1. Fitbit Luxe Watch Review | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!!
  2. Fitbit Luxe is Better than you think!
  3. Fitbit Luxe review: A sleek, lightweight tracker that looks like jewelry
  4. Fitbit Inspire 3 vs Luxe vs Charge 5 | Fitness Tech Review
  5. NEW Fitbit Luxe (Premium Fitness Band )
  6. Fitbit Luxe Review | Fitness Tech Review
  7. Fitbit Charge 5 vs Fitbit Luxe | Fitness Tech Review

Fitbit Luxe Watch Review | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!!

hey guys,welcome back to hales world and this is,the beautiful flipbook lux,it has some great features so lets take,a look at,what you get in the box heres what the,box looks like its super light and they,kept things very minimal with the,footbed lux,its really great to see absolutely no,plastic is used in their packaging,and so what you get is an extra large,strap in case you need to make your,watch a bit bigger,you also get the charging cable with a,magnetic attachment the product,information guide quick start guide and,warranty,then finally the beautiful fitbit lux,and once again all of that packaged in,this pretty compact box,[Music],so the one thing i really love about,this watch is the slim design,i mean it looks really good especially,when you compare it to fitbits other,fitness trackers its made from a,stainless steel casing it has a really,comfortable silicone band,and of course a full color touchscreen i,personally love the look of this watch,and aside from the stainless steel,finish,you also get a black or gold one at the,back youll also find your heart rate,monitor as well as infrared sensors and,the charging points,also keep in mind fitbit watches work,with both android and,iphones so regardless of which you have,this watch will work perfectly for you,i also love that the watch straps are,interchangeable on the fitbit lux,it is a little bit difficult but overall,not too bad and all you need to do is,pull that clip towards you it is very,rigid but once youve unclipped it you,can simply pull the watch band away,so just take your time and be patient so,as not to break it,and the exact same on the opposite side,to remove the top strap this is,basically the entire fitbit lux,and on their website they have a bunch,of different accessories and straps you,can choose from,so no matter what your style youre,about to find something you like and,to put the straps back on you literally,just clip them into place and thats it,its definitely much easier putting the,straps on than taking them off,[Music],now onto the display and as mentioned it,does have a full coloured touchscreen,it looks super vibrant colourful and,also the responsiveness is not too bad i,did also find the display was really,nice and bright so no matter what the,lighting conditions whether its indoors,or artboards youll definitely always be,able to see the screen,and although the display itself is,really nice it is just,so small the glass is much bigger than,the display,and the chin and forehead bezels are,massive,you can see exactly what i mean right,over here where the display is just so,much smaller,than the actual watch face itself i,really do wish they had made the screen,size,much bigger but nonetheless it does,still look good and if you head on over,to settings,you can choose from a couple of,different display options like the,brightness,where you can toggle between dim normal,or max,you can also decide on the screen wake,option as well as your screen,timeout option overall the display is,very nice,especially compared to like the charge 4,i do just wish it was a bit bigger,onto some top features and the fitbit,lux was definitely designed,for health and fitness so in the fitbit,application if you scroll down on the,main dashboard youll see this option,that says health metrics and in here the,fitbit actually measures your breathing,rate your heart rate variability as well,as,your skin temperature throughout the,night you can also get health and,wellness reminders just by heading to,this section,and then of course toggling on each one,of the reminders so whether its being,hydrated,mindfulness or washing your hands you,can do it all over here,you can also answer or decline calls on,your watch and then take it on