1. Flash Rewards Review – Is It As Simple As They Make It Sound?
  2. Flash Rewards Review – Really £100 for Free? (It Depends)
  3. $750 Shein gift card flash rewards Review ~ Is it a scam or legit?
  5. Flash Rewards Review – $750 Shein gift card?
  6. Flash Rewards Review – Is It A Legit Website?
  7. REWARD GIANT CASH APP 750 FlashhRewrds.com SCAM OR LEGIT? REVIEW RewardZone USA

Flash Rewards Review – Is It As Simple As They Make It Sound?

hey welcome to this video if you arrived,here probably searching for a review of,flash rewards,so go over how it works and give you my,two cents whether i think its a good,use of your time now im always coming,with videos like this,so consider subscribing and if you like,my free training on the number one,simplest way to make money online then,feel free to check the link below youll,be taken to my email opt-in page,enter your best email and i can send you,my free training if you want,all right flash rewards lets dive in,so with this website what youd be doing,essentially is completing offers they,call them deals,and these could be any anything from,downloading coupons playing games,purchasing a cooking set signing up to,their other websites and in exchange for,your efforts you could earn gift cards,um amazon walmart ebay visa gift cards,and the amount youd earn would depend,on how many deals you complete uh you,can see from this chart down here it,goes all the way up to a thousand,dollars,uh keep in mind with most of these deals,you have to,spend a bit of money anywhere from one,dollar to three dollars,even five dollars plus and so whats,happening here is flash rewards earns a,commission if they get you to sign up,um to these,to these uh various offers and they give,you a cut of what theyre making so,and thats how flash rewards earns their,money because they have to make money,somehow,but as long as youre earning more than,your spending on the deals then,um,then you know and its not taking you,too much time then this might be worth,it for you,only you can decide i cant decide that,for you assuming you are interested the,process is frankly a bit complicated and,convoluted what youll need to do is go,to the get a,get a quick start button,and uh click that type of gift card and,if you go itll take you to a page where,you can,click the type of gift card you want,and then youll take a short quiz im,not going to take you through it because,itll take a lot of time but um itll,ask you three questions on this quiz,and then youll need to sign up by,giving them your email address once,youve done that youll be taken to,your login dashboard where youll need,to complete your profile they want to,know things like your address your phone,number,you also need to confirm that youre,okay with receiving emails texts and,phone calls,from their third-party partners which,not everyone is comfortable doing,understandably so thats something you,have to consider,but once youve done that you can begin,completing deals and,and lastly complete the rewards uh,claims process so which involves quite a,few steps uh,and for this claims process thats how,you actually,uh youll need to do that to receive,your rewards,and for the claims process theres lots,of steps involved its,youll need to verify your id,by sending them,and you also need to send them a selfie,you might have to show them screenshots,of the of the different deals you,completed theres quite a few steps,involved with that,as far as payment it can get quite,confusing they have a ton of rules and,stipulations uh,like you have to complete your final,deal within 20 days of signing up you,have to complete a certain number of,what they call,gold platinum and silver deals,and you have a certain amount of time to,submit your claims so its just a lot of,information,and youll find the people whove,actually gotten results with flash,rewards,are people who have taken the time,theyve been very meticulous and theyve,tracked everything,theyve kept up with everything theyve,cancelled subscriptions at the right,time because again youre paying for,these deals and a lot of them are,subscription-based,and but you have to stick with them for,a certain amount of time to get credit,its again its very confusing,um hopefully that makes sense,and uh,yeah its just a lot of stuff to keep,track of uh youll be having to filter,through random emails from their,partners,and youre not really earning that much,money i mean whats a thousand dollars,per year,per household that which is the max you,can earn on here by the way,um thats not going to change your life,its not going to allow you to pay all,your bills,and uh and then you have to subtract,what youre actually spending so lets,say 900.,not life-changing by any stretch so,flash rewards is probably not the best,use of your time or mental energy,uh but you can earn a bit of gift card,money on here yes its a legit website,they do promise they do they do deliver,on what they promise,uh you just have to be meticulous and,you know it takes a lot of time so,but thats it i hope you enjoyed this,review,flash rewards if youd like my free,training on,a much better way to earn money online,where you could earn potentially,you know a full-time income and even,much more then what i recommend is,clicking that link below youll be taken,to my email opt-in page,enter your best email,and i can set you by free training,thatll just detail everything,if you want,as long as youre,willing to learn real skills and you,know put in consistent effort every day,every day because thats what its going,to require so,and thats it i hope you enjoyed this,review i hope to see you on the other,side of that link and i hope you have a,great day bye

