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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review

and so their quest began,stranger of paradise final fantasy,origin asks and answers the question of,what the world of the first final,fantasy which came out in 1987 might,look like in 2022 its overly complex,story and one-dimensional npcs dont pay,off until the final hours but the,freedom available in its challenging,combat and extensive character,customization is consistently rewarding,from the start until and after the,credits roll its a love letter to its,own source material filled with,references and homages to the series,history that seemed designed to give,fans of any final fantasy something to,enjoy,similar to other stories that revolve,around a grand mystery stranger of,paradises plot had me theorizing and,scratching my head until the very final,moments when all is revealed in a very,satisfying way however stranger of,paradise misses the mark on its cast and,instead solely relies on its solid,action gameplay only offering vague,clues of whats going on and your party,of five run-of-the-mill characters,arent close to memorable enough to have,their names mentioned in the same breath,as final fantasy greats like cloud and,yuna and yet while the early hours of,the story did a poor job of keeping me,engaged especially as our main character,jack and his starting companions ash and,jed all revealed varying levels of,amnesia and constant deja vu it turned,out to be an effective build up the tail,end did the exact opposite by answering,all the questions i had however the easy,to miss collectibles that helped connect,the dots between the storylines assisted,my understanding of the ending and its,big reveals might not have resonated as,strongly for me if i hadnt had their,important context,while this isnt a direct remake of the,original final fantasy it thoroughly,reimagines many of its locations like,the city of cornelia where the first,adventure began and places like the,chaos shrine and the cavern of earth,dungeon have had new life breathed into,them by koei tecmos team ninja their,inspirations from other final fantasy,games too including plenty of great ones,i wont spoil for you its equal part a,treat and a puzzle for fans to discover,which game inspired them and in the,background there are new music,arrangements from other final fantasy,games that are sure to catch the ears of,long time fans graphically though even,on the ps5 hdr quality mode stranger of,paradise looks average most of the time,so i made the switch to performance mode,and never looked back the jump up to 60,frames per second makes dodging and,parrying much easier for my playstyle,and i was able to more reliably cancel,out of my abilities by swapping jobs to,extend my combos even further,all i care about is seeing chaos dead,stranger of paradise offers five,difficulty modes and the temptation of,higher level item drops led me to play,on hard on my first run it took me just,under 30 hours to roll credits and that,included undertaking a good number of,side missions unlocking job roles for,allies replaying missions in co-op doing,tons of inventory management constantly,upgrading loadouts and no small amount,of dying,especially when i was testing different,builds and multi-class combinations in,boss fights at this setting just about,every enemy posed a threat to my,survival from the lowly round worm that,turns into a wheel of purple flames to,the ever-deadly tonberries and their,lethal chefs knives theres even times,where my own carelessness allowed a,group of bats or skeletons to overwhelm,me its dangerous out there despite a,lot of obvious souls influence in its,combat style stranger of paradise is,actually pretty forgiving when it comes,to death you keep all of your experience,materials armor weapons and even,additional potions you might have found,and the ps5 speedy load times put you,back in the action almost immediately,death isnt without consequences though,you suffer a temporary decrease to your,maximum mp,which you need for nearly every combat,ability spells like firaga command,abilities like lightbringer and even,class-based combo abilities like a,dragoons jump all require mp to,function so theres an urgent need to,recover all six sections as soon as,possible thankfully mp can be recovered,in a few ways including depleting an,enemys break gauge to stun them and,finishing them off with a soul burst,check out some of these great finishing,move animations,a lot of the depth of combat comes from,experimenting with different builds for,jack and your ai control teammates there,are 28 in total each with their own,skill trees party members are limited to,one at a time but jack can equip two and,you can swap at any time so theres a,lot of room to experiment and find,combos that synergize well in your party,and creatively extend your combos mixing,and matching jobs leads to all kinds of,fun builds such as combining two glass,cannon mage jobs to build up your,intellect stat and make your spells hit,like well like a meteor,its a huge attic waiting to happen,my personal favorite is multi-classing,sage with dragoon with the combination,of black and white magic and high,mobility i was able to maneuver around,the battlefield with jump and poke down,enemies with short chains of rapid,attacks for good damage before,unleashing my devastatingly powerful,ultima spell,no matter what your build is jack can,absorb certain attack moves with a,properly timed soul shield and turn them,back on the enemy throwing a bombs fire,spell back at them is a really,satisfying way to fight fire with fire,as they say soul shield can also be used,in rapid succession ive managed to,parry entire laser beams from bosses,its pretty cool,combat and customization are strong but,stranger of paradises inventory,management system is on the weaker side,of things this game showers you with,loot and lets you know what rewards you,can earn in a mission from the jump,which makes loot hunting very efficient,but the problem is that equipment menu,doesnt have any filter options and when,you have 500 pieces of equipment and are,looking for a specific one to complement,your new build you end up spending a lot,of time looking at a menu there is a,shortcut to help gear up quickly but,its not the most effective tapping the,touchpad on a character will equip them,with all the highest level gear,available but it often wont be,beneficial to their specific class,for example you may wind up with mage,gear equipped on your tank if its the,highest level also you cant easily send,gear to your stash except for at,checkpoints in a level so if your bag,fills up youre forced to sift through,your inventory to discard the least,valuable pieces it just feels kind of,old school especially in a co-op game,where you dont want to be waiting,around for someone else to figure out,what to drop,it began as a collection of the loosest,of story ideas that seemed to go nowhere,but slowly but surely stranger of,paradise final fantasy origin pulled it,all together and managed to stick the,landing a solid and engaging action,combat system can be tuned to be as,challenging as it is rewarding coupled,with versatile character customization,that lets you mix and match from a dozen,of interchangeable jobs your character,fights how you see fit in single player,or up to three player co-op theres,significant room for improvement in the,tools it gives you to manage the,avalanche of gear that drops in every,mission but the nods to final fantasy,history littered throughout the levels,are enough to divert attention from that,sort of thing add in all the extra,challenges awaiting after finishing the,story and theres plenty of content to,sink your teeth into,the time to cast off the veil of,darkness,and bring the world once more into light,for more square enix games check out our,reviews on the enjoyable triangle,strategy or,babylons fall which is,not quite as good and for everything,else youre already in the right place,ign,[Music]

