1. Unfiltered & Uncensored: testing FLEX Tools Outrageous claims
  2. FLEX Tools Just EMBARRASSED Themselves AGAIN! This is why Flex Tools is HATED SO MUCH!
  4. Flex 24V Tool Review | 5+ Flex Tools Tested
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Unfiltered & Uncensored: testing FLEX Tools Outrageous claims

that six amp hour stacked lithium,battery speed two and turbo mode is on,right now,pop it right back on the back were,gonna watch it,oh you missed it wait you didnt have to,pop it out right at my face hey you,wont knock your teeth out when you use,our tools,yep,thats the biggest one they make tap the,button,and its ready to go,this time im gonna do it one-handed,[Music],all right good morning you guys were at,lowes and the reason were here is flex,has,27 not brand new tools coming out coming,down the pipeline were going to be,checking out some of those today they,also got a brand new battery lineup,which im actually kind of excited about,because theyre making some outrageous,claims and were gonna test those claims,were talking about theyre saying two,hundred percent not not like two or,twenty percent or ten percent two,hundred percent more power,three hundred percent more runtime i,dont know were going to find out for,sure from the guys inside of here were,going to meet up with a couple of the,guys from the flex lineup were going to,check out all these new tools and see,exactly what they got going on so lets,just go check it out right now,we gotta find them first,good how about you,these look like flex guys over here,hi are you matt im matt nice to meet,you man nice to meet you im stan good,to see you,yeah tyler and jack here and im zach,zach yes sir nice to meet you zach yeah,hows it going tyler valentine tyler,nice to meet you,um all right guys before we start doing,any demonstrations or look at any of the,tools or anything like that theres,something that i kind of want to just,get out of the way,is these extravagant claims of 200 more,power 300 percent more runtime yadda,yadda yadda what it can you just kind of,walk us through this and yeah,you want to do it zach for sure yes 300,longer battery life 200 more power and,then 100 faster charging and 100 cross,compatibility so all this new technology,coming out will work with all these,pre-existing flex tools so its not like,its a new platform youre good youre,with flex 24 volt we got you covered for,sure okay so is this different than the,traditional lithium ion so were still,using the same technologies lithium ion,but this is whats called stacked,lithium so instead of the cylindrical,lithium ion cells were all familiar,with and used to here in our traditional,batteries,this is moving into a pouch cell and,those are you know theyve been around,for a while theyre in cell phones,theyre in laptops but were taking it,and making it so it can be used in power,tools so,youre using cell phone technology in a,power tool and thats not not been done,before not so much cell phone technology,just the pouch cell which is still,lithium ion okay okay yeah so we got our,stacked lithium in here the pouches all,right so theyre gonna be stacked up and,so thats going to deliver the more,power and kind of make a simple analogy,here if you think of these traditional,cylindrical cells and you got one way in,for your power think of that like an,on-ramp for like a highway then you have,one lane for your electrons your energy,to flow through and then one offering,okay okay so one way in one lane one,lane or one off-ramp and thats your,energy flow your electrons your cars on,the highway okay so what stack lithium,does is now through,you get into it the tabs that we have,welded on here how we designed it all,the testing whatnot we have multiple 4 8,12 on ramps weve got eight or so plus,lanes and again this is just you know an,analogy here and then were gonna have,you know eight to twelve off ramps so,now we have so much less resistance in,the actual pouch cells and so those,energy the electrons are going to flow,so much smoother through here less,resistance so you have this longer run,time all right the energys flowing more,frequently so you just have it running,in parallel now where before it was all,going down into one,bottleneck now youve got five lanes of,traffic open for this thing to go and,thats where your power run time and,chart and the faster times come in,exactly and with all those extra on and,off ramps again theres just no,resistance or less resistance in the,battery all right because that leads to,your overheating so these are going to,take much longer to heat up and thats,again due to less resistance which is,going to increase your run time okay so,all right so matt youve got some tools,that,nobody in this store can see,can we show them now we can definitely,show them okay just for you all right,lets go lets go back,well not for me,its for these guys,yes no none of this is theres no way in,heck you guys would fly from wherever,the hell you came in just to show me,some tools this is for these guys,some awesome awesome new products right,this is the first one up right its our,seven and a quarter rear handle circle,saw right this will be coming with our,stacked lithium technology,really its going to be an awesome,product i cant wait for you to try it,out i just want to lift it yeah that,does not look that heavy its not all,right so even with the battery and,i mean thats not a heavy piece of,equipment,and it cuts,one of the the phrases weve heard is it,cuts like youre using a laser beam when,you have the stacked battery in there i,cant wait to show it to you over here,you want to try it out yeah,do you want to try no,i dont want to try out a super cool new,tool that cuts like a laser beam,do