,hard right turn and thrusts more tragedy,into stus life he experiences an,accident and he hears this calling to,become a priest and the rest of the film,then follows stu on this journey amidst,all sorts of obstacles wahlberg is,wonderful in this i mean his aw shucks,boyish charm works really well with the,rough around the edges every man and i,love that the transition we see in stew,isnt something thats massively,dramatic its not like they went from at,the absolutely horrible person to a,priest i mean the shift isnt that huge,but where the power of the story comes,in is in stus pursuit to become a,priest he knows and believes that thats,what hes called to do but around just,about every turn hes met with some sort,of opposition theres family opposition,and mel gibson and jackie weaver play,his parents and they are a formidable,force against the church and just like,stu they have huge tragedy in their,lives and as a result they have zero,need or place for anything religious,jackie weaver is so great to watch shes,both sympathetic to stew but also,antagonistic her frustration and concern,come across as genuine as she wants the,best for her son but also cant wrap her,head around his decision and then really,cant really support it even though she,wants to support him and we see that,struggle in weavers eyes and i think,shes very convincing its so great to,see mel gibson back in a role that,allows him to shine he was spectacular,as this grieving and very antagonistic,figure in stus life their relationship,is crap i mean to say the least but,gibson amidst the anger and hurt that,are shown also is able to carry this,warmth and regret within his expressions,so even if his actions and words say one,thing his eyes and his shoulders just,say something to the contrary the,dynamic that all three share feels very,genuine and believable were not meant,to like them all or at the same time but,there are clear moments where each,becomes sympathetic and we feel for them,the film is beautiful to look at but,there are points that feel more,self-indulgent for the filmmaker by,lingering on a characters just staring,off into the sky for longer than,necessary this didnt happen often but,there were points like this that made,the film feel longer than it was and,its a decently long drama at two hours,and four minutes i dont think much,could or even should be cut from this i,mean just a few sequences here and there,that werent actually progressing the,narrative forward and this includes the,ending scene of the film it was a sweet,or even reminiscing scene but it felt a,little out of place at least visually i,mean the tone and what it represented,were totally on point and thats,something i really appreciated about,this story is the tone i mean its never,pandering nor is it preachy were,watching one characters progression on,a path that he believes he should be,taking and because hes a fighter hes,going to use every bit in his power to,accomplish his goal whether that be,arguing with a bishop of a seminary a,girl he hopes to woo his parents who,dont agree with his direction or even,god when stu feels abandoned this is an,inspiring story and even if you take all,of the religious elements out of it,which there arent a ton of anyway i,mean the core story is a man whose life,is heading in one way and he decides to,make a change but to do so means a,complete 180 and also a lot of,opposition is he willing to make those,sacrifices and if he does will the end,result be worth it now this does have a,fairly predictable arc to it but for me,i found that comforting there were,certain elements and moments that i,didnt see coming but i entered this,movie in the hopes that it was going to,ultimately be a feel-good drama even if,there was sadness that came along the,way the story is uplifting and its,heartwarming with a compelling central,character with so much charisma and,charm that its almost impossible not to,root for him i mean even despite all his,very obvious flaws wahlberg captures the,fight and struggle of humility against,hubris and anger so convincingly that we,can feel sad we never got the,opportunity to meet the real father stew,overall this is a well-crafted inspiring,and uplifting drama about a flawed,fighter who used his passion to care for,others his path towards priesthood is,chronicled well showcasing the struggles,that stu faced both from inside the,church and outside wahlberg gibson and,weaver all spectacular to watch and,their dynamic while it is dysfunctional,also captures sweetness and love and,even though the film feels a little,longer than is necessary the story were,told will warm your heart and hopefully,inspire you to follow your calling,whatever that happens to be theres very,brief sex no nudity a ton of profanity,and some intense violence i give father,stu four out of five couches whats an,inspirational movie that you love to,watch let me know in the comments below,if you enjoyed this review please give,it a like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for catching with me

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Fr. Stu: The Rough, Swearing, Tragic Priest

