1. Fetch Rewards Review Fetch Rewards Is A SCAM!? or LEGIT!? [Make Money Online]
  2. Fetch Rewards Review – Is This Cash Back App Worth Your Time?
  3. Fetch vs Ibotta: Which is the BEST Cash Back Reward App?
  4. Fetch Rewards App Review Update 2022 | How to Make Money Scanning Receipts
  5. Make Money Scanning Receipts! Fetch Rewards App Review
  6. Fetch Rewards Review: The Best Cash Back App Out There?

Fetch Rewards Review Fetch Rewards Is A SCAM!? or LEGIT!? [Make Money Online]

today we are talking the fetch awards,app i have been using,fetch awards for three years now on a,very regular basis use it multiple times,throughout the week and i am going to,share,the pros and the cons at fetch wards,because yes they are both pros and cons,to this app,but trust me the pros far outweigh the,cons but i want to talk about both of,them because this is an,honest review of fetch rewards not,sponsored but i do have an affiliate,link for you,down below in the description box if you,use code qhkbh,then you get two dollars when you sign,up i get two dollars when you sign up so,its a win-win,but i will say that you do have to scan,a receipt within the first seven days,of using the code so dig through your,purse,dig through your car your dining room,table the stack of papers thats there,find a receipt from the last seven days,and use the code qhkbh and then,enter in the receipt and then youll get,your 2000 points,which is amazing bonus for using the app,which is awesome so thats a two dollar,gift card,right there so jumping in on the pros,and cons one thing that i love about,fetch awards and im going to show you,my screen here,is i love that you dont have to,pre-clip any coupons with other apps,like,ibotta you do have to pre-clip coupons,i do have a full playlist on fetch,rewards because ive done so many videos,on them i,love fetch wars i think i have six video,seven videos ill have the playlist here,for you guys,so definitely check out the playlist,that has all the questions if you get a,glitch in patch awards which you may get,a glitch,how to redeem a code how to redeem a,gift card all of the questions that you,may have how much ive earned in fetch,rewards,i bought it versus fetch awards top,money apps all of those,it is all in the description box for you,so jumping,right into the app as you can see here,they do have,extra bonuses so 1 000,points equals one dollar so,two thousand points two dollars five,hundred points fifty cents thats how,that works,so with this one sc if you buy this sc,nail plus,buy one you get one dollar back thousand,points,loreal hair two thousand points,maybelline cosmetics,when you spend twenty dollars four,thousand points blue moon fifteen,hundred,cores two thousand two hundred points,um hot valley brewing three thousand,points,lets see sorrento cheeses 2000 points,theres all of these additional bonuses,that you can get to get additional,points,but whats awesome about this app is you,can still earn points,even if you dont buy anything on this,list and like i bought a,unlike i bought i should say oh my god,body you dont have to go and pre-clip,the coupons before you go shopping this,hey if you buy me buy me get extra,points if not then you still get your,standard 25 points which is awesome and,you can scan so many different receipts,you can scan grocery receipts gas,receipts get a gas receipt and then use,get upside if you havent watched that,video check it out,but you can scan gas receipts um target,walmart total wine and more,wholesale clubs like costco or bjs,dollar tree,fast food restaurants theres so many,different receipts that you can scan,in fetch words which is amazing to get,points and it is,super easy to scan them as you guys know,i have full tutorials on how to scan,receipts,all of that one of the huge pros of the,app as well,is your referral code so like i said in,the beginning my referral code is qhkbh,so when you use that referral code you,get 2000 points i get 2000 points but,you get your own code,so this code you can give out to your,friends and family and then,add additional points as well every time,you refer someone and they sign up,get a scanner receipt and get a gift,card then you get two dollars with a,gift card which is awesome,so that is a huge win that you can refer,your own friends and family you dont,have to be an influencer you dont have,to have a youtube channel just telling,your own friends and family,is a great way share it on your personal,facebook all of that,so the cons there is a couple cons,now i have noticed that there is,sometimes some glitches so im going to,show you one of the glitches in real,time,if you are going to go and redeem a gift,card now a pro,is the the gift cards there are so many,different gift cards,as you can see here im scrolling pretty,fast but theres everything from,amazons banana public,bass pro shop built best buy,bonefish grill buffalo wild wings,theres just,hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of,different gift cards let me show you the,categories that may be a little easier,retail sweepstakes restaurants,entertainment magazines cash cards you,can even do,visa cash cards fashion charity,travel you can even do airbnb celebrity,cruises delta,hotels.com southwest uber which is,awesome,recreation pet specialty so theres so,many different categories that you can,get gift cards from,but sometimes when you redeem a gift,card theres a glitch so im going to,show you and im going to redeem,a gift card live here on video for you,and the first person,that puts in this code you can,screenshot it put in the code you will,get the gift card,so im going to redeem a 50 amazon gift,card,so get my 50 reward now its thinking,and watch this be the one time the,glitch doesnt happen,the glitch happened okay so it says,sorry theres an error starting your,redemption,please contact support so what you do,when this happens is you just,kill the app if youre on iphone and,then reopen,fetch rewards and go and do it again,right away so were going to go right to,retail 50 amazon,get my 50 reward and like magic it is,going to work,perfectly here it is so your award is,waiting for you go to my rewards,so were going to go to rewards then,here is,the gift card so the gift card is here,you can screenshot it on screen,if you are not you know using my gift,card if youre not the winner of this,but using it for yourself,you can just tap to copy and then you,can just go into,the amazon app and paste it there or you,can manually type it in as well but,super easy to use,and then that applies like a normal gift,card that you would use,so you can get gift cards here and use,them in store,you can use them in restaurants honestly,its easier online,because you can just type them in,whereas a store you literally have to,like hold up your phone,um if i show you a walmart one lets see,walmart one this is one that ive,already redeemed but this walmart one,you can go and they have to scan the,code and then type in the pin which a,lot of people dont really like,sometimes its a hassle sometimes i have,to call a manager if its over 50,but totally doable but the amazon one,here,its awesome because you could just tap,it and then paste it into your amazon,account or,paste it into walmart or starbucks app,or whatever it is,or even apps like steak and shake or the,taco bell app even ones like that which,is so awesome which i,absolutely love so you can have that,glitch which sometimes,does happen but easy way to bypass just,kill the app,reopen it and then you can go ahead and,get your gift card another downside to,the app is,you only have one opportunity to use the,referral code so if you have,already downloaded the app and you have,already scanned your first receipt,unfortunately there isnt a way to add,in a referral code after that,you have to do it when you first,download the account when you first,download the app and use your email,address go through all the steps,then you can enter in the code qhkbh,scan your first receipt and get your,gift card,get your two thousand dollar points but,like i said if you,ive already scanned a receipt then,theres only that one opportunity,for your account you could always open,another account with another email,address,but just one time per account some,people,ask me they want to enter multiple,friends or full codes unfortunately you,cant just one,before you scan your first receipt,couple more cool things about the app is,it will also,show your spending so its a great way,to see

Fetch Rewards Review – Is This Cash Back App Worth Your Time?

