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FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review: THIS AINT IT CHIEF!!

sit-stand desks are gaining in,popularity but their big-ticket items,and its usually pretty tough to get,your hands on one for a practical trial,before you pull the trigger so today,were gonna check out a desk from flexi,spot and compare it against another,popular brand that Ive reviewed before,uplift desk,[Music],yeah Im bright Pete your watch youre,bad see Tech and today were taking a,look at a motorized sit-stand desk from,flexi spot you may have seen my review,on the uplift desk already if not you,can check it out by clicking right up,here in the corner our well link it in,the description as well the desk in that,video is pretty kitted out as the desk,were looking at today is pretty basic I,tried to get as close to that as I could,on uplifts website with comparable,configurations the flexi spot desk were,looking at today will run you about four,hundred and ten dollars versus six,hundred and fifty for a similar desk,from uplift I try to get as close as,possible with the uplift model is,actually five inches longer but you can,do a lot with five inches boom yes now,for transparency flexi spot did send,this desk out for review but as you,should know by now doesnt affect my,review in any way the desktop here is 55,inches wide 28 inches deep and comes as,a $40 upgrade from the base size of 48,by thirty sixty by thirty is coming but,its not shipping until the end of April,at the earliest the desktop is an inch,thick but its this basic laminate as,you can possibly get lacking even any,cable grommets for pass through the,outside carton for the desktop was not,damaged in any way which is utterly,bizarre because I could shoot a,30-second b-roll montage of just the,damage and flaws on this desktop scuffed,scraped pitted just super rough man if I,had purchased this Id have been on the,phone with customer service immediately,they did also managed to miss drilling,the pilot holes where you can attach the,control box to the desktop a lot of,having to do that myself without,accidentally drilling through the other,side of the desktop so yeah pilot holes,in wood screws is how youre gonna be,attaching the surface to the frame,thats a far cry from the embedded metal,inserts that we saw on the uplift desk,so assembly aside from having to drill,that top was actually pretty,straightforward the whole thing came,together in about 45 minutes and despite,the fact that theres cables running to,it from each component to support,motorized function oddly,absolutely where any kind of cable,management materials whatsoever the,frame on this unit is a single motor,dual stage design versus the dual motor,three-stage design that comes standard,with the uplift desk this can be,upgraded as well to both the dual stage,dual motor and a three-stage dual motor,which pushes the cost of the desk up an,additional 70 bucks the frame is,designed for a max load of 154 pounds,and it moves at a rate at an inch per,second the height can range from just,under 28 inches to just over forty seven,point six inches so a max Id it is more,than tall enough even for me and I stay,at 6 foot for this model does come,standard with the control panel that,allows for up-and-down motion plus three,memory spots with an LED readout to tell,you the desk height the single motor,design uses this drive shaft assembly,which has to be adjusted as the width of,the desk is adjusted the motor operation,itself while it might be slow is very,quiet as in barely audible this outside,a price would be the one advantage I,would give this unit over the uplift,desk and I want to be careful here,because this isnt a hit piece this desk,is 240 dollars cheaper than the,comparable uplift model over 35% cheaper,even if you upgrade this flexi spot test,to the dual motor three-stage design it,still comes in a hundred and seventy,dollars cheaper than the uplift but,cheaper doesnt mean cheap this desk is,still over four hundred dollars if I had,paid over $400 for this desk Id have a,problem with that the front to back,stability of this desk is solid even if,max height Ill definitely give it that,but the lateral stability of this desk,the horizontal motion at this price,point its unacceptable,its add insult to injury here they,include a little safety baffle this,little steel piece that mounts to the,frame and covers a portion of this,rotating driveshaft when this desk sees,any lateral motion at all the drive,shaft hits this baffle and the sound is,absolutely infuriating to top things off,I decided to add rolling casters to this,desk this was a $30 upgrade and two of,those four casters arrived damaged as,well my plan for this desk at this point,is to lose the desk top and came with,all together and replace it with a white,laminate lemon table from Ikea and use,it as an adjustable photo table which,you cant do this frame will accommodate,desktops up to 63 inches wide and 31 and,a half inches deep so this will roll,around the studio make it easier to film,products without having to adjust,complex or heavy slider setups and what,I personally pay $400 for that no I,lucked out that I found uplift,first that is an investment in quality,office furniture that will last you this,at best,feels like a cheaper imitation of that,it just doesnt feel quality and the,difference between this desk and my main,desk is night and day do feel free to,check out their website as well which,also feels eerily similar to one of,their competitors theres a wealth of,accessories you can get for the flexi,spot desk up to and including a foot,massager and even a stationary exercise,bike and I could spend another 10,minutes of our precious time covering,various options and accessories I could,but I think Im happier that they only,sent a basic desk because as a basic,desk Im not a fan of the quality,control at this price point and I dont,think slapping on a bunch of extras is,the move when the core product isnt,what it should be they do offer a 30-day,trial if youre just morbidly curious,and they warranty their desks for three,years very desk is five years and uplift,desk is seven years if you are in the,market for a sit-stand desk,theyre amazing mines been a life,changer for me both in terms of gaming,and productivity but I would spend the,extra money its gonna take to get into,a higher end manufacturer like uplift,desk or very desk and I havent,personally used very desk products so I,cant speak on it but their reputation,is very good