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  4. I FAILED the ANCC FNP Board Certification Exam on my first attempt so this is what I did…
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FITZGERALD FNP BOARDS REVIEW | Review of the Review & Life Updates | Weekly Vlog No. 11

good mining okay say come I need hey,look good yeah were working on that,so todays Monday and today tomorrow and,Wednesday I am going to the Fitzgerald,live review for my NP board review thing,Im going with my really good friends,from school so thats gonna be fun to,have like a group of people rather than,just going and having to pay attention,by yourself because then I think I might,fall asleep I woke up at like 5:30 ish,to get ready and miss Avery decided at,6:00,she was gonna join me so were just,hanging out huh shes in way better,shape than I am okay so Ill just take,you through my day kind of show you like,what the am Fitzgerald review is all,about and then at the end of it Ill,kind of tell you what I liked about it,what I didnt like about it and if I,would recommend it for you I forgot to,say the days are really long or eight to,six so thats a really long day but I am,very fortunate this ones in my city or,like right next to it so its like 20,minutes away very lucky a lot of people,have to fly to go to these things so,very fortunate,[Music],okay heading back into a lecture,whatever you want to call it reveal so,they dont have any work for me to pump,in there which theyre not required to,it youre only required to have places,for like your employees and Im not,obviously an employee so they go in like,the public bathroom so like my legs so I,just Im out to my car to pump on a,quick break back in a minute,but so its good so far I feel very down,she keeps saying things like Im and you,already know this Im like I dont,though thats a problem so lots of proof,you make Ill be doing,[Music],okay so day two of the program yesterday,didnt look much because theres really,not much I can plug because youre not,allowed to do anything in the room,because its copyrighted information,obviously and it lasted until six we got,home at like a seven ish play every,divided dinner,title cause why I know went to it so,nothing very exciting there today I,think its gonna be the same thing its,like eight to six to lock my brain was,absolutely melting yesterday so I think,its good but I cant tell if its like,helpful yet because my brain is like you,know I mean so yeah another day and then,our third day is a half day so I hope,that gets better but before I forget the,instructor found,shes like a nature lover she found a,bird and one of the nurses doing,skin-to-skin with the bird and it was,like asking like trying to save this but,it was like adorable this shes like,does anyone have a syringe like the will,of syringes in our backpack she was like,I need a syringe and warm food and no,your doctor and its getting to skin,right like you told the bird like to,your skin because theres just kind of,like holding it out in her hands like,this she said no no skin skin I should,told us how to kill people in unique,ways and yeah shes really she has she,said and an FNP in a G&P,and a CRNA what so I feel a little,uneducated but shes cool shes just you,know well look who came to see me my,lunch date my real lunch date were home,date she was over much better day for,this one today she actually took a nap,for daddy,its amazing what a nap can do for this,little love okay so day two wed,finished up all the rest of the normal,content tomorrow were doing a half day,which is Pediatrics and then thats done,theres a lot of online content I guess,so,brains kind of mush gonna make some,dinner hang out,so the review course is done Im gonna,go get lunch with my friends and then,were gonna go to a pediatrician of my,my free because I think she doesnt your,infection which might explain why shes,been pretty cranky this girl just barked,all over typical no ear infection she,just has fluid behind her ear which is,why it hurts but theres nothing to do,so that was good she doesnt need,antibiotics they do want to send us like,ENT but I was like were moving so well,do that once we get to North Carolina so,if you know any good EMTs in North,Carolina holler at me wow these shoes,thats crazy Im so not cool guys maybe,thats cool and I just dont even know,it,it was it just me or Capote Lees case,so gross I feel like no one ever eats it,I had it one time when someone like,brought at work and it was nasty so does,anyone but maybe your queso is better at,your Chipotle so tell me your queso is,okay youre totally I dont even if we,would eat it finally motor yard we had,all the old men on the street walking by,its like those all the people down,there are older gentlemen and they would,walk by every morning and be like cool,way across the house because they hated,that our yard looked like it was I mean,it was horribly overgrown dont get me,wrong but they had hit like rain for two,weeks straight and then so it was,growing like crazy cuz it was warm and,then I had my friend here for last two,days as I did this fish girl thing so,its like we live in a jungle but I mean,no lie it was like that much higher than,it should have been it wasnt great but,now its fixed now our neighbor over,here is the Scourge so as long as were,not this skirt we got our step under,control you could see our neighbor like,nodding at us like finally you horrible,people know their Thursday its crazy,how fast this week went since I was in,this class this whole week so Im gonna,share a little bit later what I thought,of the class they have a huge online,component even if you do the inline Oh,in person one so I want to kind of take,a look at that first and then well chat,about it so Im just gonna try to like,get the house in order today because,I mean anybody knows if youve been like,at a huge intensive thing for three days,and then you come home your house is,just like not your own anymore,Oh Mike who lives here what has happened,guys if you have any tips for teething,this is rough,we were like Joe and I are back in the,newborn stage we just took