1. Fisher Investments: My Take (2019)
  2. Ken Fisher Debunks: One Big Bear and Youre Done
  3. Fisher Investments Shares 7 Common Retirement Investing Mistakes to Avoid
  4. Breakdown of Fisher Investments’ Portfolio – How Ken Fisher Invests
  5. Unboxing a Fisher Investment Solicitation
  6. Ken Fisher Clients Yank More Than $2B After Lewd Comments
  7. Ken Fisher talks the markets most woeful first half in decades

Fisher Investments: My Take (2019)

our friends were gonna do a review of,Fisher Investments with my man Kane,Fisher,yes very familiar with Fisher,Investments all over the Internet man,you cant step anywhere without seeing,kena Fisher is nuts in Gmail and your,Google if you if you have a gmail,account hell be advertised everywhere,hes on the TV I just saw him the other,day and I dont even watching TV and he,was on there nuts its crazy so Ken,Fisher Fisher Investments lets talk,about them I just did anything on,element financial I just did a thing on,man with eleven twelve different,financial advisory firms through Napa,and lets see if Fisher does anything,differently now Ken Fisher you know him,as I hate annuities guy I mean hes a,marketing genius look Im a fan of Ken,hes a capitalist the way its supposed,to be free-market capitalism not a,corporatist is a capitalist and I like,that he doesnt apologize for capitalism,and III think its wonderful business,owners wealthy business owners would not,apologize for capitalism because,capitalism is a wonderful wonderful,economic system has risen so many people,out of poverty of depth nepotism,mercantilism never my socialism in,heaven forbid communism capitalism was,wonderful in Fisher and Ken does not,apologize for that now with that said he,does have a firm imagines money he makes,a lot of money managing money the,question is has he made people money for,the fees he charges and and I you know I,frankly just dont know I dont know the,answer but I remember coming across Ken,probably in the late eighties man on I,didnt know Im sure in the early,nineties I think I got my first,subscription Forbes 92 93 something like,that and I started reading Ken but I,remember watching what my dad Blue Route,guys are in Wall Street week I could,have sworn Ken fish was on there and I,just remember uh maybe not I think,anyway either either late eighties early,nineties I know for a fact that early,nineties Ive always been a fan of his,in terms of his writing his investment,ideas and stuff,Fisher Investments I dont know anyone,who works there I do have a couple,clients that had accounts with or had,with Fisher none of them were upset by,Fisher Investments I mean some were they,thought the fees a little bit too high,but none were,like it was a bait switch they got sold,a bill of goods they were all happy with,a client service all happy with the,level of just theyre reaching out their,guys at Fisher Investments reaching out,for sure all were pleased its just a,matter of the the performance thats the,thing when youre when youre selling,performance youre renting money and if,the performance dies off for a reason,and people are still paying you a fee,those people are gonna say wait why am I,paying you fee this performance hasnt,been what I expected and that you dont,like be involved in that if youre an,advisor you dont want rent money you,want to tell people on the front end,youre gonna pay this fee and this is,what youre getting for it through thick,and thin and let the client assign on,the front end because youre renting,money the money will leave you the,minute the performance underwhelmed so,Ive had a number of people in this one,guy Ive met out of I think Ohio,California and he had a not a huge,portfolio for for the you know the,people can fish and the Fisher,Investments win with its probably 750,and he was happy with that Fisher,Investments I mean he said they call him,up they invite him a seminar all kind of,stuff and again he was relatively small,fish and they can fish up on so so,thats good you know Kent Fishers,aminos market so he says I hate,annuities he knows hes gonna get arrows,from all kinds of nudie guys and and he,does it and he says look I dont hate,Spears which are income annuities,I just hate variable annuities because,no one can follow them the fees are too,high man I completely grew that 100%,100% agree in that regard but you know,at the end day you cant say I hate,annuities except for this out in the,other that no one you got to do it quick,you got you got a make wool what is he,talking about and so hes he does that,but if you listen to him he does not say,he hates annuities you know just,everything he just cant stand in,community ID no he cant stay in,variable annuities all right now fish,are though theyre investment firm first,and foremost just gotta be advised they,are an investment firm they will run,your money with investment counselor so,who those investment counselors like any,big firm theyre gonna pick one for you,you cant choose them in fact I bet we,can find who their investment counselors,are here I bet theyre just uh lets see,about us see if we can see like choose,who you want to work with I bet not,locations,lets see if we can see yeah well lets,just look at this one it will say,Woodside California whos a guy and the,lady that works there and they dont say,it so its kind of like the Edelman you,dont know who give me work with and,its a dont like that so much but you,know I I dont know why they cant say,heres Joe heres Jane heres Bob her,sue I dont I dont know why I cant do,that but you know these big firms,Vanguard you know whos gonna be,fidelity you dont know who its gonna,be,maybe I dont think you do Edelman you,dont what not hell you uh say you,dont um one thing I dont like about,for now this is something I want to warn,you of any time you see careers front,and center just thats not going to be a,lower its gonna be a huge firm theyre,looking for financial advisors they can,bring on board in order to grow the firm,so the the principals can get more money,it look theres nothing wrong with that,but if youre looking at one-on-one,level advice with someone whose heart,and soul was into the firm youre not,gonna get it at a place like Fisher or,ahead woman these are just people with a,job their financial advisors look I got,no problems I know tons my was one but,thats their job their job is to do,financial planning for eight hours a day,and then leave its not their bread and,butter its not their baby and so what,happens there is they have a career,saying and all these firms will have,that theyre just trying to bring on new,advisors new advisors means new,opportunity to get new clients new,clients and new fees those advisers,leave because they find a better gig at,fidelity or Charles Schwab Fisher and,Schwab well they still retain the,clients and so Im just telling you,right now if you want more of a,one-on-one personal relationship with,someone you can sit across a node s,problem if they have a careers on front,and center on the front page of the,website,stay away Im just telling if its a,registered investment advisor and a Jane,has started and built it from scratch,she will not have a thing that says,careers in there on the front end she,just wont her bread and butter isnt,funny at her RI a registered investment,advisory firm that has her thats her,son and just like a mama bear shes,gonna protect that son like you cannot,believe,and so because that shes just not,trying to get all kinds of people in to,work at her firm she thats not what she,wants to do now what she needs somebody,shell make a heavy effort to recruit,that person but shes not gonna put a,careers thing on there this is just hate,to see multi-level marketing horizontal,level marketing I guess were saying,were up here were trying to make it,wider the horizontal markings that way,more people out there selling our,services that means more clients come in,and pay a fee and more heads up here,nothing wrong with a Im just tying if,it says careers youre not going to get,the level of commitment to your,individual situation as you will if its,someones own firm thats for sure now,obviously there are exceptions every,rule all right so lets see why Fisher,who we are your investment team okay so,we know Kent Fisher transparent fee so,lets click on this Im hoping that the,fees will be stated because theyre,supposedly transparent okay say best,rehab Fisher Investments weve been,feeling th

