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i started trying to make this perfect,im never gonna do this so im going for,aesthetics were just going for the,actual thing,um,hey guys and welcome back to another,video its been a while i havent done,one of these in so long just me you,talking and you know so what better way,to come back with some,clear vision here i am not sponsored but,im recognized i wanted to show you guys,the glasses that ive been wearing since,i have like,four of them so ive been telling so,ive been telling a lot of people about,this brand its called for me again im,not sponsored i just really love these,glasses and i feel like its taking me a,very long time to find glasses that look,cute theyre functional theyre light on,my face my prescription is like negative,six like negative six negative,i went from negative five to negative,six in like a year so and it keeps going,down oh i made a snap story whatever a,while ago showing my old glasses which i,dont have them anymore but they were,super thick theyre like binoculars and,theyre so heavy on my face like i would,just get so tired just wearing them so,these are the first pair like so i dont,know i hope you could see it even,without the,ring light in the way let me see if i,turn off the light,no thats terrible i mean i guess,thats better with the light so what i,really like about the glasses is that,each pair,they come in their own box not the,cutest or whatever sorry but i mean,its just the glasses case but i really,like how they come with their own like,carrying case like so and then you could,also clean it its like a really nice,soft cleaning cloth so you could just,use that for your glasses and these are,already like you know already a little,dirty so let me just,so these are the first pair these are a,little smaller for my face i should,probably take off my,contacts so i could kind of see im not,really gonna see it but you see my nails,are very cute but i mean i like the,detailing on this it looks like a lace,kind of,like intricate design on the side as,gold i really wanted something that was,like i think this is called acetate so,these are like the acetate frames um,theyre really thin as you can see these,which are,like way smaller than the ones that i,got from here im really bad at like i,have to go back later and edit it and,then put the computer screen in there so,im just gonna show you here its not,gonna do us sorry but here these were,just too big they were like huge for my,face it was it was just ridiculous i,mean i still wear them like if i find,them around on my bed ill just put them,on and stuff but i wanted something that,was a little bit more fitting these felt,a little bit more fitting i cant see,how i look because i have my contacts in,so i cant really see as im modeling it,but these are very nice,very,studious and,cute with my glasses that are on my head,and now on my,face,yes i really like these these,are good im not even kidding,these were 23.99,um theyll put everything in the,description box below of like what these,exact glasses are,so um we just save some time here okay,next glasses i picked another one with,mixed material let me clean this because,i cannot clean these,i need to spray,dont judge me whatever i know you do it,too,anyways these are the next pair of,glasses um these are purple and these i,would wear a lot a lot a lot i wear,these mostly to bed um i mean not that i,have to see when i go to sleep but like,you know when its bedtime when im,unwinding in the night usually when i do,take off my contacts because i wear my,contacts a lot um ill just put on these,glasses these are my favorite theyre,very light on the face i really think,its acetate so this is like the acetate,frame i love how like it drops down here,and then it swims out towards the end,and then you have the metal temple look,so i really like these i feel like these,look very um retro and very chic in a,way but i think these are very cute,i dont know if people try to be cute,and,i dont know whatever and if im wearing,them sometimes i wear them to work and,wear it like this it was just cute its,just like,it adds style to your,wardrobe i dont know what else to say,about these glasses these are really,great and they were only the frame,itself 23.99 so what i do like about,formula and what i do like about their,their website is that you could buy the,frames they could start as low as like,19 bucks maybe even lower than that and,really youre just paying for the frame,and then whatever else you add to it so,with me it was very very important that,my glasses correction my prescription is,negative seven i thought it was negative,oh its negative six point twenty five,negative seven,is my right eye but yeah it was very,very important for me to get really thin,lens and look how thin these are like,usually with glasses like these,its its almost impossible with with my,prescription,to be,super like thin,so,i really like how this company they they,didnt like break my pockets when i was,trying to make this super thin my,other pair of glasses are like armani,exchange i paid like 200 or so for the,frame and then to make it like thin and,it wasnt even that then it was even,more expensive so i think i paid like at,least 400 for one pair of glasses i paid,i mean totally came out to be 60 bucks,for each pair because of everything that,i added like i wanted it to be the super,thinnest i wanted to be the,anti-reflective whatever like all this,other stuff that i probably shouldnt,have added but i mean i just wanted to,have like the coolest glasses so,whatever but you dont need to do that,you just need to get your frame however,thin your lens are and im going to say,theyre all my favorite because,ive worn them before im up to wearing,the clear ones right now like thats im,rotating them when i first got the fur,moon glasses ive been wearing these a,lot and i was just getting used to it,the other ones were like more out there,kind of styles this one was more like,okay kind of chill out a little bit,theyre wearing glasses but theyre not,like whoa,so i like these too,i wore these a lot so i think i probably,stretched it out a lot and i slept a lot,of these two another