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin – Before You Buy

(logo beeps),- [Falcon] Were back with another episode,of Before You Buy,,the show where we give you some straight-up gameplay,and our first impressions of the latest games releasing.,Hi folks, its Falcon.,And they sent me in to do the dirty work,of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins.,You know,,the game with the guy who says “chaos” a lot.,- Chaos.,- [Falcon] This is a game that a lot of people,were skeptical about online.,And it also had a demo,that really wasnt particularly impressive,,but we still wanted to go into this one with an open mind,,because it was developed by Team Ninja,,and they made one of the best “Souls-like” games ever,,really both Nioh games.,So we did.,We went into it with an open mind,,and I wanted to like this game,,but Im sorry to say,,I came way disappointed.,Really everybody here did.,I mean, its not a total train wreck,like the trailers made it out to be,,but that wouldve been at least funnier.,What we actually got at its core Stranger Paradise,kind of feels like a bare bone version of Nioh,,with all of the flaws and actually few of its strengths.,And were starting off a little hot in this one,,but believe me,,theres a lot to get into, lets say.,So if you dont know,,the games pretty much exactly like Nioh.,It has a few additions,,but mostly subtractions.,And if youve played that game,,a lot of this is going to feel similar.,How the games structured,,is that you select a mission from the world map,,you travel through a mostly linear collection of corridors,while fighting various enemies,in a Soul style type of combat.,You collect a ton of random loot along the way,,then you fight a boss at the end of the level.,This formats not really deviated from,,except for a few missions,that are kind of cut scenes in disguise,,which doesnt sound so bad,,really, that would be a good formula if the game was great,,but there are a lot of problems here.,But first we will talk about what is positive.,The combat system, its great.,It feels good to control.,Its got satisfying power in every action.,Also the job systems a highlight as well.,It really smartly combines elements,of the weapon system from Nioh,with like a classic Final Fantasy job system.,Everything youd expect is here and accounted for.,You can be a warrior, a thief, a berserker,,a black mage, a dragoon…,Like its all here, and it actually works surprisingly well,in an action format.,You can tell they put a lot of work,into trying to get that right.,On top of the normal jobs,,you can eventually start to unlock advanced jobs,and expert jobs,,which come to be available after filling out skill trees,of multiple jobs before them,,which encourages you to experiment,with different play styles,as youre attempting to unlock everything.,Its a satisfying system,,and with the feel of the combat,,its one of my favorite things about this game.,That stuff works.,Another great thing about the game,,is that it has all these classic remixed tracks,from old Final Fantasy games.,Like, the music is mostly fantastic.,Yeah. I mean, youd expect that,from a Square Enix joint with one notable exception,,and this is a really unfortunate one.,The standard combat music,,it cant be overstated how annoying,it actually gets after a while.,Its one song, and it plays constantly.,Like pretty much all you do in this game,is engage in combat.,So it ends up drowning out,what is usually really great level specific music.,So if you want to hear that stuff,,you basically have to stop what youre doing,and just listen to the music,,which is annoying,,because, while theres a lot of awesome music,,youre not really gonna hear it,unless you go out of your way,,or just kind of stop and smell the roses and think,,”Ah, lets hear that soundtrack.”,,which I dont know,,Ive done in other Final Fantasy games.,Ive certainly parked plenty of them on the world map,and listen to the beautiful theme that was composed for it.,But this is not that,,this is you being stuck on one theme, basically.,One more positive I wanna mention,,its kinda more for, like big, Final Fantasy fans,,particularly ones that have roots that go way back,in the series,,like I played the original Final Fantasy I, for instance,,but its kind of a thrill to see,some of the classic monsters animated,and moving around in an action game.,Like pretty much every enemy is based off,something from a Final Fantasy game.,So you see a Tonberry from Marlboro,,you see them move around,,they fight you in an action setting.,Its cool.,It might just be a me thing,,but I have a feeling its not…,Unfortunately, thats kind of where the positives end.,Its not totally terrible from here on out,,but Ill warn you,,its not great.,Lets just get this out of the way.,The story is very stupid, like very stupid.,Right from the start,,It seems like the developers,kind of want to disorient you as much as possible,with a random jumble of nearly,incoherent scenes and sequences,,including this laughable needle drop,of Frank Sinatras “My Way.”,It was in the trailers, and its in the game too.,And despite what, you know,,sometimes trailers do,,once you had the context of the game,,it doesnt make more sense.,You would think it would, but it doesnt.,So once you get past all that nonsense,,you quickly see that the story,just doesnt have much going on.,Like basically you play as Jack,,a guy with amnesia, and man,,he does not like chaos.,Hes got a few teammates,,that dont do a lot for most the story,,and while it is supposedly a reinterpretation,of Final Fantasy I The Story,,narratively, it just feels like a remake.,Most of the story, its just teleporting,from one dungeon to another,,to restore four corrupted crystals.,And while in the 1980s,,that functioned as a story for a video game,,its pretty boring now.,And you have to get all the way to the end of the game,before the really bonkers twist start happening.,And while theyre definitely unintentionally funny,,nothing that happens is crazy enough,to really justify the boring filler before it,,and thats the kind of frustrating thing about this game.,It really just feels like filler.,Level design is pretty much ugly,and uninteresting across the board.,Once in a while,,theres something maybe a little more visually interesting,,but for the most part,,youre running around narrow and close hallways,that connect to larger rooms with monster fights,and thats about it.,Some of these places are straight up ugly to look at,,to a step backwards,,compared to Team Ninjas previous games.,Which is frustrating,,because you have the great jobs/weapon system,with great combat,,but one of the most important things,of a Soul style game, is the level design.,Like having an interesting world to explore,is what makes these games work.,And this game totally falls flat at that.,Like theres not really anything,interesting to find.,Theres some chest you can find off the beaten path,,but the loots randomize and the level of stuff you gets,,depending on which stage youre in.,So it doesnt even really feel,like a big deal to go get that,,and it really becomes a serious problem fast.,The loot, its bad.,Simple as that.,Its got the same system as Nioh,where you collect a metric ton of random armor and weapons,you can saw it on your character,,but now instead of just having one character to equip,,you have five.,I tried to engage with the system at first,,but the constant, they lose of stuff,,combined with the amount of characters you have,,makes it just way too tedious to keep up with.,I kind of just gave up,and started pressing optimize equipment,and calling it a day.,It wouldnt be so bad,if your character wasnt so dependent on their gear,,but they are, like I said, so dependent their gear.,Heres the real problem.,Your guys dont level up in the traditional sense.,Instead, you can increase your job level up,to like level 30, but thats it.,And pretty much every improvement you can unlock,from the job skill tree,,either unlocks moves or improves your class skills somehow.,If you actu