Ken Fisher Debunks: One Big Bear and Youre Done

a lot of people say boy oh boy if its a,bear market its got to get a lot lower,and oh by the way a bear market can,destroy my entire retirement,well thats actually pretty ridiculous,if you stop and think about it,[Music],on june 13th,we officially entered a bear market by,closing,below 20 off the highs in january,in that,a lot of people say boy oh boy if its a,bear market its got to get a lot lower,and oh by the way a bear market can,destroy my entire retirement,well thats actually pretty ridiculous,if you stop and think about it,you,agreed cannot control stocks,you cannot control where they go,you can control yourself,and yourself,is about all you can control,in that,the long-term history of the stock,market includes all bear markets ever,there have been a few very long ones,but only a few,ever,mostly,compared to your retirement,theyre not very long,a year to two at the most,some of them shorter,yes some of them longer but even there,as long as you,control yourself,your expenses and your propensity to,want to sell out at the bottom theres,no irreparable harm,its the feature that people dont think,through,which is that the volatility of stocks,which includes the negative volatility,that they dislike coupled with the,positive volatility,that comes on the other side,of a decline of a big decline,that volatility is exactly,central,in economic theory to why stocks have,that long-term superior return,the,fact is,we have a very long history of stocks we,have a very long history,and in that,there has always been this notion that,one big bear and,im done,and its never been true,never,and its paralleled to another thought,that i wrote about in my book debunkery,where this was the eighth debunk that i,did,and i actually,brought the book with me to,show you some of it,but in this one,a central argument has always been that,tied to this feature that feature the,other feature,is not going to be the way in the future,that its been in the past capitalism,will not be able to overcome the,problems that weve had,it could be because of socio-political,or other features,but in reality that view is not new and,in reality that view has always been,wrong,and well be wrong now the power of,capitalism to create new better improved,and to maneuver around the problems that,we have with a little bit of time,is simply awe-inspiring in terms of the,material well-being of human beings,is,the most blessed thing thats ever,occurred to humans,so i want to read to you briefly,remember the future includes,as of yet unimagined earnings from,currently unfathomed products and,services born of boundless human,ingenuity innovation,and desires,from years to come,not yet conceived,always been that way forever people have,been moaning about stocks being too high,and capitalism done,fine but every single time theyve been,proven wrong,if youre betting with long-term capital,i suggest you bet on the side of it and,not betting against it,if any different this time despite it,always feeling different and the media,always giving you countless reasons for,why it is now and will be different,it isnt,just think in,the last 20 years,how many things you see and have that,did not exist before,whether its,delivery systems to your house with food,whether its zoom meetings that you had,during covid whether its whats on your,smartphone,in so many ways even though you might,have had a cell phone 20 years ago,theyre pretty primitive compared to,what you have today,the ability to keep coming up with new,different better,and the beneficiaries of those often,being firms that had nothing to do with,their creation but their utilization of,them to do something else for,consumers,is simply awe-inspiring,often the popular conclusion is that,social and political trends will,overwhelm capitalism,that isnt a new view,now now that arguments also pretty,common right here right now in 2022. uh,theres a big portion of our investor,world that thinks that boy oh boy you,know capitalism is under assault like,its never been before and you know they,kind of miss notions of things that have,happened in our country and in other,countries uh,in,the past whether it would be in the 30s,or or,yet not always but almost always in,democratic nations globally capitalism,has ended up more powerful than,politicians social trends and temporary,political will and wins out in the end,so i just want you,this is chapter eight of my book,debunkery but i think its important to,note,that the fact is that,bear markets arent that long,the bounce back is usually not perfectly,so but relatively v-shaped compared to,the prior decline,the fact is that,the tendency is always to think its,different,but in,reality while its always a little,different its never so much different,to motivate you to a conclusion that,says one big bear and youre done it,isnt true it hasnt been true and i,absolutely believe that it will not be,true thank you for listening to me,i very much hope you enjoyed this video,as part of my series on debunking common,market myths,to watch more videos like this click the,link on the screen and make sure to,subscribe to fisher investments youtube,channel,thanks so much for listening to me