you have a shark with lasers on your,head in the back too because you know,dont pull them out i want to see that,all right so lets just let this do a,full cut dont cut dont edit dont,switch lets just i want to hear this,saw run because we should be able to,hear a difference im going to guess,yeah all right so lets hear it and see,it,i noticed you kind of went in and out i,mean this thing had no problem even with,even with my terrible uh yeah,you got worse saw khan skills than i do,which is not saying much because i suck,at it put me in a loader any day of the,week ill do much better um,god that cuts nice,[Music],so,and again the big big value of the stack,lithium here is youre sustaining that,peak power for so much longer so,i mean this guys gonna be rated for,about 720 cuts on 2×4 uh with the stack,lithium and whatnot im just obviously,just with that one yeah,okay,rpm,its a bad saw,real quick before we get too far down,the pipeline when is that whens the saw,coming out whens the circ saw coming,out that rear handle its coming out uh,late april hey now will this new battery,technology improve the performance of,even the old tools it will yes,again being able to draw more power,across the board so yes okay so just by,grabbing a new battery guy a guy can,experience 200,more 300 longer battery life 300 longer,battery life but will he get the power,gains youll definitely get the power,gains again the big feature about the,stack lithium ion batteries is the fact,that were able to maintain that peak,power for longer duration stan this is,uh,this is one of our newest uh,products here right our one-handed recep,saw,its a super smooth product and that,comes from the the vibration suppression,technology that weve got in this we,also have this in our current receptacle,as well this just takes it makes it a,little more ergonomic for that user to,use in tight spaces again,actually if you if youll come over here,take a look,weve got just a few screws in there oh,okay and yeah we got obviously got that,looks like you got one two three four,five in there okay,weve got the wrong blade on here so,were gonna change that out but oh what,was that thats actually our,oh that wasnt set up or not so it,definitely was,definitely was whats the worst thing,about cutting with a recep saw is the,blades hot after you you get done so,that allows you to release the blade,without having to touch it when its,tight i didnt think about that yeah,uh-huh so this is what uh you know with,nails blade and again another easy thing,just put it in its already stuck its,alr

FLEX Tools Just EMBARRASSED Themselves AGAIN! This is why Flex Tools is HATED SO MUCH!

well flex tools just dropped a couple,new tools and when i say a couple i mean,a couple but heres the thing if you,thought the first flex video about a,year ago was a 10 on the cringe level,well,these go to 11. yup they truly outdone,themselves this time today were going,to take a look at some of the new tools,that they announced and im going to,give you my honest feedback on this,whole well lets just say debacle but,before we do if you like tools and all,the new tools coming to the market get,subscribed hit that bell notification,and if you could smash that like button,at any time well thatd be greatly,appreciated lets get this video going,on march 7 2022 flex tools released a,new video talking about how much better,they are than every single manufacturer,on the market now as much as i do have a,distaste for flex i will be honest the,new power stack oh im sorry thats,dewalt well just call them the flex,stack lithium batteries i will say that,i did like that they had larger sizes,they went up to a 10ah and thats the,largest on the market right now however,they made it out to be that they were,the first to come out with it and thats,just not the case as dewalt came out,with the power stack literally almost a,year ago well get them more tools but,the most cringiest part of the entire,video is the well this the late night,over the top infomercial style video it,was so bad i wanted to buy three,blenders and really start to miss the,shamwell guy yup these paid actors were,so passionate about the new flex tools,well it almost brought a tear to my eye,well it was actually because i was,laughing so hard but what groundbreaking,tools did these actors i mean,contractors want to show us that are so,great that flex had to go through all of,this well lets take a look shall we it,all started out with well our,contractors and our new and approved,chamois guy deciding they wanted to test,some new hammer drills not just an fyi,they did not gray out any of the other,tools you obviously have the dewalt the,milwaukee the makita and of course the,flex lets face off,oh its just so cringe,alright so let me explain this thing,here the face off,you have on the bottom left,the midwall on the bottom right you got,the flex on the top right you got a,dewalt on the top left,youve got the wall,the actor no i mean contractor using the,flex is pushing so hard he must be,careful so he doesnt accidentally poo,himself,i will tell you that the sound of all,four hammer drills going through the,concrete at the same time is actually,more pleasing to my ears than the,shamwow part 2 guys,and now that every other single hammer,drill was destroyed by the flex well,this guy goes on to talk about how much,he loves flex and he just cant believe,how much better it was,now shamwows uncle comes back out and,asks well who won guys was it the flex,and of course theyre like winner winner,chicken dinner so after that fiasco they,moved on to other new tools and i can,drag this cringe cringe video out all,day but what are they introducing this,so groundbreaking that nobody else