Flash Rewards Review – Really £100 for Free? (It Depends)

is flash rewards really an easy way to,get,100 pounds completely for free as it,claims on its website,or is it a scam to stay away from my,names michael,and a loyal follower here on my youtube,channel has asked me about this platform,here,and then i decided to test it and i,found some things that,i really wanted to share with everyone,and in this flash,rewards review i will show you,everything because there are some very,important things you need to be aware of,because you can potentially earn but if,youre not aware exactly what youre,getting into you can,actually also end up losing money,instead but i will explain all,in this video here so you know if this,will be the right opportunity for you or,not,so before i go more into how the,platform works and what you need to be,aware of,i just want to clarify any confusions,because,this website im going to talk about in,this video here is called flash rewards,dot uk,as far as i know it has changed its name,a few times,but this is the name as of recording,this video here,but its not the same as the app thats,called flash rewards because theres,also an app,that offers you to earn in different,ways that is called the same name here,but this one,is called flash rewards dot uk and that,is what well,talk about here so lets now go through,how you potentially can earn,and things you need to be aware of,before starting this whole process,so when you first come to flash rewards,it looks very appealing it just says,that i can get a 100 pound visa card,for free and it just sounds almost too,good to be true but you know,sometimes there are some sites that give,away really great rewards,so lets then check what you need to do,to potentially,get this reward here because you need to,get started here there is something here,where you can say do you like to go,shopping,so you need to answer a few questions,here and i will just say,i want yes and ill keep it here and,then,i go shopping there and then here now it,just thinks a little bit,and i then need to get my email address,here,to be able to actually continue so i,will give my email address here now,but before you do that you really need,to watch this video first because,you can potentially end up receiving a,lot of things you do not want there,if you do not know exactly how this,works and what you need to say yes and,no to but i will explain more about that,later for now i will just continue,so then after that i had to fill out,address and phone number and all this,and this is again where you have to be a,little bit careful about actually giving,it,before you know what youre saying yes,to because then here now before,i continue i have to choose here that i,can send to certain things here,and maybe you just think its the,regular privacy policy you know that we,always have to say yes to when we sign,up for reward sites,where theres actually not a lot of,risks but here,you really need to pay attention because,here it says,that they are going to pass your details,to third-party marketing partners,listed here so that means they can,contact you by email text or phone,and thats definitely something to be,aware of and at least they have a list,here,so if you click this here you can see,they have a list of,quite a few different partners and each,of these partners,maybe have several other companies they,work with,so in my experience with sites that have,this here,where they sneak this in here where you,were forced to say yes to receive all,these messages here,i have tried that once and i will never,do it again im not saying thats what,happens on flash rewards but ive tried,that on similar sites,and i got like tens of calls every day,and it started the,next day and it took me several months,before i,actually stopped receiving all these,annoying emails and phone calls,so this is something you need to be,aware of because,you have to say yes to this to be able,to sign up and get the chance of getting,those,103 pounds so then you can,of course argue that its not completely,for free so it really depends how you,define for free but this is not the only,requirement,its not only that you will get all,these phone calls and messages and all,that,there are more requirements but for now,i will just say yes here,and then move on and show you what then,happens and you can see now i then come,to a page with a lot of deals they call,it,here you can also see at the top i need,to complete a total of,10 deals to claim my reward and here on,this particular page i need to complete,at least one,and most of these will be something that,will require you to actually pay money,and you