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Firewatch Review

these days I tend to enjoy games that,are similar to a good book,a solitary escapist experience I can get,completely lost in without any,interruptions from the outside world,Firewatch then on the strength of its,gripping story brilliant branching,script wholly convincing voice acting,performances and stunning art direction,is easily one of my favorite and most,memorable experiences of this decade,once you arrive in the Wyoming woods as,a solitary fire lookout fire watches,powerful ambience takes hold the story,spans an entire summer with different,days treated here as chapters of the,story playing out at different hours of,the day and night that allows bold reds,yellows and oranges to color this,fictional Wyoming forest beautifully,painted scenery,despite the stylized look the two forks,woods sticks in my mind like a real,place in fact only the strange absence,of almost any wildlife whatsoever,betrays the convincing setting Firewatch,sounds as good as it looks,thanks to a world-class script acted to,perfection by its two leads looky look,out henry is given a playful,vulnerability you can choose to play him,serious or funny and the performance is,up to the task either way it doesnt,seem that danger will Henry,seriously its completely fine in here,damn it Henrys boss and primary point,of human contact for the entire summer,is Delilah her emotional armor is thick,and she shows the cracks in her,personality were allowed to see as we,play without resorting to being,overdramatic Henry theres theres,something I something someone should,have told you about this area what is it,its outside come on the whole thing and,people come and go as they please its,its its madness yeah yeah okay I get,it,right from the jump their relationship,feels real despite the fact that theyre,communicating entirely via two-way radio,with no faces on-screen to lend,emotional cues Henri comes across as a,good man at heart but a flawed one he is,fully capable of matching wits with,Delilah who uses humor as a shield for,the personal life she doesnt like,discussing as they get to know each,other over the course of the summer its,a pair of firework launching teenage,girls that set fire watches story in,motion and you can choose to talk to,Delilah at almost any time by bringing,up your radio shes got something to say,about almost everything whether you need,advice on how to handle a given,situation or youre just reporting your,progress on the task shes given you and,shes so engaging that I found myself,eager to call about every little thing I,came across whenever prompted the,writing here is simply head and,shoulders above nearly every other game,Ive ever played,theres more to actually do here than in,most others so-called walking simulators,a substantial swath of two Forks Woods,is explorable with supply caches unique,sights and even a hidden turtle you can,adopt youre going to live with me now,Shelley Duvall and yet the same,delightful exploration of your new,surroundings at the beginning of the,game becomes almost terrifying as the,plot progresses leading two points where,while playing in Henrys first-person,perspective I was afraid to turn around,in the vast only woods,speaking of navigation I did find,getting around the two Forks woods a bit,cumbersome at times particularly near,the end translating the map to the,actual trail in front of me had me,occasionally taking a wrong fork in the,path Henrys compass helps a lot however,so I was never hung up for long as for,the ending its the only other part of,Firewatch I wasnt crazy about no,spoilers so Ill just say that I didnt,quite find the revelation I had hoped,for when I reached the end of what the,story had been building up to,Firewatch is amazing for many reasons,but above all because its an adult game,that deals with serious issues with,realistic adult dialogue to match and it,deals with those issues just like actual,adults would sometimes with humor,sometimes with anger and sometimes with,sadness it reminds us what video games,storytelling is capable of in the right,hands and its a game I can see coming,back to every year or two just to,revisit its beautiful sites and,memorable characters just like a good,book for more on fire watch stay tuned,to IGN Im having a hell of a time,getting this flapjack off his ass and,out to repair that wire excuse me,flapjack you know like a loser a choch I,really dont but I do now well the next,time youre at a bar and some banker,steps on your foot so he can order as,crappy martini youve got just the name,to use a flapjack why dont you wait,your turn before I bounce your face off,a dumpster its beautiful

Firewatch – Before You Buy

game ranks presents another episode of,before you buy the show where we bring,you a little bit of raw uncut footage,from games that are just coming out,along with a little insight that may,help you make your purchasing decision,today on the show we are doing firewatch,im gonna do everything i can to keep,this as spoiler free as possible so keep,that in mind this game is absolutely an,interactive story that being said this,is going to conjure a lot of different,things to your mind as you play it and,the first thing that i thought of,believe it or not when i played it was,bioshock the atmosphere that was being,generated the interactions they just,felt very bioshock to me and thats not,a bad thing bioshock is one of my,favorite games ever made however the,story itself is not the same kind of,story by any means its a much more,introspective story that they lay some,very specific groundwork for you at the,very beginning of the game by making you,go through a few text prompts so you can,establish the backstory something i,thought that was very clever when they,did this was they told you how the,character was feeling as you were making,choices and several of the choices i,even felt like i was choosing between,okay im kind of an and okay im,really an even though theyre,not really choices that determine a,whole hell of a lot it has