on,the planet has hell lets see what this,guy has to say everything to flex makes,groundbreaking im a paid actor i mean,contractor theyre the best yeah so then,they go into some weight lifting or,something i dont know and of course you,know the flex is beating at the wall and,beating the milwaukee ia and its doing,this and doing that because every real,contractor does this on the job site and,then of course shanwells uncle comes,back out and hes like what do you think,guys who won and of course the guy on,the right hes so emotional like hes,almost ready to cry because he loves,flex so much and in the chamois guys,would you pick this over the other tools,of course flex is the best ill never go,back to the walter milwaukee i mean,screw the fact that you literally only,have around 20 tools and nobody knows,anything about your longevity so after,about 20 minutes of the flex kumbaya,talk speech blah blah blah blah,everybody hates every other tool except,for flex in this video and then they,move it over to the next tool theyre,announcing and we all know how excited,this guy is,cringe so the next test setup they got,the milwaukee m18 rear handle they got,the makita 36 volt rear handle and then,they got the new flex rear handle yes,that was introduced so the chamois,cousin hes like oh guys we got this new,test rig set up,and in the meantime im sitting here,watching this say to myself okay you got,the 36 volt makita which is a great saw,even though i had some issues with,makita its a great saw milwaukee also a,great saw not the most powerful but,definitely a great saw and then you got,this rear handle but where is the dewalt,sexy flexor wheres the 60 volt,are you scared of that one,possibly but all i can tell you is that,the shamwell stepfather is very excited,about this test that flex is about to,put on and well so is this guy hes very,very emotional so of course in this clip,the flex circular rear handle saw,dominates the 36 volt which i call,did the makita even have a blade in,there i dont know but of course flex,says winner,winner winner chicken dinner and of,course the paid actor i mean contractor,hes very just well dumbfounded i gotta,get past this this is so cringe but,dont worry its not over yet says,shamwells cousin we have another,groundbreaking tool well lets just fast,forward what is it oh an angle grinder,i mean i have absolutely no idea whos,going to win this test i mean could it,be the dewalt could it be the milwaukee,ia,no its flex by like 13 minutes,oh wait the walls still going winner,winner chicken dinner so ill come,shamwow guys grandfather and he wants,to talk about a never-before-seen type,of system that you can haul and store,your tools in,i mean clearly this is groundbreaking,stuff never in the history of tools have,you ever seen,oh thats right i forgot the walt tough,system and you know the number one,seller,milwaukee pack out ryobi link storage,system,husky and,everybody else but shamwow guys nephew,he is very excited because youre like,hey guys i see you got a fan can you,connect it to the top of your toolbox,because we all know every single person,that has a pack out tough built or any,other system like this absolutely stands,in front of this system all day long and,uses their fan and then hes like hi,guys i got a gas cylinder system because,these are mouse traps on the other ones,let me break that down he basically said,well we got gas shocks on our lid and,the other systems are mouse traps and,how much easier it is to yeah,so what tools are you going to put in,this flex your miter saw your table saw,oh i forgot you dont have either one of,those now they did announce a couple,other tools wow an led light that,literally every other company on the,face of the planet has yeah they got,this light over here yeah you can take,the head off whoopty do you can plug it,in anybody here milwaukee ia,wow a new shop blower what they do i,mean its groundbreaking,and of course the ever so important,one-handed recip saw that yeah they,definitely should have come out with,that before any other tool but ill tell,you who does love it,this guy,and of course they gotta come out with,their own saw blade just like everybody,else does no thanks ill stick to my die,blow wait hold on i think hes gonna cry,all right shamwow guys nephew let me,give you my opinion i had mentioned,before on the channel that i was never,going to bring flex tools on this,channel because of their cringe-worthy,marketing and then lately i said to,myself well maybe i will bring some of,their tools onto the channel and then,this happened if it wasnt so cringe i,mean look at them theyre so very,excited about this the problem is they,dont even have any tools to brag about,some people were hoping for a miter saw,did they get it nope some people were,hoping for a table saw did they get it,nope all they got was the same crap over,and over again from a different compan