your,phone,but just keep in mind you cannot speak,through the watch or dial anyone you do,also get access to basic notifications,like,smss whatsapp emails but again just,keep in mind you cannot respond or reply,to any of these messages,on the watch and then another awesome,top feature are the various exercise,modes you get,there are 20 different ones to choose,from and you can add the shortcuts to,your watch,just by heading into settings once,youve done that its on your watch and,you can easily access it,and those are just some of the coolest,features by the way if you enjoyed this,video then hit that subscribe button,because were on the road to 1 million,and if you subbed i mean,that would be,now onto some good old standard features,and on the footbed lux you can change,the clock face,there are only a couple of clock faces,to choose from but nonetheless there are,some awesome options,and once youve spotted one you want,just go ahead tap on it,then hit that select button and the,clock face will start installing on your,watch,heres a closer look at some of the,various options so depending on your,style,im pretty much sure youll definitely,find one you love aside from this watch,being a fitness tracker it is also,definitely a stress management tool so,within the menu youll still find the,relaxed application,that allows you to just calm your,breathing within the moment and you,follow a simple inhale and exhale,exercise,after that it gives you all the metrics,which are also stored in the fitbit,application,and it logs the amount of mindful,minutes youve had,there is also a really quick and nifty,compound timer where you can select,not only the amount of minutes you want,but also seconds and,when youre done you simply tap the,screen this little play button appears,and,your timer will begin once your timer is,up your watch will start vibrating to,alert you,and to turn it off you just simply swipe,that x up then,if you swipe up from the home screen you,can see all your daily health metrics,like your steps calories burnt heart,rate sleep score and,even exercise so for a tracker type,smartwatch it is packed with some great,features,but if you compare it to other footbed,smartwatches or trackers,it is missing some features,so first of all it does not have gps,built into the watch,if you do an exercise like running or,walking for example your watch will try,to connect to your phones gps and once,it has done that,then you can see much more accurate,metrics as well as the map of where you,ran,or walked it also does not have the,option for nfc payment,so if you need to make any payments when,out and about you will need your wallet,then were also missing the always on,display mode so your watch will either,be on or off,and theres no in between but probably,the worst,missing feature that would have been,great on the lux is there is no music,connection,no music app no music controls i,definitely feel like this was a massive,missed opportunity especially because,this is a fitness tracking watch,so youre going to be using it when,exercising and the music controls would,have just been so much nicer to have so,definitely keep this one in mind when,considering the fitbit lux,now lets chat about the size of this,watch and for comparison on the left,hand side is the fitbit charge 4,and on the right hand side is the fitbit,versa 3. as you can see it is much,smaller than the other watches and,dimension wise it is roughly 34,millimeters long,roughly one centimeter thick and the,display is only 16 millimeters long,and again just for reference so you guys,can see this is what the watch looks,like on my wrist,and i do have pretty small wrists so it,is a really nice,slim fashionable design that is pretty,much good for any wrist size,but i do wish the display was bigger,now im not gonna lie this is definitely,a big perk to the watch and,that is the battery can last for up to,five days,this is what the charging cable and,charging dock looks like,its super duper simple and is also,magnetized so you simply clip the watch,into place it magnetizes to the charger,and youre good to go,charging also doesnt take very long at,all and i must admit i much prefer this,charger compared to previous fitbit ones,so guys