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Stranger Of Paradise Review: Final Fantasy In Another Light

in this stranger of paradise review,were going to dive into the upcoming,action rpg which is a reimagination of,what happened in the original final,fantasy 1 game stranger of paradise,final fantasy origin features familiar,mechanics that fans of the final fantasy,franchise will immediately recognize but,this isnt the games only selling point,in fact its developed by team ninja who,are known for their popular neo series,is the game ultimately worth getting,into on march 18th well answer this,question and more,stranger of paradise takes place in the,same time frame as final fantasy 1. if,youve played this then youll feel,nostalgic when you come across,characters youve met before there are,also notable locations or dungeons such,as the chaos shrine which is the very,first dungeon in final fantasy as well,as the kingdom of cornelia but dont,expect to experience the exact same,storyline since this iteration takes on,a much darker tone and there are key,details that differentiate it from its,predecessor and if youre on the other,side and stranger paradise is your,introduction to final fantasy then,youre in for a treat the game isnt,confusing so you wont be left out as a,player in stranger paradise you mainly,play as jack together with your,companions as a group youre known as,the warriors of light whose ultimate,goal is to defeat the enigmatic chaos,the villain in the first game and the,darkness he brings forth right from the,get-go jack is accompanied by ash and,jed but as you progress further youll,meet other characters who have the same,mission as you,now these warriors carry dark crystals,which represent the four basic elements,of life namely fire wind earth and water,according to a prophecy and on top of,hunting down chaos they must come,together to convert these from darkness,to light doing so will cleanse the,people of cornelia and eventually bring,about peace in the kingdom however this,task isnt simple in fact strangers as,they are called have perished on several,missions while searching for these,crystals as a result their loved ones,who are left behind cant help but sow,hatred and disdain to those around them,can jack and the three warriors restore,hope in the hearts of many or will they,also succumb to chaos and that awaits,the story of stranger paradise is uneven,because the dialogue can become cheesy,and cliche at times but it does get,better when you progress further this is,the case when you start unlocking,memories of the fallen strangers which,also let you gain access to side,missions upon completion you not only,level up your jobs and acquire better,equipment but you also unlock jacks,memories thereby granting additional,combat maneuvers furthermore there are,lore notes such as fools missives to,expand the story by providing details on,the locations you explore and the bosses,you go up against similar to other final,fantasy games you wont be able to make,choices in conversations to change an,outcome a relationship with another,character,rather everything is literally presented,to you when you move from one dungeon or,mission to the next via the world map,reaching certain milestones such as,defeating bosses will unlock cinematics,to move the plot forward,moreover the exploration part of the,game isnt striking in any way finding,your way from point a to point b is the,goal for every new location you venture,into sure there are secret passages here,and there and sometimes you have to go,back to where you initially came from,but apart from these i didnt feel the,need to revisit and redo a mission,simply because i felt attached to it you,go there complete the mission and more,importantly acquire amazing loot lastly,character development isnt as immersive,and emotional and stranger a paradise so,much so that jacks interaction with the,rest of his cast could definitely be,improved however the game makes a strong,comeback when it comes to the gameplay,in combat,which ill be discussing next,stranger of paradise doesnt have a,character creation menu and instead,youre catapulted into the world right,after your first encounter with tmf,in the bright open fields which are also,known as a desperate struggle mission,youre taught the basics of combat and,the ways to wield your weapons correctly,note that you can keep going back to,this practice area every time you,discover a new type of weapon to learn,its corresponding playstyle what makes,stranger paradise incredibly exciting,and fresh are the numerous jobs and,skills that you have at your disposal in,fact in the first few missions of the,game i couldnt help but try out these,jobs every time i picked up a new weapon,who doesnt want to immediately become a,menacing ronin who slaughters enemies up,close or what about a destructible mage,with the advantage of dealing range,damage there are so many possibilities,and builds you can come up with,considering that you can equip two jobs,at the same time there are approximately,30 classes comprised of basic advanced,and expert jobs the way this system,works is youre able to freely swap,between them depending on the type of,weapon you will for instance if you wish,to become a samurai you must equip a,katana swapping jobs is neos equivalent,of the combat stance system in that you,can completely change your playstyle,depending on the classes you choose,essentially youre able to cast spells,and deal magic damage on one hand and,then slash enemies up close to inflict,physical damage on the other in order to,level up the associated job trees of,these classes youre going to have to,wear their respective gear and fights as,well as attack and slay enemies with,them if youre trying to become a,warrior youll have to unlock the,advanced job for both the swordsman and,ronin trees so you should opt to fight,with the greatsword and katana,respectively while equipping armor tied,to their affinities the higher your job,level is the greater your job points,will be these points can then be spent,on passives to enhance your damage on,top of active abilities to learn new and,deadlier moves note that youre not,limited to investing in every node,before you can unlock a new job stranger,paradise features a flexible system in,which you can skip a node even if its,connected to the one youve been meaning,to get to so you can opt not to maximize,the level of say the lancer before you,become a dragoon or monk as such youre,able to gain access to advanced jobs,much quicker allowing for better,specialization and combo abilities,stranger of paradises combat is,exhilaratingly fun and challenging,without being painful despite,comparisons to souls like titles its,still more forgiving and accessible than,games like neo and bloodborne for,example the main reason for this is that,progression carries over even after,death so theres no currency such as,ambrito or souls to chase after which,means that youre not at their mercy to,improve your attributes instead you have,to rely on farming for better gear and,investing in job notes this isnt to say,that combat is easy nor average either,especially when facing brutal bosses in,these cases you have to study their,movements while being quick on your feet,otherwise youll go down in a matter of,seconds,similar to neo there are rest spots,called cubes which let you restore your,hp mp and health potions this also,results in enemies respawning so if you,have to go back to where you came from,youll need to face them once again in,encounters you can evade guard parry and,counter incoming attacks as many times,as you want because theres no stamina,bar to manage instead you need to be,cautious about your break gauge which,works similar to how it does in neo if,youve been attacked multiple times in,quick succession resulting in a,completely depleted brake gauge youll,be immobile for a couple of seconds and,your max mp will plummet this makes you,extremely vulnerable to attacks,especially against highly agile,creatures and it can lead to your,downfall while the br