big thanks to flexi spot,for sending this out for review,unfortunately I cannot recommend this,unit and for the record Im a hundred,percent sure they would have happily,replaced the parts that I had an issue,with seeing as how both the desktop and,the casters arrived damaged but from a,customer standpoint youd probably be,really excited to get this in and get it,set up in your space only to find out,that you had to wait on replacement,parts plus theres a reviewer its,really tough for me to gauge the,customer service experience because Im,dealing with the dedicated product rep,and they know Im making this video and,thats not intended to throw any shade,at their customer service they have,excellent reviews in that regard but,its one of the realities I deal with,being a reviewer versus being a customer,and Id like to be transparent any,questions please hit me up in the,comments and Ill do my best to get,those answered for you and thats it for,this time Im bright B thanks so much,for watching dont forget to hit that,like button hit that sub button and,until next time stay up,ah really broke in driveshaft,rod-like Im really trying to be mature,here but it gets so hard sometimes

The BEST Home Office Standing Desk 2022! (Flexispot E7 Review)

hello everyone and in todays video,were going to be checking out the new,pro plus standing desk e7 that was sent,over by flexispot for us to check out,the model that i have is the 80 inch,long desktop that has the maple finish,and it also does come with these white,super strong motorized legs that have,dual motors as well as a pretty,interesting new keypad that actually,comes with a usb port for charging and,up to four different presets so honestly,speaking this is really good if you work,at home and you have to share your,office space with more than one person,two people can have their own sitting as,well as standing height or if theres,four different people in your work from,home or office space that share the desk,each of those four people can have their,own presets which is really nice the,first thing that i absolutely love about,these flexi spot desks is just the ease,of installation the nice part about all,the desktops is that the holes are,pre-drilled so its very easy to line up,those motorized legs even though they,are a little bit heavy you may need the,help of another person to put together,but if you have two people putting these,things together you should be able to do,it in about 25 minutes the instructions,are very clear and very easy to follow,and realistically speaking other than a,few bolts and a couple things that you,have to use the included tool for or,that you can use a power 24 to speed up,its a very easy and quick installation,process from start to finish and,including this one i have put together,about three different flexi spot desks,and they were all very easy to put,together the motorized legs are also,extremely strong and sturdy and those,dual motors actually have over two feet,of adjustment going from 22.8 inches all,the way up to 48.4 inches which is,absolutely insane you can get this desk,obviously really low or really high so,even if youre like six foot three it,should be very easy for you to use this,desk in a standing orientation and the,legs on the e7 are also incredibly,strong as well as they support up to 355,pounds of weight so if you have your,gaming pc and a console or your laptop,and a couple of huge monitors that you,want to mount to your desk to really,take advantage of all that desktop real,estate you definitely can and the frame,is also incredibly adjustable as well so,lets say that you start off with a,55-inch desktop and you decide to,upgrade later on to a 72-inch desktop,drill the holes in your new desktop or,go with a new desktop from flexispot,extend those legs of the frame and,youre good to go its a very easy,process to move the legs from the e7,from one desk to the next when youre,upgrading now on that keypad you do have,four different presets that you can,customize so that multiple people in,your household or in your office can,have their own safe presets for when,they want to use this desk and you also,do have a quick access usb port that is,built into that keypad as well so if you,need it for a quick charge you can go,ahead and plug in your phone or your,tablet without having to look for a,dongle now the desktop that i have is,that maple chipboard that flexi spot,offers as an option and it also does,come with an anti-wear coating that,actually does hold up very well over,time another desktop that i have from,flexispot ive had it for about a year,and a half at this point and it has the,same coating on it and it hasnt worn at,all it looks and feels exactly the same,as the day that i got it obviously you,just want to make sure that you keep it,clean and youre pretty much good to go,theres really not much maintenance that,you have to do to this top other than,just keeping it clean more or less i am,just really impressed with the overall,packaging as well as the build quality,and experience of putting together and,using the flexi spot e7 desktop i really,dont have anything bad to say about it,just because ive used other flexi spot,products in the past the previous desk,that i had had a keypad that was not as,advanced as this one and this is,definitely a really nice upgrade,obviously that desk was also cheaper but,this one is a bigger desktop as well as,a much nicer keypad so i definitely knew,that the e7 is a really good option this,desktop setup is the 80 inches wide by,30 inches deep and it is really nice to,use that entire workspace on the desk,like one of my monitors i have mounted,and it clears up basically the entire,desktop to have a mouse pad or if you,need additional hardware like if you,want to have like some storage on top of,your desk or card readers or anything,like that or even if you just want more,space to space things out on your desk,to give it a little bit more of a,minimal appearance then thats also,something that you can do with the,bigger desktop as well obviously,workspace is workspace and the more,space that you have potentially the more,productive you could be underneath the,desk i did make sure that i cable,managed as best as i could and i do,think that it looks pretty good if i do,say so myself and i did decide to add a,couple of tasteful modifications just,some under death storage that is very,easy and cheap to add just add a little,bit more utility to the desk i will,leave a link to the under desk stores,that i installed that was very easy i,didnt have to drill anything it was all,just some little adhesive strips that,were double sided and its very easy to,install wont take you long at all and i,dont know this this looks really good i,just might have to go with a dual ultra,wide setup i dont know might be a,little much but i think it might look,pretty cool let me know what you guys,think in the comment section below but,thats all i have for this video if you,guys enjoyed feel free to drop a like,and subscribe to the channel as well i,want to thank you guys for watching and,again flexispot is going to be having a,pretty huge sale be sure to check it out,i will leave a link to their website in,the description below as well as a pink,comment but thank you guys for watching,i will see you in the next video,[Music],you