can see for example here i would,need to deposit five pounds here,i would need to buy a ticket and there,are all these different ones here and,then theres some free samples,but many of these be aware that when you,sign up maybe you think like okay i can,deposit five pounds,yes but there might be a subscription,you sign up for so you need to be aware,of this and then remember to cancel,it so this is something youre forced to,do and this is just,one here so if i just do this here and,then i complete,here and i continue next then i will,show you what then happens,now i get to another page where i also,have to complete one but also remember,it said at the top that i need to,actually a total of 10,deals i need to complete here and here,again there are some different offers,and i would have to pay for them,to actually sign up some of them if you,do not remember to actually cancel,it will keep going because its a,subscription and there are quite a lot,like this here,that you need to sign up for but ill,just continue to keep showing you what,you can really expect and then later,well also get,to what happens once youre through all,this will you actually get paid,or are there other things you need to be,aware of also,so now i reached the final page here of,the deals and now i have to complete,eight deals because,you can see at the bottom here they have,something called silver gold and,platinum,and i need to complete one of these,silver deals one,of these gold and then eight of these,platinum deals so on this page here,i have to sign up for eight of them some,of them yes are free some of them,i have to pay so you can already now see,if you calculate,these 10 different ways yes if you are,really,selective you can choose the ones that,are free or do not cost a lot,but you can also easily end up spending,quite a bit of money here signing up,so this is the first thing to be aware,of this is how they can even,promise a gift card because they get,paid to promote all these deals here,they get paid,to give our information to these many,different companies that will then start,calling us,and writing us and all that so thats,why they are willing to,promise us something because they make,way more already,from us by promoting these deals to us,but can you then actually get that gift,card,once you go through all this that is,what well talk about next,so lets now talk about what happens,when youre through this,can you actually get those 100 pounds,but before i go over the details about,this,i would really appreciate if you could,just take one second to just like this,video because it can help it,to be seen by more people and more,people will then become aware,what they need to consider before,joining this but once youre through,everything,all the deals and all that you come to a,reward status here and here,you can just enter email and you can,then see how many of these deals that,you have taken you do not have to take,them all,all at once but however there are some,requirements if you just take one deal,and then just dont do anything for a,long time you might risk,not being able to actually get the,reward and this is where it becomes a,little bit complicated but you can jump,to their terms and conditions for,example,and here they have everything explained,and it becomes quite complicated because,you can see one requirement is for,example that you nee

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$750 Shein gift card flash rewards Review ~ Is it a scam or legit?

[Music],hello everyone welcome back to my,youtube channel if you are new here hi,im paula for todays video im going to,be doing a review,on the 750 shannon gift card if youve,been on the internet youve probably,heard about the epic and famous 750,gift card from shan ive seen dozens of,instagram pages dozens of tick tock,pages and youtubers and sick talkers and,celebrities,promoting,this 750,gift card offer and apparently all you,have to do is just answer a few,questions and take a survey and you are,apparently supposedly going to get an a,750,sheen gift card so i thought itd be fun,to check it out for myself and so ive,never actually seen anybody do a review,on youtube about this which is the,reason why im doing this i really have,not seen any other creators on this,platform talk about this offer now,because social media is very hard to,figure out and the internet these days,nothing nobodys safe on the internet i,dont want you guys to go ahead and try,this for yourselves and get scammed,which is why im going to be putting,myself out,for you guys and doing this for you guys,just to see if it works before you guys,go ahead and do it for yourselves so,without much more talking lets get,right into the video,all righty guys so right now im going,to go on my laptop im going to screen,record,my screen as i try to get this offer so,im just going to go ahead and type in,750 dollar,sheen,gift card,step one is to register on the website,then you complete the survey you view,optional offers you complete the,required number of deals so apparently,there are one two three four five,deals,excuse me,which means theres a total of 20 deals,20 deals that you have to complete