1. Apple Fitness Plus review: Is it worth it?
  2. We used Apple Fitness Plus for two months. Here’s what you need to know
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  7. Apple Fitness+ Review!

Apple Fitness Plus review: Is it worth it?

apple is giving us a not so gentle,reminder to get off our,you know and get moving with fitness,plus its 9.99,subscription service offers all types of,guided workouts that you can stream,on your iphone ipad or apple tv,but the key that unlocks this whole,thing is the apple watch,so lets take a look at what this is all,about,now because i am using a test version of,fitness plus it doesnt have access to,any of my previous workout history which,is an important part of the service,and something that sets it apart from,the rest fitness plus is supposed to,help take the guesswork out of choosing,your next workout which,can be half the battle in my opinion by,offering up,recommendations based on the types of,workouts that youre,already logging on your apple watch so,youll get offered up,one of two things more of what you,already love to do or completely new,types of workouts that complement,what youre doing once you have all the,os updates you should see the app on,your apple tv or its just a matter of,downloading it,onto your mobile devices whichever one,you may be working out with,and because they all communicate with,the apple watch itll automatically,start logging,the correct workout type without having,to lift a finger,you can also use it as a remote control,to play,or pause your workout,alright so now that im all set up im,going to take you along,on my very first workout so go easy on,me,the cool thing about fitness plus though,is that you can use,just about any apple tv because they are,going to have the fitness plus,app all you need is the apple watch,to unlock your subscription so you can,be at a friends house you can be at a,hotel room,if theres an apple tv you can have,access to working out on your tv so,with that said im gonna start this,journey,with the fitness app right here,its asking me to connect to the tv and,i will say yes,so i can filter through all trainers,duration and music,im going to filter through durations,over here and im going to pick a,30 minute workout so its telling me,that i need a medium,dumbbell luckily i have some lying,around,um i brought on some five pounders and,some 10 pounders if im feeling,ambitious,but there are plenty of workouts that,dont require any equipment at all,all right so i am getting the play,button that you see on screen im,getting the same thing,on my apple watch three two,one,[Music],i like that it tells you the elapsed,time on the screen as well as the heart,rate,because it doesnt feel like ive been,working out for eight minutes and,its clearly working because my heart,rate has been going up,i like the stats on screen ive said,that before but as i go through this,i can see the benefit of having it,on the screen at all times so that you,can really maximize,each workout and keep yourself honest,about your effort level,i just closed my exercise ring,i just closed my exercise ring,so that was kind of an abrupt ending but,only because you have the option,to tack on another workout which im not,going to do,or tack on a guided cooldown,so thats up to you so a few final,thoughts on my very first workout,for starters please excuse whatever mess,is going on over here because i dont,usually go on camera after a workout,now with that said i did mention at the,beginning that it seemed fast-paced,that kind of changed throughout because,that was just the warm-up,that seemed a little bit fast-paced,eventually,i was able to follow along fairly easily,because it kind of got repetitive and,she did give more direction which i,i liked i also loved having the stats on,the screen i loved,having the um exercise ring close,in real time as i was doing my exercise,for someone who likes closing their,exercise rings every day that was really,motivating,as well as having my heart rate right on,the screen so,obviously um i can log it on the apple,watch,as im doing any other exercise but i,dont usually keep my eye on the apple,watch,throughout an exercise particularly not,the times when im,straining myself and in this case i,could keep my eye on,the tv and really push myself to,increase my heart rate one of the things,that i didnt like,is that it kind of did seem to get a,little bit repetitive,um and not quite as total body and as,challenging as im used to when it comes,to strength training i usually do longer,strength training sessions,at home so maybe its a matter of just,kind of adjusting my search,criteria or maybe trying a different,type of exercise,but i would say this was,beginner to medium there are ways to,adjust it obviously,you can use heavier weights etc,but i was looking for a little bit more,of a total body,workout and a little bit more dynamic,although it was and i really like the,instructor so im willing to,to give it another shot so lets move on,to the next one,[Music],now im going to venture outside of my,comfort zone and do a type of workout,that ive never,done before so clearly this is not,my rowing machine and im going to try,doing it on the ipad this time around,using it as my screen and luckily,this machine has a nice little holder,now there is a whole,section devoted to beginners like myself,on fitness plus but sadly it doesnt,have a beginners class for rowing,what it does have is an intro video at,the beginning of each,workout type that you can click into to,get the basic now im going to be honest,im not sure im going to remember all,of that but it was definitely helpful to,get,some of the basics down but just in case,i am going to pick a,10 minute rowing workout to get me,started,lets go as you can see,i can start with the apple watch,im going to go slow so dont judge,i dont want to get hurt now i dont,know if you saw that but theres,a little bar that came down in the,bottom thats called the burn bar,and it basically lets me know how im,doing,against other people whove done the,workout based,on my own personal stats like my age and,weight so if i want to push myself,and want to get ahead of the pack i can,get competitive like that,but im not going to do that on this,workout just because,i am a beginner but you can,one oh i like the countdown with the,intense,one thats helpful,my arms are going to be on fire after,this workout i think im,favoring my arms a little bit more than,everything else in my body,that was a productive 10 minutes of my,life right there im,pretty sure i didnt do a lot of things,right,but it was my first time and hey i got,my heart rate up and,according to my burn bar im at a d plus,average hey ill take it you can click,on any of,the songs to go to the playlist,and add it to my apple music to get,pumped,even when im not rowing,now as you can see ive moved my workout,outside,for this next one because you can