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Standing Desk Game Changer – FlexiSpot Pro Plus E7 Review

standing desks have become a very,popular solution to the sitting epidemic,we face today after all youve heard,that sitting is the new smoking so,finding a standing desk for work or for,home it sounds like a good idea for,fixing your posture and improving your,health but before you go run off and buy,a standing desk there are a few things,you need to know about these desks and,how to get the most out of your purchase,things like if youre six feet tall like,i am how high should that desk be able,to raise as a physical therapist i,absolutely love my standing desk at work,and the one that i have at home because,theyre set up correctly i have all the,features that i need to do my work with,great ergonomics the standing desk ive,been using for the past two years has,been this one the most basic flexi spot,desk on the market i paid just under,three hundred dollars for it and its,been the perfect home desk for the last,few years now flexi spot they saw my,previous review of that desk and they,offered to send me this their latest,desk to review theyre not paying me to,say anything positive or negative about,this desk everything i share today is my,honest opinion as a physical therapist,the desk that they sent is the flexispot,proplus standing desk e7 and its part,of their pro series so lets take a look,at how easy it was to set up well do a,quick time lapse of the full setup,overall id say setting up the desk was,really pretty simple it took about 30,minutes the most difficult part in the,beginning was simply taking the boxes,downstairs because i was setting these,up in my basement the desktop box was,pretty heavy as it was a little awkward,and long but the small box was,surprisingly heavy because that had all,of the components including the two,motors in the uh the unit and the entire,assembly for the frame the instructions,were relatively simple to understand but,there were a few parts where i had to,take off the cable management box and,re-establish the motor where the,attachments were the cables came in,because i realized that i wanted the,cords coming out uh from the left side,so that it plugs into the wall where my,outlet was and i wanted the controller,to be on the right side so think of that,as youre setting up the desk but,overall it was really pretty simple and,it should not be a real issue at all in,setting this up by yourself as i said it,took me about 30 minutes to set up this,desk from start to finish and i dont,think youll have any issue with that,just make sure you have the drill so,that you can screw the table top to the,frame and then you can use the allen,wrench they included for the other bolts,that are in the kit now that its set up,we can answer the question about the,best standing desk height so how tall,should you set your standing desk well,the first place to start is by standing,tall and raising your standing desk so,that the table top is level just below,where your elbows are now this approach,allows you to bend your elbow to 90,degrees and type while standing upright,with good posture as you can see right,here this is hitting in the middle of my,arm my elbow is right here and so this,desk is about six inches too tall for me,right now its easy to lower all you,have to do here is lower it,and the flexi spot controller will tell,you exactly how high the desk is i have,it set at 42 inches because thats the,distance from my elbow to the ground,when im standing tall and i bend my,elbow to 90 degrees and so that is the,exact position of the standing desk and,the position that ive saved it,i stand six feet tall but everyones,position is going to be a little bit,different because your torso and your,arms and your leg length are all going,to be different so measure from your,elbow to the ground to get a roundabout,number on how,high your desk should be when youre in,standing and then you can save that in,one of the presets that they have on the,controller now depending on your monitor,setup you may need to make an adjustment,to your monitor height regardless of the,standing desk height that you set so for,laptop users for example youll need a,separate keyboard and a laptop stand,just like this one to elevate your,monitor to eye level if you have a,desktop setup or an imac or another,monitor try to raise it as high as,possible or to elevate it with a few,books so that you dont constantly look,downward and strain the back of your,neck now once you find a comfortable,standing position set it as one of the,presets on the remote control here they,have a standing button a sitting button,and then one and two so basically there,are four different presets that you,could have for the standing desk and,its as simple as pressing the m button,to program it thats m for memory and,then press,one for uh whatever uh wherever it is,you can just set by pressing the m and,pressing one and now that 37.6 is saved,as the first preset if i press number,two itll raise to whatever,number i had it saved as before if i,press the up or down anytime during that,elevation itll stop and then i can,press the seated position that ive,saved it,for the chair that im using and then of,course my standing position itll raise,back up to 42 inches like ive said it,earlier now if youre over six feet tall,you need to find a standing desk that,can raise to at least 48 inches high but,thats all going to depend on your body,composition your torso length uh your,leg length but regardless of the,standing desk that youre at if you,bring it to the height of your elbow it,should be really close to the perfect,standing desk height for you the,flexispot proplus standing desk e7 that,im