hey welcome to this video if you arrived,here probably searching for review of,fetch rewards so go over how it works,and give you my two cents whether i,think its a good use of your time now,im always coming with videos like this,so consider subscribing and if youd,like my free training on the number one,simplest and fastest way to earn income,from home you can click that link below,youll see my email opt-in page enter,your best email i can send you my free,training if you want all right fetch,rewards lets dive in so what this is,basically is your standard,uh cash back app and thats a mouthful,how it works is you go about your normal,shopping in every real life whether,thats the grocery store or restaurant,or a gas station and you take a photo of,your receipt,with your smartphone upload that photo,to the app and theyd reward you points,uh once youve accumulated enough points,you could then redeem them for gift,cards thats kind of the 30 000 for view,of how this works anyway now fetch has a,4.8 rating on the apple store they have,over 13 million shoppers on here and,they partner with some of the biggest,brands out there like pillsbury aquafina,q-tips colgate theyve been featured,in forbes buzzfeed,rooters and,other big media outlets so if youre,wondering are they legit yes fetch,rewards is very legit now whether you,can save any real money with these guys,thats a whole another matter and thats,well talk about in a bit,there are three ways you could earn,the first way is just by scanning,your receipts and you earn 25 points,just for doing that just scanning any,receipt so thats without,so 25 points a thousand points equals a,dollar so if you do the math thats two,and a half cents for scanning receipts,uh you might be wondering why would they,pay you just to scan receipts any old,receipt well um,these big third-party corporations they,want to understand the shopping habits,of of people so youd be helping them in,their market research thats all these,third-party corporations that partner,with fetch,and um,and thats all there is to it now,uh now its not a lot of money because,it doesnt require any skill or really,much time at all to upload these,receipts but its something at least,theres a limit however uh you cant,just sit there all day uploading,receipts you have a maximum of 20 in,seven a seven day period and they can be,quite picky with the photos so make sure,its easy to read all the information is,there like the merchant name,you know all the products you bought the,costs and there are a lot of youtube,videos that will show you,how to take good photos of these,receipts the second way you could earn,is by purchasing certain products the,process for you,its still going to be the same you just,upload the photos of your receipts,but in the background fetch will,reward you based on the brands so the,brands you bought from it doesnt matter,what store you go to its,its the brand name of the products and,they partner with 500 plus different,brands and growing uh which theyve,listed in their they list in their,dashboard once you join in the complete,list,once youve logged in so some pay more,than others but you can expect to earn,anywhere from 25 cents to,uh two dollars so per offer,the third way to earn is through,what they call special offers thats,where youd be earning double the normal,amount in some cases more like 50 cents,to 5,the last way to earn is by referring,other people to fetch,fetch rewards but they need you they,need these other people need to sign up,uh with with your promo code and they,actually have to,upload their first receipt they actually,have to take action so,and then youll both earn two dollars,but uh not a great way to earn because,youre relying on other people and most,people,wont take action,on anything so thats not a good way to,earn theres a three dollar payout,threshold and you can redeem,your points for either normal gift cards,visa and master card gift card,sweepstakes or charity donations thats,four ways all in all its a perfectly,decent app just understand youre not,going to get rich with this in fact,youre not earning money youre just,youre just saving money a little bit of,money on purchases,you would have made anyway so its,better than that its fine um,i cant say anything bad about it but,look maybe youre here not necessarily,because you want to save a little bit of,money maybe youre here because you,really want to leverage the internet and,earn,real money that could potentially,replace your full-time job or that you,could have where you could have a very,nice side hustle that could you know,help create a very nice buffer for you,and your family if thats the case i was,in your position three years ago i tried,all sorts of stuff i tried blogging,freelancing domain flipping survey,websites you name it i basically tried,it all and none of the strategies i was,implementing seemed to be working for me,it was a very confusing and frustrating,time and after two years of spinning my,wheels i decided this make money online,things way too difficult so i swallowed,my pride and i started applying for call,center jobs again that was the work i,was doing previously but i was very,fortunate um just as i was ready to quit,i still i stumbled across some,incredible information that taught me,how to find a digital product that,someone else created it could be a,weight loss product gardening building,beehives make money from home lead,generation find a group of people whod,be interested in that product and when i,connect the two together i earn a,commission its called affiliate,marketing whats great about affiliate,marketing when done properly,the profit margins are incredibly high,between 40 and 90 percent you can be one,person on your laptop you dont have to,hire staff,its very beginner friendly and simple,anyone can do it you could be a,stay-at-home wife or a call center,worker like i was doesnt matter you,dont need special skills or credentials,and lastly uh the did i say the sorry,profit margins,profit margins solopreneur simple,and theres a ton of leverage in place,so because which means you dont,necessarily have to be there all the,time,so your business will be working for you,in the background,on autopilot 365 days a year whether,youre there or not,and thats my favorite part of it is the,amount of leverage so so you can spend,more time doing the things you want to,do,and thats it so i hope you enjoyed this,review,uh fetch rewards if youd like my free,training on how to you know set up your,online business properly what you can do,is click that link below youll see my,email opt-in page,enter your best email i can send you my,free workshop thatll just explain,everything if you want its its my,actual workshop training its not a,sales page so,and thats it i hope you enjoyed this,review i hope to see you on the other,side and i hope you have a great day bye

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Fetch vs Ibotta: Which is the BEST Cash Back Reward App?