to,get this gift card and then you have to,submit your claim form,and then you just get the gift card i,found this other website called the,smart wallet and its basically the same,thing but they have a link to flash,rewards where you can get it so were,gonna go on there right now yay so we,are,on um flash rewards so lets start yo,im so excited im just gonna go ahead,and do this for you guys all right um,im gonna know this too but,im more excited so just go ahead and,answer the surveys theres like a bunch,of questions,apparently there are 20 deals thats a,lot,so were going to complete it all right,lets go,[Music],who provides you health insurance,uh what what are these questions,why are they asking you about health,insurance im so confused uh,im not sure,[Music],you guys so um,ive gotten to the part where im,theyre asking me to pay and apparently,theyre not gonna charge me,until,after my free trial is over i actually,have a visa gift card that im going to,use for this all right you guys i just,paid for,the thing and i have to create my,account,[Music],[Music],all right you guys so i just completed,level one,now im going to do level two,im really hoping i dont get scammed,like im,im just im praying,im praying to god but i dont get,scammed,by this website its making me pay,twenty nine dollars for that im not,paying for another total is fifty nine,dollars,but the code only gives me forty four,dollars off i still have to pay fifteen,dollars,i thought i didnt have to pay any money,what is going on,you guys uh,[Music],its making me pay money,do i want to do this,all right you guys i am now in level,three,you guys ive been here for like 30,minutes im actually exhausted hey guys,about 10 minutes later from the last,clip and now i uh now i am in level 4.,so,yeah,apparently there are 25 levels to this,anything for,750 and gift card,hey guys its been like,15 minutes since the last clip,and total ive been sitting on this,chair,trying to complete this challenge for,about 45 minutes now,so thats that,and right now im in level five and,apparently on this level i can get five,hundred dollars i think i will be pretty,satisfied if i get the five hundred,dollars because im exhausted right now,and i actually am pretty sleepy,from doing this,so,yeah im going to uh,complete level five and then get back to,you guys,one eternity later so i wanted to update,you guys,on the 750 dollar sheen gift card its,been about four days since i last um,applied for the gift card on the website,and the flash reward website and i,thought i would just do a little update,on whats going on so far so,i actually have not received the gift,card just yet,i have received several spam emails from,um them about like different offers and,stuff but i have not received the gift,card which just goes to show that this,is a scam and i quickly unsubscribed,from this association that i did before,but unfortunately i cannot get my money,back for some reason so,guys dont do this it is a scam,so yeah final thoughts about this it is,a scam its been like four days and ive,still not gotten any results so,do not do it,you

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foreign,hey YouTube this is millionaires first I,would like to apologize to all of my,fans Im totally sorry I have not,uploaded a video in four weeks guys but,Im back in better than ever what is,cold outside lets get so anyway guys so,Im here to talk about the 750 cash app,card I know tons of people got that,email and probably was like scam fake,guess what its real I got the 750,two times yes two times so I ran it up,fifteen hundred dollars so Im gonna,tell you how to do it so about four,weeks ago my play sister sent me a text,message and was like hey sis do this,survey and youre gonna get 750 and I,was like no no fake you know I dont do,that she was like sis its totally real,my boyfriend did it he got the 750 and,he totally paid his rent so I was like,let me give this a try so I start doing,the surveys like the first 50 questions,are just totally random questions like,whats your birthday whats your email,address how much money do you make do,you like Halloween just weird random,questions so thats the first step the,second step is youre gonna sign up for,like 10 subscriptions sent bird uh,Dollar Movie Club dollar book club Hulu,Disney plus combo I mean all of these,subscriptions once you make it past the,Second Step then its the third step the,third step is sign up for 10 more,subscriptions Im talking about,um yeah like I said the movie club,um to save Insurance download this app,download this poker app download this,poker app I mean just I mean I just kept,signing up signing up signing up signing,up signing up I signed up for 20,different subscriptions I dont know why,I just put up seven 20 different,subscriptions and after I did that you,keep going back to the main screen,refreshing its going to be like a,little map the map is going to be like,check you made it to this far check you,made it this far check you made it to,that for it so once you make it to the,end of the map bam,its gonna be like guess what youre 750,uh cash App gift card is now being,processed,youre going to get an