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Finch Review

finch stars tom hanks is an engineer,trying to survive in a stunningly bleak,post-apocalyptic wasteland with the help,of a robot he builds from scavenged,parts and scanned books the resulting ai,jeff voiced by caleb landry jones is,charmingly human in his efforts to,please his creator but the film itself,lacks the same animating spark,ultimately the script feels like a,soulless imitation of better films,[Music],in the near future solar flares have,shredded earths ozone and left the,planet in a radiated desert hankss,finch weinberg was a misanthrope even,before the disaster and blames,humanitys poor reaction to the crisis,for how devastating it became his,isolation evokes hanks oscar-nominated,role at castaway while his methodical,engineering solutions are more similar,to matt damons performance in the,martian but in both of those cases the,toll of loneliness felt stronger finch,is never really alone but accompanied by,his dog goodyear dewey a scavenging,robot that resembles wall-e and jeff,whos capable of having real,conversations and taking initiative even,when his judgment isnt sound,the tension cast away in the martian,built around whether their protagonist,would survive is also lacking here since,its clear from very early on that the,radiation has caught up to finch jeff is,built with asimovs three laws of,robotics preventing him from harming,humans plus a fourth law that trumps the,others take care of goodyear when finch,cant do so himself if jeff was,programmed to try and help heal the,world or save humanity in the mold of,wall-e or nine finchs efforts would,feel more meaningful,instead a certain futility permeates the,entire film the stirring melancholy,score from the last of us composer,gustavo santo elia adds to the feeling,of despair and yet the movie fails to,earnestly commit to the theme setbacks,that seem like they should derail,finchs quest to reach the golden gate,bridge before he dies have no real,impact beyond upsetting him in the,moment persistent hazards melt away with,no real explanation while the story is,by no means cohesive it can coast by at,times through its spectacular visuals,the lonely devastation is reminiscent of,28 days later and i am legend while the,menacing sandstorms finch must regularly,flee stack up against any disaster movie,jeff also looks fantastic as he flexes,his articulated fingers while,considering finchs teaching or,awkwardly lumbers along following his,creator with the same devotion as,goodyear director miguel sapochnick does,excellent work alternating between,claustrophobic crumbling spaces where,finch and his robot companion scavenge,and the vast vistas of the american,southwest yet the suspense he tries to,build as finch flees from the elements,and other survivors always feels muted,because the films outcome is so grimly,inevitable in terms of the cast hanks,brings a charm and vulnerability to so,many of his roles and finch is no,exception but its really jones who,steals the show with jeffs flat,delivery and naivete,robots must protect dog theres an,especially goofy dynamic between jeff,and goodyear who hates and mistrusts his,robot guardian though the turning point,in their relationship is so painfully,obvious that it cheapens the progress,made before them,excellent visuals and strong,performances make moments of finch shine,but the films lackluster story never,really feels like it justifies its,existence a mashup of better films finch,cant quite commit to the tone or themes,it wants to embody and winds up lacking,a meaningful identity or message of its,own,[Music],for more reviews check out what we,thought of army of thieves and last,night in soho and for everything else,stick with ign

Finch (2021) Apple Original Movie Review

tom hanks trades in wilson for chappie,in the new apple original movie finch,grab your solar panels and lets dive,into this sci-fi drama,[Music],[Applause],on a post-apocalyptic earth a robot,built to protect the life of his,creators beloved dog learns about life,love friendship and what it means to be,a human this has a very sparse cast with,tom hanks in the human role and the,voice talent of caleb landry jones,playing the robot that hankss finch,creates to take care of his dog now the,majority of the ozone above the u.s has,just been obliterated making the suns,uv rays shine down unencumbered which,also makes going out in the sun a deadly,adventure finch is an engineer whos,extremely intelligent and inventive hes,learning to survive in a place thats,pretty much just unsurvivable and,because of the large amount of radiation,thats just pounding the earth the life,expectancy of people isnt too long so,to be preemptive finch builds a robot,that will take care of his dog in the,event that he dies comparing this,performance to hankss cast way is,pretty easy as we have the actor in a,sole role being resourceful in order to,survive and this though has the added,benefit of a robot that takes on human,characteristics and most importantly has,a voice to communicate with finch the,journey of this story begins when a,massive storm comes where finch is,living causing the need to leave to find,a better area in which to live the,landscapes and city designs are desolate,and sometimes foreboding and they help,to contribute to a lonely atmosphere,were also told of unseen threats that,could be lurking in the shadows which,slightly build an air of dread now,because this is a post-apocalyptic world,where everything has pretty much been,abandoned and food is scarce the movie,mildly resembles the road that starred,viggo mortensen but this one is much,less dark and dreary there are a few,opportunities within the story where,this could become more grim and hopeless,but even