using here,today ranges from 22.8 inches to 48.4,inches from the ground level which makes,it really suitable for anyone over four,feet tall up to six foot four inches,tall and if youre taller than that well,the biggest adjustment youll need to,make is to have a monitor stand to,elevate your screen by a couple of,inches and if youre smaller or your,kids are going to be using the standing,desk and theyre at least four feet tall,you need a standing desk that goes down,to at least 23 inches in height so that,they can sit down comfortably at the,table when they choose to sit down all,right lets talk about the features that,you absolutely need on a standing desk,and a few others that you probably dont,because youre going to find a lot of,different standing desk features out,there to customize your desk for example,this one uses a smooth textured top to,design to look like black walnut now,its very similar technology to wood,laminate flooring that looks like wood,but they have better resistance to,scratches and water damage its not,really wood but the smooth texture top,and that wood look it gives your desk a,very seamless smooth feel and a really,nice appearance that will hold up to a,lot of use of course you can get a solid,chunk of black walnut or oak or mahogany,or cherry or whatever and thats going,to cost you hundreds of dollars as an,upgrade from flexispot look thats up to,you but it does not make a difference to,me on how the desk performs in fact the,first desk that i bought from flexispot,was just a standard chipboard flat black,desk thats held up great for the past,two years of using it every single day,now the size of the desk is definitely a,feature to consider closely because a,desk like this one can come in as small,as 48 by 24 inches in dimensions and as,large as 78 by 38 inches,as the dimension i think this one here,is the perfect size it comes at 55,inches long by 28 inches deep now the,third feature to consider on a standing,desk like this is to make sure it has a,programmable keypad this flexispot pro,plus standing desk gives you a choice,between a couple adjustable keypad,options that allow you to program,different height presets i like this a,lot better than the cheaper versions,youll find out there because theres no,more guessing on how high you have the,desk at home and when you go to sit dow

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FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review and Comparison (Comhar vs Seiffen)

about six months ago i joined the rest,of the modern world and i bought myself,a standing desk this desk is from,flexispot and i spent about 260,on it and i absolutely loved it well,until this happened ah yeah that,happened its the upgraded version of,the flexispot,standing desk and im sure we all know,by now that standing desks,are great for varying your posture,increasing your energy promoting,better overall health and as a physical,therapist i can attest to these benefits,staying active having a good desk set up,that encourages,good posture variety in your positioning,throughout the day,but do you need two desks not,necessarily just so happen that last,month,flexispot reached out to me about their,latest glasstop come here standing desk,and offered to send one out to me to try,without,realizing that i had already purchased,one not too long ago,so i was curious and i wanted to compare,the two so today,thats what were doing and just so you,know flexi spot did not pay me,to do this review and everything i say,about these desks are based on my honest,opinion so lets go put this new desk,together,hey by the way if youre new here,welcome to the channel im tim,fraticelli im a physical therapist and,on this channel we love talking about,all things physical therapy career,treatment and product reviews to relieve,your aches and pains so if that sounds,helpful,be sure to hit the subscribe button and,give this video a like as well,it really helps the channel and i would,really appreciate it okay so the first,thing i noticed about the flexi spot,comer,all-in-one standing desk was how easy,this thing was to assemble compared to,the standard flexispot desk which took,me about an hour to assemble,the all-in-one comair desk was really,simple taking about,five to ten minutes max to put together,it had a total of 16 screws,and four parts which really made it easy,to install,and just make sure you plug in both,cords on the back and youll be ready to,go,what sets this version apart from the,other desk that i bought from flexispot,is the programmable height control i,know that when i was first looking at,options i didnt really put much weight,on the programmable options,but after using the base level desk i,can just tell you that getting it to be,just right is a little bit annoying if,you dont have the programmable presets,with this version of the flexi spot desk,it has four presets so that you can,program it to fit the perfect height,for standing sitting in a chair or a,tall stool,and it includes two usb ports as well as,a usb,c port and a safety or a lock button,that prevents it from moving,when you dont want it to it also has a,small desk drawer which is really nice,especially,if you want to keep a clear workspace,but you want a small storage area for,putting a few pens,a keyboard or even earbuds my laptop,even fits into this,drawer and as small as the drawer is i,really think its a nice feature,thats been added to this desk so the,dimensions on this desk are 24 inches by,48 inches,which is perfect for a small space like,i have in my studio and the height is,adjustable from 28 inches on the lower,side,to 47.6 inches when its raised,completely,i stand six feet tall and find the,height of the desk to be plenty tall for,me,actually i dont even elevate it all the,way and found that about 42 inches,is an ideal table height based on my arm,position and height,i will say that one common mistake,people make with standing desks,in general is when they dont elevate,their screens or use a detached keyboard,with their laptop,and as great as standing desks are you,can still have poor posture while,standing,and even irritate your wrists or your,forearms with the wrong standing desk,setup,i can talk more about that in a,different video so let me know if that,sounds interesting to you,by leaving a comment or leaving any,questions that you have about a,workspace setup in terms of stability,this desk is really solid,its pretty heavy especially with the,glass top but it also makes it a really,stable desk that feels sturdy,whether