to do with,buying a big dog or a small dog how you,react to a stick up things like that and,the way they handled it i dont know why,for some reason got me into the game,immediately i was so absorbed by how,well written that small chunk of the,game was that when i finally got plunked,into the world it took almost nothing to,get me going the games control scheme,is actually pretty good i played it on,the ps4 and the triggers of the,controller function as kind of the,action and dialogue selection process,its not super revolutionary or anything,but it was a little bit different than,what im used to to be completely honest,felt more natural once i got used to it,i would suggest that any dialogue,oriented story narrative no shooting,walking simulator whatever you want to,call them games use a similar control,scheme to this because it felt like an,extension of me i never really felt as,though i was dealing with some sort of,arbitrary control scheme it all clicked,very quickly and thats exactly what you,want in something like this because when,the story itself is the main focus of,the game anything that takes you out of,the story definitely a bad thing,fortunately firewatch does a great job,of keeping you there and the story,itself like i said im not putting any,spoiler footage into this but its,actually great you spend some time,getting to know your characters while,events start taking shape and you,gradually become more and more paranoid,over things that may or may not actually,be happening obviously events build and,through most of the game youre gripped,youre wanting to find out more youre,wanting to progress and i think that,this game probably has done the best job,of being a very structured narrative,that has a definitive start point,midpoint and end point that you have to,cross through that still feels like its,you doing it the choices feel like your,choices the actions feel like your,actions you never feel as though this is,linear even though it is linear as hell,its an immersive story that you feel,like youre a part of and i really,appreciate that because because this,kind of game this narrative based no,combat walking simulator type game can,suck firewatch does not oh and did i,mention its gorgeous this game has got,one of the most distinct art styles of,all time it was actually inspired by new,deal artwork from the fdr era which,probably doesnt mean a lot to everybody,but when you look at that art and then,go oh yeah that actually would make good,video game art and then find out that,somebody has followed through on that it,more than works there are a couple of,issues with the game i have to say this,the frame rate is not stable there are,parts of this game where it seemed like,it was going by at 60 frames per second,and parts of this game where it seemed,like it was less than 30 and it never,really seemed like there was enough,going on in the screen to warrant some,kind of a drop in frame rate and some,people will blame the unity engine but,frankly weve all seen examples of the,unity engine working much better than,this at the same time the graphics in,this game are gorgeous and i hope,theyre able to make a patch because,believe it or not the unstable frame,rate actually made me sick now was that,enough to make me stop playing it no and,that should really say something to you,i was so intrigued by this game i felt,like i knew the characters even though i,really barely learned any specific,backstory on either of them other than,the stuff at the beginning of the game,or my character henry i very quickly,became acquainted with these two and the,story unfolded in a way that felt both,strangely nostalgic as well as feeling,like building a new friendship now if,you cant stand a game that doesnt have,combat obviously theres no way to,convince you to like this game and im,not going to try to but if youre open,to a game that isnt necessarily the,toughest thing in the world doesnt,necessarily put a ton of challenges in,front of you that really kind of just is,a story that is designed to immerse you,thats the kind of game this is i never,really felt particularly challenged by,this game and thats not something that,bothered me and im not going to say i,dislike a challenge as i said i love,bioshock in this game immediately,reminded me of bioshock but bioshock,also created an expectation for me and,made me want a challenging battle,firewatch does a great job of making the,mystery the main thing you care about i,didnt get distracted in this game i,always wanted to get to the next part,and thats i mean that does it thats i,mean for this kind of game thats,exactly what you want campo santo did a,great job i cant stress how impressed i,was with this there are a few minor plot,things near the end that i wasnt super,excited about and i kind of felt that,not everything was 100 wrapped up i,still had a couple of very very minor,questions but overall it was a,satisfying way to spend a few hours and,because of the character development in,the game i felt like i had developed a,little bit and thats really the goal of,such an introspective project i would,think i have to recommend that you at,least try this game its 20 bucks its,not a major investment and if youre the,type of person who can handle a game,that doesnt have any combat in it this,is probably one of the best examples of,that kind of game that there is so im,just gonna say this to wrap things up,good job campo santo i mean thank you,for this did anybody out there play,firewatch wed really like to know what,you think as well so please get down to,the comments and lets discuss also if,you enjoyed this video please click the,like button hopefully we helped you a,little bit regarding a purchasing,decision on this if youre not,subscribed to game ranks now is a great,time to do so we upload brand new videos,every single day of the week as always,we thank you very much for watching this,video and we will see you next time,right here on game ranks

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What Was Firewatch Actually About Anyways?