email the email,is going to contain like a form like,your entry winners form,then you got to go get it notarized once,you get it notarized you have to take a,picture of that notarized form,take a picture of your drivers license,and take a picture of your bill I use my,water bill because that was something I,had in my email so once you have all,three of those documents together the,notarized form the drivers license and,a copy of your bill youre going to send,that to the email on the form its like,RZ something like reward zone or,something like that once you do that you,send that to them youre going to get a,reply email from them saying we received,your documents guys in,seven days,I had my money so Friday,came I was at The Jump Place um Sky Zone,with my kids were all hanging out and,my play sister sent me a text message,shes like sis check your email I check,my email and its like,congratulations youre a 750 reward is,here swear so I opened up my email Im,like freaking like Im shaking,baby so Im shaking so Im looking like,750 dollars 750 dollars so Im like bam,so I opened up my email and its like,follow these steps to get your money so,its so cool you can like you can break,your 750 F you can get 100 Amazon 100,Target a hundred dollar Walmart a,hundred dollar wherever no I need cash I,got a 750 Visa gift card so I got the,700 750 Visa gift card you can choose if,you want the actual card or a virtual,card I want the virtual card I need my,coins today baby so so I get the virtual,card they send you like a passcode so,you can retrieve it next step you want,to know what I do after that I got the,square app I swipe well digitally enter,that virtual gift card onto my Square,app to get the cash instantly boom I,digitally enter that manually enter that,virtual gift card that I just got into,my Square app once I do that the 750s on,my Square app then I transfer that money,directly into my bank account okay yes,Square did charge me I believe like 32,bucks or something like that so I end up,getting 712 dollars into my bank account,instantly its real and you better do it,Im gonna have the link in my uh bio,Ill have the link Ill just I have all,the information you need in my bio on,how to get it what to do you know what,Im saying because when youre doing all,those surveys and when youre doing all,those subscriptions I dont know why I,keep calling the service or,subscriptions when you do all the,subscriptions it takes a little,literally two hours like literally you,gotta keep going back keep going back,refreshing your page okay and then it,didnt recognize that I did Hulu let me,go back and then also when you download,those apps you gotta,um play the game like its like um some,type of building app or some weird crap,like I go in there and play the game so,the reward thing can recognize that guys,so like its very finicky you have to,just dont give up like I literally,spent two hours on a Saturday morning I,did not get out of my bed to like got,that form and went straight to the bank,and got it notarized for two dollars,guys like this 750 it is the the cash,app thing it is not a scam it is real,the way I got it twice because you only,can do it one one per household thats,why you gotta get it notarized send a,copy of your ID a copy of a bill because,its like going in the files like no,Tanika you cannot do this twice the way,I got it twice was my best friend shes,Rich she didnt need she didnt want the,750 she didnt want to have to do all,the subscription stuff so so I did it in,her name and got it twice I just got,that when I did that one just this last,Monday and I got that money on Friday as,well actually we got it real early we,got it like Friday morning it was crazy,like,750,750 the cash app card is not a scam,everybody got that email people said,they saw it on Instagram people said,they saw it on Snapchat people got,direct emails its real the,okay guys so one last thing so because I,signed up for 20 freaking offers guys I,went ahead and got me a new debit card,so I waited about a week you know to,make sure it wasnt required that you,stayed subscribed to all those things or,whatever so I waited about a week and I,went to my bank and I just got a new,debit card because I dont want to be,charged for the scent Club the Hulu Club,the Dollar Movie Club because I may not,remember to cancel all those,subscriptions guys so thats another,thing that I like to tell you guys like,dont be scared to use your debit card,for signing up for all these things,because I canceled that card and got,another one and I did it twice so now I,gotta cancel my other card that I just,got and its totally real guys do it now,if you dont want to do it Ill do it,Im gonna get some more money peace,okay guys so you already know what time,it is if you like that video hit like,make sure you subscribe,and tell all your friends and share it,thank you guys millionaires is back Im,gonna be making my videos I like to do,them every Friday guys thank you so much,Im like at 350 subscribers Im almost,there to a thousand kinda okay guys I,love you thank you for watching guys go,get that money Im gonna do it again

Flash Rewards Review – $750 Shein gift card?