youre working at it while,sitting or if youre standing it also,has an anti-collision function which,makes sure it doesnt crush anything,if you accidentally set it to lower and,it pushes against something,this is a feature that my other flexi,spot desk doesnt have with its manual,up and down buttons,but i think its a good feature to have,because a few times i have lowered the,desk,into an armrest on my tall chair and i,think it could have damaged,something if i didnt stop both of these,desks are pretty quiet the newer desk,is a little softer sounding but neither,of them are too loud,[Music],i will say the button on the standard,desk is more of a button that clicks on,and off while the new desk has more of a,touch screen response button that takes,a fraction of a second to respond,speaking of the buttons you can program,four different settings,on this desk which is nice especially if,two people are using the desk and they,want to set their own setting,for standing or sitting once you have it,at the right level just press and hold,the number you want to program for three,seconds,and itll save that setting the next,time you hit the button itll adjust,automatically to that level,a couple considerations ill share about,the new desk here one its heavy,its not easy to maneuver yourself,especially in the giant box,but it is possible just be careful if,youve ordered the glass top version,so you dont damage anything the second,thing about this desk is,the color i love the black desk but,unless your house is 100,dust free just be ready to see a few,little specks of dust on it within,minutes,of cleaning it off im sure the white,version of this desk would,hide more dust and look cleaner up close,for longer but,i like the look of the black desk and i,dont mind wiping it down every once in,a while for the past six months i really,enjoyed the flexi spot desk that i,bought and i had no intentions of,swapping it out,but i do have to say that i really enjoy,the automatic adjustment settings,on the newer desk and im probably gonna,make up my new studio desk,its not that the other desk is bad at,all but if i had the option again to pay,260 dollars for the other desk that i,bought initially,or to pay 380 for this newer version id,have to say that i think its worth the,extra 100 bucks,to buy the newer upgraded version they,didnt ask me to say that and they dont,even know that i bought the standard,desk,a while back im just saying that if i,had the option to buy one again today,id get this one because i think its,slick the preset adjustments are great,and it just feels solid flexispot lists,this desk on their website to retail for,500 bucks,but theyve discounted it to 360 dollars,for the wooden top version,or 429 dollars for the glass top version,it all depends on your preference for,the look and the feel that youre going,for,i think both of them look good so i,wouldnt hesitate spending the money on,the upgraded version,of the standing desk or even using the,older version of the standing desk by,flexispot,so there you have it if youre on the,fence about a standing desk i think,youll,enjoy the quality and the build of the,flexispot desk and if you have an extra,100 bucks to spend,i think youll enjoy the programmable,settings of the comer,all in one version and if youre on more,of a budget the standard version is also,great its what ive used,for my setup for a while and i think,its a solid desk as well,you can find the link to both of these,desks below and if you have questions,for me,just leave those in the comments below,and ill try to answer all of them as,fast as i can,hey thanks for watching be sure to,subscribe and ill see you in the next,video,[Music],you

Office Furniture | Flexispot Standing Desk | E1 Standing Desk Review

working from home sitting in front of a,computer all day,is not good for your health but luckily,we can fix that,with a standing desk,whats up this is john from jonbenets,for photography and as a wedding,photographer i spend a lot of time,at my desk at home editing photos i,could be sitting for two,three four hours just editing photos and,on top of that,with the youtube channel im doing the,same thing editing videos,so one thing im very familiar with is,having a nice,desk setup and a way for you to be able,to take breaks,and stand whether youre a creative,entrepreneur or not,now that a lot of us are working at home,i think getting a standing desk,is essential to your workspace so today,were going to be checking out the flexi,spot standing desk,flexi spot was nice enough to send this,over my way however this review of the,desk is my own,and they didnt pay me to say anything,specific about the desk itself,ive been using it for about a month now,and honestly its,really awesome i wish i could fit my,whole desk set up,on it but i use it in a couple of,different ways im using the en1 flexi,spot standing desk it has a 48 by 30,desktop space,so youre able to fit a nice amount of,stuff on this desk,i particularly like the depth as well a,lot of desks can be too thin sometimes,so the depth of this one is really nice,i ended up getting white legs and a,maple top to kind of match,the aesthetic of my room but keep in,mind all of these colors are changeable,theres different leg colors,and also different table top colors the,standing desk starts at about 350,but you can see on the website right now,its on sale for about 299,so if youre in the market for standing,desks now might be the time to go ahead,and grab one it holds up to 154 pounds,thats not including the desktop but for,most of your setups on a desk,thats going to be more than enough,weight i mean 154 pounds youre putting,a lot of stuff on there,you can even see here with my setup i,have a big 32 inch monitor,and also a small desktop computer on the,desk,and its able to raise with no problems,the desks height is adjustable from 27,inches,to 47 inches so unless youre extremely,tall,this desk will fit for most everyone i,myself am 5,8 and it works perfectly they do have,another model that is larger as well,so if you do need some more height you,might want to check that one out you can,also adjust the width of the desk from,33 inches to 50.,so if you want to put your own desktop,on it that is totally possible if you,need a nice,long standing desk you can set that up,with the legs of the flexi spot,as far as the strength of the motor and,the stability of the desk its all,really awesome this desk has a single,motor and is able to raise at a fairly,quick,pace without being too loud it also,comes