have you ever noticed how the older you,get the less willing you are to try new,things and the more paranoid you are,[Music],maybe your parents just didnt,understand or approve of your taste and,music growing up or they didnt,understand why you wanted your ears,pierced or why you watched behind,compilations well this all stems from,the good enough factor as creatures our,survival comes from our paranoia just,look at the dodo bird it didnt if,youre humans and it was hunted to,extinction well the good enough factor,as a result of our inherent paranoia,your parents presumably turned out fine,so why would they risk giving you a,different upbringing than they had this,is why we have tradition parents dont,want to risk raising their children,differently because whatever they change,might just be the thing to turn the kid,into a drug addict theres nothing wrong,with that in fact its probably a good,thing for the kids but this is the sort,of paranoia that can lead to a lot of,regrets every bad thing we ever bear,witness to sticks with us forever,however big or small it is maybe you,hear about a school bus getting hit by a,train as incredibly uncommon as that is,and as many things have to go wrong for,that to happen,its the reason school buses have to,stop when they hit a railroad crossing,maybe one lunatic made headlines by,putting razor blades in apples and,handing them out on Halloween well now,its practically unheard of for kids,under 15 to go trick-or-treating on,their own maybe your wife was diagnosed,with Alzheimers in her late 30s well,youre going to spend the rest of your,life wondering how that happened to,someone so young and if its happening,to you being at its core a mystery story,Firewatch is the perfect setting for,that sort of paranoia from the very,first endgame day this paranoia becomes,a part of the plot first when Henri,meets Delilah over the radio and is,immediately wondering what kind of,person she really is fine then can I,sleep forever,okay youre probably just rebelling,against a mom who wishes you had given,her grandkids by the sound of your voice,at least 15 years ago you come out here,and it really grinds her gears and you,love it can I sleep now and a minute,later you encounter this mysterious,figure looking over you in the woods,theres some guy out here giving me the,creeps,Henry is immediately paranoid as,evidenced by the fact that basically,every player will choose to call it in,to Delilah she then tells a little joke,having caught on to Henrys paranoia and,choosing to make fun of him for it,well these paranoias keep mounting,until the plot really gets started when,one of the communication cables is cut,by two college girls who were partying,at the lake the day before from the cut,comm line we follow a trail of beer cans,and a smokestack back to their camp and,find that its been completely torn,apart maybe it was a bear maybe it was,that mysterious man we found it might,have even been Delilah trying to frame,us for some reason well this is where,things start to get interesting we have,a Late Night with Delilah where were,talking on the radio with her about the,thing is that men and women talk about,late at night I wish you were too,depending on how you play this our trust,honor is growing its no coincidence,that this night is also when we see our,first forest fire crop up we can either,be paranoid of Delilah or we can be,paranoid that were being too hasty and,giving up on Julia too quickly and that,we shouldnt be out here in the woods,but taking care of her back in Boulder,either way our paranoia is rising,Henrys too paranoid to even enjoy the,company of a charming woman on the other,side of the forest without feeling like,hes doing wrong shes sick and I,shouldnt be here but I am yeah sure,shortly after were headed to the lake,to go fishing when we find a clip board,that has transcriptions of our,conversations with Delilah and as we,investigate further we get knocked out,and the clipboard is taken back from us,this is where Henrys condition goes,from being paranoid that hes a bad,person to being paranoid that hes,schizophrenic over the next hour of the,game this cascades into Henry asking is,a Lila if she or any of this is real or,if hes set to get Alzheimers too maybe,he and Julia lived near some sort of,power plant that gave them a,predisposition towards early onset,dementia I just,making all of this up I mean the,eavesdropping the spying is this [ __ ],are you are you is any of this real,serious maybe Im just maybe Im just,losing my mind,what like Julia and maybe its happening,to me and and Im imagining that I have,a boss out here and that were being,spied on maybe there was something in,the water or our condo was underneath,some power lines and and you Delilah,youre not real,maybe Delilah is part of some sort of,social experiment trying to pick apart,Henrys brain is the government involved,are the firefighters in on it is,somebody trying to frame Henry for the,disappearance of those two girls if they,have recordings of our conversations,with Delilah then they could totally,pull off that framing sure this is an,extreme example after a revelation like,Henry has when he finds that clipboard,Im sure most of us would be having,similar thoughts however nothing in,orders a coincidence this paranoia is a,very deliberate choice by the writer,Sean vanaman and Patrick Ewing the,paranoia runs very very deep in this,game I mean the game is all about being,a fire watch worker a job which is,literally just staring into the tree,line waiting for something to go wrong,these crazy lines are questioning that,the penultimate sections of this game,provoke is where that paranoia comes to,a head we stumble upon a secret facility,where you find some sort of high-tech,signal locator and documents detailing,the personality traits of Henry and,Delilah and we even see on Delilahs,psych report that shes some sort of,compulsive cheater,and as she flourished with all of the,Firewatch burgers in spite of having a,husband back in civilization what does,that say about me you said theres one,about me and it looks like theyve been,following me around what I do when Im,out hiking Jesus,do you hear me since you and your,boyfriend are still together till Ill,insist that whoever wrote that report is,just trying to make Henry more paranoid,and drive them apart that the thoughts,that are going through Henry and the,players head at this point are bordering,on schizophrenic it wouldnt be much of,a stretch at all if Henry were to start,believing that Delilah the mysterious,man the girls the firefighters and the,people that hired him are all a part of,some elaborate plot to conduct some sort,of research on him I only give a brief,recap as to what is actually happening,as it isnt all that important to,Henrys story Henry isnt the subject of,some grand conspiracy nobodys trying to,research him Delilah isnt lying about,who she is it was all just some poor and,misguided and crazy man trying to scare,Henry into Ill off of his trail as he,was hoping nobody would find him his son,was killed while trying to scale a shale,slide in a cave and so he retreated to a,hideout in the woods hoping to never be,found again as all of these revelations,are being had the various fires that,have cropped up over the summer merged,together and all thats left is to try,to keep them under control and to,evacuate the various fire watch workers,Delilah gets on the helicopter first and,flies away while were still on our way,to the helipad fortunately once we get,to Delilahs tower which is right next,to the helipad we managed to contact her,one last time using our radio now its,time to figure out what we can really,take away from this game the mounting,paranoia of any adults life is the,problem well now its time to find out,the solution and my playthrough I wanted,to see Henry move on Julia was a lost,cause she wouldnt even recognize Henry,if she came back and she was never going,to get better there

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Understanding Firewatchs Brutal Ending.