fetch rewards versus ibotta which app,earns you more cashback rewards well,ive tested both apps out for you to,give you a better perspective from a,real users point of view in this video,youll find out which store receipts,each accepts how long you have to upload,those receipts as well as whether your,cashback rewards expire if you dont use,them ill also do a side-by-side,comparison of each and then share with,you which app will earn you the most,amount of money hey guys my name is,pilar newman and welcome to the channel,if youre new here consider subscribing,and hitting that like button on this,video that way more people will get a,chance to learn this information as well,thanks so much for that quick favor and,for your support so lets get started,now both fetch rewards and ibotta offer,you a real way to save money by scanning,your grocery receipts closed shopping,receipts wine and liquor receipts and,all sorts of other receipts but each app,rewards you differently for those same,purchases so lets first take a quick,look at each apps features side by side,merchants accepted for fetch you can,upload receipts from all major and most,local grocery stores gas merchants any,retailer you dine or shop at and that,does include fast food places such as,mcdonalds and popeyes for ibotta you,can upload receipts at over 300,preferred retail chains including,grocery stores restaurants movie,theaters convenience stores and pet,stores both fetch and ibotta can be used,on an apple or android phone now how,long do you have to upload a receipt for,fetch you have up to 14 days from the,date of the receipt for ibotta you have,up to seven days from the date of the,receipt,redeeming your rewards,for fetch you can redeem your points for,gift cards sweepstakes entries or donate,your point rewards to charity for ibotta,you can redeem rewards in real cash via,a money transfer to paypal or bank,account or redeem your rewards for gift,cards how about minimum payout for fetch,you need a minimum of three thousand,points for ibotta its a minimum of,twenty dollars to cash out,do your rewards expire for fetch your,rewards will expire after 90 days of,inactivity but dont worry if you keep,using the fetch app and remain active on,it then your points will never expire,for ibotta you will be assessed account,maintenance fees after six months of,account inactivity but again just like,fetch if you continue to stay active,with your account then your rewards will,not expire nor will you be subject to,account maintenance fees does each app,have a referral bonus both fetch and,ibotta will reward you for inviting,friends and family members to the app,for anyone you refer to fetch that uses,your special referral code youll,receive 2 000 points for ibotta youll,receive a 10 referral bonus please note,that these bonuses can change at any,time but these are the current referral,bonuses at the time of this recording,so how does fetch rewards work,fetch is pretty simple and,straightforward to use you simply go,about your regular shopping and either,snap a photo of your receipt or submit,your e-receipt via the in-app feature to,earn your points,new users of the app will immediately,earn 2 000 points plus an opportunity to,earn an additional 1000 points when you,use code,awpfv8 at signup ill place a special,link underneath this video along with,the referral code so you can sign up,today to receive your bonus points 1 000,fetch points equals one dollar once,youve earned your initial sign up,points each new receipt will earn you a,minimum of 25 points but if you want to,quickly rack up fetch points then take,advantage of participating brands where,you can earn extra points on scanned,receipts currently there are a total of,314 brands that will earn you extra,points on each receipt,special limited time offers will earn,you the most amount of points on,receipts as you can see on your screen,some of these special offers have the,ability of earning you four thousand,five thousand even six thousand points,once youve earned a minimum of three,thousand points you can redeem them for,gift cards from top merchants including,amazon walmart starbucks you can even,buy gift cards for airbnb advanced auto,parts and amc movie theaters just to,name a few,how does ibotta work ibotta is similar,in that you download the free app and,instantly turn your shopping receipts,into cashback rewards you can also,download the ibotta browser extension,and add it to your chrome or firefox,browser,unlike fetch that gives you points on,all receipts ibotta offers cashback,rewards on individual grocery product,offers from over 300 preferred chain,retailers simply add offers to your,in-app i bought a shopping list shop,those offers in store or online then,scan your receipt to earn real cash back,on eligible offers,additionally you can take advantage of,ibotta weekly bonuses to earn even more,cashback rewards,best of all you get tons of free stuff,with ibottas special free after offer,deals redeem these in-app deals to try,out new products from brands partnered,with ibotta once you reach the 20,minimum threshold to cash out you can,transfer your money to paypal or bank,card deposit or if you prefer you can,redeem your rewards for gift cards at,top retailers new users of the app will,immediately receive upwards of twenty,dollars in free money as a special,welcome bonus when using code kshagbc,at signup ill place a special link,underneath this video along with the,referral code so you can sign up today,to receive your welcome bonus money is,fetch rewards worth it if you are,someone that shops on a frequent basis,and will take advantage of the special,offer bonus points then fetch rewards,may be worth it to you on the contrary,if you shop infrequently and dont plan,to redeem special offers then youll,only average 25 points per receipt,considering that 1 000 fetch points,equals one dollar this app may not be,worth it for you but heres also a quick,rundown of the pros and cons of the,fetch rewards app pros number one the,app is free to