do,that with fitness plus,on your iphone now i just have about 10,minutes to do a quick little,core session after my run because its,getting cold and its probably going to,start to rain,so lets take a look at what we have i,want,im going to pick core and,filter looks like theyre all 10 minutes,which is perfect,and in this case because there are so,many options i can actually click in,and i can look at a trailer or a preview,of each one that kind of gives me,a sense of what to expect,so im going to go ahead and choose this,one and get started lets go,[Music],stability,well that was a quick one but thats,exactly what i wanted and ill be honest,this is a much nicer setting than,working out in the studio and its a,nice little option to have,in the back of my pocket literally,[Music],in the last roughly 48 hours i have,completed,seven out of the nine different workout,types available on fitness plus,and mind you two of those require a,stationary bike and a treadmill,both of which i dont have needless to,say,i am exhausted and extremely sore,but im not gonna lie it has been a fun,little change up to,my tired old gym routine i really like,the variety of workout types available,on fitness plus i think its,allowed me to try stuff that i wouldnt,have otherwise especially because,they do incl

We used Apple Fitness Plus for two months. Here’s what you need to know

[Music],apple fitness plus its the 10 bucks a,month subscription service with a bunch,of exercise videos that integrate with,and,actually require your apple watch and,you probably know its been out for a,few months now but a bunch of us at the,verge have been using it for a couple of,months to review it okay so im about to,do my first apple fitness plus,workout this is gonna be my first ever,experience with apple fitness plus weve,been totally absolutely being really,really good at daily exercise and,closing those rings with a subscription,service that we totally pay for every,month making uh making it worth our,money yup,uh speak for yourself i took it pretty,seriously,yes,yes we did actually try,i took it kinda seriously,look ive never exercised regularly in,my entire life ive never held onto a,gym membership for more than a year i,mean im not a total slug but im slug,adjacent so i wanted to know if fitness,plus could turn that around for me and,well get to that but first i think its,more important to hear from people who,actually,do exercise on a regular basis and who,can compare apple fitness plus to other,similar services,apple fitness plus has a bunch of,different pre-recorded exercise videos,with three trainers in each of them two,of them are offering accommodations on,the main exercise these videos can vary,in length from 10 minutes to up to 45,minutes it also has integration with,apple music so you can listen to real,actual music that you actually want to,listen to while youre working out now,there are a few different categories of,exercise theres hit and yoga and core,and dance and this thing called mindful,cool down which is basically just,stretching with meditation but there are,also exercise videos that require you to,have specific equipment so you might,need dumbbells for strength theres,cycling theres treadmill and theres,also rowing theres one more piece of,equipment that is absolutely required,for all of the videos an apple watch and,then also something to watch the videos,on so that would be an iphone an ipad an,apple tv or you can stream it to your tv,via airplay,sometimes with reviews the only,important question is is it good and for,what it is yeah apple fitness plus is,pretty good so for this review i think a,better question is who is it good for,[Music],so right off the bat i loved using apple,fitness plus for someone whos already,plugged into the apple ecosystem and is,just getting started out with fitness i,think its a great program so i started,using a peloton bike last year i havent,loved peloton but its the closest i can,get to my pre-coveted fitness classes on,paper the cardio offerings from peloton,and fitness plus look pretty similar,in both programs you can choose classes,with different lengths playlists and,levels of intensity theres a variety of,instructors although not as many as,peloton and apples workouts have an,added emphasis on mental health and,general wellness in addition to physical,health theres a lot more of a like,throw away your cares throw away your,worries how can we be better people,today attitude that you dont see across,all the peloton rides,me,and your fitness plus train a team,lets start to add some resistance this,instructor is so excited about being on,a bike ride it makes me excited,but its newer than pelotons program,and that shows in a couple ways first,there just arent as many teachers to,choose from there are only six apple,cycling instructors as of now and,peloton has 23 to choose from current,playlist offerings are more generic as,well so with peloton ive done,everything from hamilton rides to bon,jovi rides whereas apples rides are,still mostly like hip hip-hop or rock,but the one thing that bothered me the,most is that the workout lengths are,more limited with peloton you can ride,for up to 90 minutes,apples cycling rides max out at 45,minutes so i often found myself,stringing multiple apple workouts,together to get the workout lengths that,i wanted these things are all functions,of apple fitness plus being fairly new,and theyll be easy to fix but some,other things wont be for example on,peloton the instructors can give you an,exact range to put your resistance at,whereas on apple fitness plus because,you know everyones using different,bikes they can only be pretty general so,easy or moderate or hard and that makes,it more difficult to know whether youre,at the intensity that youre supposed to,be at,okay in the cooldown now i actually,loved that i thought that was so much,fun the instructor was great the music,was great,i burnt 185 calories so you know for 20,minutes of biking thats not bad at all,um this was a lot of fun,so im already a committed peloton user,and i wasnt willing to give up my bike,time i decided to keep using the bike,for my cardio workouts and then use,fitness plus for my cool down and,strength classes immediately i noticed,apples choice in instructors theyre,diverse and interesting and i wanted to,try their classes which is a good sign i,also appreciated that the strength,classes offered three different levels,one person demoed the regular exercise,another modified it to make it,accessible for anyone with injuries or,needing to go easier on their bodies and,the third person made the movement more,advanced paluton doesnt do this in its,strength classes and i find it super,frustrating especially as someone with,chronic lower back pain and like others,have mentioned i really appreciated the,deep integration with the apple watch,even if its super apple-like behavior,to make it mandatory i