you,whats up everyone my name is Nick mone,today Ill be heading deep into the,woods of Wyoming to discuss fire watch,and why I believe this game has one of,the best endings of any game out there,needless to say if youve not finished,fire watch the entire ending of this,game will be spoiled for you if you,stick around its a really good game,seriously if you havent closed this and,go black alright but that all the way,lets get started fire watch stars Henry,a hero who takes a job as a fire watch,park ranger and while on duty unravels a,spooky mystery and meets a wild cast of,characters along the way to finding the,truth right right no not exactly see if,youve been paying attention to the,details in your playthrough you may have,realized fire watch really has nothing,to do with conspiracy mysteries or,romance or a battle of good and evil,its just a game about problems you see,fire watch is a game about tragedy,problems and how we as humans handle,these problems in fact fire watch is,basically a for our emotional experiment,which succeeds in one area where many,games fail an emotional connection,between the player and the character now,it sounds like a load of crap but let me,explain the ending of fire watch made a,lot of people feel cheated,they were angered that Henry never got,to meet Delilah they were saddened that,it ended so abruptly the game took,players on one hell of a ride and it,came to a screeching halt and that upset,them but in the game upon reaching the,end of the story Henrys also upset once,he realized his Delilah didnt bother,waiting for him hes visibly upset and,angry despite a deadly fire closing in,on him Henry takes a seat at Delilahs,post and calls her to let her know just,how upset he is in this moment the,player and Henry are going through the,same emotions and once I began to,realize what was going on between Henry,and I the game hit me like a ton of,bricks,alright lets back up fire watch begins,with an expose on Henry it gives us,insight to his personality and gives,Henry motives for the rest of the,dialogue in the story we as players get,a ton of information in about a five,minute span at this point in the game,but there are a few key pieces of,information that people seem to gloss,over and the biggest is alcohol and what,role it plays in the story alcohol is,given a remarkable amount of detail in,the beginning of fire watch when Henry,meets the love of his life Julia its at,a bar when they socialize with friends,and make happy memories the game,mentions going out for drinks,almost constantly and when tragedy,strikes and Julia falls ill alcohol,takes on a new role in the story gone,are lines like you all go out for drinks,and in their place are lines like you,drink alone again and this all comes to,a head when Julia is taken away from,Henry and Henry gets a DUI as tragic as,the situation is with Julia the only way,Henry is dealing with it is through,alcohol and its putting his life in,danger so what are those who want to,kick alcohol usually do well they,isolate themselves typically avoiding,places like bars or restaurants where,they would go to drink in some cases,checking into rehab centers to escape,the alcohol around them now I know the,game never explicitly states that Henry,is trying to quit drinking but if you,want to get away for a while this,beautiful stretch of wilderness and,Wyoming sure could help get a lot off,your mind right,I believe Henry sees the Firewatch,position as a way to escape his problems,his wifes sickness the alcohol the,stress of work and the ramifications of,a DUI,Henry believes that he can escape these,problems and for about three hours worth,of gameplay it seems like Henrys right,early on in his experience as a fire,watchman Henri meets Delilah over the,radio not in person of course you see,Delilah is his new boss in over the next,70 days their constant radio contact,evolves into a bit of a relationship the,two clearly depend on each other for,emotional support when Henry talks about,Julia its brief and as time goes on we,hear less and less of her being,mentioned as Henry shifts his attention,to the world around him in Wyoming as,time progresses and the story unfolds,the playful banter between Henry and,Delilah gives way to paranoia as they,believe theyre being watched and that a,grand conspiracy is taking place in the,National Forest the two of them become,partners relying on each other,completely to stay safe and this is all,while having never seen each other face,to face its at this point in the game,when fire watches at its best,see Henry is terrified and filled with,adrenaline because he believes someone,is out there in the trees watching him,and as the evidence piles up we as the,player are inching closer and closer to,our monitors as the story grips us the,game is hard to put down and we are,completely invested in this mystery just,like Henry see where Im going with this,when the truth is finally revealed its,an ugly truth a boy named Bryan has died,in the forest and his mentally ill PTSD,ridden father,didnt know how to deal with it so we,tried to cover it up and just because,Henry was nearby he and Delilah became,involved in this mans problems when,Henry realizes that this is it that,there was no grand conspiracy his voice,is not that of a relieved and thankful,person when Henry gives the news about,Ned and Brian to Delilah,hes flat almost as if hes disappointed,because at this point the story we as,the player are realizing we were letting,everything we saw get to our imagination,the area51 looking fence the biologists,research site the tracking collar on the,elk the radio disturbance all of it was,normal National Forest stuff yet we,built it up to involve us aka Henry and,when the truth came out it was a bummer,again were connected to Henry because,Henry is now realizing well I guess none,of this ever involved me and its all,over but wait wait just a minute for a,moment theres a chance of redemption we,can still meet Delilah we can still,finally meet this person after all of,this and then it happens shes gone and,as I mentioned before both the player,and Henry feel angered Henry sits at her,chair and sees the tequila bottle that,Delilah drank when she flirted with him,over the radio and he looks out towards,his own tower and he feels this immense,frustration just as anyone who has ever,been rejected by a