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flex 24 volt impact driver even the best,impact drivers have issues right,looks like we got a little slippage with,the flex the milwaukee,and also the cobalt xtr using an auger,style or paddle bit and an impact driver,is definitely a demanding ask,you can see that the makita and next the,dewalt is able to finish that task and,sometimes just getting the job done,is what you need welcome back to the,channel my name is chris not every,impact driver is perfect but were going,to be testing out the brand new,flex 24 volt impact driver were going,to be putting it head to head,against dewalt makita milwaukee,and cobalt xtr so if you want to see how,this thing performs,stick around were going to send it,through five different tests right now,just a friendly reminder go ahead and,hit that subscribe button,[Music],so were going to start things off with,the six inch general construction,fastener this is a t20 and this is going,to test a little bit of speed,were going to be putting them side by,side as well as,all together and you can tell which one,is the fastest,so were going to start things off with,the makita xdt16 running the 4 amp,hour battery the flex 5 amp hour battery,on the right definitely finishes faster,its a really dead close race with the,2.5 amp hour battery on the flex 24 volt,note that the makita is a substantially,lighter tool than the flex 24 volt,now here we got the milwaukee gen 3,impact driver,and its hanging tight with the flex 5,amp hour battery,and id say that its a really dead,close race now on the removal,you can see the milwaukee is about as,even as the flex with the 2.5 amp hour,battery,again note the milwaukee is a lot,lighter than the flex 24 volt,here you can see the dewalt get,destroyed by both flex battery sizes and,when it comes to the removal the,dewalts about as close or equivalent to,the flex with the 2.5 amp hour battery,the dewalt was running the 4,amp hour battery and again is,substantially lighter now when it comes,to the cobalt xtr,it gets destroyed by both flex battery,size versions here,and for the cobalt xtr being a big tool,you know youd think youd have a little,bit more ink behind it but,it really really wasnt a close race,there now it was about close to the 2.5,amp hour battery on the removal now here,they are all head to head,you can see that the flex 5 amp hour,battery is really really taking the lead,here with the milwaukee about the only,one that can hang tight when it comes to,speed and it definitely is noted that,the flex is substantially heavier than,all the other tools and as a 24 volt,platform,so we got test one done with the six,inch construction fastener,well toss those aside we can see that,the flex being a,larger tool a heavier tool a bigger,battery,decent specs on paper was able to,slightly outperform these,so you would kind of expect that the,milwaukee gen 3 impact driver with the 4,amp hour battery,was definitely the fastest when it comes,to that size and weight ratio,and the xd t16 makita and the dewalt,dcf887,were definitely very smooth in the hands,really good tools for overhead operation,if you need to work on the curls and the,dumbbells definitely go with the flex,so now were going to step things up,again looking at speed adding a little,torque to it,with the eight inch timber screw were,going to kick things off again with the,makita,going head to head with a flex 24 volt,impact driver,we got the 5 amp hour flex out in the,lead followed really really closely by,the makita but the,flex with the 2.5 amp hour battery is,able to finish before the makita now if,you do listen closely,you can hear the flex ramping up the,loud sound in the background and the,makita is slightly quieter and when it,comes down to sound the milwaukee,its pretty much just about as loud as,the flex but it also does have a lot of,speed,you can see the flex 24 volt impact,driver with the 5 amp hour battery was,slightly ever so slightly faster than,the milwaukee with the 4 amp power,battery now the milwaukee with the 4 amp,hour battery was definitely faster than,the flex with the 2.5 amp hour battery,just imagine what would happen with the,milwaukee having a bigger battery than,the flex,now dewalt its one of the only tools,that weve tested that was made in the,usa,with global materials now does that,matter it made a sum,so were just throwing that out there,you can see the dewalt gets destroyed,by both flex battery sizes and the,dewalt still does have decent specs its,got less vibration in the hand a little,bit less torque,but it also isnt as fast as the flex,the last tool that has a chance to go,head to head with a flex 24 volt,impact driver is the cobalt xtr both of,these tools are manufactured by,the same company siobhan and you would,think with the cobalt being released in,the last 12 to 18 months its relatively,new got a lot of specs,its running the higher output battery,it also is not able to keep up with the,flex,no matter how you slice it or dice it,when you throw everything side by side,in a 3×2 grid you can see the flex with,the 5 amp hour,battery is actually faster than all the,other tools here,when you put them head to head versus,the flex 24 volt,now removal pretty much the same if you,need the fastest,the most powerful the heaviest tool you,gotta go with the flex,now we finished test two with our eight,inch timber screws,todays a new day we got our batteries,all fully charged up,you can see the dual battery indicators,on the side with the flex 24 volt,milwaukee up there on the front of the,battery,you got makita hanging out on the back,of the battery right there,fully charged on the 5 amp hour battery,the dewalt again on the back of the,battery,you notice that if you let go of the,battery indicator,it doesnt show and the cobalt xtr,hanging out on the front of the battery,there we got,our six inch grk lag bolts,these are a 7 by 150 running a t30 star,bit,lets get to the test number three and,run these six inch lag bolts,we got the makita xdt16 right there in,the middle,six inch lag bolt flex 2.5 amp hour on,the left the 5 amp hour on the right,and you can see both for insertion and,removal the flex,impact driver was a little bit faster,than the makita although they all had a,decent run time here,up next we got the milwaukee fuel gen 3,impact driver and if theres anything,that can hang with the flex,this is the one it really is head to,head there with the 2.5 amp hour battery,on the flex impact driver but the flex,with the 5,amp hour battery thats thats going