download and use,number two youll receive 2 000 points,sign up bonus when you use code awpfv8,number three fetch doesnt care what,receipts you scan youll earn points on,nearly every receipt uploaded,number four special offer bonus points,will fast track your cash back earnings,and number five you can save up to,eighty percent on prescriptions by using,fetchs single care digital card now,here are some of the cons number one it,takes a long time for reward points to,add up,number two there are too few offers in,the app compared to other money saving,apps number three,cashback can be redeemed for gift cards,not actual money or cash,number four reward points do expire,after 90 days of account inactivity,so is the ibotta app worth it if you are,someone that shops brand name items and,are frequent shopper of retail chain,stores then the ibotta app may be worth,it to you on the contrary if you shop at,lesser known retail stores and rarely,buy brand name items then the ibotta app,may not be worth it to you,heres a quick rundown of the ibotta app,pros and cons,pros,number one the app is free to download,and use number two youll receive up to,twenty dollars as a sign up welcome,bonus when you use code kshagvc,number three,high cash back offers on brand name,products number four youll have access,to weekly bonus offers to earn even more,cash back rewards and number five,real cash rewards payout to paypal or,bank card now here are some of the cons,number one theres a real risk that,youll shop more because of the,multitude of deals being offered number,two online rebates are only applied when,shopping through the ibotta portal,number three customer service is a,little bit slow in getting back to you,number four the good product freebie,offers do disappear fast and number five,fees are applied after six months of,account inactivity fetch versus ibotta,which is better,after testing out both apps i found the,ibotta app to be

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Fetch Rewards App Review Update 2022 | How to Make Money Scanning Receipts

i did a review of the fetch rewards app,back in 2020 and since then there have,been a few changes to the app so i,wanted to do this update video for you,guys and give you guys my updated review,if you are interested in watching my,original review video ill go ahead and,put the link down in the description,below and by the way guys my name is,tobias welcome to my youtube channel if,at any point during this video you,decide that you do like this video or,that it helps you out i would really,appreciate it if you went down there and,gave this video a like that would help,me out so much and if you would like to,see more videos buy me in the future,make sure to go down there and hit that,subscribe button and also that bell,notifications button and lets continue,so theres pretty much going to be four,sections to this video so first ill,just give you guys a brief summary of,how the app works and what it does then,ill go over the main changes that they,made to the app since 2020 and ill give,you guys a quick demonstration of me,scanning some receipts and redeeming my,points then third ill tell you guys,about an issue that i had with the app,and ill clarify some of the rules with,the app and then four ill answer the,two most common questions that i get,about the fetch rewards app which are,how does fetch rewards make their money,and two what do they do with your,information and ill go ahead and put,the timestamps to these different,sections down in the comments below in,case you want to skip around in the,video and just really quick i will put,my fetch rewards referral link down in,the description below if you use my,referral link or my referral code to,sign up for fetch rewards you will get 2,000 points automatically it is 100 free,to sign up and i just have to say this,really quick if anyone is planning on,misusing my referral code or if youre,trying to do something sketchy like use,my referral code to create multiple,accounts just please do not do it fetch,will ban you from the app and this can,also cause my account to get disabled,this has happened to me in the past and,ill talk more about it later on in this,video so lets start off with a brief,summary of the app so fetch rewards is,an app which will give you points for,scanning receipts every 1000 points,pretty much equals one dollar and ill,tell you guys why i say pretty much,equals one dollar in a minute and you,can redeem these points for gift cards,if you look here youll see that there,are a ton of different gift cards that,you can get i typically just get the,amazon gift cards because i always order,stuff on amazon but you can go through,and see if theres anything else that,you like there the other way you can get,points is through referrals and in my,opinion this is actually the most,effective way of getting points you will,get 2 000 points for every person that,you refer after they scan their first,receipt and they will also get 2 000,points and every once in a while theyll,even have promos like right now theyre,actually having a promo where you will,get four thousand points for every,person that you refer which is pretty,much like getting four dollars so thats,like pretty cool so referrals are a,pretty good way to get points but even,if you are getting referrals i would,still recommend that you scan receipts,because most people get receipts from,grocery stores or like fast food places,and if you dont scan those youre,pretty much throwing points in the trash,for example check this out if you were,to buy this pop valley beer youd get 2,000 points so i definitely say scan all,of your receipts because those points do,add up and you can also connect your,amazon account to the fetch rewards app,and you can get points for purchases,that you make on amazon and when it,comes to redeeming points i actually,recommend that you wait until you have,at least five thousand points because as,you can see here if you want to get a,three dollar amazon gift card thats,going to cost you 