pair of mixed,material with the acetate like the black,rooms here and then over here like,clears out i didnt want my glasses to,where me i wanted me to be wearing my,glasses so thats why i wanted to pick,like colors that were like either,neutral light or,um just a little bit lighter like this,where it has that kind of contrast so,its like you know it goes with my dark,features but also like light,here so its not so heavy so these are,the next pair they also have this they,also have this like gold side,siding,so i think it all depends because these,are medium these are a large and then,these are small so i think it really,helps when if you like i guess measure,your face you know the perfect size for,you but as i mentioned before with my,prescription i do have astigmatism uh so,i have negative 7 in my right eye and,negative 6.25 in my left eye um so one,thing that i did find that was kind of,difficult to find was my pupillary,distance which it asked for on the,website,so that is and im reading it here is,basically the distance between your two,pupils in millimeters so having the,correct pd on your glasses ensures,youre looking through the ideal spot in,your lenses number 60. so i guess,60 millimeters apart my pupils are right,here and just making sure that your,pupils are i think im explaining that,correctly i mean thats from what i,understand on that thing you could just,ask your eye doctor forever anyways,moving on to i think the last pair of,glasses i had two more and i cant find,them these i havent worn i havent worn,these like much i think i wore it like,i think i wore these like uh like for a,pitcher or something but,these i feel like stand out a lot from,the crowds i really like,you know that quiet librarian look like,i dont know i dont know these i feel,like stand out a little bit more lik

Firmoo Glasses Try On & Review

hello everyone for todays video were,in my bathroom and the reason why were,in my bathroom is because,im going to be trying on some new,glasses today,if you didnt know this about your girl,i have,pretty horrible vision negative 4.75,if theres anybody out there that knows,i live a blurred world,i live a world where ive seen enough,and i cant see much i do have my,contacts in,right now so before we get into the,video im gonna have to go pop those out,and then were gonna try on some glasses,today,i am trying on the fur moo glasses,i got three pairs from them they are,prescription,and i am extremely excited to try these,on because i have not,had new glasses in so many years,so its been so many years so the,glasses that i,currently have been using are not my,current prescription,not the prescription i had before this,prescription but the prescription from,before that,because i broke my last pair so i had to,resort to going back,to this old pair they are too wide for,my face,they dont sit straight on my face,anymore theyre a little crooked and if,you look,very closely they have cracks all upon,the lenses too so these are due to go,they are extremely old theyre out of,date they dont even have my current,prescription,so i cant even see properly with these,im gonna go take out my contacts and,right here with you,im going to try these on and were,going to review them and see how we like,these three new pairs of glasses im,ready im ready to just,toss these should i just throw them,theyre really already broken but,they landed on the carpet so its okay,not carpet its,its a mat its my shower mat if you,were thinking i had carpet in my,bathroom,thatd be weird okay without further ado,lets get right,into the review as my mother would say,im gonna go take out my eyes,and were gonna put on these beautiful,new glasses lets try them on all right,okay so i officially cannot see you i,cannot see,myself in my reflection so were just,gonna pray that my camera stays in focus,fingers crossed because i cannot tell,everything is blur,at this point i do really really like,the packaging that it comes in,its a really sturdy box its an easy,slide out,and inside it does have an additional,soft bag its really nice for cleaning,them too because,i dont know about you guys but i always,end up using like the corner of my,shirts or whatever it is so,its really nice to have this which is,the perfect,to clean the glasses as well and it,keeps them safe and secure,being that theres double protection,going on here,so i actually was just in vegas this,week and i took,one of the pairs with me because i was,eager to see how they did,on a trip and having this sturdy box,was super helpful i felt very trusted,that my new glasses were not going to be,breaking as i was venturing,out in vegas so i do really like the,packaging,lets get into the first pair this is,the pair that i took with me to vegas,so i figure well go ahead and try this,one on first together,this pair might seem like its black at,first glance but its actually more of,like a dark maroon color,and i do really really like the detail,on the side here you guys know i like,the bling i like things that shine,and so i do really love this decal,thats right here,and i am all about the cat eye as you,know i stay wearing my wings,so naturally i had to get cat eye,glasses i feel like cat eye glasses,always look best,on me so lets try,okay im not gonna lie obviously you,know ive been wearing these for a week,but,ive been loving them i am giving you,sexy secretary,hello my snookums yes i am your,secretary,and im here to take care of you i dont,know but these are giving,i love the cat eye i typically fear like,bigger lenses,but i honestly like them on me also too,what a difference in actually having an,updated prescription i feel like i can,see,everything for anybody here that has,glasses or contacts that they wear,you know that when you first put in a,new prescription,you feel like youre seeing sides of the,world that you never saw before,and thats how i feel with these glasses,i feel like i can see everything,and because the lenses are nice and big,everything is,more clear my other glasses were so,thin that i really only could see well,in this very little bit but i do like,the bigger lenses because,i have a more wide range of vision,now which i like so yeah these are a,definite yes for