flash rewards claims that it lets you,earn up to 750 dollars in chain or,PayPal rewards but is thus true hi guys,this is speak about digital and in this,video we are gonna run through exactly,what is Flash rewards how does Flash,rewards work how much does Flash Rewards,pay is it legit or is it one of the scam,sites to stay away from so this way you,could decide if this website is worth to,join it so if you are interested keep,watching it does always smash that like,button obviously it helps to algorize,thank you,now if you dont know what Splash reward,says its an online reward program where,users complete tasks for gift cards they,can redeem for purchases the program,offers Dells to users and once completed,they offer rewards in the form of Amazon,gift cards The Flash rewards is a,cashback Rewards program based in New,York and there are multiple ways to make,money with flash rewards the most,popular one is playing games for cash,and how to get started once you visit,the flash rewards websites page you will,need to sign up by entering your basic,information such as your name email and,password then check their survey,participates in their service so that,you can guess the best offers based on,the information provided it will ask,about your country your city and your,phone number,then complacent else here is your level,entails chart of how much you can make,with flash rewards as you can see HDL is,assigned a level its not just the,number of DLC companies if you complete,the right amounts of the else but the,wrong level you may be denied your,reward also keep in mind a lot of these,deals require you to spend money before,you can air and the loss of them at,least require you to enter your previous,card details which not everyone is,comfortable doing,and if you do just make sure to cancel,your credit card in time so it doesnt,start charging you for a service you,didnt want to begin with you will never,give flash rewards your credit card,number or make a purchase directly,through them instead you will team up,with companies who are eager to guess,your feedback and supports a portion of,the money you spend with one of your,partners will go to flash rewards then,flash rewards will dedicate a fee from,thus total in order to compensate you,like similar affiliate schemes like,Rakuten mystery beats you will earn a,commission on sales May throw their,lengths the difference is that mystery,bits gives you cashback when purchasing,physical products from various Brands,and resellers flash rewards on the other,hand gives you cashback for the windows,that involves subscriptions completion,offers playing games and even things,like signing up to drive for Uber,you can find deals that cost you,anywhere from one dollars to fifty,dollars or more among these deals are,apps that require paid participation,signing up for free trials subscriptions,Etc so if you have seen ads or offer of,750 Shin card or Amazon card or cards,from Walmart eBay Etc its important to,notice these are not give ways and said,they are rewards for completing tasks,some of which may cost money,so after you have completed a certain,number of dials you can get paid within,five to seven business days but you will,need to upload your ID for verification,keep in mind there are people who have,reached this stage and faced problems as,shown in the picture,flash rewards complaints lots of these,offers require you to enter your credit,card detail and you cannot trust all the,sites thus they offer you to register in,and there are some tasks that require,you to wait 60 days 2 months to be,counted or not and to redeem your gift,cards you must upload proof of identity,so is it your JS no matter what type of,reward size you use there is always a,risk thus you will not receive the,amounts of rewards that you are owed,many companies do a poor job of tracking,the offers that are sent to them and try,to make up fake errors in order to avoid,paying out you will never know what is,really happening as the company that,offers you a robot for doing certain,things trust payloads reports plus user,feedback is placed on the size flush,rewards doesnt have great reviews there,is no guarantee that flash rewards will,always make payments some people have,said they were able to get their money,after completing all the offers While,others have said they had problems,regardless a lot of reviews were,negative about the size of Wrath and,warned readers thus did hadnt been paid,for their work,maybe you could receive 100 or more than,what you actually spent on deals of,course it depends on how many deals you,complete and what those Tales are but a,100 percent return is far increasing to,one percent to 15 percent you may see,iron on site like arcogen for example,one reason flash rewards can pay high,percentage relative to what you spend if,they actually pay is that some people,dont qualify and the problem is that,some participants will claim they have,fulfilled our requirements while flash,rewards Miss clmd didnt was right so is,this worth your time I just think no but,its up to you to decide that so yeah,thats it for this video so hopefully,this video helped you out and bye bye

Flash Rewards Review – Is It A Legit Website?