Fitbit Luxe is Better than you think!

i traded my galaxy watch 4 for a fitbit,lux for one week and this is what i,found,[Music],fitbit,lux,something like that ive never delved,into any fitbit ive heard good things i,know google acquired them fairly,recently decent unboxing there was just,a little like little tab that i had to,take off this thing is absolutely,tiny oh my god why is this so tidy,bro the screen comparison is crazy it,comes with one extra wristband as well,as a usb charging cord and thats all,that really comes in the box thats all,you really need for a smart watch i,started charging the watch and this,automatically came up on my phone its,just a little setup tab so if i wanted,to set it up i literally just clicked it,and its already ready to pair send me,to the app store and now im downloading,the fitbit app so that way i can get all,of the information from the fitbit to my,phone it looks so small,this one has a bit of a slower response,not that big of a deal but i honestly,thought it was going to be a little bit,harder to read the display because its,so small,but im not having any issues at all it,looks fine im officially putting the,galaxy watch down im only gonna charge,it when i need to like if its dead im,not gonna let it die um but this is my,main driver for my wrist right now its,literally on,you can barely see it,im not able to get the correct,representation of how bright it actually,is its legible,barely as far as the screen brightness i,actually found that it got better over,time for whatever reason in that,particular instance,it was bad because i dont think it,really detected the brightness so it,takes a little bit of time to adjust,what do you think right now about the,fitbit classic or fitbit for a little,bit so cute looks like an ankle bracelet,but on your arm it doesnt look bad it,looks like it would be an apple product,what the i like it its cute,[Music],so yesterday i made a bold claim saying,that this watch would probably,hit three days without charging at all,so im gonna put that to the test,yesterday i took it off the charger it,was about 97 if i remember correctly at,the moment im at 87 percent so i just,came back from a full day of work so,full eight hours and also from the last,clip that you saw was probably like nine,hours ago the watch right now is at 78,were going on to the second day of no,charge starting tomorrow well see how,long it takes im,im guessing itll probably be somewhere,around 30 on the fourth day,well find out,it is literally nighttime,again still havent charged the watch it,is right now,at 66,just came back from work one thing i,will say that i really do miss about,having a watch a smart watch is having,the notifications for whatever reason,this one wont pair to my phone,correctly but since ive paired this,to my phone i havent had notifications,on which i definitely do miss,i woke up today and ive been having so,much fun with uber eats that um i,started doing it after work and im,gonna do it right now and also i woke up,with a battery still being at 42 i,havent charged this thing in three days,and i did say that once it got somewhere,around 30 percent i would charge it,[Music],these under the seat my dad taught me,that,and ive never been the same since,[Music],so now,ill be going over exactly what i loved,exactly what i hated about the fitbit,look i think this is a little bit of a,given but i feel like whenever anything,has incredible battery life its,definitely something that everybody,wants the fitbit lux,has the most battery life that ive ever,tested on any sort of product its,insane how much of a battery life this,thing is whatever smart watch you have,doesnt have,everything jam-packed but its battery,life,is insane bro you saw the three days i,went without charging and if you were,comfortable pushing that battery to its,extreme all the way until it dies im,sure im sure itll pass that three-day,mark the website actually quotes five,days for the uh for the lux and i dont,doubt at all that it would actually,probably even surpass those five days,that you would be using the lux another,thing that,annoyed me at first but then became a,huge plus at the end was the fact that,it basically melted into the band so it,basically,felt like you were just wearing a,bracelet i feel like this is a huge plus,that i overlooked because it is a,fitness tracker so if youre into,fitness and if youre into going to the,gym every day you dont want a bulky,watch face in the way of your push-ups,you dont really want to notice that,youre wearing anything i believe google,purchased fitbit so this isnt too big,of a surprise but the app that you use,with the fitbit is actually incredibly,well designed its easy to use kind of,intuitive um and just it doesnt really,have,any sort of hiccups you dont feel like,youre,missing anything there no,we go into the things that i didnt like,about this particular machine this thing,has no button it has zero buttons why is,that a thing bro i feel like the world,and technology is going towards this,buttonless,this,lack of tactile buttons future and for,whatever reason i dont like it i feel,like most people dont like it we need,some buttons but the lux takes it a bit,further and not only doesnt put any,buttons puts no like touch sensitive,pads anywhere the only reason i want,some sort of button or some sort of like,little touch pad is so that way i can go,back to the time as quickly as possible,no matter where i am on the menu so the,way that you use this particular band is,that you use swipe gestures for almost,everything if you want to go to the,settings you have to swipe up if you,want to,um add any sort of timer you have to,swipe to the right a bunch of times so,that way you can get to the timer that,being said it leads to number two that,it was just a bit unresponsive from time,to time when i would lift my wrist it,wouldnt always come up with the time um,even when i touched it while i was like,trying to fidget with it so that way i,could see the time sometimes it just was,unresponsive to the touch the next one,is something that i dont know if i can,necessarily pin on the fitbit lux or if,its more on my end but i had no,notifications this whole time there was,no sense of vibration there was really,nothing that i was feeling whenever i,got a notification on my phone although,it was paired and it didnt look like i,needed to do anything else for whatever,reason the ability to look at,notifications was on this watch but it,never came up with anything the very,last thing that i would say it feels,like because everything around it is,dark the bezels are so big it feels like,youre gonna have a bigger display than,you do every time i look i look at the,watch though it just feels,like there should be more to it so would,i trade my galaxy watch 4 for the fitbit,lux,no mainly because i want a watch first,and a fitness tracker second,not a fitness tracker that also happens,to be a watch i would definitely,recommend having the fitbit in your,arsenal for when youre going on the,hikes when youre doing extreme workout,extreme workouts anyway that is my two,cents thank you so much for watching let,me know if youre gonna reach for a lux,or if you already have one down in the,comments down below and what you like,hate or kind of feel about the product,thank you so much for watching,[Music],foreign