3 500 points but if,you wait to get a five dollar gift card,that will cost you 5 000 points so then,you can get that one dollar to 1000,points ratio now ill go over the main,changes that they made to the app since,2020. back in 2020 the app could only be,used for grocery receipts however now,you can pretty much scan any kind of,receipt like fast food places gas,stations retail stores almost anything,which is really cool types of receipts,that you cannot scan are like movie,tickets concert tickets salons and some,other kinds of service providers if you,check out their help center it tells you,exactly the types of receipts they,accept and what they do not accept and,ill go ahead and put a link to that,down in the description below and the,second major change that they made is,that back in 2020 over a time span of,seven days you could only scan 14,receipts and now theyve increased that,limit so in a span of seven days you can,scan up to 35 receipts and now ill show,you guys a demonstration of me scanning,some receipts and redeeming my points so,im gonna go ahead and open up the fetch,rewards app and im just gonna go ahead,and click on the camera down here click,on snap,and im going to go ahead and scan these,receipts so it shows you right here what,info they want they want the store the,total and the date just go ahead and,snap that,and see it was able to get all that,information and ill just go ahead and,snap the rest,and submit,so i got 25 points for that one 25,points is pretty typical for like a fast,food receipt usually if you want to get,more points the grocery receipts are the,ones that really give you the most,points and then yeah lets just go ahead,and snap this other one,it didnt get the store,so im actually not sure if,presto pasta is actually um acceptable,by fetch rewards im not really sure,i have a feeling it might not be well,let me type it in,oh yep it worked i got 25 points now im,going to go ahead and redeem my rewards,so im going to go to the rewards,section as you can see i have just under,9000 points so i could get a 5 000 point,gift card so im just gonna get a five,dollar amazon card so ill go ahead and,click this get my five dollar reward,just wants to confirm that thats what i,want to do use points for reward,cool it says it takes up to three days,to process your rewards in my experience,it never takes three days usually it,takes like half an hour or something and,then i get my reward but it could,potentially take up to three days,especially if you have a brand new,account so im just gonna hit got it and,yeah thatll come in probably pretty,soon and thats all you do all right,guys so it took about 10 minutes or so,but my reward is ready so i just clicked,on this little image of the present down,there that takes you to your rewards and,then im going to go ahead and click on,it im going to have to blur out the,code and everything but yeah im just,going to go ahead,copy the gift card code then im going,to click on view gift card,enter the security code,here put paste activate,so im going to go ahead and copy this,code im going to click on apply to,account,im gonna have to put in my password,im gonna go ahead and paste the code,right here,apply to your balance,and now i have five dollars applied to,my account and now im going to talk,about an issue that i had with the fetch,rewards app so some people and,apparently it was more than one person,that tried to do this they decided that,they would use my referral link to,create multiple accounts to get the 2000,point sign up bonus and i of course had,no idea that this was happening and this,of course does violate the terms and,conditions of fetch rewards and since,these people were using my referral link,fetch rewards disabled my account one,day i was just unable to get into my,account anymore luckily i ended up being,able to speak to a fetch rewards,representative and they were able to get,me my account back but they did tell me,that if this did happen again they would,pe

Make Money Scanning Receipts! Fetch Rewards App Review

hey what is up YouTube thank you guys so,much for joining me my name is Tobias,and today what I have for you is a,review of the fetch rewards app I think,this is the first time I have ever,reviewed an app and I think this is a,pretty cool one so pretty much the fetch,rewards app is an app that allows you to,scan your grocery receipts and then you,earn points from your receipts and then,you could tray those points for Visa or,MasterCard gift cards or any other kind,of gift cards like they have gift cards,for Chipotle Amazon Macys like anything,they have a ton of different kinds of,gift cards that you can get and just,really quick before we continue if you,are new to my channel and you want to,keep up to date with my videos make sure,you go down there and hit that subscribe,button and also hit that Bell,notifications button and if you like,this video I would really appreciate it,if you went down there and gave this,video a like that would help me out,tremendously and let us continue so in,this video Ill be showing you guys how,the fetch rewards app works how you,redeem your gift cards and Ill give you,guys some tips on using the app and if,this app sounds like something you might,be interested in yourself Im gonna go,ahead and put my referral code right,here as well as my referral link down in,the description of this video and if you,do use my referral code here on the,screen or my referral link down in the,description below I should get points,when you scan your first receipt and,also when you scan your first receipt,you should get 2,000 points so youll be,off to a pretty good start so if you use,my referral I would really appreciate,that thank you guys so much so anyways,lets go ahead and get into how this app,works so first of all I want to get into,how fetch rewards makes their money,because they need to be able to afford,to pay us out so from what I understand,fetch rewards uses our information from,our receipts to sell to companies for,market research for