with a couple of clips,to help you cable manage the motor power,and also controller and even after,raising the height of the desk,it doesnt wobble too much you can see a,little bit of the wobbling here and its,not too,much nothing too concerning in my,opinion assembly was fairly easy,i didnt tape myself assembling it,because i kind of struggled,but thats only because i did it by,myself so its definitely possible to,assemble by yourself,but in my opinion definitely get someone,to help you itll be much,much easier also whats cool about the,assembly is if you want to put your own,desktop,on the legs youre able to adjust the,width of the desk as well,id say for the assembly it took me,probably about an,hour but again thats because i was,doing it by myself,if you have someone to help you this,should take maybe 30 to 40 minutes to,put together,so one of the best parts about the,flexispot standing desk,is the keypad so i have the advanced,keypad but they do have different,versions and basically with this keypad,im able to program,different heights into my desk so i have,a sitting setting,and also a standing setting and i have,those programs to one,and two you could also have like a,middle ground setting if you want to,which i honestly should probably set up,because i also use my desk for content,creation,the keypad also has standing reminders,built into it as well,so if you need a way to remind yourself,when to stand up the desk can do that,for you,on top of being an awesome standing desk,as a content creator it has been a,really,really awesome flat lay desk so i set up,my desk to be a flat lay,unboxing scene in my content creation,this way whenever i need to unbox,something i have a nice,clean desk that i can use and because it,raises up and down i can use it for some,cool b-roll shots as well,setting up a shot on the desk is really,cool and the maple looks,really awesome as well and on top of,that all you got to do is buy,some kind of flat lay board or even just,poster board,and put it under there to change your,scene so as a content creator if youre,looking for a desk to be able to do,unboxings and things,this desk is also great for that so for,my overall thoughts,on the desk i absolutely love it its,fun to use,it puts on a lot of weight it doesnt,wobble too much,its a great overall desk if youre,looking for,a standing desk again ive been using,mine for about a month now,and aside from using it as an external,desk for my ipad so i can stand up,i also use it for my content creation,and its been awesome just,really its a great standing desk and,for the price comparative to most other,standing desks,its a no thought on buying make sure to,check out the link,below in the description if you want to,pick up a desk for yourself,so id love to hear from you all if you,think standing desks are worth it,is it a waste of money do you want one,yourself do you not see yourself,using one let me know in the comments,below id love to hear from other,creatives what your thoughts are on,standing desk because im sorry,sitting around all day editing in,lightroom its just too much for me,being able to stand up for a moment is,absolutely,the best thank you again for hanging out,on the channel and i hope you like this,quick look,at the flexi spot standing desk and,again,check the description to get one for,yourself hit the sub,and the like if you like this kind of,content share it with a friend whos,looking to spice up,their office space and i will catch you,all next time,all right peace,you

FlexiSpot E7 standing desk review | Studio update! | Mark Ellis Reviews

[Music],ive got a new toy,hello and welcome back to mark ellis,reviews and thank you as always for,subscribing and if you havent,subscribed the buttons just down there,so a little while ago i gave you a,behind-the-scenes tour of this little,studio but one of the biggest things i,wanted to change was the desk ive gone,a bit further than that as is always the,case with me,and then everything changed again let me,explain so first of all the desk,now originally i had a great big desk,from ikea,i cant remember what it was called it,was just basically two trestles from,ikea,and one of their great big wooden,surfaces its a lovely desk i highly,recommend that ikea stuff,it was just too big for this room its,massive this is a quite a small studio,ive got a desk behind me which is a,standing desk and having the ikea desk,although it gave me,loads of surface space which is quite,handy for b-roll and that sort of stuff,it was just a bit too bulky and a bit,too big and it made the room feel even,smaller than it was,luckily for me a company called,flexispot got in touch and offered to,send me,a standing desk to review they did this,isnt the sponsored video they sent it,to me to try out and,give you my honest opinion on and its,called the e7,the first thing i noticed when i got the,flexi spot e7 before i unpackaged it was,just how heavy it was it was a really,really heavy package and thats quite,reassuring actually for a desk because,you want it to be sturdy so,the fact it was properly heavy but,actually was quite quite nice,the installation the setup really,straightforward you just build it,yourself,use an allen key for most of it,screwdriver here and there,didnt take me long to be honest it was,one of those jobs that i picked a,saturday to do it,i thought right clear the decks lets go,for it cleared out the old,ikea desk put that in the garage and,basically went from there and set up the,e7 and like i say its,a really simple install if youve not,installed a desk yourself if youve not,set up a desk before,certainly if you havent set up a,standing desk before youve got nothing,to worry about its,really really easy and the size ive got,is just perfect for this room ill put,the details in the video description but,they do lots of different sizes,i went for the bamboo version which i,think was quite nice but they also do it,in black white,maple i think and a few others and the,frame so,the legs if you like they can be a,different color if you want i went for,the white version,but they also do those in black and i,think silver as well and all in all,it looks like a lovely desk it looks,very premium its not cheap but it looks,like a,well built premium desk and this is a,motorized desk so it comes with,a little control panel on the left hand,side although you can fit it on either,side actually you can raise and lower it,the version that ive got has,four settings so you can basically,choose four default settings for,yourself,at