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review

final fantasy spin-off games are,numerous and much like the namesake of,the main series itself will never be,final the latest in these experiments is,strangers of paradise final fantasy,origin a quick note up front all the,game footage youre about to see was,captured from my playstation 5. the,concept of it follows jack garland and,his small band of friends as they travel,the land to kill chaos,everything takes place within the world,of final fantasy one sort of ill get to,that during this jack and his companions,can choose jobs find new equipment and,mercilessly pummel every enemy before,them before fighting a boss its easy to,compare its combat to something like any,dark souls game or elden ring but that,would not be accurate if you know of,team ninjas previous games neo or neo2,then strangers of paradise is much more,like that running on the same engine,every job has a standard attack that can,be followed up by a special skill making,a combo ability you can block parry,dodge roll and cast magic spells which,uses up your magic points alongside,combo abilities strangers of paradise,also features a break gauge a yellow bar,representing your stamina of sorts it,depletes when blocking some attacks will,permanently reduce it for the remainder,of that battle and it also allows you to,soul parry using soul parry drains your,own brake gauge but also allows you to,negate an enemys attack increasing your,maximum mp bar and sometimes allows you,to steal the enemy ability to use right,back at them i found myself using this,the most as it makes the shield parry,redundant it rewards timing for parries,paying attention to enemy signaling and,knowing when to just absorb an ability,when your brake gauge is reduced to zero,you are put into a stunned state for,several seconds when an enemys break,gauge goes to zero you can do elaborate,finisher animations where they explode,into bloody crystals this allows for a,faster execution and rewards you with,the substantial recharge of magic points,and during boss fights you can take out,entire halves of health bars by going,for the break instead of whittling down,their hit points these boss fights in,particular are frantic engaging and,require a lot more studying of their,movements before diving in these are,needed refreshing encounters as there is,a notable lack of enemy variety youll,see the same robots and ogres numerous,times in the combat is great its a lot,of fun i really enjoy trying out,different jobs mixing abilities and,using soul parry to stay ahead in boss,fights and the best part about alibit is,that its three player co-op thats how,i played throughout the entirety of the,game i had a lot of fun with my friends,as we were comboing together and,changing jobs to supplement each others,play styles all of that was great,that said if youre gonna be playing on,three player make sure you switch to,hard mode,if youre going to be playing single,player however your ai companions are,nigh worthless they hardly attack or do,anything helpful theyre not even good,at being a target for enemies for a,brief moment you have no means of,changing their behaviors or parameters,and their choice of playable jobs are,incredibly restrictive you can activate,them into more aggressive modes which,lasts all of 10 seconds and even then is,hardly reliable if you can,co-op is the way to go,thankfully your character is incredibly,customizable to an almost excessive,degree there are a few dozen different,job classes to play us as you level,those up you can access new combo,abilities passive traits and unlock,advanced jobs they all have their own,merit are worth experimenting with and,you can have two equipped at any time,allowing you to further mix and,supplement each one between the jobs and,the different weapon types available for,each there is a lot of variety in the,way you want to play and tons of armor,for variety in the way you look which,youll have tons of different armor,pieces to choose from because strangers,of paradise is an absolute loot fest you,are constantly picking up new weapons,and armor all the time it gets to be,overburdening and irritating youll end,any given level with having picked up,over a hundred pieces of new equipment,to give an idea of how much that is you,have a maximum inventory size of 500,things after three levels i was almost,full and things were sent to storage,which has a maximum size of,4500. it is a constant struggle of,similarly named items being of different,rarity for only slightly different stats,but having widely different job affinity,and all while trying to not look,completely stupid i felt like i was in,menus looking at all the new crap i,picked up more than actually playing the,game for such a smooth action game with,fluid combat it is perforated with,sifting through menus trying to discern,what loadout is better for you and then,giving up and slapping the automatic,optimize button resigning to the,suboptimal is a dangerous theres always,that hope that enduring all of that its,worth it if the story is good,it isnt its really,really stupid the most disappointing,part of it all is that it isnt as memey,or so bad its funny as people were,expecting what with the constant hate,boner for killing chaos every single cut,scene is so disjointed that it can be,hard to follow along and character,interactions bear no resemblance to,human speech you could tell me the,entire game was written by a rogue ai,and i would believe you none of the,party members show any kind of emotion,that isnt grimaced out of a stunted,cutscene and even bantered during battle,falls entirely flat devoid of any charm,they were hoping to infuse none of the,supporting cast boasts any kind of real,personality trait and main character,jacks personality can be described as,the kind of guy that rips his shirt off,when he takes a the whole point of,the game the final fantasy origin is so,painfully telegraphed that they,basically put no effort in hiding its,twist if you could call it that in the,marketing of the game itself but,strangers of paradise does fanservice,well there are 15 levels and while each,level is a location from the world of,final fantasy 1 each location is,designed after a notable area from every,single mainline final fantasy game,youll see the chaos shrine all right,but youll also see a mako reactor king,wrathwalls tomb the crystal tower the,music theyre in is not necessarily,straight remixes of said games but their,musical motifs are prominent and as a,longtime fan i gotta admit it works on,me there is a bit of a post game but,its basically a harder difficulty,setting and new enemy rush levels where,you can get even higher level equipment,with the promise of a battle pass and,future dlc im hoping there are some,more worthwhile areas to explore since,way too much of the final fantasy one,world went completely ignored after,finishing in about 25 hours i had no,desire to play more because i dont get,much enjoyment out of the constant rain,of loot just to sift through it just to,see if my numbers go up ultimately,thats what strangers of paradise is,about getting stuff finding some,equipment then finding higher level,equipment seeing numbers go up its a,familiar formula popularized by games,like destiny or borderlands or even,squaring his own marvels avengers the,combat is great and a lot of fun but,that driving loop of just trying to get,new stuff so you can get higher item,levels,thats not enough to retain attention,strangers of paradise final fantasy,origin earns a 7 out of 10. if you play,it single player it can be tiresome,especially if youre not used to the,loot best kind of game its an easy,recommendation if you play at co-op,though which all in all for a final,fantasy spin-off game,its one of the better ones,the past leap scores behind ignore them,are you chaos

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Review “Buy, Wait, Never Touch?