person we were,interested in would feel to top things,off Delilah mentions that shes not,going to meet you in the shadow of a,dead boy and she even suggests you visit,Julia in the first mention of Julia in a,long time and like that its over the,grand mystery the potential for romance,its all gone and Henry must return home,and face his problems head-on the,Firewatch position only granting him a,temporary escape from his problems it,may have even made some of these,problems worse hello memory of a dead,child in a cave see this crushing,realism and the way we as players feel,similar to Henry by the end of the game,is why I believe Firewatch as one of the,best endings have any story focus game,out there sure we could speculate that,the devs ran low on time or didnt know,how to wrap the story up with a neat bow,but judging by the product we have I,believe the brutal reality of the story,was the developers original,I applaud them for going for it knowing,that a ton of people are about to be,unhappy about this ending hey if theyre,that upset maybe they should hop off,line and take a stroll in the forest it,worked for Henry right boom that was,starting to get real depressing hey,thanks for watching if you enjoyed my,fire watch breakdown be sure to,subscribe and let me know what game you,want me to pick apart next until the,next one peace,you

Firewatch Review – “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”


sup everybody this is Carrick with ACG,today Im bringing you the review for,fire watch the team Campo created title,for the ps4 and PC that has you playing,the part of Henry a man with a lonesome,soul who decides that maybe a job out in,the wilderness fighting off Lyme disease,will help him with the decisions and,relationships that he battles with in,the normal world so lets see if Henrys,plan works to put his trusty pack on his,back and run away from his problems or,does he end up running into new ones,lets see shall we,as always if you liked the video maybe,subscribe so heres the review for fire,watch given forest fires dirty names,park fire watcher justice and possibly,the two biggest power drinkers in,teenage girl form you will ever see,graphics are at first one thing thats,hard to deny is that fire watch looks,the part of a title wanting to present,itself in an incredibly unique manner,flat shaded vistas with almost blocky,geography are wrapped with a detailed,shading and lighting engine that enjoys,basking the world and golds and oranges,come dawn and deep blues and dark greens,at dusk in fact its the use of these,color spectrums that set the emotional,pace of fire watch from the very start,and subtle color shifts can and do,impart an almost subconscious additional,layer to anything occurring either,spoken or silently observed but more,interestingly its a gameplay addition,when you use it to notice things that,are amiss like a strange red radio in,your path of the silhouettes of,fireworks just poised to set the entire,forest ablaze the art style is,absolutely unique and though it may not,be for everyone it was for me now,technically it runs fairly well and I,have an i7 5820k T and I was getting,about 60 frames per second at 1440p,except for momentary changes especially,when draw distance changed from short to,long and then it would end up settling,out again,I really cant say that Firewatch is the,most beautiful game in the world but,what you experience when hiking through,the bottom of a deep ravine or staring,out at a crystal lake is mesmerizing in,its majesty and certainly something to,be discussed sound music and voice,so its just the outhouse then in terms,of going to the bathroom youre a man,Henry you can go wherever you want well,number one at least and full disclosure,I pee wherever I want as well with this,guy,Javier oh hes incredible caring sexy as,hell he was a driller down in Casper we,dated for almost five years I was,working well youre probably already on,your way be safe,now of course sound is up first in this,trilogy of audio awesome its excellent,most of its ambient and though Henry,occasionally uses tools the game is far,more about exploring and experiencing,than it is action-packed and altering,resulting in a sound spectrum that is,absolutely heavy on ambient sounds,forest creatures wind whipping through a,rocky crevice or that little crackle of,a campfire being snuffed out by Henrys,angry boot much of the sound within this,game is coming outside going inward very,very little is from Henry going outward,its surprising in this day and age when,you would assume thats the same for all,games but really when you look at it,its not in many ways Henrys like a,ghost making very little sonic impact,anywhere around him excellent use of,sound music theres barely any very,occasionally little snippets of music,play to alert the game or to an,important or poignant part of the,gameplay but other than that the music,is within the sound sphere of the,ambient world around you and not in any,orchestrated creation what plays is okay,when it does but frankly its almost not,ever playing music and that brings us to,voice its excellent,Henry is out in the woods working and,has to deal with Delilah another fire,watcher and their complex interactions,and social dance is both an experience,to behold but a true indication that,good natural content can be written for,video game characters to discuss,emotions are subtle but present and its,the lack of seen these characters engage,one another its engaging emotional and,resonated with choice now theres a,subtle pause and reaction in action too,to their back-and-forth of the two,characters from a learning period to a,knowing period to a caring period and,perhaps even beyond that its not rushed,nor is it dull and in all honesty at,some of the best writing,ever,in a narrative driven tale excellent,voice and that brings us to gameplay you,play as Henry who as I said has just,chosen to take a job as a fire watcher,and within a short period of time youre,hiking around the woods doing various,odd jobs that lead you to the first,actual gameplay which is trying to,figure out what jackass is out there,shooting bottle rockets into the sky in,the middle of a fire season and thats,when you meet two of the most,obnoxiously mouths drunkard chicks ever,exist in a video game throwing their,trash on the park light and fires and,basically just