like shifts,last night it was like your turn my turn,your turn my turn so yeah yeah cant,hang cant hang dont know how we did,that its not like crazy how quickly you,get used to like sleeping again and Im,like oh my gosh I cant do a newborn,that was like eight months ago just quit,my job guys,panicking so Im Way more sad about,quitting my job then I thought it was,like I mean I know it would be sad but,Im like sitting here like obviously Im,gonna have to quit Im moving to a new,state but actually the grading and being,like hey peace out heart so ever since,Avery became mobile last week all of,last week we bought baby jail baby jail,this summer infants infant whatever,thing that she cant crawl away when I,go run down to the basement to switch,the little wander over this baby hates,baby Joe yeah I am I know just being a,little bit better right now but usually,should just like screams but its better,than her like falling down to her death,off of our one step or you know eating,electrical wires,thats her faith into douche like in,every room shes like ooh not the outlet,shell find any like being with a wire,and tug on it until it comes out of the,wall so she can eat the end of it,guys Im nerding out over here okay so,Im taking notes Ill show you in a,second on my iPad on powerpoints like,cool kids form I like the online portion,of my Fitzgerald reviews theres like 17,hours or something crazy online so I,love it,and everyone should take notes on their,iPad or whatever tablet they have if you,have powerpoints because its so easy,and oh Im gonna do a video on it let me,know if you want to see a video on,exactly how I take PowerPoint notes or,just make notes on my iPad based on a,PowerPoint oh yeah absolutely,this and you can just like highlight,things and write notes and circle things,oh Im obsessed okay you can rearrange,things the best they absolutely did not,have that when I was in school jealous,so yeah let me know if you do this like,is this how you take notes and if you do,Im jealous I hate you just kidding I,dont but let me know down below and let,me know if you want to see like a video,on how I do it probably be

Failed AANP Exam

hello everybody my name is Cheryl I just,took my boards today and I passed this,is the second time then I took my boards,I did not pass the first time I just,wanted to make a video and share with,everyone my experience but taking the,boards and everything I did that was,wrong the first time and what I did that,was right to pass the second time I just,want to start off by saying I graduated,in May um I did not feel like remotely,studying for my boards right after I,graduated I was just tired that was just,me I wanted to just kind of have fun and,enjoy myself for a little while so you,know I went on vacation I did things I,had to do in that sense I had a job that,was thats very busy and stressful so,and I work nights five nights a week so,I just wanted to relax a little bit so I,started studying for my boards in June,but I cant say I really started started,studying oh I brought a whole year,review and its the only review so I,used that and took my time going through,the lessons I also brought the,Fitzgerald with you and it came with,this book here and and I also bought the,mp3 player Fitzgerald that was the first,time I I took my boards what I did wrong,the first time I took my board first of,all holy or mentioned at the end of her,review you need to take the time to,really sit and go through the lessons,yourself each system and make sure you,hone in on things you dont know you,know just take that time to go over,everything I didnt do that I was,scheduled for my boards July 31st,I moved the date up to July 9th I barely,reviewed on my own I almost felt like,just taking the,the the review courses was good enough,for me I was listening to my Fitzgerald,at night while I worked and I just felt,like oh Im just getting it you know Im,listening to it this is also Im,studying Im at work whatever when I,took the boards I felt,Im not miserably I only fell by 20,points for someone who didnt study 20,points isnt too bad but Im going in,there I didnt even know how to treat,heart failure,Im just basic stuff that I didnt know,just because you know the review will go,over it but you have to go over it again,and make your own notes like go over it,on your own do things like that really,do like a little study well I didnt do,that part so after I felt my board I was,really upset surprisingly I dont know,why I was upset I should have expected,it I was really upset I cried I was I,just wanted it to be over I came home,and I was in my you know soaking in my,feelings for not long it took me a,couple hours to get out of it and say,okay whats next I know I need to study,whats next what I have to do to take,these boards I went through a ANP the,first time and I decided to do the,second time why not stick to what I know,you know I know how this test is I,didnt find it to be a hard test the,first time I just didnt have the,information at all so I did all my CEUs,within two days and then I paid to be,able to take the test again and in a,couple days I was approved to take the,test again so I had planned on taking,the test again in a few weeks but once I,started studying and making a plan of,study and I realized I wasnt gonna be,writing into these either either really,I literally just started over I didnt,do another review course because I did,the review course the first time so what,I did was I used I used the leak Mariya,leak this is an amazing awesome book let,me tell you,um she just she is organized she goes to,everything you need to know for that,exam,I got a notebook I started taking notes,you know this is my notebook full of,notes that I was taking every day on,each lesson I had in my calendar I broke,down each system and how was gonna work,out my study plan and I went through,each system detail by details,use a Maria Leakes book she goes through,everything and so far I havent found,review course that covers everything,like holier um shes really good really,good what what the point is with the,reviews are they really help you