when theres an ominous tone,that begins the story doesnt linger,there too long for me i like that this,was a post-apocalyptic story that didnt,dwell in the depression but instead,focused more on a hopeful journey but,that being said i can also see how this,is a little disappointing in the fact,that the narrative doesnt effectively,utilize the tension and the dread that,it begins to establish i think your,reaction is going to depend on the type,of story that youre hoping this will be,now to match the not too sinister tone,of the movie theres a good amount of,humor that is infused with the robot and,sometimes its through movements and,other times its with the words also but,each time hanks is there to provide the,added human element that really does,complete the humor and while its funny,to see some of the robots actions the,real humor comes from finchs response,to those situations and some of the,reactions are sarcastic with a lot of,them just displaying exasperation but,without condemnation theres a,surprising amount of heart thats also,displayed in this movie tom hanks is,compelling in his performance i mean,thats expected but its the emotion of,the story that really surprised me were,watching a fairly simple journey of a,man his dog and a new robot companion,and the robot really does take on a life,within the narrative becoming a,character as real and sympathetic as,finch now the music in this is an,interesting mix i mean at times it adds,a whimsical atmosphere to it which is,cute but its odd especially given the,dire nature of some of the circumstances,that we see and a few times the music,was just a complete mismatch to the,feeling of the scene but in other times,the score was beautiful and it helped to,accurately convey the emotion the,special effects and practical effects,are also very convincing in the way that,the robot is executed the design is,incredibly complex but the movie doesnt,get bogged down by the tech thats,involved in building it out instead the,story focuses on the pinocchio aspect of,the robot where it strives to be more,and more human and whether thats simply,by learning to walk and then through,more complex tasks like driving or even,playing fetch with the dog all of these,actions provide moments of character,growth for both the robot and then finch,and these aspects also help to humanize,the robot endearing him to us through,each passing moment the way the movie,executes this and the feelings that i,got from watching the relationship,between the two grow reminded me of the,movie robot and frank with frank,langella and peter sarsgaard now thats,another one that had a surprising amount,of emotion to the story if you havent,seen it check that one out too the story,is just short of two hours and there,were a few times that i felt the length,and i think mainly that was because,portions of this are just the journey,where we are watching finch drive along,the road or when he stops for a moment,to take a breather while these scenes,help to set up some humorous situations,theyre not always as necessary to the,narrative and the info could be conveyed,in a more efficient manner without,losing any meaning hanks is obviously a,superb actor and he shows how talented,he is by being able to take a simple,character in a very simple story with,very little external influences and make,someone who is incredibly compelling and,riveting to watch a few times throughout,this finch needs to convey an abstract,concept to the robot so to accomplish,this he tells a story and in these,moments we really get to see hank shine,even more his cadence is soothing and,its engaging and just like the robot i,found myself wanting to hear more and,more stories told so overall finch is a,slower and more dramatic buddy road trip,movie the story never dives into the,darkness as much as it could but i,didnt mind because that allowed the,narrative to focus more on the,progression of those characters both,hanks and jones are wonderful each,providing a level of connection and,humanity even though one of them isnt,human the film looks good and the,effects whether they be practical or,digital all work to enhance the,narrative and not be a distraction to it,the journey may be a little long but the,trip is ultimately satisfying theres no,sex not really any nudity some profanity,and no violence i give finch four out of,five couches so if youre going on a,road trip whats one thing that you,absolutely must take with you let me,know what it is in the comments below if,you enjoyed this review please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for couching with me

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Tom Hanks on Going to Space, New Movie Finch & the Passing of His Dear Friend Peter Scolari

our first guest tonight,is a multi-award-winning actor producer,writer director and the embodiment of,everything america expires to be you can,did i say expires,that may have been a terrible freudian,slip,uh you can see him next uh alone in an,rv with a dog and a homemade robot named,jeff in the new movie finch,lesson number five live a little go,ahead,[Music],go again plug,[Music],finch premieres friday on apple tv plus,please welcome tom hanks,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey everybody hey its a talk show,its a talk show,this is great we did that we did the,cards i i i i drove i mean,theres swag i got free stuff in the,dressing room it all says believe it or,not the jimmy kimmel show on it yeah and,so im doing a talk show everybody,and im very happy to hear you you know,its funny because this unique thing,happened jimmy that id like to share,please go on,it does feel like a real talk show now,that youre here i was the one in the,helmet freaking like this,like that and the robot was a great