me,ive been loving them the whole week im,not gonna lie whenever i put them on at,the end of the night im just like,checking myself out in the mirror so,let me know in the comments what do you,think about pair,number one and look at that decal,giving you just a touch of bougie,all right hello i cannot see you again,this pair i was a little scared about,because the frame is clear and ive,never worn a clear frame ever even in my,sunglasses i dont think ive ever worn,clear frame glasses i really decided to,branch out and try something new with,these,again i did get a bigger,lens and they have a touch of cat eye,just just a touch of cat eye in the,corner yeah,theyre all cat eye okay im obsessed,with cat eye we know this,we know this lets try this im scared,but im excited,okay okay,so what is this giving you know im,honestly still getting a little bit of,secretary vibes,but with the clear frames i also feel,like i need a book,i feel like i need to be reading a book,maybe reading to my class am i a teacher,im a teacher now im no longer a,secretary im now a teacher again,um i can see clearly now the rain is,gone,this i feel like i can see every crevice,of the earth my vision is so clear with,these,the prescription is so clear,i officially like wider frames,i certainly do the last pair is a,slimmer frame,but i officially like the wider frames,what do we think what do we think about,the clear frames its definitely giving,me,hot teacher i think weve moved past,secretary you know were at hot teacher,hello good morning students,the bell doesnt dismiss you i do,who remembers their teachers saying that,in school you just want to be like,no the bell does dismiss me thank you,put in the comments what do you think,about pear,number two whats your favorite so far,im taking these,im taking these son let me look at,myself in the mirror,purr its giving me im secretly a,superhero,clark kent but woman shall we move on,to the final pair im excited are you,excited,so for this last pair i got some colors,that i would typically not,get look at the color scheme on this,okay its a party its a whole freaking,party thats happening here,do you see we have blue we have pink we,have yellow we have clear we have all,kinds of colors that are happening here,theres also a super cute little decal,its like a chain,decal happening on the side i hope you,can see all this because,i cant see anything so im just hoping,for the best this is also,a slimmer frame but its so wide enough,where ill get a good view,and of course naturally it is,cat eye frame in the front is actually,not clear its like a very very subtle,light pink and we all know i love pink,and things that sparkle lets try them,oh my gosh oh my god theres a very,specific movie character,im thinking of who is it,put in the comments below who is the,movie character im thinking of,okay so ive always loved cat eye on me,and i feel like these are like cat eye,you know what i mean like these are,full blown cat eye these are giving,what do we think do we like the the,sheer pink frames,theres a very specific movie character,im thinking about i think shes a fish,lola is this giving lola i dont even,think she wears glasses,do you guys know who im talking about,do you know what im talking about we,were first a secretary then we were a,teacher and now,we are a mistress,a stepmom timmy why dont you come,inside timmy its getting cold put a,jacket on,is that what its giving i feel like,thats what its giving for this one,super cute oh i love it im obsessed,its a yes yes,and a yes for me what was your favorite,down below,i think these might be my fave let me,know i

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Affordable Prescription Glasses $20-$30 | FULL Firmoo Review

[Music],whats up YouTube and welcome back to my,channel life with no fashion today well,be discussing everything you need to,know about firming glass cheap,prescription glasses ok now this video,is intended for anybody that you know,they dont have benefits or they had,benefits and they dont want pair of,glasses and they want more glasses they,want stylish glasses I will be reviewing,a total of seven glasses to date from,the firming websites so I will have a,description in the description box below,I will have the website along with all,of the pairs that I am reviewing Ill be,reviewing the product the service along,with the shipping so keep that in mind,now each of the parents their names are,a combination of letters and numbers so,its not like a name in particular its,like C 711 so what L did to make,everything much easier for everybody,Ill go buy a pair one pair to always,appear seven and each of those pairs,will have a link in the description box,below you clip that length in the same,glasses Ill let you know what color I,use everything and so forth so stay,tuned and watch the video let me know if,theres anything you guys wanted me to,answer that I didnt answer and I will,let you guys know so thank you and stay,tuned,okay everyone this is pair number one,now I love this pair of glasses I cannot,stress to you how much I love this pair,of glasses I was every single day Ive,had this for about four months now,all right every single day when I go to,work I get a lot of complement it is,durable it is sturdy it has a unique,look to it Ive got this cheetah print,look to it and to be honest this matches,everything,I mean its and yeah it has a gold here,and coldest I love cold the gold is my,go-to color and to be honest I dont I,dont have no issues about this glasses,it matches my face very well and I think,thats something that people should,consider is that this classes you may,not look at everybody but it depends on,your facial structure so I definitely,love these kind of glasses and I would,recommend it for you okay I have pair,number two so these are really cute,glasses I absolutely love pair number,two because this is a traditional black,and gold glasses but as you can see this,is a really nice pair of glasses it is,really sturdy as well pair number two is,also a mix of gold with in it its,sturdy I wore this this is my second,pair of glasses that I were not as after,thats my not as often as my first pair,of glasses but definitely a pair