like,learn the more the heart murmurs I know,how to solve any heart murmur question,haematology she broke that down like I,never understood it before I can answer,any question about that,she hurt the antibiotics like important,stuff like that like you do need to take,a review course it really helps you,understand because I wouldnt be able to,come in here and read this book about,murmurs if it wasnt for me taking the,review course now when this books talked,about murmurs you know I can really hone,in on the knowledge and they have a,different way of you remembering it I,just went with my holier review on how,to remember my murmurs but you know with,the signs and symptoms and disassociated,with this this is whatever this book,does a really good job at breaking down,everything,one thing that was on my exam and,womens health was the pap smears I,didnt even touch that the first exam,Im like oh that kind of stuff gonna be,on the test I dont know why I didnt,think it would this is just me not,prepared for the test this breaks down,you know the pap smears just like the,exam Ive seen it seems like this lady,she writes the exam aresome because she,really prepares you for the exam but the,pap smears for the ages and what to do,with the squamous and the,a typical cell like whatever its in,this book its in this book you study,this book from front to back you would,do well on that exam,Im the questions they have questions in,the bag I didnt I so much do the,questions in the back but the app that,this comes with this comes with an app,that I downloaded on my phone you can,use this anywhere you can use it at work,I thought I read a lesson after I read,our own lesson I will go to the staff,and answer the questions that went along,with that lesson and thats what I would,do so I answered about I dont know 500,questions through the app with this and,it didnt seem time-consuming it just,went along with the lesson you know so,that this is a really good book I must,have for passion boards it goes through,everything,once the other thing I wanted to say is,that like these reviews like holier she,talks about the musculoskeletal system,but then shes like she doesnt hone in,on it like this book does like,ankylosing spondylitis its covered like,a whole bunch of different topics are,covered under the musculoskeletal system,here and its on the exam thats not,covered in like the reviews so I just,wanted to let you know thats a really,good book to have for studying for your,boards cuz it just goes through,everything whatever you dont understand,then you look it up and you make sure,you understand it because I felt like,when I opened them it was just like its,too wordy and too busy for someone whos,anxiously trying to study it just kind,of gives you anxiety in my mind like oh,my god how am I gonna learn all this and,then it has a bunch of information you,just dont need for your exam so it just,doesnt organize it in a way that that,you can you can just learn it I dont,know me personally I feel like this book,is not a good review for the board I,feel like its a good review for already,nurse practitioner who wants to know,more information this would be good for,when I start practicing,Ill hone in on this book and miss,Fitzgerald for those for that purpose,but for my boards it was just,information overload and I wasted a lot,of time the first time like these some,of these these recordings like take our,two or whatever the case to listen to it,I could even do something else with my,time you know it was just too much,information that I mean for like help,would hurt me on the test but there were,people who passed using Fitzgerald,thats their you know its personal,also I used this this is wholly yours,question and answer um certification,book this book right here is amazing a,lot of questions a few questions of,museum or in this book it really really,covers all the important things that you,you would be tested on and it helps you,understand and it has a rationale and,then what I really really l

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Why select Fitzgerald for your NP exam review? (fhea.com)

the Fitzgerald review was spot-on the,course is a phenomenal course what they,feed is 100% evidence-based if you study,with us what youre going to do is come,out highly prepared for the exam,when you attend Fitzgerald health review,course youre going to get the most,comprehensive and keyboard review,courses on the market we have the acute,care programs we have the family family,practice family nurse practitioner,programs adult Jarrow Pediatrics womens,health we just have the widest variety,Fitzgerald is one of our best partners,because they deliver such an in-depth,educational program and its very,consistent people kept on talking about,Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald and I,was just like who is this Fitzgerald so,I took a ended up taking a webinar I was,like thats the review that I want to do,one of the reasons that theyre so,effective is because they teach us,practitioners and theyre its like they,talk to you in the language that you,understand they dont just regurgitate,content to you at Fitzgerald they dont,say I want you to they dont want you to,memorize things they want you to,understand why its so anybody can give,information but to truly challenge the,students sitting in front of you to have,them learn as youre going through the,course and and sort of an epiphany kind,of ways thats dr. Fitzgeralds genius,the beauty about Fitzgerald health is,every single one of the instructors,comes from a very different clinical,background and we all have different,ways of approaching topics margaret,pulls in great talent and experts in the,field and those that practice at that,highest level and,that really makes a difference for,people like me and other students who,are going to take this course pure Falls,the diagnosis of PTSD is a pretty,intense two to two-and-a-half day,seminar and the participants are very,nervous most of the folks coming for,that or get ready to take their national,boards so what we try to do is to make,people at ease,I took a 25 hour