I kept going to church in high school,because I thought a girl was cute worked,out for me,[Music],if youre a donkey I like that say hi to,me your mother for you Im father Casey,and Im Father Patrick and this is upon,fryer review yeah thats my best Andy,Sandberg being Mark Wahlberg oh my gosh,thats complicated say hi to your mother,for me,yeah so uh were talking about uh sort,of mothers but mostly Mark Wahlberg,today Maki mock how about father stew,today Father Patrick oh good movie yeah,so I know you saw it in theaters I just,watched it yesterday actually but I knew,we wanted to review it,its hard to review an entire movie so,the caveat as always is were going to,watch lots of sections of it were gonna,discuss it were gonna try to move,through as quickly as we can but theres,kind of touchstones we want to talk,about so we took three buses of people,to see it and I was a little embarrassed,because a lot of folks were older in,that language is just atrocious so,thats another Point,um it wasnt even worth trying to bleep,them all out well try our best but you,know what oh there might be some,language in this one may not be for,everyone but it is for someone so for,context Mark Wahlberg is a boxer from,Montana hes trying to make it as an,actor in Southern California hes just,kind of a rough guy hes a very Mark,Wahlberg type guy getting in fights,always very full of himself and hes,chased a girl we should say stalked a,girl into a church and so this is his,first experience of mass because he saw,a pretty girl,our scenes,so prepare ourselves to celebrate a,sacred mystery its not awkward just,walking around the church the Mighty God,and to you my brothers and sisters that,I have greatly seen in my thoughts and,in my words in what I have done and in,what I have been here to do,this one,thats a [ __ ] therefore Jesus,May almighty God have mercy on us,forgive us our sins and bring us to,everlasting life amen amen,hey you want some help you should have,thought of that,[Music],oh God all right so uh model parishioner,oh my gosh,so hes just there skanking a girl and,he runs into somebodys gonna give it to,him right in the face exactly I think,that guy was younger he would have,punched him right in the middle of,church well hes about to punch this old,guy oh man Im a little confused if we,can have a little side note here on the,church itself one its the new language,of the mass but this is the old so you,know they didnt get the exact language,rights it should have been like 2005 so,oops also it went from the confederer,straight to sitting down yeah theres no,Lord have mercy theres no Gloria there,is no collect,we just yeah I forget about it so hes,uh hes not there for the best of,reasons and hes gonna stay not for the,best of reasons he finds the girl just,after saying get out of my face with,that stupid sign up sheet for volunteer,work and then,fix it right back,so how did you know my name you look me,up you were in England I go to work how,did you find me I asked God to show me,the way what are you hoping to,accomplish here oh Im hoping the tactic,how come to find the light I did,does this tactic usually work for you,stalking your prey and smothering them,with cheese oh mostly it stays good like,that you like nachos,shes not a nacho yeah I could be,whatever you need,you dont take no for an answer do you I,just dont its not engineering right,what do you think youre ready,Im scared,get knocked off your feet a creepy guy,stalking me just get him on your back,but Im a patient guy get me in my back,Im a Catholic no sex before marriage,point that were confessions for,this will not be the case lets not,waste either of our time hey Ive waited,40 years in the desert for you,start with an hour in church theres no,future for you here or,or us saying or your boss would beg to,differ I mean Jesus he asked for the,tired and the poor,what a work actor hello,I know Im not what you used to,but not what you deserve either,Ill be better than both,um,baptized,I thought he was going to say Hispanic,wheres the water Ill do it now,so he answers the order of Catholic,humans,its hard to say father I guess Id say,somebody on my Wildest Dream let us all,pray that in you times can you ever have,that answers,hes a player one of the things that,strikes me about this is hes just so,singularly focused he doesnt care about,any of this whatsoever but its still,going to hit him Ill bet yeah well hes,just a singularly focused motivated man,and theres no one you can tell him no I,mean we heard from his doctor earlier,when he got knocked out and he had,problems when every Scout agent said you,know youve got no talents when the,butcher told him you cant even be a,butcher now Im gonna rise up you cant,tell me no so while thats great for a,lot of things,chasing after girls that keep saying no,not okay very bad actually yeah and so,she smiles and thinks its flirty no no,ladies dont want this and to portray it,in films is to welcome us as culture we,dont need this in our culture no means,no no and so heres a man who is now uh,hes gone to this church because he,wants the lady and now hes going to be,baptized okay,thats its still going to happen,something yeah I mean I kept going to,church in high school because I thought,a girl was cute worked out for me,hustle and so hes going to continue on,this journey but hes clearly not there,yet like baptism should be I want to,have faith I want to have salvation and,his answer