guy,caleb landry jones there was a real guy,in the robot caleb landry jones was,there every single day knowing that he,was going to be replaced by cgi but all,the movements all the body language that,was him in a robot costume that did not,exactly look at it but he wore uh he,wore like two-inch uh excuse me two feet,stilts so i was always looking up at him,fabulous did he do that just to make it,easier for you no he did it because he,was getting paid as an actor,you know,he seems like he could have went home,hes an artist par excellence im sorry,you didnt get to see sheamus the dog,theres only three of us in this game,three people i gotta tell you in the,movie i love this movie and a dog is not,a person,robot part is debatable and i thought it,was just great i really did i thought it,was an absolutely great as a selfish and,competitive actor i took i literally i,was three pages into it so theres,theres only three people well actually,theres only one person in this movie i,think im the man for that job you do,seem to gravitate if i cant make that,happen,then after that its all just you know,its all just trying to do you just seem,to gravitate towards movies where,theres no one else i dont want anybody,else there,i just want you know inanimate objects,or you know some cute animal that looks,at me like this every now and then oh,speaking of the animal i was wondering,was hooch jealous that youve weve,replaced you know dog years are like,this dogs die long long long time ago oh,no my heart is still filled with hooch,theres no doubt about it and actually i,still have i still have some of his,hair it comes out every now and again,but sheamus actually asked me questions,about was he really that big that was,one of the things seamus would ask yeah,it was sheamus uh good dog was oh or was,it we were at we got to uh scratched him,loved him took naps with him we were,shooting one day out in uh the navajo,nation a very very historic place and we,were doing a scene where um uh actually,jeff caleb landry jones and and he we,were teaching him how to chase a tennis,ball and thats the only thing this dog,truly will do with anybody on the planet,he will chase a tennis ball with with,you uh it loves it so he was chasing the,tennis ball but we were out in the,country on being out in the desert and,far far away we heard oh oh,during the day it was the coyotes the,wild coyotes and and sheamus was like,ball ball tennis,[Laughter],ball ball yes ball ball ball oh oh,she was saying dude you got to work with,us here stravis was like my people,so,the enemy is coming attempt one more,call and sheamus was gone he took off to,say hi to the folks oh really 19,grown-up people took,off yelling at no shameless youve got,parker,save us,[Applause],and eventually he kind of like came back,on his own make this long thing he could,what what ball ball im,i here,a terrible question for you is there a,replacement sheamus ready in case,sheamus runs off this is how sheamus has,the producers by the nuts if you want to,know what i see there is no one theres,only one shame just one,but that was only for you know is it,true that you were asked to go to space,by jeff bezos before williams yeah well,yeah provided i i pay you know,and you know he costs like 28 million,bucks or something like that im doing,good jimmy im doing good but i had paid,28 bucks you know what we could simulate,the experience sure of going to space,right now its about a 12-minute flight,is that about it yeah clear 12-minute,flight okay this is we could all do it,in our seats right here just lean your,back like this lean back like this and,go,[Laughter],you do that thats it you do that for,four minutes all right you do that for,four minutes and then you get up and,youre floating and just take off take,off your,take off your seatbelt whoa,whoa,this is fabulous,man,oh what get back in all right and,another four minutes of it,i dont need to spend 28 million bucks,to do this youre not gonna do that i,can do that even if it was free you,wouldnt do that uh no id do it on,occasion just in order to experience the,joy,pretending im a billionaire i know you,love typewriters youre like the manual,typewriters and i was very interested to,see that you are hosting a radio show,and not a podcast but a radio show,bossradio66.com,one of the greatest free radios im not,an investor im just a fan,bossradio66.com this is a website and,boss radio for those who dont know is,this like music format,it is stuff from the 60s from all around,the world that you have never heard,before and an 80 year old song that,youve never heard before is still brand,new music so i hear stuff like crazy so,i have i have been able to host a couple,of uh so these are not favorite songs,from your youth no no they tell me what,theyre going to play and i kind of look,up and find out interesting stuff about,it like rod mcewen the poet was was in,some i find out like he recorded some,albums well he did and there were like,guys who were session musicians that,went up and formed moby grape and stuff,like that so the history of it is is,fantastic but its that lucrative world,of radio that you know a few things yes,i was a disc jockey a radio disc driver,how many radio stations were you fired,from in the course of uh well lets see,how many does all of them add up to no,no not all of them but all but two of,them i was fired from about five reasons,what was the genre what music were you,playing like uh different top four in,the water classic rock uh uh adult,content hot dogs do the hustle stuff,like that no thats a little before my,time yeah mostly the 80s maybe 80s every,time i when back in the days of the dog,and pony shows you what you talk about,movies you do a lot of morning zoo radio,welcome welcome to the chocolate fast