that I,wear whenever I dont want my pen Im,going to work or pure there wherever go,in gym whatever I would like this,because it makes me feel very stylish,still like simple and the traditional,black so it makes me feel like it,matches everything so overall this is,definitely another pair that I would,recommend for everyone if you can also,see it hasnt a gold type of arm on both,sides so its really cute I,do really like that okay so this is pair,number three now this one I definitely,do not like Im just gonna be real with,you,this one looks fantastic on my friends,so thats why I decide to order this,whole clear and cold looking thing what,it looked not soulswipe on me and Im,not gonna lie about that I did not get a,signal compliments on these this pair of,glasses many people actually were like,oh did you get um,thicker glasses and I guess thats,because these frames if you look at it,its clear so it looks like the like it,looks like your glasses,dot blends like it looks like the lens,itself so it looks like its thick I,recommend it for other people with,different complexions and because my,friend that had ordered this pair of,glasses shed,totally different characteristics of me,shes a lighter skin tone shes have a,different descent so she it looks really,nice on her to be honest its really,cute,just not for me it is very sturdy if,this is if you if I got this in,different color maybe this would have,been something that I wore everyday -,but this was definitely not for me its,really really sturdy but not for me just,not for me,pear number four so this pair of glasses,is so cute its like the round Harry,Potter looking glasses but not a small,type of thing this is really cute I wear,this whenever I go to events and Im,trial of edgy but definitely not,everyday use I know that theres a gold,just all gold and I think Im definitely,to get those ones because this is a,golden red and this only matches certain,things I feel but it still could be edgy,if you were like red lipstick or,something,pair number four is definitely not,everyday this is definitely I love is,just flexible like this room this is,fragile okay fragile is the best way to,describe this pair of bosses beautifully,bright okay,[Music],pair number now this pair of glasses is,a hit or miss for authors for me this is,um definitely wants to know what ng as,hell and damn well stylish now not,everybody likes these edges here people,dont like engines not everybody like,edges so I want to say this is like an,everyday depending on what your job is,or what look youre going for this is,not an everyday type of look because,its like this edgy look to it but I,mean hey Who am I the one to boss or Who,am I the one who am i the one to say who,or what you can wear everyday I mean,this is really cute,again with the gold black and gold is,the black and gold color makes me feel,really really edgy I feel like Im a,neck,you know walking among now the,sturdiness the reason about this can,this could be WT depending on depending,on what youre going for the reason I,say that is because it is really sturdy,a stick its it does not feel breakable,at all like the other pair like pair,number four with sole if you can see it,was like like it was liked by me as how,this is so damn sturdy its really nice,if depending on what you want this could,be everyday as I said before however,this is not my everyday this is my edgy,looks when Im really trying to make a,statement or wherever the case is that,is pair pair number six so this pair is,really really really cute I do like this,however some people might not like this,my fiancé thinks that it looks like the,frame was not completed and the reason,being is if you look closely like not,the but like its a frame here and,theres no frame here now I select this,because I actually got a lot of,compliments on this pair of glasses,people are like oh thats really edgy,thats really cute,that could be everyday for you depending,on what youre going for now this is not,as sturdy or this is not as sturdy as my,first pair of my first few pairs out,showing you but its not definitely not,as fragile as that pair number four this,is really really nice you can wear this,every day to be honest you can really,wear this every day this is it gives you,that like frameless look which I do like,and again there is some old to this so I,like this to be honest I,you do like this and I would wear this,more often if I wasnt working in a,hospital so I would wear this more often,just not to the hospital okay guys this,is pair number seven these are the,traditional glasses look it is not my,everyday because when I rock my lashes,go my my eyes cant even close its like,stuck its like Waze is closing because,the frame is so close to my eyeballs,that it gets stuck halfway whereas when,I wear these ones because it has a,little bit of a lift to it compared to,this one if you guys can see let me turn,this around so you can see so this has a,lift to it as you can see there right,here theres Mikes right that does not,have a lift here,once this one has more of a lift because,it has these little things here that,gives it a little bit more space between,your eyeball and the glasses lens so I,can blink my eyes perfectly fine when I,wear with lashes with these type of,glasses but this one looks like I dont,so when Im working a night shift,you better believe Im rocking these,glasses because theyre great theyre,sturdy ends you know what it gets the,job done and I do like this for everyday,use I do get saw

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Firmoo Glasses Try On & Review