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Fisher Investments Shares 7 Common Retirement Investing Mistakes to Avoid

retirement can be exciting,you might finally have the time and,money to travel,to pursue hobbies and to reconnect with,far-flung relatives,but lets face it for many retirement,can also mean,increased financial stress and anxiety,concerns about your health or the health,of your spouse may take up time,and energy for many money is a principal,retirement worry,you might worry that youll run out of,money or find yourself unable to afford,the retirement lifestyle that youve,hoped for,or maybe self-managing your retirement,portfolio has become too stressful today,many can expect a retirement of 30 years,or more,and if youre hoping to leave money to a,spouse air,or charitable cause youll need your,money to work for,even longer needless to say,the stakes are high at fisher,investments,weve helped thousands of individuals,and families plan their financial future,so that they can enjoy a comfortable,retirement with,minimal worries we cant prevent you,from worrying about your garden,or your golf shot but we can help you to,plan your financial future,in our experience we have seen some,common mistakes that can trip up,investors in this video we share,seven common retirement investing,mistakes,these arent meant to scare you or give,you the sense that peril is lurking,around,every corner rather were sharing these,so that you can potentially learn from,them,and feel more confident making investing,decisions,diversifying your investments across,countries,sectors and individual securities is a,tried and true strategy,for mitigating risk when it comes to,investing,it makes sense not to put all of your,eggs in one basket,over the years we have seen several ways,investors misinterpret this advice,often resulting in overly concentrated,or an inefficient portfolio,some investors concentrate too much of,their portfolio in a single investment,and possibly take on more risk than is,prudent investors may end up doing this,when,optimism or overconfidence makes this,action,seem safe for example,you may hold a significant portion of,your portfolio in your companys shares,perhaps because the company has done,well for years,or because you have a good feeling about,future prospects,calculations like these may be based,more on emotion,than on economic fundamentals but,if that seemingly stable security,becomes volatile,or loses significant value your,retirement could be in jeopardy,alternately some investors attempt to,diversify,by investing in five six or more funds,presuming that they will increase,diversification,however depending on the underlying,holdings in those funds,this could leave you over diversified,if each of your funds holds hundreds of,different securities,you could potentially have exposure to,thousands,of individual securities exposure to so,many stocks,can make even matching the performance,of the overall market difficult,once fund fees are taken into account,alternately you might end up owning the,same securities many times over,leaving you too concentrated in certain,companies,for example two fidelity mutual funds,large cap value and large cap growth,enhanced,contains 64 of the same holdings,38 percent of the large cap growth,enhancement funds holdings,are also held by the large cap value,funds,if you hold these two funds in an,attempt to diversify your portfolio and,manage risk,you may be actually creating a more,concentrated portfolio,that is less diversified than youd,hoped,[Music],trying to time the market is almost,impossible and mistakes can be very,costly,corrections or sentiment driven market,drops of about 10 to 20 percent,can come without warning and the,recovery that follows,can be just as fast bear markets are,fundamentally driven market declines,of 20 percent or more for an extended,period,that often come on slowly and without,announcing themselves,importantly bear markets are based on,fundamentals,corrections are sentiment based and can,change,rapidly thats why it is so hard even,for investment professionals,to time the market for a long-term,equity investor we believe its prudent,to stay invested,unless you have strong reasons to,believe the market is in the early,stages of a prolonged downturn,with most of the losses still ahead,and your reasons must be unclouded by,emotion,or other biases consistently identifying,a bear market early on,let alone predicting one before it,starts is extremely difficult,to fully benefit from stocks superior,long-term average returns,you need to stay invested further trying,to sidestep,short-term bouts of negative volatility,can have significant consequences,if youre wrong and in truth,its probably more a matter of when,youre wrong,than if we know no ones smart enough,and savvy enough,to time all market moves being out of,the market can mean missing important,updates,which can add up to huge opportunity,costs over time,the s p 500 index has grown,2 754,cumulatively from january 1988,through the beginning of november 2020.,but,if you missed just the 10 best days in,the market over that period,then your cumulative return would drop,to 1208 percent,and your annualized return would drop,from,10.7 percent to 8.1 percent,even seemingly small differences in your,annualized return,can have a tremendous impact over years,of investing,this exhibit shows how a 500 000 initial,investment,in 1988 would have grown depending on,whether you remained fully invested,or missed some of the best up days just,missing the 10 best updates,would reduce the final value of your,portfolio,by more than half,many retirees believe that they need to,take a cautious,low volatility approach to investing,they may want to create predictable,income streams or to protect their,principal,and their peace of mind some stable,low returning investments may be right,to include in your portfolio,depending on your investing goals and,personal situation,but if you need long-term portfolio,growth to reach your investing goals,investing too cautiously could increase,the risk you run out of money in,retirement,or fall short of other investing goals,trading the stress of the stock market,for the lower,but more predictable returns of bonds,may seem like an acceptable trade-off,but even seemingly small differences in,your average annual returns,become very significant over time,say you have a 500 000 portfolio,for simplicity lets assume that if you,invested it in bonds,your average annual return would be five,percent,well if you invested in stocks your,average annual return,would be nine percent these two rates of,return,would lead to dramatically different,investing results over,10 20 or 30 years,often investors focus on one risk,the risk of volatility while ignoring,other investment risks,its common to focus on what is right in,front of us,and we tend to feel the pain of losses,very sharply,myopic loss aversion an important,insight of behavioral finance,explains the common tendency for,investors to focus,on short-term losses because we tend to,feel,much more pain from losses than we take,pleasure,in games this can cause investors,to go to great lengths to avoid losses,even if it means giving up future gains,investing carries an inherent risk,return trade-off,to earn higher long-term returns you may,have to endure market volatility,and accept more short-term risk however,whether this is appropriate for you,depends on your personal situation,goals and other factors,its easy to forget about inflation but,doing so,can be costly recently inflation in the,u.s has been quite low,averaging only about 3 percent per year,but even at this relatively low rate,inflation can have an insidious effect,over a long retirement,you can think of inflation as an,unavoidable cost,eating into your purchasing power each,and every year,inflation means the expenses you have,today,will likely cost more in the future,typically inflation is measured by,evaluating the cost of many consumer,goods and services,food cars gas education,housing health care and seeing how the,overall prices change,over

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Breakdown of Fisher Investments’ Portfolio – How Ken Fisher Invests