i,was on two mornings oh,heres his big boy and slammy hey,hey im a big boy hey look who we got in,here hey mr forrest gump is here big boy,salami what do you got to say what is,this movie about bob slammy whats the,movie about hello star,there was one guy did one thing in every,90 seconds the the co-host said hello,star,what he just it was i i think it was,wstr,was the name of the radio station yeah,and his job was to just always say hello,star,so im trying to tell a wacky story,about something and he would always,screw up the punch thats hello star hey,im big boy slappy hello star i was a,slappy yeah every time i walked into one,of these studios at 4 30 in the morning,i saw a grown men look at me with this,with this look in their eyes get me out,of here yeah thats right,please please let me give away ben,steins money,[Laughter],i love it thats fun yeah that is a lot,of fun i love that you make a little bit,of time for something that is just,totally fun for you nothing but well it,doesnt when we were growing up didnt,you all just kind of like hey how you,doing its 24 of hasty hours,coming up and right now sing alert at,the 405 look out if youre coming over,the sup

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Why Finch is a Hidden Gem! | Apple Original Film Review

hey yall so this week i had the,wonderful privilege of getting to watch,an early screener for finch tom hankss,newest movie and the newest apple,original film and if you have apple tv,plus this friday you are absolutely not,going to want to miss this movie finch,follows tom hanks as finch who is a man,living in isolation as one of the only,human survivors of a massive solar flare,that has destroyed earth his only,companion is his dog and a robot who he,builds to take care of his dog in the,event that he is no longer able to do so,i want to try to avoid spoilers as much,as possible so this opening part of the,review will be spoiler free and then if,there are any spoilers i will make sure,to tag them pretty clearly the robot,that finch builds is surprisingly but,heartwarmingly human thats the phrase i,would use to describe this film in,general it is not something i at all,thought i would get emotional over but,this film has me rethinking the things i,take as important or things i might take,for granted in this life and kind of the,complexities of what it means to be,human whats so great about this robot,that finch builds is that the ai and the,science behind the robot is not really,explored that much which may bother,major sci-fi fans or those in,engineering or computer science who want,a little bit more of an explanation as,to why this is possible but for those,just looking for a feel-good movie i,think the removal of this really,in-depth or time-consuming sci-fi,explanation and telling not showing is,fantastic because it allows the robot to,develop way quicker in the film than you,probably would initially assume is,possible for a robot of the same type,but it also kind of cuts out the need,for it to be realistic it really focuses,on the emotions there or what the robot,is able to learn comprehend and do in,different situations and it does allow,for the film itself to come to the,necessary conclusion without feeling,like any aspect of the science was,initially set up to be realistic and,then completely rushed through as always,tom hanks is wonderful in this film and,i say that even despite the fact that i,feel this character is maybe the least,likable character ive ever personally,seen tom hanks play i obviously havent,seen every single film tommy hanks has,ever been in but finch can come across,as very gruff and hardened at times he,is an isolated person who does not care,much for,mistakes or delays in his plans,especially when those plans are,determining his his dog and the robots,survival in certain situations but i,also find him to be a really relatable,character in the sense that there are,aspects of all of our personalities that,if we were one of the last remaining,humans who had survived something awful,and who were going through incredibly,tough circumstances that not all of our,best qualities would shine and so i,found this to be maybe one of the best,portrayals of a sci-fi hero that ive,seen in recent years because he just,felt so human because to me thats what,this film is about is about being human,and the complexities involved in that,and how different situations allow us to,see where that humanity starts and ends,technically i dont know that this film,is the most visually significant or,interesting ive seen all year i do,really enjoy the color palette of the,film i think it works well in this,apocalyptic solar landscape and it does,allow certain scenes in the film to,really stand out when they diverge from,that established color palette visually,its not like a lot of other sci-fi,films you may have seen this year but i,do think it is one that the visuals,arent the most important part of it and,that gets me to the story which i think,is beautifully paced beautifully acted,as ive said before the emotions,throughout this are woven so well into,the logistical beats of the plot if,finch chooses to do one thing over,another or does a specific action i feel,like it has not only a logistical,purpose but an emotional weight to it,that a lot of stories dont have so,tightly interwoven together its usually,like an action happens and then after,several actions theres an emotional,repercussion of those actions but in,this film i feel like because the cast,and the scope of this film is so narrow,that youre really able to have all of,those beats be extremely meaningful this,is the part just because i feel like i,need to state it in a review of this,film that has spoilers so if you have,not yet seen the film please click away,at