any height that you want and when,its raised its nice and stable when,its low its stable ive got,the desk behind me is a its got a crank,its like a manual standing desk and,its,a bit cheap i think it was about 40,pounds 50 pounds from from amazon so,its a cheap version,and as a result of that its a little,bit unstable the e7 is,its not rock solid you know these desks,do move a little bit but its very very,little and its its perfectly fine,the motor is pretty quiet it does this,thing where it slows down slightly as it,gets to its finishing,height which is quite nice because it,means all your stuff doesnt fall off,the desk and why have a standing desk,well its one of those things which,is great for health is youre supposed,to stand as much as you can during the,day while youre working i mix my time,between standing and sitting and i do,find i feel a little bit more energetic,particularly when im doing calls and,things like that i like to be standing,because it just makes me feel a bit more,up for it really and a bit more,energetic but all in all the e7 is the,exact,size desk that i wanted i now feel like,i have much more room in here but its,also very well made,its i highly recommend it its a,brilliant desk and the best of it is,there is a offer,on at the moment you have to be very,quick because im publishing this video,on the 25th of may and i think it,finishes,on this day but if its available go for,it and basically if you go,to the link in my description you can,get 15 pounds off all orders,over 150 pounds or more theyre calling,it flexi spot day,it is the 25th which is today possibly,as youre watching this so be quick,i think theyre very good value for,money theyre not cheap desks but in my,experience having bought a very cheap,standing desk you do need to spend a bit,of money to get something that is really,good and im really pleased with the e7,its fantastic i would not hesitate to,recommend it,cable management now if you come to my,house there are very little cables,anywhere,i get a bit angsty about cables i cant,stand having things dangling around so,before i set up the new desk in here the,cables in this room were just horrendous,they were horrible,so i knew that when i put a new desk in,i wanted to do something about that,cable management now this is a horrible,process if youve ever tried to,tidy up your cables behind your desk or,anything really youll know its an,absolute pain in the in the backside,its one of those jobs that i,start wish i hadnt started end up,swearing to myself constantly through it,and eventually get to the end of it and,then you realize that it was worth it,now the stuff that ive used to,tidy up all my cables you can get all,sorts of different sheaths and things,that you can put cables through,ive always found in the past theyre a,bit messy they dont even look that good,once youre done you have to,wrap them around the cables and all,sorts of things so i was looking for,something that was a bit,neater easier to install and just as,easy to,quickly add cables to or move if i,needed to and what i found were these,zippable kind of fabric cable sheaths,and they are just like a,fabric thing that you tie the cables,into or push the cables into and then,zip up,really easy really convenient they look,nice theyre black,and theyre just much better than those,kind of plasticky trunking things that,you can get i used quite a bit of gaffer,tape as well if you look underneath this,desk ill show you,some b-roll now its pretty horrendous,but you cant see it obviously,it just means any lingering dangling,cables dont keep dangling down theyre,kind of,stuck to the desk now the other thing i,did because even when youve done all,the trunking and everything youve still,normally got a mess of cables,on the floor now i found on amazon this,little cable box its called like a,cable tidy box ill put a link in the,description pretty cheap doesnt cost,you much and basically its got,a few cutouts in it and a lid and the,idea being that you put all of the,cables,into that box put the lid on feed them,out through the,the holes that theyve given you and,thats it and its actually quite,effective its its another thing,beneath the table but its quite,small and it does hide those cables that,are all left over so cable management,mine is not perfect by any stretch of,the imagination i still need to do quite,a bit of work with it,but its so much better than it was one,piece of advice however,is if youve got a standing desk and,youre doing cable management,make sure you start with the desk at the,top at the highest setting that youre,going to use it at i didnt do that i,did my cable management with the desk in,a sitting position like this,and you can probably guess what happened,as soon as id finished and pressed the,up button,all the cables kind of came out and it,went horrendously wrong so just start,your cable management if youve got a,standing desk,with the desk at its standing position,now the other thing thats worth giving,a little,insight into in this

FlexiSpot E5 vs IKEA BEKANT Desk

[Music],hello baby here and welcome to my review,of the flexi spot e5 adjustable standing,desk,flexible did get in touch to send this,one over for review so thanks to them,and im gonna be doing a comparison,between it and the ikea beckons,adjustable standing desk both very,similarly priced,slightly different feature sets but yeah,im going to be getting into all the,comparisons towards the center of the,video speaking of which,there are timestamps in the video,description for you to skip to whichever,part you want to see,first up is a build then the comparison,between the two in terms of features and,that sort of stuff,and then at the end theres a conclusion,which is key for any of you,who are really trying to work out which,ones for you and if you are looking to,pick up the flexi spot at the end once,youve checked out the conclusion,then there is an amazon associate link,in the video description and a link,through to their website to check out if,they have any sales and deals and stuff,going on at the time,so without further ado thank you so much,for checking this one out and we will,start off with the build,lets get the build of the e5 underway,and well tackle the comparisons between,the two products shortly afterwards,starting with the unboxing the e5 relies,on a large amount of expanded,polystyrene,its of course well known for its,ability to keep products protected,during transit,and while its technically recyclable,its not widely recyclable and generally,goes