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Fitbit Luxe review: A sleek, lightweight tracker that looks like jewelry

the fitbit lux is a slim fitness tracker,that does all the basics well,it tracks sleep steps your heart rate,and,even stress but its more like a health,and fitness,accessory rather than a fully fledged,fitness tracker but,that might not necessarily be a bad,thing,[Music],ive been wearing the lux for a week and,a half this is a review,thats going to cover everything about,how it looks how it feels how it,performs in terms of workouts and,exercise tracking,and all of the health and wellness,benefits that it does have on board,chapters are linked in the description,below if youre looking to skip ahead,but hopefully youll stick around for,the whole thing,[Music],as you can probably tell the 150 fitbit,lux,is designed to really look more like a,piece of jewelry or an accessory,rather than a traditional fitness band,its small its,sleek its lightweight to wear on the,wrist and it also has a range of,accessories,like stainless steel bands or leather,bands that you can swap,in and out to change the look to your,liking if you compare it to some of,fitbits earlier fitness trackers,say like the charge 4 im not saying the,charge 4 is ugly but lets put it this,way,its not exactly something you would,wear along to a fancy dinner party,now you can really customize the look,with the fitbit lux with a range of,bands as i mentioned but it really does,start to get the price up there some of,the accessories including,the goyana stainless steel link bracelet,its around 100,so its getting a little bit pricey if,you do want to make this watch look,as slick as possible i have a fairly,small wrist but sometimes i feel like,the lux,is maybe even a little too small so i,really think this is going to be suited,for someone,who has traditionally found say like,other fitness trackers or maybe even,smartwatches,have been too big for them in the past,the color touchscreen is really,nice to look at on the lux but it is,small,and it doesnt actually take up as much,real estate as the face,itself so if you are in bright sunlight,youll see where the screen does,end the auto brightness sensor doesnt,kick in,as fast as id want it to so there would,be times where id be sitting there kind,of squinting,waiting for the screen brightness to pop,up unlike other fitbit trackers there,are no physical buttons on the lux,and this means that youll navigate all,of the menus just using that touch,screen,and actions like double tapping on the,screen to return to the main clock face,or sometimes swiping right to go back,im not gonna lie it has taken me quite,a long time to get used to this action,and sometimes if i think im double,tapping to go back to that main clock,face i end up,starting a workout by accident so heres,a laundry list of everything you can do,on,the fitbit lux its compatible with ios,and android so that means youll be able,to see notifications come through from,your phone,and also see when calls are coming in,you can track your steps sleep heart,rate calorie burn and stress,you can set timers and alarms there are,guided breathing exercises,you can do on the lux itself without,needing your phone,you can track 20 different types of,workouts on the lux although there,are only six slots available on the,tracker itself so if you do want to swap,out,anything you can do that in the fitbit,app,speaking of workouts you will have to,take your phone with you,if you do want to track your route,information on the fitbit lux it only,has connected gps,there is no gps on board like fitbits,other tracker the charge 4.,and you can also set goal based targets,so youll get an alert when you hit,a distance a calorie burn or even an,active,zone minute target now active zone,minutes are fitbits way of calculating,moderate to vigorous physical activity,i did test the heart rate sensor against,a chest strap,and i did find it was pretty accurate in,terms of resting heart rate,and with any optical base sensor theres,always a little bit of a lag when it,comes to,continuous heart rate during exercise,but i did find it was pretty acceptable,for this type of tracker,[Music],i think fitbit does a really great job,in helping you understand,and break down what all of those metrics,are during sleep and it works,pretty much the same on the locks as it,does on every other,fitbit at least modern day fitbits that,ive tested,it all culminates in a sleep score and,this is a score out of 100 that takes,into account,all of the things that went on during,the night like restlessness your resting,heart rate,the times that you are awake and so on,and it helps you understand if you got a,good nights sleep or not,even though you might already know,because you dont feel so crash hot,theres also a stress management school,on the fitbit lux which is calculated,after having worn the tracker for a,couple of days and nights consecutively,now this is similar to what was offered,on the fitbit sense,which is fitbits premium smartwatch,that was released in 2020,but that watch had an eda or electro,dermal activity sensor,the fitbit lux does not again that score,is out of 100 so supposedly the higher,the score,the less stress you are now i had this,same issue with the fitbit sense i think,that is probably a little,counterintuitive because i would feel,like a higher stress management score,would be like,im more stressed but its actually the,opposite,supposedly over time youll be able to,use this score as a bit of a benchmark,so,you can then manage your stress doing,those guided meditations,or even some of those breathing,exercises on the tracker itself,its just another data point that might,help you manage your stress better,or it might end up stressing you out,because youre worried about getting a,better stress management score like me,the lux also offers you a free six month,trial of,fitbit premium this is that 10 a month,subscription service,that fitbit really hopes you subscribe,to after your trial is up,it basically gives you some access to,guided workouts,there are some extra health metrics,available including detailed insights on,sleep,as well as deepak chopras mindfulness,method,some guided meditations and some,exercise,and workout programs if you want to find,out more about everything thats in,fitbit premium,i have put a link in the description,below,im really glad that fitbit does give,you a six month trial of fitbit premium,because i think thats really the length,of time that you do need to work out if,this service,is right for you i personally love those,extra insights into,my sleep quality and all of those extra,health,metrics that it does give me but things,like the guided meditations and the,extra workouts,and the cooking programs and all that,sort of stuff doesnt really do it for,me just because i found,better ways of doing it elsewhere but i,think for someone who is just coming,into the world,of fitness trackers and you just want a,bit more of an idea,of what you can do with this it might be,worth,taking the plunge as for battery life i,did wear it non-stop for about,five days and just a couple hours more,in the morning,and before i had to recharge so i was,pretty impressed,so what dont you get on the fitbit lux,compared to some other fitbit watches,and trackers,well for starters there is no music,control you dont get fitbit pay which,means that there are no contactless,payments straight from your wrist,you also dont get gps you only get,connected gps like i mentioned,which might be a bit of a hassle if you,dont like to take your phone with you,when youre constantly going out and,doing,outdoor workouts one other interesting,thing to note about the lux is that this,is fitbits first wearable since being,acquired by google,and you cant really see too much,influence there,at all yet the only thing that ive,noticed that was different from previous,fitbit trackers,and smart watches is googles fast pair,so if you are using,an android you can bring the watch close,by and it should automatically detect,its there,and pair it instantly the