this point because i dont want to,spoil this movie for you because it is,so beautiful and i really recommend that,you watch it the robot comes to be known,as jeff picks his own name the,relationship with finch and jeff is one,i think is so interesting because at one,point in the film finch specifically,says to jeff i didnt build you for a,companionship i built you for the sake,of survival which this film on the,outskirts is about survival and,surviving an apocalypse and the,post-apocalyptic world but it is really,about a man who loves his dog so much,and who his dog represents so much of,what it means for him to be human and,hang on to his humanity that he needs to,protect this dogs life even when we,learn extremely quickly in the film,which is a great plot device that finch,is dying of some form of radiation,exposure or cancer in some way or,another this is beautifully shown,through his process of scanning books,and specifically reading a lot of books,about gamma radiation gamma rays and,other types of sicknesses that can come,from that type of exposure and so that,entire sequence of his bunker and the,things hes doing to ensure not only the,survival of himself but of intellectual,material and his dog is so well done and,i think that transfer of humanity from,finch as flawed as it might be to jeff,the robot is so beautiful that by the,end of the film the film does not feel,like its missing tom hanks character it,feels like that role has been filled by,this robot who is just as loving toward,this dog and who may be able to take,some of finchs flaws as a son might do,to the sins of a father might try to,progress forward and change things to,make the world a better place as in the,end jeff and the dog are willing to go,find other humans in san francisco and,explore what those connections and,trusting relationships can be like at,its core i feel like this film is so,beautiful not because its a sci-fi film,but because it uses a sci-fi premise to,explore how our humanity exists today in,a non-apocalyptic world where we do,things every day that may be choices,that bring us either pride or shame or,make us a better or worse human but at,the end of the day we have to live with,all of those things and i think this,film as in life at sometimes our,unfortunate worst moments we are able to,find the true beauty and meaning behind,life and our purpose for living as finch,teaches jeff there are times to have fun,there are times to survive but you kind,of have to have a balance to all of,these things and i think thats what,this movie reminded me and why it took,me so aback emotionally when i really,did not expect it to overall i,absolutely loved finch and i really,highly recommend it to you it would make,for not only a really emotional solo,viewing but a really great experience,with friends and families as we go into,this time of thankfulness and connection,with our loved ones through a very,narrow scope this movie explores a very,powerful view of the human experience,that i think a lot of people will be,able to relate to so please if you do,indeed have an apple tv plus account or,someone you know who has one urge them,to watch this movie because they promise,you will not regret it that is gonna be,it for my review for finch if you have,seen the movie please let me know down,below what you thought of the movie and,even maybe your contrast in viewing,experience and expectations because i,think this movie is really one that is,just a hidden trea

Earth In 2031, Temperature Rises To 70°C, Killing Humans

Hi, Mystery Recapped here. Today I am going  to explain a science fiction drama film  ,called “Finch.” Spoilers ahead!  Watch out and take care!  ,The movie starts with a brief montage of earth  in ruins. A solar flare damaged the ozone layer  ,ten years ago, causing temperatures to  climb to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Planet  ,Earth has deteriorated into a mostly inhospitable  wasteland, burned by UV radiation and vulnerable  ,to catastrophic weather phenomena. Finch, one  of the few survivors, is shown at the start.  ,He is a robotic engineer equipped with a suit that  protects him from the heat and the UV rays.  ,Like any other day, hes scavenging for  supplies with his robot Dewey. When he walks  ,inside a store, his measurements suggest that  UV radiation levels in the area are quite high.  ,Meanwhile, the robot picks whatever is left in the  store. Finch is then seen taking some dog food.  ,After leaving, he marks the area so that he can  keep track of the places that are scavenged.  ,In the next scene, Finch travels through  a deserted town that has been ravaged due  ,to the ozone layers depletion. The UV rays  make it impossible for people to go outside.  ,Hence, the majority of the city has been  evacuated. Suddenly, Finch’s suit emits a  ,warning that a storm is approaching. He spins  the truck around and slams on the accelerator,  ,while the giant storm chases him. Luckily, he  manages to reach his underground laboratory,  ,which was formerly owned by the firm for which  he worked before the catastrophe hit.  ,Later, we get to know that Finch is dying  from tuberculosis . His dog cum pal, Goodyear,  ,is waiting for him at his big house. He hugs and  kisses the dog, then prepares the food he found  ,earlier. While Goodyear eats, Finch merely sips  on a drink as the supplies are running out. Later,  ,with the help of an AI, Finch uploads  basic instructions on his new project  ,like ‘how to care for a dog’ , ‘how  to do household chores’ and so on.  ,Since Finch loves Goodyear more than anything, he  is working on creating a highly specialized robot  ,to care for him after his death. Finch has been  conducting a lot of study on UV rays and radiation  ,exposure. Later, he removes Deweys eyes and  attaches them to his new robot. After turning on  ,the robot, he starts transmitting data to it. After a lot of failed attempts to communicate, the  ,robot finally nods its head, symbolizing that he  is understanding what Finch is trying to convey.  ,Finch is overjoyed by the reaction from the robot  and the fact that hes made it one step further.  ,He also plays with his dog believing  that he might soon have a new friend.  ,Finch then tells the robot to mention something  about himself. The robot says that he has some  ,rules, such as not harming humans, but the  most essential rule is that in Finchs absence,  ,he must take care of Goodyear at all costs. All  of a sudden, the power goes out. Finch heads out  ,to repair the wind turbine. He connects the  cable after which the lights are restored.  ,Inside, the robot names himself Jeff. Meanwhile, a gigantic storm is seen coming  ,their way. Finch comes back and connects Jeff to  the weather station so he can make a forecast.  ,Jeff says that 4 different storms will approach  them in the next 24 hours and they will not be  ,able to avoid it. He also forecasts that it will  last roughly 40 days. Hearing this, Finch believes  ,that they have to leave the place soon. He also  presumes San Francisco as their best option.  ,Finch then starts to build the robot’s full  body. After finishing it, Finch increases  ,the robot’s transfer rate and starts teaching  him how to walk. Following a bit of practice,  ,Jeff successfully starts walking. While Finch  is happy with the progress, Goodyear dislikes  ,the robot and doesnt trust him at all. As the  storm gets nearer, Finch starts packing all the  ,essentials and also unplugs Jeff’s data transfer  at only 72 percent. Because of this, Jeff is not  ,fully developed and hence acts like a child. Finch calls Dewey to join them but forgets that  ,he has removed his eyes. Hence, he attaches  a camera so that he can finally see again.  ,The four then climb on an RV and start making  their way to San Francisco. At the start of  ,the ride, Jeff is extremely curious as he  tries to learn everything Finch does.  ,For the time being, the group has successfully  managed to evade the storm. They then stop by  ,a deserted town. Finch wears the UV protection  suit and calls Jeff to join him outside. He then  ,starts teaching Jeff basic instructions on how to  scavenge and also about the hazards of the sun.  ,The duo also has a moment of fun when they pop  some popcorn out in the sun. Yes, that’s how bad  ,the sun has become! The fun however soon fades  away when Finch notices the storm approaching  ,them. He gathers everyone and tries to outrun the  storm, but it eventually catches up to them.  ,Finch rushes outside with Jeff and orders him  to help him tie the RV with wires. After Finch  ,gets tired, Jeff takes charge and successfully  completes the task. Finch then gets inside the  ,RV and secures it. Soon, the massive tornado  hits, and all the wires begin to snap one after  ,another until only one is remaining. Luckly,  the storm passes away and everyone is fine.  ,Finch appreciates Jeff’s good work but gets  disappointed to learn that the front tire of  ,the vehicle is damaged. They have a spare tire but  do not have a jack to lift the vehicle. However,  ,Jeff simply lifts the vehicle using his sheer  strength and tells Finch to change the tire.  ,The next morning, Jeff attempts to communicate  with Goodyear saying that he is trying to learn  ,the dog language. But Finch wakes up and makes  him understand that it will take some time for  ,him and Goodyear to be on good terms. Later that day, a board points out that  ,San Francisco is 1522 miles away. Finch is stumped  when Jeff asks him to explain the notion of trust.  ,Hence he just shares his own life story. He mentions how he alone solved the software  ,problem during a project, but gave the  credit to the whole team. In this way,  ,he was able to win their trust. All this  time, Finch’s health keeps deteriorating.  ,Then stop at a restaurant, where Finch  vomits blood. Realizing that he doesn’t have  ,much time left, Finch takes Goodyear inside the  restaurant and starts playing with him. Meanwhile,  ,Jeff is toying with the RV. He puts on songs while  he tries to drive. Because of his clumsiness, he  ,lets go of the handbrake, and the RV hits a car.  When Finch confronts Jeff, he acts all innocent.  ,He then reverses the RV, only to crash it again.  A furious Finch demonstrates what happens to his  ,skin when he steps in the sunlight. He then  screams at Jeff, telling him that his only  ,job is to take care of Goodyear. After they leave the restaurant,  ,Finch decides to teach Jeff driving. At first Jeff  is clumsy as usual, but he soon gets a hang of it  ,and starts driving smoothly. Finch is pleased  at this but the doggo still remains skeptical.  ,At night, they stop by the road to camp. There,  the beautiful northern lights can be seen as  ,The ozone layer is no longer present. Jeff  suggests that they could drive at night,  ,mentioning that daylight is hazardous.  However, Finch teaches him that hungry  ,people approach at night and its dangerous. In the morning, Finch vomits blood and is also  ,shivering. Jeff takes good care of him, asking  if he should call the doctor. After that,  ,they continue their journey. When they arrive in  a major city, Jeffs wakes Dewey and the duo head  ,out to scavenge for supplies. They come across  a hospital which looks looted but Jeff is yet to  ,learn that, so he continues his way inside. When Finch wakes up, he discovers that both the  ,robots are missing. He knows that trouble lies  ahead so despite being extremely weak, he suits  ,up and sets off to find Jeff and Dewey

FINCH Ending Explained!