class I was never bored,not once I learned so much more than I,ever thought that I ever thought,possible everything was amazing the,first day I felt very confident because,I work with a preceptor who taught me,all of those things the second day I,felt like I knew nothing and then the,third day it was more of a refresher you,activate the receptor site with the exam,preparation I know that I wouldnt have,been able to use my time nearly as,effectively as a student studying nor do,I think that I would have been as,confident going into the exam the CDs,are awesome theyre very easy to use in,the car with the CDs and and the book I,could go back she had a little review,book saket listen to her go back okay,write this there she put great charts,into the to the book we hire thousands,of nurse practitioners across the,country and we have found them to be,when they take the course very very,knowledgeable theyre prepared for,clinical practice coming in and the,caliber of students and employees,subsequent employees that come in are,perfect this goes well beyond what,youll be tested on on the boards by,though the fish girl was a turning point,for me in,career as family nurse practitioner I,would definitely recommend this course,to colleagues its been a great great,learning and teaching experience if,someone asks me what sources would you,use number one,Fitzgerald health education associates I,would have got my moneys worth paying,double for it without a doubt do it,itll be the best money youll ever,spend,you

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I FAILED the ANCC FNP Board Certification Exam on my first attempt so this is what I did…

so guys this is not click bait i did in,fact failed the amcc fnp board exam and,in this video im going to go ahead and,tell you how i ultimately bounce back,from failure to becoming a board,certified fnp now welcome to the episode,so as you guys know i graduated unlvs,msn fnp program back in december,and after graduating you know i told,myself i was going to give myself two,months to prepare for the board exam i,used leak review questions i did the,holly review that my school had provided,for me i tried latricia waldens,two-week crash course,and i,did as much questions as i could and i,feel like i approached it,not in a way that i should have because,when it came back to test day,there was a lot of stuff a lot of,material that i couldnt recall and i,couldnt remember,and thats what ultimately led to me,failing i believe my first attempt at,the board exam,another factor was i didnt expect the,type of environment going into it you,know i could have also assumed that it,was going to be similar to the nclex,where,you dont have any notes,everything is closed off youre in a,small cubicle and thats exactly what it,was for the fnp board exam i wasnt,really prepared for the type of testing,environment i kind of just went in early,took the board exam at eight oclock and,i remember it as clear as day i went to,the offices i went to a metal detector,they checked me for any notes any,contraband and then i was redirected,into a small cubicle and thats where i,spent about three hours taking this exam,and for you guys if you dont know the,anc fmp board exam is 175 questions 25,questions are practice questions that,the board exam is offering to test for,future exams and the rest is the 150,questions that you have to score a,majority of questions in order to pass,the exam so,when i first took the exam you know i,felt pretty confident i i thought maybe,a little bit overconfident to be honest,with you and i went through those,questions but as i was going to the,questions,there was a lot of stuff that i couldnt,you know recognize and i wasnt familiar,with stuff that i didnt really study or,prepare for enough,there were a lot of questions and peds,there were a lot of questions in ob,and i feel like,focus on my studying i focused more on,such the clinical aspect than adults,i was reading up on theories and all of,that but i wasnt prepared enough so i,did in fact fail that exam,and then looking back,you know i dont think i prepared,as effectively as i should,to be honest i didnt finish the holiday,review i didnt finish all of the,u-world questions that i had paid for,and i took the latricia walden two-week,crash course at a point where i didnt,even finish and complete my entire,studying for the board exam so,if youre to go ahead and get a crash,course make sure that you finish,studying,you know the course content everything,that you need to know,before going into a crash course because,if you think about it if youre going to,go straight to a crash course once,graduate f and p school,its not going to make sense and a lot,of the stuff theyre trying to tell you,in these crash courses are geared,towards things that you should know,already but its just to reinforce it by,giving you keywords and things that will,help you remember these important,concepts on the exam so,when i took the first exam i failed it,and i knew that i needed to somehow,bounce back and im not going to lie,guys i was very sad i was depressed,i was very upset i didnt want to tell,anyone that i failed i,remember,being super upset my girlfriend and i we,went to the gym that day and i just,couldnt get an effective workout i was,very upset that i couldnt pass and i,was hoping to have passed my first time,so i could go ahead and start looking,for jobs but you know things happen for,a reason and then towards the end of the,evening i realize you know this isnt,the end of the world,i talked to my mom i talked to my,girlfriend my support systems they said,this isnt the end theres plenty of,opportunities and the next time im,going to take this test i am for sure,going to pass,and so,between,failing a fnp board exam into taking,your second attempt you get a total of,two months,and you cant take it within a two-month,time span so,anc they give yourself two months before,you could retake the exam again and,thats what i did so within those two,months you best believe ive completed,the holiday review i,looked into the leak review book that i,havent really looked