flesh rewards hey there welcome to my,flash rewards review im on the flash,rewards dot co website,and ive seen this promoted and lots of,people talking about this way of kind of,doing paid surveys and completing offers,in return for getting cash via gift,cards and ive seen lots of these type,of offers pop up so i thought id do a,flash rewards review,i work from home doing digital marketing,as a full time income so its a really,cool flexible way to earn a passive,income online and if you click the link,below click the link in the video,description below to discover exactly,what i do to earn passive income on the,internet and how you can do the same,with a done view system so ill put the,link for my top recommendation in the,video description below,flash rewards dot co,is one of these incentivized,affiliate offers,where you,are filling out,subscriptions and offers,and surveys and games but they actually,cost a little bit of money so youre,filling out a free trial or a one dollar,trial for some of these offers,some online services and then you are,incentivized to do that to get a bonus,you may get a five dollar bonus from one,offer you may get a 25 bonus from,another,and the aim is to keep on,signing up to these free trials and one,dollar trials,services,get your 25.5 bonus payments and then,cancel the service before it renews to,get your bonus,and then the aim is to build up those,small amounts into around 100 or up to,even up to around a thousand dollars is,the maximum you can build up to a,thousand dollar reward gift card by,completing around 25,offers,so it seems a bit strange how this,website is going to make money,when,you are buying a one dollar product it,might be a free,service it might be a one dollar trial,to a,betting website or something or,some sort of online service that renews,every month,um some sort of jobs website that gives,you alerts theres lots of different um,services on there,and youre wondering how theyre gonna,make money when they give you five,dollars to complete a one dollar trial,then you cancel it without paying any,more and the reason is because they are,gathering your data,um so these affiliate programs,they know,that people are incentivized to complete,offers normally with affiliate programs,they say no incentivization allowed,whatsoever because if youre giving,someone a bonus to fill out an offer and,not only doing it for that bonus then,the company will lose money,but some companies are happy to offer,incentivizations because,some people are going to forget to,cancel in time and they will the,subscription will renew,and they wont give a refund that,theyll just cancel it for next month so,i think theyre relying on lots of,people to forget to cancel and thats,how their money comes in theyre also,gathering your data so youre filling,out your name,your physical address your email address,youre giving them lots of information,to that,database of information theyre,gathering about you can be used for,marketing purposes so theyll make money,from that just by reselling your data as,a lead,and thats how they make the money they,are happy to offer these bonuses where,on the service it looks like theyll be,losing money when if people cancel in,time but they know people will forget to,cancel they know they can resell the,lead up front to other companies to,market to you so theyll instantly make,a profit even if you do cancel so,its not um as good as it sounds for the,customer its more beneficial to the,business offering these um bonuses,also with these websites,it is actually a lot of work to build up,to your rewards so for the the main 1,000 level rewards you have to complete,25,um subscriptions 25 offers so that means,you can have to be really well organized,because youre going to have to remember,to cancel 25 things and you dont know,whether they renewed a subscription in,three days time or whether youve got,seven days or 14 days or a 30-day trial,so youre going to have to be really,organized have your own spreadsheets and,dates and calendars all sorted out for,when to opt-in when to subscribe when to,cancel to claim your bonuses,otherwise youre going to have lots of,renewals all coming in and youll be,spending more than that thousand dollars,just to complete the offers and i think,thats what theyre relying on a bit is,you just get confused get get a bit lost,and just keep some of these,subscriptions going and some companies,may want you to try their product,because they believe its a good product,and some people will actually complete,stay on the product subscription because,they actually like the product so its a,bit free advertising to get people in,the front door just to make money but,then deliver them a good product and,make them want to stay but its not,going to i dont think its going to be,as quick and easy as the website makes,out youre almost gonna have to treat it,like a like a job in a way and stay,organized like you would with a job but,if youre gonna do that,in my opinion you might also just have a,paid job go to,a basic minimum wage job i think youd,probably earn more money than doing,these type,of websites,this reminds me of another system in,probably about 10 years or so ago was,called znz rewards it was really popular,back then with affiliate marketers it,was being promoted via a sales funnel,and it was,a bit around the whole business,opportunity model you were you got your,system done for your business options,your system if you completed an