well weve seen him in castaway fighting,in world war ii and eating boxes of,chocolate its good that a hanks is in,the news whose name doesnt start with,chat its a boy chatna coming straight,from the golden globes,apple tv sci-fi post-apocalyptic,adventure directed by miguel sapochnick,the same director of game of thrones,battle of the bastards episode is out,and im here to tell you all about the,films ending what exactly happened to,earth and many interesting facts about,animals,can survive,without water longer than camels,but before we begin make sure to like,and subscribe seriously only 10 of you,are subscribed because here we go meet,finch weinberg our films protagonist a,guy who spends his days scavenging the,scorched wasteland that is saint louis,missouri although the exact date the,story takes place is unknown we do know,the events of finch take place roughly,15 years after a cataclysmic gamma ray,from the sun pierced the earths ozone,layer causing the earth to become,extremely hot and unlivable this was,followed by an emt blast which basically,fried every piece of electronics on the,planet without an ozone layer this also,means the added danger of radiation and,to make matters worse finch is dying,its never explained what exactly hes,dying from but its implied from the,coughing up of blood and pills that he,takes that it could be from this,radiation you might ask yourself why is,finch all alone and are there other,survivors well it just so happened he,was at work when the explosive gamma ray,hit earth you see finch is an engineer,at tae technology an engineering plant,hes converted into his home and seems,to offer him some protection from the,heat and radiation later in the film,well see what happens if he goes out,into the sun unprotected this also,explains the burn scars on his back when,he takes a shower most who survived the,initial gamer ray blast did one of two,things either hid underground or,scavenge and fight amongst each other,for goods finch will later tell his,robot companion that the reason he,scavenges during the day when its,hottest outside is actually that its,safer bandits and scavengers roam at,night thus making the day the safer,option and for 15 years finch has,cleared out hundreds of stores and,buildings in the st louis area marking,each building with spray paint but as,youll see from his map hes running out,of places to scavenge meaning hes also,running out of food to make matters,worse a group of 15 dust storms are set,to converge on his location for a,whopping 40 days and he barely has,enough food for a week so he has to,speed up his plans of moving out west,ahead of schedule this includes,finishing his work on a robot named jeff,my name is jeff one of the things i,liked about jeffs creation was how we,see books from the library being scanned,digitized and uploaded into jeffs,memory these include things like books,about dogs and rvs two things jeff will,need to know if hes to serve his main,function taking care of finchs dog,goodyear when he passes yes his sole,purpose for creating this engineering,marvel is so that his dog will be taken,care of of course only 70ish percent of,his data could be uploaded to him before,they could escape this superstorm so,jeff isnt the smartest or fully,functioning robot around but back to,this adorable dog a dog finch picked off,the dead body of a young girl he chose,not to save while out scavenging years,ago instead of stopping the gunman who,would later kill this child he chose to,hide and not do anything its one of his,biggest regrets in the movie he calls,himself a coward for not doing anything,hunger turned men into murderers,but me,made me a coward and this leads me to,what i thought was one of the biggest,letdowns of the movie finchs character,arc they set him up as being this loner,coward but we never really see him,overcome that there isnt a big moment,in the film where he gets to redeem,himself this is especially upsetting,considering the films tragic ending,after overcoming violence and tornadoes,and bandits finch almost makes it to his,final destination the golden gate bridge,why of all places is he heading there at,15 he got a postcard from his absentee,father saying he was going to be there,so he went out and spent all his money,on an expensive suit to make his father,proud but he never heard from him again,so all he really has is this postcard,and perhaps this is why finch is such a,loner its a protective mechanism if he,never gets close to anyone he can never,get hurt like how his father hurt him,its kind of sad that he has nowhere,else to go but the places absentee,father told him to go years ago and,maybe this is why finch has an obsession,with engineering and bridges as seen,with the multiple bridge postcards his,dad was an engineer in the army who,built bridges deep down finch wants to,impress his father so that hell never,leave the tragic thing is that theyll,never meet not only that finch will,never even make it the place hes always,wanted to visit the golden gate a few,hundred miles away from their final,destination a butterfly smashes into the,window of the rv which is interesting,since theres no way they could live in,this heat this indicates that theres,somewhere where the radiation and heat,is weak and just like that finch is able,to spend his final moments in the sun,without a suit on for the first time in,years this is never really explained in,the movie and i know neil degrasse tyson,but finch earlier mentioned that the,ozone layer was torn apart like a piece,of swiss cheese so its possible there,are layers of the earth that are,protected and some that arent the area,around san francisco seems to be,protected as evidenced by finchs dog,being able to survive unfortunately,finch succumbs to his illness before,getting to that bridge jeff creates a,funeral pyre for him and even a,makeshift sign in the end finchs plan,to create a robot to take care of his,only companion was successful hell he,even engineered a can opener into jeffs,body so he could feed the dog but even,though the ending is quite sad there is,a glimmer of hope while navigating the,bridge jeff finds several posters photos,and notes from survivors the lands,surrounding the golden gate bridge shows,signs of life with greenery and flowing,streams this is a chance for a new,beginning so jeff and goodyear venture,off across the bridge symbolic of the,change venturing from one chapter of,their journey to the next even though,this was the end of finches its just,the beginning for them thanks for,watching everyone remember to like and,subscribe and check out my sci-fi,playlist for more videos and for more,bad takes you can follow me on twitter,and instagram at thingstoryt until next,time remember,daddy loves you very much

Finch reviewed by Mark Kermode