did however like,having my rings as a constant reminder,in the corner of the screen it motivated,me especially considering that when i,use my peloton my heart rate only shows,up on the screen and nothing else,otherwise though apple fitness plus,didnt hook me i like to strength train,specific parts of my body usually my,arms because the bike works my lower,body the app doesnt allow you to filter,by workout type so to find an upper body,strength class i had to read through all,the strength class descriptions filters,feel like they should be table stakes,for a fitness app,and heres another potential barrier to,entry i dont own an ipad or an apple tv,so i had to stream my workouts from my,phone which was terrible,the screen is small and especially,terrible when switching from pelotons,behemoth bike display to my iphone 11,pro i dont understand why apple,wouldnt make fitness plus available,through a macbook how many apple,products do i need to make this program,work well as for the classes themselves,they were fine i didnt love or hate,them the strength classes were about,what youd expect from any strength,class and the cooldowns were a little,bit different in that they incorporated,mindfulness into them which i liked but,might be annoying if you want to just do,your stretches and get in and out,[Music],working out in one space has always been,a struggle for me i just get bored and,uninterested when im not actively going,somewhere or physically achieving,something thats why i usually get my,workouts on my bike taking loops up in,the park or slack landing behind some,trees or going for a jog so the at-home,workouts within apple fitness plus well,they werent really of interest to me,that is until a few weeks ago though,when apple rolled out the time to walk,feature within apple fitness plus,thats something in theory,i could get behind,time to walk pairs inspirational,monologues music and photos from famous,musicians athletes notable people with,apple watches exercise tracking to,create a more engaging way to take a,walk,now there are only a couple of,differences between time to walk and a,more traditional podcast most notably,about twice an episode your watch will,buzz and a photo will appear on your,watch that relates to what the host is,talking about,its cool its not game changing and,then secondly the hosts are either also,on a walk or theyre talking about what,walking means to them and t

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whats going on everyone djfitness news,reviews,right here from the words only FDA proof,bunker muscle code nutrition Nexus V2,with all,formulated yeah yeah people I reviewed,this one probably a year ago and I loved,it loved it but then they decided to,reformulate it yeah people so Im gonna,take you through the label God bless,muscle code nutrition this is a simple,ass label you dont need to be complex,people you dont so its not gonna take,us a lot of time but then Im actually,going to share with you a personal,experience using this one,today was my fifth time I want to say,fifth time and then towards the end of,the video as usual on this channel Im,gonna map this [ __ ] for you and tell you,where it fits if it fits in your sim,junkie journey and all Im gonna ask in,return you know you know all Im gonna,ask is that you hit that like button,okay people so Master called nutrition,or muscle called Subs muscle code sub,sorry they came out with this one they,had also a pump formula cant remember,the name anyway but so next is their,pre-workout came out about a year ago,was like sort of a short run didnt stay,around for a long time but man I really,liked it Im gonna link to that one,below if you want to see it again but,man I really really liked it came out of,nowhere simple formula just a great,experience just a great experience when,it came to focus and sort of tunnel,vision type feeling anyway long story,short theyve been out for like maybe,six months or something like that and,now they came back looks exactly the,same but it is a bit of a different,formula They removed some of the stuff,from here and added some other stuff at,the end of the day it doesnt really,matter because labels are just labels,you never know how things are going to,be like but man they actually did,reformulate so listen Im here to tell,you what this thing feels and how it,fits or does it fit your sing junkie,Journey okay people lets get into this,really quick by the way before I go into,this this is this is a blessed world we,live in where theres so much variety,sometimes though its a bit confusing,like theres so many of these things out,and you know its great for variety but,its also super confusing because you,dont know what to choose so a lot of us,are just jumping between pre-workouts,because we just want to experiment,something new so I mean I dont know,comment below by the way do you guys if,you find something that really works do,you stick to it or do you actually go,around and try to alternate every time,something new comes up because you want,to try something new comment below Im,going for the 20 Scoops which is the 20,servings which is the one scoop full,serving this is the full serve Channel,people if you want to know how to assess,your tolerance this is not gonna be on,this channel okay people listen so,l-citrulline at four grams so thats for,pumps and then Battalion 3.2 grams you,like betang for the tingling muscle,power output also or lactic acid,buffering beta 900 2.5 grams again helps,with pumps muscle protein synthesis a,bunch of stuff then Hydro Prime glycerol,at one grams so for pumps you have four,grams of l-citrine one gram of glycerol,for tingling you have 3.2 grams of,Battalion and then butane sort of an,all-arounder for 2.5 grams but then we,go into the cerebral cortex code yeah,people these names or these companies,give to this uh supplements hilarious,seriously theyre like its not,presumptuous its a cerebral cortex code,yeah okay people El tyrosine at one gram,standard right El tyrosine is one of the,first uh Focus ingredients you see in,these pre-workouts then you have dmae,750 milligrams its a good ingredient,right for also for focus by the way and,then you have caffeine at 200 milligrams,so not a lot not a crazy amount of,caffeine think about this as a bank,energy drink I think the previous,version also had 300. by some of my,favorite all-time pre-workouts up to 100,million of caffeine you dont need more,you can make an awesome pre-workout to,300 milligrams of caffeine two amino,dmha are 200 milligram so with dmha its,less about the amount its more about,the Purity and the quality of the,ingredients right you can have a,pre-workout with 300 milligrams of dmha,that you will feel [ __ ] and you can have,a pre-workout with 150 milligrams of,dmha or 100 milligrams of mha that you,will fly so dmha is this uh listed,borderline gray area nootropic that,nootropic energy kick puts you in the,zone