continually being horses,asses leaving a trail of tears sighs,path of beer cans behind them and thats,just the beginning of things however you,then spend the rest of the time grabbing,supplies looking for firefighters,discovering fantastic vistas unlocking,locked boxes and taking pictures of the,beauty of nature theres a little bit of,a dissonance that begins even from the,starting it feels just a little bit like,the story starts and stops just once or,twice now when it comes to puzzles think,the word none and youd be pretty right,basically its the vanishing of ethan,carter without homicidal ghosts or,puzzles and yeah there really is none in,fact at times id be honest to say it,felt a little bit like they had puzzles,plan especially with how you engage with,items and it feels like theres,something a little bit at the tip of the,gaming tongue here that never gets said,instead for the most part you traipse,across this landscape uncovering a,narrative of time spent between two,people thats really all Firewatch is,about its crouched in the story of loss,but make no mistake about it its far,more about learning to expand as a,person and how to handle what is in the,end guilt without going into spoiler,territory I can say that this is some,excellently complex stuff especially in,the first act unfortunately if I say,first act then there has to be a second,act because thats how math works and,the second act starts and then frankly,falls apart what was originally a sedate,but thoroughly enjoyable exploration of,how people deal with problems with,friends around them fell into some kind,of odd forced mystery that was,incredibly lame in its payoff much of,the subtlety of the first act is,hammered into absolute nothingness in,the second its one of those times when,you end up beating the game and youre,like there has to be something after the,credits right I mean it cant be over is,it oh no its actually over thats,whats sad here is that this game with,this kind of narrative which is slow to,boil and lengthy in its pacing requires,either spot-on storytelling or gameplay,to prop up anything that falls to the,wayside like slower moments or giving,the player a pace,reset so that its not all emotional,lows or emotional highs sadly about 3/4,of the way through this things start to,go a little wrong especially in the,light of the fairly shallow gameplay,offering to have this really unique,world and these unique people I just,felt that it could have been wrapped up,much much better fun factor listen the,first half was awesome 3/4 into it I was,slowly getting worried in the last 1/4,of it I was basically staring at my,screen wondering what just happened its,not terrible it just loses its way right,at the end and in a game like this when,the story loses so too does fun factor,as always I rate games on a by weight,for sale rent or never touch it again,rating scale and this is a bike you know,this is where price can help a game,tremendously its priced correctly at,less than 20 bucks and for that the slow,meander

Firewatch review – is it still worth it in 2022

[Music],hello and welcome back to the isabo,gaming channel thank you for joining me,as we investigate another older game in,the what is it and is it worth it game,review and showcase series during the,review ill try my best to stay,objective and as spoiler free as,possible as we go over the various,aspects of the game such as mechanics,graphics and sound as well as giving a,general idea of the world the game takes,place in,i wont be giving a number rating to the,game as i find number rating systems to,be very arbitrary considering the,subjective nature of video games instead,ill try my best to give enough,information that you can decide for,yourself if the game is worth it for you,if you are interested in a more,subjective look stay to the end of the,video for my personal recommendation of,if i would recommend the game and if i,actually enjoyed it with a simple yes no,or sometimes a maybe and a short,explanation of why or why not,[Music],have you ever just wanted to get away,and live in a secluded tower with your,only contact being a radio to talk to,your supervisor of course,well you are in luck today were looking,at firewatch a game that released in,2016 being developed by campo santo and,published by panic,so what exactly is firewatch how has the,game held up over the years,today were going to take a look at this,one and see what its about in as,objective a way as possible while,remaining as story spoiler free as we,can to do it so sit back and relax as we,try to answer the most important,question asked in this review series,is this one worth it for you lets find,out together,so what are the basics of the plot of,this game,well it takes place a year after the,yellowstone fires in 1988,and well have you play as the main,character henry as he works being based,out of a firewatch tower in shoshone,national forest,the intro to the game will play through,a short text based storyline which will,have the player pick between different,options to progress through to the main,story game,dont worry too much during these,beginning options as it doesnt seem to,have much effect on how the game,actually plays out and is more just to,build the story and get the player role,playing as henry,really that seems to be the case through,much of the game there are a number of,choices the player will make throughout,however as far as i could tell they,dont ultimately amount to too much of a,different story wise or change gameplay,in any real meaningful way that being,said there are some different dialogues,that you will hear depending on your,choices and considering that the main,part of this game is a dialogue and,story based adventure take the,importance of that change as you will,[Music],mechanically the game is really simple,it takes place in first person and will,have the player exploring the park and,completing tasks which typically involve,hiking to a specific area,doing some simple tasks or observing a,situation and reporting into your,supervisor over radio,there is no combat in this game and is,simply an exploration and dialogue,filled story game,breaking with the objective analysis for,a moment i will come out and say that if,youre the type of gamer who tends to,skip dialogue and rush into the combat,or action sequences,this game may not be the best option