to landfill,compared to the ikeas well-known,reputation for using various types of,cardboard,and paper packaging that can be recycled,thats a little disappointing for the e5,onto the installation the manual is,clear and simple as is the construction,overall,and all the hardware is segmented which,makes the assembly foolproof,speaking of which lets piece this thing,together first step the feet need to be,fixed to the bottom of the legs,the feet arent fully symmetrical so,some care needs to be taken,i guess that takes away from the,entirely foolproof aspect then,the chassis includes a feature of being,adjustable which may appeal to some for,some support of custom top boards but,its main target is to support the,variety of top board sizes available,it has a couple of cable management,trays which simply slot into place and,are secured by,the pre-installed thumb screws a very,nice touch in my opinion,now its time to marry the legs with the,chassis the protrusions to the top of,the legs maintain,alignment of the two elements freeing,your hands up to apply the bolts,since im tackling this as a one-man,band i opted to apply two bolts to the,top side where only one is required,for this step just to give the assembly,more support to stand on its own two,feet,speaking of which once the bolts to the,opposing side have been applied the end,bolts can be removed to accommodate the,end plate,like the feet these end plates arent,fully symmetrical either and need to be,fixed to match the feet below this,combination creates a cantilever pushing,the legs further away from the user,offering a little more space under the,table,at this point the assembly guide,recommends hooking up the electronics,each leg links to the control box as,does the handset,however i dont see this being necessary,at this point and actually more of an,inconvenience,until the desktop has been installed,ive had a black top board sent over to,match the legs and like the frame before,its been well packed to prevent damage,during transit its been pre-drilled for,the frame and for the handset to one,edge of the board so again,care needs to be taken to make sure this,is installed the right way round on the,frame,securing it to the frame requires a set,of screws to one side of the table,but before moving on to the other side,of the table youll more than likely,have to resize the adjustment of the,frame a little,this took me a good few minutes to get,right you could actually save bollocks,the pre-drilled holes and screw into the,board anywhere it sits,but youre better off spending the time,to get it right now last thing you want,is to set all of this up for something,to look,a little bit off with the desktop in,place the control box can be screwed to,the underside of the desk,and the cables can be bunched up and,hidden within the cable management trays,joining the box the handset can be,screwed to the underside of the desktop,too,only this time guided by the pre-drilled,holes so there we have it,one flexi spot e5 desk with the 120 by,60 centimeter black desk top,now lets tackle the comparison to the,ikea beckoned,lets first tackle the various functions,of the desk both feature up and down,buttons and both have,similar travel distances the beckon can,go down to,64 centimeters and up to 125 centimeters,and the e5 goes down to 63.5 centimeters,and up to 126.5 centimeters,however the e5 takes the functionality,further than that,extending far beyond the capabilities of,the beckons,first extra is the save heights function,you can save up to three,saved elevations and saving them is just,a case of manually shifting the height,of the desk,pressing the m button and then selecting,the number,to save the height too it doesnt get,much simpler than that,i think thats the major benefit to the,e5 however theres also an alert,function thats essentially a timer,which results in a rather obnoxious beep,personally i dont think this is an,integral feature id seek out in a,standing desk,and if i wanted a reminder it would just,be as quick to set one up on my phone,without thinking the microwave is in the,studio every now and then,cable management is a subjective one,here both desks come with a cable,management solution and they,take completely different approaches the,e5 get well not completely different im,just off script,they are both under the desk so its not,completely different anyway the e5 goes,for an admittedly higher quality more,robust and better looking cable tray,system that,rigidly contains everything within the,boundaries of the frame,whereas the beckon has a completely,opposing fabric solution that straps to,the underside of the desktop,side note the fixings for the beckons,are in my opinion,superior to those on the e5 both the top,and cable management,tray i guess are fixed in place with,plastic inserts with posts,that force the inserts to expand against,the pre-drilled holes,which creates a surprising amount of,holding force enough to lift the whole,desk by the desktop alone,this is in my opinion a more robust,fixing solution that has allowed me to,dismantle,and reassemble the desk several times,without compromising,the holding performance whereas the,screws into the chipboard solution with,the e5 will wear with each rebuild,and eventually fail its just the nature,of screws into chipboard,anyway back to the beckon cable,management solution it does look worse,than the e5 so theres no doubt about,that,but since its held with a stretchy cord,its very flexible which makes slotting,cables into it easier,and with that flexibility theres always,room to squeeze in another transformer,or a few more cables,here and there whenever you fancy there,is a limit of course but you can push it,a little bit further,while were on the topic of cable,management a key issue to work around is,the adjustability of these desks,since they can raise and lower anything,that connects between the floor and the,desk needs to be able to adjust,just as much i think a good compromise,is to mount a power bar with a lengthy,cord,to the desk to power anything that is on,the desk to minimize the requirement for,various power cables of components,to transfer to the floor how about the,looks of the desks well this is an easy,one to cover they both have very similar,looking feet albeit the,feet are symmetrical and the e5s are not,its up to you if you have a preference,for either,the e5s legs are square whereas the,beckons around,this follows through to the corners of,the desks you could,if

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