really like it and then speaking of,putting your Zone all right join us is,at 150 milligrams again same thing with,the right Uranus is the quality of the,ingredient matters more than the actual,quantity so thats why labels are just,labels,okay I will station at 75 milligrams I,figure this is new maybe this replaced,hardening but anyway so thats an,ingredient thats supposed to put,together a lot of the other stuff in,order to get your more prolonged effect,synephrine ooh 50 milligrams thats what,some of you guys like and then nupe at,13 milligrams I love new pip new pep in,a high quality nupe 30 milligrams or 20,to 30 milligrams together with a,combination of high quality dma channels,this man oh man I like no Alpha yo no,[ __ ] like that super simple label,not a gazillion ingredients listen that,was the same thing and I think in the,previous version so if youre sensitive,to Alpha yo then obviously youre happy,to see this,labels are just labels seriously labels,are just labels you never know you never,know I just told you like the quality of,the ingredients how everything is going,to come together you never know so lets,get into the experience okay the flavor,I have which I dont remember at all is,oh Peach lemonade I guess its Pizza,its an okay flavor by the way its an,okay play were gonna take it were not,its not gonna be its gonna be,uneventful on a scale of one to ten,your scale of one to ten for flavors,seriously people but,dude I just dont get it like it pisses,me off every time I I am genuinely,pissed off by this [ __ ] about like,scaling flavors or caring about fire,forget the skin caring about Flavor as,long as it doesnt totally suck who the,[ __ ] cares move on with your life people,lets get into the experience like I,told you I really like the first version,of this one and it was a very unique,experience and then they reformulated,and let me tell you I love the second,version of Nexus also but let me tell,you this is a multi-phased pre-workout,theres three phases here the first,phase is youre gonna get and this is,this happens almost immediately Im,talking 10 minutes theres that its,really interesting like the better in,tingling is not really intense singling,but its sort of a feel good thing I,dont know how to even explain it like,its that hey man all is good lets get,into the gym type thing like it starts,to crawl on you so the first phase is,the energy kick in that good Buzz,starting to get like man just starting,to climb on you and then 20 minutes in,the energy fully kicks in so I would,wait a bit about 20 minutes the energy,fully kicks in and you get that smooth,productive sense of urgency energy,together with that buzz and then 30,minutes in this tunnel vision,Focus feel good Focus you almost feel,like youre you know the song that this,reminded me of like I was training today,I was saying which what what song it is,so I dont know if most of you are,probably not old enough to remember the,police song uh walking on the moon,walking on the moon we could walk,forever walking on the moon I probably,butchered this song to [ __ ] death but,this is what it felt it felt like youre,floating man you are floating its the,new plant its the high quality dmha,that was also in the previous version,cried Uranus is its what the [ __ ] ever,coming together and youre just man,youre in a bubble youre floating,youre literally walking like floating,amazing sense of urgency and good energy,not on the on my slap emitter right of,energy this is not like slap you in the,face ener

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how i use the Apple Watch to STAY SHREDDED!????

what i love about the apple watch is it,takes virtually all of the guesswork out,of how many calories i burn every day,and this is amazing because i can then,use this information to determine how,many calories im going to eat if i want,to continue creating a calorie deficit,and burn body fat if i want to create a,calorie surplus and gain weight or if i,just want to maintain the weight that,im at to maintain my physique without,this information it can be really hard,to estimate how many calories you burn,every day and from there have a guide to,how much youre gonna eat now if you saw,my recent video on how i was able to get,shredded you know that i use an apple,watch but i wanted to take a deeper dive,into how i use the apple watch how i get,some of the metrics with the fitness app,on my iphone as well as how i use the,apple watch when im working out now,before we begin i do want to say that if,you have ever struggled with any kind of,eating disorder or if youre currently,struggling with an eating disorder this,video may not be for you ive actually,linked nationaleatingdisorders.org,in the description so please feel free,to check that out and i wish you all the,best,the apple watch breaks down all of your,calories you burn every day into two,categories the first one being active,energy the second being resting energy,starting with your resting energy this,is also known as basal metabolic rate or,bmr this is simply defined as the,calories any human body burns just to,stay alive another way of looking at it,is it would be the calories you burned,if all you did all day was stay in bed,now when using the apple watch if you,want to find your resting energy metrics,simply go to the health app tap in that,bottom right corner where it says browse,hit activity then tap interesting energy,and this will give you a full breakdown,of this information now personally i,dont focus a ton on this information,but just know that it is a contributor,to the total amount of calories that you,burn every day now on the other hand we,obviously have our active energy which,includes working out and when youre,wearing an apple watch its going to,consider any of your active energy when,youre walking around if youre doing,chores around the house if you get up to,go grab a drink from your fridge all of,this is factored into your active energy,now to find your active energy metrics,you can also go to the health app tap on,the bottom right hand corner under,browse go to activity and click into,active energy you can also find your,active energy calories burned in your,move goal which you can find on your,watch face or if you just go to the,fitness app on your iphone its in that,reddish pink color its definitely not,hard to find now the apple watch is,going to take these two numbers and,combine it to give you that magic golden,number the total daily expenditure of,calories if you want to find this number,go into the fitness app on your iphone,tap into activity and this number is,just below the move goal again in that,reddish pink color where it says total,now after some time of using the apple,watch youll notice that this total,number when you go back to check on it,throughout the day is constantly going,up as youre moving around and,contributing to your active and resting,calories but