was I dont know probably,something beyond my wildest dreams so,hes not quite there yet,but hes gonna get there so hes signed,up for this life but he hasnt really,started Living this life until he meets,a mysterious man at a bar,same old same old getting drunk getting,invites,because,youre getting into the fine print on,this way of living power,I know you got along where you rode,ahead the headlights are dim I have to,learn the hard way how to live in light,in my experience the toughest fights are,the only ones worth walking into,bring a tough guy to his knees,the first few times he feels shame,rage,eventually relief,lifes going to give you a gut full of,reasons to be angry kid,you only need one to be grateful,theres a number of marshmallows that I,can charge,thats it for you you aint old enough,aint no nothing but you gave a chance,dont go driving now dont go driving,now,motorcycle,no helmet,monkey,red light,he flew all the way across the,intersection in the air good 30 feet in,the air got run over by a car what do,you say right before though,are so many reasons to be angry they,only need one to be uh Happy he doesnt,like that its a tough scene there in,the bar I mean,hes got every reason to reject that guy,that guys laying out some wisdom and,hes not ready for it because of the,drinks he said hes like generally,speaking to angry guys hes angry yeah,so thats all around just boiler and so,this is kind of his conversion moments,of just even in his conversion even in,becoming a Christian even and doing what,he wants hes still angry hes still,against the world theres still,something that hes hes got a chip on,his shoulder,but then he has this accident and people,start to take care of him and he starts,to think about what does he really need,in life and things get a little foggy,for him its not as clear as it was,before if I recall from watching the,film a long time ago uh it seems like,hes got a lot of good reasons to be,angry grew up in a very difficult,circumstance family life was very very,bad,um on the take not always getting what,hes looking for and yeah Dads an,alcoholic so he learned that from dad,took it from God his mom is not,supportive its a tough situation,theres no excuses for bad behavior but,you gotta lower the bar a little bit,when someone comes up sideways and you,can see why his arrogance will call it,his hubris comes out then because hes,got all this mess over here and Ive got,to overcome this Im better than all,that but then theres always this back,in the head as he fails and

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Fr. Mike and Mark Wahlberg on Father Stu | What “Picking Up Your Cross” Looks Like

hey im mark wahlberg and this is,ascension presents,[Music],okay so this is relatively dark i dont,know if this is i need to adjust this or,not but uh heres where were at okay,here we go were gonna do something a,little bit different uh differently,differently today not only is it,wednesday of holy week when this video,was released it is also the same day,that a new movie called father stu is,being released in theaters uh starring,mark wahlberg and mel gibson i did an,interview with him so in the midst of,this ascension presents video theres a,little interview i got to sit down and,talk with mark wahlberg its the story,of a real real life story of a priest,from montana his name was stu father,stew um his the beginning of his story,is uh not like the end of the story a,couple of things uh one uh the movie,father stu is rated r its rated r for a,real reason because of the anger because,of the language full disclosure there,are f-bombs in almost every scene im,not gonna say every every scene but,heres the story the context of the,story is what mark wahlberg is going to,explain is this man stu when he was,growing up at one point i think when he,was six years old his older brother had,inexplicably died into sleep and what,they did was it took this family that,was already kind of indifferent to god,and put them in this path of hatred,towards god like they just absolutely,violently,hated,even the idea the concept that there,could be a god who allowed,his brother and his mom and dads son to,die theres a lot of anger a lot of,brokenness and its not the kind of,brokenness that is easily resolved,it is a kind of brokenness that is only,resolved by grace and and its just,pretty remarkable so,here is,the interview for lack of a better word,uh with mark wahlberg and a conversation,i just got to have with him so i hope,you enjoy it its a few minutes long and,im gonna say something at the end of,this interview,mark uh thank you for taking this time i,know that you have had a really uh,i i cant imagine how exhausted you must,be with this whole,um talking to people answering the same,old questions but i,was able to see father stew loved it and,um the first thing i just,one of the things that was so powerful,was,the relationship between stu and his dad,and um i dont know i just wanted to ask,you if if there was any any part in that,that was clearly you and mel gibson had,had a,incredible bond but i would say like the,bond was you know broken it was wounded,but it was strong i dont know if you,had any anything you could just tell me,about that um yeah well one of the,things that really drew me to bills uh,and