Ken Fisher is one of the most successful  investors of the last decades. ,He has a net worth of over 6 billion dollars –  making him one of the richest people globally. ,He’s the founder of Fisher Investments  – an investment company with over 180  ,billion dollars in assets under management. In this video, we will reveal that portfolio. ,We will break down his largest investments  one after another and I will tell you a  ,little bit about the investments and why  they could be interesting for you, too. ,This video is packed with  information – so let’s go! ,What’s up everyone? ,This is fu academy – your  channel for financial education. ,And on this channel, I share lifestyle, investing  style and educational videos – just like this one. ,So if you are new here, consider subscribing. So let’s see what Ken Fisher’s portfolio is about. ,I actually got this data from hedgefollow.com – I  will leave a link to it in the description below. ,The largest investment of Ken Fisher’s portfolio  is Apple – making up 5.4% of the total portfolio. ,Apple is one of the largest consumer  electronics companies globally. ,They sell a variety of products like the iPhone,  iPad, Mac, Apple watch, AirPods and more. ,On top of that, Apple is also big on services like  Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Card and Apple Pay. ,Last year, Apple made over 270  billion dollars in revenues. ,45% of those revenues were generated in North and  South America, 25% in Europe, 15% in China and a  ,total of 15% in the rest of Asia and Pacific. The iPhone is Apple’s most valuable product. ,Since 2008, it has been the  company’s main source of revenue. ,And although Apple has diversified its  product line with the iPad, Apple watch,  ,AirPods and services, the iPhone is still  responsible for 50% of Apple’s revenue. ,Apple makes another 10% of their  revenues from the iPad, 10% from the Mac,  ,5% from other Hardware like the Apple  watch or AirPods and 20% from services. ,Apple is currently the most  valuable company in the world  ,with a market cap of 2.5 trillion dollars. The company currently has a PE ratio of 28  ,and a dividend yield of 0.5%. Apple is a tech giant,  ,an absolute cash machine with a wide moat  and long-term consistent earnings growth. ,In position number 2, we have Microsoft. It makes up 4.5% of Ken Fisher’s total portfolio. ,Microsoft is the second most valuable  company globally right behind Apple. ,It’s best known for its software products like the  operating system Microsoft Windows, the Microsoft  ,Office suite, web services like Bing, LinkedIn or  MSN and hardware products like the Surface line  ,or the Xbox and their cloud service Azure. Azure has become the second largest player  ,in the cloud infrastructure  space globally right after AWS. ,Last year, Microsoft made over  143 billion dollars in revenues. ,51% of those revenues were generated  in the US and 49% outside the US. ,Microsoft makes 36% of their  revenues from Intelligent Cloud,  ,32% from More Personal Computing and 32%  from Productivity and Business Processes. ,It currently has a market  cap of 2.5 trillion dollars,  ,a PE ratio of 37 and a dividend yield of 0.7%. After Satya Nadella took over as CEO in 2014,  ,Microsoft is back on the growth path. Especially products like the Microsoft Office,  ,Xbox and Azure are massive growth  contributors and future-proof. ,Microsoft is a cash-flow beast and  pays out relatively high dividends. ,In position number 3, we have Amazon. It makes up 3.9% of Ken Fisher’s total portfolio. ,Amazon is best known for its e-commerce business. But it also produces its own hardware  ,products like Echo and Alexa  devices, Fire TV or the Kindle. ,It also offers a video streaming  service through Amazon Prime Video. ,On top of that, Amazon is the biggest player in  cloud computing globally through its AWS arm. ,In 2017, Amazon bought Whole Foods, which  increased their market share in physical retail. ,Last year, Amazon made over 386  billion