offer,and so the person referring you could,get their affiliate commissions and then,you could refer other people to the,system and get your,affiliate commissions and the company is,offering,these services,new business opportunities were built,around them and that most people were,buying the products just to cancel and,get the bonuses but they were okay with,that because they know in the long run,theyll make more money by people who,dont cancel who decide to stay on the,product who may be upsell to more,expensive products who forget to cancel,and also they can resell the data so,there is more in it for this sort of,thing for the companies in my opinion,than the actual people completing the,service its kind of like a marketing,method for the companies to get you,completing these subscription offers for,them even though on the surface it looks,like its a way for you to make money,and the company to lose money hopefully,my thoughts on that would have helped,guys i what i prefer to do instead of,these,sites where youre exchanging time for,money is to build my own website do my,own marketing place ads on the internet,and generate passive income because that,means i only have to do the work once,and i can get paid time and time again,rather than slaving away filling out all,these offers and constantly spending my,time,so when you build up doing um digital,marketing getting your websites content,out there placing ads online it can be,much more residual and passive,and if you decide to take a day off or,not do work for a bit your existing work,that you did over the previous days and,months will still work for you generate,traffic and generate sales so i prefer,to do digital marketing than these,rewards websites if you click the link,below click the link in the video,description below to discover my current,number one online system to plug into,right now for generating legitimate,residual income on the internet ill put,the link in the video description below,its complete done for you system and a,really excellent way to get started,thanks a lot for checking out my flash,rewards dot co review all the best and,speak soon


[Music],flashrewards.com,is it a scam is it legit what exactly is,it,is it rewards grant giants is it,flashrewards.com they,have different names for it i dont know,whats going on here,anyways please do subscribe to the,channel ill make videos about making,money online i have hundreds of videos,on my back catalog,please also check out uh my playlist,here of 31 cash apps that works with,some really cool stuff there if you want,to check those out as well theres a,playlist in the video description below,probably somewhere in this video as well,popped up on the screen or whatever,anyways lets take a look at this,all right so 100 gift card,750 the paypal account same site,depending on what,i guess landing page you come from and,then they have these questions here do,you use paypal,yes how do you plan to use your oh im,gonna give it to a friend,how about how many times do you go,shopping per week lets just say three,or,seven,[Music],of course they want your email address,which im not going to give them,because heres how this stuff works upon,okay so 750,to your paypal account upon completion,of,purchase and program requirements,and then they take you to this page here,and,reward zone usa again its like what is,this company reward zone usa,is it rewards giants is it,flashrewards.com is it,this this kind of stuff just gives me,too much shadiness,uh reward zone we are us,this website and then the url up here of,course is different as well,im a completely different um,website if you see that lets check out,what that website is actually,theres nothing at that website so,thats the main domain,its a sub domain so,what do you got to do here turn these,terms and conditions,basically i i cant tell you its a scam,i cant tell if its legit,i would just stay stay away from it,myself,because they have these things they want,you to do,okay so to get those rewards you must be,18 years old,in the united states residence,complete the survey questions meet the,acceptable,uh probation requirements and set forth,below within,20 day period,start the reward claims process with 10,days all right all this nonsense here,basically youre going to be spending,money on these things these offers,and theyre going to be making money,from them of course why else would they,be on here,and then they claim theyre going to,give you this money 750 dollars which is,outrageous,it just seems very very uh red flaggy to,me,and then you got to give them proof of,id and address,so you got all this stuff its just its,just too outrageous you know,its too outrageous have you tried these,people let me know put in the comments,below,let me know what do you think do you,think its a scam do you think its,legit,i just think theres too much shadiness,going on here telemarketing text,messages all this stuff here,i mean are you going to read all this,really,im not anyways,just a quick video today let me know,what you think,put it in the comments below check out,my other videos i have hundreds of other,videos on my back catalog,all kind of really cool things about,making money online and such,hundreds of videos lots of apps a lot of,legitimate apps and websites you can,make money from by referring people and,stuff like that,all kind of really cool things check,them out talk to you soon

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