oh this is this is our tom our tom okay,so,post-apocalyptic world tom hanks is,finch living by himself,you know because,what with the apocalypse and everything,yes and his dog called dog,and the ozone layer has turned into,swiss cheese,meaning its got loads and loads of,holes oh i see no i was going to say,that would be a very kind of strange,fantasy there is actually a gag in it,about that you know sort of cloudy with,a chance of meatballs gag so he walks,everywhere in a radiation suit with with,a helmet on makes him look like hes a,spaceman in outer space he goes from,building to building from townstown,scavenging supplies but he has strict,codes of conduct about not doing,unnecessary damage to other peoples,property okay so um you know he gets,what he needs but he but hes very,respectful so hes basically everything,that you would hope,tom hanks would be yes in the event of,an apocalypse hes playing tom yeah so,mel gibson mad max tom hanks decent tom,excellent so thats so decent tom versus,the end of the world i want to be with,him,i know this is exactly ive mentioned,this because just,you and i were just talking before about,youve seen a lot of apocalyptic movies,recently so anyway he has a robot,companion a rope like a little thing,that looks like a robot dog like k9 from,doctor who called dewey and ill tell,you why thats significant why is why is,it significant that hes called dewey,okay ill get to it um do you believe,lewis in the news,no but well done and he is building a,robot android you know walkie robot,thing,because he wants something somebody to,look after dog,when he is absent so he builds a robot,heres a clip,tell me something interesting,about you i have four primary,directives what is the first directive,first directive a robot cannot harm a,human or truly an action allow a human,to be harmed,hey calm down,dude all right listen to this,it will make you feel better,what about the fourth directive,fourth directive,in finn absence robots must protect the,welfare of dog this directive supersedes,all other directives,so you understand how important this dog,is to me,yes,so you know who finch is,you are change,yes,are you liking it already yeah no ive,se and ive seen the trailers okay this,is an apple its an apple thing so well,okay so heres the interesting thing so,its it started life as a screenplay by,craig like and ivan powell which was a,spec script they had written which was,on the blacklist and weve talked about,this before but the blacklist is a list,compiled of the best unproduced,screenplays so the way an awful lot of,those things will now get made is that,they get they make their way onto the,blacklist which is sort of you know look,we think this should be made why dont,you,and um it was originally entitled bios,it was announced in 2017 that it was,going to be made produced by spielbergs,company amblin and it was due to be,theatrically released by universal,because its you know its a,you know its a fairly large uh project,it was then delayed filming was kind of,interrupted by covid it is now coming,direct to apple tv so its opening today,on apple tv but it was made as a,theatrical uh you know i said as a,theatrical film from a spec script,directed by miguel its a pochnik who is,a british director of uh argentinean,origin best known apparently for his,work on game of thrones id say it was a,new name to me,now heres the thing,firstly,what does the film owe debts to well,okay so lovely little robot called dewey,silent running yes well done so you know,huey dewey and louis in silent running,this is theres an awful lot of silent,running earth has been depleted so you,love it already well its i mean you,know,its,it,you can you can nod towards silent,running but not be as good as silent,running but its it was a thing that,worked for me because tom hanks his,relationship with the kind of robot,which isnt a dog but looks like a dog,um was kind of very you know very sweet,and reminded me of site running and of,course silent running inspired wall-e,and wally is also in the background of,all of this you know depleted earth,robot going around picking up stuff you,know making the you know kind of,a mechanized womble,theres also an awful lot of chappie in,it because the robot jeff which is,played by kenneth landry jones but in,motion capture is basically chappie by,another name i mean you heard in that,clip,you know him,the robot then calls itself jeff theres,a very funny sequence in which the robot,wants to be called a number of different,things and tom hanks explains why he,cant be called rover because thats a,dog statement blah blah blah anyway he,ends up deciding he wants to be jeff,so the robot is essentially chappie and,the little robot dog thing is,essentially jewi from um silent running,and then theres a lot of castaway in it,because there is essentially tom hanks,all alone befriending an inanimate,object in castaway its wilson the,volleyball yeah um in this its not,inanimate because the robots do move but,they arent living they are i mean,although of course you know there is a,question about whether or not robots,living so,if i hadnt known that it wasnt,directed by robert zemeckis i would have,thought it was directed by robert,zemeckis and therefore it wasnt,surprising to see robert zemeckis his,name on the credits as a producer,theres also oddly enough a bit of,midnight cowboy in the back of it,because theres a thing about we have to,move on where are we going to move to,lots of postcards i know lets go to the,golden gate bridge and although the,destinations are different that idea,about on a road trip in which the thing,thats hiding in the back of all of this,is at the very beginning we heard there,that the robot is being built so that,the robot can look after dog when finch,is absent,meaning whatever you know that may mean,so it is definitely very derivative,its also,very charming,and,and maybe it was to do with the mood i,was in when i watched it,but,i did watch it thinking this is a vision,of the end of the world you know when,everythings been depleted i mean there,are probably you know there are signs,that there may be other life happening,in the world the upside end of the world,the upside its tom hanks loving his dog,thank heavens for that building little,robot that reminds me of silent running,and having a less aggressive time of it,than than chappie had in chappie so,no points for originality whatsoever,but top points for,in the event of the apocalypse,id like to be in tom hankss bus if,thats okay,so everything will be all right in the,end and if its not all right then tom,hanks hasnt turned up in his bus yet,to make it okay in the end i think i i,honestly think youd like it oh im sure,i think its definitely good its just,you know i know like i said it is super,derivative super derivative but that,doesnt matter because its kind of,its heart is in the right place and,and and and and again its another,demonstration of how,how much tom hanks can do,just being tom hanks,well um ive just finished series two of,the wire okay so im now going to follow,that up by watching finch okay,you

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