into,during my first attempt i went through,all the practice questions theres a,total of four practice exams each 150 to,175 questions i did them all read all,the concepts all the rationale and i did,the same thing for the you world too,because when i first took the exam i,didnt finish all the word questions so,i did all the world questions from top,to bottom and after that i went ahead,and remediated all the questions that i,got wrong to a point until i,finished the test bank completely so,that there was zero on questions that i,had to remediate and you best believe i,did,read all that rationale word for word,and then last but not least i also did,some other crash courses so once i,finished all my study questions once i,felt more comfortable doing you know the,bulk of my studying i went ahead and,purchased the board exam and i remember,getting the joe asia,crash course and it was really helpful,um she breaks things a lot really,clearly similar to the latricia walden,bronze course exam,crash course and she did a phenomenal,job and thats something that i would,highly recommend but like i said again,dont invest into a crash course until,the very end of your preparation,so,i did all the questions that i could and,then when it came to the weekend of,you know i was,trying to cram a lot of information when,i probably shouldnt my girlfriend,tiffany was telling me you know stop,cramming you need to be relaxing so the,last day before the exam it was a sunday,um i went through a couple notes and,after that i just put my notes away i,was hanging out about the pool just,relaxing,watching movies in the evening and then,going to sleep and i felt,you know relaxed towards the evening and,then as i woke up in the morning i just,felt refreshed a little bit nervous but,refreshed because i knew that i took a,day you know to completely reset and be,ready for this exam and that day when i,took the exam i probably should have ate,breakfast but at the time i didnt i,felt like,putting something into my system was,just going to make me a little bit,queasy and nauseous so,it wasnt really a good idea but i ended,up skipping breakfast but i went into,the exam more confident than ever,went into the exam i did all the,questions one by one took my time went,back flagged the questions that i wasnt,sure of took a look at it one more time,changed some answers here and there and,then i had about 10 to 15 minutes left,of the exam before i hit submit and the,scariest thing happened guys when i,submitted the exam,everything went blank because usually,after you take the exam youre supposed,to be notified of results right away in,front of you in a screen but it didnt,work out that way it went straight to,blank and then i went up to the proctor,and said hey,my test just stopped all of a sudden,did something happen did i fail the exam,i was scared for my life and i i wasnt,sure what was going on so the proctor,you know reassured me that i will be,getting my questions right after,in an email so i got those questions in,an email i walked straight to my car,open up and then sure enough i got,the results was in there in a subject,line and then you know i took some time,i took a deep breath i was thinking,myself i hope i passed this,attempt this time around,open the email then sure enough i got,the notification that i passed the fnp,board exam and i remember being super,happy i was super ecstatic and i called,my girlfriend i called my mom right away,and i was just super happy it was just a,breath of fresh air so

ANCC FNP board exam Preparation #Leik #Fitzgerald

hello everyone my name is rajana and um,im making this video just to share um,how i prepared for,my ncc board exam and uh what programs i,used so without wasting any time lets,get started so i used a two,program so,one was bleak,and,one was fizzer old,so i started um studying league so i,bought this book this league book when i,had like three semester left in my,school,and i was just using here and there um,in the school when i needed a little,more information on any topics other,than that i was not using it much to be,honest,um i grad i finished the school on may,13 2022 and i took a i took a day break,and i started studying from may 15,because i didnt want to waste any time,i was 21 29 sorry 29 weeks pregnant uh,so i wanted to get this done and uh,get this out of my way before my baby,arrives um so um i started uh studying,from may 15.,and i was doing like um three to four,hours a day um,first study and i started from league,um so how i studied uh so i was doing a,chapter a day i was studying a chapter a,day and this books comes with the online,access,right here if you can see the code so,you get the quote for their online,question bank um,and once you log in you will see the,questions um that is system wise so they,have like questions from anywhere from,50 to like 75 questions for one chapter,and its a system-wise questions um so,what i was doing was um reading the,question of reading the chapter and,doing the questions,um of that chapter and,making sure reading the rationals and,going back into the chapter if youre,not sure of anything,so thats how i started studying league,um and i finished this book in,i would say in three weeks because i was,just studying like three four hours and,sometimes like two hours the max was,three hours and the minimum was like two,hours,and my pregnancy i was like,very lazy,lazy,and uh,it was not easy like you know with the,mood and everything anyways um,um,in three weeks i finished this book and,their online questions um reading it,every day,then,um,i took a week,around like five days break i think,because i had like my baby shower and my,photo shoot and everything um so i took,like five days break and i started,studying fiscal,which is this one so they have so many,packages oh if you see um online they,have so many packages like,any,starts from like you can get the,question bank of 60 and it goes up to,like thousand dollars where you can,get the um,you get to attend the live life course,and so many things so i was like okay,im not doing any any of this i just,need a book and i need like