with this in mind you might,be asking well brian how do you really,know how much to eat if you dont know,that number until the end of the day,well first of all if you do this enough,times you can get really good at seeing,where your move goal is and basically,estimating about where youre gonna be,at the end of the day secondly as any,normal person im not eating all of my,calories for the day in one city so by,the time i get to dinner i can still go,and see okay its 9 p.m or 10 p.m my,total expended calories is here and so i,can basically regulate the amount of,food im eating that late in the day so,its very simple to do the more you do,it the better you get at it one thing i,will say to ensure the accuracy of total,calories you burn every day is you want,to make sure that youre updating all of,your health information in the health,app mostly what you want to do if youre,losing weight week after week you want,to make sure youre updating the health,app with the current weight youre at,because this is going to be one of the,metrics that the apple watch uses to,basically total how many calories you,burn every day,when you first get your apple watch,during the setup process you can set,your move goal and this is how many,active calories you want to burn every,day i personally set mine when i got it,to a thousand calories every day and i,actually usually hit closer to 1200 or,1300 active calories burned sometimes i,even push closer to 1500 but i,personally love to work out and love to,be active and its just part of my life,now with that in mind all of my workouts,are actually calorie goal based so let,me explain this six days a week i do,strength training and cardio now within,my strength training sessions its,usually 60 to 80 minutes and i try and,burn at least four to 500 calories,within that 60 to 80 minutes and within,my strength training sessions i set my,apple watch to the functional strength,training workout and my strength,training routine is really simple i hit,each muscle group twice a week i train,chest and tries mondays and thursdays i,train legs on tuesdays and fridays i,train shoulders and biceps on wednesdays,and saturdays and then i throw in abs,around two or three times a week,whenever i feel like it and thats it i,dont do anything crazy or out of the,box and even though my workouts are,calorie based i still put a huge focus,on proper form i want to make sure ive,got a solid mind to muscle connection,and im also training to failure anytime,im doing a bench press or squat im,gonna push those muscles until they,cant go anymore im pushing pretty hard,for 60 to 80 minutes and usually just,getting a pretty gnarly pump getting the,heart rate going and this is probably,one of the most addictive parts about,working out for me is that strength,training component now for my cardio,sessions its also calorie based and i,aim to try and burn three to four,hundred calories within about 30 to 40,minutes and i personally prefer steady,stay cardio i have an elliptical ally,and i walk the dogs in the mornings so,sometimes it ends up being like an hour,worth of cardio if im including like,the dog walks and stuff like that so,sometimes its upwards of 500 calories,burned just in cardio but keep in mind,im not doing any high intensity stuff,im simply keeping a pretty moderate,pace of cardio and this is mostly,because i want to save my energy for the,strength training and also if you do too,much high-intensity cardio your body,starts to use muscle as fuel for your,cardio so you just start to look a,little bit flat and depleted now i dont,want to be the biggest most jacked,person in the world but i also want to,retain the muscle that im working hard,to build whats great about the apple,watch is any workout you do if you go to,the workout app on your watch you can,set it to that whether its elliptical,or walking or functional strength,training its got pretty much any,workout you could do and it really,accurately tracks all those calories,that youre burning as youre working,out so while im working out im,constantly looking at my watch and,seeing okay where are my calories burned,at do i need to push a little bit harder,do i need to give myself a break its,actively showing me my heart rate all of,these metrics to keep me focused while,im working out i have to say that my,workouts went from like,okay to just incredible after i got the,apple watch,i literally wear this thing pretty much,all day you can even wear it in the,shower you can set it to water mode the,only time i take it off to charge it is,usually after dinner when i get in bed,and ali and i will watch the show or,something and it charges pretty quickly,i perso

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Home Gym…

having had a home gym for over a decade,now and helping probably hundreds of,thousands of people build their Home,Gyms Ive got an idea of what it takes,to build a home gym and some of the,mistakes that can happen when youre,building so today I want to talk about,10 things that I personally and other,people would have wished we would have,known when building our home gym so you,that are building a home gym in the,process or have dont make these,mistakes lets get into it,hey guys its Coop from Mirage gym,reviews and today Im going to give some,advice to my younger self,basically things that I wish I would,have known after building its been like,four or five Home Gyms now spending lots,of money making lots of mistakes moving,lots of things around putting lots of,holes in drywall and I want to tell you,so you dont make the mistakes like I,did so my first recommendation something,that I made the mistake in the past just,because I was so excited was make sure,you have the foundation set before,assembling and getting your equipment in,place because once its in place like,this rack behind me that thing is not,moving now the flooring I recommend is,probably horse stall match because,theyre the cheapest so make sure you,buy those ahead of time another Pro tip,if you want to secure your equipment to,the flooring but dont want to drill,through your concrete which I understand,one thing that Ive seen people do and,one thing Id recommend is putting,plywood beneath the stall mats this,allows you to drill directly into the,wood you can have a stable platform your,equipments not going to move but its,also not completely permanent its a,minor thing it can get kind of expand if,you do a big area but just for your,squat rack I think its something to,watch out for okay the next one is one,that kinda is an extra something that,will make your space feel better but,this is one that I think you should do,before spending a lot of money on,conditioning equipment and what I mean,by condition equipment is not,conditioning equipment that used to work,out but like the space condition,equipment things like heaters and air,conditioners and things like that,something I realized and something