Im still fly Im still fly I know,Im still fly Im still fly lets go hey,guys welcome back if youve been here,before and if youre brand new then my,name is Emma today were going to be,doing an unboxing of sorts its a little,bit different and Ive not really seen,another unboxing like this one there may,be some out there but um I havent seen,it so um recently I received an email,from FAMU,from ooh Ill put the name up for me,um and it was saying about their glasses,and how,they were having like a birthday sale,and it was like reasonably priced,glasses this isnt in any way sponsored,or they havent gifted me any of this,um but yeah so they were saying about,their buy one get one free so I went,onto the website they do um prescription,glasses from five pounds to 40 pounds,40 pounds is the most expensive I can,find them you put your prescription in,and then you can go through the glasses,and pick,um they also do while Im talking about,the website they do sunglasses and the,blue light glasses for the computers so,I had I put an order in Ive got three,pairs,um mine are on the cheaper end of the,scale because I havent ordered from,them before and I wasnt sure what it,would be like I thought oh Ill order,some,um but Im pretty sure they come from,China or it seemed like they were coming,from China when I was watching the,tracking so if thats something thats,interesting to you or I dont know if,you need to know where theyre coming,from but the website looks like they,deliver to all sorts of different,countries they deliver to the US if you,use the.com,um the UK If you use the dot Co dot UK,they also do Europe places like that so,yeah I thought I would show you what you,get for five pounds or I think one of,the pairs is nine pounds so,they come in I just showed you the,packaging but they come in this cool,yellow like Jiffy bag,so its nice and bright when you um,so its nice and bright when you see it,coming through your door mine came,through the Royal Mail tracked,um so and then each pair comes in its,own little box I think you can pay extra,you can pay extra for different Coatings,which I didnt do,um and you can pay extra for a case I,think but I just kept this one I didnt,know they were going to come in a case,so um yeah Im becoming this orange case,and then it just,slide its not like that and then inside,each case,um is a glasses bag so this one it says,firmware on it just,uh just there and on the back it says,cleaning cloth and pouch so I believe,the this is also a cleaning cloth okay,so were starting with the most,expensive pair so these ones were nine,pounds I just want to show you because,theyre not normally something I buy,like,my glasses my main glasses are from,Specsavers theyre brilliant theyve got,all the coatings on them but they were,250 pounds for two pairs and these were,nine pounds so,especially when I like Chuck them in my,bag or have them around the house but,these ones dont have any coating so you,might see some glare but let me just,show you the frames so theyre kind of,like a,odd like the circular but not fully,round theyre like a rose gold,and then,I dont know how to show you these,things,thats what the arm of them looks like,and then Ill just pop them on,these are my favorite ones that I got I,dont know why I really like the color,but Im not like anything else Ive got,um I dont mind that theyve not got the,coatings on because Im actually finding,the Coatings from Specsavers to be just,a little bit annoying with cleaning them,I think these will be really easy they,feel really sturdy this pair,particularly feels really sturdy feels,the same quality as my other,um glasses from Specsavers,so yeah love these these were nine,pounds and I think Im gonna get a lot,of wear out of them these were my,favorite ones so,yeah I think brilliant okay so I got,those ones and then the next two pairs I,got were five pounds,um and I just think thats such a,bargain especially for somebody like,that loses the glasses or if youre,buying them for like teenagers or I mean,Im not a teenager but I have to wear,mine for Ive got astigmatism in this,eye,um so I have to wear mine for that and I,just think its glasses if youre,putting them on your face its nice to,be able to accessorize differently and,have different pairs for your different,moods okay so again this is the second,pair comes in the same Orange Box,the box is actually fairly sturdy as,well so the glasses will be nice and,safe okay these ones I would call these,Nana glasses,and if you know what I mean you know,what I mean if you dont then youre,about to see but um I dont mean that in,any kind of way I just think these,remind me of a pair of glasses my nana,would have in like the 90s or 2000s,so this is what they look like theyre I,dont know if you can tell but theyre,like a blue,ombre to clear down at the bottom there,and then the same on the other side,and then you can see the metal frame,just,there you can see the metal frame just,there,and then that is the arm,and theyve got the blue,honey so I thought these were going to,be plastic because my perfume the ones I,wear every single day are clear like,this,and their nana glasses and theyre,plastic I thought these were going to be,plastic but the mess theyve got metal,here above the main frame bit is plastic,and thats what they look like on,I love these two theyre not too tight,theyre not very heavy so they feel,really comfortable on I think these are,going to be great for just watching TV,and stuff when I first tried these on I,didnt have any makeup on and I just,felt like a complete potato so,um yeah I dont feel potato in them now,but yeah thats another look at those,ones,sure,[Music],if youre interested in knowing like the,product name or number for any of these,glasses let me know and Ill let you,know in the comments I dont know,offhand but yeah I think these ones,these are probably my second favorite so,weve worked from best to worse in my,opinion but the next pair is super fun,I just dont think they suit my face,that much but they were a Fiverr so,again these were five pounds,let me pop them back oh thats upside,down popping back in the box,okay and the last pair again in an,orange box what is the price these ones,I will admit are the flimsiest feeling,ones out the other two feel really good,quality like the same as glasses you,would get anywhere else these ones feel,super bendy like you can see I dont,know if you can see but you can see how,flexy they are oh this is what they look,like so these are properly Harry Potter,and I saw them on the website and I just,couldnt not buy them and even like the,arm there looks a little bit like a wand,theyre just so thin and like bendy Im,not sure how long these last,thats what they look like arent they,dont look too bad now actually when I,tried them on it fur

Firmoo glasses try-on!!