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Fitbit Inspire 3 vs Luxe vs Charge 5 | Fitness Tech Review

[Music],foreign,everybody welcome back to the channel,today on Fitness tech reviews we have,the Fitbit Inspire 3 the Fitbit Lux and,the Fitbit charge 5. all these guys are,around the same price point but I really,want to let you guys know what the,differences are between all these,devices because they are extremely,similar but lets go ahead and get right,into it,lets quickly go through all the,similarities between all three devices,they all have great sleep tracking and,very good activity tracking where they,have activity minutes of course theyre,gonna be tracking your calories and your,steps as well they all do have connected,GPS even though the charge 5 does have,its own GPS built in they all have,cardio Fitness scores they have daily,Readiness scores Stress Management and,smartphone notifications on all three,and all three do come with six months of,Premium membership for Fitbit thats its,whole entire different deal I do have a,link down below to give you an idea what,Fitbit premium is all about but Ill get,into that a little later in the video,they all have an AMOLED display that is,pretty darn bright pretty much the same,across the board and they all have,always on available as well but things,like the Fitbit Lux do need to be,updated to get that always on display,available we all have things like find,my phone do not disturb sleep modes and,all that so theres no difference,between all of that lets get into those,differences the first thing is going to,be battery life the best battery life,out of the three is actually the least,expensive is going to be 10 days out of,deluxe youre gonna get seven days out,of the charge five and youre only gonna,get five days out of the Fitbit Lux the,one thing with that is if you are going,to be charging it while you are taking a,shower or anything like that going to,the bathroom any one of these devices,can perpetually be used if you are going,to be charging it for maybe about 10 to,20 minutes a day so youre really not,going to have to worry about that but if,you have no options to charge during,your day the Inspire 3 is going to give,you your best battery life lets get,into the differences between the Inspire,3 and the Lux first thing is going to be,how it is built you do have more of a,plastic case on the Inspire 3 while you,have a stainless steel on the Lux so it,does feel a lot more sturdy and not only,that you do have a different clasping,mechanism with the actual band itself,with the Lux I havent heard too many,bad things just a really easy clasping,mechanism got to kind of press it in a,little bit for to snap back in whereas,with the Inspire 3 it does have an,easier design with a little bit of a,lever like a typical walk you do have a,pretty much a capacitive squeeze on the,Inspire 3 with these little Sleek,portions to the side thats going to,help you navigate the UI a little bit,easier in my opinion when you want to go,back on the Lux youre going to have to,double tap the screen which isnt always,the most responsive and if youre just,squeezing here no problem at all with,the squeeze talking about that I did get,some accidental squeezes every so often,on some high intensity workouts where it,had a lot of wrist flexion where youre,not going to see that problem on the Lux,the Lux is a tad bit Slimmer in design,youll see that right here in the b-roll,but it actually is a tad bit heavier at,26 grams or the Inspire 3 is 21 Grams so,its gonna be a little lighter on the,Inspire 3. then that and the battery,life pretty much being halved on the Lux,I think its because its a little bit,Slimmer theyre pretty much the exact,same device with the charger you do have,a magnetic charger with the Lux I am a,bigger fan of the magnetic charger its,the same exact charger actually for the,charge five were gonna have a clip-on,charger with the Inspire 3. it is,actually a little bit different than the,Inspire 2 even though they feel pretty,much exactly the same The Inspired 2,will not clip onto the Inspire 3. the,Inspire 3 is currently at about a,hundred dollars and the Lux is 130. the,Lux has gone on sale to 99 every so,often so if youre catching it on sale,between the two Id pick the Lux it is a,more well-built design a little bit more,sturdy and theres a lot of different,options as far as the colors are,concerned if none of that bothers you,the Inspire 3 is also a great band even,though it might feel a little cheaper,The Squeeze functionality move in the UI,is going to make it a little bit more,intuitive and easier to move around but,the screens are pretty much the exact,same size on both since they are the,exact same size on both since the,Inspire 3 is a little bit bigger it will,seem to feel a little bit cheaper than,there are going to be bigger bezels all,right we went through the Inspire and,the Lux what is the difference between,the charge five the charge 5 does have a,built-in GPS it does have seven days of,battery life again it does had the same,charger as the Lux you are going to have,a bigger screen built in it is AMOLED,and you are going to have a bigger,display on the charge 5 at 1.04 inches,where its only 0.76 on both the Lux and,the Inspire 3. even though they havent,officially announced the dimensions of,the Inspire 3 they pretty much look,exactly the same in my eyes it does come,with an aluminum grade case and even,though it does have these metal portions,on the side it is not squeeze,functionality thats for its Eda and ECG,scans for stress levels and things like,checking for afib you do not get either,one of those on either the Lux or the,Inspire 3. and of course it has its,built-in GPS I have heard troubles with,the GPS built in if its a little too,tight and then the GPS doesnt function,as it typically would I didnt run into,that problem my self the GPS worked,fairly good in my testing you also are,going to get NFC payment through Fitbit,pay so if you are looking for quick,Wireless payment you do get on the,charge five you do not get it on either,one of the Inspire or the luxes it does,come in at the most expensive at 150,with the charge 5. Ive seen it on sale,as low as about 120 but I dont think,youre going to be seeing it much lower,than that we did talk about the Fitbit,premium six month you get with all three,of these devices uh with that you do get,things like Readiness score which I,think is actually improving I wasnt too,happy when it was first announced but,you even get some better sleep analysis,and you get some extra workouts built in,if you need to do at home workouts and,you even have some recipes built into,the app itself as well but after that,six months you will need to pay for a,lot of that functionality its either,9.99 a month or eighty dollars within a,year which Im not very happy about you,will not get the Readiness score if you,do not have premium you wont get better,sleep analysis you you will get seven,days tracking of things like your sleep,scores your HRV and stuff like that but,you will not see anything farther than,seven days it will be a little bit,harder to track Trends if you do not,have premium and Ive never really been,a big fan of Fitbit for doing that one,of my overall recommendations between,these three devices the Inspire 3 is a,great device dont get me wrong 100 this,is your best bang for your buck 10 days,of battery life but it also is the,cheapest of design with a plastic build,so you might not get the best durability,out of it but it does have that,capacitive squeeze that I think is a lot,easier to navigate the UI than the other,two devices so if youre thinking about,the Inspire 3 I definitely think you,should go that route if youre thinking,between the Lux and the Inspire the only,thing the Lux really has is its higher,build quality it only comes in at five,days of battery life but since it does,have pretty much the same screen but it,has a smaller form factor it does look a,little nicer not as big as bezels as as,the Inspire 3. and of course with the,Lux they even h

NEW Fitbit Luxe (Premium Fitness Band )