stus story was the fact that,obviously you know they had lost a,younger child uh early on and they,didnt really have the skills to cope,with that kind of loss as we know,parents arent supposed to bury their,children and um and so,stu was kind of basically left to his,own devices and it wasnt until later on,where he was diagnosed with an incurable,disease that his father was able to come,back and really redeem himself and take,care of him in the way that he didnt,get to when stu was young i mean he,bathed him he clothed him he fed him he,did all of those things he had gotten,sober uh he got baptized i mean stu,really uh worked his magic on his mom,and his dad,yeah it was it was at the the the,conversations if you want to call them,conversations you know uh between uh stu,and his dad stu and bill um were really,raw and i just i that was one of the,pieces of of this movie that when it,comes to faith its not uh its not a,kids movie right its not its not a,hallmark christian movie at all no it is,a very real raw,uh movie about tough grace and tough,mercy and i think it couldnt be more,necessary than right now because weve,all been going through things that we,never imagined wed face in our lifetime,which is why were getting the reaction,to the film that weve gotten everybody,relates and identifies it with it on a,very personal level,and the response has just been,remarkable and its also encouraging,people um they leave the theater feeling,very optimistic uh hopefully a renewed,faith and hope and also a reminder to,see the good in people and that people,are beyond redemption,and uh and everybodys challenged by stu,to just find their role in gods big,picture and do a little bit more be a,little bit better yeah thats one of the,things that i just that that,unconditional love you say tough grace,and tough mercy um its so so real,because so,uh one one of the things ive found is,uh i did this thing last year where i,read the bible in a year um like a,podcast every day kind of a thing and a,bunch of yeah i heard i heard i heard,about it yeah it was really its been it,was a great grace but one of the things,that people told me was that they didnt,realize how broken the story is like,they thought oh the bible you know the,bibles its kids stories and then,realizing it as theyre being,being read to not a little fairy not,little fairy tales lots of not at all,not at all and so stus life is just is,marked with its a real person right so,even i even like the,i like the moment where stu is sitting,on uh the bench with carmen um theyre,having a conversation i mean hes still,hes still a guy he still thinks shes,this most shes the most beautiful woman,that hed ever met encountered in his,life and shes the reason that he is uh,and now dedicated to christ i mean,she was uh you know the introduction to,jesus right and and and also his with,his visit for mary you know through me,mary to jesus but um yeah we wanted to,make something that was real and that,people could relate to and thats why,stu touched so many people because,people knew he was credible all of his,real life experience was now being,applied to doing his good work and they,knew that he had been through all the,stuff that he was basically counseling,them on and uh who better than somebody,with real life experience to kind of,help you,get through these difficult struggles,and to see how stu dealt with adversity,and you know if were all lucky enough,to get old were going to be faced with,these things weve all dealt with loss,especially now during covet in ways that,we didnt think we would yeah thats,mentioning that that um,that he was so real there was the kind,of contrast seminarian with him you know,the guy who um yeah at the end you know,theres theres i dont want to spoil,anything but,this this revelation of again more,father stuff where it comes to you know,stu being willing to kind of in some,ways fight against his father and this,other seminarian being unwilling to do,this um was that that and then stu even,having it out even stu having it out by,god and refusing yes um you know,couldnt it its remarkable and uh you,know i remember the archbishop uh,archbishop thomas when he saw the film,he was really appreciative that that was,there as well,uh and seeing how difficult it is for,lots of people you know it just seemed,like every time stu was broken,um,as you keep saying in the movie he kept,bringing him closer to christ um,i just what was it in i mean that thats,just thats the gospel in so many ways,thats the mystery of redemptive,suffering in so many ways,thats gonna start a bit of a movement i,think you know because people are all,theyre going through it and if they,find comfort in that wow thats a very,powerful thing you know to be able to,embrace it in the way that he did i mean,he handled it obviously with,with with dignity seems like the most,essential thing there is trust like i,mean this is thats why i keep going,back to that i started out with talking,about noticing the father relationship,between uh stu and bill and even this,other priest or other seminarian and his,father and just,and heres god the father where its in,the midst of suffering,how do i still trust god like because,its its tough but its as you said,tough grace i just want to let you know,that um i am praying for you praying for,your family and thank y