example if a given,cereal company sees that people who buy,this brand of coffee also buy their,brand of cereal they know that they,could target ads to these people who buy,this brand of coffee and this type of,information is really valuable to,companies so now how do we use the fetch,rewards app first of all I just want to,say its great for instacart shoppers if,you didnt know I do instacart so I,always have a ton of grocery receipts,and I probably should have mentioned,this earlier its just for grocery,receipts and Im gonna show you guys how,scanning receipts work in a second but,first of all I just want to say you can,scan up to 14 receipts in a period of 7,days and these receipts must not be,older than 14 days and right now Im,gonna show you guys how scanning,receipts works and I filmed this clip,last night because I had some,receipts that were about to expire so,lets go back to last night so hit the,camera button and lets go ahead and get,to scanning so take my first picture you,want to make sure that you get a good,focus on the on the receipt because the,app needs to be able to read the items,on your receipt hit the plus button take,a second picture then submit it,and check that out he got 50 points and,I got those 50 points because Lucky,Charms were in the receipt so pretty,much like depending on like the brand of,stuff on the receipt thatll determine,like how many points you get per receipt,like sometimes they might have a special,like you get so many points if you have,like coca-cola on your receipt or like,this or that but the cool thing is is,that even if you dont buy brand name,stuff and nothing on your receipt like,gets you like bonus points just for,scanning or receipt youll still get 25,points this was a pretty long receipt I,had to use three pictures,858 points that was a pretty good,receipt and right below you can see all,the brands that got me those points 300,points for that shampoo alright this is,my final receipt right here and yeah,this was a sprouts receipt and I,remember this one I got a ton of points,for this receipt because it had two,cases of blue moon beer in my experience,receipts with beer on them always get,you the most points,okay got the back of the receipt here,remember you gotta get the entire seat,in and there we go guys over 2,500,points and I just want to show you guys,this really quick if you guys shop on,Amazon you can actually also get points,for stuff that you buy on Amazon so if,you click on where it says me and then,you click on where it says shop online,it says connect I already connected my,account but if I hadnt connected my,account yet it would say connect with,Amazon and then you click that button,enter in your Amazon information and,then when you go to the home page the,discover page,and youll see that camera button right,next to it theres a little blue button,with a letter e on it and click on that,and then itll check Amazon for anything,that youve bought I havent bought,anything recently so no e receipts have,been found but if it didnt find,something you know I would get points,for that and if you look here wait let,me see I should have something from,Amazon oh yeah if you look here March,11th I got 25 points for something I,bought on Amazon March 12 I got 25,points for something on Amazon alright,guys so what Im going to show you now,is how to redeem your gift cards so the,way I see it is that every 1000 points,that you have that pretty much equals,one dollar and the reason I say pretty,much is because if you click on the,little star and you go to rewards if you,look at gift cards for places like,restaurants or you know office supplies,or like anything home goods it pretty,much comes out to you know in everything,actually it comes out to a thousand,points does equal one dollar however if,you go up to where is it,MasterCard slash visa if you want one of,those for a five dollar Visa gift card,its six six thousand points so its,like a thousand points more expensive,than if you were to get just a regular,gift card if you go ahead and download,the app use my referral link or my,referral,and you scanned your first receipt you,should get 2,000 points and I want to,say if youre scanning probably you know,two receipts in your first day you could,easily have 3000 points which equals,three dollars unless youre going with a,Visa or the MasterCard that equals three,dollars so if you go up to the top of,the screen under rewards you can see,where it says up to 3000 points and it,shows you everything that you can get,for 3000 points by the way three dollars,is like the minimum you could cash out,at the cool thing about this app is that,you can do that I know a lot of apps,were doing this like a similar kind of,thing sometimes itll be like you need,to have at least twenty dollars worth of,points to redeem anything this apps,cool because you only need three dollars,worth of points to redeem so what Im,going to do is Im going to go down to,where is it,gifts wait is it gifts no no it is under,pretty much I want a Amazon gift card if,you look at the top of the screen I have,just over 18,000 points and yeah I want,it Amazon wait what is the next whats,the next tier up lets see Oh 25k oh,yeah so I guess Amazon they have like a,three five ten and $25 option so Im,gonna go ahead and redeem a $10 Amazon,gift card so Im gonna go ahead and,click on it,get my ten dollar reward says are you,sure you want to use your points for,this reward and Im gonna click yes oh,they sent me a security code one five,four three your reward is waiting for,you go to my rewards and follow the link,to view your details awesome alright so,Im in my rewards right now if you look,at the top of the screen now I just have,over 8,000 points left Im gonna click,on my new gift card Im gonna copy this,code you know Im probably gonna have to,blur this out by the way and then Im,gonna go in to apply to accounts,its kind of take me to Amazon Im gonna,have to login alright so now Im going,to go ahead and

Fetch Rewards Review: The Best Cash Back App Out There?