[Music],hi truly welcome back to my channel if,this is your first time here hi welcome,become a tour elites and subscribe,become part of the fam,and if youre a returning subscriber hey,how are you,sorry ive been kind of like m.i.a on,here,but hopefully you guys are following me,on instagram and like,you know im just kind of like,taking not like a little break because,im obviously filming this and this is,gonna be uploaded and all this stuff but,like,im trying to like,try to better my channel i guess you,would say and like trying to get more,content out,i feel like october is going to be going,to be a successful,kind of thing for that but todays video,is in collaboration with vermou um,it is a glass like they sell sunglasses,but also like,reading glasses and these are the three,that they sent me,they are so cute,um,here is the packaging it is super bright,and it just says firmware on there its,super bright so like when you have this,in,your purse youre going to be able to,find this like its so bright like,youre youre going to find it and i i,just like how it is and just comes all,out like this,and then,two of them have,blue light um because i do work from,home so if youre working from home and,you need like something im always,looking at my screen my work phone my,personal phone,so its like a lot of screen time thats,going on so i like,having glasses with the blue light on it,and,um theyre having the time that im,filming this video theyre having a sale,but i do have a discount code,and,let me triple check,i know that its,oh its a 50 off,and you get to put your prescription on,these glasses if you need to have a,prescription,on your glasses you get 50 off and my,code is celie that is c e l i,50 for 50,off,you heard that correctly 50,im going to link not only these glasses,but my link down below like that you,guys can shop through my link and the,link is also going to be on my link tree,which i think i should start like,linking my link tree under,here but my link tree is on my instagram,so you guys can go,and check that out,um so lets get into the first pair,and it comes in like this,as well and its a cleaning pouch,and um,so you could like clean them and it says,firmu here as well,cleaning cloth and pouch so these are,the first pair,they are,black with gold like accents as you guys,can see,here let me just clean them because ive,already like tried them on like these,are so cute on me like,im obsessed,i actually wore these today,for work like theyre so cute little,case spell,oh,my god like,do you guys see that they have like the,reflecting thing like,for the blue light,how cute,like,lets move my hair over like,you know like so cute i am,obsessed like hi,i love these and i feel like theyre so,conveniently priced,that like you could just get some with,like no prescription if you just want to,accessorize with them like,and they also have sunglasses yall like,look how cute,i love,im so obsessed,like who is she,she ready,shes ready to work from home,so like these are good for like working,like with the screen you know,accessorizing with an outfit you know,whatever reading i love reading,so,i will be wearing these,or any of the other ones as well,then,the next pair,are,again the same case all three of them,oh so the time that you guys see this,video,the oh the um,sales will be over but you get 50 off of,my discount,i mean according to that paper,then these are the next ones these i got,more for like,these dont have the blue light i got,these more for like accessorizing,with like an outfit you know like,look all smart or whatever,so these are it,so i was like this like cat eye here and,it has like,what is the name of this print like i,want to say like,cheetah but its not cheetahs like,you know its just like this brown and,black,print,sorry i keep looking at the viewfinder,but theyre so cute like,its like you know,accessorize,give your your outfit that extra,you know,when you have to go on like a zoom call,and you want to look all smart and,presentative,look how professional,you know you wear these little bad boys,so cute these are so cute,oh my god obsessed like look at them,theyre so cute yall,love love love,now the last pair,whats this the last pair i feel like,because my face is so round,i like need like,really like kind of like bigger glasses,these are kind of like small on my face,but theyre still pretty cute and i mean,they are cute im gonna wear them at,home like i wouldnt like wear these out,just because i feel like i look kind of,weird you guys let me know do i look,weird in these,i feel like i do but theyre like pink,and gold and everybody knows that i like,pink and gold,so its so cute but like,i dont know like how do i look,maybe now because i have my makeup done,i kind of like like it better but,what do you guys think,actually it doesnt look that bad but,let me let me know down below which one,was your favorites and like,[Music],do these actually look good on me,because im not too sure like,do they,i dont know,i think now that i have makeup oh now,that i have,makeup on these also have the blue light,so thats what im saying like im,definitely wearing these while i work,okay im not actually that mad at them,like now that i have my makeup done,but you guys still have to like,obviously let me know these are so cute,actually hold on,oh so cute,at furmu,oh i feel smart like i feel like,im intelligent,so,hold on ill finish posting that story,in just a second but you guys if you,guys need new glasses definitely,definitely definitely,go,to firmwood go through my link use my,code for 50 off um obviously when you,add like just like the body of the,glasses theyre like they range from,like 25 to like even 14 bucks like its,pretty convenient and then you get a 50,off and then when youre putting in your,prescription and all of that stuff like,its definitely gonna like add,you know more money but you are going to,get 50,off so,i think you should do it,these are so nice all right the release,that is it for this weeks video i hope,you guys enjoyed it,make sure you like comment and subscribe,let me know how these look on me and,which one were your favorite ones,ill catch you to release next time bye,[Music]

FIRMOO GLASSES HAUL | try-on & review!