to,take it for the win really wish i had a,6 amp hour battery because i feel like,the milwaukee feel,would be really really close and you,know whats not close,is the dewalt to beating the flex 24,volt impact driver,the dewalt both on insertion and removal,just is slightly slower and what i can,say about the dewalt is it is lighter,than the flex,and it does have less vibration in the,hand and thats probably some of the,most important things,up next is the cobalt xtr and this ones,kind of a mystery to me here so its,running the 4 amp hour battery the specs,on paper are pretty decent,the flex 24 volt impact driver it does,have better specs than the cobalt xtr,but its still not able to beat the 2.5,amp,hour battery so that one i dont know,all three tests so far the cobalt xtr,just cant beat the flex 24 volt impact,driver and when we throw everything,together in the 3×2 grid we can see that,the flex,24 volt impact driver with a 5 amp hour,battery is able to beat out all the,other brands,its faster both on insertion and you,guessed it,on removal when it comes to milwaukee,makita,dewalt and cobalt xtr so far when it,comes to these tests,we got two left but the flex is really,living up to everything it says so we,got our six inch lag bolts out of the,way,were gonna step it up and typically we,would do the four inch lag bolts,into our hard white oak you get your,speed,you get your force kind of tests out the,impacts or the blows per minute but in,this case when you mi

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Flex 24V Tool Review | 5+ Flex Tools Tested

weve been testing several of flexs  newest 24 volt power tools so we can  ,give you an idea of what to expect  from the brand new lineup weve got  ,a bunch of these tools but for today  were going to start by looking at  ,the hammer drill impact driver circular  saw reciprocating saw and oscillating,multi-tool 24 volt flex tools are coming  to a lows near you and theyre preparing  ,to shake up the cordless tool market bringing  power pro features and a five-year tool and  ,five-year battery warranty their position to  take on the top dogs in the industry before we  ,get too far lets start at the top or bottom  with the battery this is a 24 volt max system  ,like cobalt its a six cell system instead of five  like 18 volt and 20 volt max tools out of the gate  ,flex has four available batteries it starts with  a compact 2.5 amp hour pack and moves to a 5 amp  ,hour pack for most of your drills impact drivers  oscillating tools and other handheld power tools  ,but for higher draw tools like circular saws  and reciprocating saws 8 amp hour and 12 amp  ,hour batteries take center stage inside each  pack flex has what they call thermatek according  ,to their research it keeps the battery cooler  extending its overall life and giving you up to 25  ,longer run time if theres one tool weve handled  the most it has to be the cordless hammer drill  ,when the flex 24 volt model showed up at the pro  tool review shop we jumped right in and got to  ,work we were immediately impressed with the speed  most drills top out at around 2000 or 2100 rpm  ,flex does something thats unusual though and  has a turbo mode thats a performance boost you  ,engage with a button at the base of the tool in  high speed our tachometer showed it taking the  ,flex from 2000 rpm to 2560 rpm it also works  with low gear bumping the speed from 575 rpm  ,to 725 its not all speed though theres plenty  of muscle to back it up 1400 inch pounds worth  ,and that makes it one of the strongest hammer  drills available now we wouldnt say that unless  ,wed actually tested it to do that we wanted  to see how that power translated into the real  ,world work of rough-ins we chucked up a 2 and 9 16  self-feed bit to see what it can do in 2×4 studs  ,normally youd do this type of drilling with a  bigger right angle drill but check this out not  ,only did flex chew through these holes without a  problem it did it in high gear nearly all cordless  ,drills weve tested need to do this type of  drilling at low speed whats even more impressive  ,is we were doing that in standard mode and we can  make it even faster by bumping up into turbo mode  ,drilling with bits that big that fast comes with  some risk using the side handle helps a lot but  ,its the built-in kickback control that were  really excited to see if the tool binds up while  ,drilling a sensor automatically stops the motor  before it does major damage to your wrist or elbow  ,overall were seeing pro power pro features  and class leading performance in this tool  ,this is impressive even more so when  you figure its a first generation tool  ,we love testing impact drivers of pro tool reviews  mostly because of how much you can do with these  ,tools theyre fun to test and flex move directly  into the top tier of cordless impact drivers with  ,its premium 24 volt brushless model they also  made some pretty innovative moves for example  ,right below the quarter inch hex collet you see  this little button its the quick eject button  ,instead of pulling out the collet to install or  release your bit you just push the button you  ,never have to move your hand or set the tool down  its one of the more innovative features weve  ,seen on an impact driver in a while theres also  some eye popping performance built in topping out  ,at 3 600 rpm you get a monster 2500 inch pounds of  torque you need some control with that much power  ,and flex gives it to you with three standard  speeds and two self-tapping screw modes a high  ,torque impact driver like this will snap half inch  square adapters on our test rig all day long but  ,we can see how it translates that power to work  by driving a series