for,you,this one is all about the story,exploration and enjoying the experience,aside from hiking around and exploring,mechanics are rather limited with some,extremely simple one-button climbing and,typically one-button interaction,sequences,[Music],[Music],graphics are unique,its hard to accurately judge how they,have aged as the style is intentionally,a unique artistic approach,npcs are nearly non-existent so their,qualities are not possible to judge,the environments are again created using,a specific stylized artistic approach,rather than going for absolute realism,in another game they may feel odd or out,of place but they do seem to fit the,story heavy adventure of this particular,game,as the game takes place almost entirely,within the park,most of the environment will be very,similar,however there are a few areas that you,will come across which add a bit of,variation to the game,[Music],[Music],[Music],so what sets this game apart,well its a very unique experience it is,entirely exploration dialogue and story,focused,little to no action save for a few tense,moments,aside from a couple of very specific,events there are no interactions with,npcs in the game,and the only outlet for the heavy,dialogue aspect is over the radio as you,get to know and converse with your,supervisor,on a variety of topics much of its,centering around henrys past and things,that youll discover in the park as you,play,[Music],sound was really quite good in this game,dialogue is well written and delivered,really quite well,a huge part of the enjoyment from this,game relies on the player building a,connection with the characters,and the very believable conversation and,style of delivery do not impose any,difficulty or take away from the,immersion,music and other sounds are all fine but,again the real standout in this area is,the voice acting and,um dialogue,whoever this is,its henry right,yeah,im delilah,yeah thats what the guy said on the,phone,so whats wrong with you,what the what is it nothing um you,uh you use this to, me it got language lady out your,west facing window are you seeing what,im seeing,hey theres a tree out here thats been,ripped to hell,and,dont you think thats you know like uh,disconcerting henry there are 500 pound,grizzly bears out here they sharpen,their claws on trees,uh,what can i do for you well my typewriter,is on the ground outside of my tower,this is another game that is hard to,find a comparison,i havent played many games that are too,similar but of the games that i do have,experience with that seems the most,similar,is probably the long dark,again exploration is key secluded in a,forest location and little to no,interaction with npcs,where these games differ is in the,dialogue and story building,firewatch is all about immersion through,storytelling whereas the long dark was,immersion through survival,of games that i have covered on the,channel,the only ones that come to mind are call,of cthulhu simply due to the reliance on,storytelling and conversation to move,the story along rather than the typical,combat and action as seen in most games,and the other game that ive already,covered that is similar being hellblade,senuas sacrifice,again were looking at different games,in terms of mechanical gameplay as,hellblade does have substantial combat,and puzzle solving that is absent from,firewatch but the unique experimental,approach and very heavy immersion and,storytelling will feel vaguely similar,so now that weve looked at some of the,features of the game we reached the,point of my review where i give a more,subjective look at my personal,experience with it,please keep in mind that the following,is just my opinion of the game and if,the features and genres seem interesting,to you you should definitely check it,out for yourself as not all games are,for all gamers,the game that you hate might be the next,gamers all-time favorite which is one,of the things that i love about gaming,theres always something for someone out,there,so did i enjoy firewatch and do i,recommend it,maybe,maybe not,well its a hard one to recommend i,would say for a very specific type of,gamer or if youre looking for a very,specific story heavy experience,this is a great one,if youre looking for something with a,more traditional gameplay style this is,definitely not it,personally i did enjoy the game i felt,that the characters were written very,well and so connecting with them was,easy and i actually felt sad that the,story was coming to an end when i made,it to the end of the game,if there is one critique or maybe a,warning it is that the game is really,quite short,its the kind of game that you can beat,in an evening if youre determined,

Firewatch Review – Worthabuy

Firewatch is it worth Abay lets read,the words the words the words the words,the words were gonna read some words,guys I dont know which words but I,think its gonna be much just get on,with a cig Firewatch is a single clear,first-person mystery set in the Wyoming,wilderness where your only emotional,lifeline is the person on the other end,of a handheld radio so what is fire what,well its a walking simulator guys its,another walking simulator masquerading,as a game its one of them you know the,kind weve had plenty on this channel,and I can hear it all of them because,why theres only one game that I,actually like that is is story and that,is this – as The Walking Dead from,Telltale Games and Game of Thrones and,you know why I like them because the,story is good Game of Thrones is my,favorite TV show The Walking Dead is a,really good TV show about zombies but it,used to be good then it went [ __ ] after,season but its kind of in or,interesting subject whats the subject,of this some guy in the middle of,[ __ ] nowhere looking out for smoke,whilst talking to someone on a radio hey,what the [ __ ] why why is that,interesting well because because market,is interesting because it calls of the,challenges in life and its such an,emotional sentimental journey of two,people whove never met just forging a,relationship out of the background of,their past god I wouldnt go watch this,if it was the kind of film that my wife,puts it you wanna come to me meeting,like this this film it really Ted,I dont know Im doing I want to go and,see Texas Beach inform us again or,something like that,sorry I just had to get out run all the,way the game starts with you