Mark Wahlberg and Bishop Barron Discuss “Father Stu”

hey everybody its bishop barron im,delighted to be here with mark wahlberg,to talk about his new movie father stu,which i think is one of the great movies,in recent years about the priesthood and,i want to ask you first about that you,know what was your motivation for doing,it for me it was a wonderful affirmation,of the priesthood at a time when the,church really needs it but what was,motivating you to do it well i would say,that i did pray and hope that it would,it would encourage people to come to,church and to the vocation of priesthood,but you know for me,ive been very fortunate and very,blessed and gods gods been you know,wonderful to me and so i always felt,like,all of these,wonderful things that i had throughout,my life in my career since i turned my,life around and focused on my faith or,for a reason and you know how did god,want me to utilize and handle those,things and utilize those gifts and so i,felt you know through my work and the,the the platform that i have and the,voice that i have to be able to do,something that was meaningful and,hopefully,whether it be people of the catholic,faith or people who are lapsed or people,who are kind of lost and just kind of,encouraging them to find their faith and,not lose hope yeah and of course the,priest made a major difference in your,own life oh absolutely ive been ive,been very very fortunate some wonderful,and amazing people have come to me and,really kind of,introduced god and faith to me and and,then pointed me in the right direction,and kept me on that path for quite some,time you know during the movie i thought,a lot about fulton sheens,characterization of a priest as a,jacobs ladder and he meant,you got to connect people from earth to,heaven so the priest has to be connected,to the upper realm the heavenly realm,but hes got to be grounded too if hes,just up there he wont connect people,and that great scene every priest,believe me the seminarian would,recognize that when stu and his seminary,classmate go into the prison and of,course the poor guy hes a man of books,and ideas,has no idea how to connect to these guys,yeah and stu hes so grounded you know,yeah so hes at jacobs ladder and then,by the end of the film you see it all,these people lining up because they know,i can climb on this guy to get to heaven,yeah uh that struck me as a really,powerful image in the movie yeah i think,you know he had a lot of credibility and,authenticity and real life experience,that is invaluable and he,he could speak to those inmates because,he was one of them and if he didnt turn,his life around and go in a different,direction that would have been him and,that certainly was my life as well and,somebody,very special came to me and touched me,in a very similar situation,and that was kind of like the starting,point for me to start focusing on my,faith,talk to me about providence that strikes,me a lot in this movie is a lot of even,believers think that god is maybe a,distant you know supreme being but not,really involved in our lives but the,biblical idea is that god is intimately,involved in our life every capacity hes,drawing us all the time luring us and,the great scene when the beautiful young,woman who first attracts stu,he has no interest in religion,whatsoever but hes attracted to her yes,but she leads him to the parish to the,church to baptism and eventually to the,priesthood,its god strangely operative in our,lives you know youve sensed that in,your own life its the same thing when i,was sitting at dinner with father orion,and father ed and he kept telling me,this story about this priest and this,should be my next movie and im just,like were just trying to have our dover,soul,me and father orion were talking about,the boston celtics were talking about,sports but he just insisted on kind of,telling me the story until it resonated,with me and then of course that was six,years ago then it became my mission to,get this movie made and to tell the,story and continue to tell you know,share stew story so absolutely i think,um you know how the whole thing came,together ive always been praying for,for stus intercession and gods,intercession especially mary obviously,played a very very pivotal role uh in,the film and in stus life and and uh so,many amazing women have uh have,obviously played big roles in my life,i liked how explicitly supernatural the,movie was so we have visions of the,blessed mother which he had and that one,enigmatic scene where it seems like the,lord himself right comes and talks to,him at the bar there um,i like that about stus story its not,just a you know this worldly account of,the priesthood but hes really in touch,with a higher realm yeah we still tried,to make it grounded in in reality but,yes i think you know these these things,happen stu talked about these visits,that he had and other people that were,there and experiencing various parts of,stus life and even in his passing where,you know a lot of people in the room,thought they saw it and felt it and,bills like i dont know what these guys,are talking about theyre all crazy and,some people pick up on that and some,people dont,especially credible coming from someone,like him right so its not