من الغريب أن أصل الخيال النهائي من الجنة سيأتي قريبًا ، هذا مشروع,مشترك من ألعاب tecmo وفريق النينجا إذا كنت قد تساءلت يومًا ما إذا كنت تريد,لعبة لعب الأدوار ممزوجة بحركات المصارعة الجديدة ، فهذه الإجابة هنا,في هذه المراجعة وإذا كنت تريد لم أتساءل أبدًا أنه لا يزال هناك بعض,المعلومات في هذه المراجعة ، ترقبوا معاينة ghostwire tokyo التي ستأتي,اليوم أيضًا ، كما اشترك في ACG لمزيد من الدودة الحوريّة المكسورة الخلفية,suplexen skeleton .,لطالما كنت أفكر في الأقوال المأثورة ، إنها,قصة مجنونة لشخصيات فرقة الفتيان عادةً فوق السحر,والأسماء اللطيفة تمامًا لديك كل ذلك هنا ولكن في غضون الدقائق الـ 15 الأولى بدأت أتساءل عما,إذا كانت الجنة الغريبة هي بطريقة ما أبشع لعبة ذات مظهر رائع . لقد رأينا,الجنة من أي وقت مضى إما توهج ps2 أو ps5 القرموط بنسب ملحمية يبدو,وكأن الخيال النهائي يأخذ جوهره الفني من مزيج من dmc و,Final Fantasy ومقاطع موقعها من ألعاب السلالة المحاربين وفي كثير,من الأحيان ليست الأفضل منها الآن سنتحدث أولاً عن بعض,الأشياء الجيدة مع الكثير من الوظائف في اللعبة والتي تعني أيضًا الكثير من الإفراط في -,مهارات حركية وسحر كل شخصية لها العديد من الهجمات المدهشة مما يعني أنه حتى أكثر لعبة Slug,-a-thon منخفضة المستوى تبدو رائعة حيث يتم استدعاء التعويذات,داخل وخارج وتتجاهل الشخصيات المختلفة الدفاع وتقول,إنها تدور في دوائر طوال الوقت الذي تقاتل فيه قرصانًا,يقرر أن يضربك بفأس عملاق بدلاً من أن تعرف السيوف أو التمويه أو,أيًا كان ما هو عشوائي ، وبغض النظر عن كل ذلك عندما يكون الأمر جيدًا ، فإن,هذه الأجزاء ممتازة ، أحفر الرسوم المتحركة و التعويذات والكثير من,الأعداء وتقريبًا جميع حركات النهاية هذه تشبه,نهايات الكومبات المميتة القصيرة وتسمى رشقات نارية وأريد أن أعرف كيف,ذهب اجتماع التطوير هذا فعليًا كان على شخص ما أن يسير في,الاجتماع و يا رفاق ماذا سيحدث إذا حاولنا تحويل,روبوت بيغاسوس الغاضب إلى نيزك هز الجميع وقالوا لنكتشف ذلك ونبرمجته ،,وهذا في الواقع أحد أكثر حركات القتل اللطيفة في اللعبة,وإذا وجدت ذلك المطور الخاص هناك ، سأعطيهم قبضة,ولكن بالنسبة للعبة تقوم على عدة مرات العودة إلى المواقع للمهام الجانبية,، هل نقوم بمهمة رئيسية مع وظيفة جديدة تم اختيارها ، المواقع سيئة ، أعني,أنها سيئة من كونها فارغة غرف القلعة مع بلورة واحدة بالداخل إلى نفس,الكهوف مع بعض البراميل في غرفة واحدة ثم بعض الأثاث المنقط في غرفة,أخرى لا معنى لها حول مكانها ، تشعر وكأن شخصًا,ما لم يتذكر حرفيًا وضع أي شيء في رقم من بين هذه,المواقع ، من الجنون أنها تؤدي بالفعل إلى خفض اللعبة بأكملها ولكن ليس,بنفس القدر الذي يقرره من قرر تشغيل وضع الأداء على,Playstation 5 مثل 5p وليس 500p ولكن دقة 5p ، والمقايضة للحصول على,fps أعلى هي proba bly لن تفعل ذلك لكثير من الناس ، هذا,شيء تقريبي سترغب في التحقق منه هو وضع الأداء العالي الآن,حوالي 30 إطارًا في الثانية ولكن لا يزال من الصعب جدًا أن يقال إن جزءًا كبيرًا من,اللعبة هو الوظائف إنها تمايز مذهل عن بعضها البعض ، كل,وظائف اللعبة البالغ عددها 27 لها حركاتها وقدراتها الخاصة التي تقدم,هذا التغيير الهائل وكيف تبدو كل معركة ، يمكنك الانتقال إلى نفس,المستوى وحتى مجرد التبديل بين زوجين يعتمدان على السيف اكتب,الشخصيات في اللعبة وستبدو تلك المعارك مختلفة تمامًا,كحزمة عالية الدقة أو ليست المظهر القتالي للعبة وتشعر بالبراعة,والفريدة من نوعها في كل مهمة ، إنها مجرد محاصرة في بعض من أكثر المهام,مملة و 1-2-3 تصميم المستوى الذي رأيته منذ وقت طويل ،,لكن ربما خطوات الصوت,هناك ، يمكنني أن أشعر به,، ولا بد لي من الاستمرار في البحث وأنت تعرف ما لا داعي للقلق بشأن,شخص ما يشكو من الصوت البيئي إذا لم تفعل ر تمتلك أي لعبة بالفعل,وهذه اللعبة لا تمتلك في معظم الأحيان,بشكل رئيسي ما ستسمعه هو الهجمات منك ومن الأعداء,وهي تعمل بشكل جيد لتوجيه ثلاثي الأبعاد ، فهي ليست الأفضل ولكنها تعمل على,الهجمات والأعداء لديهم أصواتهم الخاصة كما تتوقع ، تحب ذلك,الحفيف والسوء الراقي اللذين اعتدنا عليهما في هذا النوع من ألعاب السلاشر,التي ضربوها بشكل موثوق في هذا الطرف الأعلى مما يترك الطرف السفلي ضعيفًا بعض الشيء لأن,العديد من هذه الأنواع من الألعاب تنتهي دائمًا عند القيام بذلك ، لديهم سبب هنا,لأن الكثير من التعويذات تنتهي في النهاية بضرب هذا النوع المنخفض من,التردد وهذا يساعدها على فصل كل شيء,لوقت طويل على الرغم من أن الأصوات واحدة فقط خط ، انتظر يا فوضى,وأحيانًا لقطة لجزء من الثانية من وجه كل شخصية ، لديهم بعض,الخطوط الفردية عندما تخوض معركة ولكن أحد الأشياء التي,لاحظتها هو ما إذا كان هناك سطر واحد يحدث حول شيء ما في المنطقة المحلية,كل ج يبدو أن haracter يقول إنهم لا يغيرون شيئًا ما قيل,في تلك المنطقة بالذات والذي بدا غريبًا بعض الشيء من الناحية الموسيقية ، هذه,اللعبة ربما ليست كذلك بالنسبة لي ، إنها علاقة خيالية إلى حد ما على غرار الخيال ولكن,لا شيء حقًا أكتب في المنزل عن لا شيء من القطع أشعر حقًا أن,هناك شيئًا أرغب في لعبه معظم الوقت وبسبب,الطريقة التي تنبثق بها اللعبة من المعركة وخروجك منها ، في كثير من الأحيان,ليس لديها أي وقت لتقديم نفسها و الحصول على أساس ملموس ولكنك,تعرف ما قد يكون كل هذا لأنهم أمضوا كل هذا الوقت في,اللعب وهذا ما سنتحدث عنه بعد ذلك,وكما قلت في بداية هذا الخيال النهائي لم يكن,خفيًا حقًا ، لذا عندما تظهر كل شخصيات البداية مع,صخور حيواناتهم الأليفة المهتزة ثم نتوء القبضة في دائرة تعلمون أن سعي اللعبة,لإنقاذ العالم من الفوضى ربما لن يبتعد كثيرًا عن أنه,لن يحصل على قدر كبير مزيد من التفاصيل القصة تجعلك تتحرك في,عالم آخذ في الاتساع وتتخذ من كلا الجانبين والمهمات الرئيسية مع الإشارة إلى,الصعوبة مقارنة بمتوسط ​​مستوى سلاحك حتى تتمكن بسهولة من رؤية المكان الذي تقف فيه عندما,يتعلق الأمر بالتحدي التالي الذي يمكنني الاستمرار فيه,القصة لكنني لن أفعل ذلك لأنها ملأتنا جميعًا ، قد تعجبك يا رفاق ، ولكن,حتى كخيال أخير ، لم أشترك حقًا في,القصة لأنني أردت شراء نظام القتال كان هذا من صنع فريق,النينجا ، وهو نظام قتالي جيد في هذا النوع من الألعاب يمكن أن,يحصل على الرغم من بعض المشكلات التي سأتحدث عنها في الساعة الأولى ، ضربت حصانًا بجسده,ثم رفعت حوريًا فوق رأسي ثم كسرته مرة أخرى مثل كنت أقوم بتوجيه lex,luthor ، كما لو كان كل شخص في اللعبة يشاهد مصارعة جديدة قبل,مجيئهم إلى العمل كل يوم ، يريد نظام القتال في هذه اللعبة تمامًا,أن تشعر بالراحة على الأقل وهو يقوم بعمل جيد جدًا لأنه مزيج من,القفاز فاز-إم-شكا وأن د جا أنا الذي امتص العام الماضي وإلى حد ما في بعض,الأحيان تذكرنا بعناوين مثل ثلاث ممالك خاصة في حركتك ولكن,الخصوصيات والتعقيدات والعدد الهائل من الخيارات في,نظام القتال التجريبي هو بالضبط ما يحتاجه هذا النوع من الألعاب في هذا,النوع ما أعنيه اسمحوا لي أن أشرح جزءًا بسيطًا من هذا ،,فلنخرج الأساسيات من طريقة كل هجوم له سماته الفردية,مثل الضربة والثقب والسحر المتقطع هو عنصر الرياح ، والثلج ، والثلج,، والماء ، والبرق ، والماء المقدس والظلام ، وكل عدو بالطبع يمكن أن يكون ضعيف أو قوي,ضد هذه الأشياء وبالطبع الهجمات نفسها ضعيفة وقوية ، فإن,مقياس الكسر هو مقياس يتتبع مدى اقترابك من الذهول تمامًا,في اللعبة لدرء الضرر بالطبع يمكنك الاندفاع بعيدًا أو التدحرج على الرغم من أن,التدحرج لا تقدم أي إطارات مناعة وهذا مكان واحد حيث يتم تشغيل لعبة,Soul Counter والتي لا تتيح لك سرقة قدرات الأعداء الخاصة فقط,إذا قمت بالرد بشكل صحيح ولكن أيضًا اكتسبت mp النقاط التي تعود بشكل أسرع عندما يضربها الأعداء,، تستخدم نفس الشريط مثل مقياس الكسر الخاص بك على الرغم من أنه من,الخطأ المفاجئ والازدهار ، فأنت تقريبًا قد أذهلت بالفعل الوقت الذي,يذهل العدو أو كما قلت يمكنك سرقةهم خاصة منهم واستخدامها,ضدهم أو ضد أعداء آخرين ، يمكن أيضًا أن يفاجأ باختراق,عدادهم وإذا قمت بذلك ، يمكنك الاندفاع وسحب حركات انفجار الروح هذه وهو,بالضبط ما يبدو وكأنك تمسكهم بحركة مجنونة و ثم,تمتلئ أجسادهم بالبلورات الحمراء وتنفجر ، إنها أداة إنهاء إذا,تم إنشاء كومبات بشري من قبل قزم كان يحب الياقوت ، ولا أعرف ما إذا كان هذا,منطقيًا ، ولا أعتقد أنه منطقي ولم يجربوه أبدًا إلى,لكنها تبدو رائعة بشكل رائع ، وإذا لم يكن كل ذلك كافيًا ، يمكنك أيضًا الدخول,في معركة مع فئتين من شخصيتك ، يمكنك التبديل بينهما حسب,الرغبة وتعرف ما الذي يمتلكه كلاهما من مقاييس استراحة مختلفة تمامًا حتى,تتمكن من إلغاء إجراء التبديل إلى فئة مختلفة ولديها,مقياس كسر مختلف لذلك بسرعة أكبر ، خاصةً إذا كنت تفهم,النظام الفعلي نفسه ، لذا فإن تبديلها هو حقًا فكرة رئيسية من نوع معركة الرؤساء,وتكتيك ، يمكن أن يكون الفرق بين فريقك من الناخرين والأذين,يموتون وإعادة المحاولة أو التصميم والتنميط وهذا يشبه,ربع الوظائف ، حقيقة أن كل ما قلته للتو يمكن أن يتأثر,بالقدرات الأخرى التي يفعلها زملاؤك في الفريق ، على سبيل المثال القدرات التي يمكن أن تكون لديك,هذه القدرات القيادية جاهزة للاستخدام في حالة حصولك على في مشكلة كبيرة إذا,استدعت قدرة اللمس ، فإنها تزيد من الضرر الذي تتعرض له والأضرار التي تحدث ، ولكن إذا قمت,بدمج ذلك مع سلاح الدم ، فإن قوة حصانك ستزداد اعتمادًا على مقدار الضرر,الذي تفعله لتبديل عملية التفكير

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review

ahead of its release stranger of,paradise final fantasy origin drew a lot,of jokes on the internet because of its,angry protagonist jack spending all his,time in the games pre-release trailers,talking about how desperately he wanted,to kill chaos he just would not shut up,about chaos and it was funny because we,had no context for what that even meant,but playing the full game provides,little in the way of extra information,to explain jacks chaos rage at least,not until well into the games 25,hour-ish run time in fact for the first,few hours jack is literally walking up,to every boss monster at the end of,every level to ask are you chaos,the confusion around jack and chaos is a,microcosm of the strange and sometimes,bewildering take on final fantasy that,is stranger of paradise this game is,part remake part reimagining and part,new chapter for the original final,fantasy from way back in 1987 but its a,version of final fantasy with a lot of,final fantasy strained out whats left,is a streamlined version of the,venerated rpg series that is often a,blast to play thanks to its excellent,and varied combat mechanics and is also,perplexing as hell on nearly every level,stranger of paradise takes the usual,final fantasy formula of battling,monsters gathering gear exploring a vast,world and uncovering a lengthy story and,strips away almost everything that isnt,related to combat this is final fantasy,as a loot game where your strength is,dictated by the quality and rarity of,your weapons and armor every time you,enter a mission you get a rundown of the,rewards youll receive by completing it,along with their numerical strength,levels just about every enemy you face,is a pinata filled with new boots and,swords and hats this is a game where you,grind for gear rather than experience,points as in a traditional rpg stranger,of paradise mixes a brand of the,fast-paced action rpg battle system of,the series other recent not quite remake,final fantasy vii remake with,hard-hitting enemies and a focus on,parrying enemy attacks its a cliche to,compare everything to dark souls but the,inspiration of the souls-like approach,is clearly at play in stranger of,paradise and that elevates the combat,you have to take every enemy seriously,lest a small group of simple bats beat,the living hell out of you as happened,to me again and again and again,throughout the game you need to learn,how to read attacks so you can guard,parry or dodge them as the situation,dictates and everything from a looming,behemoth to a lowly goblin is a major,threat while its worth noting that,theres a more chill story mode that,makes combat significantly easier the,strength of enemies on the normal and,hard difficulties helps make fighting,fun thats because you have a lot of,tools at your disposal and youll have,to use all of them and that goes double,for its often massive intense boss,fights stranger of paradises main,mechanic is the soul shield an ability,that you can use to absorb most incoming,attacks but with a short timer attached,that leaves you vulnerable if it runs,out when an enemy attacks activating,your soul shield parries them away while,giving you magic points youll use mp,for everything from casting magic spells,to executing powerful melee combos that,means you need to be aggressive getting,into the thick of fights baiting out,attacks and parrying them to power your,own abilities successful parries help,lower your enemys brake meter which,runs parallel to the meter dictating,their health empty the brake meter on,your foes and theyll be stunned opening,them up to a brutal finisher in which,jack magically crystallizes the foe from,the inside out and then shatters them in,a big explosion finishers eliminate,enemies with a flourish damage any other,foes close by when you use it and,increase your total mp gauge during the,current mission soul shield can also,sometimes absorb enemy attacks storing,them for a bit to use yourself when a,wind elemental casts an arrow spell at,you your soul shield