questions of,course practice questions and thats,about it because im a person i want to,read everything myself i dont do good,with the life courses or like uh classes,or anything like that so i bought a,package of uh worth 3.99 if you see,online they have a package of 3.99,that comes with this book so they send,you this book,and um they have an online access and,online you can see their videos,and lecture videos and um,a set of practice question at the end,so i really love their videos um,dr uh,fizzereld so she,has like 54 chapters which was like 38,hours in total and she,like discussed everything in this,chapter some of the chapters were like,half an hour long some of them were like,three hours long,um but the only bad thing about her,online chapter or her online videos,where,like,she goes through the question in those,chapters and give you those rationals,and you have to like watch everything to,go on to the next chapter,um youll see when you when you go,online youll see what i mean um so you,have to make sure that you go through,every chapters um to get the access to,those questions online,her videos are really good i have to say,it helped me a lot uh its different,from a leak um,leak is a little bit more in detail but,the way c explains um like you will,understand the basics which you will,which you need for ancc,so i did her videos and i finished the,whole physical program in two weeks so,it was like five weeks in total,um so in two weeks i finished her,program i finished her chapters but i,studied for like,six seven hours a day for a fifteen year,old,um,our videos and then um her book so her,videos goes along with this book so you,have to follow this book,and this book is like awesome so it has,a shortcut to everything so that you,dont have to write everything you just,focus on her whatever she is saying and,um,it has uh like the short thoughts and,youre gonna have to uh you can review,it before you go for exam and its,really helpful,let me show you something here,and it comes with pictures,colorful pictures really helpful just,for an example like difference between,conductive hearing loss and sensor in,your hearing loss and it comes with a,picture and with the colors and,very short descriptions of everything,which i found was very helpful um so i,finished her um,finished her review along with the book,and um she has a set of practice,question at the end um,it was 175 questions at the end i,believe yeah 175 questions and i did,that and i scored like 84 and it made me,more confident so i moved to my date a,week ahead because i had it for july 2nd,and i moved it to june 24th because i,was feeling like i was like this is this,is it im done i cant do it,anymore so i moved it a week ahead um,and,a few tips for exams so um,make sure that youre practicing,questions um,like in the real exam scenario so you,get like 175 questions for a and cc so,make sure youre doing like at least,three four days before exam youre doing,those practice questions doing 175,questions a day so that you get those uh,vibe of the exam and you um it also,helps with the stress you know um so i,did um so after i finished this whole,two books i bought the,set of questions from fitzgerald they,have um a package of 60 that comes with,300 questions and i want to make sure,that i want to,im practicing more uh before exams so i,had like three days left to before exam,um so i bought those uh 60 question bank,that comes with 300 question and i did,150 question a day for two days and then,um last day right before exam i did like,50 questions i want to make sure that i,make it,like little easy for me a day before,exam so i was scoring um,i think i scored like about 70 on all of,three one,one was like 81 one was like 74 and one,was like 75 something like that,um but for example and um make sure that,youre making a cheat sheet,for yourself not to dont write,everything,dont write everything just make sure,youre writing important stuff like lab,values,um,you know like,a specific,side effects of some drugs that you,cant remember,um,what else,um,yeah so just make sure that its like,just a paper um so that you can review,the review before exam,right before exam and make sure youre,not like going into too much um reading,before exam um time give time to,yourself to relax and thats what i did,and i went in for um so i i think i,prepared for like five six five weeks,five to six weeks and there,to six weeks total for ncc exam and if,you um really like sit and study for,exam like,six seven hours a day from the beginning,then,i think four weeks is fine in total,dont take too much time,okay,oh let me tell you with the league book,as i said it comes sorry,it comes with four question bank,question banks at the end um separate,from those system wise chapters and,those four questions two of them are,like 150 questions and two of them are,175 questions each set,but,this questions are,they pulled this questions from those,system-wise questions so i was like that,was not really helpful so you know,answers you know like its just a,repetitive of same questions and its,just helpful to read rationals again and,just to help you memorize all those,things so it was not a new set of,questions which was a little,disappointing thats why i wanted to,make sure that i put more questions and,practice more before the exam,other than that,in cc,i will talk about anc examine specific,in my next video,um so

Review of Fitzgerald PMHNP Certification Review Course