so you would,you expect to hear all these stories of,supernatural manifestations from this,boxer so it gives it a real credibility,but i like the frankly supernatural,quality of it,um,boy the suffering theme is so powerful,and,were not just talking about god in this,movie but about,the christian god the god of jesus,christ manifested on the cross of the,lord,suffering leading people to god i mean,such a basic biblical theme but we still,struggle with it you know we still say,you know why and but yeah but stu,got that in his bones and he understood,that suffering opens him up to god in a,deeper way yeah well the way he handled,it with such dignity and grace and even,embracing it and felt like well he,always kind of just looked at it from,the point of you know he had a very hard,life he made lots of bad choices he had,lots of things that he did that he was,not proud of and he probably deserved,worse,and so whatever was going to come his,way he was going to embrace it and to,kind of lose all the things that were so,important to him all of his physical,attributes but yet to see his spirit,grow in the way that he did was really,inspiring and i saw that also in the,passing of my mother during the making,of the film and how she handled it and,how she comforted us,in in the time of her most uh and most,suffering,its a tough message to get across its,so it is,christians non-christians i mean,everybody were all dealing with it you,know its inevitable right especially,mortality and loss and suffering and all,the unknown um you know couldnt be more,timely even that you know the movie,coming out now when the world really,needs it when theres so much emphasis,on negativity uh and its amplified as,opposed to you know the reminder of hope,and faith and love and you know,supporting each other and the things,that really matter,strikes me a lot when people you know as,a priest you hear all the time you know,father why why this happened why is my,mother suffering why are my kids,suffering,and,the bible i dont know any exception of,this theres no great figure in the,bible who doesnt suffer,every one of the old testament all the,great figures and of course culminating,with the lord himself that we put it,front and center its not like a minor,theme in the bible yeah and so stu is,kind of a contemporary icon of that you,know,you know i struck the scene when you,were uh praying i mean as father stew,and giving voice to this attitude that,we all experience you know the why first,of all just that that scene was so,extraordinary to muster those feelings,and i dont know how many takes that,involved but,one time seriously that was one take one,very long take yes but it was one take,yeah i mean it always amazes me uh with,actors how youre able to summon that,but,uh i just was

Father Stu – Movie Review

okay i know theres some movies i,havent gotten to yet i havent seen,everything everywhere all at once and i,hear its great but hello new movie,alert hardcore catholic film father stew,starring mel gibson and mark wahlberg,where wahlberg is taught to be a priest,by monsignor malcolm mcdowell,hell yeah im seeing this father stew is,on its surface the kind of religious,movie youve seen before whether its a,redemption film a near-death experience,movie a strained father-son relationship,movie or a born-again christian film,these movies have existed for a long,time sometimes on the lower end of,things like a 45 minute movie they would,have shown us in school on vhs like the,pretender hey frank,if i ever come to jesus,ill come all the way,though the hook of this one is that it,has slightly more of an edge to it than,something like heaven is for real or the,case for christ an edge in that its a,faith-based movie with more f-bombs than,goodfellas its hard to get mad at a,movie which opens with mel gibson,smoking and drinking and saying eat your,[ __ ] vegetables this is the true,story of stuart long a former boxer who,goes to hollywood to be an actor only he,falls in love with a catholic girl and,one thing leads to another and he wants,to be a priest happens to the best of us,this is like an alternate universe,boogie nights where dirk didnt do porn,but did mop commercials and then found,religion hell with wahlberg and gibson,being the father and son its also like,youre watching a movie not made by them,but by their father and son characters,from daddys home too i was honestly,with a lot of this movie it was,genuinely funny at times i really liked,the dialogue in it and i got some good,laughs out of the one-liners and just,how vulgar some of them could be even if,theres one too many reaction shots,where wahlberg says something silly then,it cuts to the person hes talking to,and theyre like,the acting is all around solid gibson,and wahlberg work great off of each,other especially the insults they trade,the supporting performances are very,good and sometimes funny though some,characters just kind of exist to give,our lead wise advice for a first-time,director rosalind ross shows a lot of,promise even if some of the choices are,a little odd theres a very shocking,accident in the movie involving a,motorcycle and then being run over by a,car to which i heard some people in the,audience go holy [ __ ] then this is,undercut by a cameo appearance from the,virgin