when it comes to free money im sure,most of us are on board,if not all of us but does the fetch,rewards program,make it worth it for us to get cash back,or are we better off just ignoring it,and looking elsewhere well thats what,were going to talk about in this video,hello everyone this is elijah with the,rideshare guy and in this video were,going to be talking about the fetch,rewards program,the fetch rewards app and whether its,worth it,to play around with it and get cash back,or should you look elsewhere,to fulfill your cash back needs so right,off the bat what is fetch rewards,fetch rewards is a program that allows,you to redeem certain receipts,in exchange for certain points and those,points can then be redeemed,for various gift cards that are,associated with the program,for the most part these receipts usually,revolve around grocery shopping,although there are other receipts that,you can submit like walmart and costco,and other businesses that are similar in,that niche that you can also redeem,receipts from,in order to get points now in order for,us to review the app,and officially answer that question that,we asked at the beginning of this video,we got to actually know the process of,how one redeemed their receipts,and also how convenient is it for them,to redeem the points ultimately,and get what they want from it so were,going to take a quick detour to the app,itself,and go over exactly how to submit a,receipt how the app works,and also how to redeem points so lets,go over there so the first thing we,gotta do is sign up and you can do that,using the email or with google,or facebook so the choice is yours once,youve signed up,its gonna ask for your phone number and,also which state youre in,theyll need that information to move,forward with your account,on this screen theyre asking if you,have a referral code you can enter here,if you signed up using our link which is,in the description and pin comment,our code will automatically be on there,so feel free to use it and youll be,able to get some,free points with fetch right off the bat,on this screen its letting you know,what big players that theyre partnering,with,in terms of brands so if you scan any,receipts from,these players youll be getting some big,points so lets briefly go over some of,the features of the app,were currently on the home page and as,you can see,you can see the brands associated with,fetch rewards you can see uh certain,offers they have going on,like like 15 000 points,if you uh spend a hundred dollars on one,touch products,it lets you know the dates that the,offer is valid through,as you can see there are a lot of offers,were not going to go through them all,but im pretty sure you get the,picture you can click on the activity,button at the bottom of the screen,and it lets you know the amount of,activity that you had throughout the,year,lets move over to the rewards section,and this is probably the section you,have the most,interest in and if we click on the me,button at the bottom right hand corner,this lets you manage your account and it,also lets you know if you have any,notifications and this is also the place,where you can refer a friend,and yall can both get some points if at,any point you need help with anything,involving fetch you can always,just go to their help center in this,part right here,what well cover next is how to actually,redeem a receipt,so assuming youve done your shopping,and you have your receipt,whether its online or its a physical,receipt youre going to go over the,process of scanning it,so you want to click that photo icon and,then were going to give fetch rewards,permission to take pictures and record,videos dont need that,then its letting us know that we have,to take a picture of the receipt,you want to make sure that you capture,everything including the store name,if the store name is missing theres a,chance you might not get points for it,so make sure you include that store name,and dont be afraid to take multiple,pictures,if need be if the receipt is long its,all about making sure it is legible so,if you have to take,multiple pictures just feel free to zoom,in and get those multiple picks,so you can get your points once this,finished scanning the receipt,its usually pretty accurate in terms of,uh kind of guessing which store,or not guessing but pulling up which,store you were shopping at,but sometimes it may get it wrong,because its not legible enough the ink,isnt black enough,if thats the case you know just,corrected as you see on the screen,they got the name quite wrong so i typed,in a sprouts farmers market,then i press confirm store name then it,takes a little while for the receipt to,process,the first time you submitted from a new,store i find that once ive finished,the first time anytime going forward,i get points pretty much within a few,seconds but usually that first time does,take a little while so just,tweak your expectations based on that,and then boom,thats the process of uh submitting a,receipt then youre rewarded your points,which you can use uh right away,so i now have enough points to actually,redeem,some rewards so im going to find,something to redeem,and im going to find an amazon gift,card,so we have amazon gift card click on,that,im gonna choose the redeem five,thousand points which is going to be,five dollars worth,im gonna press get my five dollar,reward,ready to claim is the reward for the,security of this account,first time gift card redemption may take,may take up to three days to be,processed,then click use points for reward and,announces your reward is being processed,go to my rewards and follow the link to,view your reward details and status,once processed we will send your reward,to an email to the email,address link to your fetch rewards,account then from there i can redeem it,okay so im in my inbox right now,looking for that fetch for wars email,since its been,three days and,here it is so im gonna click on the,email,it says the reward is in and now it,gives me instructions on how to do it,im going to click,redeem then its taking me to the next,step,lets ask me to log in my amazon account,so im going to do that real quick,and now im on this screen its asking,me to uh,redeem the code that fetch gave me so,im just gonna,go back to my email copy that code,so give me one sec,select all copy and go back to the,amazon paste that code,then hit apply to your balance,and there we go next time i add things,to my amazon card and make a purchase,i will give i will be getting five bucks,off,now that we know how to add works we can,answer that question,is fetch rewards worth it is it the best,cash back app out there,i personally say it is worth it if you,do it in a certain form you can go,through the whole app,look at what deals are on the table and,then coagulate your shopping based on,those deals,but to me thats a little too much work,i rather just do my normal shopping,then submit the receipt and then just,get points back based on that receipt,those points stack up and whatever,reward that i was trying to save up,towards,once i hit it i go ahead and use that,reward very passive approach towards,doing it,but if you wanted to really maximize it,you could arrange your shopping based on,those deals,and get higher points you can also get,more points by referring others to,service if youre finding value in it,and speaking of the service if youre,interested in signing up for fetch,rewards you can do so by clicking on the,link in the description below,or in the pinned comment depending on,what promo theyre running that will,give you a huge amount of points if you,sign up using that link,and those points can go towards,redeeming gift cards,so me personally i give fetch rewards a,thumbs up,i definitely say its worth it is it my,favorite a cashback app or service,i would say no that still goes to get,upside,which allows you to get cash back,directly from you spending gas at select,gas stations,if you want to know more about get,upsid