I,made the mistake of in the past was,spending money on the heater before,spending money on insulating the space,and so something Id recommend is making,sure that you insulate and seal the,space before buying the heating or,conditioning unit and this is the,reality if you price it out especially,because a lot of utility companies will,provide rebates on insulation like this,space for instance I had my buddy come,in and spray in insulation in the,ceiling because it wasnt insulated I,got a rebate from the utility company,for fifty percent of the cost because of,that my space its been like in the 20s,and 40s here it stayed at 60 degrees,between 60 and 58 degrees this whole,time for the past week despite that,because its insulated so well and then,when you go to buy the heating equipment,its going to make it that much better,but if you dont then youre just going,to be wasting money and heating,equipment gets expensive quick the third,one is something that maybe we can be a,little bit of accused of because we,review such a wide swath of equipment,but this is the reality fat and popular,equipment does not equal Fitness,improvements okay so buying really,expensive cool equipment just because,you see it on Instagram and people using,it does not equal improvements in the,goals that youve set does not mean,gains you can ask anybody thats bought,something Ive seen online just because,it was cool and then got it in and,didnt use it the reality is any of this,equipment honestly that you use will,increase your Fitness but the reason we,buy specialty tools is because theyre,fun to use they increase versatility,they can increase safety and they can,also hit different parts of your body,because building a home gym is as much,of the training experience as it is the,just I dont know interior design,experience sounds kind of goofy but the,reality is like we love interior design,we may name it something different,because it sounds more masculine but the,reality is like I love designing a space,so it maximizes my training dont fall,in the Trap of the hedonic treadmill,where you just need more equipment more,equipment more things more things,without using it use it use what youve,got and then buy stuff over time now on,that same note my recommendation for,most people is to buy less but buy,better I would rather people spend more,money on fewer things things that are,really going to last a long time then,buying something really cheap that,theyre not going to use thats going to,break thats going to be unsafe and that,theyre going to have to end up,upgrading or not have a good experience,I really dont recommend buying a bunch,of cheap accessories when you could buy,better things that are going to increase,your workout experience and youre going,to use them more often because whats,going to benefit your workout more than,buying a bunch of attachments is going,to be buying a really nice heavy stack,functional trainer so I recommend buying,less buying better and over time,building up this may be a little bit,controversial for people but this is,something that I did when I first bought,my home gym Im very happy I did and,that is by adjustable dumbbells if,youve got a home gym and you want to,use dumbbells for isolation movements,you should buy adjustable dumbbells,because they take up way less space than,fixed dumbbells you can get pretty heavy,with them like theres options that go,all the way up to 175 pounds although,the more like residential options go up,to 90 or so which is heavy enough for,most people and theyre way cheaper than,fixed dumbbells and you can do just,about anything you want to and the,options today are very good so this is,one of the only ones Ive got where its,like you should buy this piece of,equipment you should buy adjustable,dumbbells but if you dont want to buy,adjustable dumbbells heres a pro tip,you can buy fixed dumbbells but if,youre going to buy them buy them in 10,pound increments the reason you buy them,in 10 pound increments is because you,can get platemate magnets that go on the,end in two and a half pound increments,and suddenly you can make the jumps in,five pounds so rather than buying tens,15s 20s 25s 30s which gets very,expensive and does take up a lot of,space you can buy tens 20s 30s you can,half the amount that you buy you can buy,plate mate two and a half dumbbell,Donuts that are pretty cheap put them on,the end and suddenly you can make those,jumps and you can even buy one and a,quarter plate mates if you want to make,two and a half pound jumps so therefore,youre taking up less space youre,spending less money and youre able to,have the fixed dumbbell if youre,somebody thats just like I gotta have,fixed dumbbells Im telling you thats,the way to do it now one thing I do,recommend and something you know this is,like a wish I would have known is like,the more equipment you buy it once the,cheaper its going to be because of,shipping especially if youre buying it,during like a Black Friday time when,its five for five or you know like its,like buy a rack you get 10 off,everything there are more companies,moving to the free shipping model,because it makes sense its what,everybodys used to but theres still,quite a few out there that you have to,pay shipping for because the equipment,is so expensive to ship and they dont,want the retail price to look so,expensive that it just turns people off,but I think a mistake that a lot of,people make is they decide to go full,bore into building a home gym before,theyve even decided that its something,theyre going to stick to like its like,theyre going from the commercial gym,theyre like I want the commercial gym,experience at home they build a home gym,and they realize theres no way to have,the exact same experience as a,commercial gym not only becau

I Tried Apple Fitness+ SO YOU DONT HAVE TO | An Honest Review

hi my name is kelty a typical millennial,that cant afford a down payment on the,house because i spent too much money on,apple products,apple products apple products apple,products apple products apple products,apple and i have a fitness channel so,you bet your ass i have an apple watch,so i heard apple watch fitness plus was,releasing back in september ive been,salvating waiting for this day this is,my christmas,so in summary apple fitness plus came,out i reviewed it today,show you what it is maybe you should,download it maybe you should get the,subscription maybe you shouldnt im,just geeking out like crazy im so,excited about this,heres how itll look on your apple,watch your ipad this is where i see,it is so worth it apples occult one,item is kind of decent but once you,start to get,more than one item and they all,perfectly sync together and its just so,satisfying and then youre in the apple,ecosystem and that is when this,product i can already tell its going to,shine it is monday december 14th,11 a.m that means apple fitness plus,just launched ive just been