dollars in revenues. ,Amazon makes 60% of their revenues  from their North American business,  ,27% from their International business  and 13% from their AWS service. ,And although AWS only accounts for 13% of the  total revenue, it accounts for over half of the  ,operating income – which gives you a rough idea  how profitable Amazons AWS business really is. ,It currently has a market cap of 1.8 trillion  dollars, a PE ratio of 69 and no dividend yield. ,Amazon was one of the major  beneficiaries of the 2020 crash. ,They could actually grow their  revenues by 38% year over year. ,Their cloud service AWS is the market  leader and an absolute profit machine. ,And its e-commerce business is one  of the largest in the world which  ,makes it incredibly hard for competitors. And on top of that, Amazon keeps finding  ,new growth channels like smart  homes, healthcare and many more. ,In position number 4, we have a Bond  ETF, the Vanguard Intermediate-Term  ,Corporate Bond ETF – ticker symbol VCIT. It makes up 3.2% of Ken Fisher’s total portfolio. ,The VCIT holds over 2,000  bonds and has a yield of 2.2%. ,The VCIT has a net asset value of  45 billion dollars which makes it  ,the largest corporate bond ETF out there. It mainly invests in A and BBB-rated US corporate  ,bonds with 5 – 10 years remaining until maturity. Corporate bonds are a good way to diversify your  ,stock market portfolio and to get higher  yields than the usual government bonds. ,If you want to know why holding government bonds  could be a bad idea, then check out the link. ,In position number 5, we have Alphabet. It makes up 3.1% of Ken Fisher’s total portfolio. ,Alphabet is a holding company and was created  after a restructuring of Google in 2015. ,Now, Alphabet holds Google which holds services  like Google Ads, Google Cloud, YouTube,  ,Android and Other Bets which is their venture arm. Last year, Alphabet made over 182  ,billion dollars in revenues. 47% of those revenues were generated  ,in the US, 30% in Europe and the Middle East,  18% in Asia Pacific and 5% in Other Americans. ,Alphabet makes 93% of their revenues  from Google Services such as Google  ,Search and YouTube Ads, 7% from Google  Cloud and less than 1% from Other Bets. ,It currently has a market cap of 1.9 trillion  dollars, a PE ratio of 28 and no dividend yield. ,Digital advertising still makes up  the majority of Google’s revenue. ,And that’s the companys cash cow. But the company is heavily investing into other  ,areas like cloud computing and consumer hardware. And that’s where the future growth  ,of the company could come from. But Google has a big competitor: Amazon! ,Amazon is getting into many fields where Google  was once dominating: Voice search through Alexa,  ,digital advertising through its e-commerce  platform and cloud computing through AWS. ,In position number 6, we have Visa. It makes up 2.5% of Ken Fisher’s total portfolio. ,Visa is one of the largest digital  payment companies globally,  ,operating in more than 200 countries. In terms of payment volume, they are the number 1  ,globally ahead of Mastercard and American Express. Its core business comes from credit, debit and  ,prepaid card services as well as Global ATMs. It’s not VISA itself that provides the cards,  ,but actually VISA’s institutional clients. Visa makes its profits by acting as a middleman  ,between financial institutions and merchants. But it’s also diversified into services such as  ,data processing and analytics services. Last year, Visa made over 21 billion  ,dollars in revenues. 46% of those revenues were  ,generated in the US and 54% outside the US. Visa makes 34% of their revenues from their  ,Service segment, 39% from Data  Processing, 22% from International  ,Transactions and 5% from Others. It currently has a market cap of  ,430 billion dollars, a PE ratio of  35 and a dividend yield of 0.8%. ,VISA is the largest digital payment  company and offers a great dividend yield. ,But the payment industry is changing quic