[Music],hey whats up welcome back to the,channel what we have right here is a,brand new fitness tracker from fitbit,and this device is really moving in the,opposite direction of pretty much every,other,fitness band fitness tracker sports band,whatever you want to call it,all these devices like the me band 6 and,the galaxy fit 2,theyre all moving in the same direction,theyre all moving to make the price,lower more affordable,for whatever the reason might be,sometimes theyre trying to be a gateway,into an ecosystem like the galaxy fit,or other times theyre just trying to be,an affordable fitness tracker and,this right here the fitbit lux is doing,just the opposite,rather than taking their already kind of,expensive fitness tracker the fitbit,inspire,and making it cheaper they decided to do,the opposite they wanted to make it more,expensive,and appeal to a more luxurious market so,you can see the design right here is the,obvious change there,but they also added a lot of fitness,features on here a lot of things from,the fitbit sense which is their flagship,device,got brought down to this including skin,temperature and stress tracking,and while i really like a lot about the,fitbit lux there are a few things that,you definitely want to know about,before you consider buying this but,lets start off with the physical design,because as you can see here,thats one of the main selling points,the premium build quality the premium,aesthetic,and the fitbit lux luxurious design the,first improvement on here over the,fitbit inspire which is their other,fitness band,is actually the display this is a full,color display its amoled,its bright its vibrant and its,detailed but,its a little bit small its actually,0.76 inches which is,substantially smaller than something,like the me band 6 however its a touch,screen and it has good color so,looking at it it doesnt look especially,bad as far as the touchscreen goes the,very small size does make it a little,bit trickier to,navigate the interface however over time,i found that i definitely got a lot,better at that,and i dont have any issues now this,does not have any buttons on here,so to go home from whatever screen,youre on you just double tap in the,middle,and itll just go right back to your,watch face i found that that works,really well i was skeptical at first but,i had no issues with that and turns out,you really dont need a button on these,things,we dont have that pinch force sensor,either so really double tapping on it is,what youre going to have to do,youll see that on the outside like i,said no button on here no microphone,on here nothing on the outside just a,really slim honestly pretty nice looking,design this one is obviously gold and,kind of like a sand,band on there on the back of the device,youll see the straps are held on with,that proprietary fitbit snap,honestly its pretty easy to use so i,cant complain and,well also see the array of sensors from,the fitbit logo to,the heart rate sensor and ill talk,about sensors in a second,and then below that is our charging,nodes and the charger in here just kind,of magnetically snaps onto the back,again very easy to use and the physical,design is,just so simple that i dont really have,much else to say this is water resistant,up to 50 meters,so swimming is no problem the battery,life on here is about five days and,thats mostly because we have an amoled,display here,otherwise we might be getting a larger a,longer battery life now,other than that like i said nothing to,talk about physically well get into an,interface tour in a second,but i want to first talk about some of,the sensors and the accuracy,for my own testing with this device so,the first thing as far as sensors go of,course we have a heart rate sensor on,here we have an accelerometer thats,basic stuff for fitness tracking,you can also measure blood oxygen levels,and skin temperature with this,which is not especially common with the,more budget friendly fitness trackers,and you might be wondering why would you,want to do that blood oxygen skin,temperature,i mean one great example would be to,measure your sleep and really analyze,your sleep better,thats where youd probably be using,those the most but of course blood,oxygen could be used for a lot of things,from,recovery time your vo2 max if youre,working out and things of that nature so,really nice to have on here i like i,like seeing that but,unfortunately what this is lacking is,gps,this doesnt have gps on here which,means that if you run with your phone,youre fine itll use connected gps but,if you wanted to run without your phone,and you were willing to spend 150,on this then you would be out of luck,instead youd want to buy the fitbit,charge 4 from last year,as you could probably imagine that array,of sensors can really track a lot with,your health and i found that,it really does a pretty decent job there,is one big catch,like really annoying catch that ill,talk about in a second but youre able,to track your breathing rate your heart,rate your sleep your stress,your skin temperature 20 different,exercises and on top of that you have,smart track which means,if you just start running itll,automatically detect that and itll,start tracking that workout so,as far as tracking goes really no issues,except like i said,the one big catch here is that fitbits,been doing this thing recently and,it really bothers me that they do this,but theyre trying to funnel everybody,into fitbit premium this comes with a,six month trial which is which is great,and i recommend everyone does the trial,because its free but after that youre,gonna be paying,maybe ten dollars a month or 80 a year,to get fitbit premium in order to see,all the analytics there are some things,on here that,it almost feels like fitbits holding,them ransom kind of like you need to pay,in order to see,everything your watch is capable of,measuring so for example,finding out more details about your,sleep you cant do,without upgrading to fitbit premium i i,wish they didnt do that,but its something that they are doing,before we get into the interface tour i,want to highlight a few of my favorite,features on here,because a lot of different bands have,different features you might think its,like a slim little,basic bare bones device but the features,really can make a big difference so with,this device were getting a smart alarm,which is the first thing i really like,and i use,honestly every day and what this does is,essentially it sets an alarm if you say,i want to wake up by 7 a.m,itll track your sleep and itll wake,you up within 30 minutes before,7am to make sure that you wake up at the,perfect time based on your sleep cycle,so you wake up feeling refreshed you,dont need coffee in the morning you,just you feel a lot better,maybe thats anecdotal but at least from,my experience i do like having that,the second thing is google fast pair,google acquired fitbit so the first,thing they added,was the quick pairing which means that,when you bring this near an android,device itll give you a little pop-up,and say,do you want to pair with this it doesnt,really make anything that much easier it,just opens the fitbit app for you,but its something showing that they are,starting to integrate a little bit more,with google,we also have notifications and quick,replies if you have an android phone,if you have an iphone which this does,still work with iphones very well,the only drawback there is that you,wont have quick replies for text,messages,and of course we have active zone,minutes which is so supposed to kind of,gamify,your workouts and your exercise and give,you a simple number to let you know,how active youre being and if youre,doing what youre supposed to,to meet the goals that you might have so,with that being said guys lets get into,the interface tour okay so looking at,the interface you can see that,the display honestly is pretty small if,you rotate in the right light you can,see that,but the way they really managed to make,these