of 3 8 inch by 8 inch rugged  ,structural screws into stacked osb check out how  confident this tool is driving that big of a screw  ,with the push of a button you can take that power  and turn it into perfect control with the assist  ,modes designed for use with self-tapping  screws you can eliminate over tighten  ,broken and stripped fasteners one other thing  we really like how compact flex made this tool  ,its just 4.75 inches from tip to tail and  one of the most compact models weve tested  ,over the last two years as weve tested dozens of  cordless circular saws head to head models have  ,split decisively into two categories standard and  advanced based on our early testing flexs first  ,generation seven and a quarter inch brushless  circular saw jumps straight into the advanced  ,side of the group its cutting performance is  excellent and the tool competes with the top saws  ,weve tested were gearing up to put this one on  our facial test track and right now its looking  ,really competitive you can see that flex went with  a traditional blade right design that helps this  ,tool feel very natural for anyone whos used to a  corded sidewinder style saw they also shave some  ,weight with a magnesium blade guard and foot plate  with circular saws we look for a clean line of  ,sight to where were cutting and flex did a great  job of giving you good access to the cut line with  ,an extra set of notches near the blade the depth  of cut is worth noting as well youre able to cut  ,up to 2 and 5 8 inches deep thats enough to get  through 3 by material in one pass for those of you  ,using it if youre ripping wood thats 5 sheets of  half inch plywood or three sheets of three quarter  ,inch subfloor and its not just about capacity no  matter what material is on your plate for the day  ,this flex 24 volt circular saw has the power to  muscle through it flex also got the ergonomics  ,right the main handle fits comfortably in your  hand and that front handle is just the right  ,size to give you a secure grip without being too  big at this stage of the game flex was going to  ,have to put together something pretty special to  compete with the top cordless reciprocating saws  ,and they delivered from our first cut with this  24 brushless recep saw we could tell it had less  ,vibration than most of the other saws in this  category thats thanks to what flex calls shock  ,shield vibration suppression with a long one  and a quarter inch stroke length that drives  ,up to 3 000 strokes per minute it melts through  metal cutting at speeds that go toe to toe with  ,the best we tested switching over to wood cutting  it has a major advantage over its competitors by  ,providing a switch to engage orbital action which  adds some aggression to its speed the surprising  ,revelation is seeing just how compact flex  kept this saw considering how well it performs  ,and how well it controls the vibration its just  17.5 inches long and thats more in line with what  ,we expect from standard cordless reciprocating  saws not these higher performing models  ,add in a rafter hook led light pivoting shoe and  push button shoe length adjustment and youve  ,got a professional level demolition tool that  doesnt leave you wishing hed bought something  ,else weve worked with a lot of multi-tools so  a few things immediately jumped out to us about  ,the flex 24 volt brushless oscillating tool  first we love flexs shock shield vibration  ,suppression it isolates the head from the rest of  the tool body and that makes a huge difference in  ,how much vibration you feel theres very little  vibration on the main grip area and almost none  ,of it reaches the battery next you gotta love that  flex went with the starlock accessory interface if  ,you havent used this yet its a big improvement  over any of the other to

Flex Power Tools| Epic or Na

solid dropping it i dont ever im like,because its just i mean,its like a brick like i dont worry,about it whatsoever,all right guys so im gonna talk im,sorry its winning its gonna be a,little windy here for a minute but im,gonna talk about the flex tools as you,guys can see um ive been using them for,a while i have quite a few of them and,ive been using them on the job site i,havent just been tinkering with them in,the in the shop ive actually been using,them on the job site up on the roof you,know building this house ive pretty,much been exclusively flex tools and i,want to talk to you just real briefly,about job site uh utility im not going,to get into the specs of the batteries,and all this different stuff im going,to tell you how theyve done and what i,dislike and what i like about them on,the job site im just going to go ahead,and start this vacuum cleaner is just,awesome i dont really have much to say,about it it has a little battery port,its got a bunch of attachments its,great for,you know cleaning out your tool bags,cleaning out the trailer just little,stuff like that sucking up some sawdust,in the corner just love it because its,compact it has a little battery,attachment to it its a wet dry vac and,its battery operated which is huge for,me uh the next thing is their bit,collection these are awesome ill kind,of get closer theres a little push,button which you can push with gloves or,without gloves it just they make it,really usable for if its cold and you,have gloves on or if youre just working,with thicker gloves you can still access,all this,it just clips on here,and you push it back in there and it,locks back in,super simple,you can click them all out the other,thing that i actually really do love,about these is that the case here has a,button on it so when you push it it,opens you dont have to slide anything,its just super user