Unboxing a Fisher Investment Solicitation

boxing a Fisher Investments sort of,solicitation lets see how this shakes,out shall we,so were gonna Fisher invested price,private kindly now as I told you,Kent Fishers in the news recently for,being a samsung a joke that snowflakes,got all offended by I just I,pipe down Pipers thats what I say if,you cant this day and age there was,offended by everything and people are,actually using someones silly joke,which was actually kind of funny to try,to solicit business off this guy and I,just say I literally despise that stuff,dont be offended over stupid stuff all,right my goodness a wait so lets read,what we got here mr. Scanlan thats me,youre probably wondering why,congratulations are in order,here we go obviously the thing put,myself on here mr. Scanlan youre,probably wondering why congratulations,are in order an Abba logical reason for,you it takes skill perseverance a savvy,to accumulate $500,000 investments if,you have accomplished this is likely,youve landed yourself among the,wealthiest Americans to have out saved,and how invested your peer speaks to the,kind of individual you are it should be,explained it should also explain the,exclusive nature of this communication,folks if you followed any kind of,copywriting this is copywriting 101,which is good it makes me feel good,about myself it makes me feel exclusive,as well that Im above my peers this is,actually a video sales letter without,video sales letter uh uh I guess its,other than video its a sales letter,its two three page solicitation here,which is which is good I mean its a,good solicitation its exclusive because,we select so carefully the individuals,we invite to acquire free to you our,investment guide ninety nine retirement,test from Ken Fisher as you may have,seen my book the only three questions,account on the New York,Im a best seller seller of this you may,have the even skim through it understand,please Im not asking you to buy,anything or to subscribe to anything I,simply want to send you a free copy of,my 99 retirement tips so youll know,something about the quality of service,and information we provide to our,clients in the hope that you may decide,to become one so thats good sales,literature actually hes saying look I,want to say this I dont have any,solicitations to make out yeah but hes,saying I hope I want your business,wasting hes asking for the order so,sales 101 you got to ask for the order,and if you respond right now Ill also,send in a bonus guide maximize your,social security for retirement Ill tell,you why I might I think you might find,my offer beneficial Ive written columns,from leading publications ba ba ba Im,executive chairman and co-chief,investment officer of official,investments the global money management,organization Ive made Ive witnessed,people making investments takes that,regret for years I Fisher we dedicated,ourselves to helping clients avoid those,perilous mistakes now suppose you skim,through 99 retirement tips or maximize,your social security and agree with an,conclusions then what then nothing lets,decide to discuss your own circumstances,with us if you do nothing may come a bit,or something may come of it one of us,made us our not a good thing one of us,may say thanks but no thanks for both,might may say lets do business together,Im enthusiastic about the possibilities,because as far as I can tell youre not,only personally successful youre also a,student enough to see the benefits of,professional money management all right,Ill conclude now what I hope is the,just beginning of a relationship with,you Im not about to risk my reputation,not with you or anywhere else by making,hefty promises I spent too many years,building up to be foolish enough to tear,down ba claims so Id like to leave you,that this even if you have something,else in place right now please take me,up on my offer and request my free guys,if Im wrong and these guys dont,provide you with information regard as,useful and profitable so what Ive,enclosed a quick confidential request,form up about nice oh thats uh thats,good sales piece but the problem is,unfortunately yet we live in a,narcissistic society people love to be,sweated they love to be say how good the,the issue is I dont have $500,000 of,vessels I dont you know and so hes,sweating me as if I did not knowing who,I am at all if he knew that I didnt,have 500,000 bucks he would not be,sending this to me first and foremost,but the fact that he is obscene you,waiting it just because on my zip code,because you can look at zip codes where,the fooling people are I guarantee,everyone up and down the street got the,same thing now I dont need to be mean I,dont know maybe I do I dont know but I,dont need this guy to make me feel good,about myself I dont need to drive a,fancy car so I can say look at me I,dont I just dont care but he says Im,because he says as far as I can tell,youre not only personally successful,youre also a student enough to see the,benefits of professional money,management uh-huh but why would he say,Im a student have to see that because I,live in a high-end zip code thats just,this yeah I personally hate that stuff,but I know when the society people need,that feeling of self was gratification I,dont know what the word self,gratification I dont know what it is,they need to feel they just need to feel,good about themselves by other people,and I think thats a problem you feel,good about yourself by you not by other,people and if you are doing what you,love to do regardless of your high end,zip code regardless if youre driving a,Mercedes regardless of whatever youre,doing you make yourself feel good I,dont need Ken Fisher obviously hes not,writing this to me personally I dont,need him said made me feel good about,myself the idea that oh you obviously,are exclusive enough to see the benefits,of professional money management,obviously hes saying that because he,says if you dont see it then youre not,going to call me but you dont only,personally successful he doesnt know,that I just I find that to be uh I hate,all that stuff but I know what hes,going for,hes going after people who need that,feeling of Ive arrived on there I have,Fisher as my team and I want people to,know inside and look if youre invest,with Fisher I dont have any qualms with,them I dont have any qualms with Ken,Fisher Ive no qualms with you painting,some guy I dont care I had a guy tell,me that when he left Fisher the Fisher,sales guy was like screaming at him and,I said dude thats crazy but anyway I,just the fine thing is if Ken Fisher so,exclusive why the hell hes advertising,all over the place thats what I crack,youre so exclusive your advertising,anywhere I mean literally everywhere I,see Ken Fisher everywhere so Im a gmail,email forever say so ever I just thought,youd get a kick out of that,thats the Fisher solicitation I,received if you only knew who I was he,would have saved his money of Sandwich,this cost the first class I dont know,what the favor of your reply is,requested,now night well see you