hi everyone i am camilla a psychiatric,mental health nurse practitioner im,also known as a pmhmp im also a nursing,and mental health enthusiast,and im getting on today just really,briefly uh because i came across a,resource,that,as ive always done i endeavor to share,with you guys any resources that have,come across things that i find helpful,um so i just wanted to share a recent,resource that i have referenced before,um specific to uh preparing for the pmh,p certification exam and i actually,move forward with a course with,fitzgerald health education associates,also known as fhea,this,fitzgerald has been around for a really,long time,and i know a lot of nurses nurse,practitioners that have pursued their,education courses um i did not pursue,fitzgerald the first time of taking the,exam i did the barclay and associates,course,and i just decided just based on the,reviews and some other things with,fitzgerald uh and to have an additional,resource in my pocket um i decided to,move forward with the fitzgerald course,now the course that i um purchased um,was actually a self-paced course now,they do have live courses,and they do have sort of i think hybrid,style courses,but the course that i have is self-paced,um and its called uh its a nurse,practitioner certification exam review,and advanced practice update so with the,course um a little over 400 dollars but,with the course,i think its like 43 total chapters,and,you will get a manual that looks like,this um so i found this very helpful a,very helpful guide it also is going to,be very helpful for me to refer back to,because it has some very very valuable,information and myself you know im,actually,doing this for the advanced practice,update portion not for studying for,certification exam but what i can tell,you is that just with the updates and,the new information,all evidence-based information,that are referenced throughout the,course,its been very very helpful beneficial,for me,and just helping me to stay up to date,with,practice changes treatment,changes,and different things that have come up,since i took the certification exam,so with the course um,again i took the self-paced course but,in this particular manual,if you are taking the exam for the first,time it does spell out a study plan or,developing a study plan it gives you,test taking strategies thats actually,what the first chapter is devoted to,um and then it gets into more of the,um bulk of what most of the exam is,going to be about um it specifies you,know chapters with information about,neuroscience the psychiatric assessment,um mood disorders anxiety disorders um,disorders of children adolescents so,its very very specific its very um,versed in the providing the information,that is going to be required um and,needed as you take the certification,exam um and for practice um so i can see,myself using this as a reference as i,continue practicing ive sort of,highlighted and circled all throughout,the book um but the other perk in this,is that there are practice questions,that each chapter offers um and there is,a verbal sort of explanation of,rationale for you know why the answer is,correct um so i think thats very,helpful um as well,um but again i would highly recommend,this course um they also offer live,courses as i said so some of you may,find that you would do better with that,type of format um,but i would say you know that giving,this a thumbs up,five stars,i do think this is a really good way to,go,um,if youre considering,um,taking the or taking a review course um,for your certification exam,and,for myself i was taking this course for,not only the knowledge but also i have a,certain amount of ces as all of us will,and do,um if you are practicing nurse,practitioner based on our board,certification um requirements but also,based on the ancc so this covers the,bulk of uh much of the requirements for,myself but also something that i can,apply,so i really found this,information very applicable very,practical and just the way of,explanation i think,with the instructors,was very easy to understand,and they really explained things in,detail so,maybe some of you have pursued this,route um youve had some experience with,fitzgerald as i said this was my first,time so i would give it a five stars i,would highly recommend it for any of you,im looking for more ces or advanced,practice updates or if youre taking the,certification exam for the first time um,so let me know if you are taking the,exam and how you guys are doing um i,thought i would just get on here briefly,to share um my experience and some,feedback with the most recent fifth year,course that i took,so i will look forward to engaging and,connecting with you guys um as we go but,please feel free to comment ask,questions,or anything else,down below the video thanks

FNP Boards Exam | How I Studied and Passed on the First Attempt (AANP)

this is your cheat code okay whats up,smarties its your girl aggie aka,nurse ads,and i am officially,a certified family nurse practitioner,stop it stop it,no but seriously i just passed my,national board exams,this morning like three hours ago,and i have an entire video,sharing basically today the day that i,took my exams and what that looks like,me opening the results and my reaction,so if you havent seen that video click,down below,i also tag it up here but,this video is all about how i studied,to pass the aamp exam,certification exam for fmps so you may,know theres two options you can either,do the aanp,or the aanc i opted for the first,because,it has more clinical questions than not,compared to the other one,now im going to be talking about,specifically what i did,versus what i should have did to just,keep it simple and,less stressful for me so lets hop right,into it,alright so the first thing that i did i,took,the month of august i took four weeks,you guys four weeks to study,and thats what they recommend anywhere,from like four to six weeks,and i took it i started studying,literally,a week after i graduated from my program,so,thats the first thing i would recommend,is just to go ahead and get it out the,way if you can,while the content is so fresh in your,mind from,being in school so thats what i did i,gave myself four weeks,and i mapped out the con the content i,needed to cover,day by day so i took my handy dandy,planner,shes got plans yes i do so you can see,in pencil,can you see i have the subjects that i,wanted to cover,for those days and so i mapped that out,on my calendar,and i wrote it in pencil in case i had,to change some things,i also included the days that i would,review the days i would do,like test questions or not test,questions that i do like practice tests,and like,stuff like that so thats what i did in,my planner which,was really helpful because i knew,starting