waiting for,this moment so im gonna go do a hit,workout and yoga workout and try this,out right now,im so excited,new fitness things still cant,dance may have to take a dance workout,so how is it unique from other apps,first its easy to access on all your,devices so on your apple tv your ipad,its got a bunch of great trainers im,thinking theyre like peloton theyre,going for the peloton style trainer,now here is what i love it puts your,apple watch metrics right on the screen,is when a trainer is like check your,heart rate you dont have to be like oh,whats my heart rate its just like boom,right there on your screen it has a,little celebration you know when you get,your,rings finished on your apple watch,thats going to pop right up on the,screen they will,update workouts every single week now,one of my biggest pain point of having,to finish channel is copyrighted music,so yeah if i want to put on little kanye,some kid cudi dulipa,i dont make money because youtube,copyrights me same with most things in,the world but guess what apple has apple,music so yes,all these workouts are,coming its just attached unfair my,videos will be so much better cool new,features the hit treadmill cycling,roaring workouts have an optional burn,bar which shows in real time your,efforts stacked up against anyone,who has previously completed the same,workout you can choose your trainer time,workout and music,and has recommendations based on your,preferences it just came out so im a,little suspicious about this now apples,really good,you know being more conscious of your,data im like um facebook im looking at,you yes there is some kind of ai,in this so time will tell how much of my,life it will control,okay for fitness levels this is where i,think this is about to shine is the,modifications and the different levels,first of all,if youre a beginner just trying to,learn form the trainers are really good,for that,if youre someone whos like me whos,just trying to find a new way to work,out,this has such a variety of workouts,rowing cycling treadmill,yoga pilates it just seems to have like,everything so think of like peloton but,with,everything as i go back to beginners,they have videos that will show proper,form and technique,for beginners because thats when the,worst thing about being beginners you,dont want to advance so much,and be like doing squats for forever and,then 20 years down the road,find out youre always in pain because,youve done squat wrong for a community,you can share fitness workouts with,friends and family and if you want to be,a douche,bag like me that shares your fitness,results on the internet you can share it,on social media too,accessibility and cost obviously you can,bring your phone anywhere and work out,but you can also just set up on your,apple tv at home which is nice just the,accessibility,its very mobile equipment you can do,plenty of workouts without but there is,workouts that,require a bike or a dumbbell if you want,to incorporate those ooh and roar those,roars and yes youre going to want the,apple watch which brings me down to the,price is 12.99 a month canadian or,theres 999,99.99 canadian for an entire year,yeah thats canadian american im sorry,you gotta do the math but it can be,shared up to,six family members but i wasnt able to,test that sharing because um,in the fine print it says that and then,the workouts i saw were theres 10 20 30,and 45 minute workouts,all throughout apples warning is like,they protect your data theyre not,selling it to companies its not like,but keep in mind it will have,recommendations so theres something,there but its claiming,and i actually do trust apple im like,facebook i dont trust you,i dont test you i say what youre doing,so of course i just was able to go,through this real fast i just want to,get this out to you guys because youre,probably also like what is this should i,sign up i do believe theres a free,trial for one month if you already have,an apple watch its for three months,if you buy a new one keep in mind dont,forget about the subscription,ive done it too many times put a,reminder on your phone a few of my pros,and cons right off the bat,one it just once you get one apple,product it all just sinks like this they,all just sync together and theyre all,just like,oh now its just perfectly on my ipad,and then boom its on my apple tv,and then my phone is all pretty on the,screen and then im like well now i need,an airpod and now i need a home pod and,now i need every product in my home that,i cant buy because im too busy buying,apple products so its a cycle,will i change no,some people have children at my age nope,the second thing i really like is the,competition aspect for myself me and all,my best friends have each other added on,our apple watches i know it sounds,stupid but most of my friends live on,other places in the world country,and you get a little notification when,someone compete at a workout and its,just a nice way to just start a,conversation we usually just make fun of,each other and make,fun of each other how cringy it is but,then it keeps us all accountable in some,weird way and then three you know like,pelotons like oh its so streamlined,its like this what i wanted from,peloton but i dont just want to be on a,bike but like,with all kinds of fitness so yes apples,just slowly,taking over im not sure what to do with,my hands thats recon,obviously uh if you dont have an apple,watch you need an apple watch yeah no,dont put me down for cardio two it does,cost money so you already got apple,watch and then you gotta pay 12.99 on,top of it it is an extra fee,kind of wish it all came together but,then at the same time if someone,has an apple watch it doesnt want that,they shouldnt be forced to have to pay,the extra so,i see both sides now three its not a,con but as much as like i was hoping for,this it wasnt there,i hope down the future theres a,competition between your friends but i,would love like a whole community aspect,they have that burn bar so you can kind,of see how you stack up,but somehow i wish it was a bit more,social like fitbit has it,strava pelton has it where im not you,can like make friends virtually and work,out with other people,and i wish it had it but im hoping this,is a step in that direction anyways,just trying to throw this video out,there let me know down in the comments,if you guys have tried it your,experiences any questions let me know if,theres like a follow-up video you guys,want me to do maybe a challenge with it,like i said im just kind of getting,used to this ecosystem so its just like,an initial review first thoughts but,i have plenty of ideas for stuff in the,future try to take over the world,thank you for tuning in like always if,you are new here i do other fitness,challenges fitness things,eat a lot of bread i dont really know,how to describe what i do but,that is me here on the internet so hit,subscribe if yo

Apple Fitness+ Review!