Ken Fisher Clients Yank More Than $2B After Lewd Comments

for decades billionaire Ken Fisher,branded himself a gifted stock picker,and it worked,investors happily paid hefty fees to get,into his funds but a string of vulgar,comments changed everything and Fishers,Empire has now taken a few hits its a,cautionary tale of one active manager in,this day of cheap passive funds,Bloomberg News reporter Sabrina Wilmer,joins me now with more and Sabrina you,wrote this incredible report detailing,the hardball sales culture of Fisher,Investments which is a real contrast to,the soft sell focused ETF issuing,registered investment advisors that we,typically have on the show take us,inside Ken Fishers Empire which to be,honest reminds me of like the boiler,rooms of the 80s and 90s thats right I,mean they hire a lot of kids right out,of college and they basically go on the,phone they sift through this database of,people throughout the country that have,clicked on these ads and filled out,information and they have to call,hundreds of people a day and swert,through a bunch of unqualified people,sometimes theyre calling the same,person multiple times because once you,fill out information youre kind of,stuck in that database forever,so it is its an intense culture and,there is a specific time that they have,to get in and leave very very structured,approach okay so its definitely you,paint this incredible picture here most,registered investment advisors that,preach low-cost typically invest in,index funds or ETFs are charged what,five to ten basis points Fisher does it,differently can you give us a sense of,how much he charged yeah he charges for,private clients one to one point five,percent at the most Wow,thats even more than an active equity,mutual fund so it sounds like he was,essentially a stock picker or like you,said an active mutual fund manager what,does his performance look like its a,little mixed they gave me some,performance numbers and some years are,better than others and they used the MCI,at Global index as their benchmark okay,and theyve over the past three to five,year time frame theyve beaten that,slightly but if you look at a ten-year,time frame theyve missed their own,benchmark and even since the financial,crisis in the bull market they most of,the years theyve witnessed that,particular benchmark and its even worse,compared to the S&P 500 interesting now,Fischer has been getting hit on the PR,side certainly from the comments that he,made at a conference but also on his,client base whos pulling money out how,much have they pulled out so far whats,been reported has been more than two,billion and really large well-known,investors have pulled out fidelity,pulled out five hundred million new,hampshire pulled out yesterday mm-hmm,were keeping our eyes on some other big,institutions like goldman sachs and,state of georgia which has a more than,two billion dollar investment and Fisher,okay so well youll be reporting that if,and when that happens what strikes me is,when you first started reporting this,Fisher story and you talked about his,sexist sexual comments the graphic,comments that he made he seemed kind of,surprised that there was so much fallout,from it like he said that this is stuff,he says all the time is it starting to,sink in that its different now I think,its starting to sink and the more,clients are pulling money he I did catch,him on the phone right after some of,those news stories came out and those,were his comments a lot of what he said,was true but people werent getting his,point mm-hm and that he said just a lot,of times in the past and he just didnt,understand why people were reacting in,that way well maybe because times have,changed being the first reason why lets,just connect everything back to ETF IQ,for a moment here because many people,probably dont realize that Fisher has a,line of et NS exchange-traded notes that,are actually pretty big four of the five,biggest on the market and by the way the,FI in those names actually stand for,Fisher Investments not fixed income tell,us a little bit more about these ETS,well what Fisher said why they use them,is to help ease create liquidity for,clients so they can move in and out of,there you know,accounts pretty easily okay so thats,the main reason are saying they use them