spinning,around and lift and I thought this was,actually part of the game I thought you,just had far too many sure buds you jump,in the lift and you were having a bit of,a dizzy spell and I thought it was part,of the game and I thought you had a time,the spins with opening the lift or what,I realized it was a bug and it was the,fact that me joystick was plugged in and,the game couldnt cope with it so I had,a restart give your basically a park,ranger and youre out for the whole,summer in this big massive park and your,job is to watch out for wires and pick,up litter and in all the kind of,interesting things you know theres,another park ranger thats got a,walkie-talkie in another tower somewhere,you live in this towel at your base and,theyve got a tower which is miles away,and you talk to each other and youre,building up this relationship between,yourselves and and Im not going to tell,you what happens or anything but theres,a bit of a mystery that needs solving by,walking around the park doing stuff now,I actually thought at first that it look,drab and I was really bored out with it,because it doesnt look great I mean,its a Unity game it just it ones like,[ __ ] as well by the way that the,framerate is just pretty cool but the,story was yeah you know the usual,[ __ ] and its just all macking on,again Im no Im gonna get hammered for,this but I just look it again at the end,of the day its a game Im not reading a,book Im not at the movies its again,right so Im looking at this as a gamer,I mean there was an interesting part,where there was two girls who were,stripping their claws off and living it,at rid of their clothes I found pants,and then bra and all that and I thought,awesome Im gonna actually stumble,across two lesbians making love outside,and I was like rushing through the,bushes to get there but yeah they didnt,turn out to be two lesbians the mist the,mr. trick there guys with devs they,could have had the seals would have been,absolutely through the roof had they put,the lesbians on the floor on a little,alone,blanket you know the little exit picnic,you know they were just kind of having,buff fins,Mac Mac just stop it will ya,so but they didnt uh but anyway as he,going around the thing start to move,fool a story starts to unfold of mystery,and you see this strange guy who just,appears kind of out of nowhere and it,does get a bit creepy guys I mean the,kids get a little bit creepy I was quite,nervous of one point going through the,forest and I was scared to look behind,me and I was kind of honored on on on,the edge and you know it was kind of the,story is pretty much well done and as I,got more and more into the give I,started you know thinking hear this,story,yeah yeah okay all right all right now,yeah the storys pretty decent its,starting to go somewhere now I see what,youre doing I see where its going I,see whats happening and the,relationships is kind of you know whats,pulling on different bits of your,personality and you youre trying to get,to know each other and you try to source,each other out and little bit of flirt,and its kind of it did get a little bit,interesting until I realized that the,game can be done in three hours and then,it started to not get interesting and,then it just kind of skipped weeks and,months into the,Geron it was it was kinda you know,obviously they had a past time but Ive,been right round the map and it was very,linearly there was a couple of instances,where I can branch off left branch off,right but the boss took us to the same,place inevitably and you know it was an,uneventful map its got a few little,clips that Yap sealed down and youve,got these little boxes supply boxes that,you find in the combination to all of,them one two three four I mean you would,have thought that the would of at least,maybe had that a bit a bit buried you,know its just very dull its a very,dull game and I dont understand whats,going on with with the reviews to the,skin I mean Im gonna read i GN,Firewatch on the strength of its,gripping story,theres nothing gripping about it,brilliant branching script what what,brilliant branching script is this the,fact that it branches into a mystery,branches into your past branches into,where the beginnings of a relationship,branches into a bit of your personal,life branches a little bit of their,personal life how was that brilliant,its just its not wholly convincing,voice acting performances the voice,acting is excellent in this game,stunning art direction stunning art,direct what stunning art direction would,that be in this awful engine of unity is,it could it be the extra long blades of,grass from that are floating in the air,I mean the plastic look and rock I mean,its just,no no half really are you clean the same,game as me its easily one of my,favorite and most memorable game,experiences of this decade nine point,three IgM yeah Ive got a message for,your IGN,Goff 15-pound guys for this 15 pound for,the three off and story in a unity,engine that doesnt even look rich runs,like [ __ ] has you spinning around in the,[ __ ] elevator at the beginning which,makes it look like a minigame if youve,got anything connected that isnt a,mountain of concave board you have a,lesbian scene that doesnt exist that,should have fun but thats all you,forget that Lisbon its a walking,simulating all you do in this game is,you walk around a big uneventful map,talking into a radio building a,relationship up with some tart in a,tower and thats 15 pound for a gamer,well if thats 15 pound and everybody,else Rock Paper Shotgun,Firewatch is a rare and beautiful,creation that expands the possibilities,for how a narrative if game can be,presented without bombastic or gimmick,gorgeous and clever camp or Santos debut,is a triumph of craft you root gamer,well hes won worth of by Firewatch is a,big pile of festering Ocelot piss which,is king boring walking around the unity,map talking into a [ __ ] video to some,tart in the tower one out of ten must,try [ __ ] harder with this s listen,listen thats compromised at the end of,this if youre into interactive stories,right if you want that a sentimental,story with a bit of a mystery,the is dont mind being author in three,hours buy it buy it but if youre,looking for a gripping story a really,something that you can get your teeth in,deal with plenty of in

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