can catch it,protecting you from damage and allowing,you to throw it back at your foes,that alone would be a really cool,incentive to learn attacks and practice,the timing to parry them but with the,brake gauge and the finishers you have,an excess of reasons to get good at the,games parry system and its always,rewarding to do so the drawback of the,soul shield is that if you mistime a,parry and an attack hits you jack will,be staggered and very vulnerable for a,couple of seconds to counter that,limitation you have a normal guard that,cuts down on damage received so fights,often start with you guarding to learn,an enemys capabilities then breaking,out the soul shield once you get more,comfortable so you can let loose with,your best moves there are a whole lot of,those moves to keep track of though at,times stranger paradise benefits from,all that variety at others it can be way,too dense the game functions on a,variation of final fantasys job system,in which you choose a certain job for,jack that comes with a specific approach,to combat allows him to equip specific,types of armor and weapons and unlocks,specific moves the fun part about all,this is that there are a bunch of jobs,giving you a variety of combat options,to explore each with their own central,gimmicks and weapons leveling up one job,almost always lets you unlock a new one,including advanced and expert level jobs,that are more specialized you can also,equip two jobs at a time each with its,own set of armor and weapons and quick,swap between them so if the situation,dictates that you need overwhelming,force you can use jacks swordsman job,to slice through the opposition if,youre fighting elemental enemies a,quick swap to the mage job lets you,blast enemies with water or fire spells,and take advantage of their weaknesses,you can also use some gears job,affinity stat to gain bonuses from a job,even if its not currently equipped,apart from managing jacks job and gear,you can also select from a few jobs for,your party members but the customization,is much more limited you also cant,control any of your allies directly in a,fight apart from using a special ability,that makes them a little fiercer every,so often,[Music],all the customization lets you tune jack,to fight in a lot of different ways if,it sounds like a deluge of junk to keep,track of though it is and thats where,stranger of paradise can falter there,are so many combos affinities jobs,stances and command abilities that you,can easily lose track of them and once,you find a comfortable job and a few,effective combos you probably wont want,to mess with a good thing it can also be,punishing to switch jobs as you move,through missions because unleveled jobs,make you weaker than leveled ones so if,youre facing a tough mission for which,youre under-leveled the game pushes,against experimentation theres also,so much gear that youll find yourself,constantly swimming in menus each,character uses specific weapons and,armor and all the weapons and armor have,different upshots and downsides along,with the rarity levels and job,affinities and some even unlock special,combos about halfway through my run i,just started hitting the optimize button,on the gear menu whenever i picked up,some significant piece of equipment,which felt like roughly every five to,ten steps theres also a crafting system,for upgrading your gear but the flood of,new equipment is so fast and furious,that it never really made sense to amp,up my equipment if i was just going to,replace it in the next mission or even,in the next fight the games majority,focus on combat means stranger of,paradise mostly foregoes traditional rpg,aspects like visiting merchants,exploring towns or getting to know minor,characters but that streamlining hides,the fact that stranger of paradise is,still a very story focused game even if,its approach to story is kind of bizarre,jack and his friends overwhelming desire,to defeat chaos is confusing but thats,part of

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],the darkness corrupting them causes,fires to rage,winds to die,cease to languish and earth to decay,the people are lost,and scarce little light remains in their,hearts,[Music],right so you want us to do something,about the darkness clouding the crystals,indeed,will you accept,what about chaos,rekindle the light of the crystals,and you shall win the right claim youve,slain chaos,[Music],if the vague open-ended nature and pure,challenge of modern games arent really,your thing or you just want a very,different flavor of action rpg then,theres a strong possibility that,stranger of paradise final fantasy,origin is a game that youll enjoy,like many action games from the ps2 era,all the way to those who owe a lot of,their gameplay design cues to the souls,games stranger of paradise takes its,immediately familiar set of action game,systems and delivers a fun game with big,weapons tons of loot and little reason,to care about its story despite final,fantasy lore being nestled somewhere in,the dna of stranger of paradise you,wouldnt really notice that by playing,it i dont really find that to be an,issue though even mainline final fantasy,games havent resembled what the series,was back when it was in single digits,for a long time now so all bets are off,at this point anyway might as well,experiment with everything you can i,guess what this reimagining of the,original game brings to the table is a,far more linear journey where levels are,divided up characters are fairly simple,and compelling narrative moments are few,and far between striving for more,upgrades to your weapon affinity of,choice or keeping your eyes peeled for,the perfect addition to your outfit are,all things that youve seen before but,are still done well enough here using,your wealth of gear to spec out your,teammates in particular can really,change up the team-based combat in some,interesting ways but the combat in,particular is probably the high point of,the gameplay you have basic attacks,heavy abilities mapped to