each day what i needed to focus,on,i would go downstairs eat my breakfast,and then i would open up broccoli to the,section,to the section ill be working on for,the day and listen to the corresponding,audio,i would take notes in here and then,after that,i would go to leak go to that same topic,be it gastrointestinal and i would look,at the clinical pearls,because each section has these clinical,pearls which are awesome,and exam tips and i would write that,down,in my berkeley book now you may be,saying aggie that sounds like a lot,and youre right it is a lot and thats,why im going to tell you guys,what i would have done differently so,after i filled in the gaps,i would quiz my knowledge either by,myself,or with a classmate so we would bring up,a topic and say what do you know about,this,we would have to recall symptomology,labs and diagnostics and then treatment,basically,so thats what we would do and then i,would try my best to end each of my days,with,practice questions from a leak but every,day,that was basically what i did barkley,review,leak quiz myself,and do questions now,what i would have done different oh no,im lying,theres one more thing thats really,crucial which was,literally a godsend individual miss,latrina walden if you do not know that,name,and you are an fmp school you need to,get to know that name,latrina walden her exam solutions,she has a number of review courses you,can take that are quite affordable,from live review courses to just,packages where their audios you can,review,so i um invested in,the bronze crash course,which is like a four hour,crash course of the material where she,has four one hour videos,um plus a separate video thats just,meant for cardiac,and she hits on the,meat and potatoes of what you need to,know,this is your cheat code okay,so let me just now talk about what i,would have done differently,if i had known what i know now earlier,so listen to me okay barkley,is cute but you dont need it throw it,away,okay you dont need barkley,now the audios if youre like me your,last number,your last semester graduate school um,you have long commutes the audios are,great just for learning purposes,even jalier uh holly am i pronouncing,that right you might have heard of,that review material as well um these,are audios you can get and i think she,has review courses in general,excellent resources barclay and holly,but for the,aamp exam this is what you want to do,you need to invest in a leak,you need to read leak taking notes,paying close attention to the clinical,pearls,and the exam tips,this is your bible get to know her,then youre going to invest in the,bronze,crash course by walden latrina walden,67 bucks very affordable and youre,going to watch that,not once but twice okay the wonderful,thing about her course is that,she will tell you the key words to look,out for,that will help you identify the answer,when i tell you that as i was taking,that exam,i was like boop keyword thats that,answer,oh i remember that she told me that,thats the answer,like i was confident answering numerous,questions,now there were some questions that i,still did not know what it was,and i had to you know just do my very,best but,for majority of them i can say that i,had an idea what the answer was if not i,knew confidently what the answer was and,i,know for sure is miss miss walden,and also leak as well um something else,to know about the bronze crash course,because she does have more extensive,courses which,they probably go into more depth but if,you are,on a budget then the crash course should,do the trick for you,um but one thing to know is the topics,that she brings up because youll youll,think those are kind of like random,topics like,she wont cover every single disease,process but,i dont know what like where she gets,this information from but its like spot,on so,the topics that she brings up in the,crash course,not only do you need to listen to it but,you need to go back and then review,those topics,in leak so that you know all the gaps,but just remember those key words,then also be familiar with some other,little details as well,take notes on what she says let me show,you the notes that i took,she was the first time i listened to,when i went back and i took notes on,literally everything she said,um i wrote the certain disease or,whatever,and red or pink and then i wrote the,description in black i did the,diagnostics in green and i did the,treatment in purple,so that when i was reviewing it i could,i already know what was what,i read through this a second day and i,listened to the audio,like i said the day before my exam just,to,seal and everything and then finally i,would advise for you to take a psi,exam i forgot to mention that but i also,did that,um two days ago or yeah two days for my,exam,and that kind of just gives you an idea,of where you are,um the psi that is the same company that,makes the aanp exam so it makes sense to,go ahead and do a practice exam,there are 75 questions and there are 50,bucks each and i think theres three,versions in them,and i did see a couple of repeat,questions on my actual exam,that were also on my practice exam so i,would recommend that as well,and yeah practice questions oh week,practice i saw a couple leak questions,on my exam too just like one or two,that were familiar but um leak practice,questions,leak practice book latrina waldens,bronze crash course,twice listen to it twice once you invest,in it once you can listen to it,as many times if you need to that was it,that is what you need to do to pass the,amp,certification exam i hope this is,helpful for you guys,last but certainly not least is you have,to believe in yourself,that will be the break or make of you,you have to be faithful trust in what,you know you,got this you got this trust me you got,this,dont worry about what you dont know,focus on what you do know and you will,pass this exam,trust me i believe in you i want you to,let me know in the comments when you,pass your exam,and we are going to celebrate you you,are amazing,god did not bring you this far to fail,y

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