friendly but it,also holds itself closed,really well,if its getting thrown around so,this right here im never going to buy,any other drill bit set this is by far,the best and ive used milwaukee ive,used default um ive i think,ive used,next is the impact drill you guys,probably know by now this is the best,impact drill i think thats on the,market especially at its price range it,has all the settings down here for uh,doing a metal tapping screws self,tapping screws,i got two of those and literally my,favorite drill i dont even know where,my dewalt drills are to be honest,this rotary hammer,absolute beast it is the smaller size or,on the smaller side i think its,actually the bigger size that they have,but it is on the smaller side when it,comes to battery operated,rotary hammers,i know milwaukee has a bigger one but,this is perfect for doing small pier and,beam foundations where i was drilling,you know,for some,anchor bolts,epic i also can change the chuck which,is epic as well fricken awesome and do a,regular drill chuck something like this,i can attach that on there and use this,for wood drilling for auguring stuff,like that,ive used it for hole saw stuff like,that its absolutely amazing its just a,heavier duty,drill basically absolutely love it no,complaints with it whatsoever,next up is the 24 volt flex saw this is,the,side mount i dont know what they,specifically call it,great saw to be honest im not a fan of,this style of saw,across any platform,so ive only used this maybe 20 30 times,great little saw just like every other,one to be honest i dont have anything,different to say about it then,its just you know,its a good little saw,their drill,use this a few times super power,powerful has an interesting clip,mechanism here you unscrew it,and it clips onto this little bracket,right here this metal caging and it,locks into place,which is interesting ive never had a,drill like that i think theres maybe a,couple other that do that but ive never,had one like that which i actually like,because it holds it steady and you dont,have to hook anything on here it doesnt,rotate its actually locked in,super powerful drill again it beats out,my dewalt it beats out my milwaukee,so obviously i just love it the next the,big boy ive been using this saw,exclusively on this entire build,hands down my favorite rear handle saw,that ive used and ive used the,milwaukee ive used the dewalt for years,um ive used the motabo briefly but this,is by far more powerful in my eyes,the battery that comes with it which is,this new,stacked lithium 24 volt flex battery,10 amp hour this thing,i mean ive charged it once,which is freaking awesome but i would,also say the other thing which ill,probably get into a little bit here in a,second these battery technology the,battery technology in this in this,platform,if for no other reason you buy something,out of this platform buy it for the,batteries,i i put this thing in which is more,powerful and lasts longer than the,dewalt flex volt uh what is it i forgot,what it is but i have one this charges,in a quarter of the time a quarter of,the time that it takes me to charge a,dewalt battery this size this charge is,faster than the tiny small dewalt,batteries,its epic i i dont know i dont know,how they do it but,it is,amazing so overall if youre talking,about this saw the power is great um it,stays true to the line very easily it,glides through,your wood very smoothly so its not,getting wiggly or,taking you off track and youre not,doing a bunch of curves it goes exactly,where you want to go the weight,distribution i think is epic its its,its just im shocked i really was not,expecting this from them to be honest,but its pretty cool,next up is the uh,reciprocating saw this is a badass saw,it really is its awesome its got the,rafter hook installed onto it um it,comes with that it has uh your lock so,if you want to keep it locked keep it,going you can do that um the only thing,that i do not like about this is the,attachment blade ive used the dewalt,one where it has a little clip down here,to release the blade i love that this,twisty thing seems a little archaic to,me so i dont like that because if you,stop this if you stop the sawzall while,its,in there you have to grab the blade and,and pull it out or try to pull the,trigger i dont like that im not a fan,of that whatsoever it does have the,extend extended um you can press this,button and extend this thing i cant do,it right now i dont know why but um,those are the only complaints is,basically around here otherwise the,power of it is great um also i dont,like how the battery slides in this way,i wish the battery slid in this way but,now im getting nitpicky but overall,great tool um i do have some complaints,on this one um its still great but,there could be some things that would be,better,the paddle four inch grinder this thing,is awesome absolutely love it,super powerful it has different speeds,right here you can change the speeds um,its super easy attachment i also like,how you dont have to have a tool to,move your guard so if youre cutting,something and you change positions so,you want the sparks to again be,deflected away from you you can just,swivel this you dont have to untighten,it or unclamp something you can just,keep spinning it around as you change,angles and its its an awesome awesome,grinder,the blade lock button is easy to push,super awesome,this jigsaw barrel handle ive used this,a few times maybe seven or eight times,absolutely love it the light on it is,amazing this little guard is super sweet,i will say the fact that i can choose to,turn the lights on and off um and,brighter and not so bright is a pretty,sweet feature,overall not a huge amount to say about,this except for it cuts super smooth,especially when you have those spiders,jigsaw blades those things are epic so,um super cool,love that saw,i think thats pretty much all of this,so mainly the complaints that i have one,this tool platform is a little heavier,than what youre going to get with,milwaukee or dewalt,i will say that these batteries are,rubber encased on the sides whatever,this mat