foreign,[Music],welcome back to my Channel or welcome to,my channel if you are new here my name,is Hannah I am so happy to have you here,so today I have one of the most exciting,videos for you guys today I am,collaborating with Firma glasses once,again to give you a haul of new glasses,that I picked out so if youve been here,for a while you probably know that I,have been collaborating with fermo since,I think it was my freshman year of high,school and Im a sophomore in college,now let me just tell you I love Furman,with my whole heart and soul they are,the best company in the world the Best,glasses Ive ever tried I promise you,guys I would not lie to you Burma is the,best glasses company in this world I,probably have over 30 pairs of glasses,from them and that includes collabs and,glasses that I have bought on my own,just because I love them so much and,they just have the best Styles the best,quality all different kinds of different,options you can choose someone you check,out like blue light,um near lenses far lenses driving lenses,all sorts of things they are absolutely,incredible and I just love them so much,and cannot wait to share with you guys,the glasses that I have from them today,there will be a link in the description,where you guys can check out fermoo and,check out all the incredible glasses,that they have I will also be linking,the three glasses that Im going to show,you guys in case you fall in love with,those and as always please use my,discount code jua50 okay now on to the,fun part Im going to be showing you,guys the haul of the glasses that I,picked so it comes in this like little,plastic case but you also get this,little,um pouch and it actually is a cleansing,cloth for your glasses so you can use it,to wipe down the glasses and clean them,off which I just think is so awesome,because if you like just need to throw,your glasses in your purse or something,you can use this pouch and then if you,need to clean it off later you just use,the pouch you can use it even do it in,the bag which I think is amazing okay so,these are the first pair Im showing you,guys today I decided to go a little bit,more fun for some of these usually I go,for more basic options but these are,neutral but a little bit different in,style for each one okay so I first have,I dont even know how to show these,probably the best option but I first,have this pair which I just think is,super cute and very like I dont know,these kind of are like studious to me,and a little bit trendy,um this is what they look like on and I,love these because I love the tortoise,shell and I actually didnt think I,would like the size of these but I do,think theyre perfect they fit my face,frame like I feel like really well I,just feel like these are such a good,staple pair but a little bit out of my,comfort zone like a little bit like,trendy I dont know even how to describe,it but these arent really what I would,usually go for and I absolutely am glad,that I did because I love them okay on,to the next pair Im very excited about,these because these are are also once,again a little out of my comfort zone I,am opening up to like really being like,different and unique with my glasses,um but these ones are super awesome,because they are my favorite neutral I,love these like neutral toned colors and,theyre kind of like a clear toned tan,um I dont even know maybe,um like a terracotta color maybe but,theyre like clear,um and I also just wanted to point out,that I do have blue light in all of,these I always get blue light its the,best Im always looking at screens and I,just I couldnt do without so these ones,do have a small little cat eye moment,going on which I didnt know if I would,like but I actually love so this is what,um these look like on me and I just love,these so much I usually go for a classic,staple like black clear gold and these,ones are just really cool and unique and,different so I absolutely love these,ones okay and lastly Im so excited to,share these with you all because fermo,actually picked the is that special for,me and they have a very special little,addition to them so I cannot wait to,show you okay what I love about these is,they also have that gold to black but it,kind of has this really fun and unique,little shape like dent in the side which,I actually think is so fun and I love,okay but the most exciting part of it,all,for moo if you guys can see this they,engraved my name in the glasses how,incredible,is that like its so Angelic and I just,think it just makes the glasses so much,more special,Im obsessed how cute is that okay I did,not expect to look good in these but I,was blown away when I put them on,I feel like these complement my face,like my face shape so well and Im,falling in love with cat eye like I the,cat eye style I never thought that I,would like the cat eye style of glasses,on me but these absolutely changed my,mind I am so in love with these like Im,so thankful that vermu chose to send me,these because they just they just knew,they just knew I needed these in my life,without me knowing that I needed them in,my life and then lastly I wanted to show,you guys something super awesome they,sent me so they sent me this super fancy,case that says purple on it I love you,for a move okay and so when you open it,it unfolds into this like fancy fancy,case okay so I was kind of confused when,I first like used this case but look how,cool it is so it comes like bent in like,this you think Ill wear the glasses,gonna fit in there well,you open it up,you open the little folds on the side,put the glasses in keep the folds out,you guys this is the most beautiful,stubby glasses case Ive ever seen in my,whole life so that is my haul of the,glasses that I got today from fermoo I,am so excited that I finally got to,share this with you all and I just want,to say the biggest thank you to fermo,you guys have no idea how much I love,you how grateful I am to do these,collapse with you and to have the,opportunity to share how incredible your,company is with the world like that is,just what makes me happy is like I,genuinely love you and you guys are,genuinely amazing and I get to tell the,world about that if you liked any of,these glasses or are interested in,checking out a new pair of glasses,please click the link in the description,box check out furmans website they are,so amazing I really hope you guys,enjoyed this for moo haul and dont,forget to subscribe because Im going to,be posting a lot of content and I think,Im going to be continuing my vlogma,Series this year if you watched the last,year I absolutely loved doing it and I,cant wait to be posting more videos for,you guys now that I have a more free,schedule thank you guys so much for all,all the love always Im so thankful and,I cannot wait to see you guys in my next,video I love you bye

Firmoo Online Prescription Glasses Honest Review

look Ryan value you never know,hi everyone today were gonna talk about,glasses now I heard about firm ooh an,online a prescription eyewear company,probably about a year ago from a,youtuber that I watched but I didnt buy,anything from them then I heard about I,buy direct similarly from another,youtuber and I ordered from them,you guys saw those frames and I wore and,I wear them sometimes theyre a bit,heavy but I really really liked them and,then I decided to give firm ooh a shot,because I wanted to get in on the super,clear glasses train that everybody was,in and firm who had the cheapest so I,decided I was gonna try firm because I,wasnt sure if its gonna fit me so I,ordered these from Fermi you guys saw,this in my last video what it is with my,own money and everything the shipping,was fast faster than any online,prescription eyeglasses that I have ever,purchased personally and it comes in,this glasses box that has like a globe,on it and if you guys are subscribers to,my channel you would have already seen,this specific one if youre not a,subscriber subscribe so these are what,they look like they are clear Ill just,put them on if why I youre gonna see my,ring light reflecting it but I wanted to,show you guys just in case so these are,the first pair that I ordered from firm,ooh but I absolutely love them theyre,nice and light weight theyre not heavy,at all they feel like Im not wearing,anything on my face and because its,clear all around for people who wear,glasses you can appreciate this sometime,when you wear your regular glasses you,can see like the frame so if youre,looking above youre seeing its just,its kind of like you have something,like blocking your vision sometimes but,because these are clear I feel like my,eyes are way more open and Im just,seeing a lot more it could just be my,mind it probably is just my mind but,yeah so these I ordered after I ordered,these and spoke about them the company,reached out to me and sent me another,pair and Im gonna show you guys,the one that they sent me right now this,one came in like a regular little,cardboard yeah kinda like a cardboard,box and Ive been wearing these a lot I,really like the packaging look at that,Queen so these are the ones that they,got me and fYI Im gonna have a coupon,codes down below I have a few coupon,codes that will give you 50% off so Ill,put a few of them down below because,they were kind enough to send me quite a,few of them so these are the ones that I,got not put the exactly for these ones,in the description box below theyre a,little bit bigger I didnt think I was,gonna like them as much when they just,came I like them on the website but when,I just got them as like oh my god I,dont like them and they were like a,little cookie when I just put them on so,just wanted to let you guys know this,they were a little bit cookie dough and,I just put them on but after wearing,them throughout my entire trip in New,York they straighten out and honestly I,dont even know if theyre still good,because I dont notice the crookedness,anymore so theyre just fine at first I,thought they were a little heavy but I,absolutely love them and these are these,have literally become my go-to pair of,glasses Ive gotten so many compliments,on these glasses here when I travelled,it like everybodys like where did you,get those and Id be like sorry so and I,really like the band on this do you see,that little it has like a little rubber,thing for your ears so I didnt you know,and I just I just really really really,love these glasses I have been wearing,them they got my prescription right,theyre super comfortable,Im turning sideways because when I turn,you can say like your flexors are side,raises give me a little better so they,got my prescription perfect and I just,love them and the thing about it is,theyre so cheap when I first ordered,these I think everything came up to 35,dollars and I and they always have,coupon codes online so I think shipping,my prescription everything was thirty,five dollars thats a win my first pair,of glasses for like a traditional,optical store was like a hundred was it,like $200 I think and I had broken them,I had to get a new pair at your place it,was like 100,than others to me like when you wear,glasses you want to be able to change up,your look all the time for me personally,so wearing the exact same pair of shades,all the time sometimes it doesnt go,with my outfit or whatever so what I,like with the this new revolution of,like online prescription eyewear is that,you can have so many different looks for,cheap you know for $100 on firm ooh when,especially when I have a 50% off you can,get you can get six glasses but the next,thing I want to get from them is a pair,of sunglasses so that when I Drive and,its sunny out I dont have to you know,be squinting on so so thats the next,thing I want to order and Ill let you,guys know how I like those but would I,order from them again absolutely do I,think its worth it,absolutely the shipping wasnt too bad,the only thing I noticed that when I,ordered it but when both times and there,is shipping at them to me is that they,they said that it was shipped but it,didnt ship until a couple days after,when you click on the tracking or,whatever but the first time they shipped,it to me it took a little over a week to,get to me and the second time which was,the same a little over a week so I dont,really have a problem with that when I,ordered from other companies online took,like a month month and a half super,annoying so I just I just wanted to let,you guys know that I do approve of these,and they are giving me yeah Im gonna,wear these today they are giving me a,vibe and like I said Im gonna leave oh,I completely forgot to let you guys know,with every glasses that you order you,get a free let me take this off because,its kind of distracting you get a free,middle like in this little package right,here theres additional theres little,nose things right here theres,additional those just in case it falls,off theres additional screws in there,in case I lose any of my screws which is,awesome because I ordered a pair of,glasses once and the screw fell out and,a lens fell out and I had to order a new,one and then you get like a little,screwdriver I have two of these because,I bought it before and I have a pair of,my car keys and you get like something,to clean your glasses like a little,cloth to clean them and then you get,like a little pouch for your glasses and,I Im trying to remember if I had,ordered this separately I think I did,have to order I had to pay for this case,I believe so I normal info and I have oh,my god were they guys guys wait a minute,wait a minute they gave me some coupon,codes specifically percent off and I,cant find them they were in here but,Ill find them and Ill put them down,below because they did give me a coupon,so that you guys can go on there and,order and test it out and I know a lot,of people like to try on stuff before,they buy it but honestly I I was able to,just upload a picture of myself on the,website and look at a lot of the,pictures that other girls have posted,engage whether or not it was gonna look,good on me,and I have a heart-shaped face I dont,you know that heart-shaped face was just,pretty universal to anything so I just I,just always took a gamble and it always,works out for me but you can always,upload your picture and look at other,faces to compare so I hope you guys,enjoyed this video if youve ever bought,it from Furman comment down below um tag,me on social media let me see the frames,that you order if you do use the coupon,code to order them just tag me and let,me see cuz I would like to see them Ill,see you guys in my next video peace love,and light bye

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