mary im not saying that a scene,or a vision like this cant work in a,movie but here,it looked more like mary was on her way,to a photo shoot for a lot of it i was,writing the b or b minus level its,cliched yeah but the performances and,the lines were carrying it it starts,falling apart in about the last 45,minutes or so like i said for a lot of,it wahlberg is very good he is acting,his ass off in this but the more makeup,he has to put on and the more his,characters health gets worse,the less believable he is its not that,hes bad you can see the passion in his,performance and its certainly the most,ambitious performance hes given in a,long time but it always felt like i was,watching an actor under a lot of makeup,give a performance as opposed to,believing this is a real character and,that this is happening some of it comes,across like im watching an oscar bait,performance from like 30 years ago,theres also a lot of bizarre editing in,it like sequences will be in slow motion,all of the sudden and its kind of,random and not only did i have problems,pinpointing exactly what year the movie,was taking place in but also how much,time it was covering with wahlberg it,seems like it should be covering a long,period of time and yet weirdly it,doesnt feel like it especially when,everyone else in it looks exactly the,same by the end as they do at the,beginning like how an actor would look,if they were on set for a day and just,given a different set of clothes really,it needs another pass through the,editing room because the movie doesnt,end theres quite a few points where i,thought it was over and then it just,keeps going its not that the last batch,of scenes arent important they are and,they do wrap things up its just that,they could have been worked into the,movie a little better as opposed to a,collection of oh by the way scenes at,the end,ill give it a c,there is a lot that works it just kind,of goes south in a lot of areas its a,movie where by the end i was like well,this is just kind of tragic and with the,almost love story that just felt more,sad and depressing than it did inspiring,but im sure its target audience will,dig it and will probably feel they got,their moneys worth whereas me i would,have been fine just watching this at,home thanks for watching everyone be,sure to check out our patreon where you,can check out our current copyright,limbo episodes on april fools day and,beaster day no clue when theyll be,clear just click on the patreon link to,see them and well see you next time,[Music]

My Review of the Movie Father Stu

you have anything to say,[Music],hey everybody welcome back to my channel,if youre new here welcome im amber,rose also known as the religious hippie,you can basically follow me on any,social media platform and today were,discussing my review for the new movie,that just came out father stew i dont,really know where to start with this,ive talked to a lot of people who,absolutely love the movie and ive,talked to a lot of people who absolutely,hated it,and so im gonna go over my own review,of it what i thought of it personally,and id love to hear what you guys,thought of it in the comments below but,first a word from our sponsor the little,catholic box the little catholic box is,a family-owned catholic company that,sends out quarterly subscription boxes,to those who sign up you can also,purchase their items individually if you,would like off of their online store,these items are quality and they support,other catholic businesses too so dont,miss out you can use my link below in,the description for 10 off your purchase,today the little catholic box celebrate,your faith in everything you do so the,first thing um if you guys have not,watched it yet and you dont want,spoilers do not watch this video because,i am going to give tons of spoilers in,fact the entire movie is going to be,summed up in this video so if you,havent seen it yet you want to see it,you dont want spoilers probably best to,save this video for after you watch it,um so anyways lets get into it so,basically the movie starts and we find,stu as a young boy dancing around to an,elvis song in his underwear and his,dads there and basically is berating,his son for having being an elvis fan so,to speak or trying to be like elvis,and so right off the bat we already know,that his life is very abusive and he had,a younger brother who died very very,young and he always kind of blamed,himself for that thinking like oh why,did he die and i stay it should have,been the other way around so he has a,really rough childhood after childhood,he goes into boxing to try and win some,cheap money kind of thing hes told by,doctors after the fighting match that he,has an infection in the bone and that if,he continues to fight it could be,life-threatening so he decides to stop,fighting and he decides to become a,actor in hollywood so he gets a job at a,deli market basically selling meat,and hes trying to get all of these gigs,and everything but hes really not going,anywhere he did like a mop commercial,but nothing thats like,hollywood worthy,and so one day while hes working he,sees this one girl that he really really,likes um shes really pretty shes,mexican shes doe-eyed and he basically,is just like hey let me take you out and,shes like no sorry,and hes set