r2 and a list,of commands that can be accessed with l2,plus the corresponding face button this,is something borrowed from somewhat more,modern action games than most of the,games more foundational elements but,still works well in tandem with,everything else the soul shield is,perhaps the most original thing about it,its a versatile defensive move that if,used at the right moment can block most,attacks while simultaneously filling,your mp and creating an opening to,follow up with a heavier attack you pay,a price for it by taking a big hit to,your own defenses but the rewards for,sprinkling it into your normal combat,flow are usually quite noticeable as,youll be stunning enemies and using,your other abilities more often since,your mp will be fuller more often,combining good use of the soul shield,with knowing when to dodge and when to,rely on your teammates is usually the,key to defeating most foes and its an,undeniably fun and rewarding rhythm to,get into that said with a bit of,grinding here and there and keeping a,sharp eye out for new gear you can,create a simpler flow to the game that,allows you to mostly button-mash your,way through a large chunk of the games,combat encounters only switching classes,when you feel like it the complexities,of the combat in different classes can,largely be explored at your own pace so,you never really feel overwhelmed or,behind but doing so is highly encouraged,as it will reward you in kind so theres,a nice streak of versatility for the,game that i think gives it a little bit,of an advantage unfortunately a lot of,that combat will be done in similar,looking corridors and against often,repetitive enemies so it doesnt quite,reach its full potential but its an,above average combat system nonetheless,that easily gets its hooks into you,despite some repetition occasionally,setting in the inclusion of co-op is a,nice addition too which should never go,unappreciated these days speaking of the,environments theres not a whole lot to,hate or like here most of the levels are,divided up between long stretches of,samey corridors where youll mostly be,laying waste to smaller enemies and,larger open areas where youll spend,longer amounts of time fighting bigger,groups and more challenging ones the,levels make some minor efforts to mix,things up with some rope climbing and a,very conservative amount of exploration,in between those two main concepts but,for the most part the levels serve as,little more than husks of environments,and which to kill stuff and loot the,spoils they are also a bit dark for some,reason even outside areas feel oddly,dark despite me turning up the in-game,brightness quite a bit none of them look,bad by any means though and they do feel,distinct from one another some of them,even have neat little nods to the,original game but youll just usually,see most if not all of what any one,level has to offer both in terms of art,design and layout before youre halfway,through it for the most part the games,levels are laid out well enough that you,wont get turned around too often but if,you do the repetitively designed,corridors and battle areas combined with,the fact that destructible crates and,enemies easily regenerate can make it,difficult to tell if youve already been,to an area at times this is good if,youre trying to grind but doesnt do,the rest of the gameplay any favors,perhaps the weakest point in stranger of,paradise is the characters themselves,not a single one brings much of anything,to the table that makes you want to root,for them nor is their quest to destroy,chaos despite not even really knowing,what chaos is particularly interesting,this merry band of misfits including,jack himself couldnt be any more of a,missed opportunity on team ninjas part,to really inject something a bit more,interesting into the narrative of the,game jacks overly confident one-liners,and gruff delivery does become more,tolerable as the game goes on and,sometimes his character even flirts with,being slightly endearing but ultimately,this is the part of the game that feels,the weakest while the main story itself,does provide some satisfaction later on,it can only add up to so much when there,isnt a single interesting character,within it its not always an,unforgivable blunder for an action game,to drop the ball in this area but it can,create danger for the rest of the game,by impacting a players motivation to,see it through as it unfortunately does,here nevertheless while stranger of,paradise takes too long to establish a,compelling narrative and totally fails,to make its characters interesting what,is here looks and runs pretty good the,detail and effects are not quite what i,would expect from the same team that,made neo2 but they do get the job done,with satisfying animations and flashy,feedback during combat and some,interesting enemy designs that are,mostly held back for after the more,generic goblins and wolves of the first,few hours its also a fairly well,optimized affair that mostly seems to,stick to its target frame rate in both,quality and performance modes on ps5,given that in the fact that you arent,missing out on much with the slight,visual downgrade id recommend the,performance mode its not a particularly,pretty game but the amount of noticeable,frame hitches i encountered in either,quality mode was less than what ive,seen from other aaa action games this,year for what its worth stranger of,paradise will likely go down as a bit of,an oddball for the final fantasy series,those that are looking for something,more akin to the high quality and,well-roundedness of other recent entries,might be left a bit wanting with,strangers repetitive environments and,obscenely tried characters but at the,same time it does nail its action and,light rpg stuff pretty well i wouldnt,quite say its a game where you should,turn your brain off to enjoy it but it,does accommodate that mentality pretty,well if you want to play it like that,while also providing a good amou

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