i will never bring flex to this channel,you will never see a flex tool on this,channel are you going to give flex a,chance to prove you wrong that makes,sense i know thats right i think thats,what youre afraid of in my opinion,youre afraid of being wrong i said that,i would never bring them to the channel,however,i will,tomorrow head to lowes and i will,pick some up,hello you know i know weve been friends,for a long time trz but you really got,to start bringing some flex and tools to,the channel man people want to see that,stuff what are you doing over there come,on i want to see something this week,bro,bro if you see these new flex power,tools,why dont you bring them to the channel,bro,seriously man,i gotta get away from this let me see,what the subscribers are saying here,type in,review zone,i hope theres nothing on here just,please,[Music],no,what,[Music],hmm,[Applause],[Music],hmm,[Music],attention all shoppers we have flex,tools on all 13 l13 flexibles,its weird,[Music],hmm,[Music],you may want to get subscribed for this

FLEX Power Tools Has Finally Done It! (ENOUGH IS ENOUGH)

flex power tools has made a huge splash,in the world of power tools starting,with what some would say was a,controversial flex face-off promotional,event,people felt the event which was produced,and paid for by flex themselves was,slanted in flexs favor,lets be real people ive never been to,any press event held by any tool company,and the message they delivered was we,want to be number four its ridiculous,with that in mind we all set out to,prove that flex surely wasnt the,performance powerhouse that they claimed,to be,and in test after test they,dominated flex is also offering a,bumper-to-bumper limited lifetime,founders warranty to early adopters of,the platform you just gotta register,your new flex 24-volt tools within 30,days of purchase through december 31st,221 and if you buy flex tools after the,new year you get a respectable five-year,warranty id still argue they should,just offer the lifetime warranty forever,but hey what do i know a lot of you,including myself said that flex needed,that little something something extra to,even get you to consider them im not,sure what happened but it looks like,somebody has gone off the deep end with,their newest marketing strategy because,flex has finally done it and frankly,enough is enough but whats never enough,is the hottest merch in the tooltuber,game and if you want to help out with,the channel head on over to merch store,you can get hats hoodies t-shirts link,will be in the description below,[Music],back but if this is your first time here,my name is vince its nice to see you,heres the deal two of my biggest,complaints with flex has been number one,the rollout of their tools and the,expansiveness of their platform which,they addressed in this video here and,number two,the tool deals ive been saying that to,sway people from what seem to be more,established platform choices flex needs,to sweeten the pot with deep discounts,and free battery or bare tool promotions,i guess theyve been hearing the very,cool gang and said enough is enough and,finally did it,watch very carefully because youre,going to cause yourself to ask a whole,bunch of questions that were going to,answer anyway so pay attention our,friend sal from the very cool gang dmd,us on the tweeter and let us know that,not only is flex offering deep discounts,but theyre doing something that ive,never seen them do before one of my,favorites is the hammer drill with turbo,and quick eject impact driver combo both,tools are full on beast mode,and it comes with a five amp hour and,two and a half amp hour battery a rapid,charger and a bag this combo is usually,349 dollars,and the only way you can see the price,right now is if you add it to that car,and when you do you can see its marked,all the way down to,299 dollars but heres where it gets,real sweet theyre throwing in another,two and a half amp hour battery thats a,good deal and theyre enticing you to,give flex a try and rightfully so dont,get confused youll see another combo,kit thats,349 dollars,and you probably wonder whats the,difference,a lot of times people think that more,expensive means better,heres a deal,it must be a pricing glitch because that,kit only includes the drill driver with,turbo not the hammer drill theyre,actually giving you more features for,less money its crazy they got deals,running on the oscillating multi-tool,bigger combo kits there are circular,saws which are awesome and the one,youve all been asking for the drywall,screwdriver with magazine attachment and,spiral saw combo kit theres a link in,the description to check out all the,deals,and i feel like scoring the best tool,deals because enough is never enough to,smash the like button because the more,likes we get the tool deals get cheaper,and youll get seven years of good luck,because it aint like smashing a mirror,i guarantee it videos over but i know,you want more so this is how youre,going to get it first thing you need to,do is pretend youre this guy and youre,here in the birthplace of freedom now,ring that bell like its 1776 and let,all notifications through,what youre not subscribed yet well,smash this button here after that watch,this video here,here,and maybe over here,see you later,[Music],you

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