Fitbit Luxe Review | Fitness Tech Review

what up what up everybody welcome back,to the channel today on fitness tech,reviews were going over the fitbit lux,this is fitbits newest foray into the,wearable technology and this is its,newest one,with its google acquisition as well they,are looking to get a little bit more,stylish,lets go ahead and see if its worth it,for you lets get into it,[Music],lets go over the specs real quick it is,rocking a 0.76,inch amoled display it is touch screen,with no physical buttons at all,and it has a stainless steel covering as,well so its a little bit more premium,feeling with a silicone band that comes,with a small,and a large band in the box it does have,corn and gorilla glass as well so its,more scratch resistant than regular,glass,it does have five atmospheres of water,resistance so if you do want to go,swimming with it you can,and also comes with decent swim tracking,as well this is getting about five,hours of battery life and through my,testing thats pretty much,spot on youre not really turning on any,extra features to get more or less but,you can see less if you are looking to,keep the screen bright and on for longer,periods,it also has a magnetic charger that goes,right on that does take about two hours,to get a full charge to get your five,days of battery life in,its sensors built in it has an,accelerometer it has its heart rate,monitor,it also has an spo2 sensor that isnt,unlocked yet,it also has an ambient light sensor and,it vibrates as well,it can do 20 exercise modes with a lot,of them being automatic like walking and,running outdoors,from the research i saw it is rocking,bluetooth 4.0 but dont quote me on that,could be 5.0 but no gps,or no nfc payments on this you are using,the fitbit app and this is going to be,available on android 8.0 or higher and,ios,13.3 or higher if you are looking to use,this band the only thing with the ios,devices,with quick replies you will not be able,to do it on apple devices,this band is coming in at about 150,dollars,so it is a little bit more expensive for,what you are getting but it is a little,bit more sleek especially with its,stainless steel design,and not only that you are getting six,months of a premium trial of the,fitbit premium so youll be able to,check that out it comes in with free,workouts,free meditation and stuff like that so,that is built in as well and thats,around a,60 price if youre doing the 10 a month,you can also buy this band in three,different colors you can buy it in the,lunar white with the soft gold you could,buy it with the black like i did in the,graphite stainless steel,and you can also buy it in the orchid,with the platinum stainless steel,and if youre looking to get a little,bit more expensive they also have a,special edition,with a little bit of a stainless steel,link bracelet so if youre looking to,buy any of those that ones going to be,a little bit more expensive thats,actually 50,more at 199 thats if you look to get a,little bit more fancy,[Music],all right when were looking into the ui,of this guy when you actually hit the,center on this particular watch face,its going to change what metric,is at the bottom so you can check all,that out when you swipe over to the,right this is going to give you all your,widgets your timers your alarm,how to relax this is going to be your,workouts when you swipe up you can go,right into the ones that you have built,in and then when you double tap on the,screen its going to go right home,when you swipe to the right its,basically doing the same thing but in,the other direction so you can also type,on your notifications as well,when you swipe down you have your do not,disturb mode on your sleep your water,lock,and your settings there really arent,much settings,in this band display settings guest,modes heart rate stuff like that,heart rate notifications and vibrations,device info,really not much and of course again you,double well yeah double tap on that,screen its going to bring you right,back,and when you swipe up this is going to,give you all your fitness notifications,thats where your battery life is,and all that your hourly activities,where your heart rate is how your sleep,was,your exercise and stuff like that all,built in,when you turn this band over it has all,of its sensors and thats where youre,actually going to be putting in your,actual charger again clicks in,relatively easily,will not click in the other way so it,only clicks in one way,so also very easy to do these bands are,replaceable you kind of have to use your,fingertips a little bit to get in,but you can replace these and use other,bands,for it if you would like,so lets get into its fitness tracking,so when you go into the app again i have,my own review of the app if you want to,check it out right here if you want to,look up a little bit more in depth into,the app,when youre looking into it it has,everything built in your stress,management all this right here,and if you want to look into your,exercises just clicking on that,what i saw with the exercises so ive,exercised over here and im gonna have,my loop,right over here this is also my older,stuff so my workout i did on thursday,that i actively tracked,right here it tracked me fairly well,throughout the entirety of the workout,i was really happy with the way it went,up and down said i didnt hit my peak,too much,and of course with a lot of flexion in,the wrist you might not see the most,ideal range especially if youre talking,about high intensity but this worked out,really well,as you can tell it attracts some other,things as well just me being a trainer,and always on my feet,kind of lets me know whats going on my,workout on friday was a little bit,different so i did see again pretty good,accuracy as far as the heart rate is,concerned,maybe overshooting it by a little bit,but overall pretty good,and now when i go up to my run this is,where i was a little disappointed with,the band,maximum 190 no that definitely wasnt,where my heart rate was,i did switch it to the my one side so i,can kind of see it and of course thats,where i could see my pace on it as well,and another one of the things i was a,little disappointed that did not track,mine through the google maps you tell,one of my older ones i did a while back,with one of my other fitbit bands,it tracked it in a map im not sure if,this is going to come with an,update like the spo2 sensor is not,currently updated on here,so im not sure if this is coming with,an update so make sure,when you are looking to purchase this,ill make sure to link it down below,if it is getting updated but i am a,little disappointed with that now lets,get into our sleep tracking so when i,get into my sleep,you see on thursday seven hours and 47,minutes of sleep i was only awake three,different times where my restlessness,was,and it says i was about 46 minutes awake,and restless,thats about right i was awake a little,bit more as you can tell my whoop right,over here,and my bedtime and my wake time was a,little bit different feel like if it,thinks youre not moving,its thinking youre sleeping so im not,the biggest fan but is tracking,relatively good and again the spo2,sensor isnt on so it isnt able to,check my deep,and my rem sleep but it will when it is,updated so its a little disappointing,currently,but as soon as that update comes out,itll be a lot better but i,am a new dad as you can tell im awake a,little bit more than i normally end,and on friday again it says i got about,seven hours and 35 minutes of sleep with,about 23 minutes of awake time yeah that,was pretty much wrong i was definitely,awake a lot more that night,so it is pretty accurate with its sleep,tracking and stuff like that but you,have to take into account its not all,the way updated,if you want to check out the entire app,you can actually log your food and do,other things and you actually get,six months of premium built in this is,one of the things im not the biggest,fan of with fitbit but you can actually,try it out for free,instead of h