on,winning this girl over,and he sees basically hes told that she,put up a poster and shes catholic she,put up a poster for her catholic church,on the bulletin,outside the supermarket so he goes to,her catholic church finds her there,blah blah blah basically tries to win,her over by becoming catholic without,really knowing what that means to begin,with,and so he goes through all these things,he starts turning his life around really,well he stops smoking he stops drinking,but then he had his first confession and,thats when things started going more,downhill where he started really,questioning himself,and what he should be doing so he went,to a bar to go drink,and thats when a man who ive read is,supposed to basically be jesus,um comes up to him,and tells him like its not about what,god owes you its about what you owe god,kind of thing and you have so many,reasons to be angry but you only need to,find one reason to be grateful so before,leaving this jesus character whos,supposed to be jesus like a vision,basically told him do not drive,and stu was asking the bartender like oh,what was he drinking and the bartender,was like water,um so stu ended up driving home getting,into a really bad car accident he was on,his motorcycle he hit a car got ran over,by like two trucks,is a mess and then he had a vision of,our lady and then he had to go into the,hospital for surgery and all this stuff,and then after that all of that he,decides he needs to become a priest,obviously im leaving stuff out theres,a lot of fillers that im getting into,in a bit uh this is just the summary of,the movie and so he decides to become a,priest so he breaks up with his,girlfriend because they actually did,start dating,once he became baptized and got all the,sacraments,he broke up with her to become a priest,and originally the cardinal was not,going to let him in monsignor was not,going to let him in because he was like,quote-unquote gangster and stu basically,argued back that while some of the,greatest saints are reformed men like,saint augustine st francis of assisi so,monsignor led him in and stu basically,began his life becoming a priest,obviously he was a postulant first,but during a basketball game with some,of the other postulants,his legs gave out and he found out he,had a degenerative muscle disease that,was very rare and theres no cure,basically the muscles weaken and weaken,until they no longer work,and so he found that out,and over the next year he you can see,his,cripplingness start to,affect him a lot more his hands are now,like frozen like this,and he cant really walk without his,crutches and he needs a wheelchair,theres a lot of stuff and theres a,point where he comes back to the chapel,and basically,has this moment with god where he just,yells and is just like why you know like,why me,and then another moment hes crawling on,his arms towards our lady he kicked off,his crutches and he fell to the ground,and he started like army crawling,towards our lady and he just laid there,until his father ended up coming and,um getting him up and back to his moms,house and then after that he decided to,go start living with his mom and then,his dad was trying to bring him to,church one day,and stu found this kind of odd because,his dads like an alcoholic and hes a,smoker hes abusive he never had an,interest in his sons life and then all,of a sudden here he is like wearing a,tie and taking his son to church and,stuff to find out that that was actually,going to be his ordination day,originally he never would have thought,hed have an ordination day because the,cardinal the monsignor basically,said no because of his aliens he,wouldnt be able to properly perform the,sacraments but father stew persisted and,eventually he got to his ordination day,so thats basically like the outline of,the movie,okay,um thats kind of a step by step so now,i know this is based on a true story um,and anything negative i say is not,towards mark wahlberg its not towards,mel gibson or the people that decided to,make this movie at all um i have some,negative but i also have a lot of,positive things to say about this movie,so lets first start with the cons the,first con is that it is rated r due to,language and not just like an f-bomb,here or there,every other sentence is an f-bomb or,something expletive,or something suggestive in sexual,material,um its,i was kind of surprised because,obviously as catholics we dont watch,movies like this,we dont usually watch r-rated movies,but because it was a catholic movie i,figured like oh well they want to make,it as accurate to father stew life as,possible which im grateful for you know,and ill get to that later however a lot,of the dialogue is very,how do i say um,cringy i guess is the good word to say,like i could never see normal people,talking this way in real life,um especially with the f-bombs and then,theres the scene at the bar where hes,talking to basically what a hooker is,and um it was just disgusting honestly,the the foul language i do not suggest i,dont suggest you bring anyone under the,age of 18 to this movie it is not a,kids movie it is not a childs movie,and i was surprised at the amount of,people who brought their like seven and,eight-year-olds to see this movie in the,m

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