hey,lets talk about fetch rewards now if,youve been following my channel since i,think,2018 you have heard me talk about fetch,rewards since 2018. if im matching that,right,three years i have been talking about,fetch rewards you would also remember,that fetch rewards has never not once,sponsored a video for me so you know,everything ive ever said about it is my,actual opinion something happened,recently that really really irritated me,im sure youve heard about it if you,are a fetch rewards user and thats the,addition of the social tab if you use,fetch rewards and you have not opened it,and looked at theyre testing it its,the beta stage down at the bottom you,should have a button that says social so,if you click on the social it shows you,well it shows me,all of you guys your names where youre,shopping how much youve spent when you,were there when i first saw this i was,absolutely livid i just feel like thats,a total breach of privacy personally so,what i did is i tried to click on,someones name and then click on the,receipt itself like click on the camera,click on the total click on the cart,click on the name again click anywhere,on there to see if i could find out more,information and i cannot the things i,can see on here are the store the date,that they went shopping the number of,items you bought and the total for the,store i cant see where the store was i,cant see the items that you bought but,i definitely,see some information this is really,bothering me i went to all of the,settings try and figure out if this is a,privacy thing you can turn off im,really really hoping that fetch rewards,just removes this completely i dont,understand the need for it the point for,it it doesnt make any sense to me but,heres what you can do this is what i,learned if you want to clear this off,and not have anyone look at your,shopping totals and stores and things,like that this is actually what im,doing is if you click on someones name,and it pulls them up theres three dots,in the upper right hand corner if you,click that itll give you the button,disconnect and it will remove you and,the person that you referred to be your,friend itll ask do you want to cancel,or confirm you hit confirm and then that,person is then gone for someone like me,whos referred a few people this is,gonna be a process for me to remove,everyone from my account but if you have,this social tab and you have maybe,referred 10 or 20 people go on there if,you dont want anyone peeping your,business go ahead and disconnect from,all those people and clear out this,social tab im hoping that by the time,thats done that youll a lot safer i,dont know how you could stock someone,with this unless you already knew like,exactly where they lived and exactly,which store locations they shopped at i,was not able to find any of that,information i use a multitude of,cashback apps and website extensions and,it has definitely been one of my,favorites because you can just snap any,receipt receipts on the ground receipts,from your friends and they just give you,points all willy-nilly and then bonus,points based on certain things that you,buy but they will give you points for,every receipt i did love their cash out,system as well they had so many,different things you could pick from,they had restaurants you could cash out,for as small as a three dollar amazon,gift card and ibotta is a 20 cash out so,it takes longer to get there in my,opinion not only do they do regular,stores like amazon and barnes noble bath,and body works cvs but they do,restaurants applebees texas roadhouse,hello the rolls hello texas roadhouse,rolls i mean come on if you know what,im saying hit that thumbs up button,they have a bunch of different ones they,have some fast food ones like burger,king california pizza kitchen i havent,been to one of those since high school i,think chipotle cold stone cracker barrel,dominos like all kinds of restaurant,things a couple of other ones that ive,always liked to cash out for are in the,travel section,they have airbnb gift cards which you,can combine on the website so you can,accumulate several and mush them,together into your account to stay at an,airbnb for cheaper you can do hotels.com,gift cards same deal you can combine,them together to get,cheap or free hotel rooms and uber i,just talked about this one i used,ubereats for the very first time ever,when we went to florida we were at the,hotel and i had an uber gift card from,years ago when i was planning a trip,somewhere and i didnt use it so its,just been sitting in my wallet and i was,like i wonder if i can use this for,ubereats and you can so i was able to,order what five guys using ubereats they,had some kind of discount i used my gift,card and it ended up being like five,dollars and they brought it right to my,hotel ubereats is the coolest thing ive,ever done ive never,ever had an issue cashing out gift cards,they come to my email within 20 minutes,often under three minutes even now i did,one yesterday because i was trying to,cash out a bunch of stuff that i had up,like i dont know if i want to use this,app anymore so i was just like trying to,cash them out and theyre still just,lickety-split running straight to my,email in a matter of minutes i suspected,in the first place that fetch rewards,was using this app to gather information,whether it was for marketing purposes,location based store purchases peoples,shopping habits perhaps it was linked to,facebook ads instagram ads youtube ads,and what to market towards you i wasnt,sure exactly what they were gonna do i,gotta say im pretty disappointed,that they would just create this social,tab with basically no warning i didnt,get an email i didnt get an update,saying that they were gonna do it and i,feel like thats not what people signed,up for its not what i signed up for,because it wasnt there i used it for,three years and that social tab was not,there so i dont really see the purpose,of it unless the only people that are on,your social tab are like your mom your,sister and your brother and your partner,or maybe your kids but i dont know,anyone who works like that anymore i,mean you make online friends you make,youtube friends you make instagram,friends maybe people at school that you,dont know very well this is from fetch,rewards in this latest release were,rolling out new social features that,bring the fetch fam closer than ever add,friends see their point activity and go,head-to-head in leaderboard challenges,and more its a whole new way to connect,with your crew i think this is the,dumbest thing,ever since when is a cashback app all,about a leaderboard challenging each,other to shop more like it just doesnt,make any sense to me i understand a,leaderboard at the gym who eats the most,vegetables in a day i understand the,leaderboard in mario kart this i do not,understand from fetch rewards effective,date december 6th 2021 blah blah blah,blah blah blah legalese,by using or accessing the services any,any manner you acknowledge and agree,to blah blah if you do not agree please,stop using our website and app i will,tell you that if you personally are,having a hard time with this you dont,want to go through and just disconnect,everyone stop using the app if you are,not comfortable with this i am going to,try and continue using it but also,disconnecting everybody and seeing what,happens i kind of want to give them a,chance like maybe they thought it was,going to go one way and totally,backfired and that i get like you want,to try something and it just blows up in,your face i want to see them move on,from this we collect the following,personal information from or about you,name birthday email billing address,shipping address telephone number photos,you provide and other information you,provide for digital receipts we collect,consumer account or email login,credentials,i dont know that i would do digital,receipts then friend information when,you refer a friend or participate in,social if a friend signs up us

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