hey guys its justed and today were,going to be talking about the new,fitness plus service that just launched,by apple this is something that theyve,been talking about for a while and it is,now officially here and it is out so,basically if you have an apple watch,youll be able to have access to the,service,if you recently bought an apple watch,you can get three month free,subscription im so excited about the,service because right now more than ever,people are looking for ways to stay,active especially when were being told,to stay in our homes we cant go to gyms,and we cant kind of resume the daily,activities that we normally were doing,before the whole world basically shut,down so here we have apple fitness,all set up i have it on my ipad i also,have it on,my iphone here so if you guys check this,out the,fitness app will now transform in the,latest update,youll be able to see all of your,activity but then this little middle,button that will bring you to,the apple fitness app if youve ever,used any type of online fitness service,this is very similar to that but what,they have done is really outfitted this,incredible studio so all of these,classes are so incredible,so high quality and one of the coolest,things is it does integrate with apple,music so youre able to see all of the,playlists and then you can save those,playlists if you enjoy the music so you,can listen to it later,so not only are you able to use your,iphone or your ipad,but it is also accessible on apple tv,you just,bring your apple watch close to the,television itll automatically detect,who you are,and youll be able to start training,right away you can go and use someone,elses apple tv so if youre,at home with your family or a friends,house you can just get close to their,apple tv,itll automatically detect log you in,using all of your settings,even if theyre not a fitness plus,subscriber youll still be able to work,out,and have all of the data and stats,synced to your account you can filter,all of the classes by the type of class,that you want,hit yoga strength,dance you better believe im going to,take a dance class,one of the things that theyre really,stressing is there are so many workouts,here that you can do if youre a,beginner if youve never done any type,of activity they actually have an,entire beginner playlist so you can just,add all of those classes,and take all of those one by one and,then from there you can progress on,in your fitness journey so one of the,cool things about apple fitness plus is,they have so many different classes and,if you do,have some equipment at home like a rower,or a bike or a treadmill you can also,integrate that,in to your apple fitness workout now i,do have a peloton so ive been doing,peloton for the past,i guess almost two years at this point,so its really exciting to kind of get,some new trainers and to start doing,some new treadmill workouts so we are,about ready to go,treadmill with scott 10 minutes lets do,it,[Music],the focus of this workout is to really,push yourself on the four all-out speed,intervals,use the recoveries to help you push,harder we only have,10 minutes lets get right to work,its also really cool because they are,taking into account some hearing,impaired people that might be doing this,and they have learned all of their,intros so that people will be able to,know when to actually start,so cool lets go,there it is theres the barn bar im at,the front of the pack,i love that they put up a nice little,countdown,so youre really knowing when you can,stop doing an activity,thats great,that was really fun its cool because it,shows me all of my stats,shows me the class that i did and if i,want to go into a mindful cooldown,i can just hop into one of those classes,right away im out of breath,i like that the activity summary has a,thumbnail of the class that you just,took,so your friends will actually be seeing,the same result on their apple watch,theyll be able to see the class that,you took,and if they want to do the same one they,can just click into it and take it as,well so far my favorite thing is how,well this integrates with the apple,watch youre able to have your heart,rate data,always on screen and when they call,attention to your heart rate whether you,want it to be lower or if youre,starting a cool down that is the only,thing that will pop up on the screen so,youre not distracted by any other,metrics,its just what the instructor is talking,about i also love that up in the top,right corner,is your activity rings so youre able to,see how much further you have to go for,the rest of the day,to continue to close your rings another,thing that i love is the burn bar,this is really neat because it allows,you to see where youre at with other,people that have taken this class,you do have the option of turning the,burn bar off if you dont want to feel,competitive and you just want to relax,and work out at your own pace most of my,running records or goals that ive,achieved is because of the leaderboard i,will see that somebody is in front of me,and i just have to push a little bit,harder to get past them,but a lot of times most of the goals,that im looking to achieve are to be,better than myself so thats always the,most exciting thing is to see that,progress and to see that youre actually,making change,lets do a strength workout this time,im going to choose my class,by what i want to listen to so i would,like to do,10 minute workout and what about,pure dance what do you got for me,strength with greg all right strength,with greg here we go,starting it on the watch,hey whats up greg here at the physics,plus studio in beautiful santa monica,california,santa monica squat down,sit down start to explore,oh man we did it,one of the things that i noticed that i,really like is they have two other,people in the studio and each person is,doing,a variety of different types of,modifications,so if the main instructor is doing,something thats too difficult they have,an easier modification so if you have an,injury,or if youre not at the level of the,main instructor,theres a wide variety of options i just,really like,that it gives you this really nice panel,that shows you everything that you did,your average heart rate your total,calories your active calories,and your total time and it shows you,your activity rings feel like we now,need to go test this out on the apple tv,[Music],ill be doing a modification of this,love a good modification,so for this one i did some modifications,so im kind of in the middle of the pack,i didnt work,to the hardest of my abilities but i,kept it kind of very center so this is,kind of cool because it does give you,that nice range,not gonna lie working out on this,massive tv was a really,cool experience another thing thats,awesome is if you happen to go to,somebodys house who has an apple tv,and they might not have a fitness plus,subscription all you need to do,is get your apple watch close to it and,then you can connect your apple watch,and you can do all of your classes and,all of your data will be synced to your,account,so this is awesome im exhausted from,all this working out that ive been,doing today i feel like a nice yoga,session or a nice mindful cool down,is an order let me grab the ipad and go,outside,welcome to my practice im going to,practice practicing practicing,practicing id like to do a 10 minute,yoga class today,so im going to go into the filter lets,click 10 minutes,and some chill vibes lets see how this,music looks,oh yeah khalids in the playlist khalid,was my top played artist,of 2020. im so glad to have some new,yoga workouts because before,the whole pandemic thing happened i used,to go to yoga at like six oclock in the,morning every single day,and now i havent really been practicing,as much as i used to,so lets uh lets do this,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],thank you for joining me sharing your,time and energy,stay active close your rings see you,next time,it was my first yoga cla

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