Fitbit Charge 5 vs Fitbit Luxe | Fitness Tech Review

what up what up everybody welcome back,to the channel today on fitness tech,reviews were going to be going over the,fitbit charge 5 versus the fit bit lux,these are the two newest bands in the,fitbit line with the fitbit charge just,coming out and the fitbit locks being a,couple of months out in this video were,gonna check out the similarities were,gonna check out the differences and of,course were gonna see which one is best,for you but lets go ahead and get right,into it,first thing to go over is the,similarities both the bands themselves,have pretty much the same feeling and,the way they interchange is pretty much,the same locking system theyre both,made from stainless steel bodies so,theyre also a very sturdy body and they,both also have a magnetic charger that,clips in they both come with very bright,amoled displays with the fitbit charge 5,being about 0.9 inches where the fitbit,lux is about .76 inches even though that,sounds similar believe me they look much,different when they are in person they,both have pretty much the same ui well,get into that later in the video so they,both can be navigated pretty much the,same way they both have heart rate,monitors with spo2 built in so you can,check your blood oxygen levels they both,offer 20 different sports modes they,both do great sleep tracking so theres,no difference between the two of them in,those regards they both do stress,monitoring female tracking and even some,guiding breathing as well they both come,with the same fitbit app ill be posting,that right up here if you want to check,out the fitbit app is all about and they,also both come with six months of,premium fitbit built in as well ive,talked about how they do put a couple of,things behind the fitbit premium paywall,which is about ten dollars a month or,eighty dollars a year just like its new,readiness score that came out with the,charge five but its also going to be on,the fitbit lux as well since that,readiness score isnt available yet i,will make sure to make an update video,to the charge five make sure you are,subscribed hitting that notification,bell so you guys will be the first ones,to know when that video comes out they,both have five atmospheres of water,resistance and they do swim tracking,just as well and they both have the,active zone minutes in the fitbit app so,you will be able to gamify your fitness,a little bit with it,lets see what the differences are,between the two first one is the most,obvious is the fitbit charge 5 is 30,more expensive why the fitbit lux is 150,the fitbit charge 5 is about 180. you,get a lot of extra things for those 30,bucks first thing screen size we talked,about that screen size a little bit,earlier in the video and that works,great not only with that you can also do,an always on display with the fitbit,charge five so youre for going on a run,and need to check your pace and you need,to flip up your watch its a little bit,easier so you can check the pace without,the watch fully turning on and waiting,for that sometimes a little laggy so the,always-on display is a big plus even,though if thats going to kill it on,battery life a little bit talking about,that battery life the fitbit charge 5 is,coming in about seven days of battery,life what they say and the fitbit lux is,about five days of battery life through,testing and of course through the way,you actually use them it isnt that much,youll get about four days through the,fitbit lux and with the charge 5 if you,want to do the always on display you can,drop that down to about four maybe even,three days if youre using the always on,display all the time but if youre,turning on all the features you can get,about five to six days with the fitbit,charge five the fitbit charge 5 also has,a gps built in it isnt the best gps the,fitbit charge 4 was a little bit better,the charge 5 if you do have it on a,little bit too tight its going to take,it a long time to actually read your gps,so you do have to actually find the,right tightness to not only get your,heart rate in but also your gps as well,but you can go on runs without your,phone and get gps data with the fitbit,charge 5 where you cant with the lux,you also have an ecg monitor as well on,the fitbit charge 5 if youre looking to,detect things like afib where you dont,have that on the lux it isnt currently,available on the fitbit charge 5 but,thats going to be coming with an update,hopefully that update will be with the,readiness score as well but youll be,getting the readiness score on both,again make sure you are subscribed to,the channel to know when that video,comes out you also have an eda sensor on,the fitbit charge 5 as well it takes,about 3 minutes to read but it gives you,some actionable data about your stress,level the electrodermal activity the eda,can detect things like body temperature,and also stress levels more accurately,it is three minutes to go through the,whole thing but it gives you actionable,data to work on your stress levels which,is a big plus and the fitbit charge five,comes with fitbit pay so nfc payment,through the actual band itself where you,dont get any of that on the lux another,thing you get on the charge fives you,get an automator so if youre looking,for more accurate data for distance up,and down its going to be better on the,charge 5.,i did want to give you guys a look at,the ui and the display on both these,guys to see what the differences are,they have pretty much the same ui when,you swipe down you have your payments on,the actual charge five where you dont,own the lux but everything else pretty,much the same water lock when you go,into the settings you have your display,settings quiet modes heart rate zones,stuff like that and of course you have,gps over here on the charge five when,you double hit on the screen its going,to go home on both of them when you,swipe to your right you got,notifications you got your exercises,your alarms or your real relaxing but,you also have your eda scan on this band,where you dont on the other and then of,course when you come back you go right,back to your display both these displays,theres about maybe about 15 to 20 on,the app themselves and when you swipe up,heres all your information on both of,them and pretty much look as you can see,theyre pretty much the same thing,almost just mimicking one another and,then on the back both of them are going,to have the same type of sensors on the,back with pretty easy ways to take off,the bands so you need to use your nail a,little bit to clip them off and then you,can clip them back on with a little bit,of force but i am going to be doing a,review on better bands so make sure you,subscribe to see that,so what are my recommendations with,these two bands uh pretty much i think,its easy to see that the fitbit charge,five is the winner between the two for,only thirty dollars more i think the,only real reason youll be going with,the lux over the fitbit charge five is,its slim design especially if you have,some smaller wrists its a lot more,functional and a lot less noticeable and,theres a lot of ways and especially,with the colors they have online it is a,little bit more female centric not to,say that the charge 5 doesnt look great,as well you can also get another type of,bands to make it a little bit nicer but,there isnt as many flashy colors on the,fitbit charge five but youre looking,for the fitbit charge five if youre,looking for gps nfc payment ecg or eda,scans and if youre looking for a bigger,screen for better readouts if you need,to look at pace and stuff like that on,your runs and that always on display,makes it a lot more helpful for that as,well also dont get me wrong if you are,looking at the fitbit inspire 2 or the,fitbit charge 4 they are also both very,good bands but they only have a black,and white display so they arent that,flashy but they are going to be less,expensive these days but they are also,very good bands on their own well,hopefully this video was helpful for you,guys if it

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