Ken Fisher talks the markets most woeful first half in decades

higher yield, but obviously for,those who are into bonds for,the price, then thats,obviously not a safe place to,be either.,Ken Fischer –,coach even festooned offer,fisher investments.,Can, its good to see you.,You joined me from Washington,state.,Look, we know theres no place,to hide.,But if this market is like this,for the foreseeable future,,what do you do?,>> Well first, before we go any,further, thank you for having,me back on, Richard.,Second, I want to say in honor,of you, Ive got my London,stock exchange tie on and I,hope you and viewers appreciate,the gesture.,When you look at a time period,like this and from my,appearances before, you know,,Ive been wrong, I didnt,expect this to turn into the,bear market that it had been to,the sport point.,But I also know that this month,being the anniversary of my,50th year in this investment,business, I also know that when,you get to the point where you,are down 20% or more on the,broad market, S&P 500 or world,market, which is both now, its,not very long until you are at,the bottom on average.,Sometimes a little longer,,sometimes a little less, but,youve actually gone through,quite a lot of the decline.,The most dangerous thing,someone can do now is to sell,out.,But usually you go, the more,pessimistic people tend to get,,making you more prone to sell,out.,There is a point that no one,seems to note, actually, there,are several points no one seems,to note, but one thats,typically very important when,you get to this stage is that,the categories that go down the,most in a bear market can,overwhelmingly to bounce the,most in the early phases of,recovery whenever you get,there.,This time, its going to be,more extreme for another reason,people dont see, which is that,weve had 60 up days this year,and of those, growth has done,better than value.,A little over 70% of the time,,weve had 69 down days, value,has done better than growth.,79% of those days.,If you tell me where the,markets going over the next few,months, I can tell you whether,value or growth does better,goes up, growth will lead –,that might continue.,We need to keep that in mind,when we think about portfolios.,>> As we look to discern when,,I mean, I think you have hope,,only a fool actually tries to,hit the bottom, per se.,You are never going to get it,absolutely spot on.,But you are going to get a,feeling that now is the time,,and we are not there yet, I,dont think we are there yet.,Last week we saw –,then next week its gone.,How will we know when we are,bouncing along the bottom?,>> We wont.,We actually never really do.,But let me offer you two,points.,One, you started off correctly,saying, crypto bad, bonds,negative returns, cash actually,right now has a negative return,when you look at inflation.,Where are you going to go?,I make this point otherwise,recently which is this is kind,of like the famous American,ghostbusters movie.,You cant trust the fire and,the police department and the,city council, and the mayor,,you finally turn for the,ghostbusters, who you never,believe ordered before.,The fact of the matter, in this,environment, is its harder for,people to do other sources, so,thats going to limit, in my,opinion, how far down the bear,market goes.,The issue is the duration,,which is what you asked about,and when we get to the point,where people are increasingly,pessimistic, you are getting,pretty close.,>> I turn the ripe old age of,60 this year and have foolishly,not followed always the advice,,you know, the 60 40 bonds.,The reality is, Im not,planning to retire anytime,soon.,So anyone who thinks I am, Im,not.,But if I was planning to retire,,if I hadnt done my planning,and I was still heavily equity,based, I would be having,sleepless nights.,>> Well, mind you I think,thats the wrong way to think,about it.,Let me help you with that, you,know, a slightly different way.,You are that age, you are going,to, unless theres something,seriously wrong with you,individually, which you can,talk to your doctor about, you,are probably going to have 20,,25, maybe even 30 years.,The longer we go, the longer,older people tend to live.,Life improvements, and medical,care.,If you look at those periods,,stocks tend to do pretty well,and they tend to do better than,bonds, and they tend to better,than other liquid forms